A SOLEMN CALL TO True Humiliation.

FAsting, Fasting and Mourning is called for: And the cause why Fasting and Mourn­ing is called for, is; because of the great and universal Apostacy from the Life and Power of Godliness that hath been, and that still is, in this our Age. And thô the Apostacy hath been great, yet, there are some Nathaniels that are in sad­ness, and grieved for it. And unless Purity and Holiness be brought forth amongst you, all your Preaching, and all your Hearing, is in vain. For, a perfect, and intire Resignation is called for, and required [by the LORD] of all, that, this Day, makes mention of His Name.

Thou shalt love the LORD thy GOD with all thine Heart, with all thy Soul, with all thy Might, and with all thy Strength, and thy Neighbour as thy self.

Published for the Weal and Benefit of all Professing Chri­stianity, or that are the Disciples of JESUS, that Just, and Holy ONE. By One that Mourns for the Iniquity of the Greatest and Highest Professors, as well as for the Prophane.

London, Printed this 19th of April, 1690.

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