THE Great and wonderful PREDICTIONS Of that late Famous Astrologer Mr. Lilly; and Mr. Partridg and Mr. Coley, concerning this present Year 1683. To which is added A true and faithful ACCOUNT OF THE Famous Prophecies of the three German Prophets; Predicting and Foretelling, some years since, this present Invasion of the Turks into the Empire of Germany and Hungary, with the events of the same, to the admiration of all that shall hear or read the same. Also their strange and wonderful Predictions concerning the Pope, and the King of France: With the total and sudden destruction of the Papal power; and the miraculous Conversion of the Turks and Iews to the Christian Faith. As also presaging the uniting of all Religions into one visible Church. Which Prophecies have been had in esteem by many famous and illustrious persons of these times.

LONDON, Printed for Iosh. Conyers at the black Raven in Duck­lane, M DC LXXX III.

Kind Reader,

WE here present thee with some remarkable Prophecies of that Ancient and Famous Astrologer, Mr. William Lilly, lately deceased; concerning this great year 1683. pre­dicted by him many years since, in the year 1655. Saith he,

In the year eighty three,
Great Changes there will be
In England. But —
Long ere that time poor Merlin sleeps
In's Grave secure; sad England weeps.
Left he no Heir unhappy Man,
That this obscurer Riddle can
Vnfold? —No.

In his Anglicus for 1677. he hath these words.

Those pretending to [...]eligion, or such as are famous for Schisms or Here­sies, or those of different judgment from that Religion Established by Autho­rity, for some years will grumble and repine for that restriction on their Consciences, (as they will term it) and the nearer to the time of the Con­junction, the more Confederations they will have, either, near the time of the Conjunction it self, or a little after; we fear great disturbance of those Nations, and the Princes they live under, disquieting their Governors: this for Conscience sake, as they pretend. But in our Nation, (as before was expressed) breach of the people's just priviledges, antient customes, and former injoyed rights will animate the generality to a strong and sturdy Rebel­lion, and countenance that translation of Monarchy mentioned by Tri­themius.

Again, saith he, Many believe the last Age of the World is at hand; we verily conjecture, That a troublesome and vexatious time is approaching upon most Nations of Europe, wherein those pretending to Religion, whether Papist or Protestant, will shew little mercy or compassion to those persons whose un [...]appiness it will be to fall under their subjection. God bless us from such a Reformation that must be advanced in the ruins of a well setled Government.

Mr. Partridg in his Astrological judgment on this year 1683. hath these words; Saturn and Iupiter in conjunction in Leo, are contriving to make themselves secure, and to this end there are many and various endeavours [Page 3] used to convene those of the greatest and best policy, to invent and con­trive some new ways of Trade, commerce, and Government: But methinks Saturn and Iupiter both peregrine, look rather like Plotters than States­men, and seem to be such as would rather overthrow a Kingdom, Laws, and Religion, than secure any, unless it be such as serves their own turn: for you know that Highway men in their way are for self-preservation, though the Law be directly against them, and say, they ought to be hanged. Well let them plot on, then they have the worst success that ever men had; for what ever they contrive or consult, it will be known to their enemy, be it never so deep or Clandestine.

The great and wonderful Prophecies of the three German Prophets, Christopher Kotterus, Christiana-Pomatovia, and Nicholas Drabicius.

WE present thee, kind Reader, with these remarkable Prophecies of the three German Prophets, which have been highly esteemed of by the famous and illustrious persons of these times, which some years since foretold the invasion of the Turks in Germany, and the events of the same: Also Predictions concerning the French King's Wars, and the destruction of the Papal See of Rome, with the conversion of Iews and Turks; which take as followeth.

On the 11th. of Iune there first of all appeared an Angel in the shape of a Man to Kotterus, which spake to him as followeth: That the anger of God was kindled against mankind, and that in fury he hastened to inflict punish­ment on them, except they repent of their Pride and Impurity, and for contempt of God and his Word. After this he vanished.

The Prophecy concerning Rome is, That the Lion of the Tribe of Iudah shall rore against the Whore of Babylon, behold she is now falling, but is not yet fallen, but presently shall fall. O thou cold, thirsty and presum­ptuous City! it is not the height nor strength of thy Walls shall defend thee; behold the time is coming that thou shalt totter, and thy horrid lies, and false perverting of the Scriptures with thy spiritual fornications. O you Kings, you Princes, and Potentates, who do flatter her, and drink the Wine of her impurities, and partake of the Cup of her blasphemies. Behold the dry and withered Tree of the East begins to shoot forth her leaves, and her blushing knots; but the trees of the North do stand unmoved.

Behold the Lion of the North begins to rouse himself, and two other of the same colour do follow him that will pluck up the trees of the South, Root [Page 4] and Branch. O that thou hadst known the day of thy visitation; but glory be to him that doth Wonders. After a little silence, the Angel said, O Babylon! fair but painted, and destitute of true foundation, false in thy Doctrine, false in thy L [...]fe, evil in thy Works, two and forty Months shall quickly be expired, and the three Days and half a Day shall come to an end: and the spirit of life shall return into those whom thou, O wicked Babylon, hast murdered. The five Months of thy Judgments will quickly be accom­plished, and then the Pope, the Spouse of the Devil shall fall. The Angel further said, That besides the Devil, the great adversary of the Church, there are two others that shall destroy and tread down all things: one of them doth not yet know the true God, of whom he is now ignorant; but shall know him, for the time is at hand that he shall acknowledg the true God, and shall accomplish his dec [...]ees against the great Whore, sitting upon the hills above the Sea, who is another trampler upon, and destroyer of the Church, whose remembrance is come in the sight of God, to give her a cup of the Excandescence of his Anger; he cares not for God, nor doth God care for him, for his time is almost past. Then Kotterus demanded of the Angel, Will there be a great effusion of Blood? the Angel answered, Yes: for since Germany is so stubborn as not to pray to Almighty God to withdraw his Rod and heavy Hand held over it, but doth more and more pro­voke him, and doth still fill up the measure of her sins, that it runs over with the abundance thereof, therefore there shall be a great battle and overthrow to the Devil and the Dragon, and a great supper shall be prepared for the fowls of the air. Woe unto Caesar the King, and Princes, the Counts, and Barons: Woe unto the Countries and Cities of the German Empire; all these things shall fall upon you, Famine, Dearth and War, and effusion of Blood; for the condemnation of the great Beast is near and certain. Kot­terus interposed again, and said, Shall the faithful be delivered from these great Judgments? the Angel answered, Reioyce O little Flock, thy Shep­herd shall defend thee, you have in the Scriptures infallible promises of de­liverance.

The Lion of the Tribe of Iudah is he who wageth war against Germany, and he doth manage it by the Lion of the East, and the Lion of the North, neither doth he want power or means to inflict his punishments for many great Causes.

The Visions, Revelations and Prophecies of Christiana Pomatovia.

THere appeared to me a man armed from Head to Foot, whose Head was as fire, and flame came out from his Mouth; he came forth, and stood by himself, and one of the company brought him a Sword, and did put it into his right hand, saying, This is my strength, and with the right Hand of my strength, and this Sword will I destroy my adver­sary, behold I am prepared, and will come unexpectedly in a day that the wicked shall not think of me, and will render unto every one according to his deserts, and in my wrath will I grind into powder all Unbelievers. I will now hasten my Judgment, I will perform a wonderful thing, much evil shall come from the North, and from the East, upon all the Inhabitants of the Earth. And immediately were heard these words, B [...]bylon is fallen, it is fallen, the great House of Austria is fallen, that proud and lofty House is fallen to the ground, neither shall it ever be built up again, and the Pope, and all that devilish Antichristian Synagogue shall suddenly be cast down, and blotted out of memory. By the Lions are the Hungarian, the Turk, the Tartar, the Sweed, the Dane, the Hollander, the English, the French, the Switzer and Saxon, by these Antichrist and Babylon, and Kingdom of Sa­tan shall be utterly overthrown, especially that great house of Austria, which they were not able to pluck down without the assistance of the white Lion of the tribe of Iudah. And I beheld innumerable troops of Horse, and bands of Footmen of all Nations, drawing themselves into two great bo­dies, marshalled in batallia one over against another: And the Lord said unto me, Observe them now, and immediately I heard Drums beating, and Trumpets sounding, and the Lord said, Let us go up yonder Hill and observe the success of the battle more distinctl [...]; I heard the sound of the Trumpet, but the battle was fought beneath us on the foot of the Hill. Then he said unto me, This is the Army of the South, the Antichristian Army, the Army of the Whore and the beast, pointing to the Southern Army. And turning himself to the other Army, he said, This is the Ar­my of the East and North, of which I have made mention to you. Remem­ber these things that I have declared, for all will come to pass according to the Prediction. (By the Eastern Army is always meant the Army of the Turks.) And I looked a long time upon them, till I observed few of the Northern Army remained, the sad sight oppressed me with grief, fearing they would be utterly overthrown, but the Antient of times comfort­ed [Page 6] me, and said, Behold help cometh from Sion, the Throne of my Holi­ness. And I looked again, and behold a great Army descended from Hea­ven, which was commanded by a man in a flame, with a great Sword in his hand, uniting himself to the northern Army.

And I beheld also Clouds of smoak waving down, and falling down on the Southern army; and the fight was renewed, and the Southern army did fall like leaves in Autumn beaten by violent wind, many of the Southern Army after this were slain, and the rest fled, that not one of them remain­ed of them: But the northern Army having gained great spoils, returned with great ioy, and the Army from Heaven ascended from whence it de­scended.

The Visions and Prophecies of Nich. Drabicius.

THis Drabicius was born at Straswick in Germany, (his Father was Con­sul of the said City) he was Minister of Gods Word at Zeranick, he w [...]s attractive in his disc [...]urse, and grave in his conversation, he had a love and zeal to piety: His first vision was in the year 1643. A voyce spake unto him, saying, Write that the time is now come, I will revenge the offences given to my holy Name, I will cause the Turk to come and to overthrow Vienna, as Ierusalem was overthrown; and I will bring evil upon the house of Austria to cut it off from the earth, for she hath g [...]ven no ear to the peaceable coun­sels of the King of Polonia, now her destruction approacheth. Drabicius a [...]ked, When it would come to pass? it was answered, to day and tomor­row will fill up the measure of her iniquities; and I will bring many great and [...] Nations upon the house of Austria, and they shall tread upon Vienna, as Ierusalem and Samaria were trodden upon, to revenge my quar­rel, and to drive away Idolaters, with the false Prophets, and to vindicate the in [...]uries offered to Frederick that was King of Bohemia, and to his proge­ny, with whom you also have been banished. Drabicius asked, whether the progeny of the King of Bohemia be restored to their dignities? it was answered, Wherefore have I afflicted Germany, but because they did for­sake him; woe to the Bohemians, wo to the Silesians, wo to the Moravians, for now is their destruction at hand. The Revelation, ( [...]une 11.) Hear the voyce, O house of Austria, thy roots are in Hungaria, which I am now going to pluck up: but thou shalt perish with the Captain [...] thy Coun [...]el­lers, and thy posterity, thy strong men shall fall. The Revelation of April 7. 1646. As I awaked out of sleep, a voice sounded in m Ears: O house of [Page 7] Austria! O thou house of Austria, I have born with thee, I have born; with thee, so many ages, I have advanced thy glory on high in the midst of many Nations, with much patience I expected thy conversion unto me thy Creator; but thy heart is grown fat, and thy eyes are darkened, that nei­ther thy self, nor thy Captains shall see their lamentable fall and ruine, for the abomination thou hast committed. Who did seduce thee, O house of Au­stria? thou hast forsaken me, and thrown my Laws behind thy back, and hast erected Idols of abomination throughout thy Cities and Streets, and in thy Temples and Chancels, thou hast set up Statues and Images, gilded and painted with beautiful colours. Thou with thy Counseller, and Judges, and Princes, hast neglected my word, and hast neglected justice, and righteousness, and mercy; therefore have I brought evil upon thee, and thy house: in vain dost thou lean upon a Reed, which is Spain: in vain thou ex­pectest help from the Pope, Bavarian or Saxon, Mentz and Cologn will de­ceive thee, for they have lost their strength with thee; for I have risen up against them, and have delivered their powers into their hands, who do make war against thee, that he may do to thee as to the house of Ahab, and to thy Priests, as my Servant Elias to the Prophets of Baal. October the 10. The word of the Lord came to me again, saying, Although it be not yet come to pass, whi [...]h not long since I declared to you, yet undoubtedly it shall take effect: For though he hath gained a peace for a time, he shall gain nothing by the delay of a little time, which nevertheless shall come, and is even at hand, for the destruction of the beast must begin in Hungaria.

And after a long silence, the Lord said to me again, All my words shall be fulfilled, that it may be manifest unto all, That I am he that will confound the counsels of my enemi [...]s, and will remove the half dead person from his Throne, by electing to me that chosen Vessel; the King of France, for whom Germany shall cry out, Long live, long live the King of France; which as soon as it shall be done by my command, who am King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, your liberties shall be restored, O ye worshippers of me.

And O you Kings, Princes, and commanders of my Army, and you my Ministers of the Gospel, throw in your net into the Sea, to fish for the Jews the remainder of my Vintage, on the right side, and on the left, for the Nations of Turkey and Tartary, and other places, for I have opened my Prisons, and healed the wounded▪ that they may be admitted to the Banquet of my House, the Church, and many rooms that are in it, are yet empty for those persons to be brought into it, the Iews and the Turks, and other peo­ple [Page 8] ignorant of the worship of the true God, and the Gospel of our Lord Je­sus, who are to acknowledg me, and to come into the pales of my beloved Spouse.

I will have a reformation amongst the Idolatrous Ministers of the Whore, and those that shall be found refractory shall be put to death, for I will not have the least root of Popish Doctrine in any Nation, and I will that there be but one order and government of the Church amongst all Nations.

The chief scope of all these Prophecies and Revelations, being to invite men to attend the judgments of Almighty God in his punishments of the sin [...] of the world, and to be made worthy of his mercies, which in the last age of the world he will pour forth on all mankind; It well becomes all mutu­ally to admonish one another to repentance, and to increase our faith in the promises of God, and to inflame our mutual charity, to pray for one ano­ther, that we may be made partakers of so unspeakable mercy. Amen.


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