In the first, A generall description of their nature, kinds, excellency, right, use, pro­perties, and the persons to whom they belong.

In the foure last, A declaration of the Cove­nant it selfe, the bundle and Body of all the Promises, and the Speciall Promises like­wise, which concerne a mans selfe, or o­thers, both Temporall, Spirituall and Eternall.

By EDVVARD LEGH, Master of Arts of Magdalen Hall in Oxford.

Godlinesse hath the Promises of the life that now is and of that which is to come,

1 Tim. 4 8.

Whereby are given unto us exceeding Great and Pre­cious Promises, that by these yee might be made par­takers of the Divine nature,

2 Pet. 1.4.

Having therefore these Promises, let us cleanse our selves from all filthinesse of flesh and Spirit, perfe­cting Holin [...]sse in the feare of GOD,

2 Cor 7.1.

The second Impression corrected and inlarged by the Authour.

London Printed by George Miller, and are to be sold by Thomas Vnderhill at the May­den-head in the Poultry, MDCXLI.

TO THE RELIGIOVS, VERTVOVS AND Every way Accomplisht Lady, [...]nd his much honou­red good Mother, the La­dy RU [...]H' [...] CUDAM [...]E.

N [...]le Lady, and my worthy Mother;

THERE are two chiefe reasons why I dedicated this Trea [...]ise of the Promises unto your Lady­ship First the excellency of the subject, with which I know you are much affected, [...] My neare relation and engage­ment unto your Self. I deemed [Page] none fit to patronize such a work, but some noble Theo­philus, or Elect Lady; and to have sought a remoter Friend having one so neere and pro­per, might have bin construed folly. I wish the Booke may give content unto your Selfe, and others of Gods people, and then I doubt not, but the dedi­cation of it unto a Christian, and such As Paula & Marcella were to Ie­rome, so is your Ladyship to those iudicious persons, which resort unto you, a great Quest­ionist, & they to whom you propound your doubts do tam profi­cere quam prodesse, as well benefit by you, as benefit you. a Christian, will be approv'd. The knowledge of the Promises is necessary for Christians, who do, or ought to live by faith, and therfore this Treatise (I conceive) may be generally usefull unto them both for the right perfor­mance of holy duties, the exer­cise [Page] of divine graces, and like­wise to uphold the soule in all manner of distresses.

1 It will be very usefull for the right performance of any good duty.

What better motive to and help for prayer, hearing,Quis virtutē amp [...]ectitur iosam, praemi­si tollas, In [...]ë Sat. 10. He that beleeves not the iud [...]e­ments will never sticke to do any evill, he that believes not the Promis [...]s wil never be forward to do any good rea­ding, meditation, conference, &c. then to call to mind Gods gracious promises which he hath made to assist us in those services, and to accept them rightly performed? but because I handle this point in the Trea­tise it self, mentioning the spe­ciall promises made to parti­cular duties, I will here pro­ceed after another manner, and shew, how there are Pro­mises [Page] in Scripture for every Commandement.

For the first Commandement

How many Promises are made to the true knowledge of God, Psalm 91.14. to the true acknowledgement of God, Pro 6.3. to the love of God, Pro. 8.17. Iohn 14.23. Cor. 8.3. Iohn 16.27. to con­fidence in God, Ps. 125.1. Ier. 177, 8. Ps. 55.22. Esay 40.31 Rom. 5.5. Ps. 1 [...]0.5, 6, 7. Esay [...]6.3. to the Feare of God, Ps. 33.18. Ps 115.13. Ps. 111.5. Lu [...]. 50. [...]ro. 1.7. Pro. [...]9.10, 11. Pro. 14.27. & 15 33. Pro 22 4 Ps 111.10. Pro. 10.27.

For the second, there is a promise annexed unto it, Exo [Page] [...]0.6. Deut. 5.10. and others likewise made in Scripture to all holy duties, as Iam: 4.8. &. Isa: 12.3. and specially to pray­er, Rom: 8.16. Iam: 1.5. Rea­ding, Pro: 1.23. Fasting Ma [...] 6.18. Conference, Ma [...]. 3 16 17. Meditation, Ps: [...]. 2.

For the 3 Commandement, there are many promises made to those, who glorifie Gods name, Ps. 50.23. Mat: 10.32 & 5.11. & 12.37.

For the 4 Commandement, See, Lev: 26.2, 3, 4. Esa 56.2 3, 4 5, 6, 7. Eze: [...]0 12, 20. E­sa 58.13, 14. Ier. 17.24, 25, 26

For the 5 Commandement, there is an expresse promise in it to that speciall duty it in­joyneth, [Page] Exo: 20.12. & in o­ther places of Scripture, there are promises to such as being elders in yeers give good ex­ample to their youngers, and are teachers of good things, Esa 65.20, 22. Iob 25.26, to good Princes, Prov: 20, 28 & 29.19. 1 King. 2, 1, 2, 3, 4. Deu: 17.19, 20. to good Mi­nisters, 1 Pet. 5, 2, 3, 4, to the husband that is loving and kind to his wife, Pro. 3 [...].10, 1 [...], 12. to the wife that is lo­ving & reverend to her hus­band, and wife and carefull in the education of her children, Pro 31.28, 29, 31. 1 Tim: 2.15 to good Masters, Pro. 5.33. Deu. 5, 18, Ephes. 5.8, 9. to [Page] good Parents, Pro. 10.1. & 23 24, 25. to obedient children, Eph; 6.3. Gen: 9.27. of spiri­ [...]uall things, Col. 3.20 Ps, 117 8. Ier: 35.19. Pro: 1.9. & 6 23 24. to Subjects, Ier. 29.7. Rō. 8 13.3, 5. Pet. 2.15. to Servants Pro. 17.2. Col. 3.24. Eph. 6.8. to those which do honour the faithfull Ministers of Gods word, Iohn 13 20. Mat. 10.41 to those that honor their El­ders in years, 1 Pet. 5.5. Luke 1 [...].1.

For the 6. Commandement, there are many promises in Scripture made unto those, who shall seek to preserve the life of their neighbour, 1 Iohn 4 12. Mat. 6.14. Mat. 25.40. [Page] Pro. 25.21, 22. Mat 5▪ 7, 9. Pr. 14.29. & 16.3 [...]. Iam. 1.4. Psalme 25.9. Proverbes 1 [...].20. Ps. 133.1. Luke 6.35, 37 Pro. 29.7, 22. & 21.3, 21. Esa 3. [...].1 [...]. Eccl. 10.4. & also to the meek Mat. 5.5. Psa. 37.11. to the gentle, and such as for­give offences, Mat. 6.14, 15 Luke 6.27. to those that are of a peaceable and quiet spirit, desirous of peace, 1 Pet 3.10, 11, 22. Pr. 20.22, to the peace-makers, Mat. 5.9. Pro 12.20 to the mercifull, Mat. 5.7, 2 34. to those that are kind to their enemies, Luke 6.35.

For the 7 Commandement,

Chastity is a fruit of the Spirit, Gal. 5.22. and there [Page] are promises to it, 1 Cor. 6.19 Eze. 18.6, 9.

For the 8 Commandement, See Heb. 13.16. Mat. 5.7. Deu. 5.10. & 24.1 [...], 13, 19. E­say 58.8. Eze. 18. [...]. Pro. 11.26. & 19.17. Pro. 21. [...], 21. & 22 9. & 28.27. Ps. 14.5. Ps. 116.6 Mat. 6.4. & 10 42. Lu. 6.38 & 11.41. & 14.14. & 18.22. 2 Cor. 9.10. Pr. [...].10. God pro­miseth a temporall and eternal benediction to those that are righteous & bountifull to the [...]core, Ps. 1 [...].5. & 112.9. There are promises also to righteous­nes, or just dealing, Mat. 6.33. Pro. 10. & 1 [...] 1. Pro [...]8. [...]0. to the publik Magistrate [...]hat dealeth justly in judge­ment, [Page] Pro. 16.12. & 25.5. & 15.27. & 28.16. to the private person that dealeth justly, Deut. 25.15. to him that being just useth diligence in his calling, Pro. 10.4. & 12.24.

For the 9 Commandement, See 1 Pet. 3.10. Lu. 6.37. Gen 1 [...].3. Pro. [...]3.2. & 18.20. & 20.15.22. most ample goods are promised to those that speake the truth from the heart, Ps. 15.9. Pro. 12.19 23.

For the 10 Commandement, See 2 Pet. 1.4. Mat. 5.8. Iam 4.5.6. 2 Cor. 1 [...].9. Pro. 22.5, 11. Ps. 24.4, 5. & 3. [...]. Pro! 14.2 [...].

Thus graciously doth God [Page] deale with his people, he might out of his absolute soveraign­ty over us, command only, and we were bound then to obey; but he is pleased (the better to quicken us to obedience) to an­nex these gracious promises, to his righteous Commande­ments, and those that truly performe the duty which he commands, shall undoubtedly receive the mercy, which he promiseth.

Secondly, this Treatise of the Promises, may be useful (I suppose) for the quickning and exercising al holy graces. How doth the sound knowledge and frequent meditation of Gods sweet and precious Promi­ses, [Page] strengthen Faith, quicken hope, in flame zeal, confirm pa­tience, and foster al the graces of Gods Spirit? When we stag­ger through unbelif, and are tempted to doubt of any thing, if we would have recourse to the promises, they would up­hold us▪ as for example, if this cogitation should arise in me, certainly if I doe not as the world doth, I shall loose my cre­dit, and never come to any wealth, or estate like others, by & by I should rem [...]mber what is written touching this mat­ter, Sam. 3. [...]0. Mat. 6.33. and then consider the gen [...]ra­lity [...]nd certainty of these & o­ther promises, and that would settle the soul.

[Page]Lastly, against all troubles [...]nward, outward, painful, sin­full, of soul, body, good name, state, Faith in Gods promises is a soveraigne Antidote; this is my comfort in my affli­ction (sai [...]h David) thy word (that is, thy promise made un­to me in thy Word) hath quickned me, Ps. 119.50. He telleth not what kind of trou­ble he was in; in any trouble whatsoever, he received sin­gular comfort by meditation in the Promises: by Gods promi­ses, adversity, sicknes, poverty & death of Friends are sweet­ned, we are upholden by them in time of temptation, and in the pangs of death, receive [Page] consolation: Against all Evill that may assaile us, 3 thing [...] there are that we may with joy behold in the promise; 1 Protection, 2 Restitution, 3 Deliverance. Doth the Lord permit us to temptation? his grace is sufficient to support us, 2 Cor. 12 9. doth he suffer us to be overcome in tempta­tion? yet promiseth he restitu­tion, by a new act of grace, rai­sing us, and at length to set us out of the reach of all tempta­tions. In the defects of good things, and the small measures therof, we may draw comfort likewise from the promises. God promiseth, [...] Preservati­on, 2 Growth, 3 Perfection, of [Page] [...]ace and glory. If we enjoy a­ [...]y good grace of God, though [...]never so weak measure; first [...]e assures us, that little is a [...]ledge of more, 2 Cor. 1.22, [...]econdly, even that little, he [...]ill enable to get finall victo­ [...]y, Rev. 3.8. and will perfect [...]t to the day of the Lord Ie­ [...]us, Phil. 1.6. and after this [...]ife make us pure as he is [...]ure, perfect as our hea­venly Father is perfect.

Thus we see what Balme [...]her is in Gilead, what sweet­ [...]es in Gods promises; they are [...]he Christians aqua vitae, to [...]evive him, when he is ready [...]o swound; in al or in any estate be may extract abundance of [Page] [Page] [...] [Page] [...] [Page] comfort from that thrice pre­cious promise, Ps. 84.11. and those three heavenly conduits of sweetest consolation, Rom 8.18, 28, 32. and if one or a few verses afford so much com­fort, what cordiall sweetnesse and refreshing may a Christ­ian sucke, out of all those wells and brests of consolation and Salvation? Indeed the Faithfull can never want grounds of comfort. First GOD the Father is the GOD of all consolation, Esa. 12.3. comforting them in all their troubles, Esay 66.11. 2 Cor. 3.4. Secondly, CHRIST is the Fountaine of comfort, ver 5, Thirdly, the HOLY GHOST [Page] [...] the Comforter of all the [...]aithfull, [...]oh. 14.16, 20. & 15 [...]6.7, 1 Fourthly, al the Scrip­ [...]ure makes for their comfort, [...]o. 1 [...].4. The whole Gospel is a plentifull Store-house of Com­fort, called 1 Good or glad­som tydings Esay 9.3. [...]2. [...] and a good word, Heb. 6.5. be­cause it cheareth the heart, as good newes doth him that is in heavines▪ 2 The Gospel of Peace, Rō. 10.15. Eph 6.15. because it pacifieth a troubled conscience: but the very pith, marrow and quintes­sence of all true consolation is contained in the Evangeli­call promises, Psal 119.92. Thus assuring my Self, that [Page] your Lady ship wil often peruse this booke, wishing tha [...] your Soule may daily prospe [...] by it, and that the LORD woul [...] now fill you with all joy an [...] peace in beleeving these promises, 3 Ep of Iohn 2. Rom. [...]5.1 and hereafte [...] crowne you with all happines in the full fruition of the things promised, I rest,

Your obliged Son and Servant, EDWARD LEGH

To the Christian Reader.

REader, as I desire thy Good by this Treatise, so let me crave thy fa­vourable acceptance of [...]y honest intentions. This Golden Mine, and Rich Treasure of the [...]romises, hath not yet bin fully o­ [...]ened and displaied unto the world. Some that have written of Faith have handled some of the Divine Promises, and other little Treatises there are (I confesse) al­ [...]eady extant concerning this very [...]rgument. Farre be it from me (who have made use of them all, and many other worthy Writers for the compiling of this Trea­tise) to disparage the meanest of them, who have written any thing of so excellent a Subject. But I dare appeale to those who are ju­dicious, and have read the Treati­ses out in that kind, whether any or all of them have either yet me­thodically ranged, or fully handled all the speciall Promises, both of which I have at least indeavoured to accomplish. I speak not this (as [Page] I said afore) to derogate fro [...] them, nor yet to arrogate an [...] thing to my self, but rather to gi [...] satisfaction unto such who will b [...] ready to pretend, that others ha [...] written of this Subject, and therefore this worke of mine is needlesse. The Proverbe saith▪ Store [...] no sore, and I thinke there is n [...] great cause to complain of satie [...] ty in this kinde. Besides, I handl [...] both the Covenant and Special [...] Promises together, whereas those who write professedly of the Co­venant, say but little of the Promi­ses, and those who expresly trea [...] of the Promises, say but little or nothing of the Covenant. Further­more, my method di [...]fers much from theirs, that have laboured in this kind; for they commonly in handling the Promises, alleadge such and such Scriptures generally & in the lump. But I have in many of the graces, and most of the du­ties, set down Promises, both of and to, as Promises, 1. Of the grace. 2. Vnto it. Promises 1. To enable to the duty. 2. Also to accept and re­ward [Page] it: and I have often particu­ [...]ariz'd the things promised; by [...]anking and marshalling them in­ [...]o their severall Heads, and shew­ [...]ng distinctly the special Rewards whither Temporall, Spirituall, or Eternall of such or such a grace, or duty. My chiefest motive and in­ducement to publish this Worke, next unto the promoting of Gods glory, was the benefit of Christi­ans, which fruit of my labours I have already promised to my self, having both read Exhortations in books to the performance of such a work, & heard complaints from Christians, of the want of such a work. If any should demand, cui bo­no, for what use may such a Treatise serve, or what profit can redoūd to Christiās by it? I may answer with the Apostle, and say of it, as he doth of Circumcision, much every way. Rom. 3.12 But I forbeare to exemplify, or in­stance the particulars, since I have done it already in the former Epi­stle, & the work it self will suffici­ently shew it. O but may some say, this work would well have becōe [Page] an experienced Divine furnished with rich abilities of learning and piety: all that I grant, and had it bin done by such a one, I should both have spared my own pains, & made use of his most willingly. But since that is rather to be desired, thē yet to be expected, I (who aboūd with leisure) was willing to make this essay, both that I might imploy my own Pudeat illos (saith Tully) qui ita in stu­dijs se abdide­runt, ut ad vitam com­munem nullū fructum proferre possint. Paulum se­pultae distat inertiae C [...]la­ta virtus. Hor l. 4. Carm. od 9 Trisle morta­litatis privi­legiū est, &c. Euphormio. Talent, & gratifie the desires of Christiās. For their saks (though I must expect severall censures, ac­cording to the variety of mens hu­mors) am I willing conferre aliquid in publicum, to cast in my mite into the common treasury. If thou find­est faults & Errata in the book, let love cover them, for to erre (as the Satyrist saith) is the sad priviledge of mortality, & he (of all mē) erreth most, who challengeth a priviledg from errour. Thus praying to the Lord, that thou maist reape much good from these Promises, and pro­mising to my self no little comfort from thy prayers, I rest

Thy true Christian Friend and hartie well-wisher, EDVVARD LEGH.

A Table of the Promises, as they are dispersed in the severall Bookes of Scripture.

Cap. 6.vers. 18.
92, 9, 11, 13, 15 16, 27.
122, 3
1315, 16, 17.
1610, 12.
172, 4, 6, 7, 8, 16, [...]0.21.
1810, 14 18.
2112, 13.
2217 18.
263, 4, 24.
2813, 14, 15.
351 [...], 12.
463, 4.
4819, 21.

3.12, 21.
66, 7, 8.
1213, 23.
195, 6.
206, [...]2, 24.
23 [...]0, 22, 23, 35, 6, 27.
2945, 46.
[Page]3210, 13.
332, 14, 19.
346, 7, 24.

25.13, 18, 19, 21.
26.4. to 13, 42, 44, 45.

15.25, 26, 28.
23.19, 21, 23.
24.7, 9, 17.
25.12, 13.

3.2, 21, 22, 28.
4.1, 10, 29, 30 31, 40.
5.10, 29, 33.
6.2, 3, 18.
7.6, 9, 12, 13, 1 [...] 15, 16, 19. [...] 24.
9.3, 14.
118, 9, 12, 14, 1 [...] 21, 23, 24, 2 [...] 27, 31.
127, 12, 18, 2 [...] 28.
142, 29.
154, 6, 18.
1615, 20.
1815, 18.
201, 4.
2314, 20.
2618, 19.
281. to 14.
303 to 10, 16, 20
316, 8, 23.
329, 30.
3311, 29.

1.5, 7, 8, 9.

133, 5.

1 Samuel
26, 7, 8, 9, 10, & 30.
1214, 22.

2 Samuel
710, 12, 13, 14 15, 16.

1 Kings.
2.3, 4.
612, 13.
93, 5.

2 Kings.
1930, 31, 34.
205, 6.
217, 8.

1 Chro­nicles.
17.9, 10, 11 12, 13, 14.
229, 10, 13.
286, 7, 8, 9, 20.

2 Chro­nicles.
714, 15, 16, 18
2017, 20.


1.5, 9.

5.11, 15, to 27.
86, 7.
1115. to 20.
2221, 23. to the end.
3325, 26, 28,
367, 9, 10, 11.

1.1, 3, 6.
22, 8, 12.
5.11, 12.
9ver. 8, 9, 18.
125, 6, 7.
152, 3, 4, 5.
182, 30.
197. to 12.
2226, 27, 30.
231, 4.
244, 5.
253, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14.
271, 3, 5, 10, 14.
3119, 20, 23, 24
321, 2, 6, 7, 10.
3312, 18, 19.
347, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, & 17. to 21.
3510, 27.
368, [...].
[Page]373. to 7, 9, 11, 16, to 20. & from 22, to 30 31, 33, 34, 37, 39, 40.
403, 4, 16.
411, 2, 3.
461, to 5, 7.11.
473, 4.
5015, 23.
[...]22, 6, 7.
676, 7.
683, 13.
6932, 33, 35, 36.
725. to 9, 11.15, 17.
8110, 13. to [...] 16.
844, 5, 7, 11, 1 [...]
858, 9, 12, 13.
894, 15, 16, 2 [...] 24, 26, 2 [...] 29, 33, 34. [...] 37.
911, [...], to 7, 1 [...] to 16.
9212, to 14.
9412. to 15.
9710, 11.
1 [...]215. to the 18 20.
1033, 8, to 13, 17 18.
1079, 36, 38.
1102, 3.
1115, 10.
1121, to 4, 6, to 9.
1137, 8, 9.
1159 to 11, 13.
1191 [...], 49, 71, 130, 165
1213, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
1251, 2.3.
1265, 6.
1273, 5.
1281, to the end.
1304, 8.
13211, to 19.
1378, [...].
1386, 7.
14012, 13.
1458, 9, 13, 18, 19, 20.
1465, 7, 8.9.
1472, 3, 6, 11, 19.

1.7, 23, [...]3
24, [...], 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 21.
32, 4, 10, 12, 13 1 [...], to 18, 22 to 26, 33, to 35▪
46, 8, 9, 13, 18▪ 22.
6 [...]2, 24.
817, to 19.21 34, 35.
98, 9, 10.
102, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 16, 17, 22, 24 27, to 30.
[Page]113, to 6, 8, 9, 18 to 22, 26, 27, [...]8, 30, 31.
123, 6, 7, 11, 13, 14, 19, to 22, 24, 27, [...]8.
132, 4▪ 6, 13, 15, 18, 20, 21, 25.
1411, 22, 26, 34.
156, 8, 16, 29, 33.
163, 7, 8, 13, [...]0.
1810, [...]2, 20.
1916, 17, [...]3.
207, 28.
224, 5, 9, 15, [...]9.
2313, 14, 24.
2414, 25.
[...]810, 13, 14, [...]8, to 10, [...]3, 25, to 27.
2917, 18, [...]3, 25.


1.18, 19.
22, 3, 4.
42, 5, 6.
93, 6, 7.
111, 2, 4, 6, to 10 12, 13.
141, 2, 3.
172, 6, 7, 8.
1917, 22, 24.
2222, 23.
254, 6, 8, 9.
[Page]26.3, 9, 12.
273, 5, 6, 8, 9.
285, 12.
29 [...]8, 19, 23, 24.
3018. to the 27, 9.
321, 2, 3, 4, 17, [...]8.
336, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 4.
351, [...], 4, to the end.
3731, 32.
385, 6.
401, to 5, [...]0, 11, 29, 31.
41 [...]0, to the 14, [...]6, to the 19, 25.
421, 3, 4, 6, 7, 16.
431, to the 5, 25.
443, to 5, 22.
45.17, 24, 25,
464, 10, 13.
489, 17, 18, 19.
496, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 15, 16, 22, 23, 25, 26.
513, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13.
521, 6, 10, 12, 13.
535, [...]1, 12.
543, 4, 5, 7. to the end.
551, 3, 5, 7, 9, to 13.
562, 5, to 8.
57 [...], 13 15, 16, 18, 19.
588. to 15,
5919, 20, [...]1.
602, to 9, and 1 [...], to the 18, 19, 20, 21, 22.
[Page]611, to 4, & 6. to the end.
622, to 4, 11.
651, 9, 13, 14, 16, 17, to the end.
662, 5, 11, to 14, 18, to 20, 22.

18, 19.
31, 12, 15, 17, 18.
41, 2, 14.
63, 16.
73, 7, 23.
114, 5.
1214, to 16.
1511, 19, to 21.
17 [...], 8, 24. to 16.
234, 5, 6, 22.
246, 7.
2910, 11, to th [...] 14.
303, 8, to 11 and16, to 22.
311, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 12, to 14, 20, 23, 24, 27, 28, 31, 33 34.
3237, to 43, 44.
333, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 14, to the 18. an [...] 21.
3820, 24.
4210, 11, 12.
4627, 8.
504, 5, 34.

Lamen­tation [...].
325, 31, 32, 33.

1116, to the 20.
1216, 28.
1422. [...]
1660, to 62.
189, 21, 22, 27, 28, 30.
2011, 13, 21, 40, 41, 43.
2825, 26.
2913, 14, 21.
3311, 15, 16, 19.
3411, to the 16, and 22, to 31.
3624, to 32, 33, 34.
3721, to the end.

121, 2, 3, 4, 10-12.

214, 15, 16, 18, to the end.
61, 2, 3.
118, to 11.
143, to the end.

213, 14, 18, to 30, 32.
32, 7, 16, 20.

37, 12.
54, 6, 14, 15.
913, 14, 15.


41, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 12.
78, 9, 18, to the 20.

17, 12, 13.

23, 4, [...]4.
317, 18, 19.

23, 7, 9.
39; 12, 13, 16, to the end.

2.4, 7, 9, 19, 23.

13▪ 14, 16, 17.
25, 8, 10, 11.
612, 13, 15.
83, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 13, 21▪, 22.
99, 10, 16.
106, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12.
128, 10.
131, 2, 7, 9.
148, 9, 11.21.

31, 3, 4.7, 10, to 12, 16, to the 18.
42, 3, 5, 6.

53, to 13.
64, 6, 14, 18, 30, 32, 33.
77, 8, 11, 21, 24.
1019, 22, 30, 32, 39, 40, to 42.
116, 28, [...]9.
1218, to 21, 31, 32, 50.
1330, 41, 43, 49.
1618, 19, 25, 28.
1711, 20.
184, 5, 10, 11, 14, 18, 20.
1914, 17, 21, 28, to 30.
204, 7, 6.
2121, 22, 43.
2413, 14, 22, 24, 30, 31, 35, 46, and 47.
2521, 23, 29, 31, to 34, 40, 46.
2613, 26, 28.

328, [...]5.
411, 25.
91, 23, 31, 37, 41.
1014, 21, 29, 30, 31.
1123, 24, 25.
1313, 22, 26, 27, 31.
1616, 17, 18.

113, to 17, 3, 32, 35, 50, 53, 74, to 77, 79.
2.10, 11, 26
35, 6, 16.
620, to 23, 35, 37, 38, 47, 48.
810, 21, 50
924, 27, 48.
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The Table of the first booke.
  • [Page]In this first booke six things concerning the promises in generall, are handled
    • 1. The na­ture of the pro­mises where
      • 1. The wo [...]d i [...] op [...]ned according to the expres [...]ion [...] of it in la [...] guages, and acceptions of i [...] an Scripture.
      • 2. T [...]e thing desi [...]ed in generall [...] dist­inguished into
        • [...] C [...]vill.
        • 2. R [...]ligions.
        • [...]. Divine, whic [...] d [...] ­vine pro­mi [...]e [...].
          • are
            • 1 D [...]fined.
            • 2 Diff [...] ­ [...]enc [...] from a
              • 1. Purpo [...] Thre [...]t­ning.
              • [...]. Com­m [...]nd.
            • 3. descri­b [...]d to be the
              • 1 Groūd [...] ou [...] [...]
              • 2 [...] out fa [...]
    • 2. The kinds of them.
      • The Promi­ [...]es are
        • 1. [...]eg [...]llor ev [...]ngelicall.
        • 2 Generall or par [...]icular.
        • [...] Princi [...]all or lesse principall.
        • 4 D [...]r [...]ct or by consequent.
        • [...] [...]bsolute o [...] c [...]nditionall,
        • 6. Pertaining to
          • 1 Thi [...] life
            • 1 Tempor [...]
            • [...] Spiritu [...]
          • [...] The life to come.
            • Eternall.
    • 3. The excellency of them.
    • 4. The right use of them.
      • 1. In gene­rall, we must la­bour.
        • 1. To bee acquainted with them.
        • [...] Faithfully to remember them.
        • [...]. Wisely and fitly to apply them.
          • by
            • 1 Fixed me­dit [...]tion.
              • 1 Marking the promise
              • 2 M [...]sing of it
              • 3 M [...]king i [...] familiar to [...]s
            • 2 F [...]rvent prayer, where of l [...] ving by faith.
      • 2 Speci­all r [...]les dir [...]cting u [...] now to use them.
        • 1 Generall promises are particularly, and particulars ge­nerally appliable.
        • 2 P [...]omi [...]es are subordinated and performed with depen­dance.
        • 3. The experience of GOD in his promises confirmeth faith and nourisheth hope.
          • 1 Experiments God hat [...] given us in others.
          • [...] Experience of his merc [...] in our selves.
        • 4. Gods promises to us must be the rule of our prayers to him.
          • 1. The ground for what, and rule how w [...] m [...]st pray.
          • [...]. God will not perform promise [...] till by prayer they be sought fo [...].
    • 5 The proper­ties of them.
      • Gods pro­mises are
        • 1. Free.
        • 2. Full in respect of
          • 1. Persons.
          • 2. Things.
        • 3. Firm & faithfull yet
          • 1 God give [...] not [...]hr [...]ie [...] the t [...]ing p [...]o­mise [...] but somtimes that which it equivalent or b [...]tter, nor to the same parties, but to them o [...] their po­sterity.
          • 2 The time of accomplishing them is uncertaine.
    • 6. The persons to whom the promises belong.
      • 1. C [...]rist as the head.
      • 2 His members.

A TREATISE OF THE Divine PROMISES. The first Booke.Book 1.

CHAP. 1. 1. The Nature of the Promises.

THERE are three things to be known in the Word: 1. Precepts or Com­mandements, be­cause, they teach obedience. [Page 2] 2. Threatnings, because they re­straine disobedience. 3. Promises, because they serve to confirme us in our Obedience.Perkins on 2. Hab. 4. Faith in the Commande­ments (saith Dike) breeds obedience, in the Threatnings feare, in the Promises Comfort. The Greek words for Promise in the New Testament are, [...], which is tendred in the English a Message, 1 Ioh. 1.5 of [...] nuncius, but most Vsually a Pro­mise, Ephes. 3.6. 1 Ioh 7.25. and often in the Galatians, it signifieth gratu [...]am ultrenamque promissionem, a free and willi [...]g Promise, as both Budeus and Beza have observed, & [...], 2 Pet... 4. w [...]ich properly signifieth a Publike Promise made is foro, before many, ab [...] id est, nunciare, edicere. The Latine, 1. Promissien [...] & promissi [...] (whence comes the frenc [...] word promesse, and the english promise) à pro & nutto, praemittitur enim promissiorei praesiandae. 2. Pollicuum or pollicitatio, which also signifieth a free Promise it commeth of polliceor, and that of porro & liceor. Pollicem [...] spoute, promittimus rogati, saith Ser [...]ius on Virg. 3. Sponsi [...], from Spondere, quasi sponte dicere, saith Scaliger. Illyric. clav. Script.

Promise is oftentimes used in the New Testament both in the Singul [...]r, and Plurall number, espe­cially in Rom. 4.16. Gal 3. [...]8 As often as S. Paul compares the Law with the Promise, hee makes a comparison betweene the Law and Gospell Illyric. ubi Supra. S. Pauls Epistles: it sig­nifieth by an excellencie the Gospell it selfe, or the promise of giving the Messiah, and free re­conciliation with GOD by Him. It is called by a Synecdoche (saith Polanus) the Word, Psal. 56.4, 10. In GOD will I praise his [Page 3] Word, that is, his promise, saith Iunius; and sometimes it is taken by a Metonymie (as Beza and Piscator have observed) for the good things promised, Promissio in­terdum idem vales quod res promissa Piscator. Act. 1.33, 18, 19 & 7.17. & 26.7. Gal. 3.14. the promise of the Spirit, for the Spirit promised, Acts 1.4. waite for the promise of the Father, that is, the good promised, viz. the HOLY GHOST. You are sealed with the Spirit of Promise, Ephes. 1.13. that is, with the Spirit promised. So Gal. 3.22. That the promise by faith of JE­SUS CHRIST, that is, the thing promised, remission of sinne and life everlasting. Heb. 10.36. Yee have need of patience, that yee might receive the promise, that is, eternall glory promised. Heb. 6.12. Who through faith and patience inherit the promises, that is,See Heb. 9.15. & 11.9, 17, 3 [...], 39. life promised by a Metonymie, 2 Tim. 1.1. It is called the Promise of Life, for life promised.

A Promise is a revelation of some such truth,The defini­tion of a Promise in generall. as shall be be­neficiall to mee in particular. The [Page 4] truth of such a promise consists in the certainty of performance, the goodnesse of it in the quality of the thing promised.

Promise is 1. A word, passed from man to man, for perfor­mance of some lawfull things; as in contracts, bargaines, marriages, and other aff [...]ires of common life. This is a civill promise: Such a one Laban made to Iacob, for giving his daughter, David to Ionathan.

2. Our word passed and given unto GOD, for some duty which we will doe unto his honour, Psal. 66.13, 14. I will pay thee my vowes which my lippes have promised Num. 30.2. He shall not breake his promise. This is a religious or holy Pro­mise, called a vow in Scripture.

3. The Word of God given unto men, for the performance of some good, or for removing some evill, Spirituall or Bodily, Psal. 119.103. How sweet are thy promises unto my mouth? and verses 38, 49. This is a divine Promise. Of these I pur­pose to treat: & the divine Promi­ses are thus defined.

[Page 5]The Promises are declarations of GODS favour towards Man, and of his providence over him for his good.

Or thus.

The Promises are all those de­clarations of GODS will,Promissio Dei est de­nunciatio suturorum ho­norum nobis dandorum, u [...] ex ea conso­lationem habeamus, & siducia nos [...]ra in V [...]um con­firmetur. Polanus. wherin he signifieth in the Gospel, what good He will freely bestow. I shal define them in this manner.

The Promises are outward declarations of GODS will concerning good to be received, and evill to be removed; I call them outward declarations, to di­stinguish them from inward pur­poses, concerning good, to distin­guish them from threatnings, which are also declarations of GODS will, but for evill to be inflicted, concerning good to be received, &c. to distinguish them from commands, which declare GODS will for good, but that of duty to be done to him, not of mercy to be received from him.

The Promises of the word are as so, many Legacies bequeathed [Page 6] us by our Heavenly Father, and by His Sonne JESUS CHRIST, in His last Will and Testa­ment.

The Promises are the grounds of our Hope, and the obiects of our Faith.

1. The grounds of our Hope, Faith and Hope agree in their ground. both of them are grounded on Gods promises; but Fides credit pro­missioni divinae, spes pa­tienter expe­ctat praesta­tionem promissionis, saith Pola­nus. Faith beleeves the truth of GODS pro­mises: Hope waiteth till GOD mani­fest and ac­complish His truth. Remember thy Word (i.e. the pro­mise of mercy and grace) unto thy servant, upon which thou hast caused me to hope, Psal. 119.49. & 81. verse, I hope in thy Word: Therefore Hope is termed the hope of the Gospell, Coloss. 1.23. that is, an hope which waiteth for those things which in the Gospell are promised. This was the ground of Simeons hope, Luke 2.25. We have no reason to hope for any thing which is not promi­sed, or upon any other condition, then as promised.

The Apostle useth this argu­ment, why we should not cast away our confidence or slacken our hope, because there is a Promise, Heb. 10.35, 36. which is a f [...]rme [Page 7] foundation for our Confidence to rest upon: So Abraham is said Rom. 4.18. to have beleeved a­gainst hope (of sence and reason) under hope (of GODS Word) for the ground of that hope is added, according to that which was spoken (to that word of promise) so shall thy seed be, and elsewhere, to Looke for a Citie that hath foundations, that is,Heb. 11.10. (as one ex­pounds it) a Citie which was built upon the immutable stability of GODS oath and promises.

These Promises are of all need­full things in the world, both Spi­rituall and Temporall; of assistance under all crosses and of deliverance from them, and at length of eter­nall glory and happinesse in Hea­ven, which (because it is furthest off, and includeth in it, an accom­plishment of all other promises) is the most proper object of Hope, in which respect the Scrip­ture doth thus intitle it, hope of sal­vation, 1 Thess. 5.8. hope of eternall life, Tit. 3.7. hope of glory, Rom. 5.2.

[Page 8]At this Cape of good hope arrives every good Christian, eve­ry true Israelite. The rest are either hopelesse, being Aliens from the Covenant of promise, Praesumendo sperant, & sperando pe­reunt. or over-hoping, without evidence and due qualification fondly expe­cting the promise.

2. The Promises are the ob­iects of our Faith, Heb 11.11. and also the foundation of it: whatsoever is promised, may and must be be­leeved; and whatsoever is belee­ved without a promise, is rather presumed. The Gospell is called the Word of Faith, Rom. 10.18. the Ephesians beleeved after that they heard the Gospell,Premissiones vocantur ob­iectum fidei per melony­miam adiu [...] cti. The obiect of faith is Christ, or the Gospell and the pro­mises therof. The order wherin faith laies hold upon the promises. Ioh. 3.16. Ephes. 1.13.

The object of true faith is

1. Principall, the promise of salvation by CHRIST, this is the maine promise. So GOD loved the world that hee gave his onely begotten Sonne, to the end, that whosoever beleeveth in him should not perish but have everla­sting life.

[Page 9]2. All inferiour Promises an­nexed thereunto, of Temporall blessings, as food, raiment, health, peace, liberty, deliverance in temptations, safety in dangers, &c. these depend, upon the maine promise of CHRIST, so farre forth as they are for our good: for in CHRIST all the promises of GOD (whether they concerne life eternall or this temporall life) are yea and Amen, that is, [...] Cor. 1.20. sure and certaine to GODS chil­dren.

True Faith first of all directly and plainely fasteneth it selfe on the maine promise of GOD in CHRIST, but after and with this on all other promises that concerne soule or body. The Heart that saith by faith, GOD will pardon my sinne, and save my soule, will say also by the same faith, GOD will give me foode and raiment, and all things suffi­cient for this life, Rom. 4.18. Abraham by the same faith, wher­by hee was justified, beleeved [Page 10] GODS promise, that he should have a Sonne in his old age: and Noah beleeved GODS pro­mise of his preservation in the Arke, by the same faith whereby He was made Heire of righteous­nesse. First faith apprehends mer­cy in CHRIST, and then providence for this life.

Obiect.Justifying Faith beleeves the Creation and all other holy truths, Heb. 11. besides the Pro­mises; therefore the promises are not the onely object of Faith.

Answ.But not imploying her selfe about them, as her speciall ob­ject, but presupposing them as necessary Antecedents.

Obiect.Justifying Faith beleeves o­ther promises, besides that of CHRIST and salvation by Him, as concerning strength in tentations, moderation of afflicti­ons, comforts of this life.

Answ.True, but as Appendants and Appurtenances to the maine and principall Promise: for in [Page 11] CHRIST, that is, the Funda­mentall Promise, concerning CHRIST, All, that is, the other depending Promises, are yea and Amen. The proper and peculiar object then of Justify­ing faith, is the Evangelicall pro­mise: other things are belee­ved, some as necessary Antece­dents, some as necessary Conse­quents of this. But Faith findes life and salvation, neither in the histories of the Creation, nor in the Legall Commandements, threatnings, promises, but onely in the Covenant of Grace.

CHAP. 11. 2. The Kinds of them.

SOme divide them thus: The Promises are either Generall or Particular, Reall or Personall, Conditionall or Free, Temporall or Eternall.

[Page 12]Others thus:

They are either Spirituall or Temporall, concerning this life or the life to come, of things simply necessary to salvation, or of things good in themselves, but not alwaies good for us.

The Promises are either Legall or Evangelicall, Generall or Par­ticular, Principall or lesse Princi­pall, Direct or by Consequent, Absolute or Conditionall, Tem­porall, Spirituall, or Eternall.

There are Promises The Pro­mises of the Law are di­rected and made to the person of every man; particularly those of the Gospell are first directed and made to Christ, and then by con­sequent to them that are by faith ingrafted in­to him. Perk Legall and Evangelicall.

Legall are made on condition of workes, as the perfect keeping of the Law, which none since Adam, save CHRIST, can lay claime to, Deut. 7.12. Ier. 7.3, 23. These should be uneffectu­all, if CHRIST had not for us fulfilled that righteousnesse whereupon they hang, Gal. 2.16.

Evangelicall are made on con­dition of beleeving and repen­ting,The Evan­gelicall Pro­mise is called the pro­mise of Grace; be­cause it is freely given, and freely performed, and the Pro­mise of the Spirit, Gal. 3.14. because the Spirit is bo [...]h the Author and app [...]ier of it 2 Cor. 7.10. Iohn 3.15.

These are made to the worker, [Page 13] not for the merit of his worke, but for CHRISTS merit, in which both his person and worke are accepted.

Legall Promises or sentences, may be found in the New Testa­ment, as Rom. 2.8, 9. to the 13, Rom. 10.5. Gal. 3.10, 12. and Evangelicall promises of grace may be found in the Old Testa­ment, as Psal. 32.1, 2. Ier. 31.31, 32.

Both these are either Generall or indefinite, propounded to all,Promissiones Evangelij praestantiores Legalibus di­cuntur, primò quia conditio Legis est, Hoc fac & vive [...], id quod simpliciter imp [...]ssibile est, quando lex nos inve­nit peccatores, nec ullum relinquit [...]oenitentiae locum, quod facit Evangelium. Deinde verò promissiones Evangelij habent comi­tem essi aciam Spiritus Sancti a [...]ul electo [...], promissiones Legales apud neminem. Tertio promissio Evangelij complectitur donum perseveran­tiae. Promissio Legis minimè. Quartò promissiones Legis sum obscurae, Evangelij sole meridiano clariores. Quintò promissiones Legale [...] per­tinent ad solos Iudaeos, promissiones Evangelij indiscriminatim ad omnes. Denique, promissio Legis est [...]ossessio terrae Chanaan, sen vita beata in illius possessione. Promissio Evangelij est vita beata in coelis de gen­da. Cameron. Exodus 20.6. Iohn 3.16, 17, 18.

Or Particular, directed to some kinde of persons, few or one, Ex­od. 20.12. Matth. 9.2. Numb. 25.12, 13.

[Page 14]There are Promises Principall, and lesse Principall.

1. Principall, as righteousnesse, remission of sins.

2. Lesse Principall, deliverance in afflictions, safety in dangers, health, wealth.

There are direct or expresse Promises, and Promises by conse­quent.

Direct, as that which was made to Abraham of a Sonne, Gen. 18. to Paul, that not one in the ship should lose his life, Acts 27.

What hee prom [...]seth to any, he pro­miseth to all in an equall estate.Promises are implied by conse­quence, either in the examples or prayers of faithfull Saints.

1. In their examples, by those blessings which they have enjoy­ed: GODS giving it to one, is a promising it to all. Thus doth S. Iames urge that end which GOD gave to Iobs troubles,Iam. 5.11. as a ground of our faith, to make us waite for a like deliverance in troubles, S. Paul assures us, that for this cause GOD comforted him in his tribulation, that hee might be able [Page 15] to comfort them which were in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith hee was comforted of GOD, 2 Cor. 1.4. Whatsoever things were writ­ten (whether precepts, promises, threatnings, or examples) are writ­ten for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the Scrip­tures might have hope, Rom. 15.4.

2. In their prayers, by those things which they prayed for in faith and obtained. The Faith­full calling upon GOD, and GODS gracious hearing of them, are as much as a promise, that GOD in such and such things will heare us calling up­on him. David made this a ground of his faith, Psal. 22.4, 5.

There are Promises Absolute, and Conditionall.

1. Absolute,That there shall be no waters of a floud to de­stroy all flesh, Gen. 9 11, 15. which GOD hath simply determined to accomplish even as they are propounded, as before CHRIST was mani­fested in the flesh, the promise of [Page 16] the Messiah, Esay 7.14. and of calling the Gentiles, Esay 42.1. since that time the promise of cal­ling the Jewes, Rom. 11.26. and of CHRISTS second comming in glory, Matth. 24.30.

2. Conditionall, which are no further promised, then GOD in wisedome seeth to be most meete for his owne glory and his chil­drens Psal. 84.11. No goo [...] thing doth he wit [...]hold, Psal. 34. [...]. They shall want [...]o­thing (that is good) They are good in them [...]elves, not alwaies good for us. good.

Thus are promised:

1. All temporall blessings, which Luk. 16.20 Lazarus wanted.

2. Freedome from all crosses and The evill of troubles shal not [...]urt them, Iob 5.19. Psal. 23.4. Ioh. 17.15. troubles, Iob and other Saints had their part in many of them.

3. Freedome from all The godly shall be de­livered from the evill of temptation and persecu­tion So that promise, Rev. 3 10. is to be un­derstood. Po [...]an. Syn­tag. temp­tations, CHRIST himselfe was tempted.

4. Lesse principall graces, the common gifts of the Spirit: these are distributed severally, 1 Cor. 12.8.

5. The measure of sanctifying graces, some Saints have a grea­ter measure of grace, and some a lesse.

[Page 17]Some Promises are in divers re­spects both Absolute and Condi­tionall, as that Exod. 3.17. of bringing the Israelites into the land of Canaan: for in respect of the people of Israel, it was abso­l [...]te, and at length really accom­plished; but if we consider all the particular Israelites, it had an im­plicite condition, viz. if they were obedient to GOD.

Lastly, the Promises are either such as pertaine unto this life, or the life to come.

The Promises pertaining unto this life, are either Spirituall con­cerning the soule, such are the promises of GODS graces; or Temporall, concerning the body, as health, wealth.

The Promises appertaining un­to the life to come, are eternall life, the crowne of glory, which concerne both soule and body.

These I shall handle fully after­ward.

CHAP. III. 3. The Excellency of them.

THe Promises of GOD are a Rich Mine of Spirituall and Heaven­ly treasures; they are a garden of most precious flowers, of medicinable herbes, they are as the Poole of Bethesda, for all diseases, for all sorts of persons, and at all times.

They are called the unsearch­able riches of CHRIST,The Lord calleth them the bands of love, Hos. 11.4. Ephes. 3.6, 8. to assure us, that hee is a very rich man that hath his heart stored with the promises of GOD well applied. One stiles them, pabulum fidei, the food of faith. As [...]aith is the life of the Soule, so GODS promise is the life of Faith. They are the inheritance of GODS people. Dauid did so account of them (Thy promises have I claimed as mine heritage for ever, for they are the Ioy of my [Page 19] heart) Psal. 119.111. and all the people of GOD are Heires of all his Promises, Rom. 9.8. The ve­ry keeping of the Records of these Promises was a great Pre­rogative to the To them pertained the promi­ses made to the Patri­arkes tou­ching the Messias. Rom 9.4. Perkins. The promi­ses which were of two sorts, either temporall, as touching the inheri­tance of the land of Ca­naan, or Spirituall of the Messiah, Gryneus: Both Legall promises and Evangelicall Pet Ma [...]t. Pareus Bo [...]h [...]f this l [...]fe and the next Pellicā These pro­mises first belonged to them, and upon their reiecting they were fulfilled upon the Gen­tiles, [...]s [...]nder. Jewes, Rom. 3.2. and it is accounted a singu­lar happinesse for the Gentiles, that they may now partake of these Promises, Ephes. 3.6. The Apostle Peter saith, that they are Exceeding great and precious pro­mises, 2 Pet. 1.4. which GOD hath given to us. They are most great and precious: for quantity, Great, exceeding great; for qua­lity, Good, exceeding good. Pre­cious:

1. In respect of the Author of them, GOD; He is said in Scrip­ture to be the giver of them, Rom. 1.2. 1 Tim. 1.1. Tit. 1.2.

2. The ground of them, JE­SUS CHRIST, for whose sake we obtaine them, and the price he paied to purchase them [Page 20] for us, his Fortas [...]is epithe [...]um [pretiopa] nonnullum respectū ha­bit ad prenū sanguinis Christi, & meritorū eius. Lorinus in lo­cum. precious blood, 1 Pet. 1.19.

3. The manner, how they are given, freely; the fountaine from which they spring is the precious loving Quaelibet divinae promissio est di­lectionis Dei erga nos testi­monium. Calv. l. 3. Iustit. c. 2. kindnesse of GOD, Psal. 36.7.

4. The meanes whereby they are apprehended, that precious grace of faith, 2 Pet. 1.1.

5. The great and inestimable profit flowing from them, and the end why they are bestowed upon us, that we might be parta­kers of the Excellentiā promissionum inde ostendit, quòd nos tan­dem effician [...] naturae Divi­nae consortes. Calvin on this place of S. Peter. Divine nature, that is, of the graces of the HOLY GHOST.

6. Piscator in locum. If the pro­mise [...] be so sweet, what swee [...]nesse shall we find in the per­formance of them, 1 Cor. 2.9. In regard of the excel­lencie of the things promised, life and godlinesse, or glory and vertue, which the Apostle Peter mentioned, 3. ver. of that 1. Chap­ter.

The ordinary Glosse, would have life eternall to be there pro­mised.

There is nothing in the world so excellent, so precious▪ so [Page 21] sweet and so comfortable as the promises are, Psal. 119.103.

Cardan subtil l. 7. Ioseph. Anti [...]. l. 3. c. 9. Cardan saith that every pre­cious stone hath some egregious vertue; and Iosephus observeth, that the splendor and brightnesse of the precious stones in the High-Priests brest-plate fore­shewed victory.

I examine not the truth of those relations: but I dare say, there is more soveraigne vertue in one of GODS precious promi­ses, than in all the precious stones of the world. I may say of them, as Salomon saith of a vertuous woman,Pro. 31.10. that their price is farre above rubies, or as he speakes of wisdome,Pro. 8.11. Promises in our hearts (saith one) are better then pearles or pretious stones in our chests. that they are better then rubies; and all the things that may be desired, are not to be com­pared to them. The bright lustre also of these precious stones, ob­served by the quick eye of faith, presageth certaine victory over all our enemies. If we can be­hold the face of GOD to shine upon us, by proving our interest [Page 22] in his promises, we shall be in all things more then Conquerors through Him that loveth us. The Promises of GOD applyed by faith, will put such an undaunted courage into the heart of the wea­kest Christian, that he will not feare the rigour of the Law, 1 Tim. 1.9. the rage of Satan, Ephes. 6.16. the tyranny of the world, 1 Ioh. 5.4. the gastly and grimme face of Death, 1 Cor. 15.55. nor the torments of Hell, Ioh. 3.16. Therefore a truly humbled spirit, relishing Spirituall things, would not exchange any one of the Promises, for the riches and sweetnesse of both the Indies. In many of Davids Psal. 6. Psal. 22. Psal 51. Pierre du Moulin de L' Amour Divin. Psalmes, the beginnings are full of trou­ble, but joy and assurance is to be found in the end: so that one would imagine (saith Peter du Moulin) that the Psalmes had beene composed by two men of a contrary humour: but he assig­neth this as the cause of so sudden a change. Davids soule at the [Page 23] last raising up it selfe, from under its burden and adhering to the promises, he found abundance of comfort. Mr. Bolton hath three excellent Stories to this purpose.Bolton his Instructions for a right comforting afflicted con­sciences. Page 345. The first is of a woman greatly distressed in conscience, who in­dustriously sought the destruction of her selfe; but being most mi­raculously preserved, shee after­ward received comfort from that promise, Esay 57.15. Thus saith the High and loftie one that inha­biteth Eternity, whose Name is Ho­ly, I dwell in the high and holy place: with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to re­vive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones. And (to use his phrase) she went to Heaven, in the yeare of our LORD 1595.Page 346. Another Godly Man in his sicknesse, sted­fastly fixed his heart upon that sweetest Promise, Esay 26.3. Thou wilt keepe him in perfect peace whose minde is stayed on thee, because hee trusteth in thee: [Page 24] and said, GOD had graciously made it fully good unto his soule, A Scottish Penitent also at the place of execution,Page 397. when he was ready to die, laid hold on that, Matth. 11.28. saying, I challenge thee LORD by that promise, which thou hast made, that thou performe and make it good unto me, that call for ease and mercy at thy hands.

S. Paul boasteth that he is an Apostle of CHRIST accor­ding to the promise, 2 Tim. 1.1.

The Patriarkes hugged and embraced the promises as a chiefe stay of their lives in their pilgri­mage on earth, Heb. 11.13.

Vrsine was comforted by that place, Ioh. 10.29. and Bilney was much quieted by that saying of S. Paul, 1 Tim. 1.15. This is a faithfull saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that CHRIST JESUS came into world to save sinners, of whom I am chiefe.

There is a commandement of the LORD for the children of [Page 25] Israel, Esay 66.11. That they should sucke and be satisfied with the breasts of consolation. D. Preston of the New Covenant. A wor­thy Divine observes well the Em­phasis of the originall. Two Metaphors are there used, one is to milke consolation out of the Promises:Thus saith the Lord, ver. 12. the meaning is this, that the promises are full of comfort, as a dugge is full of milke (for he repeateth the promise presently after) now if thou be ready to faint,Alludit ad infantes [...]u­gente, quos maetres quie­tant & solā ­tur, applican­do eis ube­ribus, ut su­gen [...]o stere desinant Cor. a Lap. in lo­cum. goe and milke out consolation out of the promises, and that will relieve thee, and stay thy heart. The other Metaphore is, to extort the promises, as a rich man op­presseth a poore man, and gets out of him all that he is worth; so deale with the Promises, for they are rich, there is a price in them: now when a man is poore and needy, let him goe to the rich promises, and be an extortioner to them, that is, consider them to the utmost, see the utmost riches that is con­tained [Page 26] in them, and they will make thee rich. Againe, draw out the utmost of the milke that is in them, and it will excee­dingly revive and comfort thee.

CHAP. IIII. 4. The right Vse of them.

We are to praise God for his pro­mises: 1. Tey are good things. 2. They shall be accom­plished in a conve [...]ient season, and this duty have the Saints pra­ctised, Luke 1.46. Heb. 11.13. 2 Cor. 6.17, [...]8 & 7. Chap. v. 1. WEe should labour to work upon our selves to be ho­ly upon Consideration of GODS promises, thus: is GOD our Father, is he holy: And are wee his Sonnes and Daughters, and professe our selves to be so, and shall we be uncleane? Hath GOD promi­sed to pardon our sinnes? and shall we therefore provoke and grieve him every day more and more by our sinnes? shall we thus requite the bounty, mercy, love and goodnesse of GOD? Hath he promised us a Crowne [Page 27] and Kingdome? an immortall and eternall Inheritance, that can never be shaken nor taken from us, and shall not we la­bour to walke worthy of the s [...]ne? When the LORD re­newed the promise of the Land of Canaan to the children of Is­rael, Deut. 10.11, 12. He doth in­ferre this use upon the same, And now O Israel (saith hee) what doth the LORD require of thee, but to feare the LORD thy GOD, to walke in all his waies, and to love him, and to serve the LORD thy GOD with all thy heart and with all thy soule? As if he should say, since GOD hath made thee so large promises, there is somewhat re­quired at thy hands to do. So Rom. 12.1. I beseech you Brethren by the mercies of GOD, since GOD hath beene so mercifull towards you, both in promises and performances (for so f [...]rre that may be extended) that therefore you gi [...]e up your bodies [Page 28] a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto GOD.

But because the right use of the Promise is a meanes to swee­ten all our afflictions, confirme our faith, excite us to well-do­ing, and to breede contentation of minde in all estates and condi­tions whatsoever: something shall be premised generally, con­cerning the use of them, and then speciall rules laid downe to di­rect us how to use them.

For the generall, three things are to be observed:

1. We must labour to be ac­quainted with them.

2. Faithfully to remember them.

3. Wisely and fitly to apply them.

1. We are to acquaint our selves familiarly with those Pro­mises, which are most Gene­rall, Precious and Fundamentall, wherein GODS power and goodnesse is principally seene. Such a speech there is in Iob, [Page 29] Acquaint thy selfe with him and be at peace, Iob 22.21, 2 [...]. thereby good shall come unto thee. Receive the law from his mouth, and lay up his words in thine heart.

If we have an herbe in our garden that would ease our griefe, and we know it not, what are we the nearer? So if we know not the Promises, though they be in the booke, what are we the better?

2. We should strive to remem­ber the Promises, for that which is not remembred, is not knowne. David hid GODS promises in his heart, Psal. 119.111. and those upheld him in his trouble, and he received admirable comfort by them, verse 50. The Promises of GOD are the Magna Charta of a Christian, his chiefe evidence for Heaven. Now if men do so highly prize their Charters and Priviledges, and carefully keepe the conveyances and assurances of their Lands, how should we then treasure up these promises, [Page 30] which unto the Faithfull are in stead of all assurances, for his maintenance, protection, assi­stance, deliverance, comfort, and everlasting happinesse. The Apo­stle sheweth, that the cause of the Hebrewes fainting in their troubles,Heb. 12, 3, 5. was this; they had for­gotten the consolation, that is, the comfortable promises of GOD made unto them for the strengthe­ning of their faith in the fiery triall. As a Lamp (saith Chry­sostome) will soone be out, if oyle be not continually sup­plied: so faith, if it be not nou­rished with continuall meditati­on of GODS promises, will soone faile.

3. We should beleeve the promises, and apply them par­ticularly to our selves. Faith apprehends the promises not onely as true, and so assents, but as good and sweet,Faith ap­plies and app [...]o [...]riates Ch [...]ist in [...] to [...]nes selfe. and so adheres and cleaves unto them. Thy lo­ving kindnesse (apprehended by faith) is better then life, Psal. [Page 31] 63.3. The apprehension of Faith, is with feeling sweetnesse in CHRIST,He loved me and gave hims [...]lfe for me, Gal. 2.20 sai [...]h S. Paul in the person of all belee­vers. When Thomas said, My Lord, and My God, Chr [...]st answe­red that he beleeved. Ioh. 20. Gal. 3.2 [...]. and in the Pro­mises, and therefore called The receiving of CHRIST, Iohn 1.12. The eating and drinking of his flesh, Iohn 6. Psal. 34.8. Taste and see that the LORD is good, that is, Beleeve in him, as appeares by the reason added, Blessed is the man that trusteth in him. When the understanding hath judged aright of the promi­ses and adjudged them to our selves, that they belong to us, then the will welcomes them, claspes about them, hugges them, and as it is Heb. 11.13. kisses and embraces them, and when the heart thus kindly entertaines the promises, then with old Si­meon, we hold CHRIST in our armes.

GOD himselfe applieth the promises outwardly in the Word, and inwardly by the testimony of his Spirit, and is wont to make good his promises unto his [Page 32] children, proportionably to their Promises are never beleeved, unlesse they be trusted upon, as a captive can­not be said to beleeve him that promiseth to ransome him upon a day, unles he trust and de­pend upon him. trust in them, and dependance upon his truth and goodnesse for a seasonable performance of them, Be it unto thee according to thy saith, Matth. 9.29. All things are possible to him that be­leeveth, Mark. 9.23.

That we may apply GODS Promises, we are to use two meanes:

  • 1. Fixed Meditation, we should ponder well and muse upon the promise. Pondering is, when a man lifts any thing to see what weight it beares, so ought faith to doe with the promise, sound the sweet­nesse of it to the bottome, and that,
    • 1. By marking it, wee should set a starre upon the Margin of a speciall pro­mise, and by the book that culs out promises of note in this kinde.
    • 2. Musing of it, we should dwell upon it: Mary pon­dered [Page 33] the Angels words in her heart.
    • 3. Making the word of pro­mise, familiar by frequen­cy, we should get it by heart till it be easie, so did David make the promise his Counsellor and Companion, Psal. 119.24. When we go to prayer, we should chew of those pro­mises, Rom. 8.26. Iam. 1.5. When we go about our cal­lings, we should thinke se­riously of that promise, Psal, 121.8. When any crosse befalleth us, we should re­member that unvaluable pro­mise, Rom. 8.29. and that 1 Cor. 10.13.
  • 2. Fervent prayer, that GOD would by his Spirit both re­veale unto us, what be those precious promises which he hath made unto his people in his holy Word, and also give un­to us wisedome rightly to judge of them, and fitly to apply [Page 34] them unto our selves, in eve­ry estate we shall be in. We should beg of him to reveale this mystery of godlinesse and CHRIST to us,
    Ephes 1.17, 18.
    as the Dis­ciples said, LORD increase our faith, that phrase of David is most heavenly, Psal. 119.49. Thy promise in which thou hast caused mee to put my trust. It is the LORD that must cause the heart to put her trust in the promise.

If we would keepe faith in exercise, we must indeavour to know GODS promises, me­ditate on them, conferre about them,Living by Faith is a re­lying upon the Word of God, with full purpose to be guided by it, either by resting upon his promises, or obeying his Com­mande­men [...]s. Baynes di­rections. they should be continu­ally in our mindes, memories, hearts and tongues. To live by Faith, is to feede upon the se­verall promises of GOD made in his Word, and to apply them to our selves, according to all our needs, and so comfort and encourage our selves against temptation, and unto every good duty. This is that which is [Page 35] required by GOD of his peo­ple, Hab. 2.4.These words Hab. 2.4. are interpreted two waies according to the severall readings: the first is thus, The iust by faith shall live. The words [ [...]y faith] being referred to the subiect of this proposition [Th [...] Ius [...]:] and then the sense is, he that is iust by faith, shall li [...]e and have eternall life Iuniu [...] in his parallels, Weemse, Willet, Fai [...], and Wilson, sa [...] this is the r [...]g [...]t reading. The second read [...]ng is thus, The Iust shall live by Faith; The words [by faith] being referred to the predicate [shall li [...]e] then the sense is this, the just while hee lives in this world shall live by his Faith. Piscator on 1 Rom. and Perkins on Hab. 24. approve this latter construction for the best. GOD there ha­ving threatned judgement a­gainst the Jewes by the Baby­lonians, doth afterwards promise deliverance againe, but not sud­denly: the people of GOD therefore in the meane time were to live by Faith, and depending upon GOD, to waite for the accomplishment of his gracious promises. The just shall not onely live eternally by his faith, but even here also in this life, He shall live by Faith.

Abraham served GOD where­soever he came,That wee may live by f [...]h wee sh [...]ld 1 Sto [...]e up good promi­ses seasonably when our parts and [...]bilities are strong. 2. Abundant­ly of al kinds Esa. 42. [...]3. as if hee had said, you must not onely lay in promises just for the pre­sent, but store them for after­wards 3. We must so lay them up, that we may have them at hand, Col. 3.16. Verse 12. and rejoyced in the promise of salvation by CHRIST, Gen. 17.17. Iohn 8.56. Now if he who saw the promises but afarre of, Heb. 11. [Page 36] 13. was so cheared and quickned by them, what should we be to whom the grace of GOD hath shined so clearely, Tit. 2.11. Ia­cob when Esau met him, and his heart began to faint (for the Text saith, Gen. 32.7. he feared excee­dingly) did goe and sucke conso­lation out of the Promises: for thus he reasons with the LORD, LORD thou hast said thou wilt doe mee good: this promise sustai­ned him, and he got so much strength with this milke, that he was able to wrestle with the LORD all night, and would not let him goe without a bles­sing. So David, when the Phi­listines had burnt Ziklag, and the souldiers that should have beene his strength, were ready to stone him, hee remembred GODS promise that he should be King, and sit in the Throne of Saul; therefore it is said, Hee comforted himselfe in the LORD his GOD, 1 Sam. 30.6. that is, in the promise that the LORD [Page 37] had made to him. So Nehemiah when he heard of the misery of his people, fell to prayer,1. Chap. 5. & 10. verses. clinging to a promise that he knew was made by GOD, that he had read and markt out of Deuteronomie. Verse 8, 9. The same is to be seene in that honou­rable company of those Worthy Servants of GOD in all ages from the beginning of the world to that day, mentioned, Heb. 11. which are all brought in as a cloud of witnesses testifying this truth, that The Iust shall live by Faith. Thus S. Paul also lived by faith, both for Spirituall life, Rom. 7. and for Temporall life, 2 Tim. 4.17, 18. and for Eternall life, 7, & 8. verses of that Chap­ter.

The Divell striketh specially at our faith in the promises, and not so much at the generall faith, in beleeving the truth of them in generall, as at our speciall justi­fying faith, applying those pro­mises unto our selves. Not so much to doubt at the generall [Page 38] voice of GOD in the Word, Every beleever shall be saved, but at the particular voice of GOD by his Spirit applying the generall to us, and saying, Thou beleevest, Thou art my Sonne. Therefore above all things we should fortifie our faith and assurance, that GOD is our Father and we his sonnes, and (as the Apostle ex­horteth) Labour to make our cal­ling and election sure: and for our better applying of GODS pro­mises, let us observe two rules: 1. To apply all the Word of GOD indifferently, as well the Commandements for our di­rection, and the The threa [...]nings declare the great pure­nesse of God, the promises do shew [...]is great love to righteous­nesse and his wonderfull goodnesse toward men: Hee that doth these th [...]ngs shall live it them, is the promi [...]e, Levit 185. The threatning that answers it, The soule that sinneth it shall die, Ezek. 18.4, 20. The tar [...]nesse of t [...]e threatning make [...] us best tast the sweetnesse of the promise Sowre and swee [...] make the best sauce, promises and threatnings mingled, serve t [...] keepe the heart in the best temper. threats for our humiliation, as the promises for our comfort. 2. To examine the conditions of GODS pro­mises, and to looke as well to the performance of the conditi­ons [Page 39] required in the promises, as to enjoy the things promised. For as the Divell denies unto us the application of the promises when we are interested in them, as when we walke uprightly with GOD; so contrarily he applies them strongly and earnest­ly, when they belong not unto us, as he did the promise of protection by Angels unto CHRIST, though he should tempt GOD. So he ordinari­ly applies the promise of mercy, to notorious sinne [...]s, though they lie wallowing in their mire, and never wash themselves in the waters of repentance. And wicked men doe often with great confidence or rathe [...] Faith re­ceives Christ, pre­sumption snatches at him, Dike. Faith having promise of a blessing, useth with precisest care meanes ordained to obtaine it, Act [...]7.25, 3 [...] Presumption so builds on the pro­mise, that it regards not meanes of accomplish­ment. pre­sumption lay hold of the pro­mises; in the meane space, nei­ther caring to apply to them­selves the commandements and threatnings, nor yet respecting the conditions, by which the promises are limited. Thus when the LORD saith, Ezek. [Page 40] 33.11. As truly as I live, I will not the death of a sinner, they regard not what followeth, but that hee repent and live; and when they heare the Apostles speech, 1 Tim. 2.4. That GOD will have all men to be saved, they make a bolster of it, where­on they sleepe securely in their sinnes, but leave out the fol­lowing condition: viz. that he would have all whom he would have saved, come first to the sa­ving knowledge of his truth, which is never severed from the fruits of obedience, 1 Iohn 2.3, 4. So when CHRIST saith, That he came not to call the righteous but sinners, with that they com­fort themselves in their sinfull courses, but observe not to what he calleth them: viz. to repen­tance, before they can have any part with him in glory. Some likewise sucke poyson out of that heavenly flower, Rom. 10.13. Whosoever shall call upon the name of the LORD shall be saved: [Page 41] not considering, that Every one that calleth upon the name of the LORD, should depart from ini­quity, 2 Tim. 2.19.

Speciall Rules directing us how to use the Promises.

1. Generall Promises are particularly, and Particu­lars generally appliable.

The LORD in assenting to Salomons prayer,1 King. 8.37.40. made a gene­rall promise to any man, or to all the people, that what prayer or supplication soever should be made towards his Temple, he would heare in heaven and forgive, 2 Chron. 20.8 10. &c. Iehosaphat being after in distresse, applied this generall to his owne present condition; when the chil­dren of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Scir came to turne Israel out of their possessions. So Da­vid, Psal. 119 49. and the woman of Canaan, Matth. 15.22. ap­plied the generall promises to themselves.

[Page 42]The LORD made a particu­lar promise unto Iosh [...]a, Iosh. 1.5, 6. that he would be with him to blesse his enterprizes against the Ca­nanites, and to carry him through all the difficulties and hazards of that holy warre; and S. Paul applies the promise to all the faithfull,Heb. 13.5. in any straights or distresses of life, as the LORD himselfe had before applied it from Moses to Ioshua, Let your conversation be without covetous­nesse,— for as GOD was with Ioshua, so will he be with thee, Hee will not faile thee nor for­sake thee. CHRIST made a particular promise unto Peter, I have prayed for thee that thy faith faile not. Luk. 2 [...].32. And the same in effect he applies to all his,Iohn 17.15 See [...]1. & 20. verses. I pray that thou wouldst keepe them from the evill.

Thus may the children of GOD doe, if they finde any promise made to one godly man, and no speciall reason expressed why it should be peculiar to him, [Page 43] they may take it as a promise made to them. The ground of this is taken from GODS un­changeable and impartiall man­ner of dealing: the same GOD that he is to one faithfull man, the same he is to all: they all are under the same Covenant, and have interest in the same pro­mises.

2. Promises are subordina­ted and performed with de­pendance.

Therefore we must not anti­cipate nor perturbe the order which GOD hath put in his Promises, but waite upon him in his owne way. Grace and Glory will hee give, Psal. 84.11. Master Rey­nolds in his Treatise of the Sinfull­nesse of Sin but first grace before glory: no man must snatch at this promise, till he have interest in that. Godlinesse hath the promises of this life and of that which is to come; but we must note the order which our Saviour puts,Mat 6.33. First seeke the Kingdome and Righteousnesse of GOD, and then all these things [Page 44] shall be added unto you. The LORD promiseth to call men unto CHRIST,Esay 55.5. Nations that knew thee not shall runne unto thee. The Apostle tells us whereunto he calls, 1 Thess. 4.7. GOD hath not called us unto uncleannesse but unto holi­nesse. Therefore in the next place he promiseth to sanctifie and cleanse his Church; I will put my law in their hearts, Ier. 31.33. and in their inward parts. The qualifica­tion of this holinesse is, that it be whole and constant. The ve­ry GOD of peace sanctifie you, 1 Thess. 5 23 and preserve you blamelesse unto the comming of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, is the Apostles prayer for the Thessa­lonians. Therefore in the next place, GOD promiseth perseve­rance, I will not turne away from them to doe them good, but I will put my feare into their hearts, Ier. 32.40. that they shall not depart from mee. But this perseverance is not so certaine, but that it admits of fals, slips, and miscar­riages; [Page 45] therefore in that case, Hee promiseth healing and resto­ring: Hos 11.3. Hos. 14.4. Ezek. 34.16 Gods Pro­mises signifie what he will do, his pre­cepts what we must do, that this pro­mises may be to us ful­filled. Hee promiseth to hi [...] Church to forgive thei [...] sinnes withall give [...] us command to repent & beleeve, that our sins may be blot­ted out when the times of refreshing shall come, Acts 3.19 His promise is to save his children, their duty yet to save the [...]selves, Acts [...].40. I will heale their backesli­dings, I will love them freely, I will binde up that which is broken, and will strengthen that which was sicke. And after all this comes the promise of Glory and Sal­vation. Therefore we must take the Promises in that Connexion and dependancie which they have amongst themselves. When GOD hath called us to the knowledge of CHRIST, we must not skip over all the intermediate linkes, and looke presently for the accomplishment of GODS promise of Salvation, or perseve­rance by GODS sole power, and in the meane time omit all care of Holinesse in our conver­sation. For GOD doth not ful­fill his promises in us onely, but by us too; and those things which in regard of his word are his promises, are also, in regard of his Command, our du­ties.

3. Experience of GOD in his Promises, confirmeth Faith and nourisheth Hope.

Experi­ments God hath given us in others. The faithfull are confirmed in the truth of GODS promi­ses, by the experience of his dealing with others of his ser­vants, Psal. 22.4. Our fathers trusted in thee: they trusted, and thou didst deliver them: Psal. 34.5. They shall looke unto him, and [...] to him, and their faces shall not be ashamed: What made them so confident in GODS mercies? verse 6. This poore man cryed, and the LORD heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles.

Experience of GODS dea­ling with others, doth also nourish and uphold hope. There­fore Iames brings to the memo­ries of the Christian Jewes,Iam. 5.11 GODS dealing with Iob, to strengthen their hope.

2 Experi­ence [...]f his mercy in our selvesBut especially the experience a man hath had in himselfe, of the performance of GODS pro­mises, [Page 47] will marvellously confirme him.

This incouraged David, when he was to encounter with Go­li [...]h. See Pal. 4.1. [...]sal. 2▪ & 7.5 77.5.11 1.3 5. Psa. 1 [...]9.52. The LORD (saith he) did deliver mee from a Lion and a Beare, therefore he will deliver mee from this Philistine, 1 Sam. 17 35, 37. Paul concluded Gods favour, for the time future, by his proceedings past. The LORD (s [...]ith he) hath delivered mee from a sentence of death, and doth deli­ver, therefore I trust that he will deliver, 2 Cor. 1.9, 10. See 2 Tim. 4.17, 18.

This we may see also in Salo­mon, That faith may be pre­served, wee must often meditate upon the sweet­nesse, Ps. 1 [...]9 103. & 139.11. constan­cie, Rev. 1.5. 2 Cor. 1.20. & perpetulty of the most precious and free promi­ses which are th [...] grounds of faith, Hos. 14.5 Ezek. 36.22. as a Revered Di­vine [...] ob­serves in his Exposition of his Ca­techisme. 1 King. 8.24. and in other places, Deut. 1.29, 31. Deut. 3.21. Esay 51.9, 11. But we have a notable example for this in Ia­cob. Gen. 32.9. Thou saidst unto mee, remove into thy countrey, and to thy kindred, and I will doe thee good. There is GODS Word and promise: then followeth the experience, he had already of the performance of this promise, [Page 48] verse 10. I am not worthy of the least of all thy mercies which thou hast shewed unto thy servant: for with my staffe came I over this Iordan, and now I have gotten two bands. Then followes the confirmation, he received in his faith by this experience, verse 11. I pray thee deliver mee from the hand of my brother, from the hand of Esau.

Experience likewise bringeth forth Hope, Rom. 5.4.

Three things concurre to make up experience:

1. Knowledge: the better knowledge, the better affiance, Psal. 9.10. They that know thy Name, will put their trust in thee. The Philo­sopher saith, that experi­ence is mul­tiplex memo­ria, a multi­plied me­mory, be­cause of the memory of the same thing often done ariseth experience.

2. Observation of the waies of GOD.

3. Memory, remembrance of such workes of GOD, as wee have knowne and observed.

We should observe how GOD hath made good and confirmed his promises, even in our owne [Page 49] experience, by blessing us, while we have walked carefully and conscionably before him, how often he hath granted our re­quests. To this purpose is that exhortation, Psal. 34.8. O tast and see that the LORD is good. Labour to be able to say with Da­vid, Psal. 119.56. This I had be­cause I kept thy precepts: thou hast dealt well with thy servant, O LORD, according unto thy Word, 6 [...]. verse, or as it is 140. verse, Thy Word is prooved most pure (by good experience) therefore thy ser­vant loveth it, or as he saith else­where, Marvellous are thy works, Psal. 139.14. and that my soule knoweth right well.

4. GODS Promises to us must be the ground and rule of our prayers to him.The ground for what, and the rule how wee must pray.

There are two things in this rule to be observed:

1. That we can make no prayer in boldnesse, faith or comfort, All our prayers are to be groun­ded on Gods promises. but for things promised, and in that [Page 50] manner as they are promised. We must see the things we aske, made ours in some promise and en­gagement [...] before we presume to aske them.David often chargeth God with his promise, Psal. 119. Q [...]cken me according to thy word, v. 2 [...]. that is, thy promise in thy word. So 10 [...], 149, 154. Rem [...]mber thy Wor [...] [...] thy Wo [...]d, 38. still he ha [...]ps upon this st [...]ing, 28 [...], 1. [...]5, 75. This incouraged Ia­cob, Gen. 32.9, 12. David, 2 Sam. 7.27, 28, 29. Daniel 9.2, 3. and Ie­hosaphat, 2 Chron. 20.8, 12. to pray unto GOD, because he had made promises of the things they de­sired, and therefore they were certaine, that they prayed accor­ding to his will. This was Neh. 1.8, 1 [...] In the wa [...]t of other Rhetorick & Oratory, let Christians in their pray [...] [...]rge this with re­petition, Lord [...]hou hast [...]romi­sed, thou hast promised. Ne­hemiahs ground in his prayer for the reparation of Ieru [...]alem. Re­member, I beseech th [...]e, the word which thou comm [...]n [...]est thy ser­vant Moses, saying if yee trans­gresse, I will scatter you abroad: But if yee turne unto mee, and keepe my Commandements, and doe them, though there were of you cast out unto the uttermost part of the heaven, yet will I gather them from th [...]nce, &c. Now these are thy servants, and thy people whom thou hast redeemed by thy great power, and by thy strong hand. O LORD, [Page 51] beseech thee, let now thine care be attentive to the prayer of thy servants who desire to seare thy Name. An excellent example also we have of this in Iacob, Gen. 28. GOD promised to be with him, ver. 15. his vow or prayer respe [...]teth that, ver. 20. GOD promised to keepe him in his way, ver. 15. his vow or prayer respe­cteth that, ver. 20. GOD pro­miseth not to leave him, he saith and will give mee bread and rai­ment, GOD [...]romised to bring him againe to [...] land, his prayer ans [...]ed th [...]t, [...]. 21.

Otherwise [...] can have no hope to be heard, [...] 2 Chron. [...]9 & [...] 15, 17. 1 King [...]2. if our petitions be not fram [...]d according to GODS promises. If wee will have GOD heare us, wee must pray a [...]c [...]rding to h [...]s will, 1 Ioh. 5.14. Wee must aske in faith; Both CHRIST and his Apo­stles require faith in GODS promises in prayer, Mar. 11.24. Iames 1.6.

No f [...]culty can or ought to ex­tend [Page 52] it selfe beyond its adequate and proper object;The thing asked must first be warranted under some pre­cept or pro­mise in ge­nerall, though not expresly. M. Harris. for the object is the rule and the limit of the ha­bit, but the promise is the object of faith, as hath beene shewed, therefore he that prayeth without a promise, denieth his owne re­quest.

If I pray for the salvation of another,Obiect. I have no promise, how then can I pray in faith?How wee may pray in faith, when we want a particular promise, that the thing we aske shall be granted. So likewise when a man prayes to be guided in such a businesse, to have such an enterprize to be brought to passe to have deli­verance from such a trouble, such a sicknesse or calamity that hee lies under, he finds no particular promise, and for ought hee knowes, it shall never be gran­ted: How can he be said to pray in faith? For to pray in faith, is to beleeve that the thing shall be done.

Sol.To pray in faith, is to goe as farre as the promise goes. Now no particular man hath any par­ticular promise, that hee shall [Page 53] have such a deliverance, that he shall have such a particular mer­cy granted him;Gods pro­mises of things temporall and to heare us for others, are but indefi­ni [...]e not uni­versall. The faith there­fore requited toward them is but an in­definite act of recum­bency and submissi [...]n not of assu­rance. M. Go [...]hei [...] in his returne of Prayers. Yet God of­ten grants prayers made for o [...]her [...], since promises are made to such prayers, as, that they shal be healed in their bodies, Iam 5 15. healed of their lust [...], v. 16. converted to li [...]e, 1 Ioh 5 16. Id. ib. and therefore it is not required to beleeve, that that particular thing should be done, but that GOD is ready to d [...]e that which is best for mee, in such a particular, that which shall be most for his owne glory and my good. In­deed if we had a particular pro­mise, as Elias had, that it should not raine, in that case we were bound to beleeve in particular; but not having that, we are not tyed unto it.

David saith, Psal. 35.13. that he prayed for his enemies, but his prayer returned into his owne bo­some: no benefit came to them in their amendment, yet hee was no looser by it, his prayer was not lost. The like may be said of others of GODS chil­dren: when they seeke to GOD in sincerity, and pray in the be­halfe of others, though the par­ticular suite be not granted, [Page 54] yet they discharging their du­tie, shall receive a reward.

The Promises also are the rule how we must pray:Eo modo cui­nia sunt pe­tenda, quo modo sunt promissa. as things are promised, so must they be prayed for; things absolutely promised, may be absolutely as­ked; but where GOD hath put conditions and exceptions to his promise, there our prayers also must be conditionall, and we must expresse or reserve in our mindes some such secret limi­tations, as these, If GOD see it to be good, if his good plea­sure be such, if it may stand with his glory.

Verse 3 [...]. We may pray agains [...] temptations, (as against sicknesse and poverty) [...] simply, bu [...] with submis­sion to Gods will; only we must pray ab [...]olu [...]ely to be [...] from [...] of temptation: for those latter words in the I.P doe re­straine or correct the former. Moses, Ex [...]d. 32.10, 11. wo [...]ld not l [...]t GOD done till he had spa [...]d his people, but desired to be razed out of GODS Booke, rather th [...]n his people should be destroyed; because GOD had made an absolute promise to bring them into Ca­naan, verse 13. which promise Moses plead [...]th unto GOD in prayer.

[Page 55]GOD hath made an Abso­lute promise of the perpetuall continuance of the Church, but [...] of a continuall outward flou­ri [...]hing state thereof: for he can turne the persecution of his Church to the incre [...]se thereof, and so [...]aine honour unto him­selfe, and bring good unto his people thereby.

In this point (because some things are controverted) I will not interpose my owne judge­ment, it shall suffice me to de­clare, how the question is stated by many Divines.D. Am. That wee should have grace is ab­solutely ne­cessary, and therefore we may pray absolutely for it. We may not absolutely pray for limited & set mea [...]ure [...] of grace, but in what mea­sure God shall thinke good.

1. Spirituall things, as they are necessary to salvation, ought absolutely to be asked, because they are absolutely promised to the Faithfull, and those that seeke them, Luke 11.13.

2. Those spirituall goods which admit degrees, cannot in every degree be absolutely begg'd, because the things themselves, not the degrees of them, are absolute­ly necessary, and of GOD ab­solutely [Page 56] promised, 2 Cor. 12.8, 9.

3. Yet we ought absolutely to ask that measure of grace which is necessary for us to avoid crimes or scandals, and keepe a good con­science, Iames 1.5, 6. 1 Cor. 10.13. Psal. 19.14.

D. Sclater upon 2. to the Thess. pag. 18.210 & 233.Spirituall things are promi­sed:

1. Rather quoad essentiam, then gradum perfectionis.

2. In competencie for finall vi­ctory, not in perfection.

3. With power reserved to withdraw the exercise;2 Chro. 32 31 leave to our selves, abate the fer­vour.

There must be submission to GODS will and wisedome in our prayers for spirituall things,D. S [...]lat. on 1. of Rom. We must re­ferre the time, manner and measure of granting our petiti­ons to the Lord. in regard of circumstances of time, meanes, measure; for these the LORD hath reserved in his owne power. We must not in our prayers prescribe GOD the particular time, when he should give his blessings or helpe us out [Page 57] of misery, yet we may lawfully pray, that he would heare us spee­dily, Psal. 102.3. because He hath promised to doe it.

All the Petitions of the LORDS Prayer (saith Dr. Gouge) are ab­solutely promised,D. Preston on the Sacra­ment. D. G [...]uge on the Lords Prayer. See page 10 saving the fourth. For hallowing GODS Name, He himselfe hath said, I have both glorified it, and will glorifie it againe, Iohn 12.28.2. For the comming of his king­dome, CHRIST hath said, that the gates of Hell shall not prevaile against his Church, Mat. 16.18.3. For doing his will, this is a branch of the new Co­venant, which by CHRISTS death is made absolute, Ier. 31.33. Ezek. 36.27.4. For pardo­ning sinne, this is another branch of the foresaid new Co­venant, 34. verse of Ieremy. For not leading into temptation,See Schudder key of hea­ven, last Doct. but delivering from evill, the Apo­stle saith, 1 Cor. 10.13. GOD will not suffer you to be tempted above that yee are able, but will [Page 58] with the temptation, make away to escape. For daily bread, GOD can instruct us, both to be full, and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need, Phil. 4 12.

Mat. 26.39. D. Sclat. on 2.10 Thess pages before quoted. There is no temporall thing of this life doth Cad [...]re in promiss [...]on Dei, but onely so fa [...]re forth as it sha [...]l helpe and further the next life. This life is but via ad citam, and whatsoever God promi­se [...] [...] in the wa [...] is but to [...] us [...]n the end o [...] [...]he [...]Temporall things, are not pro­mised absolutely, but

1. With limitation to expe­diencie.

2. They are conveied in the Covenant disjunctively, either the particulars or the equivalent, Mark. 10.30. by way of com­mutation, and compensation with spirituall; if not peace, yet pa­tience, if not wealth, yet content­ment.

3. With exception of the crosse, and reservation of power to the promiser, to chasten our misdemeanour, Psal. 89.28, 31, 32.

[...] guide to godlinesse. When we crave temporall benefits, which GOD hath pro­mised conditionally, so farre forth as will stand with his glory, and our spirituall good, and everlasting salvation, wee [Page 59] must beleeve that we shall ob­taine them, so farre forth, as they will stand with these con­ditions.

B Babing­ton on L.P. Earthly and outward things are lawfully prayed for, but ever [...]um Conditione voluntatis, with Condition of GODS good plea­sure and liking.

A Reve­rend Divine on the L.P. Things Temporall which are promised with condition, we are to pray for with condition of GODS will.

A Worthy Writer in his Cate­chisme. All outward things must be asked with this exception, if it seeme good unto his Majesty; which exception is proper to the fourth Petition.

We must aske these outward things (not absolutely) no fur­ther then they may stand with GODS glory.Smith grounds of religion.

Those things which belong to the kingdome of GOD are sim­ply and primarily to be asked, other things onely secundum quid and secondarily.Tylen. Syn­tag.

GODS promises of temporal [Page 60] blessings are Hypotheticae and goe with condition sometimes ex­pressed,Barker on the 5. Com­mandement. sometimes suppressed, which condition is as a sterne of a ship, and turnes the pro­mise another way. Illa sola sunt absolutē petenda, quae necessaria sunt ad Dei gloriam & n [...]stram salu­tem: caetera vero cum ta­cita subiectione ad Dei sapientissimā dispositionē. D Ames me­dul. To l. 2. c. 9. Of the same opinion are Vrsin in his Catech. on the fourth Petition. Piscator on 8. Mat. 2. Cameron Myrothee. Evangel. in Luke 5.12. Master Harris on the Beati­tudes and Covenant. Barlow on 2. of Tim. D. Preston in Saints daily Exercise and M. Goodwin in his returne of Prayer.

This is an undoubted truth, that we must pray for heavenly things with a more ardent affe­ction then for earthly,Therefore in the Lords Prayer there are 5. Peti­tions for Spi­rituall, and but one for Temporall things Matth. 6.33. 1. They comply with GODS nature and hee had ra­ther be giving them. 2. They are best for us, and will doe us most good.

2. GOD will not performe pro­mises till by prayer they be sought for from him;God must be sought to for the performāce of his promises. till in our humble desires wee declare, that wee [Page 61] account his promises exceeding great and precious things. The LORD had promised delive­rance unto Israel, yet saith the LORD,Ezek. 36, [...]7. For this I will be en­quired of by the house of Israel to doe it for them: Thus saith the LORD, After seventy yeeres be accomplished at Babylon, Ier. 29 10, 13 I will visit you and performe my good word towards you, in causing you to returne to this place; for I know the thoughts that I thinke to­wards you, thoughts of peace, and not of evill to give to you an ex­pected end. But how shall this ex­cellent promise of GOD be effected? It followes,God doth not give his promises to make us idle, but to exercise our faith in im­portuning him for per­formance. Then shall yee call upon me, and yee shall goe, and pray unto me, and I will hear­ken unto you, &c. Godlinesse hath the promises of this life and that which is to come, 1 Tim. 4.6. yet we doe not forbeare daily to say the LORDS Prayer, that we may speede of both. The Lord makes a promise of forgivenesse of sinnes, I, even I, am hee that [Page 62] blotteth out thy transgression for mine owne [...]ake, Gods pro­mises then are as dire­ctions in, not as dispensations from the devoti­on we owe unto God. Bish. Lake. [...]hen God promised thing [...] in par [...]icular, yet [...]ll [...]hey prayed, and prayed earnestl [...], as E [...]th when God promi­se [...] that it should raine, 1 Ki [...]g 18.41, 42. and David when God promi­sed to make him an house, 2 Sam. 7.11. and will not remember thy sinnes. But for the execution of this promise▪ GOD will be so [...]ght unto. Put me in remembrance (s [...]th he) and set us plea [...]e tog [...]her, E [...]ay 43.25, 26. [...] GOD to fu [...]fill his [...], we testifie f [...]rst, that they [...] [...]o [...]ises of mer­cy and not of [...]ury or d [...]t: se­condly, wee d [...]clare our [...]eed, and by consequence [...] of them, and de [...]endance upon them: As Promi [...]s are the Rule of what we may pray [...]or in [...]ai [...]h; so Prayer is the ground of what wee may expect with com­fort.

CHAP. V. 5. The properties of them. GODS Promises are • 1. Free. , • 2. Full. , and • 3. Firme. 

1. GODS Promises are free and tran [...]ferred.

THey are not m [...]de for any [...] that is in us,It is called a Covenant of g [...]ace and the promise of grace. The very Greek and Latine w [...]rds for promise (s [...] was be­for [...] noted) signifie a free and willing promise, so the word is taken, [...]it. 1. [...]. Deut. 7.7, 8. bu [...] proceed [...]rom Gods fre [...]om and bene­volence: [...]orking moo [...]ed God out of hims [...].

  • 1. Not [...] Th [...] LORD did not [...]et h [...] lov [...] upon you nor choose you: because we were more in number then any other people (or for any such like respects) but because the LORD loved you. That at first might seeme to be Idem per idem, (as we say) a womans reason, that the LORD should set his love [Page 64] on them, because hee loved them: but it excellently sets forth the ground of GODS love to rest altogether in him­selfe, and in his owne good pleasure.
  • Ezek. 16.6.8
    2. Not our beauty: we were in our bloud when GOD set his love upon us, and entred into Covenant with us.
  • 3. Not our righteousnesse, Tit. 3.5. Not by workes of righ­teousn [...]sse which we have done, but according to his mercy hee saved us.

There is nothing at all in us to move the LORD to pro­mise any good to us: as that first and great promise after Adam had sinned, was from GODS free grace, so are all other Evangelicall promises.

GOD never set the promi­ses on sale, or will ever sell his Sonne to any, He gives him free­ly, He stands not of desert, We may buy of Him Christ is a free gift, Esay 96. and how shall he not with him freely give us all thing. Rom. 8 31. God com­mendeth his love to us, in that when we were yet sinners (and enemies al­so) Christ di­ed for us, Rom 5 8.10 He loved us, non existen­tes, imo resi­stentes, saith Bernard. freely, Esa. 55.1, 2, 3. Rev. 21.6. & 22.17. Ezek. [Page 65] 36.32. He loveth freely, Hos. 14.7. and pardoneth sin freely, Esay 43.25. 1 Iohn 2.12. Election is of grace, Rom. 11.5. Vocation is of grace, 2 Tim. 1.9. Justificati­on is freely by grace, Rom. 3.24. Faith is of grace, Ephes. 2.8. Eternall life and salvation is of grace, Rom. 6.23. Luke 12.32.

The pro­mises are free, yet con­ditionall. Conditionall is not oppo­sed to Free, but to Abso­lute. 2 Thess. 3.3, 4 The Promises are (free in ficri) made onely out of grace, but (conditionall in facto esse) per­formed and accomplished with dependance upon duties in us. GOD is faithfull (saith the Apo­stle) who shall stablish you and keepe you from evill, there is the promise; and wee are confident, that you will doe the things that wee command you; there is the duty which the pro­mise calls for. When wee pray give us our daily bread; by saying give us, wee ac­knowledge that it is from GOD, but when we call it ours, we shew how GOD gives it, namely [Page 66] in the use of the meanes. For bread is ours, not onely in the right of the promise, I will not faile thee nor forsake thee, 2 Thess. 3.11.12. but service and quiet working in an orderly calling.

The freenesse of GODS pro­mises marvellously lifts up the head above water; as the beggar saith, the dole is free, and why may not I get it as well as ano­ther? O (may some say) but if I could pray and humble my selfe, there were hope of mer­cy.

The freenes of Gods promises revives our hope.GOD gives his mercy free­ly, he keepes open house, he re­quires nothing of thee to pro­cure it, but he shewes mercy, be­cause hee will shew mercy. See what he saith, Es [...]y 43 24, 25. Thou hast wearied mee (saith he) with thine iniquities; and in the next verse, I, even I am he that blott [...]th out thy trans [...]ressions, for my owne sake, even I] excluding all m [...]anes: for my owne names sake] excluding all motive.

[Page 67]No unwor [...]hinesse then should hinder us from beleeving the promises: but rather they that have the most sense of their owne It is good for a man (saith Green­ham) to watch him­selfe, whe­ther in hea­ring the promises of God he hath a cold feare comming on him for his unwor­thines, which if he have, that man may hope well of him­selfe, Mat. 11.28. The wicked came Gods peace into wantonnes, Iude 4. unwor [...]hinesse, have most incouragement to beleeve; for that voice of CHRIST, Come unto mee all yee that are weary, &c. serves not onely for our first conversion, but in all our distresses whatsoever, throughout the whole course of our life. Ia­cob confesseth himselfe unwor­thy of the least of all GODS mercies, Gen. 32.10. yet in the 9. verse he entitleth himselfe un­to the promises, He that commeth to mee, I cast not away, Ioh. 6.37. As if the LORD should say; feare not, though base, sin­full, poore, and of no account in the eye either of thy selfe or others: For if thou commest to me, thou art welcome, not­withstanding these, and I never cast him away that commeth.

The wicked abuse the promi­ses of GOD to loosenesse; they [Page 68] say GOD is gracious and mer­cifull. CHRIST dyed for us, the LORD will forgive us, and so stuffe themselves with pro­mises till they have made them a pillow for sinne. It is true, there is mercy with GOD, Psal. 130.4. not to make us bold to sinne, but to feare him. The Apostle urgeth the promise to spurre us to obedience,2 Cor. 7 1. Heb. 4 1. and as a motive to the feare of GOD, we should take heed of sinning, because GOD is gracious, Rom. 6.1, 14. Heb. 10.29. Ioel 2.13. who would spend to try a libe­rall friend? GODS mercy is regulated by his truth and justice. He hath promised no mercy to such, Deut. 29.20. they have nei­ther part nor portion in this matter,Esay 55.7. Acts 8.21.

2. GODS Promises are full and of large extent, in respect of • 1. Persons. , and • 2. Things. 

In respect of persons;

They are propounded gene­rally [Page 69] with such termes as these, every one, or whosoever, Ioh. 3.15, 16. Matth. 11.28. Revel. 22.17. Esay 55.1, 2. Acts 10.43. Ioh. 7.37. Iohn 6.37, 40. & 5.24. & 11.26. Ezek. 33.11. 1 Iohn 2.1.

They are offered to all, none excepted: the Angell brought glad tidings for all people, Luke 2.10. no sort of men are exclu­ded, but in CHRIST they may have their part in these pro­mises, as the Apostle sheweth, Gal. 3.27, 28, 29. Hee will blesse them that feare the LORD, both small and great, Psal. 115.13. The LORD is rich unto all that call upon him, Rom. 10.12. In every nation hee that feareth him, and worketh righteousnesse, The Cove­nant is actu­ally made with belee­vers onely, Act 13.48 Gal. 3. [...]. but it is offered unto all by the Gospel, Mat. 28.1 [...]. Acts 17.30. Col 1.23. Tit. [...].11. is accepted with him, Acts 10.35.

The Promises are propoun­ded promiscuously to all, toge­ther with the commandement of beleeving; but they are not performed to all, because they [Page 70] faile in performing the conditi­on, but power is given to the Elect to performe the conditi­on, Ephes. 2.8. Act. 5.31. & 11.18.

There is therefore a twofold offering of CHRIST:

1. Externall in the preaching and publishing of the Gospell or the promises of CHRIST, Act. 9.15.

2. Internall, a certaine spiri­tuall Illumination whereby those promises are pro [...]ounded to the hearts of men,Ioh. 6, 45 7 Ephes. 1.17. as it were by an in­ward word.

[...] in Comment. ad Rome. 3. v. 2.The promises are indefinite in regard of all and every man, and to beleevers onely they are uni­ve [...]sall, Iohn 3.16. & Mark. 16.16. R [...]m. 1.16. & 10.4. GOD undertakes with them, not for themselves onely, but for their seed aft [...]r them, I am thy GOD, and the GOD of thy seed: hee sheweth mercy to a thousand ge­nerat [...]ns of them that feare him, and keepe his Commandements. [Page 71] He maintaines not onely such is serve him, but all their hou­ [...]hould▪ yea and all th [...]r po­sterity too: for the promises are made to you, Acts 2.39. and to your seede, and to as many as GOD shall call.

2. In respect of things;

His Promises are likewise large for things. No good thing will he withhold; all that is in heaven, in ea [...]th, will GOD bestow on his.

In Deut. 28. Psal. 37. & 128. whatsoever is good for the soule, the body, the estate, the name, the posterity of m [...]n, is promised to them that feare GOD, and obey his Comman­dements.

The Promises in the Word extend themselves to all estates, to all conditions, and to all kind of distresses whatsoever, they are a Christians Catholic [...]n; being a helpe to all duties, a quickner of all graces, and a [Page 72] Comfort in all Troubles.

The people of GOD streiten promises, and enlarge pre­cepts,The large­nesse of the Promise ser­veth not onely to as­sure all be­leevers of salvation, but to en­courage all that heare of Christ to beleeve in him: as the brazen Serpent had a promise an­nexed to it, Numb. 21.8, 9. Ioh. 3.14, 15, [...]6. that all that loo­k [...]d toward it, when they were stung with a Ser­pent should be he healed; that promise served not onely to assure the lookers of recovery, but also to encourage and warrant every one to looke to the Serpent. but the generality of the promises may comfort any gracious person: Whosoever beleeveth, shall bee saved, none is excluded but such as exclude themselves. This is singular comfort in temptation, no matter for thy sinnes; who­soever beleeveth in CHRIST, shall be saved, though his sinnes be never so great. This may comfort the godly also in their meane estate in the world, who­soever beleeves, the hainous sin­ner as well as the lesser; the poore begger as well as the mightiest Monarch, shall not perish, but have life eternall.

The Sacra­ments par­ticularize the genera­lity of the promise.The indefinite promises are to be appropriated by particu­lar application: Gal. 2.20. 1 Tim. 1.15. The Articles of the Creed [Page 73] Perkins re­formed Ca­th [...]like. Abbot a­gainst Bish. concerning remission of sinnes and life everlasting doe include, and we in them acknowledge our speciall faith concerning our owne salvation. Hee that hath not this particularity of applying, hath nothing of faith more then a Divell, as two of our wor­thy Divines D. Prideaux Lect 7 de salutis cer­titudine. D Sclater on Rom 18. The Papish say it is ar­rogancy and presumption by a speciall faith to ap­ply the promises to our selves; but it is a notable glorify­ing of God: the glory of his truth is given him, when a man doth as it were sub­scribe to GODS Word, and set his Seale to i [...]. Ioh 3.33 Rom 4 20. not to beleeve is horri [...]le pre [...]umption, for that we presume to give God the lie, [...] Ioh 5. [...]0 for he that doth not in speciall apply the promise unto him­selfe, doth not in heart beleeve the generall promise. Non en [...]m hic sensus est quem fingit Bellarminus, credo in Ecclesia dari remissionem peccatorum; quod Diabolus at (que) desperabundus quivis potest credere: sed credo diri remissionem peccatorum, per Christum mihi, quia in illum Credo. Episc Daven, in Col. have well obser­ved. The Divels hold generalls, of CHRISTS death; re­mission of sinnes thereby purcha­sed unto the Church: herein on­ly they faile, that they apply not these to themselves, nor can be­leeve that they are sharers in these benefits; and let it be thought no presumption, for GODS child to out-strip the Divell one step at least, in beliefe of the Articles of his Creed.

[Page 74]The Apostles applied the pro­mises to them whom either they did instruct or confirme in the faith, 1 Cor. 1.4, 9, 30. & Chap. 12.27. Ephes. 1.13. & Chap. 2.5. Acts 2.39. & 13.38. Col. 2.10. 1 Pet. 1.18, 19. 1 Iohn 2.12. The faithfull also apply them to themselves, 2 Cor. 3.18. & 5.1. Ephes. 1.4. & 2.5. Col. 1.12. 1 Pet. 1.3. 1 Iohn 3.1, 2. & 3.24.

The Papists scoffe at this par­ticular assurance, and say, there must be a particular word, for a particular faith. Where is it said by name (say they) to any man; Thou Peter or Iohn shalt be saved? Wee may retort this argument upon themselves: for where is it said to any by name, Sanctifie the Sabbath, sweare not? and yet the commandements be­long to us, why not then the Promises, though not spoken to us by name? The word of pro­mise is as particular, as the word of threatning, command, [Page 75] or prohibition. The Generals include their particulars;Generals of promise, blessing or comfort, de­livered in Scripture, are inten­tionally meant, to particulars rightly qua­lified. Quod omni­bus promi [...]ti­tur, singulis promittitur. When a Prince gives a pardon to all theeves, every one can apply the same unto himselfe, though his name be not set downe in the pardon. To mee (saith D. S [...]la­t [...]r) it sounds as particular in case of my faith and repentance, as if our Saviour himselfe should say unto mee, as to him in the Gospell, Sonne, thy sinnes be for­given thee.

The wicked enlarge the pro­mises, and streighten the pre­cepts, they take liberty to sinne, presuming on pardon from those two generall maine promises, Hee that beleeveth, shall be sa­ved, Mark. 16.16. At what time soever a sinner repents him of his sinnes, I will have mercy on him, saith the LORD, Ezek. 18.21, 22.

Here are two sweet promises, the one annexed to Faith, the other to Repentance; but out of these fragrant flowers, the [Page 76] wicked sucke poyson.

It is an easie matter to beleeve (saith the worldling) though in­deed it be as hard as to keepe the Law, for GOD must inable to both. And true repentance (saith hee) is never too late: GOD hath promised pardon to the penitent, there is no excep­tion of 1 Ioh. 1.7. Esay 1.8. Ezek. 18.22. sinne, Ezek. 3 [...].12 times, or Mat. 1 [...].28. per­sons, but at what time soever, what sinner soever repents him of what sinne soever, he shall be forgiven.

This cannot be denied; but yet though true repentance be never too late, late Poenitentia vera nunquā sera; at poeni­tentia sera rarò vera. Austen. Qui promisit [...]oenitenti ve­niam, non promisit pec­canti poeni­tentiam. Peccanti crastinum non promisit. Nemo pro­mi [...]tat sibi, quod Evan­gelium non promittit. repentance is seldome true: and though GOD hath promised pardon to the penitent, yet hee hath not promised repentance to the sin­ners. Thirdly, thou knowest not whether ever thou shalt have time, for hee promiseth not tomorrow to the offendour, who is alwaies ready to receive the penitent. One saith, GOD hath left man time past to repent [Page 77] of, and time present to repent in, but the time to come he hath re­served in his owne hands.

3. The Promises are most firme and faithfull;

GOD is true in all his pro­mises, be they never so great or wonderfull: heaven and earth shall sooner passe away, then one piece of his promise faile, Rom. 4.16. GOD cannot lie, Tit. 1.2. nor denie himselfe, 2 Tim. 2.13. He may as easily denie himselfe as his word. David often in 119. Psalme, giveth this epithite to GODS Word,Nehem. 9.8. Iust and righteous Word, 106, 123, 137, 144, verses. Paul often useth this preface, This is a true say­ing, and of all men worthy to be beleeved; or, this is a faithfull saying, 1 Tim. 1.15. 1 Tim. 4.9. 2 Tim. 2.11. Tit. 3.8. Revel. 21.5. & 22.6. it is called The Word of truth, Iam. 1.18. Ephes. 1.13. Col. 1.5. The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver [Page 78] tried in a fornace of earth, puri­rified seven times, Psal. 12.6. Psal. 18.30. Psal. 119.140. Pro. 30.5. As the gold and silver that hath beene often tried doth never de­ceive men, so the divine promi­ses doe not deceive those that trust in them, because the truth and goodnesse of them hath beene continually tried by o­thers, and graciously performed by GOD himselfe. His Cove­nant is called a A firme sate and un­corruptible Covenant which lasts for ever, Num 18.19 Decretum ab omni corrup­tione tutum perpetuum (que), saith Iunius. Covenant of salt, 2 Chron. 13.5. that is, a sta­ble and sure Covenant, an ever­lasting Covenant, Gen. 17.7. Esay 55.3. Ezek. 16.60. this phrase is frequently used in Scripture, GOD that keepeth Covenant, Deut. 7.9. Dan. 9.4. Nehem. 1.5. & 9.32. 2 Chron. 6.14, 15. Psal. 89.34.Every word of his mouth is exactly performed, a [...] his people by experi­ence have found and confessed, Iosh. 21 45. 1 King 8.56. Esay 54.10. All the pro­mises of GOD are Yea, and Amen, in CHRIST, 2 Cor. 1.20. Not onely Yea, but Yea and Amen. Not onely firme and faith­full in themselves, but such as shall be made good to the soules [Page 79] of GODS people in full per­fection.

We may call in experience to witnesse this truth: GOD hath not onely made good his Covenant to his friends, but to his enemies and strangers, Deut. 2. Iosh. 23.5, 10, 14, 15. He kept touch with Iehu for the king­dome, for foure generations 2 King, 10.30. ac­cording to his promise. He is faithfull to those that deale per­fidiously in the Covenant, Rom. 3.3▪ 4. He makes good his pro­mises in the circumstances of them, keepes the very houre as it were, Gen. 15.13, 16. compared with Exod. 12.41. therefore this phrase is often used, as the LORD hath said, or as the LORD hath promised, Deut. 10.9. & 18.26. & 27.2. Ioel 2.32. Iosh. 23.5, 10.

We might instance in parti­culars, and shew how the pro­mises of GOD have still beene fulfilled, as that first promise of CHRIST, Gen. 3.15. we may [Page 80] see fulfilled, Luke 1.68. to 73. Gal. 4.4. and that particular pro­mise to preserve Noah in the Arke, Gen. 6.18. fulfilled, Gen. 8. those made to The pro­mise, Gen 12 2, 3. perfor­mance, Gen. the promise, Gen. 15.5. fulfil­led, Deut. 10.22. the pro­mise, Gen. 17 16, 9. fulfil­led, Gen. 21.1, 2. Abraham, Promise to Isaac, Gen 26.3 fulfi [...]led, 12, 13. verses. Isaac, and To Iacob, Gen. 24.15 fulfilled, Gen. [...]5 3. His love move [...] him to promise, his truth binds him to performe. Deut. 7 7, 8. Iacob. But I leave this to the observation of Chri­stians themselves.

GODS Love and mercy is the onely reason of making pro­mises; but his truth, justice, fi­delity, power, and glory, are the reasons of fulfilling them. The LORD did not set his love upon you, nor choose you, saith Moses to Israel; because yee were more in number then any people; but because the LORD loved you; that is the ground of making the promise: and because hee would keepe the oath which he had sworne to your fathers, that was the ground of performing his promise. For thy words sake, and according to thine owne heart, 2 Sam. 7.18, 21. saith David, hast thou done all these great things, according to thine owne heart, that is, ex [Page 81] mero motu, out of pure and unexcited love thou didst give thy Word and promise, and for thy Word sake thou hast perfor­med it. Thou wilt performe saith the Prophet, The truth to Ja­cob, and the mercy to Abraham, which thou hast sworne unto our fa­ther from the daies of old. Micah 7 20. Why truth to Jacob and mercy to Abraham? the promise after a sort began in Abraham (therefore hee is called the Father of the faith­full) and when GOD makes a promise, it is onely out of mer­cy; but the promise was conti­nued unto Iacob, who being Abrahams seed, was an heire of the Promise, and so the inheri­tance which was out of mercy given unto Abraham, did out of truth and fideli [...]y descend un­to Iacob, the seed of Abraham;The promi­ses run all upon mercy, Exod 20.6. & 34 7. Deut. 5.10 Luk. 1 50 Psal. 103 17, 18. Mat. 5 7. Psal. 62 2. and therefore we shall find Cove­nant, Mercy, and Oath, joyned together in the Scripture, Deut. 7.12. Luke 1.72, 73. to note un­to us, both the ground of making [Page 82] the Covenant, Mercy, and the ground of performing the Co­venant made, the Truth and Fide­lity of GOD.

GODS very name JEHO­VAH, declareth that he is con­stant and will performe his pro­mise, because as he giveth being to all things, so he makes that to be which he hath promised.Every one of Gods promises is as sure as himselfe, be­ing confir­med with his owne oath, Heb. 17 18. Luk. 1.7 [...] Esay 54.9. D. Benefield on Amos 1.2 By my Name JEHOVAH was I not knowne to them, Exod. 6.3. He meaneth, that though he made many promises to them, especially concerning their pos­session of Canaan, yet he did not shew himselfe to be JEHOVAH an Accomplisher of his promi­ses, that he reserved to future generations, ver. 8. Therefore whensoever in any of the Pro­phets, GOD promiseth or threatneth any great matter, to assure us of the most certaine event of such his promise or threatning, he addes unto it his Name JEHOVAH, as Ezek. 5.17. Ier. 31.31. in which Chapter [Page 83] being wholy promissorie con­cerning the New Covenant of grace and free pardon of sinnes, which the Church obtaineth thorough CHRIST, it is repeated 33 times,

It was the end 1. Of CHRISTS Incarnation, to shew that GOD would be mindfull of his pro­mise, Luke 1.72. 2. Of his Mi­nistery, to assure and confirme the promises made before to the Fa­thers, Romanes 15.8. 3. They are sealed with the blood of CHRIST the Testator, Heb. 9.16. and therefore are said to be all in him Yea and Amen, 2 Cor. 1.20. that is, sure and in­fallible.

They are sealed in his Spirit, all beleevers are said to be sea­led by the Spirit of promise, Ephes. 1.13. and this is GODS privie Seale.

GOD hath sealed to all his promises in the Sacraments, Rom. 4.11. which are given to us as GODS broad Seales to ratifie [Page 84] his Covenant, and all his promi­ses made unto his Church; they are outward pledges to confirme our faith, and make the promises (though not more sure, yet) more credible to us.

The promises are in some places called in the singular num­ber, the promise, to assure us, that it is as easie for GOD to ful­fill all that goodnesse con­tained in all those Promises, as if they were but one onely Promise.

We promise and many times faile, either by the mutability of our will, the imbecillity of our power, or the scantnesse of our knowledge, not being able to foresee impediments.

But GOD is neither muta­ble, weake, nor ignorant. His promises are made in heaven, where there is no inconstancie nor repentance. For I the LORD change not, Psal. 119.89 152. Psal. 33.11. therefore yee sonnes of Jacob are not con­sumed, Mal. 3.6. as if hee had [Page 85] said, I promised not to consume you, and you can tell I have kept promise with you, for yee are not consumed to this day, With him there is no variablenesse, nor shadow of turning, Iam. 1.17. GOD cannot lie, 1 Sam. 15.29. nor repent: Num. 13.19 He cannot lie in ma­king a promise, nor repent in ful­filling it.

GOD is also infinite in wis­dome to contrive, and in power to bring about the execution of his owne will. Hee is onely wise, Rom. 16.27. 1 Tim. 1.17. The LORD knoweth, 2 Pet. 29. It is not Gods power simply, but with relation to his promise which se­cures our faith. Luk. 1.37. Psal, 1 [...]5 3. & 135▪ 6. In Dei p [...]o­missis nulla falsit is est, quia in faci­e [...]dis nulla omnipotent [...] est difficultas, Fulgentius. to deliver the righteous out of trouble.

GOD is able to accomplish what he hath promised, All things are possible to him, Mar. 10.27. Nothing is too hard for him, Ier. 32.27. Gen. 18 14. Num. 11.23. He c [...]nnot be hindered by weaknesse, Hee is Almighty, Re­vel. 1.8. Hee that is able of stones to raise up children unto Abra­ham, Matth. 3.9. is able to take away our stony heart, and give us [Page 86] a heart of flesh. There is a pro­mise made of calling the Jewes unto CHRIST,God having made a pro­mise unto Israel, to re­store them out of that great Cap­tivity of Ba­bylon, and it seeming to them incredible, he ac­quainteth them with his power together with his pro­mises, Ezek. 37.11, 13. and cau­sing them to turne from trans­gression in Iacob, Esay 59.20. But he who should consider the ex­treame obstinacie and stubborne­nesse of that people against the Gospell would thinke it impossi­ble, that they should ever be pul'd out of the snare of the Divell; therefore the Apostle makes GODS power the ground of certaintie in this promise, Rom. 11.23, 26. The HOLY GHOST also puts us in mind of GODS power to strengthen our faith in these promises fol­lowing.Where the Holy Ghost intreats of the doctrine of repen­tance and faith, the word create is metapho­rically use [...] ▪ to assure us that God will per­forme his promise, though it were as hard a worke as to create all things at first; Thus hee hath promised to create a clean heart, Ps 51. and to create the fruite of lips to be peace, Esay 57.9. and to create upon every place, &c. Esa 4.5 and to create light and deli [...]erance out of afflictions, Esa. 45 7.

1. The alteration of our corrupt nature, Marke 10.23.

2. All needfull grace, GOD is able to make all grace abound, 2 Cor. 9.8.

3. Perseverance to the end, Ioh. 10.28, 29.

4. Supply of all necessities, GOD that is able will supply [Page 87] them, Philip. 4.19.

5. Assistance in all trouble, Psal. 89.13, 21, 22.23.

6. Deliverance out of all evill, Esay 50.2.

7. The resurrection of our bo­dies, Ephes. 1.19, 20.

8. Eternall glorification, Phil. 3.21.

This motive taken from GODS Almighty power, is used often in Scripture, to stirre up men and women to beleeve the promises of GOD. It was used to Sarah, Gen. 18.14. to the Vir­gin Mary, Luke 1.37. to Ieremy, Ier. 32.27. and to the Disciples of CHRIST, Marke 10.27.

Abraham looked to GODS power,God perfor­meth his promise when there is no ground nor possibili­ty in nature for it [...] not­withstanding all the media incongru [...]i & dissimilia. Iob 15.25, 26, [...]7. and thereby was moved to beleeve that GOD would performe his promise, though Isaac in whom the promise was made, was to be sacrificed, Rom. 4.20, 21. Heb. 11.19. Iehosaphat al­so by his faith did magnifie GODS power, 2 Chron. 20.12. [Page 88] This was Iobs onely comfort upon the dunghill, that that GOD who would (after wormes had consumed his flesh) raise him up at the last day, and make him with those very eyes to see his Redeemer, had power enough to deliver him from that cala­mity into which he cast him, and to revive his strength.

All the pro­mises are as true, as truth it selfe The promises are called su [...]e, Rom 4 16. Prom [...]ssa tua sunt De­us, & qua falit timeat, cum promit­tii veritas. August. Con­fes. l. 12. c. 10.GOD is likewise true, just, and faithfull, and therefore will performe his promises.

GOD the Father (who hath promised) is the God of truth, Psal. 31.5. the Gospell (in which his promises are made) is the word of truth, Ephes. 1.13. His Sonne (who hath declared and merited the promises) is a faithfull and true witnesse, Revel. 3.14. truth it selfe, Ioh. 14.6. His Spirit (which sea­leth unto us the truth of the pro­mises even in our hearts) is the Spirit of truth. Ioh. 14.17.

His words are as deeds, his promises as perfor­mances.GOD is iust and faithfull in accomplishing his promises, Rom. 3.3, 5.

[Page 89] David saith, LORD in thy faithfullnesse, The land which was onely pro­m [...]sed to Abraham is said Gen. [...]5.12. to be gi­ven him, Promittendo se fecit debi­torem. Austen. 1 Ioh. 1.9. or in thy Iustice an­swer me, Psal. 143.1. that is, not in the justice of merit, but of promise or Covenant: for in his promises he maketh himselfe our Debtor, and what he owes by vertue of his blessed promise, we may challenge. If wee con­fesse our sinnes hee is faithfull and iust to forgive us our sinnes. As if he should say,Verba illa [Iust [...]s & fidelis] refe­runtur ad promissionem divinam. Bellar. de poenitent. l. 3. c. 6. God is as just in per­forming the mercy which he promi­seth, as in executing the venge­ance which he threat­neth. GOD of his infinite mercy hath promised to all true Penitents and Con­fessors, that hee will forgive, and never remember their sinnes any more; he must stand to his Promises, or else he should be un­faithfull: and he is iust, he doth not say he is mercifull but iust to forgive the sinnes of true belee­vers, because they are all satisfi­ed for, and GODS justice will not let him demand the same debt twice, of the surety and of the debter.

The righteous GOD shall give unto mee a Crowne of righteous­nesse, [Page 90] 2 Tim. 4.8. righteousnesse as well as mercy, is the ground of salvation, not in relation or respect to merit in us, but to pro­mise in GOD.

2 Tim. 2.13. 1 Thess. 5.24. For he is faithfull that promised, Heb. 10.23. Sarah iudged him faithfull who had promised, Heb. 11.11.

The Promise of GOD is our title to happinesse, Gal. 3.18. If some great man out of his boun­ty give another an Inheritance of a hundred pounds per annum, upon his paying of a pepper­corne for rent; when hee hath payd it, he may claime the pro­fits and by law recover them, and his plea in the Law must be the bargaine and Covenant be­tweene them; for betwixt the rent and revenue there is no proportion: so upon our scant obedience, and scarce appearing faith, we may challenge heaven, and GOD cannot denie it us; not because wee have deser­ved it, but because he hath promi­sed it.

[Page 91]This will uphold the faith of a Christian: GOD hath promised, nay confirmed his promise with an oath, and sent his Sonne in the fullnesse of time, Gal. 4.4. in whom all the promises are Yea and Amen. What can be more Absolute? It is a maine pollicie of the Divell, to lay siege, to the truth of GODS Word, Yea hath GOD, said? Gen. 3, 1. so he would perswade us, that GOD will forget to be mercifull, and his promise will faile for ever­more, Psal. 77.8, 9. Weake Chri­stians in temptations and deserti­ons are ready to distrust GOD, and to question the truth of his promises.Moses be­wrayed his infidelity, Num. 11.1 [...], 14.15. Christs Disciples and othe [...]s that believed in him, accoun­ted the pro­mises of his resurrection to be vaine. Luk. 24.11, 25. Psal. 105.24. The wicked hope he will change, where is the pro­mise of his comming? 2 Pet. 3.4. the godly feare he will change: David complaineth, Psal. 69.3. I am weary of my crying, my throat is dried, mine eyes faile, while I waite for my GOD, Psal. 119.123. Mine eyes faile for thy salvation. I shall one day die (saith [Page 92] he) by the hand of Saul, 1 Sam, 27.1. Psal. 73.13. Verily I have cleansed my heart in vaine, Psal. 116.11. I said in my haste, all men are lyars. Psal. 31.22. I said in my haste, I am cut off from be­fore thine eyes. After that GOD had promised to Abraham that he would make of him a great nation, Gen. 12.2. and make his seed as the dust of the earth, Gen. 13.16. He and his wife being both old; he thus (as accounting GODS promises vaine) answered, LORD GOD, what wilt thou give mee, seeing I goe childlesse? Gen. 15.2.Luk. 1. 18, 20 Sarah likewise hearing the promise GOD had made to her husband concerning a Sonne by her, laughed at it, Gen. 18.12. as if she should have said, that is a jest indeed. GOD told Adam in Paradise, That the seed of the woman should breake the serpents head, Gen. 3.15. He was long, but sure; for it was fulfilled at last. He that gave us CHRIST, how shall he not with him give us all things [Page 93] also? Rom. 8.32. He that hath performed the promise concer­ning CHRIST, wherein shall he faile? He hath hither­to kept promise with nights and daies, as Ieremy saith, Ier. 33.20, 25. that one shall succeed the other, therefore much more will hee keepe his word with his people. Hee is worthy to be beleeved, who never failed to performe what he promised. If GOD have promised us pardon of sinne, Sanctification, Patience, Faith; wee should promise our selves these things, and rest confident, that we shall receive them. Shall we beleeve an honest man on his word, and yet not trust GOD upon his word, who is Almighty, and therefore able, a Father, and therefore willing to per­forme his promises. GOD hath spoken in his holinesse (saith Da­vid) I will reioyce therefore in his Word. I will divide Shechem, and mete out the valley of Succoth, [Page 94] Gilead is mine, Manasseh is mine, Ephraim also is the strength of mine head, Iudah is my law-gi­ver, Moab is my washpot, Psal. 60.6, 7. Though then hee had little enough, yet he was con­fident, hee should have all that, because he had GODS Word for it. So we may beleeve what GOD hath promised, since he hath said it, and sealed it, and sworne it. One in the Cove­nant may lay hold on CHRIST, and say CHRIST is mine, on the Promise, and say forgive­nesse is mine,The Cove­nant is mu­tuall be­tweene God and us. 1 King. 8.23. on the Covenant, and say grace is mine.

The LORD will not be un­mindfull of his Covenant with us, Psal. 111.5. nor unfaithfull in performance of his promise to us,God hath said that he will be All-sufficient to us; but he re­quires then on our part that we be Altogether his, Cant. 2.16. In mar­riage the woman must take the may for her hus­band as well as he her for his wife. True faiths appre­hension of Christ is mutuall, it laies hold on Christ, as we use to do in our salutatiōs when we im­brace one another, there is mutuall hold on both sides. Whence the act of the Patriarkes faith appre­hending the promises, Heb. 11.13. is elegantly set out, by the meta­phor of salu­ting; They saluted the promises. True faith kissing Christ, is kissed of him, embracing Christ, is re­imbraced of him, Phil. 3.12 if wee prove not un­faithfull, but keepe covenant and promise with him, Psal. 103.17, 18. 2 Chron. 15.2. for the Covenant consists of two parts: in the one GOD bindes him­selfe to be our GOD, in the [Page 95] other we binde ourselves to be his people, Hos. 2.23. His is a Co­venant of mercy, ours of obedi­ence; He promiseth happinesse, we holinesse; He glory, we du­ty; He hath tied himselfe by an oath, wee have bound our selves by the vow of baptisme, Hee will not forget his part, let us remember ours. Let it never be said of us, as it was of a Pope and his Nephew, that the one never spake as he thought, the other never performed what he spake. The Carthaginians were infamous for covenant-breaking, and slipperinesse in their promi­ses, so that it grew a proverbe, Punica fides, Poeni foedifragi sem­per habiti, saith Plautus; and the Athenians were renowned for faithfullnesse in all their cove­nants, agreements, and promi­ses; which gave occasion to those proverbes, Attica fides, and Atticus testis, used for one that still keepes touch. Fidelity in keeping promise is a fruit of [Page 96] the Spirit, called by the Apo­stle faith, Gal. 5.22. and a pro­perty of him that Psal. 15.4, must rest on GODS holy mountaine. Therefore wee should imitate, the Athenians, shall I say? nay rather GOD himselfe, expres­sing faithfullnesse in all our words, workes, and waies; wee should When we receive this command from God, keepe my covenant, we should pray with Austen, Da Dominc, quod iubes, & iube quid vu, or as the Church teacheth us, when wee heare the 10. Commā ­dements, Lord have mercy on us, and incline our hearts to keep this law keepe our covenant with GOD, and Exod. 19 5 pay our vowes un­to the most High, Psal. 25.10. Psal. 103.18. we should also be constant in the performance of our promises to men, for promi­ses are due debts. And non in promissione sed in consummatione virtus est, vertue doth not con­sist in promise, but in perfor­mance.

The manner, how GOD performeth his promises is not alwaies one and the selfe­same: sometimes hee gives the very particular thing pro­mised, as unto the children of Israell deliverance out of Aegypt, David from Saul, Iacob from [Page 97] Esau. Hee restored unto Heze­kiah his health according to his promise, and removed the host of the Assyrians, which besie­ged Jerusalem; sometime hee gives that which is equivalent or better.Deut. 5.16. Is a good exposition of this place. So farre as long life may be a benefit to Gods children, so far he giveth it to them, Gen. 25.8. Thus in the 5. Com­mandement, obedient children are promised long life; yet Iosiah, 2 Kings 23.29. and Abiah, 1 King. 14.13. were ta­ken away in their best age; therefore for temporall life, they had eternall: He promi­sed [...]itam [...] [...]ongatam, and gave vitam perpe­uatam for it. so GOD pro­mised Abraham the land of Canaan, and hee had the true Canaan, the Kingdome of Hea­ven. GOD here breaketh not promise, but changeth in melius. In Coelis re­p [...]sita est ma­ior compen­satio. Calvin. So in taking away wealth from his children, he giveth them more store of grace, in restraining li­berty of body, He giveth free­dome of con [...]cience, with afflicti­on, He giveth patience. It was promised Iosiah, 2 Kings 22.20. that hee should be gathered to his grave in peace; yet hee died a [Page 98] violent death, for he was slaine by the hands of his enemies, 2 King. 23.29. the next words therefore doe expound it, And thine eyes shall not see all the evill which I will bring upon this place. 1 Chron. 34.28. He died in peace comparative­ly with a worse state of life, for hee lived not to see the misery of succeeding a­ges, Esay 57.1. Some inter­pret it thus, hee was gathered to the Spirits of his Fathers, who enjoyed peace.

GOD doth not alwaies per­forme his promises to the same parties, and yet most truly per­formeth them, Psal. 97.11. Light is sowne for the righteous. Often­times the Father soweth and dieth ere the harvest, and so the Sonne reapes: so Abraham in­herited Canaan in his posterity.Acts 7.5. Tibi dabo & semini tuo, Gen. 13.15. Particula et videtur exe­getica, Pareus in locum. So GOD promised to send his Sonne: this promise was made to the Fathers, and GOD fulfil­led it to the children, Acts 13.32, 33.

[Page 99]The time of accomplishing GODS promises is uncertaine to us, Acts 1.7,God delay­eth the ful­filling of his promises, Hab. 2.3. Goodnesse makes the promise, truth per­formes it, and wisdome observes the fittest time. though it shall not be over-passed, The vision is for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speake and not lie. All visions and words of GOD, whether of promise or of threat­ning, let them seeme to lie lea and void never so long, yet shall be not onely certainely fulfilled, but in the period of time,Esay 60.22. which the wisedome of GOD hath impropriated to them. Some­times GODS promises have a limited time; as that,2 King. 4.16, 17. Gen. 17.21 & 18.14. and then they are fulfilled in that very time, ex­prest, as Gen. 21.1, 2. Some­times hee expresseth not the time.

GOD in the beginning made a promise to our first Parents concerning the seed of the Wo­man,Gen. 3.15. and deferred it almost 4000. yeares, and yet at length accomplished it. There have passed about 5000. yeares since [Page 100] the time of the glorious com­ming of CHRIST unto judgement was promised,Iude 14. and it is not knowne when it shall be accomplished.The Amo­rites coun­trey is by promise gi­ven to Ab [...]a­hams see i [...], Gen. 12 7. & 13.15. and 15.18. and Abrahams seede in the posterity of Iacob posses­sed it, Amos 2, 10. but some 400 & seventy yeares after the promise. Abraham was childlesse till he was 70. yeares old, and at those yeares the LORD promised him issue. But this promise was not accom­plished till a long time after, when hee was an 100. yeares old. David had a promise to be King of Ierusalem and Iuda, but the LORD exercised him by many and grievous afflictions, before he came to the Crowne; insomuch that he saies of him­selfe, Psal. 119.82. Mine eyes faile for thy Word. The promise which was made unto Simeon, Luke 2. [...]5. was not accomplished till hee was an old man ready to die, yet he continued to waite. The deliverance of Israel was promi­sed 400. yeares before it was ful­filled, Gen. 15.13.

GOD many times takes day,

[Page 101]1. [...]ither his children are not ready for it.Alwaies some di­stance of time passeth be [...]weene promises & [...]erfo [...]man­ces.

2. Or hee doth it to exercise their faith and patience, Heb. 6.15. to prove whether they can beleeve when they see not, Deut. 8.2.

3. Or hee lets them waite, that they may more esteeme the blessings when they have them, but never any could taxe him for promise-breaking. GOD as he doth out-vie all for the largenesse of his promises, so is he unmatchable for faithfullnesse in fulfilling his promises.Polliciti [...] di­ve [...] quilibet este potest. Ovid. We reade of some that have pro­mised halfe their kingdomes, nay the Divell promised Matth. 4. Excels [...] fro [...] in ex­celso. On a moun­taine, he pro­miseth moū ­taines. all the kingdomes of the world to our Saviour; but GOD pro­miseth yet more, and perfor­meth better then any of them. First, he doth not promise by halves, but he promiseth a whole Kingdome, and such a one, as is more worth then all the king­domes of the world, and [Page 102] excelleth them in foure proper­ties, as the Apostle Peter shew­eth.1 Pet. 1.4. Nay one kingdome or one world is too little for him to give, he promiseth to give to all the faithfull two worlds, 1 Cor. 3.22, 23. Things present, and things to come, all are yours, both worlds are yours. He per­formeth better also, what hee hath promised, then those be­fore mentioned. For the first of them were but men, which of­ten promise mountaines, and performe Like the man in Eras­mus his nau­fragium, who in a storme pro­mised the Virgin a picture of wax as big as S. Christopher, but when hee came to sh [...]re, would not give a tallow can­dle. Heb. 6.12, 15 Psal. 130.7, 8 mole-hills: in this sence it may be said, Let GOD be true and every man a lier; and for the Divels promise, that great All which he made pro­fer on, was just nothing, but shadowes and representations of things. He went about to coo­zen CHRIST with meere words, for the kingdomes of the world were not in his power to give; but GOD is both able and willing to performe, whatsoever he hath promised, [Page 103] his servants have often found him better, He pro­mised the c [...]ildren of Israel onely the land of Canaan, but hee gave them, be­sides the whole l [...]nd of Canaan, two other kingdomes which he never promised; and to Zachary (for his unbeleefe stricken dumbe) he promi­sed to give his speech at the birth of the child, but besides he gave him also the gift of prophecy. God prevents his people with his blessings, Psal. 2 [...].3. He is bountifull to them afore they aske ver. 3. and above their requests, ver. 4. never any worse then his word: therefore wee should waite with patience for the fulfilling of his promises, not limiting him to time, manner, or meanes of accomplishment.

CHAP. VI. 6. The persons to whom the promises be­long • 1. CHRIST as the head. , and • 2. His mem­bers. 

Christ is the scope and foundation of all Gods promises, partly by merit, and partly by efficacie; by merit, be­cause hee ha [...]h procu­red by [...]is death and passion, re­mission of si [...]nes and life everla­sting; by his efficacie, be­cause hee seales up un­to us in our consciences remission of sinnes, and withall re­stores to us the image of God. Perk. on Ga­lat. FIrst, a Covenant of Grace is made with CHRIST the Head of the Church, Hee is the Foundation of it, He was GOD and Man to reconcile both; and is therefore called The Angell of the Covenant, Mal. 3.1. The Covenant of the people, Esay 49.8. The Mediator of the New Testament, Heb. 12.24. and next in CHRIST it is made with all Christian men and wo­men. As he was Head of the Church and Redeemer, he is the heire of all GODS Promises, In him they are Yea and Amen, that is, in him they are propoun­ded, ratified, and accomplished. [Page 105] This is evident by those gene­rall promises which are the foundation of all the rest. Hee (that is, CHRIST) shall breake thine head, Gen. 3.15.Gal. 3.16. Caput & Cor­pus uniu est Christus▪ Au­sten. In thy seed (that is, CHRIST) shall the nations of the earth be blessed, Gen. 22.18. The promises are made not to seedes, as many, but to seede: viz. CHRIST (in aggregato) with his Chu [...]ch, the Head and members toge­ther; for JESUS toge­ther with all the Saints, make but one mysticall body which is CHRIST, 1 Cor. 12.12. Any promise or blessing that be­longs to us, belongs chiefely to CHRIST. He is the El­der Brother. That speech, Hos. 11.1. I called my sonne out of Aegypt, is meant speci [...]lly of the delivery of Israel by Moses out of the bondage of [...], and yet it is a prophes [...]e of CHRIS [...] and applied to him, Matth. 2.15. That which is spoken Psal. 8. of mans digni [...]y above all other [Page 106] creatures, as having all things put in subjection under him, is interpreted of CHRIST,Omnia salu­taria commu­nicari nobis dicuntur in Christo, ut in Capite; prop­ter C [...]ristum ut merito suo impetrame [...]; & per Chri­stum, ut essi caciter appli­cantem. Heb. 2.6. 1 Cor. 15.27. All the good we have, comes to us by and through him. We are elected and called in him, Ephes. 1.3, 4. In him we have redemption, Ephes. 1.7. Col. 1.14. Sanctifica­tion, 1 Cor. 1.2. Adoption, Ephes. 1.5. In him GOD is well plea­sed with us, Matth. 3.17. He is Heire of all things, Heb. 1.2. The Faithfull are Co-heires with him, Rom. 8.17. They shall have the same substantiall (though not gra­duall) glory, the same crowne, the same kingdome, Ioh. 17.22, 24. GOD loves them with the same love that hee lo [...]ed CHRIST, verse 23. They are heires of all GODS most pre­cious promises. They are stiled Children of the Covenant, Acts 3.25. Children of the Promise, Rom. 9.8. Gal. 4.28. because they are made children of GOD by vertue of GODS promise. Thus [Page 107] was Isaac the child of the pro­mise in that he was borne to Abraham, S. Paul Rom 9.8. oppo­seth the chil­dren of the promise to the children of the flesh, which were borne by na­turall strēgth. not by the strength of nature, but by GODS pro­mise. They are also called Heires of the Promise, Gal. 3.29. Heb. 6.12, 17. & 11.9. that is, not onely such to whom the promi­ses doe belong, but such as claime their inheritance onely by adoption and promise. A­mongst men the eldest childe usually is the heire, and carries away the Inheritance, and the rest have but pettie portions; but all the LORDS children are Heires, and that not alone of the promises, but of the glory promised. Pareus hath an ex­cellent similitude to illustrate this: every one there (saith he) inherits all, even as every man injoyeth the light of the Sunne, as if it were made onely for him.

The promises made to Christ, are, Thou shalt be a Priest for ever, and I will give thee the [Page 108] kingdome of David; thou shalt be a Prince of peace, and the go­vernement shall be upon thy shoul­ders;Luk 1.32, 33. The active part is com­mitted to the Messiah. thou shalt be a Prophet to my people, shalt open the prison to the captive.

The promises made to us are passive, You shall be taught, you shall be made Prophets, you shall have your sinnes forgiven, you shall be subiect to his government, you shall be made Kings.

If onely they that are CHRISTS have benefit of the promises in CHRIST,The promi­ses of the Gospell are not univer­sall, but be­long to the Elect onely. God hath promised by Esay 8 16. that t [...]e Elect onely shall be his Disciples, & not all men indifferently then the wicked have no part nor portion in this businesse: the Divell sweeps all that are out of the covenant, the childrens bread shall not be given to dogges, GOD will not cast away preci­ous things upon swine, and those that are strangers from the cove­nant of promise, Ephes. 2.12. GOD p [...]omiseth to satisfie, but it is such as hunger for righte­ousnesse sake; to comfort, not the carelesse, but such as mourne, [Page 189] forgivenesse of sinnes, but to the Penitent, eternall life, but to such as beleeve. Except the condition be wrought in us, the promise shall never be accomplished upon us: walke before me and be thou upright (and then) I am GOD All-sufficient, Gen. 17.1. Blessed are the undefi­led in the way, Psal. 119.1. Psal. 84.11. Ioh. 1.12. Gal. 3.7, 9. Psal. 34.9, 10. Pro. 19.16.

Therefore in the 1. of S. Matthew, Piscator in 1 Matth. when Abraham is said to have begotten Isaac, there is no mention made of Ishmael which yet he begot, and likewise when Isaac is said to have begotten Iacob, there is no mention made of Esau, whom he begot also. But when Iacob is said to have begotten Iudah it is added, and his brethren, be­cause the promise of Redemp­tion which was to come by CHRIST, was pronounced to them also. But that promise be­longed not to all them neither, but onely to such, who following [Page 110] the steps of their holy Fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Iacob, applied it by a true faith to themselves, as the Apostle sheweth.Rom 4.12.

It is our comfort tha [...] we which cannot stand of our selves may subsist in Christ. Bish. Lake.This is a comfort to the peo­ple of GOD; they can ne­ver loose Evangelicall blessings of grace and glory, because CHRIST is made the Lord Treasurer and Lord Keeper of them. We are not trusted with them our selves, for then wee should loose them; but he re­ceives them for us, and com­municates them to us.


CHAP. I. Of the Covenant. THE PROMI­SES ARE either • GENERALL OR , and • SPECIALL. 

GENERALL THE COVENANT. Which in [...] ei­ther ab Eli­gendo or Co­medendo from [...] or à caedendo from [...] Buxtorfe and Pag [...]in on the word. He­brew is called Be­rith; from choo­sing, because it is [Page 112] established on certaine conditions which both parties choose:Illvric. Clav Scrip. Iun. Orat. de foedere. The Greeke word where­by the Sep­tuagint still rendre [...]h Be­rith is [...] testa­montum. Heb. 9. [...]7. foedus, Mat. 26 28 Acts 3.25 from [...] dispo [...]. Est enim extrenta voluntas, qua quis disposit & dispensit res suas; or from [...] pa [...]scor, Luke [...]. The Latine words whereby the Originall is expressed, are Foe­dus, Pactum Testamentum. For they are used promiscuously in the Latine saith Muscula. 1. Foea [...]. It was called Fedai in time past saith Var [...]o, for in a Covenant interp [...]uitu [...] [...], men give their faith saith Isia [...]re, therefore some ( [...] Al [...]ie [...]) had rather write it with a single [...] then [...]e. Some derive it from the adjective, soedus, fil [...]hy, for the slaying of a [...]ow (when w [...]s inter ritualia foe­deris) was filthy, [...] Vi [...]g [...] saith — & caesa iungelant foedera porca. Peter Martyr derives it a feriendo, quod Foertales atrinque porcam mactarent Hinc ferire aut percutere foedu [...], tritu loquenti modus, pro iung [...]e, sace [...]e, pangere. Ma [...]i [...]ius approveth this etymologie, and it agreeth best with the Hebrew. [...]. Pactum, generis comni est, saith Beza: quas [...] [...] pace fictum, saith Isidore. It is that truce (saith Sico [...]) which in time of warre is concluded upon, and accepted of both sides for a certaine limited space of time; but Foedus: was a perpetuall [...]uce or league. 3. Testam [...]ntum quasi testatto m [...]n [...]is, saith Iustinian, which etymologie Vasia de­rides; but it may be received as an aliusien. The French is Alliance, ab all [...]gando. The English is League a Ligando, or Covenant, which is the same that Conventio is with the Civilians, a convent [...]io it is taken for both a Covenant and a Feast; therefore some derive it from a word that signifieth to eate; because the Hebrewes at their Covenant-makings usually had a Feast, Gen. 31.54. Others derive it from a word that signi­fieth to stay. It was a Religious Ceremony common to the [Page 113] Jewes and Gentiles, that in ma­king solemne covenant before their gods, a beast was slaine by the Priest, and the parts there­of laid one over against ano­ther. The makers of the Co­venant passed betweene those divided parts; the Ceremony intended and imprecation, that he might be cut in pieces as that beast was, who should violate the Covenant so made. And from the use of this Ce­remony came the phrase of cutting a Covenant; as with us, striking of a bargaine, from our fashion of striking hands upon a bargaine made.

Alexander ab Alexandro. Lib. 5. c. 3. speakes of it: nay, This was a custome in Abrahams time, and therefore GOD himselfe to con­firme his Promise to Abraham, vouchsafed to use that Ceremonie, Gen. 15.10.17. for which it is said, GOD did cut a Covenant with Abraham, ver. 18. See Ier. 34.18.

[Page 114]The word Covenant doth somtimes signifie a simple promise of grace without condition, Gen. 9.11. Numb. 25.12, 13. but ordi­narily it notes a mutuall contract or agreement between the par­ties covenanting by stipulation and promise, Psal. 50.16. & 25.10.14. & 44.17.

What a Co­venant is in generall.A Covenant is a solemne Con­tract, passing betweene some par­ties (two at the least) whereby they bind themselves, each to other, in certaine articles, to both their contents, for their mutuall peace and comfort.

Disserunt non re, sed modo rei pro­missio & foe­dus. Foe­dus est pro­missic solenni ritu foederali vestita at (que) firmata. Pareus in Gen. Chap. 15. v. 18.For the forme and manner of it, it must be done with some so­lemnity; and herein stands the difference betweene a promise and a Covenant, for a Covenant is a bundle of promises, bound and knit up together in one tie and mutuall solemnity.

There is a Civill Covenant, which is a league or agreement inter dimicantes, betweene two or more parties being at variance, [Page 115] Gen. 21.32. and a Religious or Sacred Covenant, which is a league or agreement, that GOD hath made with man for his Salvation, and that is two­fold:

1. That which GOD made at the beginning with our first Parents in the state of Innocen­cie, Gen. 2.17. promising perfect felicity on condition of their per­fect obedience. It is called Foe­dus naturale, the Covenant of na­ture, because it was made by GOD with man at his first Creation,Gal. 4.22. The Law re­quireth, 1. Personall 2. Perpetuall. 3. Perfect o­bedience 4. And from a perfect heart, and that under a terrible curse. and because it is con­tained in the Law which is knowne to men by nature; and Foedus Legale, the Covenant of workes, because workes were the condition of it: it did runne thus, Doe this, and thou shalt live, and I will be thy GOD, Ezek. 20.11. Levit. 18. Rom. 10.5. Gal. 3.12. winne it and weare it, obey perfectly, and live everla­stingly. The two Sacraments of this Covenant, were the Tree [Page 116] of knowledge respecting the Law, Doe this, and the tree of life respecting the promise, Live. GOD shadowed out this cove­nant also to the children of Israell in the wildernesse of Sina, when he brought them out of Aegypt. Moses describes it, Exod. 19. & 24. the blessings and curses com­prehended in that Covenant are recited, Levit. 26. Deut. 27. & 28. It hath rationem speculi. It is a glasse to manifest and discover sinne and death, and so serves to humble men which are natural­ly proud, Mat. 19.17. and to make them flie unto CHRIST for sanctuary,Gal. 3.24. who perfectly ful­filled the Law for the Elect; in and through whom we may ob­taine the Legall promises, Rom. 10.4. Gal. 4.4. I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come saith the LORD, Hag. 2.7. to note unto us, (saith one) that a man shall never desire CHRIST indeed, till he be first shaken.

[Page 117]2. That which GOD of his singular grace made with man fallen.The first Co­venant was of mans workes, the second of Gods grace, It is a com­pact made betweene God & man touching reconcilia­tion and life everla­sting by Christ. Perk Gen. 3.15. This is a free disposition of GOD whereby he promiseth eternall salvation by the death and mediation of his Sonne, that he may magnifie the riches of his mercy. This was revea­led and delivered to our first Parents in the garden of Eden, immediately after the fall by GOD himselfe, and after was continued and renewed with Abraham, Isaac and Iacob.

It is called Foedus Evangeli­cum, the Covenant of the Gospell, and the Gospell, Rom. 1.16.

A New Covenant:We need a new Cove­nant (saith Bishop Lake) that [...]ave bro­ken the old, by our mu­tability be­fore the fall, and through our imbecility since the fall. Behold the daies come (saith the LORD) that I will make a new Covenant with the house of Israel, Ier. 31.31. that is, with the whole Church, the whole Israel of GOD, as appeareth, Heb. 8.8, 10.

The Covenant of grace, Rom. 4.16. because nothing else mo­ved GOD to make and establish [Page 118] it: it is not grounded upon our workes and worthinesse, but up­on the free mercies of GOD, and all-sufficient merits of Christ, Gal. 3.18.

The Covenant of peace, Ezek. 34.25. & 37.26. Peace, Esay 54.10. Rom. 10.15. the Gospell of peace, Ephes. 2.17. & 6.15. Reconciliation with GOD, and a Testament, because this reconciliation was ratified by the death of the Testator,The word of reconcilia­tion. 2 Cor. 5.19. Heb. 9.16, 17.

It runs in these termes, beleeve and repent, and Thou shalt be sa­ved. Iohn 3.16. Gal. 3.11, 19. Mar. 16.16. The Covenant of Grace (saith D. Preston) is double: 1. Absolute, and Peculiar onely to the Elect, Ier. 31.33. Ezek. 36.26.2. Conditionall, which is common to all, and that is ex­pressed in these termes; CHRIST hath provided a righteousnesse and salvation now, if you will beleeve, and take him upon these termes, that he is offered, you shall be saved, Mark. 16.16.

[Page 119]The Sacraments which GOD gave to man in his corrupt estate were,God ever ordained Seales to make good his Cove­nant. either

  • 1. Before CHRIST, pre­figuring Him.
  • 2. After Him, as memorials of Him.

The Sacraments before Christ were of two sorts:

  • 1. Either such as be­longed to all sorts of people.
    • 1. The Arke and Noahs preser­vation in it, Gen. 6.18. Heb 11.7. 1 Pet. 3.20, 21.
    • 2. The Raine­bow, Gen. 9.9, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17.
  • 2. Such as were pecu­liarly appointed to the Jewes, some of which were
  • 1. Extraordinary, during but once or a short [Page 120] time, and answering, either
    • To Baptisme as the red sea, the cloud 1 Cor. 10.1, 2, 3, 5.
    • Or to the LORDS Supper, as the Manna, the water flowing out of the rock.
  • 2. Ordinary, as
    • 1. Circumcisi­on, answe­ring to our Baptisme, Gen. 17.9, 11, 12. Col. 2.11, 12.
    • 2. The Passe­over, answe­ring to the LORDS Supper, Ex. 12.13. 1 Cor.

[Page 121]The Sacraments after Christs comming to continue till the end of the world, are two:

  • 1. Baptisme, Iohn 1.26. Mat. 28.19.
  • 2. The Supper of the LORD, Luke 22.19, 20. 1 Cor. 11.25, 26.

These two Covenants of works and Grace, doe both agree and differ in severall respects:

  • 1. They agree
    • 1. In their Author, GOD.
    • 2. In the persons con­tracting, GOD and Man.
    • 3. In the generall end of them both, the glory of GOD.
    • 4. In the ext [...]insecall forme, they both binde.
    • 5. They have both one matter also for sub­stance, on Gods part mans happinesse in [Page 122] both, on mans part obedience in both.
    • 6. In nature, because they are both invio­lable on GODS part.
  • 2. They differ.
    • Therefore this is called Reconliati­on as well as Covenant.
      1 In kind: that was a Covenant of ami­ty betweene the Creator and the creature; this of Reconciliation be­tweene enemies, for there was no breach made be­fore, as now there is betweene us and our GOD. When we were enemies CHRIST died for us.
    • 2. In the speciall end; for the end of the Covenant of nature is the de­claration of GODS justice,
      Cameron. opusc. miscell.
      of the Co­venant [Page 123] of grace, the declaration of GODS mercie.
    • 3. In the foundation: for the foundation of the covenant of nature is the creati­on of man, and the integrity of humane nature, of the other the redemption of man by Christ.
    • 4. In the quality of the persons con­tracting: GOD the Creator in the first exacts his right from a man pure and perfect, but in this offers himselfe, as a mercifull Fa­ther to a sinner troubled with the sight and sence of his sins.
    • 5. In the conditions: workes are requi­red in the first, faith [Page 124] in the other. Adam was to make that good of himselfe,

      Invat Idem, qui lithet. Auson.

      God under­takes in the Covenant of grace to enable us to walke in his statutes, & to performe the conditi­on hee re­quires. He works all our works in us, and for us, Esay 26.12.

      and by his owne power: In the Co­venant of grace, GOD giveth what he requireth, and accepteth what he giveth. Fides impe­trat quod lex impe­rat. August. Enchir. c. 117.
    • 6. In the forme of fanction; the Co­venant of nature was published as soone as promised, but the Covenant of grace was first pro­mised, then a long while after proclai­med & ratified with the blood of Christ.
    • 7. In the object: that is extended to all men, this be­longs to some cer­taine [Page 125] men by a sin­gular reason; for although it is often promiseuously pro­pounded, yet by a speciall propriety it belongs to them to which it is in­tended by GOD.
      Rom 9 7, 8
    • 8. In duration: that is antiquated to them who are made par­takers of this new one; this is per­petuall, therefore called often an everlasting Cove­nant, and admits of no end or variation for the substance.
    • 9. In effects: that was deadly for a sinner, the Ministery of death; this is called a quickning Spirit, and is the ministra­tion of righteous­nesse and life, [Page 126] 2 Cor. 3.6, 7, 8, 9.

A Covenant in respect of God, a Te­stament in respect of Christ.The Covenant of grace, is cal­led in regard of the convention and agreement betweene GOD and man, a Covenant; in regard of the manner of confirming it, a Testament; being in many things like a Testament. For

1. As in a Testament or last will the Testators minde is de­clared; so is the will of GOD in his Word.

2. As in a Will so here, is a Testator which is CHRIST; a Legacie which is eternall life; Heires which are the Elect, an Instrument, which are the Scrip­tures; and Seales, which are cir­cumcision and the Passeover, of the old, Baptisme and the LORDS Supper, of the new.

Thirdly, and principally, as a Testament is in force by the death of the Testator, Heb. 9.16, 17. so the Covenant of Redemption, is ratified by the death of [Page 127] CHRIST, and this death by the effusion of blood was shadowed out in the Old, but consummated in the New Testament.

This Covenant is but one for Divisio foedera in vetus & novum; non est Ge­nero in Species, sed sub­veti in accidentia, Scar­pi [...]s. The two parts of the [...]ovenan [...], as [...] the [...] & the [...] have [...] beene [...] in sub­ [...] though not alwaies in like man­ner dispen­sed. S. Iohn spea­king of love calleth it a new Com­mandement and an old, 1 Ioh 27, 8. Ol [...] in re­gard of the substance, Levit. 9. [...]8 because it was given to Adam, was a Law in Pa­radise, and because our of request; New because re [...]e [...]ed and approved by Christ, Ioh. 13.34 & 15 12 excellent as new, it makes us new; it should be new & fresh in our me­mory. Novum, quia renovatum. Bucan. substance, yet in divers re­spects and circumstances it is either Old or New.

Old as it is a reconciliation of the old people with GOD by CHRIST to be exhibited, new as it is a reconciliation of the new people with GOD, by CHRIST now exhibi­ted in the flesh: in regard of the shadow it is called the Old, and in regard of the substance the New.

Old, because it is first in time and antiquity.

2. Because it is abrogated in part, Heb. 8.13. 2 Cor. 3.14. be­ing placed in ceremonies, which in time for oldnesse vanished away.

New, 1. In respect of the immediate Author CHRIST, Luke 22.20. GOD was the [Page 128] Author of the other.

2. Because celebrated in a new manner, and new rites, and is never to be abrogated or disanulled.

It is new in respect of GOD and us.

  • 1. In respect of GOD, be­cause the Covenant is re­newed as he promised in the seed of Abraham, which is with all the nations of the earth, Gal. 3.8.
  • 2. In respect of us, because we are renewed thereby, 2 Cor. 5.17.

The Old Testament is called the Law, because the first and chiefe part of it is the Law of Moses; the New Testament is called the Gospell, because the first and chiefe part thereof, is the glad tydings of our Re­demption, and the forme of the Covenant is in the one Legall, in the other Evangelicall. The Law was written in Ta­bles of stone, Exod. 31.18. 2 Cor. [Page 129] 3.5. but the Gospell is written in the fleshie tables of the heart, Ier. 31.33. Heb. 8.10.

The Old Testament is the Co­venant of GOD which in types and shadowes prefigured CHRIST to come and to be ex­hibited,The Fathers had the same Covenant which wee have, they looked for immortality and had it promised. They expe­cted it by mercy & not by merit, they knew that Christ was their mediator to obtaine mer­cy as we [...]l as we, Ioh. 8. [...]6 Acts 13.32. Luke 1.72. 1 Cor 10 [...]. Sanguis Ch [...]isti proti [...]it an­te [...]uam suit, Bernard. CHRISTS bloud was effectuall, before ex­istent. and by vertue thereof, Life everlasting was given by faith in CHRIST that was to come.

The giving of Isaac, of the promised Land, and all these promises, were but shadowes of the great promise, of the maine Covenant in CHRIST.

The New Testament is the Covenant of GOD, which (since the comming of CHRIST in the flesh) hath abolished those shadowes, and giveth life everlasting by faith in CHRIST that is come.

The old Covenant agrees with the Covenant of na­ture:

  • [Page 130]1. In both, the parties contra­cting are GOD and Man.
  • Cameron. opusc. miscell.
    2. Each hath a stipulation annexed to it.
  • 3. The promise is the same in kind.
  • 4. Both lead to CHRIST.

They differ,

  • 1. Because the Covenant of nature was contracted with all men, this with the Israelites onely.
  • 2. That of nature was made as soone as man was crea­ted and had no praeludia: the old Covenant long af­ter, and had many praeludia afore it.
  • 3. That of nature onely binds to obedience due by the Law of nature, the old Covenant obligeth al­so to ceremonies.
  • 4. Life is promised in both, but it is set forth in the one by the fruition of Pa­radise, in the other by the [Page 131] possession of the Land of Canaan.
  • 5. The Covenant of nature is eternall, the old Tem­porary.
  • 6. Both Covenants bring us to CHRIST; bu [...] that of nature doth not this per se, but
    As it shew­eth what a man oweth unto God, and how he must be punished if hee pay not the debt, whence it makes [...]im looke to a media­tor, when he sees himselfe unable either to pay the one or en­dure the o [...]her.
    per accidens; this old one doth it, per se, for it is the true and proper scope of it.
  • 7. The Covenant of nature was written in the heart, but the old in tables of Stone.
  • 8. The Covenant of nature was made in Paradise, the other in Mount Sina.
  • 9. There was no Mediator of that, this had a Media­tor, Moses, Deut. 5.26, 27.
  • 10. That was made with all mankinde when man was perfect, this with a certaine people after the fall.

[Page 132]The Old and New Covenant agree;

  • Polan. Syn­tag.
    1. In the principall efficient cause, for there is the same Author of both, GOD, Ier. 31.31.
  • 2. In causa pröegumena, the inward impulsive cause, the mercy of GOD in both, Luke 1.54, 55, 72, 78.
  • 3. In the meritorious pro­catarcticall cause,
    Ephes. 2.12, 13.
    there is one and the same founda­tion of both Covenants, CHRIST, Heb. 13.8. Rev. 13, 8.
  • 4. In the matter, there is the same thing promised in both, Rom. 1.1, 2.
  • 5. In the essentiall forme, in both Covenants there is a mutuall obligation of GOD and the faithfull, although of GODS part it is free, of mans due, Rom. 3.22.
  • [Page 133]6. In the end, which in both, is the glory of GOD and salvation of man, Heb. 11.8, 9, 10.
  • 7. In the subject, for GOD made both of them with the faithfull onely, Rom. 3.26.
  • 8. In the adjunct, the inter­nall obsignation, for both of them are sealed by the same HOLY GHOST to the faithfull, 2 Cor. 1.22. Ephes. 1.13.

The Old and New Co [...]enant differ.

  • 1. In respect of the Author or Covenant-Maker which was not CHRIST,
    They differ not essenti­ally as the Covenant of works and grace, but modo admi­rish andi, in the manner of ministra­tion.
    but GOD the Father of the Old; or he made it then mediately and not Incar­nate, now immediately and from his owne mouth.
  • 2. In respect of the Mediator; Moses was Mediator of the Old, Levit. 26.46. Deut. 5. [Page 134] 27, 28. CHRIST of the New, Heb. 8.6. &
  • 3. In their quality.
    • Non exigit à quoquam (saith Eras­mus of the Gospell) onus Legis Mosat­cae tantum adsit vivida fides.
      1. In respect of liberty: of old they had cir­cumcision and the Passeover, which were painefull and charge­able Seales; and they were burdened with many carnall ceremo­nies: we have bread and wine, cheape and easie seales in compa­rison, and are freed from the Ceremoniall Law, Col. 2.14. that was a hand-writing against us; the new is a rest for us, Matth. 11.28.
    • 2. Clarity: the old was obscure,
      Novum Te­stamentum in veteri est velat [...]m, & vetu [...] in novo revelatum. Austen.
      Heb. 9.8. 2 Cor. 3.13, 14. con­sisting in rites and ce­remonies, whereby CHRIST was darke­ly [Page 135] prefigured; but the new is more plaine and perspicu­ous, Iohn 1.17. then the Spirit was distilled by drops,

      Novum Te­stamen [...]um in veiers latet, & vetus in novo patet. Luth [...]r.

      The Old Te­stament is instar libri clausi.

      Esa. 29.11. The New instar libri aperti.

      Apoc 5.9. Saith our learned Whitaker.

      now there is a larger effusion of the Spirit, Heb. 8.10. Ioel 2. which is re­peated, Acts 2. Tit. 3.6. Zach. 12.8. 2 Cor. 3.12. they had the blood of CHRIST, but shadowed onely in the blood of bulls and goates, Heb. 9.18. Exod. 24.5, 8. we have the ve­ry blood of CHRIST it selfe, to seale unto our covenant, Mat. 26.28. Heb. 9.12. & 10.4. Zach. 9.11. Cu­ius sanguis sistit om­nem sanguinem, as the Fathers say.
  • 4. In their quantity: the new is larger and more extensive then the Old, in respect of
    • [Page 136]1. Persons; the Old Te­stament was appro­priated to a few, and did belong properly to the nation of the Jewes alone,
      Psal. 114.2.
      Psal. 76.1. none but Israelites and Proselytes had part in the promise;
      Esay 40.27. & 66.18. Ioel 2.28. Hag 2 8.
      the New extends to the Gentiles.
    • 2. Places; that was pro­posed, as to one peo­ple;
      Mat 10.5, 6
      so in angulo tan­tum mundi,
      Trelca [...]iu [...] Ephes 2 14.
      in one land of Canaan; this to all nations throughout the whole world.
      Gal 6.15.
    • 3. Times; that was Tem­porary, and to endure but a while, viz. till the [...]rst comming of CHRIST;
      2 Cor 3.11.
      this is perpetu [...]ll and shall last from CHRISTS first,
      Ephes. 4.13.
      to his second com­ming, Heb. 8.6, 13. & 10.4, 9. & 9.12.

[Page 137]How hath GOD then ho­noured us in these daies of the Gospell, who are herein beyond, not Heathens onely who were without GOD, and without the Covenant, but even beyond Adam in his innocency, and GODS Ancient people of Israel; for we have a better Co­venant then they had, made up­on better promises, Heb. 8.6. upon better termes and conditions, up­on better evidences and assurances.

Since GOD hath thus aboun­ded in love and mercy towards us, we therefore should abound in knowledge, faith, love, zeale, and care to worship GOD, publike­ly and privately, with joy and singlenesse of heart.

I have hitherto handled the se­verall Covenants comparatively; and that to give some light to the Covenant of Grace, which I shall now speake of in a speciall manner, as it is a Bundle of all the Promises.

The Covenant of Grace, is [Page 138] expressed in these words, I will be thy GOD, and thou shalt be my people, Ier. 31.33.

In this Covenant GOD un­dertakes to free his people from all If the seale of the Covenant be stamped up­on us, we are thereby se­cured from all evil, Ezek 9.4. Rev. 7 3. & 9 4. evill, that m [...]y any way prove hurtfull to them, and to bestow all good things upon them, Temporall, Spirituall, and Eternall, Gen. 17.1, 2. Levit. 2.6.11, 12. 2 Cor. 6.16, 17, 18. Heb. 8.10, 11, 12.

We promise to choose GOD to be our GOD,Hence are those graci­ous promi­ses, that God is our portion, Ier. 10.16. & 51.19. Lam. 3.24. that is, all wee have to maintaine us in the world: and wee h [...] por­tion, Deut 32 9. that is the chiefest thing he makes reckoning of. He becomes our God to direct, protect, and blesse us, and we become his people to serve, love, and obey him. trust in him, love and feare him, and walke in obedience before him, Exodus 15.2. & 20.19. & 24.3, 7. Da­vid cals GOD his Lot and Por­tion, Psal. 119.57. GOD is my portion for ever, Psal. 16.5, 6. Psal. 142.5.

God saith so unto the Gentiles, Hos 2.23. which the Apostle makes use of Rom. 9.25, 26.This was promised the faith­full in all ages, that GOD would be their GOD, and they [Page 139] should be his people, Exod. 29.45. Revel. 21.3.7. Zach. 13.9. Ezek. 36.28. Ierem 31.1, 33. 1 Chron. 17.13. & 22.10. All the particular promises depend upon this maine Charter, that GOD is our GOD: one Wing Ia­cobs staffe. ob­serves; that throughout all the Scripture, all the mercy promi­sed, and every promise wherein any happinesse is contained, hath this Seale, [and I will be their GOD, and they shall be my peo­ple.]

If we could stedfastly beleeve and rest upon this promise, we should finde more true comfort in it, then in all the world be­sides.

This is the top of mans feli­city, when GOD takes him into Covenant. When GOD, Levit. 26. had spoken much by way of promise to his Church, as That hee would give them raine in the due season, &c. That hee would set his Tabernacle among them, &c. at length he concludes [Page 140] all with this, verse 12. I will walke among you, I will even neighbour with you as it were, and I will be your GOD, and yee shall be my people. David ha­ving prayed for many temporall blessings in the behalfe of his people,Psal. 144.12, 13, [...]4. That their sonnes might be as plants, their garners full, &c. at length he windeth up all with this Epiphonema, or conclusion, Happie is that people that is in such a case;Verse 15. but presently comes with an Epanorthoma, or a cor­rection of his former speech, Yea rather, happy is that people whose GOD is the LORD: as if he had said, that indeed is a hap­pinesse in some kinde, but no­thing to this; that is but Tem­porall, this is Eternall. The ho­nour and happinesse of a nation and people,Deut. 33.29. Psal. 33.12. and also of particular persons, Psal. 65.4. lyes in this,The immu­nitie [...] and priviledges of those that have God for their God. that they have GOD for their GOD. He that is in speciall Covenant with GOD, all that is in GOD is for him; [Page 141] his truth for his security; his love for his comfort; his power for his protection; his wisedome for his direction; all that is in CHRIST is his: his love, his graces, his merits. He is his Saviour, Redeemer; The HOLY GHOST is his Comforter, dwells in him, to teach him and guide him into all truth, and to seale up the promises to his heart. He hath the guard of Angels, Heb. 1.14. Dominion over the creatures, and free use of them both for ne­cessity and It is pro­ [...]ised as a blessing evē unto Gods people, that there should be boyes & girles playing together in the streets of Ierusalem, Zach 85. and that they should have liberty to invite, and ente [...]taine eit [...]er other. Zach. 3 10. delight, Heb. 2.7, 8. 1 Tim. 4.2, 3. All things are his, and he is Christs, 1 Cor. 3.22, 23. GOD calls such as are in Covenant with him, His Treasure, Psal. 135.4. His peculiar people. Exod. 19.5. Deut. 14.2. His love for delights Cant. 76. The Lot of his inheritance, Deut. 32.9. His hidden ones, Psal. 83.3. His Iewels, Mal. 3.17. Hee that toucheth them, toucheth the apple of his eye, Zach. 2.8. They are his beloved, Psal. 108.6. & [Page 142] 127.2. As the signet upon his right hand, Cant. 8.6. Esay 49.16. Hee dwelleth with them, Ioh. 14.23. He followeth them whither­soever they goe, Iosh. 1.9. He stands at their right hand, Psal. 109.31. And holds them up by it, Psal. 73.23. He covers them under his pa­villion, Psal. 27.5. Hee keepes their feet, 1 Sam. 2.9. Their very bones, Psal. 34.20. Hee counteth their wandrings, Psal. 56.8. Hee numbreth their haires, Ier. 31.20. Matth. 10.30. Hee bottles up their teares, Psal. 56.8. If they doe but sigh, Hee observes it, Psal. 38.9. He is the shield of their helpe, the sword of their excellencie, Deut. 33.29. Hee is their hope, their helpe, their health, Psalme 71.5. Ioel 3.16. Ier. 17.7. Their Rocke, their Refuge, Psal. 62.2, 6, 7. Hee will teach them in the way that they should choose, Psal. 25.12. And make them perfect in good workes. Heb. 13.21. 2 Thess. 2.17. Hee will give them their hearts desire, Psal. 37.4. Pro. 10.24. His eye is [Page 143] ever upon them for good, Psal. 33.18. The Prophet comprehends all in that one verse, Psal. 84.11. The LORD GOD is a Sunne, and shield: the LORD will give grace, and glory: no good thing will hee withhold from them that walke uprightly. A Sunne for con­solation, a Shield for protection. A Sunne to give them life, a Shield to defend life given. A Sunne to make them fruitfull in all good, a Shield to preserve them from all evill. He will give not onely temporall blessings, as it followeth there, no good thing, &c. but he will also bestow up­on them grace here, and glory hereafter, even that grace that shall be once glory. 1 Tim. 4.8. Godlinesse is profitable to all things, (saith the Apostle) having the promises of both lives, of temporall things for this life, and of spirituall and eternall things for the life to come.

Since then the happinesse of a Christian consists in this,Let us re­solve to be Gods and enter into Covenant with him, Iosh 24.14. Nehem. 5.13 Nehem 9. 2 King. 23.3. 2 Chron 3 [...].31. 2 Chron. 15.12. is a speciall place: there was a Cove­nant, yea an oath upon the Cove­nant, a Bond upon a Bond Psal. 119.106 that [Page 144] GOD is his GOD, every one should labour to secure this maine point, and try whether he be in speciall Covenant with GOD. To this duty the Apostle exhorts us, when he bids us, Give dili­gence to make our calling and election sure, 2 Pet. 1.10. & 2 Cor. 13.5. he saith, Examine your selves, whether yee be in the faith, prove your owne selves. And in­deed there cannot be a better evi­dence, that we are in the Cove­nant then this, that we are in the faith, or that faith is in us, for so are those words to be un­derstood.

For the Covenant of grace runs all upon promises, I will give thee, &c. now faith answers the promise; for the promise is to be beleeved: Abraham belee­ved in the LORD, and therefore GOD reckoned him, as a man that was righteous, Gen. 15.6. and accepted him to be a parta­ker of the Covenant. Every be­leever is within the Covenant. [Page 145] He that hath a true and saving Faith which worketh inwardly by purifying the heart, Acts 15.9. and outwardly by Love, Gal. 5.5. may certainely conclude that GOD is his GOD.

We may know likewise, that we are in Covenant with GOD, by this, if wee labour to keepe Covenant with him, Psal. 103.18. if our greatest care be to please him, and our greatest feare, least we should offend him. If we have chosen him, it is cer­taine hee hath chosen us, for so Cyril interprets that place, Iohn 15.16. You have not cho­sen mee, 1 Ioh. 4.19. but I have chosen you, that is, (saith he) in re­gard of priority, I have chosen you first.

There is a threefold Choosing of GOD.God be­stowes him­selfe on that man, that in true desire would have God for his God. M. Harris.

1. In opinion to prize and esteeme him above all other delights, when with Paul wee count all things as drosse and dung, nay dogges-meat (as the [Page 146] [...], garbage and filth that is throwne out to dogges, Ignatius (that holy Martyr) cal­led Christ his love: my Love (saith he) was Cru­cified. Originall hath it) in com­parison of CHRIST, Philip. 3.8.

2. In affection, if we love him above all; when we can say with the Spouse, Cant. 1.7. O thou whom my soule loveth: or with Peter, LORD thou knowest that I love thee, Ioh. 21.16.

3. In practise, when we choose his waies, as David saith, I have sworne and will performe it, that I will keepe thy righteous iudgements, Psal. 119.106.

If upon a diligent scrutinie into our owne hearts and waies, we finde GOD hath the chiefest command over all our thoughts, affections and desires, and that wee are truely ingrafted into CHRIST by faith; wee should then prize the Cove­nant, and improve it to all holy uses.

1. We should highly prize the Covenant.

We should say with David, What am I, 2 Sam. 7.18.19. or what is my fathers [Page 147] house, that I should be raised hi­therto? We should rejoyce in this, that the Great and mighty GOD will enter into Covenant with us, every promise should be precious unto us. That no­ble Emperour Theodosius thought it a greater honour, to be Mem­brum Ecclesiae, then Caput Im­perij, a member of the true Church, then Monarch of the world. Salomon in the booke of his repentance, preferres the ti­tle of Ecclesiastes, a Preacher, or reconciled Penitent, before the title of the Sonne of David, King of Ierusalem.

When Charles the fifth,Abbot his Geography, and Grim­ston. Em­perour, in a challenge to Francis the first King of France, com­manded his Herauld to proclaime him with all his Titles, stiling him the Emperour of Germanie, King of Castile, Arragon, Naples, Sicilie, &c. Francis commanded his Herauld to call him so often King of France, as the other had titles by all his Countries, [Page 148] implying that France alone, was more worth, then all the Countries which the other had. So when the wicked brag of their Honours, Livings, and great Lordships, a child of GOD may say, that GOD is his, he is his portion, and op­pose this to all other dignities whatsoever. For when a man hath GOD, he hath all, hee is Blessednesse it selfe; when hee comes into the heart, all com­forts come along with him. The Child of GOD may view the Heavens, and say, my Father made them; hee may behold the workes of providence, and say, my Father feeds, cloathes and preserves all the creatures in the world: if he be in prosperity, he may say, GOD hath yet reserved greater goods for mee; if in adversity, hee may say, CHRIST hath endured much more for my sake. The Word and Sacraments are his: Hee may goe boldly to the throne [Page 149] of grace, Heb. 10.22. and aske almost what hee will in the name of CHRIST,Gods cove­nant with his people is a covenant of mercy, therefore these two are often joyned to­gether in Scripture, 1 King 8.23. Dan. 94. and elsewhere. 1. Mercy in­duced God to make it. 2 He admi­nisters this Covenant with a great deale of mercy, 1 ac­cepting a lit­tle, 2 giving that little, 3 passing by many pro­vocations. Psal. 31.1 9. Psal. 36.7, 8, 9. Marke 11.24. All his infirmities shall be borne withall, all his indea­vours accepted. He may expect protection in dangers and di­stresses, Psal. 80.14, 15, 16. Every one protects their owne, I am thine (saith David) save mee, Psal. 119.94. He may looke to have his wants supplied, Psal. 23.1, 4. He may boldly challenge Sin, Death, Hell, the Divell, and victoriously triumph over them all with the Apostle, 1 Cor. 15.55, 56, 57. and say with David, The LORD is my light and my sal­vation, whom shall I feare, the LORD is the strength of my life, of whom shall I be afraid? Psal. 27.1.

2. We should also improve the Covenant for all holy purpo­ses.

We must with boldnesse and reverence challenge the Cove­nant of grace. There cannot [Page 150] be a more forcible argument in prayer, then to pleade GODS Covenant and the interest wee have in him. Our Sa­viour, Matth. 6.9. teaching us to pray, bids us to say Our Father, as if hee should say, presume not to aske any petition of GOD, till thou canst so conceive and be per­swaded of him. Those then who are GODS children may pray with confidence un­to him, as a Father: ipsum nomen orat pro nobis, The ve­ry name makes supplication for us.

Thus our Saviour CHRIST prayed, O my Father, three se­verall times, Matth. 26.39, 42, 44. and My GOD, My GOD, Matth. 27.64. Psal. 22.1. The Papists urge their owne merits, and merits of Saints, in their prayers, but GODS people have still urged Cove­nant, Gen. 32.9. Nehem. 2 Chron. 14.11. & 20. [Page 151] 6, 7. Psal. 16.1, 2. Psal. 18.1, 2, 3, 6. Psal. 22.1. & 116.16. Ioh. 17.6.9, 10. Deut. 9.27. 1 Sam. 12.22. Ier. 14.21.Psal. 74.20 & 94.14.

Vnite my heart, saith David, to thy feare, Psal. 86.11. as if he should have said, LORD thou hast promised to give mee one heart; behold I finde my heart divided, disjoynted; unite it I beseech thee: so those that are within the Covenant may goe to GOD, and say, LORD give mee wisedome, faith, pa­tience, for the discharge of my duty toward thee:Phil. 4.6. my heart is out of order, LORD mend it; it is thy bargaine,Psal. 119.125.176. thine owne Co­venant; O doe it for thy names sake. GOD takes it well, if we mind him of his Covenant, and presse him with his pro­mise.

Wee should also aggravate our sinnes in confession, by this, that wee have sinned against Covenant, hand and seale; our sinnes in that respect are [Page 152] worse then the sinnes of Pa­gans or Heathens: they sinne but against Creation, wee a­gainst Covenant;Amos 3.2. Rom. 2.9. whore­dome is worse then fornica­tion.

When wee are tempted to the committing of any sinne, the Covenant should be a curbe to us: wee should say, no; I must now lye no more, sweare no more, breake the LORDS day no more; it is against my bargaine: such a LORDS day, in such a Congregation, be­fore such and such witnesses, I tooke the Sacrament upon it, that I would doe so no more: when wee are taken off from any duty,In the pre­face to the Commande­ments, this is premised to provoke their sub­jection to the whole Law. I am the LORD thy GOD, Exod. 20. and againe, Levit, 18.1, 5. the Covenant should spurre us on, wee should re­member that wee have taken presse money and earnest as it were from GOD in our Bap­tisme, that wee will be for him, that wee have often re­newed our first Covenant in the Sacrament, and therefore there [Page 153] should be no flinching from our bargaine.I am the LORD your GOD, yee shall (therefore) doe my iudgements, and keepe my ordi­nances, and this was the reason of the peoples resolution in Ioshua's time, 24 17, 8. For the LORD is our GOD, &c. ther­fore will we also serve the LORD, for he is our GOD.

2. Temporall Promises.
  • This second Table containes the Speciall Temporall Promises
    • Speciall promises in regard of a mans selfe.
      • Temporall
        • 1. In regard of evill
          • 1. In generall
            • Afflictions, dangers,
              • 1. To prevent them.
              • 2. To qualifie them if they do come
                • by correcting
                  • 1. In gre [...]t wisedome which is seene in
                    • 1. The meetnesse of correcti­on.
                    • 2. The just measure and conti­nu [...]nce thereof.
                  • 2. In love and tendern [...]s.
                  • 3. For good
                    • 1. General to make them happy.
                    • 2. Speciall
                      • 1. To try them.
                      • 2. To purge sin.
                      • 3. To quicken Graces.
                        • 1. Faith.
                          • [...]
                        • 2. Hope.
                        • 3. Patience.
              • 3. To helpe us t [...] beare them and in due time to remove them.
          • 2. Speciall
            • 1. Sicknesse
              • 1. To prevent it.
              • 2. To helpe m [...].
              • 3. To take it aw [...]y.
            • 2. Povertie.
            • 3. Famine
              • Promises to
                • Succour in Deliver [...]t [...]n.
            • 4. Warre, to preserve from it.
            • 5. Captivity
              • Promises t [...]
                • Comfort in Deliver [...]ut.
            • 6. Witchcraft or the possession of the Divell [...].
            • 7. Oppression.
        • 2. In regard of good
          • 1. In generall, to supply any thing needfull.
          • 2. In speciall for
            • 1. Name
              • 1. Hon [...]ur.
              • 2. A go [...]d name.
            • 2. Body
              • 1. Lon [...]-life.
              • 2. Health.
              • 3. Safety.
              • 4. Peace.
              • 5. Sleepe.
              • 6. Po [...]d [...]r [...]iment.
            • 3. Estate
              • 1. Wealth.
              • [...]. Good successe and prosperity
                • 1. To their pers [...]n [...].
                • 2. To their purp [...]s [...]s.
            • 4. Calling
              • Promises
                • To diligence in it
                  • 1. Abund [...]ce and plent [...].
                  • 2. Protecti [...]n.
                  • 3. Prom [...]t [...]a.
                  • 4. Good fate.
                  • 5. It builds th [...] h [...]us [...].
                  • 6. It make [...]

CHAP. II. Of Speciall Temporall Promises. 1. Temporall Promises in re­gard of evill things: • 1. In Generall. • Afflictions and Dangers; • 1. To prevent them.   

GOD will preserve his children from Afflictions and Dan­gers.

HE is a Buckler, Gen. 15.1.Psal. 32.10, Iob 1.10 Pro. 2.7. & 30.5. to keep them from all evill, to cover and compasse them round about, Psal. 5.11, 12. Psal. 8.2. A wall of Brasse, Ier. 1.18. and A wall He saith, not (saith Theo [...]lores) a wall of stone or of brasse, but of fire, that it may both fray a fai [...]e of and keepe of toe at hand, that it may not onely protect them, but destroy their enemies, Non saxe [...], non aheneus, sed igneus, qui & comminus arecat, & eminus terreat. of Fire about his children, Zach. 2.5.

[Page 156] As the mountaines are round about Ierusalem, so the LORD is round about his people, Psal. 125.2. There shall no evill befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling, Psal. 91.10. The LORD shall preserve thee from all evill, Psal. 121.7. There shall no evill touch thee, Iob 5.19.

Ezra 8.22, 31 Gen. 32.GOD hath promised to pro­tect his children in all their waies, Psal. 91.11. and to preserve them in greatest dangers by Sea or land. God will be with his in the fire, as he was with the three chil­dren: and in the water, as he was with Moses and Ionah.

Fire and water are two merci­lesse enemies, yet the fire shall not burne, nor the waters over­flow them, as GOD hath pro­mised, Esay 43.2. They must not passe by these, by the fire and by the water, but through the fire and through the water, neither is here water mentioned onely but flouds or rivers of water, nor fire onely but a flame too. Surely in the By floods of waters, the Scrip­tures meta­phorically expresse great dan­gers, and violent troubles, Psal. 42.7 Rev. 1 [...].15 Esay 59.19. flouds of great waters they shall not come nigh unto him, Psal. 52.6. An asseveration is added [Page 157] to confirme their hearts, and to shew the truth of the pro­mise.

Though the earth, and the hea­vens be shaken, yet GOD will be the hope of his people, Ioel 3.16. And they shall be hid in the day of his anger, Zeph. 2.3.

Therefore such who are in Covenant with GOD may looke to be freed from evills and dangers, if it be for their good; and in the valley of the shadow of death may assure themselves of GODS merci­full omnipotent presence, Psal. 23.4. Psal. 73.26. Psal. 91.15. Esay 43.2.

2. To qualifie them if they doe come. GOD will qualifie Afflictions to his children.

He will correct them.

  • 1. In great wisedome, which is seene in two things:
    • [Page 158]1. In the meetnesse of correction, Heb. 12.9, 10. Furthermore wee had fathers of our flesh, which corrected us, and wee gave them reve­rence: shall wee not much rather be in sub­iection to the father of spirits and live? For they verily for a few daies chastened us after their owne pleasure; but hee for our profit, that wee might be partakers of his holinesse. Earthly Parents oft correct their children after their owne pleasure to satisfie their will: but GOD our hea­venly Father in great wisdome considereth,
      [...] nocumenta, documenta. Schola cru­cis, schola lucis. Detrimen­ta Corporum, incrementa virtutum. Gregory.
      with what correction, and when to cha­stize his, so as may be most for their profit, yea the best profit, [Page 159] to repaire his image of holinesse in them.
    • 2. In the just measure and continuance there­of,
      Psal 119.75.
      Ier. 46.28. & 30.11. Esay 27.7, 8. 1 Cor. 10.13. they shall not be tempted above their strength, GOD will not lay more on man then is meet, that he should enter into iudge­mēt with God, Iob 34.23 Affliction is mo­mentany, CHRIST comforts his Disciples with the shortnesse of afflictions, Ioh. 16.16. GOD will not keepe his anger for ever, Ier. 3.12. Ezek. 16.42. Micah 7.18. nor cast off for ever, Lam. 3.31.

      Esay 10.25. & 26 20. Ch. 54.7, 8. Chap 57.16.

      Hos. 6.2. Heb 10.37. 1 Pet. 1.6. & 5.10.

      David had great ex­perience of this, as he often professeth, Psal. 30.5. Psal. 103.9. The rod of the wicked shall [Page 160] not rest upon the lot of the righteous Psalme 125.3.
  • God hath the wisdome of a Father, and the bowels of a Mother.
    2. In love and tendernesse, GOD compareth him­selfe to a Father, Psal. 103.13, 14. to a Mother, Esay 49.15, 16. I will not execute the fiercenesse of mine anger, for I am GOD and not man, He­sea 11.9. and in the 8. verse he saith,
    Ier. 31.21. A child ne­ver sits so much on his mothers lap, and in her bosome, as when sick; so the Spouse being sick of love, that is, in some mi­sery, Christ stayeth her with fl [...]gons, comforts her with apples; his left hand is under her head, and his right hand doth embrace her, Cant. 2.5, 6.
    His heart is turned within him, his repentings are kindled toge­ther. GOD there imi­tates parents (saith Theo­doret) when any misery is upon a child, their bowels yearne more. There is an ex­cellent expression in Iudg. 10.16. His soule was grieved for the misery of Israel. He doth not afflict willingly, nor grieve the children of men, Lam. 3.33. Judgement is called [Page 161] his Strange worke, Esay 28.21. which wee in­force him unto. At (que) dolet quoties cogitur esse ferox. In all their afflicti­ons hee is afflicted, Esay 63.9. Affliction cannot separate from his love, Rom. 8.35, 39. He preser­veth their teares (as pre­tious liquor) in his bottle, Psal. 56.8. See Psal. 116.15. Psal. 31.7. Psal. 38.9. Psal. 145.8, 9.

3. For good. GOD afflicts his children for their good.

There are many benefits,Afflictions are sanctifi­ed to the godly. which GOD promiseth, and his Spirit worketh by afflicti­ons.

  • 1. Generall: they are bles­sed whom the LORD correcteth, Behold happy is the man whom GOD correcteth: therefore de­spise [Page 162] not thou the chaste­ning of the Almighty, Iob 5.17. the like promise we have, Iam. 1.12. Psal. 94.12. Whom the LORD loveth hee correcteth,
    Qui excipi­tur à numero flagella [...]orū, exelpitur à numero silio­rum. He that [...]scapes his a [...]fliction, may suspect his adoptiō. Deus unicum habet silium sine peccato, nullum sine stagello. Rev. 3.19.
    even as a father the sonne in whom hee delighteth, Pro. 3.12. Quem unicè diligit, whom he cockers above the rest of his children: so the Hebrew word signifieth. That Sonne in whom hee is well pleased, saith Mercerus, quem approbat, whom he makes his white boy, so Theophylact inter­prets, Heb. 12.6. The Originall there [...] chastize, is derived from [...] a sonne or childe. Our light affliction
    2 Cor. 4.17 Who can shew a ri­cher and fuller ex­pression in Tully or De­mosthenes, then is in the Greeke, where there is both an elegant Antithesis and double hyperbole beyond en­glishing.
    which is but for a moment, wor­keth for us a farre more exceeding and eternall waight of glory. Wee shall have for Affliction, [Page 163] Glory; For light affli­ction, Heavie, Massie, Substantiall Glory, a waight of Glory; For Momentany affliction, eternall Glory. He ad­deth also degrees of comparison, yea goeth beyond all degrees, cal­ling it More excellent, farre more excellent, an exceeding, excessive, eter­nall weight of Glory. See Rom. 8.18. Acts 14.22. 2 Tim. 2.12. 1 Cor. 11.32. Matth. 5.10, 11. Luke 6.22. 1 Pet. 3.14. & 4.14. Iam. 5.11. Psal. 119.71. Lament. 3.27.
  • 2. Speciall.
    • 1. Afflictions are tri­alls: the godly by them have experi­ence of their frail­ties and graces, and come to know GOD [Page 164] and themselves, 2 Chron. 33.13. This is oft set out by this comparison of gold and silver tried by the fire, Zach. 13.9. Prov. 17.3. Psal. 66.10. 1 Pet. 4.12. Iames calls afflicti­ons temptations,
      Iam. 1.2.
      because they serve to try what is in us. GOD led the Is­raelites forty yeares in the wildernesse, To prove them, and to know what was in their heart:
      Deut. 8.2, 3, 16.
      that is, that they might know, saith Iunius. The skill of a Pilot is unknowne but in a tempest: the va­lour of a Captaine is unseene but in a battell, and the worth of a Chri­stian is untried but [Page 165] in triall and temp­tation.
    • 2. They shall purge sinne, they are so­veraigne medicines to kill spirituall diseases. GODS children shall come out of the fornace of affliction much more refined and purified, as Iob did, and lose nothing but their drosse. By this the iniquity of Jacob shall be pur­ged, and this is all the fruite to take a­way his sinne, Esay 27.9. I will purely purge away thy drosse, and take away all thy tinne, Esay 1.25. Many shall be puri­fied, made white, and tried, Dan. 12.10. Wee know that all things worke together [Page 166] for good to them that love GOD,

      That one v. 35. of 11. of Daniel, And some of them of understan­ding shall fall, to try them, and to purge, and to make them white: shew­eth that these were the three chiefe ends of their af­flictions:

      • 1. To try what drosse of corrupti­on & what sound met­tall of grace was in them.
      • 2. To purge out the cor­ruption which was yet found remaining in them.
      • 3. To make them more beautifull and shining in grace.
      to them who are the called according to his purpose, Rom. 8.28. Wee, that is, not only I and you, but all the faithfull know, have great proofe of it by dai­ly experience, that all afflictions (for of them he specially speaketh) how ma­ny or how great soever they be, shall procure and further our chiefest good, the welfare and happinesse of our soules. See Iohn 15.2. Prov. 20.30. Psal, 119.67. Esay 4.4. Iob 33.16, 17. & 36.8, 9, 10, 15. Hosea 2.6, 7.
    • 3. They quicken gra­ces, they make us [Page 167] partakers of GODS holinesse, and bring forth the quiet fruit of righteousnesse, Heb. 12.10, 11. The in­ward man is re­newed by them, 2 Cor. 4.16.
      • 1. Faith is exer­cised in be­leeving most assuredly the promises that GOD hath made of our deliverance, that the triall of your faith being much more pretious then of gold that perisheth,
        God afflicts his people, that they might trust in Him. Zeph. 3.12.
        though it be tryed with fire, might be found unto praise and glo­ry at the appea­ring of JESUS CHRIST. [Page 168] CHRIST. Faith is as much advan­ced by affli­ctions, as gold by fire. The 11. Chapter to the Hebrewes pro­veth this. Af­flictions (saith one) cause us to seeke out GODS pro­mise,
        Hos. 5 15. Psal. 107.6, 13, 19. Esay 26.16.
        the pro­mise to seeke faith, faith to seeke prayer, and prayer to find GOD.
      • 2. Hope in assu­ring her selfe of the reward promised to them that suf­fer patiently; Tribulatiō wor­keth patience; patience, expe­rience, [Page 169] and ex­perience hope, Rom. 5.3, 4.
      • 3. Patience is exercised in bearing quiet­ly. Tribulation worketh pati­ence, as was said, Account it all joy, when yee fall into divers tempta­tions; know­ing this, that the triall of your faith wor­keth patience, Iam. 1.2, 3.

3. To helpe us to beare them, and in due time to remove them.

GOD promiseth to helpe us to beare afflictions, and in due time to remove them.

[Page 170] Though he fall hee shall not be utterly cast downe, for the LORD upholdeth him with his hand, Psal. 73.23. Psal. 37.24.2 Cor 7.3. As their afflictions abound, so shall their consolations also, 2 Cor. 1.5.The LORD also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in time of trou­ble, Psal. 9.9. See v. 18, Psal. 46.1, 2, 3 Vnto the upright there ariseth light in darknesse, Psal. 11 [...].4. that is com­fort in affli­ctions. They shall have the Comforter himselfe, Ioh. 14.16. Ioh. 15.26. & 16.7. GOD of­ten promiseth to his people to be a sure and speedy helpe in all troubles, David had great expe­rience thereof.

The booke of Psalmes is full of those speeches: GOD is my Rocke, my Tower, my Refuge, my Shield and Buckler, my Health and Strength, Psal. 18.2. Psal. 31.3. Psal. 71.3. Psal. 94.22. & 73.25, 26. All which speeches shew, that what helpe any man in any dan­ger, may finde in any earthly meanes whatsoever; GOD is the same and much more to all his people in all their necessities, bodily or spirituall.

The like are those speeches, that GOD will lighten our darkenesse, he will keepe the feet of his Saints, hee [Page 171] will not forsake them, nor for­get their complaint, that they shall not be confounded in the time of trouble: Hee will hide them in his pavillion, Psal. 27.4, 5. And cover them with his feathers, Psal. 91.1, 4. His An­gels shall pitch their tents a­bout them, hee will set them up on high from such as rise against them, he will heale their wounds, Ier. 30.17.

GOD sees our affliction and knowes it well, Exod. 3.7. Hee heareth our sighs, and remembring his Covenant helps us, Exod. 2.23, 24, 25.

All afflictions come from him, the Almighty hath afflicted mee, saith Naomi, Ruth 1.21. it is of­ten called the Chastening of the LORD. When we are iudged, Heb. 12.5. saith the Apostle, we are chastened of the LORD, 1 Cor. 11.32. And the same GOD which imposed the affliction, takes it away, Deut. 32.39. 1 Sam. 2.6, 7. Iob 5.18. [Page 172] Vna eadem (que) manus, vulnus opem (que) tulit;’ GOD will be the strength of the righ­teous in their trouble, and their salva­tion out of trouble. Psal. 37.39, 40. David had great proofe hereof, and therfore after a mighty deliverance, composed that excellent Ps. 34. See 7, 17, 19. verses.

I know the thoughts that I think towards you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace to give you an expected end, Ier. 29.11. Reioyce not (saith the Church) against me O mine enemy. When I fall, I shall arise, when I sit in darkenesse, the LORD shall be a light unto mee, &c. Micah 7.8, 9. Light is sowne for the righteous, and ioy for the up­right in heart, Psal. 97.11. The latter part of the verse ex­pounds the former; by light is meant joy, and by righteous the upright in heart. Ioy is sowne for these, and as sure as an harvest followes a feeding; so to these comfort followes mourning, If wee sow in teares, we shall reape in ioy.

[Page 173]I will be content (saith D. Hall) with a wet spring, so I may be sure of a cleare and joyfull har­vest.

Your sorrow shall be turned in­to ioy, Ioh. 16.20. if CHRIST had onely promised that their sorrow should be mitigated or shortly ended, it had beene a great comfort, but this ministreth abundant consolation. Never was Gold-smith more curious and precise to watch the very first season, when the gold is through­ly refined and fitted for use, that he may take it out of the for­nace;Mal, 3.3. then our gracious GOD waites in such cases with an holy longing, that he may have mercy upon his children, and deliver them.Esay 30.18. He shall deliver thee in sixe troubles, yea in seaven there shall no evill touch thee, Ioh. 5.19. Many of the Learned say, that here by sixe and seven, the Spirit of GOD alludeth unto the daies of the LORDS worke in Creating the world, and his resting on the [Page 174] seventh day; that so must his ser­vants labour under afflictions all the daies of their life, and shall rest from those labours in the per­petuall Sabbath. Rather sixe or seaven are to be understood in­definitely,Numeri defi­niti pro inde­finitis. certaine numbers for uncertaine things: seaven referred to humane evills importeth many, Pro. 24.16.

See Psal. 91.14, 15. Pro. 11.8. Psal. 50.15. Psal. 149.4. 1 Cor. 10.13. 2 Cor. 4.8.

The meditation of these gra­cious promises may comfort GODS people in trouble.Faith loo­keth unto God, and acknow­ledgeth his hand in all afflictions, Amos 3.6. and this will ca [...]se pati­ence, 1 Sam. 3.18. Psal. 39 19. Iob 1.21. Hos. 6.1. GOD assures me, hee will lay no more upon me, then I shall be able to beare, either my burden shall be made lighter, or my faith stron­ger.

We should goe to the LORD then in our afflictions, and say, LORD, it is part of thy Cove­nant to deliver me from such a crosse and calamity; LORD thou hast said, that the rod of the wicked shall not rest upon the lot of [Page 175] the Righteous; that thou wilt af­flict, but in measure, according to our strength, and for our good. O sanctifie thy hand unto me, give me faith and patience to waite up­on thee, wisedome to make a good use of this chastizement;God hath made a swee [...]e promise of gi­ving liberally even wisdome to behave our selves under the crosse, if we aske it. Iam. 1.4, 5. See Ier. 33 2. Lam. 3.39, 40. let it purge mee from my drosse, and breed the quiet fruit of righte­ousnesse.

The end of chastizement is amendment of life, whence it re­ceiveth the name of correction, which signifieth to set right or streight. Therefore we must first labour to finde out the sinne, for which GOD correcteth us. For which purpose let us remember that place, Iob 36.9. If they be tyed with the cords of affliction, then will I shew them their workes and their sins. When we have found it out, let us be humbled for it, make our peace with GOD, and reforme our selves, Ioh. 5.14. and then we may expect comfort from GOD. This the LORD both promised and performed to Iob, Iob 11.14. [Page 176] and in him to all that are afflicted. Zophar telleth Iob, that which GOD himselfe did make good at last: If iniquit be in thine hand, put it farre away, and let not wicked­nesse dwell in thy tabernacles. It must be the care of the afflicted to purge his hand and house of all manner of wickednesse and sin. Then it followeth, verse 15. Thou shalt lift up thy face without spot, yea thou shalt be stedfast and not feare, that is, Thou shalt enjoy the comfortable assurance of the re­mission of thy sinnes, and shalt rest perswaded, that the staine thereof is quite done away before the LORD. And for his out­ward estate hee addeth, ver. 16. Thou shalt forget thy misery. He shall be quite freed from all the trouble of it, Thou shalt remember it as waters that are past: which cause the meddowes to be more fat and fertile, then they would have beene, ver. 17. Thine age (saith he) shall be clearer than the noone day, thou shalt shine forth and [Page 177] be as the morning. The comfort of a sinner reformed by correcti­ons, shall be plentifull and excel­lent as the brightnesse of the noone-tide sun, and withall, con­stant, durable, and on the growing hand, as the light of the mor­ning.

Faith makes us depend on GODS promises in our afflicti­ons, and patiently expect the issue that he will give, and that with­out prefixing any time, for Hee that beleeveth doth not make hast, It may be understood either as a precept, Le [...] him not make hast, or as a pro­mise, He shall not make haste. Esay 28.16. or prescribing any meanes to him, as faithfull Mo­ses when he said, Stand yee still and see the salvation of the LORD, Exod. 14.13.

Faith doth not limit GOD for the measure of affliction; Iob saith, He will trust in GOD though he kill him, Job 13.1 [...]. It was a grievous affliction for Da­vid to be driven out of his king­dome by his owne Sonne, yet he saith in that slight, If he say, I have no delight in him, behold here [Page 178] I am, let him doe unto me as see­meth good in his eyes, 2 Sam. 15.26. Therefore in all our afflicti­ons, let us set faith a worke, for this stirres up prayer, and prayer stirres up Prayer of the Saints in time of afflictions, can doe more then all the witches in the world can doe (to whom di­vellish min­ded people seeke in their trou­bles) for they can but set the Divels a­work, but prayer will set God a­worke, GOD, and GOD stirres up all the crea­tures.

Faith gathereth one contrary out of another, life out of death, assurance of sweetest deliverances out of deepest distresses; For the LORD shall iudge his people and repent himselfe for his servants, when hee seeth that their power is gone, and there is none shut up or left, Deut. 32.36. 2 King. 14, 26. Going into captivity, was a signe of the Israelites returning out of Captivity.S Ierome saith it was a proverbe among the Hebrews, God will help us in the Mount, Gen 2 [...].14 and it is an english pro­verbe, mans extremity is Gods opportunity. Faith will teach us to say, he hath chastized me accor­ding as he hath threatned, ther­fore he wil comfort me according as he hath promised, Ier. 32.42. It will extract abundance of com­fort, in the most desperate distres­ses, from those places, 2 Chron. 20.12. Prov. 18.10. Esay 33.9, 10. For [Page 179] the nature of it is to beleeve GOD upon his bare word,Ibi incipit auxilium di­vinum, ubi defici [...] huma­num. Psal. 61.2, 3. and that a­gainst sense in things invisible, and against reason in things incredi­ble, Heb. 11.1. David, Psal. 56.10. though sorely afflicted, yet rejoyceth in GOD, because of his naked promise; the woman of Canaan could picke comfort out of the reproachfull name of dog. Hath not GOD promised and assured me not to faile nor forsake me, but to uphold me in affliction,Psal. 27.10. and bring me through it, and com­fort me by it, and glorifie me after it? therefore I should with A­braham hope against hope, and ap­prehend the certaine accomplish­ment of these promises by faith; when sense and carnall reason see nothing but the contrary.

CHAP. III. Temporall Promises in regard of evill things. • Speciall. • Sicknesse, Poverty, Famine, Warre, Captivity, Witchcraft, or possessi­on of the Divell, Op­pression.  

Promises in regard of Sick­nesse.

1. TO prevent Sicknesse and keepe it away.1. To pre­vent sick­nesse.

If thou wilt diligent­ly hearken to the voice of the LORD thy GOD, and wilt doe that which is right in his sight, and wilt give eare to his Commande­ments, and keepe all his statutes; I will put none of these diseases upon thee which I have brought upon the Aegyptians, for I am the LORD [Page 181] that healeth thee, Exod. 15.26. Deut. 7.15.

GOD will preserve his chil­dren from the pestilence,Pro 3.25. Psal. 91.3, 6, 7, 10. He will certainly deli­ver them from the hurt of it, so as it shall not hinder the good or sal­vation of any in the godly mans house.

2. If sicknesse be amongst us, to helpe in it,2. To helpe in sicknesse. and remove it from us. The LORD will strengthen him upon the bed of languishing, thou wilt make all his bed in his sicknesse, Psal. 41.3.

And the LORD will take away from thee all sicknesse, 3. To take it away. Iob 5 18. Deut. 7.15. And I will take sicknesse away from the midst of thee, Exod. 23.25.

In all our bodily infirmities and sore diseases, we should re­member some of these promises, and lay hold on them by faith, that wee faint not nor mur­mure.

Promises in regard of Pover­ty.

[Page 182]There is a generall promise made to all that feare GOD, 1 Tim. 4.8. Psal. 34.9, 10. Heb. 13.5.Mat. 6.33.

And many other speciall pro­mises likewise, which may com­fort and strengthen the godly a­gainst murmuring and impatiency in hard times: I will abundantly blesse her provision, I will satisfie her poore with bread, Psal. 132.15. Deut. 8.16. No rich man under Heaven can be so assured, that hee and his shall be preserved from beggery, as every poore Christian may be. For though the LORD in infinite bounty doe be­stow those blessings on wicked men in great abundance, yet they belong to them onely ex largitate, out of a generall providence; but to the faithfull ex promisso, out of GODS The good that comes by the pro­mise, is a more sure, compleate and comfor­table good. Iob 21.7, 8. Ier. 12.1, 2. Psal. 73.12. promise; David beholding how much it vexed GODS children to see the wicked prosper in this world, and the godly distressed, of purpose made the 37. Psalme, to hearten [...] the [Page 183] godly against this sore tentation, which in all ages much troubled GODS people; and there hee sheweth that the state of the godly is far better even in this life, then that of the wicked, 3, 4, 5, 11, 16. verses. To the same purpose was made the 73. Psalme.

See Psal. 16.5, 6. Psal. 23. Psal. 10.14. Psal. 109.31. He raiseth up the poore out of the dust, and lif­teth the needie out of the dunghill, Psal. 103.7.

I have beene young (saith Da­vid in that 37. Psalme 25. verse) and now am old, yet have I not seene the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread. Davids saying may be taken 1. as his owne observa­tion in his time; for he saith not, the righteous is never forsaken; but that he never saw it, and it is a rare thing: 2. (which Expositi­on Master Perkins approves) the righteous man is never forsaken and his seed too; GOD may make triall of godly Parents by want, but their godly children [Page 184] shall surely be blessed: 3. hee saith, hee never saw the righ­teous and his seed forsaken, beg­ging bread; that is, no not forsaken when they were beg­ging their bread.

God will either sup­ply the wants of his children or inable them to beare them, as he taught Paul how to want, Phil. 4.12. Gen. 15 1. Hab. 3 17, 18Whensoever wee are pinched with any earthly necessity, we should runne to one of these gracious promises; for if wee rightly beleeve them, they will make us cast our care on GOD that careth for us, and moderate our immeasurable carking after the things of this world, moving us patiently to waite for the ac­complishment of our desires, or contentedly to want what GOD denieth, Phil. 4.5. 1 Pet. 5.7. Psal. 55.22. Psal. 37.4, 5. Deut. 8.3.

Promises for succour in Fa­mine

At destructi­on and fa­mine thou shalt laugh, Iob. 5 22. God will not leave his in fa­mine, but will then relieve them, as he did the widdow of Zar [...]ph [...]ah. Particular promises for helpe in Famine, and deliverance from it.

In Famine he shall redeeme thee [Page 185] from death, Iob 5.20. The LORD will not suffer the soule of the righ­teous to famish, Prov. 10.3. Behold the eye of the LORD is upon them that feare him, upon them that hope in his mercy, to keepe them alive in famine, Psal. 33.19. In the daies of famine they shall be satisfied, Psal. 37.19. If I shut up Heaven (saith the LORD) th [...]t there be no raine, or if I command the Locusts to devoure the land; if my people shall humble themselves and pray, and seeke my face, and turne from their wicked waies, then will I heare from heaven and will for­give their sinne, and heale their land. 2 Chron. 7.13, 14. In that day I will heare saith the LORD, I will heare the Heavens, and they shall heare the Earth, and the earth shall heare the corne, and the wine, and the oyle, and they shall heare Iezreel, Hosea 2.21, 22. When the poore and needy seeke water and there is none,Esay 41.17, 18. and their tongue faileth for thirst; I the LORD will heare them▪ I the GOD of Israel will [Page 186] not forsake them. I will open rivers in high places, and fountaines in the midst of the valleys, I will make the wildernesse a poole of water, and the drie land springs of water.

See Ioel 2.18, 19. Zach. 8.11, 12. & 10.1. Mal. 3.10.

GODS children in time of scarcity should live by faith, Mat. 4.4. feede on the promise, and de­pend on GODS allowance: when our owne provision failes us, then not to distrust the provision of GOD, is a noble tryall of faith.

Promises to preserve from Warre, and deliver from the Sword.

The LORD will preserve his children from Warre, Thou shalt not see a fierce people, Esay 33.19.

The enemies being astonished shall be a prey to the Church, ver. 23.

GOD will deliver them from the Sword, as he saith Ier. [Page 187] 39.17, 18. I will deliver thee in that day, and thou shalt not be given into the hand of the men of whom thou art afraid. For I will surely deliver thee, and thou shalt not fall by the sword, but thy life shall be for a prey unto thee, because thou hast put thy trust in me, saith the LORD.

In Warre he shall redeeme thee from the power of the sword, Iob 5.20.

Promises to comfort in and deliver out of Captivity.

Although I have cast them farre off among the heathen, Levit. 25.44. and although I have scattered them among the countries, yet will I be to them a little Sanctuary in the countries where they shall come, Ezek. 11.16. See ver. 17.

I will give you a reviving there, Ezra 9.8. And make you to be pit­tied of those that shall carry you captive, Psal. 106.46.

Then the LORD thy GOD will turne thy captivity, and have [Page 188] compassion upon thee, and will re­turne and gather thee from all the nations whither the LORD thy GOD hath scattered thee. This pro­mise, Deut. 30. [...]. was performed by Christ, Luke 4 18. Ephes. 4.8. If any of thine be driven out unto the ut­most parts of Heaven, from thence will the LORD thy GOD ga­ther thee, and from thence will hee fetch thee, &c. Deut. 30.3, 4, 5. Ne­hemiah sueth out this promise, Nehem. 1.9.

There was a promise made unto Israel to restore them out of the great captivity of Babylon; and this seemed to them as incredible, as for men to be raised out of their graves, after so many yeares con­sumption; therefore they said, Our bones are dried, and our hope is lost, we are cut off for our parts: we have no more reason to be­leeve any promise, or to rest up­on any expectations of delive­rance, then dead bones have to re­vive againe. Therefore the LORD acquainteth them with his power, together with his promises; O my people, yee shall [Page 189] know that I am the LORD, that is, that my waies and thoughts are infinitely above your shallow apprehension, when I shall have brought you out of your graves, Ezek. 37.11, 13, 14.

See Psal. 14.7. and 53.6. Ier. 30.6.18.

A promise against Witchcraft or possession of the Divell.

Surely there is no inchantment a­gainst Iacob, neither is there any divination against Israel, Num. 23.23.

This is promised conditionally; so farre as it is good for GODS people, they shall be freed from it.

Promises against Oppression.

It is one of the LORDS most royall titles, to be the Fa­ther of the Fatherlesse, and a Iudge of the widdowes, Psal. 68.5. To be a Refuge for the oppressed,Psal. 22.24. Psal. 140.12. Psal. 9.9, 10, 14. Esay 25.4. For the oppressi­on of the poore, for the sighing of the [Page 190] needy, now will I arise (saith the LORD) I will set him in safety from him that puffeth at him,Exod. 22.23. Deut. 10.8. & 14.29. & 24.20. Psal. 12.5. He executeth iudgement for the oppressed, preserveth the stran­gers, relieveth the fatherlesse and widdow, Psal. 146.7, 9. In thee the fatherlesse findeth mercy, Hosea 14.3.

CHAP. IIII. Temporall promises in regard of good things.

1. In Generall, to supply any thing needfull.

GOD hath promised to provide things needfull for the godly.

All earthly blessings are intai­led to godlinesse by that graci­ous promise, 1 Tim. 4.8. Godlinesse [Page 191] hath the promise of the life that now is, and that which is to come.

It is said, Nothing shall be wan­ting, Psal. 34.9. All things shall be ministred, Matth. 6.33. GOD shall fulfill all your necessity, Phi­lip. 4.19.

As a tender Father desiring the welfare of his beloved child, bids him to be a good and obedient child, and he shall not want any thing; so the LORD bids us as good children, hearken to his voice, and be ruled by him, and tels us we shall not want any thing that is good, Psal. 34.8, 9, 10. & 84, 11.

This is that which is so oft repeated, That it may goe well with thee in the land, which the LORD thy GOD giveth thee, Deut. 5.16, 33. & 6.3, 18. & 12.25, 28.

This is meant in those Scrip­tures which set out the goodnesse of the LORD,Thou ar [...] good and dost good. Psal 119.68. Psal. 31.19. Psal. 145.9. and many other places, where GODS goodnesse, [Page 192] loving kindnesse and mercy, and that specially in things belon­ging to this naturall life, are commended unto us. In those generall promises, wherein GOD saith, He will dwell with his, and not forsake them, that he will love and blesse his people, that he will be their GOD, will reioyce over them to doe them good, Ier. 32 41. will compasse them with favour as with a shield, that he will set peace in their borders, and prosper them in all they goe about, that he will keepe his Cove­nant with them. For outward riches are a part of his Covenant, All things are yours, The Lord undertakes not only by single pro­mise, but by Covenant to furnish his people with all needfull blessings pertaining to this life. we are heires of all the world. In the Covenant of grace, GOD promiseth not onely to write his law in our hearts and to forgive our sinne; but also to conferre Temporall blessings, as they shall be serviceable to us in our journey towards Heaven, Ier. 31.10, 11, 12, 14. Ezek. 34.25, 26, 27. & 36.29, 30. Hosea 2.20, 21, 22.

He hath given us his Sonne, the [Page 193] Fountaine of all good things, what can he denie us then that may be for our good and comfort?R [...]. good The promise of CHRIST be­fore his incarnation, was to the Jewes a seale of all temporall things promised.

Our Saviour saith, Seeke yee first the Kingdome of GOD, and his Righteousnesse, and all these things shall be added unto you. Mat. 6.33. First] in time before all other things; and in degree above all other things, and all these needfull things] shall be cast in. As when a man buyeth spice, fruit, or any such commo­dity, paper and packthred is given into the bargaine.

It is the property of true sa­ving faith, not onely to lay hold on the mercy of GOD for the pardon of sinne, and life everla­sting in CHRIST; but on his promises also for Temporall blessings that concerne this life. As wee looke to be saved by our faith after death, so we must live [...] faith in this world; if we relie [Page 194] upon his mercy for our soules, we must depend upon his providence for our bodies. How doth he trust in GOD for a Kingdome, that will not trust him for a crust of bread?

Faith receiveth earthly bles­sings not as the fruit of our la­bour or desert, but as the gifts of GODS bounty, yea as gifts of the gracious Covenant procee­ding from the free love of GOD.

Temporall promises in regard of good things.

  • Speciall.
    • For
      • 1. Name.
        • 1. Honour.
        • 2. A good name.
      • 2. Body.
        • 1. Long life.
        • 2. Health.
        • 3. Safetie.
        • 4. Peace.
        • 5. Sleepe.
        • 6. Foode, raiment.
      • 3. Estate.
        • 1. Wealth.
        • 2. Good successe and prosperity.
          • 1. To their persons.
          • 2. To their purposes.
      • 4. Calling.
        • Promises to di­ligence in it.
          • 1. Abundance and plenty.
          • 2. Protection.
          • 3. Promotion.
          • 4. Good suc­cesse.
          • 5. It builds the house.
          • 6 It makes sleep comfortable.

[Page 196]GOD hath promised, not on­ly to give these outward things but to blesse them to his chil­dren.

CHAP. V. 2. Temporall Promises in re­gard of good things. 1. Speciall.

Promises to GODS children in respect of their Name.

1. Honour.

GOD saith, Hee will ho­nour those that honour him, 1 Sam. 2.30.Exod. 19 5. Psal. 91.14. Deut 28 1. Esay 58.14. Psal. 14 [...].18. Iob 36.7. If any man serve mee, him will my Father honour, Ioh. 12 26. His borne shall be ex­alted with hon [...]ur, Psal. 113.9. He raiseth up the poore out of the dust, and lift [...]th the needy out of the dunghill, th [...]s he may [...] him with Princes, Psal 113.7, 8 Deut. 28.13. Many shall make store unto thee, Iob [...]1, 19. And Wise­dome will honour those that honour her, Pro. 4.7, 8, 9. So it is oft said, Riches and honour are with her, Pro. 3.16. and verse 35. The wise shall inherit glory. So Chap. 13.18. Hee [Page 197] that regardeth reproofe, shall be honoured. This is meant by all those speeches where it is said, that hearkning to instruction will adorne and bring into estimation, as costly ornaments of bracelets, jewels and the like will doe; so it is, Pro. 1.9. They shall be an orna­ment of grace unto thy head, and chaines about thy neck. See Chap. 3.22. & 4.9.

The gracious woman receiveth honour, Pro. 11.16. Righteous­nesse exalteth a na [...]ion, Prov. 14.34.

GOD doth highly esteeme of the godly himselfe. Since thou wast precious in my sight, thou hast beene honourable and I have lo­ved thee, Esay 43.4. and he will make the wicked to honour them. The evill bow before the good, and the wicked at the gates of the righ­teous, Pro. 14.19. Behold I will make them of the Synagogue of Satan to come and worship before thy feet and to know that I have loved thee, Rev. 3.9.

2. Good name.

A good name is better then precious ointment, Eccles. 7.1. and rather to be chosen then great ri­ches, Pro. 22.1.

GOD hath made many pro­mises concerning this.

The memory of the Iust is blessed, Pro. 10.7.

I will make you a name and praise among all the people of the earth, saith the LORD, Zeph. 3.20.

I will give them an everlasting name that shall not be cut off, Esay 56.5.

The righteous shall be in ever­lasting remembrance, Psal. 112.6.

Promises to GODS children in respect of the Body.

1. Long life.

The LORD, that hee may stirre up his people to obedience, doth make many promises of [Page 199] long life, and many daies; as in the fift Commandement,Exod. 20.1 [...] which the Apostle saith is the first Commandement with Promise,He that followeth afte [...] righteousnes, as a man followeth a trade, shall finde honour and life, true honour and eternall life. Pro. 21.21. Ephes. 6.2. every child is there commanded to Honour his Fa­ther and Mother, upon this pro­mise, that his daies may be long in the land. So Deut. 5.33. Deut. 25.15. & 30.20. In the Proverbes this is very oft repeated, Chap. 3.1, 2. My sonne forget not my law, but let thine heart keepe my commandements; for length of daies and long life and peace shall they add to thee. And 16. and 18. verses of the same Chapter, and Chap. 4. from the 5. verse to 14. Chap. 8.35. Chap. 9.11. Chap. 10.25, 27. Chap. 11.19, 30. & 14.30. This GOD promised to Salomon, See Esay 65.20, 22. Psal 91 16. Psal. 1 [...]8.6. Iob 5.26. 1 King. 3.14. and the like is spoken more generally, that the Prince that hateth cove­tousnesse shall prolong his daies, Prov. 28.16. and also Deut. 17.19, 20.

Long life is promised to the [Page 200] observers of the whole law, Deut. 6.2. and other particular bran­ches of it, Psalm. 34.12, 13, 14.

In all the perills of this life, by sickenesse, warre, famine, theeves, or any wicked enemy whatsoever, we may call to minde some of these promises and so rest quiet thereupon, that none of these nor any thing else shall shorten our daies more then shall turne to our good.

2. Health.

GOD hath promised bodi­ly health and strength unto his people, that they may enjoy and make use of these earthly com­forts.

Salomon, Pro. 3.7. exhorting us to feare the LORD and depart from evill, adds this as a pro­mise, verse 8. It shall be health to thy navill, and marrow to thy bones, that is, soundnesse of health to thy whole body, and Chap. [Page 201] 4.22. He saith, That the true re­ceiving of instructions, is life to those that finde them, and health to all their flesh.

Bodily strength is often pro­mised.

The LORD will give strength unto his people, Psal. 29.11. See Psal. 103.5.

3. Safety.

Then shalt thou walke in thy way safely,Psal. 121.3. and thy foot shall not stumble, Pro. 3.23. See verse 26. 1 Sam. 2.9.

The Name of the LORD is a strong tower,An example hereof we have in David, 1 Sam, 306. Psal. 8 2. Ier 46.27 Micah. 4.4. the righteous runneth unto it and is safe, Pro. 18.10.

He that walketh uprightly wal­keth surely, Pro. 10.9.

Who so hearkeneth unto mee shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from feare of evill, Prov. 1.33.

Thou shalt be secure, because there is hope, yea thou shalt digge about thee, and thou shalt take thy [Page 202] rest in safety, Job 11.18. See Psal. 91.1, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10. 1 Pet. 3.13, 14.

When a man is in Covenant with GOD, he is in league with the creatures, and therefore they shall never doe him hurt, Gen. 9.2. Hos. 2.18.

Thou shalt be in league with the stones of the field, and the beasts of the field shall be at peace with thee, Job 5.23.

4. Peace.

Peace in regard of outward troubles is a speciall blessing of GOD, and hath beene in all ages promised by GOD to his Church, 1 Chron. 22.9.

And I will give peace in the land, and yee shall lye downe, and none shall make you afraid, Levit. 26.6.

The LORD will blesse his people with peace, Psal. 29.11.

The meeke shall delight them­selves [Page 203] in abundance of peace, Psal. 37.11.

He maketh peace in thy borders, Psal. 147.14.

LORD thou wilt ordaine peace for us, Esay 26.12.

Thou shalt know that thy Taber­nacle shall be in peace, Job 5.29.Promises to peaceable men or peace-ma­kers, Mat. 5 9. Iam, 3, 16. See Jam. 3.18. Esay 48.18.

When a mans waies please the LORD, hee will make his ene­mies at peace with him, Prov. 16.6.

5. Sleepe.

Promises for quiet rest and safety in the night.

When thou liest downe, thou shalt not be afraid, yea thou shalt lie downe, and thy sleepe shall be sweet, Pro. 3.24.

Also thou shalt lie downe and none shall make thee afraid, Job 11.19. Zeph. 3.13.

Hee giveth his beloved sleepe, Psal. 127.2.

6. Food and raiment.

GOD hath promised to give his children food unto con­tent.

Yee shall eate in plenty and be satisfied, and praise the Name of the LORD, Joel 2.26.

Trust in the LORD, and doe good, so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed, Psal. 37.3.

He giveth meate unto them that feare him, Psal. 111.5.

He will satisfie the poore with bread, Psal. 102.15.

He loveth the stranger in giving him food and raiment, Deut. 10.18.

To such as want meate, drinke, or apparell, CHRIST saith, Matth. 6.25. Is not the life more then meate, and the body then raiment? It is an argument (as we say) à maiori a [...]minus, from the greater to the lesser.

The LORD which gave the life it selfe, will not suffer us to [Page 205] want those things that apper­taine to the sustaining of the same, and ver. 32. Your heaven­ly Father (saith hee) knoweth that yee have neede of these things, that is, foode and raiment. A man may know our wants, and yet say as it is, Iames 2.16. ano­ther may desire to supply our wants, and yet not know them; but GOD 1. Knowes our wants: 2. Will supply them, for hee is a Father: 3. Can sup­ply them, for he is a heavenly Father.

Promises to GODS children for their outward Estate.

1. Wealth.

GOD hath promised his people such a portion of earthly goods, as shall be needfull for their more comfortable living in this world.

Riches and honour are with mee, yea durable riches and righteous­nesse. [Page 206] My fruit is better then gold, yea then fine gold, and my revenue then choice silver, Pro. 8.18, 19.

The blessing of the LORD maketh rich, and hee addeth no sorrow with it, Pro. 10.22. The LORD often promiseth plenty, that the land shall yeeld her fruit, that hee will give them raine in due season, that there should be none barren but he would encrease them in all their substance,1 Cor. 9.6. Pro. [...]1.23. Esay 60, 17 both ground and cattell, that they should eate old store, that threshing should reach unto Pestican, Osia [...]der, Iuni [...]a, Va­tablu [...], Lo­rinus, Cor­nelius a Lap. doe under­stand this promise touching the gene­rall blessing of [...], and plenty to this people in this land, whilest they walked in obedience to Gods Commandements, so Amos 9.13. vintage. Ezek. 36.30. Ioel 2.23, 24, 25. Levit. 26.4, 5, 10. & 25.19. See Deut. 28. from 2. to 15. and Chap. 7. from 12. to 17. Psal. 23. Psal. 128. Pro. 3.9, 10, 16, 17, 18. and Chap. 8.21. 1 Chron. 29.12.

Those that waite upon the LORD shall inherit the earth, Psal. 37.9. the like is in the 11, 22, 29, 34. ver­ses, and Mat. 5.5.

[Page 207]A good man leaveth an inhe­ritance to his childrens children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the Ps. 135.11, 12. & 136 21 22. Iust, Pro. 13.22. Wealth and riches shall be in his house, Psal. 112.3. In the house of the righteous is much treasure, Pro. 15.6. Thou shalt lay up gold as dust, and the gold of Ophir as the stones of the brookes, thou shalt have plenty of silver, Job 22.24, 25. That was a speciall promise made to the people of Israel at their returne; They shall flow to­gether to the goodnesse of the Lord for wheate, and for wine, and for oyle, and for the young of the flocke and for the heard, &c. Jer. 31.12. I will open unto you the windowes of heaven, and powre you out a blessing that there shall not be roome to receive it, Ma­lac. 3.10.

2. Good successe and prospe­rity.

GOD hath promised prospe­rity [Page 208] to his children: Both to their persons, and their purpo­ses.

They shall prosper that love thee, Psal. 122.6. Prosperity shall be within thy palaces, ver. 7. Good understanding giveth favour, Pro. 13.15. Doe according to all the law which Moses my servant com­manded thee,We have excellent examples of this in Iacob, Gen. 30 17 Io­seph Gen. 39 2, 5. Heze­kiah, 2 Chrō [...]1 21. Da­vid, Psal. 23 that thou maist pro­sper whithersoever thou goest, Josh. 1.7. Then shalt thou make they way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good successe, ver. 8. They shall spend their daies in prosperi­ty, and their yeares in pleasures, Job 36.11. And all nations shall call you blessed, for yee shall be a delight some land, Malac. 3.12. The LORD taketh pleasure in the prosperity of his servants, Psal. 35.27. Hee that feareth the LORD is and shall be blessed,See Ier. 33. [...] Hosea 14.5. every way blessed, Psal. 128.1, 2.3.

GOD will also give good successe to their purposes and in­deavours.

Deut. 29.9.Whatsoever hee doth shall pro­sper, [Page 209] Psal. 1.3. this was verified in Ioseph, Gen. 39.3, 23.

Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee,Deut. 28.8, 12. and the light shall shine up­on thy waies, Job 22.28. Com­mit thy way unto the LORD, trust also in him, and hee shall bring it to passe, Psal. 37.5.

Promises to GODS chil­dren in respect of their Calling.

Diligence in a calling hath many a sweet promise in the Word of GOD.

1. Abundance and plenty: The hand of the diligent maketh rich, Pro. 10.4. The soule of the diligent shall be made fat, Deut. 30.9 Pro. 13.4. He that tilleth his land shall have plenty of bread, Pro. 28.19. at least sufficiency followes it. He that tilleth his land shall be sa­tisfied with bread, Pro. 12.11.Two Promi­ses to tillage. See 27. verse. That which is got­ten by honest labour is preser­ved [Page 210] and multiplied, Prov. 13.11.

2. Protection: GOD hath promised to protect those that keepe themselves within the limits of their calling; Hee shall give his Angels charge over thee to keepe thee in all thy waies, Psal. 91.11. that is,Heb. 13.5 so long as thou keepest thy selfe within the waies of thy calling, so long shall my Angels preserve thee.

3. Promotion, it exalteth to honour and authority. The han [...] of the diligent shall beare rule, Pro. 12.24. Seest thou a man diligent in his businesse? Hee shall stan [...] before Kings, hee shall not stan [...] before meane men, Prov. 22.29.

Thou shall eate the la­bour of thy hand, Psal. Good successe: The recom­pence of a mans hands shall be ren­dred unto him, Pro. 12.14. They shall build houses and inhabit them, they shall plant vineyards and eat [...] the fruit of them. They shall not labour in vaine nor bring forth fo [...] trouble, Esay 65.21, 23.

[Page 211] There yee shall eate before the LORD your GOD, and yee shall reioyce in all that you put your hand unto; Yee and your housholds wherein the LORD thy GOD hath blessed thee, Deut. 12.7. Deut. 28.8, 12.

5. It buildeth the house, Pro 24.27.

6. It makes sleepe comfor­table, Eccles. 5.12. The sleepe of a labouring man is sweet and plea­sant, whether hee eate little or much: if little, his labour breeds him rest; if much, his body be­ing strong and hardned by la­bour, causeth easie digestion, and uninterrupted sleepe.

CHAP. VI. GOD hath promised not onely to give these outward things, but to blesse them to his children.

HE will make that pro­sperous unto the Righ­teous which they pos­sesse, be it little or much.

Blessed shall be the fruit of thy body, and the fruit of thy ground, and the fruit of thy cattell, the in­crease of thy kine and the flockes of thy sheepe. Blessed shall be thy basket and thy store, Deut. 28.4, 5. Deut. 7.13, 14.

The LORD also will blesse thy fruit of thy wombe and the fruit of thy land, thy corne, and thy wine and thine oyle, the increase of thy kine, the flockes of thy sheepe, there shall be neither male or female barre [...] among them, or among your cattell.

Hee shall not onely enjoy the fruit of his labours, but also [Page 213] be blessed in his fruit, Psal. 128.1, 2.

The godly are in a better state for these outward things then the wicked, in two respects:

1. They have a spirituall right to them which the wicked have not, they have these outward things onely by a generall pro­vidence during GODS plea­sure, but the faithfull have them as rewards of their righteous­nesse, as testimonies of GODS love and care of them.

2. They enjoy them as they are,A little that a righteous man hath, is better than the riches of many wicked Psal. 37.16. a little gives them more content then plenty others. Better is a little righteous­nesse, then great revenues without right, Prov. 16.8. more com­fortable in respect of inward peace, the present use of this life and continuance. Better is a little with the feare of the LORD, then great treasure and trouble therewith, Prov. 15.16, 17. The blessing of the LORD maketh rich, and hee [Page 214] addeth no sorrow with it, Prov. 10.22. GOD giveth his beloved sleepe, Psal. 127.2. The righteous eateth to the satisfying of his soule, Pro. 13.25.

See Esay 65.13. Eccles. 5.19. & 3.12, 13. Prov. 17.1


CHAP. 1. 2. SPIRITVALL PROMISES. 1. In regard of evill, from Temptations • 1. Of Satan in ge­nerall. , and • 2. To uncleannesse. 

Comforts against the temptati­ons of Satan.

THE Faithfull have a promise to preserve them from such temp­tations as are incident [Page 216] to their lawfull callings, and which they cannot avoid unlesse they would forsake their calling, Psal. 91.11, 12. In all thy waies (seeme they never so dangerous and full of temptation) they shall beare thee up. Rev. 3. [...]. The man whose heart is upright shall finde strength enough against every temptation, while he is in the LORDS way, Pro. 10.29. 2 Chron. 15.2.

There is much comfort to be drawne out of that one verse, 1 Cor. 10.13.

  • Et quam sortem pa­tiuntur om­nes, ferre ne­mo recusat. 1 Pet. 5.9. God will make his grace suffi­cient for us, 2 Cor. 12.9.
    1. It is the common con­dition of all the godly, to be tempted. There hath no temp­tation taken you but such as is common to man.
  • 2. GOD will lay no more upon us, then wee shall be able to beare, GOD is faithfull who will not suffer you to be tempted above that you are able.
  • 3. GOD will give a happie issue out of tempta­tion: Who will with the temp­tation [Page 217] also make away to es­cape, that yee may be able to beare it.

Another consolation against them, may be the short continu­ance of our temptations, Wee shall suffer but a while, 1 Pet. 5.10. The GOD of pe [...]ce shall bruise Satan under your feete shortly, Rom. 16.20.

We should consider, 1 That CHRIST was tempted as we are, Heb. 4.15.

2. That he is our Captaine in this warfare, Rev. 12 7. The Cap­taine of our salvation was made per­fect through sufferings, Heb. 2.10.

3. That he overcame the Di­vell for all his members; so it was promised to Adam and pro­phesied of him, Gen. 3.15. so it was fulfilled by him, Mat. 4.1. And having spoiled principalities and powers (that is, the Divell and his Angels) He made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them upon [...]he Crosse, Coloss. 2.15. He led cap­tivity [Page 218] captive, Ephes. 4.8. By cap­tivity is meant sinne and Satan, which did and doe leade men captive into perdition:Heb 2.14.1 [...] [...]. Death and the grave which held him captive for the space of three daies. He leads them all captive: 1. In himselfe, triumphing over them. 2. In his members, Idem hor­tatur ut pug­nemus, adiu­vat ut vin­camus, defici­entes suble­vat & vin­centes cero­nat. sub­duing and weakening their power.

4. That CHRIST is tou­ched with the feeling of our in­firmities, Heb. 4.15.

5. That hee hath made inter­cession and prayed for us, Luke 22.32. I have prayed that thy faith may not faile; that is generall for all beleevers as well as Peter, Ioh. 17.9, 10.

6. CHRIST succours and helpes those that are tempted, Heb. 2.18.

7. He assures them of If GOD leade them in [...]o tempta­tion, he will deliver them from evill, Mat. 6.13. strength and victory; Resist the Divell, and he will flie from you, Iam. 4.7. He is like the Crocodile, whose pro­perty is, if one follow, it flieth [Page 219] away; if one flie, it pursueth him; cowardise incourageth the Divell, courage daunts him. See 1 Iohn 5.18. Esa. 27.1. Iohn 12.21. The The Di­vel is a Ly­on, so is Christ, and that of the Tribe of Iudah, there is a Lyon for a Lyon, courage for courage: the Divell is a Serpent, so Christ cal­led himselfe the brazen Serpent, the [...]e is a Serpent for a Serpent wisdome for wisedome. Divell is subtill, but GOD will teach wisdome to discerne and disappoint his stratagems, 2 Pet. 2.9. He shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, Psal. 91.3 He is strong and powerfull; But GOD shall cover thee under his wings, thou shalt be Psal [...]0 12 1 Pet. 1.5. kept with all care as a garrison is kept. safe under his feathers, his strength shall be thy Buckler. ver. 4. He dissolveth the workes of the Divell, 1 Iohn 3.8. He will tread Satan under our feet. Hee shall bruise his head, wherein lies all his subtilty and strength. Mat. 16.1 [...] Portarum appellatime urbes & con silio & pro pugna [...]u [...] munitas in­telligimus, i [...] quicquid vel consilio vel viribus potest Satan Beza in locum. The gates of Hell (that is, the power and pollicie of the Divell) shall not prevaile against the Church. For the gates were the places, where both their strength was and their counsell sate, Amos 5.15.

2. Promises against Temptati­ons to uncleannesse.

[Page 220] He shall deliver thee from the strange woman, Prov. 2.16. Thy body shall be kept blamelesse untill the comming of CHRIST, 1 Thess. 5.24 Who so pleaseth GOD shall escape from her, Eccles. 7.26.

It is part of GODS Covenant to give us victory over all our enemies: this is the great pro­mise that GOD hath made; That being delivered from the hands of all our enemies, we might serve him in Holinesse and Righ­teousnesse all the d [...]ies of our life, Luke 1.74. When a child of GOD is to wrestle with Satan, or any temptation or lust, hee may chal­lenge the Covenant at GODS hands, and say, LORD hast not thou said that Thou wilt deliver me out of the hands of all mine enemies? Is it not a part of thy Covenant?

CHAP. II. 2. Promises against opposition for truth and good­nesse from per­sons, which are either • 1. Ill min­ded and op­pose truth. , and • 2. Ill livers and oppose goodnesse. 

1. Promises for those that suffer for the profession of the truth.

FOR I will give you a mouth and wisedome which all your adversa­ries shall not bee able to gainesay nor resist,An example of which promise we have in S. Stephen, Act. 6.9, 10. Luke 21.15.

When they deliver you up, take no thought how or what you shall speake, for it sh [...]ll be given you in that same houre what yee shall speake, Matt. 10.19.

Be not afraid (said GOD unto Paul) but speake,Ex 4, 11, 12 Psal. 8.2. The Apo­stles were persecuted for prea­ching the Gospell, Act. 4.3, 3. others for beleeving and profes­sing the Gospell, Act 9.2. and hold not thy peace, for I am with thee, [Page 222] and no man shall set on thee to hurt thee, Acts 18.9, 10.

Whosoever shall confesse me be­fore men, him will I confesse also before my Father which is in Hea­ven, Matth. 10.32.

2. Promises for those that suffer for the practise of good.

Daniel was cast into the Lyons den for praying unto God, Dan 6.10. and Christ was perse­cuted for doing works of mercy, Mat. 3. [...]. Blessed are they which are per­secuted for righteousnesse sake, for theirs is the kingdome of Heaven, Matth. 5.10. If yee suffer for righ­teousnesse sake, happy are ye, 1 Pet. 3.14. Hereby they give their te­stimony to CHRIST and the Gospell, when they partake of the afflictions of the Gospell, 2 Tim. 1.8.

And as there be promises for such as suffer either for truth or goodnesse, so there are for such who suffer for both together, and these either

Generall in regard of any kind of suffering, as these fol­lowing.

[Page 223] For if they suffer with CHRIST, they shall raigne with him in ano­ther world, 2 Tim. 2.11, l2. When CHRIST appeares in his glory, they shall be glad and reioyce, 1 Pet. 4.13. What shall separate us from the love of CHRIST? shall tribulation, distresse, or persecu­tion, &c▪ nay in all these things we are more then conquerours, Occidi pos­sumus, vinci non possamus Rom. 8.35, 36, 37.

GOD may turne the hearts of the wicked,2 Thess. 1.6. and make them of Lions and Tigers, to become Lambes, and no more to doe hurt in the mountaine of the LORD, Esay 11.6, 7, 8, 9. Esay 65.25.

GOD will subdue all their ene­mies; I will blesse them that blesse thee, and curse them that curse thee, Gen. 12.3. See Deut. 30.7 Jer. 12.14. Psal. 37.14, 15, 17. Job 8.22. Esay 41.11, 12. & 54.15. & 59.19. Pro. 22.23. & 21.18.

Their troubles shall not be long, though violent, For the elects sake those daies shall be [Page 224] shortened, Matth. 24.22.

  • Or Speciall,
    • as Losse,
      • 1. Of name, in reproa­ches.
      • 2. Of liberty, in im­prisonment.
      • 3. Of goods, any or all.
      • 4. Of life it selfe.

Promises to those that suffer re­proaches for both truth and goodnesse.

1. Reproaches and scornes from the world for thy professi­on, should fill thy heart with abundance of glory, blessednesse and joy. If ye be reproached for the name of CHRIST, happy are ye (saith S. Peter) for the Spirit of glory and of GOD resteth upon you, The very kind and cause of the a [...]fliction should be an argument of great consolation. 1 Pet. 4.14. that is, such a Spirit shall rest on you, which shall make you glorious. Blessed are you (saith CHRIST himselfe) when men shall revile, and persecute [Page 225] you, and shall say all manner of evill against you falsly for my sake, Iam. 1.2. Psal. 69 7, 9, 10. Act. 5 41. reioyce and be exceeding glad, Matth. 5.11, 12. Leape for joy, so it is, Luke 6.23. and the word here in Matth. signifieth excee­ding joy, such as we use to ex­presse by outward signes in the body, as skipping and dancing, 2 Sam. 6.14, 16. For great is your reward in Heaven.

Thou art honourable in GODS account, Esay 43.4. he takes no­tice of all thy disgraces, Psal. 69.19. and will take care for thy clearing and comfort, Hee will bring forth thy righteousnesse as the light, and thy iudgements as the noone day, Psal. 37.6. As if hee should have said, howsoever thy innocency be at sometimes covered as it were with a thick and darke mist of slander and oppression, yet the LORD will in his good time scatter and dissolve the mist, and so make thy innocency apparent to the world; yea he shall make thy [Page 226] righteous cause, as evident as the Sunne when it ariseth, nay as noone day when it is at highest, and shineth brightest. Thou shalt receive double for all thy shame, Esay 61.7. Though you have lien among the pots, yet shall yee be as the wings of a dove covered with silver, and her feathers with yellow gold, Psal 68.13. that is, although ye have lived in great streights and basenesse, yet yee shall be freed from them,Scurtilities and odious nick-names in this kinde are so many honourable badges of thy Christi­an magna­nimity, and at the throne of Christ will be certaine­ly reputed as chara­cters of spe­ciall ho­nour, and remem­brances of thy worthy service, Bol­ton. Esay 16 1 [...]. and obtaine il­lustrious glory.

They shall be honoured in the day of CHRIST, 1 Pet. 1.7. Their reward shall be great in Hea­ven, Mat. 5.12. and in the meane time there is with GOD a hiding place from the strife of tongues, Psal. 31.20. Iob 5.21. Psal. 13.18. How doth GOD cheare his people, Esay 41. Feare not, be not dismayed, ver. 10. I am with thee, I am thy GOD, I will strengthen thee, yea I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteous­nesse. But GOD will bring the [Page 227] wicked to shame for the con­tempt with which they have di­sho [...]oured his servants, as it fol­loweth, ver. 11. All they that were incensed against thee, shall be ashamed and confounded. He still incourageth his people there, ver. 13. He saith againe: Feare not, for I the LORD thy GOD will helpe thee, Esay 43. c. 2. Esay 44.2. and ver. 14. Feare not thou worme, (that is, were thy state never so weake and de­spicable) I will helpe thee, saith the LORD and thy Redeemer. He begins the 43. Chap. with the same words; Feare not, viz. thine enemies, for I have called thee, and redeemed thee, thou art mine. Feare not little flocke (saith our Saviour) feare not men, feare not meanes, for it is your Fathers pleasure to give you a Kingdome. Luk. 12.32. See Ier. 46.27, 28.

If thou wouldest be delivered from reproches and evill report, goe to the LORD and urge him upon Covenant; say, LORD thou hast said, Thou wilt blesse the [Page 228] name of the righteous, thou will honour them that honour thee, that we shall not be ashamed when we have respect unto all thy Commande­ments, Psal. 119.6. Sue out this promise upon all occasions, as David often doth, Psal. 31.1, 17 and 119.116.

2. Promises to those that are imprisoned for the Gospell.

The LORD heareth the poore and despiseth not his prisoners, Psal. 69.33. Hee heareth the groanings of the prisoner, Psal. 102.20. And bringeth out those that are bound with chaines, Psal. 68.6. as he did Peter, Acts 12.10. Feare non [...] of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold the Divell shall cast some of you into prison that yee may be tryed, and yee shall have tribula­tion ten daies: be thou faithfull unto the death,Rev. 2.10. and I will give thee a crowne of life. Here was a bitter­sweet message, Yee shall be cast into prison:Act. 16.25. This was bitter: [Page 229] feare not, this was comfortable; but I will give thee a crowne of life, this was the comfort of com­forts.

3. Promises to those that loose outward things for GODS cause.

In losses for GODS cause:

We should meditate of GODS gracious promises.

1. In the losse of outward things for thy love and service unto GOD, remember that place, 2 Chron. 25.9. The LORD is able to give thee much more then this.

2. In the losse of any earthly blessing for GODS cause, call to mind that promise three times set downe by the Evangelists: Every one that hath forsaken hou­ses, or brethren, or sisters, or father,An excel­lent exam­ple of this we have in Iob 46 10, 1 [...]. or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my names sake, shall re­ceive an hundred Which is termed by S. Augustine the best and greatest usury. fold, and shall inherit everlasting life, Mat. 19.29. Marke 10.29, 30. Hath it for my [Page 230] sake and the Gospels, Luke 18.29, 30. For the kingdome of GODS sake.

3. In the losse of any earthly things in every kind, thinke of that speech, Hab. 3.17, 18. Al­though the fig-tree shall not blossome, neither shall fruit be in the vines: the labour of the olive shall faile, and the fields shall yeeld no meate, the flocke shall be cut off from the fold, and there shall be no heard in the stalles: Yet I will reioyce in the LORD: I will ioy in the GOD of my salvation. Consider also Iobs patient blessing of GOD, upon the surprize and concurrence of an universall misery, Iob 1.22.

4. Promises to those that loose their life for GODS cause.

4. When thou art like to loose thy life, m [...]ditate on those places, Mat. 10 39. He that findeth his life shall loose it, Ioh 12 25 and he that loo­seth his life for my sake shall find it. Blessed is the man that endureth [Page 231] temptation, (yea though it be the fiery triall) for he shall receive the crowne of life, Jam. 1.12.Rev. 14 13 Q [...]i moriun­tur Domini ciusa, id est, propter Dominum. Be­za. 1 Pet. 4 16. Blessed are the dead which die in LORD; and which die for the LORD: he speakes of such as suffered in the quarrell of CHRIST under Antichrist, they rest from their la­bours, and their workes doe follow them. Every drop of blood spilt by a true professor of the Gos­pell, for the constant and found profession of it, is precious in the sight of GOD, Psal. 116.15. Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his Saints.

CHAP. III Promises against evills in the world,

1. In generall.

WHosoever is borne of GOD overcommeth the world, and this is the victory [Page 232] that overcommeth the world, even our faith, 1 Joh. 5.4. CHRIST prayed to his Father, To keepe his from the evill of the world, Joh. 17.15.2 Pet. 1.4. Who gave himselfe for our sinnes that hee might deliver us from this present evill world, Gal. 1.4. Our Saviour, Iohn 16.33. tells his Disciples, That in the world they should have tribulation, but be of good cheere (saith hee) I have overcome the world.

2. A promise to those that dislike evill company.

I will dwell in them, and walke in them, and I will be their GOD, and they shall be my people. Where­fore come out from among them, and be yee separate saith the LORD, and touch not the uncleane thing, and I will receive you, and I will be a Father unto you, and yee shal be my sonnes and daughters, saith the LORD Almighty, 2 Cor. 6.16, 17, 18.

3. Promises against worldly cares and covetousnesse.

To curbe our hearts from co­vetousnesse, we should meditate upon these places, Heb. 13.5. There are five negatives toge­ther in the Originall that strongly affirme, as if hee should say, tell thee I will never for­sake thee, I tell thee I will never forsake thee and so five times. We are to pray that every thing which cau­seth offence in the Church may be re­moved, for which we have an ex­presse pro­mise, Mat. 13 41. I will never leave thee nor for­sake thee. Hee that gave us his owne sonne, how shall hee not with him freely give us all things, Rom. 8.32. See Matth. 6.25. to the end. Phil. 4.6. 1 Tim. 4.8. 1 Pet. 5.7.

4. Promises against Scandales.

GOD will secure his peo­ple and save them from being en­snared by scandals, Psal. 119.165. and nothing shall offend them, or they shall have no stumbling block. Ier. 31.9.

CHAP. IIII. Infirmities are, • 1. Generall, as sinfullnesse of nature, that remaines, though it raigne not. , and • 2. Speciall. 

  • 1. IGnorance.
  • 2. Spirituall deafe­nesse.
  • 3. Slips and frail­ties. Here Promises
    • 1. To keepe them from fal­ling.
    • 2. To comfort them being fallen, and restore them a­gaine.
  • 4. Spirituall lamenesse.
  • 5. Doubts and feares of losing the love of GOD.
  • 6. Forgetfullnesse.
  • 7. Dullnesse and uncheerefull­nesse.
  • 8. Indisposition to good.
  • 9. Distractions in good.
  • [Page 235]10. Evils of good done.
  • 11. Feares of falling away from GOD.

Comforts to the godly, who likewise want the meanes of grace, either altogether, or in the power of them, or having them doe not profit by them.

1. Generall or daily Infirmi­ties. Comforts to those that do fall though Infirmity.

The LORD, The LORD GOD, mercifull and gracious, long suffering, and abundant in goodnesse and truth, keeping mercy for thou­sands, forgiving iniquity, trans­gression and sinne, Exod. 34.6, 7.

Hee is JEHOVAH] Al­waies the same, unchangeable, hee will not alter his love to thee, and for the more assurance he repeateth that title twice; [Page 236] then followeth his power, GOD El the strong God, Deu [...] fort [...], a. Tr [...]melliu [...] renders it.] Though thou be weake, he is strong. Mercifull] or compassionate towards rep [...]n­tant and beleeving sinners, and though they be unworthy, yet he is Gracious.] The Hebrew word signifieth to powre out abun­dance of extraordinary bounty upon a most undeserving and ill deserving partie. (He will shew mercy, not because thou art good, but because he is Good; not be­cause thou canst please him, but because mercy pleaseth him, Micah 7.18.) though thou offer­dest daily, yet he is Long-suffe­ring,] and Abundant in goodnesse and truth] 1. In Goodnesse] rea­dy to bestow all benefits. 2. In Truth,] ready to fulfill all pro­mises, As [...]03, Psal. 8 the same Hebrew word is used, and should be so transla­ted iniquity] that is, originall cor­ruption, transgressi­on] that is, actuall rebellion, sin] that is, sin of custome. keeping kindnesse for thou­sands,] a certaine number for an uncertaine; forgiving iniquity, transgression and sinne] that is, sinnes of all sorts, kinds and de­grees whatsoever. It is neither the foulenesse of sinne, nor the [Page 237] multitude of sinnes, nor the long continuance in sinne that can prejudice his goodnesse.God will passe by our meere frail­ties. There is no god like unto him for passi [...]g by transgressi­ons. Micah 7.18. Dan. 9.9. Psal. 1 [...]0 3, 4. 1 Ioh. 2 1, 2.

GOD upon our prayer will cure our infirmities, Esay 40.29. Psal. 103.3. hee pittieth his in their infirmities, as an Indulgent [...]ather his little ones, Mal. 3.17. CHRIST himselfe is affected with the sence of our infirmi­ties, Heb. 4.15, 16. Matth. 11.28. and Esay 42.3. he was a Pro­ [...]itiation for such sinnes, and com­forts us concerning them before they be committed, 1 Iohn 2.12. Rom. 6.14. The Spirit helpes our [...]nfirmities, [...], the same word i [...] used, Luk. 10 40. Est metapho­ra ab oneri­bus sumpta, quae utrin­que admotis manibus sub­levantur. Beza. Rom. 8.26. helpes [...]ogether: the Greeke word is decompound, and there is a great force in it; as two that car­ry a burden, one will carry over [...]gainst another, and put to his [...]and and helpe him; so when we begin to sinke, GODS Spi­rit puts under his hand to support [...]s, which is said in so many words, Psal. 37.24.

O but I offend daily, I sinne [Page 238] againe and againe, may some weake Christian say.

GOD promiseth likewise that he will multiply his pardons (so the word signifieth in the Origi­nall) as thou hast multiplied thy sinnes,Esay 55 7, 8, 9 for (saith he there) My thoughts are not as your thoughts, nor my waies as your waies, but my thoughts goe beyond your thoughts, as much as the distance is betweene Heaven and earth: He is mercifull and and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy, hee will not reward us after our iniqui­ties: for as the Heaven is high above the Earth, so great is his mercy toward them that feare him, Psal. 103.8, 10, 11. As there is a continuall spring of wicked­nesse in you, so there is a continu­all spring of mercy Thou canst not commit more then God can re­mit; Thy sins are but the sins of men, his mercies are the mer­cies of an Infinite God. flowing from him, both to pardon, and wash away this iniquity.

Speciall Infirmities. 1. Ignorance or blindnesse. Comforts against ignorance.

[Page 239] It is a speciall promise of GOD in the new Covenant, In Christs Kingdome the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the eares of the deafe shall be un­stopped, 2 Cor. 3.16 Ioh. 9 39. & 12.46. that Hee will write his lawes in thy heart, and hee will make thee to know the LORD.

He hath promised to leade thee by a way that thou hast not knowne, Esay 42.16. wee have such an High Priest as knowes how to have compassion on the ig­norant, Heb. 5.2, 3. The eyes of the blinde shall be opened, Esay 35.2. Hee shall open the eyes of the blind, Esay 42.2. Luke 4.18.

The annointing thou hast re­ceived, shall teach thee all needfull things, and leade thee into all truth, 1 Ioh. 2.27.

GOD hath made many pro­mises to teach them his way, that see their ignorance and mourne for it.

Hee will guide the meeke in iudgement and will teach the hum­ble his way, Psal. 25.9. See 12. & 14. verses.

GOD will fill the hungry with good things, Luke 1.53.

[Page 240]To him that disposeth his way aright will I shew the salvation of the LORD, Psal. 50.23.

He that followeth mee shall not walke in darkenesse, but shall have the light of life, Joh. 8.12. I will manifest my selfe to him, John 14.21. The Spirit of truth will guide them into all truth, John 16.13. A high way shall be there, and fooles shall not erre therein, Esay 35.8.

2. Spirituall deafenesse. Comforts against spirituall deafenesse.

The cares of the deafe shall be unstopped, Esay 35.5. Other sheepe I have which are not of this fold, them also I must bring, and they shall heare my voice, Ioh. 10.16. that is, the Gentiles not yet cal­led shall understand the voice of GOD.

3. Particular falls through frailty. [Page 241] Comforts in regard of slips and frailties.

1. GOD will uphold his and keepe them from falling.

I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldst keepe them from the evill, Joh. 17.20. The LORD is faithfull, who shall stablish you and keepe you from evill, 2 Thess. 3.3. That your whole soule and body may be preserved blamelesse unto the comming of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. Faith­full is hee that calleth you, who [...]lso will doe it, 1 Thess. 5.23, 24. GOD watcheth over his peo­ple to defend them from sinne, 2 Tim. 4 17, 18. Rom. 7.24, 25. Psa. 73.23, 24. Ier. 32.39, 40. His mercy holdeth up the godly, when they say their foot slippeth, Psal. 94.18. He will be their confidence, and shall keepe their foot from being taken, Pro. 3.26. He will keepe the feete of his Saints, 1 Sam. 2.9. And guide their feete into the way of peace, [Page 242] Luke 1.79. And thine eare shall heare a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walke yee in it, when yee turne to the right hand and when yee turne to the left, Esay 30.21.

The childe of GOD hath a promise of preservation from the sinne unpardonable, 1 Iohn 5.18.

2. Comforts to those that doe fall through infirmity.

But of this I have spoken al­ready, when I treated of the dai­ly and generall Infirmities of Christians, therefore I will (tan­quam can [...]s ad Nilum) runne over it hastily.

GODS people after re­lapse into some old, or fall into some new sinne, when their heart is smitten for it, may comfort themselves with such precious places as these, 1 Ioh. 2.1. Luke 17.4. 1 Sam. 12.20, 22. 1 Iohn 1.9.

From this last place, a reverend [Page 243] Divine collects this comfort. If wee see our unworthinesse, and with broken hearts acknowledge it, GOD is faithfull and iust to forgive it, be it never so great.

Thou hast played the harlot with many lovers, yet returne againe to mee saith the LORD, Ier. 3.1.

3. The LORD will restore them, and raise them up againe by repentance.Returne yee [...] and I will heale you [...] b [...]cke­sl [...]din [...]s. Ier. 3.2 [...] See 12, 13, 1 [...]. verses. The LORD will heale thy backesliding, if thou take unto thee words to confesse thy falling away, Hosea 14.2, 3, 4. There is healing in the wings of the Sonne of righteousnesse, and you shall grow up as the calves of the stall, Mal. 4.2. The LORD up­holdeth all that fall, and raiseth up all those that are bowed downe, Psal. 145.14. Behold I will bring it health and cure, Psal. 103 3. and I will cure them, and will reveale unto them the abundance of peace and truth, Ier. 32.6.

Hee speakes Ezek. 34.16. of the time of the Gospell when [Page 244] CHRIST should bee the Shepheard, and shewes the Co­venant that he will make with those that are his, if any thing be lost (saith he) if a Sheepe lose it selfe, this is my Covenant, I will finde it. If it be driven away by any violence of temptation, I will bring it backe againe. If there be a breach made into their hearts by any occasion through sinne and lust, I will heale them and binde them up.

GODS Covenant is to make us faithfull in his Covenant: the actions of faith and repentance are ours; but the power of doing them, GODS.

4. Spirituall Lamenesse. Comforts against Spirituall Lamenesse, or weaknesses of graces.

Then shall the lame man leape as an Hart, Esay 35.6. And I will put my spirit within you, Ier. 31.9. and [Page 245] cause you to walke in my statutes, and yee shall keepe my iudgements and doe them, Ezek. 36.27.Psal. 29.11. They shall runne and not be wearie, Mark the gradation, they shall walke, they shall run, they shall flie, yea, as an Eagle. they shall walke and not be saint, Esay 40.31. See ver. 29. The LORD will be the hope of his people, and the strength of the chil­dren of Israel, Joel 3 16.

In our Spirituall infancie we may comfort our selves by those cordi [...]ll refreshing promises.

I will give unto him that is a thirst of the fountaine of the water of life freely, Rev. 21.6.Esay 57 15. Mat. 5.6. A bruised reede shall he not breake, and the smoaking flaxe shall he not quench, Esay 42.3. though grace be in us but like the heate in the weeke of the candle, when the light is out; yet GOD hath taken order, that it shall not be extinguished. Hee shall feede his flocke like a shepheard, he shall gather the lambes with his arme, and carry them in his bosome, and shall gently leade those that are with young, Esay 40.11. Hee will use all com­passion [Page 246] with a tender respect of our weakenesse. In love, in care, in pittie he will redeeme us, and carry us as in the daies of old, Esay 63.9. As he hath borne us from the wombe; so will he be the same still unto old age, even unto the gray haires, hee will carry us in the armes of his compassion, hee hath made us, hee will beare, even hee will carry and deliver us, Esay 46.3, 4. Since thou art a branch of his planting,Rev. 3 8, 9, 10 he may glorifie himselfe in thee, so as thy little one may be as a thousand, and thy small one as a strong nation, GOD can performe it in his due time, Esay 60.21, 22.

CHRIST graciously recei­veth and tenderly cherisheth weake Christians, Zach. 13.7. Matth. 18.5. Hee giveth charge against the contempt of them, verse 10. and will not have the day of small things despised, Zach. 4.10.

God ac­ce [...]s affe­cting for a [...]e [...]ting, willing for working, desires for deed [...], pur­poses for performan­ces, pence for pounds. Dyke. Examples are many in Scripture, Ge [...] 2 [...] 16, 17 Reb. 11.17 1 Chron. 17 10, 11, 12 Luke 21.3.The obedience o [...] the faith­full [Page 247] is weake and imperfect, but pleasing and acceptable unto GOD. The Psalmist saith, Psal. 147.11 & 149.4.

The LORD taketh pleasure in his people, Pro 15.8. the prayers of the up­right are his delight.

GOD will reckon of so much good done by us, as wee desired and endeavoured to doe; the preparations of our hearts are reckoned with GOD as great things, Esay 55.1.

This is a great comfort to GODS children,The best gold must have his al­lowance of such graines, so the best Christian must have some allow­ance, imperfection clea [...]e [...] to him, he can not do all perfectly, for then what need [...] the Cove­nant of grace. that doe their best indeavour to keepe all his Commandements, for though they faile in that obedience which they ought to performe, yet GOD promiseth to shew mer­cy to them, Exod. 26.6. so long as their heart is true, he will beare with their infirmities.

Wee are not under the law (saith the Apostle) but under grace, Rom. 6.14. We are delivered from the rigour of the Law: GOD hath received us to the benefit of [Page 248] that Covenant, in which per­fection is onely required in CHRIST, uprightnesse in us. GOD accepts of the will for the deed, Col. 3.24. 2 Cor. 8.12. and the will above the deed, as appea­reth by the 10. verse, Who hath not onely begunne to doe, but also to be forward a yeare agoe; making it a greater grace to be willing and desirous to doe well, then it is to doe a good thing.

5. Doubts and Feares of losing the love of GOD. Comforts against doubts and feares of loosing the love of GOD.

In the affliction of thy minde and losse of the feeling of GODS favour,Ier 31.12, 25 acquaint thy selfe with those promises, Iohn 13.1. Having loved his owne which were in the world, he loved them unto the end, and without end. The Rom 11.29 gifts and calling of GOD [Page 249] are without repentance: that is, such gifts as accompany an effectuall calling, are such as GOD never repenteth of, or ta­keth away, I will not forsake my people, 1 King. 6.13. Heb. 13.5. Behold GOD will not cast away a perfect man, Iob 8.20. The love of GOD unto his childe, in re­spect of tendernesse, is infinitely dearer then that of a most loving mother to her little one, Esay 49.15. stronger then the stony mountaines and rockes of flint, Esay 54.10. as constant as the waters of Noah, ver. 9. as the ordinances of Heaven. Ier. 33.20 and ver. 25. nay as sure as GOD himselfe, Psal. 89.33, 34, 35.

6. Forgetfullnesse. A promise against forgetfull­nesse.

But the Comforter which is the HOLY GHOST whom the Fa­ther will send in my name, he shall [Page 250] teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance what­soever I have said unto you, Iohn 14.26.

7. Vncheerefullnesse. Comforts against dullnesse and uncheerefullnesse.

The wildernesse and solitary place shall be glad for them, and the de­sart shall reioyce and blossome as the rose, it shall blossome abun­dantly, and reioyce even with ioy and singing, Esay 35.1, 2. Then shall yee sucke, yee shall be borne upon her sides, and be dandled upon her knees. As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you, and yee shall be comforted in Ierusalem. And when yee see this, your heart shall reioyce and your bones shall flou­rish like an herbe, Jer. 66.12, 13, 14. Thou shalt reioyce in the LORD, Esay 41.16. Thou shalt have thy delight in the Almighty, Iob 22.26.

[Page 251] The godly have a spring of joy within them, Iohn 4.14. In thy name shall they reioyce all the day, Psal. 89.16. See Psal. 33.21.

8. Indisposition. Comforts against it.

In the thoughts of our indis­posi [...]ion to any thing that is good, let these places quicken us.

I can doe all things through CHRIST that strengthneth mee, Phil. 4.13. Yee shall be unto mee a kingdome of Priests, Exod. 19.6.

We shall be able to offer un­to GOD the sacrifice of prayer or praise. In every place incense shall be offered to my name, and a pure offering, Mal. 1.11. which is spoken of the beleeving Gentiles.

9. Distractions. Comforts against them.

[Page 252]GOD promiseth in the Cove­nant of grace, Ezek. 11.19. To give his people one heart. CHRIST prayed that we might have this one heart, Iohn 17.21, 23. and be one with GOD. When we are troubled with di­stractions in prayer, hearing, or meditation, wee should pleade the Covenant, and pray with David, O LORD unite my heart to thee.

10. Evils of good done. Promises or comforts to the godly for evils of good done.

GOD not onely accepteth and taketh in good part the poo­rest service we doe to him not­withstanding our corruptions and frailties, but even deligh­teth and taketh great pleasure in them, Cant. 2.14. as a Father de­lights more in the stammering of his little childe, then in the eloquence of the best Orator. [Page 253] CHRIST presenteth and perfu­meth our prayers to his Father, Rev. 8.3. 1 Pet. 2.5. And it shall be upon Aarons fore-head, that Aaron may beare the iniquity of the holy things, and that they may be accepted before the LORD, Exod. 28.38.Accipit su­um, & remit­tituum, God ac­cepts that which is his, and for­gives that which is thine. Aaron was a Type of CHRIST, who by his interces­sion perfumes our prayers, and doth away the blemishes that cleave to our best actions. Loving Parents doe not take notice of many blemishes in their chil­dren; so GOD seeth no iniquity in Iacob, nor any transgression in Israel, Num. 23.21. But passeth by the transgression of the rem­nant of his heritage: Micah. 7 18 which makes the Prophet in the be­ginning of the verse, in admiration to cry, Who is a GOD like to thee!

11. Comforts against Feares of their falling from GOD, who labour to work out their salvation with feare and trembling.

[Page 254]1. In regard of GOD.

  • Rom. 9 11. Mat. 25 23, 24. 2 Tim 2 19.

    Singula ve [...]ba po [...]du [...] habem, certitudo haec ni­titur [...] sun­damento, 2 non quo­cun (que) sed sir­mo, 3 non hominu sed Dei, 4 non vacillan [...]e s [...]d stante i [...]l (que) o [...]signa­to, [...]d (que) no­titia Dei, non si [...]pl [...]u satum inspe­ction [...], sed disce [...]nen [...]e sum a non sun. O. Pri­deaux.

    1. His Counsell, on which mans salvation is foun­ded, is sure and un­changeable, and his calling without repen­tance, Rom. 11.29.
  • 2. His Love is everla­sting and inviolable, Ier. 31.3. Rom. 8.35. ult.
  • 3. His Mercy (like his Lov [...]) is [...]verlasting, Psal. 103.17. Psal. & 107.1. Luke 1.50. It is itera­ted 26. times in 136. Psalme.
  • 4. His Will is for such, Luke 12.32.
    1 Pet. 1.5. Kept by the guard of Gods power unt [...] salva­tion, Phil. 4.7. Keepe with a guard as Kings are kept, Ps. 132.11.
    Iohn 6.39. His Grace, and that is all-sufficient, 2 Cor. 12.9.
  • 5. His Power is for such, and that is Almighty, Ioh 10.27, 28, 29. Iude 24.2 Tim. 1.12.
  • [Page 255]6. His faithfullnesse and truth make both for this, 2 Thess. 3.3.

2. In regard of CHRIST.

  • 1. Because of our union with him:
    Our assu­rance is not in o [...]r sel [...]e, b [...]t in Chri [...]t; as we la [...] hold of Man, so he fa [...] holde [...]h u [...]; and as he hath prayed that our faith faile not us, so neither will he let go his hold Ioh 10 27, 28, 29 Heb 7 25 Phil [...] 7.
    He is the Head, we the members. and he will not suffer any to perish that are ingraffed into him, Ioh. 6.39. Ioh. 17.22, 23, 26.
  • 2. From the perpetuall efficacie of his inter­cession, Rom. 8.34. Heb. 7.21. Hee is a Priest for ever, and alwaies intercedes for his. What he said to Peter,
    S. Austen saith, A mighty man will not loose that which hee hath bought for his mo­ney, and will Chri [...] loose [...]h [...]t which He hath bought with his blood?
    I have prayed that thy faith faile not, Luke 22.32. Hee perfor­meth for all. He is the Author and finishe [...] of our faith, Heb. 12.2.

[Page 256]3. In regard of the HOLY GHOST.

  • 1. His continuall assi­stance,
    Esay 59.21. 1 Cor 3.16.
    Hee shall abide with us for ever, John 14.16. And hee which hath begun a good work, will finish it, Phil. 1.6.
  • The nature of a seale is to make things sure, Dan 6.8. Mat 27.66. a writing in firme a­mongst men, when the seale is put to it.
    2. His Obsignation which is irrevocable: every one that beleeveth, is sealed by the holy Spi­rit of promise, Ephes. 1.13, 14. sealed for ever, 4.30. 2 Cor. 1.22. an honest man will not break his bargaine, when there is earnest and evidence for it; therefore Chrysostome saith elegantly, if GOD having once given this earnest, should not also give the rest of the in­heritance, He should undergo the losse of his earnest.

[Page 257]4. The lasting power of the Word once rooted in the good and honest heart, Luke 8.15. It is called immortall seed, 1 Pet. 1.23, 25. The engraffed Word, James 1.21. The seed remaining, 1 Joh. 3.9.

5. The certainty and sweetnesse of the promises to this purpose.Zach 10.12 Iohn 8.12. 2 Sam. 7 14 15. GOD hath promised that his people shall not be mooved from the state of grace,The booke of Psalmes is full of [...]he [...]e com­fortable promises. Psal. 1, 3. & 9.10.18. Ps 112.6.19. & 73.24, [...]6. Ps. 103.17. & 145.14. Ps. 8 [...].33. Psal. 15.5. & 16.8. Psal. 37.24, 27, 28, 31. Psal. 55.22. & 102.28. Pro. 10.30. Psal. 125.1. Hee will not cast off his people nor forsake his inheri­tance, Psal. 94.14. 1 Sam. 12.22. And hee will put his feare into their hearts, that they shall not de­part from him. For this is his Covenant with his people. Ier. 32.39, 40, 41. Hosea 2.19, 20. Hee upholdeth them with his hand, that they shall not fall away. Hee will confirme them unto the end, that they may be blam [...]lesse in the day of our LORD JESUS CHRIST,Ioh. 6.35, 37 51, 53. & 5.24. 1 Cor. 1.8, 9. the like [Page 258] is, 1 Thess. 5.23, 24 GOD hath made more promises to hold up his children, then ever he made to hold up the pillars of the world.

6. The prayers of the whole Church of GOD which are ve­ry prevalent and powerfull, Ioh. 16.23. the daily sacrifice of be­leevers, is, ne inducas in tentatio­nem.

7. The force and might of faith, 1 Pet. 1.2, 3, 4, 5.

8. The durable vigour of saving graces, John 4.14. our Saviour hath promised, Iohn 16.22. that he will give unto the faithfull such constant and permanent joy, as no man shall be able to take from them: He hath prayed that our faith may not faile, Luke 22.32. It is a stable grace, 1 Ioh. 5.4. 1 Pet. 2.6.

Comforts to the Godly, who are troubled with many and strong corruptions, and like­wise [Page 259] want the meanes of grace,

  • either
    • 1. Altogether.
    • 2. In the power of them.
    • 3. Or having them so, yet profit not by them.

1. Comforts in case of dismay­ednesse under many and strong corruptions.Act 3 26.

I will sprinkle cleane water up­on you, The faith­full (that they may have com­fort against their cor­ruptions) must by be­holding the promise [...], flie unto Christ, and clea [...]e the fa­ster to Him, Rom. 7 25. Phil. 3.9. and you shall be cleane [...]rom all your filthinesse, and from all your idols will I cleanse you, Ezek. 36.25. Though thy sinnes were as great as Idolatry in the first Table, or Whoredome in the second, yet GOD will forgive and sanctifie thee.

He will cast all our sinnes into the depths of the sea, Micah. 7.19. The sea can drowne mountaines as well as mole-hills: Though they were as crimson and scarlet, which will take no other die, yet in CHRISTS bloud they shall bee made as white as wooll and snow, Esay 1.18. All manner of [Page 260] sinnes and blasphemies shall be for­given unto men, Matth. 12.31. CHRIST came to save sin­ners, 1 Tim. 1.15. It matters not what the wound is, so CHRIST be the Physitian. Where sin, that is, the knowledge and feeling of sinne abounded, grace over-aboun­ded, Rom. 5.20. have wee a mul­titude and magnitude of sinnes? GOD hath a multitude and magnitude of mercies: Have mercy upon mee O GOD accor­ding unto the multitude, Psal. 51.1. so wee translate it, (the Hebrew word Rob, [...] See 2 Sam. 24.4. His mercies are greater many. Spare me O God according to the greatnes or multitude of thy mer­cy. Neh. 13 22. signifieth also magnitude) of thy tender mercies. Two things terrifie penitent sinners: 1. The multitude and exceeding great number of evils whereof they are guilty, he tels them in that 26. Ezek. that he would Psal. 130 8 wash them from all their filthinesse, without exception, 1 Joh. 1.9. therefore let us not put in condi­tions where GOD doth not, and as it were interline his Cove­nant. 2. That their sinnes have [Page 261] beene hainous and extraordina­ry, Zach. 13.1. Hee promiseth to open a fountaine of grace to wash them from all sinnes; CHRIST hath discharged our pounds as well as our pence. He came to take away the sinnes of the world, this is spoken in­definitely.

2. Comforts to such who are troubled for want of the meanes of grace, either Al­together.

After GOD hath given you the bread of affliction, Comforts to those that want, or have lost the meanes of knowledge, their tea­chers are taken from them. and the wa­ter of adversity, hee will restore teachers and no more restraine in­struction, Esay 30.20.

Though thou see no way of helpe, yet thou knowest not how GOD can provide, Hee can open rivers on the tops of mountaines, and he maketh the wil­dernesse a standing poole, when his people thirst and cry unto him, Esay 41.17, 18.

[Page 262]If ordinary meanes faile, GOD will then [...]pply of his Spirit; I will be unto them as a little Sanctuary in the countries where they sha [...]l come, Ez [...]k. 11.16. I will take you one of a cittie, and two of a family, and I will [...]r [...]ng you in Sion, Jer. 3.14. The LORD giveth the Word, great is the company of preachers, Psal. 68.11.

The rans [...]med of the LORD shall returne and come to Sion with songs, and everlasting ioy upon their heads, they shall obtaine ioy and gladnesse, and sorrow and sighing shall flie away. E [...]ay 35.10.

Or in the power of them.

I will give you Pastors accor­ding to mine heart, which shall feede you with knowledge and un­derstanding, Ier. 3.15.

Or having them so, and not pro­fiting by them.In our spi­rituall bar­rennesse la­men [...]ed,

I am the LORD thy GOD [Page 263] which teacheth thee to profit, which leadeth thee by the way which thou shouldst goe, Esay 48.17.

For thy Maker is thine husband, &c. Esay 54.5, 6. Hosea 2.19.

In the wildernesse shall waters breake out, See 1 & 2. verses. and streames in the de­sert, and the parched ground shall become a poole, and the thirsty land-springs of water, Esay 35.6, 7. that is, the most barren heart shall abound with grace, accor­ding to that promise, Out of their bellies shall flow rivers of living water, Iohn 7.38. streaming out for the good of others. The Kingdome of GOD shall be ta­ken from you and given to a na­tion bringing forth the fruits there­of, Matth. 21.43. This is a pro­mise, that the Gentiles shall bring forth the fruites of the Gospell, therefore every belee­ving Gentile may apply it.

The use of Faith here is, to up­hold us against our manifold de­ [...]ects, infirmities and imperfecti­ [...]ns. For first, it giveth evidence [Page 264] to our soules, that the graces wee have are the gifts of GOD, because GOD promiseth them. Secondly, it maketh us rest on GOD for perfecting of that good worke which hee hath so graciously begun.

The Godly that know they feare GOD unfainedly, and yet are often perplexed, because all sensible tokens of GODS favour are taken from them, should 1. Acquaint themselves with the promises, and comfort themselves with these words, they will be as flagons of wine to all distres­sed spirits. 2. Let them not con­sider too much of, nor reason too much with their temptati­ons, Rom. 4.19. 3. Though they feele nothing, yet let them say with David, Ps [...]l. 56.10. In GOD will I praise his Word, in the LORD will I praise his Word.

CHAP. V. 5. In regard of GOD, Desertions.

Comforts to GODS people in spirituall desertions.

1. LEt them Consider, that this hath be­fallen the best of GODS servants. Job 6.4, 13.16.9. David, Luther con­fesseth of himselfe, that after his conver­sion, he lay three yeares in despara­tion. Psal. 6. & 77. and CHRIST himselfe, Mat. 27.46. CHRIST (saith Greenham) was forsaken for a few houres, David for a few moneths, and Iob for a few yeares.

2. GOD doth not forsake them, Heb. 13.5.Non deserit etiamsi dese­rere videa­tur, non deserit etiamsi deserat. Au­sten. Esay 49.15, 16. but seemes to forsake them.

3. Desertion is but short, com­pared with the time of mercy, For a small moment have I forsa­ken thee, but with great mercies will I gather thee. In a little wrath I hid my face from thee, for [Page 266] a moment; but with everlasting kindnesse will I have mercy on thee, saith the LORD thy Redeemer, Esay 57.18, 19. Esay 54.7, 8.

He will not alwaies chide, nei­ther will hee keepe his anger for­ever, Psal. 103.9. The LORD will not cast off for ever, but though he cause griefe, yet will he have com­passion according to the multitude of his mercies, Lam. 3.31, 32.

4. GOD waites for a fit sea­son of shewing his favour toward them, Esay 30.18.

We ought to live by faith, Hab. 2.4. waiting for GOD who hides his face, Blessed are all they that waite for him, Esay 30.18. Esay 8.17. and to stirre up our selves to lay hold on our GOD, Esay 64.7. that is an ex­cellent place, Esay 50.10.

CHAP. VI. SPIRITVALL PROMISES. 1. In regard of Good. • 1. GODS • 1. Love of them, which hath three properties, it is • 1. Free. , • 2. Infi­nite. , and • 3. Eter­nall.  , • 2. Presence with them: • 1. Each of the godly in par­ticular. , and • 2. The whole Church in generall.  , and • 3. Providence over them, keeping them • 1. Immediatly, by himselfe. , and • 2. Mediatly, by his Angels.   

1. Promises of GODS Love.

For spiritu­all blessings in Generall, Ephes. 13. he hath bles­sed us with all spirituall blessings, 2 Pet. 1.4. He hath gi­ven us all thngs per­taining to life and godlinesse. ANd he will love thee, and blesse thee, &c. Deut. 7.13. Hee crowneth his people with loving kind­nesse, and tender mercies, Psal. 103.4.

There are three properties of GODS Love.

1. It is a free Love; he stands not upon desert, Hosea 14.4. Ex­od. 33.19. 1 Ioh. 4.10, 19. The LORD did not set his Love upon you, nor choose you, because yee wore more in number then any other people, but because the LORD loved you. Lo he loved you, be­cause he loved you,Deut 7.7, 8. Amat, quia amai. Ber­nard. to shew the freedome and independancy of his love unto them.

2. It is an infinite & transcendent Love, Eph. 2.4.7, 18, 19. GOD There is a Sic with­out a Sicut. so loved the world, &c. Iohn 3.16. that is, so infinitely, so transcendent­ly, so incomprehensibly, 1 Ioh. 3.1.

Ier. 32.40. 2 Sam. 7.15.3. It is an eternall and un­changeable [Page 269] Love, I have loved thee with an everlasting love, Jer. 31.3. Behold I will betroth thee unto mee for ever, Hosea 2.19. With everla­sting kindnesse will I have mercy on thee, Esay 54.8.

2. Promises of GODS speciall and gracious presence.

This is the most sweete com­fort, wherewith GOD anciently used to sustaine his children.

Each in particular.

Isaac, Gen. 26.3, 24. Moses,
Iacob, Gen. 28.15. & 3 [...].3. I will be with thee, that is, to do thee good, Gen 32.12
Exod. 3.12. & 4.12. Josh. 1.5, 9. & 3.7. Ezek. 3. Jer. 1.8, 19. David incouraged his sonne Salomon with this, 1 Chron. 28.20.

And the whole Church in ge­nerall. Zach. 2.10, 11. Ioel 2.17. Christ is spiritually pre­sent with all true belee­vers. Rom. 16.24 2 Cor 13.14 Phil. 4.23. Esay 41.10. & 43.2. Rev. 1.13. & 2.1. CHRIST left this comfort for his farewell to his Disciples and their Succes­sors. Lo I am with you to the end of the world, Matth. 28.20. And [With you] Comprehends under [Page 270] it not onely Pastors, but people also; For where two or three are gathered together in my name (saith CHRIST) there am I in the midst of them, Mat. 18.20.

3. Promises of GODS provi­dence over his children.

They have an honourable guard.

1. GOD himselfe keepeth his Israel who neither slumbreth nor sleepeth. Psal. 121.4, 5. He keepeth his under the shadow of his wings, Psal. 91.14. The LORD compa­reth himselfe to an Eagle which safely carrieth her young, Deut. 1.31. & 32.11. and to a care­full Shepheard, Ezek. 34.12. Psal. 23.1, 2, 3. Iohn 16.12. Esay 30.21. [...] Chron. 16.9 Psal. 13.18 19 Deut. 11.1 [...]. There are two sweet Psalmes for promises of future pro­tection, Psal. 91. & 121.

The eyes of the LORD are up­on the righteous, Psal. 34.15. a mans eye is upon one that hee loves, ubi amor, ibi oculus. The LORD hath a care of them, he loves, defends and protects them. [Page 271] He saith, Psal. 32.8. I will guide thee with mine eye. Hee will guide his children by his speci­all providence in all their waies, Psal. 121.8. Esay 46 4. He with­draweth not his eyes from the righte­ous, but with Kings are they on the throne, yea hee doth establish them for ever, and they are exal­ted, Job 36.7. Hee keepeth all his bones, not one of them is broken, Psal. 34.20.

There shall not a haire of your head perish,All the haires of your head are numbred Luk. 12.7. and it is Austens in­ference thereupon, Si fic custo­diuntur su perstua tua, in quanta securitate est animatua. The eye is kept most diligently, and strong­ly guarded by nature with tunicle; Luke 21 18. Matth. 10.30. Acts 27.34. Hee that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye, Zach. 2.8. To expresse the tendernesse of his love, he named the tenderest part of the body, saith Salvian, that he might shew that hee is troubled with the least contamelie offered to his Saints, as we are with the least hurt of our eye. Nay hee saith not, hee that toucheth you toucheth his eye, but the apple of his eye, the tenderest piece of the tenderest part, the Chrystall [Page 272] humour as the Philosophers call it, Psal. 17 8. Deut. 32.10 Ishon in Hebrew of Ish, pupilla in Latine of pupa, because therein appeareth the resemblance of a little man, or because as a man is to be prized above all other creatures, so GOD estee­meth his people above all the world. David found by his owne experience, Psal. 17.8. Psal. 63.7. and 41.12. that GOD preserved him as the apple of his eye: and so may all Christians. What was said to Iacob, Gen. 28.15. and to Ioshua by Moses, Deut. 31.8. and by GOD himselfe, Iosh. 1.5. Paul applieth generally to all Christi­ans, Heb. 13.5. I will never leave thee nor forsake thee. Hee guides them in all their waies. Hee that hath mercy on them (saith the Prophet) shall leade them, even by the springs The world is like a wil­dernesse, the wicked like wilde beast, in a de [...]art; Gods chil­dren are so provided for, that God pre­serve [...] them, yea and himselfe s [...]ds them out meanes of singular refreshing all their daies. of water shall hee guide them, Esay 49.16.

2. Christians have the guard of Angels.

He shall give his Angels charge [Page 273] ov [...]r thee, to keepe thee in all thy waies, they shall beare thee up in their hands least thou dash thy foot against a stone. Psal. 91.11, 12. The Angels keepe us, and that universally, in all our waies: they keepe us, and that very charily and tenderly, they beare us in their hands, and they keepe us very safely and surely, so that we dash not our feete against a stone.

The Angell of the LORD en­campeth about them that feare him, and delivereth them,Exod. 33 2. & 32.34. Psal. 34.7.

CHAP. VII. • 2. CHRIST himselfe, and many bles­sings by him are promised to the God­ly, • 1. Redemption. , • 2. Vocation. , • 3. Iustifica­tion, which hath two parts, • 1. Not im­puting sin. , and • 2 Imputing righteousnes  , • 4. Reconciliation , and • 5. Adoption.  

The world it selfe was no sooner begun, but the promise also began of sending Christ into the world, Gen 3.15 Yet this promise was in generall termes, neither shewing what seede, neither shewing what kind of woman, or of what people this seed should be. A second promise was made to Abraham, and it was a little more lightsome then this, for it shewed of what people he should be, viz of the Iewes, Gen 22.8. A third pro­mise was more lightsome then this too, for it shewes of what Tribe he should be, viz of the Tribe of Iuda, Gen. 49 [...]0. A fourth promise was yet more lightsome, for it shewed of what family He should be, viz of the family of David, 2 Sam 7 16 The fifth, and six, and seventh promises were much more lightsome then this, for the fift declared the party that should bring him into the world, viz a Virgin, Esay 7 17 The sixt the place he should be borne in, viz. Bethlehem, a City of Iudah, Micah 5.2 These youth declared the time, viz. seventy weekes of yeeres from the time the Prophet Daniel lived in, that is, foure hundred foure score and ten yeeres, Dan. 9 24. Days first Sermon of our Savi­ours Nativity.1. CHRIST is promised to the godly.

THe first promise made to man and the foundation of all other was th [...]t, Gen. 3.15. It shall bruise thy head, It or [Page 275] He, that is, CHRIST, shall bruise thy head, that is, breake the power and dominion of Satan. The first Promise was made concer­ning CHRIST, because GOD intended to make good every pro­mise in CHRIST.

In all ages the LORD re­newed this promise of sending CHRIST the promised seed, as immediately after the floud, Noah by prophesie blessing his two sonnes, said, GOD shall enlarge Iaphet, and hee shall dwell in the tents of Shem, Gen. 9.27. He mea­neth that we the Gentiles should be called to be one body with the Jewes in CHRIST. The same was afterwards oft re­newed to Abraham: In thy Seed (that is, CHRIST) thou thy selfe, and all the nations of the earth (that is, the faithfull in all nations) shall be blessed, Gen. 12.3. Gen. 13.14. & 15.4, 18. Gen. 17.4. & 22.

The like was after promised to Isaac, Gen. 26.4. and Iacob, Gen. [Page 276] 28.14. and Gen. 49.10. it is said, The Scepter shall not depart from Iuda untill Shiloh come, Shilo secun­dae eius, id in que involvi­tur partus in utero existēs, Metonymia rei continen­t [...]s pro recontenta, ut in­quit [...]remel. See Cart­wright his confutation of the Rhemish Testa­ment, on Mat. 1.23 and Perkins on the Creed. that is, the Messias come, for Shiloh signifieth the tunicle or skinne that lappeth the Infant in the Mothers wombe; called by Phy­sitians the secundine, (because it grieves the woman that is with child the second time, as it were a second birth) in French arriere fais, in English the after-birth or after-burden: and by a kind of figure is put for the Sonne of GOD in the wombe of the Vir­gin, made man; to note him to be of the flesh of Mary, and his birth to be like the birth of other children, sinne onely ex­cepted. There shall come a Starre out of Jacob, and a Scepter shall rise out of Israel, Numb. 24.17.

In all succeeding ages, Moses and all the Prophets in their times foretold of CHRIST,Rom 1.2. Acts 3.24. & 10.43. The LORD thy GOD will raise up unto thee a Prophet from the midst of thee, [Page 277] of thy brethren like unto mee, un­to him shall yee hearken, Christ was promised to come of th [...] seede of David, Acts 1 [...].23. See Psal 8 [...].35.36 & 131, 11, 12, 13 14 Esay 16.5. Deut. 18.15. like unto mee] both in the participation of nature and office, saith Iunius: a true man, and a true Mediator, CHRIST is there meant, Acts 3.22. & 7.37. That evangelicall Prophet Esay spake of him then as already come. For unto us a childe That is, Iesus Christ, of whom he prophesied, Chap. 7 14 Behold a Virgin shall conceive, and heare a Sonne, and shall call humane Im­manuel. is borne, unto us a Sonne is given, and the Governement shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called, Wonderfull, Counsellor, the mighty GOD, the everlasting Fa­ther, the Prince of Peace, Esay 9.6. See Esay, 2. & 53.2, 3, 4. Ezek 37.24. & 34.24. Ier. 33.15, 16. Ier. 23.5, 6. Micah 5.2. Zach. 3.8. & 6.12, 13. & 9.9, 10. He is called the messenger of the Covenant, Mal. 3.1. For in him GOD reconciled the world to himselfe, 2 Cor. 5.19.

There are multitudes of pro­mises also concerning CHRIST,Luke 1.32. and the generall benefits by him in the New Testament.

[Page 278]1. That he shall save us: The Evangelist Matthew gives this reason of his name JESUS,Mat. 1.21. Luke 3.6. For hee shall save his people from their sinnes, from the guiltinesse, power, and punishment of them. The Sonne of man is come to seeke and save that which was lost, Luke 19.10. GOD sent his Sonne into the world, that the world through him might be saved, Ioh. 12.4 [...]. Iohn 3.17. The Apostle with a vehe­ment asseveration affirmeth this. This is a faithfull saying, and wor­thy of all acceptation, that CHRIST JESUS came in­to the world to save sinners, 1 Tim. 1.15. Hence CHRIST is often called our Saviour, Esay 49.26. Esay 60.16. Luke 2.11. 1 Tim. 1.1. 1 Tim. 2.3.

Esay 49 6. 1 Ioh. 19.2. CHRIST is said to be A light to the Gentiles, Matth. 4.16. The light of the world, John 8.13. & 9.5. under this compari­son of Light, all benefits which CHRIST brings us are contai­ned, [Page 279] light of knowledge, grace, and glory.

Hitherto belong all such Scrip­tures as shew CHRIST to be our Life, 2 Tim. 1.10 Col. 3.4. Iohn 6.33. Ioh. 14.6. CHRIST also cals him­selfe The bread of life, Ioh. 6.35, 51.He is said to be the Head of the body. Compares himselfe to a Vine, Iohn 15.1. to teach, that as the branch hath his whole life from the stock, so we have all our life from him.

3. GOD is well pleased in CHRIST, Mat. 3.17. In whom, not with, by, or through whom, but a larger preposition then them all, which signifieth two things: 1. That GOD is well pleased with CHRIST: 2. In and through him with others; there­fore it is said, Ephes. 1.3. GOD hath blessed us, Rom. 8.32. with all spirituall blessings in CHRIST, verse 4. GOD hath chosen us in him, ver. 6. accepted us in the beloved, ver. 7.Ephes. 3.25. In him wee have redemption through his blood, the forgivenesse of sinnes, according to the riches of [Page 280] his grace. It is said, Acts 13.34. I will give you the sure mer­cies of David, that is, all those good things which were promi­sed in CHRIST, who was of the seed of David.

2. Blessings by CHRIST to the Godly.

1. Redemption.

Who gave himselfe for us, that hee might redeeme us from all ini­quity, Tit. 2.14. We have redemp­tion through his blood.Col. 1.14 Ephes. 1.7. And he shall redeeme Israel from all his iniquitie, Psal. 130.8. He hath redeemed them from the curse of the law, by being made a curse for them, Gal. 3.13. CHRIST JESUS by his owne bloud entred into the holy place, having obtained eter­nall redemption for us, Heb. 9.12.

CHRIST is made unto us Re­demption, 1 Cor. 1.30.

2. Effectuall Calling; our par­ticular [Page 281] calling doth interest us in the promises of GOD, Acts 2.39. For the promise is unto you, and to your children, Rom 8 28.30. and to all that are a farre of, even to as many as the LORD our GOD shall call, there is the condition.

3. Justification.

By his knowledge, shall my righ­teous servant iustifie many, Esay 53.11.

By him all that beleeve, are iu­stified, Acts 13.39.

In the LORD shall all the seed of Israel be iustified, Esay 45.25. Who shall lay any thing to the charge of GODS Elect? it is GOD that iustifieth, Rom. 8.33.

He iustifieth the ungodly, Rom. 4.5. that is, saith Beza, he makes him righteous in CHRIST, who is unrighteous in himselfe.

  • [Page 282]1. Justification consists of two parts,
    • 1. Not impu­ting sinne, 2 Cor. 5.19.
    • 2. Imputing righteousnes, Gal. 3.6.
Promises of forgivenesse of sinnes.

This great benefit of forgive­nesse of sinne by CHRIST, is plentifully proclaimed unto us miserable sinners.

See Luk. 14 47. Act & 13.38. Behold the Lambe of GOD which taketh away the sinnes of the world, John 1.29. Hee shall beare their iniquities, Esay 53.11. Once in the end of the world hath hee appeared to put away sinne by the sacrifice of himselfe, Heb. 9.26. He was manifested to take away our sinnes, 1 Joh. 3.5. The blood of JESUS CHRIST cleanseth us from all sinne, 1 Joh. 1.7. He hath by himselfe purged our sins, Heb. 1.3. He bare our sinnes on the tree, 1 Pet. 2.24. He loved us and wa­shed [Page 283] us from our sinnes in his owne blood, Rev. 1.5. He is the propi­tiation for our sinnes, 1 John 2.2.

Hereunto agreeth that invi­tation of our Saviour: Come un­to mee all yee, He came to call sinners, Luk. 5 21. that are weary and heavie laden, and I will ease you, Mat. 11.28.

GOD of his rich grace and mercy in JESUS CHRIST doth make offer of free and full forgivenesse of sinnes, to every burdened, thirstie, and penitent soule.

Let the wicked forsake his way and the unrighteous man his thoughts, and let him returne unto the LORD, and hee will have mercy upon him, and to our GOD, for hee will abundantly pardon, Esay 55.7. Returne thou backesliding Israel, saith the LORD, and I will not cause mine anger to fall upon you, for I am mercifull, saith the LORD, and I will not keepe mine anger for ever, Jer. 3.22. I will cleanse [Page 284] them from all their iniquity, where­by they have sinned against me, and I will pardon all their iniquities whereby they have sinned, and whereby they have transgressed a­gainst mee, Jer. 33.8.

GOD when he forgiveth us, so fully acquitteth us of our sins, as if we had committed no sinne at all.

This appeareth by many Me­taphors used in the Scrip­ture.

I am hee that blotteth out thy transgressions, saith the LORD, Esay 43.25. It is a Metaphore taken from Creditors, who when they purpose never to exact a debt, will blot it out of their bookes:Col. 2.14. I have put away thy transgressions as a cloud, and thy sinnes as a mist, saith the same LORD, Esay 44.22. The clouds which are driven away by the windes appeare no more, nor the mist which is dried up by the Sunne; so the sinnes which GOD forgiveth, returne not [Page 285] againe: thou hast cast all my sins behind thy backe, saith Hezekiah to GOD, Esay 38.17. that which a man would not look on or regard, that he casteth behind his backe.

Thou wilt cast all their sinnes into the depths of the Sea, Micah. 7.19. As if hee should say, looke as God subdu­ed Pharaoh and all his hoast in the bottome of the Sea; so he will cast and put a­way the sins of his people. Psal. 85.2. saith Micah to the LORD. When a man would have a thing utterly forgotten, hee will cast it into the bottome of the Sea, from whence there is no fetching it againe.

The Psalmist pronounceth him blessed, whose sinne is covered, Psal. 32.1. A thing covered is not seene, hee hath not beheld iniquity in Jacob, nor seene perversenesse in Israel, Numb. 23.21.

The same Psalmist pronoun­ceth him blessed, to whom the LORD imputeth not sinne, Rom 4.7, 8. Psal. 32.2. a sinne not imputed, is as not committed: as Merchants when they will forgive a debt, put it not into the reckoning, and so do not impute it.

[Page 286]GOD himselfe saith, I will forgive their iniquities, Heb. 8, 12. & 10.17. and I will remember That which the Heathen Orator spoke flat­teringly of Iuliu [...] Caesar, is most true of God, nihil obli [...]iset so let, nisi iniurias, He for­gets nothing but the sins of penitent suppliants. their sinne no more, Ier. 31.34. the latter clause ex­pounds the former; to forgive is to remember no more, that is, ne­ver to call that to account, which was once remitted.

Thus GOD blotteth out our sinnes, that they condemne us not. Putteth them away, that they hurt us not. Casteth them behind his backe, as though he regarded them not. And into the Sea, that they drowne us not. Covers them, that they appeare not. Doth not impute them, as though they were not. Forgetteth them, so that he punisheth them not.

All the blessings in the new Covenant are given with remissi­on of sinnes. When GOD for­gives a mans sinnes, then hee gives him all other things, San­ctification, and whatsoever else, as we see at large. Ezek. 36.26. The LORD there, after he had promised to forgive all their sins, [Page 287] hee saith, hee will give them a new heart, hee will cause them to walke in his waies; and then hee comes with outward mer­cies too, hee promiseth them deliverance from their ene­mies, and other good things in the rest of the Chapter, but all other things come in with remission of sinnes, Acts 10.43. To him give all the Prophets witnesse, that through his name, we have re­mission of sinnes. The Pro­phets gave witnesse concerning CHRIST of many other things besides remiss [...]on of sins, that we have in his name, which wee have by him, but all other things come with this. GOD was in CHRIST reconciling the world to himselfe, 2 Cor. 5.19. a marvellous great mercy, it consists in this, that their sinnes were not imputed. The priviledges of the new Covenant are chained toge­ther: Whom hee hath predestina­ted, them also hee called, and whom he called, them also he iustified, and [Page 288] whom hee iustified, them also hee glorified, Rom. 8.30.

2. Promises to make us righ­teous.

As by one mans disobedience, many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one, shall many bee made righteous, Rom. 5.19. there­fore we are said, to be the righ­teousnesse of GOD in him, 2 Cor. 5.21. For this cause CHRIST is called The LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESSE, Ier. 23.6. & 33.16. CHRIST is made un­to us righteousnesse, 1 Cor. 1.30. He is said to be the end of the law for righteousnesse, to every one that beleeveth, Rom. 10.4. and the Sa­craments are said to be the Seales of the righteousnesse of faith. Rom. 4.11.

Esay 61.10. Zach. 3.3, 4,He hath covered mee with a robe of righteousnesse, Abraham belee­ved GOD, and it was imputed to him for righteousnesse, Gal. 3.6.

[Page 289] This imputed righteousnesse the Papists scoffe at, Rom. 4.3, 5, 6 8, 9, 10, 11, 22, 23, 24. and call it a pu­tative righteousnesse; and yet the phrase is used tenne times in one Chapter.

4. Reconciliation.

By CHRIST wee are re­conciled to GOD.

GOD hath reconciled us to himselfe by JESUS CHRIST. GOD was in CHRIST, reconci­ling the That is, all belee­vers tho­rough the whole world. world unto himselfe, 2 Cor. 5.18, 19. CHRIST is our peace, who hath made both one, that he might reconcile both unto GOD, Ephes. 2.14, 16.See Rom. 5.1.10. You that were some­time alienated, yet now hath he recon­ciled, Col. 1.21.

5. Adoption. Promises 1. of it.

Behold what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us,For yee are all the children of God by faith in Christ Iesus Gal. 1 20. Ephes. 1. [...]. that we should be called the sonnes of [Page 290] GOD, 1 Joh. 3.1, 2. But to as ma­ny as received him, to them gave he power to become the sonnes of GOD, even to them that beleeve in his name, Iohn 1.12. That is a gra­cious promise which the Apostle citeth out of the Prophet Hosea, Rom. 9.26. And it shall be in the place, where it was said unto them, yee are not my people, that there they shall be called the children of the living GOD. So the LORD promiseth to such as shall sepa­rate themselves from the wicked, 2 Cor. 6.18. Hee that overcom­meth shall inherit all things, and I will be his GOD, and hee shall be my sonne, Rev. 21.7. Blessed are the peace-makers, for they shall be called the sonnes of GOD, Mat. 5.9.

It was GODS promise to David concerning Salomon, 2 Sam. 7.14. I will be his father, and hee shall be my sonne. Where­upon David much affected and ravished, saith, verse 18. O LORD GOD, what am I, or my [Page 291] fathers house, that thou shouldst vouchsafe me so great honour and happinesse, as to finde my childe, yea to take him for thine owne, and to become his Father?

See that excellent place, Gal. 4.4, 5, 6, 7. & Rom. 8.17.

2. To it, paternity promiseth all blessings, Mat. 7.11. and all forbearance, Psal. 103.13. Heb. 12.5, 6.


1. Of the Spirit.

THe giving of the Spirit is a part of GODS Covenant, Whereas God did in the old time reveale his will unto some by vi­sion [...], and dreame; now all sorts of men, young and old, men and maides shall be instru­cted in the knowledge of God more plen­tifully and perfectly. I will powre out my Spirit upon all flesh in those daies, and your young men shall see visions, &c. Ioel 2.28, 29. which is repeated, Acts 2.17, 18. The great Promise that [Page 292] our Saviour CHRIST made to them, before he departed in the flesh, was this, I will baptize you with the HOLY GHOST; which was fulfilled after when he powred forth his Spirit. So Esay 44.3. I will powre water upon him that is thirsty, and flouds upon the drie ground, I will powre my spirit upon thy seed, and my blessing upon thy off-spring, the latter end of the verse interprets it. So Ezek. 36.25, 26, 27. I will put my spirit within you, &c. I will powre upon the house of David the spirit of grace and supplications, Zach. 12.10. How much more shall your heavenly Father give the Spirit to them that aske him, Luke 11.13. I will powre out my spirit unto you, Prov. 1.23. This is meant in that place, Ioh. 4.10. Where our Saviour saith to the woman of Samaria, thou wouldest have asked of him, and hee would have given thee living water: that is, the Spi­rit, as appeares by comparing it with Iohn 7.38, 39. I will pray the [Page 293] Father, and hee shall give you ano­ther Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever, even the Spirit of truth, Iohn 14.16, 17. It is said, Ephes. 1.13. They were sealed with the Spirit of promise, that is, which was promised to all Beleevers, and Gal. 3.14. we are said, by faith to receive the promise of the Spirit, that is, the Spirit of promise, or that had beene promised.

CHRIST had the Spirit in the fullnesse of it, The Spi­rit of the Lord shall rest upon him, Esay 11 2. I will put my Spirit upon him. Esay 42.1. It pleased the Father, that in him should all full­nesse dwell, Col. 1.19. all full­nesse both in respect of the number of graces, Esay 11.2. and in re­spect of the measure of them, Iohn 3.34. Col. 2.3. Of his full­nesse we shall all receive, and grace for grace, Ioh. 1.16. grace freely, and grace upon grace, Zach. 14.8.

A Promise to those that have the Spirit.

As many as are led by the Spi­rit of GOD, they are the sonnes of GOD, Rom. 8.14.

CHAP. IX. The operation of the Spirit. • 1. In Generall. • Sanctification.  , and • 2. In Spe­ciall. • 1. Spirituall graces. , and • 2. Spi­rituall duties. • 1. The kinds of them. , and • 2. The de­grees of them.   

1. The Promises of Sanctifica­tion.

Ier 31.33. & 32.4. which is twice re­peat [...]d in the Epistle to the Heb 8.10. & 10.16. Ezek. 11.19, 20. which is repeated, Ezek. 35.27. & 37.24. [...]OD promiseth in the Co­venant of grace which hee hath made with his people, to take away their hearts of stone, and give them hearts of flesh: to put his law in their in­ward parts, and write it in their hearts, to put his feare in their [Page 295] hearts, that they shall not depart from him, and to give them a new heart, and to put his Spirit within them.

The substance of which Co­venant is this, that all their sins shall be forgiven, and both the guilt and punishment there­of wholly remooved. Their persons shall be justified, and their natures sanctified; the lawes of GOD and his promi­ses shall be written in their mindes, so that they shall have the knowledge of them; and in their hearts, so that they shall have the comfort, feeling and fruition of them: they shall not onely have interest in all GODS graces and blessings, but accor­ding to their neede, shall have the use and enjoyment there­of.

The LORD often promiseth to Sanctifie and make holy his people,Ezek. 37.28 Deut 28.9. as Exod 19.6. & 31.13. Levit. 22.32. Esay 4.3, 4, 35.8. Ioel 3.17.

[Page 296] Sanctifie them through thy truth, John 17.17. and ver. 19. For their sakes I sanctifie my selfe, Ephes. 5.25, 26. that they also might be sanctified through the truth.

The LORD hath sworne that his children shall serve him in ho­linesse and righteousnesse all the daies of their life, Luke 1.73, 74, 75. The GOD of peace sancti­fie you wholly. Faithfull is hee that hath called you, who also will doe it, 1 Thess. 5.23, 24. CHRIST is made unto us Sanctification, 1 Cor. 1.30. The LORD hath said,God will in­able his children to live a holy life. that his children shall not want any needfull Grace, for the leading of a godly life, Psal. 84.11.1 Ioh. 3.3. There shall be a fountaine ope­ned for sinne, and for uncleane­nesse, Zach. 13.1. it is GODS Covenant to sprinkle cleane water upon us, that we may be cleane, and to cleanse us from all our fil­thinesse, and all our Idols, Ezek. 36.25. I will turne to the people a pure language, Zeph. 3.9. See ver. 13. The mouth of the righteous spea­keth [Page 297] wisedome, and his tongue tal­keth of iudgement. The Law of GOD is in his heart, Psal. 37.30, 31. CHRIST gave him­selfe for us that hee might redeeme us from all iniquity, and purifie un­to himselfe a peculiar people, zea­lous of good workes: Tit. 2.14. the LORD will guide the meeke in iudgement, and teach the humble his way, Psal. 25.8. & 12.

In the daies of the Gospell (saith the Prophet Zacharie) shall there be upon the bels of the hor­ses, Zach. 14. The mea­nest shall have holi­nesse writ­ten upon his forehead as the Priests had under the Law, or they shall be holy in their iour­neys, in ea­ting and drinking. HOLINESSE VNTO THE LORD.

Those Promises before quo­ted in the Chapter of Justi­fication, Mat. 1.21. Ioh. 1.29. 1 Iohn 2.2. 1 Ioh. 1.7. Rev. 1.5. may be referred to this head also, for they are to be under­stood not onely of pardoning our sinnes, but, delivering us from the power of them.

Promises. 2. To Sanctification.

[Page 298]In keeping of them there is great reward,The re­wards of Sanctificati­on. The promise of walking in white hereafter is made to none but such as walk in white here, Rev. 3 4. There are promises to holinesse, 1. Of Gods presence. 2. Of his ac­ceptance. 3. Of his fa­ther-hood, 2 Cor 6.16, 17, 18. Psal. 19.11. Blessed and, happy is he that hath part in the first resurrection, on such the se­cond death hath no power, Rev. 20.6. Depart from evill and doe good, and dwell for evermore, Psal. 37.27. To give you an inheri­tance among all them which are sanctified, Act. 20.32. See the like Act. 26.18.

See Rom. 8.1, 13. 1 Iohn 1.7. Esay 1.16, 17, 18.

CHAP. X Promises of Spirituall Graces. 1. The kinds of them. • 1. Knowledge and wisdome. , • 2. Faith. , • 3. Confidence. , • 4. Hope. , • 5. Joy. , • 6. Love, of • 1. GOD. , • 2. CHRIST. , • 3. Our Brethren. , and • 4. Our Enemies.  , • 7. Feare. , • 8. Obedience. , • 9. Repentance, in which are handled • 1. Confession of sin , • 2. Mourning for sin , • 3. Killing of it. , and • 4. Turning from it.  , • 10. Humility. , • 11. Meekenesse. , • 12. Patience. , • 13. Righteousnesse. , • 14. Vprightnesse. , • 15. Peace. , • 16. Zeale. , and • 17. Perseverance. 

There are promises of all kind of graces; not a grace, but there is a promise of it generally, or speciallySpirituall Graces promised. 1. Knowledge, and Wisdome. Promises. 1. Of Knowledge.

IT is part of the Cove­nant, Heb. 8.11. You shall know me from the least to the greatest,Ier. 24.7. & 31.34. [...]os. 2 20. and I will teach you, and you shall no more teach one another his neigh­bour, you shall have my law written in your hearts. The Prophet spea­king of the daies of CHRIST, saith. The earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea, Esay 11.9. the like we have, Hab. 2.14.

2 Cor 3.16.18. In the time of the Old Testa­ment, there was a vaile that co­vered their hearts and their eyes, that they were not able to see the truth clearely, but now That vaile is taken away and wee see the truth [Page 301] with open face, as wee see an image in a glasse.Ioh. 1.17, Mat. 1.16. 1 Ioh 5.10. Ephes 3.5 We know much more then they in the Old Testament, and in another manner, more di­stinctly, more particularly. It is oft said, that The LORD will teach his people. As in that fa­mous prophesie of the daies of the Gospell, that GOD would teach them his waies, and they would walke in his paths, Esay 2.3. Micah 4.2. So Psal. 25.8, 9. Hee will teach sinners in the way, and the meeke hee will teach his way. The Elect shall be all taught of GOD, Esay 54.13. Iohn 6.45. so much as is necessary for their salvation, Ier. 31.34. yea The least as well as the grea­test.

They shall know of the Scripture to be GODS Word, Esay 52.6. They shall know in that day that I am hee, that doth speake, behold it is I.

They shall know of that doctrine which is taught them, whether it be of GOD, or whether their tea­cher speake of himselfe, Iohn 7.17. [Page 302] CHRISTS Sheepe know his voice, and will follow him, John 10.4.Pro 3.32. His secret is with the righteous. The secret of the LORD is revealed to them that feare him, and hee will shew them his Cove­nant, Psal. 25.14. See ver 12. When the Spirit of truth is come, hee will guide you into all truth, Iohn 16.13. The faithfull have an unction from the holy one, and know all things. 1 Iohn 2.20. and ver. 27. The HOLY GHOST abideth in them, and they need not that any man teach them.

See Pro. 1.23. Hos. 14.9. Psal. 107.43. Iohn 8.32. Psal. 32.8. Marke 4.11. Esay 30.21. Prov. 2.3, 4, 5, 6. Prov. 3.6. & 14.6.

Promises. 2. To Knowledge and wise­dome.

The profit of know­ledge. Pro. 3 15 to 19 21. to 25. & 24.14.It is rewarded 1. with Tem­porall blessings, GOD will exalt such as know him. I will set him on high, because he hath knowne [Page 303] my name, Psal. 91.14. Length of daies is in her right hand, Dan. 11.3 [...]. & 11.3. The wise shall inherit glory, Pro. 3.35. See P [...]o. 4.5. to 10. and in her left hand riches and honour, Prov. 3.14.

2. With spirituall blessings, as grace Ioh 17 3. By life eternall is un­derstood grace, by a metonymie of the effect, quia vitam efficit, it works life. Piscat quia radix & or [...]go vitae Cyril Quia gustus est vitae aeternae. Brentius. Esay 53.11. M. Perkins on the Creed. Faith is the gift of God, whereby we know, apprehend and apply the promi­ses relying upon them Pa [...]. on the Rom. and peace. 2 Pet. 1.2. Grace and peace be multiplied un­to you, through the knowledge of GOD.

3. With eternall blessings, Prov. 3.13, 18. Shee is a tree of life to them that lay hold on her, and happy is every one that retaineth her.

2. Faith, which is thus defi­ned, Faith is a supernaturall gift of GOD in the mind, appre­hending the saving promise with all the promises that de­pend upon it, Phil. 1.29. Gal. 3.14.

Promises. 1. Of Faith.

GOD promiseth to give Faith to whom hee meanes to [Page 304] save. The Apostle saith, It is the gift of GOD, Christ is cō ceived in our soule by faith, as hee was concei­ved in the Virgins wombe by her yeal­ding to the promise. So we closing with the promise, then faith is wrought, and Christ comes to live in the heart. Ephes. 2.8. and Iude 3. That it was once given to the Saints. Heb. 12.2. CHRIST is said to be the Author and fini­sher of our Faith. And Rom. 12.3. That GOD hath dealt to every man the measure of Faith. All that the Father giveth mee, that is, by election; shall come to mee, that is, by Faith, Iohn 6.37. See verse 35.

Promises. 2. To Faith. Many Promises are made to Beleevers.

1. Beleefe in GOD brings good successe. Beleeve in the LORD your GOD, so shall yee be established; beleeve his Prophets, so shall yee prosper, 2 Chron. 20.20.

2. Forgivenesse of sinnes: righteousnesse and justification [Page 305] are promised to Beleevers, Acts 10.43. Rom. 10.4. & 4.5. & 5.1. Acts 13.39.

3. Wee are made the sonnes of GOD by adoption, when wee beleeve in CHRIST, Ioh. 1.12. Gal. 3.26, 29.

4. GOD will give his Spi­rit to them that beleeve: Hee that beleeveth in mee, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living wa­ter, Ioh. 7.38.

5. GOD hath promised to heare the prayers of such as be­leeve, What things soever yee de­sire when yee pray, beleeve that yee receive them, and yee shall have them, Mark. 11.24. Whatsoever yee shall aske in prayer, if yee beleeve yee shall receive it. Matth. 21.22.

6. Eternall life is promised to Beleevers, Iohn 3.16.Ioh. 3.18. & 6.35, 11, 25, 16 & 12. [...] 2 Thess. 1.10. Whosoever beleeveth in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. It is not onely said hee shall have eter­nall life, but already he hath it, often in Iohn, Chap. 3.36. Chap. 5. [Page 306] 24. Chap. 6.47, 54. 1. In regard of right, because hee is instated into it in the Covenant of grace, Mat. 5.3. 2. CHRIST in his Ascention hath taken full posses­sion for us, Ephes. 2.6. 3. In re­gard of initiall fruition in this life, the life of grace is an im­perfect life of glory.

Beleevers are said to be blessed, John 20.29.Acts 16.30, 31. The Evan­gelicall pro­mises of grace con­cerning ou [...] reconcilia­tion made by Christ and remissi­on of sins, are so to be beleeved of us, that they may bring firme and solid com­fort, but un­lesse I be­leeve in speeciall, that I am reconciled and that my sinnes are pardoned, I cannot have this consolation, Ergo, I am to beleeve this. The Maior is manifest, because the end of Evangelicall grace and the Di­vine promises, is that wee may have firme consolation, Heb. 6.18. B. Dav. on Coloss. Every man that be­leeves shall be saved, Mar. 16.16. There is the gracious promise: now the Faithfull man assumes the Minor, but I beleeve, and out of these two premises, in­ferreth this saving Conclusion, therefore I shall be saved. Bellar­mine saith, this particular propo­sition, such or such a man is tru­ly justified, hath eternall life, is not contained in the Word of GOD, either immediatly or by consequence. Some Divines [Page 307] say, that such places as these, Psal. 103.3. Rom. 10.9. Gal. 2.20. intimate and imply such a parti­cular proposition immediatly, but this is deduced by evident consequence out of the word, from such generall promises and propositions as these: Whosoe­ver beleeveth in him, shall receive remission of sinnes, Acts 10.43. And by him all that beleeve, are iustified from all things, &c. Acts 13.39. He that beleeveth on the Sonne, hath everlasting life, Iohn 3.36. follow by good conse­quence these particulars, Paul, Peter, Calvin, Bradford, or any other particular man beleeving in him, receives remission of sinnes, is justified and hath eter­nall life; as it followes directly and infallibly, every man is a rea­sonable creature, therefore Iohn, Thomas, &c. is endued with reason.

For all Generalls comprehend and include their particulars; otherwise how shall it be proved, [Page 308] that GOD made Hens and Ducks, &c. but by this, that hee made all the world, and gave being to every creature.

One meanes to get Assurance is a serious meditation on the Promises of GOD, and an hum­ble and sound application of them to thy selfe, Heb. 10.22, 23.

When the LORD acquaints us with his Word and Promises, and causeth us by his Spirit to put our trust in them, this is a sound and true Assurance, Iob 33.26.

The smal­lest measure of true grace that can be, is to hunger after grace in the want thereof, faith a reve­rend Divine on the fourth of Iohn. The smallest measure of Faith that can be, is when a man not being able to apply the promises to himselfe, and to say, I am perswaded my sinnes are forgiven, yet out of a troubled heart doth unfainedly desire the favour of GOD above all the world.Such as un­feinedly de­sire & aske grace of God, shall be sure to obtaine it.

To this thirsting the Promises are made, Mat. 5.6. Psal. 107.9. The LORD will fulfill the [Page 309] desires of them that feare him, Psal. 145.19.

See Esay 55.1, 2. Esay 44.3, 4. Rev. 21.6. & 22.17. Iohn 7.37. Psal. 10.17. Luke 1 53.

Promises of Assurance, Psal. 50.23. that is, I will cause him to see and know that hee shall be saved, Mal. 4.2. Psal. 85.9. & 97.11. GOD hath first com­manded the faithfull to make their calling and election sure, 2 Pet. 1.1. and to beleeve his pro­mises, Mar. 1.15. 1 Iohn 3.23. Se­condly, promised that hee will certifie and assure his people of his favour, Ezek. 34.30. Thirdly, GOD hath given his people in all ages experience of the truth of this his promise in themselves, Rom. 8.15, 16. Gal. 4.6.

3. Confidence. Promises. 1. Of Confidence.

[Page 310] It is said of GODS people, That they shall stay upon the LORD the holy one of Israel Esay 10.20. At that day shall a man looke to his Maker, and his eye shall have respect to the holy one of Israel, Esay 17.7. Thou shalt call mee my father, and shalt not turne away from mee, Jer. 3.19. They shall trust in the name of the LORD, Zeph. 3.12. Ma­ny shall see it and feare, and shall trust in the name of the LORD, Psal. 40.3. Vnder his wings shalt thou trust, Psal. 91.4. Hee is the confidence of all the ends of the earth, and of them that are a farre off upon the Sea, Psal 65.5. They that know thy name will put their trust in thee, Psal. 9.10. In his name shall the Gentiles trust, Mat. 12.21.The Spouse leaned upon her beloved, Cant. 8.5. The Iles shall waite upon mee, and on mine arme shall they trust, Esay 51.5. The righteous shall be glad in the LORD, and shall trust in him, Psal. 64.10.

Promises. 2. To Confidence.

1. Safety: Deut 31.6. Iosh 1.9. 1 Chron. 28.20. 2 Chron 20.15, 17. Esay 41.10, 13, 14. He shall not be afraid of evill tidings, his heart is fixed, trusting in the Lord, Psal. 112.7. Con­fidence in God doth the more binde and oblige him as it w [...]re to doe us good. GOD is a shield to them that put their trust in him, Pro. 30.5. who so putteth his trust in the LORD shall be safe, Pro. 29.25. They that trust in the LORD shall be as mount Zion which cannot be removed, Psal. 125.1. Thy life shall be for a prey unto thee, because thou hast put thy trust in mee, saith the LORD, Jer. 39.18. None of them that trust in him shall be desolate, Psal. 34.22. The LORD shall save them be­cause they trust in him, Psal. 37.40. The faithfull have promised themselves helpe, because they trusted in the LORD, Psal. 57.11. & 143.8, 9. Numb. 14.9. 1 King. 6.16. Psal. 3.6. & 23.4. & 27.1, 3. Psal. 46.1, 2. & 49.4. & 46. Psal. 4.11. & 118.6. Esay 12.2.

2. Peace; Thou wilt keepe him [Page 312] in perfect peace whose minde is stayed on thee, because he trusteth in thee, Esay 26.3.

3. Mercy, Hee that trusteth in the LORD, mercy shall compasse him about, Psal. 32.10.

4. Blessednesse; Blessed is the man that trusteth in thee, Psal. 84.12.Psal. 34.8. Blessed is the man that maketh the LORD his trust, Psal. 40.4. Who so trusteth in the LORD, hap­py is he, Pro. 16.20.

4. Hope.

Calvin calleth Hope an expe­ctation of those things which Faith beleeveth to be truly pro­mised of GOD.Spes est ex­pectasio eo­rum quae ve­rè a Deo pro­missa fides credidit. Calvin l. 3. Inslit. C. 2. Sect. 42. Rom 8.25. Spet est vir­tus qua in­clinamur ad expectationē eorum, quae Deus nobis promisit.

M. Perkins defineth Hope thus Hope (saith he) is the grace o [...] GOD whereby with patienc [...] we waite the LORDS leisure for the performance of his pro­mises, especially touching redemption and life eternall.

Hope is an expectation o [...] such good things to come [...] [Page 313] GOD hath promised, and Faith beleeved.

Faith is the foundation of Hope, Hope is the nourishment of Faith. Faith apprehendeth the promises of things to come, Hope expecteth the things pro­mised. Simeon having a promise, that before he died, he should see CHRIST with his bodily eyes, beleeved the same, and looked for the performance of it, Luke 2.26, 29, 30.

Promises. 1. Of Hope.

David often professeth, that GOD was his hope,Psal. 39 7.33.22. & 119 16 [...]. and his trust even from his youth, and GOD made him hope even from his mo­thers wombe, Psal. 71.5. & 22.9. And that GOD is the hope of all the ends of the earth, Psal. 65.5. CHRIST is in you the hope of glo­ry, Col. 1.27.

The righteous hath hope in [Page 314] his death, Proverbs 14.32.

Dum spiro, sp [...]ro, saith the Physiti­an. Dum expiro, spero, saith the Divine. Though hee slay me, yet will I trust in him, saith Iob 13.15.Promises. 2. To Hope.

The LORD promiseth, Psal. 91. both temporall blessings and eternall salvation to those that hope in him.

They are pronounced Blessed that have true hope, Psal. 40.4. We are saved by hope, Rom. 8.24.

The hope of the righteous shal [...] be gladnesse Pro. 10.28.

Hope maketh us not ashamed Rom. 5.5. Psal. 25.3.

To Hope in GOD, and to have GOD for our Helpe, ar [...] linked together in Scripture Happy is he, that hath the GO [...] of Jacob for his helpe, whose hop [...] is in the LORD his GOD Psal. 146.5.

See Heb. 10.35. Lam. 3.24, 2 [...] 26. Psal. 14.7, 11.

Hope is preserved by a [...] [Page 315] consideration and full perswasi­on of GODS properties, which make us patiently abide for the accomplishment of his promises: foure speciall pro­perties for this purpose are to be observed.

1. His free grace,1 Pet. 1.13. that makes us waite on him, being perswa­ded in our hearts by faith, that the same grace which moved GOD to make any gracious promise, will further moove him to accomplish it.

2. His infinite power,Rom. 4.2 [...]. being perswaded that hee is able to do it.

3. His infallible truth:2 Tim. 2 13 so faithfull is GOD, that not a word which he hath said, shall fall to the ground.

4. His unsearchable wise­dome: he is most wise in ap­pointing the fittest times and seasons for all things, so as may most make for his owne glory, and his childrens good.

Let us therefore imitate David, [Page 316] Iob, and Simeon, spoken of be­fore, in waiting for the ac­complishment of GODS pro­mises,Rom. 4.18. Acts 26 6. and hoping in him even against hope, as Abraham did: though Sence cor­rects imagi­nation, rea­son corrects sence, but fai [...]h cor­rects both. sence, reason, and ex­perience should be against us, yet let us cleave to the Promises, and waite upon GOD, who never faileth those that trust in him, 1 Pet. 1.13.

5. Joy. Promises of it.

This is notably set out unto us in the booke of Psalmes, Psal. 19.8. The Statutes of the LORD are right, reioycing the heart. Psal. 23.4. Thy rod and thy staffe they comfort mee. Psal. 36.8, 9. Thou shalt make them drinke of the river of thy pleasures; for with thee is the fountaine of life, and in thy light shall we see light. Psal. 89.15, 16. Blessed is the peo­ple that know the ioyfull sound, they [Page 317] shall walke O LORD in the light of thy countenance. In thy name shall they reioyce all the day, and in thy righteousnesse shall they be exalted. Psal. 45.15.Psal. 33 21. & 126 5, 6, With glad­nesse and reioycing shall they be brought. Psal. 64.10. The righte­ous shall be glad in the LORD. Psal. 68.3. Let the righteous be glad, let them reioyce before GOD, yea let them exceedingly reioyce. Psal. 97.11, 12. This duty is often and earnestly in­ioyned, [...]sal. 32. [...]. Phil. 4. & 3 [...]. Light is sowen for the righteous, and gladnesse for the upright in heart. Reioyce in the LORD yee righ­teous, Psal. 118.15. The voice of reioycing and salvation, is in the tabernacles of the righteous. Psal. 132.16. Her Saints shall shout aloud for ioy.

The bookes of the Prophets are full of these Promises. No­table is that sweet song of Esay,Esay 12.2, 3 GOD is my Salvation, I will trust, and not be afraid; for the LORD JEHOVAH is my strength and my song, hee also is become my salvation. Therefore [Page 318] with ioy shall yee draw water out of the wells of Salvation or Con­solation. The whole 35. Chap­ter of Esay is full of heavenly consolation to as Gentiles, verse 1.Ier. 3 [...].12, 13 & 2 [...] 3. Hol. 12.9 Zach. 19. The wildernesse and th [...] solitary place shall be glad for th [...]m, and the desert shall reioyce and blossome as the rose. See ver. 10. Esay 56.7. I will make them ioyfull in my house of prayer. In the 66. of Es [...]y are many sweet consolati­ons, v [...]rse 10. to 14. our Saviour likewise said to his Disciples, that their hearts should reioyce, and their ioy should no man take away from them, Joh. 16.22. Paul saith, The kingdome of GOD is in righteousnesse, peace, and ioy in the HOLY GHOST, Rom. 14.17. The HOLY GHOST workes it in the heart, one of his fruites is joy, Gal. 5.22.

The LORD makes so many promises of this one thing, to make us see, 1. That there can be no holding out in a Christi­an [Page 319] course without this joy: 2. By reason of the many evills that befall us in this life, it is very hard to get, much more to keepe this joy.

6. Love, of • 1. GOD. , • 2. CHRIST. , • 3. Our Brethren. , and • 4. Our Enemies. 

A Promise. 1. Of the Love of GOD.

And the LORD thy GOD will circumcise thine heart and the heart of thy seed, to love the LORD thy GOD with all thy heart and with all thy soule, that thou maist live, Deut. 30.6. As if the LORD had said, I will ingraft the true love of my selfe in your hearts, which you will increase in, and constantly proceed in the same;The upright love thee. Cant. 1 4. and then I will account and ac­cept of it, for the full measure of love that my law requireth.

Promises. 2. To the Love of GOD.

Many things are promised to those that love GOD.

1. Preservation, The LORD preserveth all them that love him, Psal. 145.20.

2. Plenty, GOD will cause them to inherit substance, and will fill their treasures, Proverbs 8.21.

3. Deliverance, Because hee hath set his love upon mee, there­fore will I deliver him, Psal. 91.14.

4. Joy, unspeakeable and glo­rious, 1 Cor. 2.9, 10. That Text is chiefly meant of the Gospels joy, of the wine and fatlings, re­vealed to the Beleever by the Spirit.

5. GOD knowes them, loves them, will keepe his Covenant with them, sheweth mercy to them and their posterity, and [Page 321] hath promised them a crowne of life.

If any man love GOD, the same is knowne of him, 1 Cor. 8.3. I love them that love mee, Pro. 8.17. Hee is the faithfull GOD which keepeth Covenant, and mer­cy with them that love him, Deut. 7.9.Deut. 7.9. Which sentence is repea­ted twice in the very same words, Nehem. 1.5. Dan. 9.4. He sheweth mercy to them, and thou­sands of their generations that love him, Exod. 20.6. Hee shall receive the crowne of life, which the LORD hath promised to them that love him, James 1.12. & 2.5.

6. All things shall worke toge­ther for their good, Rom. 8.28.

Promises. To the Love of CHRIST.

If any man serve mee, him will my Father honour, John 12.26.

[Page 322]He that loveth mee shall be lo­ved of my Father, and I will love him and will manifest my selfe unto him, Iohn 14.21, 23.

Promises to the love of our Brethren.

It is the cognizance of a Disciple, and a signe of spirituall life.

Iam 2 8.By this shall all men know that ye are my Disciples, if yee love one another, John 13.35. He that lo­veth his brother, abideth in the light, 1 John 2.10. And is translated from death to life, 1 John 3.14. If we love one another, GOD dwelleth in us, 1 Iohn 4.12.

Pr [...]mises to forg [...]v [...] of [...].Promises to the love of our Enemies.

It is a matter of great credit to forgive, for thereby we are de­clared to be The children of our heavenly Father, Matth. 5.44, 45. Love your enemies, and doe good, [Page 323] and your reward shall be great, Luke 6.35. If thine enemy be hungry, give him bread to eate, and if he be thirsty, give him water to drinke: For thou shalt heape coales of fire upon his head, and the LORD shall reward thee, Pro. 25.21, 22. Thine enemy] that is, hee that hates thee, not hee whom thou hatest, for thou must hate none: give him bread] that is,Saul was for the time moll [...]d, when hee saw that Da­vid spared his life. 1 Sam. 2 [...]. [...]6 17. all things necessary in time of his neede, if occasion bee offered; for by thy beneficence thou shalt overcome his evill, and pro­voke him to love; or if not, GOD will certainely reward thee.

It is also matter of Comfort for us; for if wee forgive, so shall we also be forgiven, If yee forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, Matth. 6.14. the same is Marke 11.25. and Luke 6.37.

7. Feare. Promises, of Feare. GOD promiseth to make us feare him.

Hee saith in his New Cove­nant, that he will put his feare into our hearts, as Ier. 32.39, 40. and that wee shall feare him for ever. The LORD doth oft repeate this promise, as Deut 4.10. where one speciall meanes whereby this feare is wrought, is set downe. Deut 6.1, 2. & 17 19. Gather mee the people together, and I will make them heare my words, that they may learne to feare mee all the daies that they shall live upon the earth, and that they may teach their chil­dren. So Pro. 2.5. They who seeke for wisedome, shall understand the feare of GOD. David, Psal. 40.3. shewes another meanes, where­by GOD doth stirre up this grace in his people, viz. the be­holding [Page 325] of GODS mercy on others, saying. And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our GOD: many shall see it and feare, and shall trust in the LORD. They shall feare thee as long as the Sunne and Moone endure, throughout all generations, Psal. 72.5. They shall feare the GOD of Israel, Esay 29.23.Psal. 102.15. They shall feare the LORD, and his good­nesse in the latter daies, Hos. 3.5.

GOD hath made promises to free his people from servile feares, Iob 11.15. Psal. 112.7, 8. Prov. 1.33.

Promises to Feare.

1. Great and everlasting mer­cy is promised to those that feare GOD. Illuminati­on of the understan­ding, Psal. 11 [...]. [...]0. Pro 1.7. [...] the amendment of a wicked life, [...]ro 10.27. & 1 [...].27. & 15.16. Luke [...]. [...]0 Eccles 8.12. Psal 112 1.

As the heaven is high above the earth: so great is his mercy toward them that feare him, Psal. 103.11. The mercy of the LORD is from everlasting to everla­sting, upon them that feare him, verse 17.

[Page 326]O how great is thy goodnesse, which thou hast laid up for them that feare thee, Psal. 31.19.

2. Such as feare GOD, are ac­cepted of him, Deut. 6.24 Esay 66.2. Act. 10.35. He ta­keth pleasure in them, Psal. 147.11. Mal, 3.16, 17. The Sunne of righteousnesse shall rise up to such. Mal. 4.2. GOD will teach them in the way that they should choose, Psal. 25.12, 13, 14. Hee will fulfill their desire, Psal. 145.19.

3. They shall not want, There is no want to them that feare the LORD, Psal. 34 9 Psal. 111.5.

4. The Angell of the LORD enc [...]mpeth round about them, and delivereth them,Psal 33.17 Psal. 34.7.

5. Their daies shall be prolon­ged, Pro. 10.27. Pro. 19.23. Pro. 22.4. and they shall be rewar­ded,All kind of felicity is promised to it, Psal 15 12, 13, [...]4, 15. Psal 34 10. Esay 33 6. Pro. 13.13.

6. Those that feare the LORD are pronounced bles­sed.

Blessed is the man that feareth GOD, Psal. 112.1, 2. Hee will [Page 327] blesse them that feare the LORD, both small and great, Psal. 115.13. Happy is the man that feareth al­way, Pro. 28.14. He that feareth the LORD is, and shall be every way blessed, Psal. 128.1, 4. The reward of eternall life shall be given them, Rev. 11.18.

8. Obedience. Promises. 1. Of Obedience.

GOD will make us able to obey.

GOD doth promise in the New Covenant to enable us to walke in his statutes, and keepe his Ordinances and doe them, Ezek. 11.19, 20. the like is repeated, Ezek. 36.27. & 37.24. And thou shalt returne and obey the voice of the LORD, and doe all his Comman­dements which I command thee this day, Deut. 30.8. The like promise is, Hos. 14.9. The waies of the [Page 328] LORD are right, and the iust shall walk [...] in them.Ier 30.9. Esay 30.21. & 58.11.

GOD hath sworne, that wee shall serve him, Luke 1.72, 74.

Promises. 2. To Obedience.

1 Ioh. 2.3. & 3.24.The Scriptures are full of pro­mises to Obedience.

1 Tim. 4 8.True and faithfull obedience bringeth all manner of blessings for body and soule,God said to Adam in Paradise, do this and live. The Lord had Abra­ham goe out of his coun­trey, & pro­mised upon his obedi­ence to blesse him. Gen. 12.1, [...], 3. and to be his buckler, and excee­ding great reward Gen. 15.1. & 17.1. & 18.19. for name and estate, yea, and for seede and po­sterity also.

All these blessings shall come on thee, and overtake thee, if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the LORD thy GOD, Deut. 28.1, 2. to 14. 1. All in generall, all these blessings shall overtake thee. 2. Every one in particular, as is shewed in the verses fol­lowing.

Particular promises made to Obedience.

[Page 329]1. Peace and [...]ranqui [...]lity of minde are promi­ [...]ed to obe­dience. Holy and Christian secu­rity, Levit. 25.18, 19. & 26.3, 5, 6. Pro. 1.33. Iob 11.13, 15, 19. 1 Chron. 28.7.

2. Psal. 8.13, 1 [...]. Deut. 10.13 & 1.36. Long life in man [...] of tho [...]e place [...] is promised [...]lso to obe­dience. Deut. 30.20. Pro. 3.1, 1, 2 [...] 21. Sufficiencie of outward things, nay plenty, Deut. 28. Le­vit. 25.18, 19, 21. & 26.3, 4, 5, 10. GODS blessing on the crea­tures, Exod. 23.25.

3. Prosperity and a blessing al­so on their seed, Iob 36.11. Esay 48.17. Deut. 6.17, 18, 24. This is often iterated almost in every Chapter in Deuteronomie, and in divers verses of some one: Take heede and doe according to all that I command you, that it may be well with you and with your chil­dren for ever, Deut. 4.40. Deut. 5.29, 33. Deut. 6.2, 3, 18, 24. Deut. 12.28. GOD will shew mercy un­to thousands of them that love him and keepe his Commandements, Deut. 5.10. Exod. 20.6.

4. Freedome from diseases, Exod. 15.26. and deliverance out of trouble, Deut. 4.30, 31.

5. GODS love, and presence.

[Page 330] If yee will obey my voice in­deed and keepe my Covenant, then yee shall be a peculiar treasure un­to mee above all people, Exod. 19.5. And I will set my Tabernacle amongst you, and I will walke among you, Levit. 26.11, 12.

6. Victory over enemies, Deut. 6.19.Psal. 81.13, 14, 16. Deut. 11.22, 23. Deut. 28.7. Levit. 26.7, 8.

7. Audience of their suites, and acceptance of their per­sons.

1 Ioh 3.22. If my words abide in you, yee shall aske what yee will, and it shall be done unto you, Iohn 15.7. Our obedience is an acceptable sacri­fice to GOD, offered up in CHRIST,Pro. 3.1, 4. Gen. 4.7. Levit. 26.9. Acts 10.35.

8. Perseverance.

If you keepe my Commande­ments, yee shall abide in my love, Iohn 15.10.

9. Blessednesse, and eternall sal­vation.Deut. 11.17 1 Tim. 4.8.

Blessed are they that keepe iudgement; and hee that doth [Page 331] righteousnesse at all times, Psal. 106.3.

See Pro. 8.32. & 29.18. Luke 11.28. Iohn 13.17. Rom. 2.10.Psal. 19.2. Ezek. 18.9. Iames 1.25. Rev. 22.14.

He became the Author of eternall salvation unto all them that obey him, Heb. 5.9.

A promise. 1. To willing obedience.

If yee be willing and obedient, yee shall eate the good of the Land, Esay 1.19.

2. Promis [...]s to generall obe­dience.

Then shall I not be ashamed, when I have respect unto all thy Commandements, Psal. 119.6.

Yee are my Friends, if yee doe whatsoever I command you, Iohn 15.14.

9. Repentance; Promises 1 of it, Acts 5.31.2 to it, Acts 2.31. [Page 332] 2 Cor. 3.16. Ier. 4.1. Ezek. 33.15, 16.

  • In it are handled
    • 1. Confession of sin.
    • 2. Mourning for it.
    • 3. Killing of it.
    • 4. Turning from it.

1. Confession of sinne. To true Confession of sinne are promised. Remitting of it, purging from it, and mercy.

Man taketh advantage from the de­linquents confession, confesse (we s [...]y) and be hanged. But with God, that may rather be a proverbe, Confesse & be saved. Psal. 32.5. See Levit. 26 40, 41, 42.If wee confesse our sinnes, hee is faithfull and iust (see the cer­tainty of this promise) to for­give us our sinnes, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousnesse, See the extent and largenesse of this promise, 1 Ioh. 1.9. Cum homo agnoscit. Deus ignoscit, saith Au­stin. Hee that confesseth and for­saketh his sinnes shall have mercy, Pro. 28.13.

If we would iudge our selves, we should not be iudged, 1 Cor. 11.31. Jer. 3.12, 13.

[Page 333]Hee looketh upon men, and if any say, I have sinned, and per­verted that which was right and it profited mee not; He will deliver his soule from going downe into the pit, and his life shall see the light, Iob 33.27, 28.

2. Mourning for sinne. Promises. 1. Of godly sorrow.

GOD promiseth in the New Covenant,Ezek. 36.26 Non carnale sed carneum cor. Not a fleshly but a fleshly heart. to take away the stony heart out of their flesh (that is, the stony hardnesse which was in their heart before) and to give them a heart of flesh, that is, a soft and tender heart, to tremble at GODS judgements, beleeve his promises, and obey his Com­mandements.

You shall looke on him, whom you have pierced, and you shall mourne for him, as one mourneth for his onely Sonne, and be in bit­ternesse [Page 334] for him, as one that is in bitternesse for his first-borne, Zach. 12.10.

See Ezek. 20.43. & 36.31.

If thou complainest of a hard heart, challenge GOD with his promise, and in a holy reve­rence and humble boldnesse, charge him with that Covenant mentioned in Ezekiel.

Promises to true contri­tion or hu­miliation.Promises. 2. To Godly sorrow.

This sorrow shall not be everlasting, but it shall end in com­fort.1. Comfort.

Blessed are they that mourne, for they shall be comforted, Mat 5.4. The words import an ex­ceeding measure of griefe, such as is expressed by crying and wee­ping; therefore Luke saith, Blessed are yee that now weepe, Luke 6 21. Doler p [...]op­ter off [...]n­sum Deum per nostra peccata. Piscator, and others expound it of sorrow for sinne. They that so mourne are already blessed, and shall be comforted. You [Page 335] shall be sorrowfull, but your sorrow shall be turned into ioy, Iohn 16.20. See verse 24. Psal. 126.5.6. They that sow in teares shall reape in ioy. See Ier. 21. The meeke shall increase their ioy in the Lord, and the poore a­mong men shall re­ioyce in the holy one of Israel, Esay 29.19. Hee that goeth forth and wee­peth, shall come againe with reioy­cing bringing his sheaves with him. GOD hath undertaken to com­fort them: In the prophesie of Esay every where almost wee finde it promised. The ransomed of the LORD shall returne and come to Zion with songs, and ever­lasting ioy upon their heads; they shall obtaine ioy and gladnesse, and sorrow and sighing shall fly away, Esay 35.10. They shall have both outward and inward com­fo [...]t, for so some distinguish be­tweene ioy and gladnesse; that [...]oy is outward of the body, and gladnesse inward of the soule, Psal. 118.24. arise (saith GOD, [...]alling on his Church) and shine, [...]nd put on brightnesse and glory: [...]he LORD shall be a light unto [...]hee in darkenesse. CHRIST was [...]ent for this very end, to com­fort [Page 336] such as mourne for their sinnes. The LORD hath sent mee to binde up the broken hear­ted, See Esay 65 13, [...]4. & 60.5, 10, 11, 12.13. Psal. 10.5. Mat. 11.28 Ier. 31.18, 19 20. Psal. 51.17. to give unto them that mourne in Zion, beauty for ashes, the oyle of ioy, for mourning, the garment of praise, for the spirit of heavi­nesse, Esay 61.1, 3. Luke 4.18. I am not sent but unto the lost sheepe of the house of Israel, Esay 30.19 Zach. 8.19. Mat. 15.24. that is, (saith M. Per­kins) to those which in their owne sence and feeling are lost in themselves. The fruit of the Spirit is ioy, Gal. 5.22. The LORD who is the Father of mercies, and GOD of all consola­tion, 2 Cor. 1.3, 4, 5. is cald a GOD that Com­forteth all those that are cast downe, 2 Cor. 7.6. Comfort yee, comfort yee my people, saith our GOD. Speake yee comfortably to Hierusalem, and cry unto her, that her warfare is accomplished, that her iniquity is pardoned, Esay 40.1, 2. Behold how freely and how fully the LORD speakes, how he doubles his comforts: Comfort [Page 337] yee, comfort yee, and iterates his words, speake comfortably, cry unto her: The LORD will com­fort Zion and her mourners, Esay 57.18. All Sion, the Church of GOD shall be comforted, and all the friends of the Church, that mourne in her mourning, and that take to heart her sor­rowes and desolation, shall be comforted too. GOD shall wipe away all teares from their eyes, Rev. 7.17.God will make him­s [...]l [...]e mar­vellous in their delive­rance, when all other humane helpes and comfo [...]ts faile, Esay [...]3.18, 9, 20, 21. Thus saith the High and lofty one that inhabiteth eter­nity, whose name is holy; I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones, Esay 57.15. The day of humiliati­on, when GODS people afflict their soules before him, is called a day of a [...]tonement, Le­vit. 23.27. For so is GODS promise, In that day there [...]hall be a Fountaine opened for sinne, Zach. 13.1.Zach. 13.1.

2. Grace.

The second benefit this sorrow will bring, is, that it will make us ca­pable of and able to thrive in every saving grace. Such shall attaine to a cleare, cer­taine, and sanctified knowledge of the truth. Such shall get power over their corruptions, Eccles. 7.3. 2 Chron. 32.26. Counterfeit humiliation, hath beene effectuall for the turning away of Gods iudge­ments. 2 Chron. 12.12. This benefit is pressed as a motive unto godly sorrow. 1 Pet. 5.5, 6. GOD giveth grace to the humble. Humble your selves therefore (saith the Apostle) under the mighty hand of GOD. Iam. 4.6, 7, 9. GOD giveth grace to the humble. Submit your selves therefore to GOD, Be af­flicted and mourne and weepe.

  • 1. Knowledge, The humble he will teach his way, Psal. 25.9.
  • 2. Repentance, Godly sorrow bringeth repentance to sal­vation, 2 Cor. 7.10.
3. Speciall protection, assi­stance, and mercy in the evill day.

Those that mourne for the sinnes of other men, have a great promise of speciall protection in the daies of common calamity. [Page 339] Goe through the midst of the Ci­ty,1 King 21.29. through the midst of Ierusa­lem, and set a marke upon the foreheads of the men that sigh, and that cry for all the abhomina­tions that be done in the midst thereof, Ezek. 9.4.

GOD marked them for his owne, signo salutari saith Iunius, with a saving marke, such as that, Exod. 12.

Thou wilt save the afflicted peo­ple, Psal. 18.27 Hee saveth such as be of a contrite spirit, Psal. 34.18. When men are cast downe, then thou shalt say, there is a lifting up, he shall save the humble person, Iob 22.29.

4. Audience in prayer.

The LORD hath promised, that the prayers of such shall prevaile mightily with him both for themselves and others. Ambrose said to Monica the mother of Austin, when with many tea [...]es, s [...]e bewailed her [...]ons unconversi­on, Fieri non potest, ut [...] l [...]ch [...]y [...]arum perea [...] It could not be that the Son of so many teares should pe­rish. Aug. Confess l. 3 c. 13. It is said of Iacob, Hosea 12.4. Hee had power over the Angell and prevailed, hee wept, and made sup­plications [Page 340] unto him. And of He­zekiah, Esay 38.5. I have heard thy prayers I have seene thy teares: behold, I will add unto thy daies fifteene yeares. LORD thou hast heard the desire of the humble, thou wilt prepare their heart, thou wilt cause thine eare to heare, Psal. 10.17. When the Prophet had said, Psal. 34.17. The righteous cry, and the LORD heareth them, he giveth this reason, verse 18. The LORD is nigh to them that are of a broken heart. 2 Chron. 7.14. If my people that are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, then will I heare from Hea­ven.

Yea GOD will heare them also for others. Iob 42.8. My servant Job shall pray for you, for him will I accept.

3. Mortification or killing of sinne. Promises. 1. Of Mortification.

[Page 341]A Child of GOD shall be able to mortifie his corrupti­ons, and overcome his speciall sinnes which most prevaile over him.

For sinne shall not have domi­nion over you, Rom. 6 14. that is, shall never any more reigne as in times past it did, and so have the full victory over you. For yee are not under the Law, but under grace, that is, Yee are not still under the condemnation and ty­ranny of the Law; but by true receiving of CHRIST by faith are now delivered from that bondage, and so brought into the liberty of GODS children. See ver. 18, 22. and Rom. 7.24, 25. He will subdue our iniquities, Micah 7.19. Hee will tread them under our feete, as it were.

This grace of Mortification is expressely promised, Gal. 5.16. Walke in the spirit, and yee shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh, Tit. 2.11, 14.

[Page 342]The members of CHRIST shall be cleansed from the guil­tinesse of sinne, it shall not be imputed; and from the filthinesse of sinne, it shall not prevaile over them, 1 Iohn 17.9. Mat. 1.21. Iohn 1.29. Rev. 1.5. Acts 3.26. Psal. 103.3. The Prophets foretold in their time, That GOD would purge and cleanse his Church. Esay 4 3, 4. & 27 9 Esay 1.25. That GOD will purely purge their drosse, and take away all their tinne: that is, their sinnes. I will cleanse you or wash you, that is, with the imputati­on or sprinkling of the blood of CHRIST from all your Idols, that is, from all the sinnes that you have commit­ted.

Esay 11.6.When wee feele our hearts discouraged by the little strength we finde to master our speciall corruptions, then we may ap­ply to our selves any of these promises, wherein the LORD himselfe doth undertake this [Page 343] worke which is too hard for us:Nothing cleaves more perti­naciously, or is more inexpugna­ble then a strong lust. As God of ten promi­sed his peo­ple going to conquer the land of Ca­naan, that no enemy should be able to stand against them, Deut 7 24 & 11.2 [...] Iosh. 1.5. & [...]0 8 so he hath as certainely promised to the Elect victory over their ene­mies. That he will subdue our ini­quities, cleanse us from all unrigh­teousnesse. Though a strong and importunate lust hang upon us, an hereditary disease, a lust that is naturall to us, which we think wee shall never be able to con­quer, yet GOD hath promi­sed to breake the dominion of every sinne; That hee will cruci­fie the flesh with the affections thereof. Hee can heale the stron­gest lusts, CHRIST could cure those that were borne blinde and lame; therefore when we grap­ple with a strong lust we should goe to the LORD, and pleade the Covenant, and say to him, LORD I feele this temptation is too strong for mee, such a lust I cannot overcome, thou hast said, Thou wilt circumcise my heart, that thou wilt dissolve these lusts, I beseech thee to doe it. If we truly hate and detest sinne, (though it doe sometimes stirre in us) we should not be discou­raged; [Page 344] for our Sanctification here is but in fieri, it is but in doing yet,We should doe there­fore as Ie­hosaphat did, 2 Chro. 20.11. Rev. 6.2. CHRIST rides about conquering, and will yet goe on to conquer sinne in us. He will not subdue our cor­rupt lusts unto us at once, but as he did the Cananites to his people Israel, by little and little, Exod. 23.30. Deut. 7.22.

That promise which GOD made to Paul in the stirrings and conflicts of his concupiscence is made unto all of his temper,God hath promised to give grace s [...]fficient to them that aske it. Ezek. 36.25, 26. my grace is sufficient for thee, 2 Cor. 12.9. There are two things in that promise; grace to make it, and sufficiency to fulfill it.

The LORD doth sometimes descend to particulars, as that, Hee will cleanse them from their Idols, and that hee will take away the stony heart out of them. But wee may apply the former ge­nerall promises to our particu­lar occasions, and they will be as comfortable, as if the LORD [Page 345] had said in particular, hee will kill our pride, our unbeleefe, our hypocrisie.

Promises. 2. To Mortification.

The benefits the LORD will bestow upon us, if in obe­dience and love to him, wee can be content to cast away our sin­full lusts.

He that forsaketh any profit, credit or comfort for CHRISTS sake, shall be rewarded an hun­dred fold, Mar. 10.29, 30. Mat. 19.28. Hee shall re­ceive not ten in the hundred, but a hundred for ten, If yee mortifie the deeds of the flesh by the Spirit, yee shall live, Rom. 8.13. Without it there is no li­ving, it is a necessary condition required to the attainement of salvation.

4. Turning from sinne. [Page 346] Promises. 1. Of Turning from sinne.

Then thou shalt remember thy waies and be ashamed, Ezek. 16.61. Yee shall remember your waies and all your doings wherein yee have beene defiled, and you shall lothe your selves in your owne sight, for all your evills that yee have committed. Ezek. 20.43. the like is repeated 36.31. Vnto you hath GOD raised up his Sonne JESUS, and sent him to blesse you in turning away every one of you from his iniquities, Acts 3.26. GOD promiseth to the Gentiles in their conversion, Then will I change in the people their lip, that it may be pure (so Iunius reads it) with the which all may call up­on the name of the LORD,Zeph. 3.9, 11. that is, I will call them to repen­tance: and then followes a pro­mise of taking away the staine of sinne, In that day shalt thou not be ashamed for all thy workes. [Page 347] The remnant of Israel shall stay up­on the LORD the holy one of Is­rael in truth.E [...]ay 10.20 21, 22. The remnant shall returne, &c.

Then shall shee say, I will goe and returne to my first husband, for then was it better with mee then now, Hos. 2.7. They shall returne unto mee with their whole heart, Ier. 24 7.

Promises. 2. To turning from sinne.

Turning unto GOD by re­pentance procureth his mercies upon us.

1. Temporall, Returne unto mee, The like is Zach. 1 3. I will turne unto you, in pard [...]n of sinne, and delivery of them out of the scar­city and dangerous condition they were in, into a better estate of peace, and plenty and outward prosperity. and I will returne unto you saith the LORD of hostes, Ma­lac. 3.7. See Deut. 30.1, 2, Nehem. 1.9. Iob 22.23, 24, 25—28. Ier. 7.3, 5, 7, 14, 15. & 18.8.

[Page 348]2. Spirituall: the promises of remission to repentance are ve­ry frequent in Scripture.Esay 1.16, 17, 8 God will heare their prayers that turne unto him. Iob [...]2.27. 1 King. 8 48, 49. 2 Chron. 7.14. So the Prophet Esay promiseth pardon to the penitent; Wash you, make you cleane, put away the evill of your workes from you, that is, repent: and then followes, Though your sinnes were as crimson, they shall be made as white as snow, that is, yee shall be pardoned. If wee acknowledge our sinnes, See Esay 59.20. Ier. 4.1. & 3.1. (that is, if wee repent) hee is faithfull and iust to forgive us our sinnes. Hence repentance and remissi­on of sinnes are joyned together by our Saviour,Iob 33 27, 28, 29. Ezek 18.2 [...], 22, 23, 27, 28, 30, 32. & 33.12, 14, 15, 19 Luke 24.47. Acts 2.38 Repent and be converted, that your sinnes may be blotted out when the times of refreshing shall come, Acts 3.19. Let the wicked forsake his way, and returne unto the LORD, and hee will have mer­cy on him, Esay 55.7.

3. Eternall: O Hierusalem wash thy heart from wickednesse, that thou maist be saved, Ier. 4.14.

10. Humility. Promises. To Humility.

The LORD inricheth the humble with all his gifts, both Temporall, Spirituall, and Eter­nall.

1. He will reward them with temporall benefits.

By humility and the feare of the LORD are riches, and honour, and life, Pro. 22.4.

2. GOD promiseth delive­rance to the humble, 2 Chron. 12.7. Iob 22.29.

3. Honour, Before honour is humility, Pro. 15.33. & 18.12. Iob 5.11. Iam. 4.6, 10. Luke 18.14. Matth. 23, 12.Mat. 18.4.

2. Spirituall graces;Wisedome is with the lowl [...], Pro. 11.3. GOD giveth grace unto the humble, Iam. 4.6. 1 Pet. 5.5. Pro. 3.24.

  • 1. Pardon of sinne, 2 Chron. 7.14.
  • 2. GOD teacheth them his [Page 350] waies, Psal. 25.9. Mat. 11.25. He revealeth to them the secrets of his Kingdome, making them thereby wise unto their salva­tion, Pro 11.2.
  • 3. GOD blesseth them with his presence, taking delight to dwell with them, Esay 57.15.

3. GOD will crowne the humble in the life to come with eternall glory.God hath two thrones; one in the highest hea­vens, the other in the lowest heart Esay 6 [...].2. Blessed are the poore in spirit, for theirs is the kingdome of heaven, Mat. 5.3. Au­sten and Chrysostome expound it of inward humility.

11. Meekenesse. Promises. 1. Of Meekenesse.

The Wolfe shall dwell with the Lambe, and the Leopard shall lie downe with the Kid: and the Calfe, and the young Lyon, and the fal­ling together, and a little child shall leade them. And the Cow and [Page 351] the Beare shall feed, their young ones shall lie downe together, &c. Esay 11.6, 7, 8. whereby is signi­fied, that men once converted, shall be so changed and altered, that if they were never so fierce and cruell against the Church, and one against another before, yet they shall be framed to a peace­able and meeke disposition to­wards all men.

Promises. 2. To Meekenesse.God hath promised to water this grace with secret ioyes and easefull re­freshings, Esay 29 19. Mat. 11.29.

1. Protection, The meeke are under GODS protection, in a speciall manner, Psal. 76.9.

He will beautifie the meeke with salvation, Psal. 149.4. They shall be hid in the day of the LORDS wrath, Zeph. 2.3. Hee will rebuke aright for all the meeke of the earth, Esay 11.4.

2. Advancement, The LORD lifteth up the meeke, Psal. 147.6.

[Page 352]3. Instruction, The meeke will hee guide in iudgement, and the meeke will he teach his way, Psal. 25.9.

4. The inheritance of the whole earth: this appeares both in the Old and New Testament, Psal. 37.11. Mat 5.5. Such a man shall have the earth as an heyre, he shall hold it by right of adoption, as the word in the Ori­ginall signifieth.

5. Blessednesse, Mat. 5.5. Blessed are the meeke.

12. Patience. Promise. 1. Of it.

Patience is a gift which GOD hath promised freely and liberally without grudging or upbraiding Iam. 1.5. If any of you lacke wise­dome, (that is, to beare the crosse) let him aske it of GOD that gi­veth to all men liberally, and up [Page 353] braideth not, and it shal be given him.

Promises. 2. To it.

The patient abiding of the righ­teous shall be gladnesse, Prov. 10.28.

Humble your selves under the mighty hand of GOD, (that is, Rev. 3.10. bow and buckle under it with meekenesse and silence) that hee may exalt you in due time, 1 Pet. 5.6.

Yee have need of patience, that after yee have done the will of GOD, Heb. 12.9. Who through faith and patience in­herit the promise [...], Heb. 6.12. yee might receive the pro­mise, Heb. 10.36. Behold we count them happy which endure, Jam. 5.11. To them who by patient conti­nuance in well-doing, seeke for glory, and honour, and immortality, eternall life, Rom. 2.7.

13. Righteousnesse. Promises To Righteousnesse.

  • [Page 354]1. Generally, Psal. 11.7. Pro. 11.3, 4, 5 6, 18, 19.
  • 2. Particularly, for the righ­teous person.
    • 1. Himselfe.
      Blessings (indefinite­ly) are upon the head of the righteous Pro. 10.6.
    • 2. His posterity, Psal. 37.25. Psal. 112.2. Prov. 11.21.
    • Himselfe.
      • 1. In this life, He shall have,
        • 1. Peace, and pro­tection in time of danger, Esay 32.17. Psal. 5.12. Prov. 12.21. deli­verance out of danger, Psal. 34.19. Psal. 125.3. Pro. 11.8.
        • 2. Provision in time of want,
          See Psal. 58.11. Pro. 10.16 24, [...]0. Psal. 92, 12, Pro. 4.18.
          Psal. 34.15. 1 Pet. 3.12. Psal. 37.25, 29.
        • 3. Joy, Psal. 68.3. Let the righteous be glad, let them rejoyce before [Page 355] GOD, yea let them exceeding­ly rejoyce.
      • 2. For his death; the righteous hath hope in his death,
        Esay 57.1.
        Pro. 14.32.
      • 3. After death; the memory of the just is blessed, Pro. 10.7. the righteous shall be in everlasting re­membrance, Psal. 112.6.
      • 4. At the resurrecti­on; the righteous shall goe into life eternall, Mat. 25.46. See 14. Chap. 43.

14. Vprightnesse. Promises. 1. Of Vprightnesse.

Hee shall put his law in thy [Page 356] minde, and write it in thine heart, Jer. 31.33.

The truth dwelleth in us and shall be with us for ever, 2 Epist. of Iohn 2.

Promises. 2. To Vprightnesse.

GOD rewards it with the blessines of this life and that which is to come, hee will give them grace in this life, and glory in the life to come, Psal. 84.11. No good thing will bee withho [...]d from them. In this life GOD multiplieth his favours upon those who s [...]rve him in sincerity, Psal. 73.1. Psal. 125.4. GOD hath promised to be good to them;

1. In their habitations and fa­milies, Pro. 14.11.

2. In their children and poste­rity, Psal. 112.2.

3. In all the comforts of this life, Psal. 84.11.

4. In times of common cala­mity [Page 357] and combustion, Psal. 37.19. Prov. 2.7. Psal. 112.4, 11.

5. Peace, joy, and security are promised to it,Pro. 11.3, 5, 6, 11. Pro. 10 29. Pro. 4 2, 11. & 19.1. Job 8.6, 20. Psal 61.10. Hee that walketh uprightly walketh surely, Pro. 10.9. 2 Chron. 16.9. Psal. 97.11. Prov. 11.28. GOD performeth all his gracious promises upon this con­dition onely: so hee promiseth unto the Kings of Israel and Iudah, 1 King. 2.4. & 9.4.5. that hee will confirme their King­dome unto them and their po­sterity after them. If they would walke before him in truth with all their heart and with all their soule: Psal. [...]7.18. Pro. 2.7, 21. Pro. 11.3, 6. therefore Hezekiah intreateth GOD to performe his promise unto him and his posterity, grounding his faith on this, see­ing hee had walked, &c. Esay 38. 3. Psal. 145.18. He will save and deliver them from all perils, and out of the hands of all their enemies, Psal. 7.10. Prov. 11.6. which makes them bold and con­fident as Lions in pe [...]illous times, Pro. 28.1.

[Page 358]6. Promotion, Pro. 22.11. Hee that loveth purenesse of heart, See Esay 33.15. Pro. 10, I [...]b 17.9, [...]0. Psal [...]5 and Psal 24 Pro 10 20. Pro. 11.20. for the grace of his lips the King shall be his friend.

7. GOD is delighted with it, 1 Chron. 29.17. Pro. 12.22. Psal. 51.6. Psal. 11.7. By sincerity and truth wee come to be in league with GOD, hee smites a covenant with us, Gen. 17.1, 2.

8. A peaceable end: marke the perfect man, and behold the upright, for the end of that man is peace, Psal. 37.37.

Three speciall blessings are pro­mised them: 1. Such shall ne­ver fall away nor loose GODS favour and grace, Psal. 36.10. a Propheticall prayer hath the na­ture of a promise, Psal. 112.6.2. Such shall have strength gi­ven them of GOD to endure any triall hee shall be pleased to bring them unto, 2 Chron. 16.9.3. Such shall be sure to have a comforta­ble issue and a joyfull deliverance [...]ut of all their tentations, Psal. 37. [Page 359] 37. Psal. 97.11. Psal. 126.5.

In the life to come, GOD also crowneth the sincere and upright services of the faithfull with joy and happinesse. Salomon saith, Hee who walketh uprightly shall be saved, Pro. 28.18. and David affirmeth that the upright is bl [...]ssed and shall dwell in GODS presence, Psal. 32.2. & 119.1. Psal. 15.2. our Saviour affirmeth that he shall be blessed in the vision and fruition of GOD, Mat. 5.8.

15. Peace. Promises. Of Peace of conscience.

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you, Iohn 14.27. Our Saviour 1. Chal­lengeth peace to be his owne, ha­ving dearely purchased it: 2. His owne to give, men may wish [Page 360] the peace of GOD or CHRIST, but hee gives it as his owne: 3. He sheweth that this peace cannot be else-where had;Psal. 3. [...]. & 4 8. Rom. 5.1. (not as the world giveth) plainely distinguishing his peace from the worlds, both in the gift and manner of giving.

Ob. O but (may a child of God say) I have many and great afflictions in the world. Sol. What [...]hough, in Christ thou maist have peace, Ioh. 16.33. Ob. O but I cannot see which way I should have peace Sol. He will create peace Esay 57.19. Ob. O but the peace we have, neither is, nor here will be per­fect. Sol. Peace shall come, Esay 57.21. Ob. O but am afraid least my peace with God breake and so hold not. Sol. The mountaines may fall, but Gods Cove­nant of peace shall not fall, Esay 54.10. The peace of GOD which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and mindes through CHRIST JESUS, Phil. 4.7. It is called the Peace of GOD] 1. Because it hath GOD for its Object, it is a peace with GOD. 2. Because GOD by his Spirit is the Author of it; it is peace from GOD, and therefore said to be a fruit of the Spirit, Gal. 5.22. It is said to passe all understanding] because 1. The understanding of ma [...] cannot sufficiently conceive it 2. Mans understanding canno [...] sufficiently esteeme or prize [...] according to its worth, shall kee [...] your hearts] keepe] as with guard or strong garrison: th [...] [Page 361] same greeke word is used, 2 Cor. 11.32. your hearts] that is, your will and affections, and minds] your intellectuall faculties, your whole soules shall be kept in the knowledge and faith of CHRIST JESUS.

As many as walke according to this rule, peace shall be upon them and mercy, Gal. 6.16. By peace we are to understand outward peace, as prosperity and good successe in all things wee goe about, and peace with the crea­tures: but the peace which is principally meant in this place, is peace of conscience, which is peace with GOD, and our selves.

16. Zeale.

The care of being Zealous, 1. Hath a singular promise of the presence and communion of GOD in CHRIST, Rev. 3.19, 20.

2. Zeale makes all our services acceptable to GOD, Iam. 5.16. [Page 362] Romanes 12.11.

3. It is the way to happinesse, Matth. 11.12.

17. Perseverance. Promises to strengthen our faith as touching Perseve­rance.

For this marke the first Pro­mise which GOD made, The seede of the woman shall breake the serpents head, Gen. 3.15. there Sa­tan is stinted to the heele of CHRIST, and that promise made to Abraham, Gen. 17.7. and to David concerning Salo­mon, 2 Sam. 7.14, 15. the which promise is applied to all GODS Elect, Psal. 89.23, 28, 29. GOD hath promised to his Elect, That they shall enjoy the worke of their hands, and shall not labour in vaine, Esay 65.22, 23. Not one of them shall be lacking in the whole flocke, Jer. 23.4. Hee will build them and not plucke them [Page 363] downe, hee will plant them and not pull them up, Ier. 24.6.

See Esay 33.20.Mat. 28.20. Mat. 7.24, 25. Rom 8 35 to the end 1 Ioh. 2 24. Ioh 6.47. 2 Tim 4 18. Mat. 24.24. Deut. 31.8. 2 Sam. 7.10. Amos 9.15. Psal. 92.13, 14. Pro. 10.30. & 12.3. Judg. 5.31. Job 11.15, 17. Esay 42.3. & 46.4. Esay 55.3. Ezek. 37.26. Heb. 13.5. & 20. Esay 54.9, 10.

Promises. 2. To Perseverance.

The Promises of reward, are limited and restrained unto those who persevere unto the end, Hee that endureth unto the end shall bee saved, Mar. 13.13. Matth. 10.22. which is often repeated, Matth. 24.13. Marke 13.13. CHRIST promiseth a reward to those se­ven Churches of Asia, but with a proviso of overcomming. To him that overcommeth will I give to eate of the tree of life which is in the paradise of GOD,Rev. 3.5, 11 12, 21. Rev. 2.7. Hee that overcommeth shall not be hurt of the second death, [Page 364] verse 11. To him that overcom­meth will I give to eate of the hidden Manna, Hee that overcommeth shall inherit all things. Rev 21.7. verse 17. To him that overcommeth and keepeth my workes unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations, verse 26. See 28. verse.

Holding fast and going on hath a crowne attending it, Heb. 10.23. Luke 22.28, 29, 30. Be thou faithfull unto death, Rom. 27. Col. 1.1 [...]. Heb 3 6. and I will give thee a crowne of life, Rev. 2.10.

If yee abide in mee and my words abide in you, yee shall aske what yee will, and it shall be done unto you, Iohn 15.7.

See Iames 1.25. Heb. 3.14. Gal. 6.9.

CHAP. XI. 2. The Degrees of Graces.
Promises. Of growth and increase in Grace.

GOD hath promised to give grace abundantly, not onely to drop it, but to powre it.

I will powre water upon him that is thirsty, and floods upon the drie ground: I will powre my Spi­rit upon thy seed, &c. Esay 44.3, 4.

Their soule shall be as a wate­red garden, Esay 58.11. and Jer. 31.12.

GOD promiseth to make his people fruitfull; He is compared to a Husbandman, the Church to an Orchard, the faithfull to young plants, whose nature is to spread, and shoot out their branches [Page 366] and bring forth fruit, Iohn 15.2.

The godly man shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of wa­ter, that bringeth forth fruit in his season, Psal. 1.3. Jer. 17.8.

The righteous shall flourish like the Palme-tree, ver. 12. The Palme-tree never, looseth his leafe or fruit saith Plinie. Quentumun veveres non v [...]terascent. [...]unius. Those that be planted in the house of the LORD, shall flourish in the courts of our GOD. They shall bring forth fruit in old age: they shall be fat and flourishing, Psal. 92.13, 14. An old man be­ing once asked if hee grew in goodnesse, said, yea doubtlesse, I beleeve it to be so, for GOD hath said it.

The righteous shall flourish as the branch, Pro. 11.28. Yee shall goe forth and grow up as the calves of the stall, Mal. 4.2.

The LORD likewise as a good Shepheard saith, Hee will feede his people, that they may be fat, that is, abounding in grace, as Psal. 23. Ezek. 34.13, 14, 15. Psal. 36.8. Pro. 13.4.

He saith, Hee will give strength [Page 367] to his people, to walke in the waies of the LORD, Esay 45.24. Esay 40.29, 31. Psal. 29.11. Esay 26.4, 12. Esay 41.10. Zach. 10.12. Phil. 4.13.

They go from strength to strength, Psal. 84.7.

The righteous shall hold on his way, and he that hath cleane hands shall be stronger and stronger, Ezek. 47. [...]2 Job 17.9.

But the path of the iust is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day, Pro. 4.18.

Whosoever hath (that is, useth well what he hath received) to him shall be given, and he shall have abundance, Matth. 13.12. Luke 19.26. Mar. 4 24.The Apostle proveth that the [...] and migh [...] [...] and p [...]a [...]s [...]d God [...] T [...]ess [...]lonians, that the [...] d [...]d gr [...]w. 2 [...]hess. [...]

Nathaniel beleeved at the first, yet he is promised that hee shall see greater things.

See Hos 14.5, 6, 7.

Promises to severall degrees of true grace or growth in grace. 2 Pet. 1.5, 6, 8, 10, 11.

[Page 368]Growth in grace will procure growth in glory; the more ho­linesse we have here,The more we proceed in holinesse, our salvati­on is still the nearer to us. Rom 13.11. the more happinesse wee shall have hereaf­ter. If we be rich in the worke of the LORD, our labour shall not be in vaine in the LORD, 1 Cor. 15.58. Hee that sowes li­berally, shall reape liberally, wee shall receive a full reward, Iohn Epist. 2.8.

CHAP. XII. 2. Spirituall Duties.

THe LORD hath promi­sed to assist us in them by his Spirit, and they being done by the operation and assistance of the Spirit shall be ac­cepted and rewarded of the Fa­ther.

1. GOD hath promised to helpe us by his Spirit in holy du­ties.

[Page 369] Therefore wee must not onely looke to the Commandement injoyning duty, but to the pro­mise shewing GODS mercy in helping us.

For GOD in the New Cove­nant gives what he requires.

In one place the LORD commandeth, Ezek. 18 31 Cast away from you all your transgressions, and make you a new heart, and a new Spi­rit. In another place hee promi­seth, Ezek. 36.25, 26. I will sprinkle cleane water upon you, and you shall be cleane from all your filthinesse; A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you. So GOD commandeth them to cir­cumcise the foreskinne of their hearts, Deut. 10.16. and after he saith, hee will circumcise their hearts, &c. Deut. 30.6. He com­mands us to keepe his Commande­ments, Eccles. 12.13. and promi­seth to cause us to walke in his statutes, Ezek. 36, 27. Hee com­mandeth us to feare Him, Eccles. 12.13. and promiseth to put [Page 370] his feare into our hearts, Ier. 32.40. Hee commandeth us to have a new soft heart, and pro­miseth to make it so, Ezek. 36.26. Hee commands us to pray and make knowne our wants to him, and promiseth to powre upon us the Spirit of grace and Supplica­tion, Zach. 12.10.

GODS promises are the foundation of all our performan­ces; For we by working doe not cause him to fulfill his promises, but he by promising doth enable us to performe our workes.

2. GOD promiseth to accept the services of his children.

All our sacrifices shall be ac­cepted.

The LORD by Moses did of­ten tell his people, God ac­ce [...]s [...]is in their ser­v [...]ces. that their sa­crifices should be accepted, Le­vit. 1.3, 4. & 22.21. & 23.11. Exod. 28.36, 38. See Esay 60.7. Ezek. 43.27. & 20.40, 41. Mal. 3, 4.

[Page 371]If thou doest well, shalt not thou be accepted, Gen. 4.7.Exod. 19 5, 6. Then shalt thou be pleased with the sacrifices of righteousnesse, Psal. 51.19. Yee are a holy Priesthood, to offer up spiri­tuall sacrifices acceptable to GOD by JESUS CHRIST, 1 Pet. 2.5.

If there be first a willing minde, it is [...]c [...]epted according to that a man hath, and not according to that he hath not, 2 Cor. 8.12.

I will make them ioyfull in mine house of prayer; their burnt offe­rings, and their sacrifices shall be accepted upon mine Altar, Esay 56.7.

3. GOD will reward the ser­vices of his children. God re­wards his children for the good they doe, even in this I for the least teare shed, and wo [...]d spoken in a good cause goes not without a re [...]ard. Mat. 10. [...]2. Iob 34.11.

To him that soweth righteous­nesse, shall be a sure reward, Pro. 11.18.

Every man shall receive his owne reward according to his labour, 1 Cor. 3.8.

Whatsoever good thing any man [Page 372] doth, the same shall hee receive of the LORD, whether he be bond or free, Ephes. 6.8.

Behold his reward is with him, Esay 40.10.

Verily there is a reward for the Righteous, Psal. 58.11.

I the LORD search the heart, I trie the reines,Ier. 32.18. Psal. 111.5. Ps. 105 42. Mal. 3.16. even to give eve­ry man according to his waies, and according to the fruit of his doings, Jer. 17.10.

Let us not be weary of well-doing, for in due season wee shall reape if wee faint not, Galat. 6.9.

2 Chron. 15.7.He shall reward every man ac­cording to his workes, Mat. 16.27.

CHAP. XIII. The ordinances of GOD. • 1. In generall. , and • 2. Particular Duties. • 1. Prayer. , • 2. Preaching. , and • 3. Reading.  

Promises. 1. To the ordinances of GOD generally.

THere is a promise to the use of GODS or­dinances. James 4.8. Draw nigh to GOD, and he will draw nigh to you.

With ioy shall yee draw water out of the wels of salvation, Esay 12.3. We may apply this promise when we pray, heare, conferre or fast, in every dutie.

Promises. 2. To particular Duties.

1. Prayer. 1. GOD will give his chil­dren hearts to seeke him by Prayer.

Zach. 13.9.He shall call upon mee, and I will answer hi [...], Psal. 91.15.

Then shall yee call upon mee, and yee shall goe and pray unto mee, and I will hearken unto you, Ier. 29.12. He will prepare their hearts, Psal. 10.17.

For this cause shall every one that is godly pray unto thee in a time when thou maist be found, Psal. 32.6.

See Ier. 31.9. and Hosea 3.5.

2. GOD promiseth to helpe us to pray.

His Spirit shall indite our prayers, and helpe us to draw our petitions.

[Page 375] The Spirit helpeth our infirmi­ties, and maketh intercession for us with groanings that cannot be utte­red, Rom. 8.26, 27.Every one should la­bour for more Spirit then speech in prayer

I will powre upon the house of David, and upon the Inhabitants of Ierusalem the Spirit of grace and supplications, Zach. 12.10. So soone as the Spirit of Grace entreth into the heart; it makes one plentifull, and abundant in supplicating and suing unto GOD for grace and mercy.

3. GOD hath bound him­selfe by promise to heare his servants, when they call upon him.Promises of audience in prayer. See Psal. 18.3 & 20.6. Ioh 4 10. Iob 22 27. & 33.6. Esay 58 [...]. David pleadeth this promise, Psal. 4.1.

The LORD made a promise to Salomon after his prayer, say­ing, Mine eyes shall be open and mine eares attentive to the prayer in [...]his place, 2 Chron. 7.15.

The LORD is rich unto all that call upon him, Rom. 10. [...]2

[Page 376] Be carefull for nothing, but in every thing by prayer and suppli­cation with thankesgiving, Generall promises to prayer, that God will heare and answer us, Esay 30.19 Iohn 16.23 particular promises; first delive­rance from any trouble and affliction, Ps. 50.15. of strength and patience to beare it, Iam. 1.5. Secondly, whatsoever spirituall grace wee stand in need of, Luk. 11.13. Thirdly, in­ward ioy & peace of conscience, Iob 23.26. Ioh. 16.24. let your request bee made knowne unto GOD. And the peace of GOD which passeth all understanding, shall keepe your hearts and mindes through CHRIST JESUS, Philip. 4.6, 7.

The prayers of the upright are his delight, Pro. 15.8. Hee heareth the prayer of the righteous, verse 29.

GOD will not onely heare our prayers in generall, but our voice, Psal. 5.3. our very desires, Psal. 10.17. Pro. 10.24. which are effectuall prayers with GOD. He will not despise our prayers, Psal. 102.17. He will not reproch us, nor upbraid us with what is past, or our present frailties, Iam. 1.5. It is agreeable to his nature and disposition to heare prayers, Psal. 65.12. The thing that hath en­couraged GODS children, and given them heart in prayer, hath beene this hope and assurance that [Page 377] they should finde audience and respect with GOD, O thou that hearest prayer, or because thou hearest prayer, all flesh shall resort unto thee, Psal. 65.2.

GOD excepts no man, all shall be heard.

For thou LORD art good and ready to forgive, and plente­ous in mercy to all them that call upon thee, Ps. 86.5.We are to be familiar [...]y acquain­ted with these pro­mises and meditate on some of them when we goe to pray. The Lord is nigh unto all them that call upon him, to all that call upon him in truth, Psal. 145.18. It shall come to passe, that whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be delivered, Ioel 2.32. which is repeated, Acts 2.21. and Rom. 10.13. Though our prayers be weake, yet let us re­member, that the promise is made to all. We may see the proofe of this in a prayer made in much in­firmity, Psal. 31.22. GOD is more ready to heare, then we to aske, to give, then we to re­ceive, 1 Pet. 3.12. His eares are open, as a kinde mother or nurse which useth to be so wakefull, [Page 378] that shee will heare the child so soone as ever it begins to cry, Dan. 10.11. Feare not Daniel, for from the first day, that thou didst set thy heart to understand, and to humble thy selfe before GOD, thy words were heard, yea before they call, I will answer, and while they speake, I will heare, Esay 65.24. that is, in our purpose of Prayer. This the faithfull have gloried in, Psal. and 38.15.

GOD hath specially bound himselfe to heare his children in those prayers, that they make unto him in their afflictions; the time of trouble is the very set houre of Audience.Exod 22 23. Psal 9.9. & 22.24.

The eyes of the LORD are upon the righteous, and his eares are open to their cry, Psal. 34.15. The righteous cry, and the LORD heareth and delivereth them out of all their troubles, verse 17. Which is repeated foure times in the 107. Psalme, 6, 13, 19. and 28. ver­ses.

[Page 379]The LORD saith, Psal. 50.15. Call upon mee in the day of trou­ble; I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorifie mee. Hee will re­gard the prayer of the destitute, a [...]d not despise their prayer, Psal. 102.17. to 21. their teares, s [...]ghes, and groanings are not hid from him, Psal. 39.12. He will heare in the morning, Psal. 5.3. in the very season, the due time, when we are in trouble. Yea so as hee will in our affliction in a speciall manner, let us know, that hee is our GOD, and that he will deliver us, Zach. 13.9. The LORD, heareth the pray­ers of his people, when they thinke they are cast out of his sight, Psal. 31.22.

GODS people have found comfort in all their afflictions, by powring out their hearts to GOD in prayer, Psal. 109.3, 4.

In the day of my trouble, I will call upon thee, for thou hearest mee, Psal. 86.7.Psal. 86.6, 7.

[Page 380] The LORD hath heard the voice of my weeping, the LORD hath heard my supplication, the Lord will receive my prayer, Psal. 6.8, 9.

A Noble man in this King­dome, had a ring given him by the Queene Elizabeth, with this promise; that if hee sent that ring to her at any time when he was in distresse, shee would re­member him and deliver him. This was a great priviledge from a Prince, and yet that ring though sent, might not be de­livered. GOD hath given his children prayer as that ring, and tells them whatsoever di­stresse they are in, let them but send this up to him, and he will be sure to relieve them, and when they doe send up this, it is sure to be conveyed, wheresoe­ver they are.

Prayer is profitable to obtaine every thing, as is evident by the promise of CHRIST, Iohn 16.23. Verily, Psal. 5.24. verily I say unto you, what­soever yee shall aske the Father i [...] [Page 381] my name hee will give it you. Note the certainty of the pro­mise, in CHRISTS vehement asseveration; note the generality of it [whatsoever.] Our Savi­our oft repeated such pro­mises in those heavenly and last speeches which he uttered to his Disciples, Iohn 14.13. Ioh. 15.7, 16

See Mar. 11.24. Iohn 9.31. 1 Iohn 3.22. & 5.14, 15.

I may say of prayer, as the Apostle saith of Godlinesse; it hath the promises of this life and that which is to come.

1. For this life.

Temporall and Spirituall things are promised to prayer.

1. Temporall.

1. The prayer of faith shall save the sicke, and the LORD shall raise him up, Iam. 5.15.

2. Spirituall.

1. It obtaineth remission of sins, [Page 382] and if hee have committed sinnes, they shall be forgiven him, the same verse of 5. of I [...]mes.

2. The Spirit, How much more shall your heavenly Father give good things to them that aske him, Matth. 7.11. Give the holy Spirit to them that aske him, So it is Luke 11 13.

2. For the life to come.

Prayer obtaineth eternall life and salvation.

For whosoever shall call upon the name of the LORD shall be saved, Rom. 10.13.

That Promise that is made to our prayers runs thus, If thou prepare thine heart, and stretch out thine hands towards him, &c. Iob 11.13. The stretching out of our hands (or of our voice either) is to little purpose, if our heart be not prepared first.

To fervent prayer.

[Page 383]Then yee shall call upon me, and ye shall goe and pray unto me,Ier. 29 12, [...]3 and I will hearken unto you. And ye shall seeke me and find me,Luke 8.7, 8 when ye shall search for me with all your heart, that is, truly and fervent­ly, saith Greenham.

The effectuall prayer of a righ­teous man availeth much (both for the helping of the body, Iam 5.16. and healing of the soule) but with this proviso, if it be fervent: o­pen thy mouth wide, that is, Psal. 81.10. ear­nestly, confidently, call upon me, and I will fill it, that is, I will satisfie thy desire to the full.

Aske and it shall be given you; seeke, and yee shall find; knocke and it shall be opened unto you, Matth. 7.7. Aske, seeke, knocke. It is not a simple repetition of the same thing, but a gradati­on. It shews instantissimam ne­ [...]essitatem, saith Austen. Aske [...]s a begger, seeke as with a can­dle, knocke as one that hath pow­ [...]r with importunity. D. Playfer [...] One [Page 384] thus descants upon the place; Aske with the mouth, Non dicitur quid dabitur, saith Austen Christ na­meth not what shall be givē to you, to let us know that that gift, is a thing suprae omne nomen, above all that can bee named Matth 6.6. seek with the heart, knock with the hand: and it shall be given you, that is, for Temporall things; and yee shall find, that is, for Spirituall things; and it shall be opened unto you, that is, for Eternall things.

1. To Secret Prayer.

When thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy dore, pray to thy Father which is in secret, and thy Father which seeth in secret, shall reward thee o­penly.

2. To Private or Family prayer.

Where two or three are gathe­red together in my name, there a [...] I in the midst of them, Matth 18.20.

3. To publike prayer. • Publike for • 1. Mat­ter. , and • 2. Place.  

1. A promise to those, that pray for the Church.

Remember Sion, they shall prosper that love thee, Psalme 122.6, 7.

2. Promises to the prayers of the Congregation made in the Church.If every se­verall belei­ver have a promise, Mat 7.7, 8 to bee heard in whatsoever he shall ask according to the will of God, when he praieth a­part by him self, or pri­vately in his fr [...]ily, or with a few, much more when hee ioyns in prayer with the Minister and [...]he rest of the godly i [...] the publi [...] assembly Mat 18, 20.

Hierusalem had singular pro­mises made unto it, such as had no particular Church in the world besides, Psalm. 132.14.

There is a speciall promise made to the prayers made in the Temple, 2 Chron. 7.15. Mine eyes shall be open, and mine eares attent unto the prayer t [...]at is made in this place, 1 Kings 9.3.

The LORD hath promised, that he will cause his servants to rejoyce in the granting of [Page 386] their suites which they shall make unto him in his owne house, Esay 56.7. upon the like promise made by GOD, Salo­mon at the consecration of the Temple, 1 King. 8.30, 33. groun­deth his Prayer, that the LORD would in speciall manner, heare the suites and supplications of his servants, publikely assembled in his Temple to call upon him. See the 5. Book, cap 1.

God hath promised to accompany this ordināce of his with the divine power & ef­ficacy of his Holy Spirit. Esay 59.21. Iohn 5.25.A promise.
To Preaching.

GOD hath made a speciall promise to this, that he will be with it, to assist and blesse it, Matth. 28.20. I am with you alwaies, even unto the end of the world.

To Reading.

Rev. 1.3.In Reading of the Word, if [Page 387] we understand not, we should apply these Promises.

Prov. 1.23. I will powre out my Spirit unto you, I will make knowne my Words unto you.

Prov. 1.4. It gives subtilty to th [...] simple, to the young men know­ledge and discretion.

The Commandement of the LORD is pure, inlightning [...] the eyes, Ps. 19.8.

GOD hath promised to teach and instruct such by his Spirit, that bring good and honest hearts to the reading and hearing of the Word.

Psal. 25.12. What man is he that fearth the LORD, him will he teach in the way that he shall choose.

The promise of finding is made to those who seeke as for gold and search as for treasure, Pro. 2.3, 4, 5.

Promises, to s [...]ch as love the Word of GOD.

Great peace have they which love [Page 388] thy Law, and nothing shall offend them, Ps. 119.165.

Blessed is the man that delight­eth greatly in his commandements, Ps. 112.1.

A promise to those that waite for the Word.

There is a blessing promised to such hearers as wait for the Word.

Pro 8, 34, 35. Metaphora à clientibus so res patronorū obsidentibus. sunius. Blessed is the man that heareth me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doores. For who so findeth me, findeth life and obtaineth favour of the LORD.

Promises, that GODS chil­dren shall hearken to the Word.

The eares of them that heare shall hearken, Psa. 32 3.

See Esaias 50.4. Acts 16.14.

Promises to such as consciona­bly hearken to the Word.

[Page 389] Hoe, every one that thirsteth come yee to the water, and he that hath no mony: come yee, Esa. 5 [...] 1, 2. Promises 1. Generall God will e­ver assist this ordinance and worke with it, Mat. 28.10. 2. [...]ee will save the souls of his people by this ordi­nance, Iam. 1 21. [...]s. 55.3. 3 By this ordinance he will beginne grace and convert the soule, Ps. 19.7. 4 By this ordinance he will increase and perfect grace where he hath be­gun it, Mark. 4.24 Act 20.32. God hath made also part [...]cular promises to them that attend on this ordinance. 1. That by it he will give them strength to overcome their strongest corruptions, Psal. 119 9 2. That hee will by it worke peace in their consciences, Esay. 57.9. buy and eat, yea, come, buy wine, and milke without mony, and without price. Hearken diligently unto me, and eat ye that which is good, and let your soule delight it selfe in fatnesse. Encline your eare, and come unto me: heare, and your soule shall live, &c. There the LORD freely offereth saving grace to such as have none, and nothing, whereby they might purchase it. 2. He setteth out a way wherby they might in­joy it, viz. a diligent hearing and beleiving GODS Word. 3. He makes most sweet pro­mises, that their soule shall live, that is, they shall be quickned in CHRIST, and in him the seed of David, be made parta­kers of those mercies which shall [Page 390] never decay, If thou warne the righteous man that the righteous sinne not, and he doth not sin, he shall surely live, because he is war­ned, Ezek. 3.21. The conscio­nable hearing of GODS Word, quickens the soule, and makes it to live both the life of grace and of glory;Prov [...] 14. Mark 4.24. Luke 1 28. Rom. 1.16. He that heareth my word and beleeveth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life: the houre is comming and now is when the dead shall heare the voyce of the Sonne of GOD, and they that heare shall live, John 5.24, 25. not such a voyce as shall call them out of their graves, as in the 28. verse; for he saith, now is, but the meaning of the place is, that those which were dead in sinne should be quick­ned either by CHRIST in his own person, or by his Word in his Ministers.

The titles given to the Word ex­presse this.

It is called, the Word of life, Acts 5.20. Phil. 2.16. John 6 68. [Page 391] The Word of grace, Acts 20.32. The word of Salvation, Acts 13. [...]6. Salvation it selfe, and life e [...]erlasting, Heb. 2.3. Acts 28.28. John 12.50. The word is able to save our soules, Jam. 1.21. 1 Tim. 4.16. 1 Cor. 1.21. To this purpose there are so many commendations of the Word, specially in the Ps [...]lmes and Pro [...]erbes, Psal. 19. [...]. The l [...]w of the LORD is perfect; &c. the whole 119. Psalm was writ­ten, to set out the excellency of the Word. The nine first Chap­ters of the Proverbes; Take f [...]st hold of instruction, let her not goe, keepe her, for she is thy life, Pro. 4.13. Instruction is our life, ther­by we attain all things pertai­ning to the comfort of this life and of that to come. See Pro. 1.9, 23. Pro. 2. from 1. to 13. Prov. 3.3. to 4. & 13. ver. to 24. Prov. 4.5. to 14. & 20. to 23. Prov. 6.20. to 24. Pro. 7.1 to 5. and the whole eighth Chapter. Sanctifie them through [Page 392] thy truth, thy word is truth, John 17.17. Doe not my words doe good to him that walketh upright­ly? Micah 2.7. As new born babes desire the sincere milke of the word, that yee may grow thereby, 1 Pet. 2.2. The comparisons which are used to set forth the profit of the Word, confirme this: it is resembled to The light, Esay 9.2. Raine, Deut. 32.2. Dea [...], there also, living water, Zach. 14.8. Wine and milke, Esay 55.1, 2.

It is able, 1. To inlighten with saving knowledge the sim­plest that shall heare and read it with an honest heart, Psalme 119.130. 2. To reform the heart and life of him that hath the strongest corruptions, Psal. 119.9. 3. To comfort and revive the heart that is most cast down either with inward or outward afflictions, Esay 57.19. 4. To preserve and adde knowledge and grace to them that have best profited, Mar. 4.24.

[Page 393]Whensoever we goe to the Word, we should meditate on some of these precious promises,Wee should heare so, as to expect & hope for life by the word which the Lord promiseth, Deu. 3 [...].47. Ioh. 5.39. to incourage us to attend unto GODS Word with expecta­tion of his blessing on our la­bours.

Promises. For the Sacraments. 1. In generall.

They are the Seales of the righteousnesse of faith, Rom. 4.11. or of the Covenant of grace.

The Apostle speaks of both Sa­craments, 1 Cor. 12.13.

2. The special [...] Sacraments. • Baptisme. , and • LORDS Sup­per. 

1. Baptisme. Promises to it.

It is called,It is a usuall thing to call the principal cause & the instrument by the same name. The laver of rege­neration, [Page 394] Tit. 3.5. The Baptisme of repentance for remission of sinnes, Mar, 1.4. Act. 2.38. Our sins are said to be washed away, Act. 22.16. Heb. 10.22. and Bap­tisme saveth, 1 Pet. 3.21. all which belong to the blood of CHRIST, Rev. 1.5. 1 John 1.7. our Savi­our saith, we must be borne of water, John 3.5. that is, be made GODS children by recei­ving CHRIST,Acts 1, 4, 5. as John 1.12. GOD hath promised that he will baptise us with the HO­LY GHOST and with fire, Mat. 3.11.

2. LORDS Supper. Prom [...]ses to it.

1 Cor 11 24, 25.When our LORD JESUS did ordaine it, he speaking of the Bread, [...]k. 21.19 [...]0 Iohne. 14.5 [...] Mark 1, 22, [...]4. said, This is my body, and of the Wine, This is my blood of the New Testament, Mat. [...]6.26, 28. that is, these outward signes and seales were most sure and [Page 395] certain pledges of his body and blood, which he did as truly give to be spirituall food, as he gave the bread and wine to be bodily food to every believer, 1 Cor. 10.16.

There is a full meale, [...], Rom. 14.17. Bread and Wine comprehend entire food; for humidum & siccum are all that are required unto food: this is promised, Esay 25.6. In this mountaine shall the LORD of Hosts make unto all people a feast of fat things, a feast of wines on the lees, &c. that is, he would make for his Church compleat provision. So Pro 9.5.

A Lawfull Oath. Promises to it. God hath promised to reward it.

  • 1. In this life, Jer. 12.16. If they will learne the wayes of my people, to [Page 396] sweare the LORD liveth &c. then shall they be built in the midst of my people.
  • 2. In the life to come with eternall happinesse, for he that sweareth and char­geth not, though it be to his owne hinderance, he shall dwell in GODS holy Mountaine, Psal. 15 4.

Fasting. Promises to it.

Be afflicted and mourne and weepe, let your laughter be turned to mourning, and your ioy to hea­vinesse. Humble your selves in the sight of the LORD, and he shall lift you up, J [...]m. 4.9, 10. If thou fast in sec [...]t, thy Father which seeth in secre [...] will reward thee openly, Mat. 6.18. Joel 2.12, 13, 14, 15, 18, 19. first a fast is prescribed, then a blessing promised.

Praising GOD. Promises of it.

They shall praise the LORD that seeke him, Ps. 22.26. They shall shew forth my praise, Esay 43.21.

Yee shall eat in plenty and be satisfied, and praise the name of the LORD, Joel 2.26. where GOD promiseth temporall bles­sings and a thankfull heart, it is an evident signe of the continu­ance of them, as there in Jo­el. And Deuter. 8.10. Esay 62.8, 9.

Promises to it.

Them that honour me I will honour 1 Sam. 2.30.The duty of Fasting is to bee perfor­med when the accom­plishment of some remar­kable pro­mise is ex­pe [...]ted to be fulfilled to the Church. Dan. 9.2, 3.

He that offereth praise, glorifieth me, Psal. 50.23.

Praise is one of the Sacrifices with which GOD is well-plea­sed, Heb. 13.15, 16. Psal. 69.30, 31. Let all the people praise thee, O GOD, let all the people praise thee. [Page 398] Then shall the Earth yeeld her in­crease, and GOD, even our owne GOD shall blesse us. Psal. 67.5, 6.

Promises. To Meditation.

Mercy and truth shall be to them which devise good, Pro 14 22.

This promise may be also applied, to the following of good examples & presidents.Thinke of these things which ye have both learned and received, and heard and seen in me; and the GOD of peace shall be with you, Phil. 4.8, 9.

Let not the booke of the Law de­part out of thy mouth, but meditate therin day and night, that thou maist observe to doe according to all that is written therin: for then shalt thou make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good successe, Josh. 1.8. Blessed is the man that medi­tates on the Word day and night: Psal. 1.2.

Promises. [Page 399] To Self-examination.

If we would iudge our selves,Lan. 3.4 [...], we should not be iudged, 1 Cor. 11.31.

Let every man proove his owne work, and then he shall have reioycing in himselfe alone, and not in another, Gal. 6.4.

Promises. To those that conscionably sanctifie the LORDS day.The Lord prom [...]seth many singu­lar graces to all that san­ctifie hi [...] day of what naci­on, or condi­tion soever they be [...]hey shall have their hearts filled full of spiri­tuall joy. God will give them the spirit of prayer & hear their pray­ers, he will give [...]hem a­bility to serve him, hee will also accept & reward their service.

The sanctifying of the LORDS [...]ay will bring comfort and hap­ [...]inesse to soule and body.

1. Blessings, Spirituall, 13. v. [...]d Temporall 14. of 58. of Esay. If thou turn away thy foot from the [...]abbath from doing thy pleasure on [...] holy day, and call the Sabbath a light, the holy of the LORD, honora­ [...] and shalt honour him, not doing [...] owne ways, nor speaking thine [...] words: then shalt thou delight thy [...] in the LORD, and I will cause [...] to ride upon the high places of the [...].

2. Spirituall.

Blessed is the man that keepeth the Sabbath from polluting it, Esa. 56.2. See 5, 6, 7. verses, Jer. 17.24, 26. a speciall place. GOD promiseth there, 24, and 26. verses to reward the outward ob­servation of the Sabbath. The bles­sing there promised is two-fold, the first concerneth the Com­mon-wealth, vers. 25. The se­cond the Church and State of Religion, v. 26.

Promises. To Watchfullnesse.

Blessed is he that watcheth, Matth. 24.46, 47. Revel. 16.15.

They are three times said to be blessed,Ter (que) qua­te [...] (que) beati. Poelices ter & amp [...]ius Ho­rat. Luk. 12.37, 38, 43. to shew that they are thrice blessed and ever perfected in blessednes, which keep constantly their spirituall watch.

Promises. Of Conference.

The lips of the wise disperse know­ledge, Pro. 15.7.

They are a well of life to feed many.

The tongue of the stammerers shall be ready to speake plainly, Esay 32.4. The dumb mans tongue shall sing, Esay 35.6. The mouth of the iust bringeth forth wisdome, Prov. 10.31.

Promises. To Conference.

The mouth of the upright shall deliver them, Pro. 12.6. A man shall be satisfied with good by the f [...]uit of his mouth, Prov. 12.14. Righteous lips are the delight of Kings, and they love him that spe [...]keth right, Prov. 16.13. See Prov. 22.11. A mans belly shall be satisfied with the fruit of his mouth, Prov. 18.20. A man shall [Page 402] eate good by the fruit of his mouth, Pro. 13.2.

Promises. To Reproofe.

He that rebuketh a man, shall afterwards find more favour then he that flattereth with the tongue, Pro. 28.23. To them that rebuke the wicked shall be delight, and a good blessing shall come upon them, Pro. 24.25.

Promises. To giving of Alms.

See Mat 6. Heb 13.16. Eccles. 11. [...]. Esay 587, 8, 10, 11. Ps. 129.Beneficence shall be rewarded.

  • 1. In this l [...]fe.
    • 1. In our selves.
    • 2. In our posterity, Ps. 37.25, 26.
    • 1. In our selves, with
      • 1. Mercy, Blessed are the [Page 403] mercifull for they shall re­ceive mercy, Mat. 5.7 Pro. 14.21, 22.
        Pro. 14.21, 22
      • 2. Comfort in sicknesse.
      • 3. Deliverance out of trouble: one verse proves both, Blessed is he that considereth the poore and needy: the LORD will de­liver him in time of trou­ble, the LORD will streng­then him upon the bed of languishing, he will make all his bed in his sicknes, Psal. 41.1, 3.
      • 4. Competency, He that giveth unto the poore shall not lacke, Pro. 28.27. this is a means to bring us to the right use of our wealth, Luk. 11.41.
    • 2. In the life to come, Come yee blessed of my Father, receive the Kingdom prepared for you from the begining of the world, &c. Mat. 25.34. Make to your selvs friends of the Mammon of unrighteousnes, that when ye fail [Page 404] they may receive you into everlasting habitations, Lu. 16.9. Receiving is not mentioned here in regard of merit
      Though Alms deeds merit not at Gods hands: yet they make him our debtor according to his gratious promise, said King Iames, Pro, 1 [...].17. 1 Tim 6.18.19.
      (as the Papists say) as though a man could deserve it by giving of almes, but either by way of hearty prayers made by the poore, that they may be received, or els because their Alms shall be unto them a pledge and earnest of their receiving into GODS Kingdome as a Father sayes sweetly if yee will be wise Mer­chants, thrifty and happy usurers, part with tha [...] which you cannot keep that you may gain the which you cannot lo [...]s [...] When thou makest a feas [...] call the poore, the maime [...] ▪ the lame, the blind; An [...] thou shalt be blessed: [...] thou shalt be recompenced the resurrection of the ius [...] Luk. 14.14.

Promises, to liberall giving.

The liberall soule shall be made fat, and he that watereth shall be watered also himselfe, Prov. 11.25. He which soweth bountifully, shall reape bountifully, 2 Cor. 9.6.

2. To cheerfull giving.

GOD loveth a cheerfull giver,He that hath a bountifull eve shall be blessed, for he giveth of his bread to the poor, Pro 2 [...] 9 2 Cor. 9.7.

Thou shalt surely give him, and thine heart shall not be grieved, when thou givest unto him: be­cause that for this thing the LORD thy GOD shall blesse thee in all thy work [...]s, and in all that thou puttest thine hand unto, Deut. 15.10.

Promises. 1. To liberality to the Saints.

He that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous [Page 406] man. shall receive a righteous mans reward.Dicit frigidae aquae, ne in calida sumptū lignorū cau­sari quis pos­set, Hieron. Mark 9.4. Propecuto a­quae fr [...]gidae torrens vo­luptatis. And whosoever shall give to drinke unto one of these little ones, a cup of cold water only in the name of a Disciple, he shall in no wise loose his reward, Mat. 10.41, 42. For a cup of cold water, (water the common element, and cold water that cost thee not the charge of fire to warme it) there is a Torrent, may a very Sea of all pleasures provi­ded for thee for all eternity. For GOD is not unrighteous to forget your worke and labour of love, which yee have shewed toward his name, in that yee have mini­stred to the Saints, and do minister, Hebr. 6.10.

See Gal. 6.9, 10.

Promises. To bounty to GODS Mini­stere.

He that receiveth you, receiveth me: He that receiveth a Prophet [Page 407] in the name of a Prophet, shall re­ceive a Prophets reward, Matth. 10.40, 41. Some understand that thus, they shall be partakers of the same reward, which is laid up for the Prophets. Calvin takes it for a reward which is fit for the worthinesse of the per­son, upon whom the liberality shall be bestowed.

Honour the LORD with thy substance, and with the first fruits of all thine increase: So shall thy barnes be filled with plenty, and thy presses shall burst out with new wine, Prov. 3.9, 10.See Mal. 3.10 1 [...]. And the Le­vite because he hath no part nor inher [...]tance with thee,A promise to paying of tithes. shall come and shall eate, and be satisfied, that the LORD thy GOD may blesse thee in all the worke of thine hand which thou doest, Deut. 14.29.

Promises to seeking of GOD.Zephany 2.3

1. They shall have their hearts filled with joy and gladnesseRest on every side from enemies [Page 408] in the fruition of GODS fa­vour.Book IV

2 Chro. 14.7That propheticall prayer of Davids implieth also a promise in it, Ps. 40.16. Let all those that seeke thee, be glad and reioyce in thee.

Let the heart of them reioyce that seeke the LORD, Psalme 105.3. the very same is, 1 Chro. 16.10.

The LORD often promised to his people, that if they should seeke him, Esay 55.6. he would be found of them, as David told Salomon his sonne,2 Chro 14 7 Mat. 77. 1 Chron. 28.9. and the Prophet told Asa the King, 2 Chro. 15.2. See 15.

Thou LORD hast not forsa­ken them that seeke thee, Ps. 9.10. Esa 45.19.

But his people then must seek him with their whole heart, 2 Chro. 31.11 Blessed are they that seeke him with their whole heart, Psalm 119.2. as Deut. 4.29. Jer. 29.13. and dili­gently, Heb. 11.6.

Seeke yea me, and yee shall liv [...] Amos 5.4, 6. And your heart sha [...] live that seeke GOD, Psalm 69.32.

[Page 409] The hand of our GOD is upon all them for good that seeke him, Book III Ezra 8.22. Lam. 3.23.

They that seeke the LORD shall not want any good thing, Psal. 34.10.

Promis [...]s. To waiting on GOD.

Waiting patiently for the LORDS comming to comfort us, either in temporall or spiri­tuall distresses, is a right pleasing and acceptable duty and s [...]rvice unto GOD, which he is wont to crowne with multiplied and over-flowing refre [...]hings when he comes. They that wait up [...]n the LORD shall renew their strength, they [...]hall m [...]unt up with w [...]ngs as Eagles; they shall runne and not be weary, they [...]hall walke and not faint, Es [...]. 40.31. For since the beginning of the world, w [...] have not heard nor perceived by the eare, nei [...]her hath the eye [Page 410] seene, O GOD, besides thee, what he hath prepared for him that wai­teth for him, Esay 64.4. they shall not be ashamed (or disappointed) that wait for him, Esay 49.23. He shall save them, Pro. 20.22. They shall inherit the earth, Psal. 37.9, 34. and Heaven too. Bles­sed are all they that waite for him, Esay 30.18. Dan. 12.12.

We must stirre up our selves to receive the promises, Cant. 5.2, 3. The godly sometimes walk without comfort, because they put it from themselvs, and GOD oftentimes causeth his children to seek long before they find comfort. But the ardent desire shall at length be satisfied. Re­mission of sinnes, and peace of conscience, are favours worth waiting for. We have not wai­ted so many years in the meanes of grace for comfort, as GOD hath waited for our conversion.

Promises. 1. That we shall delight in God.

[Page 411] Then shalt thou have they delight in the Almighty, Job 22.26. The promise of delighting our selves in the LORD, is confi­ned to the duty of delighting in holy exercises, If thou call the Sabbath a delight, &c. then shalt thou delight in the LORD, Esa. 58.13, 14.

A promise. To delighting in GOD.

Delight thy selfe in the LORD,Psalm [...]9 15 16, [...]7, 18. and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart, Ps. 37.4.

Promises to godlines or grace exercised, or to godly and gra­cious men which act the graces, and exercise themselves in the duties above specified.

True Godlinesse hath the promi­ses both of this life and of that which is to come,1 Tim 4 8. (of this life) Seeke ye first the kingdome of GOD and [Page 412] the righteousnesse therof,Book IV and al these things shall be administred unto you, Matth. 6.33. (and of the life to come) To him that order [...]th his conversation aright, will I shew the salvation of GOD, Ps. 50.23.

[...]r [...]mises in gen [...]rall to t [...]e w [...]ys of godlinesse.1. The godly shall be blessed.

[...] [...].13 Ps. 11 [...].1. Ps. 9.8. Ps. [...]11▪ 12, 13. Ps. 110.1. Ps. 1.1. Ps. 128.1, 4.

They whom the world ac­count above all men most mise­rable, are truly and only happy, as our Saviour prooves, Matth. 5. Blessed are the poore in spirit, &c. from 3. ver. to 12. we shall ne­ver be truly happy till wee be sincerely holy, nor fully hap­py till wee bee perfectly ho­ly. [...], Au [...]in.

2. The godly shall be a blessing to the place where they live.

I will blesse thee, and the [...] [Page 413] shalt be a blessing, Genesis 12.2.

And I will make them a bles­sing, Ezek. 34. [...]6. I [...]rael shall be a blessing in the midst of the land, Esay 19.24.

  • [Page]Promises Eternall
    • 1. Against damnation.
    • 2. For Salva­tion.
      • 1. Pas­sages to it.
        • 1. Death, comforts against the
          • fear of
            • First, Death.
            • 2. Vn­timely death.
        • 2 Burial.
        • 3. Resurrection.
      • 2. Per­formā ­ces of it.
        • 1. Glorification in part, of our soules.
        • 2. Last judgement.
        • 3. Glo­rificati­on of the whole man both soule and body.
          • Pro­mi­ses.
            • 1. Of e­ternal life both in soul & body.
            • 2. For the glory of hea­ven.


CHAP. I. Eternall Promises.

1. Against Damnation. The godly shall be delivered from eternall Confusion and Damnation.

YEe shall not be ashamed nor confounded world without end, Esay 45.17. Rom. 9. Some doe referre it to the day of judgement when the faithfull shall not be con­founded or ashamed cum ventris in future, when Christ shall come to judgemēt Glosse inter­lin, Haym [...] But it is more generall, shewing that the faithfull neither in the time present nor to come shall be ashamed. Not to be confounded sign [...]fieth non frustrati, not to be disappointed of the [...]r hope, P. Matt. And more is under [...]ood then said, i.e. shall be con­firmed comforted and establishe [...], Parus. 33. and [Page 416] 10 11. 1 Pet. 2.6.

GOD will deliver the soule of the righteous from the pit. Job 33.28. Ps. 86.13.

There is no condemnation to them that are in CHRIST IESVS, Rom. 8.1. Who shall lay any thing to the charge of GODS elect? It is GOD that iustifieth, ver. 33.

They are delivered from the wrath to come, 1 Thes. 1.10.

Blessed is he that hath part in the first resurrection, on such the se­cond death hath no power, Rev. 20.6.

He that overcommeth, shall not be hurt of the second death, Rev. 2.11.

2. For Salvation. • 1. Passages to it. • 1. Death. • 1. Comforts a­gainst the fear of death. , and • 2. Feare of un­timely death.  , • 2. Buriall. , and • 3. Resurrection.  

1. Comforts against the fear of death.

HE that will beare with comfort the pangs of death,He that will k [...]ep [...] my say­ing, shall [...]ot test of death. Iohn 8.51 that is shall not be over­whel [...]ed by [...]t. must labour to die in faith, that is, he must lay hold of the promise of GOD touching forgivenesse of [Page 418] sins and life everlasting by CHRIST. All these (saith the HOLY GHOST, Heb. 11.13.) died in the Faith: viz. Abel, Enoch, Noe, Abraham and Sarah, all laying hold of the promise of life by CHRIST: So Iacob, Gen. 49.18. by Faith rested on the mercy of GOD, and by hope he waited for his salvation.

Thou shalt not be afraid of de­struction when it commeth, Job 5.21. Death be it never so bit­ter or painfull, shall not be a­ble to seperate us from the love of GOD, Rom. 8.28, 38. St. Stephens violent death was but a sweet sleepe, Act. 7.60. Iohn 11.11. It is but a sleeping in JE­SUS, 1 Thes. 4.14. The grave is called a bed of rest, Esay 57.2. CHRIST hath pul'd the sting out of death for all the godly,Dying in the Lord. Revel [...]4.13 is but a rest from labours, 2 Tim. 1.10. Esay 25.8. Hos. 13.14. 1 Cor. 15.55. and tooke away the strength of it by his death, Heb. 2.14, 15. The righteous hath [Page 419] hope in his death, Pro. 14.32. it is gaine unto him, Phil. 1.21. for he is delivered by death from ma­ny and great evils. 1. Sin,That one happy pang which puls away the soule from the body, doth also pul away sinne both from the soul and body Rom. 6.7. He shall never offend GOD more: 2. Those miseries which fol­low sin, Esay 57.1, 2.3. The temptations of the Divell Rev. 12.8.4. The opposition and vexati­on of the world and flesh,God doth watch over the faithfull for good by his pro [...]i­dence, both in life and death, Mat. 10.28, 29, 30 31. Psa. 72.14 Rev. 14.13. Eccles. 4.1, 2. It is to them obstetrix immortalitatis, a passage to immortality, 2 Cor. 5.1, 4. a sturdy Porter, that opens hea­ven gates unto him.

See 1 Cor. 3.22. & 15.26. Psalm 37.37.

2. Comforts against the feare of untimely death.

Thou shalt come to thy grave in a ful age, like as a shocke of corn commeth in, in his season, Job 5.26.

The number of thy dayes will I ful­fill, Exod. 23.26. The Lord will pre­serve him and keepe him alive, and he shall be blessed upon the earth. Ps. 4. [Page 420] 1.2. With long life will I satis­fie him and shew him my salvation, Ps. 91.16.

2. Buriall.

It is a kind of blessing pro­mised by GOD to his Saints, to be buried. 1 King. 14.13. 2 King. 22.20.

2 Sam 25. In Christ shal all be made alive, 1 Cor 15 [...]punc; that is shall be raised by him at the resur­rection. The Cer­ma [...]es call the Church yard Godsa­ker, because the bodies are sowne there to bee raised again: and the Grecians called their Church yards, or places of se­pulture, [...] dormitories, or sleeping places wher the bodies rest, expect­ing the re­surrection.3. Resurrection. Promises of our Resurrection.

He which raised up the LORD JESUS, shall raise up us al [...]o by JESUS.

The Covenant of GOD is of force with us, as we lie in the dust of the Earth, Mat. 22.31.32.

He keepeth the very bones of his Saints, Ps. 34.20.

All that are in the grave shall come forth, they that have done good unto the resurrection of life, John 5.28, 29.

[Page 421]I will raise him up at the last day, John 6.39, 40, 44, 54.

See 1 Thess. 4.14, 16. Rom. 8.11. Dan. 12.2. Esay 26.19.

2. Performances of it. • 1. Glorification in part, for the soule. , • 2. Last Judgement. , and • 3. Glorification of the whole man both soule and bo­dy. 
Promises. 1. Of the Glorification of our soules.

GOD promiseth to trans­late the soules of the godly into his heaven­ly kingdome when they die.The soule of t [...]e faithfull at the dissolution of the body shall go immedi­ately to hea­ven.

This is implyed in the Para­ble [Page 422] where the Angels carry up Lazarus soule into Heaven,Therfore there is no purgatory. Christ pro­miseth to the Saints of God af [...]er death, Life, 1 Tim 4.8 Apoc. 2.10. Iohn 5.24 & 11.25, Rest, Luke 16.25. Apoc. 14.13 Ioy, Mat 3.25.23 Esay 35 10. Luke 16.22. This day shalt thou be with me in Paradise, Luk. 23.43. Which Paradise the Apostle Paul expoundeth to be the third heaven, 2 Cor. 12.1, 2, 4.

He that overcomes shall inherit all things. See Rev. 3.21.

2. Of the last Judgement.

1 Iohn 4 17 & 3.21. Acts 3 19. Heb. [...].28. The godly have boldnesse and confidence at the day of judgement.

When these things begin to come to passe, then shall we look up and lift up our heads, because our redemption draweth nigh, Luk. 21.28.

There is a promise, 2 Tim 4.8 to these that long for Christs secōd comming, & love his ap­pearing.Vnto them that look for CHRIST shall he appeare the second time without sin unto salvation, Hebr. 9.28.

When CHRIST who is our life shall appeare, then shall we also appeare with him in glory, Colos. 3.4.

He shall say to them of his right [Page 423] hand, Come yee blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdome pre­pared for you from the foundation of the world, Matth. 25.32, 34. See ver. 40.

3. Glorification of the whole man both soule and body.Mat. 13.43. See 1 Cor 15 4 [...], 43. Heb. 9. [...]5. & 11 16. Iam. 1 1 [...], 5 Iude 20, 21, verse The gl [...]ry of the body (say the Schoole men, consists first in clari­ty, Mat [...].43 2 Impassibi­lity, 1 Cor. 5 53. 2 Of the soul consists in the manifest visiō of God which suc­ceeds faith, 1 Cor. 13.12. 2 In the per­fect fruition of God which suc­ceeds hope Rev. 7.16, 7,

Promises of the glorification of our bodies.

The LORD JESUS shall change our vile bodies, and make them like his glorious body, Phil. 3.21. The bodies of the Saints shall shine as the brightnesse of the firmament, and as the stars. Dan. 1 2.3. Yea as the Sun for ever and ever.

Promises. Of eternall life in both soul and body after the day of judgement.

Then we shall be ever with the LORD, 1 Thess. 4.17.

Whosoever beleeveth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life Joh. 3.16.

I give unto them eternall life, John 10.28.

[Page 424] He that beleeveth on the Sonne, hath eternall life, 3 In the perfect love of God wh [...]c [...] succeeds of imperfect charity 1 Cor, 13.8. Joh. 3.36.

He that believeth and is bapti­zed shall be saved, Mark 16.16. Act. 16.31.

The gift of GOD is eternall life through JESUS CHRIST our LORD. Rom. 6.23.

See John 6.40. and 20.31. 1 Joh. 2.23. John 5.24. 1 Joh. 5.11, 12, 13. Joh. 17.3. 1 Pet. 1.3, 4. Tit. 3.7. Rom. 5.10, 17. Rom. 8.13. Gal. 6.8. Matth. 5.8, 12. and 19.29. Matth. 25.34, 35, 46. 1 Tim. 6.17, 18 19.

The Promises of GOD, as­sure us of everlasting happinesse and glory in the Kingdome of Heaven. I know, saith Job 19.25. (relying upon GODS pro­mises) that my Redeemer li­veth.

2 Cor. 5.1. & 4.14.

Faith apprehendeth the pro­mise of eternall life, hope expe­cteth it, love thankfully enter­taines it, and all other graces are quickned and strengthned by it.

Promises. For the glory of Heaven.

In thy presence is fullnesse of ioy, at thy right hand there are plea­sures for evermore, Ps. [...]6.11.

We shall have fullnesse of ioy, e­verlasting ple [...]sures: A swift flowing river and [...] of plea­sures. Psal. 36.8. We shall [...] no more, [...] Rev. 7.16. GOD will wipe away all tears from our ey [...]. Rev. 21 4. We shal sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Iacob, in the kingdome of heaven, Mat. 8.11. as at a banquet: we shall then be as the Angels of GOD, Matth. 22.30. Nay like CHRIST himselfe, 1 John 3.2. We shall be made confirmable to the image of his Sonne, Rev. 21.3. 1 Thes 4 17. Rom. 8.29. and be With CHRIST, John 14.3. and behold his glory, Joh. 17.24. & 12.26.

We shall enter into our masters ioy. Matth. 25.21. he saith not, it shal enter into us, but we into it, shewing that the joyes of heaven are so many, that they cannot be [Page 426] contained in the soule of man.

GOD hath promised us a king­dome, Mat. 25.34. A heavenly kingdome.1 Pet. 13.4. Mat. 7.2 [...]. 2 Tim. 4.18. An eternall kingdom, 2 Pet. 1.11. A Crown, a Crown of life, Iam. 1.12. Rev. 2.10. A Crown of righ­teousnesse, 2 Tim. 4.8. An immar­cessible Crown of glory, 1 Pet. 5.4. The word [Crowne] represents unto us:Sir Thomas Bodley gave for his arms three crowns with this po­sey, Quarta perennu erit, the fourth shal be eternall. 1. The perpetuity of that life, for a crowne hath neither be­ginning nor ending: 2. Plenty, be­cause as the crown compasseth on every side, so there is nothing wan­ting in this life: 3. Dignity, eter­nall life is a coronation day, every Saint shall be a crowned King.

The use of Faith in regard of these promises, is to uphold us with the expectation of that hea­venly happinesse which is promi­sed, yea though we be destitute of worldly things and be in many troubles and tribulations, Act. 14.22.

The Table of the fifth Booke.
  • [Page]Speciall Promises in regard of Others.
    • 1. The Church in generall, or particular Churches. as pu [...]like assem­blies.
      • God hath promised to them.
        • 1. His speciall protection.
        • 2. His speciall presence.
        • 3. His speciall blessing.
        • 4. To deliver the Church out of trouble.
    • 2. Against the Seductions, for the destruction of Antic [...]rist.
    • 3. For calling the Iewes.
    • 4. For bringing in the Gentiles.
    • 5. To Magistrates.
    • 6. To Ministers
      • 1. Extraor­dinary, the Apostles.
        • 1. To worke miracles.
        • 2. To cast out Divels.
        • 3. To lead them into all truth
      • 2. Ordinary, all the faith­full Minist­ers.
        • 1. For competency of outward things.
        • 2. Of p [...]otecti [...]n and deliverance from trouble.
        • 3. To take their parts against their ene­mies.
        • 4. To give good [...]ucc [...]sse to their la­bours.
        • 5. To reward them largely.
        • 6. That t [...]ey shall agree together, and joyne force against the common ad­versary.
    • 7. To Masters of a Family and godly servants, to blesse the habitation of the godly.
    • 8. To husband & wife, & con­cerning chil­dren.
      • 1. To give them.
      • 2. To blesse them every way,
        • 1. With outward things.
        • 2. In their soules.
      • 3. That mothers shall give sucke to their children.
      • 4. To parents correcting their children.
      • 5. To comfort them in the want of children.
      • 6. To children obeying their parents.
    • 9. For company, that we shall reap good by the society of the godly.


Esay [...]3 20. The unvisi­ble Church is the [...]llar of t [...]uth, Christ is made to her righteousnes, sanctifica [...]io She hath all light and [...] here, & in Heaven. The [...]ambe himself shall be h [...]r Sunne & glory She shall be led into al truth. Her fai [...] shal not fai [...] her enemies shal [...]cke the dost of her sect, & come and worship before her, she shall inherit the earth, prevaile against t [...]e gates of her enemies. Yea the promises made to Christ hi [...] self, are applied to her, compare Esay 49 [...]. with that in 2 Cor 6 [...]CHAP. I. Promises in regard of others. The Church in generall, or particular Churches, as pub­like Assemblies.

1. GOD will defend the Church, and all the faithfull.

THE gates of Hell shal [...] not prevaile against it, Matth. 16.18.

GOD is in the mid [...] [Page 429] of the Church, therefore it shall not fall, Ps. 46.5.

I the LORD doe keepe it, I will water it every moment: least any hurt it, I will keepe it night and day, Esay 27.3.

As the mountaines are round a­bout Ierusalem, so the LORD is round about his people from hence forth, and for ever, Ps. 125.2.

See Esay 4.5, 6. Psalm. 46. whole, 124, & 125. Psalmes, Psal. 132.13. to 17. Psal. 89.15, 16, 17, 18. Zach. 9.16.

GOD hath made promises un­to the publike assemblies, Promises un­to the Church as­semblies, of his speciall protection.

Looke upon Sion, the city of our solemne f [...]asts; thine eyes shall see Ierusalem, a quiet habitation, a Tabernacle that cannot be remo­ved, &c. Es [...]y 33.20, 21. See ver. 16. This was one reason why David so esteemed of GODS Tabernac [...]es, Ps. 84.11. For the LORD GOD is a sunne and shield unto us.

Christ hath promi [...]ed to be present in a more com­fortable mā ­ner in the as­semblies of his people, then in any of our houses or any other place.2. GOD hath promised to be present with his Church and people in a speciall manner.

There are promises, 1. Of the presence of CHRIST, Matth. 18.20. & 28.20. 1 Cor. 5.4. Rev. 2.1. Esay 31.9. 2. Of the presence of the HOLY GHOST Esa. 59.21.

GOD hath made promises to the publike assemblies of his speci­all presence.

Promises unto the Church-as­semblies.In this respect the Prophet calleth, Sion the habitation of GODS house, and the place where his honour dwelleth, Psal. 26.8. Psalm. 132.14. in this respect the place of GODS publike worship, is called the face of GOD.

The Synagogues were called the houses of GOD, Psalm 83.12. This promise is also made to our Assemblies as well as theirs, Matth. 18.20. Where two or three are gathered together [Page 431] in my name, there am I in the midst of them, Rev. 2.1. CHRIST walkes in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks. Publike pla­ces have a p [...]omise of Gods special presence in them, 1 King 9.3.

3. GOD hath p [...]omised his speciall blessing to publike assem­blies.

In all places where I record my name, w [...]ll I come to thee and blesse thee. Exod, 20.24.

GOD hath p [...]omised Tempo­rall blessings to such as do love and frequent the Assemblies. No good thing will he with-hold from them that walke uprightly, Psalm. 84.11. David makes this one reason of his love to GODS Tabernacles, but the chiefe rea­son why he so esteemed them, was this, the LORD will give grace and glory, and 133.3.There is beauty, Ps. 7 4 good [...]e [...]se ta [...]nesse in Gods hou [...]e, such as [...] fill the soule of a man, & give him as much as hee can desire Esay 55.7. For there (in Sion) the LORD ap­pointed the blessing and life for e­ver. The LORD shall blesse thee out of Sion, Psalm. 128.5. We shall be satisfied with the goodnesse of thy house, even of thine holy Temple, Ps 63, 4.

[Page 432] See Psalm. 36.8, 9. & 92.13, 14.

4. GOD will deliver the Church out of trouble.

Thou shalt see peace upon Isra­el. Ps. 128.6.

Thou shalt see the good of Hie­rusalem, all the dayes of thy life, verse 5.

The LORD will not cast off his people, nor forsake his inheri­tance. Ps. 94.14.

Thus saith the LORD, after seventy yeares be accomplished at Babylon, I will visit you and per­forme my good word towards you, in causing you to returne to this place. For I know the thoughts that I thinke towards you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, to give you an expected end, Jerem. 29.10, 11.

They shall sit every man under his vine, and under his fig-tree, and none shall make them afraid for the mouth of the LORD [...] [Page 433] Hosts hath spoken it. Many na­tions are gathered against thee, but they know not the thoughts of the LORD: For he shall gather them as the sheaves into the floore, Micah 4.4, 11, 12.

When thus it shall be in the middest of the Land amongst the people: there shall be as the sha­king of an Olive-tree, and as the gleaning grapes when the vintage is done, Esay 24.13.

See Esay 61.10. Deut. 4.29, 30. Jeremy 33.6. Jere­mie 31.12. Esay 27.5, 7, 8, 9.

CHAP. II. Promises.

1. Against the seductions of Antichrist.

1. THE faithfull are of GOD, and over­come Antichristian Seducers, 1 Iohn 4.4.

2. The Elect cannot be se­duced. Mat. 24.24.

Promises. 2. For the d [...]struction of An­tichrist.

The ten hornes which thou saw­est upon the beast,See 2 Thess. 2.8. these shall ha [...]e the whore, and shall make her de­solate and naked, and shall eat h [...] flesh, and shall burne her with fire. Rev. 17.16.

[Page 435] There is a promise that Ba­bylon shall bee cast into the Sea as a milstone, Rev. 18.21.See ver. 8. And a mighty Angell tooke [...]p a stone like a great mill-stone and cast it into the Sea, saying, thus with violence shall the great city Babylon be throwne downe, and and shall be found no more at all. Each word almost hath a gra­dation; in that an Angell, a strong Angell, taketh a stone,F [...]rb [...]s upon t [...]e place Magnas la pa sua mol [...] [...]uit cum in­geni [...] impetu [...] mato i [...]si pro ijciatu [...]r longe maximo, protectus ab act quo valido & [...]ebusto. Brightmānu. in locum. and a great stone, even a mill-stone, which he letteth not barely fall, but casteth and with impetuous force, thrusteth in the bottome of the Sea whence nothing ordi­narily is recovered, much lesse a mill-stone, thrust from such a hand, and with such force.

CHAP. III. Promises. For calling the Jewes.

THere is a promise made of calling the Jewes unto CHRIST, and causing them to turn from their transgressions, The Redeemer shall come from Si­on, and unto them that returne from transgression in Jacob, Esay 59.20. They shall be graffed in againe, for GOD is able to graffe them in, as it is written, there shall come out of Sion a deliverer, and shall turne away ungodlinesse from Jacob, Rom. 11.23, 26. Be­fore the second comming of CHRIST, the Jews shall be converted and become a most famous Church againe: and they shall be the meanes of the sal­vation of all the Elect, that shall remaine to be converted among [Page 437] the Gentiles, as the Apostle plainly teacheth there 25, 26. verses, I would not Brethren that yee should be ignorant of this my­stery, that blindnesse in part is happened to Israel, untill the full­nesse of the Gentiles be come in, and so all Israel shall bee sa­ved.

In Hosea there are most sweet and comfortable promises to the Jewes.

1. Of delivering them out of misery, and making them to flou­rish againe, comparing their wretched estate to death, and their delivery to a resurrection, Hos. 13.14.

2. A promise of their repen­tance and turning unto GOD, Hos. 14.2, 3.

3. Of the forgivenesse of sinnes, peace, reconciliation, verse 4.

4. Of a glorious Church. 5, 6, 7, 8. verses.

These promises which GOD hath made unto that nation, [Page 438] that he will call them, and make them his people againe, should provoke us to pray for them, as they did for us, Cant. 8.8.

CHAP. IV. Promises. For bringing in the Gen­tiles.

THus saith the Lord, Behold I will lift up my hand to the Gentiles,Esay 42 2 [...], [...]3 and set up my standard (i.e. the Gospell) to the people, and they shall bring their sonnes in their armes, and thy daughters shall be carried upon their shoulders, and Kings shall be thy nursing Fathers, and Queenes thy nur­sing Mothers: that is, GOD will stirre up the Princes of the Earth to be a protection to it, [Page 439] and to shrow'd it under the wings of their authority. The Apostle Iohn speaking of the new Jerusalem, saith, Ps. 68.29, 31. & 7 [...].10, 11 & [...].19. Esa 62 2. Ps. 38 4. the Kings of the earth shall bring their glory to it, Rev. 21.24.

Other sheepe I have (saith our Saviour, meaning the Gentiles not yet called) which are not of this fold, them also must I bring, and they shall heare my voyce, and there shall be one fold and one shep­heard, Joh. 10.16.

And the Gentiles shall come to thy light,Esa. 60.3, 5, 8 and Kings to the bright­nesse of thy rising. The aboun­dance of the Sea shall be converted un [...]o thee, the forces of the Gen­tiles shall come unto thee. Who are these that fly as a cloud, and as the doves to their windowes?Act. 10.45 they are the words of the Church, wondering, as it were at the sight of such a propagation, as a cloude and Doves: it is a pro­phesie of the Gentiles converted, they fly as a cloud, that is, most swiftly, and shall in such f [...]ocks [Page 440] come into the Church, as if a whole flight of Doves driven by some hawke or tempest, should scoure into the Columbary and rush into the windows. The Prophet Esay almost in every Chapter speaketh of the vocati­on of the Gentiles, as the 2. & 9. the 11. the 18. the 42. and 45.

See 49. Chap. 12. and Chap. 54.1. And Chap. 65.1. Amos 9.11, 12. Ephes. 2.12, 19. John 12.32.

CHAP. V. Promises. To Magistrates.

THe LORD makes ex­presly this promise un­to a godly King, that if he decline not from the comman­dement to the right hand or to the [Page 441] left, he shall prolong his dayes in the kingdome, he and his sonnes in the midst of Israel. Deut. 17.19.20. His enemies will I cloath with shame, but upon himselfe shall his crowne flourish, Psalme 132.18.

• Promises, to Ministers. • 1. Extraordinary, the Apostles. , and • 2. Ordinary, all faithfull Ministers.  

Promises to the Apostles.

1. To worke miracles,M [...]t. 19 2 [...]. & 28. [...]0. Mar. 6.17. That promise was made by CHRIST unto his Church to be fullfilled immediately after his ascension. It extended on­ly to the times of the Primitive Church, and to such as then li­ved, Perkins.

2. To cast out Divels, Mat. 10.1.

3. The Spirit promised to le [...]de them into all truth, Iohn 16.13. so that they were free [Page 442] from errour in doctrine.

Promises to faithfull Ministers.

1. For sufficiency and a com­petent measure of the blessings of this life.

GOD promiseth this as a blessing to his Church, that in the plenty and aboundance he would give to his people, his Ministers also should be plentifully provided for: And I will satiate the soule of the Priests with fatnesse, and my people shall be satisfied with goodnesse, saith the Lord, Ier. 31.14.

Levi hath no part nor i [...]heritance with his brethren, the LORD is his inheritance, according as the LORD thy GOD promised him: Deut. 10.9.

2. Of protection and delive­rance from trouble.

I will cloath her Priests with sal­vation, Ps. 132.16. I am with thee; saith the LORD to Ieremy, to deliver thee. Ier. 1.18, 19. See 7. & 8. ver­ses, [Page 443] Jer. 15.19, 20. & 20.11. Ezek. 2.6. & 3.9.

He holdeth the starrs in his right hand, Rev. 2.1. by which is signified his power in protecting and go­verning his Ministers.

2. GOD will take their part a­gainst their enemies and revenge their wrongs.

He suffered no man to doe them wrong, yea he reproved Kings for their sakes, saying, Touch not mine Annoynted, and do my Prophets no harme, Ps. 105.14, 15. Hitherto be­longeth that benediction and pro­pheticall prayer that Moses made for Levi: Blesse LORD his substance, and accept the worke of his hands, smite thorow the loynes of them that rise against him and of them that hate him, that they rise not again, Deut. 33.11.

4. GOD hath promised to give good successe to their labours.It was pro­mised, Esa 6.13. that a tenth should returne.

He walketh in the middest of [Page 444] the seven golden candlesticks, Rev. 2.1. by which action is noted, his presence in the middst of his Church, guiding and blessing his Ministers with all the mem­bers therof.

Loe I am with you alwayes, e­ven unto the end of the world, Matth. 28.20. CHRIST was present with his Apostles, and now is with their Succes­sours by his protection of their persons, and co-operation in their worke. But if they had stood in my counsell, and had cau­sed my people to heare my words, then th [...]y shoul [...] have turned them from their evill way, and from the evill of their doings. Jeremy 23.22.

1 Tim. 4.16. Rev [...]1 18. Dan. 12. [...]. Mat. 24.45, 46. 2 Tim. 4 7, 8 Secundum laborē acci­pient, non secund um pro­ventam, saith Bernard.5. Their reward shall bee great.

They shal receive a crowne of glory that fadeth not away, 1 Pet. 5.2, 4.

Their reward is with God. Esa. 49.4,

[Page 445]6. They shall agree together, and joyne force against the com­mon Adversary.

It is promised, as a blessed fruite of the Gospell,Esay 11.13, 14. That E­phraim shall not envy Iudah, and Iudah shall not vexe Ephraim: But they shall fly upon the shoul­ders of the Philistines towards the West.

CHAP. VI. Promises. To Masters of families and godly Servants.

IN ordering and gui­ding the affairs of our family, wee should depend by faith upon GODS blessing. See Ps. 127.

[Page 446]Promises to godly servants.

  • 1. They have a generall pro­mise, 1 Tim. 4.8.
  • 2. More speciall ones.

Servants, be obedient unto them that are your masters, Ephes 6 5, 8 &c. Knowing that whatsoever good thing any man doth, the same shall he receive of the LORD, whither he be bond or free: whatsoever yee doe, doe it heartily as to the LORD and not to men, knowing that of the LORD yee shall receiv [...] the reward of inheritance: for yee serve the LORD CHRIST, Col 3.23, 24.

The Apostle Peter shews that a poore servant when he suffers hard words and ill usage from his ma­ster, doth herein find acceptation from GOD, [...] Pet. 2.19.

GOD hath promised to the faithfull, to keepe their houses, and blesse them in their going out and comming in.

[Page 447]It is a speciall blessing oft pro­mised to the godly, that their habi­tation and dwelling shall prosper, He blesseth the hab [...]tation of the Iust, Pro 3.33. Exod. 34 24. Pro. 3.33. that GOD will make the ha­bitation of their righteousnes prospe­rous, Job 8.6. yea that they shall know and feel, that peace shall be in their tabernacles, Job 5.24.

There shall no evill befall thee, nei­ther shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling, Pro. 14.11.

The tabernacle of the upright shall flourish, the house of the righteous shall stand, Pro. 12.7.

GOD keepes such a fence about them, and their houses, and all that they have, as Satan cannot hurt them, Iob 1.10.

Blessed shalt thou be when thou commest in, and blessed shalt thou be when thou goest out, Deut. 28.6.

The LORD shall preserve thy go­ing out, and thy comming in, from this time forth and even for evermore Ps. 121.8.

It is the protection of GOD that keeps our houses from the ca­lamities of fire within, and [Page 448] lightening from Heaven, and from the annoyance and mole­station of evill spirits, and other judgements; governours of fa­milies should therfore put sinne farre from their Tabernacles, Job 22.23.

CHAP. VII. Promises. To Husband and Wife.

IF the Husband or wife be godly, they have a promise from the Lord for their comfort. Da­vid bestowes a whole Psalme upon them to this purpose, viz. 128. the summe whereof was this, that he should eat the la­bours of his hands, that he is well, and should be happy: that his wife should be as the fruitfull vine up­on the walls of his house, comfor­table [Page 449] as well as fruitfull: that his children should be like the olive branches round about his Table: profitable and beneficiall as well as many (those are of the best fruits, the one for chea­ring the heart, the other for clearing the face, Psal. 104.15. the one for sweetnesse, the o­ther for fatnesse, Iudg. 9.13.) that he should see Hierusalem in prosperity all his life long, that he should see his childrens children (as Iob 42.16.) and peace upon Israel. See also Prov. 31.28. and 30. verses. promises made to the vertuous woman, and Proverbes 11.16.

Promises. Concerning children.

GOD promiseth the godly, 1. To give them the fruit of the wombe.

It is promised, as a blessing [Page 450] and favour of GOD to his people, to multiply their seed, and to make them fruitfull.

I will make you fruitfull and mul­tiply you, Lev. 26.9. He will blesse thee, and multiply thee. There shall nei­ther be male nor female barren among you, Deu. 7.13, 14. The like is, Deu. 6.3.8. [...]. & 28.11.

Thy seed shall be great, and thine off-spring as the grasse of the earth, Job 5.25.

Thy wife shall be as a fruitfull vine by the sides of thine house, thy children like olive plants round about the ta­ble. Lo thus shall the man be blessed that feareth the LORD. Thou shalt see thy childrens children, Ps. 128.3, 4, 6.

See Esay 48.19. Ps. 115.14. & 127.3. Ps. 113.9.

These promises may aboundant­ly suffice to settle the minds and hearts of any true beleever, under this tentation of griefe for want of children, that assuredly GOD will fulfill their desire, if it be good for them.

[Page 451]2. To blesse their children every way, • 1. With outward things. , and • 2. In their soules. 

GOD hath made a free and gra­cious Covenant with the belee­ving Parents, and their posterity, Gen. 17.7, 9. Act. 2.39. Ier. 32.39. He hath promised to blesse their children every way, He will blesse the fruit of thy wombe, Deut. 7.13.

This is intended in all those pla­ces, where it is said, I will be the GOD of thy seed, which was said to That very promise was after repea­ted to Abra­hams posteri­ty in all ages, to be a staffe of comfort to them still, therfore it is oft said, that God is the God of Abrahā, Isaac, & Iacob, Exod 36 15, [...]6 Le [...] 42 Ps. 105 8. [...]. Abraham the father of the faithfull, Gen. 17. and belongeth to all Acts 3.25. Rom. 4.11.16 1 Cor 7.14. beleevers. The just man walketh in his integrity, his children are bles­sed after him, Pro. 20.7.

1. GOD will blesse them with outward things.

Personall goodnesse is a good means to bring safety, honour, wealth, and many comfortable blessings upon posterity.

[Page 452] Exod. 20.6. Their children and childrens children to many genera­tions shall be blessed.Esa. 619 & 65.23. Ps. 102 [...]8. Pro. 14.26 Ps. 37.25, 26. Pro. 11.21.

His seed shall be mighty upon the earth, the generation of the up­right shall be blessed, Ps. 112.2. His seed shall inherit the earth, Ps. 25, 13. Ps. 37.29.

A good man leaveth an inheri­tance to his childrens children, Pro. 13.22.

2. GOD will blesse them in their soules.

I will powre my Spirit upon thy seed, Esa. 44.3, 4.

Thy children shall be taught of the LORD, and great shall be the peace of thy children. Esay 54.13.

If we know our selves to be GODS children, we may be assured (saith one H [...]on 4 of Iob) that some of our posterity shall be so like­wise.

They are foederati in GODS Covenant, by meanes of their [Page 453] Parents, whom when GOD received into the Church,1 Cor 7 14. Rom. 11.16. See 1 Kin 11 34. & 2 Kings 10.30. he received them with this pro­mise, I will be thy GOD, and the GOD of thy seed.

Good Parents though they be poore, leave their children a good patrimony, for they have laid up many prayers for them in heaven, and they leave them GODS favour for their posses­sion; this is urged therefore as a motive by the HOLY GHOST to provoke Parents unto all righ­teousnesse, Deut. 5.29.

It is promised as a blessing, that mothers shall give sucke to the children that they beare.

GOD shall blesse thee with the blessings of the breasts and of the wombe, Gen. 49.25.

Promises. To Parents correcting their children.

The rod and reproofe give wis­dome: [Page 454] correct thy son, and he shall give thee rest, yea he shall give delight to thy soule, Proverbs 29.15, 17.

Hold not correction from thy childe, for if thou beatest him with the rod he shall not die. Thou shalt beate him with the rod, and shalt deliver his soule from Hell, Pro. 23.13, [...]4.

Foolishnesse is bound in the heart of a childe, but the rod of correction shall drive it farre from him, Pro. 22.15.

Promises to comfort them in the want of children.

To them will I give in mine house, and within my walls, a place and a name better then of sonnes and of daughters; I will give them an everlasting name, that shall not be cut off, Esa. 56.5.

Promises. To children obeying their Parents.

[Page 455] Honour thy Father and thy Mo­ther, that thy dayes may be long upon the Land which the LORD thy GOD giveth thee, Exod 20.12.

The Apostle, Ephes. 6.2. saith this is the first Commandement with promise.

The second Commandement hath a Promise annexed unto it,Obiect. and a large one, of shewing mercy unto thousands, to them that love GOD, Exod. 20.6.

The Greeke [...]. Ambrose and Piscator say, this is the first precept of the se­cond Table with pro­mise. word used by the Apostle,Answ. properly signifieth an affirmative precept, as our English word [Commande­ment] doth, of the affirmative precepts it is the first with pro­mise; Secondly, the promise in the second Commandement is only a generall promise made to observers of the whole Law, and therfore he useth the plurall number [Commandements] and saith in the generall shewing mer­cy to thousands, but this is a spe­ciall promise made to them that [Page 456] keep this particular Comman­dement:Boza, V [...]sin, R [...]vet on 20. of Exo Zan­chtu [...] on Eph 6. B Bahington B. An­drews. D. Gouge and others. that it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live; this answer is given by many Lear­ned Divines.

It followeth, ver. 3. That it may be well with thee, and thou maist live long on the Earth.

The promise mentioned before in generall, is particularly set down.

Whatsoever belongeth to a mans well-fare and wel-being in this life is here promised, saith D. Willet.

All manner of blessings, Spi­rituall and Temporall, belonging to soule and body, concerning this life and the life to come, make to a mans well-being; but temporall prosperity is here prin­cipally intended,Deut. 5 1 [...]. saith Doctor Gouge.

And Ieremiah saith unto the house of the Rechabites; Ier 35.18, 19 Thus saith the LORD of Hosts the GOD of Israel, because yee have obeyed the commandement of Ionadab your [Page 457] father, and kept all his precepts, and done according unto all that he hath commanded you: Therfore thus saith the LORD of Hoasts, the GOD of Israel, Ionadab the sonne of Rechab shall not want a man to stand before me for ever.

My sonne, heare the instructi­on of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother. For they shall be an ornament of grace unto thy head and chains about thy neck, Prov. 1.8, 9. See 6.20.

CHAP. VIII. Promises. For Company.
That we shall reap good by the society of the godly.

HE that walketh with wise men, shall be wise, Prov. 13.20.

[Page 458]Then they that feared the LORD, spake often one to another, and the LORD hearkened and heard it, and a booke of remembrance was written before him, for them that feared the LORD, and that thought upon his name.Mal. 3.16, 17. And they shall be mine, saith the LORD of Hosts, in that day when I make up my Iewels, and I will spare them as a man spareth his owne sonne that ser­veth him.

Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them, Mat. 18.20.


An Alphabeticall Table of the principall things contained in this Treatise.

  • ABsolute promises, pag. 12.
  • Adoption, promises of it, 289.
  • 2. To it, 291.
  • Afflictions, promises to prevent them, 155, 156.
  • Or qualifie them if they do come, 157, 158.
  • Affliction is momentary, 159.
  • GOD afflict [...] his children for their good, 161, 162.
  • Afflictions are tryals, 163.
  • Afflictions purge sin, 165, 166.
  • and quicken graces, faith, hope, pati­ence, 168.
  • GOD promiseth to help his to bear afflictions, and in due time to re­move them, 169, 170.
  • The use of faith in respect of Gods promises concerning afflictions, 173. to 176.
  • Alms-giving, promises to it, 402, 403.
  • [Page] Angels guard the godly, 272.
  • Antichrist, promises against him, 434, 435.
  • Apostles, promises to them, 441.
  • Application of the promises, 30, 72.
  • Means to apply them, 32, 33.
  • Rules to be observed in applying them, 41.
  • Examples of such as have applied them 35, & 74.
  • The divel would hinder the faith­full from a right applying of them 37.
  • The wicked misapply them, 39, 67, 74, 75.
  • Assurance, 74, 75, 306, 307.
  • BAckesliding, comforts against it, 243, 244.
  • Baptisme, promises to it, 393.
  • Barrennesse, comforts against spiri­tuall barrennesse, 262, 263.
  • Blesse, GOD will blesse all outward things to his children, 212, 213.
  • Blessings by CHRIST to the god­ly, 280.
  • [Page] Body, promises to Gods children in respect of the Body, 198.
  • Bounty, promises to bounty to [...]ODS Ministers, 406.
  • Buriall, 420.
  • CAlling, promises to diligence in a calling, 209 210.
  • Effectuall calling, 280, 281.
  • Captivity, comforts against it, 187, 188.
  • Children, promises concerning chil­dren, 449, &c.
  • Promises to children obeying their Parents, 454, 455.
  • Christ, promises belong to him as Head of the Church, 104, &c.
  • Promises of Christ, 274, 275.
  • Church, promises to the Church in generall or particular Churches, 428, &c.
  • Company, a promise to those that dislike evill company. 232.
  • Promises to good company 457.
  • Conditionall promises, 15, 16, 59, 60.
  • [Page] Conference, promises of and to it, 41, 42.
  • Confession of sinne, promises to it, 332, 333.
  • Confidence, promises of and to it, 309, &c.
  • Conversion, promises of and to it, 347, 348.
  • Correction, See Afflictions.
  • GOD corrects in great wisdom and in love, 157, 158.
  • They are blessed whom the LORD correcteth, 161, &c.
  • Promises to correction of children, 453, 454.
  • Covenant is mutuall between God and us, 94.95.
  • What the word covenant signifies, 111, 112.
  • How it is taken in Scripture, 113.
  • The definition of a covenant in ge­nerall, 114, 115.
  • The division of a covenant in gene­rall, 114, 115.
  • The covenants of works and grace, [...]15, 116.
  • their severall appel­lations, agreements, and diffe­rences, 116— 219.
  • [Page]Why the Covenant of grace is cal­led a Covenant and Testament▪ and why it is termed old and new, 126, 127, 128, 129.
  • How the old Covenant made with the Jews agrees and dif­fers from the covenant of works 129, 130, 131.
  • How the old and new covenant or Testament agree and differ, 132, 133.
  • The covenant of grace handled in a speciall manner, as it is a cluster of all the promises, 137, 138.
  • The priviledges of those that are in Covenant with GOD, 140, &c.
  • How to know whether we be in Covenant with GOD, 144, 145.
  • What use we are to make of the covenant, 146, 147. &c.
  • Covetousnesse, promises against it, 233.
  • DAngers, see Afflictions.
  • Damnation, promises against it, 415.
  • [Page] De [...]f [...]nesse, comforts against spi­ [...]i [...]all deafenesse, 240.
  • [...] comforts against the feare of death, 417.
  • and the feare of untimely death, 419.
  • Delighting in GOD, promises of it, and a promise to it, 410, 411.
  • Desertions, comforts to GODS people in spirituall desertions, 265, 266.
  • Desire, promises to such as unfainedly desire grace, 308, 309.
  • Distractions, comforts against them, 251, 252.
  • Duties, GOD hath promised to assist his children by his Spirit in holy duties, 368, 369.
  • he will also accept the services of his chil­dren, and reward them. 371, 372.
  • ELect, the promises belong to them only, 180, &c.
  • Estate, promises to Gods chil­dren [Page] for their outward estate, 205, 206, 207.
  • Eternall life, promises of it, 423, 424.
  • Evills, promises against evils in the world, 231, 232.
  • Comforts to the godly for evils of good done, 252, 253.
  • Self-examination, promises to it, 399.
  • Excellency of the promises, 18, 19, &c.
  • Experience of God in his promises, confirmeth faith, and nourish­eth hope, 46, 47. &c.
  • FAith, promises of and to it, 303, 304.
  • How Faith and hope agree and differ, 6, 213, 314, 315.
  • How Faith and presumption dif­fer, 39, 40.
  • Live by Faith, 34, 35.
  • Gods promises are faithfull, 15, 77, 102, 103.
  • Falling away, comforts against fears [Page] of falling-away, 253, 254, &c.
  • Famine, promises for helpe in fa­mine, and deliverance from it, 184, 185
  • Fasting, promises to it, 396.
  • Feare, promises of and to it, 324, 325, 326.
  • Food, promises of it, 204, 205.
  • Forgetfullnesse, a promise against it, 249.
  • Forgiving iniuries, promises to it, 322, 323.
  • Forgivenesse of sinnes, promises of it, 282, 283. &c.
  • Frailties, comforts in regard of slips and frailties, 241, &c.
  • Free, Gods promises are free. 65, 66, 67, 68.
  • GEnerality of the promises, 68, 69, 70.
  • Gentiles, promises for bringing them in, 438, 439.
  • Give, promises to liberall and [Page] chearfull giving, 405.
  • Godlinesse, promises to it, 411, 412.
  • Godly, promises to them, 412, 413.
  • Glorification, promises for the glorification of our soules and bodies, 423.
  • Glory, promises for the glory of heaven, 425, 426.
  • Growth in grace, promises of and to it, 365, 366, 367.
  • HEalth, promises of it, 200, 201.
  • Honour, promises of it, 196.
  • Hope, what it is, 312, 313.
  • Promises of and to hope, 313, 314.
  • The agreement and difference betweene Faith and Hope, 6.313.
  • Hope is preserved by a conside­ration of foure attributes in God, 315.
  • House, GOD hath promised to [Page] keep the houses and habitations of the godly, 446.
  • Humility, promises to it, 349.
  • Husband, promises to him, 448, 449.
  • IEwes, promises for calling them, 436, 437.
  • Ignorance, comforts against it, 238, 239.
  • Imprisonment, promises to those that are imprisoned for the Gospel, 228, 229.
  • Indisposition, comforts against it, 251.
  • Infirmities, comforts against them, 235, 236, &c.
  • Ioy, promises of it, 316, 317. &c.
  • Iudgement, promises concerning the last judgement, 422.
  • Iustification, promises of it, 281.
  • KIlling of sin, see mortification.
  • Knowledge, promises of and [Page] to it, 300, 301.
  • LAmenesse, comforts against spirituall lamenesse, 244, &c.
  • Law, 115, 116.
  • Liberality, promises to liberality to the Saints. 405, 406.
  • Long life, promises of it, 198, 199.
  • Lords supper, promises to it. 194.
  • Losses for Gods cause, promises to those that loose outward things and life it self for Christ, 229, 230
  • Love, comforts to such as are troubled with doubts and fears of loosing Gods love, 248, 249.
  • Promises of Gods love to us, 268, 269.
  • A promise of our love to him, 319, 320.
  • P [...]omises to the love of Christ, 327
  • Promises to the love of our bre­thren and enemies, 322, 323.
  • Promises to such as love the word, 387.
  • [Page]MAgistrates, promises to them, 440.
  • Masters of Families, 445.
  • Meanes, comforts to those who are troubled for want of the meanes, 261, 262.
  • Meditation in the promises, 32.
  • Promises to Meditation, 398, 399.
  • Meeknesse, promises of and to it, 350, 351.
  • Ministers, promises to faithfull Ministers, 441, 442, 443.
  • Mortification, promises of and to to it, 340, 341, &c.
  • Mothers, a promise that they shall give suck to their chil­dren 453.
  • Mourning for sin, see sorrow.
  • NAme, promises of a good name, 198.
  • Nature of the promises, 1. to 8.
  • Oath, promises to a lawfull oath. 395.
  • Obedience, promises of and to it, 327. to 330.
  • Promises to willing and generall obedience, 331.
  • Oppression, promises against it, 189.
  • Ordinances, promises to the Ordi­nances of GOD generally, 373.
  • PArents, promises to give them children, and to blesse them e­every way, 449. to 453.
  • Promises to comfort them in the want of children, 454.
  • Patience, a promise of it, and promises to it, 352, 353.
  • Peace, promises of outward and inward peace, 359, 360.
  • Promises to peaceable men, or peace-makers, 203. marg.
  • Persecution, promises to those [Page] that are persecuted for the pro­fession of truth, 221, 222.
  • Promises to those that are perse­cuted for practice of good, and for both together, 222, 223.
  • Perseverance, promises of and to it, 330.
  • Plenty, see wealth.
  • Ponder, what it is, 32.
  • Possession of the Divell, see witch­craft.
  • Poverty, promises in regard of it, 181, 182.
  • Practice, promises to the practice of the word, 388.
  • Promises to those that suffer for the practice of good, 222.
  • Praising God, promises of and to it, 397.
  • Prayer is a means to apply the pro­mises, 33, 34.
  • Prayer is to be grounded on Gods promises 49. to 60.
  • Promises to give the godly hearts to pray, 374.
  • Promises to help them to pray, and to heare their prayers, especially in trouble, 374. to 380.
  • [Page]Promises to prayer, 381, 382.
  • Promises to fervent, secret, private and publick prayer, 382. to 385.
  • Preaching, promises to it, 386.
  • Presence, promises of Gods graci­ous presence with the godly, 269.
  • Promises, the nature of them. 1. to 8.
  • How distinguished from com­mandements and threatnings, and from purposes, 1, 5.
  • The explanation of the word, and the acceptations of it in Scrip­ture, 1, 2, 3.
  • The definition of a Promise in ge­nerall, 3.
  • The divine Promises diversly defi­ned, 5.
  • The division of a Promise in gene­rall, and of the divine Promises, 3, 4, 11, to 16.
  • Promises are the grounds of our hope, and objects of our Faith, 6, 7.
  • The order wherin faith layes hold on the Promises, 8, 9.
  • The excellency of the Promises, 18, to 26.
  • [Page]The right use of the Promises, 26, 27.
  • Generall and particular rules di­recting us how to use them, 5, 28, to 62.
  • How spirituall and temporall things are promised, 15, 16, 56. to 59.
  • God must be sought to for the per­formance of his Promises, 60, 61.
  • The properties of the Promises, 63 to 9 [...].
  • The manner how God performeth his Promises, 96.
  • He delayeth the fullfilling of his Promises, 56, 98, 99, 100.
  • The persons to whom the Promi­ses belong, 104. to 110.
  • Prosperity, promises of it to the godly, both to their persons and purposes, 207, 208.
  • Providence, promises of Gods spe­ciall Providence over his people, 270, 27 [...].
  • RAiment, promises of it, 204.
  • [Page] Reading of the word, promises to it, 386, 387.
  • Reconciliation, promises of it, 289.
  • Redemption, promises of it, 280.
  • Repentance, 331.
    • Promises 1. of it,
    • 2. to it,
  • Reproaches, promises to those that are reproached for both truth and goodnesse, 224, to 227.
  • Reproofe promises to it, 402.
  • Resurrection, promises of it, 420.
  • Righteousnesse, promises to make us righteous, 288. promises to righte­ousnes, 353, 354, 355.
  • SAbbath, promises to those that sanctifie it, 399, 400.
  • Sacraments, a division of all the Sa­craments. 119, 120, 121.
  • promi­ses to the Sacraments in generall 393.
  • Safety, promises of it, [...]01.
  • Salvation by Christ, 278.
  • Sanctification, promises of and to it, 294, to 298.
  • [Page] Scandales, promises against them, 233.
  • Scarcity, see famine.
  • Seeking of GOD, promises to it, 407, 408.
  • Servants, promises to godly ser­vants, 4 [...]6, 447.
  • Sicknesse, promises in regard of it, 180.
  • Sin, comforts in case of dismaied­nesse under many and strong corruptions, 259, 260.
  • Sleep, promises of quiet rest and safety in the night, 203.
  • Sorrow, promises of and to godly sorrow, 334. to 339.
  • Spirit, promises of the Spirit, 291, 292.
  • A promise to those that have the Spirit, 293.
  • Spirituall promises, 215.
  • Spirituall graces promised, 300.
  • How spirituall things are promi­sed, 15, 55, 56, 57.
  • Strength, promises of bodily strength, 201.
  • Successe, see prosperity.
  • Suffering, see persecution.
  • [Page]TEachers, comforts to those who have no teachers, or such as are bad, 261, 262.
  • Temporall promises in regard of evill things, 155. in regard of good things, 190. to 193.
  • Temporall things how promised, 16, 58, 59.
  • Temptations from the Divell and flesh, promises against them, 215, to 220.
  • Threatnings, 2, 38.
  • Testament, see Covenant.
  • Tillage, promises to it, 209. marg.
  • Tithes, a promise to paying of them, 407.
  • Truth, comforts to such as suffer for the profession of the truth, 221, 222.
  • Turning from sin, promises of and to it, 346, 347.
  • VNcheerfullnesse, comforts a­gainst it, 250, 251.
  • Vocation, see effectuall calling.
  • Vprightnesse, promises of and to it, of all sorts, 355, 356.
  • [Page] Vse of the promises, 20. to 62.
  • Vse of faith in respect of afflicti­ons, 174. to 178.
  • WAiting on God, promises to it, 409, 410.
  • A promise to such as wait for the word, 388.
  • Warre, promises to preserve from it. 186, 187.
  • Watchfullnesse, promises to it, 400.
  • Weak, comforts to weak Christians 244, to 247.
  • Wealth, promises of it, 205, 206.
  • Wise, promises to her, 448, 449.
  • Wisdome, see Knowledge.
  • Witch [...]raft, a promise against it, 189
  • Word, promises that Gods children shall hearken to it, and to them that doe hearken to it, 388, 389.
  • World, promises against evill in the world in generall, 231, 232.
  • Worldly cares, see covetousnesse.
  • ZEale, promises to it, 361.

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