Master Speakers LETTER Ordered by the Honorable House of Com­mons, to be sent to the high Sheriffe and Gentry of YORKSHIRE.

Shewing their dislike of such as have en­deavoured to perswade the Countrey, that their petition to the parliament was ill re­lished.

Secondly, their dislike of such as have endevou­red to perswade godly Ministers, that their exerci­ses are not acceptable to the House.

Thirdly, their dislike of such as have endevou­red to perswade the Trained Band from going in­to Hull, upon the Parliament Order.

Also shewing their great acceptation of the Yorkshire Petition, and how ready they are to take care for the discharging the Billet-money in that County.

Likewise the Parliament wondring at the impu­dencie of those men, who dare to hinder the ad­vancement of the glory of God & of his worship, and also to scandalize the piety of the house in so high a measure.

Likewise shewing how ready th [...]y are to propagate Religion, also desiring and enjoyning the High Sheriffe, to return the names of all those who have vented these untruths, and disswaded the Trained Band in Holdernesse, from entring into Hull.

London, Printed for Iohn Franck, 1641.


THe House hath received in­formation by Letters from your selfe, that the malice of some hath proceeded so far of late, as to endevour first, to perswade your Countrey, that the Petition to the Parlia­ment were ill rellished by this House. And that your free offers therein of putting your selves into a Posture of Defence, hath given such testimony of your abilities, that it hath utterly taken away the hopes of paying your Billet mony, till the Parliament knows not how else to dispose of it. Secondly, to cry downe Exercises (which have already done much good) and to draw off some Ministers by perswading them that they are not accep­table to this House. Thirdly, that some in [Page 2] Holdernesse have disswaded the Trained Bands from going unto Hull upon the Par­liament Order.

Which information of yours, the House takes for an especiall service, and for so full a [...]estimony of your fidelity to the Parliament, and of love to your Country, as they hold it an evident character of your worth, and for this commands mee to give you very hearty thanks. And to desire you in the name of the house to declare to the Country, how false and malicious these r [...]ports are: since the House was so far f [...]om disrellishing their Pe­titions, or turning their free offer to their dis­advantage, as that they returned their pub­like thanks when the Petition was received: Passed a vote to approve of their offer, and since by another Vote justified them in the same Act upon his Majesties taking notice thereof. And have since ordered that the same Counties which paid their Pole-mony here­tofore at Yorke, shall now pay all their pro­portions of the Bill of foure hundred thou­sand pounds shortly to be raised to the dis­charge [Page 3] of the Billet-mony in your County and those other Counties where it is owing, which if it shall not fully satisfie, they will discharge as soone as the great necessities of the Kingdome can possibly permit. And like­wise they command mee to let you know that they doe very much wonder at the im­piety and impudence of those men who dare to hinder the advancement of the glory of God and of his worship. And also to scanda­lize the piety of this house in so high a mea­sure, as to say those good Ministers endea­vours are not acceptable to it, they account­ing it their greatest honour to patronize pain­full Preachers in the performance of their duties. And being resolved to cherish & advance with their utmost power, what­soever may tend to the propagating of Reli­gion of which they hold those exercises to be an especiall means. This house therefore be­ing very sensible of the great inconveniences which may happen by their misreports in these distracted times, and from the malice of these men, if it should proceed uncontrolled [Page 4] desires, and enjoyns you to return the names aswell of those who have vented these untruths, as likewise of those who have diswaded the Trained Bands in Holder­nesse, from entring into Hull upon the Par­liaments Order: Perswading themselves that you who have already given such proofe of your affection to the Kingdome, will still continue it by your endeavours, to prevent the practises of any ill-affected persons upon any of that County, to the disturbance of the peace.

It is this day ordered by the House of Com­mons now assembled in parliament, that this Letter be forthwith printed.

H. Elsyngs Cler. Parl. D. Com.

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