Come, and behold (a thing most true,)
The Quakers, how they do pursue;
With Daggers Points, GOD's holy Word,
It to destroy, with one Accord.
Lo! how it breaks their Daggers keen,
And makes those Monsters to be seen.
True and Righteous are THY Judgments
[bible pierced by swords]
Who will not Fear THEE, and
Reverence THY WORD?

The Third Edition Corrected with some Additions.

This Note is (in this Impression) here placed, and added at the Request of Mr. John Pennyman; who (in his pri­vate Fast, Jan. 30. 1650.) was conver­ted from his vain Conversation [only and Alone] by reading of the Scriptures, which may be seen more at large in the Book of his Life, p. 2, 3, 4.

Of the Quakers Despising the Holy Scriptures. As appears in their Preachers printed BOOKS, as follows; Collected in the fear of the LORD, for no other end, but to move the QUAKERS to get all their Errors retracted, and to Caution all others against them.

BY calling the Scriptures, the Rule, and the Word, (says George Fox their first and great Apostle) have all Men run into their Senses, into Confusion: G. Fox's Gr. Myst. p. IT's Blasphemy to say the Letter is the Word of God, it is the Devil that contends for the Scriptures, to be the Word of God. G. Fox Myst. p. 246. Lawson's untaught Teacher, p. 2.. IN NO SENSE, can the Scriptures properly be called The Word of God: J. Naylor's Answ. to the Jews, p 22.25..

TO say that the Scriptures is the Word of Truth is a Lye. John Whitehead's and R. Ruckhill [...]s Qua­ker Refuge, p. 17..

THEY are blind Sots, and evil Beasts, that say the Scriptures are the Written Word of God. And that thou callest the Word (in the Scripture) which is Death and killeth, &c. GOD does not speak in the Scripture. LET shame cover the Faces of those rotten filthy Dreamers, that say the Scriptures are a Means whereby Faith is wrought: G. Whitehead, &c. Ishmael, &c. p. 12. &c.. HOW can, or dare any to say without the highest Blasphemy, that the Scripture is the Word of GOD? Geo. Bishop's Mene Tekel, p. 22..

WE Quakers meet not to read the Scriptures, R. Barclay's Works p. 12.. FOR they are imperfect Copies, W. Penn's Invali­dity of J. Faldo's Vindi­cation, p. 77.. WHICH Transcriptions and Translations were they never so certain, and entirely answering to their first original Copies, yet are not capable to be (to all Men) any other than a Lesbian Rule, or a Nose of Wax. Samuel Fisher's Works, p. 752.. THE Scriptures not the Saints Rule. Idem p. 460. W. Penn's Inv. p. 69..

WHETHER Moses, or Hermes, was the first Pen-man of them, and whether both these are not one, or whether there are not many words contained in the Scriptures, which were not spoken by Inspiration of the Holy Ghost; whether some Words were not spoken by the Grand Impostor, some by wicked Men, some by wise Men ill applied, some by good Men ill expressed, some by false Prophets, and yet true, some by true Prophets and yet false. John Whitehead, &c. above p. 17..

Qr. HOW it may be known assuredly, uncontrolably, and in­fallibly, that the Scripture is at all of GOD, and not a cunning devised Fable and Invention of Men, S. Fisher's Addit. Append. p. 21.. YET the Scriptures are much like the shadow of the true rule, W. Penn's Spirit of Truth vin. p. 38.. BEING Parables to all the World, but are no Parable to us Quakers.Ja. Parnel's Shield of Truth, p. 10. &c. FOR not a Jot, or Tittle of them, can be understood without Immediate Revelation. W. Penn's Inval. p. 43.47..

IT was not a Bible, but Christ, that the Saints Preached to bring People to Repentance. Truth vindicated by John Petman and Jasper Bat, p. 45..

HE that saith the Letter is Light, is in Darkness, and Blindness, and is a Deceiver, seeking the Living among the Dead: James Parnel's Shield, &c. p. 10. &c..

THE cursed Serpent is in the Letter, Geo. Fox's Truth Def. p. 102. which is Earthly, and Carnal, Death, Beastly Ware, Ink, and Paper; so Dust is the Serpents Meat, their original is Dust, Hebrew, Greek, and Latin, which is the Letter. So these Serpents feed upon Dust, which feed upon these carnal Things, and their Gospel is Dust, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, which is the Letter which killeth: G. Fox. Saul's Er­rand, p. 7. and his News out of the North, p. 14. and his Truth Def. p. 14.45, 102.. SO that Faith in the History of Christ's outward Manifestation, has been a deadly Poyson, these latter Ages has been infected with: W. Penn's Quake­rism a new nick Name, &c. p. 6. &c..

THE Scriptures are the attire of the Whore, or false Church, which brings none to know God, and Christ. Fran. Howgil's Works, p. 211. and S. Crisp's Prim. p. 23.. BUT the Gospel, that we [Quakers] Preach, we neither received of Man nor from Man, but by Immediate Revelation: R. Barckley's Works, p. 13.. WE are taught of Gods Spirit immediately without Means, Tool, or Instrument: L. Richardson to Bennet, p. 42. printed 1664. and Step. Crisp's Sermons, p. 13. 1694.. THE Law written in our Hearts, which to us is an Absolute Rule: Truth vind. by J. Petman &c. [...]bove p. 45.. Therefore we are not to obey any Command in Scripture before the Spirit in us, [not our own Spirits] first move thereto, no not to Prayer, and giving God Thanks, with our Hats off, before Dinner or Family Prayer, or catechizing Children or Servants: Ed. Burrough's Works, p. 47. Is. Pening­ton's Exam. p. 81. John Petm. &c. above, p. 31..

FOR the Scriptures are not the Saints Rule, of knowing God, and liv [...]ng unto him: Christ. Atkinson, Sword of the Lord drawn, &c. p. 2.. THE Spirit is our only and alone Rule: Ed. Burrough ever­lasting Gospel, p. 47.18.. OF Faith, Guide of Life, and Judge of Controversies: W. Penn's Inv. p. 69. &c.. NOTHING else must teach (in our Meetings) nothing else judge, &c. Not to trust Paul, nor Peter, who err'd, but the Spirit cannot err: Is. Penington Ex­amin. p. 85.. THE which infallible Spirit, or Light, that every Man hath, being turned to it, will (without the Scriptures) lead all Men out of Delusion: G. Fox Myst p. 168. AND we affirm, that our giving forth Papers, or printed Books, it is from the Immediate Eternal Spirit of God: G. Fox, and R. Hubberthorn's Truth defen. p. 104.. SO that what is spoken from the Spirit of Truth, in any, is of as great Authority, as the Scriptures, and Chapters are, and GREATER: W. Penn, and G. Whitehead's Serious Apology, p. 49. G. W. Truth Def. p. 7..

WHICH Spirit, is the Light that every Man is born with: G. Fox Myst. p. 20. 209.. AND this Light we take to be the Grace of God, which taught Christ's Apostles to deny Ungodliness, Tit 2. 11. (Because our learned Preacher W. Penn, says,) there is no Natural Light in Man, and that it's Natural to Man to have a Supernatural Light. W. Penn's Primi­tive Christianity, p. 15.30.. AND tho our Opposers say, that the Light we were born with, is only some natural Reason, or Understanding common to all Men, both Jews and Gentiles, yet we believe them not, for we hold it sufficient, (if obeyed) to Salvation without any thing else. G. Whitehead's Antidote, p. 28. He­resie and Hatred by G. K. p. 1.. AND tho our Opposers blame us for denying the Scriptures to be our Rule, yet we make use of the Scriptures to answer them, not that we make them our Rule, and Touchstone instead of the Spirit: Geo. Whitehead's Apostate Incend. p. 14..

AND now our Opposers have found that our printed Books agree not with the Scriptures, we tell them [A. Lie] viz. That we have always readily offered, and submitted our Words and Wri­tings to the Testimony of H. Scripture. G. Whitehead's Switch, p. 229.. YET we would not meet See. G. Keith's Four Narratives. G. K. in publick these Four Years, because he saith he will prove us fal­lible Men, which we, cannot bear, though we grant that Samuel, Elijah, Elisha, and others, had failings, but what is that to us. Geo. Whitehead's Switch, p. 497.. FOR we can now, otherwise word the Matter, tho our Intentions be the same, as we have done in our new Confessions of Faith; but our Opposers think we are not sincere, while we cloak the Errors in our Books. Geo. Whitehead's counterfeit Convert. p. 72..

AND our Opposers see, that our new Creeds are quite contrary to our ancient Books, and continue blaming us, when we tell them (viz.) our Principles are now no other than what they were, when we were first a People. Joseph Wyeth's Primitive Christiani­ty, with other Books of their Heresies that might be mentioned. THUS their Preachers can keep none in Igno­rance except their Hearers.

Objection, If any say, this Man has not given full Quotations out of our Books, though he may have given the Sense of them.

Answer, My designed Method, (says W. Penn) is not the common Road of printing my Adversaries Words at large, on all Occasions, &c. Serious Apol. p. 79.

☞ Note, that whereas the Quakers finding that Christ is called the word of GOD in Scripture, therefore they will not allow the Holy Scriptures to be called the Word of GOD, nor the Sermons truly preached from it; though the Quakers frequently called their own Writings, The word of GOD, and the word of the LORD.G. Fox Vials of Wrath, &c. p. 7.1654 p. 9. and p. 12. and in The way to the King­dom, printed 1655. p. 14. and in his se­veral Papers, &c. p. 62. Then

1. I ask them, how some of Old made the word of GOD of none effect? Mark 7. 13. They could not so use Christ. 2. How the Corinthians corrupted the word of GOD? 2 Cor. 2.17. 3dly. How the Devil could take the word of GOD out of Peoples Hearts? Luke 8.11.

Lastly, I desire such Quakers as have Eyes, to see whither their Teachers Books agree with the Holy Scriptures or no, and let them well consider, Matt. 6.23. If therefore the Light that is in thee, be Darkness, how great is that Darkness.

W. Mather (of Bedford) who was a Quaker above Forty Years, but is now returned to Christianity.

The Quakers did not only write and speak contemptuously of the Scriptures formerly, but also one of their Ancient Friends, viz. M. Tucker did actually and publickly burn the BIBLE against Breadstreet Church: She was Servant to Mr. Rayman a Barber, who then lived in that Street, and now lives in Queenstreet in Cheapside, who has often testified the Truth of this Relation.

Note Reader, the Printed Sheet published by some Quakers (but without any Name) called, The great Calumny of the Quakers despising the Holy Scriptures, is throughout impudently Fallacious; first in charging the Quotations taken out of the Quakers Books, to be unjustly perverted, and con­fusedly curtailed and crouded, which yet are most truly and fairly given, and represented (excepting some small Errata of the Print now corrected;) 2dly, In their giving Quotations out of their own Books, curtailed on purpose to hide their Errors. 3dly, In passing by the most offensive and scan­dalous Quotations, given out of the Quakers Books, without any reply either to justifie or blame them. 4thly, They still deny the Scriptures to be the Word of GOD, and rule of Faith, and assert the Quakers Infallibility.

LONDON, Reprinted for B. Aylmer, at the Three Pidgeons in Cornhill, and C. Br [...], at the Gun, at the West End of St. Paul's Church-yard. 1700.

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