THere is lately printed a Book, entituled, A Companion for the Persecuted; or, an Office for Those who suffer for Righteousness. Containing particular Prayers and Devotions for particular Graces; and for their Private or Publick Wants and Occasions. By John Kettlewell, a Presbyter of the Church of England. Price bound 1 s. 6 d.

LONDON: Printed for Robert Kettle­well, and Benj. Bragg, at the White-Hart, over against Water-Lane, in Fleet-street, 1694.

[Page] A COMPANION FOR THE Penitent: And for Persons Troubled in MIND. CONSISTING OF An Office for the Penitent, to carry on their Reconciliation with God. And a Tryal or Judgment of the Soul, for discovering the safety of their Spi­ritual Estate. And an Office for Persons troubled in Mind, to settle them in Peace and Com­fort.

By JOHN KETTLEWELL, a Presbyter of the Church of England.

LONDON: Printed for Robert Kettlewell, and Sold by Benj. Bragg, at the White-Hart, over against Water-Lane, in Fleet street, 1694.

[Page] Imprimatur,

Ra. Barker.

To the Inhabitants and Pa­rishioners, of the Town and Parish of Coles-hill, in Warwick-shire.

My beloved Friends and Brethren,

THough by God's Providence, which most wisely Orders all Things, I now live at a great distance from you; yet I still retain a Pastoral Affecti­on for you, and ordinarily remem­ber you in my Prayers, and have an Heart that is truly desirous to serve you in the great Work of your Souls, and is glad when any pains of mine can prove serviceable to you therein.

I remember the Labours which I have spent among you, with a ve­ry sincere and good Will, tho' alass! with much weakness, in my great [Page] Lord and Masters Service; and I hope also that you will not forget them. And if by tract of time, ma­ny things which I have taught you have sl [...]pt out of your Memories, (as I cannot expect but they have;) yet much of that, which I prepared and preached to do you good, I printed, whilst I was among you, for the Benefit of others, and the Books are in many of your Hands, and may be in more, wherewith you may refresh your Memories when you please.

In those labours of my Ministry, which I took among you for a course of several years, I thank God I endeavoured to lay before you his whole Counsel, according to the best my Skill. And suited my Dis­courses, to the needs of the place, and to Times and Seasons, to pos­sess you with such Thoughts and Tempers, as I judged needfull to support your Spirits, and to direct [Page] your Practice under them. And I was not silent, but warned you, yea, sometimes till I even wearied some of you with warnings, against your Spiritual Dangers, when I thought any great Danger to your Souls drew near. For you your selves know, Brethren, that I have not kept back the Truths of God from you, nor suppressed them at the times when you had most need to be put in mind thereof; tho' I found some were like to be displeased therewith, and as St. Paul says, to count me Gal. 4. 1 [...]. their Enemy for telling them these Truths.

Now there must be a strict Ac­count given one day, both how I have discharged my part in that Sta­tion, and how you have discharged yours. And my Hearts desire, and earnest Prayer for you all is, that you may, both bear in Mind all the faithful Warnings and Instructions, which according to the best of my [Page] understanding, I was continually pressing upon you, and left with you; and may likewise willingly, and carefully follow them. That so, when both you and I are brought before our ever Blesled and Great Master, (as most certainly we shall be,) we may both rejoyce together; I for having been your affectionate and Faithful Monitor, and you for having afforded a willing, a mind­ful, and an obedient Ear.

And now, since I am out of the may of serving you otherwise, I have sent this Companion among you, to minister to your most Serious and Holy Thoughts, and to direct and go before you, both in your Prayers, and in your Practice. And I desire, that by your frequent and considerate use thereof, you wouldturn the Hymns and Prayers contained therein, to become the familiar and genuine Sense and Language of your Hearts. Learn habtually to breathe these [Page] Thoughts, and daily to live by them. And by this means you may both perfect the work of your Repentance, and preserve the Peace of your Consciences, which are the greatest and most concerning things you have to mind, and the chief things, which I earnestly pray you that you would, and hope that you will mind, all the days of your Lives. And this I shall look on, as the best, and the most obliging Return, that you can make to me for this Labour of Love; which I desire you to receive, not only as a Token of my Respect and Kind­ness to you, but also as a proper means, which, by God's Blessing, may do you good, if you please.

I humbly commend it to the Ac­ceptance and Blessing of the Al­mighty, without which it will be of no force, either among you, or among any others. And I heartily commend you all, to the Protection [Page] of his Good Providence, and espe­cially to the Guidance of his Grace, that he would deliver you from all dangerous Errors and Wickedness, and both make you perfect in the doing of his Will, and give you Comfort in the same. I remain, my Beloved Friends and Brethren,

Your truly Affectionate Friend, and Faithful Mo­nitor, in the Work and Service of the Lord Jesus, John Kettlewell.

THE Introduction.

DIrections and Helps for Repen­tance, can never come out of Season. For Repentance is Luke 10. 42. the one thing necessary, and the chief Business of all Men in this World, and will be so whilst they live in it. The best do daily need it, to make up their daily Failures, their Defects and Forgetfulness. And the bad, have no time to delay it for one Mo­ment, having deferred a great deal too long already, to shake off their sinful Habits, aud to set themselves with all their might to please God, and to secure their Everlasting Peace.

Especially this time of Lent, is a Season, wherein great numbers pro­fess to make this their Business. For from the early usage and practice of [Page 2] the Church, this has still been made a solemn time for Sinners to call their Sins to Remembrance, and to seek Gods Mercy and Forgiveness of the same, by earnest Prayers, and amendment of Life, and by afflict­ing of themselves, and bringing forth Fruits worthy of Repentance.

And to help them in so necessary and beneficial a Work, I have com­posed and published the following Offices, hoping that they may prove acceptable to my Heavenly Master, and serviceable to direct and com­pleat the Repentance, and to settle the Comfort and Peace of some of his beloved Servants, into whose Hands his Providence shall bring them.

In the Office for the Penitent, I have endeavoured to mark out distinctly the several Steps, and full compass of a Sinners Restauration, or Recon­ciliation with God. Wherein I have all along interwoven instructions with their Devotions, and set their Work before them, that they may see what they have to amend, and what they are to doe to work out [Page 3] their Pardon, as well as how they are to petition for it.

I have sought to make the Soul acquainted with its Disease, with­out which it would neither know what it has for God to forgive, or for his Grace and its own Care to Remedy. And I have been very particular in some Forms of Con­fession, to affect it with a more distinct and effectual Sense of the several maladys which it lyes sick of, and which, as it must beg Mercy for, so in the Course of its Daily Care, it must both diligently and designedly set its self by God's help to Cure.

Where Sin is the Disease, the great Gospel way of Cure, is true Repen­tance. And this I endeavour to set out, in all the necessary parts, and great and worthy Fruits thereof. I lead the Penitent to express the same in such Acts, as through the Merits of Christ, are the truest a­tonement for Sins, and have the most express promises of Mercy and Forgiveness made to them. And then I instruct him to comfort up [Page 4] himself, with an humble claim and application of those Expressions of the Divine Mercy and Condescen­tion, which are given to us for our Confidence and Consolation in per­formance of those Acts, And if he takes care to say all that I have here put into his Mouth, with Sincerity, and is really affected as these forms express, he is a true Penitent, and may be a comfortable one; he has thereby secured his Everlasting Peace, and may quiet and revive his Spirit, with the joyful Sence thereof.

In the Tryal or Judgment of the Soul, for discovering the safety of their Spiritual Estate, I have given them as clear, and full, and with­all as brief a view as I can, of the final account which will be exac­ted of them. I have run through the several Heads of Tryal and Ex­amination, and raised such questions upon them, as I take to be most perti­nent and decisive of their future Con­dition, and fittest to settle their present Peace and then give them the Benefit thereof, by setting their Answers and [Page 5] God's Promises together, and apply­ing all to themselves. My Desire is, so far as my Skill would reach, to omit no question which is necessary to their Safety: and my care has been, as I am able, so to word all, as that they may serve to clear their doubts and uncertainties, upon the several parts of their account, but beget none in them.

And this part will be of chief ac­count and use, to both the other Of­fices. For it is the truest Tryal of Penitents, and the truest Direction for them in carrying on and com­pleating their Repentance. And it is the surest Ground of Peace of Conscience. For, containing the full Draught of settling our Peace with God, it must give the best Light and Direction for Peace in our Selves, which lyes in seeing that God is at peace with us.

Tho' the business of these Papers is not to prove and argue, but brie­fly to Direct; yet to the several Heads, which I have made the Arti­cles of the Penitents Tryal, I have pre­fixed Texts of Scripture, to shew that [Page 6] God has made them the Terms of his Mercy. But 'tis not unlikely, that some who will not be perswa­ded to be so good as they should, will think that I am stricter about this account than I need. And if they doe, I cannot help it, but they may. My Part is to deal faith­fully, both by my Blessed Lord, and by them; and to represent things to them, as he has left them, and as in the end they will find them. So that if my Discourse has more strictness, than they could wish to hear from it, it is because I look not how to suit their carnal wishes, but how to serve their Ever­lasting happiness. And because I would rather have them offended with me for telling them unpleasing Truths, whilst they may serve themselves by them; than flatter them with pleasing Errors, till it is too late for them to rectifie the same, and prevent their own ever­lasting Ruine and Destruction there­by.

[Page 7] In the Office for Persons troubled in Mind, I am careful to have them fully sensible of that Holy Obedi­ence, which is needfull to keep them safe; as well as to free them from those unnecessary mistrusts and Fears, which render them uneasie. I seek to give them a just sense of the Things which trouble them, and to keep them from over-valuing them. And to make them acquainted with the true allowances of Favour, which God is ready to make to their Infirmityes, and with the several Grounds which they have to hope and look for them; and lead them on in their Devotions, both hum­bly to plead with God, and to com­fort up their own Hearts with the same.

To the Offices, I have prefixed Collections of Pertinent and proper Scriptures. And these will serve the devout Minds, to express their De­votion in, or to support their Spirits withall; yea, and to guide and direct their Practice too. For they mark out their Duty upon the several Points which they refer to, and teach them, [Page 8] not only how they may address to God, but how they ought to imploy themselves, and what the Work and Business is, which Gods Favour and their own Eternal wellfare, or which his Peace and their own re­quire at their Hands.



  • Psal. 32.
  • Psal. 38.
  • Ezek. 18.
  • Psal. 51.
  • Luk. 15.

1. For Godly Sorrow for Sins

TO him will I look, that is poor, and of a cont [...]te Spirit, and trembleth at my word. Isa. 66. 2.

The Sacrifices of God, are a broken Spirit: a broken and a contrite Heart, O! God, thou wilt not dispise. Psal. 51. 17.

[Page 10] Turn ye therefore to me, with all your Heart, and with fasting, and with weeping, and with Mourning.

And rent your Hearts, and not your Garments, and turn unto the Lord your God. Joel, 2. 12, 13.

Remember your ways, and all your Doings, wherein ye have been defiled, and ye shall loath your selves in your own sight, for all your Evils that ye have committed. Ezek. 20. 43.

Lord! Mine Iniquities are gone over mine Head, as an heavy Burthen, they are too heavy for me.

I am ready to halt, and my Sorrow is continually before me.

I will declare mine Iniquity; I will be sorry for my Sin. Psal. 38. 4, 17, 18.

2. For Penitential Confession of the same.

IF our Heart condemn us, God is greater than our Heart, and know­eth all things, 1 Jo. 3. 20.

Our Iniquities are all before him, yea, our secret Sins are set in the Light of his Countenance, Psa. 90. 8.

[Page 11] And therefore, He that covereth his Sins, shall not prosper; but whoso confesseth, and forsaketh them, shall have Mercy, Prov. 28. 13.

If we confess our Sins, he is faith­ful and just to forgive us our Sins, and to cleanse us from all Unrighteous­ness, 1 Jo. 1. 19.

I will arise therefore, and go to my Father, and will say unto him, Fa­ther I have sinned against Heaven, and before thee, and am no more worthy to be called thy Son, Luk. 15. 18, 19.

Behold! I was shapen in Iniquity, and in Sin did my Mother conceive me, Psal. 51. 5.

And since I was born, I have gone astray like a lost Sheep, Ps. 119. 176.

Mine Iniquities are increased over my Head, and my Trespasses are grown unto the Heavens, Ezr. 9. 6.

But, Lord, I acknowledge my Sins unto thee, and mine Iniquities have I not hid, Psal. 32. 5.

I acknowledge my Transgressions, and my Sins are ever before me.

Against thee have I sinned, and done these Evils in thy Sight; that thou migbtest be Justified when thou speak­est, [Page 12] and clear when thou judgest, Psal. 51. 3, 4.

God be merciful to me, a Sinner, Luk. 18. 3.

To me, the chief among Sinners, 1 Tim. 1. 15.

To me, that have been at agreement with Hell, and made a Covenant with Death, Isa. 28. 15.

And whose Destruction is of my self, Hos. 13. 9.

3. For Resolution of Amendment.


IF I regard Iniquity in my Heart, the Lord will not hear me, Psal. 66. 18.

Goe therefore, and sin no more, Jo. 8. 11.

Sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee, Jo. 5. 14.

And Remember from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works, or else I will come unto thee quickly, Rev. 2. 5.

Repent, and turn your selves from all your Transgressions, so Iniquity shall not be your Ruin.

[Page 13] Cast away from you all your Trans­gressions, whereby ye have transgressed, Is. 55. 7. and make you a new Heart, and a new Spirit; for why will ye dye, O! House of Israel? Ezek. 18. 30 31.

Wash you, make you clean, put away the Evil of your Doings from before mine Eyes, cease to do Evil, learn to do well, seek Judgment, relieve the Oppressed, judge the Fatherless, and plead for the Widow.

Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord; tho' your Sins be as Scar­let, they shall be as white as Snow; tho' they be red like Crimson, they shall be as Wool, Isa. 1. 15, 16, 17, 18.


CReate in me a new Heart, O! God, and renew a right Spirit within me, Psal. 51. 10.

I thought on my ways, and turned my Feet unto thy Testimonies.

I made haste, and delayed not to keep thy Commandments, Psal. 1 19. 59, 60.

Lord, Incline not my Heart to any evil thing, Psal. 141. 4.

[Page 14] Turn away mine Eyes, from behold Vanity, Psal. 119. 37.

I have made a Covenant with mine Eyes, Job 31. 1.

Set a Watch before my Mouth, and keep the Door of my Lips, Psal. 141. 3.

Remove my Foot from Evil, Prov. 4. 27.

Hedge up my way with Thorns, and make a Wall, that I may not find my former Paths to Evil, Hos. 2. 6.

Keep back thy Servant from Presump­tuous Sins; let them not have Domini­on over me: then shall I be upright, and innocent from the great Transgression.

Let the words of my Mouth, and the Meditation of my Heart, be acceptable in thy Sight, O! Lord, my Strength, and my Redeemer, Ps. 19. 13, 14.

4. For Fruits worthy of Repentance

BRing forth Fruits meet for Repen­tance, Mat. 3. 8.

This self same thing, that ye sorrow­ed after a Godly sort: Behold! what carefulness it wrought in you; yea, what clearing of your selves; yea, what Indignation; yea, what Fear; yea, [Page 15] what Vehement Desire; yea, what Zeal; yea, what Revenge, or punishing of your selves, 2 Cor. 7. 11,

If the Wicked restore the Pledge, give again that he hath Robbed, and Lev. 6. 2, 3, 4, 5. walk in the Statutes of Life without Committing Iniquity; none of his Sins shall be mentioned to him, he shall surely Live, he shall not Dye, Ezek. 33. 15, 16.

If thou bring thy Gift to the Altar, and there remembrest that thy Brother hath ought against thee.

Leave there thy Gift before the Al­tar, and go thy way; f [...] st be reconciled to thy Brother, and then come and offer thy Gift, Mat. 5. 23, 24:

Forgive, and you shall be forgiven, Luk. 6. 37.

If ye forgive Men their Trospasses your Heavenly Father will also forgive you.

But if ye forgive not Men their Trespasses, neither will your Father for­give your Trespasses, Mat. 6. 14, 15.

Break off thy Sins by Righteousness, and thine Iniquities by shewing Mercy to the Poor, Dan. 4. 27.

[Page 16] Thine Alms are come up, for a Me­morial before God, Acts 10. 4.

They lay up in Store for us a good Foundation against the time to come that we may lay hold on Eternal Life 1 Tim. 6. 18, 19.

Blessed are the Merciful, for they shal [...] obtain Mercy, Mat. 5. 7.

He shall have Judgment without Mercy, who hath shewed no Mercy; but Mercy rejoyceth against Judgment James 2. 13.

5. For Pardon of Sins, and Ground for the Hopes thereof.

ENter not into Judgment with the Servant, for in thy sight shall n [...] Man living be Justified, Psal. 143. [...]

If thou, Lord, shouldest mark Iniqui­ties; O! Lord, who shall stand?

But there is Forgiveness with thus that thou mayest be feared,

With the Lord is Mercy, and plenti­ous Redemption. Ps. 130. 3, 4, 7.

He knoweth our frame, he remem­breth that we are but Dust, and piti­eth those that fear him, as a Father pi­tieth [Page 17] his own Children, Ps. 103. 13, 14.

Likewise, the Blood of Jesus Christ his Son, cleanseth us from all Sins, 1 John. 1. 7.

The Chastisement of our Peace was upon him, and through his stripes we are healed, Isa. 5. 3, 5.

And if any Man sin, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the Righteous, and he is the Propitiation for our Sins, 1 John 2. 1, 2.

For him hath God exalted, to give Repentance, and forgiveness of Sins, Acts 5. 31.

And that Repentance, and Remission of Sins, should be preached in his Name among all Nations, beginning at Je­rusalem, Luke 24. 47.

This is a faithful Saying, and wor­thy of all Acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the World to save Sinners, 1 Tim. 1. 15.

He came not to call the Righteous, but Si [...]ners to Repentance, Mat. 9. 13.

And there is Joy in Heaven over one Sinner that repenteth, more than over Ninety and nine just Persons, which need no Repentance, Luke 15. 7.

Create in me a clean Heart therefore, O! God, and renew a right Spirit with [...]n me.

[Page 18] And hide thy Face from my Sins, and blot out all mine Iniquities, Ps. 51. 9, 10

6. For Comfort in the same.

PUrge me with Hysop, and I shall be clean; wash me, and I shall be whiter than Snow.

Make me to hear of Joy and Glad­ness, that the Bones which thou has broken may rejoyce.

Restore unto me the Joy of thy Salva­tion, and uphold me with thy fre [...] Spirit.

Then will I teach Transgressors thy ways, and Sinners shall be converte [...] unto thee, Ps. 51. 7, 8, 12, 13.

Blessed are they that Mourn, for they shall be comforted, Mat. 5. 4.

He will speak Peace to his People and to his Saints, but let them not turn again to folly, Ps. 85. 8.

I said I will confess my Transgressions to the Lord, and thou forgavest the [...]i­quity of my Sin.

For this shall every one that is Godly pray unto thee in a time when thou mayest be found, Ps. 32. 5, 6. Psal. 102, 17, 18.

[Page 19] Depart from me all ye workers of I­ [...]quity, for the Lord hath heared the [...]oice of my weeping.

The Lord hath heard my Supplicati­ [...]n, the Lord will receive my Prayer. [...]alm 6. 8 9.


1. Prayers upon the Several Parts of Repentance, in par­ticular and distinct Forms.

1. A Confession of Sins.


O! Almighty and most Gracious Lord, look in Mercy upon me the meanest of thy Servants, Who am less than the least of all thy Mercys, and have deserved the hea­viest of thy Judgments, and am not worthy to lift up mine Eyes to the place where thine Honour Dwel­leth.

I am a Sinner, O! Lord, yea a Sinner altogether, [and one of the [Page 20] chief among Sinners.] I was born in Sin and ever since have lead a Life suitable to that beginning. For to the shame of my Face, and to the praise of thy long Suffering, O! Almighty God, I do here with a truly humble and contrite Heart, confess to thee, that I have shame­fully neglected and let alone those good things, which I ought to have done, and have done those Evil things, which I ought to have for­born. Of both these I am heinously guilty, both in Thought, Word and Deed. And have wickedly incurr'd the same, against the innumerable Endearments of thy Mercys, and Terrors of thy Judgments; against all the good Motions of thy Grace, and against the many seasonable admonitions which I have had from Spiritual Advisers, and against the voice and struglings of my own Conscience. I have done these things, O! Lord, and have conti­nued to do them, repeating the same many times, yea, alass! too many of them in ordinary course; yea, and that after my own mani­fold, [Page 21] and solemn Promises and En­gagements, that I would offend therein no more.

Lord be merciful to me, a miserable Sinner.


ANd in all these Transgressions, O! Righteous Father, I have acted, as a most impudent Sinner, flying in the Face of an infinite Ma­jesty; and passing all these heinous Affronts, where I owe the utmost Love and Reverence. And as a most presumptuously venturous and daring Sinner, provoking that Pow­er, which can Torment, and utter­ly destroy me at its Pleasure.

Lord be merciful unto me, a bold and presumptuous Sinner.


I Have therein dealt most disinge­nuously and ungratefully, O! Merciful Lord, rising up against thee the Author of all my Blessings: and flying in the face of that Mer­cy, [Page 22] which fosters and sustains me, even whilst I am thus basely aff [...]on­ting and despising it, and which is heaping new Obligations upon me every Moment. Under all these grievous Offences, I have first beg­ged thy Patience, and then fallen to abuse it. I have first prayed to be spared, and then turned basely to provoke thee after thou hast spa­red me, and have abused all thy Mercys, to an opportunity of com­mitting more Offences, and of re­returning hatred where I have re­ceived the greatest, and most en­dearing Love.

Lord be merciful unto me, a base and ungrateful Sinner.


YEA, O! Holy Father, I have therein dealt falsly and de­ceitfully with thee, promising Obe­dience, whilst I am in need of thy Mercies, but practising none after once I have received them. In the [Page 23] midst of all my pretences, to Hon­our and Honesty, and regard to my word amongst Men: I have been wretchedly careless, of deal­ing Honourably or Justly with thy Divine Majesty, and of keeping my word with thee, tho' thou art al­ways faithful, and canst not fail in the least tittle of thy word with me.

Lord be merciful to me, a false and faithfless Sinner.


ANd in all this, O! My Dear God, I have done most foo­lishly, all this while madly hinder­ing and resisting my own everlast­ing Mercies, Peace, and Safety. And instead thereof, making a Co­venant with Hell, and securing and hasting on mine own Eternal Mise­ry, and heaping up sorrows, which never can be born, and which ad­mit of no Remedy.

Lord be merciful unto me, a blind and desperately foolish Sinner.


SO that in my self, O! Most Righteous Lord, I am nothing but Sin and Misery. My past Life, can shew nothing, for which thou shouldest accept me. Nor can I reasonably expect, that thou should­est give heed to my word, or trust me when I promise to do better, ha­ving so frequently, and shamefully broke my word with thee alrea­dy.

But, O! Almighty and most Gra­cious Father, thou hast Mercy e­nough, to pardon all my Wicked­ness; and Grace enough to establish all my Promises, and to keep me true to them: and to thee alone, do I fly for both. I do not justifie, nor excuse my Wickedness, but utterly condemn it, and condemn my Self for the same. 'Tis Forgiveness, O! Father, that I seek, and 'tis merely from thine abundant Mercys, and for my dear Saviour's infinite Merits, that I hope for it. Oh! Thou who forgivest Sinners, forgive [Page 25] me a great Sinner. [The greatest of Sinners.] Oh! thou great Physici­an of Souls, who curest Sinners, cure me who seek to thee alone for Remedy against all my Sins. Res­cue me from the Power and Bondage of my own corrupt Lusts, by the greater power of thy Grace; and deliver me, good Lord, from doing ill, and from all tormenting Fears of suffering thine Eternal Wrath and Vengeance for the same, through the Merits and Mediation of thine only Son, and my only Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Other Forms of Confession, are added afterwards; whereof the Penitent may serve him­self, and wherewith he may suit his Spirit, as he sees Cause.

2. A Profession of Godly sorrow for Sins, and of Resolutions of new O­bedience.


I Ezekiel 20. 43. call my ways to remembrance, O! Lord, wherein I have defiled my Self, and remember them with a troubled Heart. Psal. 51. 3. My evil doings are daily before mine Eyes, and have made me vile, and loathsome in my own sight, as they have done in thine. They are a burthen upon my Spirit, a Psal. 38. 4. sore burden, and too heavy for me to bear.

But now, O! My God, with a penitent Heart I turn from them, and resolve by thy Grace to cast a­way all my Transgressions, which are are most highly displeasing, both to thee, and to my self. From this Day forward, I am fully purposed to forsake them. O! then Ezekiel 18. 13. let them not be my ruine.

God be merciful to me, a returning Sin­ner.


ANd from them, O! Holy Fa­ther, which are the shame, and sorrow of my Life; I turn to thee, who art the Glory and Com­fort, and shalt ever be the Guide and Governour thereof. I turn to thee, with a Psal. 51. 17. broken and contrite Heart; O! Receive, and Comfort it, and despise it not. I return too thee, with my whole Heart, and make no reserves, nor will retain any allowance of any of my former Sins, no not of those, which seemed most delightful or serviceable unto me, and are hardest to part with.

I Revel. 2. 5. remember, O! Lord, from whence I am faln, and resolve by thy help, to do my vows. I will Psalm. 119. 60. make bast to do [...], and not de­lay to keep thy Com [...]dments. I beg no greater Mercy, than to be fou [...]d stedfast in thy ways, nor shall ac­count any things to be so great fa­vours to me, as those which serve to keep me in the same. I will [Page 28] most heartily thank thee, O! Thou Faithful Guide and Keeper of re­turning Souls, if thou wilt be plea­sed to Hosea 2. 6 hedge up my way with Thorns, or with any worldly Difficulties, that may keep me from finding my way to my former Vanities. For 'tis the unfeigned Desire of my Heart, and shall be the great Endeavour of my Life, above all things to keep true to thee; and my chiefest prayer to thee is, to keep me from falling any more from the way of thy Fear, or from forfeiting thy Mercy.

God be merciful to me, a Returning Sinner.


ANd having [...]w by thy Grace, these hol [...] [...]houghts and Pur­poses in my He [...]; I earnestly beg of thee, O! Blessed Author and fi­nisher of all Grace, that I may never loose them. I give my Heart to thee, and humbly pray, that it may always be in thy hands, since it is so unconstant in what is good, [Page 29] and prone to turn aside to what is evil, when it is in mine own keeping. O! Father, keep it stedfast, and un­alterable in thy ways. Psal. 41. 4. Let it not be inclined to any Evil thing, nor lean towards any of my former Vanitys. Keep mine Eyes, from beholding wick­edness; Psal. 119. 37. and mine Ears from listning thereto. Let not Ps. 141. 3. my Lips utter a­ny thing that is Ill, nor my Prov. 4. 27. feet move a step in any of the Paths of Death. But hold my whole Spirit, Soul, and Body, in ways of thy Fear; and continue me under the Comfortable hopes of thy favour, through Jesus Christ my Blessed Lord and only Saviour,


3. A Profession of the Fruits of Repen­tance, and the Conditions of For­giveness.


I Have sinned grievously, O! Lord, but I am angry at my self for my Sins, and desire to prevent thy Ju­stice, and to take Revenge upon my own Head for my Transgressions.

[Page 30] And however disposed, and easie I was, to be drawn aside before; yet now thou hast filled my Heart with such 2 Cor. 7. 11. a Godly Sorrow, and Compun­ction for my Sins, as begets in me a Vehement Desire, and Godly Care, to sin no more.

By the help of thy Grace, O! Merciful God, I am ready now Ezek. 33. 15. to walk in those Statutes, which I have formerly transgressed; and to give again, whatsoever I have at a­ny time unjustly taken away; and to make full amends to the utter­most of my Power, for all the Wrong and Damage which I have ever done to any. particu­larly, &c. here name particulars And where, either by my Example, or by my Counsel and Perswasion; or by my Importunities, I have tempted others, and drawn them into Sin; It shall be the Study and Care of my Life, to make them sensible of the Heinousness, and ex­tream Danger thereof, as, thro' the Blessing of thy Grace I am, to recover them out of the same. Here name Par­ticulars. Particular­ly, &c.

God be merciful to me a Returning Sinner.


I Am contented, O! Holy Father, to submit my self to those, who have just cause to be offended with me, and to use all fair ways of Re­conciling my self to them; before I hope for Reconciliation and Peace with thee. Particu­larly, &c. I freely forgive all those, that have Trespassed against me, and with good Will offer them my Par­don, as I most heartily desire thine. Particu­larly, &c. And my Hearty Desire and Purpose is, to study doing Good to my Bre­thren in their Needs, that I may not be held unworthy to receive it from thee in mine own; and to shew Mercy unto others that I may not be ashamed to ask it for my self, and that the Rigorousness and Unre­lenting hardness of my own Deal­ings towards them, may not deprive me of the favourable Indulgence, and Mercifulness of thy Dealings to­wards me.

God be merciful to me, and forgive me, a Merciful and Forgiving Sinner.


I Have no Hope in my self, O! Gra­cious Lord, but only in thy Mer­cy. Nor any expectation of the same, thro' my Deservings, but meerly thro` thy Blessed Son's Infi­nite Merits. Nor rest my Soul upon Acts 4. 12. any other Name given among Men, whereby thy Justice may be satisfied, and my Sins expiated, but on his alone.

God be merciful to me a Great, but an Humble and Believing Sinner.


I Am heartily sorry for all the Sins which I can call to Mind, and do yet know my self to have been guilty of, and am fully purposed by thy Grace, as far as I can, to amend them. And I am truly desirous to discover all the rest, which are yet hid from me, that I may be as particu­larly sorry for the same, and amend them too. And I humbly and ear­nestly pray thee, O! Father of Mer­cies, [Page 33] that for Jesus Christ's sake, thou would'st be pleased to accept this my Repentance. Receive it, O! Lord, according to the Riches of thy Mer­cies, and supply whatsoever is want­ing therein by the Power of thy Grace. And place me among the number of those, who are truly con­trite for all their evil ways, and whose Repentance has prepared them for the free and full Remission of all their Offences, through the Merits and Mediation of Jesus Christ our Lord,


4. A Prayer for Pardon of Sins.

O! Holy and most merciful Fa­ther, spare me thy poor Sin­ful, but Repenting Creature. Spare me, good Lord, spare me, and let me not perish in my Sins, now I am heartily troubled and sorry for them, but thro' thine infinite Mer­cies, find pardon of the same.

[Page 34] I am a Sinful Person, O! Lord But thou, Blessed Jesus, art 1 Tim. 1. 15. the Savi­our of Sinners. And thy coming into the World, was Mat. 9. 13. to call Sinners to Repentance. Lord, I come, and Re­pent at thy Call; cast not me and my Repentance away from thy Pre­sence.

I have gone astray, and am very defective in my return home, thro' the frailty of my Flesh. But thou, Gracious Lord, considerest our frail­ties. Thou Psal. 103. 13. knowest our frame, and considerest whereof we are made. Oh! be not Psal. 130. 3. extream to mark mine Offences, nor to exact Rigors in my Repen­tance of the same; but for Christ's sake, make me all needful, and fa­vourable Allowances.

Now I have found the way to thy Fear, let me find the Comforts of thy Mercy. I have a truly Psal. 51. 17. Contrite Heart, O! Lord, despise it not. My Spirit Is. 66. 2. &c. 57. 15. is broken, and trembleth at thy word; O! Lord, revive it. It is Matt. 11. 28. heavy laden, and wearied with my Sins; O! my God, give it ease from the same. Psal. 103. 14. Pity me, O! Fa­ther, [Page 35] as a Father pitieth his own Chil­dren. Receive me, as the offended Father Luk. 15 did the returning Prodigal. Tho' I ver. 32. was lost, yet now, by the Blessing of thy Grace, I am found a­gain. Oh! welcome thy lost v. 4, 5, 6. Sheep when it returns home; and let v. 7, 10. there he joy in Heaven on the Repentance of me a lost Sinner.

Oh! 1 Jo. 1. 17. let the Blood of Jesus cleanse me from all my Sins. Let his Inter­cession for me in thy Presence, make my Peace, and appease thy Wrath. Shut not thine Ears, against the Voice of his Blood, nor be deaf to his Me­ditation, but hear him my Advocate for my Pardon. And let me find the Forgiveness of all my Sins, that thy troubled and trembling Servant may have Peace, and that thou may'st be sought unto, and feared and served by Sinners, who will return unto thee in hopes of thy Grace and pardoning Mercy, thro' Jesus Christ our Lord, and only Saviour,


Two Collects in the Office of Commination.


O! Lord, we beseech thee, mercifully hear our Prayers, and spare all those who confess their Sins unto thee that they whose Consciences by Sin an accused, by thy merciful Pardon, may be absolv'd, thro' Christ our Lord,



O! Most mighty God, and Merciful Father, who hast Compassion upon all Men, and hatest nothing that thou hast made, who wouldest not the Death of a Sinner, but that he should rather turn from his Sin, and be saved; mer­cifully forgive me my Trespasses; receive and comfort me, who am grieved and wearied, with the Burthen of my Sins. Thy property is always to have Mercy; to thee only it appertaineth to forgive Sins. Spare me therefore, good Lord, spare me whom thou hast redeemed; en­ter not into Jugdment with thy Servant, [Page 37] who am vile Earth, and a miserable Sinner; but so turn thine Anger from me, who meekly acknowledge my Vile­ness, and truly repent me of my faults, and so make haste to help me in this World, that I may ever live with thee in the World to come, thro' Jesus Christ my Lord,


5. A Prayer for Peace of Mind, and Comfort upon the same.

LET me have thy Peace, O! Gra­cious Father, and comfort my trembling and broken Heart with the Hopes thereof. Cause me Psal. 51. 8. to hear the Voice of Joy and Gladness, and revive me with the Assurance of thy Love. O! that I may be able from my own Experience, to speak great things of thy readiness, to receive and comfort returning Sinners; and thereby draw back others to thy Service, who are still running astray from the same. O! that by seeing thy Goodness up­on me, Psal. 32. 6. every one that is Godly may seek to thee in their Distress, and find Mercy, as I have done.

[Page 38] But Lord, having found thy Mer­cy to poor Sinners, let me not abuse it, or presume upon it. Let me not take Heart to repeat my Sins, because thou art ready and glad to grant Forgiveness. When thou hast spoke comfortably to me make me carefull Jo. 5. 14. to sin no more lest a worse thing come upon me; but to keep on in all holy and thankful O­bedience unto thee, and never Psal. 85. 8. more to return to folly. Let the Sence of thy Mercies, O! My God, serve no other use in me, but to encou­rage my Repentance, and to support me in thy Fear, till I come at length to enjoy thy Eternal Favour, through Jesus Christ my Lord, Amen.

For Peace of Mind, and favoura­ble Allowances, and hopes of Mercy, the Penitent may have more parti­cular Provisions, if he is desirous thereof, in the Office for one troubled in Mind.

2. Prayers for Confession Sin, and Repentance of the same, in one continued Form.

1. A Form and Confession of Sins, and of Repentance for the same.


O! Almighty, and most Righteous Lord, I do here with grief of Heart, and with shame and deep Hu­mility confess unto thy dreadful Majesty, that my Sins are exceeding many and great, and have been fre­quently Repeated.

I have oft-times transgressed out of Ignorance: O! that I could not say careless Ignorance, under Op­portunities of Knowledge; yea, or affected Ignorance, espoused for Earthly ends against Light and clear Evidence, which was enough to shame and silence me, tho' not to gain and convince me. But I have transgressed oftner out of Negligence. Worldly Fear, or Desire; yea, alass! too oft, out of presumptuous Wil­fulness, [Page 40] condemning the Evil, while I was a doing it, and offending wi [...] ­tingly, and with Checks and Convi­ctions to the contrary Especi­ally, &c. here men­tion Par­ticulars..

And these Sins I have been draw to, against all the Endearments of th [...] Mercies, and all the Alarms and louder Warnings of thy Punishments against all the Rebukes and Strivings of thy Grace, and of my own Con­science, and of other faithful and seasonable Admonishers. And a­gainst all mine own Purposes and Engagements, Deliberately made and solemnly profess'd, and fre­quently Repeated, that I would of­fend therein no more.

Lord be merciful to me, a Great and Wretched Sinner.


BUT thou, O! Blessed Jesus, by making thy self a Sin-Offering for us, art come to take away the Sins of all, who truly Repent there­of. And, O! merciful Lord, tho [...] my Sins are many and grievous, yet [...] desire to overlook them, but [Page 41] would gladly see and discover them [...]l, that I may penitently bewail and forsake them. And Oh! That so corrupt Passions, nor love of Worldly or Carnal Interests, may [...]ver byass me, or blind my Eyes [...]rom seeing of the same, whilst [...]here is space left me to repent of them. And as for those Sins, which do know my self to be guilty of, I do not cover, but with shame con­ess them. I do not justifie nor ex­cuse, but condemn my self for the same.

I stand thereby Guilty, O! Lord, of highest Disobedience, against the strictest Obligations; of wretched Disingenuity and unthankfulness, a­gainst the most endearing Mercys; and of most stupid Folly, against my own clearest, highest, and most lasting Interests, throwing away thy favour and future Joys, for empty shows and shadows, and a blessed Eternity for moments of Va­nity.

I reflect on all this, O! Merci­ful God, with bitterness, and with a Spirit wearied with mine own [Page 42] ways. I see and lament my o [...] ­folly, and abhor mine own vilent on account thereof. I wish wi [...] all my Soul, that those Sins had n [...] ­ver been done, and would take an [...] way to undoe them, and most ea [...] ­nestly desire, and fully propose b [...] thy Grace, that I may doe so n [...] more.

God be merciful to me, a self condemn­ing and repenting Sinner.


LOrd, I am burden'd and heavy laden with my Sins, Oh! D [...] thou, who Matth. 11. 23. callest out to the heavy laden, to seek refeshment at thin [...] Hands, give me ease. I confess them, and desire above all things else, that I may utterly forsake them Let me according to my Promise Prov. 28. 13. find Mercy. From mine Heart [...] forgive all Persons who have offen­ded me, even my bitterest Enemies, and most earnestly entreat thee that thou would't forgive them: Oh! Do thou, who Matth. 6. 14, 15. offerest for­giveness to those who are ready to [Page 43] grant it, for Jesus Christ's sake for­give me. I repent unfeignedly of all my Sins, and am ready to make all just amends, at least as far as I am able, to any whom I have ever [...]njured, whether they be of low or [...]f high Degree, or even the highest of all. O! God of all Grace, per­fect my Repentance and accept it, and blot out all my misdeeds, as thou Acts 3. 19. engagest to do unto all those, who sincerely repent of the same.

I know, O! Blessed Jesus, that Acts 4. 12. there is no name but thine, whereby I can obtain Pardon. And I trust only to the fulness of thy Merits, and to the faithfulness of thy gracious Pro­mises, and to the abundance of my Heavenly Fathers Mercy and loving Kindness, to me a great and misera­ble, but an Humble, Contrite, Pe­nitent Sinner. Forgive them all, O! Blessed Father, Remembring not my Deservings, but the pytyable­ness of my Weakness, and thy Dear Sons infinite Merits, and thine own boundless Mercyes and most preci­ous Promises. Let me here have thy Peace, and be admitted hereaf­ter to stand for ever in thy Pre­sence, [Page 44] for our Lord Jesus Christ Sake,


2. A shorter form of Confession, and Re­pentance of the same.

O! Almighty and ever living God, I thy sinful wretched Creature, do here with shame and grief of Heart, bewail and confess my manifold Sins, which either this day, or at any times heretofore, I have been guilty of against thy Di­vine Majesty, either in Thought, Word, or Deed; by omitting what I ought to have done, or by com­mitting what I ought not to have done; against thee, my Neighbour, or my Self. Sinning in all these kinds, against thy Mercies, and thy Judgments; thy Spirit, and thy awa­kening Providences; against my own Vows and Resolutions, yea, and oft times against the checks and calls of my own Conscience; oft times without any pretence to palliate them to my self, and always with­out any to excuse and justifie me at thy righteous Bar. And by these ways, O! Great and Dreadful God, [Page 45] am I, who at best am nothing, be­come far worse than nothing, an object of thy most deserved Wrath, and Eternal Damnation.

But thou, O! Merciful Father, hast sent thine'own only Son into the World, Luke 19. 10. to seek and save that which was lost, and when once he returns back, thou art ready, not only to receive the Prodigal Son, but to Luke 15. 20. &c. run out and meet him, and Rejoyce over him.

Lord, I repent of all my Sins from my very Heart, and am asha­med of my self, and grieved that ever I committed them. I earnest­ly desire to do better for the time to come, and firmly purpose by thy help to labour in the same. And I most humbly and heartily implore thy Grace, to keep me always in this Mind, and never to suffer me wilfully to relapse into the ways of wickedness again. I am heartily offended with my Self, be thou no longer offended with me. Cleanse away the Guilt of all my Sins, O! Gracious God, by thy dear Son's most precious Blood, and slay the power and Dominion of them by [Page 46] his Spirit, that Jo. 5. 14. being made whole I may sin no more, nor return after I am washed, as 2 Pet. 2. 22. the Dog to his Vomit, or the Sow to her wallowing in the Mire. Grant this, O! Merciful Fa­ther, for thy dear Son, and my on­ly Saviour, Jesus Christ's sake.


3. A particular Enumeration of Sins in a large Form of Confession and Re­pentance of the same.


O Lord! Most Holy and Terri­ble, who art most pure in all thy ways, and a consuming fire [...]o all unrelenting Sinners, my manifold and great Transgressions, make me both ashamed, and afraid to appear before so holy and just a Majesty.

Lord! How unlike am I to that Image of thine, wherein at first thou madest Man, and how far have all the powers of my Soul faln from what they should be? My Mind is overspread with Blindness and Ignorance, Folly and false Rea­sonings, and spends it self upon va­nity and unprofitable Thoughts. It [Page 47] is loath to fix upon good things, and very apt to forget them, and to loose that tenderness and quick sense of Duty, which should make thy Laws to reign in me. My Heart is so averse to what is good, and so stubborn and refractory; that it is hardly brought to resolve upon those ways, which my Conscience tells me are my Duty: and so wavering and inconstant withall, that when it doth resolve well, it doth not stick to it with any certainty. My Affections are forward, and violent in pursuit of earthly things; but very slow to be engaged in thy Ser­vice, and when once ingaged there­in, soon weary of the same.

Lord be mercyful to me, a mise­rably corrupt, and depraved Creature.


AND besides this proneness of my Nature, O! Righteous God, to what is bad; to make me still more lowly in my own Sight, I have little Strength of Holy Inclination, or obe­dient Dispositions, which should re­strain me from following, and giv­ing way to the same.

[Page 48] Oh! how little is there in my Heart, of that Holy Fear, which should withhold me from giving thee any offence; of that Love, which should make me imitate thy Glori­ous Excellencies; of that Thankful­ness, which should make me return answerably for all thy Mercies; or of that Joy in God, which should turn Religion into a Delight, and make me take all Opportunities of conversing in that place whilst I live, where I desire to be when I come to die:

I am not duly provident to pre­vent Temptations; nay, alass! I am too oft delighted in them, and plea­sed to dwell with them, and love the near approaches of Sin, and to be put into Opportunities, yea, and sometimes almost the necessity of e­vil doing. And when at any time thou hast thought fi [...] to cast me up­on Tryals, I have not been suffici­ently watchful, active, and unweari­ed, in withstanding them. I am easier, O! most Righteous Lord, in hearkning to my own wicked Lusts, than to the good motions of thy ho­ly Spirit, and to the Dictates of a [Page 49] pious Conscience; and hereby have omitted many Duties, and have been led into many sinful Thoughts, and evil or indecent Speeches, and un­righteous Actions, which now I do with grief lament, and am utterly ashamed of.

Lord be merciful to me, a frail, naked, sinful Creature.


HOW seldom have I been, O! Holy Father, in devout Reflecti­ons? How Irreverent, Insincere, and liveless in my Prayers? How careless in observing thy manifold, and great Mercies? How hard sometimes to be reconciled to thy Will, and to own the Wisdom and Goodness of thy Orderings? How faint and languid, in believing, and relying on thy Pro­mises, when I have stood most in need thereof, and Danger has threatned a­ny Duties? How fearfull to exposemy self, in owning of thy Injured Name or cause, and in shewing a concern and Zeal for thy Service? Nay, how faithless to my own Vows, when I have promised to make up defects, and to shew greater care [Page 50] and watchfulness, in amending these, or any other Offences.

Lord be merciful unto me, an un­believing, indevout, and ungodly Creature.


AND besides all these Offences against thee, my God, how many ways have I trespassed against my Brethren also?

In bargaining and Acts of Justice, how apt am I to lean to my own profit, and to press upon my Neigh­bours?

In opportunities of Charity and good Offices, how is my affection in doing good streightned, by too quick an Eye to mine own ease and inte­rest?

In Conversation, how prone am I to take opportunities of instilling my own Praise, and of detracting from the praise of others?

How liable is my Heart, to give way to Discontents. To harbour uncharitable surmises, yea, some­times of those who are the proper Objects of Charity, and stand in need of my Relief or Assistance. To grow impatient, and angry upon any [Page 51] [...]ovocation, and in such Anger, to ut­ [...] some indecent, bitter, or reproach­ [...] words, especially to my inferiours, and to retain such resentment of their Offences, as renders me, either prone [...]o return ill Offices, or at least back­ward to shew kindness to them, on any fit occasion afterwards.

I am still offending, O! Almigh­ty Lord, either by uncharitable Pro­vocations, or sinful Complyances, or by Negligence and Remissness, in governing my Self, or my De­pendants, or by Irreverence, and undutifulness to my Superiours, or by want of Affection, Fidelity, or due regard to my Relations; or by proud Thoughts, or vain glorious Speeches, or harsh Censures; or by Lust, Anger, Envy, Peevishness, sinful Fear, mistrustful Care, cove­tous Desire, or some other inordi­nate or unlawful Passions; or by be­ing guilty of some Thoughts, Words, or Actions, which are contrary to thy Laws, and to that excellent pat­tern of all Virtue, which my dearest Lord has set me to walk by.

Lord be merciful to me, an unrighteous Selfish, proud, and impatient Creature.


THese, O! Most great and jus [...] God, and many others, which I am not able to recount, are mine Offences. Which I have commit­ted, several of them ordinarily, o­thers frequently, and all of them, e­ven those which most seldom, yet alass, too often; either by the frail­ty and violence of my Passions, or by my Ignorance, Negligence, or Wilfulness; against all the endear­ments of thy Mercys, and the Ter­ror of thy Judgments, and all the warnings of thy Providence, and the Suggestions of thy Spirit, and the Bonds of my own most solemn Vows and Promises; and against all other Methods, of thy preventing, assisting, and recovering Grace, which should have kept me from them. All these my Transgressions testifie against me, and my own Conscience accuseth me, and thou, Holy Lord, art an upright judge, who wilt doe Justice, and not justi­fie a Sinner in any Wickedness; and whither then shall my guilty and fearful Soul flye?

[Page 53] But thine own Dearly Beloved on! O Gracious God, hath paid his Life a Ransome for my Sins, and through the Merits of his Blood, thou art most ready to embrace a Returning Penitent, and to make thy Mercy glory over Judgment. O! Lord, I repent of all these my Sins, from my very Heart, and freely forgive all who have trespassed against me, as I now desire that thou wouldest freely forgive me. O! suffer me not to be swallowed up, either in Death or Despair; but in the multitude of thy Mercys do away all mine Offences, and give me comfort and peace of Conscience, that being cleansed from all my Sins, I may serve thee with a quiet mind.

Consider my Weakness, O! Fa­ther of Mercies, and how frail my Nature is. And that frail and sinful as I am, I am still the work of thine own Hands, and am called upon by thy Name. And how I am hearti­ly ashamed, and sorry for what I have done, and for Jesus Christ's sake, the Son of thy Love, do ear­nestly Implore thy Pardon. And [Page 54] how the Saviour of the World dyed to save Sinners, and how thou an [...] my Father, and I thy Son, in Christ Jesus. Accept me therefore, good Lord, in thy beloved. Forgive mè freely all that is past, and keep up in me by thySpirit, such vigour of ho­ly Resolution, and such watchfulness and circumspection for the time to come, that I may never return to them again.

I know! O Gracious Father, the falseness of my own Heart, and the instability of my Spirit. But it is not in my self, but in thee, that I trust. My Faith is in thine Almighty Aid, which thou hast bountifully promi­sed, and which thy Son has dearly purchased for us with his most pre­cious Blood. Oh! Let that always be my Guard, and then my Sins shall no more prevail over me, but I shall finish my days in thy Righ­teousness, and rest at last in thine Everlasting Peace, through Jesus Christ my only Saviour and Re­deemer.


4. Another particular Enumeration of Sins, and Repentance of the same, in a short Form.


O! Almighty Lord, I thy poor Creature, who am a vile and miserable Sinner, do here in great Humility lament before thee, and am most heartily ashamed and trou­bled, for my having lived so long in the World, as through thy Mercy I have done, and yet having done so little good in it, and being still so unfit to leave it, and so little qualifi­ed for a better.

I am grieved, O! Blessed God, for having lived so long a stranger to thee, and for my loving and obey­ing thee no better, and having no greater Zeal for thee, since by thy Grace, I have been brought to know and fear thee.

For all my neglects of thy Service, and for my insincerity, and unaffect­edness in performing it. For all the Lightness and evil wandrings of my Thoughts in my Prayers, and my great and daily unthankfulness forthy [Page 56] great and innumerable Mercys, for my solicitude about wordly things, and mydistrust of thy Paternal Care and sure Promises.

For all my negligence, yea, and averseness in studying and learning thy Holy Will, and all my remiss­ness and forgetfulness in doing it, and for all the defects and difficul­ties which I have ever found in suf­fering and submitting to the same.

For all my corrupt averesness [and shameful refusal] to take up thy Cross, and preferring World Ease and Interest before a good Consci­ence, and for having chosen at any time, rather to part with the way of thy Truth and Righteousness, than to follow thee, O! Holy Jesu, in patient and faithful Suffering for the same.

For all my prophanations of thy Sacred Name, by irreverent use thereof; This to be used or o­mitted, as the Peni­tents need requires. (especially by careless and common swearing; but most of all by the horrible wickedness, of false or faithless Oaths.)

For all which, and all other my offences of this kind, which either I can remem­ber, or have forgotten, Lord be merciful to me a contrite Sinner.


I Am troubled, O! Lord, for all the discontentedness, which I have ever shewn with my own Condition; and for all the Envy and Evil Eye, which I have cast upon the happier Lot of other Men. For all the pride of my Heart, and all the sinful lightness of my Spirit, and for all my immoderate Love of this World. For all my unclean Thoughts and unchaste Carriage, and for all the Unthankfulness, or Uncharitable­ness, or Intemperance, which I have ever shewn in my use of outward en­joyments.

For all which, and all my other like offences, which either I can remember, or have forgotten, Lord be merciful to me a Contrite Sinner.


I Am heartily sorry, O! Holy Fa­ther, for all my deceitful and in­sincere Expressions, and feigned or faithless promises; for my having at any time divulged secrets which I ought to have concealed, or dis­sembled things which I ought open­ly to have professed; for all my un­just [Page 58] and hard censures, and for all my detracting Speeches against any of my Brethren.

For all the Advantage, which I have ever taken of the Ignorance; and and for all the sport and pastime, which I have ever made with the folly and weakness of my Neigh­bours. For all my covetous desires, and all my wrongful Gripings, or hard dealings towards any, whom I have at any time been concerned withall. For all the over reaching which I may have been guilty of [in gaming or other ways] and for all the excesses and offences of my Recreations.

I lament, O! Lord, for all the countenance which I have given to other Mens Sins, or complyance with them, or neglect to reprove the same, when I had an obliging call so to do. For all the Provoca­tion which I have ever given o­thers; and for all the sinful Passion which I have ever shewn, and opprobrious Speeches which I have ever used, and ill will which I have ever retained towards them, when at any time they have provoked me. [Page 59] For all the ungrounded Jealousies, and evil and uncandid surmises, and for all the Back-bitings and Evil-speakings, which I stand guilty of towards any. For all my Deafness to the cries, or narrowness of Heart in Relieving the wants, of the poor and needy.

For all which, and all my other of­fences of the like sort, which either I can remember, or have forgotten, Lord! be merciful to me a contrite Sinner.


I Humble my Self before thee, O! Almighty God, for all my irre­verence, Disloyalty, or Breach of Faith and due Obedience, whereby I have trespassed against those, who have had the Right to reign over me. For having ever offered a deaf or disobedient Ear, to my Ghostly Rulers; for all my undutyfulness to my Parents, or unkindness to my Wife, [or Husband,] or remissness in governing my Dependants, and training up all that serve, or are a­ny way subject unto me, to fear and serve thee. For all the Evil thoughts of my Heart, and sinful words of my Mouth, and unrigh­teous Actions of my Life, wherein [Page 60] I have grievously offended thee either this Day, or at any other times.

For all these, and all other Sins, O! Almighty and most Righteous Lord, which either mine own Heart, or thou, who knowest better than my Heart, seest me to be guilty of, I am sorry at my very Soul, and here humbly confess them before thee with shame and a broken Spi­rit, and with stedfast Resolution by thy Grace, to watch and strive a­gainst them for the time to come. Where I have wickedly broken thy Statutes, my Study shall be religi­ously to keep them. And where I have done wrong to any Person, I am ready and willing, according to the utmost of my Power, to repair the same.

Lord! I Repent, encrease my Repentance. And for Jesus Christ's Sake, pardon me a poor repenting Sinner. Oh! Let his Blood wash me from all my Sins, and let his peace rid me of all my Fears, and let his Spirit preserve me from all Relapses. Oh! That having utterly abandoned all my former evil ways, [Page 61] I may eve [...]hence forward be fixt in thy Fear, and be duly disposed for thine Eternal Mercy and favour, though the Merits of my only Savi­our and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Short Prapers and Ejaculations for the Penitent, to use at any time as he sees cause.
  • I Am a Sinful Man, O! Lord, Luke 5. 8. And mine Iniquities are gone over my Head, as an heavy Burden, they are too heavy for me. Psal. 38. 4.
  • Lord, carest thou not that I perish? Mar. 4. 38.
  • Jesus Master, have Mercy upon me. Luke 17. 13.
  • Thou that camest into the World to save Sin­ners. 1 Tim. 1. 15.
  • Be merciful to me a Sinner. Luke 18. 13.
  • Thou that takest away the Sins of the World. Jo. 1. 29.
  • And hast abolished and overcome Death. 2 Tim. 1. 10. 1 Cor. 15. 54, 57.
  • And destroyed him that had the Power of it. Heb. 2. 14.
  • Deliver me from the Body of Sin and Death. Ro. 7. 24.
Short Prayers.

LOrd, I am not worthy to lift up my polluted Eyes unto thee. [Page 62] But whither should a Wretch Guilt and Misery look, but unto the Fountain of Mercy? Whither, [...] to a God, whose Mercy is greater than our Wickedness? To a God whose property it is, to be kind [...] his Enemies; and whose patience [...] bear our Sins, is as great as his pow­er to punish them; and who has much rather be reconciled to us than take Vengeance on us. Whi­ther, indeed, but to thee, O! God of all Grace and Comfort, who shewest mercy on the unworthy and who art most Graciously pleas'd to fit and qualifie them for thy Mer­cy, that so thou mayest bountifully confer it on them, for our Lord Jesus Christ's sake.



LOrd, under my heavy load o [...] Guilt and Misery, I address my Self unto thee. But I make no Plea, but for thy Mercy. Nor have any pretence to claim it, O! Fa­ther of Mercies, but only be­cause I infinitely need it, and because thou lovest to shew it, and art more ready to look at our needs which move thy Pity and [Page 63] Tenderness, than at our Deserts which cry aloud to thee for Wrath and Vengeance upon our Heads. And because unworthy, as I am, yet, through thine inexpressible Love and his, I have a most mer­cyful Saviour, who has born all the punishment of my Sins, to purchase Mercy for me a Sinner, and who now powerfully intercedes with thee for Mercy for me, if, being weary of my Sins, I turn to seek and serve thee, through Jesus Christ my Lord.



AND my Soul, O! Gracious God, is wearied out, and fil­ed with the bitterness of mine own ways. I accuse my Self, and need [...]o Witnesses. I condemn my Self, and need no other Judge to pro­ [...]ounce me Guilty. I punish and af­ [...]ict my Self for all my Sins, that I [...]ay prevent thy Justice for the same. And by thy Grace I am resolved to [...]rn from them all, that they may [...]o longer provoke thee: and, as [Page 64] far as I am able, to repair the harm which my Brethren have sustained thereby, that they may no longer damnifie, or disturb them.

Father, forgive me, for I am hear­tily sorry for all the Evils which I have done. Forgive all my Sins, for I am fully resolved by thy Grace, to forsake them. Forgive me, O! Dear God, for I forgive others, yea, I forgive all. Do not go to exact punishment of me for my Sins; but extend thy Mercy and Pardon to my true Repentance, for my dearest Lord and only Saviour Jesus Christ's sake.



AND having thus utterly renoun­ced my Sins, O! Holy Fa­ther, I desire above all things to partake of thy Righteousness. Ha­ving utterly defaced and corrupted my self, I would gladly be new made by thee. Having hitherto miscarry­ed, whilst I would be in mine own Hands, I desire now to be altogether in thine. I loath my self, O! My [Page 65] dear God, whilst I am without thee: and whatever else I loose, my ear­nest Prayer is, that I may recover thy likeness, through Jesus Christ my Lord.



I Know, O! Gracious Lord, that I cannot receive this, but from thy Self. Oh! therefore be thou both the Blessed giver, and the Gift. I know also, alass! that I am utterly unworthy, to have thy Divine I­mage stamped upon my Soul. But I extreamly need it, and I extream­ly value it; and such thou art plea­sed to account worthy of it. And I dearly love thee, O! God, or else I should not be thus desirous to be like thee. And thou lovest to com­municate thy Goodness; and whom shouldst thou imprint and display it upon, but on those who love thee, and are earnestly desirous of the same?

Hear me therefore, O! My God, and breath i [...]to mine Heart that Spi­rit, which Eph. 4. 24. renews us after thine own [Page 66] Image, in Righteousness and true Holi­ness. Oh! thou who seekest out Sinners to make them Good, do not reject me now when I seek thee out to make me better. I am poor and naked; Oh! fill me with thy Righteousness. My Good Thoughts are unconstant and Changeable; O! fix them by thy Grace. Set up thy Kingdom, O! Jesu, in my Heart, for to become thy Faithful Servant, is more to me, then to have the Em­pire of this World. Keep me sted­fast, O! Lord, in serving thee, till thou takest me finally to enjoy thee, through Jesus Christ my Blessed Sa­viour and Redeemer.



LOrd, grant that at all times, I may account my Sins, yea all my Sins, to be my shame; and make thy Laws, yea all thy Laws, to be my Rule; and thy Blessed Will, to be in every thing, my choice and satisfaction. And let [...] Promises be my Hope, thy Providence my [Page 67] Guard, thy Grace my Strength, and thy blessed Self my Portion, both now and in the end, through Jesus Christ my Saviour and Redeemer.


THE TRYAL AND JUDGMENT OF THE SOUL. OR, Certain Questions or Articles of Exami­nation, whereby the Penitent himself may try and discover the Safety of his own Spiritual State. On which the Guide of Souls may make Use of, as he sees cause, in visiting the Sick, and in giving Ab­solution to them.

WHEN the Person whose Spiritual Estate is to be enquir'd into, is sick, some [Page 70] Questions may be premised, touching his due Reception of his Sickness. And these the Minister (when he is the Examiner) may begin after the Ex­hortation to the Sick, in the Office of Visitation.

Questions touching the Sick Per­sons due Reception of their Sickness.

1. Are you perswaded, that your present Or, when other Ca­lamity or Affliction name it. Sickness is sent unto you by Almighty God?

2. Do you believe and acknow­ledge, not only his Justice, but also his Kindness therein, as in a Father's Visitation?

And that all which you now suf­fer, is far less than you have deser­ved to suffer?

And that it is all sent for your Good?

3. Do you therefore submit to it quietly, and without murmuring, because he sent it?

4. And do you look up to him for Assistance and Deliverance, and de­pend upon him to take it off again?

5. And are you willing that he should do this when he pleases, and contented to wait his time for it?

6. And do you freely resign your self up to his disposal, either to conti­nue [Page 71] under your illness, or to reco­ver out of the same, to live or die as he sees fittest for you?

7. Do you study to be as easie as you can, to those who attend or minister about you; and to receive their well-meant Care and Services, kindly, and thankfully?

8. Do you now plainly see the Va­nity of this World, and of all the Possessions, Pleasures, Pomp, and Splendor thereof, which seemed the most tempting and desirable to you, in the time of your Health?

And are you fully sensible and convinced now, how little there is in them, and how soon you may be, or are like to be taken from them?

9. Do you desire therefore, to keep your Heart loose and taken off from the same?

And to fix your Hopes and De­sires upon God and Heavenly things, which you will always find an Help at hand, and a solid comfort in your Need?

10. Will you endeavour by God's Grace, to hold on in this Mind, and still to shew forth the same; if, ha­ving by God's Blessing recovered [Page 72] your former Health, you should come to converse again among these worldly Satisfactions, and be ena­bled to relish and enjoy them?

If that is not done already, I must remind you, as your case requires I should, and as I am directed and or­dered to do by the In the Rubricks before the Absolution, in the Of­fice of Visi­tation of the Sick. Church, to set your Worldly Affairs in order, and to take care of a just Payment of all you owe, and declare what is owing unto you, and to make such clear Disposal of the Worldly Goods you have to leave, as may both discharge your own Conscience, and prevent Disputes, and preserve Peace among your Friends, who shall survive you.

I must also remind you, according to your Ability; to be liberal to the Poor, remembring, that what is di­sposed of this way, is laid out upon your own Soul; and that this giving to them, is laying up Treasures for your self in Heaven.

And after these, the Guide of Souls (or the Penitent himself if the Sick Man is his own Examiner) may pro­ceed to other Questions for the Trya [...] of his Estate, in manner following.

Questions for the Penitent, where­by to try and discover the Safety of their Spiritual State.

When you are passed from Death unto Judgment, and stand at the great Day, to be tried before the dreadful Tribunal of Jesus Christ, you will be called to answer to the Searcher of Hearts, and to give an Account of such Points as these.


1. OF your Faith, whether you have the Belief or Faith of a Christian. Whosoever believeth on him, shall not perish, but have Ever­lasting Life.

He that believeth on him, is not condemned: but he that Believeth not, is condemned already, John 3. 15, 18.

The Articles or Points of this Be­lief, or Christian Faith, are these:

I Believe in God the Father Almigh­ty, Maker of Heaven and Earth.

And in Jesus Christ his only Son our Lord, who was conceived by the Holy Ghost, Born of the Virgin Mary; suffered under Pontius Pilate, was Crucified, Dead, and Buried, he Descen­ded into Hell; the third Day he rose a­gain from the Dead, he Ascended into [Page 74] Heaven; and sitteth on the Right Hand of God, the Father Almighty, from thence he shall come to judge the Quick and the Dead.

I Believe in the Holy Ghost; the Holy Catholick Church, the Communion of Saints; the Forgiveness of Sins; the Resurrection of the Body, and the Life Everlasting,


Questions about the Belief of them.

1. DO you unfeignedly, and from your Heart, believe the Truth of those things, which are p [...]ofessed in this Creed?

2. Have you any Scruples about any Points thereof, or about any other great Matters of Religion, wherein you are desi [...]ous to have Satisfaction?

3. Do you thank God from your very Soul, that you were born, and bred up in this Belief, and do you desire to die in it?

4. Has it been your Sincere Case and Study in the Course of your Life, to order your Actions so, and to be so affected with things, as might shew you were real in this Belief, and [Page 75] were Ruled and Acted by a firm per­swasion of the aforesaid Points?


2. Of your Holy Obedience, whe­ther you have led the Life, or paid the Duty and new Obedi­ence of a Christian. If thou wilt enter into Life, keep the Commande­ments. Math. 19. 17.

To them who by patient continuance in well doing, seek for Glory, Eternal Life.

But to them who obey not the Truth, but obey unrighteousness, indignation and wrath, upon every Soul that doeth Evil. Rom. 2. 7, 8, 9.

A Brief Recital of the Holy Laws and Duties, which we are to o­bey.

1. Duties toward God.

THis holy Obedience you are to pay, in a due and devout At­tendance, on Prayers, (both Pub­lick and Private) and on Sacra­ments.

[Page 76] In thankfully owning Gods free Bounty, and praising his Goodness for all the good things, which you receive by any ways.

In submitting patiently to his Holy Will under any Afflictions, and not grudging at them.

Non growing impatient for ease before his Time, because they are of his ordering.

In trusting to him and to his Pro­vidence, for supplying you in all your Wants.

And for preserving you from any Dangers, or for delivering you ou [...] of them.

And so trusting to him for them, as never to make use of any Sin for compassing the same; nor to beta­ken your self to any wickedness, be it what it will, when you have a [...] ­tempting opportunity thereby to supply or deliver your self.

In reverencing his Holy Name, not using it, but with Honour and Respect, not as a light by-word.

Nor ever in common Oaths.

And least of all in false, or faith­less Oaths.

[Page 77] In reverencing also, his word, and his Worship, and any things or Persons devoted to him, or Commis­sioned by him.

2. Duties towards our Selves.

YOU are to pay it moreover, in Humility, or by preserving a just sence of your own Faults, De­fects, and weaknesses.

And not priding your self on ac­count of any outward things.

Nor being pussed up by any undue conceits of your self, or with con­tempt of others.

In chastity, both of the Heart, not suffering the Fancy to fix upon for­den objects; or to please it self in being desirous of, or in contriving for any unlawfull Delights.

And also of the Hand, and Tongue, and Ear, and Eye, and of all the outward Actions, which are all to be kept clean of all forbidden and impure Injoyments.

In Temperance about Meats and Drinks.

[Page 78] In Self-Denial and Mortificati­on to this World, and in a read [...] ­ness to part with any of the ease, the Interests, or Conveniencies thereof, rather than with the ways of Truth and Righteousness.

3. Duties towards our Neighbours.

YOU are to pay it likewise, in being just in all your Deal­ings.

In being content with what is your own, and not coveting, or taking away your Neighbours Right from him, either by Force or Fraud.

Nor by detaining it when it is unjustly taken, or hindering him of the same.

And by this Neighbour, you: are to understand every Man, whether Country-man or Foreigner, of high or low condition.

In being Faithful to all your Pro­mises.

In being true in all your Speeches, deceiving none with false Expres­sions.

[Page 79] And slandering none with false Aspersions.

Nor detracting from any Persons real Virtues, and good Actions.

In all the ways of Charity towards others, especially the Necessitous, gi­ving Alms as you are able, or other Charitable Assistance for their Relief.

In candor, or fair Interpretation of other Men's Words or Actions.

In not delighting unnecessarily to publish other Persons Faults, by evil speaking; but seeking rather to cover, or excuse them, as we desire may be done by our own.

In Meekness and Patience under Injuries, not bursting out in­to Passion, and Opprobrious words upon them.

In forgiveness of the same, and ing Good for Ill.

In living peaceably your self.

And in studying to preserve Peace among others; not begetting, or cherishing any mis-understand­ings between Neighbours, and en­deavouring to remove them when you find them.

[Page 80] In Love, and Reverence, and Duty to your Parents.

And, if Need be, in succouring and maintaining them.

In constant Loyalty and Obe­dience to your Rightful Princes be they good or bad, be they o [...] true or false Religions, and be they Protectors of God's true Worship, or Persecutors thereof.

And in not casting off your Al­legiance to them, or levying Wa [...] against them, on any Pretences o [...] Provocations.

In reverent Submission, and ad­herence to Rightful and Faithful Bishops and Pastors of Christ's Church.

In keeping the Bond of Peace, by adhereing to their Communi­on, and flying Schism.

And in keeping to them, at the Head of God's necessary Truths, and in the Ministration of a pure and holy Worship, against others who fall to minister by polluted and corrupt Offices, or set up for Here­tical Depravers of the Truth.

[Page 81] And in a faithful discharge of your Duties in any other Relations, [...]s of Husband and Wife, Master or Servant, or the like, wherein by the providence of God, you stand placed with others, and mutually undebted.

Questions concerning our Obedience of these Laws.

1. HAS it been the Study and en­deavour of your Life, by God's help, to perform these forci­ted, and such like Duties, though with the infirmities of a forgetful and frail Nature?

2. Have you bethought your self, according as your Time and Memo­ry will serve you, and call'd to mind your manifold Transgressions and Breaches of any of them?

3. After all the Discoveries which you have made thereof, no doubt but many of your Breaches of the same, are still secret; for Psal. 15. 12. who can tell how of t'he hath offended? And are you truly sorry in the General, for [Page 82] all the rest of those Breaches, which by your Recollection you cannot recover, or call to mind in parti­cular?

4. Where you find, that in any of these, or the like Duties, you have hearkned more to wicked and worldly Lusts, than to a good Con­science, and have yielded to Trans­gress; are you now ashamed of your Self for having done the same?

Especially for having done so, a­gainst both the Majesty and the Mer­cy of the ever Blessed God, th [...] made you; and of an ever Blesses Saviour, who redeemed you from everlasting Death with his own Blood, and has prepared Joys both endless and unspeakable for you i [...] another World; and of the Holy Spirit of God, who is Eph. 4. 30. grieved therewith, and whose infinite Love had instill'd better things into you, would you have hearkened to his good Motions?

And against the Senfe and Con­victions of your own Mind, which knows you ought not to have done so?

[Page 83] And against your own many, [...]ost solemn, and repeated Promi­es to the contrary?

5. Are you now offended with [...]our Self, and sorrowful from the [...]ottom of your Heart, that ever [...]ou yielded to commit them? And [...]o you wish with all your Soul, that [...]hey never had been done?

6. Do you earnestly desire, that [...]ou may never yield to commit [...]hem any more, nor consent here­after to repeat the same?

7. Are you resolved by the Grace of God, to endeavour so to do for the time to come, [This Clause when the Person is Sick. if it please [...]im to try you still longer, and to [...]aise you up again.]

8. Do you believe those precious promises, which God has made us in his Holy Gospel, to assist and help [...]n such obedient endeavours with his Almighty Spirit and Grace?

And are you fully purposed to [...]ut forth these obedient endeavours, [...]n hopes thereof?

9. Are you heartily sorry, that those endeavours have not been more [...]erfect in you hitherto?

[Page 84] And do you truly desire, that they may still grow more and more?

10. Will you be careful to re­member these Holy purposes, [...] you shall need the same (if by God's Blessing you shall recover from this Sickness?

And will you take it kindly, and be heartily thankful to any who shall put you in Mind thereof

11. Is there any particular Sin amongst all these, which lies heavy above the Rest upon your Con­science, and for which you yet need, and desire, more particular Direction, Comfort, and Absolu­tion?

12. Besides this Repentance, for all your willful or allowed Breach­es, of any of these Command­ments; are you likewise humbled, and heartily troubled, for any Breaches thereof by surprize?

Or for any hasty, and unconsi­dered stirrings, and first Motions of sinful Lusts?

Or for rash Words or Censures or Wandrings in Prayer, and the like.

[Page 85] Though you did not indulge, or antecedently give way to these Breaches, yet are you humbled, and heartily troubled for the same, after once you observe your self [...]o have fallen into them?

Do you earnestly beg God's par­don thereof?

And are you purposed by his Grace, to watch still against them the best you can, for the time to come?


3. YOU will be called to give an Account of your Chari­ty and Forgiveness of others. If you forgive Men their Trespasses, your Heavenly Father will also forgive you.

But if you forgive not Men their Trespasses, neither will your Father for­give you your Trespasses, Matth. 6. 14, 15.

Questions about this Forgiveness.

1. DO you from your Heart forgive those, who have [Page 86] injured or offended you, as you expect Forgiveness of your Of­fences at God's Hands?

2. Do you lay aside all ill Will, and all Desires, and Purposes of Revenge towards them?

And are you ready and resolved by God Grace, not to shew the same, when it shall lie in your way, either to profit or hurt them?

3. Do you heartily pray, that God would forgive them?

And would you be glad to see them made sensible of their Of­fences, and taking the right way to have God's Pardon of them, rather than to see them suffering for the same?

4. Do you remember any Person in particular, to whom you would have so much told, or signified in your Name?

If so, do you intend by God's leave to have the same signified to them?

Or who shall do it? And when?


4. Of your Reconciliation to your Brethren, and making Restitution after any wrongs which you have done to them.

If thou bring thy gift to the Altar, and there remembrest that thy Brother hath [...]ought against thee;

Leave there thy Gift before the Altar, and go thy way, first be reconciled to thy Brother, and then come and offer thy Gift.

Agree with thine Adversary quickly whilst thou art in the way with him, [...]est he deliver thee to the Judge, and [...]he Judge to the Executioner, and thou [...]e cast into Prison.

Verily thou shalt by no means come [...]ut thence, till thou hast paid the ut­ter most Farthing. Mat. 5. 23, 24, 25, 26.

If the wicked restore the Pledge, and give again what he hath Robbed, none of his Sins shall be mentioned to him, [...]e shall surely live and not dye. Exek. 33. [...]5, 16.

Questions about this Reconciliati­on, and Restitution, or making just Amends, after injuries.

1. DO you desire, that all persons, whom you have any ways offended, would forgive you?

2. If you know of any who have had just cause, either in the way of Conversation, or of Business, to be offended with you, and take thinks ill of you, are you ready, where that is wanting, to appease or re­move their uneasie remembrance of the same, by having a significati­on of your love carryed to them, and of your desire of their Pardon?

3. Do you call to mind any by name, to whom this should have been done, but hitherto has not been done. [...] to whom you would have i [...] done?

If so, who shall do it? and when

4. Doe you Remember any Repara­tion, or Restitution which you need to make to any persons, for any wrong which you have ever done to then or theirs, either in their Lives their Beds, their Goods, or their [Page 89] Good-name; or by tempting them to sin? and if so, are you prepared, if that has not been done already, to make them all just and reasonable amends?

Or would you have any thing more done, than has been done in any of these cases, where it may be done with more convenience; and may tend to your further comfort and peace?

5. If you have injured any, by tempting and drawing them into Sin, or dangerous Errors, do you truly desire, if that is still needfull to be done, that they may be made sensible of their sins, or errors, as you are, and so put into the way of pardon thereof?

6. Or, if as brethren in Iniquity, and companions in Sin, you have hardned one another by sitting at it together, do you desire the same for them? and where you have not done it before, will you endeavour to make them sensible thereof, and seek their Recovery the best you can?

7. Would you have any thing sent to them in your Name, to make them sensible thereof? And if so, when, and by whom?

[Page 90] 8 Are you ready to shew mercy, as you have the extreamest need to ask it, that Mercy may rejoyce in your behalf against Judgment.

9. And will you Dan. 4. 27. break off your Sins by Alms-Deeds, according as God has enabled you, and your iniquities, by giveing to the Poor?

If you have been more wanting in it in time past, will you be more care­full and Liberal therein, for the time to come?

And will you still Remember, that you are but Gods Steward of all your worldly Estate, and must give an ac­count what you have done out of it for him, as well as what you have done for your self? And will you prepare to give a good account there­of?.

Questions upon the whole.

1. DO you believe, that Almigh­ty God is ready Graciously to Pardon all such Believers of the foresaid Articles of the Christian Faith, as truly repent them in this manner of all their Sins, and forgive others, and are ready to seek Recon­ciliation [Page 91] and satisfie for all injuries which they have done, and to shew mercy, and are in Peace and Charity with all their Neighbours?

2. Do you believe, that he is rea­dy to do this, only for the sake of our Blessed Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ, and in regard to the Merits of his Death, who, by his dy­ing on the Cross for our Sins, pur­chased all this Mercy for all truly Penitent Believers?

3. Are you truly sensible of his Ex­ceeding Great Love therein, and from the Bottom of your Heart, are you Thankful to him for the same?

After which questions, the Guide of Souls, if he is the asker of them, in visiting the Sick, and Dispensing Ab­solution, [or the Penitent himself, when he is his own Examiner,] may go on to this effect.

Now know therefore, O! my Soul, that altho thou art, &c. When it is only the Penitent trying himself. Brother [or Sister] that altho you are a Sinner, yet 1 Tim. 1. 15. Jesus Christ came into the World to save sinners. Altho you have been a lost sinner, yet he is Mat. 18. 11. come to save, and seek after that which was lost.

[Page 92] Altho you have sind yet you do not cover your Sins, or Justifie them; but with grief of Heart confess them, and condemn your self for the same. And 1 Jo. 1. 9. if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our Sins.

You confess them to him with a re­solved aversion, and turn away from the same, having by the help of his Grace already forsaken some, and studying and being resolved in Heart to forsake all: And Prov. 28 13. who so Confess­eth and forsaketh his Sins, shall find mer­cy.

If you have sinned against your Bre­thren, you are ready to submit your self, and seek to reconcile your self to them, and to the utmost of your Power to make them any reasonable satisfaction. And if a Man has Mat. 5 24. first reconciled himself to his Brother, he may come to God with a good heart, and offer his gift. Ezek. 33 15. 10. If he hath Repent­ed and given again what he hath Robbed, his Sin shall not be mentioned.

Whilst with an Humble, a Con­trite, and a returning Heart, you are thus seeking to the Father of mercys to forgive you your trespasses, you do from your heart forgive all [Page 93] other persons, who have sinned a­gainst you, their Trespasses. And † if we forgive men their trespasses, our Mat. 6. 14. Heavenly Father will also forgive us.

As you earnestly seek mercy, [...]ou are ready to show it, and according to your ability to give Alms to the needy. And Mat. 5. 7. blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy, Jam. 2. 13. and mercy rejoyceth against judgment.

This, when the Guide of Souls is the Exa­miner. But when the Peni­tent is his own exa­miner, he may go on from hence, if he pleases, to comfort up his Spi­rit, and further express his Devotion to Almighty God, by Prayer, the 3d. pag 29. Intituled a Profession of the Fruits of Repentance, and the conditions of Forgiveness. And by Prayer the 4th p. 33. Intituled A Prayer for Pardon of Sins. Or, if he is desirous to shorten the Office, he may o­mit them, and pass on to the Confession of sins, taken out of the Office for the Communion, and the other Prayers and Sentences, which are here set down. Upon such Faith, and Repentance and Satisfaction for Injuries, and shewing Mercy and forgiveness of o­thers, when they are sincere and right, our most merciful God and Saviour will most graciously forgive us, at the great Day of Judgment. And he 2 Cor. 5. 18. he has committed the Mini­stry of reconciliation to his Ministers, that, upon appearance of the same, [Page 94] they may declare and deal it out, for for the Comfort of such truly faith­ful, and Penitent Persons here in this world.

And, now upon this profession, which you have here made, of this Christian Faith, and Repentance, and reparation of injuries, and of for­giveness of others, and having cha­rity towards all persons, and of shewing mercy to the miserable, all which you declare is unfeigned, and from the Bottom of your Heart, do you desire from the mouth of Christ's Minister to receive the benefit of Ab­solution?

Then may the Minister proceed, as he sees fit, to lead the Penitent on in this form of Confession taken out of the Office for the Communion.

‘ALLmighty God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, maker of of all things, Judge of all Men Or. I acknow­ledge and bewail, when the Penitent is his own examiner. we humbly acknowledge and bewail, and especially this humble Penitent doth hereby acknowledge and bewail, Or her his manifold sins and wickedness, which Or She he from time to time most grie­viously hath comitted, by thought, [Page 95] word, and deed, against thy Divine Majesty. Provoking most justly thy wrath and indignation against Or Her. him. Or She according as the person is. He doth earnestly re­pent, and is heartily sorry for these his misdoings. The remembrance of them is grievious unto him; The burden of them is intolerable. Have mercy upon him, have mercy upon him most merciful Father. For thy Son, Lord Jesus Christ's sake, forgive him all that is past, and grant that he may ever hereafter serve and please thee in newness of life, to honour and glory of thy name, through Jesus Christ our Lord.’


And then Pronounce the Absolution following.

ALmighty God our heavenly Father, When the Penitent examins himself, he may re­peat this on his knees, and say me, and my, for who of his great mercy, hath pro­mised forgiveness of sins, to all them, that with hearty Repentance, and true Faith turn unto him; have mercy upon you, Pardon and deliver you from all your sins, confirm and strengthen you in all Goodness, and bring you to everlast­ing [Page 96] Life, through Jefus Christ our Lord Amen.

Or, instead of this Form of Absolu­tion, if he think that fitter, he may use the form in the Visitation of the Sick.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath left power to his Church to Absolve all Sin­ners, who truely repent and believe in him, of his great mercy forgive thee thine Offences: And by his Authority commit­ted to me, I absolve thee from all thy sins, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

After which, Or the Person himself, when he is his own examiner, making such changes in this, and the following Prayers, of me for him, mine for his, &c. as are requisite when one speaks not of another, but of himself. the Minister may go on with the Collect, that follows the Absolution in the Office of the Visitation of the Sick.

O! most Mercyful God, who accor­ding to the multitude of thy mercies dost so put away the sins of those who tru­ly repent, that thou rememberest them no more; open thine Eye of Mercy up­on this thy Servant, who most earnestly desireth Pardon and Forgiveness. Renew [Page 97] in him, most loving Father, whatsoever hath been decayed by the fraud and ma­lice of the Devil, or by his own carnal will and frailness: Preseve and continue this [The Sick, as likewise the fol­lowing words within the Hooks [ ] must be omit­ted when this Office is used in time of Health. Sick] member, in the Unity of the Church; consider his Contrition, ac­cept his Tears, [asswage his Pain, as shall seem to thee most expedient for him.] And for as much as he putteth his full trust in thy mercy, impute not unto him his former sins; but strengthen him with thy Blessed Spirit, and when thou art pleased to take him hence, take him unto thy Favour, through the merits of thy most Dearly Beloved Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

And if the Penitent is visited as a sick Person, he may then use the Psalm after it.

In thee, O! Lord have I put my trust, let me never be put to Confusion: but rid me, &c.

But else, instead thereof, he may use these Sentences and Prayers.

Sentences after the Absolution, in the Communion Service.

Or, hear, O! my Soul, when the Pe­nitent examines himself. Hear what comfortable words our Saviour Christ saith, unto all that truly turn unto him.

[Page 98] Come unto me, all that travel and are heavy laden, and I will refresh you. Mat. 11. 28.

So God loved the World, that he gave his only begotten Son, to the end that all that believe on him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Jo. 3. 16.

Hear also what St. Paul saith.

This a true saying, and worthy of all men to be received, that Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners. 1 Tim. 1. 15.

Hear also what St. John saith.

If any man sin, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the Righte­ous, and he is the Propi [...]iation for our sins. 1 Jo. 2. 1.

In the Visitation of the Sick.

O! Saviour of the World, who by thy Cross and precious Blood hast re­deemed us, save this thy Servant, and help him, we humbly intreat thee, O! Lord.


In the Communion.

SPare him, O! Lord, who hath con­fessed his sins unto thee, that he, whose Conscience by sin was accused, by thy [Page 99] merciful Pardon may be absolved, through Jesus Christ our Lord.


The Collect for the 21 Sunday after Trinity.

GRant we beseech thee, merciful Lord, to this thy Servant, and to all thy faithfull People Pardon and Peace, that they may be cleansed from all their sins, and serve thee with a quiet mind, through Jesus Christ our Lord.


In the Visitation of the Sick.

‘THe Almighty Lord, who is a most strong Tower to all them that put their trust in him, to whom all things in Heaven, and Earth, and under the Earth, do bow and obey; be now and ever­more thy defence, and make thee know and feel, that there is none other Name under Heaven given to man, in whom, and through whom, thou mayest receive Health and Sal­vation, but only the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.’


‘Unto Gods gracious Mercy and Protection we commit thee. The Lord bless thee and keep thee. The [Page 100] Lord make his face to shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee. The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee Peace, both now and ever-more. Amen.

‘And the Peace of God, which passeth all understanding, keep your heart and mind in the knowledge and love of God, and of his Son Je­sus Christ our Lord, and the Bles­sing of God Almighty, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, be with you, and remain in you always. Amen.

After all this is done, I would put the Penitent in mind of one thing, viz. That the Holy Communion is still a further and Principal means, to settle and secure, both the Pardon and the Peace of his Soul. The re­ceiving it from the hand of God's authorized Minister, acting therein by God's appointment, and in God's name, is the most effectual Absolution, and one of the best Assurances and Seals of Pardon. The Cup, which he gives the Penitent to Drink from God, is Mat. 26. 28. Christs Blood for the remission of sins, or the remission of sins which [Page 101] he purchased by the shedding of his Blood. And the method of the Church in the restauration of Peni­tents, was to finish and consummate their Reconciliation, by giving them the Holy Communion. For It a que­tiescunque [...]e [...]cata donantur, corporis e­jus sacra­mentum sumimus, ut per Sanguinem ejus fiat pecca [...]orum remissio. Ambros. de Poenit. l. 2. c. 3. as oft as sins are remitted or absolved in the Church, they receive Christ's Body, that the remission of sins which is gran­ted may be conveyd by his Blood, says St. Ambrose.

And therefore the sick Penitent, when he has received the foregoing Absolution, would provide well for the Peace and Comfort of his Soul, if, after some respite to recover his strength, or at some convenient time soon after, when he sees most fit, he would Consumate his Absolution by receiving the Blessed Sacrament.

And other Penitents, after the use of this Office, would do well and wisely to do the same, as soon after as conveniently they can.

AN OFFICE FOR One troubled in Mind.


  • Psalm 103. v. 8 to 19,
  • Ezek. 18. v. 21. to the end
  • Luke 15.
  • Psal. 130.
  • Ezek. 33. v. 11. to v. 20.

1. For Profession of Trouble.

I Am poor and needy, and my heart is wounded within me. Psal. 119. 22.

Mine iniquities have taken hold upon me, so that I am not able to look up: they are more than the hairs of my head, therefore my heart faileth me. Psalm, 40. 12.

Thou writest bitter things against me, and makest me to possess the iniquities of my youth. Job. 13. 26.

Lord, why castest thou off my Soul? why hidest thou thy face from me?

[Page 103] The Arrows of the Almighty are with­in me, the poyson whereof drinketh up my spirit: The terrors of God do set themselves in array against me. Job, 6. 4.

Thy fierce wrath goeth over me, thy terrors have cut me off.

While I suffer thy terrors, I am di­stracted. Psal. 88. 14, 15, 16.

2. Grounds of Comfort.

1. From the Mercifulness of God.

WILT thou break a leaf driven to and fro? and wilt thou pur­sue the dry stubble? Job 13. 25.

Will the Lord cast off for ever? and will he be favourable no more?

Is his mercy clean gone for ever? doth his promise fail for evermore?

Hath God forgotten to be gracious? has he in anger shut up his tender Mer­cies?

And I said, this is my infirmity: but I will remember the years of the right hand of the most High.

[Page 104] I will remember the works of the Lord, surely I will remember thy wonders of old. Psal. 77. 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.

Thou hast always been a God for­giving iniquity, transgression, and sin. Ex. 34. 6, 7.

The Lord is merciful and gracious, he will not always chide, neither will he keep his anger for ever. Psal. 103. 8. 9.

Who is a God like unto thee, that par­doneth iniquity? He retaineth not his an­ger for ever, because he delighteth in mer­cy. Mat. 7. 18.

2. From Promises to the Penitent.

WHen the wicked Man turneth a­way from his Wickedness, that he hath Commited, and doth that which is Lawful and Right, he shall save his Soul alive.

Because he considereth, and turneth away from his Transgressions that he hath Committed, he shall surely live, he shall not Dye.

Repent therefore, and turn your selves from all your Transgressions, so Ini­quity shall not be your Ruine. Ezek. 18. 27, 28, 30.

[Page 105] As I live, saith the Lord God, I have no pleasure in the Death of the Wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way and live; turn ye, turn ye from your evil wayes, for why will you Dye? Ezek. 33. 11.

Go, and sin no more, then will not I condemn thee. Jo. 8. 11.

Come unto me all ye that Labour, and are heavy Laden, and I will give you Rest. Mat. 11. 28.

This is a faithfull saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Jesus Christ came into the World to save Sinners, of whom I am Chief. 1 Tim. 1. 15.

If any Man Sin, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the Righ­teous, and he is the Propitiation for our Sins. 1 Jo. 2. 1, 2.

The Blood of Jesus Christ his Son, cleanseth us from all Sin. 1 Jo. 1. 7.

There is therefore now no Condemnation, to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the Flesh, but after the Spirit. Rom. 8. 1.

3. From the Compassionateness of our High Priest.

THe Lord Pityeth those that fear him, like as a Father Pityeth his own Children.

[Page 106] For be knows our Infirmityes, he re­membreth that we are Dust. Psal. 103, 13, 14.

We have not an High Priest; which cannot be touched with the feeling of our Infirmities; but was in all points tempt­ed like as we are, yet without Sin. Heb. 4. 15.

He was made like unto his Brethren, that he might be a Merciful and Faith­ful High Priest.

For in that he himself hath suffered being tempted, he is able to succor them that are Tempted. Heb. 2. 17, 18.

He can have compassion on (or reason­ably bear as in the Margin, with) the Ignorant and those that are out of the way. Heb. 5. 2.

He will not break the bruised Reed, nor quench the Smoaking Flax. Isa. 42. 3.

3. The acceptableness of an Hum­ble Spirit.

THe humble Publican stood afar off, would not so much as lift up his Eyes to Heaven, but smote upon his Breast, say­ing, God be mercyful to me a Sinner.

[Page 107] I tell you this Man went down to his House justified; rather than the other: for every one that Exalteth himself shall be abased, and he that Humbleth himself, shall be Exalted. Luke. 18. 13, 14.

To this Man will I look, even to him that is Poor, and of a Contrite Spirit, and Trembleth at my word Isa. 66. 2.

I dwell with him, that is of a Con­ [...]rite and humble Spirit, to revive the Spirit of the humble, and to revive the Heart of the Contri [...]e ones. Isa. 57. 15.

He healeth the Broken in Heart, and bindeth up their Wounds. Psal. 147. 3.

4. Of Peace, and Hope, and Joy in God.

PEace I leave with you, my Peace I give unto you. John. 14. 27.

These things have I spoken unto you, that in me you might have Peace. John. [...]6. 33.

Herein is our Love made Perfect, that we may have boldness in the Day of Judgment.

Perfect Love casteth out fear, because [...]ear hath Torment. 1 Jo. 4. 17, 18.

Let all those that seek thce, rejoyce and be glad in thee. Psal. 40. 16.

[Page 108] The fruit of the Spirit, is Joy, Peace, Gal. 5. 22.

The Kingdom of God is Righteousness, and Peace, and Joy in the Holy Ghost. Rom. 14. 17.

Finally, my Brethren, rejoyce in the Lord. Phil. 3. 1.

Rejoyce in the Lord always, and again I say Rejoyce.

In every thing, by Prayer and sup­plication, with thanksgiving, let your re­quest be made known unto God.

And the Peace of God, which Pass­eth all understanding, shall keep your Hearts and Minds through Christ Je­sus Phil. 4. 6. 7.

Now the God of hope, fill you with all Joy, and Peace in Believing, that ye may abound in Hope, through the Power of the Holy Ghost. Rom. 15. 13.

Shew the same Diligence every one of you, to the full Assurance of Hope un­to the end.

Which Hope, have as an Anchor of the Soul, both sure and Stedfast. Heb. 6. 11. 19.

Rejoyce in Hope. Rom. 12. 12.

Be sober, and Hope to the End. 1 Pet. 1. 13.

[Page 109] Love his appearing. 2 Tim. 4. 8.

Looking for, and hastening unto the comeing of the Day of God. 2. Pet. 3. 12.

Come Lord Jesus, come quickly. Rev. 22. 20.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, &c.

As it was in the Begining, &c.

5. An Hymn of Thanksgiving, af­ter one is Delivered from Trouble of Mind.

The bruised Reed, O! Lord, thou haste not broke, nor quenched the smoak­ing Flax, Mat. 12. 20.

Thou hast restored unto me the Joy of of thy Salvation, and upheld me with thy free Spirit.

Thou hast made me to hear of Joy and Gladness, that the Bones which thou hadst broken Rejoyce. Psal. 51. 8. 12.

I said I will confess my Transgresions unto the Lord, and thou forgavest the Iniquity of my Sin.

For this shall every one that is God­ly, pray unto thee in a Time when thou mayest be found. Psal. 32. 5. 6.

[Page 110] Depart from me all ye Workers of In­iquity; for the Lord hath heard the Voyce of my weeping.

The Lord hath heard my supplication, the Lord will recieve my Prayer. Psal. 6. 8. 9.

He will regard the Prayer of the destitute, and not despise their Prayer.

And this shall be written from the Ge­neration to come; and the People which shall be created shall Praise the Lord. Psal. 102. 17, 18.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost.

As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, World without end


1. A general Prayer for one troubled in mind.

O! Righteous Lord, thy Justice hath brought me to reap the bitter fruits of my own evil ways, and Job. 13. 26. to possess mine iniquities. My sins at length have taken hold upon me, and thou writest bitter things against me, and thy Psal. 88. 15. 16. fierce wrath goeth over [Page 111] me. Thy Terrors do even distract my thoughts, my Spirit is quite broken within me by reason thereof, Psal. 40. 12. and my Heart faileth me.

But, O! Gracious God, tho I be troubled and cast down, let me not fall, I humbly intreat thee, into utter despair. Whilst I live, let me not for­goe the hopes of thy Mercy, nor the care of my own Returne to my Du­ty. When I groan under my Bur­dens, make me to flee unto thee for ease. When I am terrified with my former Sins, let me make haste to forsake the same, and labour dili­gently to set my Soul safe by new Obedience. When I am struck with the sting of my own Guilts, ena­ble, me O! Jesu, to look up to thy Cross, and to the merits thereof, and to rest my Heart upon the same by true Repentance. When I am most mistrustful of my self, let me not mistrust thee, nor call in Questi­on any Comfortable Promises of thy free Grace and Mercy.

O! Father, let thy smiteing reclaim and amend me, and then let thy com­forts revive me. Let thy Dear Sons most Pretious Blood Expiate all my [Page 112] Sins, and let his Grace cure them. And instead of these most just and deserved Terrors, wherewith thou now takest Vengeance for the same; Lord, let me have thy Mercy to forgive my Sins, and cause me to hear the Voice of Peace, to quiet and Comfort my amazed Conscience, for my only Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ's sake, Amen.

A Prayer for the same, out of the Of­fice of the Visitation of the Sick.

‘O! Blessed Lord, the Father of Mercys, and the God of all Comforts, I beseech thee look down in pity, and compassion upon me thy afflicted Servant. Thou writest bit­ter things against me, and makest me to possess my former in iquities thy wrath lyeth hard upon me, and my Soul is full of Trouble. But O! merciful God, who hast written thy Holy word for our Learning that we through Patience and Com­fort of thy Holy Scriptures might have hope; give me a right under­standing of my Self, and of thy Threats and Promises, that I may [Page 113] neither cast away my Confidence in thee, nor place it any where but in thee. Give me Strength against all my Temptations, and Heal all my Distempers. Break not the bruised Reed, nor quench the smoaking Flax. Shut not up thy tender Mercys in Displeasure; but make me to hear of joy and gladness, that the bones which thou hast broken may re­joyce. Deliver me from fear of the Enemy, and lift up the light of thy Countenance upon me, and give me Peace through the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

Collect for 21. Sunday after Tri­nity.

GRant, I beseech thee, Merciful Lord, to me and all thy faithfull People, Pardon and Peace, that we may be cleansed from all our Sins, and serve thee with a quiet mind, through Jesus Christ our Lord,


Prayers for Particular Graces.

1. Prayers for a sense of Sins, without Despair of Mercy to Pardon them, or of Grace to cure them.


O! Almighty Lord, make me tru­ly, and deeply humble for my sins, and fully sensible of my own Vileness. Never suffer me so far to loose my fears, as to grow con­ceited of my self, or Careless of my Duty; nor so far to presume upon thy Mercy and Pardon, when I tru­ly repent of the same, as to cast off a true Dread and Terror of thy Justice, if I should revolt and return to them again.

But deliver me, O! my God, from all such abjectness, as, instead of setting me further off from my Sins, is fit only to keep me a surer Priso­ner under them. And whilst I re­tain so much fear and lowlyness, as will keep up holy care and watchful­ness; grant that I may retain so much hope too, as will encourage and strengthen Holy Endeavours, and afford Peace.

[Page 115] And therefore, O! my Dear Lord, when I think the worst of my self, let me not proceed to a Beleif, that I am past all bounds, of being pardo­ned by thy Mercy, or of being made better by thy Grace. Let me not once imagine when I am fallen, either that it is in vain for me to endeavour to rise again; or, if by thy help I should rise, that there is no hope of my being forgiven.

But when I am most jealous of my self, let me be confident of thee. And together with an humble sense and fear of my Sins, enable me to keep up a sure hope of thy Promises, and a strict care of my own Repen­tance, and a Comfortable Persuasion of thy Gracious acceptance thereof, for our Lord Jesus Christs sake A­men.


KEEP me always sensible, O! God, that as thou art most justly angred at my Sins; so thou art most easy to be appeased, and recon­ciled by my true Repentance. And that thou art not more offended with me, whilst I lye down in my folly; [Page 116] than thou wilt be delighted with me, when with the Penitent Prodigal, I shall have come to my self, and re­turned to my Duty. Let me never forget, that Luk. 15. 7. there is joy in Heaven over every Sinner that Repenteth; and that whensoever a Sinner turneth away from his iniquity, he shall be sure to find mercy with thee, through the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ our Lord,


2. A Prayer for Hopes of Mercy, and of Grace, to encourage Repentance.

MY Heart, O! almighty Lord, is full of trouble, and ought to be so whilst it is fond of sin. But let not my sorrow settle into a neg­lect of cure, nor my fear grow up in­to Despair. When I think ill of my self, let me not fall, O! most Gra­cious Father, to think ill of thee: and after I have grievously affronted thy. Majesty, as I have alass! thro all the course of my life, let me not come now at last to affront and exclude thy Mercy.

My Sins, O! Lord, are many, and great. But my sweet Saviours Mer­its, [Page 117] and thy Mercys, are infinitely greater. And the Guilt thereof is not too great for thy Mercy to Par­don; nor my proneness to repeat the same, too great for thy Grace to o­vercome. And therefore, O! Dear God, tho by my former evil life, I have thrown off my Innocence; give me not up therewith, to throw away the thoughts of my own Repentance, nor the hopes of thy Gracious ac­ceptance. Let me not shut that Gate of Mercy upon my self by Despair, which thou hast set open for every truly contrite Sinner; nor neglect by true Repentance to enter in at the same.

Psal. 130 4. There is mercy with thee, O God! that thou mayest be appeased: And therefore there shall be Repentance with me, and in hopes of thy mercy thou shalt be feared. Tho I have falen, yet, by thy Grace I will not rest un­der my fall; nor despair of thy Mer­cy when I am risen; nor of strength by thy Grace, to rise up again. But setting my heart to fear thee, I de­sire to rest my Soul on the sure hopes of thy Spirit, to perfect my sincere Endeavours, and on the sure Hopes [Page 118] of thy Mercy to Pardon mine Offen­ces, for the merits of thy dear Son, and my only Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, Amen.

3 A Prayer setting forth the Grounds of Hope thereof.

O! Father of Mercys, be thou my support and stay under all this heavyness and Dejection of my Spirit. And let not thy Mer­cy, or my Faith fail me, when all things else do.

Tho at present thou art angry with me: yet, O Lord! Mic. 7. 18. thou re­tainest not anger for ever, because thou delightest in Mercy. Oh! re­s [...]ine thy beloved property towards me, and laying aside thy fierce wrath, shew Pity on me.

Tho I am a wicked, and a wretch­ed Creature, yet, thou art a Mer­cyful God. Ex. 34. 6. 7. Thou art a God for­giving Iniquity, forgive that which lyes so heavy upon me. † Thou art 1 Tim. 1. 15. the Saviour of Sinners, save me who am a most Greivous Sinner, and let me not Perish in my Sins.

Thy Mercyes, O! Gracious Fa­ther, [Page 119] have been wonderful towards the greatest offenders; such as thy servant David, who was guilty of A­dultery and Murther; and Peter, who forsware himself, and denyed his [...] after; and Saul, who Persecuted and made ha­vock of the Church; yea, and even those wicked Jews, who murdered and Crucyfied the Son of God himself: and they were never shut against any Sinners, who turned to thee with true Repentance. Oh! then let not me despair of that Pardon, which was never yet deny'd to any truly con­trite heart in my condition. Let not me imagine, that thou, who art insinite in mercys, hast less mercy in store when I need, than thou hadst for the needs of others. Or that thou, who art a tender Father towards all, and 1 [...] [...]. [...]. Judgest without respect of persons, wilt deny that mercy to my true repentance, which, according to thy gracious Promises, thou didst extend to theirs.

I know, O! God, that I have de­served the severest Punishments. But thy mercy dealeth not with us ac­cording to our Deserts. And as my sins have deserved Punishment; So [Page 120] thou, O! Blessed Jesus, hast deserved my Pardon of the same.

Thou 1 10. 2. 2. art the Propitiation for our sins: And thy 1 10. 1. 7. Blood cleanseth us from all sin. Oh! let me not mi­strust the sufficiency of thy Sacrifice, to atone for all mine Offences, which expiates the Sins of the whole World. 1 10. 2. 1. If any Man sin, thou art his Advo­cate with the Father: And let not me imagine that thou canst ever move in vain; or, that whilst thou art ready, yea, sure to intercede in the cause of every other contrite Sinner, thou wilt be silent, and sit still in mine.

Holy Father, have mercy on me. Sweet Jesu, cleanse and save me. Wash away the stain of my Sins, and speak peace to my affrighted consci­ence, and revive and comfort up my broken Heart: that I may live a monument of thy mercy, and a com­fort to poor Penitents and Broken Spirits, who shall hereafter he up­held thereby, and hope for like mer­cy in their Dejection, as thou shalt have graciously shewed to me in mine, for my Blessed Saviour and Redeem­er Jesus Christs sake,


4 Prayers for Mercy and For clearer In­formation about these Fa­vourable allowances, the Devout Petitioner may consult the Practical Believer: or the Articles of the Apostles Creed, drawn cut to form a true Christians Heart and Practice. Part. 2. Chap. 4. And the Measures of Christian Obedi­ence. Parts the 4th. and 5th. favoura­ble allowances, in trying our Servi­ces.


BE not extream, O Lord, in mark­ing what I have done amiss, nor deal Strictly and Rigorously with me; but Judge of all my ways with mercy. Thou Psal, 103. 140 knowest our frame, and consi­derest how weak and frail it is: Oh! make gracious allowances for all the Pityable frailtyes, and forgetfullness thereof.

In pleading my Cause, O Blessed Jesu, shew thy self Heb. 2, 17. and c. 4. 15. and c. [...]. 2, a mercyfull High Priest, who canst bear in reason with our Igno­rance, and Errors, and canst be touch'd with the secling of our ins [...]mitys. Stand not upon Rigours in discussing my poor Services, nor reject any good [Page 122] beginnings of thy Grace in my re­turning Heart. Isa. 42. 3. Quench not the smoaking Flax, but by the gentle breathings of thy Holy Spirit, quicken it into a pure flame: Nor break the bruised Reed, but in tender care and pity bind it up.

Examine all my ways, and weak­nesses, Oh! my God, with the in­dulgent and compassionate abate­ments of a Father. Judge me, O! Lord, with the mercy and gentle­ness of a Saviour. Try me with the favour of one that dyed for me, and seeks at any rate, if it may be done justly and reasonably, to save, not to condemn me.

Be such a Judge, O! blessed Jesu, as will not strain things to my preju­dice, but that seeks, as far as it may be done with any fairness, to make the best of my Cause. A Judge, that is ready to make the most of my well meant and sincere Services, and to supply their wants and imperfecti­ons, by a gracious acceptance. And to make the least of my Errors and Miscarriages, admitting, and make­ing the uttermost of any thing, which can with truth and reason be offer­ed, [Page 123] in abatement, or excuse there­of.

Judge me, O! merciful God, with such condescentions of Love and Mer­cy, and with such mixtures of favour and equity, as may give poor Sinners, who know they labour under mani­fold defects and frailties, cause to hope in thee, and comfort to appear before thee. With such, as may make them look up to thee with Peace and Joy, and long 2 Pet. 3. 12. Rev. 22. 20 for thy coming; and support them under all the Trvals and Sorrows of this troublesome World, with a comfortable confidence of be­ing received at last into thine ever­lasting Kingdom, through the Mer­its and Mediation of Jesus Christ our Lord,



LORD, tho I am still offending thee, yet I dearly love thee. I can never take pleasure in my self, but when I think I have pleased thee. Nay, I hate my self for it, as often as I find that I have offended thee. And I bear thee a Childs obedient Regard and Reverence, tho alass! with too much of the alloy and mix­ture [Page 124] of a Childs folly and forgetfull­ness.

Look upon mine offences therefore, I humbly intreat thee, O! Father, as the offences of one who loves thee above all things. Look upon them as the slips of one, whose Heart never­theless is bent upon thy fear, and de­voted to thy Service. But who pays thee this Service under a load of Hu­mane Infirmitys, and much frailty of the flesh. Who at one time is drow­sie, at another unwary; who is for­getful in many things, and hasty and inconsiderate in more; who naturally grows weary and remiss, when try­als return often, or continue long; and whose unconstant Temper is too often dull and listless, when it needs to be most active and vigorous; and supine and inadvertent, when it should be most circumspect, and stand most strictly upon its Guard.

But through all this Cloud of mine infirmities, be thou pleased, O! Gra­cious Lord, to look to my Love and Devotedness to thy Laws: and mer­cifully accept my Love, and pity my weaknesses. Oh! thou who madest me; Consider, and Pity my frailty, [Page 125] Oh! thou who Heb. 4. 15. hast bore our infir­mities, tho without sin, in thy self, have compassion on them in me. Bear with them, O! Lord, as with the failures and forgetfulnesses of a sincerely af­fectionate and devoted, tho of a very frail and heedless Servant. Bear with them, O! Father, as with the Errors and Oversights, of a loving and dutiful, tho of a very weak, and frail, and simple Child. And let me have thy Grace to help and guard me against them, as well as thy mer­cy to pity and pardon them, for my dearest Lord and Saviour Jesus Christs sake,


5. A Prayer for a Clear and settled Judgement of our Selves, and of what may establish us in Peace.

O! God, the giver of all wise thoughts, and the light of those that sit in darkness, send forth the light of thy Spirit into my Heart, and scatter those Clouds of Fears and Ignorance, which have been gathering, and set­tling themselves upon it. Rid me of all confusedness of thoughts; and clear up my mind with just and due [Page 126] apprehensions, both of thee, and of my self. And fix and stablish me, O! Lord, in right Judgements, that when by thy Grace, I am once well resolved in things belonging to my peace, I may not be soon shaken in mind, or easily removed from the same, by any returns of ill grounded and distempered fears, and melan­cholly suggestions.

Remove from me, if it may please thee, O! Merciful Father, any dis­orders of a distempered Body, that make me unstable in those just per­suasions of thy Grace and Mercy, which should do me good; or that do any otherways cast a Mist before my troubled Spirit. Suffer not my fears for my sins, to encrease so far, as instead of being a help to carry me out of them, to prove a snare to detain me in them, and to hinder me from putting forth my self to do my duty, by holding me under an un­profitable sorrow, and tempting me to despair of mercy.

Lord, fill me plenteously with all those Graces of thy holy Spirit, which must recommend my Soul to thee: and with such comforts of the same, [Page 127] as may sweeten Religion to me, and carry me, instead of spending my self in fruitless complaints, to put forth real endeavours of doing thee Honour and Service, and to lay out my self in ways of thy Glory and of mine own everlasting peace, through Jesus Christ my Lord,


6. A Prayer for Recommendation of our Humble fears, to Gods merciful ac­ceptance.

BUT Psal. 50. 3. tho I am afraid, yet, O! my God, I trust in thee. My fears and mistrusts are only of my self, and of the worthlessness and un­acceptableness of mine own Services, or of the insufficiency, or insincerity of my own Repentance; but are not at all a mistrust of thy Promises, or of the certainty of thy mercy towards all true Penitent Sinners.

And let not this lowliness in mine own Eyes, O! Merciful Lord, hin­der me from being acceptable in thine. Look graciously upon me, as thou didst upon the poor Publican, tho Luk. 18. 13. 14. I stand afar off, and dare on­ly call for mercy at a distance, and [Page 128] not lift up so much as my Eyes to Hea­ven. Isa. 66. 2. &c. 57. 15. Look upon me, who have a contrite Heart, and despise it not; who am Poor and Tremble at thy word, and according to thy Promise, dwel [...] with me, and receive my Spirit.

Lord, Jam. 4. 10. I humble my self before thee, do thou take me up. I humble my self justly, but do thou take me up in mercy. And all my comforts, will I ever most thankfully ascribe to the praise of thy free bounty and Grace, through the merits of my blessed Sa­viour and Redeemer, Jesus Christ,


7. Prayers for Peace, and Hope, and Joyn in God.


O! Blessed Lord, grant that I may both do thy holy will, and take delight in doing it; and have the Comfort, as well as the Guidance of thy Grace. Grant me even now to taste the pleasures, as well as hereaf­ter to reap the Profits of thy Service, that I may both go on therein more cheerfully my self, and may also re­commend the same unto others, by [Page 129] shewing a comfortable and joyful spi­rit in Performance thereof.

O! that no hard or unjust thoughts of thee, may embitter Religion to me. O! that no mistrusts of thy merciful acceptance, may ei­ther discourage the course of my sin­cere obedience, or deprive me of the comforts of the same. Whilst I am labouring sincerely to serve thee, give me the comfort of hope, that thou dost accept me, and let me find the ways of Pro. 3. 17. Ps. 119. 156. Ps. 33. 37. of righteousness to be ways of Peace, both now and in the end, through Jesus Christ my Lord.



Lord, let thy Holy spirit work in me Gal. 5. 22. Joy and Peace, together with Faith and Righteousness, and other of its blessed fruits. Set up Rom. 14. 17. thy Kingdom in my heart, as in righteousness, so in Peace and Joy in the Holy Ghost. Teach me Phil. 3. 1. c. 4. 4. 7. to joyce in the Lord; Yea, to re­joyce in him always. Let perfect love, when it increaseth Obedience and chearful Reverence, Jo. 4. 17. cast out all tormenting fears: and let the Peace of God, which passeth all understanding, keep my heart and mind, Yea, keep it so [Page 130] sure, that doubtfullness or dispair may never be able to possess themselves thereof any more.

Make my heart to hope in God; yea, Rom. 15 13. to abound in hope through the Row­er of the Holy Ghost. To Heb. 6. 11. 19. give dili­gence to the full assurance of hope, and that even to the end. O! that I may have this comfortable hope of thy mercies, as an anchor of the Soul, both sure and steadfast, and may never be driven from the same, by any Storms, or troubles of this World.

Yea, grant O! Lord, that I may Rom. 12. 12. rejoyce in hope, and Rom. 15 13. be filled with all joy and peace in believing. That I may 2 Tim. 4. 8. 2 Pet. 3. 12 look for thy glorious appearance, and love it, and with desire haste it on. And that in all my Tryals here, I may bear up my self with the comfortable ex­pectation of the same, till at length thou shalt mercifully accomplish my Hope, and turn it into a blessed and everlasting fruition and enjoyment, for my dearest Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.

The Person in trouble, may like­wise use the Prayers in the Office for Penitents, intituled, A Profession [Page] of the fruits of Repentance, and the con­ditions of forgiveness, p. 29 for the quieting of his mind. And the two Prayers following, for Pardon of Sins, and for Peace of mind and comfort upon the same, as he sees cause.

8. A Prayer against perplexing Doubts and Scruples.

O! Merciful Lord, keep me under such an Holy Fear, as will make me careful not to trust in false ways, nor to swerve from my Duty when I know it. But re­move from me perplexing doubts, and unresolvedness about the same, which will either hinder me from doing it at all, or make me do it hea­vily and with a troubled mind. Let not me indulge them, as true tender­ness of spirit, and fruits of thy Grace; but labour against them, as my spiritual diseases, or as Satans Temptations.

Lord, let not me be still disputing what thy holy will is, when I should be doing it; or endlesly doubtful and di­sturbed to find thy ways, when I should be walking in them; and ever irreso­lute [Page 132] and still scrupulously deliberat­ing, when I am called out to acti­on

Let me not want knowledge of my duty, so as to disobey thee blindly and securely: Nor true tenderness of Conscience, so as to venture on some things which really offend thee, without remorse, because they seem little to my carnal and corrupt thoughts, or are little accounted of by others.

But after once I have been duely in­structed therein, and am tenderly sen­sible of the same, cause me to be fixed and firmly settled in what I know, and to give up my selfe afterwards chear­fully to perform it; not scrupulously to debate a new, and endlesly exa­mine on every occasion, whether I may safely and acceptably do it or no.

O! My God, let faith and know­ledge direct my steps, and let Joy and Peace accompany them. Whatever else thou leavest me ignorant of, let me be clear and well resolved about thy ways, and careful with all up­rightness to walk therein. Let me not miss here of finding and doing my duty, nor at last of thy eternal [Page 133] mercy, through Jesus Christ my Lord.


9. A Prayer, against Prophane mistrust of Divine Truths, and Blasphemous Thoughts.

O! Most gracious God, who by the Power of thy Spirit, art only able to cure the sickness, and to overcome the unruliness of mine; Protect me, I humbly and earnest­ly intreat thee, against all Prophane Doubts and Mistrusts of thy truths, and against all Blasphemous Thoughts and suggestions about Divine things, which either mine own melancholly fancy, or the busie and wicked ad­versary, are ready to represent and suggest to me.

Never suffer them, O! God, to stagger or weaken my Faith, nor to hinder or clog my Practice, nor, if thou pleasest, by their wearisom conflicts, to be a pain and burden to my Life. Preserve me, not only from the sin, but, if it may seem good to thy Fatherly Wisdom, from the temptation too, and from the trouble and sorrow of them.

[Page 134] But if it be thy blessed will, to con­tinue these prophane and terrifying thoughts for my Tryal and Humilia­tion; Lord, make me sensible, and comfort my disturbed Heart with the sense thereof, that it will not be im­puted as a sin to me to be tempted therewith, but to yield to the Temp­tation. And that in thy sight, I am not guilty of the same, whilst I nei­ther believe them, nor give place to them; not altering or abateing, either my Faith, or my Practice thereupon. And that they are the enemies sin, who, to try and tempt me, studiously and wickedly suggests them; not mine, who instead of heark­ning thereto and complying there­with, immediately resist them as soon as I perceive them, and cast them out with horror and indignation.

And Oh! that during this tryal, I may learn to depend intirely upon thee without whom I can do nothing. That as often as these prophane thoughts are thrown into my mind, I may find Grace to overcome them, and without the least allowance or de­lay, to throw them out again. And that I may learn to bear with my self, [Page 135] and to shew Patience under them, as under every other affliction and tryal of thy ordering. Trusting to thy Grace to assist me, and to thy mercy to accept me, whilst I am humbly la­bouring under the same; and to thy goodness to rid me of them in thy due time, for my Dear Lord and only Saviour Jesus Christ's sake.


10. A thanksgiving, for satisfaction and comfort, after one has been troubled in Mind.

O! Merciful Lord, thou hast caused the light to shine out in the midst of darkness, and given me order and clearness, for my former confusedness of thoughts, and setled my trembling and troubled spirit in rest and Peace. Thy Grace has comfortably resolved and en­lightned me about thy ways, and set me free from my entangling scruples, and rid me of my dejecting and dis­quieting fears, by comfortable hopes of thy free mercies in Christ Jesus.

[Page 136] Blessed be thy love, O! Gracious Father, for sending me such seasona­ble helps and suitable instructors, who by clear representations of things, have happily removed my fears and ignorance. And blessed be thy Grace, for opening my Heart and Eyes, and enlightening and quiet­ing my spirit, by their means. But above all, blessed be thy goodness, for giving us such sweet promises of favour and mercy in Jesus Christ, as may give poor sinners ease of Heart, and humble confidence in thee.

And, Oh! Do thou, who hast now most graciously spoken peace unto my Soul, maintain and keep up clear knowledge, and unswerving righte­ousness in the same, that it re­laps not into guilt and fear, nor be clogg'd and disquieted by doubts and scruples any more. Make me satis­fied and settled in a right understand­ing of all good things, and careful in the observance of them. And let not any busie workings of the Ad­versary, or of my own melancholly, make me unnecessarily mistrustful, or suspicious, or unduely jealous, either of thee, or of my self. Let me not [Page 137] be fickle and soon alterd, in my Perswasions of thy Love, or in my purposes of thy Service. But fix my heart in thoughts of righteous­ness, and in the blessings and com­forts of Joy and Peace, for our Lord Jesus Christ's sake.


THE CONTENTS OF THE Office for the Penitent.

THE Introduction p. 1.

An Office for the Penitent containing

1. Scriptures.

1. FOR Godly sorrow for sins p. 9

2. For a Penitential consession of the same p. 10

3. For resol [...]tions of Amendment p. 12.

4. For Fruits worthy of Repentance p. 14

5. For pardon of sins, and grounds for the hopes thereof p 16

6. For comfort in the same p. 18

2. Prayers.

1. Prayers upon the several parts of Repentance, in particular and di­stinct forms.

1. A Confession of Sins p. 19

2. A profession of Godly sorrow for sins, and of Resolutions of new obedi­ence p. 26

3. A Profession of the Fruits of Repen­tance, and the conditions of Forgive­ness p. 29

4. A Prayer for Pardon of sins p. 33

Two Collects out of the Office of Commi­nation p. 36

5. A Prayer for Peace of mind, and Comfort upon the same p. 37

2. Prayers for Confession of sin, and of Repentance of the same, in one continued Form.

1. A Form of Confession of sins, and of Repentance of the same p. 39

2. A shorter Form of Confession, and Repentance of the same p. 44

3. A particular enumeration of sins, in a large form of Confession, and [...]epen­tance [Page] of the same p. 46

4. Another particular enumeration of sins, and Repentance of the same in a shorter Form p. 55

Sort Prayers and Ejaculations, for the Penitent to use at any time, as he sees cause p. 61

THE CONTENTS OF THE Tryal and Judgment of the Soul, Consisting of Questions.

1. FOR the Sick, touching the sick Persons due reception of their sickness p. 70

2. For the Penitent, whereby to try and discover the safety of their spiritual estate, viz, of

1. Their Faith p. 73

2. Their holy obedience, where of, the several Duties and Holy Laws, which we are to obey p. 75. &c.

[Page] 3. Of their Charity, and Forgiveness of others p. 85

4. Of their Reconciliation to their Bre­thren, and making restitution after wrongs p. 87

5. Questions upon the whole p. 90

An exhortation to the examined Peni­tent p. 91

Prayers before and after his Absolution p. 94. &c.

THE CONTENTS OF THE Office for one troubled in Mind.


1. FOR Profession of trouble p. 102

2. Grounds of Comfort

1. From the mercifulness of God p. 103

2. From promises to the Penitent p. 104

3. From the Compassionateness of our High Priest p. 105

[Page] 3. The acceptableness of an humble spirit p. 106

4. Of Peace, and Hope, and Joy in God p. 107

5. An Hymn of thanksgiving, after one is delivered from trouble of mind p. 109


1. A General Prayers for one troubled in mind p. 110

Two Collects out of the Liturgy p. 112

2. Prayers for particular Graces

1. Prayers for a sense of Sin, without despair of mercy to pardon them, or of Grace to Cure them p. 114

2. A Prayer for hopes of mercy, and of Grace, to encourage Repentance p. 116

3. A Prayer setting forth the grounds of hope thereof p. 118

4. Prayers for mercy and favourable Al­lowances in trying our services p. 121

5. A Prayer for a clear and settled judg­ment of our selves, and of what may establish us in peace p. 125

6. A Prayer for recommendation of our humble fears, to Gods merciful accep­tance p. 127

[Page] 7. Prayers for Peace, and Hope, and joy in God p 128

8. A Prayer against perplexing doubts and scruples p. 131

9. A Prayer against prophane mistrust of Divine Truths, and blasphemous Thoughts p. 133

10. A thanks giving for satisfaction and comfort; after one has been trou­bled in mind p. 135


Books Writ by the Reverend Mr. J. Kettlewell.


THE Measures of Christian Obedi­ence: Or, a Discourse, shewing what obedience is indispensably necessary to a Regenerate State, and what defects are consistent with it, for promotion of Piety, and the Peace of Troubled Con­sciences. The Second Edition. Price 8s.

A Discourse explaining the Nature of Edification, both of particular persons in private Graces, and of the Church in Unity and Peace. And shewing that we must not break unity and publick Peace, for supposed means of better edifying in private Virtues. Price Sticht 6d.

3. The Religious Loyalist: Or, a good Christian taught how to be a faithful Ser­vant both to God and the King. Price Sticht 6d.

4. A Funeral Sermon for the Right Honourable the Lady Frances Digby, Price 6d.

5. A Sermon, on occasion of the death of the Right Honourable Simon Lord Digby, Price 6 d.

6. Christanity a Doctrine of the Cross: Or, Passive Obedience, under any pre­tended [Page] Invasion of Legal Rights and Li­berties, Price Sticht 1 s.


7. THE Practical Believer: Or, the Articles of the Apostles Creed, drawn out to form a true Christians Heart, and Practice. In two Parts, Price Bound 4s.


8. AN help and exortation to Worthy Communicating: Or, a Trea­tise describing the meaning, Worthy recep­tion, Duty, and Benefits of the Holy Sa­crament. And answering the doubts of Conscience, and other reasons, which most generally detain men from it. To­gether with suitable Devotions added. The Second Edition. Price Bound 2s.

9 A Companion for the Persecuted: or, an Office for those who suffer for Righteousness. Containing particular Pray­ers and Devotions, for particular Gra­ces, and for their private and publick wants and occasions. Price bound 1 s. 6d.

10 A Companion for the Penitent: and for persons troubled in mind. Con­sisting of An Office for the Penitent, to carry on their Reconciliation with God.

[Page] And a Tryal or Judgment of the Soul, for discovering the safety of their Spiritu­all Estate. And an Office for Persons troubled in mind, to settle them in peace and comfort. Price bound 1s.

All these Printed for R. Kettlewell.

Besides These, Christian Prudence: Or, Religious Wisdom; not degenerateing into irrel­gious Craftiness in Trying Times, in Octavo.

And some others in Quarto.


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