A LIST OF THE Irish killed in the Battaile the 8th of August 1647, within three miles of Trimme at the Linche of the Knocke.
  • Col. IONES being Commander in chief of our Forces.
  • LIeutenant Generall Burne.
  • Col. Blunket.
  • Col.Jones.
  • Earle of Fingale.
  • Col. Butler.
  • Col.Waring.
  • Colonell Synod.
  • Earle of Westmeath.
  • Lieut. Col. Rochford.
  • Prestons sonne killed, and himselfe shot, and fled.
  • Fourty Officers taken.
  • Three hundred Foot left to the mercy of the Horse.
  • Seven thousand of the armes taken.
  • Three hundred of the Gentry killed.
  • One hundred and fifty Oxen taken.
  • Three thousand Foot killed upon the place.
  • Foure pieces of Ordnance taken.
  • Great pillage gotten in the Field.
  • Prestons Cabinet taken with all his VVritings and Commissions.

London, Printed for Laurence Chapman. 1647.

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