And how the Papists for Treachery and Hy­pocrisie shall at last become hated, and con­temned by all Nations.

Here are likewise some of the eminent Prophecies of that most Learned Mathematician and Prophet Michael Nostre­damus, concerning England and France, and those strange occurrences which are likely to happen to both those Countreys in these later dayes, with an Account of some of the Prophecies of Michael Nostredamus which have been ful­filled here in England already.

Lather's Motto Writ by himself, ‘Pestis eram vivens, moriens ero Mors tua Papa.’

Licensed, May 7. 1 [...]79.

LONDON, Printed for W.W.

Dr. Martin Luther's Prophecies of the Destruction of Rome, and the Downfall of the Romish Religion.

TO waste much time in the needless Commendati­on of that Learned, and Pious Reformer, Dr. Mar­tin Luther, would be as great an Impertinence as that of the young Rhetorician's, who spent three hours in an elaborate Declamation on the refulgency of the glorious Sun-beams. They are both so apparent to any Rational or Inquisitive Creature, that it would be but a Tau­tologie to applaud them; we daily enjoy the inestimable be­nefit of either: for as the one delivered us from that uncom­fortable darkness which first brooded on the primitive Chaos, and hatcht nothing but Confusion; so the other like a Friendly Pillar of Divine Light, kindly conducted us out of those dangerous paths of Superstition, and Idolatry, which would have led us into everlasting Destruction.

But if after all those mighty obligations he has done all the Reformed Churches in Europe, there should any one yet remain bruitishly ignorant of his Virtues and Indowments, I shall in a word acquaint them who this Luther was.

1. It was he who (if I may speak it with reverence) like our Saviour had the honour to be prophesied of before he was born; and this even the Romans themselves cannot deny, since their own Histories acquaint us that one John Hilton a person they themselves held in great veneration for piety and gift of Prophecie, wrote thus almost a hundred years before Luther had declared himself against the Church of Rome. Much about the year 1516. the Mysterie of Vngodliness shall begin to be discovered, and the Son of Righteousness shine forth in the Truth of the Gospel, and Popery shall in Germany, and other parts of the World then receive a Sudden Declension. This [Page 2] Prophecie was certainly fulfilled by Laither who appeared at that time against Rome, and in spite of all her then domineer­ing Tyranny gave her a greater blow than ever she received either before or since.

2. It was he of whom the Martyr John Hus on that day he suffered at Constance said; You now roast a Goose (for so Hus signifies) but one hundred years hence you shall hear a Swan sing, whom you shall not be able neither to roast, nor overcome.

3. It was he who was graced with the Honourable title of Master of Arts at twenty years of Age. 'Twas he who whilest he was perusing certain Books in the Library of the Colledge of Orphord happened to meet with a Copy of the Latin Bible, which he never had seen before, and having to his great admiration observed there were more Evangelical and Apostolical Texts in it than were suffered to be read open­ly in Churches, he thereupon set himself to the Translating of the five Books of Moses, and afterwards finished both them and the remainder of the Old and the New Testament, which was by some Popish Bishops and Priests forbid to be read to the People. In fine, it was Dr. M. Luther whom God in his infinite wisdom raised, and furnished with a sufficient portion of Care, Courage and Learning to Inspect and Detect the damnable Superstition and Idolatry of the Church of Rome, which he resolutely performed, notwithstanding all the Threats and Dangers he knew he was to go through if he persisted in so doing. And lastly it was he to whom Ger­many, Denmark, Bohemia and most of the Protestant Churches in the world are in a great measure beholding for their glorious Reformation.

Thus much I thought fit to premise, that the most scrupu­lous Reader may less wonder that the Almighty should entrust this worthy Champion of the now Reformed Religion with the Spirit of Prophecie which he was pleased to exercise on himself, saying some weeks before he Dyed, When I return to Wittemberg, I will be lodged in a Coffin, and will render to the worms a fat Luther to feed on; and so it sell out, for within two dayes after he came thither he dyed, but a little before his Expiration call'd for Pen and Ink, and wrote this following Verse, [Page 3] Pestis eram vivens, moriens ero mors tua Papa.’ Which Melancthon, one of his dear Friends, taking as a pro­phetick rapture, turned into a Distick of the same mean­ing: Thus,

Qui fuit dum vixit tua pestis (Papa) Lutherus,
Hic tibi causa, suo funere, mortis erit.

Both of which may be thus paraphrastically turned into En­glish:

As Luther Living was Romes plague, so shall
Her Fall be caus'd by his mourn'd Funeral.

But long before this Luther was observ'd by all the Students at Wittemberg to be endowed with the Spirit of Prophecie which he frequently committed to posterity, the greatest part of which were in presaging the Dissolution of those two grand temporal enemies of truth and Religion, the Turk and the Pope.

Concerning the later of which, in Luther Colloq. p. 328. he thus prophesieth, The Pope must fall and Popery with him, since it is downright Blasphemy to hold as he does, viz. that the final cause of the Institution of Humane Traditions, is the true Service and worship of God: and that it is necessary to salvation; contrary to that of St. Paul, If either we or an Angel from Heaven preach any other Doctrine to you than what we have preached, let him be accursed.

In another Prophecie Luther thus Inferreth the Popes Downfall. Idem pag. 312. Antichrist, sayes he, must fall, and it plainly appears that the Pope is the true Antichrist, because those that transgress his Decrees or violate his Statutes are far more vigorously and severely punished than those who offend the Laws of God, which is a palpable exalting of himself above the Almighty, and therefore he is most properly called Antichrist, &c.

Again says Luther, the Pope must and shall fall by reason the blindness of the Popelins is so great and horrible that they hold the Reconciliation of the Living (which though they pretend is a Sacrifice) yet all their Canonists, School-Divines and Pulpit preachers utterly disapprove it.

And in another place he predicts the Papal overthrow thus, The Pope sayes he, must fall, for that like a right Jew he boasteth to enjoy by Christ a Temporal Kingdom, he alone [Page 4] will have all the Power, and Authority, he will rule and Determine all Councils, and incroach upon them under the Name of Christ. If one should have deslowred the Virgin Mary, or Crucified Christ, yet the Pope for money would undertake to pardon and forgive the same. Therefore his Dominion is but short and will be brought to ruine according to the time signified by the number of the Beast, in the thirteenth of the Revelations. Page 306.

Again saith he, Popedom must fall, for that it hath been alwayes managed by wicked persons and correspondent to the impiety of their Doctrine: for as the Creator is in this case, such must be the Creature. Pope Alexander was a Moran, that is a Baptized Jew, he believed nothing at all; he had a Concubine called Lucretia to whom he after espoused his own Son. The Pope that succeeded him was so great an Enemy to him, that he caused all the Windows, Gates, Doors, &c. whereon his Name or Armes were fixed, to be demolish­ed or pulled down. When God speaketh the word, [Rome be de­stroy'd and lye in Ashes; Pope come down from your Throne,] the word of God will be obeyed and must be immediately brought to pass: L. Colloqu. 302.

Pride, again saith Luther, must undoubtedly have a Fall, and consequently so must the Pope.

Another of his remarkable prophecies to the same purpose is exprest (in Lu. time p. 314.) to this effect. The Pope and his accomplices presuming on their great power that they shall never fall, do thereby hasten their fall; and God will overthrow him, and that suddenly, if our own Secureness, and contempt of Gods word does not hinder it: Let us pray therefore that the same misfortunes they design us, may light on their own heads: they have Burned, Hanged, Drowned and Banished those that were amongst us, they will in no wise be recalled from their Devilish Practises.

To conclude, we have great hopes these Prophecies of Lu­ther may accordingly come to pass, as well as some others of his prediction have been accomplished already (though upon other occasions) as plainly appears in his Tom. 2. Epist. p. 10. & 207. where he foretold the Combustion which arose in [Page 5] Germany: as likewise the Death of Frederick Elector of Saxo­ny, Tom. 2. Epist. p. 10. he also in the same Book prophesied the Dearth or Famine which happened in Germany according to his prediction. And now I shall detain you no longer about this Excellent person, but only present you with a small Manuscript written by his own hand, and not unproperly called,

The Generation of Theological Corruption; or a Pedigree of Popish Principles.

THE Devil begat Darkness, Darkness begat Ignorance, Igno­rance begat Errour and his Brethren; Errour begat Free­will and Presumption, out of Self conceit; Free will begat Merit, Merit begat Forgetfulness of God, Forgetfulness of God begat Transgression, Transgression begat Superstition, Superstition begat Satisfaction, Satisfaction begat Oblation of the Mass, the Oblati­on of the Mass begat Ʋnction, Ʋnction begat the Priest, the Priest begat Mischief, Mischief begat Misbelief, Misbelief begat Hypo­crisie, Hypocrisie begat Trading with Offerings for gain, Trading begat Purgatory, Purgatory begat yearly solemn Vigils, yearly Vigils begat Church-Livings, Church Livings begat Mammon, Mammon begat Superfluity, Superfluity begat Excess, Excess begat Rage, Rage begat Licentiousness, Licentiousness begat Dominion, Dominion begat Pomp, Pomp begat Ambition, Ambition begat Si­mony, Simony begat the Pope and his Brethren; the Pope begat the Mysterie of Iniquity, the Mysterie of Iniquity begat Sophistical Divinity, Sophistical Divinity begat rejecting of the Holy Scri­ptures, the rejecting of the Holy Scriptures begat Tyranny, Tyranny begat Murdering of Saints, Murdering of Saints begat Abomina­tion, Abomination begat Desolation, Desolation begat Anguish, Anguish begat Questioning, Questioning begat the searching out the Grounds of Truth; out of which the Pope, called Antichrist, is Revealed. Ex Luthers Prophecies pag. 12.

I Shall now according to my Title, give you a brief account of Mich. Nostredamus, and then present you with some of his Prophecies which particularly concern England and France.

He was Born in St. Remy a Town in Provence on the four­teenth of Decemb. 1503. he was bred up in all the Learning in France, and having betaken himself to the Study of Phy­sick, grew so excellent therein, that at last he became Physi­tian to three successive Kings of that Countrey. I shall give my self the less trouble to demonstrate to the Reader that this learned person was endowed with the Spirit of Prophe­cie, because I could instance above a thousand Prophecies of his which have already come to pass: but before I give you one or two which concerned our Nation as an Instance; I shall give you the Judgement of one of the greatest wits in our last age who in brief sayes thus,

God Almighty has chosen out Mich. Nostredamus to impart to the world many prodigious and extraordinary things which shall happen for the Future: again sayes he, next the Apostles, and Canonical Prophets, Nostredamus is to be preferred before any other in these four things; viz. in the Certainty, the In­fallibility, in the Generality and Quantity of his predicti­ons, of which here's an example, written as he did all his other, in old Law French, of which I shall only give the be­ginning, and then set you down the English of them.

Trente de Londres secret—

Englished thus,

Thirty of London shall conspire against their King;
The Plot shall be made on London-Bridge.

What could appear more perfect in number, place and sub­stance, to any one that can remember the Plotters against King Charles the First of blessed Memory, whose Conspiracy was contrived at the Bear on the Bridge foot: this he foretold al­most a hundred years before it came to pass: he also prophe­sied that a King of England should appear on a Scaffold without his Doublet; that he should be taken off; and that in [Page 7] the place where he was to be beheaded, another had been killed three dayes before; all which Circumstances were sad­ly made true by the Lamented Catastrophe of that most pi­ous Monarch and Martyr.

I shall now proceed to those Prophecies which as yet are unaccomplished, Pag. 231. 5.—A quarante huit dei [...], &c. At the Clymacterical year of 8. & 40. at the end of Cancer, shall be such a Drought that the F [...]sh in the Water shall be boyled to a Consumption; Bearn and Bigorre, by heavenly Fire shall be in distress.

I shall say no more but that Bearn and Bigorre, are two Provinces in France; of the rest let the Reader judge.

Paix uberté long temps on ne louera, &c.

Thus Englished.
‘Peace and plenty shall not long be praised; before the end of his Reign theFlower de Luce shall be Deserted; bodyes shall dye by water, Earth shall be brought, but therein they shall not be buried.’

By Flower de Luce is meant France, expound the rest your selves. Proph. 82. pag. 141. de Nostredamus.

But afterwards he ends his tenth Century, pag. 444. with this Prophecie concerning the future Welfare of England.

Le grand Empire sera per L'Angleterre, &c.
England at last the Worlds Empire shall be
And so shall remain for Three Hundred and three,
Great Armies shall pass both through Land and through Sea
To which the proud Spaniard shall Strike and give way.

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