PET⟨ITION⟩ OF THE ⟨INHABI­⟩TANTS OF CY⟨RENCESTER⟩ whose names are [...] subscribed.

Presented to His M⟨aiestie⟩ at Oxford.

WITH HIS MAIESTY⟨ES⟩ Answer thereunto.

Printed, by His MAJESTIES Command, AT OXFORD, February 28. By LEONARD LICHFIELD Printer to the Vniversity. 1642.

The humble Petition of the Inhabitants of CYRENCESTER.


WEE Your poore Subjects the In­habitants of the miserable distress­ed Cyrencester, having under­gone all the heavy effects of Your Majesties justly incensed Army, do prostrate our selves at Your Majesties feet, not to excuse, or in the least measure to extenuate our ill-deserv­ings. We acknowledge us unexcusably faulty, but to appeale unto Your mercy, and to beg Your pardon, That as we have been through all Your Kingdomes the first example of Your justly de­served [Page 2]Rigor, and the terrour thereof working its due effect upon all others, to deterre them from provoking Your like displeasure, we may re­maine Your most remarkable object of Your mercy, the most glorious and resplendant gemme of Your Crowne. Oh, Sir, the God of Hea­ven hath given You unto us our God upon the earth. We have grievously sinned against him by our undutifull carriage against You his Vice­gerent. Behold us now lying before You, ac­knowledging, and from our hearts detesting the foulenes of our offence, and our selves for com­mitting it. And most humbly beseeching Your Majesty in imitation of that Divine vertue, the most lively Character of his Image in You, to Pardon us, and to receive us into Your protection. In the assurance whereof, wee may securely re­turne to, and abide at our severall homes, begin to goe on in our former Trades and Occupati­ons, and, by Gods good blessing upon us, in them many hundreds of People of our Towne and ad­joyning parts of the County, who have no other lively-hood, may againe be set on worke and releived, and wee may have the hope in time, upon our after care, to endeavour to expresse the sincerity of our true returne to the Duties of our [Page 3]Allegiance, to joye in the recovery of Your wonted Favour, and all of us, all our lives long, and our posterity after us, bound to acknow­ledge the height of Your mercy, to pray to Al­mighty God to blesse Your Majesty with all the happines which he hath promised in his sacred word, to all that shall shew mercy.

  • ANdrew Sollace.
  • Row. Freeman.
  • Robert Iles.
  • Thomas Dutton.
  • William Willis.
  • Edmund Freeman.
  • William Taylor.
  • George Stone.
  • Amos Dansey.
  • Virgill Crippes.
  • Thomas Gibbes.
  • More Gwilliam.
  • Edward Causton.
  • William Chance.
  • Iohn Beaton.
  • Edmund Feribee.
  • Michaell Sharp.
  • William Groves.
  • Thomas Man.
  • Iohn Portlocke.
  • Iohn Batt.
  • Richard Aucutt.
  • Edward Prat.
  • Iohn Kerby.
  • Thomas Tipping.
  • Iohn Petty.
  • Iames Armand.
  • Thomas Maysey.
  • Richard Matthew.
  • Iohn Flacher.
  • Richard Sollace.
  • Thomas Man.
  • Thomas Cartor.
  • Edward Scovell.
  • Richard Masters.
  • Iohn Francklin.
  • Walter Portlocks.
  • Richard Evans.
  • Iames Burge.
  • Thomas Allen.
  • Samuell Spencer.
  • Henry Webb.
  • Richard Man.
  • William Burge.
  • Michaell Hartred.
  • George Lawrence.


HIS MAJESTY gratiously accepts the submission of the Petitioners, & is Him­self sory that the Rebellion and disloyalty of that place hath brought so great a measure of sufferings upon any of His Sub­jects; which was not in His Majesties power to prevent. He is well pleased that all the In­habitants of that Towne of Cyrencester re­turne safely to their Houses, and live securely [Page 5]in them, from all violence by any of His Ma­jesties Souldiers, that the Trade and Wealth of that place may (by Gods blessing) be a­gain renewed. And His Majesties Will is, and doth hereby give precise Order, that no violence or Injury be henceforward offered by any of His Majesties Garrison or Souldi­ers to the Petitioners, or any the Inhabitants of Cyrencester, they demeaning themselves with that duty and obedience to His Maje­sties just and necessary Commands, as the condition of the present time, and His Maje­sties necessityes require. And His Majesties expresse Command is, That the Governor of Cyrencester for the time being, and all o­ther, His Majesties Officers and Souldiers of that His Garrison, take Order and conforme themselves accordingly.


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