A LIST OF THE MEMBERS Return'd to serve in this present CONVOCATION, Summon'd to meet on the Sixth of November at St. Paul's, and from thence Adjourned to HENRY the VII's Chappel at Westminster, on the Twentieth of the same Month.

  • Dr. Tillotson, Dean of Canterbury,
  • Dr. Younger, Proctor of the Chapter.
  • Dr. Batteley, Archdeacon of Canterbury
  • Dr. Thorp, Procur. Cleri.
  • Mr. Cook, Procur. Cleri.
  • Bishop of Worcester, Dean of St. Pauls.
  • Dr. Stanley, Proctor for the Chapter,
  • Dr. Tennison, Archd. of London.
  • Dr. Alston, Archd. of Essex.
  • Dr. Goodman, Archd. of Middlesex.
  • Dr. Beveridge. Archd. of Colchester.
  • Mr. Cole, Archd. of St. Albans.
  • Dean of Windsor, Procur. Cleri.
  • Dr. Grove, Procur. Cleri.
  • Bishop of Rochester, Dean of Westminster,
  • Dr. Pelling, Proctor for the Chapter,
  • Dr. Busby, Archdeacon.
  • Dr. Meggott, Dean of Winton.
  • Dr. Hawkins, Proctor for the Chapter.
  • Dr. Clutterbuck, Archd of Winton.
  • Mr. Sawyer, Archd of Surrey.
  • Dr. Hooper, Procur. Cleri.
  • Dr. Harrison, Procur. Cleri.
  • Dr. Hicks, Dean of Worcester.
  • Dr. Hopkins. Proctor for the Chapter.
  • Mr. Fleetwood, Archdeacon of Worcester.
  • Dr. Hicks, Procur. Cleri.
  • Dr. Hopkins. Procur. Cleri.
  • Mr. Fleetwood, Procur. Cleri.
  • Dr. Brevint, Dean of Lincoln,
  • Dr. Fuller, Proctor for the Chapter.
  • Cawly and Oldish, Archd. of Lincoln.
  • Mr. Hutton, Archd. of Stow.
  • Mr. Gery, Archd. of Bucks.
  • Dr. Eaton, Archd. of Leicester.
  • Dr. Hammond, Archd. of Huntingdon.
  • Mr. Skelton, Archd. of Bedford.
  • Mr. Edwards, Procur. Cleri.
  • Dr. Gardiner, Procur. Cleri.
  • Dr. Pearce, Dean of Sarum.
  • Dr. Woodward, Proctor for the Chapter.
  • Dr. Lambert, Archd. of Saram.
  • Dr. Sharp, Archd. of Berks.
  • Dr. Ward, Archd. of Wilts.
  • Dr. Younger, Proc. Cleri.
  • Dr. Wyat. Proc. Cleri.
  • Dr. Haskard, Dean of Windsor.
  • Dr. Addison, Dean of Litchfield. Proc. Cap.
  • Dean of the Church, Archd. of Coventry.
  • Mr. Elison Archd. of Darby.
  • Mr. Vaughan, Archd. of Salop.
  • Mr. Ashenhurst, Archd. of Stafford.
  • Mr. Kimberley, Proc. Cleri.
  • Mr. Wills, Proc. Cleri.
  • Dr. Haskard, Dean of Woolverhamton, Proc. Cap.
  • Dr. Jane, Dean of Gloucester.
  • Mr. Duke, Proctor for the Chapter.
  • Dr. Hide, Archdeacon of Gloucester.
  • Dr. Gregory, Proc. Cleri.
  • Dr. Parsons, Proc. Cleri.
  • Dr. Annesly, Dean of Exon.
  • Dr. Hooper, Proc. Cap.
  • Dr. Lake, Archd. of Exon.
  • Mr. Drewe, Archd. of Cornwall.
  • Dr. Fulwood, Archd. of Totnes.
  • Mr. Read, Archd. of Barum.
  • Dr. James, Proc. Cler.
  • Mr. Long, Proc. Cler.
  • Dr. Sharp, Dean of Norwich.
  • Mr. Hodges, Proctor for the Chapter.
  • Dr. Conant, Archd. of Norwich.
  • Dr. Reynolds, Archd. of Norfolk.
  • Dean of Ely, Archd. of Sudbury.
  • Dr. Prideaux, Archd. of Suffolk.
  • Dr. Eachard, Proc. Cleri.
  • Mr. Conauld, Proc. Cleri.
  • Dr. Bright, Dean of St. Asaph. Proctor for the Chapter.
  • Bishop of the Diocess, Archdeacon of St. Asaph.
  • Mr. Lloyd, Proc. Cleri.
  • Mr. Edwards, Proc. Cleri.
  • Dr. Bathurst, Dean of Wells.
  • Dr. Busby, Proctor for the Chapter.
  • Mr. Sands, Archd. of Wells.
  • Dr. Sellich, Archd. of Bath.
  • Mr. Waple, Archd. of Taunton.
  • Mr. Clement, Proc. Cleri.
  • Mr. Pooley, Proc. Cleri.
  • Dr. Aldrich, Dean of Christ's-Church.
  • Dr. Smith, Proctor for the Chapter.
  • Dr. Halton, Archdeacon of Oxon.
  • Dr. Maurice, Proc. Cleri.
  • Dr.Mills, Proc. Cleri.
  • Dr. Benson, Dean. Proctor for the Chapter.
  • Mr. Samuel Benson, Archd. of Hereford.
  • Mr. Oatley. Archd. of Salop.
  • Mr. Samuel Benson, Proc. Cleri.
  • Mr. Oatley. Proc. Cleri.
  • Dr. Spencer, Dean of Ely.
  • Dr. Moor, Proc. Cap.
  • Dr. Saywell, Archdeacon of Ely.
  • Dr. Blithe, Proc. Cleri.
  • Mr. Gouge, Proc. Cleri.
  • Dr. Ellis, Praecentor.
  • Mr. Lucy, Proc. Cap.
  • Dr. Owen, Archd. of St. Davids.
  • Mr. Staynoe, Archd. of Carmarthen.
  • Dr. Halton, Archd. of Brecknock.
  • Mr. Williams, Archd. of Cardigan.
  • Mr. Sands, Proc. Cleri.
  • Mr. Powel, Proc. Cleri.
  • Dr. Levett, Dean of Bristol.
  • Mr. Crespion, Proctor for the Chapter.
  • Dr. Fielding, Archdeacon of Dorset.
  • Dr. Maunder, Proc. Cleri.
  • Mr. Roderick. Proc. Cleri.
  • Dr. Jones, Dean of Bangor. Proctor for the Chapter.
  • Bp. of the Church, Archd. of Bangor.
  • Bp. of the Church, Archd. of Anglesey
  • Mr. Lloyd, Archd. of Merioneth.
  • Mr. Williams, Proc. Cleri.
  • Mr. Gwynne, Proc. Cleri.
  • Dr. Ʋllock, Dean of Rochester.
  • Dr. Brevall, Proctor for the Chapter.
  • Dr. Plume, Archdeacon of Rochester.
  • Mr. Holden, Proc. Cleri.
  • Mr. Yates, Proc. Cleri.
  • Dr. Hawkins, Dean of Chichester.
  • Mr. Patrick, Proctor for the Chapter.
  • Mr. Pleydell, Archd. of Chichester.
  • Dr. Sawyer, Archd. of Lewes.
  • Mr. May, Proc. Cleri.
  • Mr. Richardson, Proc. Cleri.
  • Dr. Kidder, Dean of Peterborough.
  • Mr. Blechindon, Proctor for the Chapter.
  • Dr. Wolseley, Archdeacon of Northampt.
  • Mr. Hutton, Proc. Cleri.
  • Mr. Whaley, Proc. Cleri.
  • Dr. Bull, Archdeacon of Landaff. Proc. Cap. Proc. Cleri.
Licensed and Entred according to Order.

LONDON: Printed for Jacob Tonson, at the Judges Head in Chancery-Lane, near Fleetstreet, 1689.

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