A SOBER WARNING TO PEOPLE That they may Regard the WORK of the LORD.

AS I was pondering in my Mind of the Work and Wonders of the Lord, and of his great Power and Might, my Spirit was bowed, and my Heart was broken and tendered within me, and I said in my self, Are the People so Blind! Are they all so Dark and Ignorant and void of Ʋnderstanding, that they cannot be awakened, to see and behold the Works and Wonders of the Lord! Or do they see, and are they not Affected therewith, nor Humbled therefore, nor Afflicted thereunder, as my Spirit hath been this Day: Considering how that the Lord doth seem, in divers places, to take away the Fruits and Encrease of the Earth; even the staff of Bread, in some measure, the good and benefit thereof, by the continued Rain, and unsea­sonable Weather in the time of Corn-harvest, and gathering in of the Fruits and In­crease of the Year, giving us to see with our Eyes, and not to taste thereof, and how justly may he send want and scarcity, and cleanness of Teeth, instead of plenty and fulness, because of the Waste, Excess, and Abuse of his good Creatures, both by Rich and Poor. For how have the Rich and Full wasted and destroyed them, in Eating and Drinking Excessively; and, through the ill use of strong Drink, often abuse both themselves and others also. And what Unthankfulness and Ingratitude hath been in many of the Poor unto God, for his Mercies and Blessings bestowed upon them? And what Pride and High-mindedness hath abounded in many places, seeking to Exceed and Excel one another therein; as if this were their Crown and Glory, setting up their Head-attires at such a height, as hath not been understood from former Ages, nor known in a great part of this Age, in the Country in which we Live? And may we not truly say, See and behold the Crown of Pride, exalted in a great Measure, above what heretofore, so that the next Generation can scarce­ly exceed this, as these have done them that were before them; and what Light­ness and Vanity, Laughter and Unseasonable and Unprofitable Discourse is used and practised amongst Men, reputed Wise in the World, and how common are Idle Words, and Evil Communication amongst the most of People, and what frequent and customary taking God's Holy Name in vain, without all fear or re­verence; the seeing thereof many time is a grief and trouble to tender Consciences. Oh! That People would be wise to consider their latter End, and the shortness and uncertainty of their time here, and mind and consider the Afflicting Hand of God upon some, and his severe Judgments upon others; and for that several are taken away by short and sudden Death, as in a moment, in the twinkling of an Eye; how should these things move and provoke People to fear and dread the Lord that made them, and continually stand in awe of him; for none of these things come to pass without him, either in doing of them, or in suffering them to be done, and that in Judgment or in Mercy; in Judgment to the Wicked and Rebellious that do not Repent and forsake their Evil ways and doings; but in Mercy unto his Chil­dren and People that Love, Fear, and Serve him in Sincerity, and with an upright Heart. O that People would be awakened, and not spend their precious Time in Pride, Vanity, and Lightness, in Joaking and Jesting, without Fear and without Understanding; Seeing the Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom, and a good Ʋnderstanding have all they that depart from Evil, Job 28. and 28. which that ma­ny may so do, is the all-desire of him, who is,

A Well-wisher to the whole Creation, and a Lover of Souls, Thomas Layths.

London, Printed and Sold by T. Sowle, in White-Hart-Court in Gracious-street, 1696.

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