FOR raising the annual Sum of 520000l, and not touch the prime Cost of wrought Goods above one Farthing in the Shil­ling, nor be at any more Charge than two Pence in the Pound col­lecting.

IN order to raise this Sum, I humbly propose, that every Master Weaver or Undertaker for Merchants in this Kingdom, do pay one Shilling per Week for every Loom employ'd by him; and it is al­lowed by the Weaver's Company in London, that there is an hundred Thousand working Looms within the Weekly Bills; and consequently all the Counties of England will produce an hundred Thousand more:

  • The which 200000 working Looms
  • At 52 Shillings per Year each Loom,
  • Will produce Yearly 520000l.

THAT this Sum does not touch the prime Cost of Goods above one Farthing in the Shilling is evident, because every Loom doth bring off as much Work in a Week as sells for 48 Shillings.

THE which is most humbly offered to the Consideration of the Honourable House of COMMONS,

By Samuel Myhill, Weaver, at the Sun in Spittle-Fields-Market, who is also ready (if need be) to shew a short and easy Way of col­lecting the same at two Pence per Pound Charge, with preven­tion of Frauds and not troublesome to the Trader.

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