The Mending of a Clause in the Bill relating the Irish Forfei­tures, that Cuts off Remain­ders and Reversions, expectant on Forfeited Estates Intail; Humbly offered to the Conside­ration of the Honourable the House of Commons.

THE Clause in the Bill that Cuts off Remainders and Reversions, Expectant upon Forfeited Estates Intail, is so worded, that this Case may happen; as really it has: The King Seiz'd of an Estate, which the Forfeiting Person had Intail; the Forfeiting Person Died some Years ago without Issue, whereby the King's Estate Determined (being Intitled to no greater Estate than the Forfeiting Person had): He in Remain­der Recovered against the King, and has since Sold or Settled the Lands on Valua­ble Consideration: Yet by this Clause the Estate that Determined so long since in the King, is now to Revive and be Revested in Him; and the Remainder or Reversion that came in Possession, and was after Sold or Settled as aforesaid, is to be Cut off and Discharged. Therefore it is Humbly Hoped, that this Clause will be Confined to such Estates Intail, now in Esse, by Virtue whereof the King is Seized or Intitled.

The Mending of a Clause, in the Bill relating to Irish Forfei­tures, that Cuts off Remain­ders and Reversions expectant on Forfeited Estates Intail, Humbly offered to the Consi­deration of the Honourable the House of Commons.

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