A List of Abhorrors: OR, The Names of such Persons as were lately under Custo­dy of the Serjeant at Arms for Abhorring, and other Misdemeanors.
  • Sir Robert Yeomans.
  • Mr. Harnage.
  • Mr. Joseph Pagett, Clerks.
  • Mr. Richard Thompson Clerks.
  • Mr. Edward Brett.
  • Captain Castle.
  • Mr. John Hutchinson.
  • Mr. Henry Waldron.
  • Mr. Thomas Warre.
  • Mr. Edward Strode.
  • Mr. Thomas Hertbert.
  • Mr. Thomas Staples.
  • Sir Thomas Holt.
  • Mr. Arthur Yeomans.
  • Mr. William Jordan.
  • Mr. John Lawes.
  • Mr. Henry Aulnet.

These are the Contents. The Chapter follows.

MAgna Charta, cap. 29. No Free-man shall be taken or Imprisoned, or be disseifed of his Free-hold, or Liberties, or Free-Customs, or be Out-lawed, Exiled, or any otherwise Destroyed. Nor we will not pass up­on him, nor Condemn him, but by lawful Judgment of his Peers, or by the Law of the Land, &c.

5 Edwardi III. cap. 9. Item, It is Enacted, That no man from henceforth shall be Attached by any Accusation, nor Fore-judged of Life or Limb, nor his Lands, Tenements, Goods nor Chattels seized into the Kings Hands against the Form of the Great Chatter, and the Law of the Land: That is, according to the Statute 25 Edwardi III. cap. 4. By Indictment or Presentment of good and lawful People of the same Neighborhood where such Deeds be done in due manner, or by Process made by Writ Original at the Common Law.

28 Edwardi III. cap. 3. Item, That no man of what Estate or Condition that he be, shall be put out of Land or Tenement, nor Taken, nor Imprisoned, nor Disinherited, nor put to Death without being brought in Answer by due Process of the Law.

‘Fiat Justitia & Ruat Coelum.’

If any man be dissatisfied with the coherence of the Contents and the Cha­pter, let him read the Lord Chief Justice Coke's Institutes, part 2. chap. 9. upon Magna Charta.

This may be Printed to prevent false Reports, the Fact and Law being both true.

I do appoint Mr. Benjamin Harris to Print this, that it may appear to all true English Protestants, that he once Printed Truth.

G. T.

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