THE GENERAL London Epistle OF QUIRINUS KUHLMAN A CHRISTIAN, To the Wiclef-Waldenses, Hussites, Zuinglians, Lutherans, and Calvinists.

Being an Explication of a Vision and Prophecy OF John Kregel.

Wherein the Reformation from Popery is fundamentally asserted, and the Ʋnion of Protestants convincingly urged: Together with a Postscript relating to the present Popish Plot.

Translated from the Latine Copy, printed at Rotterdam, in May 1679.

LONDON, Printed for the Author. 1679.


THE PROPHECY OF John Kregel, The 12th of January 1626. Concerning the present Application of the VIALS to the STATE of the Reformed Churches.

[...]. ANd as the Voice spake unto me, at the same instant a very plain Church was built, which had six Steeples all of one form. And out of the Church issued forth a pleasant and clear transparent Ri­ver, out of which Gods faithful ones did drink; but some troubled the Waters before they drank. Write down what I speak unto thee, and nothing else, thus saith the Lord; This Church is the Vine in which the Lords faithful ones do labour, whose foun­dation was laid in the last days, concerning which the Lord saith: and the Gospel of the Kingdom of Christ shall be preached through the whole World, for a testimony unto them, and then shall the end come. This Church is built and re-built in the last days of the World.

3. The first Steeple began to be built by the People towards the West; in the Kingdom of England, and its Builder was John WICLEF a good Man and fearing God.

‘4. The second was built in a Countrey to­wards [Page 4] the East, (Bohemia) and the Builders of it were two men fearing God,Note: 1st. day 499, 2d. day, 835, 3d. day 1171, 4th. day 1505; which ends at the year 1674. JOHN HƲS and JEROME of PRAGƲE, who shed their Blood; neither loved they their Lives unto Death: and their Followers enlarged and carried on this Building until three days were fulfilled.’

5. ‘The third Steeple was built by a People to­wards the West, and its Builder was ƲLRIC ZƲINGLIƲS. He enlarged the Vineyard, and the fourth day began, when the number of years from the Birth of Christ was 1505.’

‘6. The fourth was built by a People of the North, and its Builder was MARTIN LƲTHER, an experienced Man, fearing God, and very Elo­quent. He built the Church, to the great wonder of many, and spread the same through Germany.

‘7. The Fifth Steeple again, was built by a People towards the West, and its Builder was CALVIN. He built the Church in France and the Neatherlands, in dangerous places: for as in dangerous places Men are obliged to build with great care, so was this Church built, and the Build­ing advanced against the will of all the wicked.’

‘8. The sixth Steeple shall be built by a People towards the East, and its Builders will be all Preach­ers and Teachers, fearing God, these shall begin to build this Church a-new, and re-build the same from Sea to Sea. Now as all Builders must be proved, so shall also these Teachers and Leaders be proved by the Cross and Suffering. And this Church is a-building, and shall be wholly finished the sixth and last day. For as God built Heaven and Earth in six days; so likewise the Church of God shall be built in six days, and shall have rest the seventh day.

KVHLMAN His fulfilling and Explication of the Fifth Section of the fore-going Prophecy, Written by him at Smirna in Natolia, in October 1678.

THe Fourth day is one of those menti­oned, Rev. 11. v. 11. in which the two Witnesses and Prophets (viz. The Orthodox Teachers of the Old and New Scrip­ture) suffered Martyrdom: and they are the same with 42 Lunar Months, which makes 1176 years, thus:
  • One day is 336 Years.
  • Two days 672 Years.
  • Half a day 168 Years.

‘As the Angelical Revelation of Kotterus doth expresly declare, chap. 10 v. 34.’ Twelve months are one time, Four and twenty are two times, and Six are half a time: which according to the course of the Moon make Three years, and near an half more; and so are they three days and an half. But according to longer time (28 years being reckoned for one month) this one time, two times, and half a time, are thus to be numbered: One time is 336 years, two times 672, and half a time 168; which being added together make 1176. In this time the [Page 6] Treader-down will have Power, and afterwards he shall be converted. Which things being thus laid for a Foundation, it most clearly appears, that the two Witnesses were raised to Life again in the year 1674; and that the 11th and 12th verses of the 11th of the Revelations are now fulfilling. And it was by impulse of the Holy Spirit (as was before prophesied) that my Book printed the same year at Amsterdam and Leyden, had the Ti­tle of Neu-begeistert (New-spirited) because in the said Writing all the Teachers of Scripture began to appear with a new Spirit and Life: Moreover, after that time the first Foundation was laid in the East, for the conversion and o­verthrow of the Down-treaders. The first day therefore began in the year of Christ 498; the second 834, the third day 1170, the fourth day 1505; the half of which must needs be elapsed in the year 1674.

A GENERAL EPISTLE TO THE Wiclef-Waldenses, Hussites, Zuinglians, Lutherans and Calvinists.

1. TO the Pastors, Sheep and Lambs of the Churches of the Five First Angels of the Seven, which have the Seven last Plagues, Quirinus Kuhlman (cal­led a Christian, not by Man, but by Christ, and their Brother, and of all those who glorifie God, and his only begotten Son Jesus Christ, in what­soever Ceremony or Language) heartily wisheth the first Love, and unanimous Concord, to flee with the greatest haste out of Babylon.

2. Most Beloved, the present applying of the Revelation, wherein I joyn you Wiclef-Waldenses, Hussites, Zuinglians, Lutherans and Calvinists to­gether, will seem strange and wonderful unto you; yet more wonderful my wishing you to flee out of Babylon; whereby I declare you have not yet fully rejected all that is of Babylon: but most of all wonderful, will appear to you, the title of Brethren, which I give to you, and all that fear God, without any modern respect.

3. My applying of the Revelation will justly seem wonderful to you, when ye shall see that one God called you all (though at divers times) to one work, and withal consider your horrid [Page 8] Wranglings, Bitterness, and Condemning of one another; as well as your open Wars, Offences and Proceedings against one another.

4. My Wish to you to flee out of Babylon will most justly appear yet more wonderful to you, because ye believe your selves long since to have left it, in shaking off the Papal Yoak, whereas here you will hear that you are yet in Babylon, and that that saying, Go out of her my People, be­longs to you.

5. The title of Brethren, this will seem most wonderful; because ye have esteemed all those (though of the same denomination with you) who have only differed from your way and mode, not as Brethren, but as Enemies; not thinking them worthy of Burial when dead, and defame­ing them for damned wretches when alive: and much more have you done this to those who have quite cast off your denomination, or set up Articles contrary to yours; whereas now you shall learn from the Scripture, to your shame and confusion, that ye have done all these Injuries to no other than your own Brethren.

6. For all the Secrets of Scripture, hid for so many Ages, shall be daily opened before the Eyes of all the World; and the fore-play of the last Judgment will be seen in the sixth Ge­neral Judgment, which is now a carrying on by the present Wars.

7. For not onely did your five Angels (whose remainders ye are) pour forth the Vials of the Wrath of God upon the Earth; but the sixth An­gel also followed them with the Prophets, Wise Men, and Scripture-learned, and will follow them so long, until that terrible War of Turks and Tar­tars [Page 9] (so fatal to the whole World) have fully opened to the seventh Angel, the Gate to the General Reformation of all Kingdoms, which is to make way for the Thousand years Paradisical Reign of the Saints.

8. For all the fore-praised Reformers, were fore-runners of the Reign of Christ upon Earth (which is the lost Life of Paradise) are so still, and will be so, though they know it not them­selves; who, as oft as they went about to judge of things to come, so oft they pass'd the Bounds of their Calling, because those things to come were to be attained in a riper Age, than that to which they had yet attained.

9. For the Reformation hath seven Ages, cor­responding to those of a Man; and there is as great a difference to be found amongst the Re­formers, as is between an Infant, a Boy, a Youth, a Young Man, a Man, an Old Man, and one that is Decre­pit. This one Line is a Key to the Signature of the past, present and future Christendom, and will most lively decypher your mistakes to you, my most dear Brethren.

10. The outward Reformed Church (for at this time I shall be silent concerning the inward Reformed Church, and the Ages of its seven An­gels sounding forth the everlasting Gospel) was an Infant under John WICLEF, and the Walden­ses, a Boy under John HƲS, a Youth under Ʋlric ZƲINGLIƲS, grew to a Young Man under Martin LƲTHER, became a Man under CALVIN, and doth draw unperceivedly to­ward Old Age under the Prophets, Wise Men, and Scripture-learned, favoured with an extraordina­ry Divine Call; whom they, who have not yet [Page 10] reached their Old Age, have, do, and shall, yet for a while, despise and contemn.

11. Its true, that Wiclef, Hus, Zuinglius, Lu­ther, and Calvin, were chosen by a true Call, to promote the Work of God against Antichrist (I mean the Pope of Rome) yet were they only furnished with such a Knowledge as the Age wherein they lived required, beyond which they could not raise themselves.

12. That great and wonderful sign in Heaven, was fulfilled in WICLEF, in the state and degree of an Infant, in HƲS, in that of a Boy, in ZƲINGLIƲS, of a Youth or Stripling; in LƲTHER, of a Young Man; in CALVIN, in the state of Manhood; in the Prophets, Wisemen, and Scripture-Learned, in that of Old Age. And WICLEF had the First Plague to pour forth, HƲS the Second, ZƲINGLIƲS the Third, LƲTHER the Fourth, CALVIN the Fifth, the Prophets, Wisemen, and Scripture-Learned the Sixth; and their Successors shall have the Seventh to pour forth. The Seven last Plagues, be­cause in them is finished the wrath of God. For then the Seventh Day of the World hath found its be­ginning, and the Six Days of Labour are ended, when the Reign of Christ (the prefiguring Type of Eternal Rest) is come.

13. O Pope of Rome! the Fall of thy Antichri­stian State, was the Restauration of true Christen­dom, and they were raised by God, whom thou hast accounted Hereticks, even WICLEF, HƲS, ZƲINGLIƲS, LƲTHER, and CAL­VIN; who came out of the Temple of the Tabernacle of Witness in Heaven cloathed with pure and white shining Linnen, and girded about their Paps with Golden Girdles.

[Page 11]14. O King without a Queen! the present Fall of thy Kingdom is the Restauration of the true Reign of Christ; and Christopher Kotterus, Chri­stina Poniatovia, Nicholas Drabicius, and all such like, are Prophets of God, receiving together with the foresaid Garment, the Golden Vials of their Pre­decessors WICLEF, HƲS, ZƲINGLIƲS, LƲTHER, and CALVIN, full of the wrath of God, who lives for ever and ever.

15. O God of this World! the approaching fall of thy Vicegerency, will be the restauration of the heavenly Vicegerency; and the Paradisical Communion of Saints, shall immediately follow the earthly Communion of Saints, representing one Sheep-fold under the Seventh Angel; though subject as yet to many frailties, from which the Paradisical Communion will be altogether exempt.

16. Hence it is that these Seven Reformations are called the Seven last Plagues, and every Plague is so much the greater, as it is later; which the experience of the past Reformations do abundant­ly witness. For during these Seven Plagues, the Temple was filled with smoak, from the Glory of God and from his Power; and no man was able to enter into the Temple, until the Seven Plagues of the Se­ven Angels were finished. O words of greatest im­portance! pointing out to us the whole defect of our Age; Thus I see in the spirit, it hath been, is and will be, and still the worse, the nearer the end.

17. Every Age hath its Excellence and Weak­ness, both common in the Proverbs of all Nati­ons; and the same you will find in the several Ages of the Reformation, if you mind it. The praise of Infancy is Innocence, its stain is misery; and the singleness of manners in a Child is spoil'd by his [Page 12] Untowardliness and Weakness; the Vigor of Youth is stained with Fickleness and Inconstancy; and the great Courage of Young men is marr'd by their Rashness; the Strength of Manhood, by their Want of Moderation; the Gravity of Aged Men, by Self-love; and the Perfection of a full Old Age, by Cowardliness.

18. Apply to your selves, my Brethren, these Praises and Reproaches of the several Ages, which (will ye, nill ye) by the following Discourse you will find in your selves. In the mean time we shall follow the Text of the Revelation, and all along apply it to you, that you may have the more reason to know your selves and your Predeces­sors.

19. Peter WALD a Citizen of Lions, by his reproving the Errors of the Church of Rome, was the first by whom the Reformed Church concei­ved; and in his time preparation was made for the pouring forth of the seven Vials, which the Roman Beast did vainly endeavour to prevent by so many bloody Wars. For a great Voice (ac­cording to Scripture Prophecy) was heard out of the Temple, saying to the seven Angels, Go and pour forth the Vials of the wrath of God upon the Earth.

20. And the first Angel went, in the person of John WICLEF, and poured forth his Vial, in teaching that the Pope was Antichrist, and that Purgatory, the Worshipping of Saints and Ima­ges, Transubstantiation and Indulgences, were his contrived Inventions, upon the Earth of Uni­versities and Monasteries, in which the Beast doth dwell, which ascendeth up out of the Earth.

[Page 13]21. And there was an evil and sore boil, because the before suppressed Doctrine of the Waldenses was now revived and rectified, upon Men, Aca­demicks and Monks, who had the Mark of the Beast, the Popes Academical and Monastical In­stitutions, Orders, and Dignities, and that wor­shipped his Image, the Body of the Canon Law, compiled to maintain the Popes Vicedeity against the Scriptures.

22. Thus the Reformed Church brought forth the Child it had conceived by WALD, and the First Hill of the Papal Throne was levell'd; for WICLEF being banished out of England, by divine providence inlightened all Bohemia (the Pathmos of the Waldenses) which was the full effu­sion of the First Vial upon the Earth.

23. The praise of this first Reformation was its Innocence, for it was a most just thing; its stain and reproach was (not from it self, but from the Genius of the Time and Age) misery, even cries and tears, by reason of the Antichristian Yoak; because Infancy was not capable of any greater perfection.

24. View your selves, my Brethren the Walden­ses, in this Looking-Glass, and take notice of this first Vial compared to Infancy, that you may with the more clearness come to know both your selves and your Brethren; that so you may toge­ther with them, co-operate to the total ruin of the Pa [...]al Power, which is now to be accomplish­ed under the sixth Vial.

25. The Persecution acted by the Duke of Sa­voy in the year 1655, and for ever to be detested for so many frightful Instances of unparallell'd Cruelty, will give the Pope his Deaths wound; [Page 14] and that in this the Prophet spake true, the e­vent will shortly declare: the very remembrance of which Persecution hath oft inflamed my mind (in the strength given me by God) undauntedly to promote the down-fall o [...] the cursed Pope and all his Councellors employ'd by him, for the propagat­ing of the Faith, and the rooting out of Gods In­struments. For as the beginning and Foundation of the outward Reformation was first laid by Wald, so from this Massacre of the Waldenses (which hap­pened in the fifth year of my Infancy) the fatal Foundation was laid of the outward Ruin of the Papal Seat.

26. From the Waldenses, who scattered their Seed through Germany, France, Bohemia, Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria, and Dalmatia, under the Cross of Christ, Wiclef was born in England, being the Infant of Reformation, who soon after happily grew to be a Lad in Bohemia, un­der the Blessing of the most High. For the second Angel poured forth, in the Person of John Hus, being confirmed by the Writings of Wiclef, his Vial of the Doctrines of Wiclef, and communion un­der both kinds, upon the Sea of the Roman-Pa­pal German Empire.

27. And it became like the Blood of one that is dead, John Hus and Jerome of Prague, being (con­trary to the Faith and safe Conduct given them by a Synod of 346 Archbishops and Bishops, 564 Doctors, and 1600 Dukes and Nobles) burnt alive. At which Synod these cursed Doctrins were confirmed, That Faith was not to be kept with Hereticks, and also, that (notwithstanding Christ both instituted and administred the Supper in both kinds) Lay People were to be deprived of the Cup; [Page 15] And every living Soul, retaining Christs true In­stitution of the Supper in both kinds, died; be­ing involved in Wars upon account of the fore­mentioned breach of Faith, in the Sea of the whole Empire; every one being forced to sight, either for the Truth or against it: both Hussites and Pa­pal Imperialists, being now in Arms.

28. Now as soon as the Reformed Church grew to be a Lad, the Vice also which is pro­per to that Age, began to appear in it; for the Hussites grew so intractable and untowardly by their intestine hatred and dissentions (being di­vided into Calixtines and Taborites) that they fell upon one another with no less fury than they did upon the Pope; so that in this sense also it was true, That every living Soul died.

29. Yet the Childish Simplicity which at this day is found amongst the Bohemian Brothers and Sisters, conveighs to us the sweet Odor of this second Reformation, notwithstanding that all Bohemia groans under the cursed Papal Yoak. Rejoyce ye Hussites, my Brethren! Rejoyce! for I bring you glad Tidings; Your Countrey shall be restored to you after a few Weeks, according to a Divine, not Humane account. O learn to know the time of your Visitation, and put off the untowardliness and weakness of Children, and instead thereof put on their simplicity of Christian Manners.

30. The whole World stood amazed at the second Angels pouring forth his Vial upon the Sea, for almost an hundred years together, in the overthrows given by the Hussites, which were the Shame of the Empire, the Reproach of the Pope, and the Wonder of all the Godly; which [Page 16] yet were onely Preparatory for what was to follow.

31. For the third Angel poured forth, through Ulric Zuinglius, his Vial of Papal errors, upon the Ri­vers of the Rhine, and upon the Fountains of Water of Switzerland and Suevia. And it became Blood, by Reason of the Civil War of Switzerland, which was fatal indeed to Zuinglius himself, who was therein Mortally Wounded; but much more fatal to the Papists, who had their Blood spilt by the Sword themselves had first drawn. Concerning which John saith; and I heard the Angel of the Wa­ters saying, Righteous art thou, O Lord, who art, and who was, and the Holy one! That thou hast thus Judged, because they have Shed the Blood of thy Saints and Prophets, thou hast also given them Blood to drink, for they are worthy: And I heard another voice from the Altar saying, yea Lord God the Al­mighty, true and Righteous are thy Judgments.

32. O Bloody Youth of the Reformation! Not alone terrible by reason of the Wars which grew more Bloody every day than other: For it was most Bloody to our fellow Brethren, because of their Ficklenes; whereby their Liveliness and Vi­gor failed, before it failed, for a plague to the E­nemies of Christ, who follow him in words but not in deed.

33. For almost at the very self-same time, the fourth Angel poured forth, through Martin Luther, his Vial, by declaring that the Pope of Rome was the great Antichrist, and the great Whore of the Revelation, upon the Sun of the Roman-German Empire, being the head of the Church of Rome, and of ten Kingdoms, and consequently upon the City of Rome it self, who calls her self the Sun.

[Page 17]34. And it was given to him, viz. The Ro­man Empire; to scorch, with a very great fear of things to come: men, all under the Papal power,, with fire, of the religious Wars, as well those which were between the Protestants and the Emperor, as that between the Emperor and the Pope. And the men were scorched with a great scorching, whilst the Emperors General, having taken Rome, treated the Pope and his Creatures with the greatest Insolence, and the greater part of the German Empire siding with the Protestants, did strike a terror into the Em­peror, and those other Kings which still adher'd to the Pope. And they blasphemed the Name of God, who had power over these plagues, by ascribing this Reformation to Men, and not to God, from whom they were sent: And they repented not to give the Glory to him, but persisted to e­stablish the Popes Antichristian Inventions.

35. Zuinglius had scarce poured forth the Third Vial, but Luther comes and pours forth the Fourth, and the difference between them was the same, which is between a Youth and a Young Man; so that no wonder if they drew all Mens Eyes upon them; for Zuinglius with great force evinc'd that the Pope was Antichrist, but Luther with greater: The former was indued with an extraordinary Vigour and Liveliness, the later with a most undaunted Courage: and they carried on successfully the work of Reformation, as long as they turned the edge of their endeavour only against Papal Tradi­tions.

36. But when they began to write concerning the Mysteries of the Christian Faith, without [Page 18] the inward and outward Light of the Holy Spi­rit (according to the comprehension of their own Reason, from the dead Letter of Scripture) there presently arose amongst them those lamen­table Controversies and Contentions about the Holy Mystery of the Body and Blood of Christ received in the Lords Supper, by means of which, this one Tree became first divided in­to two contrary Branches, as it happened in the Old Testament.

37. For the first and second Spirit mostly joyning it self with the fourth, and the third with the fifth, have produced two Capital Sects, and together with those two, innumera­ble others, which at length, by means of the sixth Spirit, shall be either brought to one Sheep-fold in the seventh Spirit, or else be ut­terly rooted out. But which are those seven Spirits of which you here speak? (for I per­ceive you'll ask this Question.) They are the se­ven Spirits which are before the Throne of God, proceeding from God by an Eternal Emanation, whose properties are most clearly to be seen in these seven last Plagues; insomuch as they do abundantly reveal the Signature of the whole Reformation past, present, and to come, to the inlightened Sons of God: concerning which ye have already read something revealed in the fore-going Application of the seven Ages of Mans Life, and will read more in that which follows.

38. The Switzers, and many dwelling about the Rhine, followed Zuinglius, whereas Luther's Doctrine took most in Saxony, with his own Countreymen; and Zuinglius conferring with [Page 19] Luther at Marpurg, but not agreeing, because Luther took those words, This is my Body, to be understood Corporally and Really; but Zuinglius Significatively, at parting they promised to bear with one another in mutual Charity, without com­ing to any thorow Union and Agreement.

39. This was the Spring of the tears of the Godly; from hence arose those Sacramentary Wars, as they are pleased to name them; and in that Name retain the mark of Romanism 666. O Zuinglians! O Lutherans! my Brethren! hear these true words. Zuinglius was fickle, and Lu­ther rash in his Contention about the Supper▪ the matter not deserving such Disputes, much less those bloody Wars, by which you now di­stinguish your Sects from each other! You have made your Love-feast in imitation of the bloody Roman Feasts; and know that as long as ye continue thus, ye have, are, and will be sedu­ced by the Devil, the Father of Lies and Ha­tred.

40. The words of Christ, This is my Body, This is my Blood, are to be understood concern­ing his Coelestial Body and Blood, not concerning his Earthly Body and Blood, which hung upon the Cross: under his Earthly, Visible, Body, his Invisible, Heavenly, Body, hung upon the Wood of the Cross; and under the appearance of his outward Blood, his Invisible, Heavenly Blood was shed; neither do our Souls stand in need of the mortal Body or Blood, but of the im­mortal and new Body, which springs from Christs immortal Body, that therein it may be­come partaker of Christ, and member of his true, every where present, eternal, and divine Body.

[Page 20]41. The Mouth receives Bread and Wine, which it sends into the Belly as other common meat; but the word, This is my Body, This is my Blood, proceeding from the Eternal Body and Blood of Christ, and containing the said Hea­venly Body and Blood, is put on by the Soul as its new Body, which it lost by the fall (yet lying hid in the lapsed Body) that so when this Adamical Body is broken, it may arise in Christs new eternal Body.

42. For Jesus Christ with his Heavenly Bo­dy (which was hid under his outward) hath, doth, and shall at once, altogether, and al­ways fill the Angelical World, notwithstanding his comprehensible, [...]ane form, which ap­pears now in the same proportion in Heaven, in which he walked here upon the Earth. I speak this by experience, for I my self (though a poor, miserable, and afflicted Man) have seen Christ appearing in our Earthly Form, and yet at the same time filling all; and with these very Eyes I saw all the Saints appearing in his Body, who yet were every one of them distinct and divers from his Humane Body.

43. See here, I pray you, my dearest Bre­thren, what hitherto ye have not seen; it is the Letter that kills you, the Spirit of which alone doth quicken. The Devil doth extreamly envy Men the Body and Blood of Christ, because Christ could not have left us a more precious Treasure than that of his Body and Blood; which is the reason why the Enemy (whilst Zuinglius and Luther were contending together) did sow such tares in the matter of the Lords Supper, insomuch as the mischief done thereby can never be sufficienly expressed.

[Page 21]44. O ye Zuingliaens and Lutherans! Learn hence who your Zuinglius and Lutherans were, and with all how rashly you have carried it toward your Brethren, abusing the Divine Call of Zuinglius and Luther. O Lutherans! Luthe­rans! How are ye degenerated? Ye have no reason to be so puft up with Luthers Call, be­cause nothing that is perfect appears during the seven Plagues, much less under the fourth, which is yet subject to great Frailties. Ye have fram­ed Articles according to your own good plea­sure, and have established your own Opinions, to the prejudice of Truth, and in so doing have brought the Pope, and Lateinus 666 again upon the Stage, though in another dress; and alas! have only increased the number of Wolves and Bears for to devour the Flesh of the Pope.

45. O ye Lutherans, my Brethren! I observe that the modern Prophets, in an hidden parabo­lical way, do attribute far worse things to you, than they do to your Brethren, whom ye have condemned. O consider that Youth is like Wax, most easie to yield to Vice, but as hard as Stone to relent and turn from it! Consider it I say; and now shew your selves as easie to receive the day of Truth, as ye have been to admit the darkness of your most Antichristian Pre­judices.

46. The Manly Age of the Calvinists (who are so hateful to you) will shew you, that you are the Youthful Age of the Reformed Church, and will unteach you your hatred, caused by the envy of the Devil. Luther the Angel of the fourth Vial, was the Plague of the Pope of Rome throughout all the German Empire, and [Page 22] the several Kingdoms belonging to it, whilst he lived, and dying will be the death of that Son of Perdition, in the three following Angels.

47. For the fifth Angel poured forth, by JOHN CALVIN his Vial, not only rejecting the Pope, but likewise all Papal Ceremonies, Images, Rites, and Institutions, upon the Throne of the Beast, France, being the inheritance of the most Chri­stian King, and Eldest Son of the Pope, and where for 74 years together the Pope kept his residence. And his Kingdom was darkened, be­cause of the Parisian Massacre, and the Kings terrible end; and they gnawed their Tongues, be­cause of the unhappy success of the accursed League, for pain, for the fruitless pains they had taken; because the Blood of the Martyrs did make the Church to grow and thrive the better. And they blasphemed the God of Heaven, when they saw the Progress the Reformation made in the Low Countreys, upon their revolt­ing from the King of Spain; because of their pains, taken in the Spanish Inquisition, and Ty­ranical Government, and their sores, of so ma­ny overthrows received from the persecuted French and Dutch. And they repented not, be­cause they did not attribute these signal instances of the Divine Vengeance unto God; of their Works, their Persecutions, Massacres and Cruel­ties committed under pretence of defending the Christian Faith.

48. Sure enough the Church of the fifth Vial was arrived to Mans estate, which grew up under the pressure of such horrid Persecutions, and was never purer than when it counted most Martyrs. It was this Church held forth most [Page 23] lively instances of Patience and Humility, and is therefore to be praised before others for her Strength and Fortitude, though at the same time to be blamed also before others, because of her immoderation in the point of the Divine Predestination and Call to Salvation. For this on­ly Error, so big with many gross Errors, was that dangerous Rock, which whilst the Luh [...]e­ran Church endeavours to avoid, she was driven upon that most Antichristian hatred a­gainst Calvin and the Reformed Church, for his sake, forgetting Christian Charity and Brother­ly kindness, wherein this later Church far ex­celled her.

49. The greatest Error of all the Reformed Churches, hath, is, and will be, the vain perswasion, whereby they think themselves happy in the knowing and owning of this or that Article, and that all who do not know, oppose, or con­demn the same, are damned.

50. Know O Man! It is not Knowledge can make thee Blessed, nor Ignorance that can damn thee, but a Righteous, or Unrighteous Life; the former of which consists in loving of God and your Neighbour, the other in hating them. What if it pleased God to try thee, O Lutheran Church, with this Error, whether thou wouldst prefer the Life and Love of Christ, before sub­tle Disputing about Opinions? How wilt thou blush at the last Judgment, when thou shalt see many condemned; whom thou hast blessed, and many blessed whom thou hast condemned? These are no slight words, but well worth your se­rious consideration.

51. But as for you, O Calvinists or (if you [Page 24] would rather) Reformed, quicken your Atten­tions, open your Understandings, that you may see your Error in its very root. St. Paul in his Epistle to the Romans saith, We know that all things work together for good, to them that love God, even to those who are called according to his purpose. For whom he did fore know, he also did praeterminate to be conformed to the Image of his Son, that he might be the first-born amongst many Brethren. Now whom he did praeterminate them he also called, and whom he called, them he also justified, and whom he justified, them he also glo­rified.

52. The Apostle saith well, Whom he did fore-know, them he also did praeterminate, placing Gods Fore-knowledge before his Praetermination, not whom he did praeterminate, them he also fore-knew, put­ting Praetermination before Fore-knowledge, as ye Calvinists do, when you expound this place, not understanding the infinite difference there is be­tween the one and the other. Again, These words [...], are thus to be rendered, Whom he did fore-know, them he also did praetermi­nate: and the Compilers of Dictionaries seduce us, when they render the word [...], praedecre­vit, antedecrevit (he hath or did fore-decree.) And when they render the word [...], (which properly signifies praeterminavit, he did pretermi­nate) improperly praedecrevit, praefinivit, praedesti­navit (he did or hath praedecreed, praedeterminate, praedestinate) and have in so doing made way for this gross popular Error.

53. For this Fore-knowledge and Praetermina­tion of the most high God, is the most just Ballance, wherein your common Error is weighed: [Page 25] for hence it appears, that God did fore-know us from Eternity, and from this fore-know­ledge did praeterminate all of us; but not prae­terminate us that he might fore-know us. It is certain that in God Fore-knowledge and Prae­termination are, beyond all Humane Com­prehension, together and at once, but not so in us, in whom Fore-knowledge and Praeter­mination are two different things, as all Hu­mane Actions are. God fore-knew the fall of Adam, and from this Fore-knowledge he did praeterminate the whole Work of Redemption; but God did not praeterminate the Fall of Adam, that from this praetermination he might fore-know the whole work of Redemption, which is contrary both to Scripture and Nature.

54. These few words (if you have rightly un­derstood me) my most dear Brethren, do un­answerably determine all your Controversies about this Matter; neither do they ascribe, or prescribe any thing to Man (because all stands most freely in the will of God) and yet do not destroy Mans free-will neither. Hence will ap­pear how unprofitable and idle a thing your rea­son is, by which you have endeavoured to de­duce Gods Eternal Decree from the Scriptures, especially from the Writings of St. Paul, and will be a burning light to dispel your own and your Brethrens darkness, with which ye have plagued your selves and others, and thereby cast your selves into the greatest dan­gers.

55 Ye have shewed your selves to be of Man­ly Age, O Calvinists, by your adding weight to the Youthful Age of Reformation, and by [Page 26] being Authors of the last General Sect; but at the same time you have also had Manly Vices, whereby you have out vied those who were be­fore you.

56. You have had the Synod of Dort, where the Churches of Britain, the Palatinate, Bran­denburgh, Hassia, Zuitzerland, Wetteravia, Gene­va, Bremen, and Embden, beheld the Unity of the Belgick Churches, but such a Unity as was not yet pure, but stained with many Antichri­stian Proceedings and Tenets, full of Prejudice and Opposition against the Divine Light; and instead of correcting, corrupting the Interpreta­tion of the Holy Scriptures, by adding to them without the Dictate of the Holy Spirit; yet was it for all this, in some respect worthy of the fifth Vial.

57. My Brethren of the Reformation, ye have had an Humane National Synod, O that ye might shortly have a General and Divine Council (which must needs be) wherein not onely you and the Lutherans may be fully u­nited (having first laid aside whatsoever is a­miss in either of you) but also a door may be opened for the Turks, Persians, and Tartars to enter into Christendom! O Israel and Juda! How have you rent our selves from one ano­ther? and continue yet to rend your selve [...] daily?

58. Ye Lutherans, of whom I am born, ye I say, are Israelites, and the Reformed, whom ye have rejected, are the Tribe of Juda, God himself (whom ye cannot resist) affirming it▪ Hear therefore, O Israel and Juda, the wor [...] of the Lord, whom ye have forsaken! How [Page 27] long will you build up a Verbal Christendom, and destroy and pull down that which is Real? How long will ye despise the Prophets sent to you by God himself? Have ye not yet long e­nough doated upon the Whore of Babylon? Or are ye resolved to perish with her? One Sect after another grows up amongst you, and are all ready to devour you: and the sixth Judge­ment threatens not onely the Pope of Rome, but the Wolves and Bears also, who have been his Devourers. How long, being blinded, will you draw down upon your selves the Sixth Vial, part of which is already poured forth, as a fore-boding Sign and Figure of what is to fol­low.

  • The 1st. Year. The 1st.. Month.
  • [See Sect. 101, 102, 103.]
    The 1st. Four Weeks.
  • The 1st. Twenty eight Days.

59. For the sixth Angel, poured forth through the fore-runners of the most High, the Prophets, Wise-men, and Scripture-learned, his Vial, by declaring that the Ruin of the Dragon, Leopard-Bear, and Lamb-Dragon is come, in this sixth Judgment, and that the Eastern Monarch, who is to execute the same, shall be converted, and that the lost Tribes of the Jews, shall (to the great Commotion of the whole World) of a sudden appear, and assist at the fore-said Ex­ecution. Ʋpon the great River Euphrates of the Asiatick, as well as European Babylon.

  • [Page 28]The 2d. Year. The 2d. Month.
  • The 2d. Four Weeks.
  • The 2d. Twenty eight Weeks.

60. And its Water was dried up, by a daily clearer understanding and fulfilling of Prophecies, whereupon many leaving the Papal and Secta­rian Babylon, did return to the one true Chri­stendom, owning no other Name but that of Christians, joyning themselves unanimously (ac­cording to their different States) to one of the three Armies of God, viz. either to that with the Steel, or to that with the Golden, or to that with the Leaden Sword. That the way of the Kings from the East might be prepared, espe­cially the Kings of Natolia (the lesser Asia) which are the Turks, and next of the Persians, Tartars and Jews, which in another respect will be further fulfilled under the Seventh Vial, af­ter the Sixth is past.

  • The 3d. Year. The 3d. Month.
  • The 3d. Four Weeks.
  • The 3d. Twenty eight Days.

61. And I saw [come] out of the mouth of the Dragon, of the Roman-Germ in Empire, which from Augustus Caesar, borrowed the Name of Augustus, as well as that of Dragon (for the Latins tell us that his Mother Att [...]a con­ceived him by lying with a Dragon) And out of the Mouth of the Beast, of the Roman Papal King­dom, [Page 29] long since receiving his Power from the Imperial Dragon; and out of the Mouth of the False Prophet, which are the Universities and Monasteries, three unclean Spirits, viz. Politi­cians (or Men concerned in the Government of the State) Ecclesiasticks and Philosophers (or private Men) all which three Orders our Modern Jesuits do comprehend, like unto Frogs, because they leave the Springs of the Holy Scrip­tures, and hide themselves in the stinking Ditches of Heathenish Phylosophy and Law-knowledge, croaking whilst the Summer of mans Favour lasts, but being silent in the Autumne and Win­ter of Tribulation, and are not able to indure the Light of a Candle in darkness.

  • The 4th Year. The 4th Month.
  • The 4th Four Weeks.
  • The 4th Twenty eight Days.

62. For they are the Spirits of Devils doing Wonders, being pourd forth in the Wrath of God upon Church-men, Lawyers, Physicians, Phi­lologers and Philosophers, who despise the Truth; being full of Falseness, Pride, Covetousness, and Envy; and who by their Monstrous Wick­edness, blaspheme God in their Universities and Monasteries; which go forth as Embassadors or En­voys, or as Academicks, under what form soe­ver, whether of States-men, Church-men, or private Persons; unto the Kings of the Earth, that is, of Europe, and of the whole World, of Asia and Affrica; to gather them together, as well by their Words as by their Writings, in Op­position [Page 30] to this sixth Judgment, and the Refor­mation of Christendom, by the Conversion of the Jews and Turks. To the Battle of the great day, even of the Sixth General Judgement, of God the Almighty; who will as certainly, to the asto­nishment of the World, accomplish the same (as soon as the 1260 years of the Roman Dra­gon are expired) as he hath already certainly fulfilled the five fore-going Judgments.

  • The 5th. Year. The 5 Month.
  • The 5th. Four Weeks.
  • The 5th. Twenty eight Days.

63. Behold I come as a Thief, the Roman Baby­lonish Whore not believing, nor so much as think­ing of it; because it will be at a time, when (if ever before) she will be guarded with Armies, and Power; and when being deluded by the per­suasions of her Flatterers, she shall firmly expect the Subjection not only of the Reformed Churches, but of Mahumetanisme also. Blessed is he that watcheth in the outward inward Life of Christ, that he be not seduced by the Whores Felicity, and keepeth his Garments, which he hath once re­ceived under the Vials of Reformation, that he may not walk naked, by apostatizing from the Re­formed Churches, because of the Tryals by God laid upon them; and they see his shame, his Tem­porary and changing Faith, which seeks the good things of Christ, but not his Cross.

64. And he gathered them together. Upon the expiring of a Time, Times, and half a Time, into a place called in the Hebrew Tongue Armageddon, [Page 31] to [...] which the Greek renders [...], Tahanach upon the Waters of Meghiddo, a place Famous for the overthrow of the Canaanites, after their twenty years Tyran­ny and Oppressing of the Jews: For then the three­fold Papal Army, opposing it self against the three Armies of God, will at length appear to be [...] Harmageddon an Unfortunate Troop, and accursed of God; and [...] Hherma­gheddon their Army a Curse, which shall pierce through all the Members of the Papal body, ac­cording to what the Rabbins deliver concerning the force and Efficacy of this word; or [...] Hhormagheddon, their Army Hhorma, which was a City totally overthrown by the Israelites: And therefore shall not always be [...] Armaged­don, a Treacherous Army, and an Holy League designed for the Ruin of the Reformed Churches.

  • The 6th. Year. The 6th. Month.
  • The 6th. Four Weeks.
  • The 6th. Twenty eight Days.

65. Neither is the sixth plague poured forth a­lone, but the seventh meets it, and is poured forth together with it, even as the third and fourth Adolescence and Youth, did meet together, so also do concur the sixth and seventh Vial, Old Age and Decrepid Age: The said seventh Vial being already poured forth during the sixth Vial, and shall yet daily be poured forth with it, until the full accomplishment of the sixth general Judge­ment shall put an end to this sixth Vial. For the seventh Angel poured forth, by the Restorer of true [Page 32] Christianity, and his Eastern and Nothern Associ­ates, his Vial, by putting an end to the four Mo­narchies, and by founding the Universal Christian Kingdom, into the Air of the whole Earth, whe­ther known, or unknown, and of all men whether of the Highest, Mean, or Lowest Con­dition.

  • The 7th. Year. The 7th. Month.
  • The 7th. Four Weeks.
  • The 7th. Twenty eight Days.

66. And there went forth a great voice, of the Universal Effusion of the Spirit, out of the Temple of Heaven, from the Throne, of the Heavenly Reign of Christ restored upon this our Globe, saying with the voice of Jesus Christ himself, now ap­pearing and working in a manner which hither­to hath been strange and accustomed. It is done what was to be done; the sixth Judgment is ac­complished according to my Prophets, the whole Mystery of God being now also to be fulfilled.

67. And there were Voices of the greatest fore­bodings, and Thunders of most vehement Com­motions; and Lightnings of most quick and sud­den Actions.

  • The 8th Year. The 8th Month.
  • The 8th Four Weeks.
  • The 8th Twenty Eight Days.

68. And there was a great Earth-quake of U­Universal [Page 33] changes amongst all Nations, and their Conversion to the Christian Faith, such as was not since Men were upon the Earth, so mighty and so great an Earth-quake, because Jesus of Na­zareth King of the Jews was owned and acknow­ledged under the whole Heaven, to be the true Son of God, and the Three-one God began to be worshiped by J [...]phet, Sem, and Ham.

  • The 9th Year. The 9th Month.
  • The 9th Four VVeeks.
  • The 9th Twenty eight Days.

69. And the great City, the Universal Babylon of all Kingdoms, by reason of so great Com­motions, was divided into three parts, and the Cities of the Nations, all Idolatrous Kingdoms, fell, the Universal Divine Reformation advancing happily.

  • The 10th Year. The 10th Month.
  • The 10th Four VVeeks.
  • The 10th Twenty eight Days.

70. And Babylon the Great, which from the fall of Adam, the Tower of Babel and Confusi­on of Languages hath been propagated through all Men, came in Rememberance before God, as it also happened at the Building of the Tower of Babel, to give unto her the Cup of the VVine of the fierceness of his wrath, by the Universal Destru­ction of all Confusions and Falsities, all divided Languages being reduc'd to that one, which was [Page 34] lost in the Adamical and Babylonish Confusion.

71. And every Island of particular Govern­ment and Worship, with estrangement from o­thers, fled away, nothing but the Universal Truth being now promoted in all places, at the com­mand of God, and the Mountains of opposing and resisting Powers, were not found, because God by his Wars did root out all that were disobe­dient.

72. And there fell a great Hail, of the wrath of God, of the weight of a Talent out of Heaven, not from Humane Instruments stirr'd up in the Wrath of God, upon the Men, who were diso­bedient to Gods Commands, and the Men blas­phemed God, like unto Pharaoh, and the Israelites in the Wilderness, because of the Plague of the Hail; for the Plague thereof was exceeding great, as being intollerable to Adamical Men, and in­deed the heaviest of all Plagues, which the Holy Spirit in other places of Scripture hath more largely declared and discovered.

73. For when it shall be fulfilled, and they were both cast into the Lake of Fire burning with Brimstone; then also will that be fulfilled which is here spoken concerning the great Hail, and soon after also will be fulfilled that which is spoke concerning the Devil, and he bound him a thousand years, which most desirable time will put an end to all Plagues.

74. The Sixth Plague shall destroy the Papal Antichrist, who hath already reigned above a Thousand years by succession, the last of which shall then kill himself; but the Seventh Plague shall cast the Personal Antichrist (of whom the Papists have more knowledge than the Reformed, [Page 35] bating their Preiudices in favour of their own Antichrist) alive, together with his false Prophet into the Lake of Brimstone, during a Thousand years; who because there are only a few months allotted for his reign, is no other than covertly hinted at in Scripture, under the notion of the Roman Antichrist.

75. Hear these things O Reformed House of Israel and Juda! and wonder at, or rather ponder your blindness! for you will find that this my Explication of the Sixth and Seventh Vial doth so much agree and harmonize with the Writings of the Modern, Divinely Inlightned Prophets, Wise­men, and Scripture-learned, that you will be forced, whether ye will or no, to confess that they have left us and you a more particular Explication, and a fuller and clearer Revelation of the Re­velation, which they received from God.

76. My dear Brethren! hitherto you have been mistaken in your blind Zeal, and being loaded with Prejudices, have rejected those who were sent to you from God, should you go on to do so against your Conscience and Know­ledge, how dangerous would it prove to your Souls?

77. O Lutheran Israel! God was pleased to send to thee at one time three Men who were fur­nished by the Holy Ghost (far beyond thy com­prehension) with the true Gift of Prophecy, Wisdom, and Scripture-learning; the Prophet was Kotterus, the Wise-man Behmen, the Scripture-learned Engelbrecht, whom thou hast regarded as Israel of Old did the Messengers which were sent unto them, to thine own great damage. Hast thou despised them? despise them so no [Page 36] more; seeing them to be sent by God, but think them worthy your serious reading again and again, and amend your Errors and Anti­christianisms, as you are commanded by God in them, and others of their fellow servants.

78. And thou House of Juda! God hath chosen thee in thy King Frederick the Fifth, with whom he might take his delight, speaking all those things concerning a Man of the Fifth Reformed Church individually, which were to hap­pen to the whole Reformed Church under the Sixth and Seventh Vial; and again concerning a Man of the Antichristian Church Ferdinand the Se­cond, revealing all things contrary. Hath thy Ignorance hindered thee from understanding this? Now understand it: examining them di­ligently, whom hitherto because of the riddle of their Prophetick stile (as yet either lost or unknown) being seduced by some of thine own party, thou hast undervalued and neglected.

79. Pray what is more common in our or­dinary way of speaking and writing than such expressions as these? The King of France dies not, Rudolf is yet alive, King Charles of Eng­land is not dead yet, Julius Caesar flourisheth still. And why so? because though a Prince be mor­tal, yet in his Children and Successors he be­comes immortal and eternal. And what is more common in Scripture Prophecies, than to have a thing fore-told of one and fulfilled in another?

80. Frederick the Fifth is not yet dead, not Ferdinand the Second, the first lives in the Elect of the Reformed Church; the later in the Sons of the Antichristian Whore. Frederick indeed was mortal, but the Church he was of, immortal [Page 37] and though Ferdinand be dead, yet the Papal Church is not so yet, in whom Ferdinand is yet to be found. As long as God shall have any in the Reformed Church, who endeavour the Con­version or Ruin of the Papal, to the end that the Propagation of Christianity amongst the Nations may be no longer obstructed, so long will Frederick yet be Fighting for God against the Pope, and be King of Bohemia, which was the Mother of the Infancy and Child-hood of the Reformed Church, and consequently of the whole Church of God, which shall at length ar­rive to its full and perfect Age. And on the contrary, as long as the Devil shall have his Ministers, who revere the Papal Blasphemies, instead of the Word of God, and do in any manner persecute the truth, so long will Ferdi­nand continue to be the bloody defender of the Beast.

81. Frederick doth not live in his Family, which is his Bodily Off spring, but in his Spiritual Off-spring; and though all his Family should die, yet would not he. And the same may be said of Ferdinand, whose Bodily House is now nearer to Death than ever, that it might be a Figure of his Spiritual House and Family. Fre­derick is dead indeed to us, but not to God; and so likewise Ferdinand; and they shall both see the day of Deliverance; the one shall rejoyce, the other grieve and mourn; of which (con­sidering the present ignorance) it is better to be silent then to speak further.

82. This is the true Key to open the greatest Difficulties which are found in our Modern Prophets, and with the same Key the Mysteries [Page 38] of time may be unlocked, which are by so much the more truly and securely lock'd up in a most wonderful account of Numbers, by how much the more dark they are to be understood.

83. What I here speak of Kotterus, the same is to be applied to Kregel, Christina Poniat via, and more especially to Drabicius, who is not yet beheaded, but sounds his last Trumpet with his Assistant Joh. Amos Comenius, stronger than ever.

84. They who would weaken the truth of his Prophecy, urge that place concerning the end of his Life in these words; Rev. 264. Thou shalt go to thy rest in Peace, at the Age of Fourscore and four, in thy own Country, even the same place I have formerly nam [...]d to thee. The power of thy E­nimies shall not hurt thee, thou shalt be laid in thy Grave in Peace. And yet we are told that he was beheaded by the Emperor the 17th of July 1671; after he had made a kind of Recanta­tion. Again, they say that at the time of his Death he was not Fourscore and four years of Age; for he was born the Fifth of Decemb. 1588, and accordingly was not to die till after the Fifth of December 1672, neither (say they) was he laid in his Grave in Peace in his own Coun­trey, nor in the place which had been for­merly mentioned to him.

85. But they understand these words as all the rest; for he was indeed Aged Fourscore and four Lunar Years (which together with Lunar Months, we find that our Modern Prophets commonly make use of in their Calculations) when he went to the rest of the Martyrs in Peace, in his own Countrey, even Hungary; con­cerning [Page 39] which he had prophesied so much, and in the same place which the Revealer had be­fore mentioned; Rev. 212, 213. Thou shalt stand before Caesar with Honourable Persons; which is expresly confirmed in the Sentence which was past upon him; where he was also crowned with the first Crown, Rev: 129. to wit, with the Crown of Thorns, which was covertly inti­mated to him; Rev. 132. which Christ at his Death did bear most willingly, Drabicius most unwillingly.

86. Which place of his Martyrdom was of­ten afterwards mentioned unto him, though he did not understand it so, as Rev. 410. I will lay a Burthen upon thee, which thou wilt hard­ly bear; again, Rev. 429. Do thou trust in me! for they shall come to carry thee where thou hast never been, and whither thou wilt go unwillingly; Rev. 438. Thou art blessed like Peter, to whom also Christ said, Thou walkest whither thou liftest; having before said to him, Blessed art thou, Rev. 538. Thou shalt not see the end of all these things, because I thy God will bring thee over to my self, into the inaccessible light. Do not ye observe that his approaching Martyrdom was fore-told to him, especially Rev. 429. formerly menti­oned v. 7. where it is expresly said, I will not as yet tell thee whither thou art to go, to the end thou mayst not afflict thy self, yet shall my right hand there lead thee.

87. The power of Drabicius his Enemies did not hurt him, neither in respect of his second Crown of Prophecy, nor in respect of his third Crown of Glory; and that passage, Rev. 608. is to be understood concerning the second Crown; [Page 40] Whom be not thou afraid of, as having in me an abundant Protection and Blessing too, which is now ready waiting for thee at Breslaw, as surely as if thou saw [...]st it with thine own Eyes.

88. For I am of Breslaw, and do examine Drabicius, together with Kotterus, Kregeln, Chri­stina, and all other Witnesses of God, intend­ing to go to New Rome in the power of God, being now just upon the point of undertaking my Roman Journey; and shall in Gods due time, in Rome it self, in the presence of the Pope and Emperor, expound and defend the Pro­phets raised up by God, and that, its like, with an unusual power, to the end the two slain witnesses, viz. The regenerate Sons of both Scriptures, may rise more gloriously. If the Pope then shall find himself furnished with the Golden Sword of the Mouth, from the Holy Ghost, he will kill me with it; but if not, the Holy Ghost in me shall kill the Pope with the Sword of the Mouth, as being Antichrist, de­void of the Spirit, and who's strength lies not in a Spiritual, but Material Sword, and yet e­ven that also shall be broke by the Steel and Leaden Sword.

89. Wherefore it is your Duty, O ye Luthe­rans and Reformed, my Brethren! to lift up your Heads at the News of this approaching Deliverance, and having first united your selves together in a true Concord and Agreement, and heartily repented of your mis-deeds, to set upon the Reforming of your Churches, by an unanimous Recantation of all your Errors.

90. Will you not receive the Prophets? at least receive the Revelation of the Scriptures [Page 41] you own, which doth most lively describe you and then according to the said Scriptures, you will understand the Praedictions of all the Pro­phets of the Sixth and Seventh Vial. Receive the extraordinary Heavenly Witnesses, which for the time of a Prophetical Month, have been visible to you and all the Inhabitants of the Earth; I speak of Stars and Comets, which are to all Nations, as so many Natural Commen­tators upon the Supernatural Scriptures.

91. Memorable is that Comet which appeared the very self-same day wherein the Orders were signed at Vienna, for a Reformation in my Na­tive Countrey Silesia, being the 19th day of Decemb. 1652, and was fore-told eight days before by Drabicius; which Comet came out of the Ark of Noah, and did arise with us in that very place of the Heavens, where Noahs Dove, with its Olive Branch is seen, and took its course directly toward that place where the famous New Star of 1572 first appeared to the World.

92. Memorable is that Solar Eclipse of the year 1654, 12 of Aug. which returned the Sun its Light from West to East, in the appearance of a Sickle, after it had been darkened from Nine of the Clock till after mid-day; which great prodigy was not onely visible to all Chri­stendom, but beyond it too, and was Divinely interpreted by Stephen Melish in his 115 Vision, as not onely concerning Breslaw, but the whole World.

93. Memorable was that third Conjunction of the two Superior Planets in the Fiery Trigon, in 1663, together with the preceding great Conjunction of all the Planets in the Fiery Sign [Page 42] Sagitary, the 1st. of Decemb. 1662, a thing not to be parallell'd by any known instance of for­mer Ages.

94. Yet more memorable was the Comet which appeared in Decemb. 1664, which joyn'd it self with the Comet which appeared about Easter 1665, near the Ears of the Ram, where it become the Suns Companion, beyond what hath been known in any former Age.

95. But most memorable of all was the Co­met which appeared about Easter 1677, being the swift Executor of all the fore-going Stars, Comets, and Conjunctions, and the Introducer of Changes upon the whole World.

96. These ordinary and extraordinary Wit­nesses, the fore-runners of the greatest Altera­tions, though they surpass the Wits of Hea­then Astrologers, yet do they so clearly attest the Change of all Kingdoms, that the publick and private, written and oral Conjectures of all Men agree in this, that some unheard of Revolution is to be expected.

97. But there is no Astrologer (of those I have seen) whose Conjectures have come nearer the truth, than the Almanack Writer of Staden, who expresly compares the two Comets of 1664 and 65, to two who give in their Evidence be­fore a Judge, and the third to a publick Herald, proclaiming the Sentence given in upon the fore-going Evidence; and therefore declares his Opinion, that within 24 months time the work of God will be manifested, by preparing the whole Roman and Turkish Empire for quite a­nother War, then is now believed, which is to last till the next Age, and to run over the [Page 43] greatest part of the whole World, and that the end of it will be, the propagation of the Gospel in the East, and the return of the Christian Church to the place of its first rise.

98. I confess I could not read these things in an Astrologer without tears, who I found had with his ordinary Skill, more diligently exa­mined these extraordinary Witnesses of Heaven, than those who are learned in the Scripture do examine the extraordinary Prophets of God, and besides determined the exact time of two years (in which he will not be mistaken) though at that time there was no appearance of any such thing, whilst our Church-men being drown'd in the sleep of Vanities, deny that ever any such things shall be, much more that within two years we shall see the beginning of them.

99. Many, many of the Nations which are now strangers to Christianity, shall with Denis the Areopa [...]ite, own and acknowledge the ap­proaching Reign of Christ, which our Pharisees do reject, and our Sectarian Hypocrites shall not believe the Destruction of the Ecclesiastical Je­rusalem of all Sects, till they feel it.

100. O ye Lutherans and Reformed, my most dear Brethren! you have gazed upon the Co­mets, you have read the Conjectures that have been made concerning them, which you may further inspect and judge of infallibly from the writings of the Prophets, Wise-men, and Scrip­ture-learned, sent to you by God; since the fore-mentioned Comets are nothing else but so many Natural Commentaries upon the Scrip­tures, and their Commentators Christopher Kot­ter, John Kregel, Herman de Hude, Nicholas Drabits, [Page 44] Stephen Melish, Christina Ponialovia, and the like: And again, these are so many Superna­tural Commentaries upon the fore-said Comets; search them both, and you'll find the one con­firm the other.

101. These Comets are all Witnesses of the Sixth and Seventh Vial, which are in part al­ready poured forth, and partly to be poured forth hereafter; their whole time being com­prehended in such a number, as contains ten years, and ten months, and 40 weeks and 280 days, and almost full 7 hours, the number ten, the number five, and a unity, and yet is but one number. If you understand it, keep it to your selves; but if not, do not underta [...]e to judge concerning the Modern Prophetick Numbers, because this our Number is the root of Pro­phetick Numbers.

102. And that you may have no quarrel with the Prophets, my dear Brethren, I shall apply to the two fore-mentioned Vials this very number, which because I have set down before, I'll only point you to here, to a­void repetition;Note: See v. 59. which number do you seriously ponder and revolve in your minds, for it is the most secret and absolute number of the Scripture, being sealed, and leads us to the very year of the manifestation of the terrestrial Paradise, necessary to be known by us of this Age; for the hour of the last Judge­ment must abide sealed up for reasons known to God, being hid under the number of a thousand years.

103. The afore-said number will be found to agree with the years, months, and weeks, of [Page 45] our Modern Prophets, and I had already began in the fore going line, to apply them to the numbers of our Witnesses, which are yet alive, which yet after two days pause I blotted out again, contrary to my custom; because both the impulse of my mind, and a two days con­sideration, abundantly perswaded me, that I had much more reason to be silent than to de­clare any thing about this matter.

104. I say contrary to my custom; for what­ever from my Soul-mind-spirit, flows once into my Pen, never needs any blotting out, be­cause our inward Dictator, who is incompre­hensibly hid under the outward, scarce ever suffers us to mistake, it being rare for our hand to make a blot, insomuch, that what is once writ continues written, though I want the Pro­phetical Dictation, which is very different from our way of writing.

105. The impulse of my mind; because I re­member the past Contentions, by which our yet living Witnesses (whether standing in the first, second, or third principle) did greatly trouble and hinder me, who was yet ignorant of such Frailties; for they measuring others, with the measure of their own principle, went astray from their Call, and led others into the same Error with themselves.

106. And two days consideration; for the longer time some intervening occasions gave me of considering, the greater need I found to blot out what I had begun to write, and not at all to meddle with the Numbers of such as were yet alive; for I considered that they be­ing caught in the riddle of their own Principle, [Page 46] would not be able to understand nor bear the clear opening of the term of years, which was given to them infolded in a Prophetick Riddle; and being too tender promoters of their own will, did shorten this fearful and universal work of God, according to their affections, not seeking the Glory of Jesus Christ with their whole heart.

107. You do not purely seek the Glory of God in his Son, whosoever you are, that do so anxiously call for a shortning of the time; whereas it would become you wholly to leave the time in the will of God, till all that is to be done, be accomplished. Make haste, my Brethren, make haste, to sow the Seed ye have received from God, in the Hearts of Men, least contrary to Natures Order, you should seem to hope for a Harvest before the Seed time, as hitherto ye have done, and by the same mistake have unhappily lost your sowing season.

108. The Seed being once cast into the Ground, will spring up abundantly, and at the time of Harvest will give its ripe fruit; our Fore­fathers shall enjoy their hope in us, and we shall enjoy ours, in our posterity, as being all but divers Members of the one glorified Body of Jesus Christ.

109. If ye understand this, my Brethren and Sisters, whether Prophets, Wise, or Scripture-learned, understand it, you are onely the more particular appliers of Scripture, and I relying upon the Base and Center of Scripture, do ex­presly declare, that all your Numbers will follow mine, if they be from the Holy Spirit; neither shall my Number follow yours, except they be consonant to the Scriptures.

[Page 47]110. Wherefore give ear, O my Brethren of Israel and Juda, to this Revelation of the Sixth and Seventh Vial, and not to your false Aca­demicks, if you would learn the Disposition and Genius of the future, as well as present and past time; and have a more careful esteem of the living Servants of God, whom having once laid this foundation, you'll easily distin­guish from false ones.

111. The two years time of the last Comet expiring in May 1679 (at which time my dou­ble *The num­ber Five. Quinary, given to me alone by God, expires likewise) will rouse you out of your sleep of security; for this most wonderful work of God doth daily dawn and discover it self in such an harmony, where in Heaven and Earth, all above, and all below shake hands, and are agreed together; so that through the Grace of God, the pouring forth of the Sixth Vial upon Euphrates (which is the Turkish and Persian Empire; and in another respect, whole Rome the Eighth, and the Spanish Dominion in Eu­rope) is at hand.

112. When you shall see those new Christians flourishing in the Life of Christ, and the Three-one Light despised of Christians, to shine forth beyond belief in the Hearts of many under the Turkish and Persian Empire, and that with far brighter Rays than ever it did in our named Christendom; then let this be a certain sign to you, that the first year is expired of those 10 mentioned before;Note: See Sect. 59 and 102. the time of which being rightly count­ed, will open to you all the rest.

[Page 48]113. My Heart melts with joy, whilst I write these things, and the splendor of the Light World, being open to my inward Eyes, doth triumph with me. Rejoyce O ye Fasterlings! rejoyce! The Sun of Righteousness shall suddenly arise to you, with the lustre of innumerable Rays, and shall change your Half moon (which the Dragon will endeavour to devour) into the Sun. The great and wonderful things of God are a preparing to be preached unto you, which the Seers neither have seen nor shall see. Holy, Holy, Holy is the Three, one God, who was, and is, and will be one God!

114. O that ye Lutherans and Reformed, un­derstood these things! I know that with an una­nimous Agreement you would cast away your Sectarian Discord, and get you out of Babylon, according to my former Apprecation, which I shall more fully explain in that which follows: For to you Wicklef-Waldenses, Hussites, Zuinglians, Lutherans, and Calvinists, my fellow Brethren, hath the voice, as well of the inward as out­ward Eternal Gospel, sounded from Heaven, by the Prophets, Wisemen, and Letter-learned, saying, Go out of her, by a total rejection of all Babylo­nish Papal, Roman, Latine, and Heathen Rites and Errors, my People of the Reformed Church, from its Infancy to its Manly Age, that ye may not be partakers, as hitherto ye have been in your Love, Manners, Words, and Actions, with her Sins, and that ye may not receive, if wanting true repentance, you continue so at the ap­pearance of this Sixth Judgement, of her Plagues, which your selves have poured out upon her, as having been the rod to punish her, which af­terwards is also to be cast away, as having no further use.

[Page 49]115. For your Political or Civil State, O Israel and Juda! is corrupted with the Laws of the Dragon, I mean the Institutions of Justi­nian; and your Ecclesiastical State is no less ruin'd with Opinions taken from the Papal Canon Law, being nothing else but so many palliated Anti­christian Errors: and your private Academical State is changed into perfect Heathenisme.

116. Reform therefore the Government of your Church and State, and the Discipline of your Schools, according to the Form and Rule of the Holy Ghost, that is, the Scriptures, and their Divine Commentaries, the Prophets, Wise-men, and Scripture-learned, as well those before commend­ed, as others of the same stamp, who may easi­ly be known by being compared with them; and in so doing you will erect such a Christen­dom as the Scripture describes to be agreeing with the sixth Vial.

117. Restore the one onely Name of Christi­ans, having rejected the Names of Wiclef-Wal­denses, Hussites, Zuinglians, Lutherans, Calvinists, and all other Names of Authors; and herein fol­low me, or rather Christ in me, who am the first that by a publick and solemn Confession, and by a real, not verbal Rejection of all other Names, have re-taken the Name of Christian.

118. Having restored the Name of Christians, restore also with me one Catholick Christian Confession, to wit the Holy Scripture; and at the same time make one Universal Christian Confession, full of the everlasting Gospel, out of the Augustan, Basil, Suevian, both the Switzer­land, Saxon, Witteberg, French, English, and last Bohemian Confession, and then burn all but it, to­gether [Page 50] with all their voluminous Commenta­ries.

119. What was said concerning Confessions, the same is to be understood of Catechisms, out of all which, with the assistance of Divine Light, let one Universal Christian Institution be com­piled for the Instruction of Youth; which by its evident Truth may be able to recommend it self to all Christians, not by force and vio­lence, which hath been the fruitful Womb of Antichristianisme.

120. Collect also Bodies or Systems of the Do­ctrine of the Reformed Church: as for Example, out of all the Writings of the Wiclef-Waldenses, select and make up one Body of the Doctrines of the Reformed Church in its Infancy; out of all the Writings of the Hussites, a Body of the Reformed Child-hood: out of the Zuinglian Writings, a Body of the Adolescence or Reformed Stripling Age ▪ out of the Lutheran, a Body of the Reformed Young-manly Age; out of the Writings of the Calvinists, a Body of the Reformed Manhood; and out of the Writings of the Prophets, Wise-men, and Scripture-learned, a Body of the Reformed Old Age: that so a perfect Concord and Harmony may be esta­blished, and all Mistakes and Errors utterly cast away.

121. This is the sum of my intention, as to those Systems or Bodies I mentioned in my Fore­runner, neither have I writ or said any thing (though it may have surpassed your belief) which I could not really effect by the Grace of God; and am most willing, my most dear Bre­thren, to communicate all these things and such like more to you, which are of force enough to [Page 51] transmute all the Lead of your Babel into pure Gold, if you will but heartily set upon the Work of Reformation. It was for this I was born, and called before I was born, that I might change Babylon into Gold, without the use of any ma­terial Sword, whether of Steel or of Lead, and the strength of my Enemies falling upon me in vain, shall fall by their own strength, the Lord of Hosts fighting for me, you your selves being Witnesses.

122. But in the first place restore One onely Scripture, as well in its Text, as Interpretation; and as soon as ever you have restored the Scri­pture, with one consent burn all your Modern Bibles, which are the Instruments of Sectarian Confusion, abounding with many Additions, Emendations, Explications, Divisions, Disjoynt­ings, and Changes of Humane Reason.

123. For my chiefest Design is to restore the Scripture, with the assistance of Divine Light, in order to an universal Conversion, and to ex­pose the same, not only to the censure of you, my Lutherans and Reformed; but also to that of all People, Nations, and Languages of the Four Corners of the Earth; to the end that one God may be known in one Scripture, under one Sun.

124. The very Letter of Scripture hath been very much blurr'd by Jews as well as Chri­stians, upon several accounts: but if this have hapned in the Text, much more in the Interpre­tations, which do so vary from the Text, and from one another; that I have scarce had free­doom to alledge the Text of Scripture in the for­mer part of this Epistle, when I considered the [Page 52] many Errors in the various Readings and In­terpretations occasioned by the neglect of Wri­ters and Printers.

125. If I had the outward Letter of the Scripture in its genuine truth and purity, I should easily with the outward Letter have conquered all Sectaries (the inward Spirit of the Scriptures being opened to me) and therefore I can no longer bear these dark evasions of a corrupted Text, but shall retrieve the Scripture, as to the truth of the Letter, by the help and assistance of the Dictator himself; which I am in an assu­red expectation I shall accomplish in the view of the whole World.

126 And to this end (in the strength of God) I shall cast away all humane Additions whatso­ever; as those of Contents, Divisions of Chap­ters and Verses, and much more all Additions to the Text it self; and in so doing, shall discover the Faults of the Original Scripture amongst the Jews, as well as Christians, which are all stained with these blots, and much more the errors which are in the Interpreted Scriptures of all People, Nations and Languages.

127. I shall restore the Text it self, both Hebrew and Greek, not by mine own knowledge, but by the Grace of God alone; and at the same time shall expose to view an Instance of a true Translation in the La [...]ine, German, and Arabick Tongues, for a pattern to all other People, Na­tions, and Languages, that so our Universal work may come to be of universal use and service, as being designed onely for the glorifying of Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews, in every People, Nation, and Language.

[Page 53]128. The last Five Volumes of this Universal Work, shall present the Twenty four Books of the bare Text of Scripture (according to the num­ber of the Elders in the Revelation) dress'd up in a comely Garb to the Eyes of the World, and compleat (if it please God) the number 77. of our Universal Writings, with respect to the 77. Persons of Lucifer's restored Throne: in which Writings both Scriptures shall by way of Para­phrase be explained, according to the Three Prin­ciples severally and conjoyn'd.

129. The intended Paraphrase of the Scripture beginning from the Fall of the Angels, and thence proceeding to the Creation of this World, shall open all the Arcana, Secrets and Mysteries of Scripture, which are necessary for the present Age; and shall beyond the belief of men of this Age, unfold the whole Work of the Redemption of Mankind, from Adam through all the Patri­archs, Prophets, and Kings, unto Christ himself, and from Christ through all the Apostles, and their Successors, unto the Thousand years of Pa­radise; to the end that all People, Nations, and Languages (will they, nill they) may acknow­ledge and own Jesus Christ to be the true Son of God, and the Saviour of the World. Moreover in this Paraphrase, the true Chronology, which hi­therto hath been lost, shall be restored to the World, and all the Mysteries of Numbers past, pre­sent, and to come, unvailed: but above all, herein, as in a clear Looking-glass, the Great Whore of Babylon shall be exposed naked to the view of all, to the end that all Prophecies may be fulfilled.

130. The Scripture being opened according to the First Principle of the seven Arts, to the Mysti­cal [Page 54] Posterity of Japhet, shall discover the true and solid Principles of all Arts, consonant to whole Nature, in so many thousand Aphorisms, as shall exceed those of all Academical Writings put together in Number, but much more in Worth and Value, as being true refined Gold, in comparison of the others Lead: which disco­very will promote the ruine of the present Uni­versities, and make way for the restoring of true Christian Schools.

131. The Scripture opened to the Off-spring of Sem, according to the Second Principle of Grace, shall first of all unvail the mystical Kingdom of Christ in us; by means of which the whole Scri­pture, from the beginning to the end, is con­tain'd in every one of us, and shall discover all those most holy Pearls of Divine Mysteries, which hitherto have onely in particular been disposed of to a very few Friends and Spouses of Christ, unknown to the World: and then it will be as clearly understood, that every man is re­ally a Micrographe (that is a little Scripture) either for Heaven, or Hell, as now it is igno­rantly denied.

132. The Scripture opened according to the Third Principle of whole Nature, unto the Chil­dren of Ham, shall reveal the most universal Master-piece of Nature, and shall discover the Science of all Adepts, that have been, or shall be, together with the Signature of the Stone of the Wise-men; and wholly lay open the very Root of that Tree, beyond the belief of all Adepts who live in the Third Principle without the Second. Hearken! ye Adeptists, my Brethren, (whether ye be in the East-Indies, or in any other part of [Page 55] the World.) Hearken! Nature shall be reduced to Scripture, and Scripture to Nature; to the end that all hidden things may be revealed: the time of your gathering together from the Four Corners of the Earth draws near, which will be as soon as the Vial of the Wrath of God shall be poured forth upon the Air; to the end that in a fuller measure, than ever heretofore, you may be made partakers of the infinite Son of the in­finite Tincture, being the very Image of Jesus Christ in Nature, when the First Principle shall dwell in the Second, and the Third shall serve the Second.

133. The Scripture opened according to the Three Principles conjoyn'd, is yet to continue sealed, un­til the Lord shall be pleased to unseal the same, either in me or some other person; because I see that the sound of the Trumpets of the Lord grows every day stronger and stronger, one Witness of God following the other at the heels, the later still excelling the former.

134. The present Writing will intimate to you, what Wonders may be expected from the restored Text of Scripture, and will most plainly lay open to you Lutherans and Reformed, the Infancy, Childhood, Stripling-age, Youth, and Manhood of your Interpretations: all which of right are to give way for old Age to succeed them, having already fulfilled their service a­mongst Infants, Children, Striplings, Young-men and Men.

135. Hitherto I have been a shewing you your Divine Call, and withal pointed out to you your Babylon. And though I have already abun­dantly made it appear, that you are Fellow-brethren, [Page 56] yet shall I in what follows more par­ticularly make it out to you; to the end at length you may learn to be wise, and leave the ways of Cain. For the Spirit of God in his Pro­phets doth every where accuse the coldness of your Charity to your Fellow-brethren, without which Charity, your Reformation is nothing but a Deformation of Christianity, and an ap­pearance without reality.

136. O my Lutheran-brethren, ye have been colder than the Iseland Snow in your Charity to your Brethren the Calvinists, and they again to you, notwithstanding you were nearest to one another; and that by reason of your Conten­tions about some Articles of Faith, not about the Life of Christ: in which Articles ye have most Antichristianly placed your Salvation, and not in the Holy Life of Christ.

137. Christ taught you to pray, Forgive us our Debts, even as we also forgive our Debtors; which you have indeed daily prayed, and yet continue to pray to your own damnation. You do not forgive your Debtors their Debts, and yet you ask the same forgiveness of God, and receive it too, even the same you have exerci­sed towards others, and askt of God.

138. You have out of envy laid great Debts to the account of many holy Men of God, who have been extraordinarily call'd amongst you; which if they had really been chargeable with, yet ought ye to have forgiven them, as having daily promised to God so to do; but in stead of this, ye have contrary to your Prayers and Con­science, condemned those alive and dead, who are a thousand times more happy than your selves.

[Page 57]139. Hence it was, that at the beginning of my coming forth, such a flame of wrath burst out against you, and openly discovered your nakedness, not being able to see such Antichri­strian actings covered over with the Name of true Christianity; which I desire you to blot out with the repentance of a serious amendment: turning the edge of your anger, not against me, but against your selves.

140. I have in this Discourse, O Lutherans and Reformed, most nakedly opened my peaceful heart to you all; I have distinctly shew'd you the Good and the Evil which is amongst you: I have laid before you the Means of a true Re­formation; under the Title of Fellow-brethren I have lasht your most Antichristian Enmities: I have entirely forgiven all my Debtors amongst you, and at the present do forgive you my dearest Brethren, any Debts of your threatned Writing against me, if so be you esteem the same as not written; having only design'd it in your ignorance, to the end your nakedness may not be expos'd to the view of the World.

141. The Truth, which is become Man, will in me triumph against all his Enemies, and your Posterity in Sweden, Denmark, Saxony, Holland, England, France, and Venice, will be of my side, not of yours, when in the time of their great tri­bulation, they shall understand their Call out of the Prophets, if ye in your time should re­fuse to hear and understand it; which God forbid.

142. For then the Eternal Gospel which ye had rejected, would be taken from you, and tran­slated to our Brethren of the East, the Turks, Persians, and Tartars, and from thence would [Page 58] onely reflect its Light to you, as from its Center; so that then you would never again be able to buy that Living Water, to quench the thirst of your Souls, so nigh unto you for nothing.

143. As long as there is yet hopes of your Repentance, so long shall ye be my Fellow-bre­thren; but as soon as your last Breath is past your Lips, you shall then either be my Fellow-brethren ever or never.

144. What I have said of you, the same may be said of the Turks, Persians, and Tartars, as well as of Nominal Christians; because Turks and Persians, with others who are Strangers to the Name of Christ, if they heartily glorifie Christ by a Righteous Life towards God and their Neighbours, though they have no Expli­cite Knowledge of Christ, are notwithstanding partakers of him, and that in a nearer degree than our Nominal Christians, notwithstanding their Mahometanisme, which in time must be totally done away.

145. Would you know the reason of this As­sertion? Consider the rise of Mahomet; was not he raised in the Wrath of God to be a Scourge to the Roman Antichrist? and if you view the Roman Idolatry with their Saints and Saintesses, you'll find that the Mahometans are justifiable, not in respect of their own Law, but in regard of the Scandal they received from Rome; for which reason also the Execution of the Sixth Judgment (which is to pass upon Universal Rome) is committed by God to Mahometans.

146. Wherefore take heed of those three frogs, before explained in the Sixth Vial, who by their contrary Opinion, will be generally very plea­sing [Page 59] to Sectarians, in maintaining that the Ruin of Mahometans is at the door. Take heed ye do not vainly perswade your selves that the Maho­metan Empire will have its period with the ex­piring of the Dominion of the Watry Trigon, about the year of Christ 1782, because the said Empire had its first rise under the same; for Su­pernatural Prophecy doth assure us, that the Sword of the Mouth, not a bloody one, shall destroy the Mahometan Destroyers of European Rome.

147. A hard Message this is, but yet a very true one; nor to be feared by any of my Fellow-brethren that follow the words of God! For our God hath pointed out a Pella for his own to re­tire to in the North, and in the East, in those words which he spoke to Christina Poniatovia, when she was a Figure of this our Sojourning, saying; Behold I will scatter my People amongst the Nations, and I will send them into a strange Land! I will lead them out before the storm of my swift Wrath break forth, that they may be preserved when I shall rain down Fire and Brimstone. Wherefore as thou didst flee, so shall they; many with trembling, not knowing whither to turn themselves; but I will shew them their way, neither will I take my Mercy from them. And I will give unto them their Spiritual Bread in abundance, even my Holy Word, that with it they may more freely, quietly, and undisturbedly feed and satisfie their Souls: I will moreover add thereunto the Bread of the Body, and all necessaries of Life; neither will I be wanting to them in any thing, so they do but confide in me, and take me for their Refuge. For my Name is a most strong Tower, if the Righteous flee to me, he shall be saved in the evil day.

148. This our God fulfilled to the Bohemians [Page 60] and Moravians, who, to praefigure our Dispersion, were driven into Exile by the most Antichristian Wickedness of Ferdinand the Second.

149. And our Heavenly Father doth yet daily fulfil it in us, who in a Figure live amongst the Nations, being led forth, and daily more to be led forth, into a strange Land: and the words before alledged will put you upon great thoughts, who do not understand that this our leading forth will be before the breaking forth of the storm of the swift Wrath of the Lord.

150. Will you yet continue to call them Fools whom God hath adorned with his threefold Crown of Wisdom? Will you proceed to afflict your Fellow-brethren, with your Corporal and Spiritual Imprisonments, whom God will deliver from your Eternal Captivity? Alas! o­pen your Eyes! open them I say: what ye have done to your Fellow-Brethren, ye have done to your selves Temporally, if you be con­verted, but Eternally, if ye be damned.

151. O Waldenses, Hussites, Zuinglians, Luthe­rans and Calvinists, who are now divided by your Sectarian Names, but I hope ere long will be CHRISTIANS with me! acknowledge your New Babel to be of the same Colour, with Old Papal Babylon, being overcome by so potent a Conviction! For indeed ye are not able with any Arguments whatsoever, to overthrow this Application of the Revelation, because you cannot apply it any other way in such Harmony.

152. Ye Lutherans have proclaimed Luther to be the Angel of the Eternal Gospel, and have slain your selves with your own Sword, because there are Seven Angels mentioned, correspond­ing [Page 61] with the Angels of the Seven Vials; who was then the first of these? who the Second? who the Third? and so forth; and which of them was Luther? Answer me: but I know you'll be silent.

153. John speaks thus concerning the Fourth Angel, answering to Luther: And I saw, and be­hold a White Cloud, and upon the Cloud one sitting like to the Son of Man, having upon his Head a Golden Crown, and in his Hand a sharp Sickle.

154. To whom I pray can this be applied in Luthers time? The Devil indeed in Luthers time exerted his strongest endeavours to overthrow the Kingdom of Christ, in the Anababtist King­dom at Munster; neither was it without a cause that he mingled these Tares amongst the good Wheat of the Kingdom of Christ, that the An­gels of the External and Eternal, Literal and Spi­ritual Gospel, might not joyn their force toge­ther.

155. Where there is Wheat, there commonly also are Tares▪ where there are true Prophets, there also are false Prophets, which the whole tenor of the Scripture declares: for it is most certain that in the same Age in which Writers give us an account of the rise of so many Diabolical Inspi­rations, Revelations and Ecstasies; there were also Divine Inspirations, Revelations, and true Ecstasies.

156. And therefore they were not all Arch-Hereticks, who are so commonly accounted; but rather Promoters of the Eternal Gospel un­der their proper Angel, and Fore-runners of the Paradisick Reign of Christ, all which (being armed with Divine Assistance) I shall publickly ex­amine [Page 62] in the sight of the World, the Devil in vain raging against it.

157. Neither shall those execrable Heresies, which are almost by a general consent ad­scrib'd to David George, deter me from an un­daunted Defence of his Innocence; since those things which are brought in against him by Hor­nius and others, though seemingly proved by his own Writings, have no more truth in them, than had the Pharisees Testimony against Christ about his re-building the Temple in three days.

158. That place of the Revelation hath most truly been fulfilled in the Restorers of the Ever­lasting Gospel; where it is said, And none could learn the song, save onely the Hundred forty four thousand who were bought from the Earth: and will yet daily be fulfilled more and more.

159. The Everlasting Gospel, is nothing else but the Everlasting knowledge of the whole Go­spel, which never was the same it is now, nor never will be the same it hath been: and in this one line you have the whole foundation of the Everlasting Gospel, which none, under the out­ward Letter of the Seven Vials, hath, doth, or will be able to understand, without the teaching of the holy Ghost, who is the Dictator of the Everlasting Gospel; neither will it be fully known to all, until the Seven Plagues of the Seven Angels be finished.

160. As great a difference as there is between the outward Letter of Scripture, and the Spirit of the Letter; so great is the difference between the Reformers of the outward, and the Reformers of the inward Papacy, as to their knowledge of Scripture.

161. Neither are the failings of each of them [Page 63] to be measured by any other rule; and the fear­ful errors which have been publickly exposed under the name of the Eternal Gospel, by mistaken inlight­ned men, shall be publickly examin'd by me in a Letter, where (in the strength of Jesus Christ) all the Antichristian Tenets of the Quakers, and other such like, are totally overthrown. More might be said, than hath been; and yet more may not be said at present, than hath been.

162. Learn to know your selves, O Lutherans and Reformed, by your fruits: And thou house of Juda in Holland, who art not the least amongst the Reformed Churches, learn to know thy self, by thy mistaken proceedings and actings against Rothe; know thy self I say, and amend thy mi­stakes.

163. It was thy duty to have examined Rothe according to the Scriptures, but not to imprison him? All thy Preachers who deny Prophecy in this our age, and do endeavor to confute the Paradisick Reign of Christ, and the fore-going Conversion of the Turks, Jews and Heathens, to that one Sheepfold of Christendome, are blind Sauls, if their zeal be sincere; but devillish frogs if maliciously they persist to oppose the truth.

164. Set Rothe, mine and your Brother, at li­berty, and after publick prayers, examine him with a burning zeal for truth, taking care above all things that he distinguish, what in his writings is his own, from what hath been dictated to him by God; adjuring him that he deliver the same without any addition or diminution whatsoever. In those which are his own Writings, bear with his human frailties in Brotherly love; in his di­vine Writings you must admit of none▪ which di­vine [Page 64] Writings of his you may then compare with the Writings and Prophecies of Kotterus, Christina, Drabicius, Kregel, Herman, immediately received from God, with which they will be found to a­gree in all main points, if they come from God; but on the contrary will be found to disagree, in case they proceed from a lying Spirit.

165. Having found their agreement, then be also obedient to God, and rejoyce in that thou art also called; listening not only to the voice of the Ancient, but also of thy New Prophet. But in case thou findest them to disagree, then commit him to the Mercy of God, and the Prayers of the Church, not to prison, that so thy Christian Charity may re-appear. This is the true way of knowing true Prophets, but the other is Anti­christian; this agrees with the Scripture, the o­ther is contrary to it.

166. I shall conclude, with repeating my hearty wish, that you may be found in the Exercise of the first love, and that you may unanimously a­gree to flee from Babylon; and so I commend you, O Pastors, Sheep and Lambs of the Ca­tholick Reformed Church, to the Divine Protecti­on. The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all, Amen.

This Writing was finished at B. B. B. near Lon­don, 26 of January (5th of February) 1678.

A most Weighty POSTSCRIPT Annexed instead of a Seal, af­ter my safe Return (through the Grace of God) from Eastern Rome (which is Constantinople) into the North.

1. DEarly beloved, I am about to seal my weighty London Epistle (which I wrote about Fifteen Months ago for a farewell (being then ready to take my Journey for Rome) with the Seals of a most Weighty Postscript, after my safe re­turn into the North, from my Eastern Voyage; with which Seals it hath pleased the Lord of Hosts to seal the said Letter, in the East as well as in the North.

2. In the East, because the most High hath led me most wonderfully (according to what he had before shewed to Kotterus, and pointed out the way by the late Comet) for the space of Five Months, even unto Eastern Rome, for the ruin of Western Rome, at the same time when the Eastern Turk and Northern Moscovite were fiercely engaged together; and the Book which Christina saw fall from Heaven (being all covered with Gold, and of a Triangular Form, between the Eastern and Northern Con­tenders, [Page 66] will ere long be visible to the whole World, to the amazing of the Lions, who by reason of the fierceness of their Contest do not yet see it.

3. In the North, because the Almighty hath there discovered the fatal Decrees and Designs of Western Rome, against his People, for the fatal Frustration of which he had sent me towards Rome of the East; as also for the ful­filling and promoting of all our Modern Pro­phets, Wise-men, and Scripture-learned; and He, even He himself, hath been pleased to put his Work in such a forwardness against my re­turn, that at length his People being affrighted with so great dangers, and forced by so many necessities, might double-fill that Cup to the Whore of Rome and Babylon, in which she hath mixed her Poysons for the Destruction of Re­formed Israel and Juda.

4. O most accursed Pope! How will now the Rumours from the East, and from the North affright thee? Didst thou think to esta­blish thy tottering Throne in London? sure thou hast forgot what place London is; but well hast thou done, in so doing, for thou hast de­stroyed thy self by thine own Blindness. For England in her Wiclef brought forth that In­fant which the Church had conceived by Peter Wald of Lions, and the first Spirit is so nearly conjoyn'd with the Seventh, even the Infancy of the Reformed Church, with its Old Age, that it will appear that thou hast here­by hastned thine own Ruin in England.

5. Hence it was, that when at Cadiz (a place famous amongst Academicks) I heard [Page 67] the first News of the English Conspiracy (not­withstanding I was then beset with many Troubles) I rejoyced with great Joy to see that my Jehova was making way according to his Promises.

6. Hence it was, that when at my first Ar­rival at Amsterdam, I understood, not onely that one Coleman was one of the chief of the Conspirators, but also that there had been strange reports raised of me in remote places, and particularly at Breslaw, my Birth place, because of the likeness of my Name with his, it raised very various thoughts in me, and at length moved me with indignation (yet being unmoved) until at last I found reason to praise again and again so wonderful a pro­vidence of God, upon such a special and un­look'd for occasion.

7. Hence it was that at Rotterdam, on the self same day on which Drabicius Fifteen years ago (after that a Draught of the Seat and Throne of Glory had been presented to him) had together with the Youth cryed the Cries of a Crier (27 [17] of May 1665) I likewise cried again and again the Cries of a Crier, whilst with my outward and inward Eyes I ran o­ver the History of the particulars of this Eng­lish Conspiracy: indeed I was astonished, and joyfully praised the wonderful, yet visible Direction and Guidance of God amidst the Horror and Dolor of these Modern Commo­tions.

8. For reading the 81 Articles of Titus Oats his Discovery, which he dedicates to the King himself, I found so great an Agreement be­tween [Page 68] the dates of the Conspirators Transacti­ons, and the time of my Countermotions, for the ruin of the Pope and his Creatures, that it appears I was diametrically oppos'd to them, who, when they intended to subdue London under their Yoke, was from thence to begin my Journey for Constantinople, which will prove so fatal to the Pope and all Roma­nists, and was at the same time to write this present Letter (of so great moment) for a farewell, which during my absence, hath been in vain suppress'd by the self-love of some, because Jehovah hath made it the more remarkable by the shame of those seem­ing Heroes, who presumed proudly to judge and hinder so great an undertaking.

9. Read, my Brethren, my Fifteen Songs, and mind well their several Dates, and you'll find that the Truth of Christ hath destroyed the accursed Foundations of Papal Falshood▪ at the same time when they were most busie to raise them. Review the whole train of Papal De­signs, for these last Fifteen years, and with all con­sider my secret leading centrally opposing them: He thus sporting with me, whose sport is with the Sons of M [...]n.

10. It was for very great Reasons that our Examined Fore-runner of the wonderful Five, Years, was by a perpetual Dedication pre­sented to the Three Charles's of Europe, viz. To the Lutheran Charles, the Reformed Charles, and the Papal Charles, all at one time, and of one Name defending the three great Names of Religion.

11. As for the Lutheran Charles, he by his [Page 69] many Crosses and Losses, and besides, having been at the very point of Death, hath been exposed as a pleasing Spectacle to the Papists, at the same time when they designed the Mur­ther of the Reformed Charles, by so numerous a knot of Ruffians, and whilst the Papal Charles is taken up with Nuptial Consultations. It is your Duty O Reformed Israel and Juda, to dive more deeply into the secret Designs of the Papacy than hitherto ye have done, which sets you together by the Ears, hiding their Aims under various fallacious pretences and seeming assistances, till at length being tired and weakened through these Wars, ye, are forced to an Agreement, because ye can fight no longer.

12. Quirinus, built Rome, call'd the Inha­bitants Quirites and constituted the Feasts called Quirinalia: a Quirinus also is chosen of God to consummate and fulfil the Di­vine Pleasure upon Rome, the Quirites and Quirinalia.

13. Coleman intended to subject London, the Metropolis, not onely of three Kingdoms, but of all Protestants in General, to the kiss of the Popes Toe, with a Design as black as his Name: Kuhlman on the con­trary received London from the most High for his Sixth City, where he might sensibly per­ceive the Application of the Seven Revela­tion Spirits, to the end the execrable Papal and Roman Senary 666, might Eternally a­mongst all Hellish Spirits abide a Senary 666, with a Design too, which answers and agrees with his Name.

[Page 70]14. Breslaw was the first place in which Kotterus declared his Prophetical Commands to his Mystical King Frederick, and discovered the Papal Designs of secretly poysoning Gods chosen Servants, by which all other violent and murtherous ways are to be understood: Breslaw also now is the first place from whence all Modern Prophets are opened, unfolded, and applied to you, the chosen ones of the East and North, at a time when the malici­ous Plots of the Papists appear again to the Terror of the World.

15. Wherefore at length learn to be wise, and own Gods Visiting of you by his Prophets, Wise-men, and Scripture-learned, and with serious thoughts consider the Historical Application of the Vials in this present Epistle, which is the one onely mean to recover the true Unity of the Re­formed Churches, and their first Love: For let the cursed Pope know, That this very E­pistle shall yet strike him with more Horror than an Army of an Hundred thousand Warriours; and five smooth Stones taken out of the Valley of the Prophets, which I have put into the Scrip of this Writing, will be sufficient in my Sling, to destroy him in the Name of the Lord of Hosts, according to the Prophets.

16. And as for you Wiclef-Waldenses, Hus­sites, Zuinglians, Lutherans and Calvinists, my most dear Fellow-brethren, joyn all your Forces together, and call a GENERAL COƲNCIL, wherein you may examine, follow, and fulfil the Writings of your Prophets, Wise-men, and Scripture-learned; and as for all the Grievances and Scruples which are yet [Page 71] found amongst you, since they owe their rise onely to Prejudices and opinionative Conceits, they will in due time fall of themselves. It is most true, because under the pouring forth of your Plagues, so much matter hath been made for more Plagues, that the Papal Fury before its own fall will threaten yours, as hath been Prophesied, but the Almighty will turn it by, of which this Writing may give you a fore-taste.

17. Take heed of rejecting (as hitherto most Antichristianly ye have done) what ye never read or understood, but examine all in the Gold-Ballance of Scripture, according to the Literal and Spiritual sense of the Ho­ly Spirit; examine, I say, those who are Spi­ritual Spiritually; and those that are Literal Literally, and all Antichristian Mistakes will presently discover themselves. The Literal sense of the Scripture is but one, whereas the Spiritual and Mystical sense is a thou­sand-fold; and to confound the Literal sense, with such infinite Mysteries of the Spiritual sense, as some Carnal Academicks do, must needs produce a strange Confusion.

18. The Prophets, Wise men, and Scripture-learned, do often seem to contradict one a­nother, when their Literal sense is not clearly distinguished from their Mystical: and Pro­phets indeed, at all times, because of Con­ditions expressed or implied, and because of the riddle of the mystical future sense, as to places, persons, and times, have been su­spected of falshood, by Carnal and Literal Men, [Page 72] are, and will be so, until a corresponding event oblige posterity to esteem and revere their Prophecies.

19. Have not the Modern Prophets of this Age in their own days, as well as at this present, been suspected of falshood and little regarded, because of the darkness of their words, and the seeming Contrariety of Events? But what will ye say if amongst such differing and at divers times appearing Prophets, who all lived before I was called or inlightened (whose Names I have here and there alledged in these and other Writings) ye shall read and hear that these following 28 Particulars (all which point at me indi­vidually, and have their proper fulfilling at this very time) were fore-told, as it were with one Mouth; viz. My Father, Mother, the Year, Month and Day of my Birth, my Malignant Constellation, my Christian Name, Name and Surname, my Countrey, City, A­scendant, the Year and Month when I was in­lightned, the Year of the Holland Motion, my Seal, Learning, Writings, leaving of the Ʋni­versities, my rejecting the Degree of Doctor, my restoring of Scripture, unsealing of the Prophets, my Voyage to Constantinople, my hasting, and fall thereby occasioned, my foster Mother a Wi­dow, my doubled five Years time, and lastly my Age of Twenty eight Years.

20. All which things I intend, if God per­mit, to publish in their due place and time, to the Glory of God, the Confirmation of the Prophets, the Terror of the Pope, [Page 73] the Instruction of all, and the quieting of my own Conscience, in so many doubtful Cases; though the Angel of Sathan who buffets me day and night for the superabundance of Re­velations, doth so much endeavour to sup­press it, that by reason of so great loads wherewith I am burthened by my self, my Friends and Enemies, I scarce know my self, nor am able to serve my self or others.

21. What I have said concerning the one Mouth of the Prophets in their fore-telling of my Call, the same I affirm concerning all other Matters; and I have abundantly de­monstrated the Unity and Truth of the Num­bers of Kotterus and Drabicius, in the Trea­tise I wrote at Smirna, intituled, The Mystery of Kotterus his 21 Weeks. And to adde fur­ther weight, for a weighty Enquiry into these Mysteries, I will here set down three Capi­tal Concordant places, which in few words contain great and weighty Matter, and from which so great a Light will appear in and out of darkness, as will be abundantly sufficient to establish the Authority of the Revelation of these Revelation Commentaries.

22. The first place shall be that of Drabicius, Rev. 395. Count the number of the 70 Weeks from the day of my Departure, if thou hast Ʋn­derstanding, where an end must be made of the days of Battels and Wars which are at present; for when they shall cry out Peace and Security, I will come to execute Judgment, the time of times and half a time drawing to an end. The 70 Weeks of Daniel (concerning which the [Page 74] Revealer had said before, that he was come before they were ended) do end in the 37 year after his Birth; from which time of his De­parture, if you again count those 490 yearly Weeks, they point us to the Year 527, and to the Antichristian Birth of that cursed Body of the Civil Law, compiled in the Reign of Justinian the Emperor, when the one time of the Apocalyptical Dragon began, even in the year 527; his two times began in the year 887, and his half time 1607, whose end will be in the year 1787, when the 1260 Apocalyptical years will be ended.

23. The second place is that of Kotterus, Chap 1 [...]. v. 40. Where he begins to reckon the half time of the two Treaders-down, from the Year 1260, as the Original sheweth (the Translation being faulty here, as in many other places) according to which one time begins with the Year of Christ 612, Two times at the Year 948, and Half a Time at 1620, which accordingly ex­pires with the year 1788; which Half Time being 168 Years, do agree with the 21 Weeks of Kotterus, which makes 147 Years, and end in the year of Christ 1768, which time is aenigmatically, yet most tru­ly and clearly discovered under the Num­ber of the Years 1620 and 1624. What­soever therefore the Holy Scripture hath fore-told concerning the Papal and Turkish State under the Time, Times, and Half a Time, of 1176 Years, will be fully accomplished in the Year 1688.

[Page 75]24. The third and last place is that of Kotterus, Chap. 24. ver. 50, being the most notable of all: These are the times of the Woundings of the Beast: Take Notice of these that follow, 1329, 1428, 1527, 1626, about these times it must be fulfilled, Seven Years backward, and Three Years after. These numbers contain each of them 42, being thus placed one above another.


The two Angels command him to reck­on Seven Years backward, and Three Years after, and tell him that every one of these 14 Numbers contain 42, being placed as before, which is the true Key to under­derstand these Numbers. The Seven Years numbred backwards, are 1230, 1131, 1032, 933, 834, 735, 636; and the Three Years after, 1725, 1824, 1923, every one of which Numbers (which is wonderful) con­tains 42, being placed as the Angel ap­pointed, thus,


25. These three places will abundantly bear witness of the Harmony of these Numbers, and of the mistakes of all those who hi­therto have interpreted them, and I should have been afraid of opening this last place (which takes so large a compass) but that I read in the Prophets themselves, that it is lawful at present to unlock that Myste­ry of Numbers: For the 1176 years of the Two Witnesses expired Five Years since, and their 1260 Year-days, and Solar Months, which are expresly allotted to them in the Revelations, will according to the same Ex­plication, end with the Year 1685, after another double Quinary is past. And in this regard the First Day begins with the Year of Christ 425, the Second with 785, the Third with 1145, the Fourth with 1505. So that both according to the Solar and Lunar Months, the determined time of the Two Witnesses is come; and now that is fulfilled, The Spirit of Life from God came upon them, and they stood on their Feet, and a great Fear fell upon those that saw them; this present Epistle witnessing to the truth of it.

[Page 77]26. And you'll easily know the reason why the Numbers extend themselves as far as 1923, so you do not confound the time of the Sixth Vial with the Seventh: Now the end of the Sixth Vial is the total Exclusion of the cursed Pope, the Period of the Four Monarchies, and the full Conver­sion of the Turks; upon which shall imme­diately follow that interval of the Seventh Vial, in which the Universal Conversion of all Nations shall be carried on, and way made for the Thousand Years Apocalyptical Reign.

27. All the Confusion which hitherto hath been amongst the Good as well as the Bad, hath proceeded from the Ignorance of these Vials; the material Object of the Prophets, Wise-men, and Scripture-learned of the Sixth Vial, being the 17th Chap. of the Revelations, whose chief Contents is, Come hither, I will shew thee, the Judgment of the great Whore, who sits upon many Waters: but that of the Prophets, Wise-men, and Scripture-learned, of the Seventh Vial, is the 21 and 22 Chap. of the Revelations, whose main scope is, Come hi­ther, I will shew thee the Woman, the Bride of the Lamb. This one thing is sufficient to overthrow all erroneous Opinions, about Modern Pro­phecies, and to shew the difference of the Sixth and Seventh Vials; the former of which doth chiefly Prophecy concerning the Judgment which is to pass upon the Pope; the later con­cerning the Reign of Christ, and the utter over­throw of all other Kingdoms. Those very words, [Page 78] Come hither I will shew thee, do fundamentally declare, that there will be a calling of Prophets under the Sixth and Seventh Vials; neither do they understand the Letter, and Historical Con­text of Scripture, who do not understand the Emphasis of these words, Come hither I will shew thee.

28. It remains yet that I should speak con­cerning the Angel of the Seventh Vial, and of o­ther Applications of the Modern Prophets, of the secret Designs of the Papacy, to destroy the English, Dutch, French, German, and all other Protestants, which are hinted at by the Prophets; and many o­ther such like Matters, were I not to keep my self within the limits of a Postscript. And you O Pastors, Sheep and Lambs of the Reformed Israel and Juda, weigh in the equal Ballance of Christian Truth, what hath been here pro­pounded to you, and do not kick away your Salvation, least at last ye be wise too late. The Grace of Jesus Christ the onely begotten Son of the Living God, be with you, and with us. Amen. This Postscript was written at Rotterdam the 26th of May (5th June) in the Year 1679.



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