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The Countess of Morton

THE Countess of MORTON's DAILY EXERCISE: OR, A BOOK OF PRAYERS, AND RULES How to spend the time in the Service and Pleasure of Almighty God.

The Ninth Edition.

LONDON, Printed for R. Royston, Bookseller to His most Sacred Majesty. 1679.

TO The Right Honourable The Lady ANNE Countess of MARESHALL: AND To the Pious Memory of Her Excellent Mother The Lady ANNE Late Countess of MORETON:

By whose earnest desire and Religious care, this BOOK was framed, and [Page] made her devout exercise whilest she lived, recom­mending the Transcript and use thereof to many others, and particularly to her who now publisheth and presenteth it to the Religi­ous and private use of all Devout Persons, according to the desire of the Honou­rable LADY, to whom it is Dedicated,

By Her Ladiship's most humble Servant, M. G.

I Have perused this Book, and finding no­thing in it but what may tend to the increase of Private Devotion and Piety, I recommend it to my Lord, the Bishop of London, for his Licence to have it Printed.



Tho. Grigg, R. P. D. Humfr. Ep. Lond. à sac. Dom.
PSAL. 55. 18.
In the Morning and Evening, and at Noon­day, will I pray, and that instantly; and he shall hear my voice.

[Page] [Page] In the Morning.

At Uprising.

EVery day let the first thing you do, and the first word you speak, tend to the worship and acknowledgment of Al­mighty God.

For upon our first thoughts commonly the thoughts and actions of the whole Day do depend: Therefore when you first awake in the Morning, lift up your heart to God, and say,

I. BLessed be the most Holy, Glorious, and Undefiled Trinity, now and for evermore.

II. Blessed art thou, O Lord, who enlightnest mine eyes, and sufferest me not to sleep in death.

III. Blessed art thou, for thou hast created all things and for thy Will's sake they are, and were created.

IV. The Almighty Lord be now and evermore [Page] my defence, and vouch­safe to bless and preserve me from all evil this day and for ever.


When you are risen,

Retire your self, and hum­bly kneeling, adore God, and say,

O Holy Lord God Almighty, before whom all knees do bend, and to whom all Crea­tures in Heaven and Earth do bow and obey; behold, here I pro­strate [Page] [...] [Page] [...] [Page] myself before thee, adoring the divine Ex­cellency of thy sovereign and infinite Majesty, with all the powers of my Soul, submitting my self with all lowliness and reverence to the great­ness of thy Dominion and Power, and desiring nothing more than faith­fully to serve thee all the days of my life; for Thou art only holy, thou only art the Lord: and glory be to thee, O Lord, most High.


Having thus made your Adoration and submis­sion to God, let these be your Prayers and Devo­tions every Morning.

OUR Father which art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done in Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And for­give us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us. And lead us not into tempta­tion; [Page] But deliver us from evil. For thine is the Kingdom, and the Pow­er, and the Glory, for ever and ever.


A Confession of Sins, and Prayers for Pardon.

ALmighty God, unto whom all hearts be open, all desires known, and from whom no secrets are hid; I come unto thee in the multitude of thy mer­cies, and in thy fear do [Page] I cast my self down be­fore thee, most humbly lamenting my sins, and craving of Thee, the God of all mercy and goodness, perfect remis­sion and forgiveness, through Jesus Christ our Lord.



O Thou Maker of all things, and Judge of all men, I acknow­ledge and bewail the many and manifold sins which from time to time I have most grievously committed, by my thoughts, words, and [Page] deeds against thy most holy Commandments, provoking thereby most justly thy wrath and indignation against me. I do earnestly repent, and am heartily sorry for these my misdoings. O rebuke me not in thine indignation, nei­ther chasten me in thy heavy displeasure; but have mercy upon me for thy Goodness, have mercy upon me, and for­give me all that is past: and grant that I may always study to serve thee, and please thee [Page] hereafter in all godliness and pureness of life, to the Honour and Glory of thy Blessed Name, through Christ our Lord.


The Psalm.

THe Lord is loving unto every man, and his mercy is over all his works.

He forgiveth us all our sins, and hath com­passion upon all our in­firmities.

His Loving-kindness is better than life it self, [Page] and therefore shall my soul praise him.

Blessed art thou, O Lord, who wilt not cast out my Prayer, nor turn away thy mercy from me.

As long as I live will I magnifie thee on this manner, and lift up my hands in thy Name.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost;

As it was in the begin­ning, &c.

The Lesson.

TAke heed that ye walk circumspectly, redeeming the timebecause the days are evil. Be fervent in good works, and serve the Lord with all gladness of heart. Be patient in tribulation, and continue instant in prayer. Be courteous and meek; and as much as lieth in you live peace­ably with all men: and whatsoever ye would that others should do unto you, do so to them; for this is the Law and the Prophets.

The Hymn.
VOuchsafe, O Lord, to keep me this day without sin.
To shut and close my wandring eye,
Lest it let in Vanity.
To keep my heart as pure and free
From fond and troubled Fantasie;
To guide my Tongue, so that no strife
May breed disquiet in my Life:
To keep all harm, all ill away,
[Page] While I duly spend the day.
Or this.
O Holy Ghost, my Soul inspire,
And lighten with Cele­stial Fire.
Thy blessed Unction from above
Is Comfort, Life, and Fire of Love.
Anoint and clear my soil­ed Face
With the abundance of thy Grace.
Be thou my joy, my rest, my home,
[Page] Where thou art so, no ill can come.
Teach me to know the Father, Son,
And thee of Both to be but One:
That day by day, all my Life long
This may be my endless Song;
To Thee all Honour, Praise, and Merit,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


A Devout Confession of our Christian and Catholick Faith. With Explications and Prayers relating there­unto.

I. I Believe in thee, O God the Father Al­mighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth; loving thee as my Father, reverence­ing thee as the Almigh­ty, and committing my Soul and my Body to thee as to a faithful [Page] Creator. Thou art wor­thy, O Lord, to receive Glory, Honour, and Power; for thou hast created all things, and for thy Will's sake they are, and were created.

II. I believe in Thee O thou King of Glory, the everlasting Son of God the Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ, the Great Mystery of Godliness, God manifest in the Flesh, and sent into this World for our eternal Salvation in the World to come.

III. I believe that thou [Page] wast conceived by the Holy Ghost, and born of the Blessed Virgin Mary with­out spot of sin, thereby to cleanse us from all sin.

IV. I believe that thou didst suffer what other­wise we must have suffe­red for ever. That thou wast crucified to set us free from the Curse of the Law.

That thou didst Dic, and thereby take away the sting of Death.

That thou wast buried in the Grave, and hadst the Victory over it; to assure us that our Bodies [Page] shall not corrupt there for ever.

V. I believe that thou didst descend into Hell, to triumph over it, and to free us from the fear of ever coming into that Place.

That the third day thou didst rise again from the dead in our Nature, the First-fruits of them that are asleep in their Graves, who are thereby assured that they also shall not sleep there for ever.

VI. I believe that thou didst ascend up into Hea- [...]

[Page] [Page] [Page] bring forth the fruits of the Spirit, and ever seek thy Honour and Glory. Good Lord, I beseech thee to hear me.

That it may please thee to have mercy upon all Men. Good Lord, I beseech thee to hear me.

That it may please thee to save and preserve our most Gracious King, and All his Royal Family. Good Lord, I beseech thee to hear me.

That it may please thee to reduce them that have gone astray from [Page] thy ways, to comfort them that are in sorrow, to relieve them that are in need and tribulation, and to amend all our Lives according to thy Holy Word. Good Lord, I beseech thee to hear me.

O Lord God, Lamb of God, Son of the Father, that takest away the sins of the World, Have mercy upon me, and grant me thy Peace.



Rules and Advertise­ments.

  • I. AFter this, you may pass the rest of the Day in what lawful Recreations or imploy­ments you judge to be meet for you.
  • II. Spend some while before Night in Reading, and read with attention: but let your Books be chosen with advice and care, for your instructi­on and knowledge in all good things, and speci­ally for your Spiritual Benefit.
  • [...]V. If you have the Govern­ment of a Family, take special heed that they live not disorderly or idlely, to the offence of Almighty God, and the scandal of others.
  • VI. And forget not (as often as you can) to be pre­sent and to assist at the publick Offices and Di­vine Services of the Church, there to at­tend and perform the Homage and Worship of Almighty God, and to be instructed in his [Page] holy Word: for that is a Duty and a Service most highly pleasing to him.
  • VII. Remember (and you will much help your self, if you remember it) that you are continually in the presence of God, and ought to live continually in his fear, and in obe­dience to his Command­ments.
  • VIII. Upon all occasions offer­ed to you, exercise your Charity, and let not the day pass you with­out [Page] some good work done by you, either of real Ho­nour to God, or of real Charity to them that want it.


After-Noon retire you self a while, and use the Psalm, Lesson, Hymn, and Prayers following.

UNto thee I lift up mine eyes, O thou that dwellest in the Hea­vens: my Soul waiteth still upon thee, that thou mayest bless me.

[Page] O hearken thou unto the voice of my calling, my King and my God; for unto thee do I make my Prayers.

Shew Thou me the way that I should walk in, and teach me to do the thing that pleaseth thee.

I will take heed to my ways, that I offend not in my tongue; and I will make a covenant with mine eyes, that they be­hold not vanity.

O let not my foot­steps erre from the path of thy Commandments. [Page] But let my delight be in walking after the Pre­cepts of thy Law.

Thy Law is an unde­filed Law, converting the Soul, and giveth light unto the eyes.

Keep thy Servant from all presumptuous sins, that they may not get the dominion over me; and cleanse thou me from all my secret faults.

That so I may be ac­ceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my Strength and my Redeemer.

Glory be to the Fa­ther—

The Lesson.

IF sinners entice thee, do not thou consent unto them. These things doth the Lord abhor: A prood look and a lying tongue, an heart that de­viseth wickedness and mischief, a false witness that speaketh not the truth, and whosoever soweth discord among o­thers. In the multitude of words there will be sin. Keep innocency, and do the thing that is right, for that will bring a man [Page] peace at the last. Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus; and confess him to be the Lord, who was obedient to the Death of the Cross for the Redemption of Mankind, unto the Praise and Glory of God the Fa­ther.

The Hymn.
WHO more can crave, Than God for me hath done,
To free a Slave That gave his only Son?
Bless'd be that Hour when he repair'd our loss [Page] I never will
Forget my Saviour's Cross.
The Prayers.

O God, who knowest the frailties and in­firmities of my weak na­ture, and in the midst of how many Dangers I live, being continually subject to the deceits of the World, the Flesh, and the Devil, and having no Power of my self to help my self, mercifully look upon me: and because [Page] I cannot continue in safe­ty without thy Succour, preserve me evermore by thy help and Goodness, and keep me both out­wardly in my Body, and inwardly in my Soul; that among the sundry and manifold Dangers of this World, my Heart may be set to attain ever­lasting Salvation, and my Affections may surely there be fixed where true Joys are to be found, through Jesus Christ our Lord.



O God the strength of all that trust in thee, mercifully accept these my humble Supplications and Prayers; and grant me the help of thy grace, that I may please Thee both in Will and Deed, and obtain thy Peace all the days of my Life, through Jesus Christ our Lord.



ALmighty and ever­living God, I give Thee most humble thanks, for that Thou hast vouchsafed favou­rably [Page] to call me to the knowledge of thy Grace, and Faith in Thee. In­crease this Knowledge, and confirm this Faith in me evermore. Give me the comfort of thy Holy Spirit, and multiply upon me thy manifold Gifts of Grace, the Spirit of Wis­dom and Understanding, the Spirit of Counsel and Ghostly Strength, the Spirit of Knowledge and true Godliness; and ful­fil me, O Lord, with the Spirit of thy holy Fear, through Christ our Lord.



Retire your self again.

AND when you have thought upon all the day past, how you have spent it, that is, what good or evil Actions you have done, and what bad inclinations you have re­sisted or amended, asking God pardon for all your of­fences, use these Prayers.

The Psalm and Prayers.

LEt my Prayer be set forth in thy sight, O Lord, as the Incense;

And the lifting up of [Page] my Hands be as an E­vening Sacrifice.

In thee hath been my hope all the Day long, and under the shadow of thy wings shall be my refuge day and night for ever.

Glory be to—


O Thou Brightness of Eternity, by whose Providence both the Day and the Night were created and go­verned, and who hast made the outgoings of the Morning and Even­ing [Page] to praise Thee, mer­cifully vouchsafe to let the Light of thy Coun­tenance shine upon me with the blessed Beams of thy Goodness and Mercy, that neither the Prince of Darkness may have any power over me, nor the Works of dark­ness overwhelm me; but that by thy mighty Protection I may be de­fended both in Body and Soul from all the perils and dangers of this night, and for evermore, through Jesus Christ our Lord.



MAke me to remem­ber that the Dark­ness hideth nothing from Thee, but that to Thee the Night shineth as clear as the Day, to Thee the Darkness and the Light are both alike.


OBe thou merciful unto me, and bless me; shew me the light of thy Countenance, and be merciful unto me.


INto thy hands I com­mend my self, my Soul, and my Body, and [Page] all that is mine, for thou hast made and created them, and thou hast re­deemed us, O thou Lord God of mercy and truth.


THou hast Created all things, and for [...]hy Will's sake they are, and were created.


O Send thy Light and thy Truth, what they may preserve me, and save me, for thy Mercie's sake.

Lord have mercy up­on me.

[Page] Christ have mercy upon me.

Lord have mercy upon me.

God the Father bless me.

God the Son defend me

God the Holy Ghost pr [...] serve me now and f [...] evermore.


Rules and Advertise­ments.

AFter this speak not unnecessarily to any before you go to sleep. Remember that your Bed is a representation of the Grave, and Sleep an Image of Death. It behoves you




[Page] [Page] [Page] [Page] in reverencing his Power and Majesty as I should.

Yea, I have sometimes doubted of him, misbe­lieving his Promises, and not trusting to his Help. I have made Flesh my arm, and put my confi­dence in the pleasing Va­nities and uncertain Pro­sperities of the World. I have otherwhile been full of roving and unlaw­ful imaginations concer­ning God, and full of wandring thoughts in his Service.

II. I have often fra­med to set up to my [Page] self divers Imaginations and Forms of God's Worship and Religion, which he hath not set and established in his Church.

I have been negligent in giving him his exter­nal Worship and Honour, not falling down before him with that inward reverence of Spirit and Truth, nor with that out­ward Order and Humili­ty of my Body which is requisite always to be shewed forth and done before Him.

III. I have often drawn [Page] near unto him with my lips, when my heart hath been far from him. I have too frequently, vainly, & inconsiderately used his great and fearful Name and in the eagerness of my Spirit I have not ab­stained from abusing it with rash Oaths and Ex­ecrations. My Vows and Promises that I have made in his Name, I have not performed: Those holy things whereon his sacred Name is set & im­printed; I have not duly regarded; and through my presumptuous vani­ties, [Page] I have been an occa­sion to make his Name be evil spoken of, and prophaned by others.

IV. I have often ab­sented my self from the publick Worship and Ser­vice of his Holy Assem­blies & Sanctuary; vain­ly mispending the days that are hallowed to the honor of his great Name.

V. I have not carried that reverence and re­gard, nor given that due obedience which I ought to them whom God hath placed over me, seeking rather my own will and [Page] pleasure, than submitting my self to their lawful precepts, and advice. I have too much unregard­ed the Persons of my Bet­ters, and been unthank­ful to them that have de­serv'd well of me.

VI. I have not done to all others, as I would that they should do to me; I have envied their welfare, the better and more prosperous Life of others above my own. I have often let the reins of my Passion loose to anger, malice, and re­venge; uncharitably de­lighting [Page] in the mischief and destruction of my own private or peculiar Enemies. When out of my abundance I might have relieved others that were in want, I have ma­ny times neglected it.

VII. I have often suffe­red my fancy and affecti­ons to wander licenti­ously: I have not held mine Eyes nor mine Ears nor my Tongue from va­nity. I have not careful­ly eschewed the occasi­ons and enticements to corrupt and vain affecti­ons: I have not preser­ved [Page] my Body in that Ho­liness, Honour, and Pu­rity which becometh the Temple of God.

VIII. I have not rec­koned Godliness to be my greatest Gain, nor been content with that which I have.

IX. I have listened to Flattery, and used it to­wards others: of many I have had evil suspici­ons, and given rash judg­ment upon them. Upon my self I have set a grea­ter value than I deserved, and seemed better than I was, that I might gain a [Page] false reputation from o­thers. And I have often suffered truth to be gain­said.

X. I am guilty of ma­ny inordinate desires and irregular affections.

And wo is me that in all these things I have offended: For if in all these things my Heart should not condemn me, God is greater than my Heart, and knoweth all things. But I confess them, and confessing am sorry for them, and be­ing sorry for them, am ready to leave them, his [Page] Grace thereunto assisting me; and not only to leave them, but to judge my self for them: with all religious lowliness and alacrity, submitting my self freely to the pious di­rections and advice that shall be given me by my Spiritual Governors and Ministers of God, for shewing forth the fruits of my sorrow and repen­tance, meet for amend­ment of life. And though I be altogether unwor­thy, yet for the Worth and Merits of my Savi­our, in whose Merits and [Page] Mercy I put my whole Trust and Confidence, being (as he is) the Pro­pitiation not only for my sins, but for all the sins of the world, I most hum­bly crave pardon and ab­solution from them, and from all my other sins which I may have now forgotten, and whereof my Conscience may be afraid.

MEDITATIONS AND PRAYERS AT THE Holy Communion, Referring to • I. PURITY. , • II. FAITH. , and • III. CHARITY. 
[Page]Meditations and Prayers at the Holy Communion.

I. Purity.

I Will wash my Hands in innocency, O Lord, and so will I go to thine Altar; I will come into thine House in the multi­tude of thy mercies, and in thy fear will I worship, thee toward thy holy Foot-stool. For Christ our Passeover is offered; Let us therefore keep the Feast not with the Leven of malice & wickedness, but with the unlevened Bread of Sincerity and Truth.

The Prayer.

O Lord, cleanse the thoughts of my heart by the inspiration of thy Holy Spirit, that my Body may be made clean by the pure Body of my Saviour Jesus Christ, once offered up­on the Cross, and that my Soul may be washed by his most precious Bloud there shed for me, and that He may abide with me for ever.


II. Faith.

I believe; Lord, help mine unbelief.

I Believe that God our heavenly Father did of his tender mercy give his only Son Jesus Christ to suffer death upon the Cross for the Redempti­on of the world. I be­lieve that he made there by the Oblation of him­self once offered, a per­fect Sacrifice and satisfa­ction for our sins. I be­lieve that this Sacrament was ordained for the continual remembrance [Page] of that his Death and Sa­crifice, and for the bene­fits we all receive by it. I believe that I shall here partake of the spiritual Food and most precious Body and Bloud of Christ, the Bread of Life that came down from Heaven, the Bloud that hath been carried up into the holy places, and the Cup of Eternity. For they that eat of this Bread and drink of this Cup, shall live for ever.

The Prayer.

O My God, what are we, that thou so [Page] regarded us to give thy self for us, to give thy self to us, to be one with us, that we may have life in us, even life immortal, which will quicken us, and raise us up at the last day? O my Lord, I am not worthy, not worthy the least of thy Mercies; how much less of this, which is the greatest, greater than the World, greater than the Hea­vens, greater than all the Treasures of Heaven and Earth; but, I beseech Thee, look upon me in the Greatness of thy Mer­cies, [Page] not weighing my Merits, but pardoning mine offences.


III. Charity.

THis is a Sacrament of Love, and this is thy Commandment, that we should love one another, even as thou hast loved us: for we being many, are one Bo­dy, whereof Christ our Lord is the Head.

The Prayers.

O Thou Blessed and undivided Trinity, whichteachest us that all [Page] our doings without Love and Unity are nothing worth, send into all our hearts that most excellent gift of Charity, and in­flame our Souls with the Celestial Fire of thy Love, that living toge­ther in unity of Spirit and the bond of Peace a­mong our selves, we may perfectly love Thee, and worthily magnifie thy Holy Name, through Christ our Lord.


A Litany Privately to be used before the Receiving of the Holy Communion.

O God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost; God the most holy, bles­sed, and glorious Trinity

Have mercy upon me.

O Thou immaculate Lamb of God, who ta­kest away the sins of the World

Have mercy upon me.

O Christ the Eternal Son of the Father, the Re­deemer and Preserver of Men, the Bread and Life [Page] of the World, the Au­thor and finisher of our Faith, the Great Mystery of Godliness, the Word that was made Flesh, to save thy Servants from their Sins

Have mercy upon me.

Save me, O God; for I come unto Thee in the multitude of thy Mer­cies and in thy Fear will I fall down and worship Thee in thy Holy Tem­ple, that Thou mays

Have mercy upon me.

Call to remembrance, O Lord, thy tender Mer­cies, and thy loving [Page] kindness which hath been ever of old: O re­member not the sins and frailties of thy Servant, but Spare me, O Lord, Spare me for thy good­ness, an

Have mercy upon me.

From my unworthiness to receive thy blessed Bo­dy and Bloud, by which thou hast redeemed me; from all carnal, vain, and earthly Imaginations in this thy Holy Sacra­ment; from all misbe­lief and incredulity of thy Word; from all de­fects of Sanctity, Love, [Page] and Charity; from all my Sins and Iniquities

Good Lord, deliver me.

By that fervent ardor of Goodness and Charity wherewith thou camest down from Heaven; by thy blessed Cross and Passion, and by the my­sterious institution of this thy Holy Sacrament

Good Lord, deliver me.

By thy most sacred Bo­dy, which was broken & crucified; by thy most precious Bloud, which was shed & poured forth for the Sins of the World

Good Lord, deliver me.

[Page] O Lord God, I beseech thee to hear me, and that it may please thee to give us all true Faith and Re­pentance, with devout humility and Reverence, rightly and duly to cele­brate this thy holy Sa­crament, in memory of thy most hallowed, true, and propitiatory Sacri­fice, with a firm faith to receive thy blessed My­steries, & to give thanks unto thy Name.

O Lord, I beseech thee to hear me.

That it may please thee to accept this our boun­den [Page] duty and service, our Sacrifice of Praise and Thanksgiving, the Me­morial that we now make of thine own death and Sacrifice, which was once offered for us, and to grant that by the Merits and Power thereof, we and all thy Servants may, receive remission of our sins, and be filled with thy Grace and Heavenly Benediction.

O Lord, I beseech thee to hear me.

O Lord God, Lamb of God, Son of the Father, thou that takest away [Page] the Sins of the World,

Receive my Prayer.

When you are ready to receive the Holy Sacrament in each kind, do it with the greatest reverence and devotion that you may, (yet without all affectati­on and singularity) lifting up your hands and your heart to God.

And after you have Re­ceived, lift up your hands again, and say devoutly with your self, while others receive;


BLessed art Thou, O Lord; Blessing and [Page] Honour and Glory be unto thee, O thou Lamb of God, for evermore.



This is the Lord's do­ing, and it is marvellous in our eyes.


I will magnifie thee, O Lord, and will praise thy Name for ever and ever.


All thy Works praise thee, O Lord, and thy Saints give thanks unto thee.


Happy are those Ser­vants [Page] whom when their Lord cometh he shall find thus doing.


Salvation, and Blessing and Honour, be unto him that sitteth upon the Throne of Heaven, now and for ever.


A Thanksgiving after the Holy Communion.

BLessed art Thou, O Lord God, and bles­sed be thy Holy Name for ever, who hast now vouchsafed to feed me with the Bread of Life, and hast given me to [Page] drink the Cup of Eterni­ty, the holy and heavenly Mysteries of the Body and Bloud of my Saviour, thereby assuring my Soul of thy favour and good­ness towards me, for the sealing of my Faith, for the pardon of my Sins, for the obtaining of my Peace, and all other Be­nefits of Christ's blessed Passion.

I now most humbly beseech thee to assist me with thy Heavenly Grace, that I may conti­nue thine for ever, and be made a Temple of thy [Page] Holy Spirit; and that having now Christd wel­ling in me by faith, I may accomplish the rest of my life in Repentance and Godly fear, in mor­tifying my own sinful desires, and in keeping thy Holy Command­ments. For which end guide me with thy Pow­er, enlighten me with thy Word, and quick­en me with thy Spi­rit. Elevate my Senses, compose my Manners, and order my Conversa­tion aright; for thou art able to do abundantly [Page] above all that I can ask or think: by which thy great and bountiful goodness towards me, thou wilt glorifie thy Name in me, and bring me at last to thine Eter­nal Kingdom of Glory, through him who is the King of Glory, my bles­sed Lord and Saviour Je­sus Christ.


Heb. 13.

THe God of Peace who brought again from the Dead our Lord Jesus Christ, the great Shep­herd of his Flock, through the Bloud of his [Page] everlasting Testament, make me perfect in every good work to do his Will, and that which is well-pleasing in his sight through the same Jesus Christ our Lord: To whom with the Father and the Holy Ghost be Glory for ever.


PRAYERS UPON Sundry Occasions.

PRAYERS When you are upon a Journey.


THe Almighty Lord be now and ever­more my defence, to bless me and preserve me from all evil in my going out, and my coming in, and give his Angels charge over me, to keep me in all my ways.


IF God will be with me, and keep me in this way that I go, so that I come to my home in Peace; then shall I give [Page] Thanks and pay my Vows unto him.


O God, who knowest us to be set in the midst of many dangers, grant that by thy mighty aid I may be defended from all things that may hurt me either in Body or Soul, through Christ our Lord.



DIspose and Govern the way of thy Ser­vant, O Lord, and fur­ther me with thy graci­ous and continual help, that in all my doings be­gun, [Page] continued, and end­ed in Thee, I may glori­fie thy holy Name, and keep my self by thy most mighty protection in the ways of thy Laws, and paths of thy Command­ments, for the attainment of everlasting rest and peace in thy heavenly Kingdom, through Christ our Lord.



SHew me thy ways, O Lord, and teach me thy Paths; for I lift up my Soul unto thee. Lead me forth in thy truth, and learn me; for thou art the [Page] God of my Salvation: in thee hath been my hope all the day long.


PRAYERS In the time of any sudden danger or distress.


ALmighty and ever­lasting God, merci­fully look upon me, and in this time of dangerand necessity stretch forth thine hand to succour and defend me, through Christ our Lord.



THe Almighty Lord, who is a strong [Page] Tower of defence against all the Perils, Assaults, and Tribulations of this World, be now and ever­more my Aid and Prote­ctor, through Jesus Christ our Blessed Lord and Sa­viour.



FRom Lightning and Tempest, from all Evil and Mischief, and from sudden death.

Good Lord, deliver me.

PRAYERS In the time of sickness and affliction.


SAve me, O King of Heaven and hear me when I call upon thee; for I am in affliction and heaviness. Thou art a de­fence for the oppressed, and a refuge in the need­ful time of trouble: look down from Heaven and visit me with thy Salva­tion.


I Know that it is thy hand, and that thou Lord hast done it, and [...]hy doings are always [Page] just: but thou art also good and gracious, and of great mercy to them that call upon thee. Thou upholdest all them that are fallen, and liftest up those that be down.


I Know that of very faithfulness thou hast caused me to be troubled that I might call upon thy Name.


ANd now, Lord, what is my hope? Truly my hope is even in Thee: For thou art the hope of all the ends of the [Page] Earth, the aid of all that need, the help of all that fly to thee for Succour, O turn thee unto me, and shew me the light of thy Countenance, that I may be made whole, and give thanks unto thy Name.


O God, favourably, with mercy hear my Prayers, and grant that all those things which I suffer for my sins, I may well pass and overcome, by thy most gracious and ready help▪ through Christ our Lord▪



O Do well unto thy Servant, that I may live and keep thy Com­mandments.


MErcifully, O Lord, look upon mine Infirmity, and for the glory of thy Name turn from me all those Evils that I most righteously have deserved, and grant that in all my troubles I may put my whole trust and confidence in thy mercy, and evermore serve thee in holiness and pureness of living, to thy [Page] Honour, and Glory, through our only Media­tor and Advocate Jesus Christ our Lord.


Meditations in the time of Sickness, upon the great Mercies of God.


WHen we are judg­ed, we are chaste­ned of the Lord, that we may not be condemned with the world.


REfuse not the corre­ction of the Almigh­ty: it is the Lord, let him do what seems good in his own eyes.


AS it pleaseth the Lord, so cometh e­very thing to pass: Bles­sed be the Name of the Lord.


GOD is the Lord of Life and Death, of sickness and of health, by whose appointment we were born, and by whose commandment again we must die; our time is in his hand, and to him be­long the issues of Death.


GOD is meek and gentle, ready to accept our sorrow and re­pentance for sin.


HE is exceeding slow to anger, and not easily provoked; he seeth our sins, and makes as if he saw them not; he ma­ny times over-looketh them, and by his long-suffering passeth them by as loth to see them.


WHen he cannot but see, yet he for­bears, and is patient; For­bears long, suffers long, many times, many years.


WHen he can suffer, & stay no longer, [Page] but punish he must, he doth it against his will; and when he is angry, he containeth himself in it, and suffereth not his whole displeasure to a­rise.


HE is angry, but not according to our deserts, nothing so much: He is angry but not long, it endures but a little while, and in his wrath he thinketh upon mercy; he thinks every stripe two, and is quickly wea­ry; he repents him of the evil, and is soon appeased.


HE will have none to perish, but have all to be saved; he willeth not the death of a sinner, but that he should repent and live.


NOt of any sinner, not of Manasses, not of Rahab, not of Mary Mag­dalen; not of Saint Paul, who was once a chief sin­ner.


FOr Christ came into the world to save sin­ners, and of them that come unto him he casteth none out.

A Thanksgiving after Reco­very from Sickness.


O Lord, thou hast dealt graciously with thy Servant, according to thy great Goodness and Mercy. Before I was troubled, I went astray; but now I will take heed to my ways, that I swerve not from thy Precepts. It is good for me that I have been in trouble, that I may learn to obey thy Command­ments.


RIghteous art thou, O Lord, and true are thy Judgments. Trouble and heaviness have taken hold upon me, but my sure trust hath been in thy Mercy. O [Page] let my Soul live and it shall praise thee, and thy Judg­ments shall help me.


I Will always give thanks unto the Lord, his Praise shall be ever in my mouth. O Lord my God, I cried unto Thee, and thou hast healed me: Thou hast turned my heaviness into joy, and girded me with gladness, therefore will I sing of thy Praise with­out ceasing, and give thanks unto Thee for ever.


I Sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me out of all my trouble: for the Angel of the Lord tarri­eth round about them that fear him, and delivereth [Page] them. The eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and his Ears are open unto their Prayers.


WHat reward shall I give unto the Lord for all the benefits that he hath done unto me? I will take the Cup of Salvation, and call upon the Name of the Lord. I will offer to Thee the Sacrifice of Thanks­giving, evermore praising Thee, and saying, O Holy Lord God Almighty, Thou art worthy O Lord, to receive Honour, and Glory, and Pow­er: for thou hast created all things, and for thy Wills sake they are and were created.


BLessing, and Honour, and Glory, and Thanksgi­ving, and Power, and Might, be unto the Lord our God for ever and ever.



THE LAST WORDS OF THE Reverend, Pious, and Learned Dr. HAMMOND.

Being Two PRAYERS FOR THE Peaceful Re-settlement OF THIS CHURCH and STATE.

LONDON, Printed for R. Royston, Bookseller to His most Sacred Majesty, 1679.

Prayers for the Church and State.

Prayer I.

O Blessed Lord, who in thine infinite mercy didst vouchsafe to plant a glorious Church among us, & now in thy just judgment hast per­mitted our sins and fol­lies to root it up; be pleased at last to resume thoughts of Peace to­wards us, that we may do the like to one another. [Page] Lord, look down from Heaven, the habitation of thy Holiness, and be­hold the Ruines of a de­solate Church, and com­passionate to see her in the dust. Behold her, O Lord, not only broken, but crumbled, divided into so many Sects and Fractions, that she no longer represents the Ark of the God of Israel, where the Covenant and the Manna were conser­ved, but the Ark of Noah, filled with all various sorts of unclean Beasts: and to compleat our mi­sery [Page] and guilt, the Spirit of Division hath insinua­ted it self as well into our Affections as our Judg­ments; that Badge of Discipleship which thou recommendedst to us, is cast off, and all the con­trary wrath and bitter­ness, anger and clamour, called in to maintain and widen our breaches. O Lord, how long shall we thus violate and defame that Gospel of Peace that we profess? how long shall me thus madly de­feat our selves, lose that Christianity which we [Page] pretend to strive for? O thou which makest men to be of one mind in an house, be pleased so to unite us, that we may be perfectly joyn'd together in the same mind, and in the same judgment. And now that in Civil Affairs there seems some aptness to a composure, O let not our Spiritual Diffe­rences be more unrecon­cileable. Lord, let not the roughest winds blow out of the Sanctuary, let not those which should be Embassadors for Peace, still sound a Trumpet for [Page] War: but do thou reveal thy self to all our Eliah's in that still small Voice, which may teach them to echo thee in the like meek treating with o­thers. Lord let no unsea­sonable stiffness of those that are in the right, no perverse obstinacy of those that are in the wrong, hinder the closing of our wounds; but let the one instruct in meekness, & be thou pleased to give the other repentance to the acknowledgment of the truth. To this end, do thou, O Lord, mollifie all [Page] exasperate minds, take off all animosities and prejudices, contempt and heart-burnings, and by uniting their hearts, pre­pare for the reconciling their Opinions: And that nothing may intercept the clear sight of thy truth, Lord, let all private and secular Designs be totally deposited, that gain may no longer be the measure of our God­liness, but that the one great and common con­cernment of truth and peace may be unani­mously and vigorously [Page] pursued. Lord, the hearts of all men are in thy hands, O be thou pleased to let thy Spirit of Peace overshadow the minds of all contending Parties; and if it be thy will, re­store this Church to her pristine state, renew her daies as of old; let her escape out of Egypt be so entire, that not an hoof may be left behind: but if thy Wisdom see it not yet a season for so full a deli­verance, Lord, defer not we beseech thee, such a degree of it, as may at least secure her a being; [Page] if she cannot recover her Beauty, yet, O Lord, grant her Health, such a foundness of Constituti­on as may preserve her from dissolution. Let thy providence find out some good Samaritans to cure her present Wounds: and to whomsoever thou shalt commit that impor­tant Work, Lord, give them skilful hands and compassionate hearts; di­rect them to such applica­tions as may most spee­dily, and yet most sound­ly heal the hurt of the Daughter of Sion; and [Page] make them so advert to the Interests both of Truth and Peace, that no lawful condescension may be omitted, nor any unlawful made. And do thou who art both the wonderful Counsel­lor and Prince of Peace, so guide and prosper all Pacifick endeavors, that all our distractions may be composed, and our Jerusalem may again be­come a City at unity in it self; that those happy Primitive days may at length revert, wherein Vice was the only Here­sie; [Page] [...] [Page] [...] [Page] that all our intestine contentions may be con­verted into a vigorous opposition of our com­mon Enemy, our unbro­therly Feuds into a Chri­stian Zeal against all that exalts it self against the obedience of Christ. Lord hear us, and ordain Peace for us, even for his sake whom thou hast ordain­ed our Peace maker, Je­sus Christ our Lord.

Prayer the II.

O Most gracious Lord who dost not afflict willingly, nor grieve the childrenof men, whosmi­test [Page] not till the importu­nity of our sins enforce thee, and then correctest in measure, we thy un­worthy Creatures hum­blyacknowledge that we have abundantly tasted of this patience and leni­ty of thine. To what an enormous height were our sins arrived, ere thou beganst to visit them! & when thou couldest no longer forbear, yet ma­stering thy Power, thou hast not proportion'd thy vengeance to our crimes, but to thy own gracious design of reducing and [Page] reclaiming us. Lord had the first stroke of thy hand been extermina­tings, our guilts had justi­fied the method; but thou hast proceeded by such easie and gentle degrees, as witness how much thou desired'st to be interrupted, and shew us, that all that sad weight we have long groaned under, hath been accumulated only by our ownincorrigibleness. Tis now, O Lord, these many years that this Nation hath been in the furnace, and yet our [Page] dross wastes not, but in­creases; and it is owing only to thy unspeakable mercy, that we, who would not be purified, are not consumed; that we remain a Nation, who cease not to be a most sinful and provoking Na­tion. O Lord, let not this long-suffering of thine serve only to upbraid our obstinacy, and en­hance our guilt; but let it at last have the proper effect on us, melt our hearts, and lead us to re­pentance. And O that this may be the day for [Page] us thus to discern the things that belong to our Peace! that all who are (yea, and all who are not) cast down this day in an external humiliati­on may by the operation of thymighty Spirit have their souls laid prostrate before thee in a sincere contrition! O thou who canst out of the very stones raise up Children unto Abraham, work our stony flinty hearts into such a temper as may be malleable to the impres­sions of thy grace, that all the sinners in Sion may [Page] tremble; that we may not by a persevering obstina­cy seal to our selves both temporal and eternal ruine, but in stead of our mutinous complainingat the punishments of our sins, search and try our ways, and turn again to the Lord. O be thou pleased to grant us this one grand fundamental mercy, that we who so impatiently thirst after a change without us, may render that possible and safe by this better and more necessary change within us; that our sins [Page] may not, as they have so often done, interpose and eclipse that light which now begins to break out upon us. Lord, thy Dove seems to approach us with an Olive Branch in her mouth; Oh let not our filth and noisomness chase her away; but grant us that true repen­tance which may attone thee, and that Christian Charity which may re­concile us with one ano­ther. Lord, let not our breach either with thee, or among our selves, be incurable, but by making [Page] up the first, prepare us for the healing of the latter. And because, O Lord the way to make us one Fold is to have one Shepherd, be pleased to put us all under the conduct of him to whom that charge be­longs; bow the hearts of this People as of one Man, that the only con­tention may be, who shall be most forward in bringing back our Da­vid. O let none reflect on their past Guilts, as an Argument to persevere, but repent, and to make their return so sincere as [Page] may qualifie them, not only for his but thy Mer­cy. And, Lord, be plea­sed so to guide the hearts of all who shall be in­trusted with that great Concernment of setling this Nation, that they may weigh all their deli­berations in the Balance of the Sanctuary, that Conscience, not Interest, may be the ruling prin­ciple, and that they may render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's; that they may become healers of [Page] our breaches, and happy Repairers of the sad Ru­ines both in Church and State: And grant, O Lord, that as those sins which made them are become National, so the repen­tance may be National also, and that evidenc'd by the proper fruits of it, by zeal of restoring the rights both of thee and thine Anointed. And do thou, O Lord, so dispose all hearts, and remove all obstacles, that none may have the will much less the power, to hin­der his peaceable resti­tution. [Page] And, Lord, let him bring with him an heart so intirely devoted to thee, that he may wish his own Honour only as a means to advance thine. O let the Precepts and Example of his bles­sed Father never depart from his mind; and as thou wert pleas'd to per­fect the one by suffering, so perfect the other by acting thy will; that He may be a blessed Instru­ment of replanting the power in stead of the form of Godliness among us, of restoring Christian [Page] vertue in a profane and almost barbarous Nation. And if any wish him for any distant ends, if any desire his shadow as a shelter for their riots and licentiousness, O let him come a great, but happy defeat to all such, not bring fewel, but cure to their inordinate appe­tites; and by his example as a Christian, & his Au­thority as a King, so in­vite to good, and restrain from evil, that he may not only release our tem­poral, but our spiritual bondage, suppress those [Page] soul and scandalous Vice [...] which have so long Captiva­ted us, and by securing out inward, provide for the per­petuating our outward peace Lord, establish thou his throne in righteousness, make him a signal instrument of thy glory and our happiness, and let him reap the fruits of it in comfort here, and in bliss hereafter; so that his earthly Crown may serve to enhance and enrich his hea­venly. Grant this, O King of Kings, for the sake and intercession of our Blessed Mediator Jesus Christ.


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