Deceivers Made Manifest.
There hath been a Controversie in this Nation of England, and Dominion of Wales, and in many other Nations, both far and near, between the People (by Scorners) called Quakers, and the Bishops, Priests and Clergy, and with others that went before them, concerning the Right Way and Worship of the LORD.

‘As for the Lord, his Way is Perfect, Psal. 18.30.

THE Priests of all sorts have told the People, That the Qua­kers were Deceivers; and upon that account they (even they) have stirred the Magistrates (both former and latter) to per­secute them in a most horrible manner.

Now that the People may have a little notice of what we have done in order to the removing of this Scandalous Lye, and to clear our In­nocency in the Matter, take a short hint as followeth.

Beside several Demonstrations of our Willingness from time to time for having a clear Tryal, according to the Scriptures of Truth, between Us and the Bishops and Priests; the thing was also laid before the King after this manner, That it was our real desire to have a pub­lick Meeting with the Bishops, that as many as they would, and cer­tain of us should meet in a Place Publick and Convenient, that as many a [...] could might hear; and that the Matter discussed upon should be according to the Scriptures of Truth; and the party whose Way was found to derogate from the Scriptures, that that Party would confess their Error, and acknowledge the Truth held forth by the other Party: Now to this we were (and still are) willing. The Priests perse­cuted Christ, & said He had a Devil, &c. They persecute and stir Persecution upon his Members now. The King said, That the thing was Reasonable: So the thing was promised; but the Bishops put it off, knowing that their Way would not concur with the Scriptures: And yet notwithstanding, they have stir­red the Magistrates against us, and they have been the great Causers of all the Persecution, and Ruin, and Bloodshed that have befallen us.

Now, in Obedience to the Lord God, I bear my Testimony against all the Priests which are made by the Will and Approbation of men, without exception.

Such Priests are Deceivers, and deceive People's Souls of their Eternal Felicity: Thus I charge them in the Name of the Lord, and prove them as followeth.

Wherein the King­dom of the Lord standeth, and how contrary it is in all things to Satan's Kingdom.The Power and Spirit of the Lord God is in all things contrary to the Spirit and Power of Darkness, which is the Devil; the Spirit of the Lord is Holy, Just and Righteous; and all that come to know that Spirit, and come to be guided by it, they are there­by led to Holiness, Justice and Righteousness, and to Peace; in these things standeth the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Kingdom of the Devil standeth in Sin, which is all manner of Wickedness, all manner of Unrighteousness, all Debauchery, all Unclean­ness, all Wantonness, all Prophaneness; these, and such like, as Cruelty, oppression, Tyranny, Hard-heartedness, Drunkenness, &c. are the Fruits of the Devil's Kingdom: So here is the appearance of his Kingdom, and in what People soever these Fruits are manifested, they are the Sub­jects of his Kigdom, and he is their Godd and King.

All men in the first Adam are in this Perishing State, and there is no Help to come out of it but by and through Christ Jesus the Power of God; and he brings People out of Sin, even such as believeth in his Light and Spirit, and destroyeth the Root of it in them, and so they come to cease from the Act of Sin, and that whilst in the Body: [Mark] Man can Sin no longer then whilst he is in the Body; for, after Death Judgment followeth.

The Testimony of the Ministers of Christ, and the Priests Testimony contrary.Now the Testimony of the Ministers of Christ is, That there is an absolute Neeessity fot all Men and Women to know the Power of God to redeem them, whilst in the Body, from Sin and Imperfection, or else the Guilt will remain upon them, and their Reward will be according to their Deeds done in the Body.

The Priests Testimony (of all sorts) unanimously is, That no man can be free from Sin and Imperfection on this side the Grave: So this is contrary to what they bind those they call Godfathers to promise for Children.

Therefore they are Deceivers, and such as plead for the Devil, and his Interest, which is Sin and Imperfection, even so long while men can sin no longer: Therefore in God's Dread and Authority I charge them to be Deceivers, and Ministers of the Devil.

Objection, But do not the Scriptures say, That if we say that we have no sin, we deceive our selves, and the Truth is not in us.

Answ. The Apostle was a Heavenly Man, redeemed from Sin, and he knew well by what means he was redeemed; and I refer the Reader to his Epistle, where they whose Eyes are any thing en­lightened may see that John's Testimony is against Sin and Imperfe­ction, and that may fully serve to answer this Objection; for, in the verse before he speaketh of the Blood of Cleansing, which cleanseth from all Sin: and in the verse following he saith, If we confess, &c he doth not mean England's General Confession, which is confessed from a Childhood to Three or Four Score Years, where People live and dye in their Sins: But the Apostle addeth, and speaketh of being cleansed from all Unrighteousness: So they that do confess and forsake their Sins, they find the Mercy of the Lord. Prov. 28.13.

The Ministers of Christ do preach the Life and Power of God, and that all People are to wait to know the appearance of it in their own Hearts, to overcome the Devil's Power and Authority; they that have believed their Report have found the Lord's Power and Arm re­vealed, to work effectually against the Strong Man, and to cast him out, and to spoil his Goods, which is Sin, &c. the Power of God de­stroyeth it, and gives man Victory over it whilst in the Body.

We plead the Lord's Interest, which is, Holiness, Righteousness, and Good will to men, &c.

The Priests preach the Devil's Interest, which is Sin, as Strife, and Contention, &c. therefore they are his Servants: For, if men cannot cease from some sort of Sin whilst in[?] the Body (as they say) then he is not redeem'd from the Devil's Pow [...] [...]ilst in the Body, but the Wrath of God abideth upon him.

The Priests are Blasphemers.
They call themselves Lords, and My very good Lord; and most Blasphemously do give one another that Title which only and alone belongeth to Christ Jesus; for thus they call one another, Most Gracious Lord; Is not this Blasphemy in the highest degree? Consider and understand.This is spoken to the Arch. Bishop of Canterbury.

The Ministers of Christ did and do invite people to follow them as they follow Christ, and as they had and have them for an Example.

But the Priests are bad Examples, and do not follow Christ, being Deceivers and Blasphemers, as aforesaid,The Priests stink­ing savour poisoning Nations. Proud and Covetous, Drunkards and Swearers, Lyars and False Accusars, Cruel Oppressors, Tyrannizing over Innocent People for that which they have no right from God unto, Back-biters and Adulterers; these, together with many the like are the Examples which the Priests are found to live in and to be guilty of; and their poor deluded Followers (the more is the pitty) do follow them fully; for their stinking Savour and bad Example doth encourage and strengthen the People in their Wickedness, and so the Priests are Co-Workers with the Devil.

These are Babylon's Merchants, who shall Howl for very Vexation of spirit; for the Lord God will Plague them, and Torment them to all Eternity,

Except they speedily confess their Error and Wickedness, and seek Repentance before it be hid from them.

Ye Workers of Iniquity of all sorts,
Remember Dives; did he find Repentance in the Grave? (having Earthly Treasure enough) did he? No, but he wished, That his Bre­thren (he had five) might be warned, left they should come to that Tormen­ting Place; that is, That they should seek Repentance, lest they dyed in their Sins, and so go to Hell, where he was.

From a Lover of Truth and Justice, but a Hater of all Ʋnrighteousness. Evan Jones.

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