THE KING of France HIS NEVV ORDER TO HIS SUBJECTS professing the PROTESTANT RELIGION at Charenton: Forbidding them to use several Expressions, contained in their Publick Prayers, and Confession of Faith: And commanding them to redress divers other pretended Grievances.

TO all whom these Presents concern. Nicholas Fromont, Counsellor at Law, Bayliff, Ordinary, Civil and Criminal Judg of the Baylywick of Charenton St. Maurice, for Monsieur Francis le Bossu, Knight, Baron of Merry on the Seine, Lord of the aforesaid Charenton, Maison Rouge, and other Places, Counsellor, and Master in Ordinary of the King's Houshold, Greeting.

Forasmuch as it hath been represented to us by our Attorney, That notwithstanding those professing the pretended Reformed Religion, ought to demean themselves with that Moderation and Modesty enjoined them by the Statutes, and to use no injurious Terms against the Catholick, Apostolical, & Roman Religion, our Holy Father the Pope, and Ecclesiastical Persons; seeing that by the Statutes, Declarations, and Ordinances, as well ancient as modern, this is forbidden them; and especially by the King's De­claration of Jan. 17. 1561. registred in Parliament the 6th of March then next ensu­ing. By which, in the tenth Article, the Ministers of the pretended Reformed Re­ligion are strictly forbidden, upon pain of Death, to use in their Sermons any oppro­brious Terms against the Mass, and Ceremonies received and observed in the Ca­tholick Church: Which is confirmed by other Declarations of the King, dated Octob. 24. contained in the second Article; Decemb. 14. 1563, registred in Parliament, Artic. 13. by the Edict of Nantes, Artic. 17. by several Orders in the Council of State, of Jan. 11. 1657. Octob. 5. 1663. Septemb. 18, & 22. 1664. and by the King's De­claration, Feb. 1. 1669, registred in Parliament the 28th of the ensuing May, Artic. 5, and 8. By all which it is strictly forbidden, as well to the Ministers, as others, professing the pretended Reformed Religion, to use in their Sermons or Discourses, injurious and offensive Terms against the Catholick Religion, and Civil Government; but to demean themselves with that Moderation enjoyned them by the Edicts, not to mention the Catholick Religion but with respect, nor irreverently to speak of the Holy Things and Ceremonies of the Church, nor call the Catholicks by any other Name than that of Catholicks. Nevertheless those professing the aforesaid pre­tended Reformed Religion, in contempt of our Catholick, Apostolical, and Roman Church, and the Edicts of this Kingdom, do use in all Rencounters, opprobrious and blasphemous Terms against the Church, and its most holy Mysteries, which are the Fundamentals of the Catholick and Christian Faith: For as well of old, as now of late, in all their Sermons and Writings, they treat the Catholick Religion as a Super­stitious Religion, the Catholicks as Idolaters, and our Holy Father the Pope, the Vicar of Jesus Christ, and St. Peter's Successor, with the Name of Antichrist, which is not [Page 2]to be mentioned but with horror. And in all their Books which they publickly sell, (altho this is prohibited by the Edicts) in their Confessions of Faith, Prayers, and Discipline, which they call Ecclesiastical, all these Terms are contained; as may be seen by several Books wrote by them expresly on this Subject. As for instance Calvin, in several places of his Works; and Lambert Daneau, in a Book he wrote, printed at Geneva, entitled, A Treatise touching Antichrist; wherein, after several Lies, and scandalous Terms against the Catholick Religion, he blasphemously insinuates, That Antichrist is our holy Father the Pope; and that the Church of the Papists, which is the Name he gives the Catholicks, is a Congregation of superstitious and id [...]latrous Persons. Melancthon, in his Preface to the Book he wrote against the Council of Trent, qualifies the Pope by no other Name than that of Antichrist: Sciat autem Carolus, & sciat Antichristus Romanus, &c. Leonardus Seirekelius, in his Anno­tations on the same Melancthon, under the Title, De Ecclesia, &c. calls the Catholick Church, the Church of Antichrist: Sio coetus Antichristi, &c. There are an infinite Number of other Passages of these Sectaries, wherein they disperse these Blasphemies against the Catholick Religion.

But not to proceed further, these things are but too common at this time amongst those of that aforesaid pretended Reformed Religion, and they make of them points of Faith: For a further confirmation of this, 'tis but reading their Confession of Faith, Discipline and Prayers, which they call Ecclesiastical; and which they now use. In their Discipline, the word Idolater, which is the Name they commonly give the Catholicks, and that of Superstition, are several times mentioned therein. By their Confession of Faith, made in an National Synod held by them at Gap the first of October 1603, is said, the Article touching Anti-Christ, shall be inserted in the Confession to be the one and thirtieth, in these Words: And forasmuch as the Bishop of Rome has raised up to himself a Monarchy in Christendom, and exalted himself so far as to call himself God, and would be worshiped, &c. We believe and maintain, that he is properly the true Anti-Christ, and Son of Perdition, &c. This Article was by them confirm'd in the Synold assembled at Rochel, in March and April 1607, by the Name of the VIIth General Article; and that it should be henceforward printed in the Copies to be put now again in the Press; but for particular Considerations, and because of the Prosecutions made against them that had preached, written, or taught this Doctrine; the said Synod, was obliged to suppress this Article, but yet protested it was the certain Doctrine of their Church, and that they would never cease believing it, and in effect, these Terms are at this day in their Prayers, which they call Eccle­siastical, which the Minister loudly utters every Sunday, and other Meeting-days be­fore his Sermon, in these Terms; Especially we recommend unto thee, O Lord, all our poor Brethren dispersed under the Tyranny of Anti-Christ, &c. In the 24th Article of the Confession of their Faith, amongst other Words there are these: We believe Purgatory to be an Illusion invented by Satan, &c. And in the 28th Article; We condemn therefore, the Assemblies of the Papists, in which the Sacraments are corrupted, perverted, falsifyed, if not wholly annihilated, and amongst whom all manner of Idolatries and Superstitions find Entertainment. So that if we compare all these Terms with the manner after which the Ministers and others professing the Reformed Religon, ought to speak and behave themselves according to the Edicts and Decrees, we cannot find therein any Confor­mity, and that things of this nature, ought to be passed over in silence, and tole­rated, seeing there can be nothing more contrary to the Holiness of our Doctrine and the respect which those of the said pretended Reformed Religion, ought to shew to the sacred Mystery of the Catholick, Apostolick, and Roman Religion. And their manner is the more blamable in that they by their Practices contradict their own Discipline, which they term Ecclesiastical; for by the 23d Article of the 14th Chapter they say, That all outragious and injurious Speeches aegainst those of the Roman Church, whether Priests, Monks, or others, shall be retrenched and suppressed: So that in forbidding them to use the said Terms, and they in suppressing them, will do no more than what their Discipline requires of them.

And forasmuch as these Disorders are practised in Charenton, which is the principal Place of their Exercise, wherein the said Attorney in respect to his Charge and Con­science, ought not to suffer them; but on the contrary, strictly to oppose, and put in [Page 3]Execution the Edicts, Ordinances, Declarations of the King, and Decrees of his Council recommended to the diligence as well of the Clergy as others, and especially to him in the extent of this Bayly-wick; which has the honour to belong more im­mediately to the Parliament, enjoying the same Priviledges of Peerdom, as the Abby of St. Denis in France; the Jurisdiction of the said Charenton, being a part of it; required conformably to the said Edicts, Declarations, and Decrees, Prohibitions to be made to those professing the pretended Reformed Religion, to use any injurious or scanda­lous Terms against the Catholick, Apostolick and Roman Religion, against out Holy Father the Pope, and others in Ecclesiastical Dignity; or to call the Catholicks by any other Name, than that of Catholick, under penalty of being fined 500 Livers, and undergo corporal Punishments, that there shall be suppressed and retrenched out of the Books of the aforesaid pretended Reformists, as well in their Confessions of Faith, as Prayer and Discipline, which they call Ecclesiastical, the Words and Terms above mentioned in the said 24 and 28 Articles, with strict Prohihitions to the said Ministers to say hence forward in the Prayer used by them after Sermon; these Terms, Espe­cially we recommend to thee, O Lord, all our poor Brethren, dispersed under the Tyranny of Antichrist, under a certain Penalty: That all Books wherein the Terms above-mentio­ned are inserted, shall be suppressed, with a strict charge not to use them henceforward; And to the Stationers, who expose these Books to sale, within the Jurisdiction of this Bailywiek, to sell or deliver them, wherein there are the said Terms, upon penalty of a Forfeiture and Fine of an Hundred Livres.

We having regard to the Request of the said Attorney, have strictly forbidden, and do now forbid those professing the pretended Reformed Religion, to utter any injuri­ous Terms, within the extent of this Bailywick, against the Catholick, Apostolical, and Roman Religion, its holy Mysteries and Ceremonies, our Holy Father the Pope, Prelates, and others constituted in Ecclesiastical Dignities; to call the Catholicks Papists; nor to say, when they speak or meet, The most Holy Sacrament of the Altar, that 'tis the God of the Mass; but shall respectfully behave themselves, according to the Veneration due to such an adorable Mystery, under penalty of paying a Fine of Five Hundred Livres, and undergoing exemplary Punishment: Forbidding them to use henceforwards, within the Jurisdiction of this Bailywick, those Terms contained in the 24th Article of their Confession of Faith, That whatsoever Men have invented, tou­ching the Intercession of Saints deceased, is a meer Trick and Fallacy of the Devil: Finally, we hold Purgatory to be an Illusion delivered by the same hand; from whence likewise have proceeded the Monastical Vows, Pilgrimages, Prohibitions to marry, Abstinence from Flesh, superstitious Observation of Days, Auricular Confession, and Indulgences. In the 28th Article of the said Confession of Faith, Yet do we condemn the Congregations of the Papists, seeing the pure Word of God is banished from among them; in which the Sacraments are cor­rupted, sophisticated, falsified, or wholly annihilated, and by whom all manner of Idolatry and Superstition is entertained. And to the Ministers to say, in the Prayer they read after Sermon, Especially we recommend to thee, O Lord, all our poor Brethren, dispersed under the Tyranny of Antichrist: Together with the Terms of Idolaters, Idolatry, and Super­stition, contained in their aforesaid Confession of Faith, Discipline, and pretended Ecclesiastical Prayers. All which Terms shall be suppressed, and retrenched from the said Books. For which purpose the Ministers and Elders of those professing the abovesaid pretended Reformed Religion, shall in fifteen days time, (without further delay, rec­koning from the Day of the Date of these Presents,) deliver into our Registry-Office, their Books of the Confession of their Faith, Discipline, and Prayers, which they call Ecclesiastical, and which they use at the said Charenton, for to have, in their presence, or in the presence of one deputed by them, the above-mentioned Passages, suppressed and retrenched from the said Books; concerning which they shall have a Certificate given them, to be read on the three next Sundays following, by the Minister, before Sermon, to the end those of the aforesaid pretended Reformed Religion may not plead Ignorance; of which Publication the said Ministers and Elders shall bring a Certificate to our Registry-Office, which said Certificate shall be subscribed, and de­livered in eight days after the third time of publishing.

And moreover, We strictly tharge and forbid all Persons of the said pretended Re­formed Religion, to use henceforward at Charenton the said Books, wherein the said Passages are contained; and the Stationers to expose them to sale, upon penalty of Confiscation, and being fined an hundred Livers, and ten Livers to any one that shall buy them, without any delay.

And this present Order shall be read, published, and fixed, as well on the Gates of the Temple of the said pretended Reformists, as also on the usual Passages and Places, and in all other requisite Places, to the end it may be fully known and signi­fied to the said Ministers and Elders of the abovesaid Religion, as well for them, as others professing the same Religion, and Stationers that sell and expose Books at the said Charenton. All which is committed to the Care and Diligence of the said Attor­ney, to be put in Execution, notwithstanding any Appeals or Oppositions whatso­ever, seeing 'tis a Matter wherein the Civil Government is concerned.

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London: Printed for Jonathan Robinson, at the Golden Lion in St. Paul's Church-Yard. 1681.

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