A CALL TO Christendom, In an Earnest Expostulation with Her to prepare for the Great and Notable DAY of the LORD That is at the Door.

By William Penn.

LONDON, Printed and Sold by T. Sowle, near the Meeting-house in White-Hart-Court in Gra­cious-Street, and at the Crooked-Billet in Holywell-lane near Shoreditch. 1694.

A CALL TO Christendom.

AWake, O Christendom! Awake, and come to Judgment, for the Great and Notable Day of the Lord is drawing apace upon thee; pre­pare to meet him, thou and thy Chil­dren, for the Hour of his Judgement ha­steneth upon you, as Travail on a Wo­man with Child, in which all your Works shall be tried, and that by Fire, For the Day of the Lord shall burn as an Oven, and all the proud, and all that do wickedly, shall be as stubble. Yea, by fire and by sword will the Lord God Almighty [Page 4] plead with all flesh; with all fleshly Wor­shippers and Workers, who live after the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof: And with the Spirit of Judgment, and the Spirit of Burning, that is, with Spiritual Judgment and Burning will he visit all Ranks and Regions upon the Earth: Yea, his holy Terrors shall take hold of the Rebellious, and Anguish and Distress shall fill the Souls of the Guilty. The Faces of Nations shall gather paleness, and their Knees smite together, because of the Anger of God, that is kindling against them, and his fierce Wrath, that is re­vealing from Heaven against all the un­godly; but more especially against the Children of the Mystery of Iniquity: 'Tis in this day, that the Kindreds of the Earth shall mourn with a great Lamentation.

O Christendom! Thou hast long sate as a Queen, that should never know sor­row; Great have been thy Pretences, and large thy Profession of God, Christ, Spirit and Scriptures; come, let me Expostu­late with thee and thy Children in the fear and presence of him, that shall bring every word and work to Judgment. God is pure, and the pure in heart only see him: [Page 5] Now, are you pure? Do you see him? God is a Spirit, and none can worship him aright, but such as come to his Spirit, and obey it: Do you so? Christ is the Gift of God; have you received him into your Hearts? Does he rule there? Then have you Eternal Life abiding in you: If not, you are not true Christians. The Spirit of Truth leadeth into all Truth, and the Children of God are born of it, and led by it. But are you led into all the holy ways of Truth, born of this Eternal Spi­rit? Then you follow not the Spirit of this World, nor do your own wills, but the Will of God. You profess the holy Scriptures; but what do you witness and experience? What Interest have you in them? Can you set to your Seal they are true, by the work of the same Spirit in you, that gave them forth in the holy Antients? What's David's Roarings and Praises to thee, that livest in the Lust of this World? What's Paul's and Peter's Experiences to thee, that walkest after the Flesh?

O you, that are called Christians, giv [...] ear a little unto me, for I am prest in Sp [...] rit to write to you: Read with patienc [...] [Page 6] and consider my words; for behold, what I have to say unto you, concern­eth your Eternal Good.

GOD hath so loved the World, that he hath sent his only Begotten Son into the World, that those that believe in him, should have Eternal Life. And this Son is Christ Jesus, the true Light, that light­eth every one coming into the World; and they that abide not in him the Light, dwell in Darkness, in Sin, and are under the Region and Shadow of Death: Yea dead in Sin, and see not their own states, neither perceive the sad Conditions of their own Souls. They are blind to the things of God's Kingdom, and unsensi­ble of true and spiritual Life and Motion, what it is, to live to God: And in that state are alienated from God, without true Judgment and living Knowledge; and under the Curse. For in Jesus Christ, the Light of the World, are hid all the Treasures of Wisdom and Knowledge, Redemption and Glory; they are hid from the wordly Christian, from all that are captivated by the Spirit and Lusts of the World: And whoever would see them, (for therein consist the things, [Page 7] that belong to their Eternal Peace) must come to Christ Jesus, the true Light in their Consciences, bring their Deeds to him, love him and obey him; whom God hath ordained a Light to lighten the Gentiles, and for his Salvation to the ends of the Earth. Light and Salvation are joined together; and none can come to Salvation, but as they come first to the Light, and submit to the manifestation of it, which leadeth to Salvation. For the Nations of them that are saved, shall walk in the Light of the Lamb, Christ Jesus. Light and Sanctification are also joined to­gether: If we walk in the Light, as God is in the Light, the Blood of Jesus Christ his Son shall cleanse us from all sin. And Light and Life Eternal are joined together: For in the Word (that was with God in the beginning, and was God, by whom all things were made, that were made) was life, and that life the light of men. And this is the Testimony of Jesus, I am the light of the world; he that followeth me, shall not abide in darkness, but have the light of life: Yea, it is Eternal Life to be­lieve in him, in Christ the Light, to re­ceive, embrace, and to follow him. And [Page 8] this is that true Light (saith the same be­loved Disciple) that lighteth every man, that cometh into the world. Now this Light shineth in Darkness, in the Chil­dren of Darkness, in their dark Hearts, in their black Souls, and defiled Consci­ences; but in this Darkness they compre­hend it not. Neither can man know the Nature and Benefit of it, whilst he rebel­leth against it; for the Virtue and Ex­cellency of it is shut up and hid from the Children of Disobedience. To as many as received him of old, gave he power to become the Children of God; and they that did his Will, knew his Doctrine to be of God, and of Power and Efficacy to their Salvation.

But this is the great Condemnation of the World at this day, that though God hath sent his Son a Light into the Hearts of all Men and Women, to manifest and reprove their evil deeds, and to save them; yet they love Darkness, they love the Lusts and Imaginations of their vain Hearts better, than this holy Light, that is given unto them for Salvation: They chuse Barrabas rather, than Jesus. Yea, they have set up other Lights, than Christ [Page 9] Jesus, God's great Light; and other Pro­phets, than Christ, God's great Prophet; and other Priests than Jesus, the High-Priest of the New Covenant: But they are dark Lights, false Prophets and blind Priests. All that came before me, saith Christ, are Thieves and Robbers: And all that Pray, Preach, Sing, Worship, &c. and not by the Light and Spirit of Jesus, they go before Christ, before Christ cometh, before he prepareth their Hearts, and toucheth their Lips with a Coal from his Heavenly Altar; and perform Worship in their own Will, Time and Power, and stay not for his Leadings, And therefore all such rob Christ of his Office, who is the Leader of the true Chri­stians; their Heavenly High-Priest, to anoint them, and offer up their Sacrifice to God for them; and Prophet, to let them see and know by his Light in their Hearts, what they ought to do, accord­ing to the New and Everlasting Cove­nant; I will write my Law in their hearts, and put my Spirit in their inward parts, and they shall be all taught of me, saith the Lord.

[Page 10]Now this is the Question to the whole World called Christian: Do you see with this Divine Light? Have you searcht your Hearts with it? And are you anointed by this High-Priest with his holy Ʋnction, that leadeth into all Truth? Doth this Hea­venly Prophet give you Vision, and reveal the Father to you? Is he your Eye, your Head, your Wisdom? Do you live, move, and have your life and being in him, in Praying, Preaching and Singing, yea, in your whole Conversation? Are you renewed into this Life and Image? And have you heard his Voice, and seen his Shape? Are you Witnesses of his holy Rebukes, his pure Judgments, the Shame and Death of his Cross? Is he the Fountain of your Know­ledge? The Author of your Faith? O con­sider! Are you of those, that have spoke with Jesus? That have been taught in the School of his holy Cross? Students in his Heavenly Academy? O have you drunk of his Cup, and been baptized with his Bap­tism? Tell me in the Fear of the Lord God, you that call your selves Christians, doth he go before you, and lead you, as a Master teacheth his Disciples, and a Captain leadeth his Souldiers? And do [Page 11] you follow him in all the weighty things of this Life? And doth he order your Minds, and rule your Affections? If not, you are Thieves and Robbers; for you rob Christ of his Office. For God hath appointed him to be the Leader and Ruler of all People; yea, 'tis God's De­cree; and those that he leadeth not in their Thoughts, Words and Works, shall never come to God: for all must come to God by him, that is, by his Light and Spirit ruling in their Hearts, which san­ctifieth, regenerateth and converteth the Soul to God.

And the Cause of the Confusion and Contention, that is about Religion in Eu­rope at this day, is, That Men have deserted this true Light and holy Spirit, and so are degenerated from the life and power of pure and unspotted Religion, and have attempted to comprehend Christ's Do­ctrines without Christ's Light, and to know the Things of God without the Spi­rit of God. And being thus miserably erred by wicked Works from the one Spirit of Truth, they have wandred into the fallible Conceits and Opinions of Men. And in this State one Party hath con­tended [Page 12] against another: From Words they have fallen to Blows, and the strong­est hath opprest the weakest. And not knowing what Spirit they were of, have called light darkness, and darkness light; putting the Sheep's-skin upon the Wolf, and the Wolf's-skin upon the poor Sheep of Christ, endeavouring by carnal Wea­pons to enforce their Opinions, and to extort Conformity by worldly Laws and Punishments to their Perswasions. All this is out of the Light, Life and Do­ctrine of Christ Jesus, and in the Spirit of Darkness, Confusion, Strife and Blood-shed, which is the Devil. All which Babel must and shall come down by the Light, Power and Spirit of Jesus now rising in the World; and Hell, Death, and the Grave shall not be able to hinder it. For the set time, the ap­pointed time of the Father is come, and the Judgment is begun.

O ye, that are called Roman-Catholicks, tell me, are you truly Catholick, that is, of an Ʋniversal Spirit? Then you will not persecute, but love all, and be tender to all. Are you truly Roman, and Successors of that Antient, Apostolical Church? Then [Page 13] you walk not after the Flesh, but after the Spirit, yea, the Spirit of Christ dwelleth in you, and you are led by the Spirit of God, and can call him Father in Truth and Righteousness, and the Word of God in the Heart is your Teacher, and not the Traditions of Men; for so the Ro­mans of old time were instructed. O consider, if you are true Successors, you must follow them in the same Nature, Spirit and Life; for in that only stand­eth the Christian Succession, to wit, in Christ: And every Branch, Person or Church, that abideth not in this great Vine, is rejected for the Fire. There­fore deceive not your selves, as the Jews of old did, with crying, The Temple of the Lord, The Temple of the Lord; and saying, We have Abraham to our Father, and to us belong the Fathers, Covenants, Law, Priesthood, and Chair of Moses: For as the Apostle said of old, so say I to you; His servants you are, whom you obey; and he that worketh Wickedness, is of the Devil. So that Christ's Successors are they, that take up his Cross, follow him, and that abide in his holy Doctrine, that keep his Commandments, and [Page 14] themselves unspotted from the World. And those that follow the Lust of the Eye, the Lust of the Flesh, and Pride of Life, are not of Christ, nor of the Father, but of the World; Subjects to the Prince of the Power of the Air, and Successors of Sodom, Gomorrah, Egypt, Tyro, Sidon, and persecuting Jerusalem; and not of the harmless, self-denying, holy, Suffer­ing Spouse of Christ Jesus, that is ruled in all things by her Husband, her Head, her Lord. O search and try with the Light of Jesus, if you are not degenera­ted from Primitive Simplicity and Puri­ty? For great are the Abominations of all Sects, that flow like a Deluge through­out your Countries! Repent, and Turn to the Ancient Apostolical Spirit and Life, that you may enter into the Rest of God.

O you, that call your selves Evangelicks, or Gospellers, are you Evangelical? Are you saved from the Lusts and Pleasures, and dead Worships of the World by the mighty Power of God, which is the Go­spel, and led by an Evangelical Spirit? If not, you are not yet Redeemed, you are not yet under Grace, which is the [Page 15] Gospel-state: For you are not taught by it, but rebel against it; how then are you true Gospellers, Men of Gospel-liberty, Men of Deliverance and Redemption; to whom Immortality is brought to light, (as it is to all, that truly know and receive the Blessed Gospel) that are yet Subjects and Servants to Sin? How can you sing the Song of the Lamb, that are not delivered by the Lamb; but by your vain Conversations Crucifie the Lamb, and do despite to the Spirit of Grace, and that every day? The true Gospellers are those, that receive the An­gel's Message, who is the great Preacher of the Everlasting Gospel, viz. Fear God, Give glory to his Name, for the hour of his Judgment is come; and no more worship the Beast. Do you fear God in Truth, and in Sincerity? Then are you fearful of of­fending the Lord, and tender of God's Glory; then are your Hearts kept clean, then are you wise to Salvation; and so you can glorifie God indeed: otherwise your Prayers and Praises are not Evange­lical in God's sight.

But tell me, O ye Gospellers, is the Hour of his Judgment come to you? Is it be­gun [Page 16] at your Houses yet? How do you feel it? Hath it broke your Hearts? Hath it contristed your Spirits? Have ye known the Godly Sorrow? The Cha­stisements of the Lord, and Rebukes of the Almighty? Hath his pure Eternal Word divided yet betwixt your Souls and Spirit, the Joynts and Marrow? Have you ever been weary and heavy la­den with Sin; Hath it been a Burden to you? Did you ever cry out in the Ago­ny of your Spirits yet, Men and brethren, what shall we do to be saved? O! who shall deliver us from the Body of sin here, and the wrath to come! (the Travel of the holy Antients;) if not, you are yet strangers to Christ and his Kingdom: And if you die in that state, where he is gone, you shall never come. For Sion, God's City, must be redeemed through Judgments, and her Converts through Righteousness: Yea the House of God cannot escape it; wherefore, said one of old, If Judgment begin at the House of God, where shall the ungodly and sinner ap­pear? O Wo to them, that live without the Judgments of the Lord! Wo to them, that cast his Reproofs behind their [Page 17] Backs, and live in earthly Pleasures, fat­ting up themselves in their Lusts and Pleasures, as for the day of Slaughter, and treasuring up wrath against the day of wrath. O the Antient Saints lived not thus; they worked out their Salvati­on with fear and trembling; yea, they gave all diligence, to make their Calling and Election sure: Which way do you work out yours? Habakkuk, that holy Prophet, his lips quivered, and his belly trembled, that his Soul might rest in the day of trouble: Is this your state? Or, are you not rather Worshippers of the Beast at this day, Lovers of the worldly, sensual, voluptuous Life, walking in the lusts of the Eye, the lusts of the Flesh, and pride of Life; like Rebellious Israel of old, forgetting God days without num­ber? But this know, that All that forget God, shall be turned into Hell.

Oh! what is become of the Fatherly Visitation made to your Progenitors; those good beginnings sow'd in Persecuti­ons and Martyrdoms? Have you answer­ed the Loving-kindness of God there­in? Have you advanc'd in the Way of Righteousness? Are you become an holy [Page 18] Nation, and a peculiar People to God, Zealous of good Works? But have you not betaken your selves to the Wisdom and Learning of this World to make Mi­nisters, and deserted the Spirit of the Lord, and fled to the Power and Policy of this World to defend and protect you, and not to the Name of the Lord, which hath always been the strong Tower of the Righteous? Nay, are you not di­vided one against another, and turned Persecutors for Religion your selves, deny­ing that Liberty to others, you took for your selves? Ah! Where is the Royal Law of Doing as you would be done un­to!

Thus have you decayed and degene­rated into a Worldly Clergy, and a Carnal People, holding and maintaining Re­formed Words, in an unreformed Spirit. Yea, are not the same evils, Pride, Pas­sion, Malice, Wars, Bloodshed Persecuti­on, Deceit, fleshly Lusts, Wantonness, vain Pleasures and Sports, yea, all man­ner of Worldly-mindedness to be found in you, that were in the Persecutors of your Fore-fathers, and against which your most serious and best Ancestors faithfully [Page 19] testified? So that the difference now is about Words and Sentences, and not a­bout the Life, Nature and Spirit of pure and undefiled Religion; and Men are to be known now by their Denominations and Subscriptions to certain Human Creeds, Man-made Faiths and Forms, and not by the Spirit and Image of Christ Jesus, by the nature of the true Sheep, and by that holy Ʋnction, that was the Bond of the heavenly Fellowship of the Saints of Old.

And you, that are called Reformed, with the rest of the Subdivided Sects, what better are you for your Names? Are ye Regenerated yet? Are you Re­formed from the Lusts of the Eye, the Lusts of the Flesh, and the Pride of Life; from the Devil and all his Works? Are you born of the incorruptible Seed, that liveth and abideth for ever? And are you come out of the corruptible things, and doth Christ lead you? Is the Go­vernment of your Souls upon his Shoul­ders? Tell me, is it the New Birth, that which is born of God through many Tri­bulations, the New Man Created in Christ Jesus, that calleth God Father in your [Page 20] Prayers, and that maketh mention of him in your Preachings? Or is it the first Birth of the earth, earthly, the old Man, the corrupt and unregenerated Na­ture, that which is born of the Flesh, that is to say, of the Seed of the Evil One, the Father of all the fleshly Lusts, Inventions, Imaginations and Traditi­ons of Men, that taketh pleasure in the vain and wicked Sports and Pleasures of this Apostate World, that forget God, and turn his Grace into Wantonness; reproaching, nick-naming and persecu­ting the Children of Regeneration with scornful Names and cruel Punishments, calling God Father as the Jews did; and Crucifying Christ afresh by a vain Con­versation at the same time.

O you Degenerated Christians of all sorts, yea, all the several Sects in Chri­stendom, that have deserted your first Love, and degenerated from the Life and Power of Primitive Godliness; with the Light of Christ Jesus in your Hearts exa­mine your selves. God hath lighted your Candle, search and try your selves; see, how it standeth with you as to your E­ternal Condition, before you go hence, [Page 21] and be no more in this World. Consi­der, are you in the true Faith of Christ, or no? For without true Faith none can please God; and without pleasing him no Man can be saved. The Devils be­lieve, yea, and tremble too; that is more than Thousands, called Christians, do; and so far they are short of the very Devils. Have you Faith? Let's try it in the Name of God. What is it for Faith? Doth it overcome the World? Doth it live, and depend upon God? Can it forsake Coun­try and Kindred? Turn out Ishmael? Offer up Isaac? Live a Pilgrim, a Stran­ger in the World? Doth it work by that love, which can forsake all for Christ's Names sake? Doth it fight against the De­vil? Resist his fiery Darts? Overcome his Assaults and Temptations? And finally, pu­rifie, the Soul to God's, use? Is this your Faith, O you carnal, outside-Christians? No such matter; for you live in the flesh, fulfilling the Lusts thereof; and your care is, what you shall eat, drink, and put on, and how you should get the Mammon, Friendship and Glory of this World. Examine your selves, and pre­pare, for the Day of the Lord hasteneth [Page 22] upon you. And have a care, lest you partake [...] of the Plagues, that God hath prepared for Babylon; she that cal­leth her self the Lamb's Bride, and is an Harlot, committing Fornication through­out all Nations and Sects, that is, those that by a lying Spirit have had their Hearts seduced from God and his holy Fear, yet in Words profess'd to be his People; who call themselves Jews, but are not; Christians, and are not, but of the Synagogue of Satan; being Strangers to the Circumcision in Spirit, and the Bap­tism that is with Fire, and with the Holy Ghost: With Fire, to consume the flesh­ly Nature; and with the Holy Ghost, to beget the heavenly Nature in Man. O the Downfal of this great City, and the Desolation of this false Church through all the Sects in Christendom is come and coming! yea, in one day shall it be ac­complisht, even in the day of the Ap­pearance of Christ, who is the Second A­dam, the Lord from Heaven, who by the Brightness of his Coming, and by the Breath of his Mouth in the Hearts of Na­tions, shall reveal, and destroy this great Antichrist, this Man of Sin, in Man, that [Page 23] sitteth in the Place of God, yea, exalted above all that is called God, requiring Conformity to all his Inventions and In­junctions upon pain of Life, Liberty and Estate: Nor are any suffered to Buy or Sell in this great City, but such as will re­ceive his Mark.

Wo to you all in the Name of the Lord, that call God your Father, and are not Born of him; that name his Name, and hate to be Reformed: That call Je­sus Lord, and not by the Holy Ghost; who take his pure Name into your Mouths, and depart not from Iniquity. I say to you on God's behalf, as God said to the Jews of old; your Prayers, your Sacrifices, and your solemn Assemblies, &c. in an unconverted state are Abomi­nation to the Lord. No matter for your Names, your Pretences, your Creeds, if you live without God in the World, that is, without his holy Awe in your Hearts, without a Divine Sense of his Presence in your Souls, and know not that God­ly Sorrow, that worketh unfeigned Re­pentance, the only way to Eternal Life. Your Worship God loatheth: A Dog's neck, Swines-blood, yea, to Bless an I­dol, [Page 24] or kill a Man, is altogether as ac­ceptable with the Lord. O! God is wroth with the feigned Worships as well as common Ungodliness of the World: Come to Christ's Spirit, be led of it, and do not your own Wills, but the Will of Christ Jesus; and then you shall know the true Worship, For the true Ministry and Worship of God stand not in the Will, Wisdom, or Appointment of Men, nor can they be performed by unregenerated Men; but in the leadings of his Eternal Spirit, by whom all the faithful offer up themselves, an accepta­ble Sacrifice to God, not to live unto themselves, but to him that hath pur­chased them. 'Tis true, Christ Jesus died for the ungodly, but not that they should continue ungodly, but take up his daily Cross, and follow him. Christ (saith Peter) hath offered up himself once for all, leaving us an Example, that we should follow his steps: as he was in this World, so we should be, saith John, not conforma­ble to the Rudiments; Fashions and Cu­stoms of this World, that pass away; but transformed and renew'd in our minds by the Grace, that he hath given us: which [Page 25] Grace bringeth Salvation to all that obey it, teaching such to deny all ungodliness, and worldly lusts, and to live soberly, righteously and godlikely in this present evil World: Because without Holiness, none shall ever see the Lord: That is God's Decree.

Wherefore be you not deceived, O you Formal and Titular Christians; God will not be mocked: Such as you sow, such shall you reap at the Hand of the Lord; Yea, for every idle word shall you give an Accompt in the Day of Judgment. Think not with your selves, you have Christ to your Saviour, and you are re­conciled to God, through Christ, and that God looketh not upon you, as you are in your selves, but as in Christ; whilst you walk not after the Spirit, but after the Flesh: for the Wages of Sin is Death; but the Gift of God is Eternal Life through Jesus Christ our Lord: To whom? Not to them, that despise his Light in their Hearts, that grieve his Spirit, and by a worldly Conversation go on to Crucifie him; and who follow not Jesus in the way of Tribulation and Regeneration. God is of purer Eyes, [Page 26] than to behold Iniquity; and he looketh upon Men and Women to be, what they really are, and not what they imagine themselves to be: Behold he cometh, and his Reward is with him; and he will reward all according to their Works. Sinners, while such, can no more come into Christ, than into God; for God is in Christ, and Christ is in God: Christ is holy, harmless, pure and undefiled, and separate from Sinners. And if ever you would have God look upon you to be in Christ, you must come into Christ: And you can never come into Christ, the new and heavenly Man, that is undefiled and se­parated from Sinners, till you come out of Sin, and the Author of it, the Devil, the old Man of Sin, and leave your wicked Deeds of darkness.

Therefore be ye separate from every evil Way: Christ, the Immaculate Lamb of God, came not only to save Men from Wrath, but from Sin, which is the cause of Wrath. Behold the Lamb of God, saith John, which taketh away the sin of the World: Not their Sin, that will not be­lieve in him; but the Sins of those that are weary and heavy laden, that wait, hun­ger, [Page 27] thirst, and cry for his Salvation; whom God hath given for a light to lighten the Gentiles, and for his Salvation to the ends of the Earth. O you that are called by his Sacred Name, Repent, Repent! Pre­pare, Prepare to meet the Lord, who is coming in the way of his Judgments to visit the Inhabitants of the Earth; and put away the evil of your doings, and turn to him, that he may receive you.

But Wo in the Name of the Lord, to all that Rebel against the Light of Christ Jesus, who serve another Master, and follow another Captain, and obey the Prince of the Power of the Air, who reigneth in the Hearts of the Children of Disobedience. Yea, Wo unto all, who are covered with a Covering, and not of my Spirit; that take counsel, and not of me, saith the Lord: Who gather sticks, and kindle a Fire of their own, and compass themselves about in the Sparks, which they have kindled; for this shall they have at my Hand, They shall lye down in Sorrow.

Wo from God to all the Will-worship­pers, who Worship, but not in the Spirit and in the Truth; their Worship is not [Page 28] available. He that Worships God aright, is turned to the Spirit, and is taught and led by the Spirit. And such as have re­ceived the Spirit of Christ, are not led by their own Spirits, nor by the Spirit of this World, nor according to the Inventions and Traditions of Men: Neither do they Conform themselves to the Customs and Fashions of this World, nor will they bow to the Glory of this World, or the God of it. But having seen him, whom they have pierced with their vain Conversation in Times past, they mourn, and are in great bitterness, because they have done de­spite to his holy Spirit of Grace, that strove so long with them for their Re­demption. And being called by his Spi­ritual Call in their Hearts, to come out of Babylon, the great City of Will-worship, Confusion and Darkness, that is in the Earth, do chearfully resign up all to fol­low him in the narrow Way of Self-denial, as his holy Disciples did of Old. And such have learned by good Experience, that Without Christ they can do nothing: Though in these days scarcely any thing is done with him, or by him. For he is resisted in his Spiritual Appearance in [Page 29] the Consciences of those, that make a Profession of him with their Mouths; and therefore he doth not many mighty Works in them: Yea, he is smitten, spit upon, Crown'd with Thorns, Pierc'd and Crucified of all false Christians, through their Rebellion and Wickedness.

O Wo from the Great and Just God, that made Heaven and Earth, upon all People, that work Iniquity, and forget God! Wo to you Kings and Princes, that have Crucified the Lord of Life and Glory; yea, you have Crucified him in your selves, and helpt to Crucifie him in others: He lyeth slain at this day in your Streets. For you have not Ruled for God, as you ought to have done; but for your selves, to please your own Lusts: and have not sought the Glory of the Lord, nor the Prosperity of his Work in the Earth, so much as the Greatness of your own Names, and to enlarge your worldly Dominions, often Oppressing the Poor, and Persecuting Consciencious Dis­senters; but suffering almost all manner of Vice and Vanity to go unpunisht. How doth the Lust of the Eye, the Lust of the Flesh, and the Pride of Life reign in [Page 30] your Territories? Are not your Courts the very Schools of Vanity, and Nurseries of worldly Lusts and Pleasures, which War against the Soul, and lead to Eter­nal Destruction? O! you have much to answer for before the great God at the Day of his Terrible Tribunal, who have Power in your Hands, to chase away Wickedness, and to reform the World. It is written, A King upon his Throne of Judgment scattereth all evil with his Eye: O! that the Kings and Princes of the World knew this Throne of true Judg­ment! That they had this Godlike Ma­jesty, that they would purge their Lands of Evil-Doers, that they and their Peo­ple might escape the Wrath and Venge­ance of God, that is ready to be poured forth upon them!

And Wo to you Nobles of the Earth, that spend your Estates in Pleasures, and your Days in Vanity; that, like those of old, Drink Wine in Bowles, and stretch your selves upon Couches of Ivory: That in­vent Musical Instruments for your Mirth, but remember not the Afflictions of Joseph, neither consider of your latter End. What Pride, Lust and Excess lye at your [Page 31] Door! What Spoil and Waste do you make in the World! You live, as if you should never die, caring only, what you should eat, what you should drink, and what you should put on; how you should trim, perfume and beautifie your poor Mortal selves, and at which Plays and Sports you should divert and spend a­way that troublesome and melancholy, thing, called Time, (as you esteem it) instead of Redeeming the Time, because the days are evil, and preparing for the Eternal Judgment. Is this the way to Glory? Did Jesus give you this Example? O! He is Crucified by these things! This is far from the true Nobility and Christian Ho­nour, that cometh from above.

Wo to you Judges of the Earth, who pervert Judgment for a Reward, that Oppress the Poor, and despise the Cause of the Needy, who regard the Mighty and the Rich in Judgment, and delay Justice for the Fear or Favour of Man. That subject the Laws to your Wills, and Righteous Rules to your Passions and In­terest. Repent, and be just, for God the Just God, the great Judge of Heaven and Earth shall Judge you all according [Page 32] to your Works: And dreadful shall that Day of his Reckoning and Tribunal be to all the Workers of Iniquity! But espe­cially to Ʋnjust and Corrupt Judges.

And Wo to you Lawyers, that refuse no Cause for Money; but will plead even against Law, Truth and Justice for Advan­tage, teaching your Tongues to Advo­cate for a Lye, and your Mouths for Gain, to plead the Cause of Ʋnrighteousness; raising unreasonable Wealth unto your selves by the Folly, Ignorance and Con­tention of the People. O the Equivoca­tion, Deceit, Falshood and Iniquity, that is in your Profession, in which, you let your Consciences out to hire at every Sum­mons for all sorts of Causes: Insomuch, that 'tis the Money, and not the Cause, that prevaileth. And the worst Cause most commonly is most desired, because the Client, doubtful of his Success, is usually the most Liberal to you: This also is for Judgment.

And Wo to you Merchants and Traders, that have not the Lord's Fear before your Eyes; whose God is Gold and Gain, that neither Buy nor Sell with regard to his just Principle in your Consciences, that [Page 33] use vain and deceitful Words, and that are not come to the just Measure, and the righteous Ballance; but use Frauds for Advantage: That neither Eye the Lord's Providence by Sea, nor his care by Land; but Day and Night cast about, how to raise to your selves a great Name and Estate, to exalt your Nests, and rank your Families among the Rich, and the Noble of the Earth! The Lord will also plead with you! Repent, and Fear before God.

Wo to you Farmers and Countrymen, that reward the Lord evil for good, who giveth, you Increase of all things in their proper Seasons, yet you discern not his Hand, you regard not his Care; you live without God in the World: Yet no Life is fuller of the Lord's Providence, who preserveth and prospereth your Flocks, who increaseth your Wine, your Corn, and your Grass; instead of re­membring his Goodness with Reverence, and in your Harvests praising him with Fear, you Sacrifice to your Lusts, and rejoice only in your Fulness; making Merry at your Harvests without the Fear of God, or looking to him, that giveth [Page 34] you to Increase. Repent, and Fear be­fore the God of the whole Earth.

But above all others, Wo to you Scribes, Pharisees and Hypocrites, you Priests and Pastors, who have taken a Charge, that God never gave you; who run, and he never sent you; who say, Thus saith the Lord, and he never spoke to you, or by you. That steal the Words of the Prophets and Apostles, and with them, make Merchandize to the People, not knowing the pure Word of God in your Hearts, to be as an Hammer, a Fire, a Sword, to destroy Sin, and to purge, redeem, and reconcile you to God; but boast in other Mens Lines, and speak things made ready to your hands: That Teach for Hire, and Divine for Money; who seek Honour of Men, and love the uppermost places of Feasts. Who speak Peace to the Wicked, and sow Pillows under their Elbows for Reward: Plea­sers of Men more, than Pleasers of God. Wo to you in the Name of the Lord, that counterfeit his Commission, and deceive the People, requiring their Money for that which is not Bread, and their La­bour for that which doth not profit: At [Page 35] your Doors lyeth the Blood of Souls, in which you have traded. O you Physicians of no Value, whom have you Cured? Where is the Seal of your Ministry? Is it not an abominable Cheat, that you take Money to Cure, yet cannot Cure; that have no Medicine to Cure; and at last maintain, that the Disease is incurable? You are they, that will neither enter in­to the Kingdom your selves, nor suffer others. For when-ever we have seen your Delusions, and deserted your Assem­blies, presently a Pacquet of Letters must be sent to Damascus: The Magistrate must be called upon to be Goaler and Hangman for the Priest. What Wars, Changes and Persecutions ever befel the World, since you had a Being, in which you have not been at Head or Tail? O your Practices shall more and more come to light: And the day hasteneth, that your very Name and Calling (as now held) shall be had in Abhorrence by the Nations. O you numerous Off-spring of the great, false Prophet, that hath been a Lyar from the beginning; here­by is it known, that God hath never sent you, that you have not profited the [Page 36] People; they are God's Words by the Prophet Jeremy. Weep and howl, for the day of your great Calamity hasten­eth upon you! Your Father and Mother are come into remembrance before the Lord, the Hour of their Judgment is at the Door. God will fill you the Cup of his Fury, you shall drink it at his Hand.

O! I cannot but cry aloud to you all of all Ranks and Qualities, from the high­est to the lowest, that walk not after the Spirit, but after the Flesh, daily fulfil­ling the Lusts thereof; That you would Repent, and be saved. O how hath Christ's Religion been Prophaned, and his Holy Name Blasphemed by the lewd Life of profest Christians! The very Heathens are scandal'd, and the Nations round about have you in scorn and deri­sion. Arise, O God, for thy Name's sake! O what Tremendous Oaths and Lyes! what Revenge and Murders, with Drun­kenness and Gluttony! What Pride and Luxury! What Chamberings and Wan­tonness! What Fornications, Rapes, and Adulteries! What Masks and Revels! What lustful Ornaments, and enchanting [Page 37] Attires! What proud Customs, and vain Complements! What Sports and Pleasures! What Plays and Romances! What In­tregues and Pastimes! Again, What Fals­ness and Treachery! What Avarice and Oppression! What Flattery and Hypocrisie▪ What Malice and Slander! What Conten­tion and Law-suits! What Wars and Blood-shed! What Plunders, Fires and Desolations!

And 'tis not only committed by Chri­stians in general one against another, but by Christians of the same Faith, Sect and Church one against another; praying to the same God to destroy one another; and sing­ing Psalms to God, when they have wicked­ly destroyed one another. O the Rapes, Fires, Murders and Rivers of Blood, that lye at the Doors of profest Christians! If this be Godly, what's Devilish? If this be Christian, what's Paganism? What's Anti-christian? But to make God a Party to their Wickedness: O Prophanation! O Blasphemy! What need is there of any other demonstration, that Christendom is foully Apostatized from the Doctrine and Example of Christ Jesus and his true Followers, who saith, If ye love me, [Page 38] keep my Commandments: by this you shall be known to be my Disciples, if you love one another. Whosoever doth not love his Bro­ther, is of the Devil, and whosever hateth his Brother, is a Murtherer; and ye know, that no Murderer hath Eternal Life abiding in him. And it is not to be supposed, that they kill one another in Love: For Murther is not the effect of Love and bro­therly Kindness; but of Malice, Envy and Revenge. O Christendom! how art thou and thy Children degenerated from God, and fallen from the Doctrine of Christ, whose holy Name thou pro­fessest! Thou art become a City full of Uncleanness, committing Whoredom under every Green Tree; following o­ther Lovers, than Jesus, whose Spouse thou professest to be. O thou Rebelli­ous City, thou Cage of unclean Birds, thou and thy Children have filled the Earth with a stink of your Abomina­tions!

O how expert have you been in these Impieties! How Ingenious to work, Wickedness, and how fruitful in your Inventions to gratifie the Lust of the Eye, the Lust of the Flesh, and the Pride of [Page 39] Life! O how hath the Heathen-Nature, as an evil Leaven prevailed, and leavened the great Body of Christians at this day, as if the End of Christ's Coming into the World, had been to furnish us with a New Profession, but not to give us a New Nature; to learn Men to Talk, and not to Live; to cry Hosanna, but in works to Crucifie him. What did the Heathens, that Christians have not done? Yea, the same Lusts, Vanities, and Impieties, that reigned among them, are to be found im­prov'd among Christians. So that 'tis Paganism made free of the Christian Pro­fession, or Heathenism Christian'd: And not to conform to the Heathen in the Chri­stian, is not to be a Christian, but an Hea­then. O the Ignorance as well as Wick­kedness of the present Christian World! Verily, the Christian Life is opprest un­der this Mass of Darkness and Impiety, found in the Conversations of Apostate-Christians, even as Christ was grieved and burdened with the Darkness and Obstinacy of the Apostate-Jews. And as the Hard-heartedness of the false Jews Crucified him outwardly, so hath the Hard-heartedness of the false Christians [Page 40] Crucified him inwardly: Which hath fulfilled, what is Recorded in the Apoca­lypse, viz. That the Lord was Crucified in Sodom and Egypt spiritually so called: For the false Christians are the spiritual Sodom and Egypt, who love and live in Sodom's Sins, and Egypt's Lusts and Pleasures. Yea, they are of the Race of them, that stoned the Prophets, and Crucified the Lord of Glory: Of the same Nature and Spirit. O the Blood of Jesus lyeth at their Doors shed, spilt, and trod under foot of them; and will one day cry for Eternal Vengeance a­gainst them, if they Repent not with un­feigned Sorrow, and turn to the Lord with their whole Hearts: Certainly, Wo, Anguish and Tribulation shall be their Portion for ever! That which they have grieved, shall grieve them; and that which they have bruised and resisted, shall reject and torment them: yea, it shall be a never-dying Worm, and an endless Pain to them. O Wo to the Worker of Iniquity in that day! Wo to the Slothful Servant! Wo to the Mocker and Scoffer! Wo to the Drunkard and Ʋnclean Person! Wo to them that [Page 41] spend their Days Vanity, and their Life in Earthly Pleasures! Wo to the proud Pharisee, and disdainful Scribe! Wo to the fearful and unbelieving! Wo to Idolaters and Lyars! Yea, and Wo from God to all the Cruel Persecutors of the Innocent Lambs and Sheep of Jesus, for their pure Conscience to him! For they shall have their part in the Lake, that burneth with Fire and Brimstones, which is the Second Death.

O that you might escape this great Damnation! And I testifie to you in the Word of the Lord, that God giveth unto you all a Day of Visitation, in which you may escape the Wrath to come. For this end God hath sent his Son a Light in­to your Hearts; 'tis He, which mani­festeth all your Thoughts, Words and Deeds unto you; 'tis he, which checks and reproveth you; yea, 'tis he, which expo­stulateth and striveth with you; 'tis he, that knocketh at your Doors, and awa­keneth you to Judgment: Who con­demneth every unfruitful Thought, Word and Work in you. Repent, I exhort you, Turn to him, hear his Voice, and har­den not your Hearts; but while it is to [Page 42] day, and the light shineth, and the Spirit striveth, O humble your selves, bear his Judgments, love his Reproofs. And though his Word be as a Fire in your Hearts, and though you are even scorched within you, because of the Heat there­of; yet bear the Indignation of the Lord, in that you have sinned against him. Wait, Watch and Walk in the Light of the Lord Jesus, that in his Blood you may feel Remission of Sins, and Sanctification unto Life Eternal: That you may no more walk after the Flesh, to fulfil the Lusts thereof, but in the Spirit of Holiness; that you may be Sealed unto the Day of Redemption. O the Peace, the Joy, the Pleasure, and the undeclarable Comfort, that is daily met with in the holy and righteous Way of the Lord!

O this riseth powerfully in my Soul, that his Form hath no Comeliness in it, that will please Flesh; his Way and Wor­ship is most remote from it. Flesh and Blood have no share in his Worship; the Will and Runnings of Man have no part in his Way. 'Tis neither at the Moun­tain, where one sort runneth; nor at [Page 43] Jerusalem, whither another sort goeth [...]; but in Spirit, within the Vale, hid from Flesh and Blood: Yea, there it is, that his Worship is known and performed. Any Form is more pleasant, than this: His Visage is more Marr'd, than any Man's. All Will-worship, all Human In­vention findeth Acceptance, where he cannot find a place to lay his Head on. O this is a bitter Cup to the Creature; few will drink it! They are hard to be per­swaded to Sit still, and patiently to Wait for the Salvation of God, to let him Work all their Works in them and for them. They know not, what it is, to have the Mouth in the Dust, to have all Flesh silent before the Lord, that the Voice of God may be heard; that he may prepare them, and that the Will of God may be brought forth in them. O this Mystery of Iniquity, how hath it wrought, and how doth it yet Work! It claimeth a right to the Living Child; but she hath no Right to it: She is the Womb of Death, and can bring forth no Living Fruit to God. All Nations have drunk her Cup: But the Hour of her Judgment is come. She is seen, disvailed, and condemned [Page 44] by the Living Spirit of God, that is felt, and received, and obeyed by a Remnant, who are gathered from the Mouths of Idol-Shepherds, and all the Errings and Strayings of false Prophets, that have no Vision; and are come to the Lord, to know his Law in their hearts, and Fear, and Spirit to be in their inward parts, and are taught and led by him. And these follow the Lamb, and are his Host this day, that fight under his Banner with his holy Testimony against the Whore, false Prophet and Beast: And behold, they shall prevail. For greater is he, that is in them, than he that is in the World.

O this is a great Mystery, but a greater Truth; Moses, the Servant, is externally more Comely, than he: Yea, the Pro­phets were as pleasant Singers, and as de­lightful Instruments of Musick; their Vi­sions, Sights, and glorious Prophecies of the last Days, and New-Covenant-times were, (says one of them of old) as a pleasant Song: But the Son, the Sub­stance, when he came, no Beauty, no Excellency, no Comeliness. What's the matter? The Way is Narrow for [Page 45] Flesh and Blood; there is a Cross must be taken up, a bitter Cup drunk, and a Baptism, yea, of Blood gone through. Man must die to his own Will, Affecti­ons, Imaginations, and Carnal Concepti­ons; he must wait and watch, yea, conti­nually: His own Religion and Righte­ousness is as odious, as his Sin and Ini­quity, yea, in a sense more dangerous. 'Tis no Outside, will do; not that which pleaseth the busie, active Will and Mind of the Creature; that gratifieth the Ex­ternal Senses, that have prevailed against the Soul: O no, 'tis an hidden Life, an hidden Temple, an hidden Worship, and that in God's time; yea, an hidden Manna, an hidden Supper, not discerna­ble by the vain Sects in this World. Of this Tabernacle is Jesus Builder, of this Covenant and Worship is he Author, of this Altar is he Priest: To this did he gather his of old, and to this is he ga­thering the Nations. And the Bride saith, Come; and the Spirit saith, Come; and he saith, Come: And blessed are they that Come, and See, how good he is.

But Such, who like Sodom of Old, go on to grieve the Spirit of the Lord, to [Page 46] rebel against his Light, and vex God's just Lot, that liveth in the midst of them, persisting in their Lusts and Abominati­ons, God's Angel shall smite them with blindness: The day of their Visitation shall pass away, and the forbearance of God shall be at an end, and Fire from Heaven shall devour them. Which with my Soul I fervently and tenderly desire you may all escape, whom God hath taught to hate your Sin, deny your Glory, and sepa­rate from all your false Worships by his own Light, Spirit and Truth, and to follow his Dear Son in the Way of Re­generation, whose Love to me hath taught me to Love all Mankind, and to seek their Salvation.

William Penn.
The END.

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