THe Vice-Chancellour and Major, Respectively, in his Majesties name, doe streightly charge and command, all Inhabitants, commorant or being, in the Vniversity, City, precincts & suburbs of Oxford, as well Priviledged Per­sons as other, that they carry not out into the adjacent High-wayes or Fields, neere unto the said Ʋniversity or City, and leave the same uncovered, any the Carcasses of Dead Horses, Hogges, Dogges or the like, but that they carefully sink such Carcassesin­to the ground at a competent depth, & then cover them with earth, that neither the Aire may be corrupted, or Passengers justly of­fended with the stench of them. And if any Person shall be found Delinquent herein, he shall for every such default Forfeit, & Pay Five Shillings, One Shilling thereof to the Party informing and the other Four, to the use of the Poor of that Parish, presently to bedistributed in Bread at the discretion of the Overseers, where such Delinquent liveth.

  • Richard Baylie Vice-Chan. Oxon.
  • Sampson White Major.

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