An Achrostickal EPITAPH ON

SighSeriousSisters Valiant Sprague here lies,
IoveIustlyIudges, this same Sacrifice
RunsRude andRashly, sans Hyperbolies.
ExquisiteEmblem ofEternal Worth
DrawnDry byDeath; thy Vertue did shew forth
WitWorth andWisdom; all conjoyn'd in one.
AllArtsAssisting are to thee alone.
ReasonRulesRightly, Everlasting Fame
Doth hereDeclare andDignifie thy Name.
SeraphickSprague!Sublime in every part.
Prowess withPrudencePre-commandeth Art.
RenownedRock,Rich Relick of our days;
ArtsAncientArtist, far surpassing Praise:
GreatGood andGlorious, thy Triumphant Fate
ƲnlikelyWas,Ʋs, thus, to antedate:
EarthsEmperor,Expired is of late.
But stay my Muse, thou had'st almost forgot
Our Modern Hero; oh, forget him not:
Lend us a tear or two, if thou canst cry
And usher forth, to us, an Elegy.
Neptune thou'rt churlish, for to make his Grave
Within th' imposthum'd Bubble of a Wave:
Whil'st Thetis kinder, did his Corps translate
Ʋnto our Shore, to stigmatize thy hate:
To shew how much in Envy you excel;
Thou'lt in thy Orb, admit no parallel.
The Deep-mouth'd Cannon, hath him oft frobore,
Thy Billows, are more fatal, when they rore,
Like full mouth'd Hypocrites, it all destroys,
And so the deepest Waters, make least noise.
Then to lament in brave Heroick Verse,
Hang these dull Pendants on his Funeral Herse.
Farewell Brave Sprague, thy Tragick Fate exacts
Tears tumbling from our Eyes, in Catarracts:
By whose impetuous Torrents, Earth shall be
Disrob'd of Verdant Nature's Tapestry.
E. M.

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