THe People called Quakers having printed and published a Paper against mee, or rather against the LORD, whose Servant I am, whose Will I have done, and whose Reward I have received: I being at their Meeting, where they gave away (as I guessed) about a thousand of them, they would not give mee any, though I told them I had but one, and if they would either give or sell mee some, I promised I would not burn, but publish them with those I had printed. So that it is now with mee to have them reprinted after this mannar, with a few words added at the lower end, which the LORD required mee to send to several of the said People.

J. P.


Cain, first envied, then killed his Brother Abel: But why did he kill him? Because Abel's Sacrifice was accepted, and his was rejected of the LORD: And as it was then, So it is now. Hee that can receive it, let him. I am made a Witness hereof, who am called

John Pennyman.

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