An ABSTRACT of a PROPOSAL Already laid before the Honourable The House of Commons Assembled in Parliament, FOR Employing our Poor, AND PREVENTING The Exportation of our Coin.

THat the Monies now collected throughout Eng­land and Wales, for the Maintainance of the Poor in Idleness, be settled in the Hands of such Trustees as this Honourable House shall ap­point, to be a Fund to employ, them able, in the Linnen or other Foreign Manufactures, or such Manufactures or Employments of our own that are not in a flourishing Condition; and to maintain all such who are or shall from Time to Time become chargeable to their Parishes.

That it ought speedily to be done, whilst Linnens are near double the Value as they us'd to be at in Time of Peace; and we (as well as the Germans, Spanish, Portuguees, Dutch, &c.) make use of such Advantages as God and Nature, and the present Juncture doth afford us;

Whereby we shall be able to work cheaper than any of our Neighbours, all the Poor's Labour being clear Profit; for the same Mony that maintains them now in Idleness will do it much better when imployed and in a Community.

By which means we may be some Millions yearly Gain­ers, near Fifteen Hundred Thousand Pounds per Annum being paid in Specie to the French alone, in Time of Peace, by this Kingdom, for their Linnen Manufactures, to be here expended, or, by us, sent to other Countries; which Alteration will, at least, annually save the Ex­portation of so much of our Coin or Bullion: And that only by setting the Poor to Work, without other Charge than what now maintains them in Idleness.

All which at large is ready to be again laid before this Honourable House, when they shall think fit, by Dixcy Kent.

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