Borough of Hasle­mere in Surrey. THE Right of Electing in the said Borough, is in such Free-Holders, who are also Inhabitants; as was Adjudged this Parliament, in the Case of George Evelyn Esq

The Number of such at the time of this present Electi­on, was not above 27 at most, one whereof gave no Voice.

Of these, 23 Voluntarily, and without any Soliciation, Invited Sir William More, who is Lord of the said Borough, to accept of an Election.

After which the Petitioner, Sir Philip Lloyd, being a meer Stran­ger, comes into the said Borough, and by Insinuations, Promises, and other Indirect means, works off six of those Electors, who had before freely offered their Voices for the said Sir William More; which, with two Voices more turned over to him, by Mr. Dere­ham (who was also a Competiter in the said Election) and one more, being an Ale-house-keeper, where he Lodged his Provisions, and made his Entertainments, in all make nine, one of which was Ex­communicated: Besides these, Sir Philip Polls three more, who have no right to Elect, as will be proved.

Sir William More is Returned by the Bayliffe, and 17 more, who have undoubted Right to Elect.

  • William Rapley, Bayliff.
  • Peter Hull,
  • John Billinghurst,
  • John Case,
  • John Carter, Sen.
  • John Dudman,
  • John Maunt,
  • John Carter, Jun.
  • John Wakeford,
  • John Habens,
  • Robert Jackman,
  • Richard Vallor,
  • Robert Billinghurst,
  • William Ride, Sen.
  • Thomas Overington,
  • Thomas Dennier,
  • Edward Ride,
  • Henry Holt.
  • Edmund Upton, The Ale-house-keeper.
    • Abraham Upfold,
    • George Osborne,
    These turned over by Dereham.
    • William Markes,
    • James Figge,
    • Will. Ride, Jun.
    • William Chitty,
    • John Bredah,
    • Richard Bradfold, Excommunicated.
    These six had before freely offered their Voi­ces for Sir Willam More
    • Rob. Billinghurst,
    • Thomas Boxall,
    • Will, Haslegrove.
    These had no Right to Vote in the Election.

By all which it appears that Sir Philip Lloyd had but Eight Voices at most, that can pretend to be due E­lectors: And Sir William More had Seventeen Le­gal Electors.

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