The best way of Disposing of Hammer'd Money and Plate, as well for the Advantage of the Owners thereof. As for Raising One Million of Money, In (and for the Service of) the Year 1697. By way of a LOTTERY.

WHerein the Benefits will be the same,Blanks to be Prizes and paid in a Year. and as many for once, as were had in the Million Adventure; and the Blanks (being each to be paid Ten Pound in New Money) will also be Prizes, to be paid soon­er or later as Chance shall determine; but all to be cleared in One Year.

The Proposal is:

That 100000 Tickets,Proposal. Numbred from 1 to 100000, be given out at 10 l. per Ticket, to such as shall Voluntarily bring in their Money before the 24th of Iune, 1697. to make up the Million aforesaid.

That New Mill'd Money,Silver 6 s. the Ounce. or Hammered Silver Money, and Plate with the Hall Mark upon't, or otherwise Sterling, shall be taken in, and Received at 6 s. an Ounce for such Tickets.

That a Rebate (as was in the Million Lottery) after the Rate of 14 per Cent. Rebate at 14 per Cent. be allowed for so many Days as the Money shall be paid in before the 24th of Iune, 1697.

That the Benefits, as well as the Blanks (which, considering the Advantages given to every Adventurer, may well be called Prizes) shall all be paid off in one Year, and in Course, which may thus be ascertain'd, viz. Before the Draw­ing begins 100 Tickets, Numbred from 1 to 100. signifying the first,Course of Payment all in a Year. second and third (and so to 100) thousand, shall be put and well mixt in a Glass, and thence Drawn, and such Number as comes first (and so successively) out, shall entitle the Owner of the Benefits and Blanks Comprised in such 1000, to be first paid off and cleared.

And that the not yet paying the Tickets last Michaelmas due in the late Milli­on Adventure.

Nor the fear of its not being Full,Why the old Tickets remained so long un­paid, and how they will be paid off & cleared. and that thereby the Benefits might come to be any way lessened, may in no sort Discourage the bringing in the Money, and that very quickly into't:

Note, The not paying those Tickets, was not only occasioned by an Under­taking that failed, but by a real Deficience in the Fund that was given, for the first Three Years paying thereof, and the like cannot be supposed can any way happen at all in the Fund herein after proposed for this; and every Adventu­rer for His or Her Satisfaction, may be pleased to take Notice, that a Duty is Voted already on Leather, to pay off the Tickets in the Million Adventure, and Annuities due, and by which they'll be certainly paid.

And to the other Objection,This must and will be thus cer­tainly Full. Answ. What Number of Tickets of the said 100000 shall not be took out, and paid for by particular Persons, before the 24th of Iune, 1697. may either be paid out as Money, or without any Loss to the Publick (and therefore will) be taken and paid for out of the Money that shall be first Raised from the Duty, to be given for the thus supplying this Million.

[Page 2] The Duty proposed,The Duty is 4 s. a Quarter on Malt. Proposed the 1st year for the War, the 2d for the C [...] ­vil List. Why the Malt alrea­dy made should be Charg'd, & is Four Shillings a Quarter on all Malt that shall be found in the Possession of common Maltsters, Brewers, or any sort of Retailers of Malt, on the 26 of March, 1697. and on all other Malt whatsoever, which shall after be made in that Year; and it being so Charged, 'tis hoped it may Raise within the Year a Million of Money: And if it may so be given for two Years as aforesaid, the First Million may go for the War, and the Remainder for the Civil List, which on this Fund (if so given) may depend on 600000 l. But

If the Malt already made be not Charged, and the Duty given is but to conti­nue One Year, what already is made will hold out the best part of the Year, and People will make but what they needs must, till the Tax ends, if it does so at Lady-day, 1698, and make up their Stores afterwards, and so Defeat much of the Duty, [...]ssest of the Malt, and [...] and yet the People, that spend it, will pay it.

And that its being Rated at Two Pounds and a half per Cent, Why the 2 and a half per Cent. upon Stock should not Excuse it. (which I count to be 6 d. per Quarter) as Stock in the Capitation Act, may be no Reason suf­ficient to hinder its paying this Duty, it may be Enacted, That such Malt as shall so be found made on the 26 of March 1697, instead of Four, may be Rated at Three Shillings only per Quarter; and if it so b [...] Enacted, instead of paying Two and a half per Cent, for such Stock, the Owners thereof will have Two and a half per Cent given them; and so can have no Cause to complain.

The Benefits being 40000 l. will be divided thus;
  • To the first Number Drawn, besides the Benefit may come up with it—150 l.
  • One Ticket of—1000 l.
  • 9 of each 500 l.—4500 l.
  • 20 of each 100—2000 l.
  • 80 of each 50—4000 l.
  • 90 of each 25—2250 l.
  • 300 of each 20, and—6000 l.
  • 2000 of each 10, Besides their own 10 l. a piece—which every Blank also will have.—20000 l.
  • 2500—
  • The last Ticket Drawn, besides the Benefit may come up with it—100 l.
  • Money 40000 l.

Now, forasmuch as the Advantage in other Acts, given to such as shall bring Hammered Silver-Money,The Rea­sons for its taking Ef­fect. and Plate, before the Fourth Day of Novemb. 1697, to His Majesty's Mints, to be Coyn'd, are considerably less than what are in this sort of Adventure proposed.

And that the Tickets, both Benefits and Blanks, are all to be paid in One Year, in Course, as aforesaid, and some of them soon after 'tis drawn; which may be in Iuly 1697, and Fourteen per Cent, 'till that time allowed. And that the Tickets first taken out, may so be contrived, as to be made triable, at the Transfer-Office. in Lombard-street, Gratis, without any more ado, or other Ex­amination at all; and that a Register, how every 1000 Tickets, as well Prizes as Blanks, stand in Course to be paid, may Monthly be Printed, and always there affixed to be seen.

Such Tickets took out,The Tickets better then Money till Drawn, and if after­ward Blank within a ve­ry small matter as good. (if the Fund be so fixed as aforesaid) will be better than Money 'till the 24th of Iune next; and afterwards also, on an easie Rebate, as good to those that desire it; and thereby much increase the Specie of Money, 'till the said Tickets are paid, and therefore ought to be wished; and for the Reasons aforesaid, it can hardly be doubted, but 'twill really do, if so be that it comes to be tried.

T. N.

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