YOUR Day into Darkness is turned; the Sun is gone down over you: You have had a large Day and Power given you, to have done the Will of GOD; but you have abused the Power, and slighted your Day, and have refused to do the LORD's Work, and have sought your Selves, and not the LORD; Therefore in Justice and Righteousness is the Day, wherein you might have wrought for GOD, taken from you, and the thick Dark Night of Confusion is come upon you, wherein you are groping, and stumbling, and cannot work: The DECREE is gone out, and sealed against you; and it cannot be recalled. You are not the Men (as ye stand) in whom GOD will appear to work Deliverance for His People, (and yet Deliverance shall come [but not according to Mans expectation]); but as for You, ye have rejected the Counsel of the LORD, and grieved His Spirit, and He hath long born you; yea, You are departed from the LORD, and His Presence is departed from You: Indeed He hath hewed with You, (and if you had been faithful to the End, He would have honoured and prospered You, and have been your sufficient Reward): Ye were His AX, but you have boasted your selves against Him: Therefore as you have hewed and broken others, even so must You be bewed and broken.

O ye Treacherous, Wilful, Proud, Self-seeking People! who have despised the Counsel of the LORD, and would not take warning, though He hath sent His Servants among you, some of whom you have dispitefully used; What will ye do now? Whom will you now flee unto for help? Seeing you are de­parted from the LORD, [and are now rending and tearing, biting and devouring one another, for proud Ambitious, Self-ends. (Mark!) If you would now build again the thing that you once de­stroyed, that shall not be able to hide, or shelter you from the Wrath of the Lamb; that way where­by you think to strengthen your selves, thereby shall you make your selves much weaker, and help for­ward your own destruction]. Remember your End, which hastens greatly; Breach upon Breach, Division upon Division shall there be, until HE come to Reign whose Right it is.

They that trust in, or lean upon You for help, it is as if they leaned upon a broken Keed which is not able to help it self nor others. You have been made to do many good things, but you would not go through with the Work which GOD will have accomplished, and therefore are these things come upon you. Therefore tremble and dread before the LORD, Ye who have been as strong Oaks, and tall Cedars; for now shall your Strength fail you, and you shall be weak, even as the weakest of Men: But if you would yet submit to GOD's righteous Judgments, you might come to witness your Souls saved in the DAY of the LORD; though many are to be thrown by (because of grievous Backslidings) as not counted worthy to be the LORD's Workmen.

There is a small Remnant yet among you (for whom my Soul breaths) who may be winnowed out; and if they will own the Judgments of the LORD, and truly and throughly deny themselves, and follow His Leadings, He will heal their Backslidings; but they that will continue with you in your Sins, shall partake with you of your Iudgments.

The foregoing Words (excepting the Title) were writ [by another] to the former Rulers [1659] upon whom they were fulfilled; and so as certainly shall they be fulfilled upon you.

J. P.

These following [Sentences] I delivered at your Meetings, which being of concern to you all, I am likewise here to Publish.

  • 1. Behold! You Master-Builders, the LORD's Message to you is this; That He hath wrought, and is working a Work in this your Day, which you cannot, which you will not believe, al­though it were declared unto you.
  • 2. Jezebel, Jezebel that Harlot, although she appear never so Beautiful, or never so much Painted, yet, I say, the LORD hath made her Manifest.
  • 3. The LORD, whose Ambassador I am, hath sent me hither at this time; and His Messge to you is this; Thut your long Prayers, as well as your long Preachinge, are an Abomination unto Him.
John Pennyman.

This was printed the Year 1673. excepting the words within these Marks []. And now reprinted this Month called February, 1677/8. for further Service.

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