CRY OF BLOO [...] AND OF A BROKEN COVENAN [...] [...] out at first upon the sad Relation o [...] late SOVERAIGNES most treacherous an [...] inhumane Murther.

Most humbly dedicated, and (then) purposd to have been Published and Presented to the Kings most Excellent Majestie, if so Providence had dispensed.

And now, how late soever, [...] all obstructions being removed adventured upon his MAJESTIES gracious acceptance and favour of all herein concernd: To remain (at least) as a standing Testimonie to posteritie, of the Authors conceived sense of duety, in Conscience to GOD, and alleagiance to lawfull Soveraignty.

By Sir WILLIAM MOOKE of Rowallane Knight.

EDINBURGH, [...] by the He [...]s of GEORGE A [...]RSON, 1650.

TO THE ROYALL MAJESTIE OF K. CHARLES THE II. KING of great Britaine, France and Ireland, &c.

FRee Accesse (Sir) the Muses plead. Repute
This boldnesse, as conceiv'd to contribute
By Strong desires, that while all eyes observe
Your Motions, famisht hopes no more may starve.
God and your Kingdomes Call. The set tim's come
For Christ, in your Dominions to make rowme.
Beside our Violated Mariage-Band,
Blood cryes for vengeance, 'gainst the Traytrous hand
Of impious Parricids. To plead the last,
And act for proper intr [...]sts, Christs o'repast,
Or judg't but next in Order, (as a way
Prepostrous) your designes endanger may.
[Page]Go to, Brave Prince; by heavens thy Heart be gain'd,
Seal'd for the Work, that (surety thus obtain'd)
Thy hand attesting, Thine, in Truths defence
Thy Standart may attend, with confidence.
This Solstice breeds amazement: How all eyes
Wait till thou mount thy Coach and climb the Skyes,
That Influence and Vertue, issueing thence
Inferiour Bodies, brought again to sense,
Long in the generall death detain'd, may see
Day once more dawne, renew'd by light from Thee.
Weigh with delayes the consequences fear'd,
Remembring, that attempts which scarce have dar'd
Peep forth at first for their deformity,
Have gain'd, upon acquaintance of the eye.
And when to ripenesse and full strength attain'd,
Smiles have alike and frownes been entertaind.


WHat horrid Actings force unwilling ears
With worst of news? do fancies and fond fears
Mock troubled minds? or doth a reall blow
For preface passe to Albion's overthrow?
Have Parricids, professing Brother-hood,
The traiterous murther of late King, most justly to laid to heart, and duely sented.
Put hand in CAESAR? shed his Royall Bloud,
Low in the dust this Islands Glory laid?
And, at one stroak, her Children Orphans made?
O Heavens! O Earth! heer I must pause a space.
Griefs tide flows higher, then, in this sad case,
Can calm'd be by expression: But, to speak,
Allegiance pleads. Men soberest, mind [...] most meek,
Most free of passion, cannot but resent
This high Injustice; yea, in freedome vent
Their Thoughts, and what a dialect to use,
This bloody prelude speaks▪ Then free-born Muse
Treaties and parleyes o [...] suspected, the parties bein [...] an unequall posture.
Tell Britaine, tell the World, that hence, in vain
Words shall be heard of any milder straine
Then Martiall eloquence. In trumpets sound
[Page 2]Be SCOTLANDS Musick henceforth deeply drown'd
Arms therefore necessary to be ordered and made use of, as the God of Arms shall call for, and imploy.
From Heav'ns th'alarme, attended Orders bee,
All doubts discust, all judgments clear and free.
Let Colours fly, Drums beat. Gird on your swords.
1 Sam. 25.28. 2 Chr. 20.15
Arme Gallants, Arme. The Battell is the LORDS.

For our Watchmen, the faithfull MINISTRY.

Dangers and duties to be laid forth and prest from clear, just and convincing grounds.
LIft up your voice, Cry Watch-men, cry aloud.
Religion suffers by Usurpers, proud,
Of successe insolent. Now, Sions plea
In dispute is, the Glorious Liberty
From trampling on Religion.
Of Sacred Truth restrain'd, It's beauty marr'd;
Prodigious Toleration boldly dar'd
To be maintain'd. How men upon them take
Despising of Dominion, ever­ [...]ing of lawfull Government.
The ground-work of just Government to shake,
On Crowns to Trample, of due pow'r deprive
All pow'rs, from them that pow'r do not derive?
From marring of Gods work, [...]nd shaming of the Covenant.
How languisheth the Work of GOD? His Cause
Discountenanc'd? Divine and Humane Lawes
All violate? How a reproach become
Our solemne Covenant, abroad, at home?
What grounds for reall fears? What snares contriv'd?
From fears of further attempts [...]nd proof of former snares; [...]rom practises against Parlia­ments, and domineering over Gods Inheritante.
How are of Righteous Priviledge depriv'd
The highest Justice Courts? The honest side,
Expos'd, as preys, to avarice and pride?
Imprison'd, spoil'd, effronted, put to flight,
Of lives and fortunes not secure one night.
[Page 3]Them whether fury's drive? at Christs own Throne
From displaying of [...] against the Son of God, who [...] enemies are our enemies, an [...] with whose suffering member we are bound to sympathise.
Strike not these Apostates? The Highest One
Engadg'd is in our quarrell. We, of l [...]te,
Conceiv'd our losses and our suffrings great,
While over-aw'd by Arm's, till GOD arose,
Made bare his Arme, and Proudlings did oppose;
But Rods of Children, reck [...]ning, here, and there,
We, but the finger, they the loyns do bear.
Where now our fellow-feeling, former zeal?
Shall in this exigent faith also fail?
To you bold freedome fitly doth agree
Joh. 8.32.33.
Whom Truth in former Tryalls hath set free.
Take, take your Watch-towre, thence, around you view
As heavens give order, your Commission shew,
Men of Gods Counsell. God, drives on designes
And last, from Gods purpo­sed destruction of obstina [...] revolters against Truth an [...] lawfull Authority, howev [...] imployed for our sins, as [...] [...]ods of his just indignation.
(In which, his Justice and deep wisdome shines)
By men, whose wills his hand leads on to act
His holy will, and guilty of the fact
Them holds, as having byass'd from his ends,
By other motions turn'd then he intends,
And all for their just ruine. Whence, to fire
Shall Rods, when Gods commission doth expire.
What stick we then? shall not the Lord bring down
Perfidious Traytours to Christ Jesus Crown?
As clouds evanish, as the morning dew,
As chaffe, and chimney smok driven hence we view,
Shall not divine displeasure sweep away
From off the earth, those swarmes that dimne our day?
Shall publick Prayer, and the secret moan
[Page 4]Of Saints, unanswer'dly at Justice Throne?
To you the times is given to understand;
Shew, if fit times do call, hand join'd in hand
That all for God,, true valour to improve,
With Echoes of joint acclamations, move,
Let Colours fly, Drums beat, gird on your Swords,
Arme, Gallants, Arme; the Battell is the Lords.

For the States of Parliament.

The Muses freedome with the states of Parliament.
GODS worthies, in whose hand the Helme to guide
Of Government is given, set far a-side
Your private Intrests. Not to make you great,
Proud, Powerfull, or Rich, the Trust of State
On you conferr'd is: for the Publike Good,
Not goods, your actings would be understood.
On you are many eyes. Eyes, from above,
Below, within, without, pry how ye move,
How equally ye walk. But here I'le hold,
[...]heir pardon humbly pleaded.
And begs your pardon, if I have been bold.
Now, when our rent Republicks Ship is tos't,
With growing stormes; when things of greatest cost
And highest value, by this Isle enjoy'd,
Endanger'd are. Our Soveraignes life destroy'd,
Our Soveraignes dearest life; his Royall blood,
(To usher in a shamefull servitude)
Pour'd forth; His Scepters to posterity,
Decern'd a Trophee of proud Tyranny;
These Kingdomes Heir exild (Our Soveraign Lord)
And almost all the Issue, at a word
[Page 5]To be led forth to death (a sacrifice,
In smoake whereof their glory to arise
Unto its highest point, as safest mean
By them, for their securitie foreseen,)
What pawse ye? Whence proceeds this silence deep?
Silence not sutable to a time of so evident danger, to Church and State, waking only in the full ripenesse and fit opportu­nity, for execution.
Your enemies (beleev't) are not a-sleep.
Shall men so desperately wicked, hold
Their hand, the Father of three Nations, bold
To put to death, and not with jealous eye
Look on the Children, tyed to aske them why?
Where your Antcestors ready hands and hearts?
The Gallantry of our Noble Antcestors proposd for encou­ragement to resolution.
Associates look ye for, from forraigne parts
As troubled at our stroake, and by our wound
Of Christian Kings the veynes all opened found?
Or, dare not JUDAH war with EDOM wage
The history of K. Amaziah, 2 Chr. 25. for application.
Till EPHRAIM, not at one with GOD, engadge,
Till ISRAEL Arme; which, ordered to depart,
(By this conjunction, AMAZIAHS heart
Made haughty, and lift'd up,) turnd discontent,
And JUDAH'S Cities spoiling, as they went,
Shed blood at will, and did no outrage spare
That (now-a-dayes) the basest villaines dare.
But what? These gone, did EDOM gaine the day?
Was JUDAH'S King delivered, as a prey,
For want of pow'r? No. Hee, who stay'd the Sun
On Gibeon; and in Ajalon the Moone,
Till on his foes aveng'd; by JUDAH'S hand
A victory most glorious did command
For JUDAH'S host. But grief doth heer arest
My trembling hand, appal'd to write the rest.
[Page 6]To EDOMS idols didst thou turn aside
Wretch'd JUDAH, while their spoiles thou didst divide?
O Yes; from Truth, there, shamefully thou fell,
And justly turn'd thy back to Israel,
Which, made thy Rod, thy ruine quickly wrought,
Thy King to Perish, by the People, brought.
GOD, only wise, your heart with Counsell fill,
That, quitting of your selves like men of skill,
Fast what ye have ye hold, lest all cast down
Built heer-to-fore, ye lose a glorious Crown.
All ranks heartned to concur­rence by the nearest Tyes of duty to GOD, KING and Countrey.
But leaving all on Him, in more and lesse,
Whose eye must guide you. Now, our Kings distresse,
The cry of blood, shed by a murthering hand,
The infamy of a despised Land,
The fowlest of affronts; Call, yea conjure
All ranks, by all the Tyes, known to secure
Religion, publike Interests, private Rights,
'Gainst open force, and undermining slights;
If Piety, Compassion; if the sense
Of deepest wrong, have weight or influence
On loyall Scottish hearts, in sight of Heaven
Your just resentment and offence made eaven,
As instruments of God joine heart and hand
To raise the Glory of this slighted Land
Men calling to account, by whom is shed
The blood, that brethren hath unbrothered.
The carrying on of the work put over confidently on God, from proof of past mercies and former experiences of power and good will to His people.
The Taske in hand, suppone the hazard great,
Yet neither ease, nor cure are desperate.
Faith to improve, the Oath of God you tyes
Whose proof of Mercies mercy yet implyes
Unto Beleevers, fears who dare out-face,
[Page 7]And footsteps of preceeding paths can trace.
Your wayes on him devolve (sure) he will do,
To fight who taught your fingers hitherto.
Frogs, Flyes, Dry bones, Hee, ere ye Armies want
Shall for you Arme, the Arme of flesh to daunt.
Let, Colours fly, Drums beat. Gird on your swords,
Arme Gallants, Arme. The Battell is the Lords.

For the Commanders in chief, and faithfull Souldiery.

YE, Men of Valour, honorably bred
At armes; Whose Glory, deeply Registred
Stands to succeeding Times, as men of Trust,
Integrity, and tendernes, in Just
Defence of Truth, King, Country, Covenant,
The calling of our deserving Commanders, Officers in chief, and Souldiery, eviden­ced, from proof of constant faithfulnesse in the Cause of God, as reserved for the en­sueing work.
GOD calls anew. Behold, he will not want
Your Testimony. Never grounds more clear
For Noble action, did then now appear.
Have guarded been your hearts, your hands kept clean
In SCOTLANDS late Eclipse? how clear is seen
From their witnessing against the unlawfull engagement, choosing rather to be without charge, then to charge their consciences with a sinful com­pliance.
In this GODS speciall hand? While, not the least
In quality and number, were possest
Of a Malignant Spirit, did ye stand
Free of Compliance; Order, or Command
Destructive to his Cause, and closely kept
At your first Principles? The hand that heapt
Upon them shame, did fixe you in your spheare,
That yet his Standart, ye on high might reare.
[Page 8]
Their peace of minde arising from the sense of mercie, sup­ported against the power of temptations from the Isle of Wight, and preserved from acting at Mauchlin-mure, the prelude of an unlucky Tra­gedy.
How calme a Peace, what quietnesse of minde
I ask, enjoy ye (if a tongue can finde
Words sutable) whom frown, nor favours smile,
Nor Hopes, nor Honours, from the fatall Isle
Whence were reviv'd our woes, (Preferment, Place,
And Pension proof) enduc't not, charge t'embrace
Saints blood to shed; while (witnesse to their zeal)
To some, death sign'd a passe; and some a seal
Bare hence; best suteing base Malignancy;
Men, whom unsound diseased Times did try.
Their concession to the late Kings removall from New­castle objected and answered,
But heark! a voice, past whispring in the ear
Calls for your vindication, how ye clear
Your Rendring in the powre of Armed bands,
Your Rendred Prince, while pow'r was in your hands?
But, (as profest, protested, and declard,

1. As proceeding from Trust to these manifold professi­ons, protestations, declarati­ons, yea engagement of the publike faith of the Kingdom, in order to a safe, free and ho­nourable Treaty, pretended between the King and Parlia­ment.

2. From the foreseen danger to the Work of Reformation, and breach of the peace of the Kingdoms, through his Ma. supposed purpose of addresse to Scotland, being firme in judgment, and profestly stan­ding for grounds solemnly abjured by Us, and destructive to the Covenant.

Yea publick faith empaund,) who have not heard
How, not a shew pretended of intent,
Save (for a Treaty with the Parliament)
To serve his Royall Person for a guard,
Yet, of base acts they not the basest spar'd
Could serve their ends? And, what the consequence
Had (heer) produc't, (if by your conduct hence
He should have hither turn'd, while broiles and blood,
(Effects of factions and of tumults rude)
The Land did fill,) who lay aright to heart?
Yea, while his resolution not to part
With principles (exprest, by him, a Tye
Which Life and Crownes engadg't,) for Prelacy
And book of Pray'r, so solemnly abjur'd:
While this His minde his Majestie assur'd,
Who could have (heer) comply'd? Who, save these men
[Page 9](Our Peace-disturbers) should have said Amen?
How (both within, and from without, renu'd)
Had not a bloody dispute thence ensu'd?
Us, Conscience of our League keep't firme. If they
Prevaricating, wickedly did stray
From Honour, Duty, Faith, then Grounds how Just
Thus offer, how this doubt may be discust?

The ignoble carriage of those perfidious Impostors (betrayers of Trust) a just motive for men of honour, so fowly faild to, to call to ac­count the Authors and com­plices of this impudent Trea­chery.

All degrees, sensible of Gods and the Kingdoms dishonour, called to joine with the King, (owning the Cause and Co­venant) in charging home, upon wicked Covenant-brea­kers, this unexpiable injury.

How best your candour and ingenuous way
May as the Sun, appear at the Noon-day,
Endeavouring (in due time) to Right a wrong,
Which heavens, though men should passe, shall judge ere long.
A broken Covenant, base perjury,
All, with their sin who stick not to comply,
Call to make ready, and for God to rise,
For King and Country, lookt on as a prise
By men of bloods. Thus, shall fowl mouths be closde
Your streight proceedings to reproach disposde,
Thus SCOTLANDS glory grow, and thus made known
That Gedeons hundreds heer, our God will own,
Lead forth, and fit, when he the word shall give
For him to Act; dead hearts who can revive,
Even prompt your hands and Spirits for these ends
On which the Generall Happinesse depends,
The Prince and People acting (one in heart
In Will and Counsell) each, a gallant part,
Engadg'd in God; on which condition closde
Our Noble undertakings are supposde,
That all o [...]structions from the way remov'd
By uniforme consent may be approv'd
Let Colours fly, Drums beat. Gird on your swords,
Arme, Gallants, Arme. The Battell is the Lords.

For the People and Commonalty.

GODS precious People, Commons of the Land,
The People; owning their in­terest in the Promises, by rea­son of Christs donation with the Isles and ends of the e [...]th, Psal. 2. the prime motive of their entring in Covenant, and acting for Christ.
Religions forward friends with Life in hand,
For Christ who have adventred, meerly driven
By reason of his Right and Title given
To earths remotest ends; by whom enclinde
This Generation, seriously did minde
Their Intrest in the Promises to owne
By Gospell Light made to Beleevers known,
Held forth unto the Church: from whence to heart
Was lay'd, (in speciall duty on our part)
For Christ, King, Country, into Covenant
To enter, and rich successe ne'er did want
While honestly, in Men and Angels view
We jointly moving, did joint ends pursue.
The work of Reformation being far advanced, and great difficulties overcome, GOD hath permitted men, for our sins, yet for a season, to ob­struct the way.
And now, while after so much bloods expense,
Cost, Paines, and Prayers (in our Just Defence)
Our hopes were far advanc'd, Behold, the way
Obstructed is anew. Ludibrious Clay
Dare craule on borrowed legg's, and Heaven defy,
The Son of God take on its top, and try
His work to overturne, Himself dethrone,
And, in the hand of his Anointed One,
The Scepter break. What honest heart not bleeds,
What spirit's not on edge, at these misdeeds,
These unexampled Acts, that dim the glory
To these, and after-times, of Christian story?
Gods people encouraged up­on solide grounds to stand to their duty.
But face they hitherward in Arms? what then?
[Page 11]Choose slaves to darknesse, servants unto men,
To yeeld your selves or venter? yet a day
Doth Christ (heer) call for, on His Royall way
Of noble conquest, can it sute your minde,
Your spirits, by a Covenant refin'd
Not to attend His Orders, who in vaine
You kept not hitherto, that ye remaine
Till now unvanquish'd? set before your eyes
What, even what not, at stake in hazard lyes,
And gath'ring from past practise, how have been
All your attempts for Christ successefull seen,
Set foreward stoutly, in his strength stand to it,
Not bow nor shield, the LORDS Right Hand must do it,
Who, if our King He Instrumentall make,
The Kings owning the work (when stirred up for that end by the Lord) to be held for a token of good.
As Orderer of the Play, the stage to take
(In answer to our earn'st desires,) by all,
Be held a presage most auspicious shall,
For which we pray, yea hope; that grounds to none
Occur, of controversie 'gainst the Throne;
As of his Diadems the Royall Right
He would establish (in his foes despight)
To Christ committed, every way beside
GODS Way disclaim'd; As on His part to fide,
Engage He would the pow'rs of Earth and Heaven,
And, by His Order, may (for word) be given
Let Colours fly, Drums beat. Gird on your swords.
Arme, Gallants, Arme. The Battell is the LORDS.

For the KING.

The King honoured by God above other Kings, as having committed to him the Scepter of Government over lands gifted to Christ in speciall manner.
GReat Prince, whose honour doth the honour staine
Of greatest Princes, Righteous Soveraigne
The Scepter over Kingdoms set to swey,
That gifted are to Christ, in speciall way,
Where, while He Lawes for Government doth give,
And takes the Throne, hath mad't Thy lot to live.
Three Crowns of Him thou hold'st, by long descent,
The improving of just power for the advantage of Christs Interests, the surest pillar [...]or supporting of the Kings Thrones.
These, for advantage of the just extent
Of His prerogative, so Thou improve,
Thy thrones-establishments-best mean shall prove.
Christ to be acknowledged in His Royall Prerogative, and to be made use of in all his Of­fices, as one by whom Kings reign, Prov. 8.15. and who removeth and setteth up Kings, Dan. 2.21. at his pleasure.
Him to acknowledge Heavens thy heart incline
In all His Offices; thy duties line
That not transgressing, as ingag'd, He may
Imploy for thee His pow'r, May in the day
Of danger make thy peace, and wisedome give
Thy peoples dying hearts how to revive,
For bow before Him, as the meanest, must
The Most, and Mightiest of created dust.
His Three-fold Scepter can no Rule admit,
Regall Power and Authority consistent with the absolute­nesse of Christs Soveraignty.
But such as doth his absolutenesse fit
Of Soveraignty, which most consistent stands
With Regall pow'r, by Him put in thy hands,
For, who Himself the Lord JEHOVAH shew,
Hath said, to Caesar give what's Caesars due.
Learn to submit, to Him betimes to flee,
The Kings heart a sit blank to put in Christs hand to fill up, and in proof of the reality of the offer the signing of the Covenant, in securing of Re­ligion, necessary.
That lifted up by Him thy head may be;
A blank put in His Hand; upon thy heart
The heads that he may fill, for either part,
[Page 13]Of an eternall League; In which to deal
Ingenuously that thou intends, thy Seal
Set to the holy Band, (A priviledge
To every King not Common) for a pledge
Of faith ingag'd shall serve, and clear thy way
Of great obstructions, in thy Rising day.
Far-far be from thee, as thy judgements stroke,
To [...]alk in the counsell of the wic [...]d, and joine in the yock of bad association, to be guar­ded against by the King, in his tender years, as against a sure stroak of judgement.
To join thy shoulder in unequall yoke
Of bad associations, or to call
Unto thy counsell men of Beliall,
Who, in thy tender bosome, to infuse
The poyson of bad principles will chuse.
Grief fills our hearts so soon to see thy reigne;
Scotlands grief, and Scotland [...] joy.
Yet joy we ever, Sacred Soveraigne,
That from thy Fathers loines, who Rul'd of late,
Succeedeth One, to fill the Chaire of State,
From Race to Race, all whose Dominions may
Thy just commands most loyally obey.
Spare, Spare (we pray) to give thy Scotland ground
More deep and deadly, that may make her wound
The prejudice of intertained jealousies between the King and His Subjects.
By harboring, in a jealous heart, mistakes,
Of which the thought the very ground-work shakes
Of mutuall confidence. O daign to hear
Their just desires, with thee who burden bear,
To stand and fall, to live and dy with thee
In God, whose bands Inviolable be.
Thy judgment Heavens informe, and clear what tye
On Christian Subjects doth convincing lye
Attempts to owne, for which those men do move,
Who most unjustly thy just pow'r improve,
[Page 14]And pleading for all crimes commission, staine
The tender honour of a Soveraigne,
The duty of loyall Subjects as relating to Christs absolute Soveraignty.
As tyrant turn'd. We humbly do deny,
These practises may passe for loyalty
To God, and thee in Him, our duties bound
To Soveraignty supreme relating found,
So that on us restraining bonds are laid,
Till surety for Religion be made,
Till Solemn League and Covenant be own'd
By Thee, for CHRIST, in Truths defence, enthron'd,
To which, while in suspense of thy consent,
Our hands are feeble, and our spirits faint.
These minding come, and put in exercise
Thy Regall pow'r; of all Thine enemies
The necks be given Thee▪ to be trampled on,
Religion, Government, CHRISTS and Thy Throne
Who dare oppose. O that thou may'st lay hold
And fasten grips upon these locks of Gold
Found on Times fore-head, and from events learn
Of lingring Resolutions to discern
Sad successes. Thus Heavens Thy counsels blesse,
And make Thy Throne a Throne of Righteousnesse.
As Monarch of thy Subjects hearts, for Thee
Thus many to the Throne of Grace shall flee,
And plead Thy cause, for whose just interests, all
Shall cordially cry, when GOD doth call,
Let Colours fly, Drums beat. Gird on your swords,
Arme, Gallants, Arme. The Battell is the LORDS.

Grounds of Hope for Beleevers.

BUt smiles the Sectary? how with disdain,
Heard is the freedom of the Muses strain?
Us Adversaries brave on either hand,
Dangers and difficulties ari­sing on all hands, grounds of confidence offered from the wor [...] of truth in the subsequent propositions.
These, on successefull fates smooth conduct stand.
Grown desperate are others, whose disgrace
Through failing of attempts, leaves shame of face.
Both at advantagely. Shall this breed fear?

When-and-wheresoever the Mistery of Christ is broken up, and Reformation advan­ced, then and there shall the the Church the ruine of many enemies, Zech. 13.1, 2, 3, &c. compared with Zech. 12.3. Revel. 3.10.

A people solemnly owned by God before the world, and sought out by his standart, need not fear their fals brethren when God begins to appear, in strength and fury, like him­self, against them, Isa. 62.10 11, 12. compared with Isa. 63.1, 2, 3, 4.

When Antichrist shall be fully revealed the Lord shall consume him, 2 Thess. 2.7.8.

When Christ takes armes for his Churh, although the ene­my should overflow, he shall lift up his standard in venge­ance against him. Isaiah. 59.17.18, 19. Psal. 18.

No: We a Chi [...]tain follow, who shall clear
Our way, and (in this sad temptations houre,
On travell, in the greatnesse of his pow'r,
As gifted with Earths ends and Isles, where we,
Rul'd by His Scepter, live) shall, the decree
Past in his favours earst (even Ours, by right
Of promise) see, for us fulfil'd, in spight
Of opposition, on his word who rest,
Whose times, and wayes of working are the best.
How-ever (often) persecuting foes
Saints blood have shed, yet (while this tempest blows)
Who not discerne (unto its greatest hight
The throne of Antichrist attain'd, the light
Of many Gospel Truths begun to shine)
That, drest in Armes for warfare (to refine
His Gold, and purge away the object Ore)
Christ is marchd forth (flames ushering him before)
In bloody Garments, through destruction dyde
Of Truths opposers, who shall prosperous ryde
[Page 16]
Christ having risen, after long silence and suffering, will so much the more be active against his enemies. Isa: 42.13.14.
In Triumph, minding (hence) an active way
Before as silent, in his suffering day?
For (meerly) Civill things did we contend
(As, in this case, Lands a Religious end
Professing, (nothing so,) deserv'dly, have
Been trampled on,) us might our hopes deceive.
But formally for Christ, in termes direct
We for his title stand, (all due respect
Had to our SOVERAIGNES intrests, in the right
Of all his Crownes.) Will CHRIST his quarrell slight,

Whoever assay to make void Christs establisht yoke, Them shall Christ vexe. Psal. 2.1.2, 3, 4, 5.

Where God hath a vine­yard of red wine settled, he will keep it lest any hurt it. Isa. 27.2.3.

What God hath done at the expense of his Saints blood, he will not easily forgoe. Psal. 116.13.

Not vindicate His Honour? not maintain
The setled Order of his house, in vain
Els heer (alone) establisht by his hand
At such expense of Means, throughout the Land,
Yea of his Peoples blood, dear in his sight?
Which Order (hitherto) gainst hellish slight
And brutish force, so tendered Providence,
That, not one dyat of his Church, hath (thence)
Been mar'd from meeting; neither any part
If they have not gained ground, they shall not gaine ground. Psal. 129.2.5 so Calvin.
Of all his work foes suffred to evert.
The choice place, where to dwell he doth encline,
In beauty where his Ordinances shine,
Will he not care for, cover with his wing,
Bloody Covenant breakers▪ having had great successe, shall not live long Ps. 55.19, 20, 23
And guard against those men, a meaner thing
Who counted have the Oath of GOD, and past
So lightly, from proud necks, his yoke to cast?
Profaners of the oath of God shall not prosper or escape. Ezek. 17.15, 18, 19. evident in Uladistaus K. of Hungarie beaten at Varna by Amurath the 6.
Will He, aveng'd who violated faith
In heathens favours, on his People hath,
In favours of his People, from on high,
[Page 17]Let passe unplagued heathnish perfidie?
While some designe, Christ next a King to place;
Or (thus disguisde) are found upon the chace
Of self-advantages, a cloake to draw
Of zeal, of duety of supremest Law.
Yea, while with Christ, deny'd to raigne alone,
Their Dagon Others, his divided Throne
To share do offer, and with Christ to dwell
Have priviledged all the powers of hell.

Christ purposeth to hold house where he purgeth the sons of Levi, and there to come neare to judgement for his people. Mal. 3.1-3, 4, 5.

It is a Gospel-and-peace­able time, and a Token for good to his people when God sends forth faithfull and ho­nest Ministers. Ier. 3.15, 18.

When the barren is made the mother of many children, and gets God for her husband, there is large peace and privi­ledges promist. Isa., 14, 15, 17.

While a people do cleave to God, he is engadged to own them and do for them. 2 Chron. 15.2.

God would reveal it to his servants if he purposed to de­stroy, who in this case would not promise good. Amos. 3.7.

Christian walkers with God would not be altogether stran­gers to Gods purpose, if he in­tended to destroy Iob. 15, 15▪ Psal. 25.14.

The hope of his people shall not make them a shamed haveing to do with transgressours without a cause.

When Gods people are laid▪ low, hee must recover them Deut. 32.36.

Is Christ, his house of purging at the paines
And planting men, by whom his Kingdome gaines
(A Ministrie according to his heart)
That bloody hands the Gospels spoiles should part?
Or hath our Lord a tender brood begot
Of children heer, his weaklings to devote
To bloody hands, his youth; whose chiefest thing
Desirable, is to detaine the King;
Yea, while on life and death resolv'd they have
Close to his Truth and Covenant to cleave?
In mouths of all the Prophets, whence arise
Our joyes of successe, speaks the Sprite of lyes?
Or shall the Saints, to whom he doth declare
His counsell, (friends, who on his secrets are)
With what he doth acquainted, in this case,
(This case alone) for hopes have shame of face?
Brought low (indeed deserv'dly) we have been
And yet may low be laid, that every mean
In which we might conceat, abasde may be,
Even all our Glories pride staind we may see.
But, when in us all strength is spent and gone,
[Page 18]Turne and Repent him shall that Holy One;

The work which the Lord hath begun and far prosecute, he will perfect. Deut. 32.4.

The rods of his people, tend­ing to bring them under the bond of the Covenant, will be the ruine of rebells. Ezek. 20.37.38.

God will alway mind [...] his Covenant, while his people stick by it. Psal. 111.5.

The Throne of iniquitie set up without God and main­tained without him decreeing mischief against God & Godli­nesse, shall not have standing before him. Psal. 94.20.21.

When the child is come to the birth, and all done to a little, it were a day of blasphe­mie if it were not brought forth. 2. Kings. 29.3. com­pared with Is. 66.9.

Though sin do abound God will not forsake his peo­ple, yea the holy seed shall be the substance of the land. Ier. 51.5. Isa: 6.13.

If God smite a growing vine, he must debate with it in measure, suteable to its be­ing and well-being. Isa. 27.3, 6, 7, 8.

He, all whose wayes his searchlesse wisdome sute,
And for his Works perfection contribute
Shall purge the Land, and Rebels plots supplant,
Unmindfull never of his Covenant:
Els with that Throne of sin should Christ partake
For framing mischief, which a Law doth make.
May never dawne to us that horrid day,
(Day of rebuke and blasphemy,) on way
While brought the Child is to the place of birth,
That from the womb strength faileth to bring forth.
For say, all means should fail, how great our shame
To doubt that Christ shall magnifie His Name.
How ever heer iniquitie abound,
Yea sin on foot, to fill the Land be found,
Yet he, his People who doth not foresake,
The Holy Seed shall for it's substance take,
And with his vine (provockt) if he debate,
The stroake in measure he shall moderate.
Then shew we faces, foes let us defy,
While Jesus Christ his Standard rears on high.
Fall may who ripe are to receive the Crown,
Or rotten branches, fit for hewing down,
But fall who will, the Cause shall never fall,
While stick to him a seed, a Remnant shall.
For he, who comes in judgement, Lands to sift,
When God-comes near to Judgement against sorcerers, then will he swiftly judge false swearers. Mal. 3.5.
Against the sorcerers, a witnesse swift,
Shall, cloath'd with vengeance, powre contempt and shame
Upon false-swearers, by His Holy Name
Then Colours fly, Drums beat. Gird on your Swords.
Arme, Gallants, Arme. The Battell is the Lords.

Grounds of Comfort and Encou­ragement for the Secret Mourners of England (and els where) resolving stedfastnes in the COVENANT.

BUt tym'st Thou, with deep sighs thy Song? do tears
The lands cald to mourning and humiliation, in day of the Lords deep displeasure, Ezek. 9.
Their fountaines force, sad Muse, while Britaine hears
No language but Alarmes, no milder sounds
Then of engadgements, Tumults, Death and Wounds?
Weep, justly weep. Tears sute the season. This,
A day, in which God calls for mourning, is.
A gloomy day, in which the Childe of Light
Of our darkness, Isa. 50.10.
Sitt's in the shads of darknes, short of sight.
The day of Josephs straits; of deep distresse
To many a precious soul, chaisde (for redresse)

Of Josephs affliction and Sions tryall in England and Ireland, under pressure of se­ctarian power.

Amos. 6.6. Heb. 6.18. Psal. 90.19.

To him who's Mighty, on whom help is layd,
His suffring Members, by his Arme to ayd,
(His Arme, that earst proud Rahab, and the snaike
In peeces cut, and way through waves did make)
That, yet made bare, it may awake, to wound
The Dragons Seed from principles unsound
Which poison spreading and dispersing snares
The lively delineation of whose tenets and course (drawn by the Holy Ghost) may be seen, in the 2 of the 2 Epistle of Peter and in the Epistle of Iud.
The simpler to surprise, by fraud or fears
Unstable souls seduce; from whence (the way
Of Truth blasphem'd) are vexd, from day to day,
The souls of Saints; while men, who mischief frame,
[Page 20]Like raging waves, foame forth their filth and shame.
These the publick enemy of England, and the rod upon the lot of the Righteous, there.
The Publick foe be These, O ENGLAND, These
Shall Tasks enjoyne, and straiten (as they please)
The cords of thy Captivity, at best
These, the covert enemy of Scotland, lying at advan­tage against the Lords Inhe­ritance, here.
The Rods are, on the Righteous-lot that rest.
How-ever bound in Conscience to resent
Their practises, whence doth arise our Rent,
To you, for War, do not our Trumpets sound.

No message but of Peace to Christs suffering members there.

Unanimity and Brotherly as­sociation to be intertained with them in order to the League & Covenant, and prosecution of the ends thereof.

No. Your sad posture doth our Spirits wound,
In order unto which resolv'd we have
With you, and for you, to our League to cleave,
With Charity to All, who pure and clean
To keep their Garments, upon guard have been,
And waiting are, Gods Way and Time to take,
The Yock of bondage from thrald necks to shake,
That both here and there, God may bee feared and the King honoured. 1 Pet. 2.17.
That, (as sweet fruits from these effects) may spring
The Fear of God, and Honour of the King.
In pursuence of these ends, England (in Gods opportuni­ty) upon clear grounds en­couraged to duties.
Awake to duties then; Your eyes be fix'd
Upon these ends. Become shall Ephraim (mix'd
Among the the People) like an unturn'd Cake,
Or heartlesse Dove, discourag'd, faint, and weak?
GOD (doubtlesse) for himself, airl'd (earst) in Thee

1. As a Land long ago arled and owned by Christ, so many faithfull Martyres haveing layed down their lives for him, there.

2. As a Land which hath re­vived the Bargan afresh with Christ, having sworn his Cove­nant and sealed it with so ma­ny lives, sacrificed for it, there.

A Church O England, set from darknesse free,
While at the stake, thy faithfull Martyrs stood
A good Confession, sealing with their blood.
Yea, God the Bargan (yet again) renewd
When that espoused Land, with love pursud,
His Covenant did swear, and at low rate
Did value lives, that Jesus might be great.
[Page 21]Lo! God hath wisely, and to purpose, brought

God hath in wisedom made the enemy in that land be seen in their colours, hath gathered together with arms in their hands and permitted to stur (as he hath set the bounds) for manifesting his own Glory in his Churches deliverance, by their more speedy over­throw, and his fuller executi­on of fury upon them.

God to be waited upon, as One who shall surely gather, and rejoyce the sad hearts of the scattered Remnants of that land, and else where, to whom the reproach of his house is a burden, Zeph: 3.14, 15, 16, 17, 18.

How-ever God hath esta­blished there, for a season a prevailing enemy, for Judge­ment, (even the ruine of that Malingant party that first took the sword against him,) as also for our correction, Hab. 1.12. yet shall the vision speak, and be heard in its apointed time. ibid. 2.3.

Freinds, enemies, the work, Gods glory, as also conditi­onall promiess (as Levit. 26.41. 1 Kings 8.38) haveing all their apointed times, of advan­tage, disadvantage, advance­ment, manifestation and ac­complishment, till the times of all the forsaids meet, none may grudge or complaine of Gods delayes.

It may suffice, that in his hands are the times of his elect, Psal. 31.15. who keeps the best time, and will help right airly. Psal. 46.5.

His foes together, arm'd, for Armes who sought,
And let them out a link, that stir they may,
Yet so as no where, but as He gives way,
Thus shall He in one houre, or day, decide
What else some ages dispute might abide.
Wait on ye then, whose weight is Sions case;
Wait on that Holy One who hides his face
From Jacobs house; sure, He you gather shall,
And tenderly deal with his remnants small.
For our correction, and their overthrow
Who 'gainst him first ingadg'd, hath God this foe
Rais'd up, but heard shall in its season be
The vision. Issu'd forth is the decree.
But friends their fit time, foes their fatall houre,
It's time GODS Glory (from His acts of pow'r)
Their times yea promises conditionall
Have for accomplishment. The work withall
Its time of best advantage hath. Assign'd
To each the proper time is. Till we finde
All in one point to meet, none may complain,
Nor of delayes a jealous thought retain.
Let this suffice, your times are in his hand,
Who from the fire can pluck a kindled brand,
And like a mighty man, rous'd up from sleep,
Shall help right early, and the best time keep.
His Reck'ning from Eternity he laid,
And times, and wayes, and means harmonious made
To bring to passe His Ends; and did foresee
Delayes, which arbitrary were and free,
[Page 22]To his deep wisdome, gainfull. So though (now)
Ye know not what he doth, ere-long to you
His Face he shall unvail. Then make no hast,
Yee, who by faith, on promises can feast,
But patience shew, till God shall give the word,
Which Heaven and Earth to publish shall accord,
Let Colours fly, Drums beat. Gird on your Swords,
Arme, Gallants Arme. The Battell is the LORDS.


BUt duties to enforce, sith words are weak,
And grounds of hops, mens confidence to take,
Till God put to his hand; GREAT KING of Saints,
In whom for THINE nor pow'r nor wisdom wants,
On Thee alone is left, That light divine
May by thy Spirit, to our Watch-men shine,
Keept free and faithfull, Taught the times to know,
By them, that Counsell (seasonably) may flow.
May all our Rulers, singly seek the ends,
Proposd in Covenant with Thee; what tends
To Truths advantage (in their heart acquaint
With Christ,) to prosecute be their intent,
That (self-deny'd) all grounds of jealousies
May perish, (private ends far from their eyes)
And shoulders joining, unto duties prone,
The work may equally be caried on.
Be Souldiers like the Cause, and Spirit given
By God, unto their undertakings eaven.
Profannesse and oppression both be far
[Page 23]From all engadging in this holy War.
Know may aright all Ranks the quarrells spring,
Before him, in their Spirits floorishing,
Not shrinking at supplyes, while all is layd,
And in decision, as the game is playd.
May light break in upon our Soveraignes soul
All Counsell, not for good, that may controul,
To lead him in this Maze, discovering snares,
That grounds are of his danger, of our fears.
That joine he may, in heart, for God, and glad
The Land, our blessing, and our glory made.
Foes be reclaim'd, for whom is purposd good,
Who Peace lay hold on purchased by blood,
But perish all, who principled from hell,
Hold on their way and proudly means repell.
O let thy peoples hearts, (confirmd in faith
Of much good-will) rest chearfull underneath
Thy exercising hand, in confidence
Pursuing duties, that due glory thence
To Thee may rise, to whom all knees shall bow,
And wait with praises, to perform the Vow▪

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