MERLIN Reviv'd: OR, An Old PROPHECY Lately found in a Manuscript in Pontefract-Castle in York-shire.

MDCL. — 1650.
WHen MDC shall joyn with L,
In England things will not go well;
A Body shall without an Head,
Make all the Neighbouring Nations dread:
The Lyon's Whelps shall banish'd be,
And seek their prey beyond the Sea.
MDCLX. — 1660.
But when that X the rest shall joyn,
Restor'd shall be the Royal Line:
Through England joy shall flow amain,
To see the Lyon's Whelps again.
MDCLXVl. — 1666.
M joyn'd to th' number of the Beast,
Let London then beware the Priest;
Ignatius Brood disguis'd shall burn
The City, and it to Ashes turn:
Then some shall weep, others admire,
To see the Vengeance of the Fire.
MDCLXXX. — 1680.
Ere time two X's more doth add,
Things will in England grow but bad:
Those who before were well content,
Shall moan their folly, and repent.
A Man of Cole shall Plots design,
And with the Jesuits Brood shall joyn;
But the effect they ne're shall see,
But die upon a Triple-Tree.
When Janock and the Truckle-Couch,
With Horse-pride shall the same things vouch,
And when the Valley of the Breast,
Shall help to witness with the rest,
Then Hellish Plots shall be made known,
And th'Arts of wicked Rome be shewn.
The Son of Jane shall first relate,
The Lyes that dying men create:
An Officer to tell his Tale,
In Wooden House shall hither fail:
Through Loop-hole shall a Lawyer look,
And Vulcan's Son shall write a Book:
A Willow to a Field shall change,
And shew things Dangerous and strange.
Then shall a Price be strongly prest,
To buy the Valley of the Breast;
And Mother-Midnight shall declare,
She for Religion will make War.
Janock, shall go nigh to be slain,
And Knockt down in a dirty Lane:
But Janock shall escape at last,
And see the dangers he had past.
Superstition shall have a fall,
Its Trinkets hung out on a Wall:
The Whore of Babylon's Attire,
Shall by the Wall be burnt ith' Fire.
The Lyon to the North shall go,
And the Lov'd-Knight himself shall shew:
Great Joy his sight to some shall bring,
Yet some shall mourn, whilst others sing:
In every place great stir shall be,
Members and Head shall disagree.
The Sun Eclipsed from our sight,
Shall give a weak and sickly light;
The Moon shall be bestain'd with Blood,
And Venus by the Sun be trod.
Then from these three there shall arise
A flaming Meteor in the Skies,
Which shall to England threat much woe,
And down the Miter overthrow.
MDCLXXXII. — 1682.
Ere to the Letters writ before,
Time shall have added two I's more,
Two I's shall rise and shall contend,
And for the Crown their Force shall bend.
A Senate then shall end the strife,
And Atropos shall cut a Life:
Rome then from England fast shall fly,
And Laws shall long imprison'd try:
Under the Ax great men shall bleed,
And others shall at last be freed.
The Church and Crown shall flourish then,
And happy Peace restor'd agen.
The Flower-de-luce shall lose a Stem,
And the Old Eagle loud shall scream:
The Half-Moon shall Victorious grow,
And trample on a Northern Foe:
The Orange shall begin to bear,
Then Hogen to your selves beware:
A Triple-League shall then be made,
And Rome of England be afraid:
And he who lives till Eighty Three,
All this to come to pass shall see,

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