Truth Exalted; IN A short, but sure, Testimony against all those Religions, Faiths, and VVorships that have been formed and followed in the darkness of A­postacy.—And for that Glorious Light which is now risen, and shines forth in the Life and Do­ctrine of the despised Quakers, as the alone good old way of Life and Salvation.

Presented to Princes, Priests, and People, that they may repent, believe, and obey.

BY WILLIAM PENN the Younger, whom Divine Love con­strains in a holy contempt to trample on Egypts glory, not fearing the Kings wrath, having beheld the Magi­sty of him who is Invisible.

London, Printed in the Year, 1668.

TO Princes, Priests, and People.

JEHOVAH, the everlasting Power, that spans out the Heavens with his span, and measures the Waters in the hollow of his hand, before whom all Nations, Tongues and People, are less than the drop to the Ocean, or the Sand to the Sea shoar; who said, Let all things be, and they were, and by the same Word of his Might, preserves them to this very day, is Holy, Merci­ful, and Just; and, as the most excellent part of the whole Creation, made he Man, the Image of himself, by invest­ing him with that Righteous Principle, and innocent Life, which gave him Dominion and Authority over all his works, allowing him to eat of every Tree, saving that of Good and Evil, of which if he did eat, he should cer­tainly die. Happy had it been for Adam and his Posterity, had he obeyed Gods Commands; but transgression by disobedience getting entrance, he soon died to his Inno­cent State, in which God created him, and became alive in the Dominion sin had over him, being now as one with­out Law, in whose fallen State all Nations have been, and are, (let their Professions seem never so great, and their Sacrifices never so many) that live in the disobedient Na­ture, and so strangers to that Immortality and life Eternal, the first Adam became dead and darkened to by his trans­gression, and which the second Adam raises to the know­ledge and possession of, by the power of his quickning [Page 4] Spirit; yet where the Devil (that subtile Serpent) hath not totally extinguished the notion of a God, and the ne­cessity of his being worshipped, it has been rather his in­terest than dis-service, to put the selfish part of the Crea­ture upon sacrificing, wickedly insinuating that none can be freed from sin, and that the performing of Rites, Du­ties, and Ceremonies, is all God requires, and what is necessary to procure acceptance with him. Thus 'twas that murthering Cain became a Sacrificer, whose Sacrifice God rejected, because offered in the fallen unrighteous and accursed Nature. Such also were those Generations who drew near to God with their Lips, and to whom he said of old, What signifies the multitudes of your Sacrifi­ces? I am full of burnt Offerings, bring no more vain Ob­lations; Incense is an abomination unto me; the new Moons, and Sabbath; Isa. 1. 13, 14, 15, 16 the calling of the Assemblies I cannot away with, it is iniquity; even the solemn Meetings I am weary to bear them; and when you spread forth your hands, I will bide mine eyes; yea, when you make many prayers, I will not he [...] them; yo [...]r hands are full of blood: wash you, make you clean, put away the evil of your doings, &c.

Therefore, O ye Princes, Priests, and People, the sol­lid, necessary, and weighty Question I have to ask you all in the dread & fear of the everlasting, Holy, Lord God Al­mighty, (by whose eternal Spirit the sence of your present State and Condition I perfectly have received) is this. What Nature, what Heart, what Spirit, and what ground is it in wch your Religions, Faiths, Works, Words and Wor­ships stand and grow? Is it the Divine, not the fallen Na­ture? It is the broken, not the stony Heart? Is it the Contrite not the formal Spirit? Is it the Gospel increasing good, not old Adams corrupt thorney Ground? For this [Page 5] know, that no performances but by clean hands and a pure heart, from whence evil doings are put away, can give acceptance with the pure God.

Come, answer me first, you Papists, whose Popes for ma­ny hundred years have sat exalted in the hearts of Nations, (God's Temple) above all that is called God: What Scri­pture ever made a Pope, or gave authority to any one to lord it over the Consciences of others, since Christ en­joyns that Christians should be Brethren? And by what warrantable Tradition can be make, dispose, and depose Civil Empires? Whence came your Creeds but from facti­ous and corrupted Councils, dyed in the blood of those who refus'd conformity? What Scriptures of the Holy Prophets, and Apostles, or any Tradition for the first three hundred years, mention a Mass-Book, speak of Pe­ter's Chair, and a successive Infallibility, or that say a Wa­fer is corporially the flesh, blood and bones, which suffer'd without Jerusalem? And where did they adore Images, consume many thousands and millions in building, carving and painting outward Temples, after Jerusalems (the Type) was destroyed, whilst thousands of poor Families languished through extream poverty? When did they en­joyn Baby-Baptism, Churching of Women, Marrying by Priests, Holy Water to frighten the Devil, hollowing of Bells to scare evil spirits, making and worshipping of Crosses, erecting of Altars? And where did they com­mand Bowings, institute Musicks, appoint Holy Dayes, Canonize Saints, chaffer and merchandize about Indul­gences, pray for the Dead, preach or write for a Purgato­ry? And what Book or Chapter in the Old or New Te­stament, mentions the degrees of Popes, Cardinals, Arch-Bishops, Deans, Prebeuds, Jesuites, Franciscans, Do­minicans, [Page 6] Urselines, Capuchines, Benedictines, with other such like lazy Nuns and Fryars, for the edification of Christs Church? But above all, when and where did they authorize or indulge your Cruel, Persecuting, Whip­ping, Racking, Inquisition, Murdering Spirit? Whose Popes, Faith, Church-Government, and whole Religion, were founded, and are maintained by inhumane blood­shed, as your own Histories plainly manifest▪—Who gave life to these things but the Devil, who was a murde­rer from the beginning?

Thus have you Papists, through many Generations, re­ceived for Doctrine the Precepts of Men, Mat. 15. 9 who for much speaking, and sacrificing of your own Inventions, expect to be heard, whilst in the lustful, wanton, ignorant, and killing Nature, which has been alwayes shedding the pre­cious blood of those whom God in every Age raised to testifie against your Superstitions & will-Worships; There­fore WOES from God Almighty to that Romish Whore, who has corrupted the Nations,Rev. 17. 3, 4, 5. Chap. 18. 6, 8. and sits upon a Scarlet coloured Beast full of names of Blasphemy, drunk with the blood of Saints, and Martyrs of Jesus; the hour of her de­solation is nigh, and in the Cup which she hath filled, shall it be fil'd unto her double; for strong is the Lord God of Hosts who judgeth her.

Come now, you that are called Protestants, however de­nominated or distinguished, who profess the Scriptures for the Rule of Life and Doctrine, stand your Tryal by them; and first those who are called Episcopalians, who date your Religion from the Martyrs: that those who first protested against the darkness and gross Idolatry of the Popish Antichrist, were directed thereto, and supported therein, by the mighty Power of God, is not denyed; [Page 7] and that the Seals of blood they set to recommend their Testimonies to posterity, are with us in high esteem, I openly affirm and declare; But that you of the Church of England have any more to do with them (who now perse­cute us) than had the Jews and Pharisees with Abraham, Moses, Acts 7. 52, 59. and the Prophets, who crucified the Lord of Life, is as positively disowned: for as they were out of the Life and Spirit of those Holy Men, (though building and gar­nishing their Sepulchres, and making great profession with their words) insomuch as that they slew those whom God sent in the same Spirit to preach a farther Glory, and to discover a more excellent way; so are you out of the Power and Spirit your fore-Fathers lived and died in, pro­fessing their words, but persecuting the same Spirit in o­thers, and crucifying it in your selves: No wonder there­fore you have made so little progress since the first dawn­ing of Reformation, being not yet got out of the Bor­ders of Babylons form, and altogether in her lustful, proud, persecuting and wicked Nature: For have not you Pro­testant Princes condemned that in others, which you have and do allow in your selves, contrary to your fore-Fathers Protestations? Did you not return severe Persecutions, not onely upon the heads of the Roman Catholicks in Queen Elizabeth's time, who esteemed it Antichristian in them; but even your fellow Protestants, who through zeal for God declared against your back-slidings? witness her severity, and what followed in the Reigns of James, and the deceased Charles, but more particularly the many thousands now of late that have been club'd, bruised, imprisoned, exiled, poisened to death by stinking Dungeons, and ruined in their outward Estates, contra­ry to Laws, Christian or Humane: Therefore well may I [Page 8] take up the lamentation and reproof that was of old, Ye make men offenders for a word, and lay a snare for him that reproveth in the Gate; Ye turn aside the Just for a thing of nought, Isa. 29. 21 and lay burthens upon the backs of the Righteous, whilst evil doers pass unpunished; Amos 3. 10. You store up violence in your Pallaces, Jer. 23. 17. and many are the oppressed that are amongst you? Yet do not your Priests prophesie smooth things, Ezek. 13. 19, 20. that sew Pillows under your Arms, and cry Peace? who pro­voke you to slay those, Isa. 56. 10, 11. by executing cruel acts that should not die and preach safety to them that should not live, like greedy Dogs, Shepherds that cannot understand, they all look for gain from their Quarters; Mic. 3. 5, 6, 11. they teach for hire, they divine for money, and You all judge for rewards; for all which abominations God is departed; Vision is ceased, the Sun is gone down over you, and your day is turned into thick darkness; Therefore it is you deny the necessity as well as the present enjoyment of Revelation to any, though with­out it,Joh. 17. 3. as Christ saith, No man can know God, whom to know is Life Eternal; and place the ground of Divine Knowledge in humane Arts and Sciences, that thereby you may ingross a Function to your selves, and keep up your Trade of yearly gain upon the poor people; preach­ing sin for tearm of life, thereby rendring invalid the glorious Power of the second Adam, and indulging peo­ple in transgression;1 John 3. 5, 6, 7, 8. Heb. 12. 14. Jer. 23. 32. though be that sins is of the Devil, and without Holiness none shall see God; Ministers he never sent, but were commissionated by men, void of the Holy Ghost, and therefore ye profit not the peoples a badge inse­parable to lying prophets, who run in their own name.

Come and tell me now, ye of the Church of England, that say the Scriptures are your Rule, where do they own such Persecutors, false Prophets, Tythmongers, denyers [Page 9] of Revelation, Opposers of Perfection, Men-pleasers, Time-servers, unprofitable Teachers, (witness the abomi­nations of the Land) Extollers of humane Learning, as the only way to know God; Admirers of Universities, (sig­nal places for idleness, looseness, prophaneness, prodiga­lity, and gross ignorance;) and where do we find the Prophets, Apostles, and Servants of the Lord, to live in worldly pomp, possess hundreds and thousands a year, be called Lords of their Brethren, and exercise Civil and Spiritual Jurisdiction over the Bodies and Souls of Chri­stians in their dayes? Whence came your Forms of Pray­ers, and Church-Government, from the Scriptures of Truth, and the practice of the Primitive Christians, or the Mass-Book, and Popish Canons? Where is it that Mass-Houses are called Churches? and what president do you find for Litanies, Responses, Singing, Queristers, Or­gans, Altars, Bowings, Surplices, square Caps, Hoods, Rockets, Fonts, Baby-Baptism, Holy Dayes, (as you call them) with much more such like dirty trash, and foul Superstition? Are these your Scripture Doctrines, and this the Spiritual Worship of Holy Jesus, his Apostles, and the Antient Christians? Stand up and answer me ye Members of the Church of England; but are they not the off-spring of that Idolatrous Popish Generation, a­mounting at best to will-Worship, which is abominable to the God of Heaven, who is now breaking forth in ven­geance, to thunder down and consume all the fair Build­ings, and pleasant Pictures of Babylonish Inventions? Therefore from you may I expect an Answer to the Que­stion I ask'd the Romanists, In what Nature and Spirit is i [...], O Princes, Priests, and People, you hold and pro­fess [Page 10] Religion, and Worship towards God? Is it the Divine and Heavenly One which is pure and perfect? Are you Baptized by the Holy Ghost, and with Fire; Crucified through the daily Cross to the World;Act. 19 2, 3, 4, 5. Col. 3. 2. born again, and your affections set on things above? But alas poor Souls! are you not at, Have mercy upon us miserable sinners, there is no health in us, from seven to seventy? And as in truth it is, to the shame of Religion, and destruction of hu­mane Society; How do you abound in evil? Equalizing, if not outstripping Papists & Heathens (against whom you protest in words) in all kinds of impiety: Therefore woe unto you Protestants, Isa. 15. 11, 22. Amos 6. 3, 4, 5, 6. that are mighty to drink strong drink, that give your Neighbours drink, and put the bottle to them that they may be drunk; that put far away the evil day, and cause the seat of Violence to come near; that lie upon Beds of Ivory, and stretch your selves upon your Couches; that eat the fat of the Flock, and drink the sweet of the Vine; that a­noint your selves with the chief Ointments; that chant to the sound of the Viol, and invent to your selves Instruments of Musick, but consider not the afflictions of Joseph. How sport you away your precious time, as if ye were born not to die, at least never to be judged? O what Swearing, what Uncleanness, what Drunkenness, what Prophanation, what Vanity, what Pride, what Expence, what Patching, what Painting, what lascivious Intrigues, what wanton Appoint­ments, what publick unclean Houses, what merry Masks, what lustful insinuating Treats at your Playes, Parks, Mul­berry and Spring-Gardens, with whatsoever else may please the lustful eye, and gratifie the wanton mind? Is not this your case and practice, ye Gallants, young and old, Men and Women? And by these courses, have not Debts [Page 11] surprized your Estates, Poverty Plenty, Diseases Health, Debauchery Chastity? Whole Families ruin'd both in Soul and Body; yea, such a deluge of Intemperance has so overwhelmed the Nations, that hard it is to light upon so­briety and virtue. Well my Friends, when I ruminate on these things, my heart affects mine eye, and grief over­comes my Soul for yor sakes; Repent therefore, O ye Protestants, or else know that for all these things God Al­mighty will bring you to Judgment; and in the day that his Indignation shall be kindled, your Religion of words shall fly away,Mat. 7. 21. and your Lord Lord cryings shall be reject­ed, because you were strangers to the Spiritual Nature (though bablers of the Name) of true Christianity, and therefore shall ye perish by the Sword.

Now as for you Separatists of divers Names, although I shall not disallow the Zeal that once you had, yet must I on God's behalf bear my Testimony concerning you; Therefore be it known unto you all, that you are teaching and receiving for Doctrines the Traditions of men, running and striving in your own Spirits, compassing your selves with the sparks of your own fire, Isa. 50. 11. being not yet come to stand still and know that Will done on Earth which is done in Heaven; You tell people, Christ Jesus has suffered and satisfied for sins past, present, and to come, and though never so corrupt, vile, and polluted in themselves, yet reconciled to, and justified in the sight of God, by his Personal Righteousness imputed unto them, and not from a Work of Grace or Regeneration in the Creature; there­fore no wonder at your vehement cries against a state of perfect separation from sin, as being a dangerous Doctrine, who preach acceptation with the Holy God, whilst in an [Page 12] unholy state; You generally scoff at Revelation as being ceast; most of you also abetting God to have ordained a Remnant absolutely to Salvation, & consequently making sin as well as torment unavoidably necessary to the major part; whereby the Glorious God of Mercy is represented more infamously unjust than the worst of men; Doctrines of Devils indeed, and grounds of all looseness and Ran­terism; and tho pleaders, & fighters for Liberty of Con­science when opprest; the greatest Oppressors, when in power, not minding the end of Gods loving kindness: but because of your wanton neglect, is your day darkned, and your Sun set, and grovelling you are in beggarly Ele­ments, imitations and shadows of the Heavenly good things, relating to the dispensation of the second Cove­nant, hoping by your many duties to be heard, and find acceptance, whilst very strangers to the covering of Gods Spirit, and ignorant of him (whom to know is life Eter­nal) from the Revelation of his Eternal Spirit, and Ope­ration of his Mighty Power, but from the conceivings and apprehensions of other men, and Books well reputed, whereby Gods Grace and Light have lost their Office of leading and teaching: and thus true Counsel becomes darkned, the Fountain shut, the Book sealed, and you in this state strangers unto God, so that you perish for want of sound knowledge; for I declare and testifie on the be­half of Gods everlasting Way to Life, and against you all, that you are yet in the mans spirit, which works not Gods Will and Righteousness, being found helpers of the migh­ty against that pure and unchangeable Principle of Light, Grace and Life, in which God only did, does, and will reveal and manifest himself unto the Sons and Daughters [Page 13] of men, for which cause you are yet in your ups and downs,Gen. 12. 3. Gal. 3. 8 tossed to and from, not knowing the Rock of A­ges, and Foundation of many Generations, which is that only Holy Seed, wherein the Duties and Performances of all Nati­ons only can be blessed, and from whence proceeds that Pure, Righteous, and Immortal Birth, to whom is the promise of an everlasting Inheritance, but are sticking in your own imaginations, and patching out a peace unto your selves from your Duties, Performances, and the imitations of weak times and seasons in some perishing Observations, that no way relate to the Nature of the Pure, Rom. 14 19. Mat. 11 23, 24. Spiritual and Internal Kingdom of Peace, Righteous­ness and Joy in the Holy Ghost; Therefore well may I say, as once of old, Wee unto thee Capernaum, which art exal­ted unto Heaven; for if the mighty works that have been done in thee, had been done in Tyre, Sidon, or Sodom, they would have repented in Dust and Ashes, and would have re­mained unto this day. Wherefore O ye zealous Professors, who in the Spirit of a man are striving to comprehend the Mystery of God,Joh. 1. 9. unless ye repent and believe in that Light wherewith Christ hath enlightned every man, that you may obtain to the true discerning of the Spirit and Nature in which you live and worship, that so you may come to witness the Work and Will of God, It shall be more tolle­rable for them in the day that God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ; Rev. 3. 9. God will make them of the Synagogue of Sathan, who say, they are Christians, and are not.

Therefore unto you Princes, Priests, and People, whe­ther Papists or Protestants, or any other separated way, that are in your Idolatry, Superstition, Carnal Ordinan­ces, and will-Worship; whose Faith in, and fear towards [Page 14] God, are grounded on other mens apprehensions, per­swasions and precepts, and not from the teaching of God's Holy Spirit or Grace; to you all am I constrained to sound forth & proclaim, That unto us, the most despised, afflicted and forsaken by all the Families of the Earth, is a Child born, unto us a Son is given; We call him Wonderful Coun­sellor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace; Isa. 9. 6, 7. c. 49. 6. of the increase of whose Government there shall be no end: this is he the Prophet stiles, A Light unto the Gen­tiles, and for Salvation unto the ends of the Earth; unto whom John Baptist bore this certain record,John 1. 7, 8, 9. c. 8. 12. That he was the true Light which enlighteneth every man that cometh into the World; who also gave this testimony of himself, That whosoever followed him should not abide in darkness, 1 John 1. 7. but have the Light of Life, and the Blood of Jesus, (saith the Belo­ved Disciple) shall cleanse you from all sin. 1 Cor. 15. 47. John 6. 51, 52, 53 Isa. 42. 6. This is the se­cond Adam, the quickning Spirit, the Lord from Heaven, the New and Spiritual Man, the Heavenly Bread, the True Vine; the Flesh and Blood that was given for the Life of the World; the Second Covenant; the Law writ in the Heart and Spirit, Jer. 31. 32, 33, 34. John 14. 6 1 Cor. 1. 20. Ezek. 34. 29. Gen. 3. 15 put in the inward Parts; the way in which the Fool can­not err; the Truth, before deceit was; the Life that's hid in God, eternal in the Heavens, glorified before the World be­gan; the Power, the Wisdom, the Righteousness of God; the Plant of Renown; the Royal Seed that bruiseth the Serpents Head; in short, That Grace which hath appeared unto all men, Tit. 2. 11, 12. teaching them to deny ungodliness and worldly lusts, and to live Godlikely, and soberly in this present World. He stands at the Door of every Heart, and knocks, if by any means he may be heard and have admittance, whereby God's Promise may be fulfill'd, That God will dwell with [Page 15] Men; and my Testimony is, That a Remnant have obey'd this Heavenly Voice, and now walk in this pure Light in which God Almighty is known to tabernacle with them:Rev. 21 3. Therefore in the fear of God Eternal do I cry aloud unto you all, who are wandering in the by-paths of mens Inven­tions, Traditions and Precepts, to empty your hearts and minds of those unprofitable Guests, that better enter­tainment than a Manger may be had to receive this Lord of Glory;Deut. 18 18, 19, 20. Jer. 17. 10. John 4. 29. The mighty Prophet all must hear or die, who searcheth the Heart, tryeth the Reins, and is able to tell you all that ever you did:—This is the Quakers Christ, and Son of the Living God, whom we are not ashamed to confess before Men, as that Glorious Light, which since we have believed and walked in, according to our distinct measures, we have not onely received a perfect discovery of all the will-Worships, Pollutions, and vain Fashions, or Customs that have been brought forth by, and stands in, the dark, lustful, and apostatiz'd nature; but as we have continued in a holy watchfulness, to observe and o­bey its Righteous Dictates; Gods mighty Power we have, and do experience to subdue and redeem therefrom;Heb. 9. 14. ch. 10. 22. yea, that Spiritual Blood is sensibly felt to sprinkle and cleanse the Conscience from dead works.

And to you all must I declare, That by no other way did I ever receive the knowledge of the least evil, or abili­ty to conquer it, than in this universal Light, who is gi­ven for a Captain and a Leader out of all the by-paths and petty perswasions of men, through judgment that puri­fies, and the Red Sea of Troubles, Tryals, and Afflictions, unto the Rest which is pure and undefiled; This is Gods be­loved Son, hear ye him; For I proclaim, another way there [Page 16] is not to eternal Life and Peace, than this everlasting Go­spel which now is preached; for the time is come that the Angel of his Presence is flying through the midst of Hea­ven, having this antient Gospel to preach to them that dwell upon the Earth, and are in their Earthly Nature, Wisdom, and Worships, Crying with a loud Voice, Fear God, and give glory to him, for the hour of his Judgment is come: Rev. 14 6, 7. Therefore away away with all your own wayes, works and Worships that are grounded upon mens Com­mand, and fallible apprehensions, whose breath is in their nostrils; and no more do homage according to such prescriptions, but fear and dread the living Lord God of Heaven and Earth; For if the Righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and sinner appear? 1 Pet. 4 18. But woe, anguish, tribulation and sorrow shall come upon every Soul that re­mains in sin.

Therefore be warned ye dark and Idolatrous Papists, ye superstitious and loose Protestants, yea zealous, yet carnal Professors, to come out of all your own Wayes, Works, Worships, Nature, Spirit and Practice; In si­lence and fear to wait in this glorious Light which God Almighty has displayed, and raised us contemned Quakers to walk in, and testifie of, in these last Ages; that by be­lieving therein, and circumspectly adhering thereto, you may come to experience the rising of that eternal Power which overcomes and removes transgression, that hath so long separated between you and your God, hereby shall you receive sound Judgment and Heavenly Wisdom;—This will not destroy, but fulfil the Spriptures of Truth, and so shall you know the Baptism that's from above, and eat the Heavenly Bread, and drink the Spiritual Wine at [Page 17] Christs Table, in his Kingdom, which the Saints of old saw the coming of before they tasted of death;Luk 17 20, 21. For the Kingdom of God is within;—Here all old things, Cove­venant, Signs, Ordinances, and whatever perisheth with the using, shall be done away; and the everlasting unchange­able Substance witnessed; and no more shall you profess Religion, or perform Worship from the imagining and transgressing nature, but from a certain sence of Gods own Operation; so shall your Faith stand in that Power the Gates of Hell can never prevail against: For this I once more am necessitated to declare, by vi [...]ue of the sound knowledge given me of God, that whilst you are fulfilling the lusts of the flesh, and walking after your own will and imaginations, you are altogether strangers to the yoak, to the daily Cross, and self-denying life, but are yet the corrupt Ground, and evil Tree, which bring forth evil Fruits,Job. 4. 8 Gal. 6. 7, 8. Thorns, Briars, and sowr Grapes; Be ye unde­ceived, God will not be mocked; such as you sow, such shall you reap:

Wherefore I intreat, advise, and warn you all, before the day of your visitation be shut up, in the eternal with­drawings of God's Love, and revelation of his dreadful endless Vengeance, O ye Idolatrous, Superstitious, Car­nal, Proud, Wanton, Unclean, Mocking and Persecut­ing Princes, Priests and People, to repent; Return, re­turn, believe and obey this Light, which manifests and reproves all your evil deeds, that in it you may know your Redemption from the captivity of sin effectually wrought. O tremble and quake with the Prophet Habakkuk, Hab. 3. 16. you who scoff at Quakers, that you may all rest in the day of trouble.

[Page 18] But if you shall still go on to rebel against the reproofs and instructions of this Holy Light, and despise and per­secute the Children of it; be it known to you all, that before the brightness of its Glory shall your shadows va­nish, your imitations fly away, your beggerly Elements melt, and you die in your sins.

Nor shall we be sollicitous what your intentions are con­cerning us, well knowing him in whom we have believed, to be much greater in us than he that is in the World, 2 Tim. 1, 12. 1 John 4. 4. who in love hath call'd us out of it, and we doubt not will by his everlasting Arm of strength defend and preserve us over all opposition, and by us exalt his Name, Truth, and Sal­vation unto the ends of the Earth.

Therefore let the Winds of Imagination blow, the storms of Persecution beat, and the Sea of raging malice foam;Hab. 3. 17, 18. Yea, though the Fig-tree shall not blossom, neither Fruit be in the Vine; though the labour of the Olive fail, and the Fields yeeld not their meat; though the Flock be cut off from the Fold, and there be no Herd in the Stalls; though Nati­ons should combine against us, and multitudes assemble themselves to our overthrow;—Yet, be it reported to the Nations, and let it be told unto the people, that we shall still confide and rejoyce in that everlasting Holy God Almighty, Lord of Hosts, and King of Saints, who hath gathered us; and therefore is by us over all Things in Heaven, and things on Earth, blest and renown'd for ever.


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