THE JESUITS Justification, Proving they Died as Innocent as the CHILD UNBORN.

THey that can do no hurt are innocent
As Child unborn, so the Dead are meant:
Therefore they said they died, not lived so,
Else their last Breath had them oppos'd with no.
Which fill'd the Air with Poison in their Word,
Able to turn the Edge of Justice Sword.
Had it been true, but Truth is not their Guise,
Their Sacred Order Lives and Thrives by Lyes.
Yet they die Martyrs all. Why? what's the reason?
They die all for Religion; which is Treason.
Idolatries, Lyes, Blasphemies and worse,
Are their Religion, bound up with a Curse.
Poysons, Rapes, Massacres, are Saint-like Ware,
And Holy Dictates, of the Roman Chair.
Perjuries, Murthers, are their Laws; 'twere sin
Not to be still found Dutiful therein:
To Kill all Hereticks, is no Plot now,
But true Devotion, and Religions Vow.
Kings are Usurpers, that hold not their Crown
Derived from Roman Mitre, and must down.
They are more Troublesom than Egypts Frogs,
And must be Kill'd as Vermine, or Mad Dogs.
Thus they Promote the Scarlet Interest,
In Honour to the Whore, and to the Beast.
Apollyon, Abaddon, bids them Burn,
And Root out Nations that will not Turn.
Therefore they merit the three Crowned Horn;
And die as Innocent as Child unborn.

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