A good help for weak Memories: Or, the CONTENTS Of every CHAPTER In the Bible In Alphabetical Dysticks. Being very profitable for such as de­sire to repeat Books, or find out divers places in the Scriptures, especially in the Historical BOOKS. Whereunto is added the Order of Times wherein the Prophesies and New TESTAMENT were penned. As also A CHRONOLOGY from ADAM to the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus Vespasian. With other Scriptural Passages made easie to be re­membred.

LONDON, Printed for Thomas Helder, at the Sign of the Angel in Little Britain. 1671.

To the Reader.


MEeting long since with a little Latine Book, called Gemma Fabri, being Alphabetical Dysticks upon the Bible, I was strongly perswaded, that something of that nature in English, would be very profitable towards the re­membring, repeating, and finding out of places of Scriptures, especially of the Hi­storical part. This moved me to prevail with some (whom I found inclined to Po­etry) to spend their spare minutes this way, and to contribute mine own mite to the perfecting of what is now come (by Gods assistance) to their view; wherein if thou expectest a Poetical flash, thou wilt be disappointed; neither is it possible, where a person is tied to matter, Laco­nick brevity, and initiating Letters.

Possibly the benefit of this tract may not [Page] appear to thy first glance: be not discou­raged, labour to hit the design, and thou mayst find the book answering its Title: for thy help take these few directions, as a Key to it.

1. Are you desirous to have a Boy or Girl, of ten years or upwards, to tell you in what Chapter any Historical passage is, let him read one Chapter every day in or­der, and learn the Dystick (or two lines) which are the Contents thereof. When he hath learned twenty Dysticks or more, examine him of particular passages in the Chapters he hath past; as in what Chapter is set forth Sarahs barrenness: he presently calls to mind this Dystick:

Quell'd's Sarahs hope of Seed; Hagar doth scorn
Her Mistress, flies, returns: Ishmael's born.

He considereth that (Q) is the first letter in the Dystick, which is the six­teenth in the Christ-cross-row; thence he concludes it must be in the sixteenth, or thirty sixth Chapter of Genesis.

[Page]I have known two children, who by this easie task, in half a years time, would hardly miss any Historical passage from the first of Genesis to the end of Ruth.

2. Will you find some Historical passage, and cannot say these Verses by heart; as the churlishness of Nabal, &c. your ac­quaintance with the Scriptures assures you it is in the first book of Samuel; then turn to the verses which contain the con­tents of that book, and you shall find it assoon as in a Concordance, and many times sooner; this I know to be a truth upon mine own experience.

3. Will you cull out a Psalm upon some particular occasion, read over the verses which contain the substance of the Psalms, until you meet with what you seek for.

4. Would you teach a Child or Servant a Scripture against some common sin, as drunkenness, lying, &c. or in praise of [Page] some moral virtue or duty; read over the Verses on the Proverbs, &c. and you will soon have your desire.

5. Do you desire to have your youth to repeat the History of any book in the Bi­ble in order? Let him read it with deli­beration, and learn the verses on that book, and he will do it to your content.

Time and experience may furnish you with other advantages: I have no more but to request your charitable interpre­tation of what the importunity of many hath made publike. If this answer not your expectation, the loss cannot be much: If it prove any way beneficial to you or yours, the end is answered: Let him have your Prayers, who is

Your friend in the Lord, J. L.
CHapters and Psalms within the Book Divine,
Are one thousand, one hundred, eighty nine.
The Chapters in th' Old Testament amount
To sev'n hundred sev'nty nine, by account:
Besides the Psalms, one hundred fifty more;
The New Testament comes to thirteen score.

Testamentum Vetus. GEn. Exod. Lev. Num. Deut. Josh. Jud. Ruth. Sam. Reg. Chron. Ezr. Neh. Esth. Job. Psal. Prov. Eccles. Cant. Isa. Jer. Thre. Eze. Dan. Hosh. Joel. Am. Obad. Jon. Mic. Nab. Habak. Zeph. Hag. Zechar. Malac.

Testamentum Novum. MAt. Mar. Luc. Joan. Act. Rom. Cor. Gal. Ephes. Phil. Col. Thes. Tim. Tit. Phil. Heb. Jac. Pet. Joan. Jud. Apocalypsis.

Jacobs Twelve Sons. REuben; Sim. Levi. Jud. Dan. Gad, Asher, Nepht, Zebulon, Joseph, Ben. Issachar.

The Ten Plagues of Egypt. EGypts ten Plagues: Blood, Frogs, Lice, Flies, Murrain, Boils, Hail, Locusts, Darkness, the first-born slain.

The Twelve Apostles.
JOhn, Andrew, Philip, Thomas, Barth'lomew,
Two James'es, Simons, Judas'es, Matthew.



1chapter 1
ALl's made in six days, Heav'n, Earth, Light, Seas vast:
Sun, Moon, Stars, Fish, Fowls, Beasts, and Man at last.
2chapter 2
Blest is the Sabbath, Woman formed, Man
in Eden placed; wedlock there began.
3chapter 3
Craft of the Serpent, Mans fall wrought, all curst.
A Saviour promis'd. Man from Eden thrust.
4chapter 4
Driv'n by pale envy, Cain doth Abel kill,
is curst. His seed the Land of Nod doth fill.
5chapter 5
Each Patriarchs Line and Age from Adam to
Noah, Enochs translation also.
6chapter 6
Flouds of sin cause the Lord the Floud to send;
Noah finds Grace; th' Arks measure, form, & end.
7chapter 7
Good Noah with some of all flesh God hides
i'th Ark: the floud comes; how long it abides.
8chapter 8
High flouds asswage: Raven, & Dove, go forth;
then Noah; God his off'ring takes in worth.
9chapter 9
Jah blesseth him, his Covenant by Rainbow
confirms: Noah is drunk, Cham curst also.
10chapter 10
Knowledg of Noahs race is given, when
Nimrod is noted for oppressing men.
11chapter 11
Language one: Babel built, confusion hatcht.
Shems Line. Terahs remove. Abra'm is matcht.
12chapter 12
March Abra'm doth with Lot to Canaan, given
of God. Denies his wife to Egypt driven.
13chapter 13
Now both return, dissent; part Lot doth chuse
Sodom: God Abra'ms Covenant renews.
14chapter 14
Of spoils from Kings (Lot rescu'd;) Abram blest,
pays Tythes; To Sodoms King restores the rest.
15chapter 15
Promis'd a Son, Abra'm believes thereon:
Canaan confirm'd by sign and vision.
16chapter 16
Quell'd's Sarahs hope of Seed; Hagar doth scorn
her Mistress, flies, returns; Ishmael's born.
17chapter 17
Renew'd the Covenant; Circumcision
Ordain'd and perform'd; Isaac promis'd thereon
18chapter 18
Sarah laughs, is reprov'd: three Angels tell
of Sodoms fall: Abram to prayer fell.
19chapter 19
Two Angels rescue Lot: his wife's turn'd salt.
His Daughters make him drunk: Incest's his fault.
20chapter 20
Vain fear makes Abra'm Sarah to deny;
checkt is Abimelech, she's restor'd thereby.
21chapter 21
A Son hath Sarah: Ishmael doth taunt:
Hagar's cast out: Beersheba's Covenant.
22chapter 22
By Gods Angel stopt is Isaacs Oblation:
Obedience blest; and Nahors Generation.
23chapter 23
Concerning Sarahs death, age, burial;
Machpelahs purchase is related all.
24chapter 24
Drawn from his Kinred, as by his Oath ti'd,
Abrahams steward brings Isaac a Bride.
25chapter 25
Eye here Keturahs Sons, and Ishmaels:
Abra'ms death; Esau born, his Birth-right sells.
26chapter 26
Fear forceth Isaac to disown his wife:
The King's forbidden her: a Well breeds strife.
27chapter 27
'Guiled by clothes, and tale, Isaac doth bless
Jacob; Esau doth threat: prevented is.
28chapter 28
Here Jacobs blest, to Laban sent. Esau
Is matched. Jacobs Ladder, Pillow, Vow.
29chapter 29
Jacob to Laban comes, serves fourteen years
For his two Daughters; Leah four Sons bears.
30chapter 30
Known's Jacobs hire, craft, wealth, Reubens Man­drakes:
Eight children more. The Concubines he takes.
31chapter 31
Laban displeas'd; Jacob parts; God doth take
his part, curbs Laban; They a Covenant make.
32chapter 32
Messengers Jacob to Esau doth hie:
Prays, Wrestleth with an Angel, halts on's thigh.
33chapter 33
Now Esau Jacob meets, kisseth, and takes
gifts. Jacob at Shalem an Altar makes.
34chapter 34
Of Dinahs Rape: Sechemites overthrow
by Jacobs Sons; Jacob doth angry grow.
35chapter 35
Purg'd's Jacobs house; at Bethel he is blest:
Rachels, and Isaacs death. Reubens Incest.
36chapter 36
Quietly seiz'd of Scir, Esau lives.
His Progeny to Kings and Dukes birth gives.
37chapter 37
Raging at Josephs Dreams, his Brethren sell
him, grieve their Sire: In Aegypt he doth dwell.
38chapter 38
Slain Judahs Sons are: Onan spills his seed:
Judah threats Thamar: Zarah hath red thread.
39chapter 39
Tempted is Joseph; shuns his Mistress lust:
falsly accus'd is into prison thrust.
40chapter 40
Unfold two Dreams doth Joseph: Pharaohs feast:
The Butler him forgetteth when releast.
41chapter 41
Advanc'd by Pharaohs Dreams Joseph doth store
up Corn. His Sons. Begun's a famine sore.
42chapter 42
By dearth Jacobs Sons forc'd to Aegypt are:
Shut up, freed, how, returned they declare.
43chapter 43
Constrain'd by famine, Ben: is sent; set free
is Simeon: they by Joseph feasted be.
44chapter 44
Devise doth Joseph Benjamin to stay:
Judah would be his pledge; Joseph saith nay.
45chapter 45
Each Brother weeps when Joseph makes him known:
Chariots are sent to bring old Jacob down.
46chapter 46
From Canaan Jacob steers, God's his conduct:
Joseph meets him; his Brethren doth instruct.
47chapter 47
Goods, Lands all (Priest's excepted) Joseph gains:
Jacob sees Pharaoh, Rameses obtains.
48chapter 48
His sick Sire Joseph with his sons doth see:
are blest; to Canaan their return shews he.
49chapter 49
Jacob foretells his sons their destinies.
in Canaan will interr'd be; shortly dies.
50chapter 50
Kinde's Joseph at this burial; Prophesies;
his age; takes Oath about his bones, and dies.


1chapter 1
A New King reigns. Jacobs growth is his hate.
His hellish plot: Midwives; the Infants fate.
2chapter 2
Born and hid Moses is; preserv'd, maintaind:
Flies; Marries: Israels cries God's audience gain'd.
3chapter 3
Confirm'd by burning bush, and by Gods Name,
Moses is sent their freedom for to claim.
4chapter 4
Drawn by signs, he to Aegypt goes; his son
doth Circumcise: Is helped by Aaron.
5chapter 5
Encrease of bondage makes Hebrews complain
to Moses, Aaron; they to God again.
6chapter 6
Firming his promise by Jehovahs Name,
God strengthneth Moses, he from Levi came.
7chapter 7
Gods Message Moses to Pharaoh delivers:
his Rod turn'd Serpent, into blood the Rivers.
8chapter 8
Here Frogs, Lice, Flies are sent, but all in vain:
Pharaoh bids go, recalls his word again.
9chapter 9
In fields the Murrain is, among men Boils:
The Hail all Aegypt (save Rameses) spoils.
10chapter 10
Knowledg nor sense of Plagues breaks the intent
of Pharaohs will: Locusts, and Darkness sent.
11chapter 11
Loan of th' Aegyptians Jewels Hebrews gain:
Aegypts first born are threatned to be slain.
12chapter 12
Moses appoints the Passeover that night:
The first-born slain; forc'd out is th' Israelite.
13chapter 13
Now the first-born to God are sanctifi'd:
Pillars of Cloud and Fire the Hebrews guide.
14chapter 14
Orders for Israels Journey: Pharaohs Host
pursues; the forces are in th'Red Sea lost.
15chapter 15
Praised is God in song: Marah's made sweet:
At Elim twelve wells, and palm-trees, they meet.
16chapter 16
Quails, Manna sent, Murmuring to appease;
Manna rain'd six dayes, on the seventh doth cease.
17chapter 17
Rock Horeb yields to murmuring Jacob water:
Joshuah Amalek doth vanquish, scatter.
18chapter 18
Sage Jethro brings his wife and sons to Moses:
his joy and counsel; Moses with it closes.
19chapter 19
To Sinai Israel comes, are hallowed there;
may not the Mount touch; they Gods presence fear.
20chapter 20
View here the Law. All Israel is amaz'd:
Moses comes near, by him an Altar's rais'd.
21chapter 21
Acts for men-stealers, slayers, and nusance:
for servants, parent-cursers, hurts by chance.
22chapter 22
Borr'wing, theft, dammage, trespass, bestiality,
oppression, whoredom, witchcraft, pledg, idolatry:
23chapter 23
Cases of Justice, mercy, year of rest:
false witness, Sabbath, feasts: Obedience blest.
24chapter 24
Days fourty Moses on the Mount doth stay:
T'obey they promise: Aaron, Hur, them sway,
25chapter 25
Each freely offer'd gift Moses must take,
things for the Sanctuaries use to make.
26chapter 26
Forms for the coverings, boards, vail, here mark,
of Tabernacle, Mercy-seat, and Ark.
27chapter 27
God for the Altar vessels, lamp, oyl, and
the Court of Tabernacle gives command.
28chapter 28
Habits for Aaron and his Sons to wear;
the Urim, Brest-plate, Ephod fall in here.
29chapter 29
In consecrating Priests a form is shown:
the daily off'ring; God dwels with his own.
30chapter 30
Known here's the incense-altar, Souls ransome▪
Brass lavers, holy Oyl, and sweet perfume.
31chapter 31
Largely Bezaleel the Lord enables
for holy work; Moses receives the Tables.
32chapter 32
Moses Gods wrath, by Calf enflam'd, allays,
the Tables breaks; Idolaters he slays.
33chapter 33
No longer God will lead the Israelite;
they mourn: of God Moses desires a sight.
34chapter 34
Of Gods description, Covenant-Tables new:
Moses bright face, till vail'd, they cannot view.
35chapter 35
Presents are brought for Tabernacles use:
the Sabbath: God again doth carvers chuse.
36chapter 36
Quitted they are from off'ring more; and all
left to the workmens care, to work they fall.
37chapter 37
Richly are made Ark, Table, Mercy-seat,
Candle-stick; Altar, oyl, and Incense sweet.
38chapter 38
Sums of the peoples offrings here are named;
Burnt-offering-Altar, court, brass laver, framed.
39chapter 39
To Priests are holy garments made; all ended,
Moses them view'd, and upon view commended.
40chapter 40
Uprear'd's the Tabernacle, and annointed;
hallow'd the Priests. All's done as God appointed.


1chapter 1
ALl Burnt-off'rings of herds, flocks, fowls, and how
to be performed, doth this Chapter shew.
2chapter 2
Baked and fri'd meat-offrings, and their kinde;
with the first fruits. Their duties are assign'd.
3chapter 3
Clear from all blemish peace-off'rings must be,
whether of lamb or goat, an he or she.
4chapter 4
Directed are Priests, people, rulers all,
who into sin of ignorance do fall.
5chapter 5
Each offering for truth-concealing, swearing,
unclean-thing touching, sacriledge not fearing:
6chapter 6
For sins of knowledge, burnt, meat, sin-off'rings:
and consecrating Priests, Laws in all things.
7chapter 7
Gifts of peace, trespasses, thanks, vows, fre [...]will;
Ordred by Law, blood is forbidden still.
8chapter 8
Hallow'd the ram, sin-off'ring, burnt oblation:
the time and place of Aarons consecration.
9chapter 9
In this his first gift for himself, and all:
the Camp blest. Fire doth on the Altar fall.
10chapter 10
Kill'd Nad ab and Abihu are with fire
from heav'n; Priests drinking wine kindle Gods ire.
11chapter 11
Learn here what Creatures clean and unclean be,
what may be eaten, what forborn by thee.
12chapter 12
Mark here how women purified be
after their Child-birth; their oblations see.
13chapter 13
Noted are here the Laws of leprosie;
the signs whereby the Priests that grief may spy.
14chapter 14
Off'red are rules, to know, and what to do
to cure this grief in men, and houses too.
15chapter 15
Polluted with unclean issues both men
and women are, the way to make them clean.
16chapter 16
Questions of High-priests entring holy place:
the time resolv'd; his off'ring, scape-goats race.
17chapter 17
Rules here of killing off'rings, and of blood:
off'ring to Devils, carrion-flesh not good.
18chapter 18
Some Marriages and lusts unlawful be;
Incest, adultery, and Sodomy.
19chapter 19
Toucht at again here divers statutes are,
to help the memory, and increase the care.
20chapter 20
Wizarding, parent-cursing, off'ring seed
to Molech, of strange lusts, the doom here read.
21chapter 21
A law for priests mourning, wives, daughters, see;
his worth; no blemisht-person priest may be.
22chapter 22
Being unclean, priests holy things abstain;
the age, nature, of Sacrifices slain.
23chapter 23
Commanded here are many festivals:
the harvest gleanings the poor must have all.
24chapter 24
Dammage laws, murther, holy lamps and cakes;
blasphemy's punisht, for Ben Shelomiths sake.
25chapter 25
Each seventh year Sabbath, year of Jubilee;
Mercy to poor, oppression, usury.
26chapter 26
Faithful obedience with bliss is crown'd;
Law-breakers God, with curses, will confound;
27chapter 27
God vow'd things claims, redeem them no man may:
The tithes must not be chang'd; all must them pay.


1chapter 1
A Sum of Tribes and Princes Moses brings.
Levy exempted is for holy things.
2chapter 2
Brave Marshal order of their Tents here see:
Standards with Ensigns of their Pedigree.
3chapter 3
Come see Aarons and Levies Pedigree:
The first-born freed, and Levites Priests must be.
4chapter 4
Describ'd's the age, time, and charge of Le­vites,
Priest, Cohathites, Gershonites, Merarites.
5chapter 5
Expell'd Lepers and others for pollution:
Jealousie tri'd; for wrongs just restitution.
6chapter 6
Fram'd is the Nazarites Law, and how they came;
the form of blessing people in Gods Name.
7chapter 7
Great are the Princes off'rings, when compleat
are Tabernacle, Ark, and Mercy-seat.
8chapter 8
How lamps are lighted, Levites consecration,
the time, and age of them in holy station.
9chapter 9
Jehovah Pasch commands; a Cloud doth guide
Isr'el. At Gods command they march, abide.
10chapter 10
Know silver Trumpets use. Paran receives
Isr'el: their march, order; them Hobab leaves.
11chapter 11
Loathing of Manna, Tab'raes burning call:
Seventy help Moses; Quails from heaven fall.
12chapter 12
Miriam's a leper, Moses prays, heal'd she
is, but out of the Host seven days must be.
13chapter 13
Nam'd are the men sent to spy out the land:
th'instructions; spies report how things do stand.
14chapter 14
Offence is taken at the Spies report;
God threats, Moses doth pray; God plagues them for't.
15chapter 15
Presumptions penance; off'ring Laws are here:
The Sabbath-breaker ston'd; Arms they must bear.
16chapter 16
Quick, murmuring Core with his Sect, earth doth cover;
thousands by plagues die, e're Gods wrath pass over.
17chapter 17
Rods for each Tribe are laid up before God:
Gods choice is shewn by Aarons budding Rod.
18chapter 18
Shewn are the Priests and Levites charge & due;
the heave-off'rings unto the Priests accrue.
19chapter 19
The separation-water, with the rite
of purifying the unclean by it.
20chapter 20
Water from Rock slows: Aaron, Miriam die:
Edom, their passage, through his land, deny.
21chapter 21
Arad subdu'd; the stung are healed all
by brazen Serpent: Og and Sihon fall.
22chapter 22
Balaam to Balak goes. An Angel breaks
his way: he beats his ass, the dumb ass speaks.
23chapter 23
Curs'd Balak with gifts and seven Altars would
get Balaam curse Gods people, if he could.
24chapter 24
Dismiss doth Balak, Balaam in a rage,
for blessing Jacob; he doth Christ presage.
25chapter 25
Ephraim doth idolize, and whore: two die.
Midian must vext be. Phineas blest thereby.
26chapter 26
Full sum of Isr'el's drawn in Moabs plain:
of all (first summon'd) Josh'ah, Caleb remain.
27chapter 27
Giv'n to Zelophehads Daughters is his land:
when Moses dies, Josh'ah must bear command.
28chapter 28
Holocausts daily; what on Sabbath-day,
New Moons, Pasch, first-fruit days be offer'd may,
29chapter 29
In feasts of Trumpets, and a solemn fast,
Read here; and feast of Tabernacles last.
30chapter 30
Know of mens, maids, wives, widows vows, the force;
of hers also who is under divorce.
31chapter 31
Lewd Midian's stroy'd: Moses bids, wives, whores slay;
Souldiers are taught to purge, divide the prey.
32chapter 32
Manasses half Tribe, Reuben, and Gad crave
Sihons and Ogs land; them on terms they have.
33chapter 33
Nam'd are the Journeys of the Israelites:
God gives command destroy the Canaanites.
34chapter 34
Of Canaans borders read here round about,
their names who do divide and set it out.
35chapter 35
Pointed are Levites towns, whereof twice three
for refuge; murder may not thence scape free.
36chapter 36
Question'd are Zelophehads Daughters match:
Heiresses in their Tribes must Husbands catch.


1chapter 1
AT fourt' years end, is shewn how Rulers were
made; Spies report; God plagues distrustful fear.
2chapter 2
By Lots seed they might pass, and Edomite,
untoucht. Heshbons King Sihon they shall smite.
3chapter 3
Conquest of Og; his bed. Reuben, Gads lot:
Moses may Canaan see, enter may not.
4chapter 4
Divers Laws must be kept: no Idols made:
here's Motives. Refuge Towns in Gilead.
5chapter 5
Excess of fear makes them sue Moses may
be Gods mouth; his law must them wholly sway.
6chapter 6
Fear and obey, of Gods law 'tis the end:
thy houshold teach, God will his blessing send.
7chapter 7
Gods people may not mix with Nations rude:
If they him serve, Chams seed shall be subdu'd.
8chapter 8
Here's prest obedience from Gods goodness, and
Canaans; their wealth flows not from their own hand.
9chapter 9
In this their merits Moses doth explode,
rehearsing several sins against their God.
10chapter 10
Keeping Gods laws with love and fear, is all
requir'd. Gods power and praise for this doth call.
11chapter 11
Love, service, taught from trials, and promises:
on Ebal they must curse, on Ger'zim bless.
12chapter 12
Marr Idols reliques, blood forbear, tythes pay,
where worshipt's God, eat holy things they may.
13chapter 13
Nor towns, nor persons, that to Idols draw
may spared be, must perish by Gods law
14chapter 14
Of meats allow'd, and tythes, the kinds likewise:
in mourning they themselves may not disguise.
15chapter 15
Poor, and servants releast when; gifts and loan
must not be stopt; the firstlings are Gods own.
16chapter 16
Quitted from off'ring none be at set feasts:
Judgment corrupt, groves, Idols, God detests.
17chapter 17
Render sound off'rings: Idol-servers slay:
When Judge and Priest must Judge. How Kings must sway.
18chapter 18
See Priests and Levites portions; Witchcraft fly:
Christ must be heard; the false Prophet must die.
19chapter 19
The use of refuge towns, change not land-bounds;
What witness good; false punished when found.
20chapter 20
View rules for war; who must fight, who forbear:
What towns and trees must saved be, see here.
21chapter 21
A law for murder hid, captive wife, heir
who must be; what doom stubborn sons must bear.
22chapter 22
Beasts found, for birds, houses, and cloaths rules see:
mixtures, wife-slandering, lusts, adultery.
23chapter 23
Church officers, Camp uncleanness, filthiness,
loath'd off'rings, usury, vows, trespasses.
24chapter 24
Divorce, new-married, pledges, leprosie;
man-theft, th' hirelings pay, right and charity.
25chapter 25
Edicts for stripes, raising seed, unjust weight,
immodest wife: extirping Am'lek quite.
26chapter 26
First-fruits and tythes who offreth, what to say.
Gods covenant with Israel see you may.
27chapter 27
Grav'd must the law on stone be. Of whole stone
the Altar: Mounts for bless, and curse are shown.
28chapter 28
Here blessings to obedience are pronounc'd:
curses 'gainst disobedience are denounc'd.
29chapter 29
In covenant all engage: presumptions danger:
to touch with secret things provokes Gods anger.
30chapter 30
Kindness to penitents: the law is neer;
life and death are propounded to them here.
31chapter 31
Lectures to Joshuah, Priests, and people all:
Law kept in th' Ark: Moses speaks Isr'els fall.
32chapter 32
Moses song; they must weigh it heartily:
he must on Nebo Canaan see, and dy.
33chapter 33
Note here Gods Majesty. The Tribes are blest
by Moses. Isr'els glory is exprest.
34chapter 34
Of Moses death, and burial, age, and praise;
Joshua succeeds: Isr'el mourns thirty days.


1chapter 1
APpointed Joshuah's Moses to succeed:
Gods aid assur'd: obedience all agreed.
2chapter 2
By Rahab Spies kept safe, her safety swear;
return'd, they shew their hopes, and Canaans fear.
3chapter 3
Come all to Jordan, then th' Ark goes before:
Jordan parts; there th' Ark stays till all pass o're,
4chapter 4
Dumb Monuments of this fact, by Gods command,
twelve stones in Jordan, twelve in Gilgal stand.
5chapter 5
Encreast is Chams fear, Manna ceas'd, renew'd
the Sacrament; Josh. doth an Angel view.
6chapter 6
Fall Jericho's walls do, plundred; and set free
is Rahab; cursed its Rebuilders be.
7chapter 7
God Isr'el foils at Ai, for Achans theft;
the thief is found, his all, of life bereft.
8chapter 8
How Ai's destroy'd, the Law in stone displaid,
and publisht on those mounts, as God had said.
9chapter 9
Isr'el to root out Kings combine, as one;
by craft a league obtain doth Gibeon.
10chapter 10
Kings five with Gibeon war, the Sun stands still
at Joshuahs pray'r, whilst he his foes doth kill.
11chapter 11
Lie slain at Merom divers Kings do, all
the land subdu'd; cut off the Anakims tall.
12chapter 12
Mad Sihon, Og, with one and thirty more,
are mention'd partly here, partly before.
13chapter 13
Not conquer'd lands are nam'd, Balaam is slain:
two Tribes and half part: what is Levies gain.
14chapter 14
On this side Jordan nine Tribes and half have
their portions: Caleb doth Hebron crave.
15chapter 15
Pronounc'd is Judah's lot: Achsahs demand;
the Jebusites not yet expell'd the land.
16chapter 16
Quarters of Joseph, and Ephraim see,
the Canaanites as yet unconquered be.
17chapter 17
Rehears'd's Manasses coast. Chams seed is not
expell'd. Josephs Sons get another lot.
18chapter 18
Shiloh the Tabernacle holds; the rest
of Canaan's parted: Ben's lot is exprest.
19chapter 19
The six Tribes more have lots; the son of Nun
hath Timnah Serah for possession.
20chapter 20
Unwilling killers of men, without hate,
have refuge-Cities pointed in each State.
21chapter 21
A portion God doth to the Levites give,
fourty eight Towns. Isr'el in peace doth live.
22chapter 22
Back the two Tribes are sent, an Altar make:
the rest are mov'd; cause known, they well it take.
23chapter 23
Counsel grave Joshuah gives before he dies,
by benefits past, Promises, menacies.
24chapter 24
Draws all to Shechem, Gods cov'nant renews:
His age, death; Eleazers next ensues.


1chapter 1
ACts of eight Tribes; Adonibezek slain:
Othniel Debir takes, Achsah to gain.
2chapter 2
Bochim's the place the Angel chides, they cry;
their wickedness; Chams seed left them to try.
3chapter 3
Canaanites them corrupt scourge in Gods anger:
they mourn, are freed by Othniel, Ehud, Shamgar.
4chapter 4
Deb'rah and Barak Jabins Army quail;
Jael kills Sisera with a tent nail.
5chapter 5
Extolling God in song, the Prophetess
the backward blames, the forward Tribes doth bless.
6chapter 6
Falling from God, Midian them 'press: they grieve,
God chides, yet Gideon sends, them to relieve.
7chapter 7
Gideon three hundred only takes by lot,
on Midians multitude a conquest got.
8chapter 8
Here Zeba, and Zalmunna's hosts are slain:
Gideon dies, the Jews worship Baal again.
9chapter 9
Jotham Abimelech's tells, and Shechems fall
who King'd him; all's fulfill'd by means of Gaal.
10chapter 10
Kept down by foes for false gods, Isr'els sent
to them for aid; he turns, God doth repent.
11chapter 11
Lead them doth Jephthah, vows, doth overcome
Ammon; performs his vow when he comes home.
12chapter 12
Malign him Ephraim doth; by Sibboleth
discover'd are, all slain; here's Jephthahs death,
13chapter 13
New sins enslave Jews to Philistims scorn;
Manoahs sacrifice, Sampson is born.
14chapter 14
Of Sampsons honey see, match, riddle, fate
of Askelon; his wife given to his mate.
15chapter 15
Philistims corn he burns; they burn his wife.
An Asses jaw a thousand rids of life.
16chapter 16
Quean Dalilah him betrays, his eyes are lost:
He vengeance taking, yieldeth up the ghost.
17chapter 17
Riches by Micah stoln, he brings again;
Idols they make, a Priest they entertain.
18chapter 18
Stript of their gods, and Priest, they are by Dan.
when careless Laish by the sword, he wan.
19chapter 19
The Levites wife abus'd at Gibeah, dead;
is cut in twelve, and over Israel spread.
20chapter 20
Vile though, the fact Benjamites do defend;
foil Isr'el twice; are ruin'd in the end.
21chapter 21
A Tribes loss moan'd; six hundred men remain;
who wives obtain, their Tribe to raise again.


1chapter 1
A Dearth Elimelech and his Sons death brings
in Moab: Ruth to home-bound Naomi clings.
2chapter 2
Boaz Ruth gleaning finds, and favour shows:
Ruth of her corn on Naomi bestows.
3chapter 3
Counsell'd by her, Ruth lies at Boaz feet:
a kinsmans part is promis'd, as was meet.
4chapter 4
Discharge he doth his promise; Marriage joyns
with Ruth: a royal seed springs from their loyns.


1chapter 1
AT Hannahs prayer heal'd's her barrenness:
Samuels birth vow'd to God; rendred is.
2chapter 2
By song Hannah thanks God; more children hath:
Eli reproves his sons; God threats in wrath.
3chapter 3
Call'd Samuel is; God shews him Elies woes;
he shews it Eli; and in credit grows.
4chapter 4
Defeated Israel is; the Ark is lost;
with Elies sons; his, Phineas wifes life, cost.
5chapter 5
Ekron, Gath, Ashdod plagu'd with Emerod,
for their profaning of the Ark of God.
6chapter 6
From Philistims the Ark's return'd again:
the Bethshemites looking into it, are slain.
7chapter 7
Gods Ark to Kiriath brought; they wail their sins:
at Samuels pray'r, they rout the Philistims.
8chapter 8
His sons not treading Samuels path, they crave
a King; his manner shewn: their will they have.
9chapter 9
In seeking his Sires Asses lost, Saul goes
to Samuel, who him feasts; his reign foreshows.
10chapter 10
King Saul's annointed, firm'd by signs, heart new'd
chosen by lot, despis'd by varlets rude.
11chapter 11
Lockt up by siege of Nahash, Jabish men
Seek aid; Saul frees them, is made King ag'en.
12chapter 12
Mention'd is Samuels Justice; Isr'els sin,
with thunder-fearing, mercy comforting.
13chapter 13
Noid's Geba's fort allarm Philistims sound;
Sauls off'ring checkt; with him no smith is found
14chapter 14
O'rethrown the Philistims by Jonathan are:
Sauls oath; his sons sentence the people bar.
15chapter 15
Preserving Amaleks spoils God Saul forsakes:
Samuel kills Agag; and of Saul leave takes.
16chapter 16
Quitting Saul, Samuel 'nointeth David Ki [...]
Sauls evil spirit's expell'd by his harping.
17chapter 17
Repell'd Sauls host is, at Goliahs sight;
David him kills; Philistims put to flight.
18chapter 18
Strong love this drew from Jonathan, Sauls hate:
Saul, Michal as a snare, gives for his mate.
19chapter 19
Trains 'gainst David, by Jonathan shewn be;
pleads for him; Sauls rage: Michal sets him free.
20chapter 20
With David Jonathan doth league renew:
Sauls anger 'gainst them both; their sad adiew.
21chapter 21
Abimelech at Nob doth entertain
David; at Gath fear makes him madness fain.
22chapter 22
Bands flock to David, he his Parents leaves
in Moab: Doeg Priests of life bereaves.
23chapter 23
Chace Keilahs foes doth David, false their heart;
Saul rounding him, Philistims Saul divert.
24chapter 24
David spares Sauls life, shews his innocence;
Sauls swears him parts, confessing his offence.
25chapter 25
Ended is Sam'els life; Abigails wise carriage
prevents from blood: Nabals death; & her marriage.
26chapter 26
From slaying Saul David Abishai stays:
takes Sauls spear; Saul's and Abners fault displays.
27chapter 27
Gath holding David, Saul pursues no moe:
David beggs Ziklag; 's counted Judahs foe.
28chapter 28
He's Achish's guard: Saul left of God in fear,
seeks to a witch; from her his fall doth hear.
29chapter 29
Incens'd Philist. David away do send:
him both doth Achish, and his acts commend.
30chapter 30
Kindled at Ziklags spoil are Davids men:
he Amalek pursues, gains all age'n.
31chapter 31
Losing the battle, Saul and his sons fall:
whom Jabish men honour with funeral.


1chapter 1
AN Amal'kite owning Sauls death, is slain:
David laments Saul, and his Jonathan.
2chapter 2
By Judah David's crown'd; crow'nd's Ishbosheth
by Abner; their men fight: As'hels death.
3chapter 3
'Creast's Davids power, and sons: chaf'd Abner turns;
Joab him kills, is curs'd; David him mourns.
4chapter 4
Dire Traitors Ishbosheth their Master slay:
to them the like King David doth repay.
5chapter 5
Enstall'd by all's David, takes Zions Tower:
Hiram sends gifts; Philistims feel his power.
6chapter 6
From Gibeah th'Ark's brought; Uzza's death: its rest
with Obed, thence to Zion: Davids feast.
7chapter 7
Gods house David would build, forbad; Gods blessing
on him, and his; he prays, and thanks confessing.
8chapter 8
Here diverse Kings subdu'd: Toi's presents are
off'red to God, with Treasures gain'd in War.
9chapter 9
Jonathans Son Ziba to Court doth bring:
his honour; Sauls lands giv'n him by the King.
10chapter 10
King Nahash dead, David to chear his Son
sends Messengers; are abus'd: War thereon.
11chapter 11
Long's Rabbah sieg'd, Davids adultery:
Uriah murther'd is by treachery.
12chapter 12
Made known his sins by Nathan, he repented:
Solomons birth; Rabbah surpriz'd, tormented.
13chapter 13
Noble-sprung Tamar Amnon doth defile:
Absolon flies, having him slain by guile.
14chapter 14
Obtain doth Tekoas widow his return:
his beauty, seed; he Joabs corn doth burn.
15chapter 15
Proud Absalon rebels, his father flies:
Curseth Achitophel: Davids Armies.
16chapter 16
Quitted with treachery Ziba; Shimei rails:
Hushai complies; the house-top incest wails.
17chapter 17
Rude is Achitophels death: by Davids friends
what course to steer, what's counsel'd, Hushai sends.
18chapter 18
Strict's David's charge concerning Absolon;
he's hang'd in oak, his Fathers grief thereon.
19chapter 19
This ceas'd by Joab, the King home is brought.
Excus'd Mephibosheth: Shemei pardon sought.
20chapter 20
With Sheba's death at Abel the War ends:
false Joab Amasa to his grave, sends.
21chapter 21
A three years famine for Sauls cruelties:
seven of his sons hang'd: Davids victories.
22chapter 22
By songs doth David his Gods praise advance,
for blessings, great power, full deliverance.
23chapter 23
Confest beyond sense Davids faith is here
in his last words: his mighty men who were.
24chapter 24
David doth number Israel, wailes th' offence:
of three plagues chuseth three days pestilence.


1chapter 1
AGe must a nurse have; Adonijah reigns:
Solomon's crown'd: th'Usurper pardon gains.
2chapter 2
Bold Joab, Sh [...]mei, Adonijah, slain:
the causes, Zauok doth the Priest-hood gain.
3chapter 3
Chusing of wisdom, Solomon gains life,
wealth and honour: he ends two harlots strife.
4chapter 4
Describ'd are Solomons greatness, Princes, peace,
provision, state, books, wisdom, great encrease.
5chapter 5
Exchang'd for goods, trees, men by Hiram be
for Temple work: the workmens number see.
6chapter 6
Form of the Temple, when built how extended:
its beauty, Gods promise: In what time ended.
7chapter 7
Great structures rais'd, for Pharaohs Daughter one:
Hiram more Temple-work is set upon.
8chapter 8
He dedicates Gods house; fill'd with Gods glory:
he blesseth, prays, offers, feasts: read the story.
9chapter 9
Jahs promise; Solomon and Tyrus King
send presents: his Fleet, and daily off'ring.
10chapter 10
Knowing him, Sheba's Queen admires the King,
his glory, gold, Throne: all him presents bring.
11chapter 11
Led by his wives to Idols, God threatneth
his Kingdoms rent; his foes nam'd: & his death.
12chapter 12
Mov'd by Re'boams rigour, ten tribes chuse dry:
Jeroboam; he Calves as gods doth use.
13chapter 13
Nerves of the Kings hand, stretcht 'gainst Seer,
the Seer slain; confirm'd his Prophesie.
14chapter 14
Of her Sons and house's fate hears the Kings wife:
Nadab succeeds: Rehoboams wicked life.
15chapter 15
Pure Asa Abijam succeeds: next good
Jehoshaphat: Baasha sheds Nadabs blood.
16chapter 16
Quench Elah Zimri doth: Omri doth quel
him; Ahabs reign: Jericho builds Hiel.
17chapter 17
Ravens Elijah, in a famine, feed:
the widows oyl encreas'd, her son raised.
18chapter 18
Sent's Eli' Ahab to reprove; then slain
the Baalites are: God gives plenty of rain.
19chapter 19
Threats cause Elijahs flight, he's comforted:
Jehu, Elisha, Hazael, annointed.
20chapter 20
Unmanlike terms Benhadad seeks, twice beaten:
finds favour; this moves God Ahab to threaten.
21chapter 21
Ahab deni'd a Vineyard, Naboth's slain:
the Tyrants threatned are with blood again.
22chapter 22
By Prophets false seduc'd Ahab doth bleed
at Ramoth: J'osaphats reign: their sons succeed.


1chapter 1
AHazi sick, sends to Baalzebub: fire
Two Troops kill; one's sav'd: dead is Jo­rams Sire.
2chapter 2
Broad Jordan parts; Elijah mounts the sky:
Elisha water heals: mocking boys die.
3chapter 3
Conjoyn'd are three, to vanquish Moabs King:
Elisha water gets: Mesha's off'ring.
4chapter 4
Deadly broth's heal'd; oyl 'creas'd, pays widows debt:
Shunamites love doth wondrous love beget.
5chapter 5
Elisha Naaman cures, gifts doth deny:
Gehazi gets them with a leprosie.
6chapter 6
Float Iron doth; the Syrians counsel's known:
blinded their hoste; Samaria hungry grown.
7chapter 7
Great plenty promiseth the man of God:
the unbelieving Prince to death is trod.
8chapter 8
Here Shunamites land's restor'd; Hazael succeeds
Benhadad. Jorams wicked reign and deeds.
9chapter 9
Jehoram dies by Jehu's hand and power
in Naboths field: Jezabel dogs devour.
10chapter 10
Killed are Ahabs sons, and Baalites:
for Jehus sin, Hazael Israel smites.
11chapter 11
Laid safe is young Joash; Athaliah sways:
Jehoj'da crowns him, her with blood repays.
12chapter 12
Much good doth Joash whilst the Priest remains:
After backslides, 's slain: Amaziah reigns.
13chapter 13
Now Jehoaz, next Joash, Isr'el sways:
Elisha dies; his bones a dead man raise.
14chapter 14
Of Amaziahs life, conquest, foil; slain
by Traytors: o're Isr'el Jeroboams reign.
15chapter 15
Pure is Uzziah; leprous: Jotham good:
five Kings in Isr'el reign, four die in blood.
16chapter 16
Quit Ahaz doth Gods fear, his house abuse:
the Brazen Altar turns to his own use.
17chapter 17
Ruling Hoshea, Isr'el's captive led:
Samarias mixt Religion's punished.
18chapter 18
Sound Hezekiah, Ashurs King invades:
'Salems revolt proud Rabshakeh perswades.
19chapter 19
The good King mourns, consults with God, doth pray:
an Angel Ashurs Host; his Sons him slay.
20chapter 20
Warn'd of his death, Hezekiah by pray'r,
gets fifteen years: Manasseh is his heir.
21chapter 21
Acts monstrous of Manasseh, God's wrath fill
'gainst Judah: vile Amon his servants kill.
22chapter 22
By Josiah repair'd's the Temple; found
's the Law: Salems ruine doth Huldah sound.
23chapter 23
Conven'd are Judahs Elders, the Law read;
Cov'nant renew'd: Idols abolished.
24chapter 24
Down Joj'kims sins him bring; next year his son:
vanquisht is Salem, led to Babylon.
25chapter 25
Encompass, take Salem, doth Babels King:
blinds Zedekiah, lifts Jehojachim.


1chapter 1
ADams line to Noah; Japhets, Shems, Hams,
Keturahs, Ishmaels seed, and Edoms.
2chapter 2
Born, sons to Isr'el, Judah, Jesse, see;
Hezron, Jerahmeel, Shesham, Calebs three.
3chapter 3
Counted is Davids line to Zedekiah:
with all the Successors of Jechoniah.
4chapter 4
Drawn Judahs, Ashers line is: Jabez pray'r:
Simeons seed, seat, conquest of Gedor, Seir.
5chapter 5
Entred's the line, conquest of Reuben, Gad,
with half Manasseh: for sin captives made.
6chapter 6
Found are the Priests and Levites cities race:
Aarons office, and line to Ahimaaz.
7chapter 7
Growth of Ben: Issacher, Ash', Naphtali,
Manasseh; by Gath Ephraims tragedy.
8chapter 8
Here Benjamins sons, and chief men are told;
the stock of Saul, and Jonathan enroll'd.
9chapter 9
Isr'els and Judahs Genealogies;
Priests, Levites, Nethenims, Sauls stock likewise.
10chapter 10
Kill'd's Saul and 's son (joy doth the Philistine:)
Jabesh men them inter; his ruine, sin.
11chapter 11
Lift up at Hebron Davids to the Crown:
(Zions Tower taken:) his men of renown.
12chapter 12
Mention'd are who at Ziklag to him came:
multitudes more at Hebron, men of fame.
13chapter 13
Now the Ark brought is from Jearim; God slays
Uzza: three moneths the Ark with Obed stays.
14chapter 14
Of Hirams love, Davids felicities,
in Children, people, wives; two Victories.
15chapter 15
Prepar'd's a place, fetcht is the Ark; the King
danceth, is scoff'd by Michal for the thing.
16chapter 16
Quires to sing praise; the Kings Psalm, off'rings mark;
Feasts, Officers for to attend the Ark.
17chapter 17
Raise no house David may to God, but his
Son shall; seed blest; he thanks, praises God for this.
18chapter 18
Subdu'd are divers Kings; he dedicate
to God the spoils doth: his chief men of State.
19chapter 19
The Messengers abus'd to Hanun sent:
David makes Ammon, Syria, it repent.
20chapter 20
Vanquisht, spoil'd, tortur'd, Rabbah is: and three
Philistine gyants in three fights slain be.
21chapter 21
A plague for Davids numbring Isr'el, slayes:
David repents, prays, offers; God it stays.
22chapter 22
Before his death, for Gods house he fits all;
directs his Son; his Princes help doth call.
23chapter 23
Crown Solomon doth aged David, King;
divides the Levites, for their ministring.
24chapter 24
Drawn into twice twelve Orders; th' Aaronites
are divided, Merarites, Cohathites.
25chapter 25
Enumerated are the singers, and
their twice twelve orders by Davids command.
26chapter 26
Fix'd are the Porters parts, gates, what to do:
Who, Treasurers, Judges, Officers, who.
27chapter 27
Guard in their moneths twelve Captains do the King:
the Tribes twelve Peers; Joab lets Israels numbring.
28chapter 28
His Peers conven'd; serve God (said he) my Son;
his House build, here's the sorm, provision.
29chapter 29
Intreaties cause all t'offer willingly:
he prays, all bless, Sol. reigns: David doth dy.


1chapter 1
APprov'd is Solomon at Gibeon,
for wisdoms choice; wealth, honour gains thereon.
2chapter 2
Begun's the Temple; to Hiram the King
for men, and timber sends, obtains each thing.
3chapter 3
Come read the Temples place, time, building, measure;
Ornaments, Cherubs, Vail, Pillars, with pleasure.
4chapter 4
Done's the brass Altar; molten Sea behold,
Courts, Lavers, Tables, Candlesticks of gold.
5chapter 5
Ent'ring the Ark, the Oracle, aloud
the Trumpets sound; the House fill'd with a cloud.
6chapter 6
First Isr'el, Solomon then, God doth bless;
by Prayer Gods house consecrated is.
7chapter 7
Gods fire consumes the off'rings; all oblation
bring; answer'd is the pray'r of Consecration.
8chapter 8
His Buildings, Rulers; Gentiles Tribute pay:
his Ophir fleet; his off'rings every day.
9chapter 9
Jedidiah Sheba's Queen admires, for state,
wisdom, wealth; his presents, his reign, and fate.
10chapter 10
King Rehoboam slights his old Councel;
ten Tribes him leave: with stones Adoram kill.
11chapter 11
Levites, Priests, all, fearing God, to him speed:
fight Isr'el he may not; his wives, forts, seed.
12chapter 12
Mark Rehoboams sin; Shishak him whips:
Repents, his Judgment less'ned, death him nips.
13chapter 13
Next reigns Abijah, wars with Isr'els King;
In God trusts, overcomes; his wives, off-spring.
14chapter 14
Of Asa's zeal see here; his peace, forts, might
Calling on God, he Zerah puts to flight.
15chapter 15
Promis'd's Gods aid to his; Asa with God
Cov'nants; unqueens Ma'chah for Idol-gods.
16chapter 16
Quell'd from building Ramah is Baasha:
Hanan. shut up: Physitians seek doth Asa.
17chapter 17
Reigns, prospers Jehoshaphat; Priests are sent
Judah to teach; his strength, foes, gifts, present.
18chapter 18
Striking alliance with Ahab, he goes
Against Ramoth; Ahab his life doth lose.
19chapter 19
Threatned for this he goeth through his Land:
to Levites, Priests, and Judges gives command.
20chapter 20
Up 'gainst him comes Lots seed, he fasts prays, foils;
gives thanks: his Ebion Gezer fleet God spoils.
21chapter 21
After him Joram reigns, his Brethren slays:
of wives, sons rob'd, he sadly ends his days.
22chapter 22
By Jehu slain is wicked Ahaziah:
Joash sav'd from the hands of Athaliah.
23chapter 23
Crown'd Joash is by Jehojada, slain
Athaliah; God's worship's up again.
24chapter 24
During Jehojada's life he's good; then falls
to Idols; Zacharie's blood for his blood calls.
25chapter 25
Each Traytor slain, Amaziahs hir'd host
dismiss'd, spoil'd, Edom foil'd; his pride dear cost.
26chapter 26
Full prosp'rous is Uzziah, till pride makes
him a leper; then Jotham the Rule takes.
27chapter 27
Good is his reign; Ammon doth Tribute pay
of force: after him Ahaz bears the sway.
28chapter 28
Horrid is Ahaz, Syrians, Israel,
his people captives lead; his sins excel.
29chapter 29
In a good way doth Hezekiah reign:
purg'd is Gods House; his worship up again.
30chapter 30
Kept is the Passeover for fourteen days;
Altars destroy'd, with joy they give God praise.
31chapter 31
Levites and Priests their work assigned have;
at the Kings word the Tythes the people gave.
32chapter 32
Mark the pride, fall, of Ashurs King and Host;
Hezeki's sick, cur'd, proud, yields up the ghost.
33chapter 33
Naught is Manasses, captiv'd, prays, restor'd.
Amon like him, by servants in blood goar'd.
34chapter 34
Of Josiahs reforming, Law found, read:
he mourns, cov'nants, Judahs fall prophesi'd.
35chapter 35
Passeover's kept by him; th' Aegyptian King
him kills; his loss Judah doth sadly sing.
36chapter 36
Quick ruine doth Josiahs sons seed bring
to Gods house, till restor'd by Persia's King.


1chapter 1
AT Cyrus leave, Jews to return prepare,
for Temple-work; restor'd its Vessels are.
2chapter 2
Behold the number of each Tribe, that went:
their goods, and what to God they did present.
3chapter 3
Continual off'rings are on Altar made:
with tears, and joys, Temples foundation's laid.
4chapter 4
Decree of Artaxerxes hindereth
the work, by foes procurement, to his death.
5chapter 5
Encourag'd by Gods Prophets, once again
they buil'd; Tatnai would let, but all in vain.
6chapter 6
Finisht it is by Darius's command:
the Passeover is kept in Jury-Land.
7chapter 7
Going to Jury, Ezra from the King
favour obtaineth; thanks God for the thing.
8chapter 8
His company; for min'sters he demands:
a fast's kept; Treasure put into Priests hands.
9chapter 9
Isr'els affinity with strangers he
confesseth, mourns, prays 'gainst it earnestly.
10chapter 10
Known here their grief is for this sin, and care
to put their wives away, and who they were.


1chapter 1
AT Hanania's sad news, Nehemi fasts,
mourns, prays, because of Jerusalem wastes.
2chapter 2
By Persia's King his grief is spi'd: he's sent
to build Jerusalem; their foes discontent.
3chapter 3
Counted here are the names of persons all,
and order; who re-edifi'd the wall.
4chapter 4
Deride do foes, he prays; the work goes on,
with workmen arm'd they watch; his direction.
5chapter 5
Extortion stopt, they restitution make:
the Rulers pay, Nehemy will not take.
6chapter 6
Fraud, rumors, Prophets of Sanballat fail:
the wall is built, the foes hearts thereat quail.
7chapter 7
Good Hananiah hath the Cities charge;
of Jews return'd a Catalogue at large.
8chapter 8
Here Ezra reads the Law, the people weep;
but are forbid: the feast of booths they keep.
9chapter 9
Isr'el doth fast, repent, Levites confess
their sins; Gods goodness, Cov'nant, a redress.
10chapter 10
Kept are their names, the Covenant who seal'd:
the tenure of it is at full reveal'd.
11chapter 11
Lots shew the tenth person who must abide
in Salem; there the Rulers must reside.
12chapter 12
Mention'd are Priests who with Zerubbabel came:
they dedicate the wall with thankful clame.
13chapter 13
Now read's the Law; communion mixt redressed:
Temple and Sabbath sins: strange wives repressed.


1chapter 1
AT the Kings feast Queen Vasthi will not come;
Divorc'd: a Law, men shall bear rule at home.
2chapter 2
'Bove all Maids Esther is Queen'd; here a Treason
discovered is by Mordecai in season.
3chapter 3
Crouch to proud Haman will not Mordecai.
Haman gets a Decree, all Jews to slay.
4chapter 4
Doleful are Jews; Esther mov'd to redress
their woes; a fast commands, to beg success.
5chapter 5
Esther finds grace, feasts Haman with the King:
for Mordecai a gallows is building.
6chapter 6
For service done Mordecai rides in state,
by Hamans counsel; his friends speak his fate.
7chapter 7
Gain audience Esther doth, Haman accuse;
on his gallows is hang'd the foe of th' Jews.
8chapter 8
Hamans house given to Esther: the Decree
revers'd; Mordecai's honour: the Jews glee.
9chapter 9
Jews enemies, and Hamans sons, are slain:
the two days feast of Purim they ordain.
10chapter 10
King Ahasuerus greatness here's set forth:
with Mordecai his Publike-seeking worth.


1chapter 1
A Good great man is Job; by Gods permission
Sathan him strips of all; his rare submission.
2chapter 2
Boyls grieve Jobs body; grief doth pain his soul:
his wife him tempts; three friends come to con­dole.
3chapter 3
Cursed is Jobs birth-day, he longs to die;
complains of life, because of misery.
4chapter 4
Declaim against poor Job doth Eliphaz;
Gods judgments not on just, but wicked pass.
5chapter 5
End all men do in sorrow; Gods affliction
regard: the happy end of his correction.
6chapter 6
Far beyond fault his rod is; Job contends,
craves death, it comfort brings: 'plains of his friends.
7chapter 7
Gall'd with continual plagues, Job longs to die:
his restlesness and Gods vigilancie.
8chapter 8
Hypocrites sure fall, from 'fore Ages ey'd:
Gods just dealing with men to Job appli'd.
9chapter 9
Job having blam'd his friends, desires to know
his sin, and cause why God afflicts him so.
10chapter 10
Kept down by grief, lifes weariness Job sho'ws.
begs before death, some slacking of his woes.
11chapter 11
Lasht's Job for self-just, Gods wisdom none can
search out: the blessing of the penitent man.
12chapter 12
Mov'd by his friends taunts, Job doth justifie
himself; sets forth Gods Omnipotencie.
13chapter 13
No friend Job hath but's partial: he doth show
his faith, his sins, and Gods purpose would know.
14chapter 14
Obstruct grace doth Job, death's sure, life is short:
past, no return; the cause sin, he waits for't.
15chapter 15
Poor Job for self-defending is reprov'd
as wicked; wicked mens unquiet's prov'd.
16chapter 16
Quip Job doth his friends for their cruelty:
Shews his sad cause, pleads his innocencie.
17chapter 17
Runs Job to God; harsh acts astonish may,
not quell the just; his hope's in death, not day.
18chapter 18
See Job impatient, presumptuous, blam'd:
the miseries of wicked men are nam'd.
19chapter 19
The sad complaint of Job, and various woes;
craves pity, faith in th' Resurrection shows.
20chapter 20
Vile mens triumphing, and their final state:
oppression sweet, shall end in dismal fate.
21chapter 21
A wicked man may thrive, who God withstood:
his ruine. In death equal bad, and good.
22chapter 22
By mans works God's not gain'd: many sins laid
'gainst Job; call'd to repent with grace displai'd.
23chapter 23
Confessing Gods grace, Job longs him to see:
God unseen, see us, his stable decree.
24chapter 24
Deceit, oppression, and adultery,
though safe a while, are in Gods dreadful eye.
25chapter 25
Elohims fear, dominion, and might,
declare can no man, nor be just in's sight.
26chapter 26
From Bildad Job no help nor comfort findes:
of Gods great Pow'r and Providence him mindes.
27chapter 27
Good Job's sincere; sans hope the Hypocrite:
On ill mens blessings God doth curses write.
28chapter 28
Had may be knowledge of things natural;
not wisdom, its worth; must from Heaven fall.
29chapter 29
Job longeth for, declares his former state;
his justice, when he judged in the gate.
30chapter 30
Kickt at by varlets is in misery:
he condol'd others, God hears not his cry.
31chapter 31
Lust, fraud, oppression, av'rice, bribery,
Job doth disclaim; his hospitality.
32chapter 32
Mov'd young Elihu's with Job and his friends,
having them heard, in zeal his judgment spends.
33chapter 33
Now (as God) pleads; he no count of his facts
gives: his ways to call men to holy acts.
34chapter 34
Old Jobs charg'd, charging God with wrong; he must
be just: m [...]n lies before him in the dust.
35chapter 35
Past hurt by sin is God, or by good, gain:
men wanting faith in trouble cry in vain.
36chapter 36
Quench doth Jobs sins Gods favour, whom he must
extol and magnifie; because he's dust.
37chapter 37
Renown'd is Gods power by his works; this binds
man him to fear: his wisdom none out finds.
38chapter 38
Summon'd is Job by God to answer; he
's convinc'd of ignorance, debility.
39chapter 39
The goats and other Creatures named are,
Gods Providence and power to declare.
40chapter 40
Vile, Job himself affirms; God him stir doth
his attributes to shew: of Behemoth.
41chapter 41
Almighty God sets forth what he do can
by his dispose: of great Leviathan.
42chapter 42
Bows Job to God, his cause preferr'd; his friends
submit; he's blest with wealth: his days he ends.

The Book of PSALMS.

1Psalm 1
A Good man's blest, describ'd, as fruitful tree:
the wicked, as the chaff, destroy'd shall be.
2Psalm 2
Bold Heathen rage, consult 'gainst Christ, in vain:
they must submit themselves unto his reign.
3Psalm 3
Compell'd by Absolon, David doth fly:
he prays, on God rests for security.
4Psalm 4
David begs audience, enemies doth reprove,
exhort: mans happiness stands in Gods love.
5Psalm 5
Expressing Gods hate 'gainst vile men, he prays
for his foes fall; the Saints safety always.
6Psalm 6
Filled with grief through sickness, and fierce foes,
he mercy sues: through faith triumphs o're those.
7Psalm 7
'Gainst his foes hate (professing innocency)
he prays: their fall; his safety faith doth spy.
8Psalm 8
Heav'ns host, and all the world set forth Gods praise:
his love to man doth admiration raise.
9Psalm 9
Jah's prais'd for foes defeat; David prays, he
like cause may have ill mens ruine to see.
10Psalm 10
King David prays 'gainst ill mens insolence:
prays for redress, professeth confidence.
11Psalm 11
Let sinners threat, David trusts God, who knows
their plots, their end; to good men his face shows.
12Psalm 12
Marking good mens decay, help he doth pray:
proud fl [...]tt'ring tongues, oppressours God will slay.
13Psalm 13
No help comes, David cries how long, he prays
preventing grace, rests on Gods gracious rays.
14Psalm 14
Th'Atheists, vile, are nat'ral men, yet fear:
David on Gods salvation trust doth rear.
15Psalm 15
Pourtrai'd are those in Zion who shall dwell;
none taking use, bribes; none who tales, lies tell.
16Psalm 16
Quickned by faith, not works, for help he prays:
hates idle hopes to rise and live always.
17Psalm 17
Resting on his right heart, he aid doth call.
shews his foes pride, craft; in hope sues their fall.
18Psalm 18
Sav'd from his enemies, and Saul, he sings
praise for Gods various wonderful blessings.
19Psalm 19
The Creatures shew Gods praise, the word his grace:
he prays 'gainst sins close reigning; for Gods face.
20Psalm 20
Venting her prayses forth, the King to bless:
the Church trusts, God will give her more success.
21Psalm 21
A Psalm of praise for getting Ammons crown:
David trusts his foes shall sink lower down.
22Psalm 22
Being dismai'd, David complains and prays:
in his distress, others to thanks doth raise.
23Psalm 23
Confident of comfort in every state,
Gods goodness will him follow unto fate.
24Psalm 24
Due right to th' earth hath Christ, heav'ns dwellers see:
the King of glory must received be.
25Psalm 25
Exalting faith, David doth beg of God;
for sins remission, and help from [...]s rod.
26Psalm 26
Flying to God, David makes this his ground
('mongst sinners, not body) his heart is sound.
27Psalm 27
Gods pow'r, his love to God, his fervent pray'r
supports his faith against storms of despair.
28Psalm 28
He prays against his enemies; God doth bless
petitions for Gods peoples happiness.
29Psalm 29
Incited Kings are God to glorifie;
for his pow'r, his peoples security.
30Psalm 30
Knit's Davids heart, for safety God to bless
for his state; calls others the like t'express.
31Psalm 31
Leaning on God he begs help in distress:
joys in Gods mercy, praiseth his goodness.
32Psalm 32
Man's blest who's freed, of sin guilt from the annoy;
Confession brings ease, but Gods mercy joy.
33Psalm 33
Note forth Gods praise, for his pow'r, Providence,
and goodness; cast on him your confidence.
34Psalm 34
O praise God, I will bless him, David saith;
the priviledge of fearing God, and faith.
35Psalm 35
Praying against his foes, he doth complain
their wrongs, begs God vengeance on them to rain:
36Psalm 36
Question God lewd ones do; their naughty ways:
Gods grace to his is great; for this he prays.
37Psalm 37
Righteous men must wait, not at ill men fret:
their Sun, in joys; ill mens in woes shall set.
38Psalm 38
Smit with Gods arrows, false friends become foes;
he praises God, will hasten thereof a close.
39Psalm 39
The care of's words he shews; lifes brevity:
deliv'rance sues, from sin and misery.
40Psalm 40
Urg'd is faiths good, obedience doth excel
Off'rings; he prays God, thankless foes to quel.
41Psalm 41
Almesgivers blest; Davids foes treacherous are;
he flees to God, experienc'd of his care.
42Psalm 42
Breathing his zeal to serve God in his house;
David his down-cast Soul with faith doth rouze.
43Psalm 43
Calling for aid, he prays again to see
Gods house; resolves there to worship with glee:
44Psalm 44
Declaring old favours the Church doth 'plain
her present state; desires Gods help again.
45Psalm 45
Excellent is Christs Kingdom, glory, grace;
their duty, priviledge, whom he doth embrace.
46Psalm 46
Firm in God is the Churches confidence:
he calls to eye Gods work in her defence.
47Psalm 47
Gentiles are woo'd with joy to entertain
Christs Kingdom; he in all the earth shall reign.
48Psalm 48
Here's Zions glory, and preheminence,
let her rejoyce, God is her guide, defence.
49Psalm 49
In wealth's no trust, it cannot God withstand,
nor raise the dead; 'tis the work of Gods hand.
50Psalm 50
Know here Gods glory in his Church; not rites
legal, but true obedience him delights.
51Psalm 51
Lord my sin-guilt and filth wash thou away:
cleanse my heart, bless the Church, David doth pray.
52Psalm 52
Mad Doegs spite condemning, his fall he
foretells; the Saints joy, praise God it to see.
53Psalm 53
No God there is, say Atheists; yet they fear:
Jacob in Gods safety himself doth chear.
54Psalm 54
Of Ziphites David 'plaining help doth crave;
believing it, resolves God thanks shall have.
55Psalm 55
'Plaining his sad case, his foes falsness, sins
prays against; Gods face to him comfort wins.
56Psalm 56
Quarrelling foes, David trusts in Gods word;
promiseth praise, when freed from enemies sword.
57Psalm 57
Running to God, David his dang'rous case
sets forth; resolves to praise him for his grace.
58Psalm 58
School'd wicked Judges, men, are, he doth crave,
Gods wrath on them, thereat the Saints joy have.
59Psalm 59
The Psalmist shews, his foes are subtile, fell;
prays 'gainst them, trusts in God: Gods praise will tell.
60Psalm 60
Wailing their troubles, he doth pray God, save:
trusting Gods promise, he doth thence help crave.
61Psalm 61
Arm'd with experience he to God doth fly:
Vows to serve God, for's promise, constantly.
62Psalm 62
Breathing forth faith, David dismays his foes:
invites Saints to make God their sole repose.
63Psalm 63
Chapped for God, David will bless Gods name:
sure of his help, his foes shall fall with shame.
64Psalm 64
Defence 'gainst foes sharp tongues, and plots profound,
he prays; assur'd God will them deadly wound.
65Psalm 65
Extoll'd God's for his grace; th'elect are blest:
by him the earth refresht is, with corn drest.
66Psalm 66
For Gods pow'r, goodness, David calls; him praise:
his goodness to him he with thanks doth raise.
67Psalm 67
God's su'd t'enlarge his reign, that the people
may joy, and the earth with encrease excel.
68Psalm 68
Here, at the Arks removal is a Pray'r:
praise God for's mercy, works, and Churches care.
69Psalm 69
In deep distress, David doth imprecate
his foes destruction; praiseth God thereat.
70Psalm 70
Kindled with zeal, he begs the speedy fall
of ill men; good mens preservation all.
71Psalm 71
Leanning on God, he prays in his old days
not to be left; promising thanks always.
72Psalm 72
Made is request for Christs Type, Solomon,
their Kingdoms goodness, glory, here is shown.
73Psalm 73
Noting ill mens wealth, he counts goodness vain:
in Gods house sees their fall: trusts God again.
74Psalm 74
O're Zions wastes, wailing, for help he cries;
minding Gods pow'r, cov'nant, vile enemies.
75Psalm 75
Praising God, upright judgment here is vow'd:
rebuked by Gods Providence are the proud.
76Psalm 76
Quaintly set forth's Gods Power, Majesty
in's Church; calling to serve him reverently.
77Psalm 77
Rough is the Psalmists fight with diffidence;
eying Gods works, he gathers confidence.
78Psalm 78
Speak, learn Gods Law; Isr'el for its neglects
cast off: Judah, Zion, David, God elects.
79Psalm 79
The fall of Jerusalem he complains;
craves Gods relief, promising thankful strains.
80Psalm 80
Vented in plaints is the Church-misery;
Gods grace turn'd frowns: he begs del [...]very.
81Psalm 81
Act thanks to God for favours manifold:
the Jews rebellion from them good things hold.
82Psalm 82
Blam'd are vile Judges, charged to do right:
the great Judge sees them, will judg men of might.
83Psalm 83
Conspiring foes complain'd on are to God;
he prays 'gainst those who are the Churches rod.
84Psalm 84
David longs to enjoy the House of God:
blest they who in it have constant abode.
85Psalm 85
Expert of favours old, he prays they may
hold on: waits for them, Gods grace is his stay.
86Psalm 86
Firm'd by his zealous care, Gods pow'r & grace,
he 'plains the proud, implores Gods gracious face.
87Psalm 87
Gods Churches glory, nature, is set forth;
her Members consolation, encrease, worth.
88Psalm 88
Heavily prest with inward terrours, pains,
as at graves brim, David to God complains.
89Psalm 89
Jah prais'd is for his cov'nant, power, Church-care:
Davids reign; he speaks 'gainst events contrare.
90Psalm 90
Know here, life's frail and short; sin troubles brings:
Mercy is begg'd, release of their suff'rings.
91Psalm 91
Laid down's the safety, habitation
of such as God hath set his love upon.
92Psalm 92
Made are Gods works and judgments grounds of praise:
th'upright shall flourish, bear fruit in old days.
93Psalm 93
Note here of Christs Kingdom the holiness,
Majesty, power, everlastingness.
94Psalm 94
Oppressours complain'd are, the Lord knows all:
bless'd are Gods chasten'd ones; he's their brass wall.
95Psalm 95
Praise the great God, fall down before him, kneel;
hard'n not your hearts, lest of his wrath you feel.
96Psalm 96
Quickned our thanks are from Gods Majesty;
his reign, and judging all with equity.
97Psalm 97
Rejoyce O earth, God reigns, confounded be
Idolaters: the Saints joy, light shall see.
98Psalm 98
Sing praise to God, Jews, Gentiles, Creatures all:
his salvation all know, in general.
99Psalm 99
The Lord in Zion's great, praise ye his Name;
worship him there, Priests, Prophets do the same.
100Psalm 100
Unto the Lord make joyful noise all lands:
praise him in 's House, we are made by his hands.
101Psalm 101
A state, house, David hath well disciplin'd
'gainst vice; for those who are to good inclin'd.
102Psalm 102
Beset with grief he prays Sions redress:
takes comfort from Gods grace, unchangedness.
103Psalm 103
Call'd from his Soul are thanks for pard'ning graces;
man's frail, Gods grace lasts; praise him in all places.
104Psalm 104
Divine works, Providence, make David bless
God: constant praises he vows to express.
105Psalm 105
Exprest's Gods care for Abr'am, and his seed;
to stir us up in praises to exceed.
106Psalm 106
Frequent were Isr'els sins, but God forgave;
their wants supplied, praises let him have.
107Psalm 107
Gods Prov'dence trav'llers, captives, sick men see,
and Mariners: a desart fat makes he.
108Psalm 108
He praiseth God, against his foes craves aid;
believes 'twill come, because God hath it said.
109Psalm 109
Judas-like foes he plains, their sins displaies:
his woful state; prays help: promiseth praise.
110Psalm 110
Kingdom, Priesthood, conquest, and suffering
of Jesus Christ, the Psalmist here doth sing.
111Psalm 111
Laud God, his works are glorious, gracious, right;
his word sure: he redeems his with his might.
112Psalm 112
Men good in this, and next world, blest shall be;
are lib'ral, wicked ones grieve it to see.
113Psalm 113
Nations all (god's above) him glorifie.
he doth the poor raise, barren fructifie.
114Psalm 114
Of Creatures dumb learn ye to fear the Lord:
he parts the Red Sea, Jordan with his word.
115Psalm 115
Put trust in God, he's glorious, Idols vain;
he mindeth, blesseth his; bless him again.
116Psalm 116
Quit from distress by God, he duty, love
professeth; studieth how thankful to prove.
117Psalm 117
Render praise to the Lord ye people all;
his mercy's great to us, his truth last shall.
118Psalm 118
Sing praise to God, to trust him it is best:
Christ coming in his Kingdom is exprest.
119Psalm 119
Theorems, praisers, praises here behold;
godly professions, Gods precepts extold.
120Psalm 120
Vile Doegs tongue David prays 'gainst, checks, moans;
that he doth sojourn among wicked ones.
121Psalm 121
A godly man great safety doth enjoy:
trusters in God are kept free from annoy.
122Psalm 122
Beset with joy he's for Jerusalem;
those who love, pray for her; he blesseth them.
123Psalm 123
Call do the Saints on God, their trust, aloud,
being fill'd with the scornings of the proud.
124Psalm 124
Due praises gives the Church to God most high,
for her miraculous delivery.
125Psalm 125
Each faithful man as Zion firm shall stand;
peace to the good; wo to the wicked brand.
126Psalm 126
For her return from bondage the Church praise
doth give, prays, prophesies succesful days.
127Psalm 127
Gods blessing's all; without it all is vain:
'tis Gods blessing good Children to obtain.
128Psalm 128
Happy is he who walketh in Gods ways,
in his works, wife, children, and length of days.
129Psalm 129
Isr'els safety in many troubles see;
Sions foes like the grass on house-top be.
130Psalm 130
Knit is his hope to prayer, patience
in hope: let Isr'el hope in their defence.
131Psalm 131
Lord, my heart is not proud, saith good King David;
let Israel hope in God to be saved.
132Psalm 132
Minding his care of th' Ark, at its remove
he prays: to him and Sion God shews love.
133Psalm 133
Note what a pleasant thing it is to see
Brethren to dwell in perfect unity.
134Psalm 134
O Servants of the Lord, who stand by night
in his house, bless ye all the Lord of might.
135Psalm 135
Praise him for his grace, pow'r, suppressing foes;
Idols are vain: no praises let God lose,
136Psalm 136
Quoted are of Gods great works many a story;
that of our thanks he may have the due glory.
137Psalm 137
Remembring Zion, captive Jews do weep:
Babylon shall partake of curses deep.
138Psalm 138
Sing praises David doth, and prophesies
that Kings shall bless God: he on God relies.
139Psalm 139
Th'all-seeing Providence he magnifies;
admires his own form; wicked men defies.
140Psalm 140
Vext David is with Saul and Doegs rod.
he prays against them, comfort finds in God.
141Psalm 141
Acceptable he prays his suit may be;
his conscience 'right, his life from dangers free.
142Psalm 142
Batt'rd with trouble, Davids comfort lies
in pouring out to God his fervent cries.
143Psalm 143
Complaining of his foes, their overthrow
he prays, for grace, Gods will to do and know.
144Psalm 144
David thanks God for mercies: deprecates
his foes: his Kingdoms peace, wealth, supplicates.
145Psalm 145
Extoll'd's God for his goodness, Kingdom, fame,
his Providence, saving mercy, praise his Name.
146Psalm 146
First to praise God, he warns 'gainst Creature-trust;
trust God for's Prov'dence, Attributes, we must.
147Psalm 147
God's to be prais'd for his care, mercy, pow'r.
Providence, outward blessings, word, each hour.
148Psalm 148
He calls for praises from the Creatures all,
celestial, earthly, and the rational.
149Psalm 149
Jehovah praise, to the Church for his love.,
and pow'r, his foes with vengeance to remove.
150Psalm 150
Keys of the highest strain, on musick all,
must sound Gods praise; his great acts for it call.

The Contents of the parts of the hundred and nineteenth PSALM.

1part 1 (A)
A Blessing on, motives t'obedience;
his prayer for direction, purpose thence.
2part 2 (B)
By Gods Law youth must live, seek joy thereat;
desire, keep, love, talk of, and meditate.
3part 3 (C)
Cry David doth for grace, knowledg, and songs
for Gods word; 'tis his refuge 'gainst false tongues.
4part 4 (D)
David by Gods word quickned, taught would be▪
and strengthened; his reasons, purpose see.
5part 5 (E)
Earnest he is to know and keep Gods way:
and not through av'rice, vanity, to stray.
6part 6 (F)
For promis'd mercies he prays; why? he'l keep,
always speak, think of, love Gods counsels deep.
7part 7 (G)
Gods promise, word, & judgments comfort bring,
when deep calamities his Children wring.
8part 8 (H)
His prayer, penitence, zeal, constancie,
companions shew, God his portion to be.
9part 9 (I)
In trouble David gains; more knowledg prays;
proud hearts are fat: he is to keep Gods ways.
10part 10 (K)
Kindness divine, knowledg, a heart sincere
he sues for, upon grounds expressed here.
11part 11 (L)
Long troubles force complaints, faith doth not fail;
he'l keep Gods Law: prays mercy may him bail.
12part 12 (M)
Make Gods word void nought can, 'tis Davids stay
in sinking times; he'l it retain alway.
13part 13 (N)
Nought he loves or minds more than Gods word, why?
than teachers, aged, he knows more thereby.
14part 14 (O)
Obey he will, Gods word's his lamp, joy, lot:
begs acceptance, troubles him bend cannot.
15part 15 (P)
Professing love, obedience to Gods word,
he seeks support: the wicked down are trod.
16part 16 (Q)
Quoting Gods promise, he deliv'rance prays
from oppressors; Gods time is come he says.
17part 17 (R)
Rare's Gods Law in effects, he longs for't: grace,
direction, begs; grievs 'cause it takes no place.
18part 18 (S)
Straight, faithful, pure's Gods word: his foes him vext
for breaking it: he keeps it though perplext.
19part 19 (T)
The Psalmist craves relief; Gods statutes he
will keep, early muse on; true, firm they be.
20part 20 (U)
Urging his constancie, zeal, love, Gods truth,
word, mercy; his suit for release renew'th.
21part 21 (W)
When Princes vex, Gods Law's his fear, hope, love,
he keeps it; such great peace have from above.
22part 22 (Y)
Yearning for audience, help, he vows to praise
God, preach his word; 'tis his choice, joy always.


1chapter 1
ATtend to wisdoms Laws; lewd lures avoid:
scorners of wisdoms counsel shalbe stroi'd.
2chapter 2
By wisdom are her sons taught how to shun
ill men, and whores, and in good ways to run.
3chapter 3
Commandment keep, truth, mercy, patience,
faith, peace, alms-deeds, fear; wisdoms excellence.
4chapter 4
Directing Children to obey, he taught
his Fathers Laws. The paths of persons naught
Decline: Get wisdom, why? shun froward talk:
thy heart keep safe; thy paths weigh ere thou walk.
5chapter 5
Esteem wisdom, content be, liberal,
chaste; whoredoms mischief, wicked men shall fall.
6chapter 6
Flee suretiship, sloth, mischief. God doth hate
seven things: Obedience good: whoremongers state.
7chapter 7
Great is his danger, and simplicity,
who's led away by harlots flattery.
8chapter 8
Here's wisdoms fame, plainness, excellencie;
its nature, power, wealth, eternity.
9chapter 9
Invited all are unto wisdoms feast:
Scorners rebuke not: the whores ways exprest.
10chapter 10
Know how differ love, hate, wisdom and folly:
sloth, labour; just unjust, speech bad and holy.
11chapter 11
Lo, false weights, lowly, just, sincere men, and
merciful 'gainst their contraries here stand:
Light 'vails wealth, counsel much; good wives prais'd are:
Fair fools, taling, corn-hoorders, sureties fare.
12chapter 12
Merciful good men are; reproof fools hate;
his wrath soon known: a good wife crowns her mate.
Men good, wise, diligent, opposed see
to men contrary: Lyars hated be.
13chapter 13
Nipt pratlers are, sloth, pride, lyes, word-despiser;
wise, good, describ'd; good company makes wiser.
Nought some have, yet rich: of wealth well, ill got:
of cock'ring parents; wicked nuncio's lot.
14chapter 14
Of wisdom, folly, signs; false witnessings,
backbitings, labour: what advanceth Kings:
Oppressing, poor despising, fearing of God:
what good men do, and gain: wicked mens rod.
15chapter 15
Pure tongue rules; God sees all; wise, fools, good, bad:
mirth, sorrow differenc'd; scorners case is sad.
Pride, sloth, brib'ry, their ill; with love and grace
a little, before troubled wealth, hath place.
16chapter 16
Qualities royal; whisp'rers, self-conceit,
pride, frowardness; the good man's little's great.
Quiet grace gains; the wise, upright, meek prais'd;
all's made for God: by grace gray-hairs are rais'd.
17chapter 17
Rule shall wise servants; God tries hearts, a friend
loves still; faults blab not; fools signs; proud mans end.
Reproofs wise men embrace; the poor mock not:
by quiet, strife, mirth, silence, what is got.
18chapter 18
Strifes cause, sloth; eye not men, pride: God's a tower:
a wounded sp'rit; friends what? Death in tongues power.
19chapter 19
The rich make friends: the poor his Brethren hate:
false swearers rod; the wrathful and fools fate.
The sluggard, scold, merciful, wife that's wise;
smite scorners, waste not parents; sons chastise.
20chapter 20
Wine mocks, a Kings wrath what; his duty: deep
is counsel: shun strife, none clean; love not sleep.
Works shew men; weights and buyers false; sloth's vain:
Sire-cursers; taling; suretiship, ill gain.
21chapter 21
Accepted's Justice, justs joy; God weighs hearts:
ill gain, injustice, wickedness, subverts.
A scold, what? poor not hearing, loving pleasure:
the good of labour: keeping tongue in measure.
22chapter 22
Bounty, credit, wisdom, humility;
their good: of training youth; heart purifie.
Bane of the froward, sluggards, whores, sureties.
oppressors: Landmarks move not; hear the wise.
23chapter 23
Curbs for feeding; wealth stays not; th'Orphans field
take not; instructions hear: correct thy child.
Children good Parents joy, buy truth, decline
wine-bibbers, whores; the bane of drinking wine,
24chapter 24
Draw from ill men; wisdoms praise: Innocents
in danger help: spoil not the righteous tents.
Damp joys when foes fall; fear God and the King:
envy, revenge, false witness, sloth, their sting.
25chapter 25
Edicts for Kings; strife-rules; a word in season
how good; vain boasters: pleasures use in reason.
Eschew gadding; of false swearing the ill;
faithless men, brawling wives, enemies fill.
26chapter 26
Fools, sluggards, busie-bodies are offence:
tale-bearers, flatt'rers cheat on loves pretence.
27chapter 27
Great's envies rage; boast not; wise men foresee
evil: of friends, scolds, care of family.
28chapter 28
Heap many Lords doth sin; ill ones enslave:
givers no want; usurers free sons have.
How poor men pass the rich; ill mates bring shame
and rags: he's blest that fears; quick getters blame.
29chapter 29
In publick, private Government, instructions:
of anger, pride, theft, fearfulness, corruptions.
30chapter 30
Know Gods word, add not to' t; a man state's best:
Sire-mockers bane. Agurs fives, fours, exprest.
31chapter 31
Lemuel chaste must be, sober; must defend
and cheer the fainting. The good wifes commend.


1chapter 1
ALl things are vain, Creatures restless, nought new;
old forgot, Solomon found by wisdoms view.
2chapter 2
Brave pleasure's in vain; fools, wise, have one event:
none knows his heir; 'tis best joy in goods lent.
3chapter 3
Changes of times; mans work's vain, Gods are best.
he shall judge man, who dies like the brute beast.
4chapter 4
Dead prais'd are, from oppressions, coveting,
envy, sloth; wise poor exceeds wilful King.
5chapter 5
Entring Gods worship, beware; wealth is vain;
'tis Gods gift to enjoy our labours gain.
6chapter 6
Full vain's wealth without use; without wealth vain
children, old age; none future things can name.
7chapter 7
'Gainst vanity, a good name, patience,
the house of Mourning: Wisdom's a defence.
8chapter 8
Honour Kings, Divine Providence attend:
just poor, than wicked rich, make better end.
9chapter 9
In outwards all's alike; none knows lifes length:
comfort's all this lifes lot: Wisdom's 'fore strength.
10chapter 10
Kings when a curse and bliss; the difference
of folly and wisdom. Of slothfulness.
11chapter 11
Lessons of charity: in life the day
of death and judgment youth must mind alway.
12chapter 12
Minde thy Maker in youth: to edifie
's the Preachers care: Gods fear cures vanity.


1chapter 1
AFfecting Christ, his Spouse, his flock would meet;
his love to her, each to other is sweet.
2chapter 2
Behold the love of Christ and's Church: her hope;
his care of her, and her professions scope.
3chapter 3
Christ is withdrawn, the Church him seeks, and found;
shews his sweetness and glory doth abound.
4chapter 4
Declare doth Christ the Churches grace▪ his love;
she prays fit for his presence she may prove.
5chapter 5
Enter Christ would, she's loath to rise; away
he goes: she love-sick, his parts doth display.
6chapter 6
Faith in Christ the C [...]uch shews, he doth approve
her graces, and reveal to her his love.
7chapter 7
Graces of the Church farther are exprest:
the faith and desire of the Church profest.
8chapter 8
How much the Church loves Christ; love's strong as death:
the Gentiles call: Christs coming she prayeth.


1chapter 1
A 'Plaint of Judahs sins, plagues; service vain:
with promise, threats, he warns to turn a­gain.
2chapter 2
By Christs reign call'd the Gentiles are, Wars cease:
God leaves a Land for pride, and sins encrease.
3chapter 3
Confusion comes by sin; Jews shameless grown:
their Rulers gripes, and womans pride are shown.
4chapter 4
During the time of ills extremity,
Christs Kingdom shall be best security.
5chapter 5
Excus'd's by Vineyards parable Gods wrath:
the covetous, wanton, vile, unjust, threats hath.
6chapter 6
From Heav'n by Vision Isay's call is shown:
for stubborness (few sav'd) the Jews o'rethrown.
7chapter 7
'Gainst fear of foe Isaiah comfort brings,
promiseth Christ: from Ashur Jew's wo springs.
8chapter 8
Now Ashur Syrians and all Jews subdues:
Gods judgment's sure; comfort to his accrews.
9chapter 9
In trouble joy by Christs birth: hypocrites,
impenitent, proud, the Lord with threatning smites.
10chapter 10
Kingdom and birth of Christ midst woes joys bring:
threats for hypocrisie, pride, not turning.
11chapter 11
Learn here Christs peaceful reign, the Gentiles call:
the Jews glorious restore; their enemies fall.
12chapter 12
Mercies in that day shall cause Zion sing
a joyful Psalm of thanks to Isr'ls King.
13chapter 13
Now God in wrath d [...]aws up his host: the Medes
'gainst Babylon, it to destroy, he leads.
14chapter 14
Of Jacobs restore, triumph, insultation
o're Babel; Ashurs, Palestines vastation.
15chapter 15
Pour'd out for Moab's state is lamentation:
her Cities do lament their desolation.
16chapter 16
Quickned is Moab Christs reign to obey;
threatned for pride, bewail'd her dismal day.
17chapter 17
Read threats 'gainst Syria, Jacob; Idols some
flee, plagu'd the rest: on Isr'els foes woes come.
18chapter 18
Subdu'd shall Aethiop' be; and the success
shall be the Churches plentiful increase.
19chapter 19
The fall of Aegypt, her Peers fools; yet she,
Ashur, and Israel, one Church shall be.
20chapter 20
Under a Type, by Isay, figur'd is
Aegypt and Aethiops Captivities.
21chapter 21
Arabia, Jacob, Edoms, overthrow:
on Tema, Kedar, God his wath doth show.
22chapter 22
Bold Persians Jews invade, Jews policies,
joys checkt: Eliakim Christ typifies.
23chapter 23
Come down must Tyre, yet after seventy years,
although unhappy, her return appears.
24chapter 24
Despoil'd by Gods just judgments is the Land:
a remnant praising God with joy shall stand.
25chapter 25
Eaalted God is for his Judgments shown;
his saving benefits, salvation.
26chapter 26
For his Judgments this song calls; on God trust:
for his love to his, wait on him we must.
27chapter 27
God for his Vineyard cares: his chastisements,
and judgments differ; Church of Jews and Gents.
28chapter 28
Here drunkards, proud, indocible, secure
threatned; others safe in Christ, a rock sure.
29chapter 29
Judg'd are Jerusalems dullards, hypocrites:
insatiate are her foes; joy shall meek sp'rites.
30chapter 30
Keen's God's wrath 'gainst man-trust, sleighting his word:
Gods grace to 's Church; she joys in Ashurs rod.
31chapter 31
Like's their woe who trust Aegypt, leave the Lord:
Conversion's prest: Ashur shall fall by th'sword.
32chapter 32
Much blessings from Christs reign; destruction
foretold; and promis'd restauration.
33chapter 33
No foes of Gods Church are from judgments free:
the godlies priviledges what they be.
34chapter 34
Of judgments 'gainst Gods Churches enemy;
their overthrow: certain's the Prophesie.
35chapter 35
Prosperous joy, shall from Christs Kingdom flow
from Gospel virtues let the weak strong grow.
36chapter 36
Quar' [...]ing Senacherib invades Judea;
Rabshekah blasphemes, it's told Hezekiah.
37chapter 37
Rais'd is Isay the Kings grief to allay:
an Angel Ashurs Host, his sons him slay.
38chapter 38
Sent's a death message; the Kings prayer gains
a longer life: thanks God with singing strains.
39chapter 39
To Babels Nuncio his wealth Hezeky
shews: Isay foretells Jews Captivity.
40chapter 40
Vulg'd's the Gospel: What John, the Apostles preach:
Gods pow'r, preheminence, his, comfort teach.
41chapter 41
About Gods mercies, promise, vanity
of Idols, with his people reasons he.
42chapter 42
Behold Christ meek and constant; wherefore sent:
praise God for him; incredulous are shent.
43chapter 43
Church cheer'd with promise: Gods power men witness;
Babels fall; his are safe; Jews excuseless.
44chapter 44
Dumb Idols vain; their makers foolishness:
For Gods redemption, power, his praise express.
45chapter 45
Establisht Cyrus is, for Churches good:
by Gods power men are to obedience woo'd.
46chapter 46
Faln Nebo, Bell; God his to th'end doth save:
Idols with God no competition have.
47chapter 47
Gods judgments on Chaldea, for their pride,
mercylesness, o'reboldness, none can abide.
48chapter 48
Hypocrites, perverse Jews checkt, Gods goodness;
he call's t'obey, bewails their backwardness.
49chapter 49
Jews Christ sent to, in vain; the Gentiles Call:
Gods constant love; his Church restore he shall.
50chapter 50
Know Christ leaves Jews, from no defect to save,
or obey: trusts Gods help; our trust doth crave.
51chapter 51
Learn faith in Christ from Abr'am; he defends
his: Jews afflictions wails, deliverance sends.
52chapter 52
Much comfort to Gods Church; receiv'd must be
his Ministers, Christs reign exalted high.
53chapter 53
None or few believe Christ; his Cross is freed
from shame, by passion-fruits, and its good speed.
54chapter 54
Of Gentile Churches largeness, safety, glory;
Gods their deliverer, conservatory.
55chapter 55
Proclaim'd is Christs free call, him to receive,
repent; their happy success who believe.
56chapter 56
Quickned they are to be just, keep Gods day;
with promises: blind watchmen he will slay.
57chapter 57
Righteous mens death is blessed; God reproves
the sinful Jews: the penitents he loves.
58chapter 58
Smooth Hypocrites reprov'd; fasts false and true
shown: Promises to Sabbath-keeping due.
59chapter 59
Transgression parts from God; woes sinners haunt;
God only saves: the Saviours Covenant.
60chapter 60
Unto the Church the Gentiles great access:
short troubles end in lasting blessedness.
61chapter 61
Annointed's Christ, his Office, forwardness,
and blessings, which the faithful do possess.
62chapter 62
Breathe promises doth Isay, Church to stay:
Ministers Gospel-work must fit the way.
63chapter 63
Christ shews who's his; what of foes his con­quest;
mercy to his Church: her faith is profest.
64chapter 64
Desire the Church doth God his power to show:
sins natural confesseth, wails her woe.
65chapter 65
Elect are Gentiles: Jews cast off, sav'd few:
the wicked plagu'd, bless'd state of Salem new.
66chapter 66
For humble, comforts, Churches benefits:
the Gentiles call; Judgments for ill God fits.

The Book Of the Prophesie of JEREMIAH.

1chapter 1
A Call to Jeremy: his Almond rod,
and Pot, shew Judahs plagues, help him will God.
2chapter 2
By former love God their revolt causless
pleads: they their ruine cause; their trust vain is.
3chapter 3
Call'd to repent Jews are of whoredoms past;
if penitent they shall Gods mercy taste.
4chapter 4
Drawn are Jews to turn by threats, promises:
a lamentation for their miseries.
5chapter 5
Exprest are threats 'gainst Jews 'cause obstinate,
adulterers corrupt in Church and State.
6chapter 6
For Judahs sins destroying foes are sent:
their sins, Gods wrath, he calls them to repent.
7chapter 7
God calls t'amend; vain's trust in Temple, or
off'rings: God Idols, Tophet doth abhor.
8chapter 8
He shews the Jews distress, impenitent.
upbraids; their judgments, desp'rate state laments.
9chapter 9
Jews sins and plagues he mourns; sin brings the rod:
he calls to mourn, to trust in none but God.
10chapter 10
Know God's without compare; woes future flee:
Temple spoil'd for bad guides; his prayer see.
11chapter 11
Learn cov'nant-breakers curse; he threateneth mourn:
Anathoth men, for seeking of his death.
12chapter 12
Much may the wicked thrive, but they shall
his false Brethren: the pen'tent shall return.
13chapter 13
Note do wine-bottels, and girdle; their woes
prevention make; sin is the cause of those.
14chapter 14
Outragious famine makes him pray, in vain;
false Prophets excuse not; Jer. doth complain.
15chapter 15
Past cure the Jews woes are: Jer. their spite wails,
prays; God them threats; with comfort him assails,
16chapter 16
Quite-ruin'd Jews in types he doth foretel;
their return, that from Aegypt, shall excel.
17chapter 17
Ruine for sin, trust in man curst, deceit
of the heart: Sabbath-keepers blessing's great.
18chapter 18
Shewn, by the Potters Type, 's Gods general sway.
Revolters Judgments; he 'gainst foes doth pray.
19chapter 19
The potters vessel broken doth foreshow,
for their sins, the Jews dismal overthrow.
20chapter 20
Vile Pashurs doom for smiting Jeremy:
Jer. 'plains of his birth, contempt, treachery.
21chapter 21
Answer is sent the King, siege hard will be;
is counsell'd to fall to the Enemy.
22chapter 22
By promise, threats, he wooes them to repent:
Shallims, Jehojakims, Coniahs judgment.
23chapter 23
Cries against Pastors false; though the flock have
dispersed been, Christ shall them rule and save.
24chapter 24
Deliv'rance of Captives by good figs shown;
by bad Zedekies desolation known.
25chapter 25
Evils of sleighting Prophets; seventy years thrall:
after that Babels fall, then Nations all.
26chapter 26
For preaching plagues, if Jews do not submit;
the Prophet's caught, arraign'd, pleads, and is quit.
27chapter 27
God by yokes, bonds, shews most shall Babel serve
warneth, that false Prophets no faith deserve.
28chapter 28
Hanani Jews return falsly speaketh:
breaks Jeremi's yoke, an iron for't: his death.
29chapter 29
Jews captiv'd, after seventy years set free;
the rest 'stroy'd: three vile Prophets judgments see.
30chapter 30
Kind's God to Jews in their return from thrall:
comforts them; wrath on the wicked shall fall.
31chapter 31
Laments Rachel: Ephraim turns, brought home is:
Christ's proms'ed; his care, new foede; Church greatness.
32chapter 32
Made fast is Jer. his purchas'd field, sad plaint:
sin captiv'd them, grace will them freedom grant.
33chapter 33
News of return, their joy; sixt Government:
the Branch, Kingdoms, and Priesthoods settlement.
34chapter 34
Of bondmen free, and re-assum'd to thrall:
for which the Nation by their foes shall sall.
35chapter 35
Proud Jews condemned are, by th' obedience
of Rechabs seed, who blessed are from thence.
36chapter 36
Quoted in roll Jews pleasures are: Jehoi'kim
hears part, burns it: a new roll, woes 'gainst him.
37chapter 37
Rais'd is the siege; Chaldees shall come again:
Jer's beat, shut up, at last some grace doth gain.
38chapter 38
Suit of the Moor Jer. from the dungeon clears;
the King he counsels; 'tis hid from the Peers.
39chapter 39
The City burned is; the King made blinde:
Jeremy freed, to the Moor good assign'd.
40chapter 40
Unto Gedali Jews come, Jeremy;
Johanan shews Ishm'els conspiracie.
41chapter 41
After Gedali slain, Ishmael flees
to Ammon: Johanan his Captives frees.
42chapter 42
Blam'd is Johanans falseness, Jeremy shows
in Jury safety, and in Aegypt woes.
43chapter 43
Credit Joh'n gives not, Jeremy and Jews
to Aegypt Joh'n brings: Aegypts thrall ensues.
44chapter 44
Destroy'd are Jews there, for Idolatry
and stubborness; Aegypt shall Captive be.
45chapter 45
Encouraged is Baruch, he shall not
with others fall; safety shall be his lot.
46chapter 46
Fall Pharaohs Army shall at Euphrates
by Babels King; Jews comfort in distress.
47chapter 47
Great is Philistims ruine by the sword:
cannot be sheath'd, 'cause charged by the Lord.
48chapter 48
Howl Moab shall for her security,
contempt, flesh-confidence, destroy'd shall be.
49chapter 49
Judgments upon the Ammonites, Edom,
Damascus, Kedar, Hazor, and Elam.
50chapter 50
Know Babels Judgments here, and destiny;
Isr'el from bondage then shall be set free.
51chapter 51
Large Babels Judgments are in Euphrates;
Jer's Book cast shews their sinking shall not cease.
52chapter 52
Made blinde, childless, 'cause rebel's Zedeki'
Salem destroy'd, advanc'd is Jechoni'.


1chapter 1
ALas! sad State for sins, Salem complains,
her grief: confesseth God just in her pain.
2chapter 2
Bewailing Jerusalems misery;
he in complaints thereof to God doth cry.
3chapter 3
Calamities the Saints lament; in God
hope: God is just, pray him withdraw his rod.
4chapter 4
Declar'd is Zions pitiful estate:
her sins confest; her comforts, Edoms fate.
5chapter 5
Enlarg'd by prayer, Zion doth relate
unto the Lord her lamentable state.


1chapter 1
AT what time prophesi'd Ezekiel,
the four wheels, Cherub'd Visions he doth tell.
2chapter 2
By Commission, instruction, he is taught
to speak 'gainst sins; a heavy roll is brought.
3chapter 3
Cheer'd by God eats the roll; that gains him skill:
rules for him; must be dumb; speak, when God will.
4chapter 4
Drawn by a sieges type, is signifi'd
Jews long defection, a dearth prophesi'd.
5chapter 5
Exprest's by hair, burnt, cut, and in wind thrown,
judgments by famine, sword, dispersion.
6chapter 6
For Idols Isr'ls woes, (a remnant blest:)
he's call'd to mourn for Isr'el sore distrest.
7chapter 7
Grieve shall th'escap'd for Isr'el desolate:
a chain-Type shews the Captives sad estate.
8chapter 8
Hear Judahs sins by worship that were done
to Jealousie, to Tammuz, and the Sun.
9chapter 9
Inkt-markt are some for safety, the rest are
destroy'd; the Prophet sues, God will not spare.
10chapter 10
Kindled coals o're the City scatter'd be:
the Vision of the Cherubs and wheels, see.
11chapter 11
Lewd Peers are judg'd, rest sav'd, glory forsakes
Salem: to Chaldee God Ezekiel takes.
12chapter 12
Moving and trembling of Ezekiel shows
Jews bondage, ruine; the speed of their woes.
13chapter 13
No peace to false Prophets, who false peace show:
nor Prophetesses who do pillows sow.
14chapter 14
Obstinate answer'd, as they sinn'd, plagues spread:
Noah, Job, Daniel save but their own head.
15chapter 15
Prepra'd Jerusalem for fire shall be;
as Vine-branch which for no use fit we see.
16chapter 16
Quaintly a new born child Jerus'lems state,
and Gods free grace, shews; her whoredoms sad fate.
17chapter 17
Revolt to Aegypt the Jews may, not save
from Babel: fruit the Gospels plant shall have.
18chapter 18
Sour-grape Proverb reprov'd: each man shall dy
for his own sins: God's just: from all sins fly.
19chapter 19
Two Lyons caught in pit with waste vine show
Israels Kings, Jerusalems overthrow.
20chapter 20
Vain are Jews praisers, oft revolts, return
promis'd: as a forest Salem shall burn.
21chapter 21
A sword for slaughter; fall shall Isr'els King;
God shall destruction upon Ammon bring.
22chapter 22
Burnt the base dross, Jerusalem shall be
for sins: whose Catalogues here you may see:
23chapter 23
Crimes, plagues of Salem and Samaria;
by names of Aholah and Aholibah.
24chapter 24
Describ'd by Pot, Prophets dead wife not mourn'd;
Jews woes past grief: the City to be burn'd.
25chapter 25
Edom, Lots seed, and Philistims shall feel
for insolence 'gainst Jews Gods angry steel.
26chapter 26
Fall must proud Tyre, by Babels King, sith he
vaunted over Jerusalems misery.
27chapter 27
Great were the supplies of rich Tyre, yet shall
without hope of recovery be her fall.
28chapter 28
Haughtiness sinks Tyres Prince; shown is Gods word
'gainst Zidon, Israel shall be restor'd.
29chapter 29
Judgments on Aegypt, yet restor'd; the hire
she is of Babels Kings service 'gainst Tyre.
30chapter 30
Kickt down is Aegypt, Babylonish arm
is strengthned to procure th'Aegyptian harm.
31chapter 31
Like Babels King in glory and in pride
is Aegypt, and must her ruine abide.
32chapter 32
Made's lamentation for Aegypt destroy'd:
about which Babylons sword is employ'd.
33chapter 33
Next watchmens duty and Gods justice see.
who mock Gods Prophets shall feel misery.
34chapter 34
Of judgments 'gainst ill Shepherds; God pro­vides
for his own flock; their Shepherd Christ them guides.
35chapter 35
Plagu'd shall mount Seir with great judgments be;
for troubling Israel in misery.
36chapter 36
Quite 'stroy'd their spiteful foes; Gods bless: they gain;
restor'd without desert: Christs happy reign.
37chapter 37
Reviv'd is Isr'els hope from dead bones rais'd;
two sticks made one; Christs reign promis'd and prais'd.
38chapter 38
Stirr'd up are Gog and Magog to contest
with Jews; their power, destruction is exprest.
39chapter 39
The Jews conquest, Gogs judgment, burial;
fowls feast, Jews plagu'd for sin, gather'd be shall.
40chapter 40
Vision of new Salem, time, end, describ'd:
the gates, tables, chambers, and porch how wide.
41chapter 41
After the measures, parts, and chambers length
are shewn, the Temples ornaments and strength.
42chapter 42
Both chambers and their use are marked out
for Priests: the outward Court measur'd about.
43chapter 43
Come back Gods glory is; sin doth it let:
Repent they must; Altars Laws down are set.
44chapter 44
Design'd's the gate to Peers; no Priest abuse
the House may; their rites: God Zadok doth chuse.
45chapter 45
Exprest portions of Land are for these three,
the City, Temple, Kings; for Kings Laws see.
46chapter 46
For King and peoples worship Laws we find;
Kings Heritage, Court for Cook'ry assign'd.
47chapter 47
Gush holy waters from the Temple, and
their virtues; the bounds, parting of the Land.
48chapter 48
Here parts for Tribes, Temple and City, are
set forth; the Princes, Cities bounds how far.


1chapter 1
AShpenaz doth Daniel (with three more) show
the Chaldees skill; they eat pulse, wise, fair grow.
2chapter 2
By Daniel the Kings lost dream here is found,
expounded; wise-men sav'd; Daniel renown'd.
3chapter 3
Contriv'd's an Image; Dan's three mates deny
worship: in fornace cast, sav'd wondrously.
4chapter 4
Declare the King a Dream doth, none expoun'd
it can: Dan. doth; the truth thereof is found.
5chapter 5
Eye doth the King a writing on the wall;
Daniel expounds it, th'event so doth fall.
6chapter 6
For praying Daniel is to Lyons cast:
he's sav'd; on's foes the Lyons feed full fast.
7chapter 7
Giv'n of four beasts a Vision is; Gods reign;
the meaning thereof Daniel doth obtain.
8chapter 8
His vision of two Rams, days of purgation;
Gabriel cheers him, gives th' interpretation.
9chapter 9
Jews bondage-time Dan. musing, sin confesseth;
the seventy weeks sense Gabriel expresseth.
10chapter 10
Kept having himself low, Daniel doth see
a Vision, troubled, comforted is he.
11chapter 11
Leagues, fights, 'tween South North Kings: Persias o'rethrow
by Greece: Romans invade, and Tyrants grow.
12chapter 12
Michael shall Isr'el from trouble free;
Daniel inform'd is when those times shall be.


1chapter 1
ALl whordom spiritual judg'd by a whore
that Hoseah takes; Jacobs seeds restore.
2chapter 2
Because of Idols, threatned is the Nation;
on their return promis'd is con-donation.
3chapter 3
Come Jacob see thy woes 'fore restauration;
shewn by'n Adulteress her expiation.
4chapter 4
Destruction Priest and peoples sins do call
for; Judah is warn'd by his Brothers fall.
5chapter 5
Evils 'gainst Isr'el, cause they're proud, unjust,
revolters, stubborn, and on Creatures trust.
6chapter 6
From sin return, (saith God) but all in vain:
perversness and their sins make God complain.
7chapter 7
God manifold iniquities espies;
is wroth against them for Hypocrisies.
8chapter 8
Hir'd lovers, calves, built Temples, nought can cease
Israels judgments, for their wickedness.
9chapter 9
Israels fore distress, Captivity
threatned for sin and their Idolatry.
10chapter 10
King and people are checkt, and threatned by
God for their Idols and impiety.
11chapter 11
Love shewn to Isr'el shews they thankless be
to God; their judgments, and Gods mercies see.
12chapter 12
Mov'd to repentance by Gods former love
is Ephraim; his vile ways do the Lord move.
13chapter 13
Nipt's Ephraims glory through Idols; God vext
for his rebellions, pride; mercy's annext.
14chapter 14
O Israel return, and seek Gods face;
disclaim vain trust, with blessings he'l you grace.


1chapter 1
A Dearth Joel foretels, exhorts to mourn;
prescribes a general Fast to God to turn.
2chapter 2
By shewing Gods fierce wrath, he cries repent,
fast: comforts, promises, future, present.
3chapter 3
Come God will judg his foes, and will be known
in Judgment; how he'l bless his Church, is shown.


1chapter 1
AMos on Syria, Tyrus, Moab, and
Philistia, Ammon, shews Gods heavy hand.
2chapter 2
Blown is Gods wrath 'gainst Moab, Jacobs seed:
God complains their thanklesness doth exceed.
3chapter 3
Chastiz'd is Jacob, the necessity;
injustice, violence are the causes why.
4chapter 4
Declaim he doth against oppression, and
Idols; their stubborness under Gods hand.
5chapter 5
Exhorting to repent he doth lament
Jacob, God their feign'd service doth not scent.
6chapter 6
For wantonness Isr'el is desolate:
Judgment turn'd into gall speaks their sad fate.
7chapter 7
Grashoppers, fire, remov'd; Amazi' plains
'gainst Amos; he thereby destruction gains.
8chapter 8
Hastes Israels end, a fruitful basket sho'es;
a famine of the word; oppressors woes.
9chapter 9
Isr'el destroy'd shall be. In the last days,
God Davids Tabernacle up will raise.


1chapter 1
A Fall on Edoms pride, and injury,
speaks Obad. Jacobs safety, victory.


1chapter 1
AS Jonah flees, a Tempest him bewrays:
he's cast in Seas, kept by a whale three days.
2chapter 2
By fervent pray'r the whale is forc'd to stand
and vomit Jonah safe upon dry land.
3chapter 3
Come safe to shore to Niniveh he's sent:
on their repentance Gods wrath they prevent.
4chapter 4
Displeased that God mercy doth afford
to Niniveh, reprov'd is by a gourd.


1chapter 1
AGainst Jacob for Idols God is sore
wroth: he exhorts to mourn and sin no more.
2chapter 2
Blood-suckers wo, mourn'd; checkt Idolatry,
and injustice: Jacob restor'd shall be.
3chapter 3
Cruel are Princes, Prophets falshood cry;
yet both of them live in security.
4chapter 4
Describ'd is here the Churches great encrease;
her glory, Kingdom, victory, and peace.
5chapter 5
Ephratah 's Christs birth-place; his Kingdoms length:
his foes destroy'd by his victorious strength.
6chapter 6
For their unkindness Gods controversie;
injustice, ignorance, impiety.
7chapter 7
Great sins her number small makes, Church complain,
trusts in God; vaunts o're foes: doth comfort gain.


1chapter 1
AGainst Gods foes (saith Nahum) 's wrath is just:
but his goodness to them that in him trust.
2chapter 2
Before God come the sins of Niniveh;
Gods Army 'gainst her, and its victory.


1chapter 1
A Plaint of Habakkuk for wrong judgment,
strife, wealth-trust; Chaldeans against them sent.
2chapter 2
By Faith he must wait answer; woes here see,
for riot, avarice, and cruelty.
3chapter 3
Cry unto God he doth, fears his great power;
by faith joyeth in God, as his strong Tower.


1chapter 1
AGainst Judah judgments shews Zephany;
for Idols, pride, deceit, security.
2chapter 2
Before wrath comes he warns them to seek God;
Philistims, Aethiops, Assurs, Lot seeds rod.
3chapter 3
Checkt are Jews Princes, Priests, their restauration
wait for they must; rejoyce in their salvation.


1chapter 1
A Check gives Haggai for Temples neglect:
their labour's curst: bids build, God will protect.
2chapter 2
By second Temples glory farther'd is
the work; sins hinder: Zerubbabels bliss.


1chapter 1
AMend (saith Zechary;) an Angel prayeth;
comforts ensue: three Visions he displayeth.
2chapter 2
By Gods care measur'd is Jerusalem:
Zions freedom; Gods presence promis'd them.
3chapter 3
Christ the Branch promis'd: Joshuah signifies
the Jews return from their Captivities.
4chapter 4
Declar'd's by Candlestick Temples good speed;
by two Trees, two Annointed Ones, here read.
5chapter 5
Express doth flying roll thieves, swearers woes;
the woman press'd doth Babels fall disclose.
6chapter 6
Four char'ots 'twixt the mountain; Joshuahs crown,
shews Christ the Branch, his Temple, and renown.
7chapter 7
Gain said's their fast, for fast they do in vain;
sin the chief cause that captive they remain.
8chapter 8
Jerusalems return, wall'd, peopl'd; God
good works requires; gives joy, takes off the rod.
9chapter 9
Jah shields his Church, Zion must joyful be
for Christ; coming: promis'd is victory.
10chapter 10
Kneel down to God we must; Idols reject:
as God whips his for sin, so he'l protect.
11chapter 11
Low laid is Salem, good sav'd, others slain;
Beauty, bands staves broke; woes 'gainst shepherds vain.
12chapter 12
Made Salem is to fear; a stumbling stone
to foes; the Jews return, and mourning shown.
13chapter 13
Now Salem's purg'd from Idols, prophesie
false; a third refined: Christ must die.
14chapter 14
O' [...]thrown is Salem, Christ comes, they shall smart
that stroy it; to the Lord shall turn a part.


1chapter 1
A 'Plaint of Malachi for unkindness;
Isr'els prophaness, irreligiousness.
2chapter 2
Blam'd are Priests, Covenant-breach; adultery
of people; Idols infidelity.
3chapter 3
Christs Messenger, grace, glory; stubborness,
sacriledg checkt: God-fearers happiness.
4chapter 4
Day of fire meets the wicked, light the just:
Elijah first come to prepare men must.
The end of the Old TESTAMENT.

The order of times wherein the Prophets prophe­sied; being a help to such as desire to read them in order.

JOnas excell'd for his Prophetick strain,
When Jeroboam the Second did reign.
Liv'd, reigning Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz,
Isaiah, Hoseah, Joel, Amos
And Hezeki'. In the three last Kings reign
Micah did his Commission obtain.
Next Nahum, Habakkuk, and Zephany,
In King Josiahs reign did Prophesie.
Jeremy in Josiahs reign, until
Th' eleventh of Zedeki', foretold Gods will.
Obadiah is thought to Prophesie,
A contemporary with Jeremy.
Daniel from the third of Jehoiakim
Until the third year of Cyruo: with him
In the fifth of Jehoiakims bondage
Ezekiel nineteen years did presage.
Haggai and Zechariah did begin
The second year of Darius the King.
Malachi thought is to have prophesi'd
After the Temple was re-edifi'd.
After him Prophesie did cease, until
Christ the great Prophet came, a [...]l to fulfil.


1chapter 1
ABr'ams race; Christs conception, birth, and Name
an Angel shews; his Mother's free from blame.
2chapter 2
By Wise-mens coming Herod's mov'd; adore
they Christ: Beth'lems babes slain; Christs flight before.
3chapter 3
Clothes, Doctrine, Baptism of John; by a Dove
Christ' (by him baptiz'd) is shewn from above.
4chapter 4
Days fourty Christ fasts, 's tempted: Satans lures
he checks: 'gins to preach, disciple, work cures.
5chapter 5
Earths salt & light; who blest; the Law stands-lust,
killing, oaths, curb'd; bear wrong, love foes, we must.
6chapter 6
Forgive, give alms, pray, fast, carking cares flee.
trust God, one Master serve, heav'n first seek ye.
7chapter 7
Give no rash judgment, nor pearl to swine; pray:
flee wolves; the wise builder; take the strait way.
8chapter 8
Heal'd's souldier, leper, Peter's mother, wind
still'd, swine drown'd; possest brought to their right mind.
9chapter 9
Jesus the palsie cures; calls Matth. doth eat
with sinners, flux cures, why his fast not yet.
Jairus daughter is rais'd, two blind men see;
a dumb speaks: Christ the people doth pity.
10chapter 10
Know here, Christ sends forth twelve with wonders, power;
their charge, comfort; blest they who them succour.
11chapter 11
Large is Christs praise of John; Bethsaida's wo:
Babes Gospel know; lade Souls to Christ must go.
12chapter 12
Mark sabbath-works, restor'd's blind-dumb possest;
a parted house falls; fruit the tree shews best.
Matchless blasphemy; vain words: Christ none other
sign will give but Jonas; his Mother, Brother.
13chapter 13
Next, parables of seed, tares, mustard, net,
hid wealth, leav'n, pearl, Christs neighbours him light set.
14chapter 14
Of Christ Herods conceit; he walks on main:
feeds five thousand; his hem toucht heals; John's slain.
15chapter 15
Prov'd vile traditions are; what defiles man;
four thousand fed; cur'd a woman of Canaan.
16chapter 16
Quipt are sign-seeking Pharisees: their leaven
take heed; mens thoughts, & Peters of Christ given.
Quash Christ doth his rebuke, when his death tell;
deny self; the world gain'd is loss with hell.
17chapter 17
Read Christs transform; some sp'rites by fasting, prayer
cast out; Christs death shewn: he a tribute-payer.
18chapter 18
Shew lowliness, offences flee, sheep lost;
Church keys, forgive, hard measure dear will cost.
19chapter 19
Treats of divorce, wedlock; babes Christ doth take;
rich hardly sav'd; for Christ best all forsake.
20chapter 20
Vine-dressers hir'd, Christs suff'rings foretold be;
Zebedees wifes request; two blind men see.
21chapter 21
An Ass bears Christ: Temple purg'd, curs'd fig-tree;
two stubborn sons; heir-killing farmers see.
22chapter 22
Bride-feast o'th Prince; Christ toll pays; rise shall all:
the first precept; David Christ Lord doth call.
23chapter 23
Christ saith, hear Pharisees, their ways decline:
woes 'gainst these hypocrites: Salems ruine.
24chapter 24
Destruction of the Temple; judgment day
foretold, the signs; time unknown; watch alway.
25chapter 25
Equall'd to ten Virgins is heavens Kingdom,
and talents; describ'd is the day of doom.
26chapter 26
Fell plots 'gainst Christ: he 'nointed is and sold;
th' Eucharist: traytor; Peters fall foretold.
Forth Christ goes, prays; seiz'd, Peter fights; all fly,
Jews do false charge, abuse; Peter deny.
27chapter 27
Grave Pilate's Judg; his wifes dream: Judas dead;
Christ cast is, crown'd, mock'd, cross fixt grave watched.
28chapter 28
His rise an Angel shews; Soldiers brib'd are:
th' Apostles see him, are sent near and far.


1chapter 1
A Baptist John; Christ baptiz'd, tempted, preacheth:
calls Peter, Andrew, James, John; mercy reacheth.
A man possest; heal'd is Peters wives Mother:
cleans'd is a leper, cured many other.
2chapter 2
By Christ the palsy's heal'd: Levies call, feast;
Disciples fast not: pluck ears, why' [...] exprest.
3chapter 3
Christ heal'd the dri'd hand, chuseth twelve; doth other
cures: his pow'r clears o're sp'rites; shews who's his Brother.
4chapter 4
Diversly seed falls; Light must not hid be:
seeds secret growth: storm calm'd: the mustard tree.
5chapter 5
Expuls'd is Legion; swine into Sea driven:
flax of blood cur'd: Jairus daughter reviven.
6chapter 6
Forth are twelve sent, return, Christ's scorn'd: John slain;
five loaves feast; touchers heal'd; Christ walks on th'main.
7chapter 7
'Gainst unwasht eating: Corban: Jews tradition:
deaf stammerer cur'd; sp'rit leaves Syrophenician.
8chapter 8
He feeds four thousand; warns 'gainst leav'n: a sign
denies; he's Christ: his death shwes: self resign.
9chapter 9
Jesus face shines: Eli's come: sp'rit unclean
cast out by pray'r; as babes your selves demean.
10chapter 10
Know divorce laws: wealths danger; children blest;
Bartimy sees: loss for Christ's the gain best.
11chapter 11
Lowly rides Christ: fig-tree curst; Temple purg'd:
forgive foes; to clear Christ power John is urg'd.
12chapter 12
Murder Husbandmen act; Jews cast off: call'd
the Gentiles: Tribute paid: Sadduces maul'd.
Mark the first precept: Scribes are Hypocrites,
them heed: Christ's Davids Son, the widows mites.
13chapter 13
Notes of the Temples ruine, Judgment day;
the time unknown, be ready, watch and pray.
14chapter 14
Of plots 'gainst Christ; rich oyntment: Judas sale;
the Traytor shewn: last Supper, flee shall all.
Of Judas kiss: Christ's arrest, accusation;
condemn'd by Priests, abus'd; Peters ploration.
15chapter 15
Pilate condemns Christ, Barabbas to free;
he's crown'd, mockt, condemn'd, bears his fatal tree.
Plac'd 'tween thieves; Jews rail; eclipse, Temples vail
rent; Christs Godhead confest: his burial.
16chapter 16
Quickned he is: an Angel therewith chears
three women: Christ to Magdalen appears.
Questions with two towards Emmaus; sends
th'Apostles through the world: to Heaven ascends.


1chapter 1
A Preface: John, Christ conceiv'd, John born is:
Elizabeths, Maries, Zech'ries Prophesies.
2chapter 2
Brave Caesars tax: Christs birth; angels swains carry
news of: Christ's circumcis'd, purifi'd Mary.
Both Simeon and Ann Prophesie: Christs grace:
disputes with Doctors: gives parents their place.
3chapter 3
Christ's witness'd by John: Johns work, 'prisonment:
a dove and voice shew Christ; his age, descent.
4chapter 4
Defeat doth Christ Satan; begins to preach;
his fame Naz'reth, Capernaum doth reach.
Devils cast out confess him, Peters Mother,
with more cur'd; Christ preacheth through Cities other.
5chapter 5
Entring a ship Christ doth teach, fishes take,
prays in desert: the palsie whole doth make.
Eats with sinners; when his Disciples fast
shall: new things put unto old will not last.
6chapter 6
For Sabbath rules: twelve chosen: healed all.
Blessings, woes, good works, weak foundations fall.
7chapter 7
Good Captains man is cur'd, rais'd widows son:
answers Johns message; testifies of John.
Girds Jews, whom Johns, nor Christs manners could win.
Magdalens tears, love, forgiveness of sin.
8chapter 8
Heal'd-womens bounty: Sower, candle, who
are Christs kindred: winds are calm'd; Legion too
Haste swines death; Christ reject do Gadarens:
he stops the flux, Jairus daughter quickens.
9chapter 9
Jesus sends twelve: Herods desire; Christ fed
five thousand: what he is? Christ transformed.
[Page 78]Jesus death's shewn: bids patient, humble be:
Samaria's churlish: let dead dead bury.
10chapter 10
Know Sev'nties work here: wherein to rejoyce:
church-state happy: neighbor who's: Maries choice.
11chapter 11
Learn how to pray: be earnest, God hears his:
expuls'd's a sp'rit, blaspheme do Pharisees.
Law-keepers blest; Ninivites shall attest
'gainst stubborn Jews: Pharisees woes exprest.
12chapter 12
Men fear not: leav'n heed: shun sinful care:
the rich fool: watch for Christ: secure mens fare.
13chapter 13
No safety sans repentance: fruitless tree:
the crooked woman heal'd: the words pow'r see:
Next mustard sown, leav'n: pass the strait gate;
Herod's a Fox: Jerusalems sad fate.
14chapter 14
On lowest seat sit: feast poor, guests excuse:
forsake all: wise builder: salt not for use.
15chapter 15
Parables of lost sheep, lost groat, lost Son,
shews Gods goodness to such as from him run.
16chapter 16
Quipt Hypocrites are; the steward unjust:
Lazarus Heav'n hath, Dives to hell thrust.
17chapter 17
Raise no scandal, forgive, works duties be:
ten lepers heal'd; Christ day comes suddenly.
18chapter 18
See restless widow, Publicane, Babes blest.
wealth turns from Christ; forsake all: Christs death prest.
19chapter 19
Talents improv'd: turn'd Zachee: Christ rideth
to Salem, weeps; whips sellers: sought's his death.
20chapter 20
Voucht's Christs power: farmers bane: toll paid: dead shall
rise: Scribes false sanctity's their greater fall.
21chapter 21
A widows mites: signs of the Judgment day,
and Jerusalems ruine: watch and pray.
22chapter 22
Bold Jews plot, Judas sale, his Treason shown
at the Pasch; those must shun pride who him own.
Be foil'd not sunk must Simon; Christ sweats blood.
seiz'd Malchus heals; deni'd, wrong'd by men wood.
23chapter 23
Christ Pilate sends to Herod, they agree:
he's mockt, return'd, catcht Simon bears his tree.
Cry wives for your Babes; he for his foes doth crave:
the good thief: Captains faith; death & grave.
24chapter 24
Declar'd's Christs rise: seen by Emmaus men:
by the twelve, eats, his promise: mounts Heaven.


1chapter 1
ALl's made by the word, God-man; his office:
Johns evidence; Andrew, with more, call'd is.
2chapter 2
By Christ water's made wine, Temple purg'd, his shines:
death shewn: wonder-believers credit miss.
3chapter 3
Christs new-birth Doctrine: Gods love to man
damns unbelif: Johns baptism, test, Doctrines.
4chapter 4
Discourse at Jacobs well doth many gain:
Christs zeal; a Rulers Son doth health obtain.
5chapter 5
Eas'd the Bethesda man: Jews fume, in vain:
who Christ is, many witnesses make plain.
6chapter 6
Five thousand fed, the people would Christ King:
he walks on Seas, checks their after-flocking:
Flesh-hearers too: He is the living bread;
Some him forsake: Peter owns his Godhead.
7chapter 7
'Gainst Kinsmen Christ speaks, to the Booth-feasts goes:
preacheth; divers conceits of him arose.
Gnasht at are Officers, 'cause Christ's not brought:
Nicodeme pleading for him is ill thought.
8chapter 8
He frees th'Adult' ress, is the worlds true light;
stops Jews boast of Abr'am: scapes their stones might.
9chapter 9
Jesus cures a blinde born; Jews him outcast:
Christ him receives, he believes Christ at last.
10chapter 10
Know Christ the door, true shepherd, Son of God:
he 'scapes the Jews; beyond Jordan hath abode,
11chapter 11
Lazarus rais'd; some shew faith: Pharisees
plot, at Pasch lay wait: Caiphas prophesies.
12chapter 12
Mary 'noints Christ, Laz'rus sight thereat seeks,
the Priests his death: Christ rides a colt; the Greeks
Move Christ to see; his death's shewn: the light's he:
Jews blinde: some chief believe, but secretly.
13chapter 13
Not washt, no part in Christ, the traytor's shown:
Disciples must love; Peters fall's foreknown.
14chapter 14
Our saith Christ claims; he fits a place: the way
is, one with the Father, in his Name pray.
Obedience, love, he calls for; promiseth
the Comforter; his peace with his leaveth.
15chapter 15
Preached is Christ the Vine; his members love:
comfort 'gainst suff'rings; Jews excuse less prove.
16chapter 16
Question'd, kill'd Christ must be, their pray'rs success:
the Sp'rit shall have, its work, Christ is their peace.
17chapter 17
Request Christ doth his Father glorifie
me, mine, them keep in one, love, sanctifie.
18chapter 18
Souldiers come, fall to ground, off's Malehus ear:
Christ's seiz'd, tri'd, his Kingdom; robber set clear.
19chapter 19
Thorns crown Christ, he's whipt, cast, his coat seamles
dies. John takes Mary: his corps embalm'd is.
20chapter 20
View Christs grave, Mary, Peter, John: he 'pears
to her, then to the twelve; Thomas doubt clears.
21chapter 21
Again to his fishing, dines: Peters death
shews, feed his sheep: touching John rebuketh.

The ACTS of the Apostles.

1chapter 1
APostles Christ oft sees, instructs, mounts t'heaven;
the Angels charge: Matthi' joyn'd with th'eleven.
2chapter 2
By Spirits descent they speak tongues; maintain'd
thousands turn'd, baptiz'd, their care, unity.
3chapter 3
Cur'd's the cripple by Christs pow'r, Peter saith:
exhorts Christs killers to repentance, faith.
4chapter 4
Dragg'd he and John to Gaol are, silenc'd be:
are bold, pray, the room shakes; Church unity.
5chapter 5
Expires Sapphir': Apostles wonders do;
shut up, by Angel freed, Gamaliel too.
6chapter 6
For the poors good th'Apostles Deacons chuse:
Stephen confutes the Jews; they him abuse.
7chapter 7
Gives answer; Christ doth preach, them murd'rers call:
they stone him: he dying prays for them all.
8chapter 8
Here Stephen's mourn'd; Church scatt'red, converts fram'd,
Samaritans, Eunuch turn'd: Magus blam'd.
9chapter 9
Jesus calls Saul: Jews seek his death therefore:
Aeneas, Dorcas, Peter doth restore.
10chapter 10
Know Peters vision here; Cornelius call,
he preacheth Christ: the Sp'rit descends on all.
11chapter 11
Laid's this to Peter, clear'd is; Gospel spread:
who first call'd Christians; Jews Saints relieved.
12chapter 12
Murd'red is James; Peter in prison lies:
an Angel frees him: by lice Herod dies.
13chapter 13
Nations Saul's sent to, call'd Paul, Elimas blind
is: Jews gainsay: 'Antiochites faith finde.
14chapter 14
Outrage Iconians do: Paul, Barnabas,
a Lystrian cripple heal; for Gods they pass.
Oh sudden change, Pauls ston'd, he firms the Saints
at Antioch; how God prosp'red them, acquaints.
15chapter 15
Press'd circumcision; the church clears the doubt:
Barnabas and Paul part, but first fall out.
16chapter 16
Quick's Pauls remove when Tim's cut: Pythonist
cur'd: Lydia, Gaoler, do believe in Christ.
17chapter 17
Reaching Thessaly, some rage, some faith show;
Bereans prais'd: Athens unknown God know.
18chapter 18
Saul wrought, taught at Corinth: Gallio his soes
curbs: taught's Apollo, who doth Jews oppose.
19chapter 19
The Sp'rit Paul gives: Jews rage, Exorcists brusht
are: wonders wrought, Books burnt, crafts-mens trade crusht.
20chapter 20
Viewing Troas, Paul Eutychus doth raise:
his suff'rings, Elders duty shews; parts, prays:
21chapter 21
All warninings work not, Paul to Salem goes:
his life endanger'd, rescu'd is from foes.
22chapter 22
Bold's Paul to shew his life, call; Jews outcry:
scourging he scapes by Romes immunity.
23chapter 23
Check Paul doth the Priest for his blow, his foes
dissent, his death vow'd, Lysias frees from those.
24chapter 24
Drawn is Tertullus charge: Pauls answer's sound:
he bribes not, Felix goes out; Pauls left bound.
25chapter 25
Exclaim'd he is to Festus, his appeal:
Festus it to Agrippa doth reveal.
26chapter 26
From childhood Paul his state shews, mad is thought,
causless; Agrippa near a Christian wrought.
27chapter 27
Going to Rome Pauls ship a tempest great
meets; wrackt is, all the men to land safe get.
28chapter 28
He finds Malta's men kinde, burns viper, heals:
to Rome goes,: why he's come, and Christ reveals.

The Epistle of Paul To the ROMANS.

1chapter 1
APprove doth Paul his Call: Rome prays to see;
the Gospels power: with sin God is angry.
2chapter 2
Blame who do others can't themselves excuse:
to circumcise profits nor Greeks nor Jews.
3chapter 3
Convince of sin the Law doth; no man just
by Law, but faith: the Law continue must.
4chapter 4
Deem'd's Abr'am just by faith, promise receives;
wee're just by faith, he's his Sire who believes.
5chapter 5
Each faithful by Christs blood hath peace: Joys in
hope: by Christ life came, as by Adam sin.
6chapter 6
Fly sin if dead to't, baptism doth declare:
serve not sin, if in Christ; what sins hires are.
7chapter 7
Good is the Law; on dead ones hath no might;
we're dead to it: our lusts against grace fight.
8chapter 8
Here signs and good of grace, here flesh harms
Saints freedom long'd, from Gods love nought
them bar.
9chapter 9
Jews state grieves Paul; the promise: heirs not all:
Gods choice free, Jews cast off: why? Gentiles call.
10chapter 10
Know how faith differs from works by the word:
all faithful sav'd: Gentiles shall finde the Lord.
11chapter 11
Lo some Jews chosen are, boast not 'gainst those
(Gentiles;) ther's hope of more: Gods ways are
12chapter 12
Mercies obedience call; attend your place:
self-conceit and revenge flee, love embrace.
13chapter 13
Necks bow to the high Pow'rs: love doth fulfil
the Law; night works with Gospel-times suit ill.
14chapter 14
Object not 'gainst men for indiff'rencies:
give not offence, this prov'd unlawful is.
15chapter 15
Praise not self: bear with weak; receive ye all,
as Christ did: Paul doth for their prayers call.
16chapter 16
Quartus, with more, greeted; Paul wills take heed
of false Teachers, who do divisions breed.

The First Epistle of Paul To the CORINTHIANS.

1chapter 1
AFter salutes, Paul calls for unity:
God the weak chuseth, sleights the wise, mighty.
2chapter 2
By humane gifts his preaching excels not
but Gods pow'r: By nature Gospel's not got.
3chapter 3
Christ babes have milk: strife is from flesh; Paul plants,
God bless. the basis Christ; Gods house: All's Saints.
4chapter 4
Deem Pastors stewards: their all receive they;
though counted filth, are fathers, them obey.
5chapter 5
Extracteth shame not joy th'incestuous:
old leaven purge; shun offenders hainous.
6chapter 6
Forbid is Lawing, from Heav'n barr'd unjust:
our bodies why not be defiled must.
7chapter 7
Good rules about wedlock, virginity:
contented be with your state; whoredom fly.
8chapter 8
Heed take of Idol-meats; offences fly.
your freedom, knowledge, curb with charity.
9chapter 9
Joyn'd's not Paul to a wife, works; others free
are, may of Gospel live: of mans race see.
10chapter 10
Know Jews rites, types of ours: plagu'd for our sake
they are: Let's not Christs table Satans make.
11chapter 11
Let women vail heads praying, men be bare.
in coming to Christs Table take great care.
12chapter 12
Many are Christs gifts for profit, but one
his body, like natures; all gifts have none.
13chapter 13
Nothing all gifts are without charity:
above faith, hope, love hath supremacie.
14chapter 14
Of tongues prophesie takes place, their use see,
abuse: Let women in Church silent be.
15chapter 15
Prov'd's our rising: gain-sayers overthrown.
The fru [...]t, manners, survivers change is shown.
16chapter 16
Quickned they are the poor Saints to supply;
watch; Elders obey: prais'd is Timothy.

The Second Epistle of Paul To the CORINTHIANS.

1chapter 1
ARm Paul doth Corinth 'gainst anxiety
with comfort; shews he preached sincerely.
2chapter 2
Brought's his not coming cause; they comfort, fa­vour
must th'outcast penitent: Paul's a sweet savour.
3chapter 3
Commended's Pauls Minist'ry; compar'd are
Law, Gospel-Ministry: last exceeds far.
4chapter 4
Diligent, sincere's Paul: his sufferings tend
to Gods praise, Churches good, his, without end.
5chapter 5
Ensur'd of Heav'n, waiting dooms-day, Paul
as from Christ, in good conscience, their peace strives.
6chapter 6
Faithful is Paul: his various suff'rings see:
Saints are Gods house, unequal yoaking flee.
7chapter 7
Go on in grace: their grief to their good turn'd;
Paul's glad for't: Titus with good news return'd.
8chapter 8
Here Macedonians and Christ patterns are
for their bounty: Paul commends Titus for's care.
9chapter 9
Inform'd they're, why Titus is sent before:
free givers, free have; God is prais'd therefore.
10chapter 10
Keen are Pauls spir'tual arms foes to resist:
absent, present the same; vaunting desist.
11chapter 11
Lauds Paul himself in suff'ring; preaching free▪
behind true, false Apostles, is not be.
12chapter 12
Might he in fights boast, he'l not, but weakness:
his seeking them, not theirs, doth love express.
13chapter 13
Not spare will Paul th'obdurate, bids them prove
their faith; prays for them, calls for peace and love.

The Epistle of Paul to the GALATIANS.

1chapter 1
ADmir'd's their revolt: curst false teachers are;
his Gospel from God: his call, life after.
2chapter 2
By works none just made, but faith; Titus not
circumcis'd: blam'd is Peters halting spot.
3chapter 3
Craves Paul why faith is left on Law to rest:
faithful are justifi'd, with Abr'am blest.
4chapter 4
Deliver from the Law doth Christ his Saints;
free-womans seed: of their love chang'd his plaints.
5chapter 5
Enfranchis'd from the Law, stand fast, but love.
the Spirits fruits, flesh-works, in the Spirit move.
6chapter 6
Frailties how to bear with, burdens bear; be
to teachers free: In Christs cross sole vaunts he.


1chapter 1
ADopt, elect by grace, (fountain of bless)
we are: he prays they may Christ know, possess.
2chapter 2
By nature and grace what we are; we're made
for good works: let's as Saints (not Heathen) trade.
3chapter 3
Gall of Gentiles Paul knew, (though bid of old,)
to preach it: prays they may Christs love behold.
4chapter 4
Divers gifts giv'n, why: live in unity:
put on new man; shun tongues impurity.
5chapter 5
Eschew lusts, loose words, and companions:
be wary, thankful; rules for married ones.
6chapter 6
Father, childe, Master, man, learn his part may:
mans war and arms; stand fast, and win the day.


1chapter 1
A Pray'r and thanks for the Philippians: Pauls
suff'rings-fruit, strait for love, courage he calls.
2chapter 2
Be one, humble as Christ: In his way go,
with fear: walk as worlds light, his joy also.
3chapter 3
Cautious of dogs be; trust not flesh: count all
dung for Christ: seek the mark; fly ways carnal.
4chapter 4
Decline cares, rejoyce, mod'rate, thankful be;
Pauls content, can do all, be full, hungry.


1chapter 1
AFter thanks for their grace, its strength Paul prays:
Preacheth Christ, him receive: stand firm always.
2chapter 2
Blot out are legal rites: of them beware;
cleave close to Christ, in him compleat ye are.
3chapter 3
Christ where to seek; kill earthly limbs, shun lyes:
put on Christ; love chiefly: divers duties.
4chapter 4
Devotion-rules; walk wisely; speak with grace:
Epaphras's zeal: Archippus heed thy place.


1chapter 1
ALl times Paul for the Thessalonians prays,
& gives thanks; their faith is sincere he says.
2chapter 2
Brought taught how the Gospel was to them, and
receiv'd, his coming Satan did withstand.
3chapter 3
Choice love shews he in sending Timothy,
in's prayers, joy, for their faith, charity.
4chapter 4
Drive on in grace, love, holiness, allay
grief for the dead; set forth is judgment day.
5chapter 5
Enlarg'd this further is, exhorts to know
Gods workmen; many duties more doth show,


1chapter 1
ACt thanks doth Paul for their faith, patience,
love: God them, and their foes will recompence.
2chapter 2
Be stedfast in the truth; some 'fore last day
shall it leave: Antichrist Paul doth display.
3chapter 3
Craving their prayers, he for them doth pray,
'gainst idlers treats: note them who disobey.


1chapter 1
ADvise Tim. Paul doth: the Laws use and end:
Of Pauls call; he doth two to Satan send.
2chapter 2
Bids pray for all; womens attiring see:
their silence; must not teach; yet sav'd may be.
3chapter 3
Clergy-men and their wives, their Quality:
of Godliness great is the mystery.
4chapter 4
Depart fron the faith some shall in last days;
precepts for Ministers he theme displays.
5chapter 5
Edicts for reproofs, widows, Elders; take
a little wine Tim. may for his health sake.
6chapter 6
For servants rules; new Teachers all must heed;
wealth-love's a snare; what men must do and read.


1chapter 1
APplauded is Tim's faith; he must excite
Gods gift, stand firm; hold the form of sound Writ.
2chapter 2
Be strong, bear hardness, prophane babblings fly;
youthful lusts, strife, keep faith, peace, unity.
3chapter 3
Come will, describ'd are, truths foes, in last days:
Paul gives himself a pattern: Scriptures praise.
4chapter 4
Duties of Ministers, Pauls death's at hand:
Demas revolt: the Lord by Paul did stand.


1chapter 1
AT Crete why Titus left: the Quality
of Bishops: stop false Teachers; their ways see.
2chapter 2
Both for life, Doctrine, Paul him rules doth give:
servants duty: how all Saints ought to live.
3chapter 3
Counsel doth Paul, what Titus ought to teach;
when he must come: 'gainst Hereticks to preach.


1chapter 1
APplaud doth Paul Philemons faith and love:
Bids him forgive his servant, & him prove.


1chapter 1
APproaching to us Christ, promoted is
above Angels in Person and Office.
2chapter 2
Because Christ did of our natures receive,
we ought not of obedience him bereave.
3chapter 3
Christ Moses doth excel: a greater pain,
than hardned Israel, the faithless shall gain.
4chapter 4
During rest faith obtains, the words power shown;
by our High-Priest we must go to Gods throne.
5chapter 5
Excel Christs Priesthood doth in pow'r and fame;
neglect of knowledg thereof he doth blame.
6chapter 6
From falling back he warns, constant to be,
waiting on God for his oaths certainty.
7chapter 7
Greatly Melchisedeks Order did surpass
Aarons Priesthood; Christ of this order was.
8chapter 8
Here Christs Priesthood Levies Priesthood expels;
th'eternal Cov'nant the Legal excels.
9chapter 9
Inferiour Legal Sacrifices are
to the perfection of Christs blood by far.
10chapter 10
Kill'd sin is by Christs death; Law doth remain
weak: we must faith with patience retain.
11chapter 11
Lo what faith is: sans faith no pleasing God:
what old Saints did, who in faiths path have trod.
12chapter 12
Mov'd we are to faith, patience, godliness:
th'Old Testament than new is prized less.
13chapter 13
New Doctrines shun, avarice; prize honest life,
love Gods Preachers: own Christ, let alms be rife.


1chapter 1
ASk patience, joy in crosses: with sin stain
not God; do Gods word, else Religion's vain.
2chapter 2
Be to rich, poor, alike: let love abound;
faith without works, dead, dev'lish will be found.
3chapter 3
Correct not others rashly, curb the tongue;
the truly wise are mild, not doing wrong.
4chapter 4
Disdain avarice, pride, ill speaking, lust:
minde thine end; God, not riches make thy trust.
5chapter 5
Evils haunt rich misers, be patient: flee
swearing: confess, sing, pray, when: its force see.


1chapter 1
ADoption thank'd for is: Saints joy when bleed:
must holy be, of old Christ's shewn, decreed.
2chapter 2
Breaches of love; lusts flee, your basis sure
is Christ; obey Pow'rs; Masters wrongs endure.
3chapter 3
Commands for wives and husbands; love all ought
and suffer: what fruit Christ to th' Old World brought.
4chapter 4
Depart from sin, the Judgment Day draws nigh:
he comforts them against anxiety.
5chapter 5
Elders must feed their flocks, younger obey;
watch, and be sober, resist Satans sway.


1chapter 1
APproaching death, Peter bids make Call sure;
hold fast the faith, let it in minde endure.
2chapter 2
Beware of Hereticks, their judgment's shown:
good men them shun, their ways here may be known.
3chapter 3
Christ comes: Saints must repent; the world be 'stroy'd,
the manner; it expect: all sins avoid.


1chapter 1
A Good life proves with Christ our fellowship;
confess sin, God forgives: none but doth slip.
2chapter 2
Behold the Advocate; of hate; world's love:
of Antichrist; from him the Saints safe prove.
3chapter 3
Childship shews Gods love; his Sons him obey:
each other love; compassion do display.
4chapter 4
Distinguish those who boast of Spirit, by
the word; inducements to love Brotherly.
5chapter 5
Each loving God loves his; sans grief obeys;
Christ can him save, and hear, who to him prays.


1chapter 1
A Lady John doth warn, constant to be;
not lose her reward: false Teachers to flee.


1chapter 1
APplaud doth John Gaius truth, bounty: blame
Diotrephes: Demetrius his fame.


1chapter 1
SEducers Jude describes, their fall declares:
how we, and others, may escape their snares.


1chapter 1
ASias seven Churches John writes to: shewn by
seven Candlesticks: Christs coming, Majesty.
2chapter 2
Both virtues and vices of Ephesus,
of Smyrna, Thiatira, Pergamus.
3chapter 3
Checkt's Sardis: Philadelphia's praise; at door
Christ knocks: Laodicea's luke-warm, poor.
4chapter 4
Discern'd's Gods Throne, the Elders twenty four;
th'ey'd Beasts; Elders cast crowns down, him adore.
5chapter 5
Enseal'd Book none but slain Lamb open can:
th' Elders praise him for their redemption.
6chapter 6
Follow'd what when each seal ope [...] was rent;
the horses, judgments, and the last Judgment.
7chapter 7
Gods Saints seal'd summ'd, who before his Throne stood
with palms in hand, robes washt in the Lambs blood.
8chapter 8
Here sev'nth seal's rent, ascend Saints prayers, incense;
four Angels trumpets sound, plagues follow thence.
9chapter 9
In fifth sound a Star falls; open'd is hells pit:
Locusts come: th' sixth sound, bound Angels free set.
10chapter 10
Kend's a strong Angel with o'pe book in hands;
swears, time's no more; to eat it John commands.
11chapter 11
Limits of Temple mete; witnesses slain;
revive: the seventh trump sounds, and Christ doth reign.
12chapter 12
Michael beats the Dragon, who would kill
the womans childe: she flies; he seeks her ill.
13chapter 13
Now ten-horn'd beast receives from dragon power
a two-horn'd beast comes; men the first adore
14chapter 14
On Zion stands the Lamb: the Gospel's preacht.
Babels fall; worlds harvest Gods vintage teacht.
15chapter 15
Plagues sev'n last, with sev'n Angels; songs of those
that foil the beast; sev'n vials 'gainst Gods foes.
16chapter 16
Quilted with wrath Gods vials Angels pour
our; then plagues: Christ comes: blest who watch the hour.
17chapter 17
Ride scarlet woman doth on Babels beast;
sev'n heads shewn, horns ten: whore whipt; Lambs conquest.
18chapter 18
Stout Babels fall; come forth must Saints: earths Kings,
merchants, and Saylers mourn; Saints joy thence springs.
19chapter 19
Thank God, whore's judg'd: Saints blood 'veng'd, the Lambs wed;
Angel stays worship; fowls must eat the dead.
20chapter 20
Vile Satan's bound, how long; when loos'd again:
the first and last rising; Gog, Magog, slain.
21chapter 21
A new heav'n, earth, Jerusalem is shewn;
Gods glory lights her; by Kings rich she's grown.
22chapter 22
Brook, tree of life, his Cities light the Lord:
th'Angel stops worship, add not to Gods word.

The Order, and Time, wherein the Pen­men of the New Testament wrote.

THe time each Gospel's penn'd, men disagree;
What is receiv'd by most, here you may see.
The ninth year after Christs asscent, Matthew
Wrote his Gospel; Mark after him years two.
Luke wrote in the fifteenth after Christs death:
But John in Patmos, the two and thirtieth.
The Acts Luke penn'd in Christs fiftieth year,
At Rome, when Paul remain'd a prisoner.
The order of th'Epistles next comes in:
With Pauls, before his bonds, we will begin.
The first to Thessalonians write did Paul
from Corinth, the seventeenth year of his call.
The second shortly after he did send
from thence (as that) by Tychicus his friend.
From Macedon his first to Timothy,
in the nineteenth year of Pauls Minist'ry.
From Ephesus the sixty fouerth year
of Christ, Corinthians first written to were.
The second shortly after written was
at Philippi, sent by Titus, Lucas.
Paul from Nicopolis wrote to Titus,
in his two years abode at Ephesus.
To Rome, from Corinth, shortly ere he went
to 'Salem, where seiz'd on, to Rome he's sent.
In his first b [...] Pauls▪ the Hebrews wrote
from Rome: his second bonds those next begot:
To [...]e Galatians, and Ephesians,
Philippi, Philemon, Colossians.
Shortly before his death to Timothy
His second, in the year of Christ sixty.
James Alpheus wrote after Here [...]es
Were grown, before Jerusalems miseries▪
Peter his first wrote to dispersed Jews
In Babylon, Chaldea, after news
That Antioch had the faith receiv'd. His last
A little before he of death did taste.
Johns first Epistle's penn'd when he is old,
At Ephesus, when Hereticks grew bold:
His second, to the choice Lady, decries
Basilides, who Christs manhood denies.
His third, to Gaius, whence, when, is unknown:
In Patmos Isle the Revelation
He wrote, whil'st banisht by Domitian.
Jude did in Persia write, after began
To spread the Hereticks Simonian.

The Deaths of the twelve Apostles.

ANdrew, Zelotes, Philip, and Peter
(With his head downward) crucified were.
James (Zebedeus Son) with Matthias,
Beheaded were. The other James thrown was
Down rudely from the Temples battlement;
Ston'd, and slain with a fullers instrument.
Lebbeus with a sword, a spear Matthew:
Club-beaten, skinn'd, crucifi'd Barth'lomew.
Thomas with a dart's slain. John liv'd to see
Ninety nine years; then in peace died he.

A Chronology of Years, from the Crea­tion, to the Destruction of Jerusalem by Titus Vespasian.

The year of the World. The years between.
1Adam was created, Gen. 1.27. 
130Seth was born. Gen. 5.3.130
235Enos was born, Gen. 5.6.105
325Cainan was born, Gen. 5.9.90
395Mahalaleel was born, Gen. 5.12.70
460Jared was born, Gen. 5.15.65
622Enoch was born, Gen. 5 18.162
687Methuselah was born, Gen. 5.21.65
874Lamech was born, Gen. 5.25.187
1056Noah was born, Gen. 5.28,29.182
1558Shem was born, Gen. 5.32. with cap. 7,6 ca. 8.13. ca. 11.10.

Though it is said, Gen. 5.32. that No­ah was 500 years old, and begat Shem, Ham, and Japhet, the meaning is not, that they were all born at a birth, but that then he began to beget. Now that Shem was not born before two years after, appears, in that it is said, Gen. 11.10. That Shem at one hundred years old begat Arphaxad, two years after the flood. And Gen. 7.6. that Noah was 600 years old when the flood came.

[Page 102] 1658Arphaxad was born, Gen. 11.10.100
1693Salah was born, Gen. 11.12.35
1723Eber was born, Gen. 11.14.30
1757Perug was born, Gen. 11.16.34
1787Reu was born, Gen. 11.18.30
1819Serug was born, Gen. 11.20.32
1849Nahor was born, Gen. 11.22.30
1878Terah was born, Gen. 11.24.29
2008Abraham was born,

Abraham could not be the eldest Son though he be placed first, Gen. 11.26 but he was born 60 years after; as ap­pears by comparing Gen. 11.32. with c. 12.4. whereby it appears, that Terah lived 200 and five years, at whose death Abraham was seventy five years old; which being substracted from 205. there remains 130.

2083The Covenant was made with Abraham, Gen. 12.4.75
2108Isaac was born, Gen. 21. [...].25
2168Esau and Jacob were born, Gen. 25.26.60
2298Jacob went down into Egypt, Gen. 47.9

At this time Joseph was 39 years old, viz. at his sale into Egypt, 17 years, Gen. 37.2. when he stood before Pharaoh, 30 year [...], Gen. 41▪46.

When Jacob came to Egypt, 39 years, for the seven years of plenty, and two of famine were past, Gen. 45.6. so as [Page 103] Joseph was born when Jacob was 91 years old.

2369Joseph died, Gen. 50.26.

Which is cleare [...] thus; Joseph was at his fathers coming into Egypt (as be­fore) 39 years: Jacob lived in Egypt 17 years, Gen. 47.28. so as, at his father death he was 54 years, that is, in all, 110 years, Gen▪ 50.26. Add the 17 and 54 together, it maketh 71.

2433Moses was born. This is proved after.64
2513Israel went up out of Egypt when Moses was 80 years old, Exod. 7.7.

This must be so, because he lived in all but 120 years, whereof 40 were spent in the wilderness, Deut. 34.7. with cap. 29.5.

So as from the Covenant made with Abraham, to the Israelites coming up out of Egypt, is 430 years, according to that in Gen. 12.41. with Gal. 3.17. which proves the time between the death of Joseph to the birth of Moses to be 64 years.

2553The Israelites entred into Canaan under the conduct of Joshuah, Josh. 5.6.40
2570Joshuah died: this is proved after.

Othniel began now to judge Israel, and continued 40 years; wherein is in­cluded Israels oppression by their ene­mies; [Page 104]for the Scriptures reckon the time of the Judges to begin always from the death of the former, other­wise we shall not bring the Scripture-Chronology right. Judg. 3.9.11.

2610Ehud judged Israel 80 years. Judg. 3▪15.30.40
2690Deborah judged Israel 40 years, Judg. 5.31. cap. 4.4.80
2730Gideon judged 40 years, Judg. 6.14. cap. 8.28.40
2770Abimelech judged 3 years, Judg. 9.1. &c. v, 22.40
2773Tholah judged 23 years, Judg. 10.1,2.3
2796Jair judged 22 years, Judg. 10.3.23
2818Jephthah judged 6 years, Judg. 11. & ca. 12.7.22
2824Ibzan judged 7 years, Judg. 12.8,9.6
2831Elon judged 10 years, Judg. 12.11.7
2841Abdon judged 8 years, Judg. 12.13,14.10
2849Sampson judged 20 years, Judg. 13.25,31.8
2860Eli judged 40 years, 1 Sam. 4.18.20
2909Saul reigned (Samuels time included) 40 years, Acts 13.20,21.40
2949David reigned 40 years, 1 King. 2.11.40
2989Solomon reigned before the building of the Temple, four years, 1 King▪ 6.1.

So as all the time from Israels coming out of Egypt to the beginning of the [Page 105]Temple was 480 years, according to 1 King. 6.1.

2993Solomon reigned after he began the Temple 36 years, 1 King. 11.42.4
3029Rehoboam reigned 17 years, 1 Kings 14.21. over Judah.36
3046Abijam reigned 3 years, 1 Kin. 15.1, 2.17
3049Asa reigned 41 years, 1 King. 15.10.3
3090Jehoshaphat reigned alone 21 years, 1 King. 22.41. 2 King. 8.16. with 1 King. 16.24. 1 King. 22.51.

The last four years of Jehoshaphat are not computed, because his son Jehoram began to reign four years before his death: (as before.)

3111Jehoram reigned 8 years, 2 King. 8.16,17.21
3119Ahaziah reigned 1 year, 2 Kin. 8.26.8
3120Athaliah reigned 6 years, 2 Kin. 11.3.1
3126Jehoash reigned alone 37 years, 2 Kin. 12.1. in all 40 years.

But his last three years are not com­puted, because his son Amaziah be­gan to reign 4 years before his fathers death, as appears by comparing the beginning of their reigns with their contemporaries, 2 King. 13.10. with 2 King. 14.1.

3163Amaziah reigned in all 29 years, 2 Kin. 14.2. but alone but 18 years▪ for in his [Page 106] 18th. year the people made a conspi­racy against him, so as he was forced to flee from Jerusalem, then they made Azariah (alias Uzziah) his son King, who reigned 11 years in the life of his father, 2 King. 14.19. Herein I agree with our Annotators, and Doctor Mayer, (contrary to the judgment of Willet, Tostatus, Gene­brard, and Functius,) as most agree­able to the Chronology of the reigns of the Kings of Judah and Israel. Compare 2 King. 14.1,19. 2 King. 15.2. with 2 King. 13.10. 
3181Azariah reigned in all 52 years, 2 Kin. 15.2. that is to say, 11 years in the life of his father, and 41 years alone.18
3233Jotham reigned 16 years, 2 King. 15.32,33.52
3249Ahaz reigned in all 16 years, but alone but 13 years, 2 King. 16.1. with 2 King. 17.1. where it appears, that Ho­sheah began to reign in the 12th. year of Ahaz: therefore Ahaz reigned 4 years compleat after. And that Heze­kiah began to reign in the third year of Hoshea; therefore he began to reign with his father in the 14th. of Ahaz.16
3262Hezekiah reigned 29 years, 2 King. 18.2. [Page 107]that is to say, 3 years with his fa­ther, and 26 years after.13
3291Manasses reigned 55 years, 2 King. 21.1.29
3346Amon reigned 2 years, 2 Kin. 21.9.55
3348Josiah reigned 31 years, 2 Kin▪ 22.1.2
3379Jehoahaz reigned 3 moneths, 2 King. 23.31.31
3399Jehoiakim reigned 11 years, 2 Kin. 23.36.

In the fourth year of his reign began Jeremiahs 70 years, as 2 King. 24.1. &c. with Jer. 29.1,2. &c. v. 10.

3390Jehoiakin reigned 3 moneths, 2 King. 24.8.11
339 [...]Zedekiah reigned 11 years, 2 King. 24▪18. 
3401Jerusalem and the Temple destroyed, 2 Kin. 25.2, &c.11
3453Cyrus giveth a Command for the build­ing of the Temple, Ezra. 1.1, 2 Chro 36.21, &c.

[...] as the full number of years from the first building of the Temple, to the Decree of Cyrus for the rebuilding of it, is 4 [...].

[Page 108]The Persian Monarchy.
3453CYrus, after he translated the Mo­narchy from the Medes to the Persians, reigned seven years; as Ruw­leigh, Usher, Mercator, Buntingw. 
3460Cambyses reigned 7 years, five moneths, the Magi included; as the aforena­med authors, with Helvicus, Pemble, Alstedius, and others. [...]
3467Darius Hystaspis reigned 36 years, as is acknowledged by all. [...]
3503Xerxes (called Artaxerxes Magnus) reigned 21 years; as Rawleigh, Fun­ctius, Alsted. Helvicus, More.3 [...]
 Artabanus reigned 7 moneths, which is included in Xerxes. 
3524Artaxerxes Longimanus reigned four­ty years, as Helvicus, Junius, Alsted, Mercator, More, and Buntingw.

Xerxes Secundus (Longimanus his son) reigned two moneths, and was slain by Sogdianus.

Sogdianus reigned 7 moneths: both these are included in Artaxerxes time.

2 [...]
3564Darius Nothus reigned 19 years; as Say, Usher, Rawleigh, and all Chrono­logers.4 [...]
3583Artaxerxes Mnemon reigned 43 years. as is affirmed by all.1 [...]
[Page 109] 3626Ochus reigned 23 years, as is confessed by most.43
3649Arses reigned 3 years, as Usher, Raw­leigh, Junius, Pemble, More, Merca­tor, and others. In him was extin­guished the line of Cyrus.23
3652Darius Codomanus reigned 6 years, as Usher, Rawl, Helvicus, Alstedius, Pemble, Functius, More, and others▪ he was conquered by Alexander Ma­gnus, and the Monarchy translated to the Grecians.

So as the Persian Monarchy lasted not above 205 years.

The Grecian Monarchy.
3658ALexander Magnus translated the Mo [...]rchy to the Grecians, and reigned 6 years.

After his death his Kingdom was divi­ded among divers of his Captains; of whom,

3664Ptolomeus Lagi reigned over Egypt 40 years.6
3704Ptolomeus Philadelphus succeeded him, and reigned 37 years.40
3741Ptol. Euergetes reigned 25 years.37
[Page 110]3766Ptol. Philopater reigned 17 years.25
3788Ptol. Epiphanes reigned 24 years.17
3807Ptol. Philometer reigned 35 years.24
3842Physcon reigned 29 years.35
3871 [...]ath [...]rus reigned 36 years.29
3907Auletes reigned 29 years.36
3936Cleopatra reigned 22 years.29
3958With the death of Cleopatra the Greci­an Monarchy died, and was translated to the Romans, having continued 300 years: I prove not this Monarchy, be­cause there is little or no contro­versie about the total.22
3987Jesus Christ was born in the 29th. year after the death of Cleopatra, as most affirm, which was in 32 or 33, others in 36 of Herod (as all agree) who was King of the Jews; the Scepter being departed from Judah, for Herod was an Idumean.29
An. Do 30Jesus Christ was baptized [...]n his thirtieth year.30
33Jesus Christ was crucified, being 33 years, and half, old; as most affirm.3-6
73Jerusalem was destroyed by Titus Ves­pasian, in the 40th. year after Christs death.40

When I ha [...] brought this Chronology from the Creation to the Decree of Cyrus, I thought at first glance to make Daniels 70 weeks the golden chain of time, from thence to the destruction of Jeru­salem, and the Temple; but after much time spent in consulting with many Chronographers and Exposi­tors, finding no satisfaction, I resolved rather to lay it aside, than to beat my brains to bring forth a new Minerva, which all old Midwives have failed to ef­fect. I shall therefore conclude with that advice of the Learned Dr. Vilvain of Exon, in his compend. of Chronography. ‘Seek not to wrest a connexion of Sacred Chronology from Daniels Vaticiny, which the Holy Ghost never intended: swim not against the stream, nor cast dust against the wind, lest it fly in thy face.’

Thy Servant in the Lord Jesus, Jo. L.

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