This day was published AN ACT for Continuing several Duties granted by former Acts, upon Wine, Vinegar, Tobacco, East-India Goods, and other Merchandise (Imported) untill the 29th. day of September 1701. Wherein is a Clause for preventing the further Encrease of the Rate of Coyned Gold, Which Enacts.

THat from and after the 25th. day of March 1696. no Person shall receive, take or pay any of the Pieces of Gold Coyn of this Kingdom, commonly called Guineas, at an higher rate than 26 s. each, and not to ex­ceed the same in proportion for half Guineas, Double Guineas, and five Pound Pieces, on pe­nalty of forfeiting double the value of Gold so received or paid, and also the sum of 20l. one Moiety to his Majesty, and the other to the Person or Persons who shall Sue or Inform for the same, to be recovered by Action of Debt, Bill, Plaint or Information, wherein no Privelidge, Protection or Wager of Law shall be allowed, or more than one Imparlance.

That nothing in this Act Contained, shall Compel any Person to receive, any Guinea or Guineas at the said rate of twenty six Shillings.

London, Printed for E. Whitlock, near Stationers Hall. MDCXCVI.

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