Being a SECOND PART to the same Tune of Lillibullero, &c.
A Treaty's on foot, look about English Boys,
Stop a Bad Peace as soon as you can;
A Peace, which our Hanover's Title destroys,
And shakes the high Throne of Our Glorious Queen ANNE.
Over, over, Hanover, over,
Haste and assist our Queen and our State;
Hast over, Hanover, fast as you can over;
Put in your Claim, before 'tis too late.
A Bargain our Queen made with her good Friends,
The States, to uphold the Protestant Line;
If a Bad Peace is made, that Bargain then ends,
And spoils Her good Majesty's gallant Design.
Over, over, &c.
A Creature there is, that goes by more Names
Than ever an honest Man could, shou'd or wou'd;
And I wish we don't find him an arrant King James,
Whene'er he peeps out from under his Hood.
Over, over, &c.
The Dauphin of France to a Monastry went
To visit the Mother of him aforesaid;
He wish'd her much Joy, and he left her Content
With a dainty fine Peace about to be made.
Over, over, &c.
What kind of a Peace, I think we may guess,
So welcome must be to her and her Lad:
And let any Man say it, if we can do less
Than be very sorry, when they're very glad.
Over, over, &c.
Whoe'er is in Place, I care not a fig;
Nor will I decide 'twixt High-Church and Low:
'Tis now no Dispute between Tory and Whig,
But whether a Popish Successor, or No.
Over, over, &c.
Our Honest Allies this Peace does explain,
Of which our French Foes so loudly do boast;
But I hope, if they reckon on India and Spain,
They reckon without consulting their Host.
Over, over, &c.
Or else we must bid farewel to our Trade,
Whatever fine Tales some People have told;
For whene'er a Peace of that Nature is made,
We shall send out no Wool, nor bring home no Gold.
Over, over, &c.
Then wage on the War, Boys, with all your Might,
Our Taxes are great, but our Danger's not small;
We'd better be half Undone, than be quite;
As half a Loaf's better than no Bread at all.
Over, over, &c.

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