THe Names of the Field Officers, Captains, Lieutenants, and Ensigns, as they are now in Commissions in His Majesties Militia within the City of London, by Com­mission from the Honourable His Majesties Commissioners of Lieutenancy for the City of London and Liberties thereof, May the 29th. 1680.

Orange Regiment.Leiutenants.Ensigns.
Collonel the Right Honourable Sir Robert Clayton Knight, Lord Mayor.Capt. Leiut. Thomas Iles.Joseph Hide
Leiutenant Collonel Sir William Goulstone Knight.Thomas Soulter.Richard Barnes
Major Richard Kinsey.Robert Roades.Henry Warren
1 Capt. Richard Brigden.Thomas WardRichard Cross
2 Capt. Thomas Hamond.Randolph BirdWilliam Honor
3 Capt. James Shuter.John TaylorJames Carver
4 Capt. Samuel Roycroft.Bryan AyliffeGeorge Newland
5 Capt. Francis Child.Humphrey PickfatEdmund Flesher
Yellow Regiment.  
Coll. Sir Thomas Bludworth Knight.Capt. Leiut. Richard BrackleyJohn Williams
Leiut. Coll. William Rosewell.Charles VVellsThomas Browne
Major John Wallis.John FoulkesJohn Chillinworth
1 Capt. Benjamin Harvey.Francis AshburnhamWilliam Simonds
2 Capt. Richard Penner.Edward PowelWilliam Cooper
3 Capt. Joseph Broomer.Job CroftWalter Acton
4 Capt. Sir William Dodson Knt.Samuel SmithsJoseph Drake
5 Capt. Richard Green.Samuel MabbsThomas Midwinter
Red Regiment.  
Coll. Sir Robert Vyner Knt. & Bar.Capt. Lieut. Samuel HankeyJohn Alexander
Leiut. Col. Abraham Stanian.Richard BarkerThomas Manton
Major William Winbury.Henry MinchardEdward Newins
1 Capt. Richard Burdon.Richard PageEdward Lekey
2 Capt. James Hudson.Robert GoddardNicholas Bibbee
3 Capt. William Abrooke.Thomas FoulkeJohn Sapcot
4 Capt. John Hind.Joshuah SabinNicholas Ogden
5 Capt. Edward Chevall.John HiscockJohn Hawkins
White Regiment.  
Col. Sir Joseph Sheldon, Knight.Capt. Lieut. Richard BlaneyGiles Baker
Leiut. Col. John Steventon.Thomas ForshooeRobert Tottey
Major Samuel Putt.Henry DrewetThomas Price
1 Capt. Jeremy Gregory.John DowseRichard Haynes
2 Capt. Henry Berisford.Peter CarpenterSymon Hacket
3 Capt. John Russon.John KingJohn Forrest
4 Capt. Thomas Blagrave.George TallisRobert Green
5 Capt. John Odell.Benjamin PageJohn Stracy
Green Regiment.  
Col. Sir James Edwards, Knight.Capt. Lieut. James KelkeWilliam Haywood
Leiut. Col. Adrian Quyney.William EdwardsAnthony Partridge
Major Thomas Spencer.Francis PiggotJames Parke
1 Capt. Henry Hatley.Thomas BraceySamuel Knap
2 Capt. Thomas Hodges.John HindRichard Howes
3 Capt. Daniel Fowle.John HainesMaurice Wynne
4 Capt. John Edwards.Nicholas FieldGeorge Gerrard
5 Capt. John Hillman.John WhiteheadRichard Cooke
Blew Regiment.  
Coll. Sir William Prichard Knight.Capt. Leiut. Daniel Haughton.John Beverly
Leiut. Coll. Thomas Cowden.William WoodroffeFrancis Haughton
Major Richard Pierce.John PalmerRalph Benton
1 Capt. John Clarke.Henry YoePhillip Goodwyn
2 Capt. Richard Holford.Richard BradleyNicholas Ward
3 Capt. John Baker.Robert SilkRichard Babington
4 Capt. Edward Neve.Will. RichardsonSamuel Foote
5 Capt. John Shipton.Henry BrownWilliam Stanton

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