[Page] THE MARROW OF ASTROLOGY IN two BOOKS. Wherein is contained the Natures of the Signes and Planets, with their several Governing Angels, according to their Respective Hier­archies. Also Philosophical Reasons for takeing the Planets Antiscions, and Part of Fortune, with the Method of Directions according to the Aegyptians and Chaldeans, with several other useful Examples. Also a new Table of Houses, exactly calculated for the Latitude of London, with Tables of the Mundane Aspects, and all that is requi­site, for the Rectifying and Directing Nativities; according to the true Intent and Meaning of Ptolomy: Wherein is discovered the Errors of Argol, Regiomontanus, and most of our Modern Authors, in seve­ral Examples, never before Done in English.

By Richard Kirby. AND John Bishop. Students in the Celestial Science.

LONDON: Printed by Joseph Streater, near Paul's-Wharf in Thames-street, for the Authors, and are to be Sold by John Southby at the Harrow in Cornhil. 1687.

Friendly Reader;THer …

Friendly Reader;

THere are many material Erratas in the Introductory Part, which were occasioned by the Authors absence from the Press, therefore you are desired to correct them, before you make to far a Progress in the Book which you may do by the following Table, but as fo [...] the Litteral Faults, he hath silently passed them by, des [...] ring you to amend them as you Trace over the Book.


Page 2 Line 16. for ♈ Read ♉, p. 3 l. 9 for Panets Planets. p. 3 l. 16 for 331445 r. 338445. p. 10 l. 31 for 6 [...] r. 24 p. 10 l. 32 for 24 r. 60. p. 10 l. 32 for 7 r. 23. p. 10. 35. for 53 r. 37. p. 43 l. 5 for atrihuted r. atributed. p. 27. [...] dele on, p. 46, l. 2. for 1, 38. r. 4, 31. p. 46. l. 3, for 1, 4 [...] r. 6, 47. p. 57. l. 5. dele wo. p. 70. l. 16. for ♄ r. ♃. p. 7 [...] l. 3. for Setting r. Rising, p. 89. l. 4. for Soutt r. South 108. l. 29. for Ptolomp's r. Ptolomy s. p. 113. l. 6. for N [...] tivrty r. Nativity. p. 113. l. 25. for Potlomy r. Ptolomy 120. l. 32. for Doctr r. Doestor.

Part the Second, page. 60. l. under Mr. Lilly's Nativ [...] for 1 r. we, for 1 r. we, for 1 r. we have, p. 80 l. 19 for 1 r. w [...] for 1 r. we, l. 20. for 1 r. we, l. 24 for 1 r. we, l. 27 for 1 r. w [...] l. 29 for my r. our.

TO THE Most Eminently accomplished in all Ingenious Litera­ture Elias Ashmole, of the Middle Temple Esq. Controller General of His Majesties Duty of Ex­cise, &c.

Honoured Sir.

I hope this Dedicatory Epistle of mine published with­out your Knowledge, will beget no such Sinister Construction in you, but that the Fault shall be admitted as a veniall Transgression; and this Presumption, find ea­sie Remission at your most gentle Hands; I am now so well acquainted with your Pleasing Native Disposition, that in things of this Nature, where you are not in quest­ion, I Dare a little Offend: For its a fixed Natural Max­ime ingraffted in you, to love your Friends Sincerily, and rarely to take offence upon slight failings; Pardon there­fore this Boldness of mine, I have now a large Field to walk in, and should I further proceed, I am assured I should move that sweet disposed Temper of yours, which is not easily offended, I am silent, only Sr. I hope you shall have no dishonour to Patronize the ensuing Work, where­in I lay down the whole natural Grounds of Art, in a fit Method, never done before in England, or by any that could ever speak the English Tongue; that thereby I may undeceive those, who have been miss-led by the received, musty Opinion of Argol, Regiomontanus, and others, and thus much from him, who wishes to you, and your Ho­nourable Consort all Happyness, and Life Eternal.

Richard Kirby.

To the Courteous READER

Gentle Reader, we have here adventured to present thee with a Piece Entituled, The Marrow of Astrology, being the true Genethlical Part thereof, according to the Aegyp­tians and Chaldeans; wherein is discovered the Errors of Regiomontanus, Argol, and others, as my Ingenious Friend Mr. John Bishop, hath well demonstrated in the second Part of this Piece, and was also assisting in this, &c. Not doubting but that Men of Candid Sincerity will be ready, not only to give a friendly welcome, but also to drive away those Immortal Ene­mies, which continually beseige and assault every good Labour, and abuse the ligitimate Sons of Art, whose steps they are not worthy to follow; I mean Crittisism and Envy, the first is harboured in the Breasts of those, (who tho' hard to please) are credibly supposed to be more Nice then Wise, the other a restless Wretch, yet fearless enough to them which know it, only the worst is, like a filthy Flie it seeks all over the body for a Sore, and where it cannot find, it makes one; we wish to be as free as we can from the Reach of those Readers, committing our poor Endeavours to the use of such, as are more worthy of their mean Service; for we do not go about to Teach the learned Skill, but to Instract the Ignorant, in what before they knew not, &c.

Take therefore in good Part what is thus intended towards thee, so shall our Pains and Labour, not quite want their Recom­pence, nor thy self be branded with that filthy Mark, of foul In­gratitude [Page] (which resembles nothing but a Fiend of the Infer­nal Crew) for know this, we do not intend to send you into the Woods to fetter Wolves, nor saw the Tigers Teeth, but we will lead you into a fruitful Vineyard, where you shall have your fill of the sweetest Grapes, &c.

Astrology is no more, but a part or Member of Natural Phi­losophy, which teacheth, by the Motion of the Primum Mobi­le, Configurations and Influences of the Signs, Stars, and Ce­lestial Planets, to prognosticate, or predict, of the natural Ef­fects and Mutations to come in the Eelements, and these Infe­rior Elementary Bodies; 'tis an Art of great Antiquity, and if we may give Creddit to the Antient Writings of Sage Au­thors, and of the most profound Philosophers, who made it their Business wholly to Study God and Nature; it is even as Anti­ent as Adam, &c.

Don't we know, when the Great Jehovah had finished that Great and Admirable Stupendious Work of the Creation, he made Laws and Bands to every Part thereof, and in his eter­nal providence hath placed, against the usurpiug Blasphemy, Misuse, and Stealth of the Wicked, and great Enemy, the De­vil, four Mighty Angelical Princes (who are as Watchmen and Overseers, over this terestial Fabrick, and the Sons of Men dwelling thereon) to the Intent, that he being put out to the Earth, his envious will might be bridled, the determinations of our heavenly God fulfiled, and his Creatures kept and preser­ved, within the Compass and Measure of Order; he made the Sun to rule by day, and the Moon by night, and all the Hosts of Heaven, he made for Signs, for Seasons, for Days, and for Years, and in them did (briefly but fully) shew an Epitomy of the choycest Part of the Creation, and from which was learned Man by Divine Permission instructed in the most sublime Knowledg, next to Salvation, that ever was taught; and al­though the Ignorat Detractors, are subject to velify it; yet the [Page] more profound Philosophers, as I said once before, who made it their business Wholy to study God and Nature, were led by those Heavenly Beings, to the most occult Secrets, yea a great deal more than our common Astrologers doth know, or can give any Reasons for; but only Study by Tradition, not at all regar­ding Reason or Experience; let them alone in their common Road, and they have Arguments enough, (tho' senseless ones,) to confound a Nation, if that could do any good? but deny their senseless Arguments, and demand their Reasons, and you'l lay them as flat as the ground, and like Bats struck dead by Thun­der, as I may Instance in this one Proposition; suppose a Wo­man should have her Womb possest with three Children at one time, and it should please God our great Creator to order it so, that they should all be born, or receive the Vital Air upon their tender Bodies, within the space of an hour, I would fain know, whether there be ever a one amongst our common Pretenders, can tell which of these Children will dye first, when, and of what distemper; Now if there be any Truth in Art, as we are sure there is, then all Ingenious Men will allow this to be rational, as we often see, one Child lives, and two dyes, two lives and one dyes, and sometimes they all live, and sometimes they all dye now this is quite out of the common Astrologers way, neither can they give the least Reason for it in the World (and why) be­cause they trace over a wrong path, as we can easily prove in any Nativity of theirs, and shew demonstrable reasons for the same, that there is not one in a hundred of them as to Art, but are like the Sodomites, which did nothing but grope in the dark; or like the rude Multitude in Nineveh, which did not know their Right Hands from their Left; and yet these Gentlemen, can Boast with Hermes and Ptolomy; as their Leaders (nay some have the Impudence to Condemn them, and all their Wayes) when in Truth they understand no­thing of their sayings, but Cleave to the Customes of the World [Page] and forsake the Truth, as shall be Demonstrated here after by several Examples (If we find this Kindly Received and Friend­ly Entertained) and that according to the unerring Cannons of this most Heavenly Science &c.

Perhaps some who pretends themselves to be Great Masters of Art, will be apt to Clash and Write against these most Ex­cellent Rules, which we have here layd down for the good of Tyros; but we shall advise them to Rest in a secure Harbour, and not to be like the unadvized and indescreet Marriner, who runs his Ship against a Rock, and thereby not only Indangers the loss of his Vessel, but hazzards also his own Life, and the Sailors too; therefore he that offers to write against this Piece. In­devouring to vindicate what hath been all Ready wrote by any of our Modern Authors (who are like Ʋntempred Mortar, which is not as yet fit for use) will Run into Error and Confusion. And so we leave you to the Protection of him which made us all, for we must hasten (away) about our Great Work, least Time in his Swift Pace mocketh us for our slowness, therefore take Notice of this, that the fore-locks of Time, are the Deciders of many Doubts, and Time is so swift of foot, that being once past he can never be overtaken.

Richard Kirby
Student in Astrology and Physick.

You are desired in Page 76, Line 14, for Seminoct­urnal, to read Semidiurnal, if it be not so already, as it is in some of the Impression.


CHAP. I. Of the Characters of the seaven Planets, twelve Signs, and Aspects, with their several Names and manifold Divi­sions, &c.

YOU must Note, that there are seaven Erraticks, or wandering Stars, by our Ancient Predecessors called Planets, and are Character'd as followeth.

  • ♄ Saturn.
  • ♃ Jupiter.
  • ♂ Mars.
  • ☉ Sol.
  • ♀ Venus.
  • ☿ Mercury.
  • The Moon,
    called Luna.

Secondly. There is also two Nodes or certain Points used by Astrologers, named the Dragons Head and Tail, and are Character'd as followeth, ☊ Dragons Head, ☋ Dragons Tail; The Part of Fortune bears this Character, ♁

[Page 2] Thirdly. Now as there are seaven Planets, so there are twelve Signs, which are the twelve Mansions or Houses of Hea­ven; and these twelve Signs take great Power and Might of the seaven Planets; and the seaven Planets, take great Power and Might of the twelve Signs; for the seaven Pla­nets be to the twelve Signs, as the Body is to the Soul; for as the Body can do nothing without the Soul, nor the Soul without the Body; no more may the Signs without one of these Planets, &c.

Fourthly. The Characters of the twelve Signs of the Zodiack, are as followeth,Signs.

  • ♈ Aries;
  • ♉ Taurus;
  • ♊ Gemini;
  • ♋ Cancer;
  • ♌ Leo;
  • ♍ Virgo;
  • ♎ Libra;
  • ♏ Scorpio;
  • ♐ Sagittary
  • ♑ Capricorn
  • ♒ Aquarius;
  • ♓ Pisces.

Fifthly. Through these twelve Signes do the seaven Planets con­tinually The Time of the Pla­nets Revo­lutions. move, and are ever in one or other Degree of them: ♄ is the highest, who finisheth his Course through the twelve Signes in thirty Years. Next under ♄ is ♃, who performs his Revolution in twelve Years. Next under ♃ is ♂, who performs his Perambulation in two Years. Next under ♂ is that Glorious Lamp of Hea­ven [Page 3] the ☉, from whom all the Stars receive their Light and Motion; he performs his Revolution in 365 Days 5h. 49m. or there abouts. Next under the ☉ is Dame ♀, who tra­ceth through the 12 Signs in 225 Days. Next under ♀ is that nimble Post ☿, who passeth through the 12 Signs in 88 Days. And in the lowest Sphere of all moves the ☽ who performeth her Revolution in one Month; And thus the Panets are one beneath the other; and the Wise Philosophers say, that from the Earth to the ☽ Distance of the Planets from the Earth. it is 15750 Miles, and from the ☽ to ☿ is 12812 [...], and from ☿ to ♀ is 12812 [...], and from ♀ to ☉ is 23422 miles: From the ☉ to ♂ is 15725, and from ♂ to ♃ is 68719, and from ♃ to ♄ is 68719, and from ♄ to the Starry Firmament is 120485 Miles, and from the Firmament to the Earth is 331445 Miles, being the Total Sum of all, &c.

The Aspects of the Planets are thus, and are in Number Ten.

COnjunction ☌. Sextil ⚹. Simiquartil smq. Quintil Q. Aspects. Quartil □. Trine △. [...] [...]q. Biquintil Bq. Oppositon ☍. and Paralels Pa.

Of these are good the ⚹ the Q. △, and Bq. the bad are, the smq. □, ssq. and ☍; the rest are indifferent, that is good with good, and bad with bad, as the ☍ and Pa.

[Page 4]

A Table of Aspects, and how many Degrees makes each Aspect.
☌ A Conjunction is00or 0000
⚹ A Sextil is60or 0200
smq. A Simiquartil is45or 0115
Q. A Quintil is72or 0212
□ A Quartil is90or 0300
△ A Trine is120or 0400
ssq. A Sisquiquadrat is135or 0415
Bq. A Biquintil is144or 0424
☍ An Opposition is180or 0600

A Parallel hath no certain Number ei­ther in Signs or Degrees, but may be more or less, according as the Planet shall have Latitude, besides Parallels goes under three Denominations, viz. Mundane; Par­ralels of Declination, and Parallels by the Mo­tion of the Primum Mobile, as shall be ex­plained in their proper Places, and that with Examples.

Aspects that are called Antiscians, we call Parallels, because saith Ptolomy, nothing else should be Parallel to Aspects, or Antiscians. the Equator; wherefore those Parallels in the Primum [Page 5] Mobile are of equal distance to the Equator, and if they are of one Denomination, they are called Primary; but if of sundry Denominations, Secundary, &c. The North Commands, and the South Obeys; a Parallel is of the same Strength with a Star of the first Magnitude; and what Aspects are made in the Primum Mobile, the same are made in the Horizon or World: Yet many are the likeness between the Parallels in the world, and Parallels in the Primum Mobile, as may be found in place where.

First. A ☌ is when two Planets are in one and the self same Of a Con­juction. Degree and Minute of a Sign, both as to latitude as well as longitude, and he that doth not regard the one as well as the other, must needs Err; as their reason and practice shall tell them: For if a Planet be in 10 degrees of ♊ haveing no latitude, and another Planet be in the self same Sign and Degree, having 3 dg. of South lattitude, and they be to be directed under the Pole 51 dg. according to the common way of direction, we shall find it will be 6 Years, 63 Days, before the Direction will come up, accor­ding to Naibods measure of Time: That which is most practised, tho' not the truest; which is a sufficient de­monstrable Reason to satisfie all the Ingenious Sons of Ʋ ­rania; that two Planets cannot be said to be in a par­til Conjunction, or Aspect, except their Positions be to a Degree and Minute, both as to Latitude, and Longitude, as I said before, &c.

Secondly. Altho' we mention a ☌ or Aspect, to consist of a just number of Degrees and Minutes, yet they being very sel­dome [Page 6] so found, therefore they go under two Denomina­tions, viz. Partil, and Platick: now a Partil Conjuncti­on or Aspect, is when two Planets are exactly in so ma­ny Degrees, or so many dg. and min. of a Sign; or so ma­ny dg. and min. from each other, both as to Latitude and Longitude; as I said before as makes a perfect ☌ or As­pect, &c.

But the Platick admits of the Rayes or Moity of the Orbs of each Planet, which are so in Aspect of each o­ther; and in this we ought to consider the Latitude; for many times when we think the Aspect to be but pla­tick, it may prove partil; which is caused by the Planets great Latitude; and for want of this due consideaation, many an able Artist Errs in his Judgment; which brings a great Scandal upon the Art, and makes many People to have but a mean Opinion of the same, by reason of such Grand Mistakes and Over-sights, &c.

The Orbs of the Planets are to be understood thus; ♄ and ♃ 9 deg. ♂ ♀ and ☿ 7 deg. the ☉ 15 deg. and the ☽ Orbs of the Planets. 12 degr.

Thirdly. The Planets have allowed them every one two Signs Lords of Signs. or Houses a piece, ☉ and ☽ excepted, they having but each of them One; ♄ hath allotted him the Signs ♑ and ♒, to ♃ ♐ and ♓, ♂ owns ♈ and ♏, and the ☉ ♌, ♀ ♉ and ♎, ☿ ♊ and ♍, and the ☽ ♋, &c.

[Page 7]Fourthly. Of the Radiations of the Houses and Signs, which are in two small Tables as followeth, &c.

Of the Rad. of the Hos.Of the Rad. of the Sig.
Radiations of the Hou­ses and Signs.
13:114:105:97♊ ♒♋ ♑♌ ♐
24:125:116:108♋ ♓♌ ♒♍ ♑
31:56:127:119♈ ♌♍ ♓♎ ♒
42:61:78:1210♉ ♍♈ ♎♏ ♓
53:72:89:111♊ ♎♉ ♏♈ ♐
64:83:910:212♋ ♏♊ ♐♉ ♑

These Tables are so plain and easie, that they need no Explanation; yet least some young Students should com­plain, and say they understand them not, they being un­acquainted with our Method, therefore I think it will be requisite to unfold the meaning of them, which are as followeth, &c.

Thus, on the top of each Table you have the Title, Example. and in the next Line below, the Aspects, and in the first Column of the first Table you have House at the top, and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and ☍ down to the bottom; so in the last Collumn, House 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, and ☍ to the top; now if you guide your eye from the number 1 in the first Collumn till you come under ⚹ in the second, you shall [Page 8] find 3, 11, which shews the 3d. and 11th. Houses to be in ⚹ to the 1st. and in the third Coll. under □ is 4, and 10, which denotes that the 1st. 4th. and 10th. are in □. the 4th. Coll. shews the 1st. 5th. and 9th. to be in △. and the 5th. Coll. shews the 1st. and 7th. to be in ☍, as the Lines and Collumns themselves will express by their num­bers and Characters; and so throughout the whole Table entering either at top or bottom, with the number of the House, the like is to be understood in the Signs, as may be seen by Inspection, as thus, ♈ ♊ and ♒ are in ⚹, ♈ ♋ and ♑ in □, ♈ ♌ and ♐ in △, and ♈ and ♎ in ☍, and so of the Rest, &c.

Fifthly. Of the Antiscions of the Planets, and the way of take­in Of Antisci­ans. them, by the Tables of Declination, regard being had to the Latitude and Declination of the Planet, as well as the Longitude; and he that takes them otherwise, knows not what he doth, except the Planet hath no Latitude, then it will fall out right according to their way, otherwise not; for many times a Planet hath so great Latitude, that there can be no Antiscion, because it falls quite out of the Ecliptick Line; nay sometimes when a Planet hath not that great Latitude, it falls out of the Ecliptick Line, there­fore can be no Antiscion, as I shall instance in several Examples.

And as for the Contrantiscions, there is no such thing, Contran­tiscians. let who will say it, and the Reason is, because the Antisci­on can cast no contrary Shaddow; the Antiscion being but a Shaddow cast contrary it self, &c.

Examples followeth.

Suppose a Planet to be posited in 10 Dg. of ♊, he hav­ing Example. no Latitude, and it were desired to know his Anti­scion; in the Tables of declination, enter the last collumn to the right-hand, (haveing ♊ at the Bottom) with 10 Dg. of Longitude, and in the Angle of meeting under 0 Dg. of Latiude, you shall find 22 Dg. 2 m. which is the Planets Declination; against which in the first Column to the left hand having ♋ a top, you will find 20 Dg. which is the Planets Antiscion, as in the common way of taking it: But here observe, the Planet hath no Latitude, therefore upon necessity must happen so, but if the Planet had but one Dg. of Latitude, either North or South, it would have made a considerable alteration in the Antiscion.

Sixthly. How to take the Antiscion of a Planet with Latitude, a Example. thing not used by the common Astrologers; and the reason is, because they understand it not; therefore I shall desire them not to be high and Prodigal, but mildly to receive Instructions; which they shall have in three or four Ex­amples which I think is sufficient for the slenderst Capaci­ty in this World, that pretends to the least knowledge in this Mistical Science; which Iam sure few understands, tho many have the confidence to pretend to, and practice the same, and so become common cheaters of the Town, and indeed the Country to; Abusing the Art, and the honest Professors of the same; as I could instance many, who impudently put out Bills, declaring their 20 Years Expe­rience, besides the strange things they have foretold; with their Calculations of Nativities, and teaching the whole [Page 10] Art of Astrology; when it's certain they understand no more in Starry Diatect, than some old Women do of Mar­tial Discipline.

Suppose ♀ to be in 22 dg. of ♎, she having 5 dg. of North Lat. and it were required to know where, and in what dg. of ♓ she sends her Antiscion.

I enter the Table of Declination, with her Longitude in the first Collumn to the left hand, having ♎ at top, Example. and in the Angle of meeting under 5 dg. of Lat. I find 3 dg. 58m. which Number I look for in the second Collumn to the left hand, and I find it exact; and next to it in the first Collumn is 10dg. against which, in the last Collumn of all, having ♓ at the bottom, I find 20 dg. of ♓, which is the Antiscion of ♀; she being in 22dg. of ♎ having 5dg. of North Lat. as the Tables themselves will shew by In­spection; and Note, if at any time you have any odd m. of Longitude or Latitude, you must equate for them, as you do in taking a Planets Declination, or Right Ascen­tion, &c.

Take another Example for Practice; Suppose ☿ to be in 6 Degrees of ♈, having 2 dg. South Lat. and were re­quired Example. to know where, and in what dg. of ♍ he sends his Antiscion, I enter the Table of Declination, in the last Collumn to the Right Hand, (having ♈ at the bot­tom) with 6 dg. of Longitude, and in the Angle of meeting under 2 dg. of Lat. I find 33 m. this 33m. I seek for in the second Collumn to the left hand, which I find not, but I find 24, which Number is 9 too little, then I substract 24 from 48, the Number above it, and the differ­ence is 24; then I say by the Rule of Proportion, if 60 give 24, what shall 9 give, viz. near 7, which must be substracted out of 29 dg. of ♍ as I find it in the first Coll. to the left hand; so the Antiscion of ☿ will fall in 28 dg. 53m. of ♍, &c.

[Page 11] But it happens (somtimes) that a planet can have no Antiscion; as I have said else where, and it shall be pro­ved in this following Example,

As thus, suppose ♀ were posited in 20 dg. of ♐, having Example. three dg. South Lat. with her Long. I enter the first Coll. to the left hand (having ♐ at the top) and I guide my Eye along until Icome just against, or more properly un­der 3 dg. of lat. and in the Angle of meeting, I find 26dg. 8m. which Number I seek for, in the second Coll. to the left hand; but I find it not, nor no number near it; which shews that ♀ sends no Antiscion to that Place; be­cause it falls out of the Ecliptick Line; except you neg­lect her lat. as many half witted Fellows have done all along, and then it will fall in 10dg. of ♑, according to the common way of taking it; a great Error, O! what grand mistakes do Men make for want of a due under­standing.

Perhaps some will be pecking at me for these things; Note. but such I will give to understand that I value them not. And thus much for the true and exact way of taking An­tiscions, for he that offers to take them without observing, lat. long. and declination, must needs run into Error and Confusion.

A Table of the Antiscions.
By this Table you may see that a Pla­net in ♊ sends his Antiscion to ♋; as the Tables of Declination themselves will
direct, &c.

[Page 12] Seaventhly. The Ho. of ♄ are in ☍ to the ho. of the Luminaries: ♃. 2 Houses are in △, ♂ 2 Houses in □, ♀ 2 Houses in ⚹, ☿ be­holds Honses. them not at all: Hence it appears ♄ is the greater infortune, and ♃ the greater Fortune; ☿ is neither good nor bad, but like a Chip in Pottage, doth neither good nor hurt, but when he is with a Fortune, or Infortune, either by Body or Aspect; so ♄ and ♂ are Infortunes; ♃ and ♀ Fortunes; the ☉ ☿ and ☽ indifferent, &c.

Eighthly. The Planets mean Motion: ♄ 2m. 1s.4m. 59s.31m. 27s. ☉ ♀ and ☿ have each 59m. 8s. and the ☽ 13d. 10m. 36s. this is what they move in 24. Hours; yet Planets mean Mo­tion. sometimes they move faster, and sometimes slower; and sometimes it falls out, that ♄ ♃ ♂ ♀ and ☿ stand stock still, and therefore are called Stationary, &c.

In the next place I shall treat of the [...] descripti­ons and significations of the 12 Signs of the Z [...]k.

First of the Signe Aries.

Nature of ♈ ARies is a Masculine, Diurnal, Equinoctial, Moveable, Cardinal, Easterly Sign, of the fiery triplicity, hot and dry, in Nature chollorick, intemperate, and violent; it's the day house of ♂ the Exaltation of the ☉; and the tri­plicity of Sol and ♃, contains 13 fixed Stars, and is bea­stial.

♈ gives of it self.First this Sign describes a Person of a mean Stature, lean and spare dry Body, but big bones long Visage, a swarthy Complexion hazle eyes, crooked nose, a light or yellowish coloured hair, some what Curling, little eyes and feet, black eye-brows, broad thick shoulders, and well set; the first part of the Sign gives the body more gross then the latter: This Sign incites a man to cho­ler, makes him witty and Ingenuous, quick of apprehension,

Places.Secondly, places, it signifies where Sheep and all sorts of small cattle do feed, or use to be; as private unfre­quented places, sandy and hilly grounds, places of Refuge for theives; Lands newly taken in or Plowed up; or where bricks tiles, potters ware, charcoal or lime have been Burned. In houses, that part thereof where small Beasts use to be kept, also covering, cieling, plaistering Fire-place stove, furnace, or the like, generally the Stable; also bake-houses, glass-houses, smiths shops, all places where fire is used, also Iron is kept, or Weapons of War, and is Eastern.

[Page 14] Diseases. Thirdly, Diseases, all pushes, whelks, and pimples, freckles, and sun-burning in the Face, Polipus, or Nolime­tangere, hare-lips, all Diseases in the Head, as head-ach of all sorts, vertigo, frenzy, lithargy, forgetfulness, catalepsie, appoplexy, dead palsie, coma, falling-sickness, convulsions, cramps, madness, melancholy, trembling, St. Anthony's Fire, blisters, burnings, scaldings, blasts, megrims, tooth-ach, baldness deafness, loss of Sight and Speech. It gives a Colour white, and red mixed therewith.

Colour. Fourthly, Kingdoms Countries, Cities, and Places un­der ♈ are, England, France, Germany, Idumea, Silisia, the higher Polonia, Burgundy, Polonia the less, Palestine, Baster­nia, India, Cities. Augusta, Concomia, Naples, Capua, Fer­rara, Kingdoms. Florence, Verona, Lydani, Trajectum, Bergamo, Padua, Brunswick, Ʋtrecht, Marcelles, Epidaure, Craconia, Caragosa, Wenjesa, his Angel is Muschidiel, &c.

Secondly of the Signe Taurus.

Nature of ♉ TAurus is the second Sign in Order in the Zodiack, and is an earthly, cold, dry, melancholy, feminine, noct­urnal, domestical, or bestial, fixed Sign, of the earthy Triplicity; the night house of ♀, the exaltation of the ☽ and both their Triplicities; it contains 23 fixed Stars, and is Furious, because it represents the Bull; herein ♀ rejoy­ceth, &c.

♉ gives of its self. First, It represents one of a short thick Stature, (that is strong and well set) a broad Face and fore-head, and of Nature as rugged as a Bull; thick arms, great eyes, large and strong shoulders, wide and thick lips, gross [Page 15] hands, rugged thick black hair, crisping or curling, a swarthy brown Complexion, bigg buttocks, and short legs; one of few words, slow to anger, but if he be once stired up, or put into passion, it will be a hard matter to reconcile him again: A very laborious person it produ­ceth, and one of an earthy sordid Occupation.

Places. Secondly, Places. It signifies stables where Horses are, Cow-houses, and houses where the Implements of Cattel are laid up, also the Husband Mans working-geer; all out houses, Pastures, or feeding Grounds, and where bushes and shrubs have been lately grubed up, and wherein Wheat and Corn is sowed, or under some Bank-side, mud-wall, or little trees not far of; In Houses, under ground, cellars, low rooms, earthen floores, wall sides, or holes in walls, vaults, places where rubbish lieth, and the like; it is a south-east Sign, &c.

Diseases. Thirdly, Diseases, The kings evil, sore throats, quin­sie, wens in the neck, flux of rhume in the throat, and what disease soever falls into that part of the body, the Sign ♉ gives a colour red, and white mixed therewith, &c. Colour.

Fourthly, Kingdoms, Countries, Cities, and Places, Polonia, the Great, the North Part of Sweedland, Russia, Lorraigne, Campania, Holvetia Rhetia, Franconia, Perthia, Kingdoms. Persia, Ireland, Cyclades, Cyprus, Switzzarland: Towns of Asia the less, Cities, Bononia, Sona, Mantua, Novograde, Parma, Panormus, Taurentum, Perufium, Caput Histria, Bri­xi, Zurich, Lucerne, Naunts, Harbibolus, Carolstade, Posna­nia, Liepfig, Gnesua, Tigure, Sicyly, &c. Its Angel is As­model.

Thirdly of the Sign Gemini.

Nature of ♊THis is the third Sign in Order in the Zodiack, it is an airyal, sanguine, hot, moist diurnal, common double bodied, barren, and humane, western, masculine Sign, the day house of ☿, consisting of 18 fixed Sears, and is the Triplicity of ♄ and ☿, &c.

♊ gives of it self. First, It gives one of an upright, streight, and tall stature, of body, either in man or woman; the complexion san­guine, not clear, but a little obscure and dark, yet a good colour, long arms, but many times the hands and feet ve­ry fleshy, a dark hair, tending towards a black, the bo­dy strong and active; a good piercing hazle eye, and wanton; one of perfect Sight, and of excellent Under­standing, judicious in worldly affairs, a fluent Tongue, and apt discourse, yet of no great fidelity, large breasts, this Sign incites a man to be witty, but deceitful, yet a lo­ver of Arts and Sciences, and all manner of Curiosi­ties; &c.

Places. Secondly, Places, It signifies all hanged or wainscoat rooms, the hall, dineing room, chambers, shelves, chests, trunks, boxes, coffers, cabinets, chests of drawers, wri­tings, books, pictures, plaistering, walls of houses, also eaves, places of store, all curious airyal places, In Houses. but out of Houses, it denotes barns; store houses, play hou­ses, stages for Actors, and all sorts of Mountebanks, hills and mountains, graineries for corn, fine hilly places, and corn fields. It is a west and by south Sign.

[Page 17] Diseases. Thirdly. Diseases; It signifies all which are incident to the Armes, and hands, but as for the Shoulders, viz. that part which we carry burthens on; is under ♉, because it is the emblem of labour, therefore not under ♊, as the com­mon received Opinion is, it denotes wind in the blood more than any other sign, and this comes commonly by blood letting; it also signifies fractures dislocations, lax­ations, and all such diseases that are hot and moist, ♊ gives a colour white and red mixt together, &c. Colour.

Countries. Fourthly. Kingdomes countries cities and people, are Brabant, Lumbardy, Flanders, the west part of England, Armenia, Sardenia, the Dukedome of Wortenburge, Hercania, Martia­nia, Cyrienia, Marmarica, Egypt the lower, Cities, London, Lovaine, Bruges, Norimberg, Corduba in Spain, Hasford, Mentz, Bambery, Ceseny, Viterbium, Turney, Vercellas, Rhegi­um, Lovine, Kitzing, Erford, Villacum, Mogontia; its Angel is Ambriel, &c.

Fourthly of the sign Cancer.

Nature of ♋THis is the fourth Sign in order in the Zodiack, and is by nature cold and moist, frutful, slow of voice, mute, flegmatick, feminine, solsticial, movable, cardinal, watry, nocturnal, northern, the house of the ☽, exaltation of ♃, and triplicity of ♂, ♀ and the ☽; containing 9 fixed Stars, &c.

[Page 18] ♋ gieves of it self. First Under this sign, are generally persons of low and small stature, the upper parts more bigger than the lower, a round visage, a sickly pale white complexion, the hair of a sad brown, little eyes, oval visage, some say, a low whining voice, and one that is given to drinking and ve­nery, it gives bad teeth, but many Children; one uncon­stant and never fixed, &c.

Places. Secondly. Places, it signifies the sea, great rivers, fountains, all na­vigable waters, also brooks, springs, ponds, lakes, wells, cellars, marshy grounds, ditches with rushes, sedges, sea banks, trenches, all water courses; in Houses; pumps, pipes, cesterns, sinks, dranes, cellars, tubbs of water, and all watery places, and is a Northern Sign, &c.

Diseases. Thirdly. Diseases; it signifies Imperfections all over, or in the breasts, and stomach; also the paps, weak digestion, bad liver, cold stomach, cancers in the breasts, and that infla­mation, which Women commonly call agues in the breasts, plurisies, want of appetite to victuals, want of digestion of what they eat, dropsies, coughs, heat of the stomach, ptisick, salt flegms, imposthumations in the stomach, and rotten coughs, also timpanies, ♋ gives a colour green and russet, &c. Colour.

Countries. Fourthly. Kingdomes, countries, citties and places, Scotland, Hol­land, [Page 19] Zeeland, Prusia, Tunis, Algier, Constantinople, Venice, Millain, Genoa, Burgundy, Granada, Numedia, Africa, Bithi­nia, Calc is, Carthage, Phrygia, Cholcis; Cities, Amsterdam, Cadiz, Pisa, St. Lucus, Vincentia, Bern York in England, St. Andrews in Scotland, Gorlick, Wittenburg, Magdeburg, Lu­beck: Its Angel is Muriel, &c.

Fisthly of the Sign, Leo.

Nature of ♌THis is the fifth Sign in Order in the Zodiack, and is in Nature hot and dry, fiery, cholorick, masculine, and diurnal, beastial, and barren; the second of the fiery try­plicity, a commanding regal eastern Sign, and consists of 27 fixed Stars, it is the onely house of the ☉, and there he keeps his court, being king of the Stars, and is the tri­plicity of Sol and Jupiter, &c.

♌ gives of its self. First. Under this Regal Sign, are generally persons of a large full body, great round head, bigg eyes starting out, tall of stature; a dark flaxen or yellowish hair curling, of a ruddy high sanguine complexion, broad shoulders, narrow sides, of a fair countenance, and of good courage, bigg voice, a resolute spirit, an active body, and a person of a generous spirit, and well spoken, not fearing his flesh, for he is of the nature of the sign as fierce as a Lyon, proud and [Page 20] high minds, scorning to stoop to any, yet he is sober, grave, and wise, and seemingly, affable enough.

Places. Secondly. Places, it signifies all woods, forrests, desarts, groves, and places where wild beasts frequent, all steep rocks, crag­ged Castles and Forts, likewise all places inaccessable; Kings pallaces, parks wildernesses, &c.

In Houses, all places where fire is kept, as chimnyes, fur­naces, ovens, stoves, kills, and such like places, and is a North-east Sign, &c.

Diseases. Thirdly. Diseases, Palpitation, and trembling, of the heart, vio­lent burning feavers, sore eyes, the yellow jaundice, faint­ings, and such diseases as comes of adustion of blood; as the plague, pestilence, violent pains at the heart and back, and all such distempers as afflict those parts; likewise, all sicknesses in the ribs and sides, especially the right side; as the plurisie; ♌ gives a colour red and green, &c. Colour.

Kingdoms. Fourthly. Kingdoms, Countries, Cities, and Places under ♌ are, Gallia, Togata, the Alps, Italy, Sicily, Apalia, Bohemia, Tur­ky, Aemelia, Sabina, Phenecia, Chaldea, Orchinia, Apulia; Cities, Rome, Damascus, Syracusa, Ravenna, Cremona, [...]lms, Confluant, Prague, Liniz, Crimifium, Bristol in England; Its Angel is Verchel.

Sixthly of the Sign Virgo.

Nature of ♍THis is the sixth Sign in Order in the Zodiack, and is by Nature cold and dry, of the earthy Triplicity, melancholy, barren, feminine, nocturnal; and is the House and Exaltation of ☿, the Triplicity of ♀ and ☽; consisting of 24 fixed Stars, herein ☿ rejoyceth, and it is a South-west Sign, &c.

♍ gives of it self. First. This sign describes a person of slender body, mean height, but decently well composed, a Rudy brown com­plexion, bigg Eyes, thick black hair, one of an Ingenious but Subtil witt, and given to all maner of Learning, the visage somewhat Round, the Voyce small and shrill, all the members inclinable to breavity, a witty discreet, judici­ous soul, well spoken, studious in history, those persons un­der this Sign, are not very beautiful, yet well favoured and comely enough, if ☿ be in this sign and the ☽ in ♋, the person is of great understanding, but somewhat un­stable, that is a little fickle minded, yet covetous, cruel, and dispiteful, a lover of Warr, &c.

Places. Secondly. Places it signifies, is corn fields, graineries, malt-hou­ses, all places where hay, barly, wheat, pease, and other grain is kept; also stores where butter and cheese is laid; [Page 22] In Houses, closets, studies, or places where books, maps, writings, pictures, medals, or some pretty toys are laid; it also denotes low rooms, where earthen floors are, and all private close corners, also behind wainscoate, pictures, hangings, and the like; It is a south-west Sign.

Diseases. Thirdly. Diseases, Under ♍, are all incident to the bowels, the me­seriack veins, the Omentum, the diaphragme, spleen, worms, wind in the gutts, obstructions, the chollick, and illiack passions, hardness of the spleen, hypocondriack, melan­choly, gripings and croaking in the gutts, any disease in the belly, as hard bound, and the like, &c. Its colour is black and speckled mixed together. Colour.

Kingdoms. Fourthly. Kingdoms, Countries, Cities, and Places, under ♍ are, Achaia, Creet, Ba ylon, Greece, Croatia, Corinthia, Ar­thefina, the Dukedom of Athens, Mesopotamia, Assyria, Gallia, Comota Part, Rhone Part, Silicia. Cities, Jerusalem, Co­rinth, Rhodes, Pupie, Sigina, Brundufium, Aretium, Novaria, Cholosa, Lyons, Paris, Bosil, Heidleburge, Erphord, Wrutislain, &c. its Angel is Humatiel.

Seaventhly of the Sign Libra.

Nature of ♎ LIbra is the Seaventh Sign in Order in the Zodiack Circle, it is an airyal, fanguine, hot and moist, [Page 23] equinoctial, cardinal; moveable, masculine, western, di­urnal, humane Sign; it is the day House of ♀, the exal­tation of ♄, and the triplicity of ♄ and ☿, consisting of 8 fixed Stars.

♎ gives of it self. First. It represents One of a most delicate comely body, of a round and beautiful visage, very streight, of a neat symmetry and proportion, more sub­tle and slender, then gross bodied; a pure sanguine ruddy complexion in youth; but towards the latter days, sub­ject to spots and pimples, and a very high colour, the hair somewhat yellowish, or inclinable to a sandy flaxen, long and smooth, also gray eyes, it gives a courteous impar­tial creature, very just and upright in all things and acti­ons; yet a contemner of Arts, and conceited of his own Person, and Abilities.

Places. Secondly. Places, It signifies high hilly grounds, also fields and gravelly places, near wind-mills and low barns; or out­houses where hauking and hunting is used, or where wood hath been cut, it also represents the sides of hills, or tops of mountains, saw-pits, and the like. In Houses, it signifies upper rooms, as chambers, garrets, bellconeys, turrets, lofts, roofs, eaves of houses, also shelves, and all places that lyes West.

[Page 24] Diseases. Thirdly. Diseases, under this sign are of the reins or kidnyes which you please, for the significations of the words are the same, also heat of the reins in Women, which many times causeth death in travel; likewise abortion, and hard labour, the stone or gravil in the reins ul­cers in the kidnyes, ♎ gives all diseases coming of wind and corruption of blood, both in the loyns and kidnyes, weakness in the small of the back, it gives a colour crim­on Colour. or tawny.

Kingdoms. Fourthly. Kingdoms countries citties and places, are Bastriana, Caspia, Seres, Oasis, Aethiopa, Sabandia, Alsatia, Sundguia, Livonia, Austria, Panuania, Portugal, the Dukedome of Savoy, Delphinate, Thuscia: Thebaida Trogloditica, Cities Lisbone Caietam Laudam Sessam Placentia Felkirch Fri­burge Angentine Spires Frankford Vienna Harlum Suenoram Winpina Antwerp Landshut Mospachium Frisinge Heil­brane Arles Lisbone Olysiponis Arefatum Veldkerchium; its Angel is Zuriel.

Eighthly of the Sign Scorpio.

Nature of ♏ SCorpio is the Eighth Sign in Order in the Zodiack, and is a watery, cold, flegmatick, feminine, nocturnal, fixed stigmatized, false, deceitful, treacherous, northern Sign, it is the night house and only joy of ♂, consisting of 12. fixed Stars, and is the triplicity of ♂, ♀, and Luna.

♏ gives of it self. First. It represents one of a short low stature, corpulent and strong-bodyed, yet undecent and slugish, an Indiffernt large face, the complexion a little pale, not going very straight or upright, somewhat Incurvating with the head, one subtle cuning and a great deceiver, also quick in action; a dusky muddy complexion, and sad dark hair, and hath much on his body, short neckt, a square well trust fellow, and the hair curling, it makes man or Woman Impudent and brazen faced, also a great lyar.

Places. Secondly. Places. It represents, all marshy morish boggy, quaggy nasty durty stinking lakes, grounds and places, where all manner of vermine and creeping things do in­habit, also ruinous houses jakes vaults, and places of dung rubbish and where carion lyeth, it doth likewise repre­sent nasty stinking gardens, orchards, & vineyards, &c. In Houses, kitchings, larders, jakes, vaults, or house of office, [Page 26] sinks dranes and all dark filthy nasty stinking places whatsoever, both of mudd and water, wether wash house or any such like place, North or North-west.

Diseases. Thirdly. Diseases it signifies all infirmities whatsoever in the secreet parts, gravel and stone in the bladder, inflamations and ulcers there, all difficulties and imperfections of urine whatsoever; also reptures fistulas hemorrhoids the French Pox runing of the Reins priapismus, also all diseases of the womb &c. colour brown. Colour.

Kingdoms. Fourthly. Kingdomes countries cities and places are, Norway the higher Bavaria Comagena Cappadocia Idumea Maurita­mia Fesse Gethulia Catalonia Barbary Metagony Swecia, Cities Aqualegia Pestorium Algiers Valentia in Spaine, Trabezond Vrbine Gamerinum Taruisum Forum Julium Messana Alch­stade Monacum Gaunt, Frankford Part. its Angel, Barbiel, &c.

Ninthly of the Sign Sagittary

Nature of ♐ SAgitary is the 9th. Sign in Order in the Zodiack, and is a Fiery hot dry: masculine, cholorick diurnal: eastern, common: by corporal double bodyed beastial or 4 footed Sign, the house and joy of ♃, and the ☉ and ♃'s triplicity containing 31. fixed Stars.

[Page 27] ♐ gives of it self. First. It represents one a bove amiddle stature or size, and hath a very well favored countenance, the visage being some what long: but pretty full and ruddy, or almost of a Sun­burnt complexion, a lovely cheerful countinance, good hors-men: and great shooters, stout-hearted, a brownish hair or chesnut colour, but subject to baldness; to conclude it represents one on of a handsome conformity in all the members, yet proud and high minded, but good natured quickly angry and as soone over: and is valiant without fear: it makes a Man witty and ingenious, quick of ap­prehension.

Places. Secondly. Places. It signifies: all hilly stony places and where fire hath been frequently kept: also stables and Ox staules or cow-houses, upper roomes in Houses, like­wise chimnies stoves ovens furnances, it also represents all those places that are high and lofty as well in fields as in houses: It is an East and by South Signe.

Diseases. Thirdly. It signifies all Infirmities in the thighs and hips, as the sciatica, &c. Fistulas in those parts, heat of blood, pesti­lential feavers; and take this for a general rule, that ♌ and ♐ signifies falls from horses, and hurts by four foot­ed beasts, they being both of them signs of Horsman-ship; besides ♐ prejudiceth the body by cholor, heat, fire, and in­temperance [Page 28] in sports, danger of gun-shot and arrows, ♐ gives a coulour yellow and red, &c. Colour.

Kingdoms. Fourthly. Kingdomes, Countries, Cities, and Places under ♐ are, Arabia the happy, Tirrhenia, Celtica, Hispania, Dalmatia, Sclavonia, Hungaria, Moravia, Misnia, Thirronia, Spain. Cities, Toletum, Volaterus, Mutinum, Narbone, Avenion, Co­lonia, Agrippina, Studguard, Rotenburge, Ludenburge, Buda, Gascovia, Cullen; Its Angel is Adnaciel, &c.

Tenthly of the Sign, Capricorn.

Nature of ♑ CApricon is the 10th. Sign in Order in the Zodiack, and is an earthy, dry, cold, nocturnal, cardinal, solstici­al, melancholy, feminine, beastial, movable, southern, do­mestick sign, the house of ♄, and exaltation of ♂, tripli­city of ♀ and ☽, and hath 28 fixed Stars.

♑ gives of it self. First. Those Persons signified by this Sign, are for the most part very weakly slender men, of a mean stature, and dry constitution, blakish hair, and thin beard, lean face, a thin narrow chin, and long, also long neck, narrow breasts the visage long and thin also; a person of little witt, but subtle enough; and cholorick, yet a coward; his body somwhat disproportioned, as it were hitting one knee against the other, of a peevish disposition, and is gi­ven to lechery and inconstancy, for the Goat is wanton, and will be playing, &c.

[Page 29] Places. Secondly. Places. It signifies are, cow-houses, sheep pens, or pla­ces where sheep, goats, and such kind of cattel use to be, also oxen, calves, &c. It likewise represents all those pla­ces, where tools for husbandry, or old wood is laid up, or where sails for ships, and such materials are bestowed; al­so fallow grounds, barren fields, bushy and thorny places; dung-hills in fields, or where soyl is layd, also caves, dun­geons, and prisons. In Houses, all dark places and corners near the ground or threshold of the door, or places under ground; all low rooms where earthen or paved floores are laid or made, and is a South Sign.

Diseases. Thirdly. Diseases, Are all incident to the knees and hams, as pains, sprains, fractures, dislocations, leprosies, itch, scabs, all diseases of melancholy, and all tumors called schirus; ♑ gives a colour black and russet.Colour.

Countries. Fourthly. Kigdoms, Countries, Cities, and Places under ♑ are, Thrace, Macedon in Greece, Albania, Bulgary, Illiris, India, the Isle of Orcades; Ariana, Gedrosia, Marchia, Mazonia, Sax­ony, Hassia, Thuringia, Stiria, Bofnia. Cities, Mechlin, Ox­ford in England, Juliacum, Berga, Gaunt, Brandenburg, Vust­usta, Ʋndilicorum, Constane, Derthona, Favemia, Vilna, Cle­ves, Pratum, Tortona, Derr [...]ona, Its Angel is Hunuel.

Eleventhly of the Sign Aquary.

Nature of ♒.A Quary, is the 11th. Sign in Order in the Zodiack, and is an airyal, diurnal, fixed, masculine, humane, [Page 30] sanguine, hot and moist western, rational Sign; the house and joy of ♄, the tripli [...] of ♄ and ♀, consisting of 24 fixed Stars, &c.

♒ give of it self. First It represents a well set person, of a strong able body, not very tall, yet decently enough composed; a long vi­sage, sanguine complexion, a bright hair, a very pure skin, yet distorted teeth; to conclude, it gives a very well shaped person, curious and beautiful, the face fleshy and oval, he is a very humane affable courteous person, speak­ing soberly, envious to none, constant to his friend, and in his opinion, not given to quarrel, yet very merry and s [...] ­cond.

Places. Secondly. Places. It denotes all hilly and uneaven places, such as are newly digged up, or where minerals, or quarries of stone are; also vineyards, spring heads or conduits, all ai­ry places. In Houses; the roofs upper parts or eaves, garrets, chambers, windows, shelves; cubboards heads and the like, it is a south-west Sign.

Diseases. Thirdly. Diseases. It denotes all manner of Infirmities incident to the leggs, from the knees to the anckles, all melancholy coagulated humors in the blood, as cramps; and the truth is, thickness of blood, most usually proceeds from this Sign, ask old ♄ who is lord of the some, and he will tell you the reason; it also denotes aches and pains in the leggs, &c. By this the Ingenious Artists have a plain way to find out more, and by Doctor Experience, get Materials to work withal, &c. ♒ gives a colour blew. Colour.

[Page 31] Kingdoms. Fourthly. Kingdoms, Countries, Cities, and Places under ♒ are, Amazonia Muscovia Westphalia Svedeland Piedmount Mossel Bavaria Aethiopia Oxiana Sogdiana Media Arabia the Desert and Stony Croatia. Cities, Hamborough Breme Trent Mount­serat Pisarum Ingolstade Salizburge; Its Angel is Gabriel.

Twelvethly of the Sign Pisces.

Nature of ♓. PIsces is the 12th. Sign in Order in the Zodiack, and is a cold moist flegmatick watery feminine nocturnal bycorporal double bodyed northern idle sickle common Sign; the house of ♃, the exaltation of ♀, the triplicity of ♂, ♀, and the ☽, and a constellation of 24 fixed Stars.

♓ gives of itsself. First. It denotes a Person short of stature, and of no great acti­on, nor none of the handsomest, yet a pretty good face, and the complexion clear, thick shoulders, brown hair, a fleshy body, but incurvating somwhat with his head, not going streight, but somthing crooked, a stammering frau­dulent person, a pretender of truth, one of shallow brain, a slow voyce, and very dull, &c.

Places. Secondly. Places, It denotes all watery places, as fishponds and water springs, water-mills moats ditches pools caves her­mitages [Page 32] rivers fountains, [...] the like; In Houses, wells cesterns pumps wash-houses pipes cocks dranes sinks, and all places where water is kept; it is a north-west Sign, and doth also denote conduits, and places where fouls are, &c.

Diseases. Thirdly. Diseases, under ♓, is all lameness and aches incident to the feet, as gouts kib [...] chilblanes, &c. All diseases com­ing of salt slegm mixt humors scabs itch botches and breakings out about the body, the small pox and measles all cold and moist distempers, and such as come by catch­ing wet and cold at the feet, and if you will be pleased but to consider the affinity ♓ holds with ♈, you will soon see the Reason, why wet taken at the feet, strikes so spee­dily up to the head, &c. Colour bright or white. Colour.

Kingdoms. Fourthly. Kingdoms Countries Cities and Places under ♓ are, Cilicia Calabriana Portaga Galatia Normundy Phasunia No­samonta in Libia; Garamentis Lydia Pamphilia Aegypt the higher. Cities, Alexandria Hispalis Compostella Parentium Rhemes Words Ratisbone; Its Angel is Barchiel.

[Page 33] 1. Firey signs. First. LIkewise the discreet Astrologian must understand, that all firey Signs incline Men to be Cholorick, hasty, furious, quarelsome, revengeful, proud, ambiti­ous, imperious, importunate, hardy, and rash; involving themselves into many unnecessary Troubles, yet they are many times Ingenious, but easily changing their opi­nions, &c.

2. Airy signs. Secondly. Airy Signs shew Men chearful, affable, curteous, libe­ral, free-harted, faithful, good natured, loving mirth, as singing, dancing, musick, and all civil recreations, yet per­sons very modest, and of good reason and undestanding, and are very open hearted if pleased, &c.

2. Earthy signs. Thirdly. Earthy Signs give Persons of reserved Thoughts, and are slow in speech and their resolutions, keeping close their councels; they also frequently prove to be very fraudu­lent, covetuous, and suspicious, seldome forgetting inju­ries, often sorrowful, loving no mans esteem but their own, they are for the most part prudent and severe, not forgetting past injuries, &c.

4. Watery signs. Fourthly. Watery Signs make Men Cowards, luxurious, wanton, mutable, dull fellows, sluggards, no secret keepers, low whineing Voices, and are very timerous, having much deceit in them; and they are much given to frequent the Schools and Nurseries of wanton Venus; and that often times to their great Detriment, and total Ruin, &c.


2d. Chap.IN this Chapter I shall treat of the Names Natures, and Discriptions of the seaven Planets, called wandering and erratick Stars, and I don't much care, if I begin with that ponderous Planet Saturn; who is the highest of all the rest.

This old surly Gentleman, whom we call Saturn, Saturn. be­longs to the seaventh Orb, Mansion, or Sphere, of the coelestial Hierarchy of Angels, in the order of the Thrones; whose principal governing Angels, or blessed Intelligence­es, bearing Rule, are Cassiel, or Zaphkiel, Jophiel, and Sa­bathiel, Angels. &c.

He is said to be by Nature cold and dry, the Author of melancholy, masculine, diurnal, barren, and the greater infortune.

Saturn gives sta­ture and form of himself. Secondly, Saturn of himself, gives a person of a middle Stature, of a swarthy complexion, pale and muddy, as he is nearer or farther from the Earth, he also gives little eyes, and black; a thin beard, flat broad forehead, black or sad hair, lank hard and rugged; a hanging lowring eye-brow, thick lips and nose, a lumpish countenance, thick shoulders, often times crooked, a lean face, a shuf­ling kind of gate, and for the most part splay footed, and delights to be alone, and is always prying up and down in one hole or other; sometimes he hits one leg against the other, and commonly looks downwards.

When Saturn is ill placed.

Saturns Nature when ill pla­ced.He makes men very willful, malicious, covetous, envi­ous, jealous, and mistrustful; also timerous, sordid, stub­born, [Page 35] suspecious, slugish, dissembling, a great lyer, and a close malicious fellow, never contented, but perpetually murmering and repineing, always contemning of wo­men, and speaking ill of them, &c. Saturn gives a colour black.His colour.

Saturns nature when well dignified. Thirdly. When Saturn is or shall be well dignified, then he gives Men of profound judgments and imagina­tions, but severe in all their Acts, and men of reserved thoughts, speaking very sparingly, patient in arguing or disputing, very sober and grave; he also gives great stu­dents in all manner of learning, especially those things which are most occult; and are very laborious in obtain­ing the goods of this lower World; and in all manner of Actions austere, yet solitious enough.

Fourthly, If Saturn be orientaloriental. of the Sun, he makes men more short of stature, but decent and well composed.

Fifthly, If Saturn be occidentaloccidental., of the Sun, he makes them more black and lean, and fewer hairs, especially if he want latitude.

Sixthly, If Saturn have south latitudeSouth lat. the person is more nimble and active, his greatest south latitude is 2gr. 49m.

Seaventhly, If Saturn have north latitudeNorth lat., he makes the person more slugish and heavy, his greatest north latitude is 2 gr. 40 m.

Eightly. If Saturn have great latitude, the body is fat and fleshy, and you must note, that south latitude gives most flesh, and north latitude most hair, yet fleshy also.Gives fat & hairy.

[Page 36] Ninthly. If Saturn be in his first stationin his first station., he gives but little fat, but if he be in his second station from the Suns Body, he gives fat ill favoured bodies, and very weak.

Tenthly. Now you must note that Saturn is called a­mongst the Poets by several Names,names a­mongst the Poets. (viz.) as Chronos, Phanon, and Falcifer.

Eleventhly, Saturns greater years are 57; his mean years 43, and his least years 30years.: He rules the North, be­ing according to his own Nature cold.

Twelvethly. quallities and profes­sions.Qualities and Professions of Men under Saturn, are generally antient men, fathers, grandfathers, monks, jesuits, friars, jews, sectaries, husband-men, clowns, day labourers, diggers of mettal, stone cutters, potters, usurers, sexstones of Churches, diggers of earth, beggers, slaves, hoggards, cow-keepers, curriers of leather, night farmers, tinners, plummers, miners under ground, broom­men, porters, car-men, brick-makers, malsters, chimny­sweepers, bearers of dead corps, scavengers, hostlers, ditch­ers, shippards, dyers of black cloth and sad colours, chand­lers, herds-men, or swinyards, coopers, black-smiths, lea­ther dressers, hat-makers, farmers, plough-men and the like, as collyers, &c.

denotes pla­ces out of houses. Thirteenthly, Saturn denotes places out of houses, woods, desarts, obscure vallies, caves, dens, holes, lanes, by-allies, mountains, cole-mines, church-yards or places of burial, stinking muddy places, and where rubbish and dung is layed, also houses not inhabited, old tattering obscure dreadful houses, monastries, pits, standing pools, fens, fish-ponds, religious places, lead-mines and quarries of stone, &c.

[Page 37] in houses. Fourteenthly, Saturn in houses denotes dark places, or some by part of the house seldome used, also jakes, vaults, sinks, wells, pitts durty muddy stinking places, or in those parts where the country mans working geer, or horse har­ness lyeth; all ruinous buildings, and old decayed parts of the house where people seldome come, he also denotes Tombs, and the like.

Countries under Sa­turn in Ca­pricorn. Fifteenthly, Kingdoms and countries under the Planet Saturn in Capricorn, according to great Ptolomy, are as fol­loweth; Macedonia, Thracia, Illyria, India, Arriana, Gor­dinia, many of which Countries are in lesser Asia.

under Sa­turn in Aqua.Those under Saturn in Aquary, are the Sarmatian Coun­try, Oxiana, Sogdiana, Arabia, P [...]azamia, Media, Aethiopia, which Countries for the most part belongs to the more inward Asia.

rules parts of mans body. Sixteenthly, Saturn rules in the body of Man, the spleen, (and there he keeps his Court,) the right ear, the bones, the teeth, the retentive faculty throughout the whole Body.

Diseases under Sa­turn. Seaventeenthly, Diseases under Saturn, are Tooth-ach, quartane agues, all diseases which come of melancholy, cold and dryness, leprosy, rhumes, consumptions, black jaundise, palsie, trembling, vain fears, formidable fancies of hobgoblings, gouts of all sorts, hemorrhoids, broken bones, laxations and dislocations, deafness, pain in the bones, ruptures, iliack passion, chin-cough, pains in the bladder, all long diseases, and madness that comes of me­lancholy, fear or grief; he also gives costiveness, and cor­rupts the blood by melancholy.

A few Instructions to the diserving, would I willingly give, if I thought they would be kindly accepted, which take as followeth; as thus,

Take notice, a Planet causeth diseases two ways; first by Sympathy, secondly by Antipathy, and as the cause is so ought the cure to be; for Saturn causeth tooth-ach. Causeth disseases by sympathy. broken bones, dislocations, laxations, deafness, melancho­ly, and all diseases of the spleen by Sympathy, and the reason is, because he ruleth the retentive faculty through­out the whole Body.

And those parts of the Body which are under the do­minion of the Sun and Moon he fflicts by Antipathy, and you shall know what they are immediately, if you will have but a little Patience; and take notice of this, it is the greatest wisdome of a Physitian, to know whether Saturn causeth the disease by Sympathy, or Antipathy.

Lastly, You must note, that Saturn hath certain Num­bers attributed to him, as 2, 7, and 9, the Reasons are as Numbers. followeth, you must understand he hath the number 2 alloted him as being next beneath the Starry Firma­ment, and also one of the Infortunes; the number 7 he being the seaventh in order, and highest of all the Pla­nets from the Earth; 7 also is a number fatal and cli­macterical, being joyned with the number 9; also the number 9 is a fatal number, and climacterical being joyn­ed with the number 7; for 9 times 7 makes 63, which the wisest of Philosophers do hold to be fatal, by reason the Nines and the Seavens meet; I now must leave Saturn and descend a little lower to that Benevolent Star Jupiter.


THis Benevolent Star Jupiter, belongs to the sixth Orb, Mansion, or Sphere; of the Coe­lestial Hierarhcy of Angels, in the Order of Domina­tions; whose principal governing Angels, or blessed Angels. Intelligences bearing rule are, Zadkiel, or Sachiel, and Zedekiel, &c. he is said to be by Nature hot and moist, Author of Sobriety, Moderation, Temperance, Justice, and Gravety, Masculine, Diurnal, Fruitful, and the Greater Fortune.

Gives sta­ture and form of himself. Secondly. Jupiter of himself, gives a Person of a tall Stature, brown ruddy complexion, an oval visage, high fore-head, fair eyes, inclinable to have much beard, light brown hair, sometimes between red and dark sandy brown, a hand­some well set straight body, large belly, great thighs, long leggs and feet, of a brown ruddy complexion, and his hair soft; a fair conditioned person, and one abhor­ing covetuousness.

When Jupiter is ill placed.

His nature when ill pla­ced.He makes Men hypocritically religious, and ignorant, suffers every one to couzen him, wasts his Estate foolish­ly, also crouching and stooping where there is no necessi­ty, besides he is nothing delighting in the love of his friends, and of a gross dull capacity, abasing himself in all company, yet many times knavish, though he hath not witt to carry it off, His colour is Azure, &c.

His nature when well dignifyed. Thirdly. Jupiter well posited, makes Men lovers of fair dealing, desiring to benefit all Men, always doing good things, of a sweet and affable disposition, very indulgent to Wife and Children, a reliever of the poor, full of Charity faithful in Religion and all his promises, aspiring in an ho­nest way, yet bashful, and makes men profound Judges of the Law either Morral or Divine, not careing for world­ly Wealth.

Fourthly Oriental.If Jupiter be oriental of the Sun, he makes Men more clear of skin, their complexions between white and red, the body more fat, the eyes more full and gray.

Fifthly. Occidental.If Jupiter be Occidental of the Sun, he makes them more short of stature, the hair of a light brown, or dark flaxen, usually bald about the temples, of a pure lovely complexion.

[Page 41] Jupiter's greatest North Latitude is 1 gr. 38 m. and his South Latitude 1 gr. 40 m..

Sixthly. Names according to the Po­ets.Now you must Note, that Jupiter is called amongst the Poets by several other Names, viz. Phaeton, and Zeus, &c.

Years. Seaventhly. Jupiter's greater Years are 79, his mean Yeas 45, and his least Years 12; he Rules the West.

Eighthly. gives qua­lities and professions.Qualities and Professions of Men under Jupiter, are gennerally noble Souls, bashful, humane, prelates, or Church-men, Bishops or inferior Clergy-men, lawyers, judges, advocates, governours of Town, Countries, or Cities, Justices of Peace, Men in command, young schol­lars, also clothiers, woollen-drapers, wooll-combers, and such like: jupiter gennerally denotes Youth.

Ninthly. Jupiter denotes places out of houses.out of houses, denotes woods, bushes, bryars, brambles, and places publick, as commentions, synods, convocations near altars of churches, courts of justice, oratories, tribunal chairs, schools, and all butiful clean places, scattered or sprinkled with divers odours, also places for exercise, and where stacks of of wood is made.

[Page 42] Tenthly Jupiter in houses.in houses, denotes places where cloths are laid, as ward-ropes, &c. also halls, dining rooms, chap pels, schools, all sweet neat places, and those of Commerce.

Countries. Eleventhly. Kingdoms and Countries under the Planet jupiter in Sagit. according to Prolomy King of Aegypt, are as follow­eth Tuscana, Celtica, Spain, and Happy Arabia: Under jupiter in Piscies are, Lycia, Lydia, Cilicia, Pamphylia, Paphlagonia, Nasamonia, and Lybia.

rules parts of Mans body. Twelvethly Jupiter rules in the Body of Man, the liver, veins, blood, ribs, sides, the digestive Faculty, the natural vir­tue of Man, &c.

Diseases. Thirteenthly. Jupiter causeth all Infirmities of the Liver and Veins, as inflamation of the lungs, plurisies, and other aposthumes about the breast and ribs, windyness in the blood, ob­structions both of liver and stomach.

Numbers. Fourteenthly. Now take Notice, that jupiter hath certain Numbers attributed to him, as 1, 3, and 8, the reasons are as followeth; you must understand he hath the Number One, he being the the Greater Fortune, and the Num­ber [Page 43] Three, as being the third Star or Planet, in Order from the Starry Firmament beneath Saturn, that surly Gentleman, also as being one of the three Fortunes; and last of all the Number Eight is attrihuted to him, as containing the Mistery of Justice and Religion, for Jupi­ter according to Starry Dialect, doth always represent the Sober Priests and Ministers; also we read of Eight De­grees of Blessedness, and now I must leave the Orb of Jupiter, and drop down a little lower to the Sphere of Mars, who is termed a Tory amongst the Stars.


THis War-like Gentleman Mars, who is a Star of Malevolency, belongs to the 5th. Orb, Mansion, or Sphere, of the Coelestial Hierarchy of Angels, in the Order of Potestates, whose principal governing Angels, or blessed Intelligences bearing Rule are, Samael, and Madimiel; he is said to be Angels. by Nature Hot and Dry, Cholorick, Firey, Violent, Author of Strifes, Debates, Quarrels, and Contenti­ons, Nocturnal, Masculine, the lesser Infortune.

Stature Mars gives of himself. Secondly. Mars of himself gives a Person strong and bigg boned, lean, of a middle stature, well set, the complexion sun­burnt, or of a brown ruddy colour, round visage, sharp hazle eyes; the hair red or sandy flaxen, and for the most part crisping or curling, a sharp little chin, thin beard, the sight very quick and piercing, a furious countenance, his eye brows bent like a bow, reaching to his nose; of a sharp witt, valiant, full of words, boasting, and lying, [Page 45] also confident and active, given to cock his hat, and talk of his great Man-hood.

When Mars is ill placed.

Nature when ill placed.He incites Men to tyranical Actions, likewise to thiev­ing and murthers, and all kind of sedition, he also de­notes Warr, strife, debate, and all manner of cruelty, makes Men talk without modesty or honesty, and lovers of quarrels, slaughters, cheats, making them traytors, rash and inhumane, being violent and furious in their actions; his Colour Firey or Red.Colour.

well placed. Thirdly. Mars well placed, makes a Man couragious, and in­clinable to Warr, also invincible in the same, scorning any should exceed him, subject to no reason, bold con­fident, immoveable, contentious, valliant, hazarding him­self to all perrils, a great boaster of his own acts; yet of a prudent behavior in his own affairs, careless of Riches, and inclinable to choler.

Oriental. Fourthly. If Mars be oriental of the Sun, he signifiies some white mixt with redness, also a desent tallness and his body hairy,

Occidental. Fifthly. If Mars be occidental, he shews a very ruddy complexion, mean in stature, little head, smoth body, and not hairy on [Page 46] the body &c. Mars's greatest north Latitude is 1 gr. 38 m. his south Latitude is 1 gr. 40 m. and Note this, if a pla­net hath great Latitude he makes men fat, yet south Lati­tude gives most fat with activity, and north Latitude most hair and more slow or slugish.

Names. Sixthly. Now you must Note, that Mars is called amongst the Poets, by several other Names, viz, Aris, Pirois, Mauors, and Gradinus.

Years. Seaventhly. Mars's greater years are in number 66, his mean years 40, and his least years 15, he Rules the North-west.

Qualities. and Pro­fessions. Eighthly. Qualities and Professions of Men under Mars are, sol­diers, gunners, founders, fergeants, cutlers, chyrurgeons, colonels, captains, gun-smiths, glaziers, barbers, dyers, edg-tool-makers, watch-makers, apothecaries, tanners, marshals, bayliffs; all men that works in the fire, and u­seth edg-tools.

Out of Houses. Ninthly. Mars denotes out of houses, firey and bloody places, shambles, places of Execution, and where there have been great Battails fought, and slaughters made, also people murthered, bake-houses, glass-houses, smiths [Page 47] shops, furnaces, slaughter-houses places where bricks, tiles, lyme, charcoals, potters ware, and the like have been burned, also forges, chimnies &c.

In houses. Tenthly. Mars in houses, denotes places where Iron is, or wea­pons of war, bake-houses, oven, chimny stove, furnace, kitching, shop, or where bricks or lime lyeth, &c.

Kingdoms. Eleaventhly. Kingdoms and Countries under the Planet Mars in A­ries according to Ptolomy, are as followeth, Britan, Germany, Basternia, the lower parts of Syria, Idumea, and Judea, &c. Under Mars with Scorpio, Syria, Comagenia, Cappadocia, Metagonium, Mauritania, and Getulia.

Rules in the Body. Twelvethly. Mars Rules in the Body of Man, the Gall, the left ear, the apprehension, and that is the reason that cholorick Men are so quick witted; and again, Mars rules that faculty which incites Men to valour, he makes a man a souldier every inch of him, he fortifies the smell, and that's the reason martial creatures have so good smells as dogs; Mars also rules the tast, the stones, and face, likewise the attractive faculty in the Body of Man.

Diseases. Thirteenthly. Mars causes all Diseases of heat, and corruption of blood by cholor, as pestilence, and burning feavers, also tertian and quotidian agues, megrim, carbuncles, and [Page 48] plague sores, burnings, scaldings, ring-worms, blisters, phrensie, fury, hair-brains, suddain distempers coming in the head, of heat; also yellow jaundice, bloody-flux, fistulas, all wounds whatsoever that comes by sword or gun shot, diseases in the instruments of genneration; the stone in the reins and bladder, scars and pock-holes in the face, all hurts by Iron and fire, the shingles, calentures, St. Anthony's fire, and all diseases coming of anger or passion.

Numbers. Fourteenthly. Now you must understand, that Mars hath certain Numbers attributed to him, as well as the rest of the Planets, and they are as followeth, viz. 2, 4, 7, and 9. The Number Two belongs to him, as being one of the infor­tunes, the number Four he being the fourth in order from the starry Firmament, the number Seaven as being a number fatal and climacterical joyned with 9, and he hath also the number Nine it being fatal and climacteri­cal joyned with 7, this Planet and Saturn are likewise both Enimies to Nature; and now I must leave the Sphere of Mars, and descend to the orb of that glorious Lamp of Heaven the Sun.


THis Coelestial Lamp, which is called Lux Mundi, The Light of the World, or Anima Mundi, The Soul of the World, belongs to the fourth Orb, Mansion, or Sphere, of the Coelestial Hierar­chy of Angels, in the Order of Virtues, whose princi­pal governing Angels or blessed Intelligences bearing Rule are, Michael, Uriel, and Schemeliel; he is Angels. said to be by Nature Hot and Dry, Temperate.

Gives of himself. Secondly. Sol of himself signifies a Man of a middle Stature, the body strong and well composed, the face both full and fleshy, of a yellowish complexion, sometimes of a saffron ruddy, great head, and and a round large fore-head; gen­nerally great eyes, the hair yellowish and thin, yet curl­ing, but quickly bald, much beard, very covetuous, yet [Page 50] sufficiently spirited, one aiming at high things, and of a sharp piercing sight, a quick, full, goggle, and hazle eye, and for the most part the body full and fleshy.

When Sol is ill placed.

When ill placed.The Sun ill posited, makes a Man arrogant and proud, disdaining all men, cracks of his pedigree, he is purblind in sight and judgment, restless and troublesome, domi­neering, expensive and foolish, a meer vapourer, endow­ed with no gravity of words, but high and prodigal in action, a spend thrift, hanging on other mens charity, and hath little or no soberness in him; Sol is Gold Colour. Colour.

Well placed Thirdly. The Sun well placed, makes a Man of an incomparable Judgment, very faithful, keping his word, industrious to acquire honour and a large patrimony, yet willingly parting with it again, he is prudent, speaks with gravity, but not many words, one of great majesty and statelyness, speaks deliberately, but with great confidence, full of thoughts, secreet, trusty; notwithstanding his great heart, yet he is affable, courteous and humane to all, and hath great command of his affections.

Names. Fourthly. Take Notice, that Sol is called amongst the Poets by several other Names, viz. Titon, Ilios, Phaebus, Apollo, Paeon, Osyris, and Diespiter.

[Page 51] Years. Fifthly Sol's greater years are in number 120, his mean years 69, and his least years 19, he rules the East.

Qualities and Pro­fessions. Sixthly. Qualities and Professions of Men under the Sun are, chief rulers, governours, commanders, whither emperors, kings, princes, and men in power bearing rule; as dukes marquesses, earls, barrons, knights, magistrates, ambitious men, desireous of honour and preferment, any man in au­thority &c. Also gold-smiths, copper-smiths, minters, and coyners of mony, all Pewterers and braziers; but I think pewterers are under Jupiter, and braziers under Mars, and copper-smiths under Venus, therefore my Author was a little mistaken; in fine, the solar person is magna­nimious, valiant, provident, long liv'd, wise and famous, and the Sun is a genneral significator of Men in Questions of Love.

Places cut of houses. Seaventhly. The Sun denotes out of houses, serene air, Kings plla­ces, and Princes courts, pulpits, altars, thrones, all kingly and magnificent places that are light and bright.

In houses. Eighthly. The Sun in houses, denotes the cloyster or hall of the house, also the place or seat of the Master, likewise [Page 52] dineing rooms, and places where gold, jewels, and other precious things are kept, all brave delightful places.

Kingdoms under Sol in Leo. Ninthly. Kingdoms and Countries under the Planet Sol in Leo, attributed by the Prince of Philosophers Great Ptolomy are, Italy, Apulia, Sicilia, Phenecia, Chaldea, and the Orchenians.

Rules Parts of the Bo­dy. Tenthly. The Sun Rules in the body of Man, the heart, and arteries, also the sight, particularly the right eye of a Man, and the left of a Woman, the back with its attendance, likewise the attractive faculty throughout the whole Body.

Diseases. Eleaventhly. The Sun Causes Diseases and Afflictions of the heart, tremblings, faintings, sore eyes, pimples and burles in the face, heart-burnings, diseases of the mouth, rotten fea­vers, swondings, and such diseases which proceeds from Red Choler.

Numbers. Twelvethly. Take Notice that the Sun hath certain Numbers attri­buted to him, which are as followeth, viz. 1, 3, 4, 10, and 12; the Number One as being sole Monarch of the starry Heavens, and that glorious Lamp which gives light to the inhabitants of this earthy Fabrick, the [Page 53] Number Three, he being one of the three Fortunes; the Number Four is attributed to him from the four Quar­ters of the Year, the Number Ten, as being the end of Life, it being multiplyed by 7; according to the saying of Holy David; and lastly he hath the Number Twelve allot­ed him, as passing through the 12 Signs of the Zodiack; and thus much for the Sun: Next I come to Venus the Goddess of Love.


THis benevoleut Star Venus belongs to the third Orb, Mansion, or Sphere, of the Coelestial Hierarchy of Angels, in the Order of Principalities; whose principal governing Angels or blessed Intelligen­ces bearing Rule are, Anael, Or haniel, and Nogael, Angels. she is said to be by Nature Cold and Moist, Femi­nine Nocturual, the Lesser Fortuue, and is the Au­thor of Pleasure, Mirth, Jollitry, and all delightful Recreations.

Represents of her self. Secondly. Venus of her self Represents a Person of a short Sta­ture, or rather about a middle size, a whiteish brown colour, intermixt with red in the cheeks, little black eye brows, the nether lipp a little bigger then the upper, dimples in the cheeks, a neat composed slender body, affable and courteous, delighting in curiosity, a round face, light brown hair and smooth, an eye much rowl­ing [Page 55] with chearful looks, pretty well set, the body plump and fat sometimes, in fine one handsome enough.

Ill placed. Thirdly. When Venus is ill placed, she inclines Men to be Effe­minate, timerous, lustful, followers of whenches, very slugish, and addicted to idleness, an adulterer, incestuous, a fantastick spark, spending his moneys in ale-houses and taverns, among loose lacivious People, a meer lazy com­panion, not careing for wife or children if marryed, covet­ing unlawful beds, given much to adultry, not regarding his reputation or creddit; if a woman, very impudent in all her ways, Colour milky Sky. Colour.

When Venus is well placed.

Well plac'd.She signifies one not vitious, but pleasant, loving mirth and good company, zealous in his affections, loving all manner of honest merryment, as singing, dancing, musick, ringing of bells, easy of belief, and not given to labour or take any pains, but a good company keeper, loves to go neat and spruce in apparel, chearful, nothing mistrust­ful, delighting in all manner of curiosities.

Oriental. Fourthly. If Venus be Oriental of the Sun, the body inclines to tallness, being very streight, upright, and neatly composed.

Occidental. Fifthly. If Venus be occidental of the Sun, the person is more [Page 56] short of stature, yet very decent, comely in form, loves to go neat and spruce, Venus, her greatest north or south la­titude is 9gr. 2m.

Terms of Venus. Sixthly. It is to be understood that Venus is termed amongst the Poets, Cytheria, Aphrodite, and Erycina.

Years. Seaventhly. Venus her greater years are in number 82, her mean years 45, and her least years 8, she Rules the North-west.

Qualities and Pro­fessions. Eighthly. Qualities and Professions of Men and Women under Amorous and Sanguine Venus are, all Men and Women that deals in divers sorts of Apparel, or Linen, and those things which are delightful to wear; as lapidaries, silk­men, mercers, linnen drapers, upholsterers, picture draw­ers, and such as sell perfumes; also painters, musicians, semsters, jewelers, embroiderers; she likewise denotes the mother, and sweet heart, sister; gifts of friends, ryot, gameing, drinking, cards, dice, wedlock, adorners of wo­men, love, affability, curiosity; in fine, she denotes mi­liners, glovers, perfumers, players, gravers, choristers, ex­change-men and women.

Out of hou­ses. Ninthly. Venus denotes out of houses, pleasant fountains, green meadows, flourishing gardens, the sea and sea-shore baths, dancing places, sometimes ale-houses, taverns, gameing [Page 57] houses, and places where people of ill Repute resort.

In houses. Tenthly. Venus denotes in houses, all places belonging to wo­women, as garnished beds, stews, also places where gloves, rings, jewels, perfumes, the place or seat of the woman or mistress of the house, also a musick room, dancing room, bed cloaths, and where silk and other rich commodities are kept.

Kingdoms under Ve­nus in Tau­rus. Eleaventhly. Kingdoms and Countries under the Planet Venus in Taurus, according to the best of Philosophers are as follow­eth, the Isles Cyclades, the seas of little Asia, Cyprus, Par­thia, Media, Persia; but with Libra she commands the People of the Island Bractia, of Caspia, of Seres, of Theba­is, of Oacis, and of Troglodis.

Rules Parts of the Bo­dy. Twelvethly. Venus rules in the body of man, all the Instruments of generation, the Reins or Kidneys, the throat, the seed, testicles and yard; in women, the breasts, the womb, and lactean veins.

Diseases caused by Venus. Thirteenthly. Venus causeth all diseases of the womb whatsoever, as suffocation, precipitation, dislocation, &c. All diseases in­cident to the members of generation, the reins and na­vel, also the runing of the reins, FRENCH POX, all [Page 58] diseases coming by inordinate Love or Lust, priapis­mus, &c.

Numbers. Fourteenthly. Besides all this, Dame Venus hath certain numbers at­tributed to her, as well as the rest of the Planets, which are as followeth, viz. 2, 3, and 6, she hath the number Two as being female, the number Three as being one of the fortunes, the number Six it being the number of genera­tion, consisting of two Threes,; and now I must leave the Orb of Venus, and come a little lower to the Sphere of Mercury.


THis nimble messenger Mercury, who is the God of Eloquence, belongs to the second Orb, Mansion, or Sphere, of the Coelestial Hierarchy of Angels, in the Order of Arch-Angels, whose principal governing Angels or blessed Intelligences Angels. bearing Rule are, Raphael and Cochabiel, he is by Nature Cold and Dry, and is said to be nei­ther Masculine nor Feminine, because he is convertible, and participates of the Nature of that Planet he is joyn­ed with; he is the Author of subtile tricks, as thefts, perjuries, cliping, and coyning, also all manner of deceit whatsoever.

Gives of himself. Secondly. Mercury of himself represents one of a tall spare body, a long face and nose, high fore-head, the hair dark, or for the most part black, long fingers, feet, arms, and legs; [Page 58] [...] [Page 59] [...] [Page 60] and goes swinging one Arm, a witty subtle man, full of talk, a yellowish whitely complexion, little beard, but much hair on his head, one of no great fidelity, except Mercury be fixed, Mercury gennerally makes, or more pro­perly represents or denotes ingenious Men and Women, given to Arts and Sciences.

When Mercury is ill placed.

Ill placed. Mercury ill placed, gives a troublesome witt, [...]nd of a fantastick Man, wholly bent to fool his Estate and Time away, in prating and trying of nice conclusions, and maggot pated whimsies, to no purpose; in fine, a great lyar, prater, boaster, given to evil arts, a very Idiot, con­stant to no place or opinion. Colour Gray mixt with Sky.

Well placed Thirdly. When Mercury is well placed, he denotes one of a sub­tile politick brain, intellect and cogitation; a good des­putant, arguing with reason and discretion, a searcher in­to many secreet misteries and learning; a man of an un­wearied curious fancy, seeking after hidden things, and makes him compleat in his Studdy or Know­ledg, &c.

Oriental. Fourthly. If Mercury be Oriental of the Sun, the complexion is hony coloured, or sun burt, the stature of the body not [Page 61] very high, but well joynted; small eyes, and not much hair.

Occidental. Fifthly If Mercury be Occidental, the Visage is tauny, the bo­dy lank, the limbs small and slender, hollow eyes, and sparkling, red, or fiery; the whole frame of the body enclineing to dryness, Mercury's greatest south latitude is 5gr. 35m. his north latitude 5d. 33m. and still remember that south latitude gives most fat, and makes the party nimble and active, north latitude gives most hair, and makes him sluggish and heavy, yet if the north latitude be great, he gives fat also.

Names. Sixthly. It is to be understood, that Mercury is termed amongst the Poets; Hermes, Stilbone, Cyllenius, and Ar­chas.

Years. Seaventhly. Mercury's greater years are in number 76, his mean years 48, and his least years 20, he rules the North-west.

Qualiti [...] and Professions. Eighthly. Qualities and Professions of Men under Mercury are, merchants, schollars, secretaries, clarks, all men of learning, &c. Also embassadors, commissioners, poets, orators, PRINTERS, Stationers. Usurers, cheaters, mercu­ries, haukers, and ballad-singers, if ill dignified; and all [Page 62] such as lives by their witts; Mercury likewise denotes foot­men, shoo-makers, taylors, philosophers, astrologers, ma­thematicians, all subtle arts depending upon fancy or speech, as geometry, astronomy, gravers, mountebanks, factors, attorneys, scribes, all ingenious tradse-men, be­sides he denotes clippers and coyners of moneys, dancers of the Ropes.

Out of hou­ses. Ninthly. Mercury denotes out of houses, an exchange where Merchants meet, ware-houses, schools, shops markets, mounte-banks stages, all places of activity.

In houses. Tenthly. Mercury denotes in houses, all places where pictures, books, maps, writings, new inventions, or engines for to recreate the mind, wainscot rooms, studdy, closet; toys for children, and the like.

Kingdoms and Coun­tries. Eleventhly. Kingdoms and Countries under Mercury, according to Ptolomy's attribute, are as followeth, thus, Mercury with Gemmini, rules Hircania, Armenia, Mantiana, Cyrenaica, Marmarica, and the lower Aegypt, but Mercury with Virgo Rules Greece, Achaia, Creta, Babylon, Mesopotamia, Assyria, and Ela, whence they of that Place are in Scripture Called Elamites.

[Page 63] Rules parts of the Body Twelvethly. Mercury Rules in the Body of man, the brain, the Rati­onal Part, the imagination, the tongue, hands, and feet, the motional or moving, parts of mans body, and that is the Reason Mercurialists, (if Mercury be strong) are so swift in motion, and so fluent in speech; besides he Gives [...] quick apprehension a strong imagination, and stirs up [...]hat faculty in man, which causeth a thirst after knowledg [...]e makes a good Pen-man, yet conceited, and is very fickle [...]n his disposition, and that's that, that makes some men so [...]ckle, or as we commonly call it maggot-pated and whim­ [...]cal, but if Saturn should vouchsafe him a friendly look, he [...]s very Constant, otherwise if you look upon a weather­ [...]ock, (by the same) you may safely draw his picture, and [...]o disparagement to his person neither, and I am sure he [...]hat cannot draw is not fit to be a judg in painting, yet [...]t is the property of fools, to carp at what they cannot i­ [...]itate.

Diseases. Thirteenththly. Mercury causeth all diseases of the brain, as vertigoes, [...]adness, &c. All diseases of the Lungs, as asthmahs, [...]tisicks, &c. All imperfections of the tongue, as stam­ [...]ering, lisping, &c. Horseness, coughs, snuffing in the [...]ose, stoping of the head, dumbness, folly and simplici­ [...] (the epidemical diseases of the time) and whatsoever [...]urts the intellectual faculty; Catharrs, Iliack Passi­ [...], &c,

[Page 64] Numbers. Fourteenthly. Besides all this, this nimble gentleman hath certain Numbers attributed to him, viz. 2, and 5, and the rea­sons are these, the Number Two is his, as being part male, and part female; and therefore is called the Hermophrodite, the Number Five is attributed to him, as having predo­minancy over the five Senses; and now I leave the Sphere of Mercury, and drop down to the lowest Sphere of all, which is the Orb of the Moon.


THis Lumanary, in Holy Writ is called the lesser Light, and was appointed by God in the Crea­tion, to Rule over the Night, She belongs to the first Orb Mansion or Sphere, of the Coelestial Hierarchy of Angels, in the Order of Angels, whose principal go­verning Angels, or blessed Intelligences bearing Rule are, Gabriel, and Levaniel, she is said to be by Na­ture Cold and Moist, Feminine, Nocturnal.

☽ denotes of her self. Secondly. The Moon of her self denotes one of a pale whitely face, mixed but with a little red if any, a full and fleshy body, a lowring countenance, short Arms, fleshy hands, a brown hair, and slow of speech, of a mutable condition, often [Page 66] changing, a wearisom pevish person, seldom contented, neither delighting in idleness nor action; and it often hap­pens, that there is some blemish in or near the eyes, the body fat and flegmatick.

When ill placed. Thirdly. When the Moon is ill placed, she denotes an idle per­son, hating labour, given to drunkening, a meer sot, one of no spirit, or fore-cast; delighting to live beggarly and carelesly, one contented in no condition, a dreaming kind of a creature.

well placed. Fourthly. When the Moon is well placed, she denotes a lover of ingenious sciences, a searcher after novelties, yet natural­ly propenced to flite and shift his habitation, [...]ted [...]st, wholy caring for the present time, timerous, prodigal, easily frighted, how ever a lover of peace and honesty, de­lights to live free from care, and is perpetually tampering in several trades, and callings &c.

Oriental. Fifthly. The Moon orintal of the Sun, the body incsmes to [...] ness, but if occidental more short, and note this, the Moon is occidental from the change to the full, and from the full to the change again she is oriental, and so becomes occi­dental again.

[Page 67] Terms of Luna. Sixthly. It is to be understood, that the Moon hath certain other names, which are appropriated to her by the Poets, as Lu­cina, Cynthia, Diana, Phaebe, Proserpina, Noctilnea, and Catona,

Years. Seaventhly. The greater years of the Moon are in number 108. her mean years, 66. and her least yeas 25.

Qualities and Pro­fessions. Eightly. Quallities and professions of men and Women under the dominion of the Moon, are Empresses, Queens, Princes, Dutchesses, Ladies, widdows, Embassadors, the common people, Vintners, brewers fishmongers, marriners, carriers, coachmen, footmen, messengers, fishermen, water-men, mid-wives, nurses, tapsters, also the mistrses of the house, to which might be aded travelers, fugitives, fish-women and the like.

Out of hou­ses. Ninthly. The Moon denots out of houses, wildernesses, woods, rocks, hills, mountains, forrests, fountaines, rivers, ponds, seas, and sea-shores, ships groves, springs, and other sweet waters, high wayes, grainaries for corn.

In houses. Tenthly. The Moon denots in houses, the wash-house cellar, cestern, [Page 68] wells, pipes, Cocks, dranes, pumps, and all places where water is commonly kept, also places of linen.

Kingdoms Eleventhly. Kingdoms and countries under the Moon in Cancer are, Bithinia, Phrygia, Colchica, Numidia, Africa, Carthage, and also Carchedonia.

Rules Parts of the Bo­dy. Twelvethly. The Moon, rules in the body of man and woman, the bulk of the brain, the stomach, the bowels, the bladder, the nerves, the left eye of a man, and the right eye of a woman.

Diseases caused by Luna. Thirteenththly. The Moon causeth cramps, convulsions, and all diseases that often return as agues doe also tempanies, apoplexies, palsies cholick, belly ach, diseases in the bladder, stopping and over flowing of the termes in women, dropsies, fluxes, all cold and rhumatick diseases sciatica, worms in the belly, rhumes and hurts in the eyes, surfiets, rotten coughs, con­vulsions, falling-sickness Kings-evil, aposthumes rickets and measles, all coagulate and crude humours in any part of the body, lethargies and all diseases of flegm.

Numbers. Fourteenthly. Besides all this, the Lady Luna, hath certaine numbers attributed to her, which are as followeth viz. 2, 6, and 9, [Page 69] the number Two, as being female, the number Six, it be­ing the number of generation, and last of all the number Nine, as being the utmost receptacle of all Coelestial in­fluences.

Here followes the distributions of the Spirits, viz. vital Animal, and Natural, particular to the Seaven Planets.

1st. THe Vital remaining in the heart, and is governed by the Sun. 2dly. The Animal remains in the brain, and is governed by Mercury and the Moon viz. the Moon governes the body of the brain, and Mercury the o­perative or working part thereof. 3dly. Jupiter and Venus governs the Natural Part, which remains in the li­ver and veins; likewise the Sun and Mars governs the at­tractive Power; Jupiter rules the digestive Faculty; Mercury the Imagination or aprehensive Power; Luna the expulsive Power, and Saturn the retentive Faculty, throughout the whole body; so likewise the signes Aries, Leo, and Sagitary govern the attractive faculty, Gemini, Libra, and Aquary, the digestive; Taurus, Virgo, and Capri­corn the retentive, and Cancer, Scorpio, and Piscies the ex­pulsive Powers; so the attractive faculty is ruled by the fiery triplicity, the digestive by the airy, the retentive by the Earthy, and the expulsive by the Watry triplicity, &c. Now this is the root and foundation of the whole work, and he which well knows the natures and mixtures of the Coelestial Bodyes, shall be perfect in Starry Dialect, [Page 70] being capable to read the Language of the Stars, and dist­inctly know their Voyces, without the knowledge of which, all is imperfect, and note this mean Learning with an excellent Judgment, avails more than amean Judgment with the greatest learning; yet is Judgment very much assisted and perfected by Learning; but every thing Pros­pers better and is far more easily perfected that has Na­ture for its Giude, and favourable Stars, then that which is attempted by Humane Industry, though never so Dilligent.

A Table of the Planets Essential dignities accor­ding to the Egyptians and Chaldeans.
Signs.Houses.Exaltation.TriplicitiesThe Egyptian and Chaldean Terms.Fall.Detriment.
D.♃ 6♀ 12♀ 20♂ 25♄ 30
N.♀ 8♀ 14♃ 22♄ 27♂ 30 
D. ☿ 6♃ 12♀ 17♂ 24♄ 30 
DN.♂ ♀♂ 7♀ 13♀ 19♃ 26♄ 30
ND. ♃ 6♀ 11♄ 18♀ 24♂ 30 
N.☿ 7☿ 17♃ 21♂ 28♄ 30
D.♄ 6☿ 14♃ 21♀ 28♂ 30
N. ♂ ♀♂ 7♀ 11♀ 19♃ 25♄ 30
D. ♃ 12♀ 17☿ 21♄ 26♂ 30 
N.☿ 7♃ 14♀ 22♄ 26♂ 30
D. ☿ 7♀ 13♃ 20♂ 25♄ 30 
N.♂ ♀♀ 12♃ 16☿ 19♂ 28♄ 30

[Page 71]

A Synopsis of the Signes.
1The Signes are.
2Points of the Compass.E.sewsN.enswWneesS.wnnw
3Masc. diur. and hot.      
4Fem. noct. and cold.      
5Moist Signes.      
6Dry Signes.      
7Movable and Cardinal Signes.        
8Fixed Signes.        
9Common Signes.        
10Chol. fie. hot and dry eastern.         
11Melan. earthy cold and dry, sou.         
12Sang. airyal hot and moist, west.         
13Fleg. watery, cold, moist, fruit. n.         
14Barren Signs.         
15Command. and northerly Signs. [...] [...]      
16Obeying and Southerly Signs.      
17Signs of right and long Assen:      
18Signs of oblique or short Assen.      
19Mute and slow of Voice.         
20The spring hot and moist.         
21The summer hot and dry.         
22Harvest cold and dry.         
23Winter cold and moist.         
24Beastial Signes.       
25Humane Signes.        
26Double bodyed Signes.         

The foregoing Table is so plain and easy, that it needs no explanation, therefore I shall for­bear an Example.

How to take the Pole of Position of any Signifi­cator, commonly called the Circle of Position.

To take the Pole of Po­sition.FIrst observe, whether the Significator be above or under the Earth, if above; get his semidiurnal Arch, if under, his seminocturnal Arch; the which being obtained, must be converted into degrees and minutes, whereof, one third part is the space of one House, then take the Stars distance from the nearest house to which he is placed, and by the Rule of Proportion, say; if the third part of the semidiurnal, or seminocturnal Arch of your Significator, gives the Pole of the other House? what shall his Distance give? which if it fall in the 3d. 4t. 9th. or 10th. Houses, the Remainder is the Pole of Position but if it fall in the 1st. 2d. 5th. 6th. 7th. 8th. or 12th. Hou­ses, you must add or substract it, to, or from the Pole of the succeeding, or preceeding Houses; as may be seen in the Nativity of Sebastian, King of Portugal, or Henry King of France, or John Blanchard Junior.

Example in John Blanchard's Nativity.

Example.The Moons semidiurnal Arch. is 8 h. 15 m. a third part is 2h. 45m. which converted is, 41gr. 15m. for the space of one House; the Moons distance from the 10. House, in R. A. is 33gr. 50m. the Pole of the 11th House is 23gr. [Page 73] then by the log. logar. I say if 41 gr. 15m. (being the space of one house) gives 23gr. the Pole of the 11th. House; what shall 33gr. 50m. (the Moons distance from the 10th. House) give; I say it gives 18gr. 52m. for the Moons true Pole or Circle of Position; and now because it is near 19gr. I take 19gr. for her Pole; and Note this, [...]f the odd min. at any time exceed 30, accept of it as a whole degr. but if they be under 30 reject them.

1.Log. Logar. of 41gr. 15m. Com. Arith. is8373.
2.Log. Logar. of 23gr. the Pole of the 11th.4164.
3.Log. Logar. of 33gr. 50m. the distance is2488.
 The Sum is5025.

Which is the log. logar. of 18gr. 52m. for the Moons true Pole of Position, &c.

Note.And Note this in taking the compli. Arithmetick of any Number, you must take the log. logar. of your deg. and min. from the Radius, and the remainder is the comp. Arith.

As thus; the Radius10000.
Log. Logar. of 41gr. 15m. is sub:1 [...]27.
Rests the comp. Arith. viz.8373.

In this Treatise we have often mentioned Equation, or makeing Proportion; now for ease to young Artists, we think the best way, will be to do it by a Table of Logistical Logarithms, where there can be no better to make Proportions, which take as followeth.

First for MOTION.

Take the com. Arith. of 24 hours, and the log. logar. of the Planets diurnal Motion, also the log. logar, of the hours and minutes desired, add all together, abateing one unite towards the left hand, and you have the log. logar. desired.

The log. logar. of 24h. com. Arith.6021.
Log. logar. of ☉ diur. motion 59m.7855.
Log. logar. of 15 hours is6021.
The Sum is19897.

Which is the log. logar. of 37m. to be added to the Suns Place.

Secondly 2 Numbers given, to find a 3d.

Thus, take the com. Arith. of the 1st. and the log [...] logar. of the 2d. and 3d. add all together, and you will have your desire.

Now if the first Number exceed 60, take the half, and the half of the last, and work as before; but if the 2d. Number exceed 60, take half, and work as before; only Note, that what comes out must be doubled and you will have your desire, and likewise observe, that if it be hours and minutes, it must be converted into dg. and min [...] But if the first be h. and min. and the second dg. and min. [Page 75] and the 3d. hours and minutes, it will be exact without converting; always observing, that the first and third Number be of one denomination, and then you cannot Err.

Also with these Logistical Logarithms, you may work Multiplication, or Division, which although it be of no great use in this place, yet for a whet to the Ingenious, we will insert it.

First. For Multiplication, take the log. logar. of one with com. Arith. and the log. logar. of the other two Numbers, add all together, and you will have the log. logar. de­sired.

Secondly in Division. Take the log. logar. com. Arith. of what you would divide by, and the log. logar. of the number to be divided, and the log. logar. of one; add all three together, and you have the log. logar. desired, which is very easie.

[Page 76] To take the semidiur­nal Arch of ☉ HOw to take the femidiurnal Arch of the ☉ he being in 15gr. of ♉, and in the Lati­tude of 46gr. I enter the first Column to the left hand decending with the ☉ place, and guide my eye along till I come just under 46gr. of l [...]t. and in the Angle of Meeting I find 7h. 11m. which is the ☉ semidiurnal Arch in 15gr. of ♉ and his semi­nocturnal Arch in 15gr. of ♏ as the Table it self doth express; and so off the rost.

Note, when you would have the semidiurnal Arch of the six southern Signs, you must take the Com­pliment to 12 hours; as if the ☉ were in 6gr. or ♐, his semidiurnal Arch is 4h. 24m. understand the contrary in the Northern Signs.


A Table of the quantity of days, shewing the Semidiurnal Arch, or Time of ☉ setting, when he is in the Six Northern Signes; and the Seminocturnal Arch, or Time of his setting, when he is in the Six Southen Signes; from 42, to 50gr. of Latitude.
☉ Place [...]. m.h. m.h. m.h. m. [...]. m.h. m.h. m.h. m. [...]. m.☉ Place.
6 06 06 06 06 06 06 06 06 03030
336 46 46 56 56 56 56 56 66 62727
666 96 96 96:106:106:106:116:116:112424
336:466:486:506:516:536:556:576:597 12727
666:506:526:546:566:577 07 27 47 72424
996:546:566:587 07 27 57 77 9 [...]:122121
12126:587 07 27 47 77 97:12 [...]:147:171818
15157 17 47 67 87:117:137:177:197:221515
18187 57 77:107:127:157:187:217:247:271212
21217 87:117:137:167:197:227:257:287:3199
18187:307:337:377:407:447:487:527:578 11212
21217:317:347:387:427:457:497:547:588 399
24247:327:357:397:427:467:507:557:598 466
27277:327:357:397:437:477:517:568 08 433
30307:327:367:397:437:477:517:568 08 5


A Table of the quantity of days, shewing the Semidiurnal Arch. or Time of ☉ setting, when he is in the Six Northern Signes and the Seminocturnal Arch, or Time of his Rising, when he is in the Six Southern Signes; from 51, to 59gr. of Latitude.
☉ Placeh. m.h. m.h. m.h. m.h. m.h. m.h. m.h. m.h. m.☉ Place.
6 06 06 06 06 06 06 06 06 03030
336 66 66 66 76 76 76 76 86 82727
666: 126: 126: 136: 136: 146: 146: 156: 156: 162424
996: 186: 186: 196: 206: 206: 216: 226: 236: 242121
12126: 246: 246: 256: 266: 276: 286: 296: 316: 321818
15156: 296: 316: 326: 336: 346: 356: 376: 386: 401515
18186: 356: 376: 386: 396: 416: 426: 446: 466: 481212
21216: 416: 436: 446: 466: 486: 496: 516: 536: 5699
24246: 476: 496: 506: 526: 546: 566: 597 17 466
27276: 536: 556: 576: 567 17 37 67 87: 1233
6: 587 07 37 57 87: 107: 137: 167: 19
337 47 67 97: 117: 147: 177: 207: 237: 272727
667 97: 127: 157: 177: 217: 247: 277: 317: 352424
997: 157: 177: 207: 247: 277: 307: 337: 387: 432121
12127: 207: 237: 267: 307: 337: 377: 417: 457: 501818
15157: 257: 287: 327: 357: 397: 437: 487: 527: 571515
18187: 307: 347: 377: 417: 457: 497: 547: 598 41212
21217: 357: 397: 427: 477: 517: 568: 08 68: 1199
24247: 397: 437: 477: 527: 568 18: 68: 128: 1866
27277: 447: 487: 527: 578 28 78: 128: 188: 2533
7: 487: 527: 578 28 78: 128: 188: 248: 31
337: 527: 568 18 68: 128: 178: 238: 308: 372727
667: 568 08 58: 108: 168: 228: 288: 358: 432424
997: 598 48 98: 148: 208: 268: 338: 408: 482121
12128 28 78: 128: 178: 238: 308: 378: 448: 531818
15158 48 98: 158: 208: 268: 338: 408: 488: 571515
18188 68: 118: 178: 238: 298: 368: 438: 519 01212
21218 88: 138: 198: 258: 318: 388: 458: 539 299
24248 98: 148: 208: 268: 328: 398: 478: 559 466
27278: 108: 158: 218: 278: 338: 408: 488: 569 533
30308: 108: 158: 218: 278: 348: 418: 488: 569 5


WHen Celestial Efficient Causes are absent from inferior things, they cannot act in sublunary Bodies, unless by some instrumental Virtue; by which they joyn near things under them, or from those mixt Bodies: Neither can there any Action be made upon the Subject, because there is nothing near the Active Virtue, neither can it produce the effect upon the Sub­ject, the efficient Cause being wanting; and that this is sufficient to the producing of all the first four qualities, by which is attained the universal kind of all natural Effects, &c. Now the Stars do accompany this Light by motion, and we reject the hidden Influence as super­fluous, yea and impossible.

[Page 80] Properties of the Stars Secondly. The principal Properties of the Stars are two, viz. In­tention, and Extention, the less is the Colours, which may be found in the Stars by our S [...]nces; neither from that are corruptible things made Stars; for it has been said, new appearances have made alteration in the Heavens, which oftentimes, yea more often; the same are object­ed by us, for colours may also be found in uncorruptible bodies. Yea there is nothing to be [...] which hath no [...] a Colour.

There are other properties in the Stars, as the Form and Disposition, Clearness, Obscurity, and their local mo­tion is a certain Passion, by which they apply to increase and deminish in light, they rise, set, go back, and some­times seem near, and sometimes far of.

Thirdly. The Stars do not act nor suffer by turn, altho' they re­ceive light from the Sun, yet from the proper cause of them they [...]end a change [...]to us, but they after their Action [...] upon [...] Subject, [...] as they [...] agree in their Actings, and this shall suffice for all the [...] of their Effects, &c.

Fourthly. Although the Stars by their Motions in the Heaven, do change their Places, and have the determinate Degree [Page 81] of intention, and the definite quantity of the Extention of their Light, they doe not act upon inferiours, accord­ing to the true and real Intention, and Extention of the Light, which they have in themselves; but onely accord­ing to their appearing, when they come to those Bodies that are subject unto them, wherefore the Stars Govern Sublunary things, according to that degree of Intention only, and the quality of Extention of Light, by which they touch those passable Bodies, but the lesser Intention and Extention are; from whence there is the greatest di­stance of the Stars, from subject things; also they act ac­cording to that Extention which they cast forth; as we may most Evidently see in the ☽; for they act according to their Scituation and Parallax, upon the Bodies by which they pass; the Eclipses which are not beheld have no Influence, and new Appearances only act in those Places where they are seen; their Effects are only there manifest, and in what places the Stars rise not, they have no Power.

Fifthly. The Stars are certain, indeterminate, and universal causes to specificks, and individual effects, but they are determinated for the truth, to whome they are Visible and of nearest cause; as the ☉ makes wax soft, clay hard, a Worm white, the Skin of Man black, with a Man, he begets a Man, with a Lyon, a Lyon.

Sixthly. The Stars cannot be Signs of Effect, unless they be the [Page 82] Causes also; wherefore Qustions may arise from the man­ner of the Antients, that they have no places by Nature, unless by chance in suddain Effects, in which whilst they move, the nearest causes of natural Effects, they also move the parts, organs, and members of things under their influ­ence: In all things brought forth by Generation, they give Form and Motion, &c. The present State of the Stars are forced to act their effects according to the preordinate, and preexistant Power; therefore they cause or incline, and are not altogether Signs and Constellations, when they are stirred up to act their Effects upon present things; their Effects proceed from the like Causes of Preordinati­on, for unlike Causes cannot stir up to Action, dislike pre­existances, according to the power of the Effects, &c.

Seaventhly. And that we may distinguish, and know the Effects of singular Stars, it is convenient to know the distinction, natures, and order of their Effects, according to the Doc­trine of the best of Phylosophers; from the first principal qualities and mixtures, are given the Matter and substan­tial Form; all these we distinguish in the two first Ki [...] the Passive or Feminine, the Active or Masculine; to [...] first we alledg the matter, the quantity and quality, because it is Passive in all its Qualities; from which flows moist­ure, dryness, thinness, and thickness, &c.

To the Masculine we attribute the substantial material Form, because it is Active, as light and heat; cold, tast, smell, and sound, are the Active Virtues of Mix­tures, &c.

[Page 83] Eighthly. The Virtues or Qualities of Mixtures, are truly worthy of Admiration, before the multitude Diversities and Ef­fects thereof; for we do not say they are Elementary, neither to proceed from the Elements, but are Celestial Qualities, which have altogether their Being from the Celestial Light; wherefore there are, Elemental and Ce­lestial Qualities of divers Kinds; and although the Stars by turns produce elementary Qualities in Transmutation; yet they produce also, more powerful Qualities in those things which they are near; as to the production of uni­versal Mixtures: We also say with Aristotle, that altoge­ther Celestial Qualities, proceeds from the ☉ and ☽, agree­ing, as vital Heat, and radical Moisture in Animals; that so we cannot deny from the rest of the Stars, from which is made such a distinction, of divers Mixtures of a con­trary Nature; for as the Luminaries with the Malefacts, produces poysonous Matter, or Enimies to them, &c. so they produce with the Benevolents the contrary; from whence Antipathy and Sympathy, have their be­ginning in themselves, now the Qualities of Mixtures, and also of the Elements, are first in power, at least ac­cording to Nature, afterwards into Action; but those have it, by the manner of their being, for they go successively to Action from their Powers; wherefore from thence they are restored to their helping and actu­al Qualities; by Vital Heat, and Radical Moisture, they give to the Power of Animals; Sensitive, Digestive, Re­tentive, and Expulsive Faculties, &c. which are distin­guished in themselves, and they have one and the same Exercise and Action, to which is Power given; First, then [Page 84] Action, these vital Qualities are distinguished into two, viz. Naturally, and Violently; First by a final con­sumption of preexistant Power in Old Age; Secondly by violent Extention from contrary and violent Causes; the Stars although they never desist from acting, and altering of things inferior, yet they do not produce notable Effects from that alteration, unless in familiar things, &c.

Ninthly. Various, and divers are the Opinions of the Antients, about the celestial Houses, but that which we allow of, is those of Ptolomy's double temporal hours, all the rest we re­ject, as void foolish and insignificant; the Signs and Houses have a real distinction, not in the Heavens; but in the Subject inferior, according to this manner, the influx of the Stars are to be received; the Signs have likewise a true and real kind after the same manner; for the Mas­culine by a proper influx to the place of their first begin­ing are Active; the Feminine, to the place of their first be­ginning are Passive, so from the intention of Light, proceeds the Active Quality; and from the Extention of Light the Passive Quality, &c.

Hileg or giver of Life. Tenthly. The givers of Life are in Number five, viz. the ☉, ☽, Ascendant, Midheaven, and ♁, and they which Respect any other, must needs Run into Error and Confusion.

Now the Aphetical places in the World, from whence the Giver of Life is taken, are also five, viz. the Ascend­ant, 11th. 10th. 9th. and 7th. Houses; so that if the ☉, be [Page 85] found in any of these Aphetical places, he shall be accept­ed as Hileg or Giver of Life, but if he should happen to be in the 2d. 3d. 4th. 5th. 6th. 8th. or 12th. Houses then Regard the ☽. and see if she be in any of the a foresaid places which if she be Accept of her for giver of Life, the Nativity being either Diurnal or Nocturnal; and if the ☽ be not so posited, then take notice of the ♁ in the night time and if he be found in any of the Aphetical places, then, he shall be Hileg or Giver of Life, but if neither ☉ ☽ nor ♁ be thus found; then Regard the Horoscope, or Ascendant, and that shall be the giver of Life, but if nei­ther ☉ ☽, nor ♁ should be posited as a foresaid, then neg­lect all, and take the Midheaven for the giver of Life, but take Notice, that this is to be understod, when the Native is like to dye by the Hand of Justice; and further Note, that there can be but one Giver of Life in any Nativity, and when ever that comes to the body or ill Aspect, of the Anareta, or Killing Star, the Native most certainly Expires.

Lastly. In the next place, you must note, as there are five hilegicals, or givers of Life; and five hilegical places from whence they are taken, so are there five places in the fig­ure, from whence the Anareta or Killing Planet is to be taken; and are as followeth viz. the 2d. 12. th 8th. 6th. and 4th. houses; prefering the 8th. house and its Lord first, the 4th. and it's Lord next; the 12th. and it's Lord next; the 6th. house and it's Lord next; and last of all the 2d. house and it's Lord; and note this that the 12th. house commonly denotes self Murder, or willful sickness, also Diseases unnatural; the 6th. diseases Natural; the 8th. house Death both Violent and Natural; the 2d. [Page 86] house Death through Coveteousness and Dispair; and the 4th. house is the Grave and end of all things, and further Note, that fixed Signs, gives lingering Diseases, Common Signs Variable; and Movable Signs gives diseases, that quickly Ends one way or other, also Fiery Signs gives diseases of Cholour; Earthy signs diseases of melancholy, Airyal Signs diseases of the blood and Wind, and Watery Signs gives diseases of Flegme, or as we commonly call them flegmatick distempers, likewise ♄ and ☿ gives me­lancholy distempers, ♃ and ♀ diseases of the blood ♂ and ☉ diseases of Choler, and ☽ diseases of Flegme.

Now as to the measure of Time in Directions, Divers are the opinions of Authors, some take a Degree of the E­quator for a year, others the Motion of the ☉, of the day of Birth for a year, others the mean Motion of the Sun; and some otherwise. But we for the first year after the Nativi­ty, take that part of the Equator, that a grees with the Right Ascention of the ☉, for that day, and for the day following, and so successively every day; which shall be the Arches for so many years, &c.

In the next Place. For the true Zodiacal Way of Directions, and first how to Direct the Sun being near the Midheaven, &c.

THus we Account the ☉ near the Cusp of the House To direct Sol being near the M. C. when he is but 3 dg. distant from it, &c. First take the R. A. of the ☉, then the place of the Aspects viz. the R. A. whether it be to a ☌ or ☍; the Latitude [Page 87] in this Case is to be neglected, if he have not greater then his Orb; if he hath, it is not to be neglected? this is the difference between the Horozontal (or Mundane) and Zo­diacal Aspects, because they are made from the greatest nearness, to the greatest distance of the Stars, amongst themselves; and above the real way of them in the Zo­diack: The greatest nearness happens in the same partil Longitude, although they are distant and differ according Latitude; unless as I have said, the Latitude in either ☌ or ☍, exceed the greatness of their Orb; if it be greater, then is the ☌ or ☍ in the Zodiack of small force; now sub. the R. A. of the ☉, from the R. A. of the Planets As­pect, and the Remainder is the Arch of Direction, &c.

Example, The M. C. is ♏ 8 dg. 15m. the ☉ in ♏ 8dg. 21m. to be directed to the ☌ of ♀, in 22dg. 45m. of ♐, &c.

The R. A. of the ☉ is 215dg. 58m. the R. A. of ♀ is, 262 dg. 8m. I sub. the R. A. of the ☉, from the R. A. of ♀, and there remains 46dg. 10m. which is the Arch of Direc­tion, which is to be equated, &c.

Secondly. How to direct the ☉, being near the Horoscope or seaventh House.

How to di­rect Sol being near the Horo­scope.THus, take the obli. Asc. of the ☉, in the Latitude of the Place, if it be in the Ascendant, and near the Cusp thereof; but if near the Cusp of the seaventh House, his obli. Dece. or the obli. Asce. of his opposite place; [Page 88] then take the obli. Ascen. or obli. Dece. of the Aspects, under the same Pole, still neglecting their Lat. if it be not greater then their Orb, then sub. the obli. Ascen. of the ☉, from the obli. Ascen. of the Aspect, and the re­mainder is the Arch of Direction, &c.

Thirdly. How to Direct the ☉ above the Earth, being far distant from any of the Cardinal Houses; if the ☉ be above the Earth, and above 3dg. distant from the Cusp of the Cardinal Hou­ses. do thus▪

To direct Sol above the Earth.FIrst take the distance of the ☉ from the Mid heaven in R. A. and from that sub. the R. A. of the As­pects, which we call the first distance; then get the Se­midiurnal Arch of the ☉, and also of the Aspects, and by the Rule of Proportion say, if the Semidiurnal Arch of the ☉, gives that R. A. distance; what shall the Semidi­urnal Arch of the Aspect or Promittor give; the product shall be, the secondary R. A. which if both be made in the Ascending Part of Heaven, sub. the Secondary Ascen­tion from the Primary, and the remainder is the Ark of Direction, &c.


To direct Sol by his Pole.ANother way; take the Elevation of the Pole of the ☉; and there in the obli. Ascen. of the ☉; and likewise the obli. Ascen. of the Aspect; sub one from the [Page 89] other, and the remainder is the Arch of Direction; for this Reason, we have set the Table of 11th. 3d. 12th. and 2d. Houses, from 30. to 60dg. of North or Soutt Lati­tude, &c.


To direct ☉ in the space of Twilight.How to direct the ☉ to any aspect, being under the Earth in the space of twilight; wherefore the ☉, being found in the space of twilight, he ought to be directed a bove parallel Circles, to the Horizon; and not a bove horary Circles, as when the ☉ is a bove the Earth; if the ☉ be found in the Morning twilght, first direct the ☉ to the degree of the aspect, under the Latiude of the place, altho the ☉ is not there, but below thou shalt take Notice of the arch of direction severally, afterwards take the distance of the Sun from the Horoscope, in oblique Ascen. Which call the ☉ primary distance, and be­ware that, that distance be not greater then the parallel of twilight, which is 18. dg. for if it be, the ☉ is not in that parallel, and in this Case you must work by the following Rule, but if the ☉ be in the parallel of twilight then with the distance of the ☉, from the Horizon a bove taken, enter the Table of twilight under the Lat. of the place, which is in the top of the Table and with the Sign and Degree in the Head or Foot of the Table; and in the Angle of meeting or body of the Table, you shall find the distance of the ☉ from his rising, and observe the dg. of the Parallel of twilight, which the ☉ possesses in the first Collumn; with taking the proportional part of the ☉ place to dg. and under the same parallel look out the distance of the Direction (that is to say) what distance the ☉ is from the Horoscope, in that parallel of [Page 90] twilight; and this distance call the secondary distance; then if both the first and second distance are equal, the true Arch of Direction, is that which you first counted, viz. the ☉ in the Horoscope, but if they are not Equal, sub­stract, the less from the greater, and the remainder call the Oriental distance, and if the secondary distance, be greater then the prima ry then sub. The oriental distance from the arch of direction, and the remainder is the true arch of direction, which is to be equated as before; and you must take Notice, that in seeking, of the primary distance of the ☉, from the Horoscope, in the Tables of twilight, it is sufficient to take the proportional part of the dg. Only, reiecting the m. which when you have taken, take the dg. of the depression or parallel of twilight, and in the right line with the parrallel distance, you shall find the nearest proportional distance, which when you have found by proportional parts, (the first primary Na­tural distance of the ☉ being neglected for it doth not signifie much, to take the dg. and m. Of the depression of twilight, but it is sufficent to take the greatest and near­est dg. of the ☉ long, with the proportional part.

As For Example.

Exampl.The ☉ directed to the □ of ♂ in no dg. of ♋, ♂ be­ing in no dg. of ♈ at birth; at the same time 11 dg. 0 m. of ♓ Asend. In the latitude, 44 dg. the ☉ being in ♈ 15 dg. 46. m. the obli. ascen. of the ascend: in that latitude is 349. dg. 45. m. the obli. ascen. of the ☉ with the Cir­cle is 368 dg. 28 m. the difference is 18 dg. 43 m. I enter the Table of twilight in the latitude of 44. dg. and there I look for this distance 18dg. 43m. and also for 16. dg. [Page 91] of ♈, which I cannot find, but there is 10. dg. and 20 dg. Now under 10de. of ♈, is 18de. 32m. and under 20 dg. I find 19 dg. 1 m. the difference is 29m. then I say, if 10dg. gives 29 m. what shall 6 dg. give viz. 17. m. which being added to 18dg. 32m. makes 18dg. 49m. and against that in the first Column: is the Parallel of Twilight 13 dg. &c.

☉ primary distance.Now the Suns primary distance viz. 18 dg. 43 m. be­ing neglected as a foresaid, I take 18 dg. 49 m. then look­ing out the aspect, which falls in no dg. of ♋ under the lat. 44 dg. and 13 dg. Parallel of twilight, I find 24 dg. 45 m. which is the secondary distance and is greater then the Primary by 5 dg. 56 m. and now the obli. Ascen of the ☉ is 8 dg. 28 m. and the obli. ascen. of the aspect is 65 dg. 10 m. and both under the lat. of 44 dg. now I substract, the oblique ascen. of the ☉, from the oblique ascen. of the aspects, and the difference is 56 dg. 42 m. and because the secondary distance is greater then the primary, I substract 5 dg. 56 m. from the aforesaid 56 dg. 42 m. and there re­mains 50 dg. 46 m. for the true arch of direction, which is to be equated as before &c.

To direct ☉ at even­ing Twi­light.But if the ☉ be to be directed at Evening Twilight, all things must be noted as before, but just contrary in all the operations, or else taken in oblique ascen. to all the opposite places &c.


To Direct the Sun, being found beyond the Parallel of Twilight, under the Earth, &c.

To direct ☉ under the Earth.IF the ☉ be found under the Earth, whither Oriental; or Occidental, out of the parallel of Twilight: First take his Seminocturnal Arch, and from thence sub. his whole Arch of Twilight, and keep the remainder, which is the obscure Arch; afterwards take the Seminocturnal Arch of the Aspect, from whence sub. his whole Arch of Twilight, and the remainder is the obscure Arch of the Aspect, &c. Next take the distance both of the ☉ and Aspect from the 4th. House in R. A. then by the Rule of Proportion say, if the whole Arch of Obscurity of the ☉, gives his distance from the 4th. house, what shall the Arch of Obscurity of the Aspect give, &c. Which distance be­ing found, you are to observe the same Rules, as in di­recting the ☉ above the Earth, and all one, as if the ar­ches of obscurity, was the semidiurnal, or seminocturnal Arches, &c.


Example.Let the ☉ be in 11dg. 45m. of ♒, to be directed to an Aspect in 22d. 35m. of ♓, the seminocturnal Arch [...] the ☉ is 7h. 7m. the whole Arch of Twilight, being su [...] which is one hour 43m. the remainder 5h. 24m. is t [...] [Page 93] Arch of Obscurity; the Suns distance from the 4th. House, in R. A. is 40dg. 11m. &c.

Now the seminocturnal Arch of the Aspect, is 6h. 11m. and his Arch of Twilight is 1h. 39m. which being sub. from the seminocturnal Arch, leaves 4h. 32m. for the Arch of Obscurity: Now the Aspects distance from the 4th. House in R. A. is 79d. 10m. then by the Rule of Pro­portion say, if 5h. 24m. gives 40d. 11m. what shall 4h. 32m. give, viz. 33d. 44m.

Seaventhly. To direct the Sun to Parallels being found in any part of the Heavens, do thus.

To direct ☉ to Pa­rallels.FIrst find their Declination with Latitude if they have any, and see what degree and Minute of the Eclip­tick answers to that Declination; so that if he be near the cardinal Houses, his Direction is as aforesaid, if further of direct under his proper Pole of Position, &c.

Eighthly. To Direct a Significator having Latitude to any Con­junction or Aspect.

To direct Significa­tor having Latitude.AS the Sun keeps his true Course in the Ecliptick, so the rest of the Planets which have Latitude, when they come to be directed to any Aspect, they move in [Page 94] their own Spheres according to their succession of lat. we call it succession, because it is not always the same, but is changed according to the greatest distance or nearness, that they are to the Nodes; therefore it follows, that a Significator having lat. when he is to be directed to any Aspect, the lat. of the Aspect is to be neglected; and the lat. which the Significator hath at that place, where the Aspect falls, is to be taken; and the Directions are as the others; only neglecting the Rule of the Suns Direction under the Earth, &c.

Ninthly. To Direct a Significator having Latitude, to Pa­rallels.

To direct a Signi. ha­ving lat. to Parallels.FIrst find the Declination of the Star, to whose Pa­rallal you would direct a Significator with lat. which when you have found, enter the Tables of Declina­tion with the lat. the Significator shall have in that Place; until you come to the dg. and min. of the Promittors De­clination.

As for Example. I would Direct the ☽ to the Parallel Of ♄.

How to di­rect ☽ to a para. of ♄. SATƲRN is in 13 dg. of ♓, and his lat. is 1dg. south Now his Declination will be found to be 7dg. 37m. which in the Ecliptick answers to about 10dg. of ♓, the ☽ is in 24dg. of ♌; now I enter the Table of Declination under ♍, the opposite part, in that place the ☽ meets with this Parallel, &c. The ☽s North Node is in 19dg. of ♋, so in that place she will have 3dg. 53m. north lat. with which I enter the Table of Declination, and against 10d. of ♍, and 4dg. north lat. I find 11dg. 33m. which is too much; so under the said 4dg. of lat. I come to 21dg. of ♍, against which I find 7dg. 15m. and under 5dg. north lat. I find 8dg. 10m. in which said 21dg. of ♍, I find what lat. the ☽ will have, and by her distance from her Node, I find she hath 4dg. 23m. north lat. Now the diference be­tween 7dg. 15m. and 8dg. 10m. is 55m. therefore I say, if 60m. gives 55m. what shall 23 give, viz. 21m. which added to 7dg. 15m. it will make 7dg. 36m. which shews, that 21dg. of, ♍ is the true Parallel of ♄.


To direct a Significator to his As­pect.How to direct a Significator to his own proper Aspects: First find his Longitude; that is the Longitude; of his Aspect (in the Ecliptick if it be the ☉) and according to her lat. if it be the ☽, always observing the lat. that she [Page 96] hath at the place of her Aspect, which is found by her distance from her Nodes, as before taught; then take the R. A. or Ob. A. of the Aspect both in lat. and long. and work according to our former Rules, but Note this, that the Ascend. nor M. C. are not to be directed to any of the Planets Aspects in the Zodiack, but to those in the World only; nor to Parallels in the Zodiack, but those in the Ho­rizon or World, and those always direct, and never Con­verse.

Eleaventhly. Of Mundane Directions, &c.

Mundane DirectionsTHe Aspects in the World, are proportional distances by their Motion about the World, for a Star that shall be distance from the Horizon, a third part of his di­urnal arch shall cast his ⚹ to the ascend. and if he be halfe his diur. arch, he will cast a □ to the ascendant, and 2 third parts of his arch is a △, and his whole arch is an ☍, therefore the first house is in ⚹ to the 11th. and third, and in □ to the 10th. and 4th. in △ to the 9th. and 5th. & in ☍ to the 7th. and so of the rest, &c. although the di­urnal and nocturnal Arches differ among themselves, the Houses have no distinction, property nature or force of themselves, but from the Stars, and in the division of the Houses by double hourly times, according to Ptclomy's method, it hath no respect to the Ecliptick, as if there [Page 97] were no such thing, but have only respect to the semidi­urnal and seminocturnal Arches of the Stars; and those Aspects in the World, to any house, or from any house, have no respect to the Ecliptick, but aecording to their semidiurnal and seminocturnal Arches; or according to their motion about the World; these things being right­ly understood, the whole mundane Art of Directions is very easy, &c.

Twelvethly. To Direct the Ascendant, or M. C. to the Con­junction or Opposition of a Star.

IF you direct the M. C. take the R. A. of the 10th. house from the R. A. of the ☍ of the Star with lat. & after the same manner the ☍ with contrary lat. the re­mainder To direct the Ascen­dant. is the Arch of Direction, &c. But for the Ascend. sub. the ob. asc. of the Ascend. from the ob. asc. of the Star, with his lat. if he have any; and so for the ☍ but with contrary Latitude, &c.

The Ascendant may be directed another way.

As thus, if you sub. the semidiurnal Arch of the Star, from his R. A. and from the remainder, sub. the R. A. of the M. C. there remains the Arch of Direction as before, &c. after the same manner the Ascend. is to be directed to fixed Stars.

Thirteenthly. How to direct the M. C. to a ⚹, □, or △.

FIrst enter the Table of Declination, with the Stars place,To direct the M. C. and take his declination according to his lat. and look to what dg. of the Ecliptick, that Declination answers, if it be not above the greatest obliquity, if it be? work by the Tables of ascentional difference, and find his semidiurnal Arch; but if it be within 23dg. 30m. enter the Tables of semidi. Arches, and look for his corespon­ding dg. in the Ecliptick, and against it, you shall find his semidi. Arch, in [...]. & [...] which) is to [...]ted into dg, & m. of the Equator; whereof two thirds makes a ⚹, being added to the Stars R. A. if he be in the [...]part or Heaven; but if he be in the Ori. sub the sd. [...] also work as aforesaid to □ or △, &c.


Example.Suppose the R. A. of the M. C. is 220dg. to which an­swers 12dg. 27m. of ♏, and a Planet were in 28dg. of ♐ having [...]dg. [...] north lat. I find his declination to be 23dg. 20m. to which agrees 23dg. of ♐; with that I en­ter the Table of semidi. Arch, under the lat. of the place, viz, 52dg. which I find to be 3 [...] 46m. the which being converted into dg. & m. is 56dg. 30m. Now the 2 thirds thereof is 37d. 40m. which being sub. from 267d. 49m. [...]e Stars R, A. leaves 230d. 9m. for the R. A. of the [...] [Page 99] the Star, from whence I sub. the R. A. of the M. C. and there remains the Arch of Direction, viz. 10 Degrees 9 Minutes.

Fourtenthly. To Direct the ascend, to a ⚹, □ or △ aspect &c.

IF the ascend be to be directed to any aspect of a Star, that is above the Earth; divide the semidi­urnal To direct the Ascend. arch of the Star into three Equal parts, and if you add two of those parts of the obli. asc. of the Star, taken under the pole of birth, and from that sub. the obli. asc. of the ascend. the remainder is the arch of direction of ⚹; and understand this that 4 of those parts makes a △, and the whole semidurnal arch is a □ &c. but take notice that the ascend. and M. C. are to be directed to no aspects but those in the World.

Another way to direct the ascendant.

Take one third part of the Stars semidiurnal arch, from is right Asc. and from the remainder sub. the right asc. If the M. C. and the residue is the Arch of Direction, of Anothe way [...]e ⚹ Aspect as before, &c. But if you add the third part [...] the Stars semid. Arch to his R. A. and from the sum [...]. the R. A. of the M. C. there rests the Arch of Directi­ [...] to a △, &c.

But if you seek for the Aspects under the Earth, you [...]e to divide the Stars seminoct. Arch into 3 equal parts, [Page 100] and do in all cases as before, but instead of the M. C. take the 4th. House for your Work, &c.

Of a Quar­til.Now for the Quartil Aspect, Substract the R. A. of the M. C. or 4th. House, from the R. A. of the Star, and the remainder is the Arch of Direction, for the □, &c.

Example.Or thus, Take the obli. Asc. of the Star with lat. if he hath a­ny, (under the Pole of Birth) and to that add his semid or seminoct. Arch, according as he is above or under the Earth, and from the Sum sub. the ob. Asc. of the Ascend, and the remainder is the Arch of Direction of the □ as be­fore, &c. These Rules are so plain, and easy that there needs no Example.

Fifteenthly. How to direct the Ascendant or M. C. to a smq. Q. ssq. or Bq.

USe the same method as in the ⚹, □, or △; and Note that a smq. is half the □, and the Q. is a fifth part To direct the Ascen­dant. to be sub. from the semid. or seminoct. Arch; the [...] is the semid. or seminoct. Arch, and half the same added thereto; and the Bq. is a Q. doubled, as the Tables of the Aspects, in the 2d. Part will plrinly shew, &c.

Sixteenthly. Now to direct a Significator, being near the Cusp of any House, to a Conjunction or Opposition, do thus.

FIrst, if a Significator shall be within 3d. of the M. C. take his R. A. and the R. A. of the Promittors Body To direct a Siguifica­tor. or 8, regarding his lat. &c.

But if within 3d. of the Ascendant, take the ob. Asc. of both, viz. the Significator and Promittor, under the Pole of the House, then sub. the Significator from the Promit­tor, regarding his lat. if he have any, and the remainder is the Arch of Direction, &c.

Likewile, if the Stars be upon, or within 3d. of the Cusp of any other House, the direction is the same with the House, viz. directed under the Pole of that House, or by R. A. if upon the M. C. as aforesaid, but if in the de­scending part, use the opposite Places, &c.


Suppose ☉ were to be directed to a ⚹ of ♃, the Sun be­ing on the Cusp of the 9th. in 5de. of ♌, and ♃ were in Ezamplo. 18de. of ♋, the Pole of Birth being 44de. Now I take the opposite Sign and deg. because the Sun and ♃ are in the descending part of Heaven, the poles of the 9th. and 3d. Houses is 18de. the ob. Ascen. of the Suns opposite place, [Page 102] is about 314dg. from whence I sub. 60de. and there re­mains 254, which is the ob. asc. of the Ascend. Now the ob. asc. of ♃s. opposite place under the Pole of 18de. is 297de. from whence I sub the ob. asc. of the Ascend. viz. 254 de. and there remains the Arch of Direction, 43de. because by the motion of the Primum Mobile when the Asc [...]d. comes to the opposite place of [...], the ☉ comes to his ⚹, &c.

Seaventeenthly. To Direct a Significatior being aboue 3 deg. distant from the Cusp of any House.

THus, get the semid. Arch of the Star, if he be above To direct a Significator the Earth, or his feminoct. Arch if under the Earth & his distance from the proceed. or suc. cusps of the house, (which you please) then take the feminoct. or semid. arch of the Promittor, (with this Caution) if the Aspect be above the Earth, take his semid. Arch, but if under the Earth, his seminoct. Arch, and this you may know by the very Houses themselves, for the 10th. hath the 8th. & 12th. houses for a ⚹, and [...] and 7th. for a □, the 6th and 2d. for a △, and so of the rest, &c. Then by the Rule of Proportion say; if the semid. or seminoct. Arch of the Significator gives his distance from the Cusp of the House, what shall the semid. or seminoct. Arch of the Promittor give; which shall be the secondary distance of the Promittor, from the Cusp of the preceeding or follow­ing House, that you took the Significa. or Promittor from; [Page 103] which if they be taken both from the Houses preceeding, or succeeding; then sub. the lesser from the greater, and the remainder is the Arch of Direction; but if the one preceed, and the other succeed, then add the Numbers both together, and you will have the Arch of Directi­on, &c.

Eightenthly. To Direct a significator to his own aspects.

But note this, the ☉ and ☽ are only to be directed this way and when they come to their own aspects, To direct a Significator they have most notable Effects, where note that the Di­rection of the ☉ or ☽ to their proper ⚹, is no more, then taking the two third parts of their semidiurnal or seminocturnal arches according to their position, a bove or under the Earth &c.

The □ is the whole semidiurnal or seminocturnal arch; and if you ad the fifth part of the semidiurnal or semi­nocturnal arch to the ⚹, you have the quintil, and so of the rest; as you have been taught already; so that two third parts of the semid. or seminoct. arch, is the arch of direction of the ⚹, and the whole semid. or seminoct. arch is the arch of direction for the square aspect &c.

Nineteenthly. To direct a Significator to Parallels in the World

Parallels in the World, are no other than as when two Stars are equally distant from any of the four Cardinal Houses, &c.

AS thus if one Star be upon the Cusp of the 11th. House, and another upon the Cusp of the 9th. they To direct a Significat. are in exact Parallel, being of equal destance from the M, C. &c. So likewise one being upon the 12th. and another on the Cusp of the 2d. they are also in Parallel, as being of equal distance from the Horoscope, &c. Where Note that in these Parallels the distance is found from several parts, as a Star on the Cusp of the 12th. is in Parallel to the 8th. 2d. and 6th. Houses; and one on the 11th. is in Parallel to the 9th. 3d. and 5th. Houses, and so of the [...]: Now if two Stars are in Parallel, and both above the Earth, take their distance from the M. C. in R. A. and call this the 1st. Distance, then by the Rule of Proportion say, if the semid. Arch of the Significator gives his distance from the M. C. what shall the semid. Arch of the Promittor give; which being known, you are to work as in the Direction of the Sun above the Earth, as in the Zodiacal Aspects, &c.

[Page 105] But if the Star be under the Earth, take their distance from the fourth house and work as before, their distance may likewise betaken from the Horizon and worke as before with obli. ascen. but if one be above the Earth and another under the Earth, take the distance of one from the M. C. and the other from the fourth house and worke as before; else take the oppsite place of that which is under the Earth &c. But if they are both under the Earth take their distance from the fourth house and worke as before, only remember this for the semid iurnal arches take the seminocturnal arches, for I shall advise you not to be like the Surveyer who Measured conti­nually from Oxford to London, and from London to Ox­ford again; when he was appointed to measure from Oxford to London, and from London to Cambridg, &c. Now by these parallels in the World we conceive the significator to remaine Imovable in the Horary Circle of his position, because in a Nativity, the virtue of the significator as well as the promittor, in the fame, Primum Mobile is Imprinted, and this according to the opinion of all Professors; &c. Likewise both these Virtues are brought to, by the Motion of the Primum Mobile from East to West.

Twentyethly. To direct the Sun, being under the Earth to any aspect.

If the ☉ be in the space of twilight; first get the di­rection to direct the ☉ un­der the Earth. of the ☉ to the aspect of the Promittor, whether it be ⚹. □. or △, as before taught, which arch call the feigned arch.

Secondly. you must know to what deg. of the Zodiack. the ☉ comes to at that time, by takeing his pole (accord­ing to the Rule) and there his Ob. Asc. and to that by ad­ing the feigned arch a foresaid, and the sum is the Ob. Ascen. of the dg. of the Zodiack; to which the ☉ comes on both sides; else it will signifie little; in this way of dire­ction: then with the ☉'s Primary distance from the Ho­rizon see what parallel of twilight he possess, and there­in the same take his secondary distance; to which the supposed feigned direction shall come; then by the Rule of proportion say, if the seminoct arch of the ☉, gives his secondary distance from the Horoscope; what shall the semid. or seminoct. arch, of the promittor give, and the fourth Number shall be the secondary distance of the promittor, from the Cardinal or any other house, from whence you seek a proportinal distance; and so you obtain the arch of direction; &c.

Twenty 1st. To direct the Sun out of the space of Twilight, &c.

FIrst you are to find the feigned place of the Aspect as before taught. Secondly you must know to what to direct the ☉ out of twilight. dg. of the Ecliptick the ☉ comes to by this direction; then say, if the Arch of obscurity of the ☉, gives his pri­mary distance from the fourth House, what shall the ob­scure arch of the Ecliptical dg. give which the ☉ comes to by this dyrection, and the product is the secondary distance from the fourth House, &c.

Now if the ☉ be in the 3d. or fourth Houses, use this distance; but if he be in the 2d. or fifth Houses, sub. from this distance one third part of ☉ seminoct. Arch and the remainder is the ☉ 2d. distance from the 3d. or 5th. Hou­ses: Then say, if the seminoct. Arch of the ☉ give his se­condary distance from the determinate House, what dist­ance shall the seminoct. Arch of the Promittor give (from that House) so work as you were taught before, &c.

Twenty 2d. To direct a Significator to all Aspects Converse, which are made in the World.

WHat hath been said of Mundane Directions, in di­recting the Significators, to the Promittors; the To direct a Significator difference in this converse Direction, is no other then where as we took the seminoct. or semid. Arch of the Sig­nificator, &c.

Now in this, we take semid. or seminoct. Arch of the Promittor first, and work as if the Promittor were Sig­nificator: But Note this, that none of the cardinal Hou­ses are to be directed conversly, for they have no Motion to the preceeding Planet or Aspect, &c.

Twenty 3d. To find out the Number of Years the Native may Live according to Ptolomp's Doctrine, by directing the giver of Life to the West.

THat is, if any Planet, by Body or Aspect shall come between the Giver of Life, and the Cusp of the Of Years. 7th. House, take his distance by ob. descen. and divide their [Page 109] distance by 12, and what remains keep; where Note that all the Aspects of ♃ and ♀; the remainder after division, are to be added to the distance of the giver of Life from the 7th. House, and the remainder of the Aspects of ♄ & ♂ are to be sub. there from, and what remains shews the Number of years the Native may Live, &c.


In a Nativity if the ☉ is in the 9th. House, his distance from the 7th. House by ob. descen. is 75de. 56m. ♀ like­wise casts her ⚹ to the 7th. House, and the distance be­tween the ⚹ of ♀, and the 7th. House, is 32de. 55m. which divided by 12, there remains 2de. 45m. fere. the Quintil of ♀ is distant from the 7th. House, 19de. 37m. which di­vided Example. by 12, leaves 1de. 38m. the ☌ of ♃ is distant 61 de. 28m. which divided by 12, leaves 5de. 7m. which three remain­ders being added to the ☉s distance, makes 85de. 26m. The □ of ♂ to the 7th. House is 7de. 57m. which divi­ded by 12, leaves [...]de. 40m. fere. ♄s Sisquiquadrat is 34de. 53m. which divided by 12, leaves 2de. 54m. which being sub. from 85de. 26m. leaves 81de. 52m. the number of years that the Native may live, which is to be equated as in other Directions, &c.

Twenty 4th. Of Secondary Directions.

ALL the directions before treated of, of what nature soever, we call primary Directions; but by secon­dary of seconda­ry directi­ons. Directions, we mean the days that shall succeed the Nativity, wherein shall be accounted the Aspects of the Stars, both to the Luminaries and Cardinal Houses, in which days they happen; from these singular days, to which aspects they belong, they produce their Effects, for the respective Years; as if the first day is for the first Year, the second day after Birth for the second Year, the 3d. for the 3d. the 4th. for the 4th. Year, and so of the rest successively, wherefore we are to observe when the ☽ is in Aspect to the Stars, for if she be with the benevolent Stars, or their good Aspects, or with the good Aspects of the Infortunes, it doth denote a healthful and prosperous Year, according to the Nature of the Houses governed by those Planets in the Radix; but if joyned with the evil Planets, or evilly beheld, or in parallel Declination of the Infortunes, it shews to those years pointed by those days, in which those evil configurations shall happen, great cross­es and losses, also sicknesses, and without doubt they shall have notable effects, if at that time there shall be opera­ting a primary direction of that nature and kind; now be­fore the rest, the climacterical Years are to be noted; for if in those days the ☽ is in □ or ☍ to the place she was in at Birth, and there happen to be an evil primary di­rection of the giver of Life, Death is at the Door, or then [Page 111] much to be feared; also if the ☽ in the secondary direc­tions be afflicted of the Infortunes; likewise the ☉ also in secondary directions; also the same if there happen a bad primary direction, with which if both the Revoluti­on and Transit agree, it certainly Kills; but this Subject hath already been handled by the Industrious Mr. Willi­am Salmon, In his Horae Mathematicae, &c. Where Note the primary direction is the most effectual of all; there­fore if this be kindly accepted by the Grateful Sons of ƲRANIA, we will; God willing in another Trea­tise, be more Full and Copious, yet except a Man be Stone-blind; or hath lost his Sences, here is enough to fur­nish the weakest of Capacities, as well as the strongest Genious, as may evidently appear by the Work.

Now we shall treat of PROGRESSIONS.

W [...] Note, that the progression is no otherwise to be taken, but from the space of time in which the ☽ Represents all her Faces, and distances, from the ☉, which she can have, and return to the same place where she had her begining from; in which Compass she Runs through almost 13 Signs, and the Sun one; and the Pro­gressions according to our Method, have their begining from these Motions of the Luminaries; Now the first Lu­nation Of Pro­gressions. after Birth, shall Measure out the first year; so likewise the second Progression the second year; the third Progression the third year &c. And likewise than the first parts of the Progressions, shall Measure out the first part of the year, the second part the Middle, part of the year, and the third part the latter end of the year, or last part thereof &c.

Now for the finding of the Progressions for any year,

We are to Number up so many Lunations from the Nativity; which is done by putting the ☽ in the same face and distance from the ☉, as she had at Birth, and for every month above the compleat year, add 32 dg. 30 m. [Page 113] because they are the 12 parts of one Lunation: and if you would have the progression to many years, you must Note that the ☽ makes 12 Lunations in 354 Dayes which is 11 Dayes less then a year, therefore take the distance of the ☽ from the ☉ in the Nativrty, and this you will find a 11 Dayes before the End of the first year, and where you find that distance, that shall be the Pro­gression for the 12 th year; and if 22 dayes be substracted from the End of the second year, there you will find the Progression for the 24 th. year, and so you may Proceed to every single year, and to every month thereof, by the addition of 32 dg. m. 30 and where ever the [...] shall be well placed in these Progressions the Native shall have much falicity; and the contrary, &c. those Progressions have alwayes been in great Esteem by the Learned in past Ages, and much Comended by that great Phylosopher Roger Bacon fryer, our own Country Man; who took great pains this way and made his Lunar Pro­gression monthly, wherein he did use to discover many material accidents as I have been informed by the Learn­ed Mr B [...]ech Deceased, who hath seen something thereof in the Library in Oxford and it hath [...] as well observed by others of Great Learning, and Profound Philosophers, it being the very Doctrine of [...] Potlomy himself,


SOme are active and some are passive, the active are the Aspects of the active Stars, by the universal and Of Ingressi­ons. Dayly Motion, with the Places of the obtained Prima­ry and Secondary Directions, and pocessions of the Signi­ficators.

The passive are the Aspects of the giver of Life in the whole World, with active Stars of the Secondary Directi­ons, and Progressions (by the active Stars we meane) those to which Power is given to act; and are to be put in the place of promi [...], viz. ♄. ♃. ♂. ♀. and ☿. also the Luminaries, when they are [...] Promittors, where Note that all these Ingressions, whether active or passive, Denotes great good, when they come to the places of be­nevolent significators, or givers of Life and one the con­trary when they come to the Places of the Malificks. &c.

Thirdly of TRANSITS

SOme are active, and some are passive, the active are the Aspects of the active Stars, by [...] Of Tran­sits. Motion of the Hilegs or Givers of Life, in [...] (that is to say) with those Immovable places, the [...] Transites are the aspects of the universal significator in the World, with the active Stars at Birth, [...] to their immovable pla [...] therefore the difference [...] an [...]gression, and at Transit, is this [...] the places of the [...] respects the immovable, also the Lumi­ [...] are to be observed in day [...] Motions, wheth [...] be [...] or [...] of the [...] ☉, upon [...] hur [...] places▪ for when it comes by directio [...] gression [...] good place [...] and if the Luminaries, [...] w [...]ll placed to the [...]ects of the Stars they bring great [...]; but if [...] the con [...], they come by direction and pro­gression▪ to [...] and the Luminaries [...] unfortun­ated [...] the aspects of the Mali [...]icks▪ it is [...] the Native▪ and it is [...] to be feared, that [...] signi­fied th [...] from [...] tis &c. and th [...] to Di [...] very [...] happens in those [...] which [...] well beheld; by [...] ­lents, & [...] But [...] contrary if ill be [...]en they sign [...]. Diseases, Slaugh [...]ers and the like [Page 116] and this you will find never faile, it being according to Great Ptolomy's own Doctrine in this most Heavenly Sci­ence, and who soever thou art, that makes practice thereof shall see the Truth and Certainty of it &c.

Fourthly. Of the Part of Fortune, and how to take it.

ANd in this we shall digress from the Vulgar way of our Modern Authors, who have admonished us Of the ♁ to observe the distance of ☉ from ☽, and that shall be the distance of the ♁ from the Ascend. all this we do not de­ny, but then it must be in the Sphere of ☽, and there it will have the true distance from the Ascend. with the same lat. and decli. of ☽ north or south, although the same happen in Signs of contrary denomination; for ♁ is not always in the Ecliptick, but moves continually in the ☽ s Orbit, and this is to be noted, that so far as the ☉ in his circular Parallel is distant from the dg. ascending, so far shall ☽ be distant from the ♁ in her Parallel or Sphere, &c.

Now our Method in taking it is twofold; first if the Nativity be diurnal, the true distance of the ☉ from the Ascend. being added to the R. A. of ☽ (with respect to her lat.) will give the true R. A of the ♁, &c.

But if the Nativity be Nocturnal, let ☉ distance from [Page 117] the Ascend. be sub. from the ☽ R. A. and there will remain the true R. A. of the ♁ as before, &c.

Secondly. Let the Nativity be either diur. or noct. add the distance of ☉ from the Ascend. to the R. A. of ☽, and the sum shall be the R. A. of the ♁, where note, that in taking the distance of ☉ from the Ascend. it must be done in ob. A. and under the lat. of Birth, &c.

Now this way is much different from that which is used by our modern Authors, for if it be well noted, a mans own reason will tell him, that their way cannot be true, but very erronious, because they never regard the ☽ lat. a thing which ought seriously to be considered, &c.

And if the ♁ be not true taken, it will cause a great er­ror, because many times in noct. Nativities the ♁ hap­pens to be Giver of Life; when it shall chance to be po­sited in an Aphetical Place, and ☽ not, for we prefer the ♁ before the Ascend. besides it is also directed for the Riches of the Native, and his gain in all affairs, therefore ought warily to be taken.

Now if these things be kindly accepted of by the Grate­ful Sons of ƲRANIA, we will (God permitting) afterwards shew the Demonstrations according to Ma­thematical Rules, and then its probable, the Eyes of the common Astrologers may be open, being able to discern the difference between Light and Darkness.

Fifthly of ANTISCIONS Which I have spoke of in the fore going part but for the bet­ter Instruction of Young Students, I shall giue a beter de­monstration of the same; which take as followeth.

ANtiscions are no other than real Parallels of Decli­nation which are exact parallel Lines from the Tropicks of ♋ and ♑, being so far extended on the o [...] Of Antisoi­ons. side of the Tropicks, as they themselves are on the other side, and it is to be observed always in [...] of the A [...] tiscion, that there must be regard and to the lat. as [...] as the long [...] no w [...] are taught by our modern Author to observe how much the Planet, is short of either of [...] Tropicks in Signs Degrees and Minutes, and so far shall his Antiscion fall beyond it; all this we own, provided the Latitude be taken, &c.


Suppose a Planet were posited in 24 dg. of ♋ having 2dg. north lat. you will find by the common way, that [...] casts his Antiscion to 6d. of ♊, but his lat. being considered Example. you will find his declination falls out to be 23d. 21m. which in the Ecliptick answers to 7d. of ♋, and makes the An­tiscion [Page 119] to fall in 23d. of ♊ which is 17d. more than the common way; and this by Practice and Reason, you will find to agree with our Method, and further observe, if a Planet be in ♈, ♉, ♊, ♋, ♌, or ♍, with great north lat. he can have no Antiscion except the ☽ by her lat. should meet with it; also if a Planet be in ♎, ♏, ♐, ♑, ♒, or ♓, with great south lat. so that it exceeds the E­cliptick, there can be no Antiscion neither, &c.

Sixthly. How to find the Semidiurnal and Seminocturnal Arch of a Star, when his Latitude shall cause his declination to exceed the Ecliptick Line.

FIrst find his declination with lat. and with the same enter the Tables of Ascentional Difference, and if How to find the Se­mid. or Se­minoct. Arch a Star. it be in any of the 6 northern Signs; add the ascentional difference, to 90d. and you have the semid. Arch, in de. & m. which you may convert into hours and minutes, by a Table for that purpose in the 2d. par, but if you sub. the said ascentional difference from 90dg. the remainder will be the seminoct. Arch, understand the contrary in the southern Signs, you may find the ascentionol difference an other way, which is thus, add the tangent of the declina­tion, to the tangent of the lat. and the Sum is the Sign of the ascentional difference, and this I have given you be­cause we have no Tables of ascentional Difference in the Book.

Seaventhly and Lastly. How to Equate the Arch of Direction, &c.

DO thus, add the Arch of direction to the R. A. of ☉ at Birth, and look for that Sum in the Tables of How to e­quate the Arch of Direction. R. A. in the Ecliptick; and take the de. and m. coros­ponding thereto, then in an Ephemeris see how many days and hours the ☉ from the day and hour of Birth will be, e're he come to that de. & m. and so many years it will point out; and for every two hours more then the com­pleat day account one month, and so you have the true Arch of direction.

Suppose the Arch of direct. were 46dg. 30m.R. A. were 197dg 31m. the sum is 243dg. 1m. to which in the Tables of R. A. answers 4dg. 58m. of ♐; Now the Birth was, October the 1st. 1648. If you enter an Ephemeris for that date (or for any other date, provided it be exact) and look for ♐ 4dg. 58m. being ☉s place, you will find it to fall on the 16th. day of November 6h. 18m. which points out from the day of Birth, 46 years, 3 months, 4 days, and 12 hours; this is the only real and exact Method u­sed in the Universe, agreeing with that never to be for­gotten Prince of Philosophers Great Ptolomy; unto whom as it is said, an Angel appeared, and opened unto him the parts of the earth, but some he was commanded to keep secreet, which was those under the north Pole, as it is re­corded, by that famous Mathematician Doctr. John D [...] pag. 153. This Method is also practised in Arabia, Persia, and India, as I have been well informed by my very good [Page 121] Friend Mr. Cordwel Worral. whose Assistance we had in doing some part of this Piece, and he saith in those Coun­tries they are far more exact, then any of our Nation are, nay we cannot, neither dare we presume to that exact­ness as they do, either in horary Questions or Nativities; for almost by inspection of a Nativity, they will give a true account of the general and particular Accidents, du­ring the whole course of the Natives Life, both how, and when they shall happen, a thing somthing strange to our apprehensions, and now the reason why we cannot do the like, is because we do not use their true Method, but follow the false Doctrine of Regiomontanus and Argol, whose directions with all their Desciples, are insipid vain and fool­ish, also wholly without Reason, or Truth; yet we cannot neither will we deny, but that those Tables of theirs are of excellent use, therefore we count ourselves beholding to them, for their Laborious Studies in framing them, but for their Doctrine it is not so much Worth as the name­ing it; much less to be Prectized, and Extalled as it hath been by our selves and others, yet altho' we have been great followers of them, we will say with the wise King when we were Children, we acted as Children, but since we are Men we are come to know better; for now we have seen their Erronious Examples; and the Truth of the Doctrine practized; therefore, we will follow their ways no more, but Cleave to those Rules which we Know to be most Certain and True &

Now let no Man Doubt of what we here Declare, for it is as true as a South Sun makes twelve a Clock at noon, but enough of this here, for wise Men Esteem many words, and many lyes both a like, and he that will in­struct [Page 122] others in the Truth, must never deny the Truth himself, therefore he that talketh much and doth little, is like unto him that Sails with a Side Wind, and is borne with the Tide to the wrong Shore, & note this that from page 86 to page 117 we had that Doctrine from Pla­cidus de titis Primum Mobile, but all the Rest of this Part is wholy mine, and the second Book is done by Mr Bishops own hand, and that very Learnedly, without any assist­ance.

Thus I conclude the sirst Part, Resolving to Remain Gods faithful Servant, the Kings Loyal Subiect, and my Countries Friend,

Yours Richard Kirby

THE MARROW OF ASTROLOGY The Second Part. Wherein is contained, A TABLE of HOUSES, Calculated for the Latitude of LONDON: With Tables of Semidiurnal and Seminocturnal Arches. ALSO TABLES of Twilight and Mundane Aspects; And the whole Doctrine of Nativities, laid down in Twenty Genitures, according to the true Intent and Meaning of Ptolomy, wherein is discovered the Errors of Argol, Regiomontanus, and others. The like never before done in ENGLISH.

By JOHN BISHOP, Student in Astrology and Chimistry.

LONDON: Printed for Joseph Streater, near Paul's-Wharf in Thames-street, and are to be Sold by the Booksellers in London, 1687.

To the honourable ROBERT BOYLE, Esq Fellow of the Royal Society, Health and Pro­sperity.

Honoured SIR,

COnsidering those many and signal Favours that I have received from you (notwithstanding my unmeriting desarts) are too great to be bu­ried in the Sea of Forgetfulness, without my humble and thankful acknowledgment of the same, so that I have here offered my Mite to be put into your Treasury, (which I do not to add the least Atome to your Worth, but to make these my Junior Labours appear with the better lusture) for the Present is so small that I am dubious of your acceptance, yet although the Lines are unpolisht, the Subject is Divine, because it is an Epitomy of the Coelestial Philosophy of Ptolomy King of Egypt, from whose Ashes I have endeavoured to make a Lixivium which may take off those Spots and Blurs which have defiled the beautious Ʋrania's Face, by the Innovations of Regiomontanus and Argol, and most of onr modern Authors, and yet the thing it self is not new, but is the true genuine Method that was practiced when the Principles [Page] of Artists were not corrupted, and when Princes themselves were well acquainted with the Lan­guage of the Stars; and because nothing of this na­ture was ever Printed in the English Tongue, I have at spare hours made this Essay, which I have pre­sumed to put under your Honour's Protection, your Name being sufficient, but more especially your Verbal Commendation, to give it a better Reception and Esteem among all Persons of Ho­nour and Eminence, than he that is,

Honoured SIR,
Your humblest Servant, JOHN BISHOP.


COurteous and Impartial Reader, I here present you with the Second Part of this most useful and necessary Piece of Astrology, wherein I have used all means possible to gratifie [...]hee; tis true the Subject is not common, I mean as to the Me­ [...]hod of it, but I Presume it is the most-Exact of any as to Astro­logy, that ever was taught in England, or by any, that could [...]ver speak the English Tongue; neither had this come forth at [...]his time, but by the sole Assistance of that famous Mathemati­ [...]an, and my loving Friend, Mr. Cordwell Worral, whose [...]are and partly his Pains gave Life to this Piece, which soon [...]eceived Motion, he having been acquainted with this kind of [...]earning among the Persians and other of the Eastern Sages, [...]here they are so Dextrous that they can tell a Person the parti­ [...]lar Transactions of his whole Life, and for the time of Death, [...]ey seldom Err, but we here in England cannot pretend to it, [...]y we doe not know after a person is dead the direction that [...]lld, by the common Method that is now practiced, as hath [...]en proved by many Nativities where the Astrologers hath pro­ [...]ised long Life, and the Natives sometimes have dyed in their [...]fancy, or at least 20 or somtimes 30 Years before the directi­ [...] could operate, which they would have to Kill, which things [...]th produced a Scandal upon the Art, and Artists; nay I be­ [...]eve if Heraclitus and Democritus, should view the Methods [...]at many of our Artists take, they would find exceeding great [...]use for their lamenting & laughing at them and their practice, [Page] because their Method is not demonstrable, which thing after had given my self to the Study of Astrology, for the space of 1 [...] Years I began to doubt of the Certainty of it by reason I ofte [...] found it to faile, at last it was my good hap to meet with t [...] Ingenious Thomas Moor Esq. who in discource on that Subje [...] made it apparent, that there was little truth in that way wh [...] was commonly practiced, and by his means I was brought to [...] aquainted with the Learned Dr. Wright who was the first [...] England that ever understood this Method, which he learned [...] being conversant in the works of that Learned Monk Placid [...] where in his Celestial Philosphy, he hath laied down, and tr [...] explained Ptolomy's Writings, which till then laid very [...] stuse, so that as I said by conversing with Dr. Wright I was c [...] ­firmed in my judgment, and so came to know truth from f [...] ­hood, by what I learned, likewise from the aforesaid Mr. Wo [...] and being willing to oblidge all the true sons of Uraina, I [...] willing to publish it because Mr. Kirby was going to Print so [...] ­thing of the first part, I lent my help to the finishing of it, [...] that the World should not be abused to Buy one thing twic [...] was the more willing to Publish this at this time, that so [...] Bound up together you might have an Entire Work, and I h [...] I have done things with that plainness that it may be well und [...] ­stood by the meanest Cappacity, and also have given such Ex [...] ­ples as may Explain the whole Matter, with the greatest [...] imaginable; and truly I do not doubt but those of understa [...] ­ing will approve of this Labour of mine, but Ignorant Zoi [...] will Contemn it, for the old Proverb is, he that Builds on [...] High-way, will hear many things from them that find fault, [...] especially the Vulgar, but I wish those Thrasoes would put fo [...] somthing more Excellent, before they find fault with, and C [...] at the Labours of others, wherefore let none Rashly judge of t [...] Work untill he be throughly informed of the same, I know i [...] contrary to what hath been taught, by Regiomontanus [...] Angol, whose Doctrine is insipid, but for his laborious wor [...] [Page] Framing those Excellent Tables the World is much ingaged to him, and we are no less Ingaged to our Famous Country Men namely Mr. Lilly and the Famous and Learned Mr. Gad­bury Mr. Coley, and Mr. Salmon, whose aspiring Fanceis have Raised up Mōnuments, to their never dying Fames, and doubt­less if this method had been common when they Wrote of Art they would have done it in a farr more Lofty Stile, but however I hope this may be a Foundation for the Ingenious to Build A Mighty Fabrick upon, whose Top may Pierce the Spheres, and like Jacobs Ladder to reach through the Stary Region; I could [...]ish that some more Noble Pen had been Imployed, in doing so great a Piece of Service for the World, but none hav ing attempt­ [...]d it, I have presumed to make this Essay; and if it meet with [...] kind acceptance, I intend God willing to add somthing more [...]reatful, which this Age never looked after, for we have been [...]ke the Dog in the Fable, never to look after the Substance [...]f things, but are content to take up with the meer shaddows, [...]ay and not only so, but often Villifie them that make it their [...]siness to dissipate those Clouds of Ignorance, which are between [...] and the Beatious Urania, but let such dull Animals injoy [...]heir Opinions, for to those I doe not write, but only to the In­ [...]nious who will make Reason their Judge, as for such let their James be Eternal, to dwell above Spite, Scorn or Reproach, but [...]r the Evill Heads, who Envieth the Knowledg, that cometh [...]om others, and wish all to be in dulness, like themselves whose leads are full of nothing but Chimera's their Hearts of Reveng [...]d Mallice, and their Mouths of nothing but Railing, let them [...]ontinue in their Ignorance and Folly, for I Envy not their [...]inciples nor their Glory in their Art, and if any such there [...] that will oppose any part hereof, I am Ready to answer them, [...]t in Railing but Modesty, that so I may reform him or those [...]m their Erronious Way, and so Astrolgy shall beget a good [...]teem, as it had formerly, when and where the true Principles [...]re practiced, for I doubt not but Ptolomy whose Method [Page] this was, had the Quintesence as to Art (for if we may Credit the Sayings of that Famous Mathematician Dr. John Dee,) he was taught it by an Angel, but however he came by it, his way in the most Demonstrable, whose sayings I have indeavour'd to bring in to practice, now if any one through mistakes should Err, let him not blame me but his own Ignorance, and let him study by the Rules that are laid down, and then I doubt not but he will have better Success, which I Pray every one may have, this is industrious, such I shall be willing to oblige, whilst I am Urania's Servant, and my Countries Friend, to my Power,

John Bishop.

To his intirely beloved Brother, Mr. John Bishop, on his excellent Book, entituled, The Marrow of Astrology.

WHen first I chanc'd this noble Art to view,
With all my vigor I did it pursue,
But never saw it Perfect, till in You:
How many Years hath Titon trac'd his Sphere,
Since beautious? Ʋrania did appear,
But always Blurs upon her comely Face,
Eternal shame to this our Junior Race.
Hark! now She's Fair, She's Beautious, and what not:
You've laid her open, and not left a spot
Whereby She may obnoxious be to those,
From whence continual Discords have arose:
Envy's banish'd, Malice dare not appear,
But all to this our Art must now give ear,
The Quintescence whereof you've wrote it here.
In Honour's Arms I wish your Skill and Pain,
May be imbrac'd, and then our Art again
Will gain its Glory, and its former Praise,
And, Phoenix like, out of its Ashes raise
Herself aloft, and sail quite through the Sky,
Freeing Herself from all past Treachery;
But hold! My guiddy Pen, where do you run?
How can you th'inclos'd Excellencies shun,
Of this, the Treasure of our Art most high,
Known by, The Marrow of Astrology?
Here, sporting in these Sheets, you'l Learn an Art,
By which you may wonderful things impart;
[Page] Ponder each Sentence, and observe them well,
The Minds of other Men you may fore-tell.
Into a fruitful Vineyard here you're led,
With this Coelestial Art for to be fed,
As with the sweetest Grapes, that from the Vine
Yieldeth all sorts of comfortable Wine;
What need we to the Tavern run at Night,
Whilst with Canaries, here you may delight
Your self with Art, far richer than they be;
So let the Marrow live eternally:
No Limner ever, by his cunning Skill,
Drew half so fair, as this their living Quill,
That ne'er will die, but always live and flourish,
And all the Sucklings of Ʋrania nourish,
With their Example never done before,
By any Tyro on the English-shore;
Here's Bishop's Councel, and Physicians Wit,
The Devil's in't, if one of those won't hit
The Nail of your Understandings dull,
And drive Astrology into your Skull,
Remaining there to purge your putrid Brains,
And make you dextrous in the Starry Trains,
Removing thence those cursed Innovations
Of Argol, that hath ruin'd many Nations;
But now we'll crown our Authors Labour here,
Extolling them above the Starry Sphere;
Let's their Great Names above the Regions raise,
And crown their Quills with Laureats of Bays.

Descend you Powers above to our Assistance.

Chronos, descend thy lofty Sphere, and then
Lend us thy Aid to Praise our English Men,
Cast off thy old Saturnine Habit here,
And in thy Splendor gloriously appear.
[Page] ♃ Great Phaeton, next Chronos, we implore,
Come from your Orb, our Authors to adore.
Quirenus, God of War; come down and see
The Gods of Art, though not of War like thee.
Phoebus, with all your glorious Rays come down,
Lend us your mighty Aid, these Men to Crown.
Cytheria fair, come lend us but a smile,
And then return, lest that you do beguile
Our tender hearts, as well as Mars the great
Arise aloft unto your glorious seat.
☿ Swift Hermes too, we want thy mighty aid,
For to confirm what here before is said.
Cynthia, in all your Starry Dress appear,
'Mongst these your Kinsfolks and Relations here,
Stay your swift Course, lend us also your Rays,
To give our Authors Heckatombs of Praise;
They all concluded, and with one Voice said,
The Starry Art now prostrate she is laid;
They took their leaves, and up aloft did fly
Unto their former Orbs in th' Azure sky.
And so, dear Brother, I do here conclude,
Begging your pardon for what here is rude,
In these my Junior Lines, yet 'tis my Will,
And the first Crop that e'er dropt from my Quill;
And what is here amiss, impute it to my Skill.
So I remain
your loving Brother, Nicholas Bishop.


INgenious Reader, you that buy this Book
Must not for high-flown Strains within it look,
For 'tis not drest according to the Times,
In Garments rare, no more than my dull Rhimes,
But in a modest Dress it doth appear,
And sober Artists thou art blest with here,
Who understands the very Grounds of Art,
Witness the Wonders daily they impart,
By this disdained Astrologick Art;
This Art in former Ages was ador'd
By Learning, but by most 'tis now abhorr'd;
And, if Josephus credited may be,
Princes themselves studied Astrology.
Here's Calculations and Examples rare,
Will raise your ponderous Souls above the sphere
Of this ingrateful and Superbean Age,
With what they understand not, fall in rage,
[Page] And swears what does exceed their Apprehensions,
Proceeds from curs'd or devilish Inventions:
To such dull Sots our Authors don't impart
Their Skill, and this, The Master-piece of Art,
But to Uranian Souls that's this way bent,
Ʋnwearied Pains here's taken to content,
Their searching Fancies and ingenious Mind
With Rarities that suits your Temper kind,
And when they've read this Book, able may be
To Calculate any Nativity.
Now, Phoenix like, by them this Art's renew'd
Ingeneniously: Astrologers conclude,
Nothing beyond the Marrow there can be;
So let it live unto Eternity.
And to our Authors, for their Skill and Pains,
Eternaliz'd let be their glorious Names
In never-dying Volumes to their Fames.
Yours and Ʋrania's, JOSEPH STREATER.
The Contents of the First Part.
  • OF the Characters of the Planets, Signs and Aspects, with their manifold Division, Pag. 1
  • The Planets Aspects, 3
  • Of the Radiations of the Houses and Signs. 7
  • Of Antiscions, and how to take them. 8
  • Of the Sign ♈ 13
  • Of the Sign ♉ 14
  • Of the Sign ♊ 16
  • Of the Sign ♋ 17
  • Of the Sign ♌ 19
  • Of the Sign ♍ 21
  • Of the Sign ♎ 22
  • Of the Sign ♏ 25
  • Of the Sign ♐ 26
  • Of the Sign ♑ 28
  • Of the Sign ♒ 29
  • Of the Sign ♓ 31
  • Of the Planet ♄ 34
  • Of the Planet ♃ 39
  • Of the Planet ♂ 44
  • Of the Sun. 49
  • Of Venus. 54
  • Of Mercury. 59
  • Of the Moon. 65
  • Of the Distribution of the Spirits Vital, Animal, & Na­tural. 69
  • A Table of Essential Dignities. 70
  • A Synopsis of the Signs. 71
  • How to take the Pole of Position. 72
  • Of Propositions of Coelestial Philosophy. 79
  • How to-direct the ☉ near the M. C. 86
  • [Page] How to direct the ☉ being near the Ascen. or 7th. 87
  • How to direct the ☉ being distant from the Houses. 88
  • How to direct the ☉ in the space of Twilight. 89
  • How to direct the ☉ beyond the Parallel of Twilight 92
  • How to direct the ☉ to all Parallels. 93
  • To direct a Significator having lat. 93
  • To direct a Significator having lat. to par. 94
  • To direct a Significator to his own Aspects. 95
  • Of Mundane Directions. 96
  • To direct the Asen. or M. C. to the ☌ or ☍ of a Star. 97
  • To direct the Ascen. or M. C. to any other Aspect. 98
  • To direct the Ascen. to any Aspect. 99
  • To direct a Significator being near any House 101
  • To direct a Significator being distant from the Houses. 102
  • To direct a Significator to his own Aspects. 103
  • How to direct to Parallels in the World. 104
  • To direct the ☉ to any Aspect under the Earth. 106
  • To direct the ☉ out of the space of Twilight. 107
  • To direct to Aspects Converse. 108
  • To find out the Number of Years. 108
  • Of secondary Directions. 110
  • Of Progressions. 110
  • Of Ingressions and Transits. 115
  • Of ♁ and how to take it. 116
  • Of Antiscions. 118
  • How to equate the Arch of Direction. 120
The Contents of the Second Part.
  • [Page]WHat a Nativity is, and how to Rectifie it, Page 1
  • How to set a Figure, 2
  • A Table of the Poles of the Houses, 5
  • A Table for Converting H. and M. into Dg. and M. 6
  • A Table of Houses, 7
  • A Table of the ☽'s Latitude, 19
  • Of the Twelve Houses, 21
  • A Table of Semidiurnal and Seminocturnal Arches, 27
  • An Explanation of the aforesaid Tables, 30
  • Charles the Fifth Emperour of Germany's Nativity, 32
  • Philip King of Spain his Nativity, 35
  • Henry King of France his Nativity, 37
  • Sebastian's Nativity King of Portugal, 40
  • Gustavus Adolphus King of Sweedland's Nativity, 43
  • The Duke of Parma's Nativity, 45
  • Lord Mollins his Nativity, 47
  • Cardinal Aldobrand his Nativity, 49
  • John Columna his Nativity, 51
  • A Child's Nativity, 53
  • Cardinal Farneii his Nativity, 55
  • Cardinal Fachinettii his Nativity, 58
  • Mr. Lilly's Nativity, 60
  • Prince of Aldobrand's Nativity, 6 [...]
  • Henry Dutton's Nativity, 64
  • Saffold Lee's Nativity, 67
  • John Blanchard's Nativity, 69
  • James Gales Nativity, 71
  • John Bishop his Nativity, 73
  • Debora Daniel her Nativity, 74
  • Cautions to be observed, 76
  • After fol. 76. in this 2d Book are the Tables of Twilight, also of the Mundane Aspects, with the Ʋses of them.


First, What a Nativity is, and how to Rectify it.

A Nativity is the true Time, or the very Moment of any ones Birth, in which the Child comes into the World, begining then to be a visible Member of the Cre­ation, the Stars begining then to Act and Operate, by the Power of the Angel, or Angels ruling those Constellations, Of a Nati­vity. arising, or then being in Greatest Power at the time of the Birth, according to the Saying of St. Jerome, when he cometh to Comment upon the 18 of St. Mathew and the 10th verse, saith thus; Great. is the Dignity of Souls, for every one at their first appearance into the world, have an Angel appoynted for their Custody, and safety; But seing the true Time is hard to come at, by Reason of the difference and uncertainty of all Clocks, Watches, and Dyals, the Antients have left several wayes to Rectify it by, as the Truetine of Hermes the Animoder of Ptolomy, and also by the Acci­dents [Page 2] of the Native, as for the Truetine of Hermes, or Animodar, of Ptolomy, I shall say little in this place, be­cause it is sufficiently handled by almost all Authors, and what I have here to say is to Rectify a Nativity by Acci­dents; which breifly is thus. First set your figure by the following Table of Houses for the Estimate Time, then observe the Accidents, whether Sickness, Honour, Loss, or what more you can get, but especially sickness, or croses, and if it be sickness, take the true pole of the giver of Life, with his Parallels if the ☉, or ☽, or ♁, or else if it be the Ascendant the ob. Asc. under the pole of Birth, and ob­serve the nature of the Promittor, and his Parallels, with the other Planets, whether he may give such a distemper or no, so that if you find your arch of direction to long, or to short, you are to raise or depress the pole of poshtion of your Significator, and by that means you will find the true time; always observeing, that you must only direct the giver of Life, to the bad aspect of the Infortunes, for sickness, and no other, as thus, if the ☽ be giver of Life, the ☉ nor Asendant being directed to any bad aspects can not kill, or cause Diseases as shall be shewed in their proper places, for that hath been the senseless opinion of most of our Artists, to think that one may give Life, and ano­ther be directed to kill, which is the most irational thing in the World.


Of setting a Figure.Of setting a Figure, divers have been the Oppinions of our Modern Authors about this Point, but that which we allow of, is according to Ptolomy, (whom our Modern A­thors say, would have the Heavens to be devided into 12 equal parts in the Ecliptick; as if the Asendant be ♈ 15 [Page 3] dg. the second must be ♉ 15 dg. and the 3d. ♊ 15 dg. &c.) but those persons are extreamly mistaken, for Ptolomy never taught that Doctrine, but only they misinterpret his saying, for Ptlomy's System is the most demonstrable of any in the World, as shall be taught in another Work, wherein the falce imaginations of Copernieus and his followers, shall be as Clearly confuted, as Argol and Regiomontanus are in this; but here I say, that the following Table of Houses, are the onely true extant, which I have Calculated for the Merridian of the famous City of London, and are far more exact, then those of Rogiomontanus, which he calls the Rational way, which we say is the most Irrational way, and without Reason; now the use of these Tables follows; suppose I would set a figure for the 25th of September, at 4h. 20m. p. m. (or afternoon,) in the Ephemeris against the day of the month, I find the ☉s place to be in ♎ 12 dg. 30 m. at noon, with which I enter the Table of Houses with ☉ in ♎, and under the 10th. House with 12 dg. or 13, (take which you will,) because the minuts are 30, you may add a deg. then take 13 dg. under the 10th. House, and in the Column toward the left hand, Right against the said 13 dg. you will find 12 h. 48 m. to which I add my 4 h. 20 m. and it makes 17 h. 8 m. with which I enter the Tables again, and under the title time from Noon, I look for my 17 h. 8 m. which I find Exactly, and in a Direct line, I have the Cusps of all the six Oriental Houses thus,

The 10th. House is18dg.00m.
The 11th. Hnuse is05dg.30m.
The 12th. House is25dg.36m.
The Asendant is29dg.58m.
The Second is28dg.14m.
The Third is28dg.08m.

[Page 4]The Opposite Houses have the Opposite Signs, Degrees, and Minutes, thus;

Houses Opposite.1.7.Signes op­posite.♈.♎.&c.

So that you see the first House is in Opposition to the 7th. the 2d. to the 8th. the 3d. to the 9th. &c. And also, that ♈ is in Opposition to ♎, ♉ to ♏ and ♊ to ♐ &c.

And because this Table of Houses is only Calculated for the Lattiude of London, and serves for no place but under that Lat. I have here incerted a Table shewing the poles of the 11th. 12th. 2d, and 3d. Houses in all places, from 30 dg. to 60 dg. North or South Lat. presupposing them to be sufficient for all the Nativities, that can come into the hands of any of our Artists, which are as follow­eth.

[Page 5]

The Table.
Asc.11 & 312 & 2
dg.d. m.d. m.

The Ʋse of this Table.

In the first Column is the lat. of the place from 30 dg. to 60 dg. of lat. and right against it you have the poles of Example. the 11th. 3d. 12th. and 2d. Houses.

Example, if I would know the poles elevation of the 11th. 3d. 12th. and 2d. Houses for the lat. of 53dg. I en­ter with 53. under the Title of the Asc. and right against it I find under the 11th. and 3d. 24dg. 40m. which is the poles elevation, and under the 12th and 2d. I find 42dg. 26m. which is the poles elevation for the 12th. and 2d. Houses, and so of any other &c.


A Table for converting Hours and Minutes of Time, into deg. and m. of the Equator.
ho.deg.m.deg. & min. of the Equa.m.deg. & min. of the Equa.
11510: 15317: 45
23020: 30328: 0
34530: 45338: 15
46041: 00348: 30
57551: 15358: 45
69061: 30369: 0
710571: 45379: 15
812082: 00389: 30
913592: 15399: 45
10150102: 304010: 0
11168112: 454110: 15
12180123: 004210: 30
13195133: 154310: 45
14210143: 304411: 0
15225153: 454511: 15
16240164; 004611: 30
17255174: 154711: 45
18270184: 304812: 0
19285194: 454912: 15
20300205: 005012: 30
21315215: 155112: 45
22330225: 305213: 0
23345235: 455313: 15
24360246: 005413: 30
  256: 155513: 45
  266: 305614: 0
  276: 455714: 15
  287: 005814: 30
  297: 155914: 45
  307: 306015: 0
  secmin. sec.sec.min. sec.
A Table for converting E [...] ­noctial Deg. into H. and of Time, and the contrary.
dg.h. m.dg.h. m.deg.ho. m.
10: 4312: 4704: [...]
20: 8322: 8805: [...]
30: 12332: 12906: [...]
40: 16342: 161006: [...]
50: 20352: 201107: [...]
60: 24362: 241208: [...]
70: 28372: 281308: [...]
80: 32382: 321409: [...]
90: 36392: 3615010: [...]
100: 40402: 4016010: [...]
110: 44412: 4417011: [...]
120: 48422: 4818012: [...]
130: 52432: 5219012: [...]
140: 56442: 5620013: 2 [...]
151: 0453: 021014: [...]
161: 4463: 422014: 4 [...]
171: 8473: 823015: 2 [...]
181: 12483: 1224016: [...]
191: 16493: 1625016: 4 [...]
201: 20503: 2026017: 2 [...]
211: 24513: 2427018: [...]
221: 28523: 2828018: 4 [...]
231: 32533: 3229019: 2 [...]
241: 36543: 3630020: [...]
251: 40553: 4031020: 4 [...]
261: 44563: 4432021: 2 [...]
271: 48573: 4833022: [...]
281: 52583: 5234022: 4 [...]
291: 56593: 5635023: 2 [...]
302: 0604: 036024: [...]


A Table of Houses for the Latitude of 51 Degr. 32 Min. according to Ptolomy.
Sol in Aries.
Time from h. Noon m.10 ♈11. d. ♉ m.12. d. ♊ m.Ascend. d. ♋ m.2. d. ♌ m.3. d. ♍ m.
018514826540 ♌11613642
03391820 ♋20239193102
03710192511031 [...]19461052
118210 ♊49106103427462014
13325451131913120 ♍422341


A Table of Houses for the Latitude of 51 Degr. 32 Min. according to Ptolomy.
Sol in Taurus.
Time from h. Noon m.10 ♉11. d. ♊ m.12. d. ♋ m.Ascend. d. ♌ m.2. d. ♍ m.3. d. ♍ m.
2331241193918316440 ♎43
2581725520 ♌3328617401322
3102028422540 ♍13204169
318220 ♋354291372140182


A Table of Houses for the Latitude of 51 Degr. 32 Min. according to Ptolomy.
Sol in Gemini.
Time from h. Noon m.10 ♊.11. d. ♋ m.12. d. ♌ m.Ascend. d. ♍ m.2. d. ♍ m.3. d. ♎ m.
443104513239340 ♎462818
412512381511132270 ♏12
5292329270 ♍5243717501717
534240 ♌23056252318421814


A Table of Houses for the Latitude of 51 Deg. 32 Min. according to Ptolomy.
Sol in Cancer.
Time from h. Noon m.10 ♋11. d. ♌ m.12. d. ♍ m.Ascend. d. ♎ m.2. d. ♎ m.3. d. ♏ m.
6317124212952329530 ♐33
63581339132690 ♏44129
752260 ♍452823194215471818
80282390 ♎4211017252010


A Table of Houses for the Latitude of 51 Deg. 32 Min. according to Ptolomy.
Sol in Leo.
Time from h. Noon m.10 ♌11. d. ♍ m.12 d. ♎ m.Ascend. d. ♎ m.2. d. ♏ m.3. d. ♐ m.
846912569829626180 ♑22
85411144810450 ♏302754214
961417331392360 ♐1553
101280 ♎102421291191818


A Table of Houses for the Latitude of 51 Degr. 32 Min. according to Ptolomy.
Sol in Virgo.
Time from h. Noon m.10 ♍11. d. ♎ m.12. d. ♎ m.Ascend. d. ♏ m.2. d. ♐ m.3. d. ♑ m.
103167110 ♏2172817292610
104610103825820620410 ♒12
113122204811392810 ♑321237
114927245815111 ♐19451182


A Table of Houses for the Latitude of 51 Degr. 32 Min. according to Ptolomy.
Sol in Libra.
Time from h. Noon m.10 ♎11. d. ♎ m.12. d. ♏ m.Ascend. d. ♐ m.2. d. ♑ m.3. d. ♒ m.
121540 ♏4520116211122548
122984223484614570 ♓25
1361812130 ♐20155425111217
13252316194119390 ♒551824


A Table of Houses for the Latitude of 51 Deg. 32 Min. according to Ptolomy.
Sol in Scorpio.
Time from h. Noon m.10 ♏11. d. ♏ m.12 d. ♐ m.Ascend. d. ♐ m.2. d. ♒ m.3. d. ♓ m.
143324371139274713201 ♈2
14156271013590 ♑241718452
1430100 ♐311717462316105
1450154472134920 ♓561635
15312513340 ♑32202717242935
153526142812921431980 ♉52


A Table of Houses for the Latitude of 51 Degr. 32 Min. according to Ptolomy.
Sol in Sagittary.
Time from h. Noon m.10 ♐11. d. ♐ m.12. d. ♑ m.Ascend. d. ♑ m.2. d. ♓ m.3. d. ♉ m.
16022007260 ♒62938832
164320568291371 ♈26948
1646130 ♑301928191819372213
17111963126552 ♓1729572919
17162073328144381 ♉390 ♊30
1725229370 ♒5592450251


A Table of Houses for the Latitude of 51 Deg. 32 Min. according to Ptolomy.
Sol in Capricorn.
Time from h. Noon m.10 ♑11. d. ♑ m.12. d. ♒ m.Ascend. d. ♈ m.2. d. ♉ m.3. d. ♊ m.
18399281926392300 ♊262125
1848110 ♒380 ♓22743352328
1857132593282 ♉165392531
1918188591212124211410 ♋30
2002821270 ♈1229532234102
2052922431571 ♊2323351059


A Table of Houses for the Latitude of 51 Deg. 32 Min. according to Ptolomy.
Sol in Aquary.
Time from h. Noon m.10 ♒11. d. ♒ m.12 d. ♈ m.Ascend. d. ♊ m.2. d. ♊ m.3. d. ♋ m.
202950 ♓25122593329281626
20346143141010490 ♋241719
2038731155412 [...]31201813
21141614420 ♉37220918265
213421211288265113290 ♌20
214925262013500 ♋291643342
215326273 [...]15131221731432
21572728541635214182 [...]523
2212801217563 [...]5198613
22830247203 [...]4452044753


A Table of Houses for the Latitude of 51 Deg. 32 Min. according to Ptolomy.
Sol in Pisces.
Time from h. Noon m.10 ♓11. d. ♈ m.12. d. ♉ m.Ascend. d. ♋ m.2. d. ♋ m.3. d. ♌ m.
2239812510 ♊121172645430
225412174543914 [...]7294 [...]1746
225713185754414540 ♌251835
2311420 [...]96481535191925
23816223285417 [...]236213
232019265115919 [...]9446330
23342304515 5921567422647
2342253 [...]2175623189102826
2345264101852235995 [...]2915
23492751819472439103 [...]0 ♍4

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A Table of the Moons Latitude.
D.North.Ascending  D.
Sign. 0Sign. 1Sign. 2
Sign. 6Sign. 7Sign. 8
Moons. Latitude.
 Sign. 5Sign. 4Sign. 3 
 Sign. 11Sign. 10Sign. 9 
D.South.Ascending.  D.

THis is a Table of the ☽s lat. for every o­ther degree of her dist­ance, from the ☊ or ☋, the Use is thus, to find the ☽s lat. you are to substract the ☽s place in Signs dg. and min. from the ☊, or if the ☊ be in less Signs and dg. then the ☽ you must sub ☊ from ☽, for it is one and the same thing; but if you are minded to sub. the ☊ from the ☽, and the ☽ be in fewer Signs and dg. then the ☊, you are to add the Circle, that is 12 Signs, but use which you please, it is all one, and comes to the same thing; and although this Table is [Page 20] made but to every other dg, yet we suppose the Work may be true enough, but those that please, may equate for e­very dg. but this we think to be as good as any Table whatsoever.


Example.IF the ☊ be in ♍, 13dg. that is 5 Signs 13dg, and the ☽ in ♋, 5dg. that is 3 Signs 5dg. now by sub. the ☽ from the ☊; there will remain 2 Signs 8dg; with which I enter with 2 Signs at the top, and 8dg. in the left hand Collumn, and in the Angle of meeting I find 4dg. 38m. which is the ☽ s lat. and is South, because the ☽ last sepe­rated from the ☋; but if it had last separated from the ☊ the lat. had been North; this Method you must-always observe in the ☽ s Lattitude.

Next concerning the 12 Houses and their Sig­nificators.

Of the first House.

THis House hath signification of the true Descrip­tion Of the Houses. of the Natives body, as to form and Stature, with the Temperature, and qualities of the Mind, it is called the first House, or East Angle, from whence is Judg­ed the begining of every Enterprise it is the first Cardinal House, and hath for its Triplicity the 5th. and 9th. which behold each other by △ Aspect, in World; where is made this Rational division, of the Houses; from whenc the true mundane aspects do proceed, this is the first and chief­est aphetical place, for any of the givers of Life, to be placed in, it is in ⚹ to the 11th. and 3d. Houses and in □ to the 10ht. and 4th. so that when it is Directed to the [Page 21] body or opposition of any Planet, there the M. C. comes to the □; the Asc. is sometimes giver of Life in a Nativi­ty, which when it is the evill Directions thereof to the Malificks, signifies great Sicknesses, and by being Directed to the Anaretta it signifies Death; and this is to be observ­ed only when the Asc. is giver of Life; and not else, but we know it is and hath been the opinion of all our Mo­dern Authors, to say that the ☉ or ☽ may be givers of Life, and the Asc. being directed to the bad Aspects of the maleficks denotes sickness, nay say they and most commonly Death, which is the most senseless argument in the World, to think that one should be giver of Life, and a nother to give Diseases and it may be a third to kill, which we canot a llow of, for whatsoever is giver of Life that same is most Certainly, to be directed for sick­ness and Death, but to this some will say we must not be too severe in Judging, upon the giver of Life, and that the Asc. being directed to a bad Aspect of the Infortunes, al though it be not giver of Life, yet it shall have Power to kill, this makes Ptolomy's Doctrin void, concerning the giver of Life, who saith no ill direction thereto shall kill if it be not giver of Life, and therefore there shall be but one certain giver of Life, which our late Authors cannot make, corrospond, which must make agreat confusion in Art (which Ptolomy never taught) they say likewise we are to respect the Principal giver of Life, (and secondly the Ascen.) and when either of them come to any bad direction it shall have power to kill, but we one the con­trary say, that whosoever shall have powe of giveing Life, by his position shall keep and preserve the Life, by his force and strength, and no other shall be able to de­stroy it, viz. If the ☉ be giver of Life, whether the Asc. ☽ or part of ♁ shall have any power (by being directed to bad Aspects) to kill; understand the same by the ☽ Asc. [Page 22] or ♁ when any of them are givers of Life; therefore all Diseases in general or particular are taken from the giver of Life, and none else, as shall be further Examplyfied in its Proper place, some again will admit of several givers of Life, and say that those Nativites who have most givers of Life are the most fortunate, and receive the most power, for the prolonging of Life, but is contrary to sence or reason, for where there is more gives of life then one there is more evil directions of them, to the evil rayes of evil planets and so consequently more evil signified thereby for that Nativity must needs be of a more in­feriour condition, and of a shorter life that shall have more givers of Life then one, sometimes they will direct the Asc. to ill Aspects to kill, when as the ☉ or ☽ being giver of Life are fortunately placed to which the direction properly belongs, but for a conclusion of this House Note that the Asc. is never to be directed but to those Aspects in the World, and not in the Zodiack. nor to parallels but to all those in the World, alwayes observing the Lat. in Mundane directions, neither can the Asc. or M. C. be di­rected to any Aspects conversly, I have been the larger upon this House, because by what hath been said here may be observed in the other Houses, however I will give an Epitomie of all in breife &c.

Of the second House

THis House hath signification of the fortune of the Of For­tune. Native, as to Riches or poverty, and all sorts of goods in general, and is in △ to the 6th House and 10th Houses, and this Triplicity cheifly relates to Action and Profit in the World, it is in ⚹ to the 12th. and 4th. [Page 23] Houses, and in □ to the 11th. and 5th. Houses of indifferent good fortune when well beheld by good Planets or by their bodyly presence; yet it is the place of an Anaretta, being in 8 to the 8th. House, for if ♄, ♂, or Lord of the 4th. or 8th. should be posited therein, and no Planet in the 4th. 6th. 8th or 12th. Houses, then the Planet in the 2d. 4th. 6th. 8th. and 12th Houses are alloted for the anaret­tical place of the Malificks.

Of the third House

WHich signifies Bretheren Sisters Cousiins and Neighbours, it is a House of delight in travel, and also Learning and procureing new aquainttance Of Bre­theren. cadent, this House is in △ to the seaventh and 11th. and in □ to the 12th. and 6th. and in ⚹ to the Asc. and 5th &c.

Of the fourth House.

TAketh Notice of the Father, and also Houses Lands Tenements Inheritances, and the Natives Dwel­ling place, it is the Angle of Sorrow, it signifies the Grave and the End of all things, and is the worst of all the four Angles, by being in △ to the 12th. and 8th. as if Sorrow Death and the Grave, had made an everlasting Of Fa­thers. Frendship, it is in □ to the first and the 7th. and in ⚹ to the 2d. and 6th. and no Good can be expected, by any di­rection of this House, to the body of any Planet whatso­ever, for at the same time it brings a □ to the Asc. and 7th. and an opposition to the 10th. observe that this is the Angle of Evil.

Of the fifth House.

FRom whence is Judged the Children of the Native and is the House of Mirth and Pleasure, of Gaming of Taverns, Ambassadors, the Wealth or Substance of the Of Chil­dren. Father, and is a good House, as being in △ to the Asc. and ninth, but in □ to the 8th. and 2d. and in ⚹ to the 3d. and 7th. this House signifies Good, for when it is directed to the body of any Star, the Asc. at the same time comes to the △ thereof, &c.

Of the sixth House.

SIgnifies sickness, servants, tennents, and all sorts of small Cattel, it is a cadent house, and one of the an­naretical Of Ser­vants. places; it is in △ to the 10th. and 2d. in □ to the 9th. and 3d. and in ⚹ to the 8th. and 4th. &c.

Of the seaventh House

IS the great Angle of busines, as signifying Mariage, Lawsuits, Controversies, Duels, and all Publick Ene­mies, Of Business it shewes the Nature and condition of the Wife, con­sideration being had to the Planet, the ☽ first aplyes to after Birth: for the first Wife, the second for the second, and this House is in △ to the 3d. and 11th. in □ to the 10th and 4th. and in ⚹ to the 9th. and 5th. we a low 3dg. below the Cusp of this House for the place of the [Page 25] giver of Life, that is, if the giver of Life should happen to be out of the house, yet if he be not elongated above 3dg. he shall still be alowed for giver of Life &c.

Of the eighth House.

HAth signification of the Natives Death, and of the goods of persons deceased, Legacies, Wills, and the Of Death. Wives Portion; it is a very unfortunate House, having no affinity with the Ascen. it is in △ to the 12th. and 4th. in □ to the 11th. and 5th in ⚹ to the 10th. and 6th. and is the Strongest an naretical place of the Malificks &c.

Of the ninth House.

SIgnifies Religion, Learning, and Piety, likewise Sea Voyages, and Pilgrimages, it is in △ to the first and Of Religi­on. 5th. in □ to the 12th. and 6th. in ⚹ to the 7th. and 11th. and is a very good House, for when it is directed to the body of any Planet, at the same time the Ascen. comes to the △ thereof.

Of the tenth House.

THis is the most glorious Part of the Figure, for it signifies Kings, Princes, and Magistrates; and all Of Kings. Honours and preferments, whatsoever, therefore all Honours, and Dignities, comes upon the directions of the M. C. or that Glorious Lamp of Heaven the ☉, and not the Ascen. or ☽, or any other, as some have vainly imagined, [Page 26] the M. C. is directed by R. A. to Aspects alwayes direct, and never to any in the Zodiack, but only to those in the World, this House is often talten for giver of Life; viz. sometimes in Princes Nativities, or when the Na­tive is likely to Dye by the hand of Justice, this House is in △ to the 2d. and 6th. in □ to the Asc. and 7th. and in ⚹ to the 12th. and 8th. Houses, &c

Of the eleventh House.

SIgnifies friends, and is the House of hope, and hath the signification of the Natives freinds, and of all the assistance, that he may hope for, by their means; it is termed the good Angle, and is in △ to the 3d. and 7th. in □ to the 2d. and 8th. in ⚹ to the Asc. and 9th this Of Friends House being directed to the body of any Planet, the Asc. at the same time comes to his ⚹ &c.

Of the twelveth House.

Signifies private Enimies, Imprisonments, Sorrow and Trouble, Witch-cravft, and all private Devilish Deal­ing, it also signifies great Cattel, this is called the Evil Sperit, it hath for its Triplicity the 8th. and 4th. House it is in □ to the 3d. and 9th. and in ⚹ to the 2d. and 10th. Of Ene­mies. Houses, and is a very Evil house, from whence may be Expected nothing but Sorrow and Trouble, and thus have given a Discription of the 12. Houses, and how they behold one another, which when 'tis a litle practised will be a great Light to the Arch of Directions.

A Table of Semidiurnal, and Seminocturnal Arches.

 The Pole of 44dg.The Pole of 47dg.The Pole of 50dg. 
Dh. m.h. m.h. m.h. m.h. m.h. m.h. m.h. m.h. m. 
[...]06168 [...]07336197874461971475520
[...]161 [...] [...]27336207974462171575619
[...]56247773 [...]62771474762872275915
[...]163371473863 [...]728750640731839
[...]363671773863972675064373 [...]847
[...]664 [...]720739644729751649739844
[...]764272173964673075165174 [...]853
[...]864 [...]722739648731751653741852
[...]064772473 [...]651734751656744850


A Table of Semidiurnal and Seminocturnal Arches.
 The Pole of 51 dg.The Pole of 52 dg.The Pole of 53 dg. 
 Semid. ♈Semid. ♈Sem. ♈ 
 Semin. ♎Semin. ♎Sem. ♎ 
D.h. m.h. m.h. m.h. m.h. m.h. m.h. m.h. m.h. m. 
 Semid. ♍Semid. ♍Sem. ♍D.
 Semin. ♓Semin. ♓Sem. ♓ 


A Table of Semidiurnal, and Seminocturnal Arches.
 The Pole of 54 dg.The Pole of 5 [...] dg.The Pole of 56 dg. 
 Semid. ♈Semid. ♈Semid. ♈ 
 Simin. ♎Semin. ♎Semin. ♎ 
D.h. m.h. m.h. m.h. m.h. m.h. m.h. m.h. m.h. m. 
16277836278876271 [...]81429
1162472881662572982062673482 [...]19
2465 [...]75 [...]826654754831655818396
 Semid. ♍Semid. ♍Semid. ♍D.
 Semin. ♓Semin. ♓Semin. ♓ 

An Explanation of the Tables, of Semidiurnal and Semi­nocturnal Arches.

THe use of the preceeding Tables are so easy, that they need but little explanation, yet nevertheless, I think it convenient to say somthing of them, to shew their use, and likewise how they are made; so that if you should have occasion for any other Latitudes, than what is here incerted, you may make them your self, which is thus, if the Star or Planet have North or South Lati­titude you are to observe the Declination, which if it be under 10 dg. you may take it by Argols Primum Mobile, or Mr. Gadbury's Doctrine of Nativities, but if it be 10 dg. or upward of lat. you are to work by Trigonomitry, ac­cording to the Method of the Ingenious Mr. Coley, in his Clavis Astrologiae; and having found the Declination un­der the Pole of the Place, you must observe that if the Declination fall in any of the 6 Northern Signs, add the difference of Ascention to 90 dg. and you have the semid. Arch, in deg. and min. but if you sub. the difference of the Ascention from 9 dg. you will have the seminoct [...] Arch; but if the Declination should fall in any of the southern Signs, sub. the difference of Ascention from 90 dg. and you will have the semid. Arch. but if you add the diffe­rence of Ascention to 890 dg. you will have the seminoct. Arch; which when you have obtained, if you divide it by six, you will have the hourly Times, or the length of the true Planetary Hours, and if you divide the se [...]d. or seminoct. Arch by three you will have the true distance of one House; and so by that Method obtain the true di­vision of all the Houses according to Ptolomy; 2 of which [Page 31] Parts makes a ⚹, as may be seen by the Table of Mun­dane Aspects; where is laid down all the Aspects, that are made in the World; The finding of the semid. or se­minoct. Arch, is thus, under the lat. of the place, you have the semid. Arches of all the Northern Signs, as ♈, ♉, ♊, on the top of the Table, and for ♋, ♌, ♍, in the Table; now having obtained the semid, Arch, the semi­noct Arch is obtained thus, by sub the semid. Arch from 12 hours, and the remainder is the seminoct. Arch, you have likewise the seminoct. Arches for all the Southern Signs, that is ♎, ♏, ♐, on the top of the Table, and ♑, ♒, ♓, on the bottom of the Table, and so when you have obtained the seminoct. Arch, take the complement there­of to 12 hours; and you will have the semid. Arch, which is so easy; that it need no further Example, the semid. or seminoct. Arches, may be easily converted ei­ther into hours and minutes, or degrees and minutes, by the Table for that purpose, which I need say no more of in this Place.

Next followeth some particular Genitures, that were taken by Argol and others, shewing what Errors they built their Judgment upon, and I will leave it to the Con­sideration of any Artist, that hath so much Sense as to know his right hand from the left, (who is nearest the Truth) &c.

Charles the 5th. of Austria, Emperour of Germany, His Nativity.

Chr. 5th. Emp. of Austria. Born Feb. 23d. at 15h. 39m. P. M. An. 1500. Lat.52.

2: 0 South
0: 50 South
0: 53 North
1: 3 South.
3: 0 North
2: 4 South.

15: 13
9: 37
19: 52
6: 8
2: 18
1: 51
25: 54

IN this Nativity, I will be somthing large; by which other directions may be found, in the same manner; First he was made Emperour at 19 years of Age; at which time the ☽ comes to the 12th House, and ♀ to the second House, in which places; the one beholds the M. C. with a ⚹, and the other by a △, and the ☽ in ⚹ to ♀ in the Zodiaek; and to a Q. of ♀ in the world; but that which was most material, was the ☉ to the parallel declination of ♃, in about 25dg. of ♈; the ☉s Arch of twilight is 29dg. 30m. which is 1h. 58m. by converting it, his seminoc. [Page 33] arch is 6h. 32m. from which sub. his arch of twilight, and there rests 4h. 34m. which is the ☉s arch of obscurity (be­cause the ☉ is under the earth, and out of his parallel of twilight) now the arch of twilight for 2 [...]d. of ♈, is 2d. 18m. the seminoc. arch of 25d. of ♈ is 5h. 9m. the Arch obscurity of 25dg. of ♈, is [...]h. 5 m. the distance of the ☉ from the 4th. House is 54d. 6m. then I say, if the ☉s Arch of obscurity 4h. 34m. give his distance from the 4th. House 54dg. 16m. what distance shall 2h. 5 m. (the Arch of obscurity of 25dg. of ♈) give, and it makes the secon­dary distance 34d. 22m. from which being substracted the primary distance of 25d. of ♈, which is [...]6d, 51m. which is taken by substracting the R. A. of 25d. of ♈ from the R. A. of the 4th. House, and there remains the arch of di­rection 17dg. 31m. which being equated is 19 years.

At 41 years of Age he met with great Losses at Sea, at which time the ☽ was directed to a mundane parallel of ♂; thus, the semidiurnal arch of ☽ is 52dg. 33m. and the semid. arch of the ☍ place of ♂, is 62dg. 27m. those two being added together, makes 115, which I put in the, 1st. place, and in the 2d. place I put 52dg. 33m. in the third place I put the distance of the ☍ of ♂, and the ☽, which is 4 [...]dg. 25m. in R. A. (for the ☍ place ♂ is in R. A. 232dg. 3m. and the R A of the ☽ is 27 [...]dg. 28m.) and the th. number is the ☽s secondary distance from the M C. [...]0dg, 45m. which sub. from her primary distance 57dg. 28m. leaves the arch of direction 3 [...]dg. 43m. which being equated, points out 41 years; he dyed at 58 years, and almost 7 months, on the 21 of September, at which time the ☽ being giver of Life, comes to the ☍ of ♄, by converse direction; ♄s distance from the th. House is 5dg. 4 m. his R A is 45dg. 43m. the Pole of the 1 th. and 5th. Houses, is 2 [...]dg. the seminoc. arch of ♄ is 6 dg. 37m. the 3d. part thereof is 23dg. 13m. ♄s Pole is near 6dg. [Page 34] where in the ☍ place of ♄ in ob. asc. is 227dg. 21m. the ob. asc. of the ☽ under that Pole, is 280 dg, 19m. from which the ☍ place of ♄ being substracted, leaves the arch of direction 52dg. 58m. which being added to the R A of the ☉, 345dg. 44m. makes 398dg. 42m. from which sub. the circle, and there rests 38dg. 42m. to which agrees ♉ 11d. 10m. to which place the ☉ from the day of the birth comes to in 58 dayes and 13 hours, which points out the true time of the direction, there was near opperating at that time, the ☽ to her own proper□, both in the Zodi­ack and in the world, which are thus wrought: And first to her □ in the world, the seminoc. arch of the ☽ is 127dg. 27m. and distant from the asc. 4dg. [...]2m. in the semidi. arch is 52dg, 33m. and from these comes the 4th. number, which is the secondary distance from the M C, which being sub. from the primary distance, there rests 55dg. 33m. for the arch of direction, the ☽ to her own □ in the Zodiack is thus, the ☽s ob. asc. in the lat. of 52 dg. is 314dg. 52m. and in 6dg. of ♈, the ☽ will have 4dg. 32 South lat. in which place her ob. asc. is 9dg. 52m. to which the circle being added, and ob. asc. of the ☽ substracted, there rests 55dg. for the Arch of Direction.

Phillip the 3d. King of Spain, his Nativity.

Phillip the 3d. King of Spain, Born, 1578. Aprill the 14th at 14h. 47m. P. M. Lat.41.

0: 6 North.
1: 35 North.
1: 39 South.
1: 13 South.
3: 0 South
4: 14 South.

23: 15
0: 43
18: 17
19: 13
9: 40
1: 37
23: 40

THis King dyed at 42 Years, and 11 Months; but he was first took ill of a Distemper, At 36 Years and 2 months of Age, which never left him till Death, which was almost 7 Years after, in this Nativity the Ascen. is the giver of Life, and at the time when he was first took ill, was directed to the body of ♀, Lady of the 8th in ♈, and in □ to ♄, he having great dignities in the 8th. ♀ and ♄ are both of a nature, by being so near in aspect: there was also at that time, the ☽ to a sesquiquadrat of ♂, near the ☋ in [Page 36] the Zodiack, and the ☽ likewise to the parallel of declinati­on of ☿, but the wound was chiefly given by ♀, and continued by the rest, but did not Dye until the ascendant, which was giver of Life, was directed to a □ of ♄; the directions are as followeth: First the ascendant to the bo­dy of ♀, the R A of ♀ with lat. is 26dg. [...]m. the semi­noc. arch is 5 h. 26m. which converted is 81 dg. 30 m. which added to the R A of ♀ [...]: [...]2. makes, 107dg. 52m. from which sub. the R A of the [...]th. House 7 [...]dg. 9m. and there rests 34dg. 43m. which being equated points out 36 Years, and 2 Months, as before, this might have been wrought by taking the ob. asc. of ♀ in the ascendant with her lat. and the arch would have been the same, but only to shew this way of direction. Next the ascen. to the □ of ♄, the R. A. of the M. C. is 253dg. 9m. the R. A. of ♄ is 295dg. 23m. from which sub. the R. A. of the M. C. and there rests 4 [...]dg. 41m. which being equated gives 43 Years, fere, at which time he dyed, this Disease is demon­strated by ♄ being in parallel declination of the ☽, and in mundane parallel of ☿, and ☿ in mundane parallel to ♂, and likewise from th Zodiacal □ of ♄ to ♀ in ♈; you may here observe, that according to the Method of our modern Authors, the ascendant would have come to the □ of ♄ 20 Years sooner, if it had been directed in the Zodiack, as they teach; but no rational Man upon conside­ration can think, that the space from the 1 [...]th House to the second, can be any more than a sextile, it being but a 6th part of the Heavens, but those Innovations of Regiomon­tanus and Argol, have brought so much Error into the World, that it is hard to throw out again, to receive the true and genuine Principles of Art; but I doubt not al­though this may seem strange at first to the Ingenious, yet after a little consideration, they will readyly agree with us, but those that will not, let them follow their old Erroni­ous Way still.

Henry the 4th. King of France, His Nativity.

Henry the 4th. King of France, was Born 1553. December the 13th. at 14h. 13m. P. M. Lat. 48.

1: 55 South
1: 26 North
0: 8 South.
2: 12. North.
5: 0 South.

9: 13
0: 40.
22: 42.
23: 30.
17: 12:
5: 16.

Note that the ☋ is in the 22d. 37m. of ♑.

IN this Nativity the ☽ is giver of Life, by being placed upon the Cusp of the 7th. house, which power she cannot be denyed, except she had been elongated 3dg. I shall only observe two principal directions, the first was at 41 Years of Age he received a Wound on the Face, about the lower Jaw, at which time the ☽ was directed to a □ of ♄ in the World; thus, the seminoct. Arch of the ☽ is 5h. 37m. her distance from the 7th. House 4dg. 15m. ♄s seminoct. Arch is 6h. 41m. so I say, if 5h. 37m. gives 4dg. 15m, what shall 6h, 41m. give, Facit, 5dg. 3m. which 5dg. 3m. I add to the Primary dist­ance of ♄ from the 4th. House, which is 37dg. 34m and [Page 38] the sum is 42dg. 37m. for the Arch of direction, which being Equated makes somthing above 40 Years, a little before the ☽ was in a Mundane Parallel of ♂, by the Motion of the Primum Mobile, being come to be in equal distance from the 4th. house, thus, the seminoct. Arch of the ☽ is 5h. 37m. which I add to the seminoct. Arch of ♂, which is 7h. 50m. the ☉ is 13h. 27m. then I say, if 13h. 27m. gives 5h. 37m. what shall 98d. 28m. give, which is the difference between the R. A. of ♂, & the R. A. of ☽, I find it makes 41dg. 7m. which is ☽s Secondary dist. from the 4th. house, which I Sub. from her Primary distance 79dg. 53m. and it leaves 38dg. 46m. for the Arch of direction. Note, that all these directions, are best wrought by the Logistical Logar, Note that if your Number exceed 60. Take half, or if it be above 120, take a 4th part, if you make use of a 4th. multiply what comes out by 4, or if you take half, double what comes out. Example, In the last foregoing Operation, where I say if 13h. 27m. gives 5h. 37m. what shall 98dg. 28m. give, Logistical Example.

Log. of 13h. 27m. comp. Arithmetick is3506
The Logistical Log. of 5h. 37m.10287
The Log. Logar of half 98dg. 28m. which is 49dg. 14m.859
It makes4652

which is the log. logar. of 20dg. 33m. which being doubled is 41dg. 6m. all directions may be worked thus with great ease and exactness, Next, this King died at 56 Years of Age. and a half, which was May the 14th. 1610. at which time the ☽ who is giver of Life, was directed to the □ of ♄ in the Zodiack; thus, the opposite place of the ☽s obl. asc. under the pole of Birth is 211dg. 25m. which being Sub. from the o [...]l. asc. of the Ascend. leaves 4dg. 15m. for her [Page 39] dist. from the west angle; now to find the ☽s pole of position I do thus, because she is between the 6th. and 7th. houses, I take her seminoct. Arch which is 5h. 37m. which being converted into dg. and m. is 84dg. 15m. this being divided by 3, leaves 28dg. 5m. for the space of one house; now if the pole of the 7th. is 48dg. the pole of the 6th. is 37dg. the difference is 11dg. then I say if 28dg. 5m. give 11dg. what shall 4dg. 15m. give, this work by log. logar, gives 1dg. 40m. which because it exceeds 30m. I take 2dg. which I sub. from the pole of the 7th. house 48dg. and there rests 46dg. for the ☽s pole of position, under which pole, the obl. asc. of the opposite place of the ☽, is 210dg. 59m. the obl. asc. of the opposite place of ♄s Zodiacal □ in 11dg. 1m. of ♐, with 3dg. 21m. of North Lat. which the ☽ will have when she comes to that place, is 270dg. 3 m. from whence sub. 210dg. 59m. the obl. asc. of ☽s opposite place, and there rests 59dg 38m. for the Arch of direction, which being equated, poynts out 56 Years and a half, by converse Motion, or more properly by the Motion of the Primum Mobile, the ☽ and ♄ came to be of equal distance from the 4th house, which we call a Mundane Parallel; the work is thus, the seminoct Arch of the ☽ is 5h, 37m, her R. A. is 5dg. 33m. her distance from the 4th. house is 79dg. 53m. ♄s seminoct. Arch is 6h. 41m. his R. A. is 343dg. 14m. the difference betwen the R. A. of ♄ and the R. A. of the ☽ with the Circle is 4 dg. 19m. then I add the seminoct. Arches of ♄ and the ☽ together, and they make 12h. 18m. then I say, if 12h. 18m, give 5h, 37m, what shall 4 [...]dg, 19m, give (which is the difference of R. A.) it makes 19dg. 19m. which I sub. from the ☽s Primary distance 79dg. 53m. and there remains 60dg. 34m. for the Arch of of direction, the Reason: why he did not dye upon the Mundane □ of ♄ and Parallel of ♂, was because by direct directions they fell near the Rayes of ♃, and in his Terms, also in Parallel Declination of ♀.

Sebastian, King of Portugal, His Nativity.

Sebastian, King o [...] Portugal, was born Jan. the 19th. at 13h. 46m. 1554. P. M. Lat.40.

1: 43 South
1: 44 North
0: 4 South
1: 10 North.
1: 48 North
2: 51 North.

7: 47.
0: 8.
16: 42.
17: 56
22: 2.
12: 40.
16: 12.

T [...] Nativity was very unfortunate, by reason the ☽ who was giver of Life, was in Parallel declination of ♂, and she being posited in the 9th. House, which shew great crosses in Voyages, which this King was never fortunate in, for in going to War in Africa, he was Wound­ed, of which he died upon the place at 24 Years of Age, 6 Months, and 11dayes. Argol in this Nativity hath laid the ☽ aside, as useless, to whom the dignity of giver of Life, doth properly belong, for according to his Method, he cannot make any direction of her to Kill, but directs the Ascend. to the □ of ♄ to kill, but by his Rules, by reason it falls in Signs of short Asc. it is Equivolent to [Page 41] a ⚹. likewise the place where the direction fell, was in the Terms of ♀ and succeeded by her Antiscion, accor­ding to the common way, which are causes sufficient for the preserveing him, but as we have said in the discourse of the Houses, that neither the M. C. nor Ascend. are to be directed to any Aspect in the Zodiack, now in this Nati­vity the ☽ is most certainly giver of Life, and by directi­on comes to the 21dg. of ♍, fere, where she hath 4dg. 21m. North Lat. and there she meets with a Parallel declinati­on of ♄, which is 7dg. 47m. the work is thus, the ☽s declination is 16dg. 12m. to which in the Ecliptick coro­sponds 15dg. 40m. of ♌, whose semid. Arch is 6h. 57m. the 3d. part thereof is 2h. 19m. which converted is 34dg. 45m. now the pole of the 9th. House, is 16dg. fere, the R. A. of the ☽ is 147dg. 29m. the difference between that and the M. C. is 11dg. 26m. now to find the ☽s pole, I doe thus, if 34dg. 45m (the 3d. part of the ☽s semid. Arch, and the space of one House) give 16dg. the pole of the 9th. House, what shall 11dg. 26m. give, which is the difference between R. A. of the ☽, and the R. A. of the M. C. the Calculation is thus.


the log. logar of 34dg. 45m. co: Ar. is7628
the log. logar. of 16dg. the pole of the 9th house is5740
the log. logar. of 11dg. 26m. the difference of R. A. is7200
which added, gives the log. logar. of 5dg. 16m.10568

which is the ☽s pole of position; Now because it is but 5dg. 16m. I only take 5de. but if the m. had exceeded 30, I would have taken 6dg. now because the ☽ is in the descending part of Heaven, I take her opposite place under the pole of 5dg. likewise with her contrary Lat. where I find her obl. Asc. to be 328dg. 56m. obl. asc. of 21dg. of ♓, with 4de 21m. South lat. is 354de. 9m. from which the obl. asc. of the ☽ being sub. leaves 25dg. 13m. for the Arch of direction, which being equated points out the [Page 42] true time of his Death; when ♃ came to the 10th. house he was made King, but now some will object (you say) the ☽ was giver of Life, and ♄ was Annareta, pray why did not the ☽ to the ☍ of ♄ kill, to that I answer for Divers Reasons, first when the ☽ came to the ☍ of ♄, she had great North lat. above 4dg. and ♄ had almost dg. South lat. so that when she came to the opposition, she was so far out of the rays of ♄, by her lat. that there was not power to kill, nay scarcely to do any hurt; secondly it fell in the terms of ♀, thirdly it was succeeded by her Mun­dane △; more of this direction I have spoken, in the 9th. section foregoing; where this is exactly explained, that the like may be performed upon any Nativity &c. Now in taking the secondary direction for the 24th. Year, I take 24days from the Birth and for 6 Months I take 12h. and for 11days I take 40m.

Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweedland, his Nativity.

Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweedland. Born Decem. 19th. at 7h. 42m. A. M. An. 1594. Lat.59.

0: 29. North.
0: 47. South
0: 14. North


THis King dyed of a Wound at 37 Years and 10 Months old: In this Nativity the ☉ is Giver of Life, and by direct direction, is directed to the ☌ of ♃, the □ of ♂, and the ☍ of ♄ to kill, and all in the terms of ♂; now all these Directions fell in the Zodiack, the ☉ to the □ of ♂, and ☍ of ♄; the Work is thus, the ob. Asc. of the ☉ under the Pole of Birth, is 313d. 15m. from which I sub the ob. asc. of the Ascen. and there remains 20d. 4 [...]m. for the ☉s primary distance; now the ob. asc. of [...]d. of ♒ (the place where the direction falls) is 35 [...]d. 21m. from which I sub. the ob. asc. of the ☉, and there [Page 44] remains 37d. 6m. for the Arch of Direction, under the Pole of Birth; but because the ☉ is under the Earth, and in the morning Twilight, I direct him in that parallel; the work I will insert, but I have not inserted a table of Twi­light for the lat. of 59dg. but in the following Nativity I will set down the Table; so that by the working of this, and the following, you may be able to do the like in any Nativity; for I have in this small Treatise, only inserted such Tables, as may be useful in all the Nativities, that may, be in the Dominions of great Brittain, France, or Ire­land, but to shew the Work, which is thus, I enter the ta­bles of Twilight, for the lat. of Birth, with the OS pri­mary distance, and under 28 or 30dg. of ♐, for in this case there need not so much exactness, because their difference is so small, for between 20 and 30dg. there is but 6m. diffe­rence, in the parallel of twilight (as aforesaid) I find 8dg. of depression, and against that parallel in a direct line I look for 25 of ♒, and by takeing the proportional part, between 20 and 30dg. I find it to be 16dg. 33m. which is the secondary distance, which I substract from the primary distance, and there rests the East Distance, which is 4dg: 15m. now because the secondary distance is less than the primary, I add this east distance to the Arch of direction, (but had the secondary distance been greater than the pri­mary) I had sustracted the east distance from the Arch of direction, but here being added to it, it makes 41dg. 21m. for the true Arch of direction, which being equated, points out the very time of his Death, (viz.) 7 Years 10 Months, then quickly after the ☉ was directed to the body of ♂, by converse motion, which you may work by the fore­going Rules, the Pole of position of ♂, is about 43dg. his ob. asc. there is 250dg. 40m. the ob. Asc. of ☉ is 291, for in directing conversly take the Pole of the Promittor, and take the ob. Asc. of the Significator under that Pole, and by substracting the lesser from the greater, you have the Arch of Direction as in other Opperations.

The Duke of Parma, His Nativity.

The Duke of Parma was Born, 1569. March the 26th. at 16h. 24m. P. M. Lat.44.

2: 35 North
0: 42 North
0: 9 South.

0, 6

THis Native Dyed at 52 Years, and 11 Months of Age, of a Dropsy, and the ☉ is most certainly gi­ver of Life; and Don Argol does not mind so much Reason, but very Learnedly directs the Ascend. to the △ of ♄ to Kill, truly a very learned peice of Art, and the reason is, because he is in Signs of long Asc.: Now Argolians plead this, and clear the matter, how your Patron can make his Argument good, truly in my opinion there isso little reason in his Words, that I think he did not understand how to Rectify, and direct a Nativity, or else instead of inform­ing, [Page 46] he went about to Infatuate the Genius of all his Fol­lowers, but to the purpose; If the △ of ♄ had power to Kill, why should it be a Dropsy, seeing the Aspect was made in ♊. an airy Sign, and near the Bulls Eye, a Star of a hot fiery Nature? and why do not such Aspects all­wayes Kill, which I can produce several such directions, from several Nativities, and yet they have not been Mortal? but in this, as I said before, the ☉ is most certainly gi­ver of Life, who at the time of Death, is directed to a □ of ♂, in the Zodiack, which fell in the beginning of ♋, a watery Sign, and the Sign upon the 8th. being watery also, and the ☽ is upon the Cusp of the 6th. and ♃ is like­wise afflicted; all which considered according to Ptolomy's Doctrine, denotes weakness of the Lungs, and watery Dis­seases, and that the cause of the Death should be so, for the aforesaid Reasons, the manner of the direction which kil'd was thus, the ob. asc. of ☉ is 8dg. 28m. from which I sub. the ob: asc. of the Ascendant, and there rests 18dg: 43m: for ☉s primary distance, the ob: asc: of ♋ 0dg: is 65dg: 10m: from which I sub: the ob: asc: of ☉ 8dg: 28m: and there remains 56dg: 42m: for the Arch of direction, now I enter the Tables of Twilight for 44dg: lat: where I look for 16dg: of ♈, and in that place to find ☉ primary distance, and un­der 10dg: of ♈ I find 18dg: 32m: and that answers to the pa­rallel of 13dg: and under 20dg: of ♈ I find 19dg: 1m: in the same parallel of 13dg: now because ☉ is in 16dg: I make proportion between 10dg: and 20dg: and I find the difference to be 29m: which for 6dg: give 17m: that be­ing added to 18dg. 32m. makes 18dg. 49m. but the true distance is 18dg. 43m. which is to be rejected, and 18dg. 49m. to be taken. then in the same parallel of Twilight, I look for ♋ odg. and I find 24dg. 45m. which is ☉s seconda­ry distance; from which I sub. the primary distance, and there rests 5dg. 56m. which is the east distance; now be­cause [Page 47] the secondary distance is greater than the primary, the east distance is to be sub. from the first Arch of directi­on, 56dg. 4m. and there remains 50dg. 46m. for the true Arch of direction, to be equated as in other directions, a­bout the same time also, ☉ comes to a sesquiquadrate of ♄ in the World, by converse Motion.

The Lord Mollins Senator of Venice, His Nativity.

The Lord Mollins, Senator of Venice, was Born No. 20. at 2h. 0m. A. M. An. 1572. Lat.45.

2: 2 North
1: 25 South
1: 23 South
2: 3 North.
1: 49 North
2: 23 South.

15: 53
16: 16
20: 28

THis Native dyed at 63 years of Age, wanting but 14 days; at which time Argol directs ☉ to the An­tiscion of ☿, and ♄ to kill; I commend Argol, for here he hath hit upon the true giver of Life; and I suppose at unawars, but how he makes the ☉ come to the Antisci­on of ☿, and ♄ at that time, I do not know; for by Argol's [Page 48] Account, ☿ s Antiscion should fall in 9d. 10m. of ♒; but considering ☿ hath almost 2d. north lat. I find his Anti­scion will fall in 16d. of ♒: Now let's see who is in the Right, Argol, or my self; the ☉ is in the 11th. House, the space of one House, is 22d. 12m. The Pole of the 11th. is 19d. the Pole of the 12th. is 34d. the difference, is 15d. the ob. asc. of the 11th. House, is 247d. 15m. the ob. asc. of the ☉ under that Pole, is 294d. 22m. from whence I sub. the ob. asc. of the 11th. House, and there remains 7d. 7m. for the ☉s distance from the 11th: House; then I say, if 22d: 12m: give 15d: what shall 7d: 7m: give, &c. A Sy­nopsis of the Work.


Log: logar of 22d: 12m co: Arith: is5682
Log: logar of 15d: is6021
Log: logar of 7d: 7m: is9259
It makes the Log: logar of 4d: 8m:10962.

So because I find it near 5d. I add 5d. to the Pole of the 11th. House, and that gives the Pole of the ☉, to be 24d. his ob. asc. under that Pole is 256d. 44m. the ob. asc. of 16 of ♒, under that Pole is 325. 51. from whence I sub. the ob. asc. of ☉, and there remains 69d. 7m. for the Arch of Direction, which added to the R. A. of ☉ 246. 30. makes 315. 37. which in the Ecliptick answers to 13d. 8m. of ♒; to which place the ☉ comes in 63 days; and this is the true way to equate for the Arch of Direction, in all your Operations; likewise the ☉ at the same time was directed to his own proper □ in the World; now according to Argol, it should have been above 5 years sooner; so you may see Argol's Rule will not hold good, in so much as taking the Antiscions, and Note, that these Antiscions are the true Parallels of Declination, and when the giver of Life is directed thereto; especially if it be to the Annaretta, it is always Fatal to the Native, and as bad as any Direction whatsoever; but with the good it signifies good.

Cardinal Aldobrandini, His Nativity.

Cardi. Aldobrandini, was Born, 1571. March the 30th at 22h. 49m. P. M. Lat.42.

2: 58 North.
0: 54 South
0: 0
2: 47 North.
1: 13 South
3: 56 South.

9: 6.
8: 5.
7: 46.
7: 34.
4: 44.

THis Native was made Cardinal at almost 21 Years of Age, at which Time ☉ was directed to the ⚹ of ♃ and ♀ in the Zodiack; they being placed in the 9th. House: He dyed at 49 Years, and 11 Months of Age; which was March 10th. 1621. This Nativity was taken by Argol, and he hath incerted it in his last Edition of Critical Days, Page 184; and considering there, what should be the Direction to ki [...]; [...] imitates Don Quix­ot, in two Respects, first he kicks ♂ out of doors, not al­lowing him to be giver of Life, to whom that Dignity doth properly belong; secondly he views the Ascen. which he could no ways bring to bear with any thing Material; therefore he knocks ☽ out of her place, and puts her in a new, and so forges a Direction; for he puts the ☽ in ♉ [Page 50] 25d. and so directs the Ascen. to her □ to kill, which he makes to come up at 50 Years of Age, and could find ne­ver another direction to kill; truly a very learned Piece of Art; but if you examine the ☽ s place, you will find it in 25d. 18m. of 11, so that the □ will be but a ⚹, but I suppose Argol was given to dream waking; and would teach the World such Absurdities, and many of the giddy Multitude are so mad as to believe him; but I hope in Time their eyes will be opened; and as I said before, the ☉ is most certainly giver of Life, and the Direction which killed him, was ☉ to the mundane Parallel of ♄, both di­rect and converse. 1st. the direct Direction is thus directed, the ☉s semid. Arch is 6h. 27m. and his distance from the M. C. is 17d. 47m. the seminoct. Arch of ♄, is 6h. 33m. his distance from the 4th. House, 30d. 6m. Then I say, if the semid. Arch of ☉, gives his distance from the M. C. what shall the seminoct. Arch of ♄ give; now I find it gives 18d. 3m. which added to the first distance of ♄, from the 4th. House, viz. 30d. 6m. it makes 48d. 9m. for the Arch of Direction, which is to be equated, this was the Direction which killed; and because I mentioned the con­verse Direction, I will shew the way of working it also, al­though that was over before this came up; now the Con­verse is thus wrought; first take ♄s seminoct. Arch, then his distance from the 4th. House, and say, if his seminoct. Arch give his distance from the 4th. House, what shall the semid. Arch of ☉ give; I find it gives, 29d. 38m., which added to his distance from the M. C. 17d. 47m. it makes 47d. 25m. for the Arch of Direction; I only mention this to shew the Method of Converse, as well as direct Directions; but some will say, you make ♄ the killing Planet, pray why did not the ☉ to his 8 kill; to which I an­swer, because ♄ had great lat. and was so far from the E­cliptick, that ☉ never touched the sharpness of that As­pect, [Page 51] therefore it could do no hurt, much less kill, which Method must be used in all Directions, whether the Sig­nificator and Promittor have the same lat. if not, it must be considered.

John Columnia, His Nativity.

John Columnia, Patriarck of Jerusalem, was Born 1612. Apll. the 21. at 16h. 26. P. M. Lat.42.

1: 7 South
0: 50 North
0: 41 South
[...]: 2 North.
1: 55 South
3: 53 South.

7: 14
16: 34
9: 30
7: 17:

THis Native died at 25 Years of Age, compleat, of of an Apoplexy, and in the figure the ☉ is giver of Life, but Argol in this nativity thinks the ☉ is yet a sleep, and therefore lays him by, and being Minded to Dance the Antick, he directs the Ascen. to the □ of ♃ to Kill, now I would know what ♃ hath to doe to kill, in this Nativity, or if he had, why should it be an apoplexy; but Argol never minded that, so as somthing stood but in the way it must kill, if it did but look one the Ascend. sure Argol if he had lived much longer, he would have [Page 52] packt so many killing Directions on the Ascend. that he would have made the World run lapsided, and so have had a Motion like his addle Brain, Now I think that neither Argol nor none of his followers, can give a Reason why the □ of ♃ here could kill, if there were such a di­rection of the Ascend. at that time, for as I have said else­where the Ascend. can never be directed to Aspects but in the World, well but here the ☉ is giver of Life, and at the time of Death is directed to the □ of ♂ in the Zodi­ack, and to the Mundane Parallel of ☿ in the Ascend. and in ♈ also, first for the □ of ♂ the ob. Asc. of the ☉ under the pole of Birth is 18dg. 52m. from which I sub. the ob. Asc. of the Ascend. and there remains 2dg. 33m. for the ☉s primary distance, the ob. asc. of the □ of ♂ is 44dg. 27m. from which I sub. the ob asc. of. ☉, and there remains 25dg. 45m. for the Arch of direction, now I enter the Tables of twilight, and work as before is taught, in the Nativity of the Duke of Parma, 2dly. the ☉ is directed to a Mundane Parallel of ☿, by converse Motion, which falls in the 12th. House, above the Earth, the work is thus, the seminoct. Arch of ☿ is 5h. 3 [...]m. and his distance in ob. asc. from the Ascend. is 9dg. 20m. and the semidi. Arch of ☉ is 6h. 45m. then I say, if ☿s seminoct. Arch give, his distance 9dg. 20m. what shall the semid. Arch of ☉ give, I find it give 11dg. 20m. which is ☉s secondary distance, this be­ing added to his primary distance 12dg. 33m. makes 23d. 53m. for the Arch of direction, now that ☿ should have power to Kill is plain, by being in parallel declination of ♄, and going to the parallel declination of ♂, and in □ to ☽, and in mundane parallel of ♄, all which signify great Greif in the Head; as the Apoplexy, and this the more certain, because he is in the Ascen. although it were not ♈, he being so much afflicted, ☿ Ruling the animal Spirit.

A Childs Nativity.

A Child Born April the 3d. 1652. at 9h. 47m. P. M. Lat.45.

0: 19 North
0: 3 South.
4: 14 South.

21: 59
11: 59
21: 19
21: 19
The Right Ascention ofThe Hourly Time of
♄ 114.9♄ 18.57.Diurn.
♂ 29.17♂ 12.57.Noct.
☽ 315.40☽ 18.51.
♁ 198.32♁ 11.9.Diurn.

THis Child when it was born, was very weakly, so that it was baptized so soon as it came into the World, but it passed over that very well, and Lived till it [Page 54] was almost 3 Years of Age, at which time, by playing near a small Stream of Water, fell in, and was Drowned, now the Query is, why this Childs Death should be by Drowning, and why it should live no longer, and what Direction it was that kil'd it, I have in this Treatise men­tioned a new way of taking the ♁, I say a new way, but it is the old way mentioned and practized by Ptolomy, himself, as it is a tested by those that have been among the Arabians, and Persians, who own Ptolomy's Works to be the only True, and that which is taught amongst us, to be nothing but a parcel of patched up Stuff, without sense or reason, as reason it self will testify: Now why this Child should dye by drowning, and why it should live no longer is plain; for in this Nativity, neither the ☉ nor ☽ are givers of life, by reason they are not in any apheti­cal place, neither (according to Ptolomy's Doctrine) can the Ascend. be taken for giver of life, because the ♁ is in an aphetical place, therefore shall be accepted for giver of life; which at the time of death is directed to the mun­dane □ of ♄; thus, the semid. Arch of ♁, being convert­ed is 66dg. 54m. the distance in R. A. of ♁ from the M. C. is 37dg. 55m. which substracted from the semid. Arch of ♁, leaves 28dg. 59m. for ♁s distance from the Ascen­dant; ♄s semid. Arch is 113dg. 45m. and his distance in R. A. from the M. C. is 46dg. 28m. then I say, if 66dg. 54m. give 28dg. 59m. what shall 113dg. 55m. give, I find by the log. logar. it gives 49dg, 17m. for ♄s seconda­ry distance, from the M. C. from which I substract the primary distance 6dg. 28m. and there rests 2dg: 49m: for the true Arch of direction: I only insert these Examples, this way to shew of direction; this Natives death is plain­ly shewed to be by Water, by reason of ♄s position in the 8th: in ♋, and by the giver of life's being in parallel de­clination of ♄ in the 8th: and also of the ☽.

Odoardy Card. Farneij.

Odoardy Card. Farneij Born Decem. the 6th. at 18h. 16m. P. M. An. 1573. Lat.44.

1: 46 North.
1: 18 South
1: 5 North
1: 41. South.
1: 56. South
1: 473. South.

18: 36.
18: 35.
5: 26.
23: 26.
21: 31.
25: 28.
19: 25.

HE was made Cardinal at 17 Years, and 3 Months; he dyed at 52 Years, and 2 Months, of a Cattarh, and a great flux of humors, and Argol because he could see nothing of ☉ to kill, directs the Ascen. to the Antiscion of ♄, when as the ☉ is wholly giver of Life, neither could the Antiscion of ♄ in ♑ give a flux of humors; now ac­cording to our Method, the ☉ is directed to the □ of ♄ in the Zodiack; thus, the ob. asc. of ☉ in the lat. of 44d. is 289d. 32m. the ob. asc. of the □ of ♄ in the beginning of ♓, is 344d. 50m. from which sub. the. ob asc. of ☉, and there rests 55d. 18m. for the Arch of direction, which [Page 56] is but the supposed Arch of Direction, because ☉ is in the Parallel of Twilight, therefore are those necessary Tables of Twilight Framed, which are incerted to the latter Part of this Piece, (for the Convenience of the Artist) by which may be performed, this, or any other Operation with the greatest exactness; this Example may serve for all, yet I have shewed the way in two other Nativities in this Book; the Manner of working is thus, first I sub. the oblique asc. of the Ascendant, from the ob. asc. of ☉, and there remains 20d. 57. for ☉s primary distance, which I seek in the Tables of Twilight, and by the near­est Proportion I find 13d. of depression in the Parallel of Twilight, and against it in a direct Line I find 20d. 14m. and under that Parallel in a direct Line, I look for ♓ 2d. the place of the □ of ♄, which I seek in a direct Line from 13d. of depression, in the Parallel of Twilight, which I find to be 18d. 20m. which I sub. from the first distance found in the Table, viz. 20d. 14m. and there remains 1d. 54m. for the east distance, now because the secondary di­stance is less then the primary, I add this 1d. 54m. the east distance to the Arch of direction before found, and it is 57d. 12m. for the true arch of direction, which was suc­ceeded by a □ of the ☽, and she in ☍ of ♄ in the Nativi­ty, which could shew no less than a flux of humors to kill, but if ☿ be found with the giver Life, by body or aspect, if he take upon him the Nature of a Malesick, he much helpeth forward a flux of humors, especially if it be the Nature of ♄; and this according to the doctrine of Ptolomy, he was made Cardinal upon ☉s direction to the △ of ♃, in the World, and the M. C. to the △ of ♀, the M. C. is thus directed, the Pole of 3d. House is 33d. whose ob. asc. is 98d. 35m. the ob. asc. of ♀ under that Pole, is 318d. 3m. from whence I sub. the ob. asc. of the [...]d. house 298d. 35. and there rests 19. 18m. for the arch of directi­on.

[Page 57] Now ☉ is directed to the △ of ♃ thus, the seminoct. arch of ☉ is 7h. 39m. his primary distance from the ascen. is 20d. 57m. the seminoct. arch of ♃ is 4h. 44m. Now be­cause the △ is made from the 5th. House, I direct the 5th. House to the ☌ of ♃, (which observe;) the Pole of the 5th. House is 18d. the ob: desc: is [...]8d: 35m: the ob: desc: of ♃ under that Pole, is 62d: 38m: from whence I sub: the ob: desc: of the 5th: House, 28d: 35m: and there rests 34d: 3m: for ♃s primary distance; then I say, if the seminoct; arch ☉ of 7h: 39m: give his prim. distance, 20d: 57m: what shall 4h: 44m: ♃s seminoct: arch give: I find it to be 12d: 58m: which is ♃s secondary distance; now because both distances are taken from the preceeding house, I sub ♃s secondary distance from his primary di­stance 34d: 3m: and there rests 21d: 5m: for the arch of Direction:

Now if I would have the dg: of the Ecliptick that ☉ comes to by that arch, I proceed thus; first I find the ☉s Pole after this manner I find the 3d. part of his seminoct. arch, or the space of one house to be 58d: 15m: the diffe­rence between the Pole of the ascen: and 2d: house, to be 11d: then I say if the space of one house 38d: 1 [...]m: give 11d: the difference between the asc: and the second house, what shall 20d. 57m: ☉s primary distance give, I find it gives about 6d: which 6d: I sub from the Pole of Birth, 44d: and there remains 38d: for ☉s Pole of position; now under that Pole I find ☉s ob: asc: to be 284d: 35m: to which I add the arch of direction 21d: 5m: and the Sum is 305d: 40m: which I seek in the pole of 38d: to which I find ♑ 15d: 20m: to corospond now in the Tables of Twilight under the pole of 44d: I seek for ☉s prim. dist. 20d: 57m: and I find ☉ to be in the parallel of 13d: 28m: under which I take 15d: of ♑, and there I find the ☉s se­condary [Page 58] distance, to be 20d. 46m: using the part propor­tional; then by the Rule of Proportion I say, if the se­minoct: arch of ☉ 7h: 39m: give, his secondary distance 20d: [...]m: what shall ♃s seminoct: arch, 4 [...]: 44m: give, I find it gives 1 [...]d: 51m: for ♃s secondary distance, which sub. from his primary, 34d. 3m: leaves 21d: 12m: for the true arch of direction, which being equated, points out the true time when he was made Cardinal, I have been the larger upon this, to shew the true use of the Tables of Twilight.

Antonii Cardinal Fachinetii his Nativity.

Antonii Cardinal Fachinetij, Born Mar. the 10th. at 21h. 45m. P. M. An. 1575. Lat.44.

30. North
4. North.
4. North
1: 20. South.
3: 5 North
4: 48. South.

22: 12
23: 38
13: 16
0: 2
0: 17
4: 6
9: 30

THis Nativity was rectified by Argol, who saith about 7 Years of Age this Native was sick almost to Death, and for that he directs the Ascend. to the □ of ♄ [Page 59] which could not possible signify any sickness, because the Ascend. is not giver of Life, for all sicknesses of what na­ture soever are signified by the giver of Life, by being directed to the bad Aspects of the Infortunes, now the di­rection that signified this sickness, was the ☉ who was giver of Life, by being directed to the body of the ☽, by, converse Motion, thus, the ☽s pole is about 16dg. her obl. asc. under pole is 352dg. 48m. which sub. from the obl. asc. of the ☉ with the Circle leaves 7dg. 19m. for the Arch of direction: for the ☽ is in □ of ♄ at Birth, and Evily plac­ed, and the ☉ was likewise directed to the ssq. of ♄ in the World; he was made Cardinal at [...]6 Years of Age, at which time the ☉ is directed to the Q. of ♃ in the Zodiack the pole of the ☉ is 20dg. his obl. asc. under that pole is [...]dg. 8m the. Q. of ♃ falls in 19dg. 41 of ♈ whose ob. asc, is 15dg, 20m, from whence sub, the obl, asc, of the ☉ and there remains 15dg, 12m, which being Equated falls at 16 Years,

He dyed at 31 Years of Age, at which time Argol di­rects the ☽ to the body of ♂, but that cannot be for the ☽ is not giver of Life, (but any thing that stands in the way whither reason or no reason all's one) but as I said be­fore the ☉ is giver of Life, and he is directed to the body of ♂ at the time of Death, thus, the Pole of the ☉ is 20dg the obl, asc, of ♂ under that pole is 27dg, 38m. from which I sub, the obl, asc, of the ☉ odg, 8m, and there remains 27d, 30m, for the arch of direction which aded to the R, A, of the ☉ makes 27d, 39m, which in the Ecliptick answers to ♈ 29d, 45m, to which place the ☉ comes, at 31 dayes fere and because ♂ hath some small North Lat, the ☌ was succeeded with the Parallel declin­ation of ♂ also, which was so Fatal a direction, that no­thing but a Miracle could Preserve; by this you see that it is the giver of Life, only that is to be directed for sickness, and death, and none else as is well Explained elsewhere.

Mr. William Lilly, His Nativity.

William Lilly, Student in Astrology, was Born 1602. May the [...]st at 1h. 36m. Mane. Lat.53.

2: 59 North
1: 57 North
1: 53 North
0: 25 South.
2: 22 South.
3: 0. North

14: 27:
3: 22:
11: 01:
17: 50:
17: 9:
11: 2
19: 46:

THis Nativity I incert, because it is one that all our Artists have reveiwed, and they make him to have ♓ 4dg. ascending, but I think I am able to prove this to be his true Nativity: He dyed at the Age of 79 years 5 weeks and 4 dayes; and I have not met with any Artist, that could give a demonstrative Reason of the Direction that should Kill him, at that time; the ☽ is most certainly giver of Life, who at the time of Death is di­rected to a mund. parallel of ♂ by converse motion, being carried about by the Primum Mobile, which way of directi­on I should have explained in the [...]st. part, where I laid down the Rules for all manner of directions, from the Method of the learned Placidus, but when I did help to translate that, I did not rightly understand this, but after [Page 61] a more serious consideration, I came to find, that these di­rections are full as powerful as any, and to make my fur­ther Confirmation of it: I here following shew you an Example from the aforesaid Placidus, who hath most ex­cellently layed down the Rules of Ptolomy, far before any Man in Europe, exactly agreeing [...] the method of the Persians, Arabians, and most of the Eastern Learning, which have been compared by that Ingenious Mathematician, and my good friend Mr. Cordwell Worral, when he was in those Countries for some years together, but as I said be­fore, the ☽ giver of Life, was directed to the mundane pa­rallel of ♂ at the time death thus, the declination of the ☽ is 1 [...] dg. 4 m. which in the Ecliptick, answers to about 2dg. of ♒, whose semid. Arch is 4h. 6m. the declination of ♂ is [...] dg. [...]m. his semid. Arch is 6h. 4m. the two semid. Arches added together makes 10h. 46m. the R. A. of the ☽ is 28 [...]d. [...]0m. the R. A. of ♂ is 158d. 30m. the diffe­rence of the R. A. is 126d. 0m. then I say if 10h. 46m. gives 12 [...]dg. what shall 4h. 6m. give, I find it gives 48d. 4m. the ☽s primary distance from the M. C. is 32dg. 6m. which added together makes 80dg. 10m. for the Arch of direction, which added to the R. A. of ☉ 47dg. 36m. it makes 127dg. 46m. which in the Ecliptick points out ♌ 5dg. 26m. to which place the ☉ comes at 79 dayes, and a little above 2h. from the time of birth, now that ♂ should Kill is very plain; for 1st. he is in aspect to ☿ Lord of the 4th. having dignities in the 8th. but the most material thing is ♂s being in exact parallel declination of ♀ at birth, which made him of the same nature; which must always be observed: For if at any time ♃ or ♀ should be in pa­rallel declination with the Lord of the 8th. 4th. or 12th. that the giver of Life, by being directed to their bad Rayes, may as well Kill, as by being directed to them, themselves, and this will be a great light to the Art if du­ly [Page 62] observed, these Rules, I hope will make the Art of A­strology as demonstrable, as any part of the Mathematicks, and that in in a short time.

John G. Prince of Aldobrand, His Nativity.

John G. Prince of Al­dobrand, was Born 1591. November the 1st at 0h. 2m. A. M. Lat.42.

1: 28 South
0: 58 North
1: 55 South
3: 36 South.
3: 12 South
4: 17 South.

21: 3
17: 59
21: 5
14: 20
26: 30
22: 13
11: 7

HEre is a Wonder for our Argolians to gaze at, that the Ascendant should pass the ☍ of ♄, and not kill, when some of them can produce almost a hundred Nati­vities, and the Persons all dead, and not a quarter so much operating to kill, but it is almost impossible that such a Direction should kill, or do any hurt, because the Ascen. is not giver of Life, &c. He dyed at 45 Years, and 6 Months of age, at which time ☉ who is giver of Life, was di­rected to the mundane Parallel of ♂, by converse Motion, [Page 63] being moved about by the Primum Mobile; the Opera­tion is thus, the ☉s declination is 14d. 20m. to which a­agrees 8d. 21m. of ♏, whose semid. arch is 5h. 7m. the de­clination of ♂ is 2 [...]d. 5m. which in the Ecliptick answers to ♐ [...]d. 30m. the semid. arch thereof is 4h. 39m. the two arches being added, makes 9h. 46m. the R. A. of ☉ is 215d 58m. the R. A. of ♂ is 307d. 28m. the difference of R. A. is 91d. 30m. ☉s primary dist. is 0d. 8m. now I say, if 9h. 4 [...]m. give 91d. 30m. what shall 5h. 7m. give?

Example. The Equation is made thus.

The log. logar. of 9h. 46m. co: Ar. is2116.
The log. logar. half the 2d. num. viz: 45d. 45:1178.
The log: logar: of 5h: 7m: is10692.
It gives the log: logar: of 23d: 58m.3986.

Which because the second number was taken, but half I double, and it makes 47d. 56m. for ☉s secondary dist: to which I add the primary dist. 0d: 8m: and it makes 48d 2m. for the arch of direction, which added to 215d: 58m: ☉s R. A. makes 264d. 0m: to which in the Ecliptick an­swers ♐ 24d. 30m. to which place ☉ comes at 45 days & a half; this Nativity I had Verbatim from the Works of that learned Monk Placidus, where whosoever reads shall find abundance of satisfaction.

Mr. Henry Dutton, His Nativity.

Henry Dutton was Born, 1666. August the 11th. at 13h. 52m. P. M. An. 1500. Lat.51. 32

0: 7 North
1: 36 South
0: 48 South
0: 48 North
0: 10 South
2: 4 South.

22: 15
2: 50
14: 30
11: 37
0: 19
3: 2
14: 33

THis Native dyed at 19 years and 6 months of Age, of a Consumption, this Nativity was given me by the Ingenious Mr. Coley, but he gave it me but 22dg. of ♋ ascending, but by rectification I find it to be as I have here incerted it, the Nativity according to our modern Authors, is one of the best that ever I see, but according to our method it is a very evil one, and yet I do beleive there is not one Artist in 40 can give any reason for his death at that time, or why he should dye of a Consump­tion, seeing the Ascend. is no ways afflicted, but befriend­ed by the △ of ♃, and by the ⚹ of both ☿ and ☽, ☽ is in △ to ☿ and ⚹ to ♃ and ☉ in ⚹ to ♂, and neither of them any way afflicted, so that some of our Artists would [Page 65] have insured this Natives Life for a small matter; now I say if the Nativity had been but 22dg: of ♋ Ascending, he could not without a Miracle have lived a month, the Reason is this, the ☽ is giver of Life, which then would just have come to the parallel of ♂, which in this was but just 3m. past, it was a bad Nativity for these reasons, the ☽ is in parallel of ♂, and in sesquiquadrate of ♄, he be­ing Lord of the 8th: in the 6th: which did exactly shew the nature of his death, he heing in an earthy Sign, with the ☋ there also, so that had he lived longer, he would have alwayes been afflicted with martial and saturnine Distem­pers, for the afore-said reasons, and so alwayes sickly, and but of a short Life; that ♂ should be anaretta is plain, for divers reasons, 1st. he is falling into the 4th. House, and is in ⚹ of ♄, but the most material Argument, is his be­ing in exact parallel of the ☽ at Birth; the direction which kil'd, was the ☽ giver of Life, as I said before to the ses­quiquadrat of ♂ in the world, I find the ☽s Pole is about 30dg: under which Pole you may find according to our former rules, that the direction came up just at the time of death, I would have incerted the manner of the Calcu­lations and Directions at large, but that I have laid it down in other Examples, that it were tautology to repeat it here; I think no Argolian whatsoever can Cavil at this, by shew­ing a more demonstrable Direction, if he do, I will listen to him, but otherwise, if he cannot let him hold his tongue? for I know it is more easie to Carp than Copy, but for Carpers I do not direct my Discourse unto, but for those Ingenious Artists that are not only willing to Learn, but also willing to promote Learning, without railing and ap­probrious Terms: This direction is wrought, by the same method with Saffold Lee's that kil'd him, and note that these directions are all mundane, and so the more powerful, for those aspects that are made in the world, are [Page 66] more powerful than those in the Zodiack, which hath ne­ver been observed all along, so that we have never had half the directions that belong to a Nativity, and so by that means they were forc't to make any thing to kill, all­though it did not belong to that place, which hath brought a great scandal, not only upon Artists, but the Art it self, which I suppose is as demonstrable as any o­ther Science whatsoever; for the Art it self is true, if true­ly practised, and I hope what is here done may be a means to stir up some more noble Pen, to perform what is here begun; 'tis true the Ingenious Author that gave me this Nativity, was somthing desirous to promote these things, or else I had scarce done it so soon, but as this find acceptance in the World, I shall be further incouraged to imploy my Studies, for their further satisfaction.

Saffold Lee, His Nativity.

Saffold Lee was Born, 1684. August the 1st. at 15h. 56m. P. M. Lat.51. 32.

1: 37 North
1: 9 North
1: 5 North
5: 9 South.
0: 43 South
4: 0 North

11: 3
3: 48
20: 8
14: 40
1: 8
16: 18
13: 24

THis Childs Father, is a very Ingenious Person, and understands Astrology very well, who first set the Figure himself; the Estimate was about 7m. later; but here it is truly rectifyed. The God-father of this Child is an Artist likewise, from whence it had its Name, I sup­pose he had not given it His Name, but that he thought it would live to a great Age, but he was on the wrong side of the Hedge a great way, for the Child dyed at 17 weeks, of Age, of the Convultions; now if there be any scepti­cal Critick that will oppose me, let him take up the Cudg­els in this, and shew me a reason for this Childs short Life, and why it should dye of such a Distemper, I suppose they will say that is an easy thing to do, for say they, the [Page 68] ☽ to the Body of ♄ did that, to which I offer 2 Object­ions to the contrary; first the ☽ is not giver of Life, there­fore that direction could signify nothing; secondly the ☽ hath much greater lat: then ♄, so that being directed in her own Sphere (where she ought to be) she is past the Body of ♄, when the direction comes up, so that she by that direction had no power to do the least hurt, for as I have said elsewhere, there can be but one giver of Life, and that must only be directed to the bad aspects of the Maleficks, both for sickness and Death; but in this Childs Nativity, the Sun is most certainly giver of Life, who is so much afflicted, that without a Miracle it could not live, for first he is in exact mundane parallel of ♂, in the 12th: House, which is full as bad as his ☍, which is enough of it self to kill, but the direction which killed (which also did exactly operate at the same time) was the ☉ to the smq. of ♀ Lady of the 4th. House, she having great Dig­nities in the 8th. House, also the direction was made Con­verse, where it exactly met the Parallel of ♂, as I said be­fore, the ☉s Pole is about 48d, his ob. asc, is 125, 46. the ob. asc. of the smq. of ♀ is 125. 27: which sub. from the ob. asc. of ☉, because the direction was made converse, and there rests 19m, for the Arch of Direction, which if you Equate according to our Method, points out the ex­act time of Death, that it should be such a Disease is ve­ry plain, from ♀ her bare position by being in ♍, and in the Terms of ♂; and here in this place I will shew how these semiquartils are taken, the same Method is to be ob­served in the ssq. Example, In this Nativity, the decli­nation of ♀ is 1d, 8m. which in the Ecliptick answers to about 27d. of ♍ whose semid arch is 6h: 6m: with which I enter the Table of mundane Aspects, where I find the smq. to be 45d. 45m. under ☉s pole 48d. I find the obl asc. of ♀ to be 17 [...]d. 12m. from whence I sub. the smq. [Page 69] 45d. 45m. and there remains 125d. 27m. for the ob. asc. of the smq. these things are so easy, that a little Practise will quickly make an Ingenious Fancy Master of these Truths, which we hope after Ages may reap the benifit of, although in this ingrateful Age it is not regarded.

John Blanchard, His Nativity.

John Blanchard was Born 1673. December the 14. at 10h. 56m. P. M. Lat.51. 32.

2: 33 South
1: 5 North
0: 10 North
1: 30 North.
0: 2 North
2: 0 North.

1: 5
14: 34
20: 18
23: 28
19: 36
21: 33
24: 6

THis Nativity was taken by the Natives Father, who is my Frend, and a very Ingenious Man, who took great pains to find a reason, by the Argolian Precepts, for this Childs Death, for he dyed at 7 Years and 2 Months of Age, of the stone and also a Feaver, and I think few of our Artists can give any reason for his Death, now if there be any truth in Art, it is most certainly demonstrable, and if there be no truth in it, they are Folls that pretend to it, but I think, that what hath been said in [Page 70] this Book is sufficient to demonstrate the truth of the Art, and that this is the Real Method, which till this time hath never been discovered in England, but as I said, this Native dyed at 7 Years and 2Months old, and the ☽ is most certainly giver of Life who at the time of Death is directed to the ssq. of ♂ Lord of the 8th. House, the manner of the Operation is thus, the ☽s semid. arch is 8h, 15m, the space of one house is 41dg; 15m, the ☽ s distance from the M, C, in R, A, is 33dg, 50m, the pole of the 11th house 23dg, then I say if 41dg, 15m, give 23dg what shall 33dg, 50m, give, and I find it gives 18dg, 52m, for the ☽ s true pole of position, now because it is ne [...] 9dg, I take, 19dg, under which pole the onl, asc, of the ☽ is [...]03dg, the obl, asc, of ♂ under that pole is 245dg, their difference is 142 dg, from whence I sub, s (que) of ♂ 135dg; and there remains 7d, for the arch of direction, also about that time the ☽ comes to a Mundane Parallel of ♂, which made the Evil the greater, and without a Miracle the Native could not Live past such a Vio­lent Direction, I the rather incert these Examples to inform the Artists (of this Rational Demonstration of the Art) then to make the Book swell, or to get to my self a Name, because I know I shall displease some foolish Criticks, but the Ingenious will be thankfull, that their Eyes may be opened, whome I wish all Health,

James Gale, His Nativity.

James Gale was Born October the 22nd. at 7h. 43m. Mane. An. 1683. Lat.51. 32.

1: 4 North
1: 2 North
1: 10 South.
1: 0 North.
2: 30 South.
4: 30 South.

1: 50
6: 30
24: 20
14: 36
12: 16
23: 4
2: 10.

THis Native dyed at 2Years and 8Months of Age of Convultions and Gripes, and I think no Argolian can give the least reason for its Death, at that time, unless they direct the ☽ to the □ of ♂, which cannot Kill for the ☽ is not giver of Life, neither is ♂ annareta, but if he were the ☽ considering her Lat. is past the □ of ♂, above a deg. at Birth therefore that direction can hold no Water to plead for them; now according to Ptlolmy's Rule, the Asc. is giver of Life, which at the time of Death is directed to the □ of ♄; thus, the R. A. of the M. C. is 152dg. 6m. the R, A, of ♄, is 154dg, 38m. from [Page 72] whence sub. the R, A, of the M, C, and there remains 2dg, 32m, for the arch of direction for when the M, C, came to his body then the ascen, came to his □, and observe that the M, C, and ascen, are always directed to aspects in the World, and to none in the Zodiack, nor to any Converse: why this Childs distemper should be Con­vultions, Gripes, and Looseness, is plain from ♄ s position in ♍, and by being in Parallel Declination of ♀, and she being in ♏ very Evily placed which could signify no Less.

John Bishop, His Nativity.

John Bishop, the Author's Son, Born Sep.ber the 7th. 1681. at 5h. 56m. P. M. Lat. 51. 32.

0: 18 North.
0: 2 South.
0: 55 South.
2: 0 South.
0: 30 South.
5: 0. North.

19: 29
22: 34
18: 14
2: 0
16: 8
8: 10
15: 33

THis Native dyed at 2 Months old of Convulsions; I took the Time exactly by a large Quadrant, now according to my own Judgment, and the Judgment of se­veral other Artists, I could not find, but that this Child [Page 73] might have lived to a considerable Age, or at least, till the Ascen. was directed to the ☍ of ♂, for I was of the con­ceited Method of Argol, to pack all upon the ascen. but since I came to be acquainted with the never failing Rules of Ptolomy, I find I was in the dark, and it is a Miracle that this Child should live, for the Ascen. could not be directed for Sickness nor Death, because ☉ is giver of Life, who at the time of Death is directed to the mundane parallel of ☿ Lord of the 4th. being both exactly distant from the Cusp of the 7th. House; I shall forbear to in­cert the Calculation, because I have said so much else­where, viz. in the first Part, where the mundane Parallels are sufficiently demonstrated, the ☉ likewise is much afflicted, by being in smq. to ♂ Lord of the 8th. House, & in the 8th. and likewise in smq. of ♄ upon the Cusp of the 6th. House, and ♄ and ♂ are likewise in parallel Decli­nation to one another, so that as I said before, the giver of Life being so much afflicted, without any assistance from the Fortunes, it was impossible according to Art, that the Native should pass over such violent possitions, &c.

Deborah Daniel, Her Nativity.

Deborah Daniel, Born January the 28th. 168 [...]/ [...] At 3h. 42m. Mane. Lat. Lond.

0: 35 North.
0: 17 North.
0: 58 South
1: 40 South.
1: 30 South
1: 30 North.

20: 23
23: 18
9: 53
15: 12
20: 42
18: 52
15: 10

THis Native dyed at 4 Years, and almost 6 Months of Age, of a Vomiting and Loosness, with a vio­lent Feaver, which carryed her off, in less then two days I the rather incert this Nativity, because I know many of our Artists, nay all of them can give a Reason for this Childs Death, and that is, the ☽ to the ☌ of the ☉ which they will pretend shall kill, but that I deny; first, the di­rection was not come up at the time of Death, and if it had, it could not kill, for neither the ☽ nor ☉ are givers of Life, and besides the Direction fell in the Terms of ♀, nor can any one, shew me a President of this kind to kill; now according to Ptolomy's Doctrine, the Ascen. is giver of Life, which at the time of Death is directed to the smq: [Page 75] of ♂ Lord of the 4th. House, he being in ♓ a watery Sign, must needs give a flux of Humors, with a Feaver, I suppose I need not incert the manner of the Direction, because I have said somthing of it elsewhere, and besides, I hope by this time, the Reader will be able to do the like upon any other of the like occasion, and so by a little Practise, a­mongst our Ingenious Professors, this most sublime Art of Astrology, will be practised in its true Method; which Di­vinative Art is, and hath, been the most abused of any Art under the Celestial Canopy, by a parcel of bare pretend­ers, who perhaps may form a Scheam, but when they have done, know no more how to give Judgement, (notwith­standing their Twenty one Years Experience) then those who ask the Question, only they have got some of the in­necessary Terms of Art, with which they tell a fair Sto­ry, the whole time stareing the Querent in the Face Austerely, and so deceive the World; neither should it be exposed to such common Uses, as our Non-Artists a­bout this City put it to; and as I said before, notwith­standing their 21 Years Experience, in all that time have not learned 21 Grains of Sence, which may properly be referred to this ingenious Art, the understanding of which they so much pretend to; yet this we must acknowledge, we are extraordinarily beholding to 3 or 4 of our Famous Country Men, who by their learned Volumns, have made known to the World, that which before they knew not, as that most Ingenious Piece of Art, entituled Mr. Coley's. Clavis, and that Laborious and incomparable, Mr. Gadbury's Doctrine of Nativities; thus I conclude my twenty Geni­tures, with some Cautions worthy of Observation, by the Ingenious Astrologer, as well for the Judging of Horary Figures, as Nativities, which are as followeth.

Cautions worthy of Observation.

1st. NArrowly observe all the Aspects, as well those in the World, as those in the Zodiack, for many times a Zodiacal Aspect may promise good in the Busi­ness, when there may be a Mundane Aspect will frustrate the good promised by the other, and that is the Reason, our Artists so many times fail in their Judgment; also Parallels in this case, are to be carefully heeded, whether they be Parallels of Declination, or in the World, for by those Parallels, many times the Planets assume other Na­tures, for ♀ or ♃, by being in Parallel of ♄ or ♂, may take their Nature so much, that they are wholly Infor­tunes; these things being observed, I doubt not, but A­strology, will obtain as much Creddit, as now it doth re­proach, which is not occasioned by the Art, but by the Artist; for it had the Venerable Esteem of many Famous Persons, (even in the first Age of the World) if we may believe that Famous Antiquary, Josephus, and I doubt not but most of the Patriarcks were well acquainted with this kind of Learning, but we in this Age are so stupid, to think, that it is a thing by chance or lot, and not to be much relied upon, for say they, the Astrologer looks no far­ther than the Stars, and by their motions and aspects, he maketh a Judgment according to his own fancy, and he tells us a story of ♄ and ♂ being Infortunes, and of ♃ and ♀ being Fortunes, when the Stars are at that vast distance, that it is almost im­possible we should feel any of their Influence.

To which I answer, when the Almighty had finished the Creation, he made Laws and Bounds to every part thereof, and the ☉ ☽ and Stars he made for Signs, for Seasons, for Days, and for Years. Gen. 1. 14. and then it [Page 77] follows, they were also to give light upon the Earth: Now by reason they were for Signs, consequently they must Signify something, and God in the 5 of Esa. 14. hath this sharp Sentence, Therefore my People are gone into Captivity, because they have no knowledge. and Solomon saith, the wise Man falleth forward, but the fool falleth backward, that is the wise Man (according to Ptolomy's saying in his Cent. Apho. 5) fall, but he foresees it, and is prepared before it comes, but the Fool never regards it till it is upon him, and so is taken like a Bird in an evil Net; now I would not be misunderstood in this place to tie a fatal necessity upon the Stars, knowing that he that made them, can counter-mand their Power, neither do I think, that the Stars in them­selves have any Power to Act or do any thing, no more then the Body without the Soul; for it is not from the Stars, that we have Coldness, Dryness, Pestilence, Famine, or Plenty, or any other thing either good or bad, and yet they are the Signs of all these Things, and in this I must forsake the Opinion of Placidus, whose Words are used in the first part of this Book, who saith, The Stars cannot be Signs of Effect, unless they be Causes also: but then you will say, how can that be, or from whence do the Causes pro­ceed? (I answer) from those Governing Angels which are as Watch-men, appointed to Execute the Will of the Almighty, and that there are Seaven of those Angels, (according to the Number of the Planets or Erratick Stars) is plain from Scripture, for in the 8 of the Rev. and the 2v. St. John saith, And I saw the Seaven Angels, which stood before the Pre­sence of God, and to them was given Seaven Trumpets; and when they came to Sound in their Order, some smote the Seas, another the Trees, and the other darkened the Sun, and every one as they Sounded, produced heavy Judg­ments among the Inhabitants of the Earth, and St. Paul in the 1 of Heb. and the 14 saith, Are they not all mimistring [Page 78] Spirits, sent forth to Minister for them who shall be Heirs of Salvation; and if for ministring Spirits to the Godly, un­doubtedly, they are likewise Scourges for the Wicked; for when Balaam went about that unjust Exercise, the An­gel stopt him by the way; and when the rude Sodomites went groping about the Street, they knew not the Reason, but might well suppose it some giddyness of Brain, when it was the Angel that smote them with Blindness; like­wise when the Aegyptians first Born were all struck dead in one Night, the Astrologers would Judg some strange Configuration of the Planets, but it was done by an An­gel: Had we seen those thousands of the Israelites fall so suddainly of the Plague, we should have been apt to at­tribute it to some suddain infection of the Air, but Holy David saw it was an Angel with His Sword drawn; thus humane Reason is apt to ascribe Events to wrong Causes, attributing those things to an ordinary course of Nature, which the God of Nature doth by Supernatural Agents; and that every Country, City, nay, and every particular Person, hath his or their, governing Angel is ve­ry plain, for who can think any other, but that the Great God looseth much Glory by our Ignorance; for how can we give him the Honour due to his Name, while we con­ceive too narrowly of Him, and his Works: To know him as he is, is past the Capacity of our finite Understand­ing, we must have other Eyes to discern that incompre­hensible Goodness; but to see him in his Divine and Mi­raculous Works, is that whereof we should be inquisitive; neither is there any thing in the World, that can so much import us; for if we could conceive aright of this sensi­ble and material World, it is enough to amaze the most enlightned Reason of Humanity.

For if this Globe of Earth, in regard of the immence Greatness, be accounted a World? what shall we say of [Page 79] so many thousand Stars, which are for the most part so much bigger than the Earth? how then I say can we but admire so many thousand Worlds of rouling Light, con­tinually over our heads, made by the Omnipotent Power, and all regularly guided by the Infinite Providence of the great God, how slenderly must that Man think of the workmanship of the Almighty, that looks upon all these but as so many Torches set up in the Firmament, only so bigg as they seem; and contrarily with what awful res­pects must he needs be carried to his Creator, that knows the vastness and perpetual motions of those Glorious Bo­dies, ruled and upheld by the mighty Word that made them.

Brute Creatures may behold these vissible things per­haps with sharper Eyes than us, but Spiritual Objects are so farr out of their reach, as if they had no being; near­est therefore to Beasts, are those men, who suffer them­selves to be led wholly by their Sences, as to beleive no­thing but what is suggested by the purblind and unfaith­ful Informer; let such men doubt whither they have a Soul in their Body or no, because their Eyes never saw it, or that there are any Stars in the Firmament at noon day, because they appear not, or that there is any Air where­in they breath, because nothing appears to them, but an Insensible Vacuity; surely all that know they have Souls must of necessity beleive the rule and government of An­gels, which they see not: If from no other grounds, yet out of that Anology, which they cannot but find between this lesser and the greater World, for as this little World Man, consists of an outward vissible Body, and an inward Spiritual Soul, which gives Life and Motion to that orga­nical Frame, so possessing all parts, that it is wholly in all, and in each part wholly; so must it be also in the great Universe, the sensible and material part whereof hath be­ing [Page 80] and moving from those Spiritual Powers, both Su­pream and Subordinate, which dwell in it, and also fill and actuate it, therefore every rational Man looks about with no other Eyes than St. Paul's in 2. Cor. 4. 18. We look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are Eternal.

There is multiplicity enough of wonders in the visible World, but the spiritual and intelligable World, is that which is more worthy to take up our Hearts, both as we are Men indued with Reason, and also that the Infinite Goodness hath been pleased to enlighten our Eyes, to Con­template on things above: So I shall conclude this Dis­course with the words of St. Paul Rom. 1. 20. For the In­visible things of him from the Creation of the World, are clear­ly seen, being understood, by the things that are made, even his Eternal Power and God-head.

Thus Courteous Reader I have done what I thought fit at this time, and I hope have given that Light, which may serve to conduct any one thro' the darkest passage in the whole Doctrine of Astrology; and I wish you as much Felicity in reading, as I have had in pening of it: I have had but little assistance in the composing of it, on­ly I must acknowledg, I am engaged to the Ingenious Mr. Coley, for helping me to Placidus's Primum Mobile, from whence I took the Doctrine of Directions, that are in­certed in the first Part, from page 86. to page 117. by the assistance of my Ingenious Friend Mr. Cordwell Worrall, but for the second part, I have done without any assistance, only the method of the Tables of Twilight, but I have quite altered them, and for the Tables of Aspects, and Semid. and Seminoct. Arches, with the Tables of Houses I have calculated de novo: and for my Discourse all along, if I have given offence to any person I am heartily sorry, [Page 81] assuring you I meant no harm, hoping you will make your favourable constructions from my good intentions, for what I have done, have been really for a faithful Informa­tion: Now to the only Wise Creator of Heaven and Earth, be all Praise (whom I most humbly Implore, for a Blessing upon his most Sacred Majestie, and all the Roy­al Family, and my Countries Good in general) which I shall ever desire whilst I am,

John Bishop.
A Table of Twilight for the Latitude of 44 Degrees.
Paral0 [...] 10200 [...] 10200 [...] 102030
61032102 [...]101195293098849836827821
1632731453032285927 [...]325542438234132592232
173446342733 [...]231162 [...] [...]527452620251924302359
 30♊ 20100♉ 20100♈ 20100
17235 [...]2344234423572419245125172544263267


A Table of Twilight for the Latitude of 47 Degrees.
Paral.0♋10200♌10200♍ 102030
16372236373443322230 [...]6 [...]862626251824172350
17411740222758359322 [...] [...]12282227225572523
 30♊ 20100♉ 20100♈ 20100
 0♎ 10200♏ 10200♐ 102030
1522182214225222 [...]224423152347241924302437
 30♓ 20100♒ 20100♒20100


A Table of Twilight for the Latitude of 50 Degrees.
Paral.0♋ 10200♌ 10200♍ 102030
17    475841283652333030572932753273
18      46240536433731129362844
 30II 20100♉ 20100♈ 20100
 0♎ 10200♏ 10200♐ 102030
1828442817281 [...]2824285429313015302831233134
 30♓ 20100♒ 20100♑ 20100


A Table of Twilight for the Latitude of 51 Degrees.
Paral.0♋ 10200♌ 10200♍ 102030
123123303928542643244122542 [...]30202719441918
1440363913368324529482722253 [...]24823112237
16    1628404363532122945275726442559
17    5004344385134483158295528352741
18      505542283734441631573023925
 30II 20100♉ 20100♈ 20100
 0♎ 10200♏ 10200♐ 102030
69349339399511010103 [...]1056111811131137
142237222122232 [...]39239234624292572534254 [...]
1727412715271 [...]27227562836292330530353044
18292528542847291293 [...]3012310314332 [...]43224
 30♓ 20100♒ 20100♑ 20100


A Table of Twilight for the Latitude of 52 Degrees.
Paral.0♋ 10200♌ 10200♍ 102030
15  46504543841341330532830264525352452
16      4323373133323045284527252636
17      494141113621335304729182821
18        45263920353032553112308
 30♊ 20100♉ 20100♈ 20100
 0♎ 102010♏ 10200♐ 102030
 30♓ 20100♒ 20100♑ 20100


A Table of Twilight for the Latitude of 53 Degrees.
Paral.0♋ 10200♌ 10200♍ 102030
13453421837363313294127 [...]025 [...]0233 [...]22332157
14    43373714324629332712253 [...]24242343
15    573142036732152929273326172528
16      482339513543152293828112716
17        441038634213146307294
18        49374125365633583263054
 30♊ 20100♉ 20100♈ 20100
 0♎ 10200♏ 10200♐ 102030
101646163816461741733181018491925195220 [...]3
1220132002062024205621372220231233 [...]2343
142342232323262343241725 [...]254826332752718
17294283228282843291730 [...]43055314432203235



A Table of Twilight for the Latitude of 54 Degrees.
Paral.0♋ 10200♌ 10200♍ 102030
7184818261728161415 [...]31431312123512111158
13    4223541312028102552241523102230
14    569403134433053281126192542418
15      465938313346303628262659268
16        42543652336303628572758
17        482740153544325130582950
18        573344038303593323143
 30♊ 20100♉ 20100♈ 20100
 0♎ 10200♏ 10200♐ 102030
1220432029203420542127221223 [...]0234524172431
1526825432541260263727252818299294530 [...]0
162758272827252742281829 [...]8303305531323148
1729502915298292530 [...]03051314 [...]32413319332 [...]
183143312305231 [...]3142323433313426355 [...]5 [...]
 30♓ 20100♒ 20100♑ 20100


A Table of Twilight for the Latitude of 55 Degrees.
Paral.0♋ 10200♌ 10200♍ 102030
72091940183217415141431133712561230121 [...]
103344322 [...]2927261823382131195618481831737
12    4024345294626402427225321522115
13      28563312292626482502347235
14      45303733221291527925462457
15        413135293148292127442649
16        47638543428313829492843
17        562542443718335931523039
18          47124018362633553236
 30♊ 20100♉ 20100♈ 20100
 0♎ 10200♏ 10200♐ 102030
610301028103710531 [...]1811481222125313161325
814 [...]313581471426145615331614165217201731
111926191519221941207202215 [...]223823132326


A Table of Twilight for the Latitude of 56 Degrees.
Paral.0♋ 10200♌ 10200♍ 102030
61755173 [...]1626156134812461157112210581046
7214 [...]2114194 [...]182162315 [...]4144132012501235
93141302427322431225419551842172 [...]16391615
11      322228 [...]525822582130203 [...]1957
12      3721313227562523233922302150
13      44035313054279255124312343
14        403345302728526332538
15        45453732339302128382734
16        5554127362323830452932
17          455839735632553131
18          51404225375335 [...]93333
 30♊ 20100♉ 20100♈ 20100
 0♎ 10200♏ 10200♐ 102030
471071071 [...]7307498158419 [...]7927935
814251420142 [...]1450152 [...]163164717301831815
1018 [...]6175618318261911949203921292272221
111957194419502014205021412234232 [...]2472421
1221502134213822 [...]122392332242825232652620
[...]3234323232325234924282522262027 [...]82812817
1 [...]25382513251 [...]2536261627122812291229573013
1 [...]2734274271272428429130331 [...]5315 [...]327
[...]62932285628502911295130493153 [...]25 [...]3344341
173131 [...]049303930593 [...]3932383343344 [...]35363553
18333 [...] [...]24 [...]3229246 [...]2634263533363 [...] [...]28 [...]746
 30 [...] [...]0 [...] 20100♐ 20100

The Ʋse of these Tables of Twilight.

THe first Colume, on the left hand, is the Parallel of Twilight; the Body of the Table shews the distance that the Sun must be from the Ascen. or 7th House, to make those Parallels; so that when you use them the Work is thus, First, Take the Ob. asc. of the Ascen. under the Pole of the Birth, from whence substract the Obl. asc. of the Sun, so you have his primary distance, which seek in the Table in the nearest Degree the ☉ is in, and having found it, see in the Colume toward the left hand, and see what Parallel answers to it, and under the same Parallel take out the Arch of Twilight for the Promittor: Also see the Example of Gustavus Adolphus King of Sweden, and the Duke of Parma, which will sufficiently inform you in the Use.

The Ʋse of the following Tables.

IN the first Colume is the Semidiurnal, or Siminocturnal Arches, from 3 Hours, to 9 Hours, and is Calculated to every 6 Minutes; now over against the Semidiurnal Arch, in a direct Line, is the space of the House, that that Semi­nocturnal or Diurnal Arches gives; with all the Mundane Aspects, truly Calculated, to the very Degree and Minute, which is sometimes twice as much as at other times, and the reason is, because the Seminocturnal and Semidiurnal Ar­ches are sometimes so much longer than at other times, &c.


Semidi­urnal or Semino­cturnal Arches. h. m.Space of one House. d. m.Semi­quar­tile. smq. d. m.Sex­tile. ⚹ d. m.Quin­tile. Q. d. m.Quar­tile. □ d. m.Trine. △ d. m.Sesqui­qua­drate. ssq. d. m.Byquin­tile. Bq. d. m.Opposi­tion. ☍ d. m.
6363304930660791299013201483 [...]158241980
64233305015670802410030134015045160 [...]82010
74 [...]3830574577092241153015407315184482310
81241061308209824123016401843 [...]196482460
836430643 [...]360103121290172019330206242580
9045 [...]067309 [...]01080135018002 [...]23 [...]21602700

[Page] Note, That in this Treatise there is often used Abreviations, or Words in short, which are known to the Ingenious, but for the sakes of young Learners I have here explained them.

ForOb. Asc. or Obli. Asc.ReadOblique Ascention.
Ascen. or Ascend.Ascendant.
R. A.Right Ascention.
M. C.Mid. heaven.
Semid. or Semidi.Semidiurnal.
Semin. or Seminoct.Seminocturnal.
Co. ar.Complement arith­metical.
De. or dg.Degree.
Log. Logar.Logistical Loga­rithms.


Courteous Reader,

although there hath been care taken, yet sometimes, by the Printers oversight and my absence from the Press, there has passed these Faults; which you are desired to amend before thou readest the Book, and in so doing you will merit the Authors thanks.

PAge 3. Line 5. for Ptlom'ys read Ptolomy's; p. 3. l. 30. for house, r. house. p. 20. l. 4. for wc, r. we. p. 20. l. 17. for significators, r. significations, p. 20. l. 24. for for r. for. p. 21. l. 30. for powe; r. power. p. 21. l. 33. for whether, r. nei­ther. p. 22. l. 6. for Nativites, r. Nativities. p. 22. l. 9. for gives, r. givers. p. 23. l. 8. dele 4th, 6th, 8th, and 12th. Ibid. and for houses, r. house. p. 54. l. 32. for this way to shew of directi­on, r. to shew this way of direction. p. 69. l. 34. for [...]olls, r. Fools. p. 70. l. 15. for sq. r. the ssq.

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