Mount AEtna's Flames. OR, The Sicilian Wonder,

Really manifesting and plainly demonstrating, the prodigious effects of that dreadfull Spectacle of those furious Flames of Mount AEtna (an Island call'd Sicily in the King of Spain's dominions,) which in 40 days time destroyed the Habitations of twenty seven thousand persons, made two hills of one a thousand Paces high a peice, and hath allready much Indanger'd the famous City of Catania which the Inhabitants are forc't to desert for fear of ruine and destruction.

Tune of, Troy Town.
Mount AEtna


COme hear a wonder, people all
Of an vnwonted pro [...]igy.
A mountain that destroys up all
I [...]t [...]n the Isle of Sicily,
The flames are fierce, no stop can be
Put so its fury as we see,
Of all the wonders in the world
of which the learned men do wr [...]e,
Nor one like this, is to be found
and brought to blew and publick sight
Though strange, 'tis true I witness can
'tis known to many a learned man.
In Sicily an Island fair
under the rule of Spain's great King,
A mountain is, without compare
which doth to many sorrow bring,
Sad is their fate [...] so nigh
These sad conclusion for to try.
Mount AEtna it is call'd by name
a fearfull sight for so behold,
Old Authers hath describ'd the same
therefore to speak I may be hold
The flames which do from thence proceed
Makes many a melting heart to bl [...]d,
Catania that City fair
full fiftéen miles from this same place
Is threatned with the flames so near
the people in a wofull case,
Least thy should fear, as neighbours do
Which makes their heart, be full of woe.
The fiery flames from thence procéed
and cinders, they fly up amain,
Whilst Sulphur mines the same doth féed
and rolling stones, return again,
A sad and dismall fight to sée
For souls in that perpierity.
From out the rock a river slides
like burning streames unto the eye.
And in a Channell strange it glides
with flames that sée [...] to seals the sky▪
Nothing is séen but smoak and fire
Which makes the people all admire.
Six hundred yards into the S [...]x
this burning river drives by force,
Still flaming most impetuously
it kéeps it's dreadfull fiery course.
No fish nor fowl, the same comes nigh
Put presently fall down and dye.

The Second Part

to the same Tune.
TWo [...]ocks in one this same hath put
each one a thousand paces high,
And what dame nature wisely cut
it doth deface most furiously:
VVater and fire, good servants are
But once being Masters, rags and tear.
Do but observe and you shall find
that former age [...] ner [...] did know,
Nor e're did sée, time out of mind
such flames from AEtna's mount to glow
A dreadfull sight it is to see
Huge stones like Atomes test should be.
In forty dayes it did destroy
the habitations and the home.
Of twenty seven thousand m [...]
and left them all abroad to route.
Castles and Towns it Swallows d [...]wn
A fearfull sight as are was shown.
The bideans noise and [...]ings loud
which ecchoes from this dreadfull place
Whilst flames ascend as in a [...]loud
poor people are in wofull safe,
The a [...], and water do conspire
To show themselves like flames of fire.
The towns, this earthquake hath destroy'd
was worth some Millions of good gold,
People of all sorts it anoy'd
by lodging in the fields so cold,
Pass souls what pitty they deserve
Which now for want [...]olye and starve,
Then he b [...]t take a serious view
of what do follow in this place,
And all your greif it will renew
to see what towns it down did race,
And then give thanks to God on high
That we such sorrows are not nigh.
And last of all observe the form
of this prodigious mountains birth.
Which rocks and hills doth overturn
and doth deface, our Mother earth.
And then conclude this story's [...]
Which I have set forth to Poor [...].

A List of the most considerable Towns and places ruin'd and destroyed by the dreadful Earth-quake and Eruptions.

  • The Town of Nicoloss wholly Ruin'd by the Earthquakes.
  • The Towns of
    • Pad [...]
    • Tre Castagne
    the greatest part destroyed by the Earth­quake.
  • The Towns of
    • La Guardia
    • Malpasso
    • Ca [...]yo Rotundo
    • La Potielli
    • Antonino
    • Pietro
    • Mostorbianto
    • Montpiler [...]
    • La Annunciata
    • Falicchi
    • Pla [...]chi
    , Wholly Over­flowed, Consu­med and lost in this Flery Inun­dation, with all the Lands be­longing to them no Footsteps of them remaining.
  • The Towns of
    • Mascalncia
    • St. Giovanni de Gal [...]r [...].
    Rusin'd in part.
  • The large Gardens and Vineyards of Albanelli Overflown and Destroyed.
  • The Famous Piece of Antiquity of Marcus Marcellus much Ruin'd.
  • Madonna de Monserrat [...] destroyed, besides many Castles, Far [...]s, and other places: which have r [...]n the same Fortune, whose Names we for bravity pass over,

Printed for F. Coles, T. Vere, and J. Wright.

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