A Pleasant Spelling-Piece: Spelling the most variously Written Sylla­lables in the BIBLE, or elsewhere, with such distinction, plain and delightful demonstrations, that the least Reading Child may quickly become perfect in spelling.

VVith such an Introduction INTO THE LATINE-tongue, As renders that whole Tongue attainable With far less Charge to Memory, than the very Grammar-RULES hitherto have been.

To this sweet Method let us all apply,
Leav't not to Rome, Spain, France, or Germany:
VVho ne'r well yet distinguish'd th' Grounds of Speech,
Let us them teach, not they us I beseech.

Sold by Mr. Butt, at his Shop in Princes-Street; and by Fr. Calverley, in High-Holbourn, 1681.

A Pleasant Spelling-piece, &c.

How many ways do you spell the Syllable

Ac. Rule 1.
Ac is spell'd 4 ways, Viz.
  • 1. With ac, as Acca.
  • 2. With a, c, h, as Achmon.
  • 3. With a, c, k, as Sack.
  • 4. With a, k, as Habakkuk.
Ec. Rule 2.
Ec is Spell'd 4 ways; Viz.
  • 1. With ec, as Ecclesiastick.
  • 2. With e, c, h, as Abimelech.
  • 3. With e, c, k, as Purbeck.
  • 4. With e, k, as Ephek.
Ca. Rule 3.
Ca is spell'd 6 ways, Viz.
  • 1. With C, a, as Cathedral.
  • 2. With C, a, i, as Cain.
  • 3. With c, a, y, as Decay.
  • 4. With C, h, a, as Character.
  • 5. With K, a, as Kadmiel.
  • 6. With k, a, h, as Azekah.
Ke. Rule 4.
Ke is spell'd 3 ways, Viz.
  • 1. With C, h, e, as Chedorlaomer.
  • 2. With K, e, as Kerchief.
  • 3. With K, ee, as Keeping.
Ki. Rule 5.
Ki is spell'd 3 ways, Viz.
  • 1. With C, h, i, as Chirurgeon.
  • 2. With c, h, y, as Alchymy.
  • 3. With K, i, as Kindle.
Co. Rule 6.
Co is spell'd 4 ways, Viz.
  • 1. With C, o, as Coherence.
  • 2. With Co, a, as Coal.
  • 3. With C, oo, as Cook.
  • 4. With K, o, as Korah.
Fa. Rule 7.
Fa is spell'd 4 ways, Viz.
  • 1. With F, as Facility.
  • 2. With f, a, i, as Fail.
  • 3. With f, e, i, as unfeigned
  • 4. With P, h, a, as Phares.
Fe. Rule 8.
Fe is spelled 4 ways, Viz.
  • 1. With f, e, as Felicity.
  • 2. With f, ee, as Feeding.
  • 3. With f, i, e, as Field.
  • 4. With P, h, e, as Pherecides
Fi. Rule 9.
Fi is spelled 3 ways, Viz.
  • 1. With F, i, as Fidelity.
  • 2. With p, h, i, as Philosophy.
  • 3. With p, h, y, as Physitian.

Why is fa, fe, fi, fo, fu, spelled sometime with f, & sometime with ph.

Because neither the Greek nor the Hebrew Alphabet hath f; so Latine, English, and French Words, are spelled with f, but [Page]Words comming from Hebrew or Greek with ph, as Fine, Pha­res, Pherecide, Phillip, Pho­cus, and Phut gave fair Phillis a fillup o'th Cheek.

Fra. Rule 10.
Fra is spelled 4 ways, Viz.
  • 1. With f. r, a, as Fraction.
  • 2. With f, r, a, i, as Frailty.
  • 3. With f, r, a, y, as to frail from the Fray.
  • 4. With p, h, r, a, as Phrases.
Fre. Rule 11.
Free is spelled 4 ways, Viz.
  • 1. With f, r, e, as Fresh.
  • 2. With f, r, ee, as Freedom.
  • 3. With f, r, i, e, as Friend.
  • 4. With p, h, r, e, as Phrensie.
Fro. Rule 12.
Fro is spelled 2 ways, Viz.
  • 1. With f, r, o, as Frolique.
  • 2. With p, h, r, o, as Hermophro­dite.
Re. Rule 13.
Re is spelled 4 ways, Viz.
  • 1. With r, e, as Restitution.
  • 2. With r, e, a, as Read.
  • 3. With r, ee, as Reed or Cane.
  • 4. With r, h, e, as Rhetorick.
Ro. Rule 14.
Ro is spelled 3 ways, Viz.
  • 1. With r, o, as Romance.
  • 2. With r, oo, as Room in Rome.
  • 3. With r, h, o, as Rhodope.
Se. Rule 15.
Se is spelled 8 ways, Viz.
  • 1. With c, e, as Celestial.
  • 2. With c, e, i, as Conceive.
  • 3. With c, i, e, as Cieling.
  • 4. With s, c, e, as Scepter.
  • 5. With s, c, h, e, as Schedule.
  • 6. With s, e, as Severity.
  • 7. With s, ee, as Seemingly.
  • 8. With z, e, as Hezekiah.
  • 9. With s, i, e, as Siege.
Si. Rule 16.
Si is spelled 11 ways, Viz.
  • 1. With c, i, as Circumspection.
  • 2. With c, y, as Cylinder.
  • 3. With s, c, h, i, as Schismatical.
  • 4. With s, c, i, as Science.
  • 5. With s, i, as Simeonites.
  • 6. With s, i, e, as Synterisie.
  • 7. With s, c, y, as Scythian.
  • 8. With s, y, as Sycophant.
  • 9. With t, i, as Repetition.
  • 10. With z, i, as Amzi.
  • 11. With z, y, as Zymbraus.

Here followeth Examples for the aforesaid Syllables.

Acca, accad, Isaac, accent, ac­ept, access, inaccessible, acquire, equisition, pinnacle, Acshaph, Pa­sach, Taanach, Achbor, Berodach, Stomach, Shop-hack, Habbakkuk, Ishbak, Jehozadak, Akkub, Bak­buk.
Effect, select, confectioner, de­fect, neglect, deject, project, pro­tect, perfect.
Cag, Cage, cacophony, calm, cast, calamity, Cadesh, Micah, Ec­clesiastical, pervicacy, Caitiffe, Mordecai, Zaccai, day, decay, cha­os, character, Rechab, Issachar, Hachalia, Sheehamiah, Olika, kad­miel, Ahikam, Kallai, Azrikam, Bakbukkar, Miphkad, Kekaniah, Elkana, Azekah.
Zacchens, Chedorlaomer, Senna­cherib, Chephirah, Kedemoth.
Kib, kibe, kick, kidron, kinderkin, kindle, kish, kittim, kishi, hezekiah, Chyrurgeon, Zidkijah, Catechism, archite [...] chirography, Jachin, Ja­chish, hachila, alchymy, alchymists, chymera.
Sycophant, tekoites, sycomore, cook, cool, cooper, couzen not your cousin, melancholy.
Fact, face, faction, fashion, fami­liarity, fair, faith, phares, phantasy, fantastical, not faulty, not guilty.
Fellowship, festivity, feeble, fee, feed, feel, counterfeit, propheti­cally, topheth.
Fidelity, fiction, figure, filial, firm, firmament, finish.
Fraction, frangible, fraught, fra­ternity, frail, fraie or scare-away, fray or scuffle, or skirmish.
Frock, frolick, frontlet, frontier, hermophrodite, epaphroditus.
Recreate, remain, respect, recoil, reiterate, restitution, reverence, rhegium, rhenish, rhetorique, rhe­torician, rhetorically, rheumatick.
Rochester, rogation, romance, corroboration, corroborate, incor­rigible, root, roof, Rhodes, [...], Rhodians, Rhodog [...]e, Rhodope, Rhone, Rhoxane.
Celestial, celebrate, ceremony, certain, concerning, deceive, per­ceive, receive, deceitful, sealing, seal'd, seal, sceleton, scene, scepter, sceptick, schedule, second, secresie severe, securely, secure, security seriously, seed, succeedeth, Hezekiah; Zerubbabel, Baalzebub, Zedary, Zone.
Silence, consider, sinister, similitude, sighing, easie, poesie, synteresie, reconcile, incite, scismatical schism, science, conscientiousness lasciviousness, scilicet, cyb, cymbal, cymical, cypress, action, secti­on, scythian, sycophant, syllable.

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