A LIST of Their Majesties ROYAL FLEET, AND THE SQUADRON of DUTCH Joyned with it, AS Drawn up in a LINE of BATTEL.

The English Leads the Larbord Tack.The Dutch the Shirbord Tack.
 The BLUE Squadron.The RED Squadron.The WHITE Squadron Dutch.
Fire-Ships Names, and small Frigats.RatesShips Names.MenGunsCaptains Names.RatesShips Names.MenGunsCaptains Names.RatesShips Names.GunsMen 
  • Hopewell
  • Sheerness Frigat
  • Vulture
  • Vulcan
  • Hound
  • Hunter
  • Spencer Hospital
  • Vesuvius
  • Lightning
  • Phaeton
  • Fox
2Windsor-Castle660096Capt. Churchil3Sterling-Castle46070Captain Waters3Brandenburgh92650Vice-Admiral
3York460060C. Main4St. Albans23050C. Fits Patrick3Zarkze60400
3Expedition460070C. Dover3Lenox46070C. Munden3Maag. Vandort64420
4Chester230050C. Chamberlain3Essex46096C. Bridges3Hollands74450
3Hampton-Court460070C. Graydon2Neptune66096Mr. Rooke, Reer-Adm.2Zeland90650
1Soveraign815100Sir R. Delaval, Vic-Adm.2St. Michael65096C. Hoson3Rygerbergh70430
2Royal Katharine540090C. Cornwal3Restoration46070C. Gother3Vure60450
4Woolwich230050C. Kempthorn3Dreadnaught46060C. Beamont4Repard50200
3Suffolk460070C. Billop3Hope46070C. Pickard3Amsterdam64410
3Monmouth400070C. Raines          
 This Squadron has 10 Ships, 726 Guns; and 4715 Men.This Squadron has 9 Ships, 4300 Men, and 678 Guns.This Squadron has 9 Ships, 624 Guns, and 4060 Men.
  • Blaze
  • Baltimore Hospital
  • Suados Frigat.
  • Milford Frigat
  • Salamander Yacht
  • Woolf
  • Greyhound Frigat
  • Strumbolo
  • Flame
  • James Gally Frigat
3Northumberland46070Captain Cotton2Sandwich66096Captain Hastings3Leyden64420Admiral
4Bonadventure23050C. Hubbard3Warspight40070C. Fairborn2Princess92666
3Defiance42070C. Gurny3Elizabeth [...]6070C. Preistman3Commet Star64430
3Eagle46070C. Leake1Britannia8 [...]5100Mr Russel, Adm.4Shouters Host50200
2Duke66096C. Killigrew Ad­miral1St. Andrew730100Ld. Berkly2Captain General84580
2Coronation66096C. Skelton3Exeter46070C. Meese8Deprins92690
3Swiftsure42070C. Clark4Deptford25050C. Ker3Gelderlands72450
2Dutchess66096C. Clements3Royal Oak34060C. Bing4Hunwagon52200
3Monk34000C. Hoskins3Plymouth34060C. Dean3Harle64420
           3Chalon Oag64430
 This Squadron has 9 Ships, 678 Guns, and 4310 Men.This Squadron has 676 Guns, and 4455 Men, in 9 Ships.This Squadron has 10 Ships, 698 Guns, and 4486 Men
  • Mermaid Frigat
  • Fubs Yacht
  • Concord Hospital
  • Griffin
  • Dolphin
  • Speedwell
  • Owners Love
  • Roe-Buck
  • Spye
  • Society Hospital
3Cambridge42070Captain Lestock3Harwich42070Captain Robinson4Sckielands54240Rere-Admiral
3Edgar44570C. Torphy3Berwick46070C. Martin3Velue64350
4Centurian23050C. Wivel4Foresight23050C. Gillan4Sckidam50200
2Ossery66096C. Tyrrel3Grafton46070C. Bokenham2Ost Frizland82700
1London730100Sir Clovesly Sho­vel Reer-Adm.1Victory780100Sir Joh. Asby Vice-Adm.2Cartel W. Mad­blick80690
3Resolution42070Lord Danby2Vanguard66090C. Carter3Maze70460
3Kent42070C. Nevil3Montague35560C. Pouks3Gelderlands64430
3Lyon39060C. Wiseman3Burford46070C. Harlow2Sev [...]n Provinces76600
3Captain46070C. Jones4Happy Return25050C. Monk2Waken Czaan76600
      2Albemarle66096Sir Fran. Wheeler     
 This Squadron has 9 Ships, 656 Guns, and 4175 Men.This Squadron has 10 Ships, in which is 726 Guns, and 4735 Men.This Squadron has 9 Ships, carries 616 Guns, and 4270 Men.

In the English Fleet there is in all 4140 Guns; and there are 26690 Men.

There are 5 first Rates, 11 2d Rates, 32 3d Rates, and 8 4th Rates.

The Dutch Fleet contains 1938 Guns, 12816 Men, besides Hospital-Ships, Fire-Ships, and Tenders.

In all 56 Capital ships. And 18 Hospital and Fireships. The whole FLEETS have 39506 MEN, and 6078 Guns in 86 Ships.

Printed at London, and Re-printed at Edinburgh, by the Heir of Andrew Anderson, Printer to Their most Excellent Majesties, 1691.

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