A LETTER FROM THE KING of POLAND To His QUEEN; In which is Many Particulars relating to the VICTORIES Obtained against the Turks; WITH A Prayer of the TURKS Against The CHRISTIANS.

Translated from the Cologn Gazett, OCTOB. 19. 1683,


A Letter from the King of Poland, to his Queen, in which is incerted many particulars relating to the Victories obtained against the Turks &c.

THe Immortal God to whom honour and Glory be ascribed for ever has blest us with so signal a victory as scarce the memory of man can equal. The enemy was not only content to raise the seige of Vienna and leave us mast­ers of the field, But also of all their Cannon and Tents with inestimable treasure and climbed over mountains of carcases made by their own bodys in the flight my eyes were never blest before with so delightful a prospect as to see my Soul­diers follow here a great drove of their sheep and oxen and ther's a much greater herd of Turkish Captives, nor my Ears charmed with so pleasing musick, as the howlings and dying groans of these miserable wretches, so great was their hast that the Prime Visier almost alone and forsaken of all was forct with out the ceremony of his Turband to take his flight, But yet he left me Heir to to his tent, and riches which were shown by a Renegado of his own Retinue,

I have presented the Turkish Standard to his holiness who was instrumental no less by his money, then his prayers, to their overthrow, the Prime Visiers hors with all his trapings, I reserved for my self. And tho he was so fortunate in his flight to escape us, yet his Caymeram or Lievtenant General with some of his most considerable Bassas fell by our swords, But the approaching night put a stop to our pursuit and their slaughter, those Janazeries which were left behind in the Mines and Trenches we thought not worth the dulling of our swords therefore we made but one funeral Pile for them▪ all and burnt them.

In that Action there were about thirty thousand Turks killed, besides Tar­tars, and 100000 Tents taken. Our Souldiers, and the Burghers of Vienna were two whole nights, and one day in Rifling their Tents and Bodies; and I be­lieve a week would scarce suffice to finish it.

The rarities which were found in the Prime Visiers tent were no less nume­rous then strange and surprizing, as very curious Parets and some birds of pa­radice with all his Baners and fountains, and some Ostriges which he chose ra­ther to kill then let them fall alive into our hands nay his dispair and Jelous­sy transported him so far as to destroy his very Women for the same reason.

The whole Army attributes the glory of this victory to God and us, and all the princes of the Empire with the great officers as the Duke of Bavarea and Lorrain, Prince Waldock &c. were so far transported with my valour and suc­cess that their thanks and praises were more numerous then was their fears be­fore, and Count Staremberg the Governor saluted me with the title of his migh­ty deliverer the common people in my going to and from the Churches Paid their veneration even to my very garments and and made their crys and accla­mations [Page 3] reach the sky, of long live the King of Poland.

In the Battle we lost some of our Friends as Prince Halicki and the Treasur­er of our Houshold, the Reverend Marinus Daniano heapt on me his prayers and blessings and told me he saw a white Dove flutring over the Army which i [...] lookt upon as an happy Augure of our Victory.

We are now on our march towards Hungary taking the advantage of their distraction, to defeat the remainder of their scattered troops and surprize Gran [...] or New-h [...]usel. I have all the Princes of the Empire my Companions in this En­terprize who tell me they are ready to follow such a Leader, not only into Hun­gary, but to the end of the World.

The Prime Vizier being unable to put a stop to their pursuit told his Eldest Son Mahomet Han, that he must now bid adieu to all his Greatness, and never expect to be in saftey whilst there lyes one stone upon another in the wals of Vi­enna. But withal bid him hasten to the Grand-Seignior and demand a speedy suc­cour, to whom his Son replyed that he knew him too well for that, and there was nothing for them now to rely on but their flight.

I am just now a going to take Hors and all my way for two Hungarian miles together are so strewed with the carcases of men, horses and camels that the stench of them would be insupportable to any but a Souldier.

I have sent several dispatches to forreign princes to give notice of this action, but the King of France was forgotten.

I rejoyce to see our son Alexander of so clear and undaunted Courage who al­ways stuck to me in my most iminent dangers and made the first onset on a body of Turkish Spalies with that courage that he put them soon to flight and received the applause of the whole Army, He has contracted a very intimate friendship with the Young Duke of Bavaria with whom he equally divided the spoyl, this Prince has been very assidious in his services to me therefore I have presented him 3 of my horses, the Bassa of Egypts tent and standars, and ten pie­ces of cannon, to his sister the Dauphiness a Locket of Diamond yet there re­mains such heaps of their colours and semiters in our possession as are not to be numbred.

All my country men marcht with the same bravely to the relief of Vienna. a [...] the souldiers of Godfrey of Bullein did to the Holy land, and the miraculou [...] cross that you presented me with which was his companion in that expedition▪ I believe contributed no less to our victory.

Thanks be to heaven now the half moon Triumphs no longer o'r the cross and twas thrown down from St, Stephens steeple in Vienna whom had ore top [...] so long, imediatly on the defeat, Neither have the Turks any occasion to upbraid us with their blasphemous Mahometans proverb. Ye christians where is your God.

The Turks Prayer against the Christians.

ETernal God and Creator of all things and thou O Mahomet his Sacred and Divine Prophet we beseech thee set us not dread the Christians, who are mean and silly to rely on a Crucifyed God: By the power of thy right hand so strengthen ours that we may surround this foolish people on every side & ut­terly destroy them, at length fullfil our prayers and put these Miscreants into our hands that we establish thy throne for ever in Mecha and sacrifice all those Enemies of our Most holy Religion at thy Tomb, Blow us with thy Mighty breath like swarms of flies into their quarters and let the eyes of these Infidels be dazelled with the Luster of our Moons, Consume them with thy fiery darts & blind them with the dust which they themselves have raised: Destroy them all in thine Anger, break all their bones in pieces, and consume the flesh and blood of those who despise thy Sacrifice and hang the Sacred light of Circumcision on the Cross,, wash them with showers of many waters, who are so stupid to wor­ship Gods they know not and make their Christ a Son to that God who never begot him. Hasten therfore their destruction we humbly entreat thee and blot out their Name and Religion, which they glory somuch in, from off the face of the Earth, that they may be no more, who contemn and mock at thy Law.



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