REFLECTIONS UPON Coll. Sidney's ARCADIA; THE OLD CAUSE, BEING SOME Observations Upon his Last PAPER, Given to the Sheriffs at his Execution.

LONDON, Printed for Thomas Dring, at the Sign of the Harrow at the end of Chancery-Lane in Fleet-Street, 1684.


THere can certainly be nothing which doth more clearly Evidence the truth of an Al­mighty Providence, by whose wondrous Power the whole System of this Lower World is guided, and strangely directed, then those remarka­ble Retaliations of Divine Vengeance which are most com­monly in this Life repaid to those unfortunate Persons who have been guilty of Notorious and Flagitious Crimes. It is the common Observation, that Murder, the black­est of all Sins, will out. And if Common Murders of in­considerable Persons have afforded such remarkable In­stances, of wonderful Discoveries, whereby the Bloody Actors have been as it were by the immediate Finger of God brought to the deserved Stroke of Justice; how much more reasonable is it to expect, that when wicked Men advance to those daring Heights, as to commit the most Execrable of all Murders upon the Sacred Per­sons of Sovereign Kings who are Gods anointed, Gods Vice-gerents and Representatives, and as he himself styles them Dij hominibus, I have said ye are Gods, that Ven­geance [Page 4] should rouse up its Almighty Arm to punish the Criminals? For if Kings bear the most immediate Cha­racter of the Almighty Monarch of the Universe, the Sacrilegious Hands that are lifted up against them, do, so far as it is in the Power of their Feeble Malice, of­fer Violence to that Supreme Majesty whose Substitutes they are, and who hath intrusted them with the Govern­ment of the People and Nations, over whom he hath placed them.

It was a smart salutation with which that ill woman Ieze­bel accosted the furious Iehu at his Triumphant Entrance in­to Iezreel after he had clear'd his way to the Throne by the Death of his Soveraign, Had Zimri Peace who slew his Master? And though the Execution which he did, was by the immediate direction of Heaven, and he and his Posterity to the Fourth Generation, were by Promise se­cured as well against the Crime as the Punishment of Traitors and Usurpers, yet whoever will, or hath con­sulted the Histories of the World, will easily receive Sa­tisfaction that very few of those Audacious Men who have by Treasons and Murders attempted to Establish their own Usurpations upon the Blood and Ruin of Lawful Kings and Governments, have escaped the Signal Stroke of Divine Vengeance and humane Justice; and indeed who ever writes his Title to a Crown in the Blood of his Lawful Prince and Predecessors, does at the same time set his own Head and Crown at the same rate, to the next bold adventurer for the Prize, and Purchase.

There cannot be a clearer Demonstrative Instance then in this very unfortunate Gentleman Mr. Sidney. For this very Gentleman, was not only an Actor in that Unatural Rebellion which with the Effusion of so much Blood was carried on against his late Majesty by his Traiterous and Disloyal Subjects of both Houses, assisted by the Presbyteri­ans, Independents, Anabaptists and other wild Enthusiast & Dissenters from the Church of England, but he was also one in that infamous Commission for the pretended High Court of Iustice, by which they Tryed, Condemned, and put to Death one of the most Excellent Men and most admira­ble Princes for Learning, Virtue and Piety, that e­ver wore a Royal Diadem. He was not only Named in this Execrable Commission, but was actually in the [Page 5] Court, and upon the Bench as a Coassessor with that Villain Bradshaw and the rest at the Tryal of that Illustri­ous Sufferer, as I am able to make appear from a true Transcript of every several days Proceeding, in the Try­al; the Original whereof is attested under Phelps the Clerk of that pretended Courts own hand, and was by him drawn up, and the Names of all that were Present each Day entred, By order from the Jaylors, or as they termed themselves the Keepers of the Liberties of Eng­land, that so it might be kept in perpetuam Rei memoriam.

It is true he was not present when the Sentence was passed, nor the execrable Warrant for the barbarous Execution signed; but for what reason I am not able to say, doubtless the Passion, he expresses for that Old Cause which was then in the Meridian of its Glory, did not permit him out of Remorse of Conscience to with­draw himself. However merciful Heaven gave him a long time of Repentance, almost forty Years; but when he was become so obdurate, to be so far from Repent­ing of his being Accessary to the execrable Murder of one King, as upon the Resurrection of his Good Old Cause, to become a Conspirator how to effect that Horrid Crime upon another, lingering Justice, was turned into Fury, and he was taken in the Pit which he had digged for others. And truly, to me this appears very Re­markable, and though I can hardly hope it, yet I wish the Dissenters would not, as sure those foolish People did, who made such haste after his Execution to get Hand-kerchiefs dip't in his Blood, look upon him as a Martyr, but as, he really is, a Monument of that Di­vine Justice, which ever pursues, and will certainly o­vertake Traitors, Murderers, and impenitent Rebels, and Regicides: And let them be assured who makes Saints and Martyrs of such Monsters of Men, that Hell is crowded with them, and indeed Heaven being a Mo­narchy, a republican Rebel cannot be thought a Friend to that Glorious Government, or capable of being Hap­py, under the Divine Right there, which is so odious to him here below.

It were Happy for those murmuring Tribes of our Factious and Anti-monarchical Dissenters, if at last; ei­ther, the severe or merciful Proceedings of God and the [Page 6] King were capable, of opening their Eyes; and truly if they will not see such Wrondrous and Miraculous Pro­vidences, and Preservations, such a Resurrection of this Monarchy from the Grave, and such visible Demonstra­tions of the immediate care of Heaven to support it, a­gainst all its Enemies and Opposers, they must wilfully seal up their Eyes against the clearest Beams of Truth and Wonder; and most certainly where Old Sinners and Rebels will not see the Finger of God, to bring them to Conviction and Repentance for their former Guilt, but will still be running further upon the Score, they shall feel the Terrible weight of his avenging Hand of Ju­stice, who has told us, Vengeance is mine and I will repay it, and whoever sheds the Blood of man, by man shall his Blood be shed. Much less then can any man lift up his hand against the Lords anointed and be Guiltless.

There is a pretty odd Passage in the Life of the late Lord Russel, which upon this occasion I cannot but recount, both because I have it from credible Authority, and that it shews his Lordship was unfortunately tinctured with this King killing Principle from his early Years, as also that God Almighty is displeased even with murdering his Vice-gerants in Pageantry, and that it is dangerous jesting with the Mis-fortunes of innocent Majesty, dur­ing the late execrable Rebellion, when Justice was turned into Worm-wood, and Loyalty was accounted the most Capital Offence, one Mr. Wimpew an Orthodox, Loyal Minister of the Church of England, was, as Thousands more of the Clergy then were, sequestred and ejected from his Benefice of Totnam-High-Cross, and one Lewis a Factious and Pragmatical Presbyterian intruded into his Living. This Lewis being a notable Zealous stickler for the Cause, was so high in Reputation, with many great Men of the Rebellious Faction, that they intrust­ed him with the Education and Principling of their Chil­dren, and among others, it was the unhappiness of the late Lord Russell to be trained up under his Care and Government; and that vile Wretch, that he might enter their tender and easie Minds with those Traiterous Im­pressions which were then esteemed, those Truths which Mr. Sidney now saith pass for Treason, to divert his Scholars, he composed a Farce, wherein he and they [Page 7] were all Actors, there was all the Formalities of a High Court of Justice President, Sollicitor, Witnesses, &c. the Criminal was an Old Shock-Water-dog, upon whom the impudent Villain bestowed the Name of Charles Stuart, who was there Arraigned, Tryed, Condemned and Ex­ecuted by cutting off his Head. The Profligate Wretch thereby, with the highest Degree of contempt instilling the deadly Poyson of the Lawfulness of Deposing and Murdering Soveraign Princes, and inspiring those tender Minds with mean contemptable Thoughts of Majesty the most sacred thing on Earth, as of the Murdering a King were no more then the cutting off a Dogs Neck.

I confess I am not much addicted to that Presbyterian Hu­mour, of making every Extraordinary accident that hap­pens to any Person a Judgment, and presently according to their Proud Familiarity with Eternal Decrees and Pur­poses, Assigning Reasons for the strange Dispensations of the Omnipotent Will: but yet I cannot but make some such Reflections as the foregoing, when there appears such a Resemblance between the Crimes and Punish­ments. And however since we live in such an Incre­dulous Age, wherein Men can very difficultly be per­suaded to believe even their own Eyes and Ears, espe­cially the Factious and Dissenting Party who live like Moles, continually working under Ground to under­mine the Government, but have no Eyes to see the brightest Beams of Truth. I think it is a fair Presump­tion to introduce the Belief of Mens future Actions, when it makes it apparent that they bear an exact Conformity to their very almost innate Principles; for it is a most rational Inference, that if Mr. Sidney by his own Confes­sion, was from his Youth ingaged for that Old Cause, which was the most damnable Conspiracy that ever was form­ed, not only against the Person of the King then Reign­ing, but against the very Monarchy, and the Fundamen­tal Constitution of the Government, and Mr. Sidney is known to Persist in, and obstinately adhere to the very same Principles, I say it makes it more then probable that he should be ready upon the first opportunity to in­gage himself in the very same Counsels and with such Confederates, as in his opinion might again remount that Old Cause into the Triumphant Chariot of Government, [Page 8] which could never be Effected but by the Rush of the King and Monarchy. And if my Lord Russel was so early taught the Doctrine of Contempt and Murdering Kings, and hath in the following Course of his Life e­ver since he Writ Man and entred upon Publique Affairs, Associated himself with those who were Notoriously dis­affected to his Majesties Person and the Government both in Church and State, if he made himself one of the Po­pular Patrons of the Discontented, Factious and Disaf­fected Party; if in all things of Publique concern he set himself in the Front of those, who for these late Years have opposed the King, and by giving Countenance to the Dissenters, the known Enemies of the King and Government, indeavoured the Subversion of it, no Ra­tional Man can look upon it as strange or unaccountable, upon the detecting of a Conspiracy against the King and Government to find him ingaged in it.

I confess it is much more Surprizing to me, that after the clearest Evidence in the World of this wicked and dam­nable conspiracy, so fortified with the falling in, of so many Circumstances known to the whole Nation, there should be found any unbelievers, so Audacious, as not only to doubt, but to endeavour to perswade others to a disbelief of it. And truly they who do, of which there are too many, have a greater Proportion by far of Ma­lice, then either of Honesty or Policy, for certainly who­ever indeavours to perswade the Nation, that this Con­spiracy is false, or those who have fallen by the Stroke of Justice dyed Innocent, declares himself an open and avowed Enemy to the Kings Life, Person and Govern­ment, all which were at Stake; and to Ridicule this Plot as a Sham and Forgery, is the best way they can possibly contrive to cover another, and to prepare the People for it, by perswading them into the worst Opinion that can possibly be entertained of any King or Govern­ment, viz. That they are so far from preserving, that they lay Trains to destroy the best of their Subjects. But let these confident Traiterous Bigots for the Old Cause be assured, that they do but lay Snares for themselves, and that one time or another, their busie Tongues will be their Ruin; for Kings have long Hands, and the Ju­stice of God and Men will certainly find out and punish [Page 9] these Common Enemies of our Peace, the Tranqui­lity of the Nation, and the Safety of the best Government under the Sun.

But there is nothing in the World more remarkable in my opinion, nor more Convictive, then that the Con­spirators themselves have every Man of them given E­vidence of the Truth of it, in their last and dying words. Nay, even those Papers which have been written, with a perfect design to put a Fucus and Varnish over the ugly Face of that deformed Hag the Old Cause, have yet con­trary to their Intention, given the clearest Proof of the Truth of this Execrable Conspiracy; insomuch that there needs little more to manifest their Guilt, and the Justice of their Sufferings, then those very Papers which were by them intended as a Vindication of their pretended In­nocence.

Much of this Nature hath been made appear by se­veral Hands, both upon the Speech of the late Lord Rus­sel and this Paper of Mr. Sidney's; I shall not therefore take it in Pieces and Examine every Period, but rather indeavour to shew what the main Scope and Design of the Writer was; and truly this is to be said of him, that his Life and Death were all of a Piece, for he Lived a Rebel and a Regicide, and 'tis no wonder to find a Person that is such out of Principle dye a Traytor in Fact, nor is it strange that he who breathed nothing but Hatred of Crowned Heads, should indeavour to spread the Poyson wherewith his very Soul was infected, and with his Expiring Words convey the Contagion unto others; but like the Viper, the most Noxious and Poy­sonous Animal whilest living, there is an excellent Counterpoyson to be found in this Dying Speech. For the very End, Scope, Aim and Drift of this odd Address to Men, Brethren and Fathers, Friends, Country-men and Strang­ers is first an appeal ad Populum, that Soveraign Tri­bunal of all People, Kindreds, Languages, Tongues and Nations, which his crazed Imagination had set up in his Fancy as the dernier resort, the last High Court of Ju­stice, from which, like that whereof he was a Mem­ber, there was no Appeal, being the ultimate Authori­ty of Mankind in Nature.

2ly.It is an Arraignment of the Justice of the Nation, as [Page 10] pressing the Innocent, and denying Justice, which is in Effect a most severe Charge against the King, who is the Fountain of Justice, and a calling upon the People with the powerful Voyce of a dying Martyr for their Cause, to re-asume their Soveraign Power of judging their Sove­raign for the Breach of that Fundamental Contract, which he wildly talks of.

Thirdly, It is a magnifying of the Old Cause, to make the People inclinable to it. An Enthusiastick Incentive to a new Rebellion upon the Old score of Reformation.

And what is the Result of all this but to set us all to­gether by the Ears, to Embroyl these Nations again in all the Calamities of a Civil War, and to reduce us to those deplorable Extremities of unavoidably falling ei­ther; under Tyranny or Anarchy, the two greatest Mis­chiefs that can possibly happen to any People?

Indeed he makes a mighty flutter about those Trea­sonable Papers found in his Study, as being only some private things written in Answer to Sr. Robert Filmer's Book, which yet remains unanswerable, and lays down that wild Position of the Soveraignty of the People, as the Foundation of all Governments, which is not only in it's own Nature perfect Non-sense, but destructive of all Government: For it confounds the Relata of Gover­nors and Governed, making the Governors and Governed the same, which is an Error contrary to the most easie and natural Logick. For I may as well be said, to be my own Father and my own Son too; as that I, or the Col­lective Body of People or Nations, can be said to be at the same time the Sovereign Power, and yet Subjects to that Soveraign Power: And besides this lays an eternal Foundation for perpetual Changes and Alterations in Government, for by this Position, which how true a Pro­testant soever Mr. Sydney was, is the perfect Spawn of Bel­larmine and the Popish Doctors, all Governments ought to be Elective, and there can be no such thing, as any Heriditary or successive Right to Crowns and Govern­ments. And then there will never fail to be as many Aspiring Pretenders, to the Delegation of this Sovereign Power, as there are Popular and Ambitious Men, who will not have the Patience to attend the Regular and common Course of making a Vacancy in the Throne, [Page 11] but will indeavour to remove the present Possessor, by all ways per fas & nefas, to instate themselves in the Sovereign Authority: This we see in the declining State of the Roman Empire, when the Military men undertook this Sove­reign Power of chusing and creating Emperors, which is exactly the Case before us; and in this Principle, as in the very Materia Prima the Mother Cause, is to be found the Root of all the Rebellions, Plots, Conspiracies, Faction, Sedition and Disorders, with which this Anti-monarchical Faction have of those late Years, so mise­rably distracted these three Kingdoms; which if there were no other Arguments to confute it, is certainly su­fficient to render it detestable not only to Sober, Wise, and judicious Persons, but to all Degrees, Estates, and Conditions of Men, who must of necessity feel the Dis­mal Effects of this Horrid Principle wherever it prevails.

But after all this Popular flourish of Mr. Sidneys, and tickling the People with their imaginary Sovereignty, over their King; after all his mighty Care for settling the Title of Kings upon the sure Basis of being the wil­ling Nations, and Peoples Trustees, and Slaves to their Subjects; and after all his Traversing his Ground and fencing off the Treason, while he tells us that what was said in his Book of Nero, Domitian, &c. That it was applyed to him by Invendo's, he very fairly slurs his false Die upon the Credulous, and tells us not a Word of what was proved upon him at his Tryal out of the same Papers, and concerned the King without an Invendo, viz. That the General revolt of a Nation from its own Magistrates is not Rebellion, that the Power of calling and dissolving Par­liaments is not in the King. Tryal of Algernon Sidney Esq Pag. 26. Here's the King dethron'd, and no way to help himself, for this Revolt of the People he says can never be called Rebellion; here's Treason by Whole-Sale without Inve [...]do's or Constructions, at which he seems to be so much offended as contrary to the stat. 25. Ed. 3. Sidneys Paper pag. 3.

And if this be not plain down right Treason, without any straining or Construing, and Writing it an overt Act, and far beyond Compassing or imagining, which that Act makes Treason, truly People may both do and say what they will, break the Oaths of Allegiance and Su­premacy [Page 12] without Perjury, call Parliaments without the Kings Writ, continue them against his Will, and not dis­solve them but at their own Pleasure; they may shake off all Obligations of Obedience, Associate, Covenant, Arm, Fight against him, Subdue him, Dethrone and Murder him, if they prosper in the Attempt, and yet be no Rebels; for all this is included in this Teeming Ex­pression of Peoples Revolting from their Magistrates, which he saith can never be called Rebellion; and by conse­quence is no Crime, but on the contrary Lawful and Commendable. Nay this is not a Fiction, a Story of a Possibility of such Consequences from this Principle, but a Series of sad Truths, all which were, to the Ever­lasting Infamy of the Actors, of which Mr. Sidney was no small one, having from his Youth by his own Con­fession been ingaged in them, Acted here in these Nati­ons upon the late King and his Loyal Adherents, by those Bloody Rebels, Traitors and Regicides, this Gentle­mans Confederates and Accomplices in the late Execrable and dreadful Rebellion.

In the next place the Paper aims chiefly at his own Vindication, which he indeavours by lessening the Re­putation of the Witnesses the Jury and his Judges. Now though the Printed Tryal is a sufficient Vindication of the whole proceeding, which was Managed with much Cool­ness and Temper, as any Tryal I have seen; yet it is worth our while to observe, that such as were Saints whilest Traytors and Conspirators, become Devils and Perjured when once they become Discoverers and Witnesses; and that Point of the Lord Howard so much insisted up­on both in this and the Lord Russel's Tryal, and attested by so many Witnesses, is so sufficiently answered by him­self in the Lord Russel's Tryal, and is so natural for a­ny Person to conceal his own Guilt by Vouching the Innocency of his Accomplices, that it looks like a very great Weakness in Mr. Sidney to repeat a thing which so easily brings its own Answer; and is a greater Weakness, or however wilfulness in those who will be­lieve it lessens any thing of the Truth of the Lord Ho­ward's Testimony. For let any Person put himself un­der the Lord Howard's then Circumstances, and his Heart will tell him, he would have done the same thing in all [Page 13] Companies, and not have run to the Earl of Bedford, and before so many Witnesses have proclaimed his own Guilt, when as yet he did not hear he was accused, or his Name brought upon the Stage. But Mr. Sidney forgot the most Material Witness against him, which was him­self, his whole Life, his Words, his Actions, his Writings, evidence sufficiently his Guilt, for 'tis no wonder to see him in a Conspiracy, who thinks a Revolt from the Magistrates cannot be called Rebellion, and who hath Actually set in Judgment upon his Natural Liege Lord and Soveraign, and helped to bring his Sacred Head to the impious Stroke of the Executioner.

And for the Bench which he saith, was filled with such as were Blemishes to the Bar. I think the Tongue of Tray­tor not the least Slander, and it is their Glory, not their Shame, that their Faith and Loyalty to their Prince and Country, in opposing such as Mr. Sidney and his Com­mon-wealth Faction, when they began to be so Ram­pant, as to be thinking of a Revolt from their Magi­strates, and hatching this Conspiracy, are those Blemishes which Mr. Sidney is so much offended at, and which have deservedly removed them from the Bar to the Bench. But that Period as before was intimated, was intended through the Judges Coif to strike at the Crown. For saith he, lest the means of Destroying the best Protestants in Eng­land should fail, the Bench must be filled, &c. Every Body knows who fills the Bench, and 'tis easie to Guess the meaning of this Malicious Paragraph, but the barking of the Dogs does not hurt the Moon, nor the Fools or Mad­man's throwing Dirt at it blacken the the Sun, but re­turns upon the Face of him that throws it. But if Mr. Sidney and such as he, are the best Protestants, bless me God! what a sort of People are the worst? If Traitors, Rebels and King-killers come to be the only Saints, we are e'en in a fair way to set up the God of this World, and the Moloch of the Old Cause, for the Object of Re­ligion, for the Devil was the first Rebel against Monar­chy, and a Murderer from the beginning, and truly the Old Cause is as like him, as if She had been spit out of his Mouth.

And by the last Prayer of this Paper, which is the third thing Considerable, one would think, this Idol of [Page 14] the Old Cause was the Object of Mr. Sidny's Religion, for he may be a Turk, a Jew or a Papist, for any Account he here gives us, of his Faith or Religion, which is usual for dying men to do. Protestant is a large Denomination, for there are Presbyterian, Independent, Anabaptist, Quaker, and a matter of a hundred and fifty more sorts of Peo­ple that call themselves so; certainly he was not of the Church of England, but it is to be supposed he was one of the best Protestants, who were therefore as he tells you to be destroyed; so that from hence we may infer, that Traitors are Mr. Sidney's best Protestants, which be­ing as the Logicians say simply converted, is, that Mr. Sid­ney's best Protestants are Traitors: Now let which of the dissenting Brethren like him upon these Terms, take this Martyr for the Old Cause into the Calendar of their Church, and much good may the Reputation they will get by it do them.

But because he prays so heartily for this Old Cause, that he forgets to forgive or pray for this Enemies, the King and Government as Christianity Commands, and the true Mar­tyrs always did, Let us see the true Visage of this sweet Mistress of his Soul, which he so Zealously recommends to God and the World, praying God, to defend his own Cause, to defend those that defend it, stir up such as are Faint, direct those that are Willing, confirm those that Waver.

And that we may take a short survey of it. This Old Cause, in which he was from his Youth ingaged, was that Pretence of Reformation of Religion, Defence of the Liberty of the Subject, and Priviledge of Parliament; which the Puritan Faction had been so long hamering in the latter end of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, the whole Reign of King Iames, and which being accou­tred with all her Formalities, was set up in the Reign of King Charles the First, like Nebuchadnezar's Golden Image in the Plain of Dura, and all people Commanded to fall down and Worship.

'Twas this that taught the Scottish Presbyterians first to rebel, or as they called it, to Petition their King with Swords in their hands.

It was the Old Cause, which with the Hypocritical Promi­ses of making him the most Glorious King in Christendom, wrought upon the most excellent Temper of King Charles [Page 15] the First, to pass the Act for perpetuating the Factious Parliament of November the 3d. 1640. It was the Old Cause, which by popular Tumults brought the Noble Earl of Strafford to the Block. It was the Old Cause, that inspired the Schismatical Rabble, to those Insolen­cies and Tumults, which first banished the King from the City of London; It was this Cause that seized the Kings Navy, Forts, Magazines, and the Militia of the King­dom, that wrested the Sword out of his hands, and then turned the point of it against his Royal Breast. It was the Cause, that purged the two Houses of all their Loyal Members, and that inspired the remaining Dregs of a Parliament, to raise Arms, Men and Money, against the King: It was the Cause, that led those brutish Rebels in­to the Field, where with flying Colours, Drums beating, Trumpets sounding, Cannons roaring, they fought with their Soveraign. It was this Old Cause, that taught these Rebels to enter into Protestations, Vows, Covenants, Con­federacies and Associations, contrary to their repeated Oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy. It was the Cause, that under Pretence of Reformation, abolished the Apo­stolical Government of Episcopacy, turned St. Paul's Ca­thedral into a Horse-Guard, robbed and defaced Churches, turned the Lawful Pastors out of Doors, and Commit­ted the poor Sheep to the Care and keeping of the Wolves, of Sectaries, Schismaticks and Hereticks. It was this Cause that first brought up those Taxes, Excise, Monthly, Weekly Assessments, before wholly unknown to us and our Ancestors. It was this Cause, that set up the Bankrupt, publick Faith to pick the Pockets of the Nation, to maintain this Bloody and unnatural Rebelli­on. It was this Cause, that murdered the admirable Pre­late, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and so many of the Nobility and Gentry, and in Conclusion, that Illustrious Martyr King Charles the First, before the Gate of his own Royal Palace of White-Hall. It was the Cause, that se­questred, plundred, oppressed the whole Nation with free quarter; Military, and the most Arbitrary Government of the Sword; that consumed Forty Millions of Trea­sure, and above two Hundred Thousand Lives, that sub­verted Monarchy and Parliaments, Church and State, that set up a Democratick Common-wealth, that rolled [Page 16] us from that to the absolute Tyranny and Slavery un­der the Usurper Oliver, whose Will was the only Magna Charta and Law of the three Nations. It was this same Old Cause that banished our present Soveraign and the whole Royal Family, that Bandied the Government from Pillar to Post, till we were all in Confusion, from which, Providence rescued us by the Miraculous Restauration of his Sacred Majesty, under whose Auspicious Raign how happy were we, till this Old Cause began again, about Coll. Sidney's return into England, in the Year 1677, to Discompose the Peace and Tranquility both of Church and State, and by this happily detected Conspiracy to in­deavour the Ruin of them both.

In short, this Old Cause of Mr. Sidneys is the Daughter of the old Serpent, who was for a Reformation in Heaven, & made the first Conspiracy against the Almighty Monarch. She is the Mother of Sedition, Hypocrisie, Perjury, Re­bellion, Murder, Rapine, Sacriledge, War, Slaughter, Tyranny, Oppression, Slavery, Confusion, and Ruin, and if these Qualifications, and all that can be said, that is Wicked and Impious on this side Hell, which may litte­rally to a tittle, be Justified against Her, be not sufficient to recommend this Old Beldam to the Eternal Detestati­on of all Mankind, Lucifer, Belzebub, Satan, and all the Infernal Crue, may in due time hope too, to be recom­mended to the World, for certainly they are the Great Patriots of this Old Cause. For let Men call themselves by what Names they please, best Protestants, or true Prote­stants, or what other Titles of Reputation they can Coin, to gain Popular Applause, the Rule of the Eternal Son of God will be of perpetual Truth and Conviction, which assures us from what Stem we ought to derive the Pette­gree of all such va [...] Pretenders to Sanctimony and this Old Cause, That most infallibly they have the Devil for their father, who do his Works.


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