An Ordonnance Of the Most Christian KING, FORBIDDING His Subjects to have any Commerce With the SPANIARDS: AND Commanding them to commit Hostilities upon them. Of the Nineteenth of October, 1673.

Done out of French, According to the Copy Printed at Paris.

In the SAVOY, Printed by Tho. Newcomb, 1673.

An Ordonnance Of the Most Christian King: Forbidding His Subjects to have any Commerce with the Spaniards, and Commanding them to commit Hostilities upon them.
Of the Nineteenth of October, 1673.

HIs Majesty having been informed, That the Governor of the Spanish Netherlands hath caused Acts of Hostility to be be­gun the Sixteenth instant, on his Maje­sties Subjects, all along the Froutiers, hath Commanded, and by these Pre­sents Signed with his own Hand, doth Command all his Subjects, Vassals, and Servants, to fall upon the Spaniards, both by Land and Sea, and doth forbid them to have hereafter any Communication, Commerce, or Intelligence with them, on pain of Death; And to that end his Majesty hath from this present Revoked, and doth now Revoke, all Licenses, Passports, Safeguards, or Safe Conducts, which may have been granted by himself, his Lieutenants Generall, and other his Officers, contrary, to these Presents, and hath Declared them void and of no force, forbidding all persons to have any regard to the same, His Majesty ordering and commanding Monsieur le Comte de Vermandois Admir [...]ll of France, the Mareschals of France, Governors and Lieutenants Generall for his Ma­jestie [Page 4] in his Provinces and Armies, Field-Mareschals, Colo­nels, Mestres de Camp, Captains, Leaders, and Comman­ders of his Forces, as well Horse as Foot, French or For­reign, and all other his Officers whom it may concern, to take care, That the Contents hereof be punctually executed within their respective Jurisdictions; For such is his Maje­sties pleasure, who Wills that these Presents be published and affixed in all his Townes, as well Maritime as others, and in all the Ports, Havens, and other places of his King­dom, where it shall be necessary, that none may pretend Ignorance of the same.

Signed LOUIS. And underneath, Le TELLIER.

It is commanded, That Charles Canto, his Majesties sworne Cryer in Ordinary, do Publish, and cause to be affixed in all places of this City, Suburbs, Prevostè, and Viscomtè of Paris, where it shall be necessary, the Kings Ordonnance of the Nineteenth of this Month and Year, that none may pretend Ignorance.

Signed, De La REYNIE.

REad, Published with Sound of Trumpet, Cryed publickly, and affixed in all the Carrefours ordi­nary and extraordinary of this City and Suburbs of Pa­ris, By me Charles Canto, sworn Cryer in Ordinary to the King in the said City, Prevoste and Viscomte of Paris. At the making of which Proclamation, I was accompanyed with 5 Trumpets, viz. Hierosme Tronson, and Estienne du Bos his Majesties sworn Trumpetters, and three other Trumpets.

Signed, CANTO.

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