A MAN in Favour, OR, The way to Preferment.

To the Tune of, Would you be a Man of Fashion.
WOuld you be a Man in Favour?
Would you have your Fortune kind?
Wear the Cross and Eat the Wafer,
you'll have all things to your Mind:
If the Priests cannot Convert you,
Int'rest then must do the thing.
There are Fryers can inform you,
how to please a P—T—.
Would you see a Papist Lowring,
lost in Hurry and a Fright;
With their Father Peters Scowring,
glad of happy time for Flight.
Stay but while the Dutch are Landed,
and the show will straight appear;
When th' Infernal Sp'rits disbanded,
few will stay for Tyburn here.
If Preferment you'd be gaining,
Or advanc'd be nigh the Throne;
Bribe some pious Pimp, pertaining
to the Whore of Babylon.
Priests are now the sacred Noddyes,
that spur on the hateful Cause;
They from Tyburn save their Bodies,
by dispensing with our Laws.
Peters was the Popish Darling,
now has left us in the lurch,
And has quite giv'n o'er his snarling,
and his snapping at our Church.
Now [...] Dutch are come to right her,
Pet [...] [...]dly fears a Cord:
For the [...]ince will bite the Biter,
and his Holy Cheats reward.
All [...]e catchpole Priests be speedy,
fo [...] [...]ad Times are coming on;
Ty [...]rn groans and will be greedy
for all you that are not gone.
Hast and follow Father Peters,
Popery must now go down;
The King no more will trust such Creatures
to be plac'd too nigh his Throne.
Now the Priests are all Confounded,
and their vile Intriegues are crost;
By the Dutch they are surrounded,
and penn'd up within our Coast:
Many Aching hearts, I fancy,
are amongst the todpole Train,
If they were got safe beyond-Sea,
they'd ne'er trouble us again.

Printed for J. H. 1688.

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