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Antichrist STORMED: OR, Mystery Babylon the great Whore, and great City, proved to be the present Church of Rome. Wherein all Objections are fully answered. To which is added, The Time of the End, or a clear Explanation of Scripture Prophecies, with the Judgment of divers Learned men concerning the final Ruine of the Romish Church, that it will be in this present Age. Together with an Account of the Two Witnesses, who they are, with their Killing, Resurrection & Ascention. Also an Examination and Confutation of what Mr. Jurieu hath lately written concerning the Effusion of the Vials, proving none of them are yet poured out, With Mr. Canns Reasons to confirm the same. Likewise a brief Review of D. Tho. Goodwins Exposition of the 11th chapter of the Revelations, concerning the Witnesses, and of that Street in which they should lie slain, proving it to be meant of Great Brittain. And a brief Collection of divers strange Prophecies, some very Antient. By Benj. Keach, Author of Sion in Distress

To which is annext, A short Treatise in two parts. 1. The Calculation of Scripture numbers by Scripture only, without the help of Humane History. 2. Upon the Witnesses; giving light to the whole Book.

LONDON, Printed for Nath. Crouch at the Bell in the Poultrey near Cheapside. 1689.


Christian Reader,

THat which induced me to publishthe insuing Trea­tise, at this time, is first, the consideration of the present Providence of the great God, under which we are exercised; wherein it may appear to all, that he hath with an out-stretched Arm, begun to deliver his people, and to plead the controversie of Sion, against his old and implacable Enemies, such a gracious dispensation as we have certainly never before seen, and what the issue or event of it will be, we cannot be ignorant, if we consult his word, Babylon must fall, that is evident, and that this Mystery Babylon is the Church of Rome, is fully cleared in this Treatise, which we hope may tend to convince such who have had any doubt upon their Spi­rits about it, and confirm others in the stedfast belief thereof; true 'tis not above 6 or 7 years, since we wrote something of the same nature, but that lying in a folio, a book that comes but into a few hands; Besides this is great part new, and many things of another nature insist­ed on; I have been stirred up to make it publick in this small tract, hoping that such who read it will see some further cause to hate the Whore and all her off-spring who still retain her Persecuting Spirit, tho' blessed be God, this Nation and Scotland likewise, are stirred up of late, with just revenge against her, the Lord continue it, for there is much work still to be done both here and abroad, before that glorious state of the Church comes in, which we have so long waited for, as touching the time of Baby­lons final ruin and overthrow, something we have here said, and have also given the various Apprehensions of many learned and worthy Writers in respect of that, as [Page] also tou [...]ing the Slaying and Resurrection of the two Witnesses, together with their Ascention, which will have its further opening by the works and providence of God, so that our light, like the path of the Just, shall shine more and more to the perfect day; time will make manifest what is in the Womb of the present Providence. That which adds further incouragement, is, I perceive almost every where Gods people are much upon the search into the Prophesies of the Scripture, and Revelations of St. John about the time of the end.

We have given some brief hints touching the seven Seals, Trumpets, and the seven Vials or last Plagues spoken of by St. John, which may, we hope, let in a little light into some mens understandings, and tend to the putting of them upon a further search, we conclude that the six first Seals spoken of, Rev. 6. open things that were to come to pass in the World, from the time that John received his Revelations until the years 311 or 320, or there abouts, which produced, (1.) That fearful Apo­stacy from the Apostolical Faith, and true Christianity of the Gospel Church. (2.) The utter overthrow of the sixth Head of the Beast or Pagan Emperors Reign, and so put an end to the ten bloody Persecutions under them, for under the sixth Seal was effected or brought to pass their final ruin signified by an Earth­quake, Rev. 6. Which overthrow was first begun by Constantine the great, and fully compleated according to History by Theodosius about 379. under the 7 Seal there was silence in Heaven for half an hour, viz. A short time of rest for the Church and Saints of God, which began in Constantines dayes and lasted as some conceive till the troubles rose by the Arians which was, if I mistake not, about the latter end of his Reign, but others say it continued till Theodosius died, in the year 395. also under the Seventh Seal come in the Angels with their Seven Trumpets the 6 first Trum­pets ('tis concluded by most learned writers) brought [Page] in those things that were effected or accomplished under the Papal power and Turkish Empire as also the death and Resurrection of the Witnesses, and so brings in the second woe.

The seventh Trumpet, as I conceive, brings in the As­cention of the Witnesses, and then comes out the seven Angels with the seven Vials and last Plagues; the first of which I cannot believe hath as yet been poured out, nor shall, till the Ascention of the Witnesses, which will be attended with that second Earthquake, Rev. 11. and from that very time I conclude the Kingdom of Christ will begin, which I know is quite contrary to what Dr. Good­win, Dr. More, Du Moulin, and of late Peter Jurie [...] have written; the reasons why I am of this Opinion, you will find if you read the latter part of this Treatise. Dr. Goodwin, if I mistake him not, says that Wal­do, &c. might be said to pour out the first Vial, and that two or three more of them have since been poured out by the Angels or Ministers of God out of the Temple, as they have been indued with more or lesser light, but we cannot think any of the Sackcloth Witnesses, who have lived under the time of the Beasts 42 months, can be said to pour out any of those Vials, because they are said to be clothed with pure white linnen, and to have Gol­den Girdles about their breasts and for several other rea­sons which we have here given, 'tis indeed very strange to many wise men that Mr. Jurieu should so confidently affirm that all the Vials should be already poured out by Gods Ministers, and that they are still in their Sack­cloath▪ and have so all along.

Others there are who Judge that the Seven Vials shall none of them be poured out till the Seventh Trumpet shall begin to sound, which will effect her ut­ter overthrow, and so bring in the third woe; of this opinion was that Worthy and Learned Divine, Mr. John Canne and some others, time will open these things more clearly, but I am perswaded whensoever those Vials [Page] and last Plagues come to be poured out, Gods Judgments will be so manifest, that they will be discerned and known of all, and be quite different from all other Judgments that have fallen upon the Antichristian State and people from their first rise.

But since we are in the Judgment of all Godly and Learned men, come towards the end of the wonders, let none be discouraged, for though there is very near a most dismal hour, yet it will doubtless fall upon the heads of the wicked, and such who are of Baby lons Race and Spi­rit, the Godly shall see the Lord hath not forgotten them, nor the righteous Blood that has been shed, but will ap­pear suddenly to plead Sion's controversie, and set up his own Kingdom; therefore let us be much in prayer, and cry mightily to God, and be ready to meet the Lord in his more glorious appearance, for we are very confident a very dreadful hour is near, and it will come upon car­nal, secure, and all formal Protestants, nay, fear shall surprize the sinners in Sion, tho' it will be a glorious hour to all that are found faithful to Jesus Christ; I de­sire all enquiring persons to weigh well what we have said in the latter part of this Treatise, and if it affords any further light to any of them, let them bless God, I am in hopes it will put many upon a further search into the Prophesies of the Scripture about the time of the end: However I sha'l at present say no more, but leave it to the blessing of the Lord, (till I see a little further what God is about to do) and at present take my leave of thee, and remain thy Servant in the Gospel,

Benj. Keach.


  • CHap. 1. Various Opinions concerning Mystery Babylon.
    • 1. Not the World of wicked men.
    • 2. Not old Chaldea Babylon.
    • 3. Not Jerusalem.
    • 4. Not the Turks and Saracens.
    • 5. Not Rome Heathen.
    • 6. Not Rome towards the end of the World, after, some Papists say, Rome shall Apostatize to Paganism again.
    • 7. By Mystery Babylon is meant the pre­sent Papal or Romish Church, proved from p. 4. to p. 38.
  • Ch. 2. Proving all the marks that the Scrip­ture gives of Mystery Babylon meet di­rectly in Papal Rome, from p. 39. to p. 102.
  • Ch. 3. Literal Babylon a Type of Mystery Babylon, shewed in 12 particulars, from p. 103. to p. 116.
  • Ch. 4. Shewing the little Horn, Dan. 7. to mean the Pope in 10 particulars, from p. 117. to p. 127.
  • Ch. 5. Proving that our Saviour in Mat. 13. 15. and St. Paul in Acts 20. 29. and [Page] 1 Tim. 4. 2 Thes. 2. 3. pointed out the Pa­pal Church, from p. 128. to p. 135.
  • Ch. 6. Shewing the Judgment of divers E­minent Writers concerning who the two Wit­nesses are, and who not, p. 136.
    • That they have been lately slain, and are risen, or about to rise, p. 140, 141.
    • What the Ascention of the two Witnesses are, and that 'tis near, p. 145.
  • Ch. 7. Where is shewed the Judgment of ma­ny English Writers about the seven Vials, with an Answer to Mr. Peter Jurieu, who has lately asserted in his Treatise, that they are all poured out; Proving by many Argu­ments that there is none of them as yet pour­ed out, nor will till the seventh Angel blows his. Trumpet, from p. 153.
    • That England is the Street of the great Ci­ty where the Witnesses were to be slain or lye dead. p. 182, 183, &c.
    • The Kingdom of Christ begins at the Earth­quake, or at the beginning of sounding of the seventh Trumpee, and that 'tis at the door, p. 186, 187, 188.
    • Divers strange Prophesies, p. 188, 189.
  • Postscript. Wherein you have the substance of what a late nameless great French Wri­ter has said in Answer to Mr. Jurieu about the Non-effusion of the Vials, p. 193.

[Page 1]Antichrist stormed: Or Mystery Babylon the great Whore, and great City proved to be the present Church of Rome, or Papal Hierarchy.

CHAP. I. Wherein the various Opinions concerning Mystery Babylon, are discovered and all their Objections Answered, who deny by her is meant, the Papal Power, or present State and Church of Rome.

'TIS evident to all who are men of any Reading, that most of our Eminent Protestant Writers, both Ancient and Modern, do affirm without the least doubt, that the Church of Rome is the great Whore spoken of, Rev. 17. [Page 2] called, Mystery Babylon: yet we find that most worthy men, who have of latter times, so well defended the truths of the Gospel, in opposition to Popery, have not so much bent their Study this way; I mean directly to prove that which is our present task—as it hath been to detect divers or most of her er­roneous principles, and detestable practices, which is rather to Lop off some of the Bran­ches of this Evil and Cursed Tree, than to Dig it up by the Root, for if it be clearly proved, that she is that great Whore; viz. Mystery Babylon the great, Mother of Harlots; down she goes at once; and if we have not done it so effectually as it may be desired, yet we are in hope wherein we have been de­fective, it may stir up some abler Pen, to perfect what we have anew undertaken;—But to proceed, for the more orderly management of our present work, it may not be amiss if we give you the various opi­nions that have more or less presented them­selves to the World, about who or what People this great Whore Mystery Babylon is, which may be reduced to these seven follow­ing heads.

  • 1. And first of all, as Reverent Mr. Pool ob­serves, some would have it to be the whole World of Wicked men.
  • 2. Others would have this Woman, [...]or [Page 3] this Babylon to be old Chaldean Babylon.
  • 3. That it is Jerusalem; and that for two Reasons:
    • 1. Because the man of Sin, or last Beast, that is to Head this Babylon, is set forth by St. Paul, to sit in the Temple of God, shewing himself to be God.
    • 2. Because this City where the Beast reigns, and -shall slay the Witnesses, is Spiritual­ly called Sodom and Egypt, where our Lord was Crucified, Rev. 11. 8.
  • 4. That it is the Turkish Empire, or Power of the Saracens; which Mr. Mede somewhat touches, and in a brief way most Learnedly argues against: in his third Book, pag. 644, 645.
  • 5. That it is indeed Rome, the Seat of the Fourth, or Last Empire; but Rome, in its Heathen state, under the Idolatrous and Persecuting Emperors: so the Rhemists would have it, if there be a necessity to fix upon Rome, to be this Apocalyptical, or Mystery Babylon. For this opinion the present Roma­nists have no better Advocate than Dr. Ham­mond, who hath done very worthily at other turns; but here has doubtless greatly mi­staken his way; see his Annotations upon the 17th Chapter of the Apocalypse.
  • 6. That it is the present power & Church of Rome who under pretence of the most High [Page 4] and Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, doth influence and govern the Secular Power and State of Kingdom [...]. Of this last opinion were the an­cient Waldenses who felt the bloody Power of of Rome, venting it self in most horrid and Barbarous Cruelties against them, and that for a long Series of time, as appears by our most Authentick, Ancient, and Modern Writers, who give a very ample account of the great Persecution of Christians for many hundred years last past, in all parts of the Christian World, where they have had Power. To which opinion of the Waldenses most of our Modern Protestant Divines agree, of which we shall mention only Cartwright, Fulk, the worthily Admired, and Learned Mede, not forgetting famous Du Moulin of France, as may be seen in their works at large.
  • 7. Some of the Papists who grant that by Babylon, Rome is meant, but would have it to be Rome towards the End of the World, when they say Rome shall apostatize from the Pope to Paganism again; and now, because we will not take things upon trust, nor refer the rea­der to many Books and Quotations, it appears needful that we remove the Objections with as much brevity as we can.

And first, That Mystery Babylon cannot be fairly applyed unto the whole World of wick­ed men, nor to old Chaldean Babylon, nor to [Page 5] Jerusalem, the Turks nor Saracens, nor termi­nate in the Heathenish State of Rome, no [...] Rome towards the End of the World, when they say Rome shall Apostatize from the Pope to Paganism again.

And that none else can be meant or intended by her but the Papal Power of the Church of Rome.

1. Mystery Babylon cannot be the whole world of wickedmen; for in opposition to this, 1. The Apostle John speaks here of a certain great City which reigneth over the Kings of the Earth, v. 18. This cannot be meant of the wicked world. 2. The World of wicked men, are those Inhabitants of the Earth, whom this Woman made drunk with the Wine of her fornication: Now she that made them drunk, and those that were made drunk, can­not be the same. 3. This Woman, v. 9. sit­teth on seven mountains, and so do not all the wicked of the World. 4. We are Command­ed to come out of this Babylon, but we are not obliged to go out of the World.

2. If she were the old Chaldean Babylon then, (1.) Where is the mystery mentioned Rev. 17. 5. (2.) Mystery Babylon here mentioned is by all acknowledged to be the Seat of Antichrist; So was never old Chaldean, (3.) Besides it is generally agreed to by all, not without good grounds, that Literal Baby­lon [Page 6] was no more than the Type of her, which is all we will speak to it.

3. It cannot be meant the City of Jerusa­lem.

1. Because Jerusalem did not reign over the Kings of the Earth in St. John's time, when he saw this Vision, and wrote the Re­velation, which this City Babylon is expresly said to do, Rev. 17. 18. And the Woman which thou sawest is that great City which reigneth over the Kings of the Earth. Jerusa­lem having been not only under captivity di­vers times before, but was then entirely un­der the Power of the Roman yoke, as the whole History of the Gospel doth confirm, and themselves do most plainly Confess; We have no King but Caesar.

2. Jerusalem was never in so high esteem with the Beast, as to be capable to ride as Queen Regent upon him, (as this Woman, Whore, or City is said to do) Rev. 17. 7. And the Angel said unto me, Wherefore didst thou marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the Woman, and the Beast that carryeth her, which hath the seven heads, and ten horns, Rev. 17. 7. compared with verse 3. so he carryed me away in the Spirit into the Wilderness, and I saw a Woman sit upon a Scarlet Coloured Beast, full of Names of Blasphemy, having seven Heads, and ten Horns,—For by the [Page 7] Woman sitting, and the Beast carrying, is un­doubtedly signified, Influence, Power, and Dominion, which Jerusalem was far remote from, not only under the Roman Monarchy, but also under the three Kingdoms that went before it, (viz.) the Babylonian, Grecian, and Persian; as might be largely illustrated both out of Sacred and Humane History.

3. Jerusalem did not sit upon many Wa­ters, which is Interpreted to be People, Na­tions, and Tongues, that is, had not com­mand or dominion over them: as this Wo­man, Whore, or City is said to have, Rev. 17. 15. And he saith, The Waters which thou sawest, where the Whore sitteth, are Peoples, and Multitudes, and Nations, and Tongues: The whole Land of Judea, being under Tri­bute to the Roman Government at that time, Luk. 2. 1. And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Au­gustus, that all the World should be taxed; and particularly Galilee, Nazareth, Judea, and the City of David called Bethlehem.

4. Jerusalem was not capable to Enchant and Bewitch all Nations round about her, either by her Religion and Doctrine, or by great Gifts and Rewards.

1. Because the Roman Power, kept her un­der, and much in awe, on the one hand, not owning nor subscribing to her Religion.

[Page 8]2. The Christian Doctrine and Religion; Blocked up her way on the other hand, that she could not Extend her Influence to either Neighbouring, or Remote Nations, as this Wo­man, Whore, or City is said to do, Rev. 18. 23. For thy Merchants were the great Men of the Earth; for by thy Sorceries were all Nations deceived.

5. Jerusalem though she were guilty of much Blood, from the beginning of her Ex­cellency and Glory in Solomons time, Kil­ling Prophets, even all that were sent unto her, Murthered, John Baptist, and our Lord and Saviour, as also the blessed Martyr St. Stephen; yet in her could not be found that great Mass of Blood that was shed, and My­riads of Christian Saints that have been Bar­barously Murthered, by Massacre, and Pub­lick Martyrdom, since they were ruined and destroyed by Titus Vespasian, which we find positively charged upon this City Babylon, Rev. 17. 6. And I saw the Woman Drunk with the Blood of Saints, and with the Blood of the Martyrs of Jesus; and I wondred with great Admiration, as indeed well he might, (as shall be shewn:) And in her was found the Blood of Prophets, and of Saints, and of all that were slain upon the Earth, that is, since the Destruction of Jerusalem.

6. And Lastly; not to multiply more up­on [Page 9] this head, Though Jerusalem was fearfully destroyed, as the History of Josephus shews, yet shall she rise again, be Built upon her own Heap, be replenished with her own Children, which this City Babylon under Consideration shall never be, after this Catastrophe, which John saw visionally coming upon it; Rev. 18. 21. And a mighty Angel took up a stone, like a great Milstone, and cast it into the Sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great City Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all.

5. It cannot be the Turks and Saracens for two reasons offered by the Learned Mede, Lib. 3. p. 643.

1. Because, though they did arise to great Power in the World, yet they had not their seat in that great City, which in St. Johns time, reigned over the Kings of the Earth, which this Babylon is Expresly said to have.

2. That they did not rise by Apostacy, from the Christian Religion, which this Ba­bylon, with her head (the Man of Sin) did; for, as this worthy Author saith, the Turk, (whatever he be) could be no Apostate, be­cause he was of a Nation that never was Christian. To which we shall add somthing for the clearing of this head, that we may discharge that Debt we owe to God, to the Church, and the World.

[Page 10]3. It cannot be the Turks, because they are not strangely and wonderfully mysterious, which this Babylon is said to be, Rev. 17. 5. And upon her fore-head was a name written, MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS, AND A­BOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. And the Angel said unto me, Wherefore didst thou Marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the Woman and the Beast which carryeth her, which hath the Seven Heads and Ten Horns.

What special mystery hath shewed it self to the World from the Turks and Saracens, more than from other common Empires or King­doms, that is matter of admiration to the wisest of men? Is it matter of wonder, that the Turks do own but one true and most high God? Is it matter of wonder, that they do own Jesus Christ to be a Prophet and a good man? Is it matter of highest wonder that they prefer Mahomet above Jesus? Is it matter of wonder, that they appear true to their Con­tracts, in matters of Civil Commerce? Is it matter of highest wonder, for them to endea­vour to keep what Dominion they have, and to enlarge it, to make Slaves and Prizes of those profest Enemies they take Prisoners? We say, in none of these things is there any high Mystery, or matter of greatest Wonder, being things common to all Places and Kingdoms Invested with Power: For,

[Page 11]1. Did not the great King of Literal Ba­bylon own the only true God, yet still held the Church in Captivity?

2. Did not Israel own the same, and yet kept their Idols after their revolt from Ju­dah.

3. Did not Judah prefer Moses above and before Christ, and at that time when Christ was personally among them working most Stupendious Miracles which did evince his Divine Mission? Nay, did they not prefer a Common and Notorious Villain before the Blessed Lord of Glory, when they desired a Murtherer to be freed, and pressed hard to have the good and Blessed Jesus the Saviour of the World, killed? And did not this wise Apostle know this to be true in fact, and to Equal, nay, outdo any thing that the Turks, or Saracens ever did, or can be accused of? And if St. John was Transported with asto­nishing wonder, at Matters much less than he had seen before, doth it not give good reason to suspect him of Weakness and Defect, that he should suffer himself to be surprised with the greatest wonder, at far less things than he had seen and known before; certainly therefore we must conclude there was something more of mystery in Johns Vision than what had been shewed to the world, by the great Turk, or any other Power; and indeed un­doubtedly, [Page 12] the greatest Mystery that ever the World was acquainted with: For the Cha­racters of Babylon must either be singular, that is, such as none have besides; or else they must be transcendent, to go far beyond what others had in a Lesser degree. Otherwise John might have kept the Description of Babylon to himself, there being no clear Distinctions, to render the wisest and most Discerning men able to make Judgment upon her; The mystery then, that is written upon this woman, Babylon, seems clearly to lye in these particu­lars following.

  • First, That she doth transact the most hor­rid wickednesses that ever the world was or is like to be acquainted with.
  • Secondly, That under this monstrous Guilt, she is prodigiously Confident, and with­out all regret, or show of shame, and most Impudently boasts of the highest Sanctity and Holiness in the World, (viz.) That she is Totally Pure, Infallibly Certain, and can­not err, &c. That this indeed is a Myste­ry to be wondered at, let it be Consider­ed,

1. That a Shepherd should be a Wolf, and devour that flock which he pretends to be an Overseer or Pastor of.

2. That a professed Servant of Jesus Christ, and the meanest of Saints, should exalt himself [Page 13] above his Master, and not above his Master only, but above the God of his Master, and all other Deputed Gods, that are Vicegerents to the King of Heaven, by slighting and trampling upon the holy Scriptures and Laws both of God and Princes, dispensing with the breach of them, indulging the highest violation thereof, and setting up his own In­ventions, Traditions and Decrees above them; insomuch that there is a thousand times less danger (in their esteem) in respect of Excom­munications, and Corporal Punishments in this World, or of Damnation in the World to come, in breaking and violating the Laws of God and Princes, than there is in the vio­lation or breach of the Inventions, Traditions and Decrees of Mystery Babylon, and her Head.

3. That one sitting in the Temple of God, pretending himself as a poor Apostle, Vicar, and Successor of Christ, nay, as the Successor of a poor Fisher▪ man, should wear the highest Ensigns of Imperial Dignity!

4. That he should be so Lordly and pro­digiously Insolent (who was commanded to the greatest Humility and Abasement) as to tread upon the necks of Emperors, kick off the Crowns of great Princes, and make Kings his Foot Pages.

5. That he should pretend highly, most [Page 14] highly, to God, Christ, Religion, and Holi­ness, and yet Espouse to himself, as the Dar­lings of his Bosom, not only the Chiefest Sons of Belial, but all that will decline Sanctity and Religion, and embody themselves with those first born Sons of Wickedness, that are of the highest Magnitude, and engage them­selves in such Monstrous and Butcherly Pra­ctices, that humane Nature, as such, could never act in the Butchering Brute Beasts.

6. That the Spouse of this prodigious Monster should in Profession own God, Jesus Christ, and the things of Religion, of which Justice and Charity, Holiness and Compassion, are not the least parts; and yet under this Vizard, and in the very time of these pre­tensions, perpetrate the greatest and most unparallel'd Villanies in the World; First, In being the Top of Pride; Secondly, In commit­ting palpable Idolatry; Thirdly, Fill themselves with Excess and Drunkenness; Fourthly, To curse, swear and blaspheme the very name they profess to be sacred; Fifthly, To cast down the Truth, burn the Bible, deface the holy Books and Laws of God; Sixthly, To assume not only a Power to Dispense with the Violation in the highest Nature, but to pardon and forgive them at pleasure; Se­venthly, To commit Adultery, and account it a Venial Crime; Eighthly, To break Cove­nants, [Page 15] to drive a Trade in Perjury, forswear every thing they are justly charged with, and is fully proved against them; Ninthly, To foment Wars and Broils in every Kingdom and Countrey where they have Power, con­trive the Ruine of Towns, Places, Cities, Countreys, and Kingdoms, by Fire, Sword, and most Cruel Devastations; Tenthly, To slaughter, kill, and barbarously murther both Men, Women and Children, even all that dare make a shew of Conscience and Religion, so far as to abhor and dissent from these Villa­nies: This is such a Scheme of Religion, and Systeme of Divinity to come from an Apostle, a Shepherd, a Vicar, and Successor of Christ, from a Church, Sheep, Saints, and the pretended followers of the Meek, Peaceable, and Innocent Jesus, who taught altogether otherwise by his Doctrine and Example, that it might well be wondred at, and is the strangest Mystery that ever appeared, of which we challenge the whole World to shew the like in the Turks and Saracens. For men to Swear, Lye, and to Forswear themselves, and yet be true Men; to contrive Rebellion, Murther, and Treason, and yet be as Inno­cent as the Child unborn: To be elevated to the highest Pinnacle of Pride, even above Emperours and Kings, above Jesus Christ, and God his Father, and yet be humble and [Page 16] lowly: To commit gross Idolatry, and yet be the Servants of the Living God: To be filled with, and make a Trade of Excess and Drùn­kenness, and yet be Patterns and Standards of Sobriety and Temperance: To cast down the Truth to the ground, deface the Laws of God, and burn the Scriptures, and yet be the true Witnesses of it: To forgive sins, and yet be the greatest Sinners themselves: To commit Fornication and Adultery, and yet be spotless and pure in heart: To foment Wars and Broils in every Kingdom and Countrey where they have power; to contrive the Ruine of Towns and Places Cities, Countreys and Kingdoms, by Fire, Sword, and cruel Devastations, and yet be as harmless as Doves to all mankind, the only Sons of Peace and Quietness: To slaughter, kill, and barbarously murther Men, Women and Children, that dare not be so wicked as themselves; and yet to be full of mercy, tender pity and com­passion, an Apostle, Shepherd & Vicar, Succes­sor of the Meek and Lamb-like Saviour. And for the dear Consort of this Impious Head, on Man of Sin, do not only confederate with him, but a Principal in all these unparallel'd Villanies, and most butcherly and rapacious Murthers; and yet be the Holy Catholick Church of God, the pure and spotless Spouse of Jesus Christ, the true Sheep, the harmless [Page 17] Lambs, the best of Saints, and close followers of the Lord Jesus, who always taught the contrary by his holy Doctrine, and meek Example. We say, these things not being found by secret search, but are written in Capital Letters upon her forehead, appear in open view, to be read by every one that is not wilfully blind. Let any one shew us a greater Mystery in the World than this, and we will subscribe to it.

4. It cannot be the Turks, because they are not the Mother of Harlots, and Abomina­tions of the Earth; which this Babylon is said to be, Rev. 17. 5. And upon her forehead, was a Name written, MYSTERY BABY­LON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. And here we demand, in excuse to the Turks, this one Thing.

From whence did proceed the Murthers, Massacres, and Martyrdoms, of all the Re­ligious Professors of Christianity, that have died by violence in the Christian World, for the space of twelve hundred years last past? And from what people did proceed those hor­rid Oaths, Blasphemies, and Execrations, that the World hath wofully been acquainted with, most horrid and strangely astonishing to repeat?

Came these unparallel'd Degrees of Impiety [Page 18] from the Turks? from the Waldensians, Lu­therians, Calvinists, or any Non-conforming Protestants? No, no; why whose Language then is it? Whose! Why, 'tis the Language of the Beast of the Bottomless Pit, and Bloody Whore, who bare these Blasphemous Sons of her own Body, daily nourishes them at her Breast, and strengthens them in their sinful courses, by accounting them the Sons, the precious Sons of Sion, the true Sons of the Catholick Church, the Darlings of Heaven, the beloved ones of the Virgin Mary, and gives them Pardons for these Bold and Hea­ven daring sins, as often as they commit them, and come to ask Pardon for them; so that Sin and Pardon is as constant and common with them, as Breathing and Eating. And these things are done to Seal and Confirm Lies, which is the more heavy, heinous, and prodigious; For if men may Lye by Allow­ance; may kill, and shed Innocent Blood, without controul of Conscience and Church censure [...]; may Swear and Blaspheme, and Challenge God himself to Damn them; may burn men for Religion, consume Cities to Ashes, conspire the death of Kings, the Ruin and Overthrow of Kingdoms, Whore, and Murther Infants; and yet be accounted a Church, the Members and Parts of it called Saints, Holy Children and the [Page 19] Sons of the most high God: Then may we claim a Patent, and take a License to change the name of all things, and alter the Ideas of the minds of men; call and account Beelzebub a good God, and all his black Tribe, the pure Saints of the most High; call the lower Re­gions of Blackness and Darkness, to which he is confined, the Heaven of Glory and Eternal Light, of which things we ought in Justice to clear the Turks: until Witnesses of undoubt­ed credit shall come forth, and evidence that the Turkish State, is the Mother of as great Abominations as these are.

5. And Lastly; The Turks cannot be My­stery Babylon, because they never were made drunk with the Blood of the Saints, and with the Blood of the Martyrs of Jesus; which this Woman Mystery Babylon, is expresly said to be, Rev. 17. 6. And I saw the Wo­man drunk with the Blood of the Saints, and with the Blood of the Martyrs of Jesus: and I wondred with great admiration. Now let any man shew such blood-shed, Saints blood­shed, by Massacres and Martyrdom, for the Professing of Christianity (which must be if the Text be answered in that clause, Blood of the Martyrs of Jesus,) by the Turks, either within their Dominions, or without, as hath been shed by a Generation, nearer home, and we shall become like the Man without the [Page 20] Wedding Garment, wholly speechless, and say not a word more about Babylon.

6. Now that Babylon in the Apocalypse is Great Rome, that in former times Reigned, and in suture times shall be destroyed, is own­ed by some of the Papists themselves, and is asserted by all Protestants; the Difference be­twixt them is brought to this narrow Point. The one wholly confines Babylon to Rome Heathen, and there totally to terminate; the other brings Babylon down lower, to Rome Antichristian, or Papal Rome. Now that this work may be to edification, and more full satisfaction in this great case, we shall ad­vance to the last and chief Secret that is to be opened and considered, namely, Whether all things in John's Vision or Prophecy that are applied to Mystery Babylon did compleatly terminate in Rome Heathen, and came no further?

In answer to this great Enquiry, we do with the body of Protestants in opposition to the Papists, conclude the negative; viz. That all things in the Apocalypse applied to Mystery Babylon, did not terminate in Rome Heathen; the reasons of which Negative are as follow­eth.

1. Because the Beast, that Mystery Baby­lon, rides on, is the eighth Head, or last Ruling Power of that City that is seated upon seven [Page 21] Hills, which must be Rome Papal, because the whole Race of Rome Heathen was gone off, before the eighth Head came up—The sixth Head was in John's time; the seventh was to come and continue but a short space; The Beast that carries the Woman; (viz.) Babylon, is of the seventh, but is the eighth, and shall be the last; for he goeth into Perdition. This being so evident from the Letter of the Text, needs nothing more to confirm it. Now that Rome Heathen was not the last part of the Romish Power, is not only the full and joynt Consent of all Writers upon this subject, but is so evident to all the Christian World, that it would be vanity it self to make a shew of proof. The Conclusion then is this; If the very last part of the Roman Power carries the Woman Babylon, and that the Heathen State of Rome went off before, and was not the last; then Babylon could not terminate in Rome Heathen, but must come down to Rome Papal; see Rev. 17. 3, 7, 9, 11.

2. If Babylon be totally terminated in Rome Heathen, then the Book of the Apocalypse is of little use to the Latter ages of the Christian World? For if the whole. Transactions re­lating to the Persecution of the Church and the slaughter and destruction of God's Ene­mies, did end in Rome Heathen, then it served only to give a Characteristical account of a [Page 22] Beast, and Whore that was grown old, and ready to go off the Stage; but hath wholly left us in the Dark, and given us no notice at all of that horrible Confusion and Bloody Persecutions, which have Reigned in the Christian World for more than a thousand years last past; which for length of time, Numbers of Murthers, and manner of Cruel­ties, hath outdone all the wickedness of Rome in its Heathen State. Which is not at all likely, that a Vision should be given, and a Revelati­on made, and call'd so, about a State that was almost expired, and the most and great princi­pal part wholly left out, and said nothing to. Who can Imagine, that a careful Saviour should be so full in his discoveries to the Jewish Church, concerning their sufferings, and the time under Egypt, and Babylon Literal; and be so short and lean to his Gospel Church, to leave them altogether without any written Prospect, or extraordinary Prophet, to inform them what should come to pass in the world, from the going off of the Power of Rome Hea­then, to the end of all the Churches Troubles, which have already lasted above a thousand years? The Conceit of which is fit but for two Ranks of men to Receive, (viz.) The Roman Catholicks and such Protestants as Look for Antichrist to come at the end of the World, after the Restauration of the Jews to [Page 23] their own Land, and building a material Tem­ple at Jerusalem where Antichrist shall sit three days and an half, or years, to kill two men called the two witnesses.

3. If this last Babylon was wholly to ter­minate in Rome Heathen, then there was no cause of wonderment and great admiration for a wise man, to see in a Vision an Hea­thenish State, under a Diabolical Influence, to perform Actions suitable to their State, and not contrary to their Professions for what matter of Wonderment can it be to feel the Wind blow, to see the Sea foam and hear the Waves Rage and Roar, when the Winds oppose his Effluxion? And what cause of great wonderment and admiration for a wise man to see wicked Heathens oppose and Per­secute Christianity when it is so suitable to their Spirit, and agreeable to their Profession so to do, we cannot yet understand, and we will diligently Listen to them who will un­dertake to inform us: For the thing is true, that a wise man did wonder at the sight he saw with great admiration, Rev. 17. 6. I saw the Woman drunk with the blood of the Mar­tyrs of Jesus, and I wondred with great admi­ration. Wondred! O strange! At what? To see that which was Common to all ages, the Seed of the Serpent, that profest Heathe­nism, the wicked, even the worst of the Wick­ed [Page 24] by Principles and profession, to plot again [...] the Righteous, and to gnash upon him wit [...] their Teeth; Idolaters; Profest Idolaters, t [...] persecute the Servants, and Worshipers of th [...] true God; those that were born after the flesh and live after the flesh, to persecute them tha [...] were born of the Spirit, and lived after th [...] Spirit; Surely if our adversaries opinion w [...] true in this Case, that Babylon is only Rom [...] Heathen, St. John had forgot that Cain kille [...] Abel, and Ishmael persecuted Isaac; and too [...] not so much notice of the course of the World common to every Age, as Paul did, wh [...] said, But as he that was Born after the Flesh persecuted him that was Born after the Spirit as it was then, so it is now: And what strang [...] wonder is in all this?

4. Rome Heathen never was espoused married, or united to the Lord Jesus, in spiritual way, Visibly owning his Laws, and submitting to his Government, as a Wife sub­mits to, and obeys her Husband, and after­wards casts him oft, and chuses another Hea [...] and Husband; and therefore cannot be mysti­cal Babylon, or the great Whore: for though the Heathens were great Idolaters, yet were they never charged with Spiritual Adultery [...] nor could they, unless they had once by visi­ble profession, made a covenant with, o [...] espoused themselves to the Lord Jesus, which [Page 25] Rome Papal before its Apostacy did; There­fore Rome Heathen could not be the great Whore or mystical Babylon.

5. Rome Heathen cannot be the Babylon [...]et forth by St. John, unless she be guilty of all the Christian Bloud shed upon the Earth since the destruction of Jerusalem, for as the guilt of all the Blood shed, from Righteous Abel, to the Death of Zacharias, is by our Saviour fix'd upon Jerusalem, and cannot be [...]emoved to another People, so the Blood of [...]ll Martyrs and followers of Jesus is by the Revelation fix'd upon the last Babylon, Rev. [...]7. 6. I saw a Woman drunk with the Blood [...]f the Saints, and of the Martyrs of Jesus, Chap. 18. v. 24. And in her was found the [...]lood of the Prophets, of Saints, and of all [...]hat were slain upon the Earth. But Rome [...]eathen was not guilty of all the Christian [...]lood that was shed upon the Earth, by Mur­ [...]ers, Massacres, and Martyrdoms since the [...]istruction of Jerusalem: for to look back, [...]ut for six hundred years last past, in which [...]me we shall find hundreds of thousands of pro­ [...]st Christians most Butcherly and Barbarously [...]ut to death for their Zeal and Love to the [...]hristian Religion, in the respective Nations [...]f Europe, before which the Heathenish state [...]f Rome was gone off about the space of six [...]undred years, so that if we will regard the [Page 26] full satisfying of this Prediction about Myste­ry Babylon we must of necessity bring her down lower than the Heathenish State of Rome.

6. Rome Heathen cannot be this Baby­lon under consideration, because the discoverie: of other Prophecies, relating to the same State, no way agree to the Power of Rome Hea­then.

1. This State of Babylon is called Mystery of Iniquity, This no way agrees to Rome Hea­then, but fully agrees to Rome Papal; com­pare 2 Thes. 2. 7. with Rev. 17. 7. (viz.) For the Mystery of Iniquiry doth already Work—The, Angel said unto me; Wherefore didst thou marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the Woman, and of the Beast that carryeth her.

2. The head of this State of Mystery Ba­bylon, is called the Man of Sin by way of Emi­nency, [...] not only beyond the com­mon rank of Men, but beyond the highes [...] Sons of wickedness that went before him▪ And there is a great Truth in this, for if w [...] consider the Pope in respect of Pride, Hypo­crisy, Idolatry, and Blood, he is the most un [...] parallel'd Man of Sin.

3. This State or Mystery of Iniquity b [...] gan to work in the Apostles days, which [...] no way applicable to the Power of Rome Hea [...] then; for that did not then begin, it bein [...] [Page 27] at that time in the very Meridian of its Great­ness, and universal Sovereignty, Luke 2. 1. And it came to pass in those days, that there came out a Decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the World should be Taxed.

4. This man of Sin, mystery of Iniqui­ty, or head of the Babylonish State, is said to be let or hindred in his designs, He that now letteth, will let, until he be taken out of the way, 2 Thes. 2. 7. But now Rome Heathen had no let or hindrance, either from the Word of God, or that declared it (as it was a Civil Magistracy) to be Gods ordinance; nor from any opposite power, either Civil or Military, they giving Laws to the greatest part of the World, and enjoying the supream Govern­ment of the best Kingdoms in the Universe, none being able to Cope with them at that time.

5. This head of the Babylonish State is said to sit in the Temple of God, which the Power of Rome Heathen did not do, nei­ther in the Temple of Jerusalem, nor in the Church, which is more properly the Temple of God: for the Jews kept the possession of the Litteral Temple, till it was destroyed; and for the Church of God, the Heathen Emperors never loved it so well, as to make their residence in it, but the Bishop of Rome before he shewed himself to be that wicked [Page 28] one (viz.) the man of Sin, did evidently sit in the Church or Temple of God, and so fulfilled this Prophecy in the very Letter of it.

6. He (that is, the man of Sin, or head of this Babylonish State,) was to rise by A­postacy, or falling away from the Christian Religion, 2 Thes. 2. 3. There shall come a fal­ling away first; exactly agreeing with ano­ther Prophecy to the same purpose, 1. Tim. 4. 1. Now the Spirit speaketh expresly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the Faith, &c. But Rome Heathen did not rise by Apo­stacy from the Christian Religion, or a depart­ing from the Faith, which they never profes­sed, as is Evident to the whole World: Ergo. Rome Heathen Cannot be this Babylonish State.

7. This man of Sin, or head of mystery Babylon, lay hid in the Apostles time and was not revealed: but the Power of Rome Hea­then did not then lye hid, or wanted to be revealed; for it stood visible and high, upon a Hill, even upon seven Hills according to the Roman Poet Ovid, (who lived about the very time of Christ's being on Earth) in Lib. de Tristibus.

Sed quae de septem totum circumspicit Orbem
Montibus, Imperii Roma Deûmque Locus.

[Page 29]That is,

But Rome which from her seven Hills, the whole Earth views around, the place of Gods and Rule &c. Ergo Rome Heathen cannot be this Babylonish State.

8. This mystery of Iniquity is said, to op­pose and exalt himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped, 2 Thes. 2. 4. But this the power of Rome in its Heathen State did not do; for they Worshipped, of­fered Sacrifices, and bore a reverence to their Gods, which by nature indeed were no Gods; and 'tis only the head of Rome Papal, that runs down all Gods: but those of his own making; Ergo Rome Papal, and not Rome Heathen, must of necessity be this mystery of Iniquity.

9. The rise or coming of this mystery of Iniquity, is after the working of Satan, 2 Thes. 2. 9. But the rise of the Romish greatness and power, when Heathen, was not after the working of Satan, but was said by Daniel to be produced by the Providence of God, or the four winds of Heaven; And by the A­postle, to the Powers ordained of God, Rom. 13. 1. Therefore Rome Heathen cannot be the mystery of Iniquity &c. here meant▪

10. This mystery of iniquity is not only [Page 30] said to come after the working of Satan, 2 Thes. 2. 9. but also with all Power, &c. But the rise of Rome Heathen was not after that man­ner: Ergo &c. To illustrate the first Propo­sition note, that the Term (all Power) marks out the Romish Pope so notoriously, that whosoever runs may read it; for if we do but impartially consider his impudent usur­pations upon Crowned Heads, and his pre­tences of supremacy over the whole Christian World; his proud imperious Decrees, Bulls, &c. his disposal of the Kingdoms of Princes, and the Inheritances, yea the very Lives of private Persons, of any Rank, that dare diso­bey him; his pretences to shut and open Hea­ven, Hell, and his feigned Purgatory; his carrying a symbol of that vast and God like Power (viz) a brace of Keys hanging at his Girdle: All these will appear as clear demonstrations, that the head of Rome Papal, is the head of Babylon, and the grand Im­postor, or the capital manager of this myste­ry of Iniquity, he having (most sacrilegiously) assumed to himself, all Heavenly Power of Damning or Saving, and all Earthly Power, both Temporal or Civil, and Ecclesiastical or Spiritual.

11. The wicked Babylonish State, comes forth with a great pretence of Miracles, which are but false Signs, and lying Wonders, to [Page 31] deceive and cheat the People; and by this means they Conquer Nations, and carry a­way their Kings to their wicked Interest. This Rome Heathen did not do; for though the Heathenish Power of Rome did Conquer Nations, and Countrys, with their Kings; yet it was by State policy, and force of Arms, not by pretended Miracles, false Signs, and lying Wonders, therefore Rome Heathen cannot be this mystery of Iniquity, or Baby­lonish State.

12. This wicked State, under considera­tion, is declared not only to depart from the Faith by a Palpable Apostacy, but to forbid Marriage, and Command a long Lent, and many other fast days, whereon some sorts of Meat are prohibited to be eaten; which doth so fully agree to the Papal State of Rome, that nothing can be more plain, unless the Spirit had expresly told us; this will be ful­filled by Rome Papal, for these two things we have their Canons upon Record, the which if none can shew the like of the Heathen State of Rome, then Rome Papal shall carry the Title of this mystery of Iniquity, and Baby­lonish State.

7. If the Babylon under consideration, be only confined to the Power of Heathen Rome; then there is a more evident, and ap­parent mystery upon the State, or Power of [Page 32] Rome Heathen, than upon any Power o [...] State that went before it, or shall come after it; for so the Text Imports, Rev. 17. 5▪ And upon her fore-head was a name Written, MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT, &c. But there did no such my­stery appear, upon the Power, or State of Rome Heathen, therefore this Babylon cannot terminate there; what great mystery appeared upon the Power and State of Rome Heathen, more than appeared upon the Power and State, of the three foregoing Monarchies?

8. This Babylon cannot be confined to the Power of Rome only in its Heathen State, because Babylon is to continue till the good people shall (with the Horns that did support her, which is the last part of the wicked and Persecuting Power, answerable to the te [...] Toes in Daniels great Image) reward and de­stroy her, for the injury that she did unto them; according to these three Texts of Scrip­ture, Rev. 18. 4. Dan 7. 22, 26, 27. Rev. 17. 16. And I heard another Voice from Heaven, saying, Come out of her, my People, that ye be not partakers of her Sins, &c. ver. 6. Reward her even as she hath rewarded you, and deal unto her double according to her Works: In the Cup that she hath filled, fill to her double: How much she hath Glorified her self and lived Deliciously, so much Torment and [Page 33] sorrow give her. And the ten Horns which thou sawest upon the Beast, these shall hate the Whore, & shall make her desolate and naked, and eat her Flesh, and burn her with Fire: which the Power of Rome in its Heathen State felt not, but ended its Course without being destroy­ed by good People, and the ten Horns, which is the last part of the Image Government. And in the days of these Kings, (viz.) (ten Toes, ten Horns, ten Kings,) shall the God of Heaven set up a Kingdom which shall never be destroyed: and the Kingdom shall not be le [...]t to another People, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these Kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever. Which could not be fulfilled in what Constantine did in the time of Maxentius, as Dr. Hammond would have us believe, for these three reasons.

  • (1.) Because the ten Horns, that after­wards the Roman Power fell into, were not come up, and so could not destroy the Power of Rome in its Heathen state.
  • (2.) Because Babylons Persecution, my­stery and confusion, did not utterly cease, which it must have done, so as to rise no more for ever, if the power of Rome Heathen destroyed by Constantine, had been this mystery Babylon.
  • (3.) Because tho there might be a body of good people with Constantine, when he overthrew Maxentius, yet the Power of the [Page 34] Kingdom was not so Established in the hand of good People, as not afterward to be Left to others, as the Text affirms. And the Kingdom shall not be Left to another People. For (as we shall anon shew) the Kingdom or Power that ceased to be in the hands of Heathens, and by mighty and Divine Providence came to be in the hands of worthy and renowned Christian Emperors came afterwards into the hands of very Devils incarnate, who acted all the violence of the Heathen Power over a­gain, and indeed out-did them.

9. Those that are for confining this Ba­bylon to the Power of Rome in its Heathen State, are not well aware what they do; for if they do Demand it, their opposits who hold it to be Rome Papal, may Grant it for argu­ments sake: But then the remedy is worse than the disease; for they slip into such a Pre­cipice, as neither Baronius, Bellarmine, Dr. Hammond or the Rhemists, can save or deliver them from. The true State of the Case [...] this:

Rome Heathen is Mystery Babylon; th [...] say the Papists: And the more willing they are to say so because it is a good argument to Prove that Peter was at Rome he subscribing his first Epistle from Babylon, 1 Pet. 5. 13▪ The Church that is at Babylon Elected together with you Saluteth you, &c. But this be­ing [Page 35] allowed, the worst is to come. This Ba­bylon is Destroyed, when the power of Rome Heathen is taken away, so as to be no more for ever; but then what Condition doth the State of Babylon fall into? Doth it become the Throne of the Lamb▪ the City of the living God, the Habitation of Holiness, and dwel­ling place of Zion, the true Church, the place of the holy ones, and Saints of the most High? O No! What then? Hearken, and an Angel from Heaven shall tell you, Rev. 18. 1. 2. And after these thinge (of the horns hating the Whore, making of her Naked, and burning her flesh with Fire). I saw another Angel come down from heaven, having great Power, and the Earth was Lightned with his glory; And he Cryed mightily with a strong voice, say­ing, Babylon the Great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the Habitation of Devils, and the hold of every foul Spirit, and a Cage of every unclean and hateful Bird. Now, you Papists, if you will have Babylon to be Rome Heathen, take it, but then make Rome Papal bet­ter than an Habitation of Devils if you can.

If it be not Rome Heathen, then adieu to Dr. Hammond, and the Rhemists; we have what we desire. If it be, then Rome Papal [...]s a far worse (if possible) than Rome Heathen, [...]n Babylon never was: And then what a [Page 36] fine Church do the People make them­selves?

10. If the place, Seat and City of Rome was not utterly ruined (so as to be no more for ever as a place of Commerce, Trade, and Humane Society) when the Heathen Power ceased, then Rome Heathen cannot be this Babylon, because at the ending and downfal of this Ba­bylon, the Place, Seat, and City will be utterly ruined so as to be no more a place of Trade, Commerce, or Humane Society, Rev. 17. 16. And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the Beast, these shall hate the Whore, and shall make her desolate, and shall eat her flesh, and bur [...] her with fire. v. 18. And the woman which thou sawest is that great City which reigneth over the Kings of the Earth, Revel. 18. 8▪ For her sins which God hath remembred which have reached unto heaven, therefore shall he [...] Plagues come in one Day, Death, and Mourn­ing, and Famine, and she shall be utterly burn [...] with Fire: For strong is the Lord God w [...] Judgeth her, v. 11, 12, 13. All sorts of Mer­chandize, Traffick, Trade, and Commer [...] with Humane Society, shall cease, so as to be no more in her at all; and the good thing [...] which she in fulness enjoyed before, even al [...] things that were Dainty and Goodly, are no [...] Departed▪ from her, and shall find them [...] more at all, ver. 14. For in an hour is s [...] [Page 37] made desolate. And a mighty Angel took up a Stone, like a great Milstone, and cast it into the Sea, saying. Thus with violence shall that great City Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all, ver. 21. And the Voice of Harpers, and Musicians, and of Pipers, and Trumpeters, shall be heard no more at all in thee; And no Craftsmen of whatso­ever Craft he be, shall be found any more in thee; and the sound of a Milstone shall be heard no more at all in thee; ver. 22. And the light of the Candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the Voice of the Bridegroom, and of the Bride, shall be heard no more at all in thee; verse 23.

But the Place, Seat and City of Rome was not so utterly ruined as to be no more, for ever a place of Trade, Traffick, Merchandize, and humane society, when the Heathen Power of Rome ended, Ergo Rome Heathen cannot be the Whore of Babylon under present conside­ration, whose Seat or City, hath since had a Powerful Government, Reigning in Pride and Pomp, for some hundreds of years.

VII. As touching that notion of the Papists, (i. e.) that by this great▪ Whore mystery Babylon is meant Rome after she shall Aposta­tize from the Pope to Paganism again at the latter end of the World it is such an opinion that has no foundation in Scripture, nor in [Page 38] the Judgment of the Antients; besides, some of the Papists themselves reject it as improba­ble and detestable, as our Annotators observe, for then Sr. John in the Revelations passes by in utter silence, all the transactings that have been in the World, under Papal Rome, even ever since the seven head or Christian Empe­rors Government went off of the Stage, which is near 1260 years which is ridiculous to sup­pose.

Besides it cannot be understood of Rome in either of the other notions, as hath been proved.

1. Because Antichrist is to sit in the Tem­ple of God, 2 Thes. 2. 4. as God, therefore not in a Pagan City. The mystery of Iniqui­ry was working in the Apostles time, but v. 7. the Roman Empire hindred the appear­ance of Antichrist, till the Popes had wrung Rome out of their hands, and were the sole rulers there, then Antichrist shewed himself.

2. Because there is nothing said of this great Whore or this Babylon, but admirably agreeth to Rome in its present state.

We shall conclude with the whole▪ If by mystery Babylon, is not meant the whole World of wicked men, nor old Chaldean Ba­bylon, nor Jerusalem, the Turks nor Saracens, nor Rome in its Heathenish State, nor Rome after she shall desert the Pope, and turn again [Page 39] to Paganism, then it must be Papal Rome, or the Romish Church; But she is none of the for­mer six we have proved: Ergo she is Papal Rome.

Now to make way for the second Chapter, we shall state this argument following.

If all the marks and characters left us upon divine records, to know mystery Babylon by, do most aptly and directly agree to Rome Pa­pal, then Rome Papal is mystery Babylon, But all the marks and characters left upon divine re­cord do most aptly and directly agree to Rome Papal, or the present State and Church of Rome: Ergo Rome Papal is mystery Babylon.

CHAP. II. Wherein is clearly proved that all the marks of mystery Babylon doth fully meet in, and agree to Rome Papal, or the Church of Rome.

FIrst of all let it be considered, Babylon is set forth by a Woman, which Imports either a single Person ranked in the feminine Gender; or a body of People related to some Head, Hus­band, or publick person, to whom she is joyned in Wedlock, by Covenant or Matrimonial Con­tract, [Page 40] as Eve was related to Adam, & therefore called woman; or as Judah & Israel, who were Joyned in Covenant with God, and therefore called a woman, or as the true Church now Marryed or Joyned to Christ, and therefore called a Woman. A single Person as Eve was, she cannot be, because the Character given of her in respect of her State and Actions, doth no way Comport with it: she must therefore be a body of People, related to some Head, Husband, or Publick Person, as Judah and Israel of old was, who are often called by the Title of a Woman: and in like manner Ba­bylon, before the Degeneracy, where a People, Joyned in Matrimonial Contract, by Gos­pel Covenant and Profession to the Son of God.

1. Mystery Babylon (it appears from hence) Imports a body of people that were once united in a solemn Gospel Covenant to the Son of God and hence Metaphorically called a woman and I saw a woman set, &c. And the woman was arayed in Purple and Scarlet, &c.

Parallel. Rome Papal or Church of Rome is a body, a great body of People, which be­fore their apostacy were a true Church, by Gospel Covenant and profession united to the Son of God as her publick head and husband, Rom. 1. 6. Among whom are ye also the called of Jesus Christ. To all [Page 41] that be in Rome beloved of God called to be Saints.

2. Mystery Babylon is a City, a very great Mystical City in a threefold respect.

1. In respect of power, Rev 17.

2. In respect of people, Rev. 18. 10. 16. 18, 19, 21.

3. In respect of place, or Residence, where this power and people is seated, City being indefi­nitely taken for either of these, or comprehending all, as in these Instances, Psal. 121. Isa. 14. 31. Acts 19. 28.

Parallel. So likewise the Church of Rome is a City, a very great mystical City, and may be so called in a threefold considera­tion.

1. In respect of power, which is twosold; 1. Civil. 2. Ecclesiastical, signified by two horns like a Lamb.

2. In respect of people, which are great, the fame of which people as a mystical City or Church was great before the power and chief dominion of the place was joyned with it as a Church which came in by the Apostasy, Rom. 1. 8. First I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you all, that your faith is spoken of throughout the whole World. And since they adulterated from their primitive Purity, and become Antichristian, they have been and still are a great people, no united body calling [Page 42] themselves a Church of Christ in respect of number and for fame coming near them.

3. Great in respect of place or chief resi­dence where this power and great people are seated, and by way of eminency, as a Mystical Ci­ty, it may indeed well bear the Bell away. For what people have given further occasion to be spoken of in respect of power, people and place of chief residence throughout the whole world as Rome has, as will hereafter be made more e­vident.

III. Mystery Babylon is not only a mystica [...] City and Woman, but a bad Woman and City, a City of Confusion. For so the word Ba­bel or Babylon signifies, viz. Evil or Confusion

Parallel. Rome Papal or Church of Rome is not only a mystical Woman, City, but a very evil Woman, a City indeed of confusion; there is the name of the lamb much spoken of, but his doctrine contemn'd slighted and under valued and his Laws and Ordinances trample [...] upon, and notoriously violated, his institution not regarded, nor his example imitated, either by the Bishop himself, his Cardinals or inferi­or Orders, they having his humility and self-denial only in their mouths, but none of it i [...] their hearts, like those the apostle speaketh of who in words profess they know God, but in work [...] deny him. For under this verbal and pretended humility lies covered the greatest pride [Page 43] in the world, and under this verbal meekness and self-denial the greatest oppression, cruelty, superstition, covetousness, vain glory and love of the world that ever was manifest, as ap­pears by their pompous and glistering garbs, their cruel persecutions, and the vast sums of money brought in from all parts of their do­minions, by sleights, cunning and deceitful Cheats: Besides a meer hodg-podg of princi­ples, one Order or Fraternity professing that which another writes against, and cries down; which is the more strange to come from a Church infallible, and that cannot err. Besides the strange mixtures in their visible wor­ship, of traditions, and humane inventions, of lying and diabolical tricks, of blessing by a Cross, Pardons and Indulgences for money, con­secrating holy water, and cleansing by it, which are too numerous and tedious to relate, and less needful to mention, because so well known to all men. And let any people in the Christian world pretending to religion be com­pared to them, for supernumeraries, trifling & [...]nsignificant ceremonies crouded into their pretended worship; Nay, let all the people in the Christian world be laid in the ballance against the Church of Rome in this respect, and they will be found inconceivably want­ing, for which we have this Reason to [...]udge her to be Babylon or the City of con­fusion.

[Page 44]If there is more confusion (in contrariety of principles, practices, contradicting pretensi­ons, supernumeraries, foolish and unscriptur [...] inventions crouded into their visible worship in the Church of Rome, than is to be found amongst any sort of people pretending to Re­ligion, in all the world besides, then is Rome Papal or the Church of Rome the great Baby lon or City of confusion; But there is more con­fusion in the forementioned respects to be found in the Church of Rome than in any o­ther Church or people in the world pretend­ing to Religion: Ergo Rome Papal is Mystery Babylon.

IV. Mystery Babylon is not only set forth [...] a Woman, and City of Confusion, but is also called A WHORE, a word which carries in it, one of the highest Impeachments, yet no other that was given to Israel, Judah & Jerusalem in the days of old upon the very same reason? Isa. 57 3. and 16. 17. and Hos. 4. 8. 5. 3. For they being joyned in covenant with God (as a wo­man is to an husband) to be the Lords, to serve him in Obedience and Subjection, did like to an adulterous Woman, break Wedlock, and set up other Lovers, or Idols in his stead, and continu­ed so a long time, till a Bill of Divorce w [...] given, and God proclaimed them Adulteresses, and that he was not their husband, nor they his wife, but a whore and divorced; Yet it is obser­vable, [Page 45] that they, tho they worshipped Idols, cry­ed, The Temple, the Temple of the Lord are we, and would by all means be accounted the Church of God.

Paral. Even so in like manner Rome Pa­pal, or the Church of Rome, is not only cal­led a Woman; But according to Scrip­ture History, and notorious matter of Fact, she is a whore, having utterly adul­terated from what she was once, and so may justly bear that brand or black name, for in the Apostles time she joined her self to the Lord, to be his, by firm tyes of a Gospel covenant and profession, and as a renowned Spouse of Jesus Christ, owned and professed him in the time of heathenish Rome, and received the Apostles and Servants of God amongst them, and withstood the fury of the Emperors, suffering Persecution, and had their faith spoken of throughout the whole World; but yet after all this, like Israel of old, She left God, Jesus Christ, and almost all his Holy Laws, and Ordinances, and made Idols to her self of Saints, Angels, Reliques and Images, upon which she doted, and forsook the Son of God, upon the working and ap­pearance of the vile person or man of Sin, who exalted himself into the place of Christ; and became her head, by which means she is so far degenerated from what she once was, [Page 46] that she retains nothing of what really apper­tains to true godliness, but the bare names of God, Christ and Christian Religion, having corrupted the true worship of the Son of God, her first Husband, and notoriously abandon­ed obedience and subjection to him, taking this vile person the Pope to be her head, and chief guide, and setting him up in the place of, and in dignity above Christ, her first head and only guide of her youth, and yet (like Israel of old) still cryes, The true Church, the Holy Catholick Church, and Mother Church are we; having on her forehead a strange mystery written, i. e. God, Christ, Truth, Verity, Unity, Universality, Infallibility; And yet with that on her forehead, and in her heart too, is written, Devil, Pope, Lying, Blasphemy, Idolatry, Deceit, Perjury, Blood and Horrible Cruelty towards the best of men, professing Christ and Religion in uprightness and truth: for which her abominable Idola­try, and change of her first Head and Hus­band, and setting up this vile Person with which she commits most horrid lewdness or Spiritual Whoredom, together with the Kings of the Earth, she is ranked by the Holy Ghost, amongst the worst of Women, and stil'd the great Whore, and as her type and predecessor of old, a well favoured Harlot, but since her Spiritual Adultery and Whore­dom [Page 47] hath been so apparently proved upon her, by many worthy and eminent authors, or Protestant Writers, we shall conclude this black character with this following Argu­ment and proceed to the next mark.

If there be no body of professing People, in the Christian World, that have so appa­rently, declined, or adulterated from what they once were, deserting the holy headship, doct­rine, example, and right government of Jesus Christ, having set up another visible, publick, and universal head of the Church, in room and stead of him; whose Power, Laws and Edicts, are preferred above and before the authority, laws and precepts of the Lord Jesus Christ, as Rome Papal or Church of Rome hath done: then the Church of Rome is mystery Babylon, or the great Whore spoken of.

But there is no body of professing people in the Christian World, nor throughout the Earth, who have so apparently declined, a­dulterated, and deserted the Holy Headship, Doctrine, Example and right Government of Jesus Christ, ut supra, as Rome Papal or Church of Rome hath done.

Ergo Rome Papal or Church of Rome, is mystery Babylon the great Whore.

If any should think this argument not weighty, let them shew if they can, that some other people different from the Church of [Page 48] Rome, have made as great or like change in point of Religion and Headship, and matter [...] thereto pertaining, so as this black character of Whore, great Whore, may more fitly and fully be made to meet upon them, and we must confess our argument not weighty, but till then, we conclude it carries conviction in the Bowels of it.

V. Mystery Babylon is not only set forth by a Woman, City of Confusion and Whore, but also a great City, and great Whore, and the great City was divided, &c. Rev. 16. 19▪ And the Woman which thou sawest is that great City, Rev. 17. 18. I will shew thee the Judg­ment of the great Whore, Rev. 17. 1. I think it necessary to reassume this character again, the Spirit of God noting this as a most eminent mark of her.

Paral: Now that the Church of Rome is not only a Whore and Mystical City but a very great City, and Whore, will yet appear more evident.

1. She hath a great name; no name so great in the Christian World, as the name of Rome; she is called a Queen, and being join­ed by Contract to her universal Head, viz. the Pope or Man of Sin, she would seem to be far greater than Emperors, and tempo­ral Princes, and pretends a power to give them their Crowns, and set them upon their [Page 49] Heads, and kick them off again at plea­sure.

2. Great in Power. She gives Rules and Laws to Kingdoms, advances her Ecclesiastical Edicts above Temporal; she sets the Pope, and the chiefest of her Sons, above secular Juris­diction; makes them unacountable, and pre­tends a power, to Absolve, to Bless and Curse at her pleasure, and without controversy the lesser is blessed of the greater.

3. Great in multitude. There are no People besides, that are in a spiritual united Body, and visible community, professing Christianity, comparable to her, for multi­tude, or the vast numbers of her Children.

4. Great in actions, vile actions, such as deposing and poysoning Princes, fomenting jealousies, raising Wars, setting Nations to­gether by the Ears, invading rights and pro­perties of Nations and Kingdoms by subtile insnarements, and cunning stratagems, mak­ing tumults and uproars, contriving Mass­cres, burning Cities, and carrying on dread­ful devastations, where she is gain-said; and that which adds to her greatness, is that in­vincible confidence she hath, that all persons and things are made for her, and given to her, so that all things she doth are allowed as Legal and Just in Heaven, tho the actions are most vile and as unhumane as any can [Page 50] be, in the Judgment of any undeceived mor­tal: from whence we shall frame this argu­ment.

Arg. If there be no united Body of Peo­ple, or visible Community in the Christian World, that is so great in name, power, multitudes, and actions, vile actions, as Rome Papal or Church of Rome hath been, and still is—then the Church of Rome is mystery Babylon.

But there is no united Body of People, or Community in the Christian World that is so great in name, power, multitude, and actions, vile actions, as Rome Papal or Church of Rome.

Ergo Rome Papal is this great City, Whore or Mystery Babylon.

VI. Mystery Babylon is said to sit upon many Waters, which is expounded to be People, Multitudes, Nations and Tongues, Rev. 17. 1, 17. And he said unto me, the Waters which thou sawest, where the Whore sitteth, are people, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues, &c. which according to the learned Mede, Peter Du Moulin, and other famous Protestant wri­ters, is more than a third part of the ten con­siderable parts, which the Roman Monarchy fell into, not long before the Pope that man of Sin, and Head of mystery Babylon, assumed the imperial Seat and Throne, which after­wards [Page 51] became ten Kingdoms with Crowned Heads, assisting the Beast against the Lamb, and Persecuting of the Saints, distinguished into ten Kingdoms of the Empires, I. of Germany. II. France. III. England. IV. Scotland. V. Denmark. VI. Polonia. VII. The Kingdom of Spain. VIII. The King­dom of Navarre. IX. The Kingdom of Hungary. X. The Kingdom of Naples and Sicily.

All which Rome Papal had in possession, as our French author saith, in the days of Pope Leo the tenth.

Paral. So then it appears evidently that the Church of Rome has directly this mark of Mystery Babylon also, she sitting upon ma­ny Waters, viz. people, multitudes, nations, and languages, that she sate upon, or ruled over, more than one third part of the ten, which was formerly under the Roman Empire, in its civil state, is evident, which [...] (more▪ than one third part) hath since fallen into ten King­doms, under the Government of ten Crowned Heads, and have all agreed to give their Power to this last Beast (as they received power as Kings one hour with him) according to what was foretold, which makes good what St. John [...]n the Apocalypse hath made known; as also Daniel concerning the little horn, which had [...] mouth speaking great things, whose looks [Page 52] were more stout than his fellows, Dan. 7. by whom three of the first horns of the Roman power in its civil state, were pluck't up by the roots, and in their place succeeded ten Kings or Crowned Heads, who have their Crowns given to them by this last Beast; (and as they had their Crowns given by, and hold their Kingly power under the Pope, little Horn, last Beast, or man of Sin,) in requi­tal of his fatherly care in giving his Sons so great a Patrimony, so they give their power to him, and ingaged against the Lamb, in making War with, and persecuting the Saints of the most High, and will do so till the VVord of God, or Prophecy of Daniel, and Revela­tions of St. John, &c. is fulfilled; which ten Crowned Heads answer to the ten Toes in Nebuchadnezzars Image, and to the ten Horns in this 17th of the Apocalypse, which are so concerned in the Beasts Kingdom; and who will at last by the gracious providence of God (that is some of them) be overcome by the Lamb, and turn to hate the Whore, and make her desolate, whom before they for a long time join'd with and supported, and for whose pleasure they did persecute the Saints; which ten States or Kingdoms are by our French author Peter du Moulin, (in his book called the accomplishment of the Prophecy, page 345.) distinguished, as we before shewed; all [Page 53] which Kingdoms, as King James the First, in his learned works makes out, took their rise with Rome Papal, upon the division or ruine of the Roman Empire in its civil state, the body of which Kingdoms may well be cal­led many waters, viz. people, multitudes, nations and tongues, or people of several lan­guages, which were as well known to have been under the Usurpation, and Jurisdiction of Papal Rome, as 'tis known there have been and still are Papists in the World, which doth fully answer to the very letter of the text, viz. The Waters which thou sawest whereon the Whore sitteth, are people, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues, Rev. 17. 18.

2. This is very evident yet further by her making all the European Kingdoms, and Merchants thereof Rich, that traffick by Sea, by the great expence of all commodities, which are swallowed up, by reason of her pride and bravery, which could never be effected, un­less she had nations, and multitudes, under her jurisdiction to contribute to her great pride and luxury.

3. A third Instance to confirm it is, the numberless number of good Christians she has prey'd upon and murdered, in most of these Kingdoms for no other cause, but for wit­nessing against her Idolatry and Usurpation, which shews what power she had over these nations, and tongues, &c.

[Page 54]4. And lastly, The vast sums of Money she has extorted and squeezed from these King­doms and Nations, to uphold her pretend­ed right, preheminency, and usurpation over them, which you have an account of by several worthy Writers, who fully witness to the truth of what we say upon this re­spect.

And from the whole we shall draw this ar­gument and proceed.

Arg. If there be no Body of people, pro­fessed Church or State in the World (under any single denomination) that sits upon, i. e. commands, or bears rule over people, multitudes, nations, and tongues, as Rome Papal or Church of Rome doth; then Rome Papal or the Church of Rome, is Mystery Ba­bylon.

But there is no Body of people, professed Church or State (under any single denomi­nation) that sits upon, i. e. commands, or bears rule over people, multitudes, nations, and tongues, as Rome Papal or Church of Rome doth; Ergo Rome Papal, or Church of Rome, is Mystery Babylon.

To the establishing this argument, let it be considered that the whole state of the Chri­stian World consists but of these two parts, viz. the Church of Rome considered as Head and Body, and those who dissent from her, [Page 55] who are so inconsiderable, whether the Walden­ses, Albingenses, Hugonots or other parties of Protestants, that no one party of, nay if we put them altogether, can be said to sit upon, i. e. command, or bear Rule over people, multitudes, nations, and tongues, to answer to this Character of Mystery Babylon; the Wal­denses and Hugonots, have been and still are a Persecuted People; the Lutherans never got up so high as to command many States, or Kingdoms, or people of many languages; Great Britain (tho a Protestant State or King­dom,) comes not up to answer this cha­racter, much less the seven united Provinces that of late times revolted from the Crown of Spain; so that if Rome Papal hath done so, and no other people that dissent from her, have ever yet nor could do the like, then this proves Rome Papal that great Whore viz, My­stery Babylon that sits upon many Waters, &c.

VII. The seventh mark or character of Mystery Babylon is this, viz. She is such a Whore, that Kings and great men of the Earth, are said to commit Fornication with her; see the text Rev. 17. 2. With whom the Kings of the Earth have committed Fornication, i. e Spiritual Fornication▪ or Fornication in a my­stery, or after a mysterious manner, such as Jerusalem of old was charged with, 2 Chron. [Page 56] 22. 1. Isa. 16. 26. Which was a following like Idolatry that this Woman Babylon hath done, viz. corrupting the true worship of God, and adoring Idols, or making of Images and Representations of the true God, by which they pretended to worship him; and so great was her Fornication that 'tis said she did corrupt the Earth with it.

Paral. Now that Rome Papal, or Church of Rome, hath this black mark and character upon her, is most evident, viz. such a Whore that the Kings of the Earth, have committed Fornication with her, she having corrupted the Earth with her filthy Fornications, they following her abominable Superstition and Ido­latry.

1. For First, Hath she adored the Pope, as her Lord God, universal Head, and infalli­ble Bishop, setting him up above all Laws? The Kings of the Earth have been so intoxi­cated, with the cup of her Fornication, that they likewise have done the same.

2. Hath and doth she worship the Virgin Mary, Angels, and many departed Saints? Even so have and do many of the Kings of the Earth likewise.

3. Hath she adored Images, the Cruci­fix, the Host, and Pictures of pretended Saints? Even so she has caused the Kings of the Earth to do likewise.

[Page 57]4. Hath she foolishly, and Idolatroully de based her self with the adoration of the Re­lick [...] of known and unknown Saints? So the very same has she caused the Kings and great men to do also.

5. Hath she grosly, and superstitiously worshiped the true God, in a false manner? By crouding in an innumerous train of de­testable, and foolish fopperies into his wor­ship, and pretended service, which he never ordained, as Candles, Candlesticks, Altars, Vestments, Spittle, Salt, Oyl, Holy Water, Beads, and a world of such like trumpery? So have the Kings and Noble ones of the Earth done and still do; as the Emperour of Germany, Kings of France, Spain, Portugal and England, formerly and of late also; from whence we will draw this argument.

Arg. If there be no Body of people in the Christian World, pretending to a Church State, that have set up Idolatry to such a de­gree, and with whom the Kings of the Earth have jointly agreed, and complied, as Rome Papal or Church of Rome hath done, then Rome Papal or Church of Rome, is this myste­ry Babylon spoken of.

But there is no Body of people in the Chri­stian World, pretending to a Church State, that hath set up Idolatry to such a degree, and with whom the Kings of the Earth have [Page 58] complied, as Rome Papal, &c. hath done, Ergo the Church of Rome is Mystery Babylon.

To reinforce this argument, let any man that will become an advocate for the Church of Rome, shew that any people, differing and dissenting from the Church of Rome, are guilty of like Idolatry, with whom the Kings of the Earth have complied, as aforemention­ed, and we will reject this argument; but if this Character doth more fitly, nay directly meet in Papal Rome, our argument is good and unanswerable.

VIII. Another Scripture Mark and Cha­racter of Mystery Babylon is this, i. e. she doth not only cause the Kings of the Earth to commit Fornication with her, but she hath in­toxicated the minds and hearts of multitudes, and corrupted great part of the World, with the Wine of her Fornication, even the common sort of people; see Rev. 17. 2. And the inhabitants of the Earth, have been made drunk with the Wine of her Fornication, &c.

Paral. That Rome Papal or Church of Rome hath not only caused Kings of the Earth, and great men, to commit fornication with her, by dancing after her Pipes, in all her myste­rious allurements, and detestable errors, but hath also intoxicated the Minds and Hearts of multitudes, and miserably corrupted and be­wi [...]ched great part of the World, or common [Page 59] sort of people, by her erroneous and wicked doctrine: O what a world of poor people hath she a long time deceived, and made to commit Spiritual Fornication with her, in Italy, Germany, Poland, France, Spain, Por­tugal, Ireland, and lastly in England and Scotland too, besides many other Countreys!

1. As first, Is it not a strange intoxica­tion, that such a multitude of the Inhabitants of the Earth, should believe, that a wicked man should be appointed of God to be the Vicar of Christ, as if God had no more re­gard to the Honour of his own Name, and the good of his Church, and Dignity of his Son, than to substitute a Child of the Devil, (as all wicked men are) to be Vice-gerent to the most holy Jesus, in the highest transactions that relate to Heaven and the Souls of Men? Surely if God shut Judas out of his Bi­shoprick for his wickedness, tho an Apostle, it can't stand consistent with his truth and holi­ness, to set up or allow of a wicked and im­perious Pope, got up to the highest pinacle of pride, and make him the Immediate Deputy, and successor of Christ, and to impose a Wolf as Shepherd upon the universal Church.

2. One who saith that he is an infallible Judge, to determine Articles of Faith, and in­dued with power to Impose them, upon [Page 60] great Penalties; so that as a Lord he hath Dominion over Mens Faith, Consciences, and Souls too; which the Apostles disclaimed.

3. Is it not a strange intoxication, that such a multitude of poor People should believe, that the Church cannot err, tho God and Thousands of good Men, see and fully know, there are not such abominable Errors in Prin­ciples, nor such villanous Enormities, cursed Actions, cruel and immoral Practices, in the World? Nay, such that Turks and Infi­dels do abhor. Yet this doctrine that the Church is infallible, and cannot err, the poor deluded multitude believes, and hate, nay kill, others that oppose it, and venture Body and Soul upon it.

4. Is it not a strange intoxication, that such a multitude of the Inhabitants of the Earth, should believe, that the Pope tho ne­ver so wicked, nay a priest (tho he be a trea­cherous villain, a contriver of Murther, and an abominable Adulterer) hath power to absolve his equals and fellow Sinners from all their Sins, tho directly committed against God; If he come to confession? tho the pretended penitent keeps his old evil habit, of wicked­ness still; contrary to what God and Jesus Christ in his blessed Word saith; where 'tis re­corded that 'tis God alone that forgiveth Sins, and blo [...]eth out our iniquities, and that a [Page 61] man must be born again; i. e. the evil habits must be changed, and all wicked practices must be forsaken; or no forgiveness nor en­tring into the Kingdom of heaven, John 3. 3.

5. Is it not a strange piece of Witch­craft and Intoxication, that such a multitude of the inhabitants of the Earth, should be­lieve that there is a Purgatory, which is no part of Heaven nor Hell, and that men may be redeemed out of it with Money? tho God saith, The redemption of the Soul is precious, and ceaseth for ever, Psal. 49. i. e. After the offering of the Body of Jesus Christ once for all, and that 'tis only the Blood of Christ which purges and cleanses from all sin, 1 Jo. 1. 9. and that we are not redeemed with corruptible things, as Silver and Gold, but with the precious Blood of Christ, as a Lamb without Blemish and without Spot.

6. Is it not a strange Intoxication, and a clear demonstration that the Inhabitants of the Earth have drunk of the Wine of this Whores Fornication, that such a multitude of poor Souls should believe, that a filthy and wicked Priest, by speaking a few Words can not only make Bread and Wine sacred, but also turn and change the Bread into the real Body and Blood of the Son of God, and make whole Christ of a pittyful Wafer­cake, [Page 62] by a charm of five Latin words, viz. Hoc est enim corpus meum; and this transub­stantiated Idol they fall down before, & adore as their Maker, anathematizing and cursing all that shall deny this Idol of indignation, to be adored with the highest degree of Divine Wor­ship, which is proper to God only, for she saith 'tis her God, as she singeth in her Roman Missal.

Plagas sicut Thomas non intueor, Ri [...]mus St. Thom. ad­sac [...]. Eu­charist. Deum tamen meum te confiteor. Wounds as Thomas did I not see, Yet do I confess thee my God to be.

In this, as one observes, they out-do the va­nity of the Heathens, who thought none was so witless, as to believe, that that which is eaten is a God, yet this God of theirs these Canibals devour, even Flesh, Blood and Bones in their conceit, the poor deluded mul­titude believieng contrary to their own natural Reason, and all their sences, that they eat real Flesh, when they eat that Wafer-cake, the substance nor quality being changed, the Form, Colour and Taste of Bread remaining after the Words of Consecration.

7. Is it not a strange Intoxication, that such a multitude of people should believe, that evil and idle doctrine of hers, viz. that no person, how good and pious so ever he be, can be saved, out of the Pale of their polluted, [Page 63] ungodly, and devilish Church, notwithstand­ing 'tis a great doubt and question whether any member of such a false Church can be saved, sith the Holy Scripture saith, that no Idolater hath any inheritance in the Kingdom of God; and again, that If any man worship the Beast, and his Image, and receive his mark in his Forehead, or in his Hand, the same shall drink of the Wine of the wrath of God, &c. Rev. 14. 9, 10. And he shall be tormented with Fire and Brimstone, in the presence of the Holy Angels, and in the presence of the Lamb, &c. Besides, considering the Scripture direct­ly holdeth forth that all who are born again, or truly regenerate, shall be saved, let them be of what Church they will, provided they are sound in the essentials of the Christian Faith, and not guilty of Idolatry, for certain­ly the new birth comprehends, a change of all such erroneous principles, as well as of other evil and corrupt habits and wicked practi­ces.

8. Is it not a strange kind of Spiritual In­toxication, that such a number of the Inhabi­tants of the Earth, should believe, that 'tis no Sin to Lie, Swear, and For-swear, to Kill, Slay, and Murther, such they call He­reticks (tho never so Godly) if it be for the cause of Holy Church, with a thousand things of the like nature, which the people do be­lieve, [Page 64] and dare not disown upon their Salva­tion, but boldly adventure to ingage at all opportunitys to Fight, and make War, burn Citys, lay waste Countries and King­doms, and destroy by Massacres, and all manner of Murthering ways, all Ranks, and Degrees of Men, who oppose the horrid prin­ciples of this vile Church, and cursed practi­ces of these Sons of Belial. Nay they will go boldly to their own deaths, when convict­ed and justly condemned for such like villa­nies, and deny to day what they were con­victed of yesterday, and tho never so noto­riously guilty, yet will take it upon their Death, they are as innocent as the Child un­born; what can this be, tho they drink it down as sweet Wine, but an Infusion of the rankest and most deadly Poyson that the low­est celler of the bottomless Pit can afford, the very Wine of the Whores Fornication, and the most dangerous Intoxication in the World? Which is attended with this aggravation, i. e. the best medicines of the wisest Physi­cians will not recover them; for Babylon hav­ing made the multitude drunk with this sort of Poysoned Wine, how rare is it to have any to come to themselves, or to their right minds again? And to shut up this Head take this argument.

Arg. If no people in the Christian [Page 65] World have made the multitude of the com­mon People, or Inhabitants of the Earth drunk, i. e. corrupted and Intoxicated their minds with wicked Lyes, Falshood, and detestable Doctrines, as Rome Papal or Church of Rome hath done; Then Rome Papal, &c. is Mystery Babylon.

But no People in the Christian World, have made the multitude of the Inhabitants of the Earth Drunk, i. e. corrupted, and intoxicated their minds by wicked Lies, false­hood, and detestable Doctrine, such as before mentioned, as the Church of Rome hath done. Ergo Rome Papal is mystery Baby­lon.

IX. Mystery. Babylon is said to sit upon a Scarlet-colour'd Beast; and this Beast is full of the names of Blasphemy: And I saw a Wo­man sit upon a Scarlet coloured Beast, full of the names of Blasphemy, &c. Rev. 17. 3. So that it appears the Woman and the Beast are distinct; by the Woman is meant the false Church, by the Beast is meant the secular power or civil state, or the Antichrist, or that Government that is the eighth, and of the se­venth, who assumeth both the Civil and Ec­clesiastical Authority by whom the Whore, false Church and Worship is supported: That the Beast and Whore are distinct is evident,

  • 1. From other Prophecies relating to the same thing.
  • [Page 66]2. From the letter of the text.
  • 3. From arguments grounded on rea­son.
  • 4. From the confession of the Whore her self.

1. From the Prophecies in the Scripture describing the same state of the Roman Mo­narchy, Dan 2. the latter part of the Image is partly Iron, and partly Clay, two states that were really distinct, that could never so in cor­porate as to become one.

2. From the letter of the text, I saw a Woman sit upon a Scarlet-coloured Beast, full of the names of Blasphemies. The colours of the Royal and Imperial vestments, as the An­gel declared them distinct, so the Apostle saw them distinct.

3. They appear to be distinct from ar­gments grounded upon reason. For,

  • (1.) The Beast is in the Masculine Gender, the Whore in the Feminine Gen­der.
  • (2.) Because the Whore is
    Rev. 17. v. 11. 6. 16.
    said to ride upon the beast, the one carrying the other.
  • (3.) The horns being of the Beast, 'tis said, shall hate the Whore; if they were not distinct the Whore must hate her self, and eat her own flesh, &c. which is nonsensical.
  • (4.) The Beast shall abide, tho in cap­tivity, [Page 67] after the Whore is thrown down and destroy'd.

4. From the plain confession of the Whore her self, they are distinct, who saith I sit a queen, I am no Widdow, &c. Ergo, she has a Head or Husband, which is the vile Person, little Horn and Ecclesiastical Beast, or that man of Sin St. Paul declared should rise after the then present Romish power which did lett, was taken away, which the primitive Fathers, as Tertullian, Cyprian, Jerome, and others understood to be the Imperial power in its pure, civil, iron or unmixt-state or Legs of the Image, Dan. 2.

Paral. Rome Papal, or Church of Rome, hath not only drawn into Idolatry the Kings of the Earth, great men abusing God, his Son Jesus Christ and the Christian Religion, and the blessed books of the Old and New Testa­ment, but she hath made the lower and ruder sort of the people drunk too, (as hath been shewed.) And 'tis no wonder she thinks she may do any thing, having a dispensation from heaven (as she pretends.) which the Pope keeps the Keys of, fearing no power on Earth.

And now that she hath the secular power to support her, upon which she sits or rides in great pomp, is evident, and that they are really distinct, for what of the secular power [Page 68] is still left at Rome, is under the conduct and management of the Church, there being no civil administration of Justice or exercise of Laws, but what is authorized and allowed by the Pope, the Head of this Ecclesiastical State; to make this further evident, the Pope doth not only exercise a power of appointing seculars at Rome, and near to it, but he claims the like supremacy abroad in other Kingdoms; if the secular Princes fall off from him, or will not be reconciled to him, and own him as head of the Church, he will excommunicate and depose them, and takes away their Crown [...] and Sceptres from them; that the Pope is a temporal Prince, as well as an ecclesiastical Bishop, i. e. makes Laws, exacts Tribute, raises Souldiers, and acts a Monarch, is noto­riously known; which fairly affords him the title of Beast, that his Royal and Scarlet Robes, the Chair he sits in to his very Hose and Shoes, with the Vestments of his Cardinals, is Scar­let; so that ye need not doubt but here you have the Scarlet coloured Beast; besides no man can reasonably doubt, that what the Civil power claims the Ecclesiastical power exercises, and that this Princely Pope is in the Masculine, and this Harlot or false Church in the Feminine Gender is owned by all partys.

That the Church state doth sit upon, ride, and govern the secular at Rome, Italy, and [Page 69] all its Territories; that the Church of Rome owns that she is no Widdow, but hath a head, called his Holiness, or supreme ruler of the Church, is so evident, that we cannot find them upon any file of record of controversy. There remains therefore, no more to be done here, sith this black character of Mystery Babylon doth so well meet in the Romish Church.

Arg. If there be no visible state in the Christian World, that doth so apparently sit upon, command, and govern the Beast or a great secular power, clothed in Scarlet Vest­ments, as Rome Papal doth, then Rome Pa­pal [...] Church of Rome is Mystery Babylon. But there is no visible state in the Christian World, that doth so apparently sit upon, command, and govern the Beast, or secular power, cloth'd in Scarlet Vestments, as Rome Papal or Church of Rome. Ergo Rome Papal &c. is Mystery Babylon.

To reinforce this argument we challenge any Papists, Atheists, or any else to shew where there are any other people or party to whom these Characters agree as well as with Rome Papal, and then we will let this argu­ment sall.

X. The Beast that Mystery Babylon sits upon, commands and governs, is not only clothed in Scarlet, but is also full of the names of Blasphemy, Rev. 17. [Page 70] Paral. Now that the Church of Rome hath this mark also of Mystery Babylon is evi­dent, viz. that the Beast cloathed in Scarlet that bears up that whorish Churhc, is full of the names of Blasphemy; this appears by his ascribing that to creatures which belongs to God and Jesus Christ only, and in divers other respects.

(1.) When the cursed Beast is called our Lord. God the Pope, cum inter. in glosl. extr. Job 22. in Liv. 2. and whatsoever he doth, no man may say to him, Why do you this? And whosoever obeyeth not his precepts incurreth the Sin of Idolatry, doth he not in this shew him­self indeed to be God? What greater Blasphe­my can there be?

(2.) When he is called universal Head of the Catholick Church is not this Blasphe­my against Christ, who alone is the head of the universal Church?

(3.) When he is called the Lamb of God, he Light of the World, the Root of David, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

(4.) When the orders of the Church, Oral Traditions and Decrees of Councils are said to be of greater authority than the Ho­ly Scriptures; Cardinal Hositis in his Adver­tisement to King Sigismund hath these ex­pressions, If they (that is, the Hereticks) say it [Page 71] is written, that is the voice of the Devil, speaking in his members; De expresso dei verbo. they call the Scripture Paper and Parch­ment, and that 'tis an absurd thing to attribute more authority to the Scripture than to the Church, which they call a nose of Wax, which suffers it self to be turned hi­ther or thither as a man pleaseth, and that the Scripture is the Daughter and their Church the Mother; is not this horrid Blasphemy a­gainst God, and the Holy Spirit who gave the Scripture forth, and whose sacred off-spring they are?

(5.) When the Virgin Mary, Angels, and Saints, are invocated with Prayers and Addresses, that only belong to the Divine Majesty, as if those creature were infinite, and could hear us at so great a distance as Earth is from Heaven, which they could not do if perpendicularly over us, much less from all parts of the World, over which they cannot be; whether this ascribing Infiniteness and Omnisciency, and Divine adoration to Crea­tures, which is only due to the Creator, is not Blaspemy?

(6.) Whether it be not Blasphemy, as well as Idolatry to say that Images ought to be worshipped, with the same honour and worship, which is given to him whose Image it is. For so Azorius affirms, and Bellarmin saith that [Page 72] Images are not only to be worshippe [...] Epiphani­us horis. 97. per totum. as they are exemplars, but also pro­perly and by themselves, so as the worship may be terminated i [...] them. de Imag. 1. 2.

(7.) To conclude with this mark, Whe­ther it be not Blasphemy with a witness, to affirm that a Priest can make a whole Christ of a Wafer Cake, by uttering a few words? And is not this to exalt the man of Sin above God himself? For this which they affirm i [...] to do more than God indeed can do; see M [...] Pools Dialogue p. 109. there are some thing [...] which it is no dishonour to God, to say he cannot do them, because they are either sin­ful (so God cannot lie;) or absolutely im­possible: God himself cannot make a man alive and dead at the same time, God cannot make the whole to be less than a part of it; he cannot make three to be more than three­score; he cannot make a Son to beget the Father, he cannot make the same man to be born at two several times, (as Popish Authon confess;) and therefore he can't make the same Body to be in two several places (much less in two thousand places at one and▪ the same time;) to which we may add, Can God make that to be that, which it is not? All know the Bread is not Flesh, but really Bread after Consecration.

[Page 73] Arg. If no people in the Christian world are born up and supported by a Scarlet co­loured Beast, full of the names of Blasphemy, maintaining from him such blasphemous Opi­nions, than Rome Papal, or Church of Rome, then Rome Papal is Mystery Babylon: But there is no people in the Christian world that are born up by such a blasphemous Beast as the Church of Rome is; Ergo Rome Papal as Mystery Babylon.

XI. Mystery Babylon is not only said to sit upon a Scarlet coloured Beast, full of the names of Blasphemy, but also that she is adorned with great pomp and outward glory, Rev. 17. 4. And the Woman was arrayed in Purple and Scarlet, and decked with Gold and precious Stones, and Pearl, &c.

Parallel. Rome Papal, or Church of Rome▪ doth not only sit upon a Scarlet coloured Beast, &c. but she is also beautified and adorned with great pomp and external glory, beyond any people calling themselves a Church of Christ in all the Christian world: This is such a visible brand and mark upon this people, and well noted by all, that much we need not speak to it; for all the world knows the Church of Rome delights in out­ward Gaudery, being a people whose Wor­ship is filled not only with detestable Tradi­sions, and blasphemous Doctrines; but also [Page 74] to please the carnal and sensitive Eye, she se [...] it off with rich and costly Pictures, curious [...] drawn, and other outward gallantry. (2.) Loo [...] into the Patrimony of consecrated Saint there you shall find riches and honour, th [...] not durable riches and righteousness. (3.) Loo [...] upon their Garbs and Vestments, and the [...] you shall find her Popes and Cardinals g [...] stering in cloath of Gold, and adorned li [...] Emperors and splendid Princes; nay, and are some of her Priests and Heads of Parti [...] What think you (saith one of the Anti [...] Fathers) of this Man the Pope sitting on hi [...] in his Throne glistering in Purple and clo [...] of Gold—sitting in the Temple God, shewing out himself as ifBernard. were a God; her Priests are ado [...] in such costly Habiliments, that for riches th [...] might become the highest Order of [...] Jewish Priesthood. (4.) Look on the Inst [...] ments and Mode of their Worship, and the you shall find rich Altars, and Candlesticks Gold, the Vessels for Oyl, and Po [...]s of P [...] ­sication, as if their Predecessors had been Solomon's Temple. (5.) Look into [...] Churches, and there you shall find great o [...] ward glory and bravery. (6.) Enquire co [...] cerning her Revenues and vast Incomes, a [...] there you will find she out-does all Comm [...] nities in the World.

[Page 75] Arg. If no people in the Christian World hath such riches, splendour, outward pomp and bravery in the maintenance and manage­ment of their Worship, as Rome Papal, or Church of Rome hath: Then Rome Papal, or Church of Rome, is this gaudy Harlot, or Mystery Babylon. But there is no People or Church in the Christian World, that hath such riches, splendour, outward pomp and bravery, in the maintenance and management of their Religious Worship, as the Church of Rome hath; Ergo the Church of Rome is Mystery Babylon.

XII. As Mystery Babylon is thus adorned with outward pomp, and external riches and glory; so likewise another mark or character the Holy Ghost hath laid down of her is this, i. e. upon her fore-head a name is written, MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS, AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. Mother of Harlots may refer in part to ex­ternal Whoredoms, but chiefly 'tis to be ta­ken in a mystical sense, i. e. she breeds and brings forth Spiritual Harlots; viz. unclean Communities.

Parallel. That this Character meets di­rectly in the Church of Rome, is very clear, upon her forehead denotes (as our late wor­thy Annotators observe) ‘the open guilt [...]nd [Page 76] impudence of this Spiritual Harlot Mystery Babylon, that is, there is a Mystery in what follows in her name—the Great, not to be understood of the Chaldean Babylon, but of a City or Policy under the Gospel, as cap. 11. 8. she is called Spiritual Sodom and Egypt; so in a spiritual or mystical sense she is called Babylon, because a City like to Babylon for Idolatry and Persecution of God's Israel. Not a meer Harlot, but one that breed▪ up Harlots, and nourishes Idolatry, commu­nicating it to others; and this is the true name of Rome instead of Mother Church▪’

1. Here is a name written in capital Let­ters, and written upon her fore-head, so as to be read of all, i. e. there is no way to hide o [...] cover her Whoredoms, or to defend or deli­ver her self from being the Mother of Harlots▪ if this were not to be seen and read by all in­lightened Christians and Professors, it would not not so much concern us; for if the Book of the Revelations were not written for the Christian World, it leaves us at an uncertainty; nor are we in a capacity to make a Judgment in this great case, who this great Who [...] is.

2. Nay, and if this Babylon were a small and private People and Community of Chri­stians (or such who pretend themselves so to be) she could not be called Great Babylon▪ [Page 77] and Mother of Harlots, and Abominations of the Earth.

But Rome is a great People, a great Whore, or false Church; and her detestable Spiritual Adultery appears obvious to the whole World; nay, her Images and Idola­try causes both Jews and Turks the more to hate and abhor that Christian Religion which she professeth, (as it has been manifestly made known by many worthy Writers.)

3. And for Mystery, see what we have said in the first Chapter of this Treatise, wherein is opened that strange Mystery of the Romish Church. Is it not this Mystery Babylon that says she is the true Church, by pretending to Visibility, as one of the chief Evidences thereof? and yet 'tis positively said That the true Woman or Church of God was for the space of 1260 years in the Wil­derness, Rev. 12. where she was hid all that time, or abode in an obscure condition. Is it not a Riddle and confus'd Mystery, that she being Queen Regent, riding upon the Beast in state, all along, and yet that very poor and distressed Woman, that fled into the Wil­derness, and abides there in a suffering con­dition all the time of the Beasts Reign.

Is not this a Riddle and strange Mystery▪ that one pretending her self to be the only true Church of God, and Mother of Peace, [Page 78] Purity and Charity; and yet notoriously known to be the breeder, bringer forth, and cherisher of Division, Falshood, most▪ Bloody Butcheries, and Barbarous Cruelties and Mur­ders.

4. She is called Babylon, or Babel, i. e. Confusion; and doth not this agree to the Church of Rome? doth she not openly shew her self to be the absolute Antitype of old Babel?

1. In devising and setting up another way to Heaven (than what God hath ordained and appointed; viz. a Tower of their own raising) not by Christ alone, but by the de­merits of their own good works; and you know what some of those works are that she calls meritorious, which is, to destroy and cut the Throats of such she calls Hereticks, i. e. godly Protestants: This is the way she ha [...] found out for the Salvation of her dear Chil­dren.

2. In plucking up, or endeavou [...]ing to rase out the true Worship of God, as old Caldea [...] Babylon did, and setting up Idolatry in the room of it.

3. The Church of Rome may well be called Babylon, in respect of her Doctrine▪ Principles, and Modes of Worship, which i [...] such a jumble, strange mixture, and heap o [...] Human Inventions, that may well go fo [...] [Page 79] [...]onfusion it self (see our third mark) in her orders, diversities, and long muster Roll of officers, that are so numerous, as well as un­ [...]criptural, that if mixture, and confusion be [...]ny where, 'tis to be found in this pretended Church, where you have Pope, Cardinals, Priests, and Arch-Priests, Bishops, Lord Bi­shops, and Arch-Bishops, Deans, and Arch­ [...]eacons, Suffragans, Patriarchs, Abbots, Friars, Monks, Nuns, Seminaries, Jesuits, followers of St. Francis, Jansenius, Augustine, Capu­ [...]hins, &c. and what not, this Romish Har­ [...]ot hath received some of her jolly Church [...]relats, with their exorb [...]tant power from her heathenish Predecessors, Romu­ [...]us Livius l. 1. and Numa Pompilius who made Flamins, Arch-Flamins, and a Pon­ [...]ifex maxim [...]s, to sacrifice unto the Gods; and some of her ceremonies she has taken from other Infidels, as the shaving of Priests Crowns like the Priests of Isis and Serapis in Egypt, nay for confusion and filthy abomina­tion she has out-done Heathen Rome, for Nu­ma, the King of the Antique Romans, forbad them to think that the▪ Image ofPlutarch in Numa. God had the shape of a man, or form of other living Creatures; yet this mother of Idolatry alloweth the Image of God the Father, in form of an old Man, and Holy Ghost in form of a Dove, [Page 80] tho the holy Prophet, inveigh [...] ingBellar. de Imag. Sanct. l. 2. c. 8. Isa 40. 18. against this detestable va­nity, demandeth, To whom will ye liken God? Or what similitud [...] will ye set up unto him?—Yet this whoris [...] Church to these teachers of lies (as one ob­serves) and counterfeits of God, to the shame of Christians, adoreth these Images, or ra­ther the Devil in them, whose worship it is, and so fulfils that which is written of her, Rev. 9. 20. That men would not repent of the works of their hands, and of the worship of De­vils, and Idols of Gold, and Silver, and Br [...]s [...], and of Stone, and of Wood, which neither can see, neither [...]ear, nor go.

As she appeareth in all these things to be Mystery Babylon the great, and abomination of the Earth, so (as worthy Mr. Ainsworth observeth) in her Divine service, she has Ba­bels very language, an unknown Tongue; so is it an Idol wholly made (as the Scripture speaketh) according to her own understand­ing; and is all the works of the crafts-men, the Prelates and Popes, the lovers of this great Whore who have patched together in their several ages the limbs of this deformed monster, the Mass and Canon thereof, a sa­crifice for the sins of the quick and the dead; with the Litany and Collects, An [...]hems and Responds, and in this Liturgy, God and his [Page] Angels, Apostles and Martyrs, and Confessors with he Saints, and she Saints (and some, that had Satans sanctity,) are wrapt up toge­ther, with a Stage-play like worship, with musical instruments to make them merry, as Nebuchadnezzar; with melody celebrated the dedication of his Golden Image, which Portal, and Missal, these Artizans have fram­ed, exceeding all superstitions, abominations, and confession, that ever were in the World, the meer device and forgery of their own Brains, by the help of the Devil, provoking God to Jealousie and Wrath, which sudden­ly she must pertake of without mixture.

4. Mother of Harlots. Hath not Papal Rome this very character upon her forehead? It meets in none as in her, all Protestants of what denomination soever, utterly disallow of Fornication, Whoredom and Adultery, in persons of any Ranks whatsoever, maintain­ing constantly that Marriage is honourable in all: whereas the Church of Rome, 'tis noto­ [...]iously known, gives publick toleration to [...]bominable Whoredoms, and the most shame­ [...]ess and unatural Bestialities as ever were in the World, but this Epithet, Mother of Harlots, [...]ay more properly refer to Spiritual Adultery, [...]nd that the Church of Rome is a Mystical Mo­ [...]her is very plain and evident, for do not all her Children own her to be the Mother Church? [...]nd therefore

[Page 82]1. Protestants are exhorted to return into the bosom of their mother.

2. All polluted and national Churches in the European Kingdoms sprang from her, as the Churches of France, Spain, Portugal, &c. and do call her Mother.

3. All corruption in Doctrine and Dis­cipline, were bred and brought forth by her, she is certainly the Mother of all these cursed titles, and errors following, viz. Universal, Supream, Infallible Head, Holy Father the Pope, his Holiness, in the abstract—our Lord God the Pope, unerring Church▪ Priestly Absolution, selling Pardons, Indul­gences, Dispensations, adoring the Crucifix, worshiping of Images, Anointing, and sprink­ling of Holy-Water, the adoration of the Mass, nay and the adoring the Devils own Engine, i. e. the Cross or Gibbet whereon the Devils Emissaries killed or crucified the Lord of Life and Glory, for the curse of the Law was▪ to be done away by [...] cursed Death upon a tree, o [...] Gal. 3. 13. which whosoever was hanged▪ the curse of God was upon him; this death the innocent Lamb, Jesus Christ suffered f [...] our sakes, at the hands of wicked Sinne [...] Pilate and the Jews, the Children of the D [...] vil; who used all exquisite torments to mak [...] his death miserable, Crowning him wi [...] [Page 83] Thorns, piercing his Hands, Feet, and Sides with Nails, and a Spear, hanging him on the Tree until he died. And this pretended Tree or Cross, Thorns, and Nails, with other counterfeits of them, this Mother of Harlots, teaches her Children to adore and honour, with as good Ground and Devotion (as one observes) as the Ophites or Serpentories, are said to honour the Serpent the Devils instru­ment, for to bring man to the knowledge of good and evil. And that all the World might take notice, that Rome is the City, where our Lord was crucified, this Mother of Harlots doth proclaim, that the Cross was that Altar, whereon the great Sacrifice Christ▪ was offered: whereas the Scripture teacheth that the bodies of those Beasts whose blood was brought to make reconciliation in the holy place were burnt, without the Host, or Camp of Israel, and not on the Altar which stood before the door of the Tabernacle, ac­cording to which figure Jesus also, that he might sanctifie the people with his own blood, suffered without the Gate of Jerusalem, which was a reproach; yet will these God­eaters, and crucifiers of our blessed Saviour▪ make the cursed Cross, to be the Altar most holy, and so greater than Christ the sa­crifice, as being that which sanctified him, for the Al [...]ar sanctified the offering. And [Page 84] hereupon they call the Cross blessed, and ascribe unto it worthiness to bear the Ta­lent of the World, they account it among the most precious Reliques, and not only the whole, but every piece thereof; they adore it, salute it, pray unto it, and trust there­in for Salvation, crying, Hail, O Cross, our only hope, increase thou to the godly Righteousness, and unto sinners give pardon; save thou the company gathered together in thy praises; yea, the very sign of this Idol made in the Air, upon the forehead, or over any thing is Sacred and Ven [...]rable, and hath force to drive away Devils, and do many like feats: wherefore this abomination hath prevailed above other, and is like Beel [...]ebub Prince of the Devils, the Badg of the Beast, and Cha­racter of Mystery Babylon, Imprinted in Churches, Chappels, Altars, Houses and High ways, in Books, Writings, in Prayers, Sa­craments, in Garments, Bodies and Souls of Men, both Quick and Dead; nay, nothing is well hallowed without it, no Sacrament per­fect without it. And this great honour hath the Cross, because the Devil, and his Instru­ments, Killed or Crucified our Saviour upon it; so that a marvel it is, how Judas lips scaped honour, seeing he also was Satans in­strument, to betray Christ with a kiss, where­fore this Spiritual Egypt, Pseudo Catholick [Page 85] Church, deserveth more toquis nescit Vo­ [...]usi, Bithinice qualia demens Egyptus Pro­tent a colat, &c. J [...]venal sat. 15. be branded by some Satyrist, for worshiping monsters, than the first Egypt, whose less im­piety a Heathen Poet did de­ride.

4. As she is the Mother of Harlots, and Mother of all corrupt Doctrine and Detestable Errors, &c. So also is she Mo­ther of all personal vices, and fleshly abomina­tions, as horrid Oaths and Blasphemies, most astonishing perjury, and subtil equivocation, hypocrisies, uncleannesses, lying, subornations, secret poysonings, stabing, throat-cut­ings, adulteries, covenant-breaking, and what not; are these things allowed amongst Pro­testants? No certainly; yet they are not only allowed by this Whore, but esteemed merito­ [...]ious, if it be done for the good, and promo­ [...]ion of Holy Church; and for these things may she not rightly be called Mystery Baby­lon the great, the mother of Harlots, and A­bominations of the Earth?—Which I shall conclude with this Argument.

Argu. If this name Mystery Babylon the great, the Mother of Harlots, and Abominations of the Earth, in all these respects we have noted, doth not so fully and fitly agree to any People as they do to Rome Papal or Church of Rome, then Rome Papal &c. is Mystery [Page 86] Babylon; but this name Mystery Babylon, the great Mother of Harlots, and Abomina­tions of the Earth, in all these respects noted, does not agree so fitly and fully to any people in the World as to the Church of Rome. Ergo Rome Papal or Church of Rome is Mystery Babylon.

XIII. But further, to put it out of all doubt, who this Whore is, 'tis said she was drunk with Blood; this is another Mark and Character the Holy Ghost hath given to know her by. And I saw a Woman drunk with the Blood of the Saints, and the Blood of the Martyrs of Jesus, and I wondered with great admiration, Rev. 17. 6.

Now if the Church of Rome be guilty here, or hath this black Mark and Character upon her, she is the unhappiest Church and Peo­ple in all the World, and gives cause enough to Angels, as well as to the Apostles and Holy Men to wonder, i. e. to see a Woman pre­tending to be nobly descended, the Daugh­ter of the great King of Heaven and Earth, the only chast Spouse of the Lamb, the Mo­ther of all Peace, Holiness, and Innocency, not only defiled with all those foul and abomina­ble errors, Idolatries, and detestable pollutions, but also guilty of so much Blood of Saints, and of the precious blood of the Martyrs of Jesus, and not only guilty of Blood, but also drunk with Blood, yea drunk with such [Page 87] Blood; but that this the Church of Rome is guilty of nothing is more clear, which indeed gives cause to every good man in the World to abhor her. And that we may make this most evidently to appear,

  • 1. Consider what it is to be drunk.
  • 2. What things do necessarily contribute to it.
  • 3. Shew what the true and proper signs of it are.
  • 4. Whether such things can be fixed upon the Church of Rome.

1. To be drunk is to take in excessively any thing as disorders nature in its course and operations; this we take to be a general defi­nition of it, including the proper and meta­phorical notions thereof.

2. Such things as necessarily contribute to it, are,

  • (1.) Great and vehement desire or thirst after it.
  • (2.) Plenty of the thing thirsted after.
  • (3.) The greedy taking their fill of it.

3. The signs of drunkenness, are

  • (1.) When the faculties are so disorder­ed, that they will not submit to the best Rea­son that can be given them.
  • (2.) When they will abuse those whom they are most obliged to love and respect.
  • [Page 88](3.) When they have cast off all consi­derations of their own, and others good, and for bear no mischief but what they are restrain­ed from by force.
  • (4.) That these things are evident in the Church of Rome will appear,

1. Because she hath shed a Mass, a very great Mass of Blood of Saints, and of the Mar­tyrs of Jesus; who is able to account the num­bers of them that she hath murthered in all parts of the Christian World, only upon the account of Religion, particularly in Bohemia, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Low Countrys, England, Scot­land and Ireland?

'Tis enough to peirce an heart of Stone to hear of the barbarous crueltys and devilish in­humanities exercised for more than five hun­dred years upon the poor Waldenses and Al­bingenses, by the hands of this Bloody Whore or Romish Harlot, besides the wonderful num­bers and multitudes of them, for according to the account I have met with in History, hun­dreds of Thousands, nay some millions of those Godly Christians were most unhumanely butchered by the bloody Papists, Children Born of her own Body, nay, in every street of this great City, the Blood of the Saints hath run down like a River; were this not notoriously known to the whole World, I [Page 89] could give an account of the vast numbers slain in Bohemia, in France, and in Ireland, of late years, where there were not fewer than two hundred thousand souls sacrificed, to allay the thirst of this Bloudy Whore.

So that it is out of dispute, she hath the first signs of a most filthy, shameless, drunken Strumpet, i. e. she has been excessive in drink­ing of innocent Blood; and 2. Not only so, but she has drunk so much, that she is in­toxicated, and disordered, that she would ne­ver submit to the best reason that could be gi­ven her, for she has been so mad, that none could disswade her from exercising her cruelties (on the Bodies of the Saints, whose Blood she thirst­ed after) in as unhumane a manner as in­carnate Devils could devise; as if to murther them was not sufficient, nor could it satisfie her, but she would have them die many deaths, as hanging by the Feet, by the Hands, by the middle on a Beam, by the Hair of the Head, on Tenters, pouring melted Lead on their Heads, Boiling in Caldrons, rosting alive, and burning alive.

The poor Waldenses living in, and about the valleys of Piedmont, about the year 1560 were most cruelly and barbarously murthered; to allay her excessive thirst, some were stript stark naked and whip'd to death with Rods of Iron, others drawn through the Streets [Page 90] and Burnt with fire brands, some thrown down an high Tower, and some cut in pieces with sharp Knives, fourscore persons had their Throats cut, as Butchers kill their Sheep, threescore Women were so cruelly rackt, that the Cords pierced their Arms and Legs to the Bones, and then being cast into Prison they all died except nine of them; young Vir­gins were Ravished in a Barbarous manner until they died, Children were pull'd alive out of their Mothers Bellies, and the Breasts of many Women cut off, so that the Infants died of Famine; and many other strange kind of tortures, for many years together multi­tudes of those Godly Waldenses indured.

And the Albingenses who professed the same doctrine and principles, were all along in the like or worse sort and manner (if possible) butchered; in the City of Bezier, there were, saith my author, threescore thousand persons slain, the Priests and Fryers going about the Streets in the mean time with Crosses and Ban­ners, and singing, Te Deum Laudamus; in the year 1655 in the Valley of Lucerna and other places, this bloody Strumpet thirsting still af­ter the Blood of the Saints, and like a filthy drunken wretch caused an Edict to be put forth, that such who would not turn Papists within three days, must take what would fol­low, and indeed that was bad enough, as you [Page 91] may see in Sir Samuel Morelands History of that late Persecution, it began Jan. 25. 1655. upon which some Thousands of those poor Souls were forc't to fly for their lives in the depth of Snow, when all the Valleys were covered with Water, there being amongst them some Women with child, others newly delivered, some sick and diseased, Children crying and la­menting, Old Men and Women, some decre­ [...]it leaning on their Staves, all dragged or forc't over the Ice & Snow▪ &c. with bitter tears, sighings, cries, and wringing of hands, beating of Breasts, mourning and complaining of the cruelties of those merciless Papists, but alas so drunk with Blood before, that they like brutes regarded none of their cries, no more than the bleating of Sheep; but this is not all, no sooner that they were forc't from their ha­ [...]itations, but their houses were pillaged, ri­fled, and ransackt of all that was left, and this not sufficient neither, to satisfie their rage and cruel thirst, they fell upon them, putting them to all manner of unhumane and cruel deaths they could devise; so that in a few days they destroyed near thirty thousand Souls in one place, they most cruelly tormented an hun­dred and fifty Women and Children, and afterwards chop'd off the Heads of some, and dash'd out the Brains of others, some had their Feet nail'd to Trees with their Heads down­wards, [Page 92] one antient Woman they ript up alive, putting a sickle into her privy parts, and so slit up her Belly, after which they dragg'd her about, and at last cut off her Head; other Wo­men had their Breasts, Noses, Privities and Hands cut off, and so left miserably to perish; Another they stab'd in the Soles of his Feet, then cut off his Privities and Fry'd them, giving them their comrades to eat as a delicate dish, then they seared his Wounds, with flaming Candles, cut off his Ears, and to [...]e off his Nails with burning Pincers, to make him renounce his Religion. and then ti'd one of his Legs to a Mule, (being yet alive) and drag'd him about the Streets, and after all this, they bound a Cord about his Head, and twisted it with a stick till his Eyes and Brains burst out, and then cast his Body into a River; An Old Woman had her Hands and Nose cut off, and so was left alive, some had their Bodies cut all into pieces, and their limbs strowed in the high-ways, some had their flesh sliced from their Bones, & chop't like min­ced meat; little Infants were thrown down steep Rocks, whereby they were dash'd to pieces Some Children they tore limb from limb before their Parents faces, others they flead off their Skins alive, in another place they took eleven Protestants, and heating a Furnace they forc' [...] them to throw one another into it, till it came [Page 93] to the last, and him they threw in; If these are not signs of one drunk with Blood, I know not what is. But time would fail me to tell you of all the cruel deaths, and sufferings of this poor people, for that it contains a great volume.

In Bohemia, Poland, and Lithuania, the sufferings of the Lords Witnesses were as great, and their cruel usages as Bloody; be­sides, in one or two of those places they began very early, about 977. where my Author says Godly Ministers, and other Pious, Holy, and Godly People suffered such Barbarities, and Inhumanities from this Harlot, that the Ears of a Christian cannot hear, nor his Tongue re­late them, without the greatest abhorrency and indignation; Some of them were Stoned to death, others hanged upon a Beam, with a soft fire made under them were Roasted to Death as well as Hanged, they Hanged one Minister up by the Privy Members being se­venty years old, and burn'd his Books under him; Another they laid on his back, ramming his mouth full of Gunpowder, set Fire to it and so blew his Head all to pieces.

At a Town called Meldorp a Godly Mini­ster was forc't out of his Bed, and to go some Miles on Foot in Frost and Snow, upon the Ice bare-footed and bare-legged, beating, cutting, and slashing him, and pricking him with their Halberts, andat last they cruelly [Page 94] roasted him to death; They yoak'd some Ladies and Gentlewomen together like Beasts, and forc't them into Woods, where they were ravished and abused, and then had their Hair and Ears cut off and disfigured, they forc' [...] some poor Christians to eat their own Excre­ments, and if any refused so to do, they thr [...] them down their Throats, till they were choaked, they cram'd the secret parts of several Women with Gun powder, and setting fire to it most barbarously tore their Bellies and Wombs thereby; Others they hung up by the privy parts; some they plained the faces off with Chisels; others they made [...] put on Boots filled with scalding Oil, and then roasted their legs over a fire; Some men the [...] Gelt in the presents of their Wives and Children; Some had Gags put into their Mouth and then put stinking Water and Piss down their Throats through a Tunnel, till the [...] Bellies swelled like a Tun, whereby they perished in a miserable manner; They sawe off the Legs of some alive; a Godly Minister they bound upon a Table, and placing a C [...] so that she scratcht his Guts out of his Belly with her Teeth and Claws, till he miserable died. In Lithuania 1643. this Whore thirsting still for more Protestant Blood, great slaughter was made without regard to Aged Sex; here many had their Skins flead of [Page 95] whilst they were alive; Others had their Hands and Feet cut off; The Bowels of di­vers were also taken out alive; Others having their Shin-Bones bored through, they poured melted Lead into the wounds of others, whom they had cut in the Head, and other parts of their Bodys; Some had their Eyes pulled out, and multitudes were hanged in di­vers places, nay, and the poor Protestants ac­counted it a mercy and great favour, to be killed outright without any other torment.

Should we come into France, and give an account of the horrid cruelties of this great Whore there, it would, if possible, exceed what you have heard, the Blood of ten thousand this cursed Strumpet has drunk off, (as it were at one draught) there, and not a jot more sa­tisfied than she was before; here they roasted young Children, ravishing Women and Maidens in such a shameless manner, and bar­barously killing them afterwards, that 'tis not fit to be spoken.

A black smith had his Head laid on his own Anvil, and then his Brains beat out with Hammers, also a young Woman was forc't (after they had ravished her) to take hold of a Rapier, wherewith one of the Villains thrusting her Arm, made her kill her own dear husband, some Women with child were rip'd up, and divers buried alive. I migh [Page 96] come to the siege of Rochel, and tell you what misery some thousands suffered by fa­mine; some hundred thousands of poor Pro­testants, have been barbarously murthered by her means in France, and tho of late she hath not put many to death, yet they have exerci­sed all manner of new invented ways to de­stroy their Souls, and the Souls of their Chil­dren too. I might also speak of the Spanish Inquisition and of the hellish torments thereof, as also of the crueltys of this Whore, exercised on the poor Heathen in America by the Spa­niards, where they destroyed more than 20 millions of Souls, as appears by History besides, they put them to all manner of cruel deaths they could devise, but I am weary of relating these dismal stories; besides, they are generally well known, together with the Massacre in Ire­land where no less than the Blood of two hun­dred thousand persons could satisfie the Blood of this craving Locust, and sh'd in as barbarou [...] a manner as you have heard in other places. [...] might also mention the Bloody Persecutio [...] here in England in the reign of Queen Mary [...] wherein many holy and gracious Prelates an [...] People were burned to Ashes, for witnessing to the Truths of Jesus Christ; all which fully shews, that this second mark of drunkenness▪ drunk with Blood of the Saints, and of the Mar­tyrs of Jesus, meets in the Church of Rome.

[Page 97] Thirdly, She has the other mark of drunk­enness upon her also, i. e. she matters not who she abuses, and exercises her cruelties upon; she has sometimes cut off her own dear Children, viz. Roman Catholicks, amongst such she calls Hereticks, as it happened at Be­zier, and other places, crying out, Kill all both Catholicks and Hereticks, saying, the Lord knows who are his; nay, she has made the Wife to kill her Husband, the Husband to murther the Wife, Children to destroy their own dear Parents, and Parents their Children, [...]f these things do not shew she is drunk, drunk with Blood, what can? From whence [...] shall draw this argument and conclude.

Arg. If there be no body of people or com­munity of Christians in the World, who have been guilty of so much Blood, Blood of Saints [...]nd good Men, even so as to be drunk with Blood, as the Church of Rome are; Then [...]he Church of Rome is Mystery Babylon. But there is no people or community of Christians, [...]hat are so guilty, &c. as Rome Papal or Church of Rome is. Ergo the Church of Rome [...] Mystery Babylon.

XIV. Mystery Babylon hath one mark more whereby she may be known, i. e. She [...] said to sit upon a Beast, that hath Se­ven Heads and Ten Horns, the Seven Heads [...]em to signify (as the Angel opens it) seven [Page 98] sorts of soveraign governments as well as hills▪ read the Text, And here is the mind that hat [...] wisdom, the seven Heads are seven Mountains on which the Woman sitteth; And there ar [...] seven Kings, five are fallen, one is and one [...] not yet come, but when he is come, he ma [...] continue a short space; And the Beast that w [...] and is not, even he is the eighth and of the seve [...] and goeth into perdition. Rev. 17. 9, 10, 11▪ Besides all that we have said, it we find n [...] Papal Rome here viz. having this characte [...] upon her, we will acquit her for ever, for t [...] city that is built upon seven Hills is Rome nay, you will find that all Authors do general assert that Rome is the only City in the Wor [...] that is founded on seven Hills, and fame for it by its old Poets (as it is noted by [...] late Annotators) as Ovid, Virgil, Hora [...] Propertius; The names of these Hills a [...] known, viz. Palatinus, Quirinalis, Ave [...] nus, Celius, Veminalis, Esquilinus, Capit [...] nus; But the seven Heads do not only (as [...] said before) signify seven Hills or Mountai [...] but also seven Kings, that is, seven sorts governments, which ruled or were to rule that City where the Beast reigned, that ca [...] ­ried this cursed Harlot (the term Kings, Scripture signifying rulers, whether the government was in a single person, or more, [...] Deut. 33. 5.) Now that Rome hath had Sev [...] [Page 99] sorts of distinct soveraign governments in her, is so notoriously known that the Romanists can't deny it. [...]. Kings (Romulus being the first King,) II. Consuls, III. Tribunes, IV. Decemvirs, V. Dictators, VI. Emperors that were Pagans. VII. Emperors that were Christians, five of these were fallen or gone off the stage before St. John received his Re­velations, the Government of the Pagan Em­perors was in being at that very time the se­venth was to appear and to continue but a short spaco, viz. the Christian Emperors go­vernment; For it cannot be the Papal power for that was not up in St. Johns time so not the sixth Head. And as the Papal power for that reason, could not be the sixth Head, so for a very good reason it could not be the 7th Government, because whensoever that appear­ed it was to continue but a short space; which cannot intend the Papal power, but answer­eth to the Christian Empire, for that govern­ment did continue but a little while compara­tively, but 'tis evident the Papal power has continued longer, than any of the other sove­ [...]ignties▪ ▪that wont before: and if the Papal power be not the sixth Head nor the seventh, then it must needs be the eighth, which is of the seventh and [...]oes into perdition, [...]fe it can't be any power at all of the fourth [...] Ro­man Monarchy; But a power it is, yea, and [Page 100] a great power too of the fourth or Roman Monarchy; And that which carrys the Whore, according to the express letter of the Text, and so acknowledged by the best of exposition, so that in the whole by the Woman, City, or Whore, that sitteth upon the seven Moun­tains, and where there hath been seven seve­ral sorts or forms of Government is meant Rome, there is no cause to doubt, for the great Sons of Rome themselves, as Baronius, Bellar­mine, and many others do confess the same, but would defend their Mother from being Mystery Babylon, by putting it off to Rome­pagan, which we have clearly detected in the first chapter of this treatise; And therefore do affirm that Rome Papal is neither the sixth no [...] seventh sort of government, but is the eighth and of the seventh. The Christian Emperon in an overheated zeal and bounty to the Ro­man Bishops, giving him the advantage by getting that power which through policy and pride he attained to in the end, & so he comes to be the last Beast or eighth Government, in which there is a secular and an Ecclesiastical power, joined together which makes up [...] Beast, a blasphemous Beast (who hath two Horns like a Lamb, which is this twofold power but a mouth like a Dragon) and a Whore, a most devilish drunken and bloody Whore. &c.

[Page 101] Arg. If Rome Papal or Church of Rome, be born up by a secular power which hath had seven soveraign governments in a City, seated upon seven Hills or Mountains, then Rome Papal or Church of Rome is Mystery Ba­bylon the great Whore.

But Rome Papal or Church of Rome, is born up by a secular power, which hath had seven soveraign governments in a City, seat­ed upon seven Hills or Mountains.

Ergo, Rome Papal, &c. is Mystery Babylon.

XV. There is yet one mark or character more of Mystery Babylon; i. e. she is said to be that City that reigned over the Kings of the Earth; and the Woman that thou sawest is that City that reigns over the Kings of the Earth, Rev. 17, 18.

Now that Rome is such a City that since St. Johns time hath for several hundred of years, reigned over the Kings of the Earth is so evident none can deny, nay, and that Rome Papal hath governed a great part of Italy, her self owneth, ever since Constantine who gave it (as she saith) as a Patrimony to St. Peter, and that she hath governed or hath had her Kingdom over Germany, Poland, France, Spain, Portugal, England, Scotland and Ireland, &c. is clear so that their Kings have been governed by her, whom she would they killed, and whom she would they saved [Page 102] alive, whom she willed they worshiped, and so became guilty of drinking the Wine of her fornication; whom she willed they set up, and whom she willed they pulled down, when she willed they raised Arms, and when she willed they laid them down again; what shall we say? The Church of Rome hath had such power over the Kingdoms of Europe, th [...] the power and wills of Princes have been con­trouled and over-ruled, when in any conside­rable case, they have gone contrary to the sense and interest of the Church, and to such a degree, as they have sometimes made th [...] do penance, resign up their Crowns, and receive them again as an act of kindness, that he set them upon their Heads with his Foote such is the Pride and Grandeur of St. Peter Chair. See our first Chapter.

If the Church of Rome is that People, Woman or Church, that above all others in the World, hath reigned over the Kings of the Earth, then Rome Papal is Mystery Babylon.

But the Church of Rome is that People, Woman or Church, that reigns and hath reigned over the Kings of the Earth.

Ergo Rome Papal or Church of Rome Mystery Babylon.

CHAP. III. Proving that literal Babylon in Chal­dea, was a Type or Figure of Rome Papal or the present Church of Rome, and that in many particulars.

WE having shewed and clearly evinced by an induction of fifteen particu­lars, that Rome Papal is Mystery Babylon the great, the Mother of Harlots and Abomina­tions of the Earth, she having all the marks or characters directly meeting in her, that are by the holy Ghost given of that great Whore; we shall in the next place briefly con­sider, how the acts and progress of the Ro­mish Church, do most fitly and fully comport with other Types, and Prophecies of her in the holy Scripture, and first with literal or Chaldean Babylon, from whence I find most writers conclude, she had the name Babylon, given to her, in respect of the growth, acts and deeds of that old Babylonian Monarchy, which we shall now open and run the paral­lel in divers particulars as followeth.

I. Literal Babylon had a great Head or King ever her, called a Head of Gold, also Lu­cifer or Son of the morning.

[Page 104]So likewise Rome Papal hath a great Head or King over her, called the Universal Bishop, whose power is magnified above the powers of Emperors, and all Kings and Princes of the Earth.

II. Literal Babylon had dominion over ma­ny Countreys or Provinces.

In like manner Rome Papal hath had domi­nion over many Countries or Kingdoms, no less than the Territories or Jurisdictions of ten considerable Kingdoms, called ten Horns, ( [...] we have shewed.)

III. Chaldean or Literal Babylon, fell un­der a four-fold circumstance, in respect of her Supream Head, viz. Nebuchadnezzar. (1.) That he was, when in great Pride he insult­ingly said, Is not this great Babylon that I have built by the might of my power, and for the honour of my Majesty. (2.) He was not, when by the Watchers, and the Holy Ones he was toss'd from his Throne, and made to eat Grass with Oxen till seven times past over him. (3.) Yet he was, When his Reason, and the Hearts of his Nobles, and Glory re­turned to him again. (4.) He went off fi­nally, when God brought the Medes and Per­sians against his Successor, into whose hands the Kingdom was translated.

Rome, or Mystery Babylon, is foretold by the Angel to fall under a four-fold circum­stance [Page 105] also, in respect of the Beast that is said to carry the Whore, and make War with the Saints; and the Beast which thou sawest was, is not, and yet is, and shall go into perdition, Rev. 17. 8. (1.) He was of old in his Pa­gan state, triumphing in great glory and grandeur, but received a wound, yea a dead­ly wound in one of his Heads, viz. in his sixth Head (which was the Pagan power) in Constantine's time, and so he was not. The Christian Emperors having the Government of the Roman Monarch; and to the same pur­pose speak our late Annotators on the 13 chap. of Rev. v. 3. and chap. 17. 8. It must, saith he, be the sixth Head, viz. the Pagan Empe­rors who had that mortal wound, and that wound was the Conquering the Pagan Em­perors, and the abolishing of Paganism and Idolatry, and putting an end or stop to Per­secution, which was done by the seventh Go­vernment, viz. the Christian Emperors, He yet is, i. e. his wound was healed by the rising of the eighth Government which was of the seventh, who appeared in a new dress, viz. a beast with two horns like a lamb but spake like a dragon, which was the Antichristian power or Papal Rome, and more particularly the Pope; time (the best opener of these great Mysteries) has fully discovered these things to [...]. (4.) He shall go into perdition, i. e. be [Page 106] utterly destroyed by the bright appearance of the Lord Jesus, and be cast at last into the botomless Pit after the 42 Months are expi­red; so that in these four respects Chaldean Babylon, it appears, was a lively Type or Fi­gure of Papal Rome, who from hence also shews her self to be Mystery Babylon.

IV. The Chaldean Kingdom or Literal Babylon Invaded Judea, Besieged and took Jeru­salem, and trampled it under foot, &c. Even so in like manner the last Beast, the Pope and Papal power hath Invaded the City of the living God, or true Gospel Church, taking away all her sacred Rights, Laws and Privi­ledges, and not only Besieg'd her, closely Block'd her up, but trampled under foot the Holy City for a long space of time, Rev. 11. [...].

V. Chaldean or Literal Babylon, was a mo [...] lofty, proud and imperious people called the Lady of Kingdoms, and the glory and beauty [...] Excellency, for which God doth severely threaten her, Isa. 13. 19. Behold I am against thee, O thou most proud, saith [...] Lord God of Hosts, &c. Isa. 50. 31.

So in like manner Rome who is Myster Babylon, notwithstanding her horrid crime and most amazing wickednesses, is a v [...] proud and imperious people, exceeding all [...] the Christian World, saying in her Heart, sit a Queen, am no Widow, shall see no sorrow; [Page 107] for which haughtiness and pride the Lord will suddenly remember her with Judg­ments and sore severity, he being now risen up to make Inquisition for Blood, and to a­venge upon her the injury done to Sion, Rev. 18. 7. How much she hath glorified her self and lived deliciously, so much torment and sor­row give her.

VI. Chaldean or Literal Babylon set up Images, and had Idols of Silver and Gold, Wood and Stone, to which they bowed and worshipped, which were also representations of the Gods and Saints whom they adored, to wit, of Bel (which was Jupiter) and Nebo and Succoth berioth, and the like, and such who would not bow down to her Images, she threatned to cast into the Fire, into the burn­ing fiery Furnace, Jer. 5. 30. Jer. 10. 3▪ - 9. Isa. 46. 1. Dan. 3. 6.

Rome in this shews her self to be her Anti­type very plainly, for hath she not ordained to her self Temples, Images of Christ and the Virgin Mary, and other Saints, nay; and not only these but the Crucifix, but especially the great Idol of the Mass? so that whosoever will not own that most ridiculous Idolatry of a piece of Bread consecrated by the foul Mouth and unhallowed Hands of their cursed Priests, to be their God and Saviour, must be burned at a Stake, these Idols they tell us ought to [Page 108] have due honour given to them, because the honour which is given to them is referred to the Prototype whom they do represent, and these abominations she kisseth, as Idolaters of old were wont to kiss the Calves; lighteth Tapers before them as the Literal Babyloniam did Candles before their Images, &c.

VII. Literal Babylon or Chaldea were not only a people of great Pomp, Pride and Cove­tousness, but had also great Riches and Trea­sures. O thou that dwellest upon many waters, abundant in treasures, thine end is [...]ome, the end of thy Covetousness, Jer. 50. 37. 51. 13.

So in like manner Papal Rome is not only [...] people puft up with pride and vain-glory, but as 'tis said of Mystery Babylon she is very rich, being arrayed with Purple, Scarlet, Gold, Pearl and precious Stones. But she sits also upon many waters; to wit, People, Multi­tudes, Nations and Tongues. But is very co­vetous as well as proud, and full of treasures, for besides the gifts she boasts were first given to her in the time of Constantine the Great, she hath made a prey upon the Nations thro' her fearful covetousness, and not only a prey upon Nations and Kingdoms, but a spoil up­on Saints and Holy Martyrs, and hath had the Gifts of Kings, and vast Revenues setled upon her Orders and Clergy; nay, and she has peeled the people by selling Pardons and [Page 109] Indulgences, and raising Peter-pence, besides vast sums for praying poor Souls out of the scorching flames of Purgatory; nay, so horrid covetous is she, that she is not willing any should go to Heaven without great Gifts of Money to Holy Church; besides, much Mo­ney comes in by tolerating Whores and Whoredoms, (which thing is notoriously known to be done in many Cities of the Pope­dom) by which slights she is grown-so ex­ceeding rich and full of treasure, that she can afford a Golden Cup to present her intoxica­ting Wine in, to be cloth'd (as we said be­fore) with Scarlet, deck'd with Gold, Pearl and precious Stones; yea, she maketh the Merchants of the Earth rich who Trade with her, she doth indeed as fully answer to the Type in this, as Lam. 1. 10. stretching forth her hand upon all the pleasant things of those Countries and Kingdoms where she hath sate as a Queen.

VIII. Literal Babylon made the worst of men among the Nations and Provinces, chief Officers and Rulers, those that were rais'd to Preferment were Enemies to Gods people, and to his ways of worship—Her Adversaries pros­per (that is, the Adversaries of Sion) and are the chief, &c.

This Character hath Rome Papal upon her, for she hath all along made base and vil [...] men [Page 110] Rulers and Chief among the people, not suf­fering any men to bear Office in Kingdom, Cities or Corporations, but such vile time­serving Persons that would Sacrifice all Justice▪ Right and Honesty to her cursed Will and unsatisfied Lust, no nor indeed have so much as a Vote, to chuse Persons to bear Rule i [...] Government, nor comfortably to buy nor [...]ell unless they would relinquish all Goodness and Religion, and receive the Mark of the Beast in their Foreheads or right Hands, viz. pub­lickly to profess, or privately subscribe to [...]ud Injunctions and Commands of the Beast, the against their Consciences, and inconsiste [...] with their Religion. Who can be Cardina [...] unless they do own the Pope? Who can b [...] Kings without being in danger of being depo­sed or poysoned that subscribe not to the S [...] of Rome? Who can sit safe as Governo [...] over Cities, &c. where she sits as Queen Re­gent, without truckling under that Yoak o [...] Subjection which she puts on the Necks of all her Vassals; nay, Pope Martin the Fifth i [...] his Bull added to the Council of Constance ( [...] Pareus tells us) Prohibits all Roman Catho­licks to suffer any Hereticks to have any dwell­ings in their Countries, or to make any Bar­gains, or use any Trades, or to perform to them any Civil Offices, which makes good th [...] word, Rev. 13. 16, 17.

[Page 111]IX. Chaldea or Literal Babylon made the ways of Sion to mourn, hindred men to come to her Solemn Assemblies, made her Ministers to sigh, defiled the godly Women, and ra­vished the Virgins in the Streets of Jerusalem, and burned down the Houses and Dwelling­places of Gods people, starving and famishing of them, and miserably destroyed them by several cruel deaths, hanging their Princes by the Hands, and caused the Faces of their Elders not to be honoured, &c.

Rome Papal, or the Romish Church, in all these things hath exceedingly out-done Literal Babylon, that so she might make it appear she is her direct Antitype, and that they were but her Fore-runners in these respects, for this Mystical Babylon hath with a witness made the ways of Sion to mourn for these twelve hundred years, hindring all she could in every Kingdom from coming to their Solemn Assem­blies, driving them into corners, frightning and dispersing their Auditors by Fines, Impri­sonments, Banishments, and other cruel Usa­ges; pulling down their Churches and pub­lick Meeting-places, causing her faithful Mi­nisters to sigh, and Pastors to mourn, because they might not Preach to their poor afflicted Flocks, and the people grieve, because they could not hear the pleasant voice of their Pas­tors by reason of violence, &c. She hath al­so [Page 112] been guilty of that most horrid cruelty of forcing both Ministers and people from their dwellings, labouring to starve or famish both their Bodies and Souls too, and not contented to burn their Bodies to ashes, but has oft­times burn'd their Houses, Towns and Cities, as Germany hath wofully experienced, and England also, witness the burning of the fa­mous City of London, Southwark, and its ad­jacent places; who knows how many Fires she hath kindled in the space of twenty eight years last past in this Island? And then for ra­vishing godly women and chast Virgins in a beastly manner, she hath imitated old Ba­bylon, nay, far exceeded her, that she might shew to all she was her Antitype in these vil­lanies. They have ravished Women before their Husbands Faces, Maidens before their Parents Faces, as you have heard, openly in the Streets in the sight of the Sun, and then imbruing their barbarous Hands in their Blood, as divers Histories do declare.

X. There is one thing more in Chaldean Babylon in respect of her ruin, which I think not amiss here to add, viz. We find God by the Prophet speaks of her sudden destruction, Jer. 51. 8. Babylon is suddenly fallen, and that also she shall be destroyed by an Army out of the North Countreys, For lo I will raise and cause to come up against Babylon an Assem­bly [Page 113] of great Nations from the North Countrey, and they shall set themselves in array against her, from thence she shall be taken, &c. Jer. 50. 9. From hence we may conclude as some, to judge that those people who shall be the Instruments in the Hand of God to destroy Mystery Babylon shall be the people in these Northern Countreys, as Brandenburgh, Sweed­land, Denmark, the United Provinces; to­gether with England, Scotland and Ireland; and it may be hoped the people of these Na­tions and Kingdoms, (some of which were always accounted as Horns of the Beasts) do already begin to hate her, and are preparing War against her, and that from hence her ruin shall suddenly come; and it may be a just and righteous thing with God thus to or­der the matter, since she hath such an Impla­cable hatred of these Northern parts, because of that which she calls the Northern Heresie, and hath of late without all doubt, designed and secretly resolved utterly to destroy these Protestant Countries, and to make these King­doms and States desolate, but God hath, and will put it into their Hearts to agree and ful­fil his will, i. e. Hate the Where, and make her desolate, eat her Flesh, and burn her with Fire, Rev. 17. 16. and so avenge the righ­ [...]eous Blood she has publickly and secretly poured out like water; nay, I am very con­fident [Page 114] a very short time will make this thing to appear, and it shall as fully be made good in the Antitype as it was in Type, concerning the Medes, &c. Nor shall they do it alone, I mean the common people of these Countreys, with their heads and renowned Heroes, but Gods choice and beloved ones in these Nations shall joyn in with them, and so fulfil also what is said in Jer. 51. 20, 21. Rev. 18. Thou art my Battle Ax, with thee will I break in pieces the Nations, and with thee will I destroy King­doms, &c. Come out of her my people, reward her as she hath rewarded you, double upon her, &c.

XI. Chaldea or Literal Babylon, car­ried away into captivity Judea, and the In­habitants of Jerusalem, or the Church and People of God, and there held them for the space of seventy years, a prefixt time by the Almighty, and when that set time was come to an end, the Lord brought them back, and caused Cyrus to make Proclamation f [...] the rebuilding the Temple and Holy City Ezra 1. 1. 2. So likewise hath Papal Rom [...] captivated the true Israel and holy people [...] God, and held them also under sore oppress [...] on and persecution, for the space of 126 [...] years, a set time also prefixt by the Lord, a [...] when that time is expired, (to which Peri [...] 'tis hoped we are arrived) the Israel of G [...] [Page 115] shall be delivered, and our captivity shall be returned, but as they gradually returned out of the Literal captivity, so shall the Lords peo­ple out of their Spiritual captivity; and as it was said of them, When God brought back at first the captivity of Sion, they were as those who dreamed, Psal. 126. 1. So likewise are we at this very time, under this most amaz­ing providence of God, who hath begun to deliver us from the cursed yoak of Mystery Babylon; and now also you shall see, I doubt not, Liberty proclaimed (as it were) for the rebuilding of the holy Temple the second time, the work having been obstructed by those Sa [...]ballts and Tobiahs of our times, and the work shall go on in the hands of our re­nowned Zerubbabel, and that not so much by might nor by power, but by the Spirit of the Lord, Zech. 4. 6, 7. and the great Mountain on the other side of the Flood shall become a plain.

XII. Literal Babylon or the Chaldean Monarchy, was brought down not only sud­denly, but with great vengeance which they could not avoid by all their craft, subtilty, nor strength, and also in such an hour as they little thought of, when Belshazzar was feast­ing with his Concubines, and drinking Wine in Bowls and Vessels, taken out of the Temple which was at Jerusalem, Dan. 3. 1, 2, 3. prais­ing the Gods of Gold and Silver, of Brass, [Page 116] Iron, Wood and of Stone, doubtless they thought themselves very safe, and little dream­ed of their sudden overthrow, till the han [...] writing came out of the Wall,—The sa [...] night w [...] Belshazzar the King and the Chal­deans slain, and Darius the Median took t [...] Kingdom, &c. Dan. 3. 31.

So in like manner shall Rome or Mystery Babylon, not only suddenly in one hour com [...] down, but with great vengeance, which s [...] shall not be able to avoid, nor put off with [...] her craft, subtilty nor strength, but as a mil▪stone is cast into the Sea, so with violence sh [...] the great City Babylon be thrown down, a [...] shall be found no more at all, Rev. 18. 2 [...] and that too when she thinks her self safe an [...] secure, and seems to fear no danger, but sai [...] in her Heart, I sit a Queen, shall see no so [...]ro [...] nor know loss of Children, nor Widdow-hood [...] more. And somewhat like this sudden fall, can't but think we have seen of late, (in [...] ▪pect of Babylons fall) in England,▪ the te [...] part of that great City, and as suddenly [...] may hope it will come upon her in ot [...] places in due time.

CHAP. IV. Shewing that by the little Horn, Dan. 7. and vile person, Dan. 11, is meant the Papal power of Rome, or the Pope, who is the supream Bishop thereof, all the marks and chief characters of the little Horn, meeting directly also in him as the head of the present Church of Rome.

SOme will have this little Horn to be An­tiochus Epiphanes, others Julius Caesar, others the Turks. I suppose Antiochus Epi­ [...]ha [...]es might be a type of this little Horn, for it could not, be Antiochus, because he rose up [...]nder the Grec [...]an Monarchy, whereas this is [...]id directly to rise up under the fourth Mo­ [...]archy, or when the Roman Empire stood [...]pon his last Legs.

[...] For concerning this little Horn: read [...] Text Dan. 7. 7, 8. After this I saw in [...]he night Vision, and behold a fourth Beast, readful and terrible, &c▪ v. 8. I considered [...]e Horns, and behold there came up among [...]em another little Horn, before whom there [Page 118] was three of the first Horns, pluckt up by the Roots, and behold in this Horn were Eyes, like the Eyes of Man, and a Mouth speaking great things. And so the Popes of Rome were kept under by the Emperors, who kept a strict Eye over them, curb'd their insolencies, and ex­orbitances, and at the first appearance nipping their aspiring projects in the very bud; Sometimes deposing and banishing some proud Prelates, when they shewed at what they le­velled their designs. But after the power of Rome, which before was in tire in one Empe­ror, fell into ten parts and divisions, which hap­pened in or about the year of our Lord, 456▪ as Du Moulin, and the learned Mede shew [...] large, out of the Roman Histories, upon th [...] division and Weakening of the Empire, th [...] Bishop of Rome took his Advantage to ma [...] his advance, and rose up to regal power, enact­ing Laws, raising Taxes, and levying Souldiers; By which means he struck in wit [...] partys, and encroached▪ upon Italy, and the parts adjacent.

2. This power arising upon the weaken­ing and division of the old▪ State of the fourth Monarchy or Kingdom, is called a little Horn, because truely so at its first beginning Dan. 7. 8. And behold, there came up among them another little Horn &c. The Pap [...] power, or Bishop of Rome, before this divi­sion, [Page 119] was but low and small, being confined to his Episcopal power over the Church, till by his Arts he had got up gradually to the Regal Seat, and power of the Temporal Sword, which he managed with so much Craft and Policy, that afterwards he enlarg­ed his Dominions; but is very rightfully in his Infancy stiled a little Prince, Power, or Horn, arising up amongst, or after the rest, which began presently after the death of Ju­lian about the year 365, in which time was a most fearful Earthquake, the like never known before, betokening the decay of the fourth Kingdom, in its Civil State or Power by a division or falling of Nations, who set themselves against the power of Rome, and harassed, wasted and destroyed the Provinces thereof for near forty five years together. See Mede lib. 3. pag. 659.

3. This little Horn, after his rise to Temporal Power, plucks up three of the ten Horns by the Roots, Dan. 7. 8. Be­fore whom there were three of the first Horns plucked up by the Roots. The Papal Rome having gained the Temporal Sword, tho▪ but a little Horn at his beginning; did practise and prosper so, that betwixt the year 365 and the year 456, or soon after, when Rome was sack'd by Gensericus, he gained such en­largments, that he came to possess about three [Page 120] parts of ten, of the former or old Roman do­minions, according to the rule or measure of the Compass, as we find in Mr. Mede, Lib. 3. p. 658. and famous Du Moulin ubi supra, upon which three characters of the little Horn, we frame this short argument. If the Pope of Rome did rise to Temporal Power, upon the weakening of Caesarean Dominion (which before did hinder him in his aspiring usurpa­tion) was but little in his first rise and appear­ance, did enlarge and grow to a possession of power, about a third part of the old Roman Do­minion; Then the Pope of Rome is the little Horn, the wicked power, and vile person s [...] forth by the Prophet Daniel. But the an [...] ­cedent is true.—Ergo, so is the consequent▪

4. This little Horn hath Eyes like the Eyes of a Man, &c.—The Pope of Rom [...] hath Eyes like the Eyes of a Man, i. e. the re­semblance of a humane look, but a Heart lik [...] the Dragon, out of which foul mouth he ut­ters presumptuous things. His predecesson had Eyes like a Leopard, a Bear, a Lion, [...] Dragon; But his high Eyes like a Man, [...] which there are three things to be note [...] (1.) He looks higher. (2.) Sees further and (3.) Is more enticing than those th [...] went before him. (1.) He looks higher that is, makes pretence of Prety, and desig [...] for Heaven. (2.) Sees further, that De [Page 121] ceit, Flattery and Policy, will do more than strength. (3.) Is more inticing to Kings and People, than the Eyes of a Leopard, Lion, or Dragon, or the former powers in their Heathenish State.

5. This little Horn hath a Mouth speak­ing great or presumptuous things, above the rate of ordinary men. Dan. 7. 8. The Pope of Rome hath a Mouth speaking great or presumptuous things above the or­dinary rate of men. This is evident in ma­ny respects, of which we shall give you but a few instances out of many. (1.) That he is (he says) the highest Deputy of God, above all the Kings of the Earth. (2.) That he is infallible and cannot err, which is an incom­municable attribute of the most high. (3.) That he is universal Head and Bishop of the Catholick Church. (4.) He assumes the attributes of his Holiness and holy Father; such an oracle, that has right or power to give Laws to the World, to which all ought [...]o subscribe and yield obedience, and none [...]ught to dispute; greater and more loftily [...]an no man speak, unless he will say, I am [...]he supreme Being, and there is no God in Heaven or Earth above my self; which would [...]e so highly ridiculous that every Idiot would be able to detect it.

6. The little Horn had his looks more [Page 122] stout than his fellows, Dan. 7. 20. whose looks were [...]ore stout, &c. The Pope of Rome has looks more stout than the Horns that have been contemporary with him; which appears in three things. (1.) In his terrible Bull [...] that he makes to roar and stare most dread­fully. (2.) In his power and acts of depo­sing Princes. (3.) In asserting himself to be Gods Vicegerent, against whom no person, upon any cause or pretence whatsoever, ought to lift up hand or tongue upon the penalty of a total ruine in this World, and an eternal ruin in the World to come.

7. The little Horn makes War with the Saints▪ Dan. 7. 21. I beheld, and the same Horn made War with the Saints, and prevailed a­gainst them, and for a long time, even to the wearing out of the poor Saints of the most high▪ v 25. The Pope of Rome hath made Wa [...] with the Saints, and prevailed against them, and that to their ruine, as to Liberty, Estate▪ and even Life it self: as the true Witnesses of Christ have most sadly experienced in many Countrys, in divers by past ages, even for such a series of time, that may be properly called a wearing out of the Saints of the mo [...] High.: for his cruelty ended not in a month or a year, but hath lasted for many hundred years: so that for length of time, number [...] of Countrys and multitudes of Persons, there [Page 123] is no Power that ever reigned, hath out-done or equalized this vile and bloudy Monster; upon which we frame this Argument.

If the Pope of Rome may be more fitly said to have Eyes like the Eyes of a Man, a Mouth speaking presumptuous things, and looks more stout than his fellows; to have made War with the Saints, to have prevailed against them, and worn them out, more than any o­ther power that ever yet reigned; Then he is the little Horn, or vile person, under consi­deration.

But the former is true.—Ergo, so is the latter.

8. The little Horn is diverse from the rest of the Horns▪ Dan. 7. 24. And he shall be di­verse from the first, and shall subdue three Kings. The Pope of Rome is diverse from the rest of the Potentates, in these four respects, (1.) The manner of his rise, (2.) His pretentions to power. (3.) In his progress to his height of dignity. (4.) In his management of the power he has usurped. (1.) He was small or little in his rise, but an ordinary Bi­shop, before he came to be a Temporal Prince. (2.) He pretends not to hold his Kingdom by Inheritance, or gift of the people, as o­ther Kings do, but by a special and divine Patent. (3.) In his progress to the height of his dignity, by leaving his fixed station, [Page 124] as pastor of a Church, and by Deceit, Trea­son, and Violation of all Laws, mounts the Throne of imperial grandure. (4.) He rules by a supreme ecclesiastical power, as well as temporal; pretends to the Keys of Heaven, as well as the Sword of Justice on Earth, shewing himself to be the Beast that hath two Horns like a Lamb, spoken of Rev. 13. 11.

9. This little Horn hath so many marks upon him, that they are too numerous to han­dle distinctly after our usual methods; and therfore we shall put the remaining part into a General rank and conclude this subject. The Pope of Rome hath so many marks or cha­racters upon him, that are too numerous to be handled distinctly in a little room; and there­fore we shall but touch upon them so far as they shew the Text made good, and form an Idea of truth in the minds of men.

(1.) He must change times and laws, (2.) Continue a long a space of time. (3.) He is a vile person. (4.) Had not the honour he hathDan. 11. 21. fairly given him, either by God or man, but gained it by flattery. (5.) Removed the proceeding by the Arms of a flood. (6.) He became strong by a small people. (7.)ver. 22. He shall have power over the [Page 125] fattest places of the Provinces, and there scat­ter his Riches. (8.) Such as do wickedly a­gainst Religion, he shall accept. (9) Un­der him the Saints fall by capti­vityver. 23. and spoil, by sword and flame many days. (10.) Shall do accord­ing to his own Will, not accounting him­self tied to any Laws. (11.) He shall ex­alt himself above every God, and speak marvellous things a­gainstDan. 11. 35. the God of Gods. (12.) Shall not regard the God of his ancestors, (13.) Nor the desire of Wedlock. (14) Nor any God in a pious way. (15.) Shall give honour to them that have armed forces. (16.) Shall own a strange God with splen­did Ceremonies, Dan. 11. 38.

1. The Pope of Rome hath changed times and laws in two respects. 1. He hath set up and pluckt down Kings, which is called a Changing of times and seasons, Dan. 2. 21.

2. He has made strange alterations of the Laws, Orders, and Institutions used in the Church, in respect of Officers, administrations of Sacraments, and celebration of days. 2. Hath continued above twelve hundred years. 3. He is as vile a person as any in the World, tolerates all kind of wickedness, by his Dispen­sations, Pardons, &c. 4. Had his exaltation neither by Inheritance, lawful conquest, nor [Page 126] rightful gift from rightful donators. 5. He had the help of Phocas, to kill the Emperor, Mauritius; and by the help of Gothes and Vandals enlarged his power. 6. Became strong by a small People, having only a de­clining Church, and apostate Christians to assist him. 7. He hath power over Italy, which is reputed to be the Garden of Europe, &c. 8. He accepted, entertained, and encou­raged the people of any nation, that would turn wicked, and sacrifice all Prety and Reli­gion, to serve his Interest. 9. Under him the Saints have fallen, by flames, captivity, and spoil, many days. 10. He hath done according to his own will, and doth not look upon any Laws to be obligatory to him, ei­ther from God or men. 11. He (the Pope) hath exalted himself above every God, (that is, such that are so accounted amongst men, or Gods on Earth) by excommunicating, de­posing, treading upon their Necks, and kick­ing off their Crowns; by his Blasphemous Edicts and Injunctions he exalts himself above God himself, and his written Laws, &c, 12. He doth not regard the God of his Ancestors, either the Idols of the Emperors, or the God of the good Bishops that went before him▪ 13. He hath been remote from the desire of Women in a lawful way, nay, and frights his Clergy from it too, who are made uncapa­ble [Page 127] of Spiritual promotion, and censured as heinous transgressors, if married. 14. He hath not regarded in a pious way any God; for tho' he doth name the true God often, and in words profess him, yet in works he doth de­fie him, and profane his holy name. 15. He gives honour to them who have armed Forces, and lends them assistance to carry on his black diabolical designs. 16. He hath own­ed a strange God; a mark compleatly made up in the Mass, which is adored with splendid Ceremonies. 17. The people of the Saints, 'tis said, shall take away his power to con­sume and destroy it, to the end; i. e. the Lords people in their representatives, shall take away the Papal power, &c. and is it not done in part already here in England? upon all we may frame this Argument.

If all these characters meet no where so clear and evident as upon the Pope of Rome; then the Pope of Rome is the little Horn, and vile person, set forth in the Book of Daniel.

But all the aforesaid characters meet no where so clear and evident, as upon the Pope of Rome, &c. Therefore the Pope is that little Horn.

CHAP. V. Shewing that the Prophecies of our Savi­our in Mat. 13. 15. Also that of Paul, Acts 20. 29. and 1 Tim. 4. and 2 Thes. 2. 3. Concerning false Pro­phets and grievous Wolves, as also of the Man of Sin, may and ought to be applied to the Pope and Church of Rome.

FIrst, The Lord Jesus foretold that Ene­mies should come in his name and de­ceive many, and that they should appear in Sheeps clothing, and under that Vizard hide their devouring Teeth; see his words, Mat. 13. 15. Beware of false Prophets which come to you in Sheeps clothing, but inwardly are ra­vening Wolves; that is, have a design to de­stroy.

Now 'tis most evident that the Popes of Rome, and their long Succession have thus (especially at first appeared) i e. in Sheeps clothing, covering their hellish designs un­der the name of Christ, Vicar of Christ, an Apostolical Bishop, &c. the true Church, holy [Page 129] Church, and Christian Religion, but with an intent hereby to deceive, for all their pre­tences of Jesus Christ's being the truth, Christ hath been but as a Vizard to hide their wolv­ish nature and devouring teeth, for whilst they under the notion of Christianity hide them­selves, they have carried on most pernicious and destructive designs, and that in these three respects following; viz. (1.) If there have appeared any Kings or Queens in the Christian World, that have been piously in­clined, they have forth with endeavoured to pervert them by their Diabolical Doctrine, oft destroying them with their holy Poyson. (2.) If any Ministers, or Men of Parts and Piety have risen up to set forth Gods holy truth, and so bless the dark World with Gos­pel Light and Saving Doctrine, they have either choaked them with Gifts and Prefer­ments, or affrighted them by dreadful fears, or by a ravenous thirsting after their Blood, and have most wickedly and treacherously de­stroyed their lives by cruel torments. (3.) If collective Bodies of pious Congregations of Saints or good Men, have sprung forth in the World, they have followed them like Blood­hounds, and devouring Wolves, with Fire and Sword, fearful Massacres, Devastations, Murthers and Slaughters, till they have spoil­ed them, torn in pieces, and devoured them: [Page 130] Compleatly fulfilling the Prediction of Christ and that of the Apostle, Acts 20. 29, 30. For I know this, that after my departure, shall grie­vous Wolves enter in amongst you, not sparing the flock: Also of your own selves shall men a­rise, speaking perverse things, to draw the Dis­ciples after them; who can this Prophecy so exactly agree to as the bloody Popes, who at first arose out of the Church, and acted the part of Wolves to purpose, as hath been hint­ed.

II. 'Tis also evident that all the marks of the Man of Sin spoken of by St. Paul, 2 Thes. 2. 3. do agree exactly to the Pope and the Romish Church.

1. As first he was to rise after there came a falling away from the Primitive Faith; see his words,—That day shall not come except there come a falling away first, and that Ma [...] of Sin be revealed, &c.

This cannot mean a particular falling away, (as our worthy Writers have shewed) but a general Apostacy of the Church, from the Holy and Apostolical Doctrine and Disciplin [...] of the Gospel, or such a falling away that should be obvious and visible to all; that should not fall out in a corner, or among [...] a few private Christians, because 'tis laid dow [...] as a general Rule, whereby the Saints in general might know and judge of the Revela­tion [Page 131] of Antichrist, or Man of Sin. And now 'tis well known that there happened this fall­ing away or general Apostacy three or four hundred years after Christ, out of which (and soon after which falling away) he Pope shew­ed himself to be this Man of Sin, nor did he arise till that Apostacy happened in the World.

2. Another mark he hath is this,—i. e. He shall exalt himself above all that is called God, &c. viz. Magistrates and Rulers, as Kings and Emperors, for these are called Gods; I said, Ye are Gods, &c. There are Gods many, &c.

This mark meets directly in the Pope or Popes of Rome, he exalts himself above all and every one of these who are called Gods. 1. He has assumed a Name above them. 2. greater power than they, in that he pretends to give them their Crowns, and not only so, but has power to excommunicate them, nay and depose and devest them of their Regal power as he pleases, and also in his disposing of Kingdoms, yea, making Emperors wait a [...] his Gate, hold his Stirrup, prostrate themselves to kiss his Toe, and then to tread upon their Necks as Alexander the Third did to Frede­rick Barbaross—And this is allowed and justi­fied by the Doctors of the Romish Church. And Bellarm. de Rom. Pont. lib. 5. c. 8. give [...] [Page 132] [...] as a reason why the Pope would not come to the Council of Nice, lest if the Emperor should come thither, he should attempt to sit above him, so that by these two words in the Text, the Apostle describes him, both in his Enmity and Pride, Opposition and Exaltati­on. For observe first, he assumeth to him­self an higher power than those that are called Gods; theirs is Humane, his is Divine; theirs on the Bodies or Estates of Men, his over the Conscience; theirs to the living, his to Mens Souls after death.

3. The Man of Sin, 'tis said by the Apostle, shall also exalt himself above all that's call'd God, or that is worshipped as God, sitting in the Tem­ple of God, shewing himself to be God, verse 4.

Even so the Pope makes himself like God, and as God, as the King of Babylon of old said, I will be like the most High, Isa. 14. 14. And as Gods place of residence of old was said to be in the Temple of Jerusalem, so he as God sitteth in the Temple of God, not in the Material Temple, but in the Spiritual Tem­ple, i. e. the Church of God which is so cal­led; the Apostle speaks of him as a Bishop who had a Seat, and the Popish Writers give the Pope that, and such like Titles.

Dominus Deus noster Papa, idem est Domi­nium Dei & Papa, tu es alter deus in terra. [Page 133] Council Later. Sess. 4. Thou art another God on Earth. And as God he maketh Laws to bind the Conscience, and dispenses with Laws both Natural and Moral, and pardons sins as he pleases, past, present, and to come, can deliver Souls out of Purgatory, and translate them to Heaven; so that this Man of Sin is not to be looked for amongst the Turks, Pa­gans or Infidels, he sitteth in the Temple, the Church of God; not that it can be the true Church, where he sitteth and acteth, but ra­ther the Synagogue of Satan: But that which he calleth so, and which bears that name, and also was really so before the falling away, when he first got up. He also exalteth him­self above God, when he makes the Scrip­tures to derive their Authority more from the Popes Canonizing than God himself, and without it no Man is bound to believe them, [...]it. 2. 23. Again, if the Pope should err by commanding Vice, and forbidding Vertue, the Church is bound to believe Vice is good and Vertue to be evil, Bellarm. lib. 4. de summ. pont. c. 5. Besides he can forgive sins tho' the evil habits be not changed, what is all this then to make himself God, and to exalt himself above God? &c.

4. The Man of Sin 'tis said could not get up until that which then, i. e. in the Apostles days did let, was taken away. For the My­stery [Page 134] of iniquity doth already work, only he we now letteth, will lett until he be taken away, verse 7. which was the Heathen Emperon Government, or sixth Head of the Beast.

This also shews the Pope to be the Man of Sin, for he rose to his glory and wicked gran­deur not till the sixth Head or Pagan power was gone or taken out of the way, for tho' the Mystery of iniquity did work gradually, and corruptions crept into the Church early, yet did he not appear till after the Christian Emperors had made way for him; hence he i [...] said to be an eighth, and of the seventh.

III. There is another Prophesie concern­ing this cursed Antichristian state, it is i [...] 1 Tim. 4. 1, 2, 3. Now the Spirit speaked expresly that in the latter times some shall depart from the Faith, giving heed to seducing Spirit and Doctrine of Devils.

No doubt but Rome is concerned in the place, for either by Doctrine of Devils are meant such Doctrines that are brought i [...] by the power and influence of the Devil or De­vilish Doctrines, or else the Doctrine of Da­mons, the Apostle hereby signifying that is the latter times, that is, after the general Apo­stacy, the Man of Sin, or Papal Rome should bring in the Doctrine of the Pagans concern­ing Daemons, which were lookt upon by them to be an inferior sort of Gods, a kind [...] [Page 135] middle Beings between their highest Gods and Men, whose Office was to be Advocates or Mediators between Men and the highest Gods, because they judged it was not lawful for Men to come to the highest Gods immedi­ately, and these they worshipped by Images.

Even so the Papists or Mystery Babylon hath divos and divas, Saints of all sorts whom she hath Canonized, to be called upon in her pub­lick Prayers, Altars and Feast days dedicated and kept unto their memory, and many other Honours, acknowledging them to be Media­tors between God and Men, and unto these Daemons or petty Gods she makes her Prayers, and hath their Images, and to whom they do divine Homage like as did the Pagans of old.

CHAP. VI. Shewing the Judgments of divers Eminent Men concerning the Death, Resurrection and Ascention of the Witnesses, and final downfal of Mystery Babylon; and that in all probability it will be in this present Age: Together with an account of divers strange Prophesies relating thereto, some very An­cient, &c.

HAving clearly demonstrated that the Church of Rome is that great Whore Mystery Babylon, [Page 136] It may not be amiss before we conclude this [...] Treatise, to give you some account concerning her full and final overthrow, which hath been for [...] long time the expectation of Gods people, and mul­titudes of Prayers have and still do go up to Hea­ven, for the accomplishment thereof; and reason there is for it, considering what a Plague she hath been to the World and Church of God for so many hundred of years, and certainly God will at la [...] hear that mighty cry of Prayer, and of innocen [...] Blood that continually is in his Ears, and since the Death, Resurrection and Ascention of the Wit­nesses (if rightly understood) gives such clear light as touching the fall of Babylon, we shall give you some brief hints concerning this important and weighty point. The Beast is to continue for the space of forty two Months, and the Witnesses are to Prophesie in Sackcloth for the space of 1260 days, which most Writers conclude to be one and the same term of time, and that by days is meant yea [...] all generally conclude; and the long continuance of the Beast and Papal power clearly shew, that to be the mind of Gods Spirit in those Mystical numbers Yet a late Worthy and Learned Writer hath said a great-deal to prove the forty two Months are to be reckoned by the Moon, and not by the Sun; and if so, then as he shews the time of the Witnesses wear­ing Sackcloth is thirty eight years longer than the forty two months, but yet are to terminate toge­ther, he concluding the Witnesses put on their Sackcloth so many years before the beginning or Epoch of the forty two Months. See his Book inti­tuled, The command of God to his people to come out if Babylon. Moreover he saith, the time, Epoch or beginning of the forty two Months must be fixed at the cessation of the seventh sort of Government, or Christian Emperors Reign, which, saith he, was [Page 137] in the year 475. and the whole time of the Beasts Reign and Tyranny being but forty two Months, which by the Moon he accounts to be just 1222 years, the period of which will be, saith he, in 1697. And this we will say, he hath doubtless fix­ed the Epoch or beginning of the Beasts Kingdom more fairly than many Writers before him have done, because all along where the Reign of one Head or Government ended the other begun, as 'tis said, (you know) the King never dies. Take his own words, p. 25.

Thus far the matter is deter­mined according to the Prophesie; i. e. Whenever the 7th King, asserted to be the Christian Emperors Government expir'd, viz. by a civil death, or the ces­sation of the Imperial Name and Power, immedi­ately the eighth King according to the Prophesie must succeed, and bear up the Roman City in grati­deur, and whoever hath born up that City in Su­premacy, since that time, must be according to Prophesie that eighth King, i. e. the Beast. Now I appeal to all the World what year that was when the Western Imperial Name fell, and it is known in all History to be the year of our Lord 475.

— For in the wonderful disposes of God, no one hath claim'd a Title of Empire from that Ci­ty since that year, but the Pope.

I do commend the ingenious Reader to the Book it self.

Now if this be true or can be granted we are very near the final ruin of the Papistry, nay, and from divers other authors, most or all that I have met with, agree it will be in this very age; Peter du Moulin a wise and renowned French Authour, in his book intituled the accomplishment of the Prophecy, saith, from the year 1689. Popery shall fall and go down, but all conclude that the tenth part of this great Ci­ty falls first, and I doubt not but the providence of God hath brought us forth in the time of the accom­plishment [Page 138] of that part of the Prophecy, for that great Brittain is that part of the great City, I see no cause to doubt, and that also the witnesses are risen, or arising, and will soon be upon their feet, is the thoughts of several worthy men, but I being limi­ted to the number of Sheets cannot inlarge as I would do, therefore we shall

  • 1. Briefly give you our understanding, who the t [...] witnesses are, in which we agree and accord with s [...]v [...]i [...] learned men.
  • 2. What is meant by the slaying of the witnesses.
  • 3. Also some probable conjectures concerning the ti [...] when slain, as also of their Resurrection, standing [...] their feet and ascention.

1. 'Tis not unknown to the Judicious Reader what different sentiments there have been about who or what the two witnesses are, some thinking they are the Old and New Testament, others Ma­gistracy and Ministry, others two sorts of Godly Churches, some have thought them to be Moses and Elias, who tho, along time since are glorified in Heaven, yet shall come again and be killed on Earth (which is the most improbable of any of the other [...] yet the Papist writers and some others of late time [...] have asserted this.

But we Judge by them are meant Gods faithf [...] people, called two witnesses, because of the sma [...] ness of their number, who have born witness to the truths of Christ, all the time of Antichri [...] reign, or else called two as comprehending both Ministers, (who are more directly intended) and people; also they may be called two, (as so [...] think) in respect of their twofold Testimony to [...] true Gospel Ministry and Magistracy; and this th [...] conclude because called also two Candlesticks, & [...] alluding to those two Sons of Oyl, i. e. [...] and Zerubbabel; 'tis evident God calls his people [Page 139] especially his faithful Ministers his witnesses, Ye are [...] witnesses, saith the Lord, Isa. 44. 8. and saith Christ, [...] shall be witnesses unto me, Act. [...]. 8. and Act. 5. 32. We are his witnesses, &c. also called two, because two [...] the number which God ordained, as sufficient to establish a Truth by; as much as to say God hath [...]ad sufficient witnesses to bear a testimony to his Word and Gospel, in every age against Antichrist, his abominable lies, usurpation and cursed Idola­try.

2. As touching the slaying of them, it must either intend a natural Death, or external slaying, or else [...] civil death; now I see no ground to conclude the former, because they were so killed all along whilst they Prophecied in sack-cloath, besides, friends nor enemies would not suffer their Dead Bodies, to lie [...]buried in the Street for the space of three years and half, for the best of expositors conclude gene­rally, that is the time meant by three days and a half, therefore it must be a civil Death or slaying.

This then I conclude to be intended, viz. near the end of the two and forty months, or 1260. years of their Prophecy the Beast who rose out of the bot­tomless Pit, shall make a new rally or attempt up­on Gods faithful people, quite to extinguish or put [...]n end to their testimony, and so far prevail as they shall be lookt upon as dead in Law, or be account­ed as dead and lost people, in the eye of the Ene­my, and in their own sight also, both in respect of the Ministry and Magistracy too. To this effect also Dr. Tho. Goodwin speaks, p. 154, 155. ‘This killing them considered as witnesses, not as men, that is, a tak­ing away of all power from them, of prophecy­ing as they were wont, a general silencing of Mi­nisters, and deposing Magistrates and men of worth, that profess and uphold Religion, &c. putting them out from all places, &c. That the Po­pish [Page 140] party should again arrive to such [...] in some one or more Kingdoms, that were formerly a Horn, or Horns of the Beast, or one [...] the Streets of the great City; nay, and prevail [...] far, as to have great hopes to work the utter [...] of Gods faithful people and witnesses, as to rejoy [...] and conclude the day will, nay is their own, [...] that to such a degree that she viz. Mystery Babyl [...] shall say in her Heart, I sit a Queen, and shall see [...] sorrow, nor know less of Children any more. ‘This [...] ing dead, saith the Dr. here of the witnesses, [...] needs be taken metaphorically, and underst [...] of a civil death, and of a suppression of them, [...] their cause, And as they are witnesses to be put do [...] and extinguished that they for a time remain [...] men dead laid forth by the Walls for dead, and [...] men in whose Testimony, there is in appear [...] no likelyhood of a revival, their Enemies has [...] now got such power over them; this certai [...] made the great matter of their Enemies rejoyc [...] that as the Pharisees thought they had Christ [...] enough, when they got him condemned and cr [...] cified, and had him in the grave: so these Ene­mies shall think they have the witnesses do [...] sure enough for ever; so great, desperate, [...] helpless in all view, will the suppression of [...] witnesses be by their Enemies. And this is principally intended in their being said to lie [...] And oppositely, the revival of them, and the cause, is set forth by a resurrection from the de [...] this great man hath given such an account of [...] slaying and lying dead of the Witnesses that cann [...] I think, be gainsayed, and speaks (tho' so ma [...] years ago) as if he had lived to see what our E [...] have beheld actually accomplished in this Kingdom in a few years last past; time is the only opener [...] interpreter of these Mysteries; was there ever s [...] [Page 141] [...]n hour upon the Lords people since the beginning of the Reformation, as hath been in these five or six years last past, both here and in France; if he is right, certainly we have seen the death of Gods witnesses; [...]nd with this doth a worthy, pious and learned friend [...]gree in a late manuscript which is come to my [...]and, and also in his said Papers he speaks of that [...]treet in which they are said to lye as dead, and al­ [...]o of the Resurrection of them as already, tho' but [...]ately come to pass, yet with that care and caution, that 'tis left to the consideration of the wise and thinking Christian, for too great confidence in matters of this nature is not necessary.

But because some are ready to object, saith he, that if the witnesses are already slain, and are rose in these nations, they think there would then be a far greater appearance of divine Glory, in or­der to the rescue and deliverance of Gods people in other parts of the World, as well as here, whereas we know that the generality of Christs witnesses elsewhere do yet remain under great Persecution, &c.

‘In answer whereunto he saith it ought to be duely considered, that the death, and resurrection of the witnesses spoken of Rev. 11. must have of necessity a peculiar reference unto one of the Streets only of the great City, for so the Text ex­presly tells us, their dead bodies shall lye in the Street, (or in that Street of the great City,) v. 8. which [...]eems plainly to point unto some one principal Street or part of the Roman Jurisdiction which must needs denote such a Street as where there shall be the greatest number of the most eminent and faithful witnesses of Christ, even are such who have born the clearest testimony against the suppersti­ [...]ions, and abominations of the Mystery of iniqui­ [...]y, and that have born the clearest testimony, [Page 142] concerning Christ and the Gospel, in the due exer­cise, and administration of the Kingly, Priestly, and Prophetical offices of the Lord Jesus, for a [...] reference hereunto it is that Christ values natio [...] and Kingdoms not in respect of their opulency, [...] greatness, or vastness of dominions, but where there are the greatest numbers of his chosen Jewels▪ this may serve to Answer clavis Apoc. in asserti [...] Germany to be this Street; also our French Autho [...] concerning the Kingdom of France; some one Street we see by the plain words of the text is designed [...] the scene where this glorious Prophesie was to b [...] accomplished; (for the work must begin some where; And what that Street should be, but th [...] Kingdom of Great Brittain we see no cause to doubt which all acknowledge to have been once, one [...] the ten Horns of the Beast, and where also I thi [...] we may modestly affirm, there are the greatest num­ber of Christs most enlightned & faithful Witnesses I will not determine, but I suppose there are f [...] of Ingenuity, but have read and considered t [...] several convincing arguments, of Dr. Goodwin [...] Rev. 11. wherein he doth assert, and I think [...] clearly prove, that that prediction concerning t [...] death of the Witnesses and their Resurrection mu [...] of necessity be limited to one of the Streets of the great City, and cannot fairly be expounded as having any immediate reference unto any of the rest, so [...] doth as clearly demonstrate that the English Juri­diction, must of necessity be that street, which [...] doth by comparing the arguments that are brough [...] by others to prove that France, Germany, or any o­ther countrey under the Papal power should [...] there intended with those that may justly be alledg­ed to prove England is the spot where that pre­diction was to be accomplished.

And now, saith he, if the witnesses are upon th [...] [Page 143] feet, as I am strongly inclined to believe they are; and am more and more confirmed in my notion in that respect, and that so as they shall never more be flung upon their backs, then I may confidently affirm that it will not be long ere they shall hear a great voice from Heaven, saying unto them, Come up hi­ther; And accordingly they shall ascend up into Hea­ven in a Cloud, their Enemies beholding them, in which ascent of theirs, they must be conformable to the resurrection and ascention of Christ himself.

But whereas it is objected that if the witnesses are risen indeed, so as to be on their feet, in pursuance of that sacred prediction, Rev. 11. there must needs have been some more than ordinary appearance, of the presence of God in the midst of his people, or at the least in a greater degree thereof than as yet we see.

Ans. I say no, it doth not therefore follow that it must be so: nor indeed it cann't rationally be ex­pected till the time comes of their ascention, for this is an established rule with me, that there must and will be a signal proportion or resemblance, be­twixt the Death, Resurrection and Ascention of Christs witnesses, and that of Christ himself. Now as to what concerneth the resurrection of our Sa­viour himself in his own person, thus we are told, that he shewed himself alive after his passion by ma­ny infallible proofs, being seen of his Disciples for­ty days, and speaking to them of the things per­taining to the Kingdom of God; yet for ought as ap­pears to us, he appeared unto them in all that time, but as he did before, there was no discovery of any signal Majesty, or visible glory, upon him, more than they had seen upon him before his Death and Suf­fering; neither indeed was the Spirit come down upon them. And the reason is expresly rendred, be­cause that Jesus was not yet glorified, neither could [Page 144] the glorification of Christ be expected till his [...] cention; and consequently they could not look [...] the effusion of the Spirit till then—Wherefore, tho' it is true there is as yet no appearance of any signal glory upon Gods people, nor any considerable measure of the Holy Spirit th [...] there was before, yet for as much as it is highly ra­tional to conceive that there must be, and will be as clear resemblance or proportion (as I said be­fore) betwixt what passed at the Resurrection of Christ and his Ascention, and that of the Witnesses▪ from hence it plainly sollows, that we have [...] just ground to expect that abundant effusion of the Spirit which God hath promised (and we have been a waiting for) till we see the Witnesses upon th [...] Ascention-work. For as it is evident, that th [...] will be a time of great confusion and desolation upon the Enemies of God, so it is as evident, and we may no less groundedly expect, but that it will be a time of great glory and refreshment unto God [...] people by the abundant pouring out of the Spir [...] upon them, whereby Conversion work will swiftly go on and prosper, and the Gospel run and [...] glorified; to which let me add, why may we no [...] then expect such great light to break forth, or th [...] Spirit in such a manner to be given as to convict [...] Gods Children who they are that are in the true [...] order of the Gospel; so that all the Saints and Pro­testant Churches may be United into one Body an [...] Communion, according to that holy Primitive an [...] Apostolical pattern and purity. Then saith he, [...] may justly conclude, that as it was promised of [...] in the Type, it shall be much more in the Antityp [...] viz. That the glory of the latter House should exceed the glory of the former, which in the Ty [...] was fulfilled by Christ's Personal presence ther [...] according to that promise, The desire of all N [...]ti [...] [Page 145] [...]; and I will fill this House with glory, saith [...] of Hosts, Hag. 2. 7. Now if the Personal [...] of Christ in that day and state of his Humi­ [...] filled that latter House or material Temple [...] glory, so that it exceeded the glory of the for­ther, we may after the same rule as justly conclude, that tho' the Spiritual or Gospel Temple in the first Edition of it in the Apostle's days was glorious through the abundant effusion of the Holy Spirit; that the same Spiritual House in the second Edition thereof in the latter days, to be sure will not come short, but rather exceed in glory, &c. To which let us add the glorious Deliverance promised from outward Oppression and Persecution, which never quite ceased in the Primitive days, together with that glorious Union, they shall have that pure Lan­guage, and shall serve the Lord with one consent; toge­ther with the great increase of the Church, bring­ing in both Jews and Gentiles into one Sheep-fold, but till the Ascention of the Witnesses comes to pass, these things cannot groundedly be expected. He also gives some hints concerning the time of the slaying of the Witnesses, as also of their Resurrection, which things he doth not presume positively to de­termine, but rather conjecturally expresseth him­self; the exact time he mentions I shall not relate, but you may conclude he fixes the slaying of them between the year 1680 and 1688. For since the [...]ime that the pretended Protestant Plot was talk'd [...]f, and as they said discovered, and several wor­thy Christians Executed, as the ever Renowned William Lord Russel, Sheriff Cornish, the Noble Earl [...] Essex, Col. Sidney, and that godly Woman and Martyr Mrs. Ga [...]nt, &c. What a Flood of con­tempt, reproach, and what not, hath been (as he [...]serves) cast upon the whole of the true interest [...] Christ in this Kingdom, with the barbarous [Page 146] slaughter of those worthy Christians and Witness [...] in the West, together with that Storm of Persec [...] tion, which we have no ground to doubt was [...] ried on by the Popish Enemy, and Emissaries of R [...], together with the turning out of places of tru [...] many good Protestants, and the taking away of Charters of Cities and Corporations, silencing wor­thy Ministers, &c. nay, striking at the root and whole constitution of the English Government, [...] ­thing being designed but the utter subversion of the Protestant Religion, things growing every day worse and worse, nothing appearing but the black­ness of darkness, and that which was worst of all many of Gods witnesses seemed to be strangely despirited, whilest others truckl'd to the Enemi [...] yoak, suffering Chapels to be erected for Popery and Cursed Mass Priests, and Jesuites; and that to [...] in many of the chief of our Cities, nay, in famo [...] London it self, and that in the very Heart of it. O [...] state seeming desperate and hopeless in the view [...] all at home and abroad, many good men basely misled, joining in with them unawares, in carry [...] on the design of this Whore, in this her great [...] last attempt, wherein she doubted not but to [...] all the Hereticks under her Foot, and utterly to extirpate the Protestant Religion, such a death [...] face of things never sure appeared, before this ho [...] and power of darkness, and it was strangely pr [...] ged, as many feared, by that lightening before [...] in 1678. upon the discovery of the Popish [...] when our hopes were raised by that great zeal [...] our brave English Parliaments, against the Pa [...] and Popish Religion, most thinking at that [...] our morning light appeared to break forth, & the [...] terness of death was over, but lo what a sudden ch [...] did we see? how was our light turned into dark [...] and our joy to sorrow and lamentation, and [...] [Page 147] [...]oy and triumph attended our Popish Enemies? what [...]ingings of Te deum at Rome, and in all Popish Coun­treys, and sending gifts one to another, for joy that these witnesses of Christ were overcome, and [...]aid by the walls, and their testimony and spirits gone in this Kingdom, which was always a terror to the Popish Church, together with that wonderful success they had about the same time over the Prote­stants, & Turks in Hungary, that Kingdom being resto­red to her too? these things made her doubtless to say [...]n her Heart, I sit a Queen, &c. But as God foretold, the [...]eople of the Nations, (viz.) the neighbouring Na­tions would not see nor indure to see the dead bodies [...]f Gods witnesses, and people put into Graves, [...] for their eyes were upon us, before they appear­ed) for our help, and the fear of them doubtless [...]id prevent under God our Enemies, from attempt­ing that which we may conclude they longed to be [...].

The worthy Gentleman I mentioned before, [...]ells us that he was so much the more strengthned in [...]is opinion in respect of the death and resur­rection of the witnesses from a threefold testimo­ny.

The first is that of Socrates, who in his Ecclesiasti­cal History, affirmed that such things did appear in [...]ch a year (which he mentioned) that gave him [...]use to conclude there to begin the Epoch or be­ginning of the 1260 years of the witnesses prophesy­ing in sackcloth, viz in the year 426 which brings [...]wn the said time of the slaying of the witnesses, [...]ft to the same year he speaks of, which if he was [...]ght, the witnesses must now be risen and upon [...]eir feet.

The second was, Mr. William Alleine whose [...]count brings the great things down to the very [...]ne year.

[Page 148]Third, Mr. Bright-man, he says, also affirms that about the self same year Antichrists Kingdom should expire.

And our Author looking for these great revolu­tions just at that time, and now perceiving them (to appearance) come to pass, as he says, it may be easily supposed, could not but be filled with joy, besides intimates, he still continues in a hopefulness of expectation, that the present work will go on, & sol hope it is with us all, for that God who hath begun to work such a miraculous and blessed work w [...] perfect it, he that hath shewed us such things, w [...] yet shew us greater, and certainly the present work of God in this Nation, is the admiration of all the Nations round about, and strikes terror into the Hearts of all the Lords Enemies; And in particular makes the French King to have other thoughts, th [...] he had a few months ago, and we hope his time [...] at hand to drink of the cup of divine vengeance.

‘Dr. Goodwin speaking, p. 172. of the resurrecti [...] of the witnesses, saith, that whereas through a forced consent and yielding, the Popes power [...] again been entertained by that tenth part of [...] City for the killing the witnesses; they now [...] cast off that power, with a mighty commotion [...] insurrection, and so proceed to ruin the oppo [...] party unto the witnesses, who were the instruments of that former slaughter, of which p [...] the remnant unslain do, as men affrighted, g [...] glory to God, and turn back again to embrace th [...] truth, and acknowledge God to be in these witnesses and in their cause.’

‘So that although this may and shall end in [...] ruin of Rome, (which is the highest effect of [...] fifth Vial) (for this Resurrection and Ascen [...] of the witnesses, are truly the preparation unto [...] yet this other passage of the Earth quake, &c. [...] [Page 149] here is said to be the same hour with their rising, is rather to be understood of the means, or thing making way unto that their Resurrection, so that this Insurrection, or rising of the people in the tenth part of the City, (which is meant by the Earth quake) is the preparation unto their resur­rection, which ends in the ruin of Rome, the scope of the holy Ghost here, being to shew, what did properly and peculiarly concern the rising of the witnesses, as the means to it; yet so as still this Earth-quake here, and fall of the tenth part of the City, are reducible unto that fifth Vial, as a degree unto it; and so that fifth Vial may also be ulti­mately intended in this passage, recorded of the witnesses rising, as the preparation unto it; thus in the interpretation of the Vials, I shewed that there may be many sprinklings of the same Vial, both long before it come to its [...] & vigour, & also after; all which are, notwithstanding, to be reduced unto that Vial of the kind whereof they are, or unto which they are either preparations or appendixes.

1. By the tenth part of the City, I understand as Mr. Brightman before me, some one tenth part of Europe, which as it all once belonged to the Jurisdiction of the City of Rome, (and is in this book called ten Kingdoms) so now again, upon the Gentiles, or Idolatrous Papists, their recover­ing the outward court shall now at last, more or less come under the Jurisdiction of that City, but especially, or at least this tenth part of it here in­tended, where most faithful witnesses shall be [...]ound, and where most of them shall be triumphed over and slain, shall during these three years and a half, become a part of the City again; and so is [...]lled a tenth part of the City; City being put [...]ere (as it often is in this book) for the extent of [Page 150] the jurisdiction of the City of Rome, which had these ten European Kingdoms by Charter allotted unto it, Chap. 17. and unto which these Kingdoms are a second time to agree, to give up their power in one of which ten, or in the tenth part of the whole, the witnesses shall first begin to rise; and therein shall this Earth quake accompany their re­surrection; this tenth part of the City may perhaps be all one with that Street of the City, mentioned v. 8.

2. By the Earth-quake here which is said to be a great one, is meant, as still in this book it is, a great concussion or shaking, of States, Poli [...]ique, [...] Ecclesiastical, for of either, or of both, it is used thus under the sixth seal, the great alteration wrought in the Roman Empire, when it turned from Heathenism to Christianity, brought abo [...] by the power of Constantine, with the depo [...] those Heathenish Emperors, Captains, and alter­ing the face of the Empires Religion, is called [...] Earth-quake, Chap. 6. so that the like mighty com­motion, with an alteration of the face of things (either civil or ecclesiastick) shall fall out in a tenth part of the City, and shall accompany or usher [...] this rising of the witnesses.

3. Now by, and through this Earth quakes fall­ing thus out, in a tenth part of the City, this tenth part of it is so shaken that it falls; that is, ceased to be a part of the City, or to belong unto its Ju­risdiction any longer; or, which is all one, falls of (as we say) from being of the number of those th [...] give their power to the Beast, which if it prove [...] be any of the Protestant States, that should yet a­gain (as was said) embrace the Beasts power, and come under his Jurisdiction, or in order to [...] bringing in again of the Popes power, should [...] these witnesses, and so thereby become a part [...] [Page 151] that City, and be reckoned pertaining unto its Ju­risdiction; yet now revolting from under the pow­er of this City, and recoiling again through this Earth-quake, it may truly be said to fall; namely, quâ Urbis pars est, as it is a part of the City which it before was, but now ceaseth to be, it now utter­ly renouncing either to belong to its Jurisdiction, or to be of its party any longer, and as Earth­quakes are from inward motions in the bowels of the Earth, so this here may seem to rise from with­in that Kingdom it self, whether thro' the supream Magistrates beginning to hate the Whore, as the pro­mise is, Chap. 17. or the peoples abominating the cruelty and contempt put upon the Witnesses and their cause; their Consciences having been enlight­ned in the truth, while themselves were troden under as the outward Court, by these Gentiles, and so they come to shake off that Yoke, and the Witnesses having a Spirit of life now come into them, these take heart, and join with them and their cause: whether (I say) through the working of either, or both of these, I cannot determine, but I think through both; for the ruin of the City (unto which this is at least the preparation) is to be effected, through Gods changing one of the ten Kings Hearts so to hate the Whore, as to eat her flesh, and burn her with fire. Chap. 17. And this voice speaking unto the witnesses out of Heaven, Mr. Mede conjectures to be that supream authori­ty, with which the people also shall joyn: for an Earth-quake certainly notes out a commotion in the people and nations. Thus far the Doctor.

Now that which is said to be previous to the slaying of the Witnesses, is the War which the Beast would make against them when they were about finishing their Testimony in Sackcloath or in the end of the 1260. days or years, which plain­ly implys two things.

[Page 152]First, That about that time (as the Doctor inti­mates) the Beast that rose out of the Bottomless Pi [...], viz. the Papal power, would recover strength again in this Nation or that tenth part of the City called also a Street where the Witnesses should be [...]ain and lie dead.

Secondly, Make War against them with all ima­ginable power, craft and policy that Hell could afford, endeavouring utterly to root out Gods faith­ful Witnesses or Protestant Interest; now have not we seen these things which the Dr. hath upon this account writ? is it not evident that things in Eng­land, have for many years last past been carryed on by the Papal Power, not only in the late Kings reign, but also before? have not we seen a strange Spiri­tual War managed by Popish councils, Priests and Jesuits, and had they not very far prevailed? Yea so far, as to the killing of Gods Witnesses, (ac­cording to what the Dr. saith is meant thereby) how much different hath the late times of trouble been to former days? What a base compliance with the Antichristian party have we seen? What a strange dispiriting of godly people, nay, and Ministers too? Never sure such a civil death in every respect, hath been seen nor known before this hour.

Now as to the witnesses standing on their Fee [...], saith the Dr. p. 170. ‘First, As men erect, and taking Heart, their cause being just, tho' before condemn­ed. Secondly, As ready to defend it, and as men able and resolved now to confront their Enemies, which strikes a mighty dread into their guilty Con­sciences; great fear fell upon them that saw them, their Hearts begin to sink and die, at the Witnes­ses first beginning to live,’ and have not we seen somewhat much like this? what a strange Spirit do we see now, in all sorts of Protestants against the Whore or Antichristian party, both here and in Scotland [Page 153] also? More especially, as touching the Ascention of the Witnesses, they shall hear a voice, Come up hither, it certainly signifies some more glorious Church State, and restoration of the Primitive Purity, that shall attend the Saints and Church of God, and when that comes to pass, may be such a measure of the spirit may be given, as to unite all Faithful and Godly Protestants into one Body and Commu­nion, and then the Spouse or Church of God will come forth out of the Wilderness, as terrible as an Army with banners, Cant. 6. 4.

CHAP. VII. Shewing the Judgment of divers Learned Me [...] upon the pouring out of the seven Vials, par­ticularly Monsieur Jurieu a late French Writer; as also Dr. Goodwin, Mr. Canne, &c. Proving that none of the se­ven Vials are yet poured out, and Monsieur Jurieu's Arguments answered, &c. Toge­ther with an answer to what he says of the slaying of the Witnesses, and that by the Street is not meant the Kingdom of France.

THus I have given you a brief account of the Judgment and Opinion of divers Worthy and Learned Men concerning the ri [...]e and ruin of Anti­christ and Mystery Babylon; together with the Death▪ Resurrection and Ascention of the two Witnesses, which is left to you to receive or reject according to your own conceptions and understandings, ac­cording [Page 154] to the Light and Knowledge God hath giv­en you of these great Mysteries;—There is one thing more I shall speak to, and a little further open, which is a matter of great Importance to under­stand, in order to the finding out the final over­throw of the Papal Power and ruin of Antichrist, which is that of the seven Vials, and last Plagues spoken of Rev. 16. It seems not a little strange to me, to see how exceedingly the learned and most renowned Expositors, differ about the time of the pouring out of the Vials, some concluding they are all already poured forth, others that there are only the first three poured out, and some others affirm there is not one of them as yet poured forth, but do believe they shall all be poured out under the seventh Trumpet, which contains the third wo, and will effect the utter overthrow of the Beasts Kingdom, and the setting up the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, we shall therefore give you some brief hints of what most of our late Interpreters have said, in re­spect of this matter; & in order to the doing of this, it is not amiss to note unto you, the three several periods spoken of in the Book of the Revelations, which seems to me to be a Key to open most of those deep Mysteries contained in that wonderful Prophecy.

First, The Seven Seals. Second, The Seven Trumpets. The Third, The Seven Vials or seven last Plagues.

Expositors generally all agree that the six first Seals contained those Judgments of God, execut­ed upon the Heathen or Pagan Emperours, which fell out and was wholly accomplished in the space of three hundred, or three hundred and ten years or thereabouts after Christ, and so (as some conceive) brought in the first Wo.

The seventh Seal (according to the late famous Peter Jurieu, a French Writer, and some others) pro­duced [Page 155] or brought in the Seven Trum­pets,Pet. Jurieu accom. Pro­phe. p. 37. and brings the events e­ven to the last Judgments, the first Trumpet not being sounded until the seventh Seal was opened, so that these Seven Seals, as he observes, ‘are like six Branches, that shoot forth from the Body of a Tree, with a seventh great Branch, which it self became a great Arm, and shoots forth into seven other Branches (which are the seven Trumpets).’

Secondly, The six first Trumpets contain the Judg­ments of God upon the World under the Arian Apostate Persecuters, and the bringing in the Anti­christian state, i. e. the Beast or man of Sin, and Mystery Babylon, with the Mahometan Monarchy, together with the death or slaying of the Witnesses of Christ, which lasteth for a long series of time, at least as some conceive 1300 and odd years and compleats the second Wo.

Thirdly, The seventh Trumpet, some wise and un­derstanding men of late do conclude, produces the seven Vials and seven last plagues, which they do not think any of them as yet are poured forth, but will gradually effect the utter overthrow of the Papal Church containing the intire Judgments or wrath of God upon the Beast and Babylon, and there­fore called the seven last Plagues, and so let in the Third Wo. Upon the Antichristian World, and brings in the glory of the latter day or Kingdom of Christ; if this may be admitted, we may very well say that the Seven Seals contained in them the whole events of things from the time that St. John received his Revelation to the end of all Gods Mysteries there spoken of; but then you must observe the rule we have noted, and this seems to me the clearest and best exposition, I can arrive to the knowledge of, who have laboured, according to that light and un­der­standing [Page 156] God hath given me, to find out the Mysteries contained in this Book, for near 30 years last past, though I dare not be positive that none of the Vials are yet poured out knowing what has been said by our able expositers to the contrary; some of which I shall here mention, and their arguments upon which they build their conceptions; amongst those that say the three first Vials are poured forth, are these following.

First, Mr. Joseph Mede, Dr. More, Du Moulin, Mr. Durham, De Launay, Dr. Goodwin and many others; the first Vial, they say, was poured forth by the faithful Ministers of Christ, at the first reformation before Luthers time, and that grievous sore that fell up­on the Antichristian state, was the discovery of the abo­minable Idolatry of the Romish Clergy; together with that hatred of them, for their odious & impure lives.

The Second Vial some of them affirm, was poured forth by the Preaching of Luther, and those worthy Witnesses of Christ in his days.

The Third Vial was poured forth, according to their Judgments, by other worthy Ministers signifi­ed by the third Angel, who rose up in the Church after Luthers time, who in some things had more light; and partly also by laws made against Popery in the days of Queen Elizabeth, &c. Mr. Mede and Dr. More seem to agree in this, as likewise do our late Annotators, read them on Rev. 16.

The Fourth Vial, they, as well as Dr. Goodwin, seem to hint we are under, which is said to be poured forth upon the Sun, which the Dr. concludes p. 99. to mean either the Emperor, or King of Spain, or both, they being of the same house of Austria, Mr. Parkins long before hinted that by the Sun, did mean some Protestant Prince in Germany who should have some of this Vial poured forth upon him by the Popish party, but being provoked thereby after­wards [Page 157] he should rise again, and like the Sun scorch them with his heat, but the Dr. rather inclines to Mr. Mede and Dr. More.

But to proceed, our late French Author Peter Ju­rieu, positively affirms that six of the Vials are al­ready poured forth, and that we are under the se­venth, which will effect the final ruin of the Papistry or Church of Rome, (if I mistake him not) one reason why he doth thus believe, is because the Vials signi­fie seven periods of time, which ought to be distinguisht one from another, 2 part p. 68, 69. as the seven Seals and seven Trumpets did signify, seven periods, which succeeded one another; and he concludes that the periods described by every Vial, are each of them more than one age, so that, saith he, if there is but two or three of them yet to be poured out, we shall have four or five hundred years to come, before An­tichrists Kingdom comes to an end, which I do not find him to give any convincing demonstration to make appear, tho' I cannot but say he seems to be a person of good understanding in many respects, touching these great Mysteries, contained in the Book of the Apocalypse moreover he distinguishes be­tween the Vials and Plagues, viz. saying the Vial signifies the Period of time, the Plague signifying the Judgment of God, which falls out during the Pe­riod, which if it be granted, yet why must every Pe­riod contain a 100 years, or at least (as he intimates) 50 years, orSee his preface, advice to all Christians. 70? the first Plague of the 7. he fixes to the 10 Century, in respect of the dismal corruption of the Popedom in that age, p. 79. the first Vial was pour­ed out, saith he, upon the Earth, i. e. ‘upon the whole Globe, for Earth contains both dry and moist; the corruption of manners was spread over the Head and the Members, over the whole Papal seat, and [Page 158] all its subjects, but, saith he, the Second Vial is pour­ed out only upon the Waters, the Sea and Rivers, i. e. upon the people of the Antichristian Empire, or upon the different Nations, Tribes and Languages,—the Waters of the Sea were turned into Blood, and every living Soul died. What more native and live­ly representation, saith he, could have been made of the rage of the Croisades? In all Languages and in all sorts of stile, a Sea of Blood, Rivers of Blood, streams of Blood, signify a very great slaughter. Now the proper character of the Croisades is slaugh­ter, Murther, which falls not upon the head of the Antichristian Empire, but upon the people, all was turned into Blood. Never was there such a prodi­gious effusion of Blood in the Sea, i. e. among the peoples, in the first Croisade, there died more than 2 Millions of men in 3 or 4 years; 'tis evident that God did lead these wretched creatures as it were to the shambles, that they should find the punish­ment of their crimes: he took so great a quantity of Blood, that he might cure the Ulcers of Christen­dom, for that he might purge it of that vast rabble, he permitted the Devil to inspire them, either with such sottish superstition, or an extravagant ambi­tion, that they must go and deliver the Holy-land, or go and conquer Kingdoms in the East, this Plague lighted only on the Sea, not at all on the dry land, upon the subjects of the Popedom, not at all upon the Popes. On the contrary, the Popes Im­prove that evasion to greaten their power, to plun­der whole Countreys, to make Generals of Armies, to act as soveraign Monarchs, and to lay a heavyer yoke upon Kings, whom they ordered to march, and sent them as their slaves into the East, and du­ring their absence plundered their Kingdoms.’

We must not, saith he, imagine that all the Plagues laid down by St. John, must tend to the [Page 159] ruin of the See of Rome, or to the diminution of its power; for some are to light upon the head of that Empire, to crush it, others upon the peo­ple to punish them, because they worship the Beast, the Plague of Blood and Slaughter is for the peo­ple.

This Plague of Croisades, saith he, is divided into two Plagues, because of its long duration, for it lasted 200 years, from the end of the eleventh age, until the end of the thirteenth, this he Judges the time of the 2d. Vial and Plague.

The third Vial or Plague, fell upon the Rivers or lesser Waters, which he fixes upon some particu­lar nations, as of France under the conduct of St. Lewis.

The fourth Vial poured out on the Sun, 'tis known and confessed saith he, of all who know any thing of Prophecies, Dreams and Visions, that the Heavens, the Sun, the Constellations, and the Stars, are Emblems of Dignity and Grandeur on Earth, &c. The Sun does always signify the Sove­raign, the Stars inferiors Magistrates, and so by the Sun under the 6th Seal, 'tis always understood the fall of the Pagan Empire; that the Antichristian Kingdom is treated of here saith he, is generally a­greed to: therefore it cannot be doubted that the Sun is the Soveraign of this Kingdom.

And he fixes upon the increase of Antichrists au­thority and power, in the thirteenth and fourteenth Centuries to be meant hereby, when the Sun by his excessive & scorching heat, i. e. the Pope by his usurpt authority tyrannized over Kings and Emperors, p. 89. deposing, and taking away their Crowns, &c.

The fifth Vial and Plague poured on the feat of the Beast, he affirms with other Writers to mean the City of Rome; and when was it that this Vial of Gods wrath fell upon the seat of the Beast, i. e. Rome? it [Page 160] was, saith he, when Rome lost its Sun (which is spoken of in the foregoing Plague) i. e. the Pope, the Papal Court, that like a Gulf or Whirl-pool, drew to it all the riches of the Kingdoms of Europe. In the year 1305. Clement the V. left Rome to go to Avignon, the City that was Mistress of the World then became desolate,—when its Masters kept their seat at Avignon, p. 94.

The sixth Vial and Plague he affirms are the Turks who pass over the Bosphorus and invade the Greek and Latin Empires; at this I can't a little wonder, be­cause most expositors conclude, and I think with good reason, that the rise and increase of the Turkish Monarchy began under the sixth Trumpet, and not only so, but because 'tis said the Angel poured forth his Vial upon the great River Euphrates, and (mark) the Water thereof was dryed up, &c. which seems to intimate the decay and wasting of the Turkish pow­er, and not the increase of it, but he would have us understand the Kings of the East, to mean the Turks, and not Euphrates, p. 200, 201. the time that this Vial was a pouring forth, he says, was about 125 or 130 years, viz. from 1390. until 1526. by this he must believe the Battel of Arma-geddon is long since past, which he runs into a mystery by shewing that Arma-geddon signifies a cutting off by a Curse or Ex­communication, which he applys to the Orders, Laws and false Oracles of the Popedom and the Antichri­stian head,—there is, saith he, 'tis known, a Curse and a Arma-geddon at the end of every Canon. The se­venth Vial and Plague he affirms was by the Preach­ing of Luther, and other reformers by which the La­tin Church was divided into three parts, Papists, Lutherans and Reformed, I suppose he means the Cal­vinists; ‘the Voices, and Thunders, and Lightnings, that are said to be under the seventh Vial, mean, he says, the Voices of Preachers, who labour'd in [Page 161] the reforming the Church, page 217.’

‘The great City he affirms is the Antichristian Kingdom, and this City under the pouring forth of the seventh Vial, is said to be divided into three parts, this, he says, is exactly come to pass, i. e. one part remained with Antichrist, one part did sepa­rate from him, under the name of the Ausburge confession A third part did separate under the con­fession of those who are barely stiled the Reform­ed; Sweden, Denmark, and a great part of Germany, make the second part, England, and the united Pro­vinces, the reformed part of France, and part of Germany, make the third part; these, saith he are the three grand parts, that divide the western Church which is the great City.’

Let this be attentively minded, saith he, for I affirm that this passage does as it were speak with a Tongue, & is able alone to convince, that our Systeme of the seven Plagues is most undoubted truth; this division of the great City into three parts, so clearly points out the three communions of the Latin Church, that to deny it can proceed only from unreasonable passion, and opinionativeness. And if we have hit up­on the truth in this point, we have done so in all; for if this character of the seventh Plague is true, and is already accomplisht, all other Plagues are al­so accomplisht; and if they are accomplished, I do boldly affirm they cannot be applied to any other effects than those to which we have applied them.

He further shews that England cannot make a fourth part, because in doctrine she agrees with other reformed communions, in which she differs from the Lutherans,—p. 220. who refuse such commu­nion, &c.

Thus (saith he) in truth there are but three grand parts, into which the Latin Church is divided, i. e. Papists, Lutherans and Calvinists—and this division is not her utter ruin, but after [Page 162] she is thus divided, God will prepare to give her the last cup of his wrath which signifies, that the division of the Latin Church into three parts must continue until the compleat ruin of Popery.

This is the seventh and last Vial-glass, which, thanks be toHere I must n [...]te sith by the Church he speaks of thus divided▪ into three parts, is meant great Ba­bylon or Church of Rome, it f [...]llows plainly from hence that all these three parts are An­tichristian, and but as so many Limbs of the great Whore. God, will in a little time be run out, now we have that we seek, namely, an evidence that the Antichristian King­dom is near at an end. We need not longer wait for the accomplishment, either of all the 7 Plagues (as some of our interpreters say) or of some of the 7 Plagues as others say—it is done, all is ac­complisht, we are at the end of the seventh period.

First, That in the whole explication of this 16th. chapter, there is not the least forced application; the Emblems which the Prophet makes use, do exactly resemble the events set down in Histo­ry.

Second, that in the Application of these seven Plagues unto the events, every thing does hang to­gether, no part of this System contradicts another; this being supposed, I do intreat them to consider, if chance may hit right in some points, but never does so in all, I say again, that we are at the end of the seventh period; for it ought to be well observed, that there is not one Vial, which is distinct and se­parated from others, lasted 200 years,—this hath already lasted 170 years, it cannot last much longer, 'tis true, the Papal authority whose beams so scorched men under the fourth Vial, lasted above 200 years, but this was because it was inlayed or jointed in those that preceded, and those that followed. And its particular strict period must be [Page 163] reckon'd to be only 108 years, which begun at the year 1270, when the Croisades ended, and continu­ed until the grand Schism, which happened in the year 1378. for then began the diminishing of the Papal Authority, and the darkning of the Kingdom of the Beast.

The seventh Vial hath lasted already longer than any of the rest, and 'tis probable, that it must last about 200 years, which none of the others hath done, but we shall see the reason of this, when we shew that this seventh Period, is it self di­vided into three Periods, i. e. the Harvest, the Vin­tage, and the time that is betwixt the Harvest and the Vintage, the Harvest is already past, the time betwixt is almost expired, and we are approach­ing to the Vintage,—p. 223, 224.

He then pre­ceeds to explain what he understands by Harvest and Vintage; which the ingenious reader may guess at, I thought good to cite thus much of this Author for their sakes, who have not his book, it being grown scarce, and also because he is so much cryed up; and lastly because, what he speaks concerning the Vi­als seems new, nor shall I passover this mans sentiments about the Vials, without some modest reflections, tho' he seems to write with great confidence, in which he differs from most worthy men before him.—

1. It may be doubted whether he is in the right or no, in my Judgment, about the 7 Vials, because it appears to me very clear, that the Angels that are said to pour them out, are brought forth under the seventh Trumpet, to which I find some worthy men agree; which if this be granted, he is mistaken.

2. Because the Angels that pour them forth, are said to come out of the Temple, clothed in Pure and White Linen, and have their Breasts girded with Golden Girdles, Rev. 15. 6. which signifies doubt­less a more Perfect and Pure State of the Church [Page 164] than was in any of those centurys he mentioneth, when divers of those Vials, he says, were poured cut, for till near the time of the coming forth of the se­venth Trumpet, the Saints and People of God are called Witnesses clothed in Sack-cloth, mourning as it were for the loss of the visibility, and glory of the Gospel Church state, according to the Aposto­lical constitution; and are represented as a few or small number of scattered Christians, but under the latter part of the 6. Trumpet, the Tabernacle of the Testi­mony in Heaven was opened, Rev. 15. 4. signifying (as I conceive) the restoration of the Church to its for­mer glory and purity in a great measure, and that the Witnesses had put off their Sack-cloth, being glo­riously and differently clothed, which will not be perfected till the ascention of the Witnesses which will be about the beginning of the seventh Trumpet, for the text says, when that begins to be sounded the Kingdoms of this World become the Kingdom of our Lord and his Christ, Rev. 11. 15.

3. It should seem strange that all the Vials, (that contain in them the whole of the seven last Plagues to the utter overthrow of the Beasts Kingdom,) should be already poured out (save the remaining part of the seventh) and yet so little be done com­paratively to the ruin of the Whore or Papistry, or that the 6. first Vials should be so long a time a pouring forth, and so little effected for the ruin of Antichrists Kingdom, and so much should be ex­pected to be done in so short a time (as this French Writer says) by the remaining part of the seventh.

4. And why he should suppose if 2 or 3 of the Vials should not be yet poured out, that the Whore and Beasts Kingdom, must continue still at least 200 years, I know not, for if we should conclude with some worthy men, that none of the Vials should be poured forth to this day, yet why may not the ruin [Page 165] of the Papal Power, or end of the Beasts Kingdom be near, for tho' it be granted they may have their distinct Periods, yet they may be very short, since God positively intimates his Judgments, for the ruin and downfal of Babylon shall be swift and on a sud­den, and as it were in one hour, which certainly signifies but a very short time; besides, he strangely confounds and mixeth the Vials with some of the Trumpets which I can't see any ground to believe, considering the method God uses in this Book.—Moreover at the resurrection or at the ascention of the Witnesses, which finishes the second Wo, & brings the period of the 6. Trumpet, then the tenth part of the City falls & this is all of the fall and ruin of the great Whore or great City, we read of, till the se­venth Trumpet begins' to sound. And to conclude with this, I shallPools Annot on Rev. 11. 15. say with what our late Annota­tors intimate on Rev. 11. 15. it seems that the seven Seals, the seven Trumpets, and the seven Vials, are all mentioned, in the same form of Speech, and therefore the seven Vials are not to be divided, some to one Trumpet▪ some to another.

2. Because the seventh Trumpet, & 7 Vials are one & the same thing, nothing being revealed under the seven Vials, which doth not belong to the seventh Trumpet; they agree in their titles of Woes, in the na­ture of the Revelations, in their objects, both the one & in the other, declaring the ruin of Antichrist; both of them are mentioned as the last Plagues to come upon the World before the last day.

3. All the Vials are of the same nature, declaring but the Judgments by which God setting up the King­dom of Jesus Christ would ruin Antichrist, they dif­fer in the degrees.

4. The seventh Trumpet cannot declare the ruin of Antichrist unless the seven Vials be poured out [Page 166] under it, for they shew the means by which he must be destroyed; and so bring in the third Wo.

5. The seventh Trumpet sounded immediately upon the Slaying and Resurrection of the Witnesses, and contemporizeth with the whole course of their renewed liberty, and therefore the period by it must be before the fall of the Antichristian Kingdom, de­clared by the sixth Vial.

6. The seventh Trumpet sounded immediately after the expiration of the 1260 days, before the end of which, I see no ground to conclude any of the 7 Vials were to be poured out.

Now those who think that divers of the Vials were poured out (as he observes) or shall be pour­ed out before the sounding of the seventh Trumpet say,

That the Beasts Kingdom beginning to fall under the sixth Trumpet, several of the Vials, declaring the degrees of his falling must belong to that; in answer to which we say, it appeareth by all we have in this chap. Rev. 11. 15. that Antichrists Kingdom was in a great measure weakned under the sixth Trum­pet, particularly from v. 11. to 13. And tho this we grant, yet they are but some previous preparations to the final ruin of Antichrist, during the period of the sixth Trumpet; but the seven Vials signify the sur­ther progress and perfection of his ruin, which falls under the seventh Trumpet; this being premised we proceed with the Text; It is, saith he, doubted whether these words, are become the Kingdom of the Lord and his Christ, v. 15 be to be understood as being actu­ally so, or now beginning so to be; those who make the sense that they now actually were so, must under­stand the time to be the last days, or near the coming of Christ,—but I rather take the words thus, i. e. are beginning to become the Kingdom of our Lord, or shall shortly be so; and if none of the seven [Page 167] Vials are yet poured out, but do all belong to the seventh Trumpet, then when that begins to sound, the little Stone cut out of the Mountain without hands, spoken of by Daniel, shall begin to smite the Image up­on its Feet, and Antichrist from that time shall reign no more, but gradually fall and be broken to pieces, and the Lords people take the Kingdom, and bear the only rule in the Earth but the beginning of this glorious Kingdom state will be small, and hardly discerned, as it is signified by the little Stone, and by other passages and places of Scripture.

Just as I had writ this, I met with a book that Mr. Canne had wrote some years ago, in which he gives very great arguments to prove none of the Vials are as yet poured out, notwithstanding what our French Author has with much confidence asserted; some of the reasons Mr. Canne gives to prove that none of the Vials are as yet poured out, I shall give you, being sorry I saw not the Book sooner, and that I am li­mited to a number of Sheets, else you should have had more of him; his first reason is taken from what Mr. Tilling hast and divers other learned men affirm concerning Rev. 14. 1. viz. that they are Gentile Saints, who stand upon Mount Sion with the Lamb, and is to come to pass after the rising of Witnesses, ‘this being so saith he, (and that is indeed so, he further saith he could give many reasons) then there is little reason to carry the beginning of the seven Vials any higher, for tho' it be the opinion of learn­ed and godly men, that some of the Vials are pour­ed out, yet so that they hold likewise that the 14440 have already stood with the Lamb on Mount Sion, and there is reason and weight in it, that where we [...]gin the time of the 14440. &c. that there we also take the beginning of the Vials. And the order of the matter seems to make this clear; the Holy Ghost having chap. 14. spoken of the [Page 168] Harvest and Vintage, that is, what Sore Plagues the Lord brings (first and last) upon Babylon and the followers of the Beast, comes presently in ch. 15, and 16. to shew how and by what means, the Earth shall be Reaped, and the Clusters gathered, and cast into the great Wine-Press of Gods wrath, namely, seven Angels shall come out of the Temple, having the se­ven last Plagues.—So then, to take the 14440. to be after the Witnesses are risen, and to begin the pour­ing forth of the Vials before they are risen, in my understanding, is very improper to the scope and drift of the Prophesy, and crosseth that excellent order which the Spirit seems to observe.’

2. I do not conceive how the pouring out of the Plagues, and Vials full of divine wrath in any good sense, and according to Scripture use, may be applyed to, and understood of the Preaching of the glad tidings of the Gospel; truly I think, that the publishing of the sweet and most precious Soul­saving truths of Jesus, all the time of the Beasts reign, even 42 months or 1260 years, is in another way, and by other words expressed, and not by the Vi­als full of wrath; see Rev. 10. 9, 10, 11. and therefore by the Seven last Plagues filled up with the wrath of God, Rev. 15. 1. I understand real and proper Plagues, and not the preaching of the Gospel, ei­ther by Grosthead, Wickliff, Luther, Calvin, &c. but rather such temporal Plagues as shall be poured out upon wicked men for despising and persecu­ting the truth; In her was found the Blood of the Pro­phets and Saints, Rev. 18. 24. It is not said that the effects of the Vials shall be wrath, or turn to wrath, for in the it is filled up the wrath of God.

3. Suppose it be granted there is a Vial of wrath poured out (which to me sounds harshly) and that Wickliff, Huss, Jeremy, Luther, &c. were the An­gels, the question then is, who before them pour­ed [Page 169] out their Vials upon the Earth; for it is said these seven Angels had the 7 last Plagues, signifying, that there were Plagues before, altho for time, persons, matter, and manner of proceeding, and other circumstances, unlike.

4. I have (saith he) not seen any reason why so much time is allowed between the first and se­cond Vials: Some allow 100 years, others 200, and some more, namely, from the pouring out of the first Vial, to the beginning of the second, and to all the rest not half the time.

If those Vials and last Plagues have an allusion to the Plagues of Egypt, (as it is generally held) then it is probable, when there is once a beginning, they will suddenly all be poured out. Some have obser­ved from History in Exodus, that within the space of 30 days the ten Plagues fell upon the Egyptians; now if (in the Antitype) we reckon a day for a year (as it is often in Prophetical Types) then the seven last Plagues will be finished in thirty years when begun; neither is it to be doubted, but a short work will the Lord make upon the Earth, Rom. 9. 28. when those Vials begin to be poured out up­on the Earth, wherefore is Babylon's fall set forth under the sign of a great Milstone cast into the Sea by a mighty Angel, not only to denote her irrecove­rable desolation, but also what speedy and quick dispatch the Lord will make, when he calls his An­gels out of the Temple, therefore shall her Plagues come upon her in one day, Rev. 18. 8. in one hour, v. 10, 17, 19. i [...] a moment, suddenly, Isa. 47. 11. why [...] ought not to conclude her Plagues to intend [...]ose 7 last Plagues all of them as well as some of them, I know not, I desire this may be considered, hinted it before when I had not seen this worthy writer, for this French Author makes Babylon a [...]elling many hundred years, which must doubtless [Page 170] be a grand mistake, these Scriptures considered.

He further confirms this reason and answers Ob­jections, which I have not room to insert.

‘5. I cannot conceive, saith he how any of those Persons to whom the first, second and third Angels are ordinarily applied, do fairly or fitly parallel and agree with what the Scriptures hold forth; certain it is, none of the Angels came out of the Temple, till John saw as it were a Sea of Glass min­gled with Fire, and them that had gotten the Victory o­ver the Beast, and over his Image, and over his Mark, and over the number of his Name, standing on the Sea of Glass, having the Harps of God; and they sing the Song of Moses the Servant of God, and the Song of the Lamb, Rev. 15. 1, 2. All this well agrees with the descrip­tion of the 14440. Rev. 14. 1, 2. But to carry these things to Grostead, Armachan, Wickliff, Luther, &c. if need were, I could shew by many reasons of the improbability of it; for tho' many of Gods people formerly received not the Mark of the Beast, nor his Name, yet to say any of them during the 42 Months got the Victory over the Beast, or over his I­mage, and number of his Name, I cannot assent unto, neither do I think their Opinion is well bot­tomed who hold this Victory over the Beast, and singing the Song of Moses, and the Song of the Lamb to be before the rising of the Witnesses, which is the time of their prophesying in Sackcloth, and whilst the woman is in the wilderness.’—'Tis strange indeed to think the witnesses wearing Sack­cloth, or in a mourning condition, can be said to sing the Song of Moses, as having got Victory over their Enemies, and yet overcome by their Enemies for the Song of Moses, 'tis well known to be that i [...] Exodus 15. Thou hast overcome the Horse and his R [...] ­der, &c.

‘Again, (saith he by way of question, p. 16. Why should the Song of Moses, Rev. 15 &c b [...] [Page 171]carried up to the times before the rising of the Witnesses and the new Song Rev. 14. 3. brought down many hundred years after this, seems to be against the order of the Prophesie. (2.) The matter of the Song, if rightly understood, is not suitable to any time in which the Beasts reigned; neither, Lastly, Can it be shewed—that ever the Church of the Saints, have had any occasion through any Deliverance or Victory to sing the Song of Moses, &c. I am of the same Opinion, un­less it be in these and the approaching days.

6. That none of the seven last Plagues or Vi­als are yet poured out, nor will be till after the ri­sing of the Witnesses, (does appear) for this reason, viz. because none of the seven Angels come forth with their Golden Vials, until the Tabernacle of the Testimony is opened in Heaven, Rev. 15. 5. but that part of the Tabernacle of the Testimony is to be shut all the time of the Witnesses prophesying in Sackcloth may be gathered from Rev. 11. 1. with v. 19. Hence this Argument might be framed, viz.

No Angel is to come forth with his Golden Vial, till the Tabernacle of the Testimony in Heaven is opened.

But the Tabernacle of the Testimony is not to be o­pened till after the rising of the Witnesses.

Therefore no Angel with his Golden Vial is come forth till after the rising of the Witnesses.

The proof of this Argument are the Scriptures before, viz. Rev. 15. 5. cap. 11. v. 1, 19. Now if any do think that the four last Angels shall come forth from the Temple opened in Heaven, and not the first three such an Opinion is against the Text expresly, [...] saith the seven Angels come out of the Temple, verse 6. Neither do I know any ground they have, who think that the Angels pouring out the four last Vials shall have more [Page 172] Light, Zeal, Faith, Holiness, &c. than the former three had—but certainly there is a vast difference between the state of the Church now, and that when they say the first Vial was poured out, nay, and the second or third too, and none can doubt but the opening of the Tabernacle of the Testimo­ny in Heaven points to some greater Church glo­ry that shall be then, or a different state of the Church than ever was before under the Beasts reign.

7. Neither do I (saith he) think, that the effects of any of the Vials (which some suppose are pour­ed out) make good what is said, Rev. 15. 4. For thy Judgments are made manifest, which holds forth to me much more than what followed the preach­ing of Grostead, Wickliff, Huss, Luther, Melancthon, &c. or the Switzers Wars, or of that of the Par­liament in England, for Gods Judgments, not­withstanding what hath been yet done, remain still more dark, doubtful and disputable, especially to the World, than shall be under the effects of the Vials.

For the followers of the Beast, as the Egyptians un­der their Plagues, tho' they are hardened and repent not, but blaspheme the God of Heaven, not giving glory to him, shall notwithstanding see the hand of God lifted up, and be ashamed for their envy at his people, Isa. 26. 11. So manifest at that time shall his Judg­ments be, but hitherto no such things have appear­ed, notwithstanding all the Judgments of God up­on them, so dark and hidden, not manifested, have the actings of God been to his Enemies, nay, and not clear or plainly manifested to his own people neither, as it appears by their different apprehensi­ons and opinions about what hath been past, until these very days.

And hence it is also that Mystery Babylon ever, un­ [...]il of late (if not still) said in her Heart, I sit a [Page 173] Queen, and am no Widdow, and shall see no sorrow, Rev. 18. 7. Nay, and also 'tis from hence that the An­tichristian party in their Writings and ordinary dis­course do stifly maintain, that Gods Judgments have been and still are as much manifested upon the Witnesses, i. e. the Hereticks, as she calls Protestants, and all such who oppose them, as those of their Church, viz. the Papists, however let the Judgments of God be hid or made manifest to them, certainly the vengeances shall clearly be seen and known to the godly, when the Vials of his wrath come upon the great Whore, or when the hour of her Judgments shall come, they shall see it, rejoyce, and all iniquity shall stop her mouth, Psal. 107. 42.

8. 'Tis evident the Witnesses do not put off their Sack-cloth till they have finished their testimony which will not be until the end of the 42 months of the Beasts Reign and Tyranny; but saith he, these An­gels which pour out the seven last Plagues or Vials of Gods wrath, have put off their Sack-cloth, and are clothed in pure white linnen, and are said to have Golden Girdles; from hence it must needs follow, as he observes, that none of the Saints of God, in the time of the Sack-cloth state, during the 42 months can be meant by any of these seven Angels, neither Waldo, Wickliff, Luther, &c. for what is meant, saith he, ‘by being clothed in White Linnen? the Scrip­tures shew it was an Ensign of honour, which great Persons used to wear, their condition and state be­ing changed, Gen. 41. 42. Est. 8. 15. Pro. 31. 22. Ezek. 16. 10. Psal. 30. 11.’

‘The truth is, if we take not heed to distinguish between the Sack-cloth time of Mourning Saints, and the time in which they are clothed with White Linnen, & having Golden Girdles that is, raised out of the dust and set with Princes, even with the Princes of his people, Psal. 113. 7, 8. but confound these times, which [Page 174] ought to be kept distinct and apart, we shall want that excellent light to bring things to their proper places.’ I would to God our French-man and others would consider this; for I find those that affirm Lu­ther, Mclancton, &c. to be one or more of those Angels, that poured out one or two of the Vials, do hold that the Witnesses had put off their Sack-cloth, the time of the 1260 days being expired, &c.

But Jurieu denies this with many others, and yet says all the seven Angels have already come and poured out their Vials, and yet in their Sack cloth state; but I can see no reason to believe he speaks right.

9. (Saith Mr. Canne) If what is spoken, Rev. 18. 21. of the mighty Angels taking up a great Milstone, and casting it into the Sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great City Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all, belongs to the Vials (as it seems most evident) then what is attributed to Grostead, Wickliff, Luther. &c. is far from the works of the Angels, which shall pour forth the 7 last Plagues; Thus shall Babylon be thrown drown, &c. A Milstone rises no more, &c. thus, that is, when any of the 7 Angels pour out their Vials, the work shall prosper in their hands, and not be hindered nor re­tarded by any power whatsoever. But hither by whatsoever hath been done us, yet upon Babylon she hath not so fallen,—but one while she seems to sink, and then rises again, many Judgments have been poured out upon Babylon, no doubt of that, nay, and some too soon after she got up, but doubt­less none of the seven last Judgments hath she felt to this day, every Vial shall effectually do its work, where, or on whom it is poured out, it being full of the divine wrath of God.

10. According to this notion that some of the Vials are poured out, he observes all the Vials may [Page 175] be poured out, and but a little may be done, for [...] three or four have been poured out, and no more [...]ffected; for the tyranny and Idolatry supprest by [...]hem, did soon rise and spread it self again in the [...]ame places.

And if so, why may not after all the Vials are [...]oured out, the enemy rally or rise again, or the [...]nterest of Christ be suppressed, after the pouring [...]orth of the last Vials, as it has been after the pour­ [...]ng out of the former.

Besides, how can we think the Harvest of the Earth, can be said to be ripe before the set time is come that God hath appointed for its cutting down, which is 42 months or 1260. years? The sin of the Amorite was not fully ripe; or that Harvest fit for cut­ting down till the 400 years were expired, Gen. 15. 13. and yet shall Babylon be ripe, and the Har­vest of wrath come so long before the set or ap­pointed time of Harvest? this is a paradox. Jurieu saith p. 79. the first Vial and Plague, where (sa [...] I) begins the Harvest, was in the tenth Century which is 600 years ago, and above so many years before the set time of Harvest; for that was before or about the time the Beast was in the height of his glory he seems to assert the Harvest came soon after the seed time; (tho' 'tis true he fixes it on the last Age) this cannot be thought, we must sure make the first Vials the time of the Harvest, and the latter the time of the Vintage; let this be considered, certainly none of of the former Judgments on Babylon belongs to the seven last Plagues, for the dominion of the Beast was not then ripe, nor the Harvest come, but now 'tis near, wo unto the Earth and Earthly Men, the gross body of the Antichristian professors, for they must have the dregs of this first Vial, 'tis pour­ed out upon the Earth, those that partake with her in her sins must receive of her Plagues; many will [Page 176] be found in her, who little think of it. But again if the Vials be poured forth by the Witnesses Preach­ing the Gospel in the time of the Beasts reign and tyranny, why do they begin the Vials, no sooner? for there were faithful preachers who bore their testimony against the Beast from his first rise, and so downward all along, and it had much like effects with Waldo's, Luthers, preachings, &c. to conclude with what Mr. Canne hath said upon This account, it doth appear to me that he is right in respect of the seven Vials, not being yet poured out, because the Temple is said to be filled with smoak from the glory of God, and no man could enter in, until the seven Plagues of the seven Angels were fulfilled, Rev. 15. 8. If by the Temple being filled with smoak from the glory of God, &c. the Spirit alludes to the History of the Tabernacle, and History of the dedication of the Tem­ple, which was filled with the Cloud of the glory of God (as most agree to,) then here is signified a most glo­rious pouring forth of the holy Spirit upon the An­gels, who pour out the Vials,—and that they must tarry in the Temple (as the Disciples were to do at Jerusalem) until endued with power from on high, Luk. 24. 59. and this may be expected at the Ascen­tion of the Witnesses and not before, for as yet, we see not such a spirit given from the glory of God, and from his power, nor may we expect it until then, that the Church cometh out of the Wilderness as clear as the Sun, and as terrible as an Army with Ban­rers. Cant. 6. 4. and like Pillars of smoak perfumed with Myrrh and Frankincese, Cart. 3. 6. 7. the Judgment of the 7 last Plagues for the ruin of the Enemy, will be the time of Glory and Salvation of the Church, and by the 14440 on Mount Sion with Harps, &c. Singing the Song of Moses, &c. are held forth (I am perswaded) the ministrations of the Saints un­der the seven Angels, with the seven Vials or seven [Page 177] last Plagues, which days we hope are now even up­on us, or very near; and that we might let in what light worthy men of different opinions have helpt us to, about the Slaying and Resurrection of the Witnesses, we shall give you a brief account of what Jurieu our French Author saith of them; see p. 241. &c. these words, when they shall have finisht their testimony, must (saith he) not be understood as if the holy Ghost would say, when the 1260 years shall be finisht, for after the 1260 years are run out there can be no Persecution, seeing the Beast shall have lost his power; so that this Persecution must begin and end within the 1260 years, but yet at the end of them, 'tis the ordinary custom, not only of Scripture, but of all men to say, that something comes to pass when this or that is finisht, because it happens when that thing is finish­ed, and very near its end, this is therefore the last Persecution of Antichrist against the Church; this Persecution hath its Characters.—1. 'Tis compared to a War; The Beast that comes up out of the Bottomless Pit, shall make War against them. 2. This War of Persecution must end in a victory over the two Witnesses, and shall overcome them; mark, God does not reckon the Death and Mar­tyrdom, which the faithful suffered for the truth, as a victory that the Devil gains over them,’ (a very good note) for 'tis said, they, i. e. the Saints and Martyrs of Jesus overcome them, i. e. the Beast and his Emissaries, and they loved not their lives unto the death, Rev. 12. 11. ‘He speaks of martyrs, when he saith, He that overcometh I will make to sit down on my Throne, &c. So that when 'tis said, that the Beast shall overcome the Witnesses, this signi­fies that he shall make them saint under their Try­als, which thing ought to be well observed, that we discern the singular Character of this present [Page 178] Persecution that hath conquered and overcome a­bove a Million of Souls, (he means the late and present Persecution in France.) 3. This victory of the Beast must prevail even to a total extinction of profession: there shall remain no more signs of out­ward life in the faithful, who shall stand for truth, In this he agrees much with Dr. Goodwin and many other English Writers that the slaying of the Witnesses is not a temporal slaying but only a [...]i [...]il death, and it much com­ports, as we before have noted, with the late dismal days in England. they shall lye on the ground as dead bodies. 4. This murther and effects of this Persecution shall be done in the Street of the great City. 5. The death of these Witnesses must be 3 years and a half, denoting these 3 years and a half 6. During those 3 years and a half, the truth shall remain as it were dead, but notwithstand­ing, not buried: men shall not dare to make profession of it, notwithstanding it shall be visible the people who are neighbours of them, who shall have slain it, shall hinder it from perishing and putrefaction,—7. At the end of 3 years and a half, the faithful who are oppressed and whose pro­fession shall have been violently suppressed, shall rise again; after that shall ascend to Heaven, and shall be exalted,—8. At the same time, and after the exaltation of the faithful, there shall be an Earth quake, i. e. a great emotion and trouble in the World, and in Antichrists Kingdom. 9. In this emotion, a tenth part of the City shall fall, i. e. a tenth part of the Antichristian Kingdom, shall be taken away from it, and seven thousand men shall perish in this Earth-quake, and be buried un­der the ruin of this City; that this shall be brought about with some Blood she [...], tho' not considerable.’‘Now when I search after the time, in which this Persecution must happen, I cannot doubt but [Page 179] this is that in which we now are; after this Persecution shall be over, God will begin to strike those sore blows to destroy the Antichristian King­dom which must be destroyed with in 25 or 30 years.’

‘That none may wonder, (saith he) that I speak so positively about a thing which seems to be as yet hid in futurity, I intreat all equitable minds to consider, that I have (as I think) with great e­vidence proved, 1. That the Reign of the Popedom must last 1260 years. 2. That these 1260 years began about 450. or 455. and consequently they must end about 1710. or 1715. This being so, we are but 25 or 30 years from the end of the Popish Kingdom. And if this be so, the present persecution must needs be the last, since there is no probability, that this present persecution being ended, the calm re­stored to the Church should leave room for ano­ther.—For we must allow the space of at least 20 or 25 years, in which Popery shall be attacqued and not be the Aggressor and the Persecutor. And certainly a shorter time cannot serve for the utter destruction of so vast a Kingdom, for it shall not be destroyed in a way of violence, but in a way of perswasion.’—Yet he says (it shall not be done without blood and slaughter) I have, saith he, further proved that the fall of this Popish Babylonian Mo­narchy is divided into two parts, viz. The Harvest and the Vintage; that the Harvest is the reformati­on of the last age, and the Vintage is the reformati­on that must be made in this present age, &c.

He then proceeds to shew his apprehensions that France must be that Street of the great City in which the two witnesses should be slain and lye as dead, &c. p. 24 [...]. ‘The bodies of the two witnesses, saith he, shall lye in the Street of the great City. 'Tis to be observed, that in the Text 'tis not in the Streets, [Page 180] in the Plural, but 'tis in the Street in the Singular. And I cannot hinder my self from believing, that this hath a particular regard to France which at this day is certainly the most eminent Countrey which belongs to the Popish Kingdom, her King is called the Eldest Son of the Church the most Christian King, i. e. The most Popish according to the dialect of Rome; the Kings of France have by their liberalities made the Popes great at this day; it is the most flourishing State of Europe, it is in the middle of the Popish Empire, between Spain, Ger­many, England, exactly as a Street or place of Con­course is in the middle of a City; 'tis also four­square, as such a Place or Street of a great City, i. e. almost as long as broad, and I believe, saith he, that 'tis particularly in France, that the wit­nesses must remain dead, i. e. That the profession of the true Religion must be utterly abolisht, this is already done by the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, and by the enormous Cruelties of the Souldiers,—Pag. 254. saith he we are in my opinion certainly in this Persecution which must extinguish the true Religion for three years and a half; if we will reckon those 3 years & a half from the abrogating of the Edict of Nantes, in the month of October, 1685. The deliverance of the Church will fall out in the year, 1689. And this is abso­lutely the conjecture of Monsieur du Moulin in his accomplishment of the Prophesies, he hopes that the Persecution of the Church by the Antichristian party shall cease in the year 1689,’But in p. 255. He seems to inti­mate he is not confident it will happen then; one main reason I cite this French Writer thus far, is to give you all his reasons why he Judges France to be the Street of the great City where the two witnesses shall be slain, &c.

[Page 181]And to gratifie my Reader, I shall also here add something out of Clavis Apocalyptica written many years ago by a famous German Doctor who indeavours to make it appear that Germany is meant by the Street of the great City in which the two witnesses shall lye as dead; but by the way 'tis ob­servable what he says, p. 46. Concerning the 7 Trumpets in the Second period, saith he, from the three hundred ninety fifth, until the one thou­sand six hundred fifty fifth year of our Lord, where the seventh seal is opened, and seven An­gels with seven Trumpets declare to the Roman Empire by seven Judgments its ruine, c. 8. which Plagues have been fulfilled.—(See he calls the Trumpets Plagues.) The first by the invasions of barbarous nations, Anno 395. v. 7.’

The Second by the destruction of the City of Rome which first happened by Alaricus, Anno 410. v. 8.

The Third by taking away Imperial dignity in Augustulus, Anno 476. v. 10.

The Fourth by the Abolition of all eminent publick charges at Rome, Anno 552. v. 12.

The fifth by Saracens as the first wo, c. 9.

The Sixth by the Turks, Chap. 9. v. 13. as the se­cond wo.

In the Third Period when the 1655. year doth begin the seventh Angel doth sound, and withal the seventh Judgment is executed upon the enemies of the Church, with the third woe, whereby the Mysteries of God are fulfilled—Rev. 10. 7. Now tho this great Author was mistaken as all have been hitherto who have prefixt upon an exact time,’ and yet he may be right as to the seventh Trumpet which, he says, brings in the last Plagues, and the third and last woe. But to proceed, p. 69. The two wit­nesses shall be overcome and killed, saith he, that [Page 182] is, they shall be removed and thrust out of all Ecclesiastical and Political Offices and Im­ployments;’ it appears he understood the death of the witnesses to be taken as we have hinted before, i. e. Only a Civil death, and so too do all Expositors affirm that I can meet with, ‘but now observe what Street it is in his Judg­ment they must lye as dead in, and that is, he saies, Germany, p. 74. The tenth horn yet remains; Germany, or the German Empire,—cannot be ac­counted, saith he, but one of the Horns,—(which we do not deny) and a Kingdom, saith he, by it self in the whole body of the fourth Monarchy, this is the Principal Street in the great City, the Princi­pal Horn of the Beast, the Principal Kingdom in the fourth Monarchy, whose head is represented by the City of Rome, this German Empire is called the Street per excellentiam,—because it is the Principal Street in the Empire—because,’

  • 1. 'Tis called the Roman Empire.
  • 2. By reason it is as it were a Figure and Image of the old Roman Empire having seven Heads, in re­gard of the seven Princes Electors, and ten Pro­vinces, in respect of the ten Circles into which it is distributed.
  • 3. It hath the pre-eminency above all other Kings adhering to the Papal State; now, saith he, in this Street we must seek the War, &c. he seems to say more for Germany being the Street, in my Judg­ment, than Jurieu for France to be it—

But they that read our great Writer Dr. Goodwin, will soon, I am persuaded, see more ground to be­lieve that Great Britain is that very Street of the great City in which the Witnesses of Christ were to be slain and lye dead, than any other, for, as my worthy Friend before cited intimates, God values not nor accounts of People and Nations from their [Page 183] Greatness or external Grandeur, but from their Light, Glory & Excellency of their Spirits, & Purity; now what Nation or Kingdom is so famous, or has been since the beginning of the Reformation, or hath obtained so great Light as this of Great Bri­tain. It must be in one Street of the great City doubtless, where the Witnesses have finished their Testimony, in which they were to be slain, and lye as dead; and I question whether in any one King­dom of Europe the faithful Witnesses of Christ may be said to have finished their Testimony as here in this Nation, for by finishing their Testimony may be meant (as some observe) bearing Witness to Christ, not only in respect of every one of his Offi­ces, but also in all his Ordinances. And that ac­cording to the Primitive purity of them, which ma­ny think there has not been the like Testimony up­on this respect born any where else; as also in re­spect of true Church Constitution and Discipline, and to true Magistracy and Ministry, and to Christ's absolute Authority as King of Saints, and King of Nations, and born in such a publick manner as it has been here formerly and of late; take the Doctors words, p. 165.

And if in this last Combate the Witnesses be sin­gled out as one party, and by Witnesses be meant only such faithful Christians and Professors as do, in respect of their Godliness and Sincerity, hold forth an Eminent Testimony and Witness, above that which others of the croud of the common Professors do, and so not men of Learning, but of Holiness and Zeal, are they who are here said to be the real tormentors of these Enemies: Then surely in that part of the Reformed Churches, where such Witnesses are chiefly found, who do continue eminently to hold forth such a kind of powerful Testimony as holy men (for this is a [Page 184] Testimony of Holiness, not of Learning.)—surely there especially will be the Seat of this War, and the field where this Combate is to be fought.

Now then look generally over (almost) all the Reformed Churches, and how few of such Wit­nesses, with difference from the common croud, do appear amongst them; the fire, the heat of those godly men, their first Reformers (which is the thing that should torment these Enemies at last) being gone, and the light only remaining, which gives but a faint, cold and dull Testimony, and which these Enemies do therefore despise. Only in the Witnesses of Great Britain, both the light and heat of Religion have been kept up and increased; and among them only hath the pro­fession of the power of godliness been continued, with difference from the croud of common Pro­fessors. (And according to what appears in view) more of such true Witnesses now in these last days (wherein this slaughter is to fall out) are to be found in it, and belonging to it, than in all the Reformed Churches besides; and that, according to the Testimony which they of those Churches (who in these times of scattering have come hi­ther for refuge) have and do give; and surely the place of this killing the Witnesses, must be where most Witnesses are. And so that, that Kingdom may be designed more than any other; as in which also more Eminent are found of those last sorts of Champions, for the Beast who receive only the number of his name, who yet shall be the chief ExecutionersOur times in respect of the late King and his Confederates have sufficiently made this good which the Dr. so long ago hinted.— of this last slaughter.—Add unto this, this conjecture up­on Daniel 11. ult. which Chap­ter from v. 36. hath Graserus, and Mr. Mede in his Discourse [Page 185] of Daemons upon 1 Tim. 4. 1. 2. applied unto the Pope who is that King there mentioned.—

Now when he shall go forth in this last War in such fury and rage with a purpose utterly to destroy; the main event and issue of that expedition of his is made to be this; viz. That he shall plant the Taberna­cle of his Palace between the Seas in the glorious holy Mountain: yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him, Dan. 11. ult. which the Dr. says he fears that these British Islands are here intended, in that they so eminently above all other places of the Churches Reformed, and with difference also from all others do stand between the Seas, even wholly a­mong Seas (penitus toto divisos Orbe Britannos,) which Islands likewise God hath made the Eminent Seat of the Church in these latter days, and which he hath loved above all the Inhabitants of Jacob.

And in that the Angel there calls this Mountain, in an high and transcendent phrase, yet of further difference, [the Mountain of delight of holiness] or as Junius turns it—[the Mountain of holy come­liness] it seems in some way of peculiarity from others, even in that respect also, to note out a place, which for holiness should more eminently be Gods delight, and comely in his Eyes, where he should have a most holy people, and which he should make a Land of uprightness, where his Ma­ jesty and Glory should more eminently shine; which place notwithstanding, for the tryal of the Witnesses in it, God shall again give up unto the power of Antichrist, there to plant the Tabernacle of his Palace or Throne, (or his Clergy, as Graserus reads it) even as a sign Nebuchadhezzar did his Throne at Taph-hannes, when he had Conquered Egypt, as a sign of that his Victory; by the Conquest of which Kingdoms, and regaining them unto him, he shall seem so rooted in his ancient power, that [Page 186] in hope of all the rest, the Whore shall fing, I am no Widow; and that just before her fall: Yet this prevailing is but a preparation to Antichrist's ruin: for is follows there in Daniel Yet he shall come to his end, and no [...]e shall help him; which notes out as that this is to be done just before his end; so also that that regaining his power should seem so to strengthen him, that he should be, as it were, out of the danger of ruin, and as for ever secure.

But this his sudden Victory is but as the plant­ing of a Tent or Tabernacle in a Field, not to stand past three years and a half, tho▪ that Party, and their Abettors, do in their hopes think they build for Eternity; but it being of mans, not Gods planting, it shall come to nothing.

I cannot but conclude what this great man hath said, that Great Britain is more like to be that Street of the great City in which the Witnesses should be slain, rather than France or Germany, or any other Kingdom, and also am much persuaded the late times have accomplished what he so long ago fore­told. Methinks three years and a half sometimes since expired, looked just like the times he mention­eth; had not the Pope placed his Tents here again, and hoped to have had a setled Throne? and hath not also here been a dreadful slaughter of the true Witnesses of Christ, as we before have hinted? and doth there seem any ground to expect the like a­gain? So that either the time is past, or I hope the Dr. was mistaken, if it be to come it will be the ama­zingest providence and revolution that ever was in the World; I must conclude we are in a most happy hour, or else there is the most dismal hour near that ever the Godly knew or saw since the Reformation; a little time will shew us more. I can't but expect the ascention of the Witnesses to draw on apace, in which will first fall out that great Earthquake where­in [Page 187] 7000 men of name will be slain, who were the chief instruments in bringing that death and dismal hour upon the Witnesses of Christ, which the Dr. hath most excellently opened; moreover there is one thing more he hath shewed his thoughts upon, that I am affected with, viz. concerning Daniel's 1290 days and 1335 days or years, the first he says begun from Julian's time, which he concluded end­ed at 1650 or 1656, and that the other 45 years will bring in the Kingdom of Christ, which makes 1335, and that will expire about 1695 or 1701, between which time he prefixeth the Death, Re­surrection and Ascention of the Witnesses and the Earthquake, &c. We are no doubt coming to­wards the end of the wonders, and the Vials of Gods wrath will suddenly be poured forth upon the Enemies of the Church, neither can I think that Jurieu is in the right, who thinks the Papal power, &c. will fall without or with little Blood, for al­though when the Harvest is ripe there may not fall so many as at the time of the Vintage, yet 'tis said of men of name shall be slain seven thousand; how many of other sorts who can tell? Besides, that is a certain number put for an uncertain; but when the Vintage time comes, the Blood shall come out of the Wine-press, even to the Horse Bridle, by which our Expositors generally say is intended a wonderful slaughter, and under the second Vial, which may take in the Harvest Hour. God gives them Blood to drink, they being worthy of it, because they have shed the Blood of the Saints. Babylon is to be rewarded as she hath rewarded the Lord's people, and must drink double of the same Cup she measured to them, and then what must she look for but Blood, Blood, Blood with a witness, Rev. 16. 5, 6. Rev. 18. 6. For what Rivers of Blood hath she caused to run down in every Street or Kingdom of this reat City.—

[Page 188]There are two things more had I room I would speak to.

1. To shew how all our Writers do agree that the rise of the Beast was between the year 410 and 455, but most fix upon 450, or near that time, for then the ten Horns appeared with Crowns up­on them, who are said to receive power as Kings one hour with the Beast, Rev. 17. Dr. Goodwin saith, p. 63. that by the year 456 all the ten Kings were up. Brightman begins the Beasts Reign sooner by above 20 years; Jurieu saith, he began about the year 450, and will end totally about 1710.

The second thing is to have shewed the nature & glory of Christs Kingdom, which I judge will be­gin at the Ascention of the Witnesses, for then, as I conclude, the seventh Trumpet begins to sound, and the first Angel pours out his Vial, 'tis certain with the seventh Trumpet, the glory of the latter days be­gin, and the little Stone then will begin to smite, & will never cease till all the Image power is bro­ken in pieces, and the little Stone becomes a great Mountain, and fills the whole Earth; the Saints must and shall take the Kingdom, and the knowledge of the glory of the Lord shall cover the Earth as the waters cover the Seas.—I am persuaded His present Majesty is raised up to do great things for Christ; and tho' some may strive to obstruct the work of God, and uphold an interest for the Beast, yet they shall be blasted in their designs, and come to shame and ruin in the end; for God is risen up, and his Enemies shall be scattered.

A Postscript, Giving an Account of the Judgment of a late nameless French Author, concerning the Non-offusion of the seven Vials, with his Answer to Mr. Jurieu.

JUst as I had quite finished this Treatise, I met with a Book lately writ by another worthy French Minister, intituled, A new Systeme of the Apo­calypse, who asserts the Non-effusion of the Vials, proving that none of the 7 Vials or last Plagues as yet are poured out, with an answer to Mr. Jurieu; which Author I am not a little affected with, and therefore have thought good to add some short hints of the most remarkable passages contained in it about our present Controversie.

First, Of the Harvest and Vintage.

The Harvest, he says, signifies those initial Judg­ments which were executed by means of the Refor­mation begun in the last Age by the ministry of Lu­ther, Zuinglius, &c. p. 91. to which I cannot agree, because I judge the Harvest is not ripe until the end of the 42 Months, and signifies more and greater ruin to the Beast and his Kingdom, than was effect­ed then, or till this time.

2. The Vintage, he says, signifies a definitive Judg­ment which shall ruin the Papal Empire, beyond re­covery, and to begin at the beginning of the end of [...]he 42 Months, I conclude the Harvest comes in at [...]he beginning of the 7 Vials, and the Vintage at the [...]tter part of them.

Secondly, As to the opening of the Temple, and of the Smoke, &c.

He says, the opening of the Temple alludes to the Church of the Jews, which was shut up under [...]haz, [Page 194] and opened under Hezekiah. From hence he notes three things. (1.) That the Vials belong to this state of the Church, wherein Antichrist is made ma­nifest, and wherein there shineth a measure of light in the Church. (2.) That the Vials are all contained under the 7th Trumpet. (3.) The Temple is not only here represented open in order to give passage to the 7 Angels that pour out the Vials, but to give way for all Nations to enter in, according as it is said, v. 4. That all Nations shall come and worship before God. The smoke that filled the Temple answereth to the Cloud that covered the Tabernacle of Moses, and the divine glo­ry—the Smoke was a Symbol of Gods gracious pre­sences in the midst of Israel—and so signifieth Gods return to his Temple, or the glory of the Church;—'tis added, No man was able to enter into the Temple till the 7 Plagues of the 7 Angels were fulfilled, which in­mateth that tho' the time of the destruction of the Churches Enemies draweth near, and the time wherein the Gospel shall shine bright in the World, yet that the Gospel will not be universally received till after the subversion of Babylon, which will not be until the Vials have been poured out;—yet some are ready to think the fulfilling of the 7 Plagues, &c. alludes to the fulfilling of the time of their first pouring out, and not till they are all poured out.

Of the 7 Trumpets, 7 Thunders, and 3 Woes.

As touching the 7 Seals and 7 Trumpets, he much agrees with our Expositors, he concludes the first Woe fell out under the 4th and 5th Trumpets; take his own words. St. John tells us, c. 8. 13. that he heard an Angel flying through the midst of Heaven, say­ing with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe to the Inhabitants of the Earth, by reason of the Trumpets that are yet to sound. After the sounding of the 5th Trumpet St. John adds, One woe is past, and behold there come two more hereafter. One of these two woes fell undoubt­edly [Page 195] out under the 6th Trumpet, under which Ma­hometanism and the Turkish Army destroyed the whole East, and therefore the third woe must come to pass under the seventh and last Trumpet.

That all the Vials, saith he, being contained under the 3d woe, they are yet to be poured out, foras much as we are this year 1687. still under the sixth Trum­pet, and groaning under the pressure of the 2d woe.

So that here we have a new proof that all the Vials from the first to the last are yet to be poured out, for as much as the Vials are no other thing than the 7 Thunders which are spoken of, Rev. 10. and indeed the Thunders are 7 in number as well as the Vials are; and as the Thunders do signifie the Judgments of God against the Enemies of the Church, so the Vials do signifie the same, in that▪ by them the wrath of God is to be consummated. Moreover, the things threatned by the Thunders are delayed from being executed until the sound­ing of the 7th Trumpet and therefore were to be sealed up until the Mysteries of God should be finished, (which in my judgment means the whole of the Beasts 42 Months,) which agrees with what he fur­ther says, p. 249. The Mysteries of God (saith he) is the bringing in of the Kingdom of Christ, and the uniting of all Christians, from whence that peace of the Church shall arise, and if there be any differ­ence between the Vials and the Thunders, it consist­eth only in this, viz. the Thunders are the denun­ciation of the Judgments of God, and the Vials are the execution of them, for tho' the Thunders were heard by St. John under the 6th Trumpet, yet they were not to be executed till under the 7th, when all the Vials shall be poured out.

He then proceeds to speak his conjectures a­bout the pouring out of all the 7 Vials.

1. On the earth, which (he thinks) intends the [Page 196] Joss of Church Revenues and so falls upon the World­ly and Carnal Interest of Antichristian men (let the Carnal Earthly and Self-seeking Prelates and Clergy look to it.)

2. Vial upon the Sea, &c. The Sea, he says, is the Papal Kingdom, (in this he agrees with reverend Mr. Knowles.) ‘In its uttermost extent, not only the Countrey where the Pope is Soveraign, but like­wise all those Princes who acknowledge him, and this Empire shall become as the blood of a dead man, &c. So that every Soul which liveth in it shall die. That is (saith he,) the government of Popish Princes shall not be able to endure their Yoke, as fish cannot live in waters which are turned into blood.

3. Vial on Rivers, he concludes, means Popish Doctrines.

4. Vial on the Sun, in all likelyhood, saith he, is the Ottoman Emperor, as the 4th Trumpet raised him, so the 4 Vial shall pull him down; I think it rather means the German Emperor.

5. Vial, on the Seat of the Beast, is meant the City of Rome, saith he, which is here threatned, and all agree with him in this.

6. Vial poured out on the great River Euphrates, and the waters thereof were dryed up, that the way of the Kings of the East might be prepared, &c.’

The sixth Vial ‘destroyeth the Empire of the Turks and their Religion which the sixth Trumpet had ad­vanced to the highest pitch of its Grandeur for the River Euphrates does, saith he, undoubtedly signify the people of that part of the world, and its wa­ters being dryed up denotes the end of that Empire and their Religion, after which there will be no­thing to hinder, either the Kings of the East who shall be enlightened and converted, or the Jews who are there dispersed in great numbers from marching into the West, to help to finish the de­struction [Page 197] of the beast, he after intimates that he be­lieves by the Kings of the East the Jews are meant, &c. And by the ʒ unclean Spirits he judges are intended the Jacobins, the Cordeliers and the Jesuits.

‘7. Vial poured into the Air, he thinks, signifies the Antichristian Religion, and that this Vial shall clear all places of it; It is done, that is, the mystery and total ruin of the Papacy—time shall be no more, for the Whore or Church of Rome, & her Idolatry.’

Of the rise of the Beast.

‘As touching the rise of the beast, he says, p. 275, It was when that Imperial Edict came forth to establish Rome, as Soveraign over all other Bishops which was in 445 in favour of Leo I. and so may hope to see the end about 1705.’ but reverent Mr. Knowles rather fixes on the year 428, orSee Mr Knowles Exposition on the Rev. p. 130. thereabouts, for which he cites Simpsons History of the Church, lib. 4. Socrat. hist. Eccl. cap. 3. Helvicus in concil. Taurinat. cap. 7. Magdeb. cent. 5. cap. 10. Which ended in 1688. a year I hope that hath laid a foundation for the utter ruin of the Papacy in this Kingdom, & brought a sudden change & great overthrow upon the OldWhore here amongst us; we have a King now, blessed be God, who has it put into his heart with other Kings and States to hate the Whore, and the work we hope is begun.

Some brief hints of this French Ministers An­swer to Mr. Jurieu, about the Vials.

‘SAith he, Mr. Jurieu builds his commentary on Rev. 16. i. e. in that he considers the seven Vials, as seven Periods of time, making the first Vial to fall upon the 10th. age, and lasted 150 years p. 2. and the 6. Vial he affirms to have continued from the year 1429. till the time of Luther, at [Page 198] which time he begins the seventh. Vial.

‘This, saith he, is the great principle that Mr. Jurieu goes upon, i. e. the 7 Vials are certainly 7 Periods of time: and after this principle, saith he, he draws three conclusions. (1.) That there is a difference between the Vials and the Plagues, that the 7 Plagues are the Judgments of God, and the 7 Vials denote the 7 Periods of time, wherein those Judgments are to fall upon the Papal Empire. (2.) That all the Plagues are designed against the Papal Kingdom, and not so much as one of them against the Empire of the Turks, 'tis certain, saith Jurieu, that the 7 Plagues are entirely intended against the Em­pire of the Beast. (3.) That there are in all thirteen Plagues, whereof the 6 first have destroyed the Roman Empire as civil, & these 6 Plagues fell under the 5 first Trumpets, and that the 6th. Trumpet which is di­vided into 7 Vials, shall destroy the same Empire as Ecclesiastical and Papal, and that the Vials have been pouring out since the 10th. Century, that the 7th. is not yet wholly poured out, but that it begun at the time of Luthers reformation, and will end at the ge­neral reformation, &c.

Now, saith this learned French Minister, where­as Mr. Jurieu's principle is, that the 7 Vials are cer­tainly 7 Periods of time, this hath no evidence in it, being neither certain nor clear, to those that are versed in the reading the Prophets,—saith he, Jurieu affirms that the 7 Vials signifie an Hour-glass and not a cup; for a cup is of another form than a Vial, in that this hath a large Belly and a narrow Mouth,‘to which our Author saith it is not about the form of a Vial that we treat, but about the signifi­cation of it, nor is there any Greek Author that ascribeth to the word Vial, the signification of an Hour-glass;—But by all Dictionaries it does appear that the term Vial signifies a Cup, a [Page 199] Chalice, in a word, a vessel designed to drink in, so that Mr. Jurieu's great principle is more than doubt­ful; but then the use to which St. John applies this term Vial, does make us plainly see its falshood in Rev. 5. 8. The 24. Elders fall down before the Throne, having Golden Vials full of odour, which are the Pray­ers of the Saints, where Hour-glasses used to offer Incense in, and to scatter perfumes in places of worship,—’ ‘Again he saith, that the term Vial can have no other signification but this, i. e. in that the wrath of God whereof they are said to be full, chap. 16. the Vials are said to be full of the wrath of God, and are poured out, are (saith he) Hour-glasses said to be cast into the Air, on the Sun or Sea, &c. Moreover he refutes Jurieu about the Trumpets, and that they rather signify Trumpets proclaiming War, than Trumpets whereby the Jubilees were published, and so shews his weakness in asserting the Trumpets to signify Periods of time: sith years of Jubilee were years of joy, but these Trumpets brought in woe and lamentation with them, so that it is not true, faith he, that the Trumpets of St. John, intimate Periods of time, by an allusion to the Trumpet which published the Jubiles, and it is yet less true that the Vials are Hour-glasses to mark these Periods by; Mr. Jurieu's principle being false, saith he, all the conclusions which he draws from it, must necessarily be false also. (1.) 'Tis false that there is a difference between the 7 Plagues and the 7 Vials, seeing they are the same Judgments of God, against the Enemies of his Church. (2.) 'Tis false that the Plagues are designed only a­gainst the Empire of the Beast, for, saith he, the Trumpets and Vials have in part for their object the Turkish Empire, and Mahometan Religion. (3.) 'Tis false that the 6th Trumpet is subdivided into the 7 Vials, and that the 7 Vials have been pouring [Page 200] out since the tenth Century, for 'tis the 7th Trumpet that is subdivided into the 7 Vials, because 'tis under the 7th Trumpet that the Vials shall be poured out; whosoever well considers what is to arrive under the 6th Vial, according as St. John has described it, and thereupon compares it with what is to come to pass under the 7th Trumpet, may from thence prove, that the Judgments of God represented by pouring forth of the Vials, agree admirably with the effects of the 7th Trumpet, and may from thence conclude, that the subdivision which Mr. Jurieu attributes to the 6th Trumpet, agrees only with the 7th, p. 10.’

He then proceeds to defend a former Book writ­ten by himself, (as I suppose) against Jurieu about the Vials.

The first foundation upon which he goes is, that the Apocalypse is nothing but a continuation of the Prophetical History of Daniel concerning the 4th Monarchy which is the Roman Empire; and concern­ing the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.—

The 2d is, that the Apocalypse predicteth 3 changes that were to befal the Roman Empire, by the first, ‘it was to pass from Paganism to Christianity, by the second, it was to pass from Christianity to Antichri­stianism and Mahometism, and by the 3d it is to return from Antichristianism and Mahometism, to Christianity purified by a general reformation.’

‘The 3d rule by which he goes is, that the first change fell out under the 6th seal, that the 2d came to pass under 6 of the Trumpets, and that the 3d shall arrive under the 7th Trumpet, that brings in the Vials.

‘The 4th is, that these three visions, viz. that of the Seals, that of the Trumpets, and that of the Vials, are the three principal Visions, and do comprehend the whole Prophetical History concerning the Ro­man [Page 201] Empire, and the Church of God, and that all the other Visions are but commentaries upon these three.’

‘The 5th is, that none of the Vials are contempo­rary with any of the Trumpets, except the seventh Trumpet, and that there is as much difference be­tween the time of the Trumpets, and that of the Vials, as there is between the time of building, and the time of destroying what is built, and that we are to see all that overthrown under the Vials, which was established under the Trumpets; this does evi­dently appear, in that the Trumpets and the Vials dis­play themselves towards the same subjects, and that the effects of the Vials, are different from those of the Trumpets. And this difference is so great, that whosoever considereth it carefully and without prejudice, will be convinced that whatsoever was produced and rais [...]d under the Trumpets, shall fall into decay and come to ruine under the Vials.

For whereas under the 1st Trumpet there fell upon the Earth, Hail mingled with Fire and Blood; instead of this under the first Vial there falls upon the same Earth, i. e. those who worship the Beast, &c. a noisom and grievous sore.

And whereas under the 2d Trumpet there was a burning Mountain cast into the Sea: So that the third part only of all that was in it died.

The 3d Trumpet made the Fountains and Rivers be­come bitter; but the third Vial represents the Rivers and Fountains changed into Blood.

The 4th Trumpet, lays before us, the third part of the Sun, and of the Moon, and of the Stars, smitten, i. e. The 3d part of the Roman▪ Empire darkned by the pestilential Doctrine of Mahomet, and invaded by the Army of the Turks: But the 4th Vial which is poured forth only upon the Sun, seems to threaten the Ottoman Empire and Religion.

[Page 202] The 5th Trumpet foretells the fall of a great Star, to whom were given the Keys of the bottomless pit, out of which there rose a Smoke and Locusts. The Keys plainly shew Rome to be meant, in that she chal­lengeth to have the Custody of the Keys committed to her, and pretends to be the Seat of St Peter; and this denotes the growth of the Papal Empire. But the 5th Vial is poured out upon the Seat of the Beast, i. e. upon Rome, which predicts her destruction, and therefore represents his Kingdom become full of dark­ness, and his Subjects Gnawing their Tongues, through despair.

The 6th Trumpet, as also the 6th Vial have the Ri­ver Euphrates for their Subjects, but with this diffe­rence, that the 6th Trumpet loosed the four Angels that were bound in the River Euphrates, which re­presented the growth of the Turkish Empire and of their Religion, whereas the 6th Vial dries up the said River, and produced the end both of their Religion and Empire.

The 7th Trumpet▪ denounceth the 3d, and last woe, and under it the Vials of Gods wrath are to be pour­ed out upon all the enemies of the Church, in order thereby to manifest and fulfil the Mystery of God, which is nothing else save the reuniting all Nations under the Scepter of Jesus Christ which will begin the Millennian Reign.

These are the principles, upon which, saith he, the Anonymous Author, hath built the Systeme of his Ex­planations, which as he Judgeth to be beyond all possibility of being overthrown, so it is from this source that he will bring his answers to those rea­sons which Mr. Jurieu hath endeavoured to prove that all the Vials are already poured out, and also the defence of the Reasons, by which he hath in his Illustrations proved that they are not yet poured forth, p. 14.

[Page 205]He then proceeds to answer all Mr. Jurieu's rea­sons which the said Jurieu brings to prove all the Vials already to be poured out.

The proof, saith he, which Mr. Jurieu grounds up­on the conformity of the first 4 Vials, with the E­vents observable in the history of the Pagan Empire, is perfectly overthrown by considering the nature of the Vials themselves, for they are nothing else but the Judgments of God upon the Papal Empire, in order to destroy it, but the events which he will have to answer the 7 Vials, produced a quite contrary effect, i. e, They raised it, they increased it and brought the Papal Empire to its grandeur, the wonderful corruption of the tenth Age signified according to Mr. Jurieu by the noisom sore of the first Vial, served to diffuse the darkness of Error and Idolatry by which that Empire is supported, the Croisad's, which he will have to be signified by the Sea & Rivers under the 2d and 3d Vials, as like­wise the Suns scorching men under the 4th Vial, which he will have to prefigure the growth of the Papal Authority, did all contribute to the rendering the Empire stronger and more terrible.

How then could these Vials (which are the Judg­ments of God, nay and the last plagues and Judg­ments to finish the wrath of God upon the Beast and Babylon) be said to be poured out to increase and perfect the grandeur of the Papistry or Papal Empire.

Jurieu to answer this difficulty would have us be­lieve, that some of the severe Judgments of God, nay and they must be some of the last Plagues or Judg­ments too, the Popes are not the Subject, but the instru­ments, these plagues, saith Jurieu, fall upon those who wor­ship the Beast and his Image, and not upon the Beast him­self and false Prophet.

To which our worthy Author replies that it is [Page 204] Impossible that an Empire should be smitten with Plagues and Judgments of God, in order to its being weakned, and impaired, and that its head and Sove­raign should in the mean time no ways suffer (to which I might add but contrarywise great strength thereby) the union, saith he that is between the head and the members, is wholly inconsistent with any such a notion, whensoever the body is very sick, the head is in a very ill condition; and this holds more truly in reference to a Political body than to the body Natural, whereas 'tis a Spiritual Em­pire, viz. Antichristianism, the Judgments that are to be executed upon it are to be Physical and Penal evils, which as punishments are to weaken and subvert it, the Judgments of God against an Empire whose criminalness from the very nature of it, lies in its Errors, i. e. Idola­try, Tyranny, &c. which comprehends in them the corruption of manners, cannot consist in evils of of­fence, but the first 4 Vials according to Jurieu, import evils of crime, & not of punishment, & do strengthen and advance the Empire or Papistry in all that is es­sential to it, instead of depressing and enfeebling it, for it never had so great power and Splendor as it enjoyed from the 10th to the 14th Century, and that is the time according to Mr. Jurieu, for the effusion of the 1st 4 Vials, never man was certainly more mistaken; our author proceeds and confutes Jurieu as fully, in respect of what he affirms to be the effects of the other 3 Vials, which I have not room to in­sert, p. 17.

In p. 24. our Author confesseth that Luthers refor­mation was a Judgment of God upon the Papal Kingdom, (yet not the effects of the 5th Vial accord­ing to Mr. Jurieu, nor the 1st Vial according to some of our English Writers) for he withal says, that it was an effect of the 6th Trumpet, which continueth [Page 205] to represent the War of Antichrist against the Church of God: till then Antichrist had been always victo­rious against the Saints for more than a 1000 years, but then came to receive a disaster; now this misfor­tune befel the Papal Empire, saith he, under the sixth Trumpet, which being the last save one was the sea­son that the War was hastning to an end, and that the last Trumpet was about to sound under which this War will both actually end, and all the Vials come to be poured forth, but the damage which the re­formation hath done the Papal Kingdom, tho' it hath dismembred it, is only a beginning of its sorrows, and is but an effect of the War which was to continue 42 months, during the time of all the six Trumpets, and which shall be finished thro' the effusion of the Vials under the 7th Trumpet; to which let me add, what greater reason have our English Writers to fix the pouring forth of the 1st Vial, about the time of Luther's reformation wrought by his preaching a­bove others, who go as high as Waldo, nay, with Ju­rieu, to the tenth age, since there was some worthy men in every Century, that bare a brave testimony against the Papal Idolatry, and wounded the Papi­stry very sorely, tho' 'tis granted not to such a degree as in the last age? Besides, what reason is there to conclude the Harvest of Gods wrath is come, till 'tis fully ripe? and why should we conclude it will be fully ripe till the 42 months are expired, which seems to be the set time of cutting down? I do con­clude the slaying of the Witnesses of Christ quite fills up their measure, and so makes way for the 7th Trumpet and Harvest of Gods wrath,—when the measure of the Churches afflictions shall come to their height, and the Beast will have filled up his num­ber and measure of wrath against Gods people, then will the time of Gods fury break forth, which will be as he observes when the 6 Trumpets cease [Page 206] sounding, and the seven Vials, which are the seven Plagues, shall arrive and begin to take place against the Papacy, and against Mahometism; 'tis, saith he, for this reason that 'tis said by the seven last Plagues (which are the Vials) the wrath of God is finished; from whence it followeth that the Vials are not contemporary with the sixth Trumpet, and that it is not the sixth Trumpet that is subdivided into the seven Vials, but that this subdivision is to be assigned to the seventh Trumpet; the sixth as well as the five preceding speaketh nothing save War against the Church of God; so long as it lasts Anti­christ abates nothing of his fury, but constantly makes the same Efforts for the oppressing of the Truth, and such who do profess it: But as soon as the seventh Angel comes to sound, the case will be quite altered, the Wrath of God will break forth, and the Vials empty themselves. And this is the reason why the Vials are called the seven last Plagues by which the Wrath of God is fulfilled.

Lastly, He shews us that the seven Vials or last Plagues do manifestly allude to the Plagues of E­gypt, because they are called Plagues as well as Vials, and are also poured out upon Spiritual Egypt; and seeing, saith he, the Plagues of Egypt did take up but a short space of time, we may not allot years; ‘nay, may be, saith he, not allow months, for the Execution of all the Egyptian Plagues, why then should it seem strange that all the Vials should be poured out within the space of fifteen or eighteen years? The third woe cometh quickly under which all the seven last Plagues shall be poured out, which signifieth that all the Plagues shall be poured out, saith he, close upon one another; (in this he so agrees with what Mr. Canne hath written upon the same account directly) let us remember, that there is no natural Agent which acteth with [Page 207] the rapidity that fire doth, our God is a consuming fire, and 'tis a terrible thing to fall into his hands; the fire of Gods wrath will burn doubtless (when it begins to seize upon the combustible matter of the Antichristian state) with great fury God will make a short riddance of his Enemies; the second woe is past, and behold the third woe cometh quickly, Rev. 11. 14. ‘We are to observe (saith he,) that this is not said in prediction of the two first woes, all that is said of them they shall come; but this quickly is not added, save in the prediction of the third woe. When we may conclude, that the seventh Trumpet shall immediately follow the Resurrection of the Wit­nesses, whose death, as it fell out in 1685, so their Resurrection shall ensue within three years and a half;’ in this he agrees directly with Jurieu, it will be well if they do not both prove mistaken.

However there is no doubt but we are near the time of the end, and I hope the Witnesses are risen, or suddenly (here in Great Bri­tain) will rise. Bone (methinks) is coming to his Bone, or alrea­dy have not we seen of late a day like that spoken of, Ezek. 36. 7, 8. A noise like that of shaking, and the Bones came together Bone to his Bone, and Sinews and Flesh coming upon them, and is not Breath come into them? and do they not begin to live? is not their hopes revived, and are they not up upon their feet?—They [...]ay be a very great Army in due time. Look about you, O ye Saints, what is your expectations? are ye ignorant of the sign [...] of the times and willingly ignorant? do you not look for great, things? or are ye still as men that dream? know ye assuredly that the Kingdom of our Lord, and of his Christ is near; nor let none perswade you there is no greater glory, nor different King­dom state approaching, than what hath been since the Resurrecti­on and Ascention of Christ, for 'tis not till the ending, or the lat­ter end of the fourth Monarchy, that the God of Heaven will set up his Kingdom in the glory of it, when the knowledge of the glo­ry of the Lord shall fill the Earth as the waters cover the Seas, all the Kingdoms under the whole Heavens shall be given to the people of the Saints of the most High. Dan. 7 Look suddenly for a fearful and an amazing Earthquake, for it will come, it cann't be far off, and it will be such a dispensation that England has not known, it will be the time of Jacob's trouble, but he shall be saved out of it [Page 208] woe to the Earth, to the wicked, to those who have had a hand in the slaying the Witnesses, who are Enemies to the power of god­liness, who strive to keep up an Antichristian state, their day is near, and the time they must be judged, God will now turn his hand upon his Enemies, his wrath is come, and the day in which he will plead the Controversie of Sion, the Decree is gone forth, and it cannot be reversed, watch and pray, take heed you are not found in the Earthly Spirit, for if you are, you will be shaken in pieces, and full with the Enemy, and rise no more, yet I doubt not but the Enemy will strive, kick and struggle exceedingly, (like a Beast that has received its deaths wound,) just as they go off the Stage, and somewhat like this, methinks, we plainly see at this very time. But tho' the work may seem to be obstructed, yet I doubt not but it will revive again, and in due time prosper and be accomplished.

The Mystical Numbers in Daniel and the Revelations, calculated by the H. Scrip­tures only, without the help of Humane History.

GOD having given the Scriptures to his Church 2 Tim. 3. 16. for her use and benefit here on Earth; so the Times & Numbers (part thereof) have, are and will be of use to her: Therefore the Angel Dan. 10. 21. (for the opening the Vision, and the confirmation of his Faith, in the Will of God revealed therein, v. 14. concerning his Church, and what should befal her for times to come here on Earth) tells him that he would shew him what was noted in the Scriptures of truth. And although this part of the Word, hath been most hard to be understood; yet (besides that common advantage to our Faith, that the times are set by God, not only in his own Eter­nal purpose, but his revealed Will; which is a good Foundation of Faith to believe and expect accord­ingly) the more particular knowledge of them as truly opened, must be of special use and help to our Faith, both to prepare for suffering, and expect de­liverance. With what diligence then should we with unbiassed minds make our applications to him that is the Revealer of secrets: An Essay towards which followeth.

  • First, I premise there is as sweet a Harmony in this part of the Word as in any other.
  • Secondly, That this harmony, and the right under­standing of the Times set, is to be found out in the Scrip­tures them selves.

The first number I shall begin with, is that great [Page 210] number of 2300 days, (a day for a year, as is usual in Scripture,) Dan. 8. 14. Which I conceive in­cludes all the lesser in Daniel and the Revelations, all of them being but parts of this; God in his wisdom having so divided this number according to the se­veral Circumstances of Providence the Church was to come under.

I conceive this number of 2300 was headed, or doth take its beginning, from the year God trans­lated the Babylonian Monarchy to the Medes and Persi­ans, which was the third and last of Belshazzar's Reign, who was also the last of the Babylonian Kings.

1. Because I find no times set in Scripture to be­gin before they are given forth, tho' several a great while after.

2. The Question, Dan. 8. 13. is, How long is the Vision to give both the Sanctuary and the Host to be trodden under foot? and the answer is, to 2300 days: So that time relates to the suffering of the Church then to come.

3. Daniel chap. 8. 1. dates it in the Third of Bel­shazzar, in the year he saw the Vision; tho' when he saw it, he was in Shushan, a chief City in the Pro­vince of Elam, which is in Persia. Daniel was in Babylon, call'd to Expound the Hand-writing when the City was taken, chap. 5. 13, 30. But when Da­rius the Median had taken Babylon, and had so in­larged his Dominions by the Kingdom of Babylon, he, for the better Government of the whole, Dan. 6. 1, 2. set over the Affairs of the Kingdom 120 Princes, and three Presidents over them, of which he made Daniel chief; so that there is great reason why he should be in the Royal City Shushan. But this falling out in the third of Belshazzars Reign, that he lost his Kingdom, Daniel dates the Vision that year, tho' he was in Persia when he saw it. God (chap. 7. and in the first of Belshazzar's Reign) [Page 211] shewed in Vision unto Daniel, under the representa­tion of four Beasts the four Monarchies which should rule in those parts of the World, where his Church then was, and was to be in after times, during all her suffering state, till Christs Kingdom on Earth was to come, Dan. 7. 27, 28. God having before shew­ed by Jeremiah, chap. 25. 11. the sufferings of his Church under the first of these for 70 years; The ending of that Monarchy, and the 70 years was to be together in the self-same year, which was also to fall out in the Reign of Nebuchadnezzar's Grand­son, Jer. 27. 7. which was this Belshazzar. Now in the last of this Belshazzar, and the first of the Medes and Persians, God shews to Daniel how long the Church was to suffer under the three that were to succeed, and 'twas to be for 2300 years longer, before the Churches deliverance was to be com­pleated, and Peace and Righteousness established in the Earth, under the blessed and glorious Reign and Government of Christ and his Saints on Earth, Dan. 7. 27▪ 28. with Psal. 72. the whole Psalm. Well might these heavy Tydings cause his counte­nance to change by the trouble of his mind about this matter, as the Repetition after Dan. 8. in the description of the 3 that were to Reign the 2300 years yet to come, as v. 19, 20, 21,—26. caused him to faint, even to sickness for certain days, v. [...]7. I say, well might these things be so di [...]ressing to the Mind and Spirit of the Prophet, when he was expecting deliverance to the Church of God▪ For in this very year▪ the first of Darius, Dan. 9. 1, 2. He un­derstood by the Books of Jeremiah, the ending of the [...]o years Captivity in Babylon, together with Gods pro­vidence in ending that first Monarchy, Jer. 27. 7. they [...]ing at a loss at which of the 3 goings into Capti­vity to head that number before, for there were [...] goings into captivity, as 2 Chron. 36. 6. and 10 17.

[Page 212]The next thing is how to carry on this time of 2300 years, according to Scripture. And first I shall premise,

1. That it is not so material to enquire what of this time is run out, in and under each of these Mo­narchies (there being so much time alloted by Di­vine appointment for the whole) if we can but find the time carried on in Scripture, it is sufficient, for as God set the time then to come, of the first Mo­narchy, in the 70 years of his Churches sufferings un­der it, so he sets the whole time of the three that were to succeed in the 2300 years of his Churches sufferings then to come.

2. That Histories do greatly differ, both as to number of Persons reigning, and the time that each reigned, that they rather confound than help in this matter, and is one reason why Expositors have so varied; each following him whom he liked best, and endeavouring to reconcile the Scriptures to them, when indeed we should reconcile them to the Scrip­tures, and if they speak not according to them, not to hear them. And therefore to prosecute my design, I find we may reckon up this account of 2300 years (so many of them as were past at Christs death) by Scripture thus.

First, 21 years after the 70 years expired in the ending of the Babylonian Monarchy, which was the time of Darius his Reign, after he took Babylon, be­fore Cyrus came to the Throne, who was foretold by Isaiah the Prophet, Chap. 44. 28. to be the Person that should let go Gods Captives; who according­ly did, Ezra. c. 1. Now the Scriptures give us this account;

  • 1. That the Medes and Persians were but one Mo­narchy.
  • 2. That the Government was in the seed of th [...] Medes, at the time when Babylon was taken, D [...] 5. 31. ch. 9. 1.
  • [Page 213]3. That Darius was 62 years old when he took Babylon, Dan. 5 31. (there is some reason for the Spirits noting of that) so that he might well Reign 21 years more, for that is but 83, and many live to that age.
  • 4. That he ordered, over the affairs of the King­dom, 120 Princes, and 3 Presidents, &c.
  • 5. He by the motion of these Princes made that Law, as firm as the Laws of the Medes and Persians, that Daniel was cast into the Lions Den by, Dan. 6. 7, 8, 9, 10.
  • 6. Upon his miraculous deliverance, he made a Decree to own the God of Daniel, chap. 6▪ 25, 26. and published it through all his Dominions; all these things must take up time.
  • 7. Daniel, c. 6. 28. is said to prosper all his Reign; therefore he did Reign.
  • 8. The Holy Spirit gives us the description of this Monarchy under the Ram: He tells [...] ▪ Horns came up one after the other, and the last grew highest, which was Cyrus a Persian How he came to the Throne, Historians differ: some say by conquest; this could not be: Others by marriage, or some natural Alliance, which is probable; but that is not material to me, it's sufficient that I find the Scrip­tures say that he came to the Throne.
  • 9. Now these 21 years, I judge, are the 21 days, (a day for a year) the Angel saith the Prince of the Kingdom of Persia withstood him, Dan. 10. 13. For the better understanding of which,

(1.) In Dan. 9. after Daniel had understood by Books, the expiration of the 70 years captivity under the Babylonians, he sets himself to pray for Mercy and Deliverance, and hath no other Answer than [...]th Vision of 70 weeks, and the division of them, Dan. [...]9. 25, 26. which account was to begin from the going forth of the Commandment to build the City Jerusalem: [Page 214] 7 weeks it should be building: and built 62 to the Messiah, and in the midst of the last week, the Messiah should be cut off. So that in all this, there is no direct answer to Daniels prayer for present deliverance, for the Temple took up a long time in building, through the long death upon the work, before the command here spoken of for building the City came forth. Now as his prayer was in the first year of Darius, that is, not of his being a King, but his taking Baby­lon, and so being concerned with the Church of God, (for God in his Word takes little or no notice of earthly powers, but as▪ in Relation to his people) so when Daniel was even now going out of the World, He sets himself to pray again, in ch. 10. which is said to be in the third of Cyrus, v. 1. and has this for Answer, that God was not unmindful of his Prayer, as v. 12. and gives a reason why deliverance was not yet to come; The Prince of the Kingdom of [...] the Prince of Persia, but the Prince of the Kingdom of Persia, i. e. Darius who, tho'he was of the seed of the Medes, was Prince of the Kingdom of Persia, withstood him, that is, had not let Israel go, tho' he had strengthned him in his Kingdom, ch. 11. 1. Now this third year of Cyrus, might possibly be but the first of his absolute Reign, for it's like he might under Darius, being old, rule 2 years before his death, because its said, 2 Chron. the last, and 1. Ezra. 1. That in the first of Cyrus, he let Israel go, and 'tis probable that Daniel died in the first of his absolute Reign, Dan x. last, for he continued but to the first of King Cyrus. Now the continuance here cannot relate to his honours, that King Nebuchadnezzar ad­vanced him to, chap. 2. 48. for after his death, if not before, he retired and lived obscure at Court, chap. 5. 11, 13. Neither did the Prophet Daniel come out of captivity, which it's like he had done if he had lived to the time of liberty to return, being a man [Page 215] whose Heart was so ingaged for the good of the Church of God; besides, it hath been, that such as were to succeed in the Throne, have been in the management of the Government, before the death of him that preceded, as in the case of Solomon, and Darius, being 62 years old when he took Babylon, must be 81 when Cyrus came to the Government, if he managed these affairs the two last years of his life, as it's probable he did, and 83 when he died, being the third of Cyrus his being concerned in the Government, but the first of his absolute rule; and then he gives liberty to the People of God to return and build the Temple. Now this work after they entred upon it, did soon meet with interruptions in the time of Cyrus, that made the Decree for build­ing the Temple, Ezra. 4. 5, 24. But in the Reign of Darius, as v. 25. with chap. 5. 1. In the second year of his Reign, Hag. 1. 1. Zech. 1. 1. God stirred up the Spirit of his People, to set about the work afresh, incouraged from the Prophesying of those two Prophets, speaking to them from the mouth of God, and God disposing the Heart of that Prince to incourage it also, so that it was finished in four years, (i. e.) the sixth of his Reign, Ezra. 6. 14. 15. How many years this interruption continued; or how many years it was between the first Decree of Cyrus, when they laid the Foundation of the Tem­ple, including the years of Preparation, Ezra 3. 8, 10. and the Decree of this Darius, in the sixth year of whose Reign it was finished, the Prophet Zechariah gives us an account, chap. 1. 12. to be seventy years, for the seventy years here intended, cannot be the seventy of their captivity in Babylon, in which time they were to pray for the peace of the City, and of the place where they were carried Cap­tive; For God promised that in the Peace thereof they should have peace, till the time came of their return, [Page 216] according to divine appointment, they were to build Houses, to Plant and to Marry, Jer. 29. 5, 6, 7. without attempting to return to build the Temple, till the seventy years were out; therefore in that time to build Houses in Babylon, and not God's House in Jerusalem, was no crime. But the great thing the Prophets Zechariah and Haggai reprove them for, was this,—consider (1.) The Prophets were contemporary, and prophesied in the second of Darius, the time that the Temple work is revi­ved and finished. (2.) They tell the People, 1. That God was displeased with their Fathers, and now with them. 2. For what he was displeased, viz. For minding their own private things, as Houses and Lands, &c. and letting the House of God lye waste. 3. The effects, in blasting all their labours, &c. (3.) He promiseth them that upon their applying themselves to the work of finishing his House and the service of it, he would abundant­ly bless them; So that the Prophets applying it to that time, we have reason to judge, that it was no other but the interruption upon the work which was, as all apprehend, some considerable length of time, but are at great uncertainty how to reckon it, when the labour may be saved, and we at no loss in the thing, when the Holy Spirit hath reckoned it for us; now the Scripture tells us, that as the work was revived after seventy years Death upon it, in the second year of Darius, so it was finished in his sixth year, Ezek. 6. 15. which sixth year was his last, Artaxerxes succeeding him, in the seventh of whose Reign there is another decree to beautifie the House of God, and to provide it with Sacrifices, Ezra 7. 21, 22, 23, 24, 27. for this decree relates only to the House of God, and his worship there­in; In the twentieth of whose Reign another Decree comes forth to Build the City, Neh. 2. 1.— [Page 217] to the ninth, and here begins Daniel's seventy weeks of years; so that, if this account be right, we have a very plain and certain account of the time, adding the seventy weeks of years to the death of Christ. I know it is the Opinion of most, if not all, to reckon otherwise, and indeed they cannot other­wise do, that go by History, which tells of more Kings Reigning, and that some of these I have men­tioned did Reign longer, as that this Darius, in the sixth of whose Reign the Temple was finished, Reigned in all nineteen years, as Helvicus, Juni [...]s, Alsted, and others say; but whence have they the account which we with so much confidence take up from them? It's from no infallible Writ; they say also, that from Cyrus, including him, there was four­teen Kings Reigned in the Persian Monarchy before it was taken by the Grecians; also that Cyrus in the nineteenth year of his Persian Monarchy Conquered Darius the Mede King of Babylon; all which could not be: For

  • 1. The Babylonish Monarchy was to end, and did in Nebuchadnezzar's Grandsons Reign, Jer. 27. 6, 7. which was Belshazzar.
  • 2. Darius, who was of the Seed of the Medes, Dan. 9. 1. Was King of Media and Persia, when he took Babylon, Dan. 5. 28, 31.
  • 3. There was to be but four Kings in Persia after Cyrus, how then could thirteen Reign? Dan. 11. 2. The Angel, for the help of our Faith, tells Daniel, he would shew him the truth; and that there should stand up yet (that is, after Cyrus, for this Vision was in the third of Cyrus, as before I have noted, for the 10, 11, 12 chap. are but the continuance of the same Vision; for as I have noted also, Daniel died this year) three Kings, and the fourth shall be richer, &c.—and shall stir up all against the Realm of Greece, and here this Monarchy ends.

[Page 218]To sum up all that we have said, there is,

  • I. -21. years Of Darius, before Cyrus came to ab­solute Regal Power.
  • II. 70. years Interruption after Cyrus's Decree for building the House.
  • III. 4. years Of Darius in finishing it after they set to the work again.
  • IV. 7. years To the Decree of Artaxerxes to fur­nish it with Sacrifices.
  • V. 13. years To that of the 20th of Artaxerxes to Build the City Jerusalem.

In all 115 years after the 70 years Captivity in Ba­bylon was out before they began to Build the City Jerusalem again.

In Daniel 9. 24. the Angel tells Daniel that 70 Weeks are determined upon his People and the Ho­ly City, to finish transgression, to make an end of sin, to make reconciliation for the people, and to bring in everlasting righteousness. Then v. 25. he divides them, that from the going forth of the Com­mandment to Build the City should be seven Weeks, that is, before it should be Built and Finish­ed, so long in Building, 49 years, and 62 Weeks it should be Built, but it should be trouble some times, and so it was with the Jews, what by the Grecian Monarchy, and after the Roman, for when the Mes­siah Christ came, they were tributary to the Ro­mans; and in the midst of the last Week the Messiah should be cut off, but not for himself, by whose Death the Everlasting Covenant was Sealed, Rati­fied and Confirmed, and all the Typical Sacrifices and Oblations to cease, as now no longer useful to the true Church of God, and great desolation was to ens [...]e upon that people for their unbelief, which accordingly fell out, and was brought upon them by Titus Son of Vespasian some years after the death of Christ, as Christ also fore-admonished them, [Page 219] Mat. 24. 15. Luke 21. 20. Add now these 69 Weeks, of years, and ½ Week (for he was to suffer in the midst of a Week) which amounts to 486 ½ unto the 115 years aforementi­oned, and it makes up 601 ½.

  • 69 Weeks ½ 486 ½
  • before 115.
  • In all 601 ½.

As to all the other Numbers, Dan. 7. 25. of Time, Times, and dividing of Time, and the same Dan. 12. 7. and the 1290 and the 1335; I conceive all relate to the Times under the Gospel, and in Dan. 11. 31. and 12. 11. when 'tis said the Daily Sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that makes desolate placed in the room of it, and Dan. 12. 11. that from the time that this shall be done there shall be 1290 days, that is, years as before, Dan. 8. 14. the Sanctuary shall be cleansed, that the purity of Gods worship shall be restor'd at the end of that time; and that blessed is he that comes to 1335, which is forty five more than 1290. As these relate to the Church under the Gospel, and Gods worship there, therefore not properly ren­dered Sacrifices, as Dan. 9. 27. but by way of Sup­plement; so I shall rather offer my thoughts of them under that of the Witnesses Prophesying, &c. only all must and do fall in within the time of this great number of 2300 years, and from what hath been spoken to it, we may guess how long it will be before it will expire. There are 601 ½ to the death of Christ; and if we are right in the Tradition of years since his Birth, (for Divine Writ being fi­nished a little after his death, we have nothing else to go by,) taking off the years of his Life which were 30 Luke. 3. 23. when he entred upon his Mi­nistry, which he accomplished in or about the three years or half Week spoken of by Daniel 5. so [Page 220] that thirty three from 1686, there rests 1653, which added to 601 ½ makes 2254 ½, which last Substracted from the Ca­pital Number 2300, there remains 45 ½ the only o­ver-plus of Daniel's last number;

  • 601 ½
  • 1653
  • 2254 ½

  • 2300
  • 2254 ½
  • 0045 ½

so that I hope that Deliverance to the Church and people of God is not far off, and all our sad sights are but good signs.

To what hath been said there is something Ob­jected, the which with the answers take as follow­eth.

Obj. That this calculation cannot be right, be­cause it's said, that when the Foundations of this se­cond Temple were laid, many of the Priests and Levites, and chief of the Fathers that were ancient men, that had seen the first Temple, wept, when o­thers, that were young, and had not seen the first house, rejoyced, &c. And if this be true that it was so long before Cyrus came to the absolute Govern­ment, and before the Decree for their return out of Babylon to build the House of God, they must be older, than in reason we can Judge men to live; and this first, Because they must not be Infants when carried into Captivity, for then they could not re­member what the first Temple was, [...]ly. The 70 years of Captivity and the 21 years of Darius before Cyrus came to the Kingdom, and at least a year of preparation before they began to build, with their own age when carryed Captive, which could not be in reason much less than twenty years, is 102 years in all, which is an age beyond what u­sually men lived; and it's said there were many of those Ancient men that wept, &c.

[Page 221] Ans. First, It's to be noted, for so it is in the Scriptures of Truth, That there was a threefold go­ing into Captivity. The First, in the 3d year of Je­hoiakim, 2 Kin. 24. 1. with Dan. 1. 1, 2. which was the 1st year of the Reign of Nebuchadnezzar, Jer. 25. 1. In this Daniel the Prophet was carried Cap­tive, and was but young, as v. 4. This Jehoiakim Reigned in all 11 years, 2 Chron. 36. 5. Then Nebu­chadnezzar Bound him in Chains, and carried him to Babylon, v. 6. And made Jehoiachin King in his stead, who Reigned 3 Months and 10 Days, and then the King of Babylon carryed him and the rest of the Vessels of the house of God, and a great Capti­vity of the People, 2 Kings 24. 10.—to 17. This was the second going into Captivity. Zedekiah was made King by the King of Babylon and Reigned 11 years, as 2 Kin. 24. 18. In the last of whose Reign and the 19 of Nebuchadnezzar's, Jerusalem was taken, (as 2 Kin. 25. 8. with Jer. 52. 4, 5, 6, 12, 13.) and burnt with the Temple. This is the third and last go­ing into Captivity; between which and the first it evidently appears, there were 18 or 19 years, and the Temple was not destroy'd till the last: So that the ancient men spoken of in Ezra, might be of the last going into Captivity, and then there is no need of reckoning them older than 20 years when carried Captive, 51 years of the Captivity, 19 being gone before and 21 of Darius, in all 92 years; and it's very probable many might live to that Age. Obj. But how doth it appear that the 70 years doth begin in the 1st of these goings into Captivity? Ans. Very plainly; For in Jer. 28. 3. The false Prophet saith that the Yoak of the King of Babylon should be bro­ken, and the Captivity should return in two years; In the 29th of Jer. the Lord tells them, that were then in Captivity, that they should build hou­ses, Plant Gardens, and take Wives in the Land of [Page 222] their Captivity, and pray for the peace of the place, for in the peace thereof they should have peace, and and in the tenth verse, that after seventy years were accomplished, they should return, and not before; so that it is evident that the seventy years in Gods appointment, did begin in their going into Captivi­ty, that were then in Captivity, and not in their Captivity that was yet to come, which was not till the last of Zedekiah's Reign.

Obj. 2. Zerubbabel who came out of Captivity, the Prince and Governour, did not only lay the Foun­dations of the house of God, Ezra 3. 8. But did also finish it, c. 5. 2. Now if the interruption was seventy years, he must be very old when he finished it, or very young to be chief when they first came up, and laid the Foundations.

Ans. We know they were reckoned Princes, or Chiefs by their being Elder Brothers, or Families, whether Younger or Elder in years; and he might live (as doubtless he did) all the time of the Inter­ruption, and be twenty or thirty years old when he came out of Babylon, and be but ninety or a hun­dred years old, when the Temple was finished, and we read not of him afterward. For Ezra, who came up the seventh of Artaxerxes, and Nebemiah who came the twentieth of his Reign, both Governed and set things in Order themselves, according to the Commissions they had. And what Ezra writes of Zerubbabel is but Historical, of things past and done. But if this be not right, they that go by History, must be much more out, who make the time between Cyrus his decree, and the sixth of Da­rius his Reign, in which it was finished, to be at least a hundred twenty four or six, which is almost double seventy.

Obj. 3. is about the one and twenty days, Dan. 10. 13. Some reckon it in the time of Cambyses [Page 223] Reign, and so part of the time of the interruption upon the work after the Foundation was laid; but this could not be; For Daniel lived but toAns. the first of Cyrus absolute Government. Dan. 1. v. last. He prospered all the Reign of Darius, Dan. 6. 28. and in the Reign of Cyrus, that is, to the first of his absolute Government, and then dies: For he came not out of Captivity, which doubtless he had done, if he had lived, being a man, whose heart was set upon the work of God, and the good of his Church. Others take it to be the one and twenty natural days of Daniels fasting, as v. 2. ButAns. this cannot be, because the holy Spirit, that we might not be misled, reckons them twice by weeks of daies, as v. 2. 3. That we might not take them for the time after v. 13. Of one and twenty days as usual in Scripture, a day for a year. And in what sense can we suppose that the Prince of the Kingdom of Persia, could withstand an answer from God, of Daniels prayer, when the Angel tells him, that from the first day he set his heart to understand, &c. he was heard, v. 12.

Therefore to conclude, what Persons Histories say did Reign, which the Scripture knows nothing of, or the time they say they did Reign, is nothing to me; For I cannot think that God in his Word would have been so distinct, and particular in the persons Reigning, and their time, had it not been for a guide to us to calculate by. Therefore let o­thers go by what Rule they please, I desire to abide by that word, which I know is a sure word of Pro­phesy, and cannot deceive any that have the mind of God in it.

An Essay towards the understanding the Time set in the Scriptures respecting the Witnesses, left in the Word for the Use and Benefit of the Church.

AND First, why two Witnesses? First, Ei­ther because the Scriptures tell us, That in the Mouth of two or three Witnesses e­very thing shall be established. Two are sufficient, and less cannot; holding forth this truth to us; That let God's faithful Servants be never so much reduced as to their number, yet he hath not left himself without sufficient Witness in this World. Or, Secondly, To signifie unto us the greatness of that Apostacy that should be from the truth, of which the false Church should be compo­sed, the whole Earth wondring after the Beast, and that but few comparatively should be found faith­ful in the time of the Holy Cities being trodden un­der footby the Gentiles. Or, Thirdly, Signifying to us, That as the Church at the time of Christ's coming was but one National Church, therefore represented by one Candlestick, Zech. 4. 2. Now under the Gospel the true Church of God, the Mystical Body of Christ her Head, consists of seve­ral [Page 225] visible Churches, and therefore is represented by two Candlesticks, Rev. 11. 4.

Secondly, Who those Witnesses are? Ans. Leav­ing them to their own thoughts, who take them to be either the two Testaments, or Magistracy and Ministry, or two particular Persons, I conceive them to be the faithful people of God, that have obtained Grace to hold the truth of Christ in all Ages, in a faithful adherence to him, under all the Apostacies that have been made from them, and Oppositions that have been made by them that have Apostatized from them that have not loved their Lives unto the death, for the Love they have had to Christ and his Gospel.

Thirdly, The time of their Prophesie is set down, Rev. 11. 3. and is 1260 days, that is, so many years, which time is contemporary with the Gentiles tread­ing under foot the Holy City for forty two Months. Now although in forty two full Months there are more days by about eighteen than 1260, yet the Text seems to give us to understand that these times shall begin and end together, though thus differ­ently reckoned, the one by the Sun, the other by the Moon, as may more fully appear in the next consideration of their work.

Fourthly, Their work is implied in the name given them; they are called Witnesses. To make a Person a true Witness, he must have a full know­ledge of what he says or testifies, 1 John 1. 1, 2, 3. Therefore they are Gods Children here intended, that have experienced the things they testifie unto; so the matter of their Testimony is that Act. 1. 8. to testifie to Christ his Person and Offices the alone Mediator, as revealed, opened and held forth in the Gospel, which is that upon which the true Church of God is Built, Eph. 2. 19, 20, &c. And which is the Temple not given to the Gentiles, [Page 226] whilst the Court and Holy City is given to them to tread under foot forty two Months, all which time the Witnesses here intended are to Prophesie and Testifie to those truths, that others under a name and profession of Christ Apostatized from, and in­truded their false Doctrines and Corruptions in­stead of the truths and true worship of God, Acts 20. 28, 29, 30. 2 Thes. 2. 1, 2, 3, 12. &c. 1 Tim. 4. 1, 2, 3. &c. 2 Tim. 3. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 1 Pet. 3. the whole chapter, 2 Pet. 2. the whole chapter, the Epistle of Jude, all are Prophetical of great Apostacies that would be from the Truths and Purity of the Gos­pel. Now, I say, the work of the Witnesses is, to stand up for the defence of the Gospel, and they shall do so for 1260 years together, and then they are slain and lye dead for three days and a half, that is, three years and a half, then the Spirit of life from God shall come upon them.

Fifthly, Their finishing their Testimony, this must either respect their Testimony it self, or the time allotted to them, that is, the 1260 years; I conceive the first is intended, for after or when they are upon the finishing it, there is a fresh War made upon them, in which, they that make the War upon them prevail, so as to overcome them, and kill them, and then they lye dead for three years and ½, now how long time this shall take up, is not said. And if the holy Spirit who had been so exact, in setting down the time of 1260 years of their Prophesy, and the three days and ½ of their lying dead, had omitted a time between both, the Church of God had been at as great uncertainty, as if no time had been set almost. Therefore if we take the fi­nishing their Testimony to respect their work, then it is our concernment to consider wherein this finish­ing part doth lye; And that I conceive to be in a [Page 227] witness to the Kingly Office of Christ. His Prophe­tical, and Priestly Offices were first Witnessed to; And this hath been lastly contested for, even to blood, in the last Wars in England, as the other had been upon which this last War hath been com­menced. The Testimony being further confirmed in the Martyrdom of many of those concerned in the finishing of this Testimony. The sufferings of the Church in these late years has been carried on a­gainst her otherwise than in former ages, in other Methods, and under other names, and pretences, all bespeaking that the time of finishing the Testi­mony is come, and the War commenced, and it may be an overcoming, if not killing also.

Sixthly where this shall be? Ans. It will be there where this finishing part of the witness to Christ is born, for there the last War is (which is the last effort which Antichrist shall make against the Church of God) and overcoming, and killing will be: And where they shall lye dead, and where they shall rise? when the Spirit of life from God comes upon them; Now where shall all these things be? The Holy Spi­rit tells us, it shall be in the Street of the great City, Rev. 11. 8. Not in all the Ten, but in one Street, and upon their resurrection the tenth part of the City falleth, not the whole City at once, v 13. So that in the Street, or Kingdom where the Testimony hath been finished, there all the rest fol­low, and there the deliverance of the Church shall begin, to an utter overthrow of all her Persecutors and Mortal Enemies.

Seventhly, When this shall be? Ans. To know the beginning and end of these times and things, there are two ways of calculating. The one is beginning at the Head of a number, so reckoning forward to its end; The other is back-wards, as Daniel did, Chap. 9. beginning our reckoning at [Page 228] the end of the number, and so reckoning to the beginning; Now by one of these two ways, in Gods time we shall infallibly know. But to the Question, I suppose both ways may be a help to us now, and Scripture numbers have a dependance one upon the other, and there lies the harmony of them, when that is understood. The great number, which includes all the rest, throughout the sufferings of the Church of God, under the three last of Daniels four Monarchies, is that of 2300 years, which I have indeavoured to carry on by Scripture to the end of it, within forty five or forty four years, from this year of our Lord 1686. There are two other great numbers in Daniel, chap. 12. one of 1290. the other 1335. which is forty five more than the other; so that altho' they both begin together, they do not both end together, by 45 years. That they begin together is evident, for the 45th is the addition of so many to the 1290. therefore blessed is he that lives to the forty five longer than the 1290. for altho' the Churches deliverance shall begin at the 1290. it shall not be compleated till forty five more; Therefore blessed is he that lives till that time: so that when ever these 1335. years begin, they end with the 2300 years also. Again, the 1290. is thirty more than 1260. in Rev. 11. therefore tho' they may end to­gether, yet they cannot begin together. And be­cause of this, expositors have generally judged, that the 1290. in Daniel relate to the Jews, and the 1260 to the Gentile Church, but by what reason I cannot be satisfied. Hence they head this 1290. at Julians at­tempting to rebuild the Temple; The reason of which was this, he had apostatized from Christia­nity, and restored the Gentile Worship and Sacri­fices, and as an affront to Christians, put the Jews upon Sacrificing also, who told him that it was not lawful for them, but in the Temple at Jerusalem, [Page 229] therefore he orders them to build it, which they attempted to do, but could but attempt, for God by his immediate power prevented them. This Ju­lian began his Reign in 365. and Reigned but three years, so that this opinion time hath confuted; For add 1290 to 368, it makes but 1658. at which time they reckon'd the Jews would be called; but no such thing hath been: Therefore they expound­ed all these places, which we read Sacrifices, with a supplement, in Dan. 8 12. chap. 11. 31. chap. 12. 11. to intend the Jew­ish worship, which Julian attempted to set up in confront to Christianity, to be the abomination that makes desolate, for all or any of which I see no reason. It is properly translated Sacrifice in one place, as chap. 9. 26, 27. And this doth relate to the taking away of the Sacrifices then in being, of Gods own appointment, which accordingly were taken away, as Christ himself also admonish­ed. Mat. 24. 15. by Titus—&c.

  • 368
  • 1290
  • 1658

But the abomination which makes desolate, I con­ceive is some corruption in the Gospel worship, the true worship of God; And therefore seeing we, as be­fore, find the Apostle concerned so much in fore­warning the Church by a Spirit of Prophesie, of what had also been expresly foretold by the Spirit of God; If it was expresly foretold, it must be written some where or other: and take the Apostles own expo­sition, 1 Tim. 4. 1, 2, 3. Why may we not rather reckon this to be the abomination, to astonishment foretold by Daniel, and this came in in the 383. year, when Syricius was Bishop of Rome and con­tinued 15 years; in his time Marriage was forbid­den to the Priests, and in the 425. year Caelestinus was Bishop of Rome and continued eight years; He assumed the temporal power, as 2 Tim. 3. 1, 2, 4, 5. [Page 230] and why we may not head these numbers here, I would be glad to understand. In the last of which I conceive Antichrist did make his first visible ap­pearance in the World: so that add the 1260 to 425 it makes 1685, and you bring it to the end of 2300 days within forty five years, or a year or two, which time I conceive is alloted to pour out the Vials, and to accomplish the great revolutions in, that shall come upon the Earth, in order to the possessing of the Kingdom, that shall be given to the Saints of the most high, Dan. 7. 26, 27, 28. There is time expressed by time, times, and dividing of time, three times in Scrip­ture, as Dan. 7. 25. 12. 7. Rev. 12. 14. I find time thus expressed but in one place more, and that is, Dan. 4. 23. where it's certainly taken for years, and by what rule we will construe it other­wise in other places I see not. And that in Dan. 12. 11. seems plainly to relate to a special time of the Enemies accomplishing to scatter the power of the Holy People, then all shall be finished, (i e.) the sufferings of the Church, or deliverance shall thence begin, and bear date from the end of this three years and ½ In Dan. 7. 25. He tells who shall act this last part, compared with Rev. 11. and in Rev. 12. 14. how God even in that time will provide for his Church, when the Devil pours out his last wrath upon her, knowing his time is short, and what time this should be, except the three years and ½ of the Witnesses lying dead; I cannot see the time when Babylon shall say in her Heart, she sits a Queen, shall see no sorrow, Wid­dow-hood, or loss of Children any more, having accomplished what she had been 1260. days la­bouring

  • 1260
  • 425
  • 1685.

[Page 231] at, the slaughter and death of the Wit­nesses, whom she hath now dead at her feet; Therefore they make merry, send gifts to one another, not knowing how near utter destruction is at her door, she being like Pharaoh of old. but a noise, and past her time. For I conceive the Witnesses cannot be said to Prophesy when dead, therefore this time follows immediatly upon the end of the 1260 days of their Prophecies; which ending in 1685 according to the preceding compu­tation; at which time Popery came to be inthron'd in this Nation, accomplished the slaughter and death of the Witnesses; the time of whose lying dead, which was to be three years and an half, being add­ed to 1685, amounts to 1688 and an half, which was the very time of Gods lifting up his hand by his present Providence to save these distressed Na­tions.


A Catalogue of Books Printed for Nath-Crouch at the Bell in the Poultrey near Cheapside.


1. ENgland's Monarchs: Or, A Relation of the most remarkable Transactions, from Julius Caesar; adorned with Poems, and the Picture of every Mo­narch from K. Will. the Conqueror to this time. With a List of the Nobility, and the number of the Lords and Commons in both Houses of Parliament, and o­ther useful particulars. Price one shilling.

2. THe History of the House of Orange: Or, a Re­lation of the Magnanimous Atchivements of his Majesties Renowned Predecessors, & likewise o [...] his own Heroick Actions, till the Late Glorious Revolution. Together with the History of K. William and Q. Mary, Being an Account of the most remarkable passages to this time. By R. B. Price one shilling.

3. THe History of the two late Kings, Charles II. and James II. and of the most observable Passages during their Reigns; and the secret French and Popish Intrigues in those Times. Pr. 1s.

4. THe History of Oliver Cromwel L. Pro [...]ector, being an Impartial Account of all the [...]attles, Seiges, & Military Achievements, wherein he wa [...] ingag­ed in England, Scotland and Ireland; and of his Civil Administration when he was in Supream Dignity, till his Death. With a Character of his Humour, Tem­per and Inclinations. Relating matters of Fact, with­out Passion or Partiality. Adorned with Pictures of some remarkable Passages. By R. B. The third Edition, very much Inlarged and Altered. price 1s

5. THe Wars in England, Scotland and Ireland, containing an Account of all the Battels, S [...]e­ges, and other remarkable Transactions, from the be­ginning [Page] of the Reign of K. Charles I. 1625. to 1660 The Tryal of [...]. Charles I. at large, and his last Speech with Pictures of several Accidents. Pr. 1. shilling

6. HIstorical Remarks and Observations of the Antient and present State of London & West­minster, shewing the Foundation, Walls, Gates, Brid­ges, Churches, Rivers, Wards, Halls, Hospitals, Schools, Inns of Court, Charters, and Priviledges thereof; with the most remarkable Accidents, as to Wars, Fires, Plagnes, &c. for above 900 years past. Pr. One Shilling.

7. ADmirable Curiosities, Rarities, and Wonders in England, Scotland and Ireland, or an ac­count of many remarkable Persons and Places; & of the Battles, Sieges, Earthquakes, Tempests, Inundati­ons, Fires, Thunders, Murders, & other Occurrences, for many hundred years past: with the natural and ar­tificial Rarities in every County; & several Pictures. p. 1 [...].

8. THE History of the Kingdom of Scotland, con­taining an Account of all the Wars, Battels, & other remarkable Transactions, Revolutions, & State Intrigues in that Nation during the Reigns of 72. Kings & Queens to the reign of King William II. In­termixt with variety of strange Accidents, Prodigious Appearances, and other considerable Events. And a List of the present Nobility of that Kingdom. Illustra­ted with Pictures. Pr. One Shilling.

9. THE History of the Kingdom of Ireland, being an Account of all the Battles, Seiges, & other memorable Passages during the late Wars there, till the entire Reduction thereof by the victorious Arms of K. Will. III. To which is prefixed a relation of the Ancient Inhabitants, & the first Conquest of that Nation by K. Henry II. The horrid Rebellion in 1641. & the Popish and Arbitrary designs in the last Reigns. Pr. 1s.

10 THE History of the Principality of Wales in three parts: Containing, 1. A brief account of the antient Kings and Princes of Britain and Wales, till the final extinguishing of the Royall British Line.- [Page] 2. Remarks upon the Lives of all the Princes of Wales of the Royal Families of England, from K. Ed­ward I: to this time; particularly of Edward the Black Prince of Wales, who with 30000 English defeated an Army of 100000 French at Cressy; & at Poictiers with 10000 beat 80000, and took John the French King Prisoner. Also of Hen. of Monmouth (afterward K. Hen­ry V.) who with 13000 routed 90000 French, whose Son Henry VI. was crowned K. of France at Paris. 3. Remarkable Observations on the most memorable Per­sons and Places in Wales, and of divers considerable Passages for many hundred years past: VVith the birth and strange actions of Merlin the famous Welsh Pro­phet. And the Natural and Artificial Rarities in every County of that Principality. price one shilling.

11. THe Unfortunate Co [...]rt Favourites of England, Exemplified in some Remarks upon the Live [...] Actions and Fatal Fall of divers Great Men, who have been Favourites to several English Kings and Queens. Namely, I. Peirce Gaveston Favourite to K. Ed. 2. II, III. Hugh Spencer the Father and Son, both Favourito [...] to K. Kd. [...]. IV. Rog. Mortimer Favourite to Q Isabe [...], Mother to K. Ed. 3. with their private Amour [...], &c. V. H. Stafford Favourite to Crook▪ backe Richard with that King's secret Intrigues for usurping the Crown. & murdering his Nephews. Likewise the Character of Jane Shore by Sir Tho. More who saw her. VI. Cardinal Woolsey; VII. Tho. L. Cromwell; both Favourites to K. Henry 8. VIII. E. of Essex, Favourite to Q. Elizabeth. IX. D. of Bucks Favourite to K. James I. & K. Charles I. X. E. of Strafford, Favourite to K. Charles I. With all their Pictures. Price one shilling.

12. THe English Empire in America, or a prospect of his Majesties Dominions in the West-Indies, namely, New-found-land, New-England, New-York, New-Jersey, Pensylvania, Mary-land, Virginia, Caroli­na, Bermudas, Berbuda, Anguilla, Monsetrat, Dominica, St. Vincent, Antego, Mevis or Nevis, St. Christophers [Page] [...]arbadoe [...] & Jamaica: With an account of their Disco­very, Scituation and Product: The Religion and Manners of the Indians, &c. To which is prefixed a Relati­on of the discovery of the New-World and of the re­markable Voyages of S [...]bastian Cabot C. Frobisher, Cap­tain Davis, C. Weymouth, C. Hull, C. Hudson, Sir T. Ca­ [...]endish, the E. of C [...]mberland, Sir W. Rawleigh & o­ther▪ English, Worthies. VVith Pictures of the strange Fruits, Birds, Beasts, Fishes, Insects, Serpents & Monsters found in those parts of the World. pr. 1 [...].

13. A View of the English Acquisitions in Guine [...] & the East-Indies: With an Account of the Religi­on, Government, Wars, strange Customs, Beasts, Ser­pe [...], Monsters, & other Observables in those Countries A description of the Iste of St. Helena, and the Bay of Sould [...]nia; intermixt with pleasant Relations. pr. 1 [...]

14. THe English Hero: Or, Sir▪ Francis Drake Revi­ved. Being a full▪ Account of the dangerous Voyages, admirable Adventures, notable Discoveries & [...]gnanimous Atchievements of that Valiant and Re­ [...]owned Commander. As [...] ▪ His Voyage in 1572. to [...]os▪ in the West Indies, where they saw a Pile of Bars of Silver near 70 foot long, 10 foot broad and [...] ▪ foot high. II. His incompassing the whole World in 1577. which he performed in 2 years and 10 months, gaining a [...]ast Quantity of Gold and Silver. III. His Voyage into America in 1585. and tak­ing the Towns of St. J [...]go, St. Domingo, Carthagena and St. Augustine▪ IV. His last Voyage into those Countries in 1595. ▪with his Death and Burial. Revised Corrected, enlarged, and beautified with Pictures By R. B. price one shilling.

15. TWo Journeys to Jerusalem, Containing first, An account of the Travels of a English Pilgrims some years since, and what Accidents befel them in their Journey to Jerusalem, Grand Cairo, Alexandria, &c. II. The Travels of 14 Englishmen in 1669. With the Antiquities, Monuments & Memorable Places men­tioned [Page] in Scripture. To which are prefixed, Memo­rable Remarks on the Antient and modern State of the Jewish Nation, As 1. A Description of the Holy Land, its Scituation, Fertility, &c. 2. The several Captivi­ties of the Jews, 3. Probable Conjectures what is be­come of the Ten Tribes carried Captive by the Assyri­ans, with Divers pertinent Relations pursuant there [...]o. 4. The State of the Jews since their extermination, with the present condition of Palestine. 5. Of the Sep­tuagint or 70 Jewish Interpreters of the Law of Moses▪ Together with a Relation of the great Council of the Jews in Hungary, in 1650. to examine the Scriptures concerning Christ. Written By S. B. an Eye-witness. The Wonderful delusion of the Jews by a false Christ at Smyrna 1666. The final extirpation of the Jews in Persia the same year, and the occasion thereof. The Proceedings between the Jews & [...] O. Cromwel L. Pro [...]. in 1655. The Epistle of Agbarus to our Saviour with his Answer; Beautified with Pictures. pr. 1 [...].

16. EXtraordinary Adventures of several Famous Men: With the strange Events, & sig [...]al muta­tions and changes in the Fortunes of divers Illustri­ous Places and Persons in all Ages; being an account of a multitude of stupendious Revolutions▪ Accidents, and observable matters in divers States and Provinces throughout the World; With Pictures. Pr. 1 [...].

17. THe History of the Nine worthies of the World Three whereof were Gentiles. 1. Hector Som of Priamus. K. of Troy. 2. Alexander the Great King of Macedon. 3. Ju [...]us Caesar first Emp. of Rome. Three Jews. 4. Joshua C. General of Israel. 5. David K. of Israel. 6. Juda [...] Maccabeus a valiant Jewish Command­er against An [...]iochus. Three Christians. 7. Arthu [...] K. of Britain. 8. Charles the Great K. of France, & Em [...] ▪ of Germany. 9. God frey of Bullen K. of Jerusalem Being an account of their Lives, and Victo­ries. With Poems and the Pictures of each Worthy▪ By R. B. Pr. 1 [...].

[Page]18. FEmale Excellency, or the Ladies Glory, Illu­strated in the Lives of nine Famous Women. At 1. Deborah the Prophetess. 2. The valiant Ju­dith. 3. Q. Esther. 4. The virtuous Susanna. 5. The Chast Lucretia. 6. Boadicia Q. of Britain, in the Reign of Nero; containing an account of the Original Inhabi­tants of Brittain. The History of Danaus and his fifty Daughters, who murdered their Husbands in one night Of the valour of Boadicia, under whose conduct the Brittains slew 70 thousand Romans, with other remark­able particulars. 7. Mariamne Wife of K. Herod. 8. Clo­tilda Q of France. 9. Andegona Princess of Spain. A­dorned with Poems and Pictures. Pr. 1 [...].

19. VVonderful Prodigies of Judgment and mercy, discovered in above 300 me­morable Histories; containing. 1. Dreadful Judgments upon Atheists, Blasphemers, & Perjured Villains. 2. The miserable end of many Magicians, &c. 3. Remarkable Predictions & Presages of approaching Death, & how the Event has been answerable. 4. Fearful Judgments upon bloody Tyrants, Murderers, &c. 5. Admirable Deliverances from imminent dangers & deplorable di­stresses at Sea & Land. Lastly, Divine goodness to Peni­tents, with the Dying thoughts of several famous Men, concerning a Future State. With Pictures Pr. 1 [...].

20 UNparallell'd Varieties, or the matchless Acti­ons and Passions of Mankind displayed, in near 300 notable Instances & Examples, discovering the Transcendent Effects, 1. Of Love, Friendship and Gra­titude 2. Of Magnanimity, Courage and Fideli­ty 3. Of Chastity, Temperance and Humility: And thee▪ contrary, the Tremendous Consequences. 4 Of Hatred, Revenge and Ingratitude, 5. Of Cowardice, Barbarity & Treachery. 6. Of Unchastity, Intempe­rance and Ambition. Imbellished with Figures. Pr. 1 [...].

21. THe Kingdom of Darkness: Or, The History of Demons, Specters, Witches, Apparitions & other supernatural Delusions & Malicious Impostures of the Devil▪ Containing near 80 memorable Relations, Fo­reing [Page] and Domestick, antient and modern. Collected from Authors of undoubted Verity. VVith a Preface obviating the common Objections of the Sadduces & Atheists of the Age, who deny the Being of Spirits, Witches, &c. With Pictures. Price one shilling.

22. SUrprizing Miracles of Nature and Art, in two parts; containing, 1. Miracles of Nature, or the wonderful Signs, and prodigious Aspects and Ap­pearances in the Heavens, Earth and Sea; with an ac­count of the most Famous Comets, and other Prodigi [...]s from the birth of Christ to this time. 2. Miracles of Art, describing the most Magnificent Buildings, [...] other Curious Inventions in all Ages▪ as the seven Won­ders of the World, & many other excellent Structures and Rarities throughout the Earth. Beautified with Pictures. price one shilling.

23. THe General History of Earthquakes. Or An Ac­count of the most Remarkable Earthquakes, in divers parts of the World, from the Creation to this time, particularly those lately in Naples, Smyrna, Ja­maica, England and Sicily; With a Description of the famous Burning Mount Ae [...]na, and several other late strange Accidents. As I. A surprizing Account of An­gels Singing Psalms in the Air, over the ruins of a Pro­testant Church in France in the year 1686. With the words they Sang in the hearing of many hundreds. II. The Life of a great Person of near an hundred years old, now an Hermit in a Forest in France, with the De­votions, Cloathing, Diet, &c. of him and his Compa­nions, &c. III. The wonderful Army of Grashoppers near Breslaw in Silesia. September 7. 1693. & in other parts of Germany, which in their March took up six­teen Miles devouring every green thing. IV. Three Miraculous Cures wrought by Faith in Christ. in 1693 As 1. of Mary Maillard a French Girl healed of an extream Lameness. 2. The Wife of Mr. Savage cured of a Lame Hand. 3. A Shepherd near Hitchin in Hartfortshire instantly healed of the King's Evil, under which he had languished Twenty Years. Pr. 1 [...].

[Page]24. MEmorable Accidents and Unheard of Trans­actions, containing an account of several strange Events: As the Deposing of Tyrants, Lamentable Shipwracks, Dismal Misfortunes, Stratagems of War, Pe­rilous Adventures, Happy Deliverances, with other re­markable Occurrences, and select Historical Passages which have happened in several Countries in this last Age. Printed at Brussels and Dedicated to King William 3, &c. Published in English by R. B. pr. 1 [...].

25. MArtyrs in Flames, or Popery in its true Colours; being a Relation of the horrid Persecutions of the Pope & Church of Rome, for many hundred years past, in Piedmont, Bohemia, Germany Poland, Lithuania, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, Ireland and England; with an abstract of the cruelties exercised upon the Protestants in France & Savoy in 1686, & 1687. and an account of God's Judgments upon Persecutors. Price one shilling.


26. DElights for the Ingenious, in above Fifty Se­lect Emblems, Divine and Moral, curiously Ingraven on Copper Plates, with so delightful Poems and Lots, for the lively Illustration of each Emblem, whereby instruction may be promoted by pleasant Re­creation; to which is prefixed, A Poem, intituled, Ma­jesty in Misery, or an Imploration of the K. of Kings, written by K. Charles I. in Carisbrook. Castle in the Isle of Wight, 1648. with a curious Emblem. Collec­ted by R. B. Price 2 s. 6d.

27. EXcellent Contemplations, Divine and Moral written by A. L. Capel, with some account of his Life, his Letters to his Lady, and his last Speech Also the Speeches of D. Hamilton, and the Earl of Hol­land, who suffered with him: Price one shilling.

28. VVInter Evenings Entertainements, in two parts, Containing, 1. Ten Plea­sant Relations of many Notable Accidents. 2. Fifty Ingenious Riddles, with Explanations Observa­tions and Morals upon each. Enlivened with above [Page] 60 Pictures, for illustrating every Story and Riddle, Accommodated for chearful Conversation. Pr. 1 s.

39. ESops Fables in Prose and Verse, with Pictures and proper Morals to every Fable; Some ve­ry pertinent to the present Times containing a new Col­lection of ingenious and delightful Fables. Composed by the Famous Esop, the learned Camerarius, & other Antient and Modern Authors. Useful not only for Diversion, but likewise for Instruction, in the Prudent Conduct of our Lives & Actions. Pr. 1 s. By R. B.


30. THE Divine Banquet, or Sacramental De­votions, consisting of Morning and Evening Prayers, Contemplations and Hymns for every day in the Week, in order to a more Solemn Preparation for the worthy Receiving of the Holy Communion; representing the several steps and degrees of the sor­rows and sufferings of our blessed Saviour, till he gave up the Ghost. As 1. his Agony in the Garden. 2. His being betrayed by Judas. 3. His being falsly accused, smitten, buffered, and spit upon before Cajaphas the High Priest. 4. His condemnation, scourging crowning with Thorns, and being delivered to be Crucified by Pontius Pilate. 5. His bearing the Cross. 6. His Cruci­fixion. 7. Our Saviours Institution of the Blessed Sa­crament, Also brief Resolutions to those Objecti­ons alledged for the omission of this Important duty. With eight curious Sculptures proper to the several parts, and Graces. Imprimatur Z. Isham, R. P. D. Hen. Episc. Lond. Price 1 shilling.

31 A Guide to Eternal Glory: Or, brief Directions to all Christians how to attain Everlasting Salva­tion: To which are added several other small Tracts. As 1. Saving Faith discovered in three Heavenly Con­ferences between our blessed Saviour, and 1. Publican 2. A Pharisee. 3. A doubting Christian. II. The Threefold state of a Christian: 1. By Nature 2. By Grace. 3. In Glory. III. The Scriptures Con­cord [Page] compiled out of the words of Scripture, by way of question and answer, wherein there is the sum of the way to Salvation, and Spiritual things compared with Spiritual. 4. The Character of a true Christian. 5. A Brief Directory for the great, ne­cessary, and advantagious Duty of self Examination, whereby a serious Christian may every day examine himself. 6. A short Dialogue between a Learned Di­vine and a Beggar. 7. Beams of the Spirit, or Cor­dial Meditations, enlivening, enlightning and glad­ding the Soul. 8. The Seraphick Souls Triumph in the Love of God; with short remembrances and pious thoughts. 9. History improved, or Christian Applica­tions of divers remarkable passages in History. 10. Holy Breathings in several Divine Poems upon di­vers Subjects and Scriptures. Price one shilling

32. Youth; Divine Pastime; Containing Forty Re­markable Scripture Histories, turned into En­glish Verse. With Forty Pictures proper to each story; ve­ry delightful for the virtuous imploying the vacant hours of young Persons, and preventing vicious divertise­ments. With Scripture Hymns on divers occasions. pr. 6d.

33. THe Young Man's Calling, or the whole Duty of Youth, in a serious and compassionate Address to all young Persons to remember their Creator in the days of their Youth. Together with Remarks upon the Lives of several excellent young Persons of both Sexes, as well Ancient as Mo­dern, who have been famous for Virtue and Piety in their Generations. Namely, on the Lives of Isaac and Joseph in their youth. On the Martyrdom of the 7 Sons and their Mother. Of Romanus a a young Nobleman, and of divers Holy Virgins and Martyrs. On the Lives of K. Edward, 6. Q. Jane & Q. Elizabeth in her youth. Of Prince Henry eldest Son to K. James I. and the Young L. Harlington. With twelve curi­ous Pictures, Illustrating the several Histories. Price eighteen pence.

[Page]34. THe Vanity of the Life of Man represented in the Seven several Stages thereof; With Pic­ures and Poems exposing the Follies of every Age. Together with several other Poems and Pictures, namely, The History of Cassianus a, Christian School­master, who was martyrred by his own Schollars for the Profession of the True Faith. A Spiritual Hymn by Mrs. Ann Askew a Lady of Quality, who suffered cruel Martyrdom for the Protestant Religion in the Reign of K. Henry 8. Divine Exhortations, To a Virtuous Woman. To his Children. To a Lady writ­ten in her Book. To his Brother. All written by Mr. John Rogers Minister of St. Sepulchers London, while he was Prisoner in Newgate, before his Martyr­dom in Smithfield, in the bloody Reign of Queen Mary. The Glorious Lover, or a Dialogue between Divine Love and Worldly Lust, the one persuading the Soul to imbrace the Love of Christ in Youth, & the other alluring it to ruin and Destruction. The Penitent Youths Alphabet, conformable to the 24 Letters. With many others, very useful for instruc­ting of young Persons. By R. B. Price bound 6d.

35. ANtichrist Stormed, or the Church of Rome proved to be Mystery Babylon the Great Whore, Rev. 17. by many & undeniable Arguments, answering all the objections of the Papists, and all o­thers. Together with the Judgment of many Ancient and Modern Divines, & most Eminent Writers con­cerning the rise and final Ruin of the Beast & Baby­lon, proving it will be in this present Age; with an account of many strange Predictions relating to these present times. By B. Keach Price one shilling.

36. THE Devout Souls Daily Exercise in Prayers, Contemplations & Praises, containing Devoti­ons for Morning, Noon, & Night, for every day in the week; with Prayers before and after the Holy Com­munion: And likewise for Persons of all conditions and upon all occasions: With Graces and Thanksig­vings [Page] before and after Meat. By R. P. D. D. Price bound Six pence.

37. SAcramental Meditations upon divers select pla­ces of Scripture, wherein Believers are assisted in preparing their hearts, & exciting their affections & Graces when they draw nigh to God, in that most awful and solemn Ordinance of the Lord's Supper. By Jo. Flavel late Minister of Christ in Devon. Price one shilling.

38▪ JACOB Wrestling with GOD, and prevailing; Or, a Treatise concerning the Necessity and [...]ffica­cy of Faith in Prayer: Wherein divers weighty Questions and Cases of Conscience about praying in Faith, are stated and resolved: For the satisfying of scrupulous Consciences; Conviction of formal Hypo­crites, awakening of all both weak and strong, o this great duty of Prayer. By T. Taylor, formerly Mi­nister at St. Edmund's Bury, now at Cambridge. price one shilling.

39. HEaven upon Earth or Good News for Re­penting Sinners: Being an Account of the Remarkable Experiences & Evidences of many Emi­nent Christians in several Declarations made by them upon Solemn Occasions. Displaying thē exceeding Ri­ches of the Free Grace and Love of God in support­ing them under violent Temptations & at length filling their Souls with Divine Consolations. With the Me­morable Conversion, Exemplary Repentance, and Dying Expressions of the late Earl of Rochester. Ap­proved of as very necessary for comforting poor Doubting Believers, By W. Dyer Minister of the Gos­pel. Price One Shilling.

40. THE Welcome Communicant, Containing brief Directions to the weakest Christians how to proceed from one Grace to another, according to the Rule of the Sacred Scriptures, that so they may come with cheerfulness and Accep­tance to the LORDS TABLE. Together with Devo­tions and Prayers before, at, and after the Receiving the Holy Communion. By A. H. D. D. Price six Pence.


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