The Noble FUNERA Of that Renowned Champion the Duke of GRAFTON, Who was Slain at the Siege of Cork, and Royally Interred in Westminster-Abby.

To the Tune of, Fond Boy: Or, Loves a sweet Passion.

Licensed according to O [...]

AS two men was walking down by the sea side,
And the rare D of Grafton was shot in his side,
they stepped unto him, and thus they did say,
Oh the rare D. of Grafton is now cast away:
they sent him to Portsmouth, with Royal Renown,
And from thence to fair London, being near the crown.
they divided his bowels, and laid at his feet,
Whilst they imbalmed his body with spices so sweet,
six weeks together they kept him from the clay,
While the Nobles appointed his Funeral day,
twelve Lords went before him, six bore him to [...]h [...] ground
while the Drums and the trumpets did solemnly sound.
in Westminster-Abby its now call'd by name,
the Rare Duke of Grafton was bury'd in Fame
they sighed and sobbed, and spent their whole day,
While our Gracious Queen Mary came weeping away.
When the rare Duke of Garfton lay deep in the clay,
then his Souldiers went wandering every way.
Besides the whole Nation did seem for
with great Lame [...]ation his Funeral Urn,
For this our brave Heroe, who dy'd in
His stout noble spirit would never on [...] [...]
Unto the proud Foe, who with fear [...]
When that he in their sights his [...]
But Death that grim King now hath took him
(and left ns in sorrow and sadness this day)
And sent him a while for to lye in the dust,
till Angels shall place him with saints 'mongest
then let the brave Actions and Deeds be extol'd
Of the stout Duke of Grafton that Champion
His brave Noble Men with King Willi [...]
to fight and bring down the proud
they made both the French and the
and run; leaving thousands of slain
Where ever they came, the poor
to avenge the brave Grafton [...]


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