A Brief NARRATIVE OF The Success which the Gospel hath had, among the INDIANS, OF Martha's-Vineyard (and the Places Adjacent) in NEW-ENGLAND With Some Remarkable Curiosities, concerning the Numbers, the Customes, and the present Cir­cumstances of the INDIANS on that Island.

Further Explaning and Confirming the Ac­count given of those matters, by Mr. Cotton Mather in the Life of the Renowned Mr. Iohn Eliot.


Whereto is added, An Account concerning the Present State of CHRISTIANITY among the Indians, in other Parts of New-England: Expressed in the Letters of several Worthy Persons, best Acquainted therewithall.

Boston in N. E. Printed by Bartholomew Green, Sold by Michael Perry, under the Exchange, 1694.

TO HIS EXCELLENCY Sir. William Phipps Knight. Captain General and Governour in Chief of the Province of the Massa­chusett-Bay, in New-England. TO THE HONOURABLE William Stoughton Esq Lieutenant Governour. TO Major GENERAL, Wait Winthrop Esq To the Reverend, Increase Mather, Praesident of Harvard Colledge. AND To the Reverend, Charles Morton, Pastor of the Church in Charlestown.

SHOULD I not make Honourable men­tion of Your Names, for Your conti­nual Care of, and Inspection into, the Great Work of Civilizing the Indians, and Promoting the Work for their Conversion: and the hope of future incouraging the Preach­ing of the Gospel, to such who as yet are [Page] Strangers to the God of Israel; I should be justly condemnable. I have in the insuing Scrole, presented to the World a True Narra­tive, though Short, of the Beginning, Progress and Present State of the Indians on Martha's Vineyard and Islands Adjacent, and Places on the Mainland to them relating, respecting their Conversion. That I have not spoken of other parts of New England, may be justly Excused; since I have Written little more than what is of my own knowledge: of other places I must have presumed from report. Of the Calumnies cast on the Indian Professors, I have in the discourse presented to Your view, (as in other things) spoken briefly, which I hope will be some Satis­faction to You. I shall only desire of You, that incouragement might be given to some English, or Indian, Spirited for such Service (humbly conceiving an Indian most probably like to effect the same) to visit the Indians, bordering on New England; who might carry to them the glad Tydings of the Gospel; but since I may not doubt Your Prudence, in this as in other Your weighty Affaires; I shall not add to this, but Subscribe



HAving among many things, worthy of notice in the Precedent Discourse, omitted some Remarkables, of the Indian Converse with Infernal Spirits; I thought meet to briefly touch some things therein Remarkable: and to insert a Narra­tive of the Decease of a Prince, memorable for his forsaking his People, for the sake of Christ, and his return with happy Success in Pro­selyting his Subjects, to the Worship of God in Christ. This I find Written on the out side of a Book, in the Library of Mr. John May­hew deceased: which please to take as fol­loweth.

Of Powaws or Persons improving the In­fernal Spirits to Effect their intended Mali­cious harms: I can inform of a Converted Sachim; who in his Publick Protestation, said as followeth. Viz. That he having often imployed his god, which appeared to him in form of a Snake, to Kill, Wound, and Lame such whom he intended mischief to, he im­ployed the said Snake to Kill, and that failing to [Page 44] Wound or Lame Hiacooms the first Convert on Martha's Vineyard; all which proved ineffectual, and having seriously considered, the said Hia­combs Assertion, that none of the Powaw's could hurt him, since his God, whom he now Served was the Great God, to whom theirs was subservient; he resolved to worship the true God, from which time during Seven years, the said Snake gave him great disturbance, but that he never after his Praying to God in Christ, ever imployed that said Snake in any thing, which about that time ceased to appear to him.

I can also inform, of an Indian Powaw, who although he was not accounted Reli­gious, yet said, he was a Christian, who be­ing questioned by some English of such mat­ters reported of him, acknowdedged, that de­signing to Kill by Witchcraft a certain Indian who accidentally lodged in the house with him and his Brother, while he went out to inchant an Hair, his brother who before lay from, now contrary to his knowledge lay next to the fire, it being their then custom to ly bare-back't to the fire; he when he came in, nothing doubting but that it was his E­nemy, directed the inchanted hair to the back of his supposed Enemy, which immediately [Page 45] entering his body, killed him; but in the morning it proved to be his brother. The thing was well known; and this Powaw seem­ed with great remorse and sorrow to ac­knowledge the same to such of our English who inquired of him, concerning that mat­ter.

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