Civitas Oxon. ss. The Oath of every Free-man of the City of Oxford.

YOU shall sweare that you shall be faithfull and true to our Soveraigne Lord KING [...] and to His HEIRES, and Lawfull Successors, KINGS and QUEENES of this Realm of ENGLAND. You shall be Obedient and ready to the Major, Alldermen, and Bayliffes; Ministers, and Keep­ers of this City, (Officers under the KING'S MAJESTY,) and to their Lawfull Commandements. The Franchises, Liberties, and Customes of this City, you shall keep and maintaine to your power; and in as much as in you is, you shall save this City harmlesse. You shall be partner of all manner of Charges touching this City; as in Sommons, Contributions, VVatches, Taxes, Tallages, as another man of the same City is. You shall avow no Forraigne goods as your owne, whereby the KING may loose His Customè. You shall take none Apprentice for lesse time then for seven yeares; and you shall cause him to be enrolled within the first year of his Apprentiship, and if he serve you well and truly, so shall you certifie at his out-going. You shall not take nor Receive, nor consent to the taking or Receipt of any Incorporation, or Fellowship; nor of any Book, or Confirmations of Acts, or Ordinances for any Fellowship; Company, or Fraternity within this City, or the Franchises, or Subur'os of the same; without the speciall Assent, Consent, and Agreement, of the Major, and Bayliffes, and of the Councell of this City thereunto, first especially had and obtained. You shall know no Forraigne Marchant in this City, that useth any Craft, Buying or Selling; but you shall warne the Chamberlaines, or else the Majors Serjeant thereof. You shall not Withdraw, Purloyne, or Withold; nor con­sent to the Withdrawing, Purloyning, or Witholding, of any of the Charters, VVritings, Evidences, Escripts, or Myniments appertaining, or which of right ought to appertaine to this City; but you shall do your best ende­vour to see them brought in and delivered to the use of this City. You shall Implead no Person of this Fran­chises, and Guild, out of this Court, if that you may haue right within this Court; neither shall you Challeng, Claim, or take the Priviledge of any other Court or Courts, in any Action, or Suite, here Commenced, by a­ny Person that is Free of this Guild; except the same Priviledge be allowable by the Common Lawes of this Realm; and in all things you shall be justified by the Major of this City, and his Councell, as a true and O­bedient Citizen ought to be. You shall not concent to the Decrease of a Coffer, called [Dame MARGARET NORTHEN, and CISSELEY HABERFIELD,] nor to the Decrease of an other Coffer under five Lockes, without the Assent of the Major, and of his Councell; and the Councell of this City, you shall truly keep. These poynts, and all other touching the Franchises, Liberties, and customes of this City, or any of them; you shall keep and maintaine to the uttermost of your power. So God you help.

And by the same Oath, you shall give Mr. Major the VVine and Spice, when it is asked of you.


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