THE SPEECH Of the Right Honourable Sir John Moore, Kt. Lord Mayor Elect, At Guild-Hall, Sept. 29, 1681.

Gentlemen, and Worthy Citizens,

I Give you all my hearty thanks for the great honour you have done me this day, in chusing me your chief Magistrate for the Year ensuing.

It is a very great Trust you have reposed in me; and a high and honourable Employment to which you have called me. It shall be my great Care, to the uttermost of my Power, with God's Blessing, and your Assistance, to discharge it faithfully. It is a Work I never did, and requires that strength I never had, which I hope the Lord will grant me. God by you hath called me to it, and I trust will carry me through it.

Magistracy is an Ordinance set up by Divine Authority, and Government is appointed for the good of Mankind, to keep the World in Order, to which is due great Reverence and Obe­dience; I wish all Men did their Duty.

I am sorry to hear and see such great Divisions amongst us; certainly they are in a great Error that are promoters of them. It's the Design of Rome to divide us; it will be the wisdom of Protestants to prevent and disappoint them, by living together as Brethren in unity amongst themselves. And my Request to you all is, to exercise Christian Charity, to forbear reproach­ing and backbiting one another; to study quietness among your selves, to discourage Sin and Wickedness, to promote Piety and Godliness: which will bring Glory to God, Honour to the King and his Government, Peace, Happiness and Prospe­rity to this City; which God Almighty grant, and let all the People say, Amen.

LONDON, Printed for Jonathan Robinson, at the Golden Lyon in St. Paul's Church-yard, 1681.

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