IF the measure of my sufferings under the creuel hands of unreasonable men, be finished in this noysome pri­son by the laying down of my life, (in obedience to the Lord that hath called me out of the way of sinners) by reason of my tedious, unwholsome, and cruel sufferings this 12. months in this little filthy hole, which if at large were declared it might appear to be much, that my life, (and others) hath been preserved to this day, but if not much longer; this I declare for truths sake, & desire to have laid before the eies of the chief Rulers of this Nation, that none hereafter may say, that lb ought these cruel sufferings upon my self, or that by negligence or wilfulness I was the occasion of my own death as it was said of Iames Parnel; for I was travelling towards London with goods upon lawful occasions, and forth of an Inn about the 10th. hower of the night, was I taken with a Warrant, and no man charged any thing against me but Iohn Bunkly in his Mittimus falsely writ several misdemeanors, but never proved in the least: and at an Assises after, by Judge Windham was I committed to the house of Correction, until I engage to go home, whose business then lay from home at London. And a free man born in the Nation I am, and also for my liberty in it from such cruel tyranny, have served 8. years in the late war at Sea, who sometime was a Captain of a Friggot at Sea; and since I was a Prisoner thus unjustly here, I have with the rest of my dear brethren with me, de­clared in Print, in a book tituled, The fruits of unrighteousness, brought forth by Ioh. Bunkly, who unjustly committed 3. of us into prison, when he was in a passion as he confest: that we are ready to submit to all the lawes of the Nati­on either actively or passively, & desire to know by what law I am kept here, and have not been wanting to use any means lawful in the sight of God, for my liberty out of this stinking place, but nothing hath prevailed upon the hard­ned hearts of the sons of men; who though they keep us in close prison, to have us engage to go home, or out of the County, yet Wil. Bayly born in the county, (committed in one Mittimus with me & also Hum. Smith) could not ob­tain liberty from Justice nor Jayler to go home, which is out of the County, when his Father dyed, & one of his own three small motherless children not well.

Therefore let all people that fear the Lord, take notice how unmercifuly they deal with him & the rest, & with me, who have been sick many dayes (or weeks) & am now waxed very weak by reason of the cruel sufferings my bo­dy hath here endured, and my soul (with the rest of my dear friends) grieved by most barbarous wicked common drunken swearing prisoners, & our bodies dayly abused by them, and condemned persons, and beaten, and like to be murthered by such as one of them said he was for the King so long as he lived, & termed the States service at Sea pira­cie under whose cruel hands it is most unreasonable we should be kept: & a most filthy beastly woman Jayler setting them on, and hath also lockt a rude bawling madman into the hoal where we are, on purpose to do me what mischief she could, which man soon devoured what I had to nourish my body when I was sick and weak; and frinds were lockt up also that they could not get more [...]or me; and the noyse of the madman did me much more hurt, then the want of water or nourishment; for my body which now lyeth in a filthy hoal, in a weak condition upon the ground with straw, where they were used to put condemned persons, and where we have long wanted room to lie one by another, being a hoal more fit for swine, where the spewing and piss of the drunken prisoners that lie above us, have com­monly come down where we lie, and on our faces in the night, and on our food as we were eating: and most noysome stinks and filthy scents have I suffered, by being shut up in it close prisoner ten months, having no place for ayre, but in a smoaky filthy close place, where for four months I cannot see the sun, which place is as a dunghil, or common place of filth for all the prison, and much more the like, or worse may be writ of it.

Out of which bonds and inhumane sufferings, I do claim my right and freedome in the nation, which I & the rest of my dear suffering friends have so dearly purchased, and also paid tribute, sesements and taxes, & yet of law & liberty we are deprived; having not in the least spake or done any thing worthy of death or of bonds, if I had, less then 12. months imprisonment satisfieth the law in many things, though nothing but blood, nor that neither will satisfie the cruel wills of men, under whose tyranny upon the Lord I wait to be releast, with the rest of my brethren seven in number, who innocently do suffer, but if not, my life I give up into the will of him whose it is that redeems the soul out of bondage, & let them by whom I thus suffer & them who may release me, & the rest, and will not, take heed of innocent blood.

Anthony Melledg.

Iames Potter imprisoned and nothing proved against him, was by judge Nichols, fined five pound to the late Protecto [...] for wearing his hat, and hath been a prisoner almost 2 years.

Elizabeth Streeter imprisoned from her sucking child, and fined five pound for speaking some words of truth to a Priest in the high way, and 2 of her husbands servants imprisoned by Rob. Reynolds (who also com­mitted her) contrary to law and never yet brought to any tryal.

Close-Prisoners in the common Jayl and house of Correction at Winchester.
  • Will. Bayly.
  • Humphery Smith.
  • Athony Melledg.
  • Richard Baker.
  • Iames Pottar.
  • Will. Baker.
  • Elizabeth Streeter.

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