A LIST OF THE Conventicles or Unlawful Meetings Within the City of LONDON and Bills of Mortality; With the Places where they are to be found; As also, The Names of divers of the PREACHERS, and the several FACTIONS They profess.

To the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor of the City of London; and to the Right Worshipful the Recorder, and Adermen of the same City. And to the Worshipful the Justices of the Peace, inhabiting in the City of Westmin. and the Counties of Middlesex and Surrey, within the weekly Bills of Mortality; And to all High-Constables, Pety-Constables, Church-Wardens, Overseers of the Poor, and all other Officers and Ministers of the Peace; the perusual of the following List of Unlawful Conventicles, is humbly presented.
City and Liberties of London, as they are Ranged.
LEeaden-hall-street, near Creed-church.Independ..Dr. Owen.
Bishops-gate-street within, Crosby-House.Presbyt.
Bishops-gate-street without, Devon­shire-Buildings.Independ,
A Quakers Meeting at the same House 
Meeting-house-Alley, near Bishops-Gate-Church.Anabap.Griffis.
A Meeting-house in Petit-France.Independ.
Pin-makers-Hall near Broad-street.Presbyt.
Near All-hallows the Wall.Independ.
Whites Alley in Little Moor-fields.Presbyt.
Another in the same Ally.Independ.
Ropemakers-alley, near Whites-alley.Presbyter.
Lorimers-Hall near the Postern, be­tween Moor-gate & Cripple-gatePresbyt.
Between VVhite-cross & Red-cross-street, near the Peacock Brew-HouseIndepend.Cockin.
Pauls Ally in Red-cross-street, at the Old Play-house.Anabap.Plant.
Beech-lane at Glovers-Hall.Presbyt.
In the same Lane near it.Independ.
Westmorland-house in Aldersgate-str.Independ.
St. Martins le Grand, Bull & Mouth.Quakers.
Embroyderers-Hall in Gutter-lane near Cheapside.Presbyt..S. Smith.
Near Criplegate.Presbyter.Doelittle.
Staining-lane near Haberdashers-Hall.Presbyter.Jacomb.
High-Hall near St. Sepulchers.Presbyter.
Cow-lane in a School-house.Independ.
Stone-cutter-street near Fleet-ditch.Presbyter.
Wine Office-court in Fleet-street.Independ.
Goldsmiths-court in Fetter-lane.Presbyter.Turner
Black-Fryers near the Kings Prin­ting-House.Scotch Presbyter.
Another near Scotch-Hall. 
Broken Wharfe George-yard.Anabap. Knowles
Three Cranes in Thames-street near Dowgate, over Stables.Presbyter.
Joyners-Hall near Dowgate.Independ.
Chequer-yard on Dowgate-Hill.Anabap.
Bell-Inn in Walbrook.Presbyter.Leigh.
Exchange-Alley at a Coffee house.Independ.
Barthollomew-lane by the Exchange.Presbyter.
Freemans-yard near the Exchange.Presbyter.Cruzo
Grace-Church-street near Lombard bard-street.Quakers.
Grace-Church-street Talbot-Court.Independ.
St. Martins-Hill near crooked-lane.Anabap.
For the out-parts of Middlsex and Westminster within the Bill of Mor­tality.
LOwer end of Limehouse next the Fields.PresbyterMead.
Near Stepnny Church.Independ.
School-house-lane near Ratcliff-Cross.Presbyter.
A Quakers in the same place. 
Near Shadwel-Church.Anabap.Collings.
Meeting-house Alley between Shad­wel and Wapping.Presbyter.
In a Carpetners yard near the Her­mitage.Anabap.
At a Ship-Chandlers near it.Presbyter.
Looking-Glass-Alley in West-smithfield.Anabap.
In Bell-lane near Spittle-fields.Presbyter.
Quakers-street in Spittle-fields.Quakers.
Near the Spittle.Presbyter.Dr. Ansloe
At Hackney near 3 or 4, but at pre­sent are all Suppressed. 
Near Hog-lane in Shoreditch,Presbyter.
St. Johns-lane near Hicks's-Hall the Peel.Quakers.
Greys-Inn lane in Red-Lyon-yard.Presbyter.
Near Mountague-house in Blomsbu.Presbyter.Read.
In Swallow-street St. Martins in the Fields.Presbyter.Lobb's.
Near Tothil-street Westminster.Presbyter.Alsops.
In the same place.Quakers.
Savoy near the Church.Quakers,
Clare-market at the Old Play-housePesbyter.Farindon.
In Southwark and County of Surrey within the Bill of Mortality.
FArthing-Alley.Presbyter. Vincent.
Little Maze Pond.Anabap.
Horse-ly-down Fare-street.Quakers.
Horse-ly-down Free-School-street.Anabap.
New Shad Thames.Anabap.Claytons.
Near Horse-ly-down New-street:PresbyterFlavels.
Unicorn-yard near Stony-lane.Presbyter.Castles.
Globe-Alley near the Bear-garden.Pres. Ind.
In street in Winchester-Park.Quakers.
Winchester-Park near Lownands Pond.Anabap.

LONDON: Printed by Nat. Thompson Anno Domini, 1683.

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