The LORD required mee the last week to print a Copy of a Letter, which I had writ to George Fox, and at the lower end to print these following words, which being of more universal Concern, I am required to have them printed by themselves, the 7th of the Month called August, 1671.

These Lines were added, and printed the eighth instant. On which day the LORD ordered mee to go to Devonshire-house, (there being a Meeting of the People called Quakers) where Arthur Cook and Thomas Padle brought mee word, that it was the Resolution of their Friends that I should not come in, and therefore advised mee to go away, For (as T. P.said) in plain terms, Wee are resolv'd thou shalt not come in; So I departed (The LORD having shewed mee that they would not give mee admittance, according as 'twas printed the last week, with the above said Letter.) Wherefore having some of the said Papers in readiness, I gave them to several as they came out.

THe Indignation, the Wrath of the LAMB is come, Let all Flesh tremble before HIM, yea let all faces gather paleness who are joyn'd to Iniquity either of Flesh or Spirit; for the Day of their Torment, yea, I say, the Day of their Misery, Vexation and Torment is come and coming, yet more to be revealed and made manifest: Wherefore I say again, and it is the WORD of the LORD, That all Flesh is but as grass before Him, who is the MIGHTY, DREADFUL, TERRIBLE ONE; Yea, who is, and will be more mani­fested to be a Consuming-Fire to all the Workers of Iniquity: My Charge is, to Warn you, yea to Alarm you, that whilst it is called to Day you harden not your hearts, but that you would repent, and turn unto the LORD, if by any means you may find a place of Repentance, before the Night come (which is hastning on apace) wherein none can work: THE MOUTH OF THE LORD HATH SPOKEN IT.

But as for you whose Hearts are chaste, and intirely given up to serve the LORD, I am to proclaim, That the Year of JUBILE is come, yea the Time of your Deliverance, yea, I say, the Set-time of your Deliverance is come and coming, yet more to be reveal'd and made manifest. GLORY and PRAISE, HALLELUJAH & THANKS be given to our GOD, who Liveth and Reigneth in all His Saints and Sanctified Ones, both as KING, PRIEST and PROPHET. GLORY and PRAISE in the HIGHEST be given to HIM from this time forth and for evermore. Amen, HALLELUJAH.

Subscribed and Published by one of the least of the Thousands of Israel, yet one of that Number whom the LORD hath (of His Infinite Mercy) chosen to follow Him fully, and hath accounted Mee worthy to stand in the Gap, and to be a Living-Witness against all Unrighteousness, yea I say, against All manner of Un­righteousness. O let my Soul for ever Praise and Magnifie His Name, who Alone is Worthy, saith His Servant

John Pennyman.

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